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David Archuleta ~ Pied Beauty and the Pied Piper of the PCH

Posted by Abrra on Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tintern Abbey

Therefore am I still
A lover of the meadows and the woods
And mountains, and of all that we behold
From this green earth; of all the mighty world
Of eye and ear, both what they half create
And what perceive; well pleased to recognize
In nature, and the language of the sense,
The anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse,
The guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul,
Of all my moral being.

William Wordsworth, 1798

Recently David tweeted a majestic picture from the coastline of California. His comment was about seeing the ocean and mountains in the same scene as he drove along the California Pacific Coast Highway. I thought to myself how nice it was that he had the time to take such a beautiful picture when most of his days are spent in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. The view gave him a glimpse of two of the natural elements he enjoys the most.  Seeing them in one place caused such  an excitement that he had to share it with his fans. A connection was made.

View from the Pacific Coastal Hwy. Photo credit David Archuleta

For me there was a message hidden in that picture that I intend to heed. We hear the phrase “Stop and smell the  roses” but do we really make the effort to follow through? Being caught up in a daily routine that allows for little time for things that seem less important, can take the life out of  the moment. David inspired me to take  the long way home and enjoy the sights that the  country roads I travel every day provide. The baled hay sitting in the fields stacked like boxes. Large, orange pumpkins still on the vine, waiting patiently to be selected by a child who is  eager to carve a scary face on it for Halloween. Farm stands who have served their usefulness in sharing the summer’s  bounty with passers-by, now offer colorful chrysanthemums to grace local gardens. These are the scenes that I see most frequently on my ride home each day. I am reminded that I live in a small farming community that is about providing for others. I look forward to the coming days when the leaves turn color and brighten my way with fiery red bursts and shades of russet. This may seem small when compared to the majestic scenery of the California coastline, but it serves my desire to take time out and look around at the beauty of what I have close to home.

Pied Beauty

Glory be to God for dappled things—
For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;
For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings;
Landscape plotted and pieced—fold, fallow, and plough;
And all trades, their gear and tackle and trim.

All things counter, original, spare, strange;
Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)
With swíft, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim;
He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:

Praise Him.

Gerald Manley Hopkins 1918

“It’s usually the little things that make the big difference in our lives.” David Archuleta, October 6, 2011

Beach in Okinawa

So I am grateful to David, that he is an influence in my life that helps me see things more clearly. If you have had a moment recently where you stopped and took time for a good look at something in your area that gave you great pleasure to observe, please share it with us in comments?

81 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Pied Beauty and the Pied Piper of the PCH”

  1. Fiona said

    Lovely article, thanks Abrra! There is a field of beautiful yellow wildflowers near to my house that I have been enjoying looking at and of course, I love to look at my children’s faces, they grow up so quickly!! And recently, flying home from a visit to Utah, seeing the majestic mountains from my window, just amazing. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of being in the moment!


  2. Heidijoy said

    Enjoyed your article Abrra. The poems,pictures and message are lovely. Take time to smell the roses indeed.
    Fall is a beautiful time with all the red, gold,and brown leaves. Just the other day while riding along the Mississippi River,I couldn’t help but notice the Fall foliage on both sides of the river and what a beautiful sight it was. It reminds me of a trip to see my nephew a few years back. We were headed to West Virginia and the hills were alive with the most beautiful fall colors. I’ve never seen anything like it even though we have beautiful fall colors here in Iowa. I was visiting my nephew recently and he pointed to his favorite picture and it was one I had taken of his parents(my brother and sister in law) in the midst of the most beautiful gold,red tall trees.

    I’m so glad David is taking more time to explore and loved the picture he took of the mountains and ocean. I remember wondering at the time if he was camping again, but later found that he was on a trip to attend a Sweet sixteen birthday. We found out from a tourist station attendant in Yountville that he had stopped on this same road trip. It is beautiful Napa Valley and one of my best friends lives there now with her husband and family. Beautiful country.


  3. KathyH said

    I have two pups that enjoy walking as regularly as I can work it out, and for a long time, I listened with my headphones on. Lately, I’ve been leaving the David music for drive time 😉 and really trying to enjoy the crisp air and changing of leaves in my neighborhood, which is older with huge trees. Lots of colors and smells and sensations. I’m really enjoying it. I can’t say that it is only David’s influence that has caused me to “get up and look around,” but he does have a way of living that I admire, and I do think he impacts my life in many good ways. (And I guess it strikes me as odd that I leave the music off to enjoy some of the other things, but there’s something to that — when I listen, I feel so much more “inward.” I have to purposely leave the music at home to heighten the other, more outward, senses. Or something like that.)


  4. Angelica said

    Ah, that is God’s country, Heidijoy. I used to live there many years ago. The pictures don’t do it justice, even though David (amateur photographer at large) did a pretty good job at capturing the scene.

