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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta in Arizona

Posted by djafan on Thursday, September 22, 2011

First and foremost we want to thank all the fans, those who weren’t able to be there but were with us in spirit, those who contributed for flowers, sent gifts, sent letters, paid for a seat and donated a seat.  The generosity of David fans is unbelievable.  A huge thank you to the fan sites, tweeters, bloggers, and others for all your support.  This was for all David fans.  Sweetonda, SandyBeaches, and Silverfox thank you for all your hard work it was much appreciated ♥  Abrra, Bebe and all you posters and lurkers thank you for holding the fort down.  I also want to thank Barbara Stowell, the event organizer for the fan seating.

Pictures from SandyBeaches:

David’s mail filled the bag! He has mail to open from several states and other countries, including Canada, Germany, Peru, Columbia, and more. It was passed along to us that…David has the best fans in the world!

The picture was taken from the front seat of the car looking back at the flowers. I placed a note in the roses saying that the roses were from the fans here from far and wide that night.

This bouquet was from the away fans.

The Sports Bag and a small gift bag from some fans that Janey wanted delivered safely, not sure how security felt about it. lol But I’ll let Silverfox and SandyBeaches tell that story.

They enjoyed the edible bouquet!

TheVoiceDA TheVoiceDA

@StevenJRob Hello… We sent you all an edible bouquet … It’s in the RV. Enjoy!

 StevenJRob StevenJRob

@TheVoiceDA delicious! Thanks!!! 🙂

Here is where everything was delivered, David’s trailer.

We spoke to Jeff Archuleta at the barricade and he said David was blown away by it all!

 I will let each photographer share the story behind their picture.


This was a David Archuleta Concert.  I know it wasn’t supposed to be but it was.  It was apparent from the get go that there was no way to avoid it.  There were thousands of people there and I’ll venture to say several of those thousands were David fans.

Once again David amazed me.  Every song, every move, his smiles and the pointing to fans, all of it warmed my heart.  The flowers and bag had been placed in the trailer before the concert so we knew he had seen them.

This was by far the best “Stand By Me” performance ever.

@muldur tweeted:

“Last night David touched hands. He didn’t just high five.”

I think of how David walked along the barricade and put his hand out, arm outstretched as he touched our hands and let us touch his arm, his hands, his fingers. It was a true exchange. It reminded me of Asia when he put his hand into the crowd and everyone touched his hand and everyone touched him.  Unreal.

Now the countdown begins for the yet-to-be-named Holiday Tour.

I saw this tweet and cracked up!

lizmag3 Lisa M

Reliving some crazy moments at the event….best one: everyone moving their chairs up! So I did & my bag got left behind about 5 rows back!

SandyBeaches has mentioned the chair moshing, new term haha.  What happened was that as David time became closer there were hundreds of people gathering to the right of us and there was about 20 feet between us and the barricade in front of the stage.  These fans were very enthusiastic and started to crowd us.  I feared that they were going to get into that space in front of the stage and block us.  So I grabbed the sides of the chair and moved up about 3 feet, I looked back and everyone had a look of “What is she doing?” The security guards gave each other confused looks so before they realized what was happening I moved up another 3 feet.  I looked back and I saw the ladies pick up their chairs and start moving up so I moved another 3 or 4 feet before they reached me and turned my back on the security. I didn’t want to see their reaction. lol  I then saw what I had started.  Everyone was hunched over carrying their chairs under them simultaneously, it was a sight to behold.  The security started talking to each other and we thought they would try to move us back!  I didn’t think it was doable but then the announcer came out and said that we had paid good money to sit there and asked them to stop crowding us. Chair moshing turned out to be a complete success!

Now your turn.  🙂

182 Responses to “David Archuleta in Arizona”

  1. Hello Ladys from the Voice I met this weekend, This is StompingRose the name I was given this weekend. Wanted to let you all know this was a very good concert and yes I understand the excitement, my sister inlaw has been wondering why I didn’t get. The Voice I hear now is just really out of this world. Their is something about the way he just expresse’s himself I really loved it. And to see how all his fans express how they care for him just wanting to show their support just blew me away, The Concert was a blast can’t wait for the next one. Hope to see you all again till we meet again at a Concert, Thanks I feel like I met new friends and a new love for David Archuleta music.


  2. silverfox said


    Off to work, so I can’t go into any detail yet. But this morning I wanted to express my gratitude to you and SB once again for all your efforts and hard work in helping make this Event a “Not a David Concert That Was”. 😆

    To StompingRose,

    So happy you took the name suggested. It fits! It was great meeting you & hope MY sister & I will see you & your sister again soon! 😀

    Have a great day!


  3. Hi girls I’ve been reading the posts, i love all love david’s gotten from his fans, including me. AZ event must’ve been magic and unique, every performance by him is just worth seeing.

    Thanks THE VOICE FANSITE for your existence. David noticed our esteem isn’t finite, he’s lovable, likable as simon told him on American Idol.


  4. pocoelsy said


    Thanks for the “report” love it, nice to see the actual pictures of “goodies” you all gave to David, Djafan, you’re such a brave soul…:)… I would want to be there to see how you moved the chair of yours 3 feet and a little 3 feet more and everyone followed suit haha I could picture it in my head, you go girl !!!
    The look on the guards’ face must be priceless haha 🙂

    My hat off to all you ladies for the dedications, effort and love you all put together for David, love the roses, the bouquet, the sport bag full of gifts, the fruits looked yum… the young security guard didn’t look so thrill though but yeah he’s so nice to help you all delivered the goodies to David’s trailer…

    Hope to see this kind of thing be orgainzed again in the future so fans can express their love and gratitude to David though they cannot go to his concert 🙂

    StompingRose, welcome to the culb, there’s no turning back now!!! 🙂

    Silverfox, Oh you went to “Not a David Concert That Was”. hee hee no wander you had lots of fun hee hee, wink wink.


  5. SandyBeaches said

    I will be back and forth today as the day unfolds, but I want to add that the young security guard was actually one of the best and my picture did not capture that. He was totally amazed at the bag full of letters and cards from afar and we were talking about it when the picture was taken. I had a picture of him holding the flowers but my camera did not have the flash on or it would have been just great. He was smiling for that one. Maybe with a little photo enhancing we could show that picture because he has the bouquets and I think that the security guy was quite taken by the devotion towards David that night. He allowed Silverfox to park in a little spot close to the stage so that we could make the delivery.

    Behind the security guard was David’s trailer and we watched him as he made his way to the door, then pass it all along to David. We had a great viewing spot. He also said that David was so taken by the support from his fans but what amazed me was how his fans from so many countries, so many states were represented in the cards,letters and small packages.

    The security that night was surprisingly tight. I think that they had been instructed for perhaps Sir Paul McCartney because that is how it seemed to be and if they hold him in that high a regard then that’s great because we do as well!

    Instructions were given to the fans who had arrived early that they would not be able to pass along to David anything that they had for him so before we arrived security collected cards and perhaps a few roses from the young fans and older fans. I have my tongue a little in my cheek here because they were extreme with what they had been instructed to do or not to do and I felt a little badly for his young fans that they were to keep him so at bay. Did I do OK with that, haha? The young security fellows were very nice…

    At the last moment I wrote a note and tucked it inside the roses. I said that I knew that security was tight but fans from everywhere wanted to make a connection in some way. I didn’t say this but looking at the big picture, for many they may never see David, for those in the US, they have had little interaction for a very long time. The connection was for his fans to give their support for whatever lies ahead. I made mention as well about a charity that would be receiving a cash donation from his fans.



  6. SandyBeaches said

    {{StompingRose}}…What a glorious name and so close to your own name. It didn’t take long for the table of friends to come up with that! Your sister (djafan) told us that you had taken the concert to heart and now we had another fan in our midst!


  7. MaggieFOD said

    Thank you for the recap and for getting the gifts, cards, and flowers to David! I’m pretty sure that’s my gift to David in the Scotch mailer! Love seeing the pictures of the gifts!


  8. TOfan said

    You guys are a.w.e.s.o.m.e. & I love you all!!!!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Warms my heart to think of David opening that bag and feeling all the love pouring out of it from all corners of the world. *sniff*

    Amazing, amazing non-David concert! 😉 Thanks, guys, for all you made happen, and for solving the mystery of the chair-moshing, hahaha, toooo much fun!!!


  9. skydancer1x said

    Dja, Thanks for the post, and the beautiful pictures this morning! That Pic of David is gorgeous.(His hair looks so soft)
    The bouquets were beautiful SF and SB♥ The gifts and messages and the great bag…. All of you did such a great job of getting and giving to David all of our love, in a beautiful way. Thank you so much, all of you for that♥

    Bebe and Abrra did a wonderful job of “holding down the Fort” Dja. We had a great time from here, and the U Stream had over 1000 people watching too.
    so yes,no denying it S.F. this definitely was a “not a David concert that was” that you were a part of!

    You know now Dja, that you are now the “Chair Moshing” Queen of Archuland!! hahahaha! You have invented a new game! Just picturing it all is just hilarious. Good move btw. as you know, the encroaching fans would surely have been standing right in front of you. hehehee.

    StompingRose, welcome! All it takes is seeing David perform LIVE to appreciate how great he really is.Welcome to the fold!


  10. djafan said

    Bringing some comments over 🙂

    SweetonDA said
    Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 9:02 PM e

    What a day and night we had yesterday. It was so great to see all the fans and to meet so many of you at the get together at Pei Wei’s. I have to say the fans of David are the most wonderful, genuine and generous people in the world. Thanks to all of you who donated for the flowers, wrote cards, letters and gave gifts to David. Fans from near and far were involved and just want you all to know he received your gifts and was overwhelmed.

    I’m not great with words like many of you, but just wanted to say, WOW! What a great concert. David was awesome as you can see in the video’s, but what I’ll remember is all the new friends I got to meet and share this experience with. Thank you to all.

    It was so awesome to spend time with Djafan, Angelica, Silverfox, Hooked, Pattirae, Shawna, cb, Carol and Sandy Beaches. You don’t know how much I was looking forward to meeting some of you for the first time and also visiting with some of you again. It was so much fun! So have any on you washed your hands yet? 😉

    Hope everyone that came had a great time in Gilbert, AZ and so glad the weather cooperated. Perfect for an outdoor concert. My favorite of the night was Heaven. David sang that just for the fans. I could feel him communicating with us and telling us thank you for being there and for all we did to make him feel welcomed.

    Thanks Abrra and Bebe for getting all the happenings up so quickly as they came available. You two rock!!!

    Thanks to all the fans who recorded the concert. I’m going back in now to relive the experience and revel in his wonderful voice.

    Hope all those fans traveling back home make it safely, with no surprising delays or layovers, right Angelica? ♥ ♥ ♥

    Whew, okay I’m done, except to thank Angelica, Djafan and Sandy Beaches for all their hard work. You are all awesome!


  11. djafan said

    Welcome cool dad!

    cool dad said
    Monday, September 19, 2011 at 2:52 AM e

    Was there Saturday night, I am a 36 years old dad and came to see David for my 2 year old daughter who adores David’s music ( I have to play Elevator couple of times in my car stereo with her begging for more). David is her justin bieber to many little girls her age, which I would say David is far better than any other modern day american pop singers.
    he reminded me so much of my favorite singer way back in 80s and 90s,Glenn Medeiros ,who is like David ,is a product of a talent search, you can see his vocal style and charisma a lot like David, and no wonder I became an instant fan.

    You can watch him perform on youtube and judge it to yourself.

    David is a gifted performer and no wonder why he is loved by my countrymen back home in the Philippines.

    hope to see him perform again live.


  12. djafan said

    This is nice from Ben’s girlfriend.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I normally don’t write much on my blog because I just like posting artwork and calling it a day, instead of rambling unnecessarily. But for this one, I really wanted to share the story behind it…

    My boyfriend, Ben started playing bass for David Archuleta back in April of this year, and we flew to Gilbert, AZ this weekend because David was headlining the 2011 Constitution Fair, an annual event held in the city of Gilbert. I was really thrilled to finally get to see a live performance because I had never been to one of his shows, only a rehearsal just before they toured Asia back in July– So this was a brand new and exciting experience for me! Danielle and I (Steven, the drummer’s wife) got to hang out on stage during the sound check and sat front row during the show. Obviously, we had a great time. One of the things I really enjoyed was watching the younger, die-hard Archie fans. They exhibited the whole spectrum of emotion, from sheer glee to hysterical screams and sobs. They were so devoted! After I managed to get backstage again (Getting passed security was a whole other story in itself, which I may have to make a separate post about later on!) we stayed in the trailer a little while before it was time to go back to our hotel. The way it worked was the band got in the van first and pulled up near the barricade where the fans gathered, then David ran out to give them one last smile and wave goodbye, hopped in the van with the rest of the band, and we sped off. It was surreal being inside that van but still being a spectator. It was an experience I’ll never forget… And a story I had to make into a drawing.

