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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Wait and the Art of Compromise ~ MT

Posted by djafan on Sunday, November 6, 2011

Credit photoshop art Juan

For us artists there waits the joyous compromise through art with all that wounded or defeated us in daily life; in this way, not to evade destiny, as the ordinary people try to do, but to fulfill it in its true potential – the imagination.           ~ Lawrence Durrell

I once asked the question, “What level of stardom does David really want?” I didn’t know the answer then and I still don’t. But I wonder if, like me, his opinion on this has changed in the last year. Just what level of success does he hope for? And what is he willing to do to gain it?

During his recent tour in Asia, David was greeted and treated as a Superstar. Both his reception at the airports and the reaction of the crowds at these events must have reminded him what it was like three years ago when he was just coming off of American Idol, reminded him how it felt to be so loved and adored by throngs of fans. He was obviously moved by it. The result was a fantastic series of concerts with David singing his heart out, including a breathtakingly beautiful performance of Heaven. It was so evident that the warm reception he received in Asia meant a great deal to him.

It should have shown David very clearly what could happen when someone has faith him and promotes him properly. Could it also have affected his idea of where he might want his career to go and made him reconsider just how much success he really wants? If so, then another question he must surely be wrestling with is: how much will he have to compromise in order to get to that place?

During an interview with The Truth About Music in April of this year, David talks about how an artist needs to think about just how much he would be willing to compromise to get to where he wants to be.

Credit: truthaboutmusic  (Starts at 3:06)

In order to move forward in his career David will need exposure, promotion, and to work with a label. There are some things David will never compromise on and that’s one of the things that makes me proud to be a fan. Core values should never be compromised. However, in order for any partnership to work, there needs to be some “give and take” on both sides. How much he is willing to compromise and where that compromise might lead him remains to be seen. But we might be getting a clue in the very near future.

David just returned from Hong Kong to shoot a Music Video for his new song, “Wait”. I love this song! I think it has the potential to be a fabulous video. Wait is a romantic song, a song about love and about longing. It’s about needing someone and not being able to stop thinking about them, even when they’re gone. My sincerest wish is that it’s portrayed that way in the video. At age 17/18 he may have been opposed to the idea of being promoted and seen as a romantic figure since he was still so young. But now almost 21, I hope he is more open to the idea. Or at the very least, less opposed to it. Is he ready to share his dreams with us? Ready to encourage us to look for love and to hold on to that someone special in our lives?

It will be interesting to see what interpretation is used and how the song is presented in the video. I think it will give us some insight into where his career may go in the near future.

Whatever he decides, I will support him 100%. But I really hope he is ready to make a video about wishing, hoping, and longing for that special someone. I hope he’s ready to take his music, his videos, and his career to the next level.

Guess we just have to wait and see.

Article by MT

163 Responses to “Wait and the Art of Compromise ~ MT”

  1. betsy said

    I think David is more steadfast than ever. Maybe a bit stubborn. If he wants to do something, he will. If not…it’s never going to happen. 🙂
    And I never saw any leaked photos from his Wait video shoot of a love interest. I must admit that I was hoping for that more grown up type storyline in his video as well. They really do well. Crush has 30 million views now.
    Well…we shall see.
    Offtopic, we are selling a compilation Christmas CD in our store called “Melodies of Christmas.” It has many songs by different artists, including David’s MOC.
    Guess they swiped the title and used it for the whole thing. 🙂


  2. bebereader said


    Your articles always make me think! I don’t presume to know what’s going on inside that beautiful head of David’s.

    Many 20-year- olds haven’t a clue as to what they want and how far they will go to get it. David has always known he wants to sing but was forced to learn the business side of the business rather quickly. That’s not to say that I feel sorry or can even sympathize. Most young people aren’t given the opportunities he has but it must be tough for someone his age to have to make adult decisions, especially when he knows that fans are impatiently waiting to know what his next move will be.

    I give him a lot of credit for slowing down his pace and not rushing to figure out the direction of his career, whatever it may be. His core fan base will always be with him. Heck, we can’t live without him at this point.

    I agree with you and Betsy regarding the new music video. Hoping for a romantic edge to it. But it seems like the plot is under lock and key for now.

    Betsy, How cool! I remember that cd from last year when your store sold it. They’re also selling it online at, BTW.

    Today is the last day to sign the group sympathy ecard for Hooked (Silverfox’ sister) on the loss of her husband. Here’s the link:


  3. Marylee_DAangel said

    “What level of stardom does David really want?”

    I ask myself this question daily & sure wish I knew the answer because it IS key to what we can expect from him in the future. I do know the measure of “stardom” I personally wish for him & without is “to the MOON & back”. It’s what I’ve always expected from day one when I first laid eyes on him during Season 7 auditions. Paula said it best “you’re destined for super stardom”..came as no surprise to me then & that hasn’t changed in my humble opinion~but it’s not up to me unfortunately or any of his other adoring fans who know in our hearts just how far he can go with his remarkable voice. David seems to have mapped out a plan for himself & one thing I am truly happy about is that he was able to step back & take some time to breathe during all of the madness surrounding him. Hopefully, his “break” gave him time to figure out just what direction he wants to go & how much he is willing to sacrifice. One other thing I am SO sure of personally is how much I would miss his incredible voice & spirit if he decided to walk away~truly amazing how much a part of us he has become.


  4. Oh MT what a beautiful picture that leads into your thought provoking writings. The lead picture or painting as I call it is actually quite fantastic. It is my background picture and each time I open my computer I am amazed and my husband as well. He just wishes that the telephone poles were not there, but then again that is art. The ‘Wait’ video will be powerful in several ways.

    The only people confused about David’s future are ourselves, not David. He is making decisions and rerouting on his path but he knows his destiny. We seem to have difficulity in letting our concerns go as we speak of them each time he walks over a bump in the road. He doesn’t come from any cookie cutter that we have seen before.

    I wonder if we think he is being vague only because there are questions that he is not really interested in answering? We all do that. He isn’t just going to answer everything anyone thinks up to ask.

    The best that we can contribute is to give our confidence by letting our concerns go.

    Just believe in him and he will continue to do the rest.



  5. Marylee_DAangel said

    I’ve never lost confidence in David. “Trust the Archuleta” is etched in my mind for eternity. Having said that ~ my concerns are merely an investment in how much I care about his future. He gives us his best~therefore he deserves the best! 🙂


  6. Heidijoy said

    I’ve come to admire David even more because he is following the path that he feels comfortable with in accordance with his beliefs, his philosophy and his desire to be authentic. Artistry is important to David. He actually has done more, produced more and been busier than anyone in his Season. There are some out there that are satisfied with doing what’s popular! David in my observation has so much more depth. I’m fine with whatever theme David and the producers come up with for Wait. I used to panic when I would think of David leaving mostly because of my age but have come to grips with that. I like that David is stubborn in contrast to his shyness that used to be so prominent. I’m feeling David’s SOUL more and more in his music and I love it. Thanks for your thoughtful post MT and love the picture. David was still feeling the emotion of filming Wait!!


  7. skydancer1x said

    Great food for thought MT.I can’t wait for the WAIT video to be released.I don’t know what is in store for us in the complete video, but this song is the new DLG in my head.I am expecting alot of angst and longing being caught in Davids face and we all know how well he does that.EEEEK !
    I have always found it interesting that David seems to always take his current AGE… his birthdays, seriously. He wanted to enjoy those teenage years to the fullest extent, but when he turned 20 he left them behind to the tune of “I am not a teenager anymore” “I am 20 now” and he started off 2011 with the David of MOTAB and the break from JIVE and a new path to a more mature David.What will he do next…. soon he will be 21. Hang on hang in….yeahh… we are so DAID.


