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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta’s My Kind of Christmas Tour 2011

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Kind Of Christmas Tour

Singing sensation David Archuleta announces his much-anticipated MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS Tour for the winter of 2011:

The tour kicks off in Westbury, NY on December 1, and concludes in Beaver Creek, CO on December 21.

David’s MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS Tour will feature epic orchestral arrangements of both traditional holiday and familiar classics, as well as an assortment of David’s own, melodic pop favorites.  The tour promises to showcase more of David’s unique musicality and vocal prowess that his fans have come to love.

David has also partnered with VIP Nation to offer VIP Packages on his upcoming tour, including meet & greets and exclusive merchandise. All details can be found in the VIP announcement post.

Confirmed dates for the MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS Tour are:

Dec 1 Westbury, NY; Theatre at Westbury
Dec 2 New York, NY; Irving Plaza
Dec 3 Verona, NY; Turning Stone Resort & Casino
Dec 4 Stroudsburg, PA; Sherman Theater
Dec 13 Santa Rosa, CA; Wells Fargo Center For The Arts
Dec 14 Los Angeles, CA; Club Nokia
Dec 16 Ventura, CA; Majestic Ventura Theater
Dec 17 Anaheim, CA; Grove of Anaheim
Dec 19 Sale Lake City, UT; Abravanel Hall
Dec 21 Beaver Creek, CO; Vilar Performing Arts Center

More dates to be announced.

123 Responses to “David Archuleta’s My Kind of Christmas Tour 2011”

  1. Abrra said

    This is so exciting to see the east get the shows in before the snow flies! It looks like the upstate NY date is a good for the Canadian fans too. Hoping he adds more for the south really soon

    Thank you for the new post Angelica.

    Link for tickets



  2. bluebar said

    Love the photo! His smile is joyful

    I’m excited. Anyone else?
    One of the venues is a 3-hour drive for me… and another, the following day,
    is just an additional 3 hours!
    Too tempting not to go to back-to-back shows!!
    Will consider VIP, too.

    This is great news this morning!


  3. ray said

    dang it i uesed to live in syracuse and now in fl.


  4. MT said

    Tour news!! Yay!! Unfortunately, nothing closer than 1200 miles for me, but since there are still more dates to come, my fingers are still crossed for a southern venue. LOL

    My fingers are starting to cramp, David. So … pretty please??? 😀


  5. Heidijoy said

    Fingers crossed for the Midwest~

    Thanks for posting~~ Excited for East and West~~~~~


  6. skydancer1x said

    MT, haha, I’m with you!
    Looks like a weeks rest for David in there, from the 5th thru the 12th? who knows?
    Thanks for posting Angelica!♥

    Happy for all of you near the areas posted! woo hoo!


  7. djafan said

    All but one VIP packages go on sale today!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  8. dakgal said

    First. I would like to say what a talented and respected person Angelica is to me–I have never met her and only know of her through this site-she is a talented artist- writer- video maker- deeply caring- helpful- funny- mega David fan all rolled up into one fantastic lady.

    If it were not for her and several other ladies from this site, who made it their mission to deliver hundreds of cards, letters and gifts to David in AZ, from fans all over the US and several countries ( may I insert here that an invite and directions on how get a message or gift to David was sent to many other sites) I would not be able to say this:


    I received a note from David in the mail yesterday!!!! 😯
    A mere one week and two days after his show.

    ( Insert one of Angelica’s “happy face cartwheel characters) 😛

    Did I get a stamped autograph on a 8×10 glossy!
    Did I get a “one size fits all” typed message of thanks!

    NOOOO!!!– I received a reply in his very own hand writing!

    Another SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Can’t help it!! 😉 And a thud or two!

    I included a SASE in my card to him, because I asked him a couple of questions, which he graciously answered, along with saying “Hey” and thanking me for my card and support.

    I would post the note-but alas I haven’t the brain power or the equipment to do so.

    Now I ask you—-Does not David appreciate and revere every fan he has? I believe he reads every single card and letter–if he can take the time to reply and thank a peon like me—-I truly KNOW he does.

    There is nobody like him—-nobody!!

    I’ll divulge my questions later–got to run for right now (on air, of course).


  9. Abrra said

    New vblog! Hooray for clear video and good light 🙂

    @DavidArchie Glad to let you guys know that the Chrstmas shows for this year in the U.S. are now up on!! Can’t wait to perform for the Holidays this year.



  10. SandyBeaches said

    Does anyone know what time zone the ticket sales are in?? Like 3 pm where??



  11. Abrra said

    Press is starting to pick up on the tour.

    David Archuleta to bring Christmas show to the Sherman Theater

    By Tiffany Bentley | The Express-Times

    American Idol runner-up David Archuleta has announced he will do a Christmas tour again this year. He will make a stop 7 p.m. Dec. 4 in Stroudsburg, Pa., at the Sherman Theater.