    Posted by Miranda Tacchia at 8:51 PM


  13. djafan said

    jans11 said
    Monday, September 19, 2011 at 6:12 PM e

    Hope everyone is back home safely, or where ever their destination was to be. Some were going onto other places before going home.
    Just want to say how much fun it was to meet all of you that went to AZ. Being with a group that likes David the same way as I and talking non-stop for about 4 hrs was just awesome! Seeing David again was great and see more maturity in him every time.
    Dayzee, thanks for letting me pal around with you and sharing your car! It was so nice of you. There were so many to list separately, enjoyed you all.
    Thanks to all of you that done all the running around doing all the errands that needed to be done. That took a lot of effort to make it go smoothly. Everyone so appreciates it.
    A special kudos to Patti. It was so good that she could be there after all she’s been thru. Special prayers are with her.
    Thanks to Teri and her sister, Christi for taking me and Teresa to the airport. You guys are awesome!!
    Airfare to concert: $200
    Hotel room for 2 nights: $200
    Cab fare to hotel: $62
    Meeting David fans and seeing David in concert: PRICELESS!!!!


  14. djafan said

    dayzee said
    Monday, September 19, 2011 at 8:21 PM e

    It is good to find everyone is getting home safely. Good for us! Another mountain climbed!

    The bracelets brought cohesiveness to all the fans. Many people stopped and introduced themselves when they saw we were wearing them. That was a terrific idea SB. Thank you.

    As always, it was truly a love fest from every dimension. It was great to have all the fans looking out for each other. Taking care of each and every one. Many of us came by ourselves and it was never a problem. Everyone was made welcome. Angelica was very nice to me even when she thought I was a stray Davidless hotel guest who had wandered into their party. That was before i had the black wrist band for ID. Haha.

    Thanks to everyone. You all made my time there euphoric. Shauna and Patti for saving us a seat. Jan for helping me find my way around. All of you at the hotel. Just too many to write down.

    The one thing missing here on this site is everyone’s distinctive accents. I loved hearing the cadence from different parts of the country. Cannot wait for the next time 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Smiles for everyone. I know you are wearing yours.


  15. djafan said

    Blueberry Ice said
    Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 3:24 AM e

    Wow, after a magical weekend, so much to share but real life demands beckoned rudely. There is one thing I must say, that it was such a pleasure to meet the beautiful ladies whose voices I’ve come to admire and respect here … so to Angelica, Djafan, SB, Luvie, SweetonDA, and others (I must apologize to those whose names I’ve forgotten as I was somewhat nervous and starstruck at meeting our fearless admins, lol), a heartfelt thank you for making me feel welcome and for organizing such a wonderful welcoming for David. You were all so fabulous! This sounds cheesy but somehow now that I’ve gotten to actually meet fellow fans, even though briefly, I finally feel like I’m part of this big family and not just talking among strangers. It was such a good feeling to watch everyone, sharing, laughing and so spirited in their conversations, that I was very glad to have been there. #80 Bebe, Yes there is a contagious “warmth” that radiates from David’s fans the same way that it naturally flows from David, sort of a symbiotic thermal reaction, mutually benefiting both and everyone around.

    SweetonDA … #70; A special thank you for thinking about my daughter. Yes, I had to coax her to come with me since I’m was too chicken to fly by myself. When my niece couldn’t go, I wasn’t sure how this trip would be since my daughter is not a big David fan but thankfully, she did thoroughly enjoy the concert and I’m happy to say that she even shocked me by asking to buy a David T-shirt before the night was over, lol! Yes, gotta start saving for the next concert for sure!

    SB; Your bracelet was such a great idea! It was neat to see how unifying it was to show support for David. I must confess, too, that like Dayzee (#46), I was scanning for that bracelet while walking through the airport, hoping that I could spot fellow fans.

    I don’t know if anyone has talked about this but it was so funny to see the near stampede of fan’s running to get to the reserved seats, haha! There was a very long line of people waiting outside the gates at least a 100 yards away or so from the stage area. As soon as they let people in, everyone was off running & cutting across the field, not even following the dirt track where the booths were lined up on each side. Gosh, it seemed like a mob of people from kids, tweens, moms, including “middle-aged” women and yep, guys and I’m sure some dads (was that you Cool Dad # 55?), too! Even the vendors were yelling “run” and “there they go”! Can you imagine what security was thinking when they saw this mad rush of people coming towards them? I wish I had thought about recording that scene but hey, I was too busy trying to outrun the guys, haha! Whoa, I can’t believe the things a fangirl does, lol! I was quite lucky to get some good seats (right next to the aisle so I had an unobstructed view of the middle of the stage, woo hoo!, but mental note to get a better camera for next show!) Security put all the wristband group (David fans) to the right of the stage while the left side was for the “others”. I’m fairly sure David knew his fans were on the right because during the show, David pointed to the right side being so loud or something like that (yes, David, you should know that by now! 🙂

    There is nothing like being outdoors and hearing David’s voice soar through the night, way above the crowd noise which was surprisingly nonexistent to my ears as all I heard was the sweet resonance of his clear pitch perfect voice, sigh … and for as big and deep as that crowd was, I’d say that was pretty amazing. Oh and let’s not forget the 10 feet (some mentioned 20 feet) chair scooting toward the stage … I don’t know what security was doing (well, of course, they were mesmerized by The Voice, right?) but that was just insane & has got to be a concert first … chair moshing (instigated by our own Djafan, is that right?), lol … #54; SB, I didn’t even know what “moshing” meant, so I confess that I had to look it up! Anyway, it was quite bizarre as somehow an empty chair ended up right in front of me and my daughter with no one claiming it but the whole chair moshing thing was certainly an unforgettable “what the random” moment, haha!

    Goodness, it was a special night to remember but this was for certain, the crowd supported and showered David with much love … they shouted, screamed, cheered, some sang and some danced. Like a moth that is attracted to light, it seemed the fans kept creeping in closer to the stage, filling the center aisle and even crowding in from both sides of the stage that the MC had to caution the crowd to back away. Well, we know how magnetizing David is … can you imagine what that looked like from the skydiver’s vantage point as they were landing? Well, this is all that my tired brain can come up with for now and I didn’t even get a chance to talk about what he sang, oh well … good night for now! (Gosh, sorry this is so long!)

    Annie; #90 … Just saw your update on Jacob … so good to hear that he is improving; continued prayers for his complete recovery. Looking foward to your recap!


  16. djafan said

    Hooked said
    Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 6:07 PM e

    I too want to thank all of you that made the weekend such a blast. Seeing/hearing David is one thing, a blessing, but meeting all of you is quite something as well. Only David can bring a bunch of women together to share the love. I have a feeling some real friendships were born. Silverfox I have to tell you – I was really scared that you and Sandy Beaches were going to miss the beginning of David. It was very brave and generous to place each bag so carefully into the big bag and driving around and around to order flowers, arrange them then pick them up so close to show time. Thank you both for letting me tag along. Love you muchly!


  17. djafan said

    luvieD said
    Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 9:03 PM e

    WHEW! I just took a detour to Las Vegas on the way home from AZ so I am a bit late commenting but I must say Vegas didnt even compare to the wonderful time I had at the Constitution Fair!! THANK YOU to the Admins and those who made things happen!! It was amazing meeting you guys and I cant wait until the next one! I enjoyed every minute! From meeting so many awesome fans to riding around with “Thelma and Louise”…(haha) to doing the “chair shuffle” at the venue…and sharing desert after the concert. I cant begin to tell you how much I appreciate meeting such great new friends! (I sure hope Angelica caught that plane home (hahah…that taxi cab driver was worried as much as I was about her catching that flight..) David really poured everything into the concert! He was feelin the love! What an experience!! ❤


  18. sasha said

    Thx for the insights…I was one who couldn’t be there but donated $ for a chair and I’m sooo happy to read these snippets and live it thru you guys! 🙂


  19. djafan said

    Sorry for the spam lol Just wanted to bring these not David Concert comments over 🙂


  20. bebereader said


    Such a nice article, recapping your time in AZ at the “Not the David concert that was”. LOL The chair moshing story was hilarious. The videos are excellent but I’m sure they don’t come close to what it was like to be there and relish in the atmosphere created by David’s voice.

    Thank you, Dja, Angelica, SandyBeaches, Silverfox and SweetonDA for all your efforts in getting the gifts and flowers to David. The running around before the show to get the details in place was necessary but couldn’t have have been easy in the heat! Just want to let you know that what you did will always be remembered and appreciated by the fans. David may still be getting through the letters cards and gifts as we speak. 🙂


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    It was so nice to speak to you on the phone during the trip. Hope to see more of you here! Please stop by and comment when you can.

    Found this on HausofArchie’s tumblr. Nice, huh?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  21. gina said

    wow, love that quote from david…whoever she is, she will be the luckiest girl in the world! i think i see my gift (in a red paperbag) up there in the picture. special thanks to sweetonda for letting me mail my gift/card to david! stomping rose and cool dad, welcome!…i enjoyed reading the recaps (esp the chair “moshing”), you gals are funny! it also warms my heart so much that david is kind of overwhelmed with the gifts and cards. i’m just so happy to know that he’s aware that fans showed him so much love and appreciation!


  22. Heidijoy said

    Djfan, Thanks for the recap and bringing all the reports together. Thanks to you, SandyBeaches,Sweetonda,Angelica,Silverfox for organizing everything for a grand welcome for David,his band and both the fans there and those of us back home. Thanks to Bebe and Abrra for all the reports,Mp3/s,posting videos etc. Thanks to Betsy too for adding videos.
    David is indeed probably still going through all the gifts and cards.
    Was so glad to hear Patti is doing well. Also glad to hear Jacov is doing better Annie and that you were able to go to the concert.
    Can’t wait to hear about the tour and of course from whoever goes to Japan and to the Ice skating. show


  23. Heidijoy said

    Sorry meant Jacob!


  24. sweetonDA said

    I have to thank SB again for the bracelets. She brought extras that we handed out to the crowd and I wish I had a picture of all the hands that went up wanting one of those bracelets. We could have given out thousands. I had one left from my bag and I looked to see who to give it to. There was this little girl sitting quietly next to her dad; she was about 10 years old. I asked her if she wanted a David Archuleta wristband and her little face just lit up. When I went back to that area with more to give out, her dad stopped me and said thank you. He said I made her night along with David being there to perform. So, again, thanks to Sandy Beaches who made a lot of fans happy. 🙂

    I second her comment on the security guard that took the gifts to David. I went back and talked to him while SB and SF were leaving to park their car. He stayed there to make sure they got across the street safely. He was so impressed with everything that the fans did for David. He really couldn’t believe that the sports bag was filled with correspondence from all over the world. The look on his face in the picture above is total amazement or as us fans would say, archu-shock! 😉 I heard someone comment after the concert that this same security guard really liked his performance and wanted to know where to get his music. Another one bites the dust!

    StompingRose, love the name and it was so great to meet you. Welcome to The Voice.

    Abrra, thank you so much for the mp3’s. You Rock!

    I’m so loving all the videos and being able to relive all those moments. Next time we will have to get video of the “chair moshing”. It was just too funny so see all the chairs moving forward. I was sure security was going to stop us, but they didn’t. Thanks to our fearless leader, Djafan, we even had a better viewing experience. I agree with whoever said, “You Go Girl.”


  25. SandyBeaches said

    Blueberry Ice…I am sitting here laughing at your wonderful recap #15. I was not there when people made their way to the chairs but you described quite vividly how it must have been, so thank you for that. I am certain that they have never seen the likes of David’s fans before.

    It is so good to hear from each and every one who was there and yes it was good to meet you and your daughter at the brunch!

    The rebel for the evening though is our chair moshing rebel Djafan. I looked at her as she was smiling back at me and I thought but just for a moment…I’m in, let’s go! Oh so bad…



  26. djafan said

    Thank you all! It was a first experience for me to go without hubby, thanks to my sister n law, stompingrose, that agreed to go on a roadtrip me. My daughter called us Thelma and Louise haha.

    Pattirae looked radiant, she exudes everything that is beautiful in a human being. So glad I got to see her.

    Shawna and Claudia, you two make me smile, thanks for hanging with us!

    Terrytampa and Luvied, I never thought I’d meet you! So glad I did 🙂

    Blueberry Ice, Annie, and all you other So Cali girls I’ll be contacting you. We need to plan some David filled lunches 🙂

    So many names and faces, such friendly fans, thank you all for the hugs and thank yous at the lunch, much appreciated.

    Sweetonda, SandyBeaches, Silverfox, thank you for running around and for being there to support me, couldn’t have done it without you guys ♥

    And to my bud who shares my brain, Angelica, thank you thank you thank you for being my partner and for all you do for us, David fans.