  8. You are all so well versed this morning…I ‘believe’ that you have all graduated into the tomorrow of David’s career!! He would love that about his fans…IMO…



  9. Freo said

    Great article! One reason why the recent HK trip was such a pleasure to follow was because it was done right: professionally, classy (some money seemed to be spent), and by a team of industry professionals. I noticed the Sony rep in some of the photos dressed in business casual clothing. The events were well-planned and David also had a bit of time to rest, rather than jump into sound check literally right after getting off the plane after a long flight. He also appeared to have a stylist, at least for some of the events. Last week was just a pleasure to follow!


  10. poof said

    Thanks MT for your thought provoking article. Yes, so many great responses even so early in the morning!

    I would just like to add that “how it is going” for David right now, may be closer to his goals for his career than some think. I keep thinking of the interview which was on t.v. where the interviewer asked him how he fit so many charity events into his work schedule. He said something like, “I have a work schedule so I can do charity events.” (Hope this is close to what he said, but it is the gist).
    I too want the world to Know him, and “Heck, not live without him”. But he will do it his way and that will be the right way.

    Yes, SB. Just believe in him and he will continue to do the rest. 🙂
    Have a great day everyone!


  11. Freo…Thanks for bringing that to our attention so that we can enjoy realizing that it was so professionally planned for him. Perhaps the Sony connection will catch on over here and spread by way of one Sony person to the other…



  12. Freo said

    SB, I hope so! The HK trip seemed well-planned and so glad he had a chance to catch his breath and do some sightseeing, too.


  13. bebereader said

    Oooooh I’m such a sucker for these videos.
    Have to share because it’s a feel good one!

    credit 0o0bluedots0o0


  14. Hey Bebe…sooo cool and a nice addition to it all today.



  15. MT…I am so envious, (but I don’t uaually do envy!). His eyes oh how they are highlighted by the trees.

    Juan…you have created a wonderful piece of artwork.



  16. Heidijoy said

    # 10 Poof: That sounds just like David. ” I have a work schedule, so I can do charity events” That is part of his purpose.


  17. Angelica said

    SB #8 With respect for your equanimity in all things David related, we do not need to be “well versed” in how to feel. No one has “graduated into the tomorrow of David’s career” and no one is at the head of the class.


    Thank you for writing a thought-provoking piece about where David may be headed in his future career. There are many variables in the way of success and one of them is, as you point out, how much success he wants. The article is about compromise, the give and take of what one must give up in order to get something one wants more. We all do this every day. So many questions arise in your article: Did the fan frenzy in Asia, which was reciprocated by David’s enthusiasm on stage, alter David’s view of how much success he wants? Has it made him more inclined to be in favor of signing with a label and professional management? If so, what will he be willing to compromise, not in core values or beliefs but in comfort levels, to achieve that? Is he ready to become in his own view of his art, the archatypal romantic figure he embodies for many fans?

    These are interesting questions that deserve some discussion.


  18. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    It appears to me that David is doing just fine in his career. He is getting international exposure for music he wants, not the choices made by a former label. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined such a turn around for TOSOD. Adding bonus songs was a stroke of genius! Whomever is behind this rejuvenation of the CD, is someone I hope stays in the picture. I’d like to think that David “rescued” these songs and gave them a second chance. They are all winners!
    A timely interview came in the mail today as part of the Pandora Unforgettable Moments Ice Show promotion. Two questions and David’s response fits right into this article.

    “Q: You put out your second album last year. How did that feel?

    A: It’s been a very interesting process because with that album, I didn’t have management. And it was quite the battle for me trying to understand how to deal with a label on your own (laughs). They have their different ideas and I really wanted to make sure that I didn’t do anything that was just for the sake of selling out. Despite whatever commercial kind of success you might have or radio success, I don’t want to do something just to get as many people as possible to listen. I experimented a lot with it and showed a quirkier side. I showed the goofy, dorky side of David. I just wanted to be sincere with it. And I was definitely able to reach that goal lyrically, just staying true to whatever was being said in the songs. I didn’t explore as much or venture out as much into the musical side as much as I would have liked to, but I definitely learned so much from it. I grew a lot last year from that experience.”

    And this. David speaks about priorities.

    “Q: That’s pretty young. It might seem like you’re older to you.

    A: (Laughs) It’s just a matter of being able to take that time, I think, to figure out the person I want to be and the artist I want to continue becoming. I didn’t want to just go with, “OK, I’m just gonna listen to whatever these people say because they know how to make me successful and rich and famous.” As appealing as that might sound, that just don’t appeal to me. I guess my priorities are different. I want to make sure that I make music that lasts. I’ve been experimenting. I’ve been writing. Aside from the Asian tour I did this summer, I’ve taken time aside just to kind of figure out, “OK, what do I want to do with myself? What do I want to do with my life? What’s important to me for the years to come?” instead of feeling like you need to keep moving with the current of success or else you’re not gonna get anywhere. I definitely want to do music for the rest of my life. So I just want to make sure that I’m doing music in the way that I feel is the way I need to.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Once David made up his mind that he was going to take control of his music and lyrics, he also took on the interim management of his career. Judging from the past few months of performances for both charity and professional appearances, I’d say he is doing a pretty good job!



  19. Angelica, I am sorry to see that I have been misunderstood by my comments. I looked up ‘well versed’ in the World English dictionary this morning to do a check before using the words and there are a few meanings. The one that first came to me was ‘well acquainted with’. Sometimes in the early morning there are just a few comments but this morning was different.

    Definately no one needs to be well versed as you are defining it. All of us are familiar with fans from all places of the world who write in their own languages and also can write in English so there are many styles of writing. From the comments it seemed that everyone is well acquainted with David at this time and times have been confusing. There has been so much speculation taken from his interviews that it is nice to read now when the words are positive. All of the early morning commenters see David in a good place.

    As for the word usage of graduated, I meant graduating or moving along in stages such as his AI time to his Jive time and now on to his own time and so many understand him moreso now and what he is doing.

    My writing skills are not the best obviously.



  20. Abrra said

    The MAN tweets!

    @DavidArchie Landed in New York! Been a while since I’ve been here. Feels really nice to be back.

    Welcome to the east coast, David!



  21. MT said

    Thanks for the comments, guys. I love hearing the different the views on we see David.

    1. Betsy. “I must admit that I was hoping for that more grown up type storyline in his video as well. They really do well. Crush has 30 million views now.” << This is one of the reasons I'd like to see this video done really well. Maybe it will "take off" here in the states, too. I'd love to see the WAIT video (and the song) do as well as Crush!

    Marylee, "
    "I personally wish for him & without is “to the MOON & back." << Me, too. I guess that's what it all boils down to. Does he want that for him self? Who knows. But I want it for him because he deserves it.

    and this "my concerns are merely an investment in how much I care about his future." << This.

    Sky, "… this song is the new DLG in my head." << How funny you said that cuz that is how I feel about it, too. I really hope he performs WAIT in concert the way he did DLG, standing at the mic. So intense.

    SB, thanks, but the credit for adding the lovely pic up top goes to our resident expert, Ms. Angelica. 🙂

    17. Angelica, that's it exactly. After watching all the vids from Asia, seeing his reception there and his reaction to it, it really made me wonder if he could have changed his thoughts about where he wanted to take his career. And start him thinking that some compromise (within reason of course) might be worth it for the sake of moving forward in his career.