    Archuleta performed at the Sherman in 2009 in support of his album, “Christmas from the Heart.” The now 20-year-old pop singer gained fame from his 2008 American Idol stint and maintained the wave the same year after releasing his self-titled debut album boasting his mainstream hit “Crush.”

    This year’s show, “My Kind of Christmas,” will feature orchestral arrangements of traditional holiday tunes mixed with Archuleta’s pop songs, according to a news release. Tickets are currently on sale for members of the Sherman Theater only. Tickets go on sale to the public at noon Friday for $30, according to the theater’s website.
    Read more

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I like the new quote posted in the top left sidebar! Masterclass Lady loves her some David Archuleta. Ty Djafan for your tech skilz



  12. Abrra said


    This was on the ticket page

    “Dates and times subject to change. All times local unless otherwise noted.
    Prices are in US dollars only. ”

    In the past, I have always got right in at the posted time, so I will assume its ET. I am ET and it is now 2:30. If you want to start trying for the 3pm start in 30 min, it cant hurt, right? The site will let you in when the timer is official. It will say BUY NOW in the right column.

    Also, be sure you are logged in to the site, see top right of page. Enter your email and you can reset password (if your forgot it) by clicking “forgot password”.

    Abrra the spammer


  13. janey79 said

    SandyBeaches, VIP tix go on sale local time of the venue


  14. Heidijoy said

    Yipee! I got a note from David today. Thank You Sandybeaches for delivering my card!!!!!!! I got my Iowa postcard back today with a note and signature.
    Thanks to Djfan, Angelica, Silverfox, Sweetonda for orgainizing everything. I wasn’t able to go because of my niece’s 16th birthday party but also appreciated Abrra,Bebe,Betsy and others who made it possible for us to see the videos, read the recaps and for all they do to keep us informed.


  15. gladys said

    hello to all the girls in the voice. Two days ago, I am sick and had not come to read the comments.
    I am sad because Angelica has deleted her post.
    I always, I felt privileged to be a guest in this house and have always been respected. Sometimes I do stupid jokes chat on some nights. Some of the girls told me to shut up, but I’ve never angry,
    Abrra, Bebereader, Angelica, steno or Djafan always led me to participate in the talks. Also, I have always received favorable responses to my comments.
    girls, who speak Spanish, Djafan, gayle, they know of my crazy theories about David, but more importantly, they listen. I have also spoken many times with steno and we understand very well despite the language barrier.
    Some fans think that David is surrounded by a thin ice floor, which should not be trampled, you should not cross.
    Unfortunately for David, since he decided to participate in a reality, a part of his life that will always be published and cometary object.
    Some writers like Angelica have that special touch, that special vision to go beyond that layer of ice and expose some of those ideas that we have.
    Mrs. Barbara has said that david is good, too, that’s their vision. I’ve often thought the same.
    I have also thought that David should say NO, more times than he said yes.
    All views, all comments are respectable, while a limit is not breached, and I think anyone in this blog has transferred limits.
    I think I can say, write, but david intimate and private, only known people in his inner circle and his friends, We can only access part of the life of David, the public part.
    Therefore, our comments or articles on the always will be a bit incomplete.
    Hopefully my English is so good for you to understand and comprehend. Freedom of speech is so precious and valuable. The countries that at some point, suffer from this deficiency, we know that freedom of expression is a divine gift.
    Angelica, I want to see, read and enjoy something you’ve written again.
    Always have my support.


  16. Abrra said

    Thank you for sharing your good news! That’s 2 reports now. Hoping many more got a reply from The Man 🙂


    You are so insightful. Your comment #15 is well reasoned and shows you put much effort into your writing.



  17. gladys said

    Signs, signs,……

    again, there is a star next to David, in his vlog, I always see signs when I look at david.


  18. betsy said

    Waiting for those “more dates to come” 🙂
    And that vlog. <333
    He sounds so happy.
    (also sounds like he had a hand in scheduling this tour)


  19. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This was the first thing I thought of, ‘Gladys was right, he is a STAR!”



  20. VJ said

    Hello…I’m trying to spread the word to suggest that we maybe help…spread the word re: the tour and VIP. lol. Since David no longer has a label or professional mgmt., I’m a little concerned about how much promo there will be. Twitter can be a great promotional tool…*hint* 🙂

    I won’t be making it to any of these tour stops, but I’m happy for those of you who are. I’m seeing alot of excitement on Twitter already…


  21. Abrra said

    Not to worry. ILAA will promote the tour shows. They have a vested interest in those they sign on with. I see them all over the net and twitter on a daily basis. His last CFTH tour was very successful.



  22. bebereader said

    It’s a good afternoon!

    Dak, HeidiJoy,

    I’m thrilled for both of you on the replies you received from David!