  27. SandyBeaches said

    SweetonDA…you have written a wonderful recap as well. I am so pleased to hear the story about the little girl with her father. I didn’t dare to look behind us as we gave them out because I could have given out another 200 if I had had them. Hopefully we did take care of the fans who were in the reserved seats but if not then please someone contact me at…

    I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and both SF and myself wondered why later that we did not ask you to help us from getting lost. We were so afraid of missing the concert but we made it so thank you for all the help that day. I will always remember the donations that kept pouring in during the brunch that will be put together for a charity donation. There will be an update on that to follow.

    I am still having trouble putting together two words at a time that make any sense, so thank you for the lovely recaps!



  28. I had meant to stop by Wei Pei’s after dropping off my stuff at the hotel so I can say hello to some of you. But once at the hotel, I ran into friends and the course of the day changed.

    Thank you Djafan for having facilitated the donation/payment and bracelet exchange! I met you and chatted with you a bit in Anaheim.

    Thank you also to SandyBeaches for the David bracelet. I was one of the many who got one at the venue.

    Lastly, I was hoping to meet you Angelica. I am pretty sure I spotted you – hair is shorter? Well, if the short-blond-haired lady weren’t you, she had a sweet angelic face haha!


  29. djafan said

    The man tweets!!!!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Getting a blog up here in a bit! As much as I try I never can seem to get rid of all of the dead spaces and rambles when I make these bah.
    2 minutes ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply


  30. betsy said

    Hi everyone. Enjoying the comments today. <333


  31. bebereader said

    @DavidArchie David Archuleta
    New video blog is up! Learning about Crohn’s ——->

    2 minutes ago


  32. gladys said

    I’m reading all the experiences of the concert, and they are wonderful. I am very happy for you girls. They are all very funny stories and you make me feel protagonists of each story. My gratitude is extended to all the girls in the voice. You made ​​it possible to be closer to David.
    Infinite thanks to Djafan to bring my letter, that gesture is priceless. Someday, Djafan, I hope to thank you personally.
    I love them very much girls.


  33. SandyBeaches said

    I just wanted to add a note that mail was sent directly to David’s sister from his fans and included with his mail…



  34. stenocruiser said

    My goodness, I am absolutely fascinated by all the stories and experiences (more to come I’m sure) enjoyed by David’s wonderful fans at the Arizona event. It is actually mind-boggling that so many have come together from so many States and Canada and formed beautiful friendships – all because of their admiration and affection for this amazingly talented young man. Seems you all had such a blast. David must be so gratified and touched to look out at the audience and recognize faces of those he knows have travelled far to see and hear him perform. As well, how special are all of you who contributed to the collection of gifts, cards, letters, etc. to more than fill SB’s sports bag – David must indeed be overwhelmed by all the love and generosity.

    Many thanks to all those who provided the fabulous pictures and videos – great stuff for sure!


  35. kaycee said

    Loved the blog!

    Loved all the recaps, pictures, and videos!

    Love all of you and your fun, kind, supportive spirit!

    Love our guy and the way he makes all of us feel!


  36. sweetonDA said

    Okay, someone has got to make a screencap of that very last smile, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezze!!!

    Isn’t he just the cats meow! Looking forward to those announcements Mr. Archuleta! He seems very excited about them.


  37. Abrra said


    How’s this?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thank you for handling the cards, letters and gifts for the fans.

    Thanks for reliving some of your time in Arizona with us! I am sure more will come as you think about it . Don’t forget the story of getting in the wrong car. Oh and Ty to Anglelica for assisting with the negotiating the VIP seats and the Edible Arrangement. Thanks to SB and SF for selecting the flowers and making such an effort to show us what the flowers and sport bag filled with treasures looked like.



  38. SweetonDA,
    Thank you so much for accepting letters/packages and delivering them to David. It really meant a lot to have that opportunity, so thanks for extending the offer 🙂
    The Voice Ladies,
    The flowers, edible bouquet, the ginormous bag filled with wonderful surprises from the fans – beautiful and classy. Not a surprise that your ideas were beautiful and classy. Thank you!


  39. sweetonDA said


    THANK YOU 🙂 Isn’t that one happy looking guy?

    Gina and Catherine, you are so very welcome. I know David appreciated all the cards, letters and packages he received.


  40. pattiNC said

    Thanks for all the recaps! sounds a good time was had by all, and David was warmly welcomed! Good job all you fans!!
    Love that screencap! He is happy..which makes me happy 🙂 Love the haircut too! Fingers crossed for concert stop semi near me…can live with Baltimore again, if I have to!


  41. jans11 said

    Oh my heck, David! you go ahead a call it the Constitution(al) Fair and we’ll go ahead and call it the David Archuleta concert!!lol
    Love that smile! Can’t wait for his good news he wants to tell us. Come on tour dates… could just see that he wanted to tell us more, just like I wanted him to spit it out!!!


  42. Seeing David’s smiling face so full of appreciation for all his adoring fans warms me to my toes! Many, many thanks to everyone involved in making David feel that appreciation! He has given me so much that it felt good to know he was shown how much he is loved by all, from across the world!
    It’s such a pleasure to come here and read of everyone’s experiences and catch all the latest videos and beautiful pictures of David. I am a bit behind in Archu-land. I must invest in a laptop. Then have a youngin’ teach me how to use it! Ha! Ha!


  43. janey79 said

    Stopping by to post a heartfelt SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to the lovely organizers of the Constitutional VIP seating (especially since I yearn to be middle-aged, lol…if only I could remember back that far, haha) and those who organized the card/gift gathering. I can see by the pics the letters I was in charge of made it to him without a hitch. Thanks again, everyone!


  44. silverfox said

    Goodness! I can’t believe it was exactly one week ago I was packing and filled with anticipation of seeing David sing LIVE once again! I had high hopes that all the efforts of SB & Djafan would pay off big time but the reality is that we had no idea what to expect. So here is a synopsis of what SB, my sister Hooked, & myself did the day of the “Not a David Archuleta Concert That Was!”. It’s long & I probably left out details. I tend to ramble & write the same way, so please bare with me.

    We worried that the great Sports Bag from SB would not be filled as it was two sided & very deep. We should have known David’s fans would come through but we didn’t know how much until the luncheon at the Tei Pei Restaurant! There were so many fans of David in the restaurant that we literally took the whole place over! It was a great turnout! We were overwhelmed at all the cards & gifts which were mailed to SweetonDA & from the fans who were at the luncheon. The photo only shows the top layer of packages and there was well over 100 cards & letters along with the packages, so the worry soon turned to “How will it all fit?” But it turned out to be a “magic bag” cause SB arranged it all beautifully. What a super idea SB had! It made it so easy for David to transport everything in one bag! How clever was that? So everything was “In The bag” ready to give to David at the “Not A David Archuleta Concert That was!”

    It was at this time Djafan who, along with Angelica, had been meeting with Barbara, informed us the Sports Bag & flowers could not be presented to David at any time during the concert, because after all, this was “Not a David Archuleta Concert” (that was!) 😉 The bag & flowers would have to be taken to his trailer before the start of his performance. However, that news, even though disappointing, did nothing to dampen out enthusiasm & knowing the bag & flowers would be delivered to him no matter what! And we had been assured front row seats so not all was lost, IMO! Yayyyy!

    Before we went to the restaurant though, we had to pick out the flowers. OMG! Saturday morning we woke up, had breakfast and started out in search of the perfect flowers for David. We chose well, I must say! The white roses were exquisite & the huge multi-colored multi-floral bouquet was breathtaking! We made arrangement to pick up the bouquets about an hour prior to David’s performance so they would be fresh & beautiful. As it turned out, that was one of the worst ideas ever when one doesn’t know their way around, NOT to mention the possibility of missing David! Anyway, SB & I, brave souls that we are, left the venue to pick up the flowers & promptly got hopelessly lost! We started getting texts from Hooked & Annette (who was desperate for her Diet Dr Pepper fix) and others asking where we were! Finally, we got the flowers & found our way back. You are thinking if we had ever heard of a great invention called a GPS, right? Who has time to program a GPS? Anyway, we got back in time. But we encountered a roadblock when the tightest security I haven’t seen since uh…NEVER! We were told we could not carry the bag & flowers in. Apparently, David’s “management” alerted security to watch for the ninjas who would be carrying gifts & flowers for David & under no circumstances were the Ninjas to be let in to the “Not a David Archuleta Concert That Was”, period! So we did the next best thing. We asked a very nice, not scary at all (in fact I believe WE scared him!) Security Guard if he would PLEASE deliver the bag & flowers to David. He said he would be happy to. See the photos. He looks just a bit intimidated but soon warmed up when we described the contents of the bag. He delivered the bag, came back for the flowers. Hopefully SB will get that photo up. We watched him until we saw him go into David’s Trailer. Our job was done! I went to park the car & SB joined the rest in front of the stage to wait for the “Not a David Archuleta Concert That Was!”

    And once again, we were hynotized & mesmerized by David The Voice from start to finish! And what a Voice! He is amazing!

    The End!

    A side note…David doesn’t think he’s deserving of being known as The Voice. That from a vrs. huh, what? David, David..Just own it. You are The Voice in more ways than one. Own it young man!


  45. SandyBeaches said

    Janey just reminded me of the new term brought on by David and enjoyed repeatedly by ourselves while in AZ. To David the Constitution Fair is really the Constitutional Fair…well that!s OK David!



  46. silverfox said


    I forgot THE BRACELETS from SB! They were a huge hit with all the fans! A gift, a token, a memento in honor of the one who brings us together with one thought and one purpose. To promote David because “Nobody sings it better”. The perfect message because that is why we are here. Always.

    And again, my comment from the previous thread, other than seeing David, the other highlight of the weekend was seeing Pattirae who looked fantastic, incredible and just beautiful. Patti is an inspiration and like David, she was absolutely GLOWING!
    I was completely humbled when i saw Pattirae and so happy she came to AZ. 🙂

    Good night to all!


  47. silverfox said

    Oh yeah, The Constitutional Fair…even today on his vlog. 😆

    Is it any wonder why we follow David like he’s the Pied Piper? He brings smiles with no effort & with few words, sometimes with only ONE word. And He seems to have NO CLUE!

    Gotta love him!

    We should talk more about his vlog tomorrow. We musn’t forget the hints…Announcements coming soon! And a loving brother worrying about his older sister! ((((virtual hugs for David))))

    Yes, gotta love him lots!


  48. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you for the story SF, you didn’t mention the near panic attacks when you didn’t want to be nervous because we were lost so that I would not be nervous and I was doing just the same! You see in Gilbert there are several streets that look like each other with a little bit of desert in between each one and we had the sun and my iphone compass to guide us so we did OK eventually. More to follow tomorrow…There are three times that I have felt a special ‘David’ presence, one was on the stage for ‘Heaven’, as he met us in line and tonight on his vlog. It is not always the words that he uses but the way that he says them.



  49. dakgal said

    Oh My Gosh—A chair stampede!!! Smooth move Dja–nothing gets between David and his fans. Thanks for your re-cap and posting all the pictures of the goodies. To all of you ( I don’t dare even try to mention everyone for fear I’d leave somebody out) many thanks for your above and beyond the call of duty things you did to make this special for everyone —including David.

    I’m one who wants to know the obtuse things –like what was it like to see a fan-mate for the first time–was it hard not to call then by their user name and how did you find out who was who –( did you wear name tags?) It’s those little things that intrigue me –cause– I’m trying to imagine what it was like.

    Actually any little detail you can think of just tickles me pink!!


  50. rarchiefan said

    The David Concert that wasnt was AMAZING!! It was a pleasure to meet you Ms SandyBeaches among all the other dozen of David fans at the restaurant and in line to get in. Thank you from the ♥heart for getting the bag to him with all our letters. My friend from Indonesia was so happy to hear her letter got to David that way. 🙂 My strongest memory of the night was David singing Patriotic music with all his might, then singing Heaven; plus at the end when just as he was coming down the line about to touch my hand I got pushed and he missed my hand or I his, I said aww, he stopped turned back and gave me the most beautiful smile that warmed my soul. That is forever ingrained in my memory now. David was glowing more than usual just slowing touching his fans hands and communicating his thanks back to all of us. What a night!


  51. SandyBeaches said

    Rarchiefan…That was beautiful, that he stopped and gave you such a wonderful smile, never to be forgotten that is certain. Everyone was talking about how it felt when he touched their hands. As my usual self, I would not use the palm of my hand for a couple of hours after until the energy faded away. Ah yes, crazy!

    It was nice to meet you!



  52. SandyBeaches said

    David can communicate without even speaking, how amazing.

    Dak…there will be more little details tomorrow and I did think about name tags but everyone was on the move so much. We mostly used the screen names and if you didn’t have one we found one for you…I don’t think that anyone I met called me by my real name. I did say once, “why did I choose that name?”

