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David Archuleta ~ Chapter 10: The Gift of Gratitude

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, November 23, 2011

By PaulaFOD/Staff Writer

“I sincerely appreciate all of the amazing things that have happened to me over the past few years.  I absolutely love singing and the opportunity it allows me to meet so many people and to share all those special feelings I’ve talked about earlier on, but I’m totally grateful every single day of my life for all the other less obvious blessings that have come my way.”  
-David Archuleta, Chords of Strength, Chapter 10

On this Thanksgiving 2011, may we know what it means to be thankful every single day.  Thanksgiving is born from a grateful heart.  A grateful heart is born from the gift of gratitude.  The gift of gratitude is, well… a gift.  And a gift is….

“… a gift is something that passes from one hand to the next, as a gesture of goodwill, as an act of compassion and love.  “Talent” implies some degree of unique skill, whereas “gift” takes the simple description one step further and makes that talent something meaningful to share with the rest of the world.  Talent mostly serves the person who has it – but a gift, by definition, is something special to give and receive.”
-David Archuleta, Chords of Strength, Chapter, 10

On this Thanksgiving 2011, I am grateful for God’s gift of gratitude, grateful that He gave this gift to David, who in turn passed it to all of us in his music, his attitude, his joy.  I am grateful for all of you reading this, for all of the precious Archies that began as strangers and have become friends.  I am grateful that we, in turn, have passed this gift on in charity.  I am grateful for Rising Star Outreach, Children’s Miracle Network, Stand Up to Cancer, Jonah and the Bone Marrow Registry, Make-a-Wish, Invisible Children, Childfund, and others who, out of their own gratitude, work to meet the needs of others.  Like love, the gift of gratitude grows when it is shared.  It trickles through our fingers, but is never fully given away because the very nature of a grateful heart is to see more for which to be grateful.

Gratitude is joyful, but it also fills hard times with hope…

“Everyone knows that the human condition comes with all kinds of situations-the good, the bad and the ugly.  Pain and hardship are almost impossible to avoid….Rather than feeling sorry for ourselves when the chips are down, we should take stock of the things that we actually feel happy and grateful for….Without the struggle, we can’t really appreciate the joy when it comes.”
-David Archuleta, Chords of Strength, Chapter 10

On this Thanksgiving 2011, I am grateful for the way we support David and each other… in hard times and happy times.

“If I had to break it all down to answer the question of how I stay true, it always goes back to the simple things: happiness, giving, loving, and sharing.  Those are the things that are important, and everyone has different ways of finding them.  You might think that sounds oversimplified, but I believe that when we simplify, we make life that much easier to handle.  I think the way my life has unfolded has only helped me to see those simple little things much more clearly.  The whole fame and recognition game makes the really important things stand out in a way that shows me how meaningful they truly are.  I have a deeper sense of appreciation for the small things in life that maybe I took for granted before all of this happened.  I’m able to enjoy life’s little treats with a new point of view, one that’s largely shaped by gratitude.”
-David Archuleta, Chords of Strength, Chapter 10

On this Thanksgiving 2011, I am grateful for life’s little treats…may we never overlook them or forget the simple things.  May we remember that every day in 2011 is a day of Thanksgiving…and that 2012 will bring a new year of Thanksgiving.

And David…thank you for Chapter 10.  And for Christmas tour.  And for your music.  : )

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