    Thanks for your comment. Beautifully said and understood!


    Great idea! Will do!

    So I clicked that prompt at exactly 3pm and got tickets for the first show on The My Kind of Christmas Tour”!!!
    Yes, Westbury.

    Angelica, Thanks for the article with the dates. Seeing the red ink makes me all giddy!


  23. gladys said

    I had a dream about david.

    I was not near him, I saw from afar, at a concert, he was with his musicians and he had a guitar in his hands ..
    His musicians were helping to put the guitar. David was in the middle of the stage, the band went and left alone with his guitar, David looked to the public, then smiled and ………………… …………….. dang dang, and I woke up.
    ¿¿We have a surprise in the tour???


  24. silverfox said

    Awww, I’m so thrilled for Dakgal & Heidijoy for receiving a prompt reply from David. The joy and excitement emanating from your comments is what David does for his fans. I’m so happy for you both. There have been others who have also received replies from David as well and I have to wonder..WHEN did he have the time? He’s just a wonder!

    Thank you Angelica & Djafan for all the tour information posted.

    He is happy beyond words to be doing his “My Kind Of Christmas” tour and if this tour is even half as good as CFTH, it will be awesome! I’m waiting and hoping for added venues closer to me…Nashville or Cincinnati would be great! Or the Chicago area would also be within driving distance! I guess I will have to keep my fingers crossed.

    I wonder if Beaver Creek will be the Finale? I would have guessed that SLC would have been the Finale, but I guess not, unless they add another show there after Beaver Creek. Anyway, happy for the fans who already are making their plans to see David in what will UNDOUBTEDLY be THE CONCERT OF THE SEASON!!


  25. djafan said

    So exciting to be doing what we’ve been speculation for months, a Winter Tour, MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS! I LOVE IT!!!

    Dak and Heidi, congrats!!!! What a guy, you know he went through every package 🙂

    Gladys, from your ears to the guitar Gods!!!!

    VJ, We’re on it. I just tweeted link to My Kind Of Christmas Tour to the Hispanic Congressional Caucus who just tweeted about David!!!!

    HispanicCaucus The Hispanic Caucus

    CHC honors the next generation of Latinos in music @DDLovato @NayaRiveraFans @SelenaGomez @PlanetRoyce @DavidArchie! @HHM2011


  26. Marlie7 said

    NYC and Turning Stone (Verona). (Squeeeeee!) Ahem. Hope to see some of you there.


  27. tawna21 said

    Hey Heidijoy #14– Are you from Iowa? I was in Iowa last week!:) We stayed in Ft. Madison for 3 nights while visiting Nauvoo across the river. Can I just say, I’ve never seen that much corn and soybeans in my life!!:) It was exciting to actually see the cornfields that I’ve heard about, but never had the privilege of seeing. The weather was gorgeous.

    SLC!! YESSS!! Lots of questions in my head right now, and just a couple of days to answer them. Oh Abs, I so badly want to come back east for one. We passed by Beaver Creek, CO on our way back east last week. It’s a beautiful place, but I’m not so sure I could brave the ride if it’s snowy. Those mountain roads cause me some real (I mean real) anxiety. I commented to my husband that the residents of Colorado are to be commended for their bravery in tackling those highways and byways. 🙂

    One more thought,,,, could David’s smile have been any bigger or brighter than it is in his vblog?! His smiley, squinty eyes are just sparkling with excitement! Hearts and hugs to him right now for the pure joy that he is feeling!! ♥♥



  28. Abrra said


    Lucky you, 2 shows back to back 🙂


    I am waaaay far east of Colorado LOL December on the east coast is usually pretty decent. Nothing too messy happens before late December. I am mincing my words so as not to awaken the S_ _ W gods 😉 The storm that hit in 2009 CFTH tour was one of those “perfect storm” things.

    I know what you mean about traveling thru the mountains. in the mid 70’s we took a cross country trip and someone ( not me)got the bright idea to go up the auto road of Mt Evans in CO. Yours truly sprawled out on the back seat, refusing to look out any windows. High anxeity and air sickness was not fun LOL The best part was discovering we were almost out of gas and had to coast down the the mountian on the outside of the path. At the bottom there was a gas station within sight that we managed to roll to.



  29. Heidijoy said

    #27 Yes Tawna-I’m from Iowa. I live closer to the Mississippi river in the Quad Cities. Ha! Yes we do have cornfields. I have family near the Ft.Madison area. Glad we had nice weather while you were here.

    I checked out all the East flight, California and Beaver Creek but they all have drawbacks from here. May wind up back in SLC unless we get some Midwest dates. It’s exciting and nerve wracking.

    David does look happy!!


  30. djafan said

    Hey SF, Marlie, Tawna!!!!!

    Tawna, I know exactly how you feel about mountain roads, not for me.