    Abrra, this article has such a great message that we often get too busy to heed. We are as much a part of nature as the landscape we move in. So strengthening that connection can’t help but make us stronger and more our true selves, if that makes any sense. It has been so hot here, but this weekend it’s supposed to turn cool. I am in need of taking my kayak out on the lake and just becoming one with all I survey. As soon as I’m assured they’ve removed the 12 foot aligator recently spotted. I don’t want to become one with him. 😆


  5. betsy said

    The acorns and leaves have been falling all around me. I love this time of year. The air smells different, the landscape changes.
    What a lovely topic, taking time to enjoy life around you. 🙂
    I was lucky in my choice of husband, as he is the same way. Any time we are out driving, I can expect to hear “This looks like a cool place to explore, lets go check it out.” If there is a river nearby, we have to go look at at. (and I will inevitably have to listen to the history of said river, lol. He loves them. I call him the River King)
    Angelica, that alligator worries me. Take care. 🙂


  6. bluebar said

    Vermont is very picturesque at this time of the year with all the autumn foliage. But a couple months ago, much of the region was devastated by the severe rains and flooding from Hurricane Irene.

    In September, I drove along Rt 9 in the lower part of Vermont which passes from Bennington on the western side, midway through a little town called Wilmington, and then onto Brattleboro which enters into New Hampshire. Wilmington where I like to stop for a rest, enjoy the scenery, dine and shop was one of the low-lying places devastated by the storm. What used to be quaint shops, little restaurants and a country store were now washed out store fronts… with broken-out glass, missing interiors covered with mud, and a street ladened with downed trees and upturned concrete. I was so saddened.

    Further on the drive, parts of Rt 9 had been overwhelmed by the water, with many sides of the road undermined, and sections that used to be paved were now dirt roadways. Then, along this route, on a side road to the river — a small covered bridge had washed away! Vermont is well-known for its covered bridges. Many times I had wanted to stop and cross this particular bridge as it was a tourist destination as well, but I never got to it. And now, it is gone!

    From this experience, I learned (again) not to put off something that could be done today till a later date, because, as David oftentimes has said, “you never know what might happen.” I had passed this covered bridge, meaning to cross it and view the structure, but always put it off thinking there would be a next time. Now this opportunity is not happening. Fortunately, I saw construction crews repairing some of the damaged town and roads, but the little covered bridge from so long ago will never be replaced in the same way. Sure, it was an inanimate structure, but it was part of the history of the people in that area.

    The town of Wilmington will recover, and through photos and previous pleasant visits, I have memories of what was. And, I anticipate enjoying this particular part of Vermont, once more, on my next drive.


  7. TXNancy said

    Beautiful article, Abbra—thanks! I, too, loved that David posted that gorgeous Cali scene. One of the many special things about him is the appreciation he has for the beauty of this earth.
    Living in south TX, our yards have been reddish brown because of the drought. Coming home today, what struck me is how green everything is now. It seems like a simple thing to notice but we’re so thankful for the recent rain! It’s quite windy here today and my eye caught a US flag, flying at half staff, a sad reminder of the 2 young men here, who recently lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    On a happier note, my DR visit this morning was actually fun…..but how can you lower your blood pressure when both your DR and husband are teasing you about David?


  8. skydancer1x said

    Thank you Abrra, for your lovely article.Even though it was long ago that I was there, I can still remember how beautiful New England is in the fall, when the trees are ablaze with color! But alas, I am in Texas, where at times communing with nature is not easy! If it wasn’t on fire this summer, it was brown, as Texas Nancy said.
    BUT I do love our sunsets here…they can be glorious. Some of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen anywhere.Don’t know why, they are just often, breathtaking.

    When I really feel amazed, and troubles become small in the scheme of things.. is going out in my backyard, about an 30 minutes to an hour before sunrise,when it is dark, and quiet,and looking at the constellations in the sky and their positions before dawn breaks. It is so beautiful, and so much more visible and brighter . .( I have a lounge chair on the patio and I just lay on my back and take it all in.)

    Love reading yours and everyone’s stories here today♥


  9. bebereader said

    Nice one, Abrra. We get so caught up in our daily lives that we sometimes forget to “stop and look around” to appreciate what’s around us.

    I grew up in New York City with tall buildings, elevators, concrete sidewalks, mass transit and stores and restaurants that are open 24/7. I moved away about ten years ago, fifty miles north to a smaller community. The air feels good. There’s so much open space and it’s less stressful here. The smell of newly cut grass is intoxicating at times. This is not the country but compared to NYC, this is country for me.

    Being a fan of David’s affords us the opportunity to live vicariously through the experiences he shares. When I saw the picture he tweeted, it immediately made me feel good and reminded me of all the pictures I took of trees and grass and hills when I first moved here.

