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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta Headlines The Constitution Fair

Posted by bebereader on Saturday, September 17, 2011

David  has created lots of buzz in Arizona as he headlines a concert at The Constitution Fair in Gilbert. Fans have come from all over the country plus Canada and Mexico to see David’s first United States performance since his epic Asian Tour last month.
Lots of goodies today! Several interview videos including one that revealed an upcoming  U.S. Holiday Tour!

Marylee_Angel received a reply tweet from David today when she tweeted:

@DavidArchie We’re sitting here on Twitter wondering about VIP at your upcoming Tour…what are the chances? *pretty please* 🙂

to which David replied:

@Marylee_DAangel I think the chances could be good.

One poster among several with song requests.

The stage is set for the show.

Opening act Firefly with David.

116 Responses to “David Archuleta Headlines The Constitution Fair”

  1. Abrra said

    Getting down to business, Archuleta FanScene has set up a Ustream link for fans to watch tonight’s show in real time!

    Use Archuleta FanScene’s Time Zone Map to see what time to watch in your area:

    Since David is the headline act, he should go on last, right after the Skydivers who go on at 7:15 Pacific Time.

    In the meantime

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  2. dakgal said

    I seem to have a knack for writing the very last post–so brought this over……………..

    Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 8:51 PM

    hmmmm—don’t see much Red–White & Blue except for the chairs—Haha

    Did our tribe– The Archuquoions have to bring their own chairs?

    Sky–white shirt in which pic?


  3. gladys said



  4. skydancer1x said

    Dak, the pic from the other article of the merchandise table..
    Wow,I dozed off, coming in to chat. need water first.:))


  5. Abrra said

    Pic from Djafan ( front row)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Our view!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  6. pocoelsy said


    Thanks for the link 🙂 I’m waitinggg!!!!


  7. betsy said

    With the heat and the crowd, it looks like David has his own Bonnaroo festival going on. 😉


  8. emmegirl said

    In the meantime….

    just staring at Abrra’s huuuge avatar.


  9. bebereader said

    I never heard God Bless America sound that good, even with static!


  10. emmegirl said

    Ik bebe, hoping there is some good video!!! That version is similar to one he sang as a boy. I always hoped he sing that version again.


  11. bebereader said

    Twitvid MKOP partial

    Twitvid Complain partial


  12. emmegirl said

    Great concert David! Now the video waiting game.
    Seemed to be a large and appreciative audience.

    Was hoping for another EWTRTW performance, but can see where it didn’t really fit into this particular event.

    Holy cow, that “staaaaaand” in SBM!


  13. bebereader said

    David tweets!

    Had a really great time tonight at the Constitutional Fair! Thanks Gilbert, Arizona for the fun time and all those who came!
    43 seconds ago


  14. Abrra said

    The set list on fine parchment no less 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Lisa’s daughter was given this 🙂



  15. bebereader said

    First videos are up!


    TOSOD partial

    credit ArchieFan42192


  16. bebereader said

    This group has awesome sound but the view…not so much.


    credit googoofan1

    Stand By Me


    credit googoofan1


  17. bebereader said

    National Anthem DJAFAN’S VIDEO!!!

    credit djafan


  18. bebereader said

    My Country Tis of The/America The Beautiful

    My Kind of Perfect



  19. kaycee said

    Thanks “Vpeeps” (as someone recently referred to the fine people on this site) for such awesome coverage of tonight’s event! David certainly was in fine voice and the crowd seemed to truly love him! So great to see him back up on the stage where he is meant to be! I can’t wait to hear all the details from all the lucky attendees and see all the pics and videos. Thanks to all those that kept us informed and made us feel a part of the excitement!

    “Woo to the Hoo” for the Christmas Tour! Tonight has me even more excited about seeing David sing live again during the holiday season. Time to start saving up!


