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Archive for November 18th, 2011

David Archuleta ~ Play by Play Live and Unplugged

Posted by djafan on Friday, November 18, 2011

By Skydancer/Staff Writer

I have an ODD ritual during my work week. I like to have lunch with David. We have a special place we go, sitting outside under a nice big shade tree during these lovely fall days. OK, so sometimes it’s a small parking lot shaded by a tree and a small area of grass to sit on, across the street from my building. But David sings to me, as I eat my lunch. We are alone. ♥  Occasionally during inclement weather, we sit in my car. Whatever. It’s a wonderful break during my day to have the opportunity to De-stress, and feed my ODD and David’s voice can take me away, better than any Calgon bath ever could.

Anyway, last Saturday I parked the car, reached for David, but he was nowhere to be found. DANG IT! I checked around for his Cds. Nope, what the heck? Oh yeah, took them out when I was cleaning the car..dang it again. Disappointed, I unwrapped my sandwich and turned on the radio… and was quickly reminded that it was Saturday and college football rules the airwaves.

I halfway listened for a minute, grumbling under my breath… the 2 announcers were getting pretty fired up over a bad call. As excitement and tension built in their voices, such detail of every play and its setup, a thought occurred to me…these people “ain’t got nothin'” on David’s fans! Spend a Saturday night in “Unplugged” at The Voice, and we’ll show you some real in-depth analysis! And as I laughed out loud at the thought, my mind wandered off to a place where only my state of ODD could take me…and to a David concert…somewhere….

Pre-concert interview with the local press:

David, welcome to our town!

Aww, thanks. Happy to be here.

David, tell us, how does it feel to be quarterbacking your own team in 2011?

Feels great, thanks!

Any regrets?

Not at all… it was time to move on as a free agent. I have some very talented musicians on my team now.

I’m sure they love playing for you David, who wouldn’t??

Aw, thank you.

Great haircut David, lookin’ good buddy!

Well, I used a little gel….

David, your fans say you have the best hands in the business…. but that’s not my question. (blush) do you plan your  killer “moves” ahead of time?

Huh? What moves?

BWAHAHA! (hes joking  right?)

Oh, HA! Well, I just like to sing you know. I guess when I really get into a song, I may make a few subtle moves here and there. I don’t know. It just kind of happens I guess.

You’ve got a stadium full of fans out there David. There’s lots of ‘marry me David!’ signs around. Any chance we’ll see you throw out that killer look to someone tonight? See your future in a beautiful face?

I’m concentrating on music right now…but you never know. I guess it could happen…well, have to go now…it’s time to sing.

Have a great concert David. By the way…you are drop dead gorgeous.


Yes David…you!♥

Later, in the announcer’s booth, two fans broadcasting the event:

Hey guys! We’re coming to you LIVE on radio station ODD 101 AM on your dial, sharing my booth with a new fan… first concert. Are you excited Betty?
EEEEP! OK, yeah well. Betty’s ready! And here we go!! “Archies ARE YOU READY FOR A CONCERRRRT!??”

The team is coming out on the stage…on the stage now… and the packed stadium is screaming so loud!

They are chanting now, David!! David!! David!! Oh man, the lights are out! More screaming…the band is playing his intro…and hereheCOMES!EEEK! Pink open shirt, thin white T tucked into jeans, belt, dark comfy shoes (hey, its my article) GAH! I mean who looks like that? Look at that huge smile, those eyes, that hair! that strut!…oh, sorry. Calling the first play now, looks like he’s opening with TMH! That’s a crowd pleaser, and it gets him pumped! Look at that finger point, oops…lost a fan on that one! haha and the one behind her and the one behind that one! I think they call that the the domino effect. Betty, can you believe that energy!?

Ladies and gentlemen, can you believe that VOICE! OK, what play is coming next? TOSOD! He’s swinging those arms all over the place..ooh, a quick back-step, crazy motion to his head, a turn, diggin in…wait for it.. GAHHHH!! Where was I? We are going right into the second play. He’s looking to cover more ground.. now…1stDOWN! 2ndDOWN! 3rdDOWN! 4thDOW…OWOWWN! ♫ MJ hop! The crowd is singing along with him. OK, get ready for it. Here comes a signature Archuleta play. ARHHHHHG!!!! Yes!! Did you see how high those kicks were people??!!!! Huh? What? Time out? Fans are asking…OK, seems the Archies have requested an instant replay on that move folks…Whoa!

And it’s Elevator now…going up, down, pointing… he’s added a lot to this one. He is amazing. We need some crowd participation for this one and he is gonna ask for it people! Is the crowd with him?? Of course they are! bwaaaaah! Just kidding folks. Woo hoo!!! They are doing their part! What a great crowd!! Wait, there has been a whistle blown and flag. What the random? Security is checking the crowd down in the front rows. Seems there was some sideline fan activity. Ahh ok, lets hear the call…”Chair Scooting.” Turns out to have been a good move, no penalty!! Oh these fans here tonight are too clever. Betty!? Whats that? Eeeeeep? Yeah, yeah, I agree. Jump in any time Betty… OK, David has called a 5 second time out for a drink of water. What is coming next, GGTT…would you look at that shoulder action! I can’t take it, and what’s this? Sending out an SOS?? How brilliant was that!! The man does cover songs like no one else in the business! “YOU OWN THAT SONG NOW DAVID!” Oops, ‘scuse me. Forgot I had a mic.

Now what? Oooooh did you see that hand pump? OH MY, he is in total control tonight everyone! Locked down that move. He’s feelin’ it. He is in the zone!! Betty, you’re drooling a little bit girlfriend. Here, have a bib. Whew, he’s sweating. Looks like he is slowing things down to introduce the team. Good strategy. Mark is covering him on keyboard…yea Mark! Ben’s backing him up on on bass..yea Ben! And Steven is masterful on those drums…yea Steven! Appears to be a rotating position for the guitar player. Don’t recognize this guy, but he’s doin’ a great job for our quarterback tonight. OH MY GOSH! He pulled off a, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! a a a a a a DANCE move, was that? was it? what was it?? It was amazing that’s what it was!! I knew he would have some trick up his sleeve, the man is on fire tonight! That was the best moment of this whole night! He has scored some amazing plays but that may just be the highlight of the evening for me! He winds it down and finishes with a fist pump to the beat! Awesome! David is awesome! No doubt he’s the boss on that stage. Oh My, he is singing Heaven now. Fans can’t hold back their love. They are all on their feet now. We had 14 amazing plays, and its all over now, ending with his signature CRUSH, FTW!

So Betty how was your first live concert, LIVE with David Archuleta?
Betty? uh…Betty?…ruh roh. HA! ♫ ♪ Welcome tooooo yourrrrrrrrrr life! ♪ ♪ ♫

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