    Maybe the message David was sending us in that picture was “Stop and Look Around” or to live in the moment. In any case, it worked. 🙂


  10. Abrra said

    I am enjoying all the replies here today. Thank you for taking the time to mention your “stop and smell the roses” moment. It only takes a little bit of time off the beaten path to see the wonders around us.
    The best part is that by sharing your stories here, it gives the rest of us a chance to visit your special spot with you.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Sky sent me this picture of her sunset sky.

    I am going to take Angelica’s kayak down Betsy and Heidijoy’s river and enjoy the view of Fiona’s flowers that are planted in borders along Nancy and Sky’s rejuvenated green grass. But of course I will not use my iPod so I can experience the beauty of Kathy’s dog walk in her town, but not before I teleport to Vermont to view the bridge that was. On my way back , I’ll have to swing by Munk’s friend an deliver a hug. Then my last stop will be to get intoxicated at Bebe’s? WHAT???? Maybe just a wine cooler 🙂

    Betsy sent along a picture of fall in Michigan
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    That’s my very own Magical Mystery Tour!



  11. bebereader said

    Haha Abrra You’re a hoot!

    Well, slow and steady, the Japan videos are trickling in!

    Here’s “My Kind Of Perfect”

    “A Thousand Miles”

    “Stomping The Roses”

    credit Hanne58
    original videos thanks to REIKO11394


  12. cb said

    Abrra I just got home from taking my Dad (who is 91) for a drive and your article was perfectly timed, I loved it. Today as I took my Dad for a drive up the canyon in our beautiful Utah mountains, my Dad was thrilled by the beauty of nature. He kept saying, “look at those red leaves” or, “look at the yellow trees against the pines,” and, ” What a glorious fall day!” Today was like a treasure that I will tuck away with my favorite memories. I often think that the beauty of nature is such a wonderful gift to us from our Heavenly Father, if we just take the time to look around and see.


  13. bebereader said

    Here’s “Stand By Me”

    “Heaven” (full)

    “Crazy” closeup

    credit: malamayumi08


  14. kaycee said

    Love this topic, Abrra. Not long ago, as I was going through a stressful time, a friend offered some advice: “The hand of God is all around you, you just have to look for it.” There is nothing more therapeutic for me than being out in nature–it helps me put things into perspective.


  15. Abrra said

    Thanks for putting these videos up Bebe 🙂 I am getting them uploaded to Unplugged right away. I’ll let the Japan set run in a loop for a few days.



  16. bebereader said

    Cool, Abrra!
    Can’t wait to watch them in chat!

    “Something ‘Bout Love”

    credit Diamonds 1021


  17. skydancer1x said

    aww abrra. Love your magical mystery tour♥
    hope everyone enjoys the sunset 🙂

    Angelica, 12 foot alligator?? eek!
    only way I’d be on that lake is in a submarine. Kayak, no no. gator go chomp chomp

    Bebe,”The smell of newly cut grass is intoxicating at times.”
    boy you jolted a “memory”when I was very young we lived in Maine for 6 months.Don’t have any real memory of it except through old pictures ,I was very young. When I was in my 20’s I went back, to visit my auntie. Arriving at her house, her grass had just been cut and the smell of that northern grass sent a flood of good feelings right through me. It was both familiar and comforting.I will never forget that feeling.Hard to verbalize it, but you just did♥


  18. Abrra said


    What you said is so right on. When you sit and watch the creatures in nature busily going about their tasks, you have to wonder how something so small compared to us humans, can accomplish so much. They ready for the winter by storing food and building nests strong enough to hold off the winter storms. Nature truly shows the work of the hand of God.



  19. bebereader said

    David tweeted today!

    So I can send texts, but can no longer receive texts on my phone. I have no idea what’s being sent and said to me haha.
    7 hours ago


  20. bebereader said

    From Sunny Hilden’s birthday dinner:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    @CafeGratitudeLA + a healthy birthday dinner + stellar, talented pals + wind-up Bumper Cars = ツ♥

    about 55 minutes ago


  21. MT said

    Abrra, I love this. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. It’s nice to be reminded of the beauty that surrounds us.

    I don’t live in an area as picturesque as yours or Betsy’s (Betsy, that photo is just sooo beautiful), but I feel fortunate for where I now live. I grew up in an area near New Orleans where the land is flat as far as they eye can see. But now I live in an area where I drive curved roads that rise and fall with the hills, and after six years I still enjoy the drive home. On nice, cool days, I also love to drive to the 200 acre lake near me and sit by the waters edge. There is a big beautiful pink and white home on the other shore that always brings a smile to my face.

    And then in spring, when I drive along the highway near me there is a section where purple Heather grows all over the median. It’s so beautiful. I just love seeing it each spring.

    We don’t get the effect of the leaves turning gold and green down south the way you do in the north. But there is one tree near us that DOES turn gold, then red. At times, in the late evening sun, it almost looks like it’s on fire. It’s just gorgeous. I loved it so much I actually took photos. Just beautiful. I envy those of you who have those kinds of trees along your roads and highways. It must be quite a sight to see.