    Thanks Abs for the really great screencap…



  53. I never post here…just read the posts….ans I love your post Djafan!! It was great meeting you all some of you AGAIN:) And I would like to say THANK YOU all for everything you did!! The gifts are amazing to see. David really does have the BEST fans in the world…(not talking about me) The VIP seating was so cool ….thank you so much for organizing that! I have to agree with Heaven being my favorite performance. ♥ And YES it was a DAVID ARCHULETA concert!! 😀 Fun times!!


  54. kaycee said

    So much fun to read everyone’s comments regarding their experience in Arizona…thanks for sharing even the little stuff, it made those of us who were unable to attend feel a part of the adventure. And, if David didn’t know how loved he was by his fans before, all the efforts of so many have made it practically impossible for him to deny it now!

    Like David said in his blog: ““It’s been great to see the kind of fans I’ve been able to have”

    SB, I may have to do something about my “naked wrist”…any bracelets left?


  55. skydancer1x said

    Dak, that was one I was wondering about too! Thanks for asking the who’s who? and what do we call each other question 🙂
    Thanks for the answer SB♥ ha ha

    In comments, I got tickled, to see the restaurant renamed a few times…from Pei Wei,to Tai Pei, Wei Pei . LOL because I am always messing up the name of this place myself! haha

    and I did have a question about the nice security guard’s pants?… the legs seem to have shrunk a bit.just wonderin’ what they were
    looks like he has on my capri jeans.

    Anyway,loving all the tidbits you are all sharing here, with those of us who weren’t able to be there. I still can’t believe I didn’t get to GO,see David and meet so many of you in Phoenix..Came close:(
    Am hoping to use my ‘unused (and unfortunately, non refundable)airline ticket’ to see David soon, somewhere!♥♥

    ok, off to watch the vlog again! He is so sweet.I am loving the new haircut.(love seeing all of that gorgeous forehead of his.:))


  56. djafan said

    SF, who’s Patty and Annette??? hahahaha I kept telling hooked tell them to stop and ask for directions, I did fear they would miss David, that would have not been good. So glad they made back to join me in my chair moshing lol.

    Janey, Rarchiefan, Shelley!!! thank you for your comments and come by and post anytime 🙂

    Thank you all for your great comments and stories. The bracelets were a huge hit! The band was wearing them too!

    While I was at the barricade a guy about 16 named Jacob came and stood to my left and asked me if David was going to come out. I told him he usually does. He then asked if he would be signing and I told him he sometimes does. He was so excited and told me that David was his inspiration, that he inspired him to pursue his love of music. This is why today’s youth needs David, he inspires and shows that being a respectful clean cut guy is the new cool. I had given my bracelet away and so had Angelica, so we took luvie’s and gave it to Jacob, he smiled from ear to ear 🙂

    Kaycee, I wanted David to know that his fans are with him and I feel the goal was met 😉


  57. skydancer1x said

    56.Dja, that is such a neat story.
    It is so wonderful to hear words like that, coming from a young male fan♥it just warms my heart.


  58. Marylee said

    Just one thing…I KNEW when it was tweeted there was a 20 foot GAP between David & his fans…that was subject to and it didn’t take long ~ “chair moshing” FTW! Thinking you guys have set a precedent for future archuevents! So funny..y’all had a blast..obvious from all these great comments. No doubt in my mind that David felt the love in AZ ~way to go guys! 🙂


  59. refnaf said

    Thanks to all of you who put so much into this event for David and for us!!! So good to see Angelica, DJA, SF, SB, Sweetonda, and everyone else (even if it was waaaay to short) Getting together at David events is truly a blessing in my life!!! Cristmas Tour next!!!!!


  60. Abrra said

    Some video from Joe’s BBQ. Watch for David at 1:12 sitting across the way from the band’s table.

    Maybe those who met Barbara Stowell, can verify if that is she at David’s table.

    uploaded by JRforDA2011



  61. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra…It certainly appears that David wanted to join his band right about then! If Djafan had been there the tables would have found their way together…well yah, let the guy have some fun!



  62. djafan said

    Abrra, that’s Barbara to the left of him and SB I probably would have rearranged the tables. I’ve actually been known to do that haha.

    Sky, So sorry that you weren’t able to make it. I was really looking forward to meeting you. I hope you’re feeling better.

    Thank you Platinumarchie for the beautiful soundcheck pictures.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  63. skydancer1x said

    60. thanks Abrra! Fun video.
    61. SB,I agree! “well yah, let the guy have some fun!”

    “If Djafan had been there the tables would have found their way together…”

    hahaha! if ya’ll had been there with Dja, your table would have been in this video!


  64. skydancer1x said

    thanks Dja♥me too.
    (oh yeah,THIS week, I am fine.)just having a little whine.haha
    We have to meet, I need to learn the technique of ‘chair moshing’ from the best! lol


  65. SandyBeaches said

    You are so right Sky! She is a bad influence on me as I follow her no matter what she does!!! But that’s so much fun!

    The collage of the soundcheck pictures are awesome. I would really like a poster of them. The photographer had an excellent eye.



  66. SandyBeaches said

    Marylee…Yes I believe that he did feel the love from his fans worldwide..The whole concept of the adventure was to show everyone’s support and David’s fans from everywhere responded and that made it all so worthwhile. So many countries responded!! I took a peek at the return addresses, I was really impressed! Indonesia, Columbia, Peru, Hawaii, Germany and on and on…



  67. dakgal said

    Heck, Dja— no need to move tables–if you were there –as long as you had a chair–in no time you would have been sitting at the end of David’s table. 😉 right in the thick of things!! Pffft–who cares about where the other people sit!!

    I’m terrible at remembering the band members names–but I’m lovin the accent the guy talking has–just a bit different from my good friend who is from Christ Church, NZ.

    I’m also mesmerized by the DEEEP manly dimple on Davids right cheek in the sound check pics. 😯 I could fall into that and never come out. THUD


  68. lct said

    Please go vote for David. He’s close to losing the lead to Scotty.


  69. djafan said

    Interesting that Murray is trying to recruit David fans to watch this show. Must have not had good viewership on it’s first night. Sorry if I offend anyone but lambert and sparks are not my choice of mentors for young singers or anyone for that matter.

    Go Annie!


    Hey all my @DavidArchie fan followers!! Are you guys going to watch @Majorsandminors on @HubTVNetwork tonight? Looks amazing!

    AnnieDAFG Annie
    @LisaMurray @DavidArchie @Majorsandminors @HubTVNetwork what? Why? Is David on that? haha


    Regarding @Majorsandminors, @DavidArchie is not on it but it’s about creating a supportive environment for young singers. (con’t)

    Artists on @Majorsandminors include: @JordinSparks @adamlambert @leonalewismusic and more

    Seems like something the Archies would appreciate!!! Positivity + music!

    AnnieDAFG Annie
    @LisaMurray mhm, too bad @Majorsandminors didn’t invite @Davidarchie as well. He’d be a great role model.


  70. kaycee said

    A few thoughts on the latest vlog…

    1–Hello, forehead, I’ve missed you! Love the new haircut!

    2–What an awesome brother! Talk about having your priorities straight.

    3–Always love when he speaks Spanish…even if it’s just 3 words!

    4–“Getting ready for upcoming things.” “A few more announcements coming up.” “A few more events” “A lot of decisions and ideas.”

    5–I also loved his comments at the end when he talked about being reminded of what motivated him to go on his journey.


  71. Shawna said

    Just stopping in to say hi to all of you! “HI”…. Anyways, had an absolutely fantabulous time with all the fans the whole gosh darn weekend!!! First the luncheon at the place with all the new names, then of course there was “The Not a David Concert That Was”, and that divine voice reaching into our very souls, oh, and of course that “Chair Moshing” was hilarious, ended up sitting not by who I started the concert sitting by (yes, that would be you, Dayzee and Jans11), then the wait for that man, getting that dad of his to come talk to us, touching “the
    hand”, going to “Red Robin” for much needed food and fangirling with all “The Voice” peeps, talking forever, sharing desserts, and then off to the hotel supposedly to sleep, but who can sleep on that high he put us on (and on a full stomach at our age, hehehe!)

    Then up for a 4 hour breakfast with all the peeps that were left at the hotel, SB, Silverfox, Hooked, TerryTampa and her sister, Dayzee and jans11, Claudia and her sister, and Pattirae and I, and refnaf joined us toward the end…such wonderful, glorious memories to cherish forever

    Did I ever tell you “I LOVE THIS PLACE”

    Patti did great and just talked to her today and she is feeling super! Didn’t start her radiation yesterday like planned, but now Monday is the day! We were going to take her to lunch today for her birthday, but she forgot and was tending grandkids, so hopefully next week!! Silverfox is right, she does “GLOW” just like someone else we know….she is simply put, one amazing woman


  72. djafan said

    Is everyone ready for dates and places announcement???!!! David did say next week, right? Seems likes there will be more announcements coming to us, gotta make plans! I’ve watched that vlog several times, lost count. What a special human being.

    Hi Shawna! It was great spending time with all of you in Arizona! Sorry I missed you guys in the morning, had to get on the road. And yes Pattirae is exudes warmth, an example of strength, courage, and faith.


  73. betsy said


  74. bebereader said

    Thank you, Betsy!!
    December 1, 2011

    David Archuleta at Westbury!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  75. SandyBeaches said

    The travelling from Halifax to Chicago to Phoenix and back has taken a toll on me and going through four time zones has not helped as well.

    I will always be happy that we were able to bring to David the outpouring of love and support from his fans from several countries around the world. We the fans accomplished that and I am proud of everyone who took part from everywhere.

    To have met up with so many people that we know and that we have just met for the first time was absolutely awesome.

    To see David perform on an occasion for a group of people who never really knew much about him and who originally did not want any connection with his fans after the performance was over, was sad for David and for the young fans. I hope that it never happens to him again. We sent videos and comments by email and in phone calls that gave them information on who he is so that they would be prepared for him and treat him accordingly.

    Finally, they realized who David Archuleta is. Thank you Shawna for making the connection that was needed when the concert was over and thank you Angelica and Djafan for your hours of positive PR work. I have my wishes for David and you know what they are.

    He has great fans everywhere!!



  76. silverfox said


    Soooooooo, is Westbury for REAL!

    That was the CFTH Finale location. SB & I were there! It was fantastic! Hoping for a venue closer to where I live though. 😀

    Merry Christmas & to all a good night!


  77. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you Betsy, a concert…a David Archuleta Christmas concert! Wow!!



  78. SandyBeaches said

    Ah SF, I was just going to look the venue up to check, so it is where his finale was!! You know the energy in a first concert!!



  79. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe, how close is this for you??

    Abrra, I hear that a train will take you there perhaps???

    It is just a two hour flight, amazing…



  80. silverfox said

    Memories of Christmas Past…in Westbury NY ***sigh***


  81. silverfox said

    And there were shenanigans too, which turned the Finale into a big Party! Great fun but it’s a good thing I had already experienced David singing HYAMLC previously, otherwise I would not have appreciated the interruption.


  82. Heidijoy said

    Christmas is in the air!!! SB, you won’t know how to act with just a 2 hour flight! Anxious to see other venues pop up. Hope everyone is getting rested after the Arizona trip. Still feeling so grateful for all The Voice did to organize fan participation for those that were there and those of us around the world who sent our love and good wishes.
    The concert/Fair and David’s vlog have created buzz and he is back in California enjoying Thai food. Thanks for the find on the Westbury show, Betsy. Thanks for Ave Maria SF. …..and Bless You All.


  83. silverfox said

    Here’s hoping Westbury is legit and not a teaser and the first of several Christmas Shows yet TBA officially! Especially for all David’s fans in and around NY because it really has been much too long since he had a full concert in that area. Seems fitting he would do the first one in Westbury where the Finale of his very successful CFTH Tour took place, if it is the first of several shows!

    And I guess we all know who will be there…eh, SandyBeaches? Only a two hour flight? A piece of cake after going across the USA last weekend! 😆

    And not a creature was stirring…except for a “Cat & Mouse Carol” in my ear! Glorious!


  84. SandyBeaches said

    SF, AMEN to the ‘glorious’ thoughts. I love the holidays, must be the childhood memories! Where did you find that ninja Betsy?

    Good night!



  85. SandyBeaches said

    Heidijoy…I will just close my eyes and then I will be there. Haha, amazing…



  86. bebereader said


    Westbury is about 90 minutes away by car for me!!! I had tickets to the last Christmas show at Westbury but had to cancel because of the snowstorm. My area was one sheet sheet of ice with more snow coming down on top of it, making travel conditions treacherous. If I had to cancel for this concert, it had to be because it was impossible to drive.

    Luckily I also had tickets the week before to the NJ show at the Wellmont Theater and it was wonderful, but it was evident that the Westbury show was a real extravaganza!

    credit goes to the wonderful videographer djbell!!!