  20. djafan said

    Hello my fellow David fans. Oh what a night! David was fantabulous and the crowd, David fans on the right of the stage (fan reserved seating) were representing! There was a huge crowd, thousands. So much to say but for now I’m going to say goodnight to all. Oh and by the way I LOVE DAVID 🙂


  21. bebereader said

    Elevator with Band Intros!

    credit ArchieFan42192

    Falling Stars

    Something ‘Bout Love

    credit googoofan1


  22. bebereader said

    High Five Line After the Show

    credit YouCanCallMeTina


    credit ArchieFan42192


  23. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Fairyrus


  24. lct said

    Djafan, thanks so much for posting videos! Also, my appreciation for the entire Voice for all the planning you did to make this special for David! I’m so grateful to be able count on David’s fans in the US to come thru for videos and all for us living in Europe. I hope that one day I’ll be able to do the same for you all! You guys rock! 🙂


  25. bebereader said

    National Anthem Closeup

    credit smileylane

    God Bless America

    credit YouCanCallMeTina


    credit smileylanie


  26. amb4da said

    Whoooo! Woke earlyyy this Sunday morn…so here I am, blarry eyed still and catchin’ up here…about to go make some toast and take a break, BUT…I just listened here to THE most wonderful new take on “GBA” #25 I’ve heard (and my favorite DA one, now.)
    I will be saving this in my arsenol of YouTube links I can “annoy” my non-DA friends with on patriotic holidays with email spams of it. okok, I keep them to a minimum…’til I get one like this and can’t resist. Ha…”How to win friends and influence people.” 🙂

    BUT BACK TO DAVID and that video….I love the kinda jazzy, bluesy, swingy, soulful spin on it…with plenty-a-heart, of course. I also got a kick outta him…kinda “conducting” the rhythm and pace of the song with his arm at one point. Also seemed to be trying to get his keyboardist’s attention in the beginning…I could be wrong…but anyway…loved this version. Back for more in a bit….


  27. amb4da said

    “…ohOhhhh..We’re (I’m) in H-e-eEv-annnn.” sigh. love that. (man, it’s hard to imitate DA vocal runs on postings. ha.)


  28. PattiNC said

    Beautiful GBA…amb4da I too thought in the beginning he was looking back at keyboardist and thinking “what song are you playing?” lol. Going back in!! (for more vids)


  29. Abrra said

    Ah what a sight to wake up to! Thanks to Bebe for posting the videos. There will be many more to come!

    Screen cap spam!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I started making mp3’s. I will hold off for a bit to make sure I get the best sound. Here are 2 of the patriotic songs





  30. Abrra said

    Another great SBB!

    Credit 8throwcenter

    Credit YouCanCallMeTina



  31. bluebar said

    #30 –
    “The Star-Spangled Banner” with the 4th stanza!!
    Who does that? Well, if we had to guess beforehand; all of us would say David Archuleta, of course!!

    This is the first video I am watching this morning…and my first chance to hear the show. Last night and into this morning, the cable internet connection had gone out in my area. (Aggravating and always, always at the wrong time). Anyhow, it’s on now.

    David… is perfection!
    Sang it gloriously…

    Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
    Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
    Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land
    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!


  32. skydancer1x said

    Thanks Bluebar for posting the words to the fourth stanza! David always knows when to do what,and where,The Constitution Fair was the perfect place to sing the 4th verse.He is just so intuitive…it boggles the mind.
    PattiNC. That is the most beautiful GBA I have ever heard.

    can’t wait for those videos to come throughout the day!
    PattiNC. The things he can do with that song..!


  33. PattiNC said

    Ok people of the world who pick NA singers for the Super Bowl….WAKE UP!!! Maybe you guys could start tweet spamming the Super Bowl committee with renditions of David’s. Who the heck sings a verse no one has ever heard…like that??????? Francis Scott Key must be smiling! And who knew that there are 4 stanzas?? We only sing the first and the one David sang was the 4th! Great singer and a teacher! lol


  34. bebereader said

    Doing a quick drive-by. *Yawn*

    Abs, thanks for the cool screencaps and for your help putting this article together.

    Safe travels to everyone traveling home today from Arizona. Hope you got to enjoy the weather and the good friends made by being a fan of David’s.

    David on Friday night
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit @Kristin_514


  35. Marylee said

    First of all..who can type ANYTHING after looking at the lead picture! LOL

    Just want to wish everyone safe travels home from this INCREDIBLE event. I have no idea how David continues to move me the way he does~I just accept it for what it is & never question it anymore. He’s one-in-a-million & I only wish he had a clue how much he is loved & respected by his devoted fans. Thanks again, David, for another memorable night even though I experienced it through USTREAM & shared videos…I somehow felt I was there ♥


  36. Djafan said

    Hi…I am on my way home from an out of this world David experience. I can’t even begin to describe…the archustupor has overtaken me:)