  22. Abrra said

    That purple heather knows where to grow, eh? Brighten up everyone’s ride!

    I liked that Stand By Me video in #14. Pic spam!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  23. Spirit said

    Thank you for posting this wonderful article, Abrra. I’m here lurking every day and so enjoy and appreciate the talented writing staff. I think David has a heightened awareness of the sensory aspects of our world. Many of his fans seem to have this same quality, and that may be one of the reasons why we are drawn to him and his musical talents.

    Fall has always been my favorite season. As a new retiree, I’m enjoying the opportunity to just stop and look around. In the past, the trees seemed to just suddenly be in their full glory. How did that happen? Wasn’t there a progression along the way? This year, I’ve been able to savor it all….the subtle changes, the smells, the crispness in the air. I’ve also started walking my dog without my ipod so I can take it all in. We’ve had an abundance of nuts falling from the trees here in Indiana. Some days I’ve felt like I needed to wear a helmet on my walk! Yesterday, I spent half an hour watching the squirrels and chipmunks scampering around the woods behind our house as they begin their winter preparation. It was such a peaceful break in my day.


  24. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Keeping on top of the subtle changes made in nature is a tall task! We get lost in our daily life, while Mother Nature fulfills her mission ever so quietly.

    Thank you for posting. I means so much to all of us, admins and those who comment here, when someone decides to join us. Please know that your comments are very appreciated!



  25. PattiNC said

    Abrra what a great article…I often find myself on auto pilot in my day to day life, often wondering as I get to my destination, how’d I get here? I don’t live in an especially pretty town like you all are describing…I was born in MA and loved going to NH..miss the fall. After living along the coast from S. FL, the Treasure Coast and now NC I’ve always taken my beaches for granted. But lately I’ve been making a conscious decision to TRULY enjoy the view when I’m on the beach. But I am jealous of your changing leaves!! 🙂


  26. Spirit said

    Thank you for the beautiful welcome, Abrra. It looks just like the place we are carried to by David’s voice!


  27. Abrra said

    NC has the most beautiful beaches ! You have a wonderful opportunity to visit the beaches in the off season when its more peaceful.

    The leaves that change are quite pretty—————–until they fall all over the yard! Nothing like raking up a mountain of leaves, only to have a gust of November wind put them back where they were all over the yard . 😉



  28. PattiNC said

    Abrra you’re right…I have a couple of scrub oaks in my I will have a short window of some color before the leaves are all over the yard! Living near a beach for over 40years you end up taking them for granted. Trying to not do that anymore!


  29. betsy said

    Spirit, so glad to see you delurk and comment. 🙂 And I hear you about those nuts. Sometimes I think the squirrels are hurling acorns down at us and a helmet is needed!
    Mother Nature is giving the squirrels extra this year, there are more than usual.

    I was up visiting my sister once, (they live on Lake Michigan so beautiful) and a friend stopped by and said this: “I forgot to acknowledge the bay today, I have to remember to never do that”
    She never took anything for granted, enjoyed life to the fullest, volunteered at a battered women’s shelter, stalked celebs with my sister and I at our film festival, danced in the street with me to a local band playing U2, drank wine all day at the hospice center when she couldn’t bear to eat anymore, never stopped laughing. And now she has been gone for a week and a half. Her rules for her own funeral were no black was allowed to be worn and Beatles music was to be played. In fact, the first song played at her funeral was on I posted here, the night before she died. In my life. What a coincidence.

    Abs, you couldn’t know it, but this article was timed perfectly. Take time to enjoy life. ♥
    Love you Maryellen ♥


  30. betsy said

    Gosh guys, I hope I didn’t bring this thread down.

    Abs, love your GIANT picspam. 🙂


  31. dakgal said

    In my small and I stress small town–There is a main street that runs from one city limit to the other and it it lined with trees most of the way–all different kinds , so they all turn color in stages–very pretty. Along this street we have a park that is about two blocks long and a block wide complete with band shell.

    Every year different clubs, orgs, businesses or just individuals –put up a Halloween scene–be it just a carved pumpkin or a full scene–can be scary or beautiful. It’s truly amazing how many people get involved and you can spend hours taking it all in. It’s quite a sight for people just passing through our town. So abrra take a swing through here on your fantasy trip.

    Another thing that David has me noticing more than ever before is the bird life out my front window ( it’s a large bay window ). I have little yellow birds ( what they are I don’t know) that ZOOM by at sonic speed-at least 600 times a day–back and forth–back and forth–would love to know what they are doing. Then about two days ago–I had a little brown bird that wanted in my front door in the worst way–it was weird–it would flutter up to the door and land on the door grids and peer in–and I wasn’t even baking birdseed cake–Go figure.–Then there are what I call the “kids” of the bird world –they chase each other at break neck speed–showing off their aerodynamics–They fly THROUGH trees at great speed—swooping and diving–How do they do that without poking out their little eyes on twigs and branches?