  87. kaycee said

    I love revisiting the CFTH Tour…such an amazing concert! So excited to see what David has in store for us this holiday season!

    One of the above videos led me to “How Great Thou Art.” So touching and beautiful. Does anyone have an mp3 for it? I didn’t see it in Abrra’s Candy Jar.


  88. betsy said

    GMTA 🙂 The first thing I did when seeing the possible Westbury concert was to look up and watch the CFTH videos of that night.
    They NEVER get old.
    SB, I never reveal my sources. 🙂
    (unless they are flying by on Twitter and I steal the info right then and there. Which may have happened)
    Dang, now I have to go watch The Riddle and FOG.


  89. lct said

    David has fallen into second place. If you haven’t utilized your one vote all you have to do is click on the link below. Idolhead has been very complimentary of David this round so please go vote. Do it for David. Smokey Mountains and Love Me Tender were two of his best performances….


  90. pocoelsy said

    Hello all,

    Man…love all your stories, details, happy for you all and for David too, thank you 🙂

    #67 Dakgal you’ re sooo funny, I love this “I’m also mesmerized by the DEEEP manly dimple on Davids right cheek in the sound check pics. I could fall into that and never come out. THUD”. As a precaution I strongly recommend you keep some rope near you at all time so whenever you see that MANLY DIMPLE of his and “thud”, you can climb up for some air and continue with your “thudding” process….hee hee I have to admit I have problem with his dimple too 🙂

    I went over to his FB. and found this comment from Ms. Tina she said she is the aunty of FireFly girls, don’t know it’s true or not but I like her comment, I hope she and you all won’t mind I bring it here; here it is…

    Tina Roberts Merrill
    Thanks David for coming to Gilbert, AZ. I am the Auntie of the girls in Firefly!! We had the best time with you and it was a great way for my Dad to celebrate his 72 birthday. He and my Mom are HUGE FANS and just so you know my mom is a fabulous singer here in AZ for the past 45 years at the Mesa Easter Pageant (she sings the song Mary’s Lullaby) and has only ever voted for ONE American Idol and that was YOU! Keep up the great Talents and work you are doing…………Can’t wait for Christmas too!!

    Tina Roberts Merrill
    One more thing!! I LOVE your Patriotic songs….. Sung with such heart! My favorite was the medley…..Beautiful! Have a great day 🙂


  91. Abrra said

    #87 Kaycee

    I found this nice fan video with David singing How great Thou Art.

    credit TheRonaldGallardo

    Here is the mp3 I ripped from this video.

    Thank you for alerting me that this song was missing. It is now in the Candy Jar.



  92. skydancer1x said

    Abrra! Good morning! and thank you for posting HGTA above, And to Silverfox and Bebe for the Christmas memories.
    Abs, just a train ride away! woo hoo!
    Bebe, I am so excited for you that the first concert will be in New York! Like everyone else says, it seems fitting!!
    Hope more dates go up soon:) Sounds like its going to be another whirlwind December once again, for David and his fandom:))
    have a good day everyone!


  93. Abrra said

    I love how you guys are ‘counting my chickens” haha



  94. Blueberry Ice said

    Djafan; You are just amazing! Yes, would love to get together, so just say when! Ahhh, just loved that chair moshing experience. I was about 10 rows back and there must have been at least another 15 rows or more behind me so win-win for everyone to get a better view of David! Gotta love all the David fans … a silent synchronous seating rearrangement following our fearless leader, Djafan, that happened in just seconds, lol! That was such a brillant idea and a sight to behold!

    A hug for Pattierae as I missed getting to meet you … you’ve been an inspiration for so many reasons … hope you had a wonderful b-day!

    So I have a few more thoughts to share about that night.

    What a beautiful clear day it was and while the heat was tolerable, by the time the “not the David Archuleta concert” started, it was absolutely perfect weather, the sun had set, the temperature very pleasant, there was no wind and thank goodness, no flying bugs.

    It was a David Archuleta concert for many reasons as he was the perfect artist to commemorate the celebration of the Constitution. No one sings patriotic songs with reverence and respect that David does.

    Early on, while I jealously eyed the empty seats to the left of what was designated as the “others” seating, those seats were completely filled by the time David was on the stage. Throughout his set, it was loud and clear who the fans adored as shouts of “I love you David” periodically rang out! The pre-set aisle or spaces between and along either sides of the stage were obliterated as everyone basically moved forward, filled in every crack and we know what happened with the seating arrangement, lol, so I was glad I still had an unobstructed view.

    When SB, Angelica, SweetonDA, et al were handing out the black David bracelets, it warmed my heart to see so many arms waving and reaching out to grab those bracelets, uniting our support for David … all because of SB’s generosity so a great big thank you to SB, love ya! It was certainly a hit!

    So many has said this before but I will have to echo it again, that there is nothing like hearing David sing live as every performance is unique, every song revitalized, reinterpreted in a way that makes it special, making me wonder how is he able to do that again and again, leaving you wanting and aching for more. I don’t know how he does it except to say that his musicianship comes from his inner soul and that he is truly gifted not only with the beauty of his voice but having the innate understanding and feeling of music itself. No more was this evident for me than when he sang God Bless America. How beautiful was that arrangement … the stepwise key transition sung effortlessly with sweet pitch perfect intonation, his voice resonating so purely and clear! It just held me breathless! David’s musicality and interpretative ability is just unmatchable, unbelieveable and untouchable as he is in a league of his own.

    When he sang Crush as his last song, I thought that it was strange, as usually he saves it for his encore but as he graciously bowed and left the stage, the show continued playing patriotic songs as the fireworks came on and there was no encore performance. That was the only indication that this was “not the David Archuleta concert” but otherwise everything about this event was certainly HIS concert!

    As fans gathered at the gate near the left of the stage, waiting for David to come out, I saw many young fans equally among the adults, the little ones clinging to the gate with their parents, waiting so patiently as it was getting late, that I truly hoped David would come out just to see them. Finally, David’s dad told us, David would be to the right of the stage and another mini-stampede run was made to that area but because there were so many, the line of fans actually ran from the right of the stage all the way to the left of the stage anyway. David was surrounded by quite a few big security guys that it was kind of hard to see him at first but he determinedly made his way to the gate and started to high-five and touch as many fan’s hands as possible. There were just too many for him to stop and greet each one but he made darn sure he got to everyone. Gosh, can he be any more radiant, joyful, breathtakingly handsome and so gracious? How much can one’s heart take? My daughter kind of proudly let me know that she got to touch his hand and why didn’t I? Well, why not indeed but truthfully I told her that all I wanted was to see him and hear him sing. In my heart, it was most important to show him that we deeply care. The sight of innumerable fans touched me deeply and I’m sure he knows that there are many of us supporting him. This trip was very special for that reason and why this concert will be in so many ways memorable. There is no way to thank all you tireless, amazing, beautiful gals (not to exclude you men as well) for all that you’ve done and continue to do for David as he is truly deserving of our support, whether through thick or thin, feast or famine, small or great things to come, I will gladly follow your lead in celebrating all things David. Ok, I got carried away again … sorry about that!

    What hit me after watching David’s vlog, is knowing that his sister was weighing on his mind, even made his performance all that more remarkable … what an one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable young man he is … just pure love!

    Yayyyy, for 1st concert in NY … can’t wait for more dates! Have a great weekend all you wonderful fans!


  95. betsy said

    Blueberry Ice, I am so glad that you are a David fan. That you found him. That you write about him so beautifully. ♥


  96. kaycee said

    Abrra, thanks so much for the mp3!

    Bueberry Ice, loved your recap. “…his musicianship comes from his inner soul.” So true. And, “It just held me breathless!”…I know what you’re talking about! On the few occasions that I have been able to see him live, I have truly found myself forgetting to breathe at times because I was so moved by the power he conveys in a song.


  97. Yes Blueberry Ice, I’m with Betsy♥


  98. pattiNC said

    Post on David’s FB page!!!

    Keep watching David’s official site at for a big announcement early next week.
    WOOHOO!!!! 🙂


  99. lct said

    David is on the verge of being eliminated on this poll. We failed him once – let’s not let him lose a second time so if you haven’t used your vote can you please vote? Archuleta


  100. pattiNC said

    I wonder if he’ll perform somewhere other than the one place in Japan? seems like a long way to go with the band for only one show…maybe some more places out there will get a visit 🙂


  101. Marylee said

    #66 SB: So wonderful to hear! ~makes me smile just thinking about it! 🙂


  102. Heidijoy said

    Blueberry Ice I loved your recap and so happy you were able to share the experience with your daughter and other David fans.

    Woo hoo! for upcoming announcements.


  103. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit lilyover70



  104. dakgal said

    Blueberry Ice #94— Enjoyed your re-cap very much—I’ve been anxiously waiting for all the reports to come from the fantastic fans who attended. Each person has had their own special perspective on the “Not a David Archuleta Concert that Was” ( great name by the way SF). But they all resound with the same message–how great David is and how much everyone enjoyed meeting each other—and there always seems to be some hilarious happenings.

    Love you guys!!!

    I wholeheartedly agree with this >>>>> “he is truly deserving of our support, whether through thick or thin, feast or famine, small or great things to come. ”

    It’s sometimes easy to for get that he is the one going through these things—more than we are—so it is important that we are behind him 100% and that he is aware of it–so I say mission accomplished –all of you wonderful people that made this happen.


  105. djafan said

    Hello all,

    Soccer filled day today!

    Blueberry Ice, what a wonderful recap. Going to quote Dak who quoted you.

    “I wholeheartedly agree with this >>>>> “he is truly deserving of our support, whether through thick or thin, feast or famine, small or great things to come. ”

    Me to. This Arizona event in spite of what some may say was a “David Archuleta” epic event. Ask the mayor and announcer, they knew. They kept giving David shout outs at every opportunity. I’ve watched David’s vlog to many times to count and he knew we were there and he appreciated it.

    Cream always rises to the top and Mr. David Archuleta is better than cream. There are many roads to get there and he is making his own road with some stops and slow downs, don’t matter to me because he is more than worth it, I’m in for the ride.

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences and thank you all who comment and lurk 🙂


  106. djafan said

    Driving his car???!!! Oh my!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Every now and then it feels good to put in OneRepublic’s CD Waking Up while on a drive in my car. Gets my mood up, but calms me down too.


  107. djafan said

    New ticketmaster page!!!!!! I’m signed up for alert email!!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  108. betsy said

    Signed up as well. 🙂


  109. annie318 said

    Hi Vpeeps! (someone said that before & I like it!)
    I am so happy to let you know that Jacob has gone home from the hospital!! My daughter says he was released yesterday. So, thank you all for your prayers & concern. Thanks be to God also.

    I haven’t posted yet about my experience at the Constitution Fair & The Not a David Archuleta Concert that was. I think I’m ready, so here goes. My fellow Archie fan & I flew in together from Orange County. We met our 2 other Archie fans at the airport. After renting a car we pulled out and immediately got lost. This was to be the theme of our adventure. We finally arrived at our hotel, checked in. The young girl at the desk looked at us & asked “Are you here to see David?” We said yes and asked if anyone else had checked in to see David. She laughed & said yes, she’d never seen anything like it!

    We got back in the car & drove to Pei Wei. It was so nice to meet SF, SB, Angelica & others. Great to see you too dja & I do want to get together with you. It was so much fun to sit with an entire room full of people that feel the same way I feel about David.

    Fast forward to the concert. I didn’t realize so many performers would be on before David. So, by the time David did come on the anticipation had built to a high level. The emcee just had to say David’s name & the crowd went nuts!

    My impression of David’s performance this time was that he has matured a lot. I think the Asia tour was a huge boost for him. He seems so comfortable on stage. He sounded just wonderful of course! I’m so proud of him! So happy for him. I can’t wait for the Christmas tour.

    After the concert we decided to get a drink. Our hotel didn’t have a bar so we decided to go to the hotel next door. We were just sitting by the fake fireplace when one of the ladies said “OMG! Jeff is here!” I looked around the corner & saw DAVID & the band too. Other people kind of rushed over so we waited a bit. We introduced ourselves & took a couple pix. David was his usual sweet accommodating self. I told the band I really love their sound & they seemed appreciative.

    When they left we were all in Archushock. Seeing them was the cherry on top of a perfect weekend.

    I also want to say that after watching his vlog, I love him even more (if that’s possible). He is such a loving brother. The Archuletas are very fortunate that David is a part of their family.

    Well, that’s all I got! It was the most fun weekend I’ve had in a while. Can’t wait to do it again!


  110. Abrra said

    Great recap! I would love to post any pictures you want to share. You can send them to if you want them posted 🙂

    That goes for anyone else who has pictures to share.



  111. annie318 said

    I forgot to say thank you to SandyBeaches for the bracelet. I’m still wearing mine. It was such a great idea so thank you SB.