    SF, fingers crossed for something closer to you!!!!

    Marlie, I believe there will be a couple of admns and a certain staff writer in NYC this December 🙂

    Please go like here!


  31. sweetonDA said

    I have received emails from many of the fans who sent letters, cards and gifts to David who have received back replies to them. A few said theirs were postmarked from Arizona, so he did some that weekend while he was still in the area. He is just so thoughtful and I’m so happy that so many have heard from him. He makes my ♥ sing!

    So far it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it to any of the shows listed. Too many conflicting things going on with family, but I still have hope that maybe something will work out. Too bad that Anaheim show is on the 17th. I’ll be in that area around the 21st, but can’t do it so close together.

    Djafan, I’m counting on you having video for me. 🙂

    SF, You are so right, he is looking very happy to be doing this tour. I loved the last Christmas tour. It was my favorite one.

    Angelica {{{{{Hugs}}}}} You are much loved by many, including me! I was so honored to have met you in AZ.


  32. betsy said

    Dear David,
    The Midwest loves you.
    A ton.
    The Great Lake State


  33. djafan said


    Post it on his OS please 🙂


  34. River said

    Happy to say that DJB, Davidfan4life and I are set for Westbury and NYC. Dancing in the streets has commenced.Since there is a week open dare I think that boston and chicago and hopefully maybe a Canadian date will be added. Exciting stuff! River


  35. betsy said

    I just did.
    (thanks for the idea)


  36. Heidijoy said

    Sweetonda, So happy you got e-mails from fans who had also received notes from David. He is so grateful and conscientious. You are an angel for gathering everything.


  37. SandyBeaches said

    River…See you all in Westbury!!! For some reason I am drawn to the opening night excitement and it is pretty close to home, well better than some locations!! I will have David Archuleta bracelets with me for!!



  38. SandyBeaches said

    I am going to miss SLC!!! Last December in SLC has me spoiled for a lifetime, a high I can’t come down from.

    Heidijoy, I didn’t have my address on anything that was in the Sport’s Bag, kinda wish that I had put it there somewhere with one of my notes!! You have a treasure!

    I am going to miss seeing everyone from the SLC area, Tawna, Shawna, Claudia, Pattirae and Heidijoy were all there. If David had two SLC concerts earlier in December then that would have been perfect. Sometimes he plans another SLC or Provo concert.



  39. jans11 said

    So glad for Daka and Heidi Joy! David is so good to his fans.

    Here is my plea, David–The midwest loves you too! Come to Kansas City….please!!!!!!!!!!


  40. bebereader said

    David with guitar…it’s gonna happen one day! Hopefully sooner than later. The question is, will we survive?

    Missed you by one concert! Dang!

    For SF and Skydancer and Betsy and Jans11,
    Hoping the ‘more dates TBA” bring some shows in the Midwest and South.

    Welcome Back!

    The crowd is gathering for Westbury! djbell and her awesome ninja video skills! Woot Woot! Keep an eye out for SB’s bracelets and buttons from The Voice such as the one on the left sidebar.


  41. Marlie7 said

    Ah, Bebe – I thought about Westbury, but just couldn’t do three!!


  42. pocoelsy said

    Hi all,

    I can feel you guys excitments through my computer haha, this make me excited too though I obvoiusly cannot attend any of the concerts 😦 , will wait for the fans’ videos and may be just may be David would consider making DVD for this concert available for sale, “David Archuleta live in concert, My kind of Christmas concert “, sigh… a girl can dream !!! nobody performs live better than him !!!!, so happy for you all :).

    Dak, Heidi, sweetonDA so excited and happy for you that you get reply from the man himself, I would flip and faint if I get that in my mail. David is so good and never waste his time to show his gratitude toward his fans, have no choice but to love and adore him.

    Love his vlog he looked so happy his smile really is a killer 🙂 Abrra the queen of screen cap that vid’s shouting out for you (like a flash in the dark) to make some screencaps, please…

    Glady, I hope your (our) dream come true… guitar and alll….

    Thanks Angelica for the super post.


  43. VJ said

    Yes, the Midwest, David…..Kansas City would work perfectly for me, too. Provided there’s not a blizzard like last time, lol.


  44. tawna21 said

    Abrra #28, yeah I know you’re way up there in the corner of great seafood country (by the way, I had a crab quiche last week that I actually liked)..that’s what I was referring to as going east…I would love to do a NY show, but hubby doesn’t think that’s a probability (is that a word?) if we do SLC with VIP, as we would probably be getting 5 tix to it. (cough cough)

    I did one of those CO mountain trips where my oldest son and I shared the backseat face down. He and I don’t even laugh about it now, it’s still a trauma we haven’t gotten over after 20 years.

    Heidijoy—we’d love to have you come to Utah!!

    SB, you will be missed here in Utah 😦 you really will.