    Ah, nature amusing–funny and beautiful…………………Thanks Abs

    You will notice my avatar is an exclusive picture of David in his Halloween costume….any doubts…..check out the shoes!


  32. djafan said

    Spirit, I like your name and welcome to The Voice 🙂

    Betsy (((hugs)))

    Abrra. look at what you’ve started. It sure sounds beautiful in you neck of the woods and what a joy it is to slow things down and take notice. Thank you.

    You’ve all left such vivid and full of color comments. The fall leaves, the country roads, the squirrels and alligators? lol The birds, the freshly cut grass, the relaxing water, such beauty. I don’t drive through anywhere with that kind of beauty unless I go out of my way to seek it. About three years ago music re entered my life after taking a leave. A specific voice caught me, made me stop and take notice to many things and hasn’t let me go. I don’t have all that beautiful scenery you all describe but now sometimes a gentle unexpected breeze across my face will stop me in my tracks, I savor it and give thanks to be alive.


  33. jans11 said

    Abrra, what a great article. I live in the midwest where we have all 4 seasons. Lived here all my life so I would sure miss the snow in the winter, the fall foilage, the hot summer nights and the pretty spring flowers. I love to travel and see other parts of our great country and enjoy seeing the new scenery, but it’s always good to come home. My son and his family moved down by Dallas 11 yrs ago and the kids wanted us to rake all the leaves in a pile so they could jump in them when they came up for Thanksgiving! They are all too old for it now, but it was fun while it lasted!
    I work in a nursing home as a beautician and one of the ladies loves David like we do and I took her some pictures of him today. She just loved them. she is so thankful to get anything. She said “how can anyone not love him?” I told her that’s what all his fans wonder! I told her that I will give her more pics of him and that it is so good to be able to talk to someone there that
    feels the same as I do. I’m going to take the GCT cd over so she
    can hear it. She doesn’t have a dvd player or I’d take the dvd.


  34. cb said

    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading the comments on this great article by Abbra. Thanks everyone. Proof once again of how great David’s fans are 🙂


  35. kaycee said

    I just love all the comments and the beautiful imagery expressed here by so many…”sometimes a gentle unexpected breeze across my face will stop me in my tracks, I savor it and give thanks to be alive.”

    The focus of this particular post is very close to my heart as I have had a year of wanting to “stomp the roses” rather than “smell the roses”. Literally. This past year has been a very difficult one for me and my family. I remember a David fan once said that music was the only thing that didn’t hurt in her life…I understand what she was saying. In the midst of my discouragement, I found it necessary to find a second job. The only one I could find that fit my crazy schedule was a rose gardener for a nearby resort. I resented it and the time it took away from my family, but I needed the income. Little did I know that my quiet evenings with hundreds of beautiful rose bushes would bring me the strength and healing I so desperately needed. It eventually became a favorite part of my day–the quiet, sweetly scented air, the beautiful sunset hour, and time to reflect. I came to realize that I was so focused on the weeds and thorns in my life, that I was missing the beauty and miracles blossoming all around me.


  36. PattiNC said

    Wow Kaycee…what a beautiful comment.


  37. Abrra said

    Waling up to more video from Japan

    Works For Me

    Falling Stars


    credit nktk1015oki

    Here is the link to her You Tube page. Check back and reload the page to see more as they are uploaded.

    Hah! I will be busy changing out some things on Unplugged. The good ones always seem to show up last 😉

    Enjoy the day! Smell some roses 🙂



  38. Abrra said

    Thank you Angelica for giving this article such a beautiful image at the top. I bow to your skilz! Thank you to David Archuleta for inspiring me with his twitpic. It is like an oil painting that needs to be in a very ornate frame. Composition is perfect!



  39. SandyBeaches said

    So when we first met it was on line perhaps, then we met again at one of DAVID’S concerts. Then we were back on line chatting it up through the so called droughts. Well we have done a lot of communicating and getting together whenever the chance was there and we have taken every chance. We were in absolute awe of the MoTabs Christmas concerts and we have gone on about that ever since. We write poems and prayers and say prayers whenever needed.

    My favorite time of the year besides Christmas of course is fall. Nothing can compare to it. So now we are reading about your beautiful places whether it is one tree or many and I love your pictures and stories. Beautiful stories…

    Ooops, duck your head. The jets are coming in for a landing close by…over the beautiful maples and oaks of course. My only addition to the stories this morning is my lasting memory of making a pile of leaves for our little grandson underneath our big maple tree this past Sunday. The leaves were gently falling from overhead in the breezes with the sun filtering through making the colors vibrant. He stopped and looked up at them with the sweetest smile as he had never seen falling leaves before.