    I also want to tell Pattirae I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet. I’m so glad to hear you are doing well & hope to meet you at another David concert. Also want to meet your friend Shawna. She seems like a fun fan!

    Finally, (sorry I’m rambling) on the vlog at about 5:20, David talks about us, his fans & says thank you for “just the way you are”. Don’t know why but that was so touching. *sniff*


  112. Abrra said

    I was reflecting on the “announcement” for next week. It took my thoughts to many places.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    New songs in the form of an EP. Pop or Christmas? Sunny Hilden collaboration points to Christmas music. He is continuing to write on his own, so maybe something will come forth from his pen. He did a photo shoot a couple of months ago. Was this for an EP or tour media and merchandise? The PBS GCT special will give him some national exposure. Industry folks will see him in a whole new light. His strong professional skills shine all over that program. If he has not found a fit for a label, this might be the push some need to give him a contract.

    Tour dates for a holiday tour. I like that the leaked date for Dec 1st is in the east. The weather gets bad suddenly, later into the month. Caused some to cancel seeing David in 2009.

    Having fresh material is vital for any tour from now on. Myrtle Beach was so refreshing! There were covers of songs that gave us new insight into what David wants to say musically. I do not understand why the bonus songs from the TOSODATE appear to be off limits for USA concerts. The fact that it was made available in at least 2 online vendors made the songs relevant worldwide. We can handle it, David! We don’t live under a mushroom! Sing those great songs to us, please?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David sang the patriotic songs so well in Arizona. From his heart to the audience’s ears. The songs he did for the concert left me disappointed that nothing new, such as bonus songs, were included in the set. He was the headliner and a major reason for the draw to a local event. Promoting his newest music would seem to be the best choice.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    My fervent wish is for this announcement to be about a new label that is going to support him to the next step in his career.Involving family with career can be holding him back. Time to get back into the mainstream of music, maybe a duet with one of the singers he admires or a Spanish artist? Charity shows and church related events are fine, but he is in need of wider exposure. An EP promotional tour would be a fresh start.



  113. MT said

    “Having fresh material is vital for any tour from now on. I do not understand why the bonus songs from the TOSODATE appear to be off limits for USA concerts.”

    I’ve thought about that as well. My only thought about why he hasn’t done them is this: The most recent shows he’s done in the U.S. have been “this is not a David Archuleta concert” type performances. Perhaps he is singing Crush, ALTNOY, SBL, etc. and songs from AI (really?) because he thinks that is what the general public knows from him and expects to hear from him. Familiar music.

    But he should realize that his fans are different and are not going to tour shows to see him just sing the old standards. If he wants to sell tickets he needs to sing songs he hasn’t done live yet. ATE songs, Wait, Look Around, and of course whatever new material he’s come up with writing with Sunny or alone.

    So I’m hoping he’s been saving the songs from the ATE and the ones from TOSOD that he hasn’t sung live yet so that HE WILL have something as fresh material on a tour of his own.

    An EP? Yes, absolutely! This would be a great time to release one!

    *Keeping fingers crossed* <– Man, I spend a lot of time that way. haha


  114. Abrra said


    You make a good point about singing the older, recognizable songs. I say fine, pick a couple of singles, but move on to the new material to show what he has now.

    I’d like to hear again the WOW factor that the Nashville charity event and MB showed in his versatility. He blew away the fan base in doing such innovative covers along side he own songs.



  115. silverfox said

    Good Sunday Morning!


    I’m wondering what the BIG Announcement is as well:

    A new label? Whew! finally! That would be great news!
    New “Professional” Management? Would be another huge sigh of relief.
    A new EP? New music from David is always an intense craving for all his fans.
    Dates & locations for the Christmas Shows? Much anticipated & most likely.

    David gave us a hint of some of what is to come already. “Some Christmas Shows” as he put it, and was careful not to use the word “Tour”. I believe ticket sales will determine if additional venues can & will be added. And some other “Events” he will let us know about later too, he said in his vlog. 😀

    It’s been rather quiet on all the Fan Sites since his Vlog was posted and I suspect it may just be the calm before the storm. Anticipating and hoping David will appear close by where we live is as strong as ever. I hope seeing so many familiar faces in the audience in AZ was a testament to him that we are still here and are not going anywhere. I may wish for changes in certain aspects of his career, but whether those changes ever happen or not, my support & fan loyalty for David will always be a part of my life. The excitement & anticipation of “When, where, how far is it” is half the fun of it all and what keeps me young at heart & spirit! 😉 😆


  116. Heidijoy said

    #111 Annie, So glad that Jacob is well enough to go home. Praise the Lord and Bless You and your family. Happy your were able to go to the concert in Arizona and fan gatherings. Nice that you got the additional treat of seeing David and the band afterward. What fun!! Thanks for adding your recap.

    #112 Abrra, Interesting speculation and points. Hoping David comes near me or is within easy traveling distance. My guess is Christmas show schedule. Confirmation of Japan concert. GCT news.

    My hope is that David goes back to Nashville in January, finds a good sound,producer,management,label etc. It looks like he is preety booked for Oct, Nov, and December.


  117. Heidijoy said

    Oh and new music too! Pretty booked vs preety.


  118. djafan said

    Annie, great recap!

    David I also noticed the maturity and his command of the stage and audience, he has us eating out of the palm of his hand and he knows it. “Will you sing this for me?” And we all scream, what a question, of course we will lol.

    Annie and this, “sniff” right with you 🙂

    “Finally, (sorry I’m rambling) on the vlog at about 5:20, David talks about us, his fans & says thank you for “just the way you are”. Don’t know why but that was so touching. *sniff*”


  119. djafan said

    Abrra, so many things to ponder. David fulfilled his hour to his fans and I was hopeful that there would be a surprise but having to also fulfill his agreement to the patriotic event singing patriotic songs, and by the way they were nothing short of amazing, I didn’t expect it. But I have to say that being there seeing and hearing these songs with his deep voice, mature style, changing things up as only he knows how gave me a new appreciation for his oldies but goodies.

    David did mention in a vlog about working on new material and releasing new songs. I believe we may just get that 🙂


  120. djafan said


    “So I’m hoping he’s been saving the songs from the ATE and the ones from TOSOD that he hasn’t sung live yet so that HE WILL have something as fresh material on a tour of his own.”

    “An EP? Yes, absolutely! This would be a great time to release one! ”

    Yes and yes!!!


  121. djafan said


    “I hope seeing so many familiar faces in the audience in AZ was a testament to him that we are still here and are not going anywhere. I may wish for changes in certain aspects of his career, but whether those changes ever happen or not, my support & fan loyalty for David will always be a part of my life. The excitement & anticipation of “When, where, how far is it” is half the fun of it all and what keeps me young at heart & spirit! 😉 :lol:”

    Well said! This for me is the bottom line. My wishes for David are mine, he has his own and we’re not privy to them. Though watching him on stage leads me to strongly believe that his music is not going anywhere and I also believe he knows we aren’t either.

    Heidi joy, “It looks like he is preety booked for Oct, Nov, and December.”

    It sure does and that’s with only the events we know of 🙂

    Now going to watch that vlog for the, don’t know haha, I lost count.


  122. djafan said

    Love David giving singing lessons, he’d be a great mentor 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  123. betsy said

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to let us in on a great night in Arizona. Recaps have always been my favorite things. 🙂


  124. kaycee said

    Djafan, loved this: “This for me is the bottom line. My wishes for David are mine, he has his own and we’re not privy to them. Though watching him on stage leads me to strongly believe that his music is not going anywhere and I also believe he knows we aren’t either.”

    Angelica, I am in need of your “radio wave” quote! I checked out a few other sites today and was reminded why I love this site so much. Too much heaviness, frustration, and hand-wringing out there for this glass half-full kind of gal!


  125. Abrra said

    I went searching for the quote you mentioned in the articles. I did not find it. Maybe it was a quote on the side bar? Those are rotated out a few times a month but Angelica might still have the quote.

    What I did find was this beautiful article by Angelica that bears repeating.

    “Art is so much more than idea and technique. Having a high degree of imagination and skill is essential but if one fails to make a meaningful connection, that’s not art. That’s entertainment. Art is a form of entertainment too, but infinitely more and that something more comes at a cost to its maker.
    The pieces of the puzzle must fit precisely. A connection must be made with those who receive and that requires a vulnerability few have the courage to expose. It is an easy thing to be physically naked on stage; so much more difficult to be naked emotionally. The former has merely the ability to titillate. The latter possesses the formidable power to personally communicate with another soul.

    Now I understand how it is that an artist is not only the special work that he or she does, but the scope of all his days. It is the life, the human being behind the work, that lives inside the gift, animates it and makes it move and breathe. It occurs only in those few who are capable of pouring into their work everything they are. David Archuleta does not simply possess a great voice. David is the Voice. It is he himself who fills the farthest corners of venues to the rafters when he sings, he who seeps into hearts and saturates souls to overflowing.
    He has tried to tell us this before a song. This is what I believe, this is what I feel, this is who I am. Can you hear me? Hear and understand that what you perceive is not merely my voice but the whole of my being transformed into sound and the song of myself is my gift to you.

    It is a sound as pure as the life and soul behind it, as rich as the scope of all his days, and the accumulated wealth of countless acts of sacrifice and kindness. It… he, lifts you up and wafts through you like a clean mountain breeze, redolent of spice and wild flowers and a kind of natural, virtuous sensuality.

    Now I understand what has mystified me for years and how rare a thing it is to find. Finally, I know the meaning behind the phrase,”.…and his gift, if is true, may show itself even in the manner in which he laces his shoes.”
    He who laces the shoe is himself the gift. The gift shows himself every time he appears. He is there, always, in whatever he does, the living personification of his art. He is the piece of the puzzle that fits so tightly there is no space he does not fill. He is David Archuleta and he IS the Voice.”

    Full article here:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    screen cap by djafan



  126. Heidijoy said

    Kaycee, I’m with you. No need or desire for negativity.


  127. bebereader said

    Correct me if I’m wrong but besides Asia, this is the first U.S. concert where so many have contributed their recaps, stories and accounts. I’ve been taking a little something from each one but the common thread running through all of them is that we succeeded in showing David that we are devoted to him and are are here to stay. From where I sit, David felt the love of his fans on his first concert back in the states. I’m both thrilled and proud!

    Annie and Blueberry Ice, the most recent recaps, thank you for taking the time to relay the details.

    Perhaps the “announcement” is as simple as the Asia songs will be released here on an EP? It’s about time.

    I know many have given up on hearing David on radio but I haven’t. My wish is for him to get his hands on some really good material. I want him to sing a current radio type song (with his standards of course) with a little rap or hiphop thrown in. I know he can do it. I want people to hear it and say ‘WHOSE VOICE IS THAT?, not expecting it to be THE VOICE of David Archuleta since they are so used to him singing pop songs. They don’t know the musical genius that he is and that he can sing any genre and sing it well. And I want that song to be a huge hit and requested by so many new and old fans that DJs will have no choice but to play it ad infinitim. That’s what I want. Not that anyone asked. LOL


  128. Kathyh said

    Kaycee, me three!


  129. Heidijoy said

    #125 Abrra Thank You so much for sharing that beautiful article by Angelica. I re-read the whole article again and find it breathtaking! Hoping we get to hear a recap from Angelica soon.
    I was thinking about David’s heart and soul in his singing earlier today when I heard another singer sing the National Anthem. I thought his voice sounded fine but there was no feeling,no understanding of what was being sung. I was thinking that this other singer not only didn’t have it in the moment but would probably have to make changes in himself to carry it off. I was not intentionally trying to compare him but it happens because I was not moved the way I am when David sings it or any other song.
    #127 Yes Bebe, the fans gave David a GRAND WELCOME back to the USA and he felt it and we back home felt it too in the recaps, the videos,and David’s Vlog. Yes it would be nice to hear David on the radio.


  130. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra…#125, hey, I like that “little curl right in the middle of his forehead” Excellent recaps for everyoone, even those who were there did not see half of what went on, so thank you to everyone, they are so interesting.

    I have one more little story…

    It was so very cold on the plane from Newark to Halifax. I left Phoenix still dressed for the desert heat. I remembered that I had my jacket in my carry on bag, so I put that on and huddled inside it leaning against the window wall and pulling the collar up around me, I hunkered down for the flight. I looked across the aisle and a young fellow about David’s age put on his black baseball cap, pulled up his collar around his neck, put his hands in his pockets and prepared to sleep.

    By then I began to wonoder what in the world I had been doing flying this far by myself and going through all the perils of travel. I reached inside my pocket and still shivering, I took out my ipod, put in my ear buds and settled in hoping to be distracted from the cold.

    Immediately I felt a warmth start deep inside, followed by a smile like we always do. Silent night he sang, holy night. All is calm, all is bright…Silent night, holy night, son of God love’s pure light, radiant beams from thy holy face…Well I stopped in my thoughts for awhile at the ‘radiant beams from thy holy face’. I believe that I have seen something quite like that.