  37. skydancer1x said

    Listening to everything today..over and over and over….{{sigh}}
    26. amb4DA,>>>>>>>> ” Also seemed to be trying to get his keyboardist’s attention in the beginning…”

    28.PattiNC,>>>>>>>> “amb4da I too thought in the beginning he was looking back at keyboardist and thinking “what song are you playing?” lol.
    oh yeah… someone’s train car was definitely off the track, but The Engine,stayed in complete control and saved the day! .
    without missing a beat or getting thrown off, for even a second either ) what a guy!♥

    ( I woulda; had to start over)


  38. pattiNC said

    SKy true…a mere mortal would’ve had to stop! 😉 But when you can sing WITHOUT music as good as you can WITH music, it doesn’t trip you up!!


  39. SandyBeaches said

    Hey there! We have been seeing people off for the last 5 hours. Angelica, TerryTampa and other friends are gone now and Pattirae, cb, Shawna, Refnaf and my travels mates SF and Hooked are in a holding pattern for now!

    We have stories to tell later!

    Happy Birthday Pattirae tomorrow, September 19 from everyone here and there!!!



  40. emmegirl said

    amb4da, yeah something was going on at the beginning there.
    Didn’t seem to matter though, did it, lol!

    Beginning to sound like a broken record but he looked and sounded beautiful.

    Looked like the Jakarta shirt sans the fitted white tee.

    Thanks you guys for getting up videos so promptly! Can’t wait for all the details when everyone returns.


  41. Abrra said

    Here are a couple of 10 min videos with good sound, but kinda far away.

    credit ckaye






  42. betsy said

    Changed up, close up SBL
    Love this!

    credit ShelleyFod


  43. bebereader said

    Thanks Betsy!
    Shelley’s are so close up!
    Here are 3 more:

    Here’s Falling Stars

    Star Spangled Baner

    God Bless America


  44. betsy said

    Oh theres lots that I could say, but just hold me now.

    Credit YouCanCallMeTina


  45. betsy said

    I love her videos. Always have.
    The new guitarist, Asef, seems to have a rock sound to him. Really noticed it in Heaven @2:50 ish.
    I like it. 🙂


  46. dayzee said

    I was in the Phoenix airport and there were people everywhere but all of them had naked wrists and I mourned for the temporary loss of all my friends with black bracelets.


  47. sweetonDA said

    What a day and night we had yesterday. It was so great to see all the fans and to meet so many of you at the get together at Pei Wei’s. I have to say the fans of David are the most wonderful, genuine and generous people in the world. Thanks to all of you who donated for the flowers, wrote cards, letters and gave gifts to David. Fans from near and far were involved and just want you all to know he received your gifts and was overwhelmed.

    I’m not great with words like many of you, but just wanted to say, WOW! What a great concert. David was awesome as you can see in the video’s, but what I’ll remember is all the new friends I got to meet and share this experience with. Thank you to all.

    It was so awesome to spend time with Djafan, Angelica, Silverfox, Hooked, Pattirae, Shawna, cb, Carol and Sandy Beaches. You don’t know how much I was looking forward to meeting some of you for the first time and also visiting with some of you again. It was so much fun! So have any on you washed your hands yet? 😉

    Hope everyone that came had a great time in Gilbert, AZ and so glad the weather cooperated. Perfect for an outdoor concert. My favorite of the night was Heaven. David sang that just for the fans. I could feel him communicating with us and telling us thank you for being there and for all we did to make him feel welcomed.

    Thanks Abrra and Bebe for getting all the happenings up so quickly as they came available. You two rock!!!

    Thanks to all the fans who recorded the concert. I’m going back in now to relive the experience and revel in his wonderful voice.

    Hope all those fans traveling back home make it safely, with no surprising delays or layovers, right Angelica? ♥ ♥ ♥

    Whew, okay I’m done, except to thank Angelica, Djafan and Sandy Beaches for all their hard work. You are all awesome!


  48. djafan said

    Hello everyone! I’m home!

    Just wanted to say that we spoke to Jeff Archuleta after the concert and he said David was blown away by the gifts, cards. letters, flowers, and the bag Sandy beaches had that held it all, very impressive. More to come about that.

    They enjoyed edible fruit 🙂


    @StevenJRob Hello… We sent you all an edible bouquet … It’s in the RV. Enjoy!