    Hey, we have the same vibes remember so we could probably write a book if we wanted to.

    Thanks Abs…



  40. Abrra said

    When I hear about a “starving” fan, I like to send them some CD’s. If you send me a mailing address to I will burn some for your friend at the nursing home. These are collections from live concerts. I have the Women’s Conference as well if you think she’d like that. Please ask if she has a way to play CD’s?

    Abrra I blame all errors on my iPhone


  41. ray said

    me thinks there is a bunch of angeis here.makes my day to come here


  42. betsy said

    That Crazy and WFM are outstanding, just outstanding. Soulful to the bone.


  43. gladys said


    Last night we celebrated the birthday of my mother, she is 80 years old. This morning we had breakfast together, and she gave me an envelope and said: “This envelope should be your boyfriend David.” My poor mother thinks that David and I are friends, she does not know David, turned my life. .
    When I opened the envelope, I screamed so loud, my mom got scared. But she knows that when I receive an envelope of “my boyfriend” always I have the same reaction.
    All the girls in the voice, are forcing me to do a video with all the gifts you have sent me.
    Now I know, when you want something with all forces that desire is fulfilled. I read the comments on these bracelet and wanted to have one, but I dared not ask because I live far away.
    And now I have a beautiful bracelet in my hand, I am happy, today I had the best breakfast of my life.
    Thanks girls, thanks sandy beach. Thanks david.


  44. Abrra said

    I am so happy for you. Be sure to wear the bracelet to his concert when the time comes.

    Did you really think we’d let you go without a bracelet? Never think that you can’t ask when we offer something. Sometimes it shows up anyway 😉

    Abrra I blame my iPhone for all errors


  45. djafan said

    Quick drive by! David tweeted this last night. Can you just imagine?

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Having some car trouble so at the dealership. Haha. It’s an adventurous day.


  46. SandyBeaches said


    I am so pleased that you have received your David bracelet! To dress it up sometime, wear another sparkly or pearl bracelet with it. You can dress it up or wear it all by itself ! I am just being crazy Gladys!!



  47. Angelica said

    @DavidArchie: Going to put a blog up soon!


  48. Abrra said

    Warning! Beautiful face alert!!



  49. Angelica said

    Haven’t seen the vlog yet till home but speaking of beautiful faces, have y’all seen this?


    Credit Mayumi_JPN


  50. Abrra said

    I sent you a link to the vblog. Watch it on your phone 🙂

    Here is a link for the rest of Mayumi_JPN ‘s pictures.



  51. kaycee said

    So appropriate to have the word “wonderful” off to the side of his head in that vlog!

    That’s so awesome about his upcoming performance at the Children’s Miracle Network!

    Prayers for the people of Thailand. Hope it’s not too long until he can get over there…there’s nothing like a David performance to bring you hope.


  52. djafan said

    That vlog ♥

    Another performance! David will be in Florida!

    Children’s Miracle Awards presented by Delta Air Lines

    Saturday, Oct. 22, 6:30 pm

    The Children’s Miracle Awards, presented by Delta Air Lines, is a formal event that honors outstanding pediatric caregivers at the 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Meredith Vieira will serve as the Awards’ emcee, with a vocal performance by David Archuleta, a song by children’s hospital patient Eileen Garrido and a piano recital by Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan.


  53. bebereader said

    Spirit, Welcome to The Voice!

    “I think David has a heightened awareness of the sensory aspects of our world. Many of his fans seem to have this same quality, and that may be one of the reasons why we are drawn to him and his musical talents.”

    Sounds right to me. Please stay de-lurked. We’d love to hear more from you.

    Betsy#29 {{{{{Hugs}}}}}

    Kaycee#35 Loved your story. Glad you stopped and smelled the roses. 🙂

    Did you notice how deep David’s voice sounded in today’s vlog and how he kept clearing his throat? He probably has a cold but would never let on or complain. Thanks for posting said vlog, Abrra.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  54. djafan said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  55. Tawna21 said

    Abrra, what a great article. I’ve been noticing the beauties around me in the last few days because of one of God’s great miracles…the birth of a new baby. As my husband and I were driving home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon, after having visited our new little grand-daughter and her parents, I looked to the east and the mountain in front of me was awash with fall color. It simply took my breath away. It was the perfect end to a beautiful Sunday.

    As I was going into Church on Sunday morning, I noticed a little black and white jumping spider scooting along the sidewalk. I told him ‘hi’ and walked on. I turned to see what my husband would do, and he did the same thing. We smiled at each other, chuckled, and entered the building.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Then, Monday morning when I looked out my kitchen window, our Green Mountain Maple tree had changed overnight into the most beautiful tree in our yard. God’s creations are amazing!!