  22. djafan said


    Very good thought provoking article. I confess I don’t have a clue on what David’s wishes are for his career. The answers he gives that are concrete and clear to me are that he wants to be of use to others in his life and that he wants to use his gift given by God for good. To me that says that music will always be part of the equation and that makes me very happy. You’re right about his focus on age, being a teenager and now he’s not. I think we will definitely see some changes.


  23. djafan said


    Wait has been my favorite of the new songs from the get go. That acoustic version just made me weak at the knees and the anticipation of the music video is making me giddy. Will there be romance? Grief? Separation? There is no way in telling by the behind the scene pictures IMO. There is no way they’re going to let that cat out of the bag until they’re ready 🙂

    Clear picture of David leaving the airport in Hong Kong.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  24. VJ said

    SB~ I sent you an email earlier today. 🙂


  25. bebereader said

    David in New York!
    I knew there was a reason the sun was shining a few hours ago! 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  26. MT said

    Abrra, I agree that David is doing well internationally. That’s the comparison. After seeing his reception there, I guess I’m wondering if he is wondering if it’s possible, and what it would take, for things to be that way here in the States. I would love it if that success carried over here.

    Or would he even want that?

    *sigh* so many questions, so few answers lol


  27. Tawna21 said

    MT, your thoughts and ponderings here are very challenging, to say the least. The ‘what ifs’ that come up are thoughts that we all think about.

    Like you,—> “Whatever he decides, I will support him 100%. But I really hope he is ready to make a video about wishing, hoping, and longing for that special someone. I hope he’s ready to take his music, his videos, and his career to the next level.”

    SB #4, I agree with every word. MT has offered the thoughts and musings. You’ve offered the answers. Let David take us where he will, because that’s where we are headed if we continue to follow him. I know I’m going to continue on his train.

    And, if there were to ever be a cleaned up version (where the mouth and music are in sync) of that ‘Wait’ video from the Casbaa, that’s all I would ever need. I never tire of watching and listening to it. It rips my heart out with the emotion he puts into it. ♥

    Heidijoy #6, “I’m feeling David’s SOUL more and more in his music and I love it.” That is exactly why I was willing to spend what I did on VIP’s for my family. I need them to feel David’s soul spirit up close. To be in the same four wall space that he is in, and breathe the same air that he is breathing. It is so different from seeing him on stage (although that is an awesome experience, also).



  28. Abrra said

    David is out on the town? lol great!

    David Archuleta in the house!

    @TheFantasticks Times Square, NYC
    The longest-running musical in the world




  29. Angelica said


    I apologize for any misunderstanding. The consensus seemed to be settled early on in the thread that nothing was to be discussed since David is in charge and we should trust him and not concern ourselves in such matters. I singled you out because you seemed to sum it up so succinctly, and I’m sorry if it was not what you meant. I respect you and your opinions and because they hold so much weight, I weighed in.

    I know that David is our happy place, but we should be able to freely discuss our concerns without feeling as though we are engaging in some Orwellian “crimethink.” This is not meant for you, but in general toward a collective, suppressive will in the fan base to keep things upbeat at the expense of honesty. Something in me bristles at that notion and I worry that it may even be counter-productive and unfair to both David and his fans. Even if David were to read these blogs, which he doesn’t, how often can you hear about how beautiful, talented, amazing, awesome and perfect you are? David said of Simon that he could be trusted to be honest. That’s all I ask of anyone who comments.

    That said I will answer the questions brought out in MT’s article and posed by me in # 17.

    Did the fan frenzy in Asia, which was reciprocated by David’s enthusiasm on stage, alter David’s view of how much success he wants?


    Has it made him more inclined to be in favor of signing with a label and professional management?


    If so, what will he be willing to compromise, not in core values or beliefs but in comfort levels, to achieve that?


    Is he ready to become in his own view of his art, the archatypal romantic figure he embodies for many fans?

    I don’t think so.


  30. betsy said

    Thank you Angelica. ♥
    Sometimes I don’t feel free to be 100% honest, and sometimes I wish I hadn’t said something for fear of….Idk, maybe having a different opinion that is maybe an unpopular one. So usually I keep it short and meaningless.
    Then I think “I love him as much as anyone and have a right to my own opinion, it doesn’t mean I love him any less. Nobody could say that.”

    Sidenote: I am loving that he is in NY having a night out on the town. 🙂


  31. betsy said

    p.s. The above was not meant to single anyone out, it was strictly my self esteem issues, lol.

    Here is some nice promo from The Market Watch in the Wall Street Journal.

    Love this part, “Unique music by such as Los Pastores a Belen, sung by David Archuleta in Spanish.” ♥


  32. tessielynn said

    In a world today where not thinking through the consequences of our actions or caring about how our actions effect others is becoming more and more accepted and common place, David is refreshingly responsible and shows us and reminds us all that whether we like it or not, our choices do effect others and to a certain level we should account for them. The world would be such a better place if people cared more about what they were putting out there.

    The depth to David is shown in the care he takes in what he shows the world. He does not deny his influence, he respects it and takes it very seriously. From what I gather, he believes he is accountable for his actions, and he does not try to sugar coat anything. He might be small in statue, but I believe he is a spiritual giant.


  33. Tawna21 said

    Utah!!! here it is 🙂



  34. kaycee said

    Wow, absolutely loved that interview! So much insight into where David is right now.

    Loved this: “He’s disarmingly sincere and humble with thoughts on artistic integrity that may surprise you coming from an “Idol” veteran.”


  35. cb said

    32 tessielynn Well said, and
    I agree.


  36. betsy said

    Because it’s a must every once in awhile. 🙂


  37. djafan said

    Some bad news for Singapore.

    Postponed so rescheduling will probably be in the works in the future.

    Miracle Entertainment Group
    regrets to inform those who has already bought tickets to David Archuleta LIVE in Singapore 2011, that due to unforseen circumstances, the concert will not be happening and will be postphone indefinitely until further notice. Please reach out to Gatecrash for refunds. We sincerely apologise for all the inconvenience caused.


  38. cb said

    My answers to the questions:

    Did the fan frenzy in Asia, which was reciprocated by David’s enthusiasm on stage, alter David’s view of how much success he wants?

    It may have at least reinforced for him, how good it feels to have what you do recognized and appreciated.

    Has it made him more inclined to be in favor of signing with a label and professional management?

    Probably not, although I believe he is still searching for the best answer for getting his music made.

    If so, what will he be willing to compromise, not in core values or beliefs but in comfort levels, to achieve that?

    He has already shown that he is willing to go beyond his comfort levels in order to share music. He will never compromise his core values or beliefs.

    Is he ready to become in his own view of his art, the archatypal romantic figure he embodies for many fans?

    I don’t think so because he still doesn’t see himself that way and wants to be honest about who he is. (I admit I want him to realize this side of himself someday)


  39. Abrra said

    #29 Angelica

    “I know that David is our happy place, but we should be able to freely discuss our concerns without feeling as though we are engaging in some Orwellian “crimethink.” This is not meant for you, but in general toward a collective, suppressive will in the fan base to keep things upbeat at the expense of honesty.”

    I agree 100% with this statement. David has a strong character. He is not some fragile bird to be protected from any discord, lest he wither away into dust. I do not doubt your dedication to his artistry simply because you have pointed out areas of his career that need some scrutiny.