    StevenJRob Steven J. Robinson

    @TheVoiceDA delicious! Thanks!!! 🙂

    Angelica is working on a recap with the deets and those of us there will put our stories in the comments 🙂

    I saw this tweet…

    Last night David touched hands. He didn’t just high five.

    David walked along the barricade and put his hand out, arm outstretched as he touched our hands and let us touch his arm, his hands, it was a true exchange. It reminded me of Asia when he put out his hand into the crowd and everyone touched his hand. Unreal.


  49. sweetonda said

    Luvie, didn’t mean to leave you out. Maybe subconciously I’m still a little bit miffed at you 😉 not really, it was great to meet you and spend time with you and Angelica. Love your accents and hopefully I’ll visit your state for a concert someday


  50. skydancer1x said

    Abrra, Betsy, and Bebe.Thanks for these latest videos, they are so wonderful and clear.
    I was sitting here thinking…Elvis had his trilogy, and David has his patriotic medley. Distant similarities,if that makes any sense but just one of those little “things” that make me grin. This patriotic medley sets David apart from his peers as does the National Anthem and any other patriotic song he has sung.
    ,”land where my fathers died, land of the peeeeelllgrims pride” ….that trademark ‘cry’voice! Gah!
    from 2:04 to the end he has me spellbound with emotion and pride,and chills.He is such a gift.He is an American treasure,
    That is all. Just happy♥


  51. bebereader said

    Betsy, If I remember correctly, the only instrument used for Heaven in Asia was keyboard. I love it with the full band now!

    Welcome Home djafan! Got chills when you described David at the barricades and how he let everyone touch his hand and arm,

    SweetonDA, You, You, You are due a round of applause too for all YOUR hard work and efforts in collecting the gifts, cards, letters and money for flowers. {{{{SweetonDA}}}}}

    Sky, He certainly is a treasure! He sings patriotic songs like nobody else. The true American Idol if you ask me. *wink*

    Twitpics below by YouCanCallMeTina

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  52. Abrra said

    New videos from justmellowdee




  53. Heidijoy said

    Thank You to Bebe,Abrra and Betsy for the updates. Thanks to SB,Djfan and Sweetonda for checking in and letting us know how things went. Looking forward to Angelica’s report and all the contributions. So grateful for all the videos I’ve been watching all day. Was out of town last eve and today so missed going to the concert and listening to the Ustream, so it was especially nice to see all the updates.
    So glad you got a report from Jeff Djafan. You gals gave David all the love from everyone and it means so much to him and to us. Thanks to the Voice,Snowanglez,FanScene et all.


  54. SandyBeaches said

    Dayzee, you are one funny lady and so much fun!!!

    After awhile I was checking everyone out to see if they had a black bracelet. The band wore them and lots of other guys.

    Someone ask Djafan to tell about the “Chair Moshing!!” She was the instigator and I bet she can tell it the best!



  55. cool dad said

    Was there Saturday night, I am a 36 years old dad and came to see David for my 2 year old daughter who adores David’s music ( I have to play Elevator couple of times in my car stereo with her begging for more). David is her justin bieber to many little girls her age, which I would say David is far better than any other modern day american pop singers.
    he reminded me so much of my favorite singer way back in 80s and 90s,Glenn Medeiros ,who is like David ,is a product of a talent search, you can see his vocal style and charisma a lot like David, and no wonder I became an instant fan.

    You can watch him perform on youtube and judge it to yourself.

    David is a gifted performer and no wonder why he is loved by my countrymen back home in the Philippines.

    hope to see him perform again live.


  56. skydancer1x said

    55. Cool Dad..
    that you are playing David’s music, for your 2 year old, makes you Super Cool Dad, in my book:))
    David is “suitable” for all ages!
    Such a sweet story you have shared. I can just picture your daughter when you play “Elevator” for her.haha, so cute.
    Did she sing, during Elevator, Saturday night?

    “David is a gifted performer and no wonder why he is loved by my countrymen back home in the Philippines.”
    ♥it appears to be a two-way street♥ Cool Dad.
    your comment made my day.:)


  57. amb4da said

    Just back on this a.m. for a quick look…tks for explaining #26 on GBA, all…haha. Of course “The MASTER” can handle it all. I actually thought it was a new arrangement, meant to maybe start slow with that little piano “tink, tink” (lol..for lack of the technical musical term..) but that his timing/pacing was just off. Ha…maybe it WAS a whole other song! Anyway…love David’s “subtle” looks to him.