    Bebe, thanks, home is where my heart is.

    Dayzee….Where are you??? What you thinkin’ girlfriend???!! 🙂

    We all need to keep our fingers and toes crossed for you guys in the middle…surely there are some open venues and dates that can be arranged for. *crossed fingers & toes*



  45. emmegirl said

    Tawna21, I’m only 150mi from Vail, but if there is a storm in the high country it might as well be 1500mi. Missed last year’s show for that very reason. Getting my tickets first thing Thursday morning and as everyone else, keeping fingers crossed.

    I don’t know anyone who delights in and appreciates life more than he.


  46. betsy said

    LadyVmusic Victoria Horn tweets about David ♫♕❀✿♥☆
    Going to Drag @DavidArchie into the studio soon 🙂 haha


  47. betsy said

    And just because I have been out of my mine watching this tonight….

    I forgot how good this is. SPINE CHILLS GUYS


  48. jans11 said

    Heidi Joy, the venue is right across the street from the Plaza Hotel where we stayed last Dec. Everything is so convenient. But the lowest plane fare I can find so far is around $400 RT. Last yr I got it for $189 RT. Knowing the fare will probably go down like last yr, still hoping for a KC concert!


  49. tawna21 said

    Heidijoy and Jans11, this venue is so accessible to so many hotels and it is a gorgeous symphony hall. You would love it. I fully understand your airfare situations, and I hope it will come down. And yes, as much as I would LOVE to meet you and visit with you, you do deserve some concerts back where you are. 🙂

    Jans11, are you in Iowa also?



  50. Heidijoy said

    #48 Let’s keep our fingers crossed Jan. I can touch base with you at GA or you can send me a message too. Leave a request on the Official site. It can’t hurt.


  51. Angelica said

    Very happy for all of you going to the My Kind of Christmas Tour! Christmas shows three years in a row! This is getting to be a beautiful tradition for David and fans. He radiates pure joy in that vlog. Congrats to Heidijoy and Dakgal for getting a reply from him too! What a prince!

    I want to express my sincere gratitude for each one of you who took the time to give words of support by email and comments on this site and others. I just don’t think I can thank you guys enough or make you understand in mere words how much that meant to me these past two days. I have thanked God for you all, including those who disagreed because you have a right to your opinion too, even if some of you didn’t think I had a right to express mine. These past couple of days have not been easy, but my skin has grown thicker and my heart softer from the experience. I am cognizant too, of the fact that no matter our differences or sensitivities, we are each, in the end, motivated by love for one exceptional young man who has changed us all, for good.


  52. Gayle122890 said

    Hi! I just left a comment at the OS about the tour. I’m so happy for David. He just looks so excited about it on the vlog. Those eyes are so full of joy.

    Abrra, #11 that is one of the most beautiful pictures of David I’ve ever seen. Can’t stop looking at it. Sidebar?…Possibly?

    Gladys, it’s just a matter of time. Ya veras!


  53. Angelica said

    Had a sudden and unexpected writing session. Felt like magic today! I just feel good, and I love music. 43 minutes ago

    David is some kinda happy today!


  54. jans11 said

    #49 Tawna21…No, I’m from Kansas City, Kansas. If he comes to KC, I’m only about 10 min away. I was at the Hall there in SLC last yr and seen Kurt Bestor there. It’s very beautiful. The whole city is. I enjoyed my visit there very much. It would be fun to visit again, but I just pd for air to go to AZ, so would like it to be closer. But, never say never!! lol I met a lot more great fans from SLC when in AZ and it would be fun to meet up with all the fans that I have met from there.
    Heidi Joy, I will leave a request…maybe he’ll take pity on us!! haha
    Angelica, So glad you are feeling better about things. Was glad to meet you in AZ and you are a very caring David fan. That’s why the whole situation got to you the way it did. God Bless you.


  55. pocoelsy said

    Hi all,

    Whatched his vlog again and I have to say “hat off” to Mr. David Archuleta at the age of 20, he puts together his own concert tour without any help from any labels and I assume all expenses must be from his own pocket!!!!. It’s risky I think but yeah he goes ahead do it for you all anyway, this speaks volume how much he cares, loves and believes in his fans. He is one brave, courageous, go for it …young man, my respect for him is off the chart.

    I hope it will be a sucessful tour, sell out, sold out whatever is the right grammar lol…


  56. Gayle122890 said

    Couldn’t sleep. Had to come back here.

    I could kick myself for not putting a return address on my letter to David. It did cross my mind for a second, but I just never thought that he would actually…Oh heck, I’m just happy knowing that he did get out gifts and cards and letters and I’m really happy for everyone who got a reply from him! He’s such a sweetheart for responding. Just love him.

    “Felt like magic today!” <<< Hope we get to share in The Wizard's creation soon.