    #30 Betsy

    “Sometimes I don’t feel free to be 100% honest, and sometimes I wish I hadn’t said something for fear of….Idk, maybe having a different opinion that is maybe an unpopular one. So usually I keep it short and meaningless”

    We fans have followed David’s lead on honesty. To deny speaking the truth of your feelings defeats the reason we have a Voice here where fans can express them. The last sentence in the quote above made me sad. We all have similar and oppositional thoughts and feelings on what we read and see, where David is concerned. MT has expressed her ideas on compromise. If she had never written them down, we would not have the chance to explore ideas. I encourage everyone to speak their mind in a constructive way. It’s how we share ideas.

    #37 Djafan
    Singapore cancelled. I am not surprised. All one needs to do it look at a calendar. David’s time in the next two weeks is very tight. We do not know the reason why the show is cancelled, but remember this: They asked him to come there.

    We will see now if David has to take the flack from the fans who bought tickets and got hotel rooms. Do fans blame the promoter for a failed appearance? This is where professional management should come into play. But he has none.



  40. Angelica said

    I have never quite understood the Singapore appearance. I looked repeatedly on his OS and never found it listed there. I checked again last night before this news came out. Did David ever say he was going there and if so when? It’s just always seemed rather bizarre to me that tickets were being sold to fans for an event not sanctioned by David or his official site.


  41. Abrra said

    It appears like a case of “build it and he will come”. The next 2 weeks are filled with a charity appearance in NYC, Pandora and MoTab Cd/DVD signings. Then it’s time for MKOC Tour rehearsals.

    When was he supposed to teleport to Singapore to perform?

    Abrra I blame my phone for all errors


  42. KH said

    Wonder if the Singapore concert cancellation has to do with the controversy over the venue’s use of dolphins which were allegedly illegally captured and held. David’s facebook page was filled with complaints about this venue about a week or so ago. Could be the venue was tied to promotion and they had no choice but to postpone.

    Not saying I know anything. Just surmising, as we all do often.


  43. MT said

    Sorry I’m so late responding. My internet went out last night.

    There are many types of fans. I guess I’m the “what if” type. For me, it’s fun to play the guessing game. I like to speculate. I realize that not everyone does.

    So, thanks to all who weighed in on the conversation here. I hope everyone will always feel free to both agree or disagree with articles I write. In most cases, it is not a steadfast opinion, but musings and wonderings and meant to encourage discussion on a given topic. I love hearing all the different opinions. Sometimes they are every enlightening, giving me a different perspective.

    And to those who prefer to just lurk and read, I think that’s okay too. I used to be that person untill I was welcomed with open arms by the admins here. As you can see, we don’t always agree, but we love everyone here just the same.

    As for the Singapore show, I am so sorry for the fans there. They love David so. I hope he’ll be able to make it there another time, soon.

    And, I’m still hoping he makes it near me!


  44. MT said

    Goodness… that should be *very* enlightening.

    MT, I blame Abrra’s phone for all errors. 😉


  45. Abrra said

    “MT, I blame Abrra’s phone for all errors. ;)”

    How regretful is that? 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  46. Freo said

    So sorry to hear about the Singapore concert, but hopefully they will find an alternative venue sometime next year. Maybe they can even reschedule the Thailand and Singapore concert reschedules close together.


  47. ray said

    hi all. i am not good with words so bear with me,every body has there opinons,her is mine,i am a little pevved that all these so called fan sites,keep talking about davids managment,he has had professionl mgmt.and all the wanted to do was make davd a jb.type of singer just for the money, same with the looking out for his long term carrier,,davids father has been with david when he first starded in the bueiness,and knows what david wants,good music and a long carrrier.yes he has made mistakes in the past so haven,t we all that we regret.but he 110 % behinh david and fights tooth and nail for david.thats why labels and pro.mgmet dont ,t like him he won,t let them push davd around,because david likes to please everyone and has a hard time saying no,.i firmely belive that david one that night and the votes were switch because 19 did not want to work with jeff ebcause he wouldn,t let them make david into a (jb) thus they signed him to jive out of guilty feelings. after ten years i think jeff has done a good job for david nuff said love you all ray


  48. Angelica and admins., I have a request as one of your writers and as a regular commenter on this site. If you read a comment that I have written and it is not agreeable with you for the good of the article or the writer or the people on the site, please email me or text message me first to give me the chance to correct what I have written. This communication could have saved so much. Once you openly stated your concerns then they were followed with comments from those who agreed and you feel like you are being ganged up on and chased out of town so to speak. I am asking for this opportunity to connect with you so as to not draw attention to a commenter as being an unkind or inconsiderate person and to the site itself as a place of personal drama. Unfortunately there is no way of editing ones’ comments ourselves other than writing another comment of explanation but not out of sheer embarrassment.

    Your writing singled me out and has embarrased me in front of the readers as well as brought hurt that far surpasses anything that any of us would want to be given in a David friendly place.

    You are the owner, others are admins. and I know my place but I would like to be able to make a correction early on if needed to avoid humiliation.

    Just a note. If David has cancelled because of the dolphin situation then I am so pleased that he continues to be a wonderful humanitarian.

    I have not heard at all how SF is doing for anyone who is wondering.



  49. bebereader said

    Ray, thank you for your comment. David always give us things to think and talk about. I tend to agree with you about who was the real winner that night but I also believe that everything turned out the way it was supposed to.

    David is a simple guy but at the same time, he’s complex. He has many layers that make him so intriguing. He appears to be shy but has a steel will. He is only twenty but an old soul. And he gives us so much more than his music. He gives us a whole lot to think about.

    I’m going to attempt to answer the questions presented in MT’s article but truthfully I don’t have a clue if I’m right. I’m just going by what he has said in interviews. And who knows? He is apt to change his mind just like the rest of us.

    Did the fan frenzy in Asia, which was reciprocated by David’s enthusiasm on stage, alter David’s view of how much success he wants?

    It was very obvious that he appreciated the enthusiasm of the Asian fans but I don’t think it changed his view on success. Success to him isn’t about money, it’s about making music that he’s proud of, and not necessarily having radio hits.

    David said: “I didn’t want to just go with, “OK, I’m just gonna listen to whatever these people say because they know how to make me successful and rich and famous.” As appealing as that might sound, that just doesn’t appeal to me. I guess my priorities are different. I want to make sure that I make music that lasts.”

    Has it made him more inclined to be in favor of signing with a label and professional management?

    I have no idea what’s in his head so all I can do is assume. I think he’s happy where he is right now but that doesn’t mean that he won’t be signing with a label or getting new management very shortly. We’ll be kept in the dark about these things until he wants to share.

    Is he ready to become in his own view of his art, the archatypal romantic figure he embodies for many fans?

    My assumption is that since he’s all about honesty, and hasn’t yet had a relationship, he isn’t ready to go the full romantic leading man route at this time.

    I sympathize with the fans in Singapore since their show was canceled. I’m sure David will make it up to them as soon as he can.

    MT, Loved your article!!!


  50. Angelica said


    I apologized in #28 for misunderstanding the intent of what you said. I did not apologize for hurting you. I would like to do that now and publically. In most cases, a private email would not be necessary but in this case, I think you are right. The pen is mightier than the sword and sometimes I forget I wield a pretty sharp one. Not often, but when I do it cuts deeply. For that reason, I have a responsibility to use it judiciously and seldom. I have in the past reserved it for trolls. It was wrong to use it on one of our own who is my friend and a valued member of the staff here. Please accept my sincerest apologies.