    Another thing…may I just say I *heart* CoolDad!!:) Not a demographic that usually posts these sites…now..that IS cool. 🙂 (GB the Philippines! Go Cool Dad!-fist pump) Ok…back to see what I missed…


  58. amb4da said

    LOL…want to get to other videos I haven’t seen but started back on GBA…and had to laugh again..his first look back is like “Ok, whaAa’t?”…the second, more sharp & pointed, is like “NO, Dude, for REAL…stop!) haha…but still cooly continues. Great pics, (hello, most photogenic, E-ver, singer)..
    David looks happy…love that.


  59. betsy said

    I can see why David chose Asaf Rodeh. What a talent.


  60. Heidijoy said

    Nice to see you here Cool Dad. Your name suits you! thanks for posting. Come back.

    Nice find Betsy. Asaf is really talented.


  61. FG said

    Helllllo! I just had to stop by and say helllllllo! and I am ALIVE. I have just been super busy with real life lately. LOVE the videos. Love you all. I can’t wait to hear about how you all got the gifts/flowers to him! What’s this I hear about the arm and hand holding? *faints* LOL 🙂


  62. FG said

    Oh yeah and did someone say he is naming his CHRISTMAS TOUR?? C’mon David! We could recommend some names: The Anticipation, it’s making you wait, Tour. The Other Side of Halloween, not yet New Year Tour. The Holiday Tour formerly known as CFTH. 🙂


  63. bebereader said

    Cool Dad!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Your daughter must have been thrilled to see David in concert. Hope she had lots of fun! David’s appeal spans all ages. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen before but I am going to check Glenn Medeiros per your suggestion. We welcome your comments here so please come back!

    Betsy, Asaf is one cool guitarrist! Thanks for the great find!

    FG, THERE you are! WB! Angelica is working on her recap now; I can’t wait to read it myself! 🙂


  64. SandyBeaches said

    Just leaving Phoenix…visited with friends from all sites yesterday!! We actually stayed in our hotel for breakfast that turned into lunch hours later. We said our good-byes hour by hour.

    We came, we saw (oh yah) and we delivered!!! Well actually we picked out, picked up and delivered! Absolutely, SweetonDA the thank you remains embedded in the song ‘Heaven’ forever…



  65. VJ said

    Thanks again to everyone who helped with the gifts, etc. I’m glad y’all got to attend..And David was overwhelmed…Good. Mission accomplished.

    And thanks for taking the time to post, Cool Dad! I like what you said..Feel free to come back & post again.


  66. bebereader said

    To: SandyBeaches and everyone still traveling home: SAFE TRAVELS!

    David tweets! In fact he had a mini Twitter party going on his morning!

    Oh man, I think I am in breakfast heaven. Thank you @CascadianFarm for all the amazing cereal! My family is ecstatic
    1 hour ago

    @HausOfArchie @davidarchie please watch our video 🙂 this is Vietnamese Archie’s cover Crush-Notice me Mash-up 🙂 thanks 1 hour ago

    @HausOfArchie You guys are creative! haha. Thanks for making that I did get to see that too not too long ago!
    1 hour ago

    Haha thanks Thai Fans!! RT
    1 hour ago

    @Archoo44 .
    @DavidArchie Hi David 🙂 when are you announcing your xmas tour?
    1 hour ago

    @Archoo44 Soon 🙂
    1 hour ago

    A collage of Naree’s awesome pics from the Asian tour…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  67. amb4da said

    Just poppin’ in..
    SweetonDA and DJA #47/48, so glad all went so well and David happily received all his gifts.

    … nice collage #66; love that “Welcome pic” in #63 (the happy, crinkly smile); and FG #62…your possible names for Christmas tour cracked me up…esp. TOSOO and Christmas tour formerly known as CFTH. Too funny.

    ok, maybe one quick video *coughHeaven” before I go… 🙂


  68. Amb4DA said

    Gotta just say Thanks to YouCanCallMeTina here, for amazingly shot, close-up videos here, and all those DA videographers over these 3+ years who continue to provide these.
    (spoken from one whose not-ready-for-prime-time vids from my point and shoot camera, are something I often abandon now, in lieu of “being in the moment” so I can really absorb and remember it, at least!) I so appreciate the others with great skills and equipment for us all to enjoy. Tks~~