    About the vlog screencap: He has his star on one side, and his faith on the other. Just had to say that.


  57. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic




  58. FG said

    WUT!? It’s ur bithday Angelica?! Happy Birthday & hugs to u! 🙂


  59. betsy said

    Happy Birthday, Angelica. Enjoy your day.

    Just now saw that tweet of Davids last night. It was my favorite ever.
    He just feels good. ♥ ♥
    And loves music. ♥ ♥
    Love him.


  60. skydancer1x said

    Happy Birthday Angelica!!
    I wish for you a day as beautiful,and wonderful as your heart and soul♥
    Love you to pieces!!♥♥

    Abrra Love that card! haha
    and that picture @11 …..thud.!


  61. ascphil said

    Happy birthday, Angelica!!! Sending you my sincerest best wishes for a great day!

    Just chimed in to share in the happiness of David and the magic in his music. Love his tweet, too!

    I’m also ecstatic for those who will be going to concerts of his MKOC tour in December.
    Please send him our love from Asia. We miss him a lot and hope we could also be blessed with his Christmas tour some time in the near future.


  62. Blueberry Ice said

    Just wanted to thank you all for your kind comments regarding my recap … you guys are the best!

    Angelica; You have my sincerest appreciation for your genuine efforts in Arizona on behalf of all us fans … when we briefly met, I saw and felt the inner beauty of who you are and know how much you care for the one we all support so loyally. Wishing you a wonderful b-day filled with the best of everything and more … love ya! Hope to see you again at one of the X-Mas shows!

    So excited for the tour dates and hoping there are more dates for those states in the middle and perhaps Canada too! Let’s make it sold out! Who’s all going?

    I was thinking this as I watched David’s X-Mas vlog. In my support for David, I will continue to hope for all that is bright with his future, have faith in who he is and his vision, dwell little on things that I can’t control and keep on celebrating what I have already experienced which is a blessing beyond words! Can I say how thankful I am to be a fan!


  63. MunkFOD said

    Happy Birthday Angelica!!!! yay! Hope you have an awesome day! 😀

    Excited for the Christmas Tour! Great future ahead for David! loved to hear about his writing session yesterday. When David says he feels good and has an unexpected writing session… wow…things are great! yay!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day! 😀


  64. skydancer1x said

    59.Betsy, that tweet brought such a big smile to my face, I agree, has to be the best ever♥

    And his vlog. I can’t stop watching it, and him.
    How is it David, that seeing your smiley, happy, face,and sparkly eyes bring so much joy to me everyday? He has the best gosh darn beautiful smile I have ever seen on anyone’s face ever! It’s an amazing thing, of such ‘beauty’. I know he has been told that, like, probably all of his life, but it is the taaaruth! ahhh some days the whole beautiful package wrapped up in that smile, is more than I can manage.


  65. KathyH said

    Angelica, your post at #51 was so open-hearted and beautiful. Big hugs to you today, on your birthday.

    Gosh, I love that tweet from David. 🙂


  66. SandyBeaches said

    {{{Happy Birthday Angelica}}}…I imagine that a beautiful cake will appear here sometime today! Hope it is big enough for everyone! A case of Dr. Pepper over here please!!!

    I mentioned that the bracelets that have replaced the ones without lettering have arrived and over the next two days I am sending them out. If you wish one please write to me at

    I am waiting to hear from a couple of other sites who are requesting them as well. After that, they will be taken to The Voice friends in Westbury and other fans who wish one. The fellow I ordered them from added another 50 because of the mistake…

    Have a great fall day and this is my favorite time of year leading up to Christmas! The fellow with the wood is dropping it off in the driveway for our fireplace. This is definately not Arizona weather.



  67. skydancer1x said

    sb, I would like one:) Bebe, and Abs have my e-mail address
    thanks sky


  68. archiesfan4life said

    Angelica – wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you do for the fans – you are appreciated!!! Have a wonderful day!


  69. Heidijoy said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELICA! Thank You for all you do for David and his fans.

    David’s tweet last evening was priceless. So happy he is feeling the MAJIC!!! I am thrilled for him and for us.


  70. stenocruiser said

    Angelica — wishing you the happiest of birthdays and a wonderful year ahead. Thanks for everything!


  71. refnaf said

    ((((Angelica)))) Happy Birthday!!!!


  72. utahmom said

    Happy, Happy Birthday Angelica!

    “my skin has grown thicker and my heart softer from the experience” — you are truly exceptional!


  73. Heidijoy said

    MAGIC!!! not majic ha!


  74. goodkarmaseeker said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Angelica!! Thanks for all you do and thanks for your honesty!