  51. ray said

    bebereader,dont, get me wrong i am very happy the way things turned out,just trying to explain why i think jeff is so hated,hes 110%for david,professional can also get you,lawsuit,babys etc to keep you in the lime light,we don,t want that for david.when a professional mgt, and lable come along tha look out for david long term,i think he will sing,and lets him be him whoe we a love


  52. bebereader said


    Ronald McDonald House of New York presents its Third Annual Make A Difference Evening with special guests David Archuleta, David Cook and Constantine Margoulis. Click here to register:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    We’ll be waiting for any pics and videos we can get our hands on to share with you.


  53. bebereader said

    Ray#51, I understood you loud and clear! And I agree! 🙂


  54. MT said

    SB {{{Hugs}}}

    “My assumption is that since he’s all about honesty, and hasn’t yet had a relationship, he isn’t ready to go the full romantic leading man route at this time.”

    I agree, I don’t think he is either. I was thinking of a more subtle compromise, nothing drastic.

    I saw a comment somewhere that said they interpreted WAIT to be about the death of a loved one. And while I think that idea is possible and has the potential to be done beautifully, I am just hoping that the storyline is one of romantic love. Missing someone who is still here. In my mind, that is a compromise for David since he has never been in love. This is the compromise I had in mind. A little acting in the video.

    “He is apt to change his mind just like the rest of us.” << Had to LOL at this. I do it all the time regarding David.

    Hope we get some David/David videos from tonight! Do we know yet if any fan will be there? I'll be here tonight checking to see. 🙂


  55. bebereader said


    There’s so much speculation on the new video yet all we can do is sit back and wait. LOL I just hope it’s released here in the states. I’ve been lurking around Twitter to see if anyone we know is going tonight. So far, NADA.

    And meanwhile, David tweets!

    Was invited to go see The Fantasticks last night. The longest running musical in the world. It was fun to see.
    25 minutes ago

    And Aaron Carter, star of The Fantasticks just tweeted David!

    AARONCARTER Aaron Carter
    @davidarchie It was great to see you again. Thanks for coming out to opening night of @TheFantasticks I’ll post the pic as soon as I get it.
    23 minutes ago


  56. bebereader said

    Performing at the Ronald McDonald House tonight for the Calvin Klein Make A Difference Evening. It’ll be good to see @thedavidcook !
    2 minutes ago


  57. bebereader said

    Taken last night at The Fantastick play…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    caption: “David Archuleta, right before he visits Aaron Carter to congratulate him on a stellar performance.”

    “Yet Carter delivered a spirited performance as Matt, the play’s naive male protagonist, that delighted the audience — which included “American Idol” star David Archuleta — at Manhattan’s Snapple Theatre.”

    “Shortly after the interview, Carter was visited in his dressing room by David Archuleta, the “American Idol” season 7 runner-up who posed for a few photos with fans immediately after the performance ended. While Archuleta embraced Carter and congratulated him for the performance…..”

    For full article:



  58. djafan said

    SB, I’ve had SF on my mind. Keeping her in my thoughts and prayers ♥


  59. betsy said

    David and his red shirts. 🙂


  60. djafan said

    A surprise????

    rmhnewyork Ronald McD House NY
    Where are all the @DavidArchie fans? We’ve got a surprise coming up for you! #MakeaDifference…


  61. djafan said

    Bebe, I like that the article about Carter is almost half about David lol

    Remember the other Ben? Interesting group…hmmmm.

    benantelis Ben Antelis
    Had a great time hangin w @MelindaWEG, @kariontour, @douglemke, @DavidArchie @annamack23, @christinagan and crew last night! Southern Hosp!


  62. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @DavidArchie Hanging at the Ronald McDonald house



  63. djafan said

    Looking good David!


  64. Abrra said

    From last night

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    @MPRMarilyn Aaron Carter with David Archuleta opening night for The Fantasticks

    And something found on twitter, David in Hong Kong with 2 Koran pop singer hopefuls.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Chet Lam with David Archuleta and Louie Castro at the audition.



  65. betsy said

    The new Hong Kong interview? YJ is translating it, and posting on Twitter. It’s slightly different than google translate. 🙂


  66. betsy said

    Should I post here? I will, and if someone else is doing the dame thing, just delete mine. 🙂


  67. Abrra said

    Post it with the link to the original article, if you have it.



  68. betsy said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This is a translation:
    “When he feels lonely he goes to the mountains, to escape from the world and to get inspiration for writing”
    “This is his first time visiting Hong Kong.He loves its cleanses, it’s blue sky and its mountains. He had Peiking Duck and Pork Buns
    “You discover yourself sometimes when you are lonely”
    “In US he goes to the mountains by himself often, to feel Nature and to ‘calm his soul'”
    “He writes down everything he feels in the mountains,not just about lonliness.Sometimes,looking back,he would forget what he’s writing about
    to get inspiration for writing”
    “This is his first time visiting Hong Kong.He loves its cleanses, it’s blue sky and its mountains. He had Peiking Duck and Pork Buns
    “You discover yourself sometimes when you are lonely”
    “In US he goes to the mountains by himself often, to feel Nature and to ‘calm his soul’”
    “He writes down everything he feels in the mountains,not just about lonliness.Sometimes,looking back,he would forget what he’s writing about

    “Waiting MV director is Hong Kong director Chuan Shao-Rong”
    “Wait is about sometimes not knowing what’s reality and what’s dream.Sometimes you feel lonely even in the crowd.”
    “He would not foreclose the possibility of more acting in the future, but he felt he needs to improve his acting skills first”

    “About his vocal paralysis, it turned out 2 b blessing in disguise, because it made his voice sexier” [Now there is no way D said]
    “At Idol,there’s tension in his relationship with his dad because of all the allegations about his dad, but now they are in good terms”

    “He has not appeared at stage with dad.He may write something in the future incorporating trumpet so they can perform together.” WHAT?
    Here is the original article
    More coming, by the way. 🙂 (I think)

    Note from YJ_Fan who did the translation on twitter “The word loneliness permeates the article. Perhaps because the interview is about Wait MV. Idk.”


  69. betsy said

    That’s about it.


  70. djafan said

    The picture David tweeted has 6,634 in an hour.


  71. betsy said

    Haha Dja, it’s quite popular.
    And now it’s on his Facebook. 🙂 With 650 likes and 70 comments. 🙂 In just minutes.
    It’s a good one.


  72. betsy said

    Also, as we all know, to encourage rain, people have been known to do a raindance. Perhaps we should invent a videodance. For tonight.
    I’ll start.


  73. djafan said

    I’m dancing!!!!!!!


  74. Abrra said

    David tonight!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Read about the NYC show!/RanaNYC


  75. bebereader said

    Love this tweet:

    RanaNYC RanaNYC
    Cook to Archie: so good. I quit. Lol
    19 minutes ago


  76. poof said

    I too was one of the early morning commenters, and after reading Angelica’s comments went back and reread and reread what was written in your entry, mine and the others. I certainly did not come away with what Angelica did. But by being one of the ones who’s “consenses” was implied, I want to say I also felt uncomfortable and singled out.

    Angelica,,, I only delurk here, at no other sight, because I always felt we could say how we felt, without worrying if we would be misconstrued. I hope that basic philosophy continues.


  77. betsy said

    A New Years Eve show. ♥


  78. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit SashaPoodle


  79. Poof, I am hoping for a better form of communication when it is needed especially. Writing can have its risks for everyone. 😉



  80. betsy said

    How did I not realize how bone chillingly beautiful this was?


  81. betsy said

    The video in #81 was uploaded yesterday by the Official Darchsitevids. So. Credit to them. 🙂
    And a huge thank you to them. It’s as if you’re standing in front of him, soaking it in.