    I looked out into the blackness until I was home.



  131. emmegirl said

    Been away tending to family, nice to be back home. Can’t wait to read and revel in all of the AZ stories you guys have generously shared.

    Just been reading a few of the latest posts and mulling things over a bit.

    In the Band Audition vlog he talked about a more diverse band, experimenting, identifying his own sound, expanding himself as an artist and a musician. And then we heard those tantalizing few notes of a song he was working on that did indeed have a noticeably new vibe. Then came the wonderful acoustic soul infused GGTT in Nashville and his jazz tinged MB EWTRTW. There was insider mention of his music going in a “new direction.”

    The songs on TOSOD and ATE were written while with his previous label and management. TOSOD was a big hit in Asia, thus the Asian tour – a highly successful Asian tour. 🙂

    Just wondering if he will begin this next phase of his career performing his new Do-you-believe-in-me-or-not-100% David-style music – music free of the compromises and restrictions that came with those previous relationships – music that links closer to his future than past.

    What I do know is that I am looking forward to MOTAB and Christmas shows and after that whatever this amazing artist has in store for us – exciting new writings, more amazingly interpretive-better-than-the-original covers , duets, Spanish songs, whateveh! (A girl can dream!) Can’t waaaait!!


  132. emmegirl said

    SB, oooh. ♥


  133. Heidijoy said

    SB, How sweet! I’m watching GCT(David’s songs) just about every evening. I also listen to David’s Christmas songs year round. Love it.


  134. sweetonDA said

    SB, Awwww…now I have to go listen to Silent Night again, and that will mean going through the whole GCT…Thank You!!! 🙂

    Glad you had your iPod with you.


  135. betsy said

    SB “Immediately I felt a warmth start deep inside, followed by a smile like we always do.”
    This is so lovely.

    Emme – missed you.

    Bebe – We are in agreement. 🙂

    Heidi – I get chills just thinking about David singing the National Anthem, remembering him singing it. He’s the best at it. 🙂

    Dja – You wild thing. 🙂 I loved your spazzfest earlier. 🙂 Five comments in a row. 🙂

    Kaycee – I agree. (I was reading the same stuff, lol)

    Abs #112 – Yes, yes and yes. I want to hear him sing his new songs. I loved the covers he did in Myrtle Beach as well, and have been rewatching every video of it this week, for some reason. Even as the vids from Gilbert were coming in, I was watching Blackbird in between.

    also, #125. Golden. ♥ Just that.


  136. SB, your story gives me a sense of peace. Thanks for sharing.
    I also listen to David’s Christmas music all year long. By request from my hubby, I’ve played The Cat and the Mouse numerous times. I believe he loves it as much as I do! 😉


  137. bebereader said

    And my husband feels that way about “Los Pastores a Belen”. I really hope David makes both songs part of his Winter Tour setlist.

    Love your little stories, that one in particular. 🙂

    Welcome Back!
    I’m missing EWTRTW, big time.


  138. kaycee said

    Abrra, I found that quote from Angelica that I just love:

    “I just can not bring myself to worry about David’s career because there is a frequency greater than radio waves working in him and FOR him that will bring to pass his ultimate success in due time.”

    I thoroughly believe this, and it will be success on his own terms and in his own way. I have to say how much I loved the article you found while looking for the quote…such a beautiful description of why we feel what we do for David:

    “Now I understand how it is that an artist is not only the special work that he or she does, but the scope of all his days. It is the life, the human being behind the work, that lives inside the gift, animates it and makes it move and breathe. It occurs only in those few who are capable of pouring into their work everything they are.”

    Emmegirl, you’ve been missed!

    SB, loved your beautiful words. Silent Night has that effect on me too. It’s my favorite song on CFTH and GCT!


  139. tawna21 said

    Hello to you all 🙂 My husband and I made it home late last night from our trip back to Illinois. We’ve put over 3000 driving miles behind us, and loved it. It is good to be home though. I’ve spent today recovering, going to church, and just talking to my hubby about our time together. Tomorrow will bring work and laundry, BUT it will also bring the time to be able to actually go in a get lost in the AZ videos. I.. can’t.. wait. I just want to thank all of you for the great recaps and pics. I’ve been able to keep up on them, but couldn’t view the vids at all well. Thank you again to all of you who were physically at the ‘not a David concert that was’.P: Those of us not able to be there have certainly felt your spirits because of your recaps and the videos.

    Love you all.



  140. tawna21 said

    SB..I forgot to mention that I love your little story about the plane trip. I had a similar experience on our trip while going thru the Colorado Rockies. It’s a beautiful drive (hwy I-70). The scenery and the Rockie Mountains are breathtaking and grand. But, the driving pace is fast and the roads are winding, which causes me some serious anxiety. There are several long, well-lit tunnels through the mountains that also cause me to breathe very shallow while in them (don’t have a clue as to why). Anyway, I had my iPod playlist playing thru the radio, when I looked up to see one of these tunnels in front of us. I gripped the armrest and took a deep breath as we entered it. It was then, that I realized that “Ave Maria” was playing and it immediately calmed me as tears filled my eyes. I relaxed and actually breathed thru that tunnel and didn’t have the horrible feelings, that were there before, thru any of the remaining ones. The mountain highways still were an issue. It is still a beautiful drive though.



  141. Joyluck said

    Folks— the comments about David doing new material is very valid in my mind. I would encourage you all to respectfully send your comments/thoughts and recommendations on in the contact us section of his official website. I am told the administrators read all the comments and will pass along to David and/or his management (Jeff at this point) I am thinking. They don’t usually comment, but I’m told from a pretty reliable source that all our comments are read/heard. I already sent some requests for songs I’d like to hear on tour. Who I Am is particularly meaningful given David’s decisions over the past year and his need to find himself and to be himself. Anyway, just a suggestion but it might help.


  142. poof said

    I am sure you agonized over every word you wrote. As I stated on your post, I appreciate your honesty and I am sorry you have taken your post down. Respectful discussions strengthen and I felt yours was respectful. Your “helmmanship” keeps us talking, and thank god, laughing. From this ODDer, I say Thanks!


  143. gina said

    angelica, i salute you for posting a hearfelt blog, even though i don’t like some of it. i just don’t get why your blog would be removed. you expressed your thoughts, i voiced mine, it’s what the constitutional fair is about right?


  144. Amira said

    I am sorry that you had to take your post down. Coming from another country one thing I admire the most here in the US is the freedom of express ourselves. All I can say is that I enjoy your comments very much and I hope that this wont stop you from commenting in the future.


  145. Angelica – I don’t come here often, but your article was linked at Soul David. It was heartfelt, and honest – something we don’t see as often as we should in the David fanbase. Bravo to you and I hope you didn’t take a lot of criticism for being outspoken (from one you knows a lot about that). It was well-written and obviously written from a heart that loves David. Bravo to you and I hope we see that article posted again sometime.


  146. betsy said

    Angelica, I had about three paragraphs written when it was wiped.
    No problem, I’ll condense it down and put it here. If that’s okay. 🙂
    I am GLAD that you wrote about your experiences.
    So much of this same stuff has been said behind the scenes for years now.
    I DON’T think that David is in need of our protection, worry, etc. He’s a pro. But I also admit that I cannot help but worry.
    I DO think he is in need of a professional management team. Maybe this has gone on so long because he was determined to take it slow this year. Idk.


  147. VJ said

    Angelica~ Thank you for your article. I’m glad you wrote it. That is all. 🙂


  148. Freo said

    I am sorry to hear that you felt you had to take the article down, but definitely understand. There is a lot of pressure in this fan community to not speak online about the various elephants in the room.


  149. happpydance said

    Angelica you’re one of my TOP favorite bloggers! I so look forward to your posts. I just want to say that I trust what you saw, heard, felt, and your whole experience. But I have to add my take on what you wrote (maybe in my ignorance of not being there, but I do have ‘some’ knowledge…being a David fan for almost 4 years). Barbara may be one of those who still sees David as that cute goofy kid on idol. Maybe she interprets his kind heart and soft spoken words as a “yes guy”? (I would have loved to be at that dinner and judged for myself). But I must tell you…Please step back and see David through YOUR eyes (as you have come to know about him over the years) and not though a new person who has not followed him. There are two sides to every story and Barbara saying Jeff was difficult may be…well…one sided. I know Jeff has been known to be an A – – hole, I have no doubt about that. But I ask that you please look at your experiences with David (concerts, video blogs, interviews m&g, charity events,… just his recent speaking at the Noche De Gala in Wahington, DC was impressive…even if you forget his amazing singing performance) What Barbara’s impression of David was…is just that…HER impression. I know David is young, and still finding his way (voice/sound), but I see him as a man evolving and building confidence in his art, and not a puppet on a string. I will never think that his confidence was plastic…fake! Your blog is gone now so I can’t quote you, but please don’t let this woman’s take on David make such an impression on your take on David. I know I wasn’t there, and I might be clueless, but I have the strongest faith in David’s future…with or without MIC. “maybe I’m wrong…maybe I’m right. They say, give it time…give it time and it will fall in line… ❤


  150. SandyBeaches said

    Our freedom of speech is not or was not in question, so the great freedom of speech for all is still intact.

    But, going way back to the beginning of this at the point that he was penciled in for this event, he should not have accepted this concert as we now see UNLESS they knew who he really is. They had no idea of how large his fanbase is or what could become a part of the performance. David has gone beyond the town fair, have your children be the opening act type of event. David went from being the guest performer in front of a total of 84,000 people from almost every country in the world, to being the wholesome act at a country fair. This was no longer a place for him anymore unless the organizers understood who he really is in the world of music. It took emails with videos from the Asian tour to acquaint them to his status as a performer. Getting real with the information, they thought that he was a nice wholesome young man, but that is about all that they really knew. Unfortunately, I could see trouble long before it happened.

    There was a miserable interview with the organizer in the paper on Saturday morning that spoke volumes. Although she had been informed about who David is, she still wanted to remind the fans that this was not to be a David Archuleta concert. I can’t remember what else was said but it was most unkind and unnecessary to say what she did say. Basically, it was degrading.

    If David had had news of this interview that morning, then he would have wanted to lie low. This appearance placed him in a precarious position from start to finish.

    We were there to remind David of all the support that he had from coast to coast and so on as the moment seemed right and that was achieved. But, it was complicated and hopefully David will not be placed in this position ever again.

    Yes Dayzee, it was a great time and I also have my bracelet still on!!



  151. emmegirl said

    Angelica, I had no issues with your article. I felt it was written with heartfelt, much considered words, and it saddens me that you felt the need to remove it. Would also like to add, if the article was viewed by some as overprotective, can’t the same be said for not printing it.

    I have my own thoughts and ideas on aspects of his career which I sometimes find myself fretting over. Partly because of the fondness I have developed for this complete stranger and also because his music has become so much a part of me that I want it to always be a part of my life.

    Then I remind myself that we all get to make our choices, and then we get to live with them…good, bad, or otherwise.


  152. betsy said

    Completely off topic, sorry. 🙂
    I have to let you guys know that I have combined my two favorite things.
    David and Project Runway.

    I’ll let you know how it went.
    p.s. ok, I’ll tell. One of the designers this season, Viktor Luna, just designed an outfit for a musician for his last challenge. It was great and he won for it.
    Because he is so cool, so sweet, so funny, sometimes tweets in Spanish, likes music (and has tweeted me back every time I have tweeted him), I sent him a vid of David singing in Spanish and told him he should concentrate on designing for musicians. 🙂 Especially David. 🙂

    Could I be losing my mind? Yes. So what else is new. 🙂


  153. betsy said

    And now I am stuck in the Spanish singing vortex of videos.
    Wish me luck, as I have to leave my house at 5:30 am.


  154. SandyBeaches said

    Ah here is a word that I wanted to use so I will interject it now into my last comment…

    “But, it was complicated and hopefully David will not be placed in this pitiful position ever again.”

    Come on world, wake up! I just felt like saying that, no real reason!



  155. SandyBeaches said

    Just to spam a little more..

    Good night from somewhere near the Atlantic Ocean and let’s hope for a more positive day tomorrow!



  156. Angelica, I know your heart was in the right place when you wrote your re-cap. I respect and appreciate that.


  157. betsy said

    This will make you smile.


  158. silverfox said

    My turn, for what it’s worth…

    It is indeed great to live in a country where we have & celebrate the Freedom to Speak our minds. But we have an obligation to weigh our words so they do no lasting harm to the one’s we care about. For once the words are spoken or in this case, written, there is no taking them back and can leave one with much regret and remorse. And how sad that we forget that words can & do cut deep like razor blades and do leave scars. Scars which do not easily fade and which no amount of soothing balm can heal. I believe David is very aware of this having been targeted himself more than once.