  75. bluebar said

    Angelica –

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday…

    “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream!”
    C.S. Lewis


  76. bebereader said


    Wishing you a day as special as you are to us!
    Happy Birthday!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  77. ram b said

    !!! Feliz Cumpleanos !!! Wishing you a thousand blessings today and everyday. ❤

    Your dedication to this site and love for David and his music is admirable. I will always champion your right to speak your mind as you always do in the most respectful way. I may not always agree with everyone who posts but I do value this very basic belief that we have in this country. Thank you for your courage and continued support. Way to go comadre! lol


  78. Shawna said

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Angelica I hope you have a super special day!!

    So good to see you and visit with you in AZ and I think you are the bestest ever!! Luv ya tons


  79. ray said

    frist happy birthday angelica,second ,pocoelsy,i am so with you on that love this site.


  80. sweetonDA said

    ♪♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Angelica, Happy Birthday to You! ♪♪♫♪

    May your day be filled with happiness and moments to treasure.


  81. YJfanofdavid said

    ♬♩♫♬♩Happy Birthday Dear Dear Angelica! ♫♪♮♭♩♫♫ Thank you for speaking from your heart in all your posts. ♥♥♥


  82. cb said

    Dear Angelica, Happy Birthday! My Birthday wish for you is to feel what David felt yesterday, “Felt like magic today! I just feel good, and I love music.” I have felt magic and joy because of David, and in spite of some hard times (and there have been some) it is all worth it isn’t it? Today, I wish you both all the happiness you so greatly deserve. You are loved.


  83. jans11 said

    Happy Birthday, Angelica! Hope you have a great and fun day! Today is my granddaughter’s 20th BD also.


  84. SandyBeaches said

    #67 Skydancer…Here is my address so that you can get my postal address I have a lot of emails to answer and I need to stamp them so the cost to ship to you is $1.00 I am going to ask the admins. to please place that address on the sidebar perhaps with the pic of the bracelets because I would like all of the commenters here who come from any site to have one if they wish before his opening concert in Westbury.



  85. I said


    ((((Happy Birthday))))

    Feliz Cumpleaños Te quiero Mucho.


  86. Amira said

    Hello: Does anyone know of the show at the Nokia in Los angeles is only general admission? They have a presale for American express members and I am trying to get tickets.


  87. djafan said

    Happy Birthday Angelica!!!!!!!!

    Here is someone who can sing it like no other! (you know the drill, substitute your name in the name spot lol)


  88. Abrra said


    That’s HAWT!



  89. Abrra said


    Welcome Amira!

    I clicked on the link in #7 and navigated to the link for the Nokia show

    It seems like they have 2 choices for VIP, one being a general admission. I’d take the regular VIP where you get an assigned seat. Also, are you assuming that its for Amex because when you go to the payment its the first name in the drop down menu for method of payment? You can pay with any popular credit card.

    You can call about tickets offered by ILoveAllAcess 1-888-458-8297 The young lady that answers is very patient and helpful. I know cuz I called her 4 times in 5 min LOL



  90. TropicalAngel said

    Happy Birthday Angelica! Just delurking to say that you are my favorite David blogger and i love your sense of humor and style, even if i dont agree with everything you say,i have a lot of respect for you. Hope you have a great day!


  91. Happy Birthday, Angelica! Thanks for all you do for David, and for his fans. Hope you have a proper celebratory day!


  92. gladys said


    ♂♂♂♂♂♂♂♂ Happy Birthday ♂♂♂♂♂♂♂♂

    I hope to meet you. You are a very special lady.


  93. Suzy-Q said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGELICA!!! I am so glad we were able to meet up at the AZ lunchen and chat.. For anyone who is wondering, Angelica, with her blonde hair and glowing skin and beautiful smile, even looks like a little angel.


  94. vlm said

    Happy Birthday Angelica!
    May all your dreams come true. Thank you for all what you do and more. God bless!


  95. Poof said

    Happy Birthday Angelica! May your day be “some kinda happy!”


  96. Pennypod said

    Delurking to say Happy Birthday, Angelica. I hope your day is terrific!!


  97. Angelica said


    You guys are awesome. Photobucket


  98. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    We hope you feel a part of the community of David’s fans and continue to join the discussions here. I often think what would this place be if there were only lurkers. Talking about our favorite singer is so easy, right?



  99. Collegemom said

    Happy birthday Angelica! Thank you for all you do and for the Voice!


  100. silverfox said


    Happy Birthday! Hope your day so far has been all you hoped for & more!

    The photo on your “Thank You” Card is all kinds of AWESOMAGE! Who IS that guy? 😉


  101. bluesky said

    Joining the chorus here to “sing” Happy Birthday to Angelica…..

    May your days echo the harmony of your heart… every note in its own place.


  102. Katie said

    Happy Birthday Angelica.