  56. angelofdja said

    This past week I had the pleasure of being out on a lake fishing with my best bud, my hubby!The air was brisk although the sun peeked-out often enough to keep us warm! The water was so smooth that seeing the colorful trees reflect off the water was just gorgeous! The view, the birds, and the company couldn’t have been better. Throw-in the great catch we made for the day and life is good 🙂
    (Ray#41, I second that!)


  57. dakgal said

    As this thread is about nature ( which includes the animal kingdom)

    While out on safari in the Archukingdom today –I ran across this rare breed of zebra—this is enough to send you out on a long walk to clear your head—-don’t forget to pin your name and address on the inside your jacket!!!


    Also being a golf fan–and David said he would be doing some things (plural) for The Childrens Miracle Network this weekend–the Childrens Miracle Network Pro golf tournament is this weekend in Orlando , makes me wonder if he will be doing some other entertaining also. He said once that he would like to learn how to golf–hey– David you’ll have all the pros at your feet!


  58. jans11 said

    #40…Abrra, that is so nice of you to do that. I will email you my address and I can take them to her. I will find out about a cd player and if she doesn’t have one, maybe get her a small, inexpensive one. Also, I was going to get her a scrap book for her pictures of David. I think I’ll start it up for her and then let her carry on with it to give her something to do. Thanks so much. Jan


  59. Abrra said

    I love that picture! Looks like a calendar 😉


    Sounds like a great way to spend the day.

    You have mail. You can get her a small personal cd player that can be used with a headset. Angelica says she might have a poster she can send along. I’ll pass along your address. We will set this lady up in style 🙂



  60. Freo said

    That zebra shirt photo is one of my favorite pictures of David.

    I believe that David will be doing a “vocal performance” at the event this weekend.


  61. Spirit said

    Bebereader, Djafan, and Betsy….Thank you for the warm welcome!

    #53 Bebereader…I’m sitting here with a big smile on my face. I think that it’s impossible to look at that infectious David smile and not be uplifted!


  62. Tawna21 said

    Abrra #59… thanks

    Jan….your sweet friend at the nursing home is sooo lucky to have you as a friend. She knows how to pick the good ones. She will be having so much good listening time coming up here shortly. Those cd’s are priceless. Maybe you could get a bracelet from SB 🙂

    Spirit…it’s good to hear from you…hope you keep hangin’ out here



  63. gladys1961 said

    abrra thanks.

    Look at David, and understand what he says, is priceless. I think the video blog was directed at me, david looked at me all the time.
    I have a crazy idea, David’s eyes are larger, since arriving from Japan?


  64. PattiNC said

    Abrra. Guess what I noticed today??? Pretty burnt orange pine needles all over my yard! 😉


  65. Angelica said

    Freo, Yes indeed! From the link above on the event site.

    Children’s Miracle Awards presented by Delta Air Lines
    Saturday, Oct. 22, 6:30 pm
    The Children’s Miracle Awards, presented by Delta Air Lines, is a formal event that honors outstanding pediatric caregivers at the 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Meredith Vieira will serve as the Awards’ emcee, with a vocal performance by David Archuleta 🙂


    Just want to add my welcome to you too! Have loved yours and everyone’s comments on this thread. ((((Kaycee)))) So many of you have expressed such wonderful examples of not letting those special moments to slip away unappreciated. I’ve felt enriched just experiencing them with you vicariously.

    Well, the guy who captures alligators works where I do and comes in for allergy shots once a week. He told me he didn’t remove him from our lake yet, but “he’s not a very big one.” So I guess I will take my chances. I actually ran over one in my kayak a few years ago on the lake. I thought my kayak was stuck on a log, as happens sometime, so I did the boot scoot boogie to get off it. Suddenly the log shot out from under me and swam away. 😯 LOL! But the scene is beautiful out there, with great blue herons, cranes, beavers, turtles, otters, and often a deer or two peering from the woods.

    That vlog….isn’t he just too enchanting?


  66. Abrra said

    I know how you want me to tell you what he says sometimes, so I copied the recap of the blog that was on FOD and put it in to Google translator and emailed. I will do that anytime I can 🙂

    OH nice! 🙂

    I was going to suggest the bracelet too! SB has your address Jan? If not send it to her at



  67. jans11 said

    #55 Tawna21…congrats on your new granddaughter. They are so precious. And your picture is gorgeous! Beautiful colors.

    #59 Abrra, Thanks again. You guys are awesome!

    #62 Tawna21 and #66Abrra…the bracelet is a real good idea too. Will get that off to SB.


  68. skydancer1x said

    Jan, what you are doing is so sweet, and kind♥(just wanted to tell you that.hope to meet you one day :))

    55.Tawna, is that your backyard view? It’s gorgeous!!

    Hi Spirit! I love your name., and love your comments. ♥ (Squirrels and acorns and helmets oh my!) haha

    64, PattiNC did you ever make a ‘zipper’ out of a pine needle? (Anyone?)