    I’m sorry, but what possible good did the scathing criticism of David’s father accomplish other than let some fans feel vindicated in their dislike for him? Why would fans of David feel good about an article that is sure to hurt David if he were to read it? Are we so full of self importance that we think David would make changes based on an article & comments filled with negativity and hatred for his father? Hardly, I think, As Fans, we don’t have personal knowledge about the choices David makes and why. It’s not for us to know as it really is none of our business as we have no right to make judgements.

    A fan site is supposed to be a forum for the promotion, admiration and love of the artistry and for the celebrity it’s dedicated to. In this case, David Archuleta, who would never dream of spewing negative comments about anyone much less someone’s parent regardless of the situation. This is not the first time a fan site has been used to get rid of the supposed “conspiracy of silence” which is no conspiracy, but in reality is being respectful of David and the love he has for his family including his father.

    I can’t see anything positive coming out of an article which depicts David as being a puppet with a controlling father pulling the strings. It was degrading and totally unnecessary.

    Isn’t it ironic and very sad that this had to come when David is so happy to be posting some exciting announcements this week? We should be celebrating plans to see David this Christmas instead of being at odds.

    When are we going to really be like David who has done nothing but bring joy and to some of us peace when we need it most? He deserves our thanks, not our ridicule for the choices he makes.

    Peace & good night.


  159. PandasMama said

    I am very glad that I was able to read your thought-provoking article earlier today before you removed it. Although I did not totally agree with everything that was said in your post, I acknowledge that these were your thoughts about the events of last weekend and you had the right to post this. Those of us who were not in attendance or not right by your side when the events took place really don’t have the right to question what happened.

    Every fan of David’s seems to think that they personally know him and his family and this is not the case. I’m as guilty of this as anyone; wishing he would follow my personal goals for him. I don’t know if his dad is the best choice for current management, but it really isn’t my place to say one way or the other. I think that since David is a very passionate person and attracts very passionate fans, it is easy for some people to get carried away with their comments. I was sorry to see that so many people were upset with your article. It was just your opinion, which you have the right to have.

    I look forward to reading more of your articles in the future. I like to have my eyes opened to more thoughts than just my own.


  160. sunnydays said

    I came to this site earlier in the day & read the article Angelica wrote. This was my first time on this site. I was saddened when I read it. I agree with what Silverfox said in comment #158. “When are we going to really be like David who has done nothing but bring joy and to some of us peace when we need it most? He deserves our thanks, not our ridicule for the choices he makes.” David is an amazing human being and would never say anything negative about anyone!! This is one of the reasons why most of us care so deeply about him.


  161. Abrra said

    For anyone who thinks this discussion should not take place, I think it most ironic that it revolves around something that occurred at a Constitution Fair.I find it amazing that free speech is in favor under certain circumstances, and not others? We have provided a forum for people to have their say without judgement.

    Angelica, you took the time to explain something that was most unpleasant. Giving a long preamble story to show this was not just another fan complaint about those representing David’s interests. You prayed about it for over a week, knowing full well it was not going to be a popular topic for some.

    People from this site facilitated a wonderful showing of fan support for David in Arizona with wristband sales. SandyBeaches, Silverfox and SweetonDA made it possible for anyone who wished to have a gift, letter and flowers sent to David after the show. The one request was for a picture of David with the bag and flowers so we’d have something to show everyone that he got the items they sent. They tried to make it special for those who were not able to go. Giving them a way to show how much they cared for David.

    The negative attitude shown by his manager towards fans was totally harsh and unacceptable.He may have thought he was brushing off only 2 fans, but he was dismissing each person who cared enough to send David a letter, card, or gift that night. No one can convince me that things like this happen in David’s presence. All one has to do is reflect back on how things ran during the Asia tour. Professionals from Sony Asia took great care in respecting the fans as well as David’s security.



  162. grammyj said

    I don’t post here very often, but I read the articles and comments everyday. I really enjoyed your article Angelica, and I’m glad I got to read it before you took it down. I could tell it was written from the heart and it was your opinion. You are a wonderful fan and supporter of David. Thanks for all you did for David’s concert in Arizona. Please don’t think you’re a “bad’ fan for expressing an opinion about David’s manager, who happens to also be his dad.


  163. Chickadee said

    I agree 100% with Silverfox. It saddens me that David could possibly have read Angelica’s post this morning. Nothing positive in that scenario. David doesn’t need that kind of “advice.” He and his family are doing the best they can. Please be charitable and try to imagine what kind of life that is. They don’t have all the answers. I might add that if that kind of post is encouraged, perhaps it is time to revise the Site Rules posted above.


  164. poof said

    Wow,,,,, just wow.


  165. poof said

    I don’t believe I have used the above expression for years, since a poster was called, I believe it was a Nazi,,,,,. on another site. Yep wow.


  166. jans11 said

    Angelica, when I read your post I knew it was very emotionally filled. With every thing you tried to do to please all the fans I can see why you would be upset. To me it was a lot of “he said-she said” and no one really knew exactly who said what. One person can not know what another person is or how they act or react by meeting them one time. Agreed, it would only be fair to hear his dad’s side of the story. I cannot judge anyone that was there, as I don’t know any of them. Even the ones that I have met.
    Like Dayzee said, I went to Arizona and had a lot of fun. David is David and that’s all I care about and hearing him sing.
    If it wasn’t for all you hardworking gals, there wouldn’t have been a good put-to-gether, get-to-gether!!! Thanks a million!!!


  167. refnaf said

    Angelica> I do believe that your post was heartfelt and honest….. I am one ot the silent conspirators who personally don’t see the need for blogging about it.That does not mean that you may not . David is a great musician, his voice is amazing. We as fans dont need to protect or feel sorry for him. His choices are his to make. As an uber fan I feel it is my place to buy every scrap of music he produces…. attend every concert I am able to…enjoy the fan friendships I have made and send positive vibes out on his behalf. That is what I choose to do. I appreciate your post and your saying what you feel and see no need for you to take it down. Peeps have different viewpoints and that is AWESOME, just because some don’t feel the need to discuss it does not make it a conspiracy. There are sites that go into great ammounts of speculation and angst about his career and management and that is fine too. Posting what you did puts you under scrutiny and some peeps will see things differently> that is life.
    IMO many fans do want a piece of David as well as recognition. We all have egos that want to be stroked. I say just listen to the voice.


  168. Marlie7 said

    Well, this is unbelievable. Is there a time limit within which a group of fans can stay together before they start to rip one another apart? Who’s a good fan, who’s a bad fan? And who ever made the rule that a fan site can never express a word of concern or disgruntlement with an artist’s management?

    When it was WEG, there was plenty said, and few were concerned about that. Jeff Archuleta is a manager, and a grown man, by the way, and as such, can take a little criticism from a group of fans who happen to support the artist he represents. And if you choose to have a family member on your staff, you have to be a professional and keep your feelings for that person separate from your role as that person’s employer. That’s the way it works in the real world. That is what David must learn to do. And if an article on a fan site can cause deep scars, then someone ought to get some thicker skin.

    And do you think so little of David that you think he can’t take a little criticism of his father in his role as David’s manager? Do you think he’s so weak he’s going to fall down in a sad little heap over an article on a fan site? That is more condescending to David than anything that’s been said here yet, today.


  169. jans11 said

    Have you read David’s latest twitter?

    “Have some things to announce tomorrow for those of you in parts of the U.S.!” Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  170. Shawna said

    Tour dates are up on the OS!!!!!! Eeeeeeeek!!!!


  171. jans11 said

    So far none in the midwest, yet, anyway! There is one week where no dates are filled yet…fingers crossed. Or the closest one to me is in SLC! But when he comes to KC he’s only 10 min away from me! Please come to KC or the midwest at least!


  172. embe86 said

    Not really my place to comment on Angelica’s article… but I have to state how surprised I am that anyone would ridicule Angelica because of what she wrote. Have we not enough evidence that she is one of the biggest supporters David could ever have? I can’t believe anyone would think what she wrote didn’t come from the heart. It must have been so hard to put into words, because on one hand Angelica loves David and would never do or say anything to hurt him, but on the other hand she just cannot ignore what she witnessed that day.

    I’m very sad to see the article gone, but even sadder to read the comments against Angelica.


  173. silverfox said

    I’m getting ready for work but wanted to clear up something in case there are any misunderstandings about what I wrote last night.

    First of all, I too am guilty of wanting to dictate the direction & choices David makes. As fan who wants David to have a long and fulfilling career, there have been times when I wish I could counsel him about his “missteps”. But the point is that I have learned I have no right. It’s not my place. I don’t know David personally. I am a fan. I have to keep telling myself that.

    I try to keep in mind how often he has had to put on a coat of armor just to be able to get through the criticisms which he has had to deal with, probably for the better part of his life, so my thoughts are discussed privately with other fans, not on a public forum where my words would add to the negative impact he deals with daily because of some of his choices.

    I agree everyone has their own way of dealing with how we feel about David. Angelica, who is one of the most talented and prolific writers in David’s fandom, has a right to her opinions as do all his fans. And this site is hers to run as she likes. I get that. But the premise of this site has always been positivity with a hint now and then of witty commentary which is another talent of Angelica’s.

    There are other sites & blogs where anything goes. And that is fine for those fans who have a need to dissect David and his life. It is there way of dealing with the uncertainty of the last year. I am at the point where call me what you will, but just as this is a “freedom of speech” issue, even if it hurts the one we have all been here for these last few years, so do I have the right to disagree and say so.

    I don’t have to agree with David’s choice of Management, I only have to agree to accept and respect his freedom to make that choice. He is not a child. He is almost 21. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and what his interaction is with his father in private. What we see is sometimes not what it seems. David I suspect, has more control than we realize, just doesn’t try to wield it in public by showing who is the boss & who is the employee. He has too much class for that.

    Angelica runs this site with the help of a very talented and competent staff of administrators and writers. She can and has written whatever she wishes. This site was started by Angelica with much love and admiration for David. I know that has not changed.
    I had no issue with the article in regards to her opinion of David’s father. My issue was in regards to adding David’s name within the context of making him seem less than the person he has become.

    With that, I will take my leave. Hope everyone has a great day and that David announces a show near you! Good Times!


  174. WoAiDA said

    I think one should verify what was said in a phone conversation when one is not directly spoken to unless it came from a speaker phone. No one is sure whether Jeff really utter the phrase which hurts Angelica. The article is written as a fact and not an opinion. It created a “see I told you so about Jeff” among the Jeff haters and that is the start of the argument. The writers in this fansite are very good including Angelica. But next time when something is presented as fact, please verify or else it becomes a gossip. I had spoken to Jeff when David came to CD signing in a mall in Manila and even during the concert. And I do not find him dismissive of David’s fans but protective of his son’s and the band members’ security. A concert in any event has contract and the one who signs it must abide by it. We do not know what was written in the contract in that constitutional fair. So one can speculate that David and his management don’t want to violate it. I do not understand what is the rational behind that a parent is a poor manager than an outsider. Some very famous Asian singers and actors/actresses are managed by their parents. Maybe it is the culture difference,


  175. SandyBeaches said

    SF, we see that David has a great sensitivity to everything around him and that comes partially from having the highest level of artistry, well beyond any of us. He has proven to be a ramarkable individual in so mnay ways. It is his wave from the audience when he sees you that tells his story. I have seen that so many times…So I wave and say…hi I am with her!!! Ah, just joking on that one.



  176. loulou said

    Woaida !! I agree with you ! There are people That are to quick to judge and that can hurt. I know from exsperince and it does hurt very much and i am glad your culture is different.


  177. pocoelsy said

    Hi everyone,

    I’m obviously missing something here while I’m away!!! Hope all whatever happened will be resolved for the best… after all I truely believe that we are all here to support David regardless …!!! love and peace


  178. Katie said

    Angelica, Thanks for your article. I thought it was honest, truthful, and well written. I am a lurker and do not post here. I did write a very supportive comment to you but it disappeared along with your post. Anyway I agreed with your article and wanted to make sure you knew that.


  179. emifriend said

    A friend of mine posted the following quotation on my FB page this morning and it reminded me of David and made me feel better about all of this. I hope it makes you all feel better too:

    “The humblest citizen in all the land, when clad in the armour of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error.”

    (The 42nd Parallel: Volume One of the U.S.A. Trilogy – John Dos Passos, one of the “Lost Generation Writers” and best known for his U.S.A. Trilogy, died on this 28th day of September, 1970.



  180. power tools…

    […]David Archuleta in Arizona « The Voice[…]…


  181. fresh gossip…

    […]David Archuleta in Arizona « The Voice[…]…


  182. Mary Concepcion T. Matias said

    I miss David so much! and thanks for this site! Hope you guys send letters to him because it is our job to encourage missionaries to be strong and to let them keep in mind why they’re doing this. C’mon, let’s all send our letters now! 🙂


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