  103. ODDity said

    ♫♪♫ Happy BIRTH day to you ♪♫ Happy BIRTH day to you ♫♪ Happy BIRTH day, happy BIRTH day, happy BIRTH day to you! ♪♫♪♫

    Hope your celebration is joyful Angelica!!! {{{BIRTHday Hug}}}


  104. marciami said

    Wishes for a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Angelica !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (those are candles – you are now 20 like David)

    It’s a great day to have a birthday – hope you had lots of yummy chocolate on chocolate cake!

    David wrote, “It all goes back to the basic idea of sharing” – “That is really at the heart of everything I stand for”

    “A gift is something that passes from one hand to the next, as a gesture of goodwill, as an act of compassion and love.”

    Thank you Angelica for sharing your thoughts and feelings and trusting us to reveal your heart and soul. You are a gift to The Voice and to David and to the fans who share your love for him. Thank you for giving us the gift of your love.


  105. luvieD said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my DEAR friend Angelica! (inserts one of those cute Birthday pics that I dont know how to insert)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Hope your day was as wonderful as you are!! 🙂


  106. palmtreephan said

    Being drawn out of lurkdom to wish Angelica a very Happy, Happy Birthday! I think you’re just peachy and deserve all the happiness a birthday can hold!! ❤


  107. betsy said

    New dates added. 🙂


  108. Victoria said

    Hola! desde Perú , solo para desearte Feliz Cumpleaños Angélica. Por favor nunca cambies.
    Hi! from Peru, only to wish Angelica a very Happy Birthday!. Please never change


  109. Freo said

    No dates yet in the Midwest. Fingers still crossed!


  110. tawna21 said

    Angelica, I hope your B-day has be supercalifragilisticexpialidocis!! You’re awesome 🙂



  111. Dayzee said

    Happy Birthday Angelica!!

    Tawna, I am here but too nervous to use the keyboard. Gotta get through tomorrow’s ticket buying and it just makes me too shaky. No sleeping for me tonight.


  112. dakgal said

    OMGosh–I’m late -I’m late for a very important date!!



  113. Your the best Angelica! I hope you had a fantabulous day!


  114. (hope this worked!)


  115. Not! Oh well! Trying to send one of those fancy birthday gifs. LOL! I’m such a dingbat with these things. 😆


  116. tawna21 said

    Dayzee–I just want to sit in front of my computer until 10:00 tomorrow–I’m so sceeerd that I’ll get busy and forget what time it is, and I’ve got 5 VIP’s to snag. *cough, cough* **bites nails clear down** I’ve made sure my account is all current and ready to click into. Oh the things we do, the places we’ll go, to see David Archuleta perform. 🙂
    When you see me in the bank line to mortgage my home, please understand that it was for a good cause that I couldn’t make my house payment. LOL :O



  117. Abrra said


    You didn’t do anything wrong. WordPress allows only admins to post images in comments.
    I added one to LuvieD’s just for fun. 😉

    If anyone ever wants an image added to thier comment, you can email it to and we can insert it for you.



  118. Abrra said

    Good point. Anyone ordering tickets for VIP:

    A MyLAA account is required to purchase. Your can register in the top right corner of their page , or If you forget your info, enter your email address and click Forgot Password to see if your account is active. They will send you an email to allow you to reset your password. Follow the directions in that email.



  119. MT said

    ♥ Angelica!!! Happy Birthday!!! ♥

    ♫ ♪ Happy Birthday to youuuuuu … ♪ ♫

    I’m so late though! I wish I could post you a great big beautiful cake with candles, but I can’t , so I’ll have to settle for wishing you a wonderful birthday and an wonderful year. ♥


  120. skydancer1x said

    Dayzee, and Tawna, Good Luck tomorrow♣ ◄(thats a shamrock, its just hard to see 🙂
    Tawna, you are too funny …
    “When you see me in the bank line to mortgage my home, please understand that it was for a good cause that I couldn’t make my house payment. LOL :O”


  121. kaycee said

    Life has kept me captive the past few days and denied me my late-night “Voice Therapy”. Fortunately, I hopped on just in time to wish Angelica a Happy Birthday! (It’s still the 28th here in Mountain Standard Time!) I hope your day was wonderful! I obviously missed something the past few days. I’m not sure what was said or what happened, but Angelica, I have always loved your heart-felt, beautiful, and often humorous writing. Many times throughout this difficult year, your words have lifted my spirits, made me laugh, and given me much to think about.

    And Tour Dates!!!! Cedar City totally surprised me! I know I’m probably the only one excited about that venue!…only 45 minutes away! Hopefully a few more dates will be added for those fans in the Midwest and the South.


  122. tawna21 said

    Kaycee, Cedar City has some amazing theaters I would think with the productions that go on down there. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have David at Tuachan in the summer?!


  123. pocoelsy said


    Angelica, Happy birth day to you, wishing you all the best :). I’m late again as usual, dang the time zone, I was sleeping on it while you all celebrated hee hee, sorry


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