  82. emmegirl said

    All I know is I am pro-David, pro-freedom of speech,
    pro-DJA fans, and yep, pro-romantic David.

    Betsy, likin’ this new fall red t.
    Thanks for that upclose and personal HK vid!

    *Got my dancin’ shoes on*

    dja, interesting group – there’s an understatement. 🙂

    Vids tonight, fingers crossed XX

    Two cents – I believe he wants to touch as many people as possible, to share his music with as many people as possible. I imagine deep down most performers do. And to have that support at home would be incredible. He expressed more than once his real appreciation for the amazing support in Asia and how much it meant to him. The joy we saw on that tour was unmistakable. Much as I have my own desires and wishes, he is doggedly determined to do it on his terms, and at his pace. (Dang, how can I argue with that.)

    Best wishes and prayers for a full and quick recovery to SF.


  83. betsy said

    I guess the Singapore Show has not been rescheduled for 12/31. It’s being denied by David’s people. I just don’t understand why/how people make this stuff up. A huge venue had it up on their site.

    Emme, I was going back over some articles written in the summer (I needed something) and started laughing so hard at one of your comments. The day of the Indonesian concert. You said, “Please let there be video of GGTT. I may perish if there isn’t. I may perish if there is. :
    Thanks for the smiles you gave me. 🙂


  84. bebereader said

    Some pics from tonight’s event from getty images:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    2011 “Make A Difference” Benefit Concert At The Ronald McDonald House
    Caption: NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 08: David Archuleta performs during the 2011 ‘Make A Difference’ benefit concert at the Ronald McDonald House on November 8, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Andy Kropa/Getty Images)


  85. bebereader said

    More pics are trickling in…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thanks to @DavidArchie @ConstantineM and @theDavidCook for #makeadifference evening. We love you! More tomorrow!
    21 minutes ago


  86. emmegirl said

    Back at ya Betsy. :))

    Would ya look at that handsome guy sitting behind that pretty red nord.


  87. Freo said

    Wow, he certainly looked good tonight!


  88. skydancer1x said

    Hi people. just a quick drive by to catch up on comments,with one good eye open.The other one is asleep already.

    Emme, you are so funny lol!

    75. Bebe totally loving that tweet!! HA…alright!

    ooooh! sure hope there is video of his performance tonite!


  89. skydancer1x said

    84. Bebe! oooh do you think he was singing Crazy in those pics??


  90. betsy said

    I like this one. 🙂


  91. Things are getting giddy in Manila, as the GCT launch approaches 🙂 In connection with this fun-filled event, I wonder if you have seen this?

    Want to see the rest? Go leave Doc Naree aka jtmlm1234 a note to convince her to release it hehe


  92. betsy said

    Sky, he sang Angels, ATM and Crush.


  93. Guys,

    Is SF ok? Will email but please let me know how she is.



  94. emmegirl said

    JR, I like.


  95. djafan said

    Do we wait for videos? lol

    JR, I’ve left message for Naree. We need to see that interview!

    Prayers for SF. Waiting to hear any news.


  96. bebereader said

    David tweets after the show:

    Had a really great night tonight at Ronald McDonald House! Good hearing Cook again as well as Constantine Maroulis. Awesome performers
    30 minutes ago

    Waiting for videos.
    Tick tock, tick tock.

    Pabuckie met David tonight after the show at Ronald McDonald House!
    So excited for her!
    Read her tweets here:!/pabuckie


  97. djafan said

    David tweets about Singapore.

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Sad to inform that the scheduled Singapore show has been postponed indefinitely due to unforeseen circumstances.

    David Archuleta
    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Very sorry Singapore fans :(. Will inform you when something in the future can possibly be done to make up for the situation.


  98. Abrra said

    Enjoyed pabuckie’s twitter party about meeting David!

    Here is the twitter of one of girls she met outside the venue!/melcrunchy

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Another fan pic form last night.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Me and @davidarchie tonight! Great chatting with you!



  99. skydancer1x said

    awwww so happy for pabuckie!! So excited for her!!♥

    love the pics of David at 84.He looks so handsome…..wonder what he was saying in that top pic. those beautiful hands and long fingers of his getting ready to perform his magic and cast his spell on the audience.
    “see? nothing in this hand,nothing in THIS hand. I just play the keyboard and sing a little” uh huh


  100. betsy said

    Here’s a tweet we’ve been waiting for:
    RanaNYC RanaNYC
    Uploading video of @DavidArchie singing Angels last night. It gave me goosebumps.


  101. MT said

    Bebe & Abbra, thanks for those lovely pics. He looks so genuinely happy! ♥

    “see? nothing in this hand,nothing in THIS hand.”
    LOL Yup. The magician is getting ready to weave his magic.

    Hmmm… still no videos yet?


  102. bluesky said

    Bebereader 84 & Skydancer 99: first pic

    That “blast you to a new universe” look used to come out now and then… shyly… circumferenced by music (I could
    “imagine” it was channeling “the message” that brought it all on… *sigh*..).

    Dear DA: what. the. …..? I think you are enjoying your self entirely too much. (just sayin… you DO want us to hear the music don’t you? Remember? Music? You seem to think grinning like a wicked little dwarf who is taking us on a death defying ride through the mines to a gigantic mountain of gold — is going to reassure us somehow: help us to settle in and focus on the “message”.

    Yeah, right.


  103. skydancer1x said

    101. MT Yep, I’d say hes got that weaving thing down pat!

    102. Bluesky “You seem to think grinning like a wicked little dwarf who is taking us on a death defying ride through the mines to a gigantic mountain of gold — is going to reassure us somehow: help us to settle in and focus on the “message”.”

    HAHAHAHAHA! that is priceless. rofl!
    gotta run gonna be late for work…oh my gosh you really tickled my funny bone with that.hahaha !


  104. djafan said

    bluesky you cracked me up! the “message” haha

    That “picture” has 16,735 views right now.

    And while we wait for videos and pictures…David likes to stand on tables 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  105. bluebar said

    Gosh! #104 What a pose!

    Contrast this – with the time David blames Jason for starting somethin’
    … and crawls UNDER the TABLE!!

    vive la difference


  106. djafan said

    A Day In The Life: Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice Media Day w/ David Archuleta

    By Brittany Evans on November 9, 2011

    I hadn’t seen this interview or kind of a recap.

    An excerpt.

    “What a great day, but I knew David was exhausted from it all. He napped a bit in the car and all the while, I just kept thinking how I don’t think I’d ever want to be famous. All the people coming at you, all the lights, photos, hugs from strangers, interviews, and airports, how could that be fun? But then I reflected back to a point during one of his interviews when he said that he never wanted to do anything else and I thought, he must really love what he does and take a lot of pride in his career as a singer to be so gracious to his fans. He was truly a professional.”

    “Thanks for a great day, David!”

    Go to link to read the rest of it and leave a comment. It’s good, I like the eating part 🙂


  107. Dayzee said

    Read your Event Schedule listed on the right sidebar. Great to see such a long menu. A few more and you will run out of alphabet. I was wishing I could attend them all, but that would be a glass-half-full idea. So I am absolutely ecstatic that I will see at least three of those events. And I am excited to play with the other fans!!


  108. djafan said

    I got my LDS Living Magazine!!!!!

    Had to get that out.


  109. Abrra said

    How about some pic spam from the NYC event? 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    all pictures found at mjsbigblog



  110. djafan said



  111. MT said

    Dja, thanks for the vid! I just watched it. 🙂 He certainly gives his all when he performs.