    65. Angelica, your alligator stories are bringing back my childhood/recurring alligator nightmares.eeek!

    Dak, I have a sudden urge to go on Safari…

    my 5 hour energy drink has about an hour left…think I’ll go watch that ‘enchanting’ vlog 20 more times.♥♥♥


  69. FG said

    Abs – LOVE the article & the art here is always so beautiful. I love it when david twitpics! I have been noticing how the sunlight breaks through the clouds lately. It is so amazing. Sometimes I have to take a picture, but they rarely turn out good as my camera is not great. But when I see it I do stop and think for a moment about what it might mean, and I feel thankful.


  70. betsy said

    New video, nice and close up.

    credit nktk1015oki


  71. SandyBeaches said

    Gotta tell my friends…Isn’t this show and tell day??

    Our European looking little province sitting right out in the ocean (being a safe harbor to everyone including in recent times Swissair 111 familys and stranded planes of 9/11), was awarded 28 billion yesterday to build combat vessels of different kinds in our historic shipyards in Halifax. The shipbuilding days of old are back and there will be partying in the streets of our provincial capital for several days! Well not the trillions people talk about but pretty good…

    Now back to your safari ~~~



  72. SandyBeaches said

    Oh I love that song, thank you Betsy…yes it makes us all crazy! The time of our lives, ah ha…



  73. poof said

    I have been trying to think of what beautiful image I should attempt to add to this great post. What I keep coming up with, is everything. Three years of trying to be “MLD” (More like David, I think is working.) I have a better appreciation for the little things and allow myself time to slow down and “see” the moment.
    Thinking about David, I think he has three wonderful characteristics (actually a lot more than that, huh) that helps him see the world uniquelly. I do think he has a heightened sensitivety to everything. He notices small details and the big picture. Secondly, his nature slows him down to really take in all that he notices. And then he has this Attitude; all things, including all people have value and importance. Put all that together and you have,,,,, David, one special human being.
    Poof the philosopher LOLOL


  74. Abrra said


    Liked your comment. It reads like a horoscope 🙂

    Thanks for the video. I will add it to Unplugged.



  75. Abrra said

    Video spam incoming!

    credit nktk1015oki

    WoW we have all her videos up now 🙂



  76. skydancer1x said

    these videos..somebody pinch me. That first video!!!!!
    Good luck to all of you going to a VIP, or a Meet and Greet.I hope your legs stay under you and you don’t crumple in a heap in front of him. :35..its your turn ,hes looking at you..:37 , smiling, he is focused on you as you make your way to him ,he’s watching you approach gives you an I am gonna melt you like butter corner grin. …:39 you are inches from him…now you are there, hopefully not on your face.go ahead, say something now…..

    Abrra, is it Saturday night yet? he’s killing me
    I think my timer just popped out.This hen is done.


  77. djafan said

    Those are some nice videos. Dry throat and all David sounds better than most at 100% I’ve always loved his change ups when he’s needed to do them, sometimes I like them more than the original 🙂

    Almost sold out!

    Archuleta to perform

    Jason Clark, manager of the Heritage Theater, announced during the council meeting that recording music artist David Archuleta is performing at the Heritage Theater, Dec. 10.

    Archuleta took second place in the 2007 season of the television series American Idol and has released three albums.

    “My advice to you would be to get tickets immediately,” Clark said. “We already have a near sold-out performance.”

    Clark said approximately 40 percent of ticket sales came from the newly upgraded online order service

    “That proves the value of that tool,” Clark said.

    He added that people were traveling from all over the west and as far as Texas to attend the concert.

    Source: The

    Nice recap and mp3 of the full Okinawa concert at Fanscene.


  78. Abrra said

    Every day is Saturday in Unplugged 🙂 All the Japan videos are running on a loop. Have at it, woman!



  79. Poof said

    Had a good chuckle at myself today. Just as I thought I was improving in my “MLD” skills, I had a meeting today where I totally got all ticked off and crabby! HMMM,,, now where did I put that MLD text book,,,, I don’t think I am through with my course work yet..


  80. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  81. bebereader said

    Deseret Books put out a trailer for the Glad Tidings Christmas cd.

    “The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra on Temple Square unite with award-winning pop sensation David Archuleta and Grammy award nominee Michael York for an energetic Christmas celebration of magnificent proportion. Recorded in front of live audiences totaling over 80,000 in the Conference Center at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, this spectacular event combines elegant dancing, masterful musical performances, and dignified storytelling. Complete with Yuletide favorites like “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World,” this memorable performance also includes unique music like “Los pastores a belen,” sung by David Archuleta entirely in Spanish. Michael York’s touching tale about the humble beginnings of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, together with moving organ, choir, and orchestra performances make this production an invaluable treasure. The performance is available on CD, DVD and Blu-ray at”


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