    And I read that the event raise $325,000 for the RMHouse! It was so generous of all three guys to help out such a worthy cause. ♥


  112. djafan said

    You’re welcome MT. Angels is a goosebump giver ♥

    The results article from last night is on David’s OS. Go and comment 🙂


  113. Fiona said

    OMG, that Angels! He never fails to amaze me! Just beautiful.


  114. Abrra said

    David is surfing YouTube!

    @DavidArchie Why do I find this so weird yet awesome?…

    Bizarre Chinese Old-folks Choir Covers Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”



  115. jans11 said

    110. David, it was awesome!! One of my favorite all time songs.
    114. David, I agree with you!!!

    Abrra and Sandy Beaches..I wanted to touch base with you and say that “operation Archie”(that’s what I was calling it) for the lady(Arlene) at the nursing home was a smash!!!!!!!!! She was ecstatic about everything…couldn’t believe that you would send anything just for her. Everything she looked at she had to kiss it. The oohs and aahs, the omgoshes and all the wows were so worth it. Thank you guys for making this lady a “happy camper”!!! Everytime a new picture comes up I print it off for her to help fill up this little album I got for her. It holds 100 5×7’s.
    She has degenerate disc disease, is on oxygen and has dementia.
    Again, thank you. David’s fans are Archangels, for sure!!!


  116. Abrra said


    That’s awesome! I am sure she never had so much David music LOL Thank you for hooking her up.



  117. angelofdja said

    Jans11, Abrra, SB, You all are so sweet to make that little ladies day! My heart swells each time I hear of a stories like these that could be related to how David inspires us all. There’s something to be said for giving of yourself and how cleansing it all can be. Life is entirely too short…


  118. SandyBeaches said

    I wish that I could have been there to see her enjoy all that Jan had done for her. Life is so very short Angelofdja…



  119. MT said

    SB, have you heard any news on Silverfox? I hope she is doing well.

    Jan, I’m so glad your friend is enjoying David’s music. That was very sweet of you to do that for her.


  120. betsy said

    Jan, I love that you did that. ♥

    Also, maybe one of my fave pics.!/barbsmsl/status/134378783582060544/photo/1/large

    Because. Look who’s in it. 🙂
    Steven Van Zandt and isn’t that David Letterman’s guy? The announcer? Alan Kalter. It looks like him anyway. 🙂 Funny guy.

    Beautiful Angels.


  121. SandyBeaches said

    MT…SF travelled home today and should just about be there. A long flight home.



  122. Dayzee said

    Jan…you must have had a wonderful experience introducing Arlene to David. “Everything she looked at she had to kiss it”. Arlene has the same family traits and genetic markers as all of us here at The Voice. Welcome to the family, Arlene. I see a volume 11 in the near future as the 100 pic album must be almost full by now.

    SB, I was wondering about the demographics of those bracelets. Just how widespread has the invasion of the black bracelets become? It would be interesting to know how far they have traveled.

    I am bookmarking that Angels video at #80. If I ever get amnesia and forget why I love David, I will just bring up that video and all will be well.


  123. Angelica said

    2 year Anniversary of The Voice. Launched November 10, 2009.


  124. MT said

    ♫ ♥ ♪ Congratulations !!!! ♪ ♥ ♫

    ♥♫ HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY!!! ♫


  125. MT said

    In honor of the Two Year Anniversary, I’d like to share one of my all time favorite videos with you. 🙂 I ask Abrra to play it almost every weekend in chat. haha

    ♫ You’re still in love with me, Your Eyes Don’t Lie ♫

    Yes David, we are still in love with The Voice! ♥


  126. skydancer1x said

    Happy Anniversary!!woo hoo!

    thank you for sharing your fav MT!Now, EVERYBODY whistle! phwww phwww phwwwt phweet! (got that last one out!) 🙂


  127. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  128. Dayzee, thank you for asking about where the David bracelets have gone to. They were given out to the VIP fans in Arizona and then I mailed out cards with bracelets to places anywhere from Canada to our friends in Peru and Columbia and many places in between. They have gone to very young children to elderly fans, guys and girls.

    Archuleta Avenue Malaysia had received theirs and were going to wear them to the concert in Singapore. There will hopefully be a concert there in the not too distant future.

    I sent our good friend Heidijoy 50 to give to friends and fans at two concerts. I have a poor memory at the moment but I believe in Idaho and Utah. I will have some with me for Westbury and for Verona with a few in my pocket for Stroudsburg.

    There are some to send out this week so if you have written to me and have not received yours, they will be in your mail in a few days.

    It was a pleasure conversing with fans by email…



  129. angelofdja said

    CONGRATULATIONS to ♥The Voice♥! I so deeply appreciate of all who run this awesome site, all who post, and all that lurk!
    Letting my imagination go just having wonderful visions of the future in Archu-land…I get all tingly just thinking about it 😉
    P.S. Happy 236th Birthday to The United States Marine Corp also! 🙂


  130. angelofdja said

    😳 United States Marine Corps!


  131. djafan said

    Angelica, Thank you for having the idea of honoring David by having a place for his fans to come and share in the love for David. And thank you for pulling me out of my comfort zone to join you in this most awesome journey and for the continued encouragement to write lol

    My fellow adms Bebe and Abrra, thank you both for your wisdom and wit during these past two years!

    Silverfox, I hope your doing ok, continued thoughts and prayers for you ♥ I also wanted to thank you for naming this place. It was a name you used for David ever since the very beginning.

    To our talented staff writers I have such admiration for you all. Thank you so much for being a part of this place and sharing of your gift of writing with us.

    And to our commentors, thank you for making this such a wonderful community of sharing, worrying, spazzing and loving David. Your kindness to each other and to us has made this ride all the more meaningful ♥

    Lurkers, I know you’re out there, we have the stats lol. Thank you for taking the time to come and visit even if you don’t comment. We all do what is comfortable for us and your presence is much appreciated 🙂

    ((((((hugs))))))) to all!!!!


  132. Happy Anniversary TheVOICE 🙂



  133. DAVID ARCHULETA INVITE! Get your copies of Glad Christmas Tidings (supported by Sony Music, Ivory Record, AstroPlus & Archuleta Philippines)


  134. ram said

    Happy Anniversary to The Voice! And many thanks to the admins, writers, comment (ers/ors) and lurkers who all contribute in their own way. Hooray for David who continues to inspire so many!


  135. djafan said

    Crush is up!


  136. archiesfan4life said

    Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Voice! Thank you for providing such a warm and comfortable home for all of us!


  137. betsy said

    Happy Anniversary to you, happy anniversary to you, happpyy aniversarrrryyyy dear The Voice, Happy anniversary to you. 🙂
    Late nights, scary good writing, videos, pictures, friendships, fangirling/boying, worrying, but most of all, lots of love for our guy. Nothing but. 🙂
    The very best days are ahead of us, it sounds corny I know, but I believe in it.
    Every single person here is so worthwhile.


  138. ODDity said

    This special two-year anniversary calls for me to emerge from lurkdom for a moment to say Happy Anniversary and offer my thanks to the dedicated admins who host and maintain this lovely site. What sweet, generous hearts you have! You admins and amazing staff writers do an absolutely awesome job and you’re all very much admired and appreciated! I also thoroughly enjoy the comments by all who participate.

    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} and blessings to all!!!


  139. betsy said

    Fresh out of the oven. 🙂


  140. Fiona said

    Happy Anniversary THE VOICE!!!! Thank you for bringing us so much enjoyment every day!


  141. jans11 said

    Happy anniversary to The Voice!! Great commentators and commentors! That’s what drew me to this sight after it first started, the in-depth look at David in all aspects of his life.

    Another thing I wanted to add was that while at work the last few days, I took a portable dvd player to share the GCT dvd with the ladies. They really loved it. One lady is quite deaf and even though she couldn’t hear so well, had a big smile on her face while David was singing! They all loved the ballerinas, also!
    I just want to say that most of these people have no contact with the outside world and they energize me when I walk in the door. I know that anything could happen to any of us at any time and I have so much compassion for them, I want to help them out as much as I can. I have worked with them for 10 yrs and “retired” last yr. Went to visit them a few months ago and walked out with my job back!! I feel that God led me back to them because they needed, wanted and loved me! So, I’ll be there for them as long as I can. It was kind of like David says…”I have a gut feeling that it’s right”!


  142. Tawna21 said

    Happy Anniversary to The Voice!! Thank you for two wonderful, fun filled, uplifiting, and enlightening years. Here’s to many more! 😉



  143. refnaf said

    To all (((((((((((((((((((The Voice peeps)))))))))))))))))
    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  144. silverfox said


    I just finished catching up on as much as I could about everything that went on the last two weeks while I was out of the loop. Thanks to SandyBeaches I was being kept up to date on the really important news, even though I was kind of “out of it” this last week.

    First, I would like to thank everyone for the very beautiful group sympathy card for my sister “Hooked” for the loss of her husband of 25 years. The messages were truly heartfelt and I know, very special to my sister. She is a very special and caring lady and I love her so very much. I was able to be there for her during one of the hardest weeks of her life. She is still in the throes of grief and disbelief and yet is so strong, doing what needs to be done. She was deeply loved by her husband, is loved beyond measure by her 2 daughters & 2 grandsons, her siblings, nieces, nephews and so many friends I had the pleasure of meeting while there. My regret is that I hoped to be there for her for more than that first week, but sometimes things happen in the most unexpected ways. SHE was the one who had to be there for me this last week and she was, putting aside her grief to make sure I was taken care of. THAT is who my sister is and why I love her so very much.

    I’m home now. I had a scare. But that is a story for another time. I just wanted to come here tonight to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of and expressing your messages so beautifully to my sis. She will respond in her own words when the hurt in her heart is not so raw. Just know we both love you all!

    ps…what can I say about David other than he is a wonderful, fantastic, magnificent and quite an amazing human being and continues to be more so with every appearance.

    (((hugs to SB…for always being there for me)))

    I blame Abrra’s phone for any typos. 😉


  145. Abrra said

    Welcome back Sliverfox! Best wishes to Hooked, both of you are missed in chat!

    Nareejo’s interview finally posted, yay! She gets David to open up about his music on the TOSOD ATE Best interview ever!

    credit jtmlm1234

    My phone is taking a ton of blame this week 🙂



  146. bebereader said

    On this two-year anniversary of The Voice I have to say that if this was a real job I would have it made! I work for the best boss ever, who shows us that if we write what’s in our hearts we can’t go wrong. I can’t express how lucky I feel to have the privilege of working with her. She encourages us and teaches us by leading by example. We are a fun crew who have turned into real friends; it’s a pleasure to come to work every day. Our staff writers add to the mix, making the site a pleasure. The best part is that the compensation is phenomenal because what we do here is a labour of love for an amazing artist and the satisfaction we feel is incomparable! Here’s to many more years together!

    Silverfox, So good to hear from you! Glad you are home now and doing well. You’re a pioneer member of The Voice and we will always be thankful for your original contributions.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  147. davidstopsmyaging said

    Happy Anniverary The Voice. Love lurking here, and I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t come here to check upon you all and David.

    Silverfox, you are the first name I remember when I first started following our guy, during AI. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your sister.


  148. pocoelsy said

    Hi all,

    Quick stop to say “happy aniversary The Voice” thank you admins, writers, commentors, lurkers for making this site so awesome.

    David’s songs and David’s fansites such as The Voice just keep me sane and help me go through this very tough time that my country is facing.

    Flood or no flood I will be David’s fan forever..:)


  149. jans11 said

    Yes, welcome back, SF! Glad you are doing better and that you had each other to lean on. It is a hard thing to lose a loved one and one needs all the support they can get. It was great to meet you both in AZ, you are both super nice people.


  150. MT said

    SF, So good to “see” you here. I hope that means you are doing well! I’ll continue to keep Hooked in my thoughts and prayers.


  151. angelofdja said

    Silverfox, I’m glad your OK.


  152. bluesky said

    Happy Anniversary to YOU!!!

    Thanks so much for all the work and love and fun times and strange times and silly times and mistakes and ouches and hugs and understandings and “mis”… and perfect un-perfect-ness that is made perfect in love.

    I love you guys. (That includes all you posters.) (“Ha… that means that this is a “poster board”!)

    (couldn’t resist!)


  153. MT said

    145. Abrra, love that interview. She really got him to open up. haha Leave it to a fan to ask the right questions.

    LDH … Sounds like it was written by David and the production was influenced greatly by him. If the ATE songs, LDH in particular, are an indication of “his” sound, I’m gonna be one happy fan. 🙂 I love those songs. I really hope he sings them on his U.S. Tour.

    152. Bebe/Betsy That’s adorable. Love what Cook said about David. (Cook really is a funny guy, too.)


  154. cb said

    Happy Anniversary to The Voice and all the lovely people that make this all possible.
    ((Hugs)) to silverfox and hooked.


  155. cowboys4 said

    Just want to clear up something about that video. Cook had a show the night after the charity thing and he had a little boy on stage performing with him. That little boy’s name is David. Here he is with Little David 🙂

    Admin Edit: Thanks for pointing that out, cowboy. I didn’t realize that Cook wasn’t referring to our David. We have removed the video.


  156. Marylee_DAangel said

    Just stopping by to wish THE VOICE a very Happy Anniversary!..and extend to Silverfox my best wishes for a speedy recovery ~good to know you are home again. My sincere condolences to your sister who sounds like a very special person ♥


  157. kaycee said

    Hugs and confetti to everyone here at the Voice! Happy 2nd Anniversary! Thanks for creating such a wonderful place where we all feel welcome!

    We’re glad to have you back, Silverfox!


  158. cowboys4 said

    Oh jeez- I forgot to add Happy Anniversary to the Voice! I love reading here. I save most of my talking for Twitter but I really enjoy the articles and the comments. Keep up the great work!


  159. Tawna21 said

    Welcome back, dear Silverfox. I hope your mending time is quick!

    And, prayers for a quick healing time for your sister’s heart and soul. I’m so glad she has the support system you mentioned.♥♥



  160. betsy said

    Three years ago, on 11/11/08

    Awww ♥


  161. sweetonda said

    Out of town and borrowing a computer to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to The Voice, my go-to place for all things David. We are all so lucky, Angelica, that you created this wonderful place to feed our ODD! Thanks so much for an amazing 2 years.

    Also, a big thank you to all the admins and posters on this fabulous site.

    SF, welcome back. My prayers continue for you and Hooked.


  162. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you SF for your kind thoughts. It is and has been an absolute pleasure to share in David’s music with you and so many others. I have always felt that he enjoys your presence as well.

    Take care of yourself, there are big concert days ahead and I need you there on tour with me.



  163. FG said

    Happy Aniversary to The Voice! Hugs all around! 🙂


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