  69. djafan said

    This is nice from Ben’s girlfriend.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I normally don’t write much on my blog because I just like posting artwork and calling it a day, instead of rambling unnecessarily. But for this one, I really wanted to share the story behind it…

    My boyfriend, Ben started playing bass for David Archuleta back in April of this year, and we flew to Gilbert, AZ this weekend because David was headlining the 2011 Constitution Fair, an annual event held in the city of Gilbert. I was really thrilled to finally get to see a live performance because I had never been to one of his shows, only a rehearsal just before they toured Asia back in July– So this was a brand new and exciting experience for me! Danielle and I (Steven, the drummer’s wife) got to hang out on stage during the sound check and sat front row during the show. Obviously, we had a great time. One of the things I really enjoyed was watching the younger, die-hard Archie fans. They exhibited the whole spectrum of emotion, from sheer glee to hysterical screams and sobs. They were so devoted! After I managed to get backstage again (Getting passed security was a whole other story in itself, which I may have to make a separate post about later on!) we stayed in the trailer a little while before it was time to go back to our hotel. The way it worked was the band got in the van first and pulled up near the barricade where the fans gathered, then David ran out to give them one last smile and wave goodbye, hopped in the van with the rest of the band, and we sped off. It was surreal being inside that van but still being a spectator. It was an experience I’ll never forget… And a story I had to make into a drawing.

    Posted by Miranda Tacchia at 8:51 PM


  70. sweetonDA said

    Hey ya Blueberry Ice, just checking in to see if you and your daughter made it home safely. So, how did she like the concert? I’m almost 100% positive you did. 🙂 You are such a sweetie pie and I hope I get to see you again at another concert real soon. It was a pleasure meeting you.

    Look’s like Ben’s gf is an artist and a good one too. I love her cartoon. It’s a good representation too.

    So great of Cascadian Farms to send their cereal to David. Could there be an endorsement deal coming?

    SB, that’s a Good Place for a Thank You to be embedded. I’m in heaven watching that video.


  71. gladys said

    Sometimes I wonder if my words in English are understandable, ¿¿These words are enough to express my gratitude to all the girls at The Voice??. I hope so.
    I do not want to write the name of each one because I have fear of forgetting some. But I must write some names, I should.
    Abrra, she was the first of the girls, who welcomed me to chat and try to make me feel comfortable.
    Angelica, she has been very conscious of my ignorance of English and she made me understand that this is not a problem, an obstacle that can disappear when I want.
    Bebereader, she is someone who is not angry with me when I say something stupid about david. She is quiet and she hopes, that I account for my error.
    Steno is special to me, with her, we chatted a lot, I talk too much and she listens to all my theories about david. she is very patient.
    Gayle (I apologize if there is an error in the name), she speaks Spanish and is easier to express all the crazy things going through my head and our discussions are very interesting.
    I have left for last place Djafan. The most interesting part of our talk is the harmony that exists between her and me. (I feel so)
    Djafan, she has heard every one or all of my thoughts about David. She speaks Spanish, too, and the conversations are more fluid. I have had wild theories, some are successful and others …., I do not know.
    Djafan has been my muse for this journey without end, thanks dja.
    I feel a great admiration for all. I want to ask many apologies for the missing names.
    thanks to all, and David, for making my life again, an adventure.


  72. stenocruiser said

    #71 – Oh, Gladys, how sweet you are – I am so touched that you would include me in your kind words about all the fine folks here. Heaven knows I contribute so little to the discussions but I surely do enjoy them. Gladys, I enjoy you! I have said time and again how special you are and it has been said by others how insightful you are when it comes to David, his talent, his career and your perception of his future. Goodness, you do not talk too much – as far as I’m concerned you can never talk enough. You are such a joy and your sense of humour is both quirky and clever. We love you, Gladys – God bless.


  73. jans11 said

    Hope everyone is back home safely, or where ever their destination was to be. Some were going onto other places before going home.
    Just want to say how much fun it was to meet all of you that went to AZ. Being with a group that likes David the same way as I and talking non-stop for about 4 hrs was just awesome! Seeing David again was great and see more maturity in him every time.
    Dayzee, thanks for letting me pal around with you and sharing your car! It was so nice of you. There were so many to list separately, enjoyed you all.
    Thanks to all of you that done all the running around doing all the errands that needed to be done. That took a lot of effort to make it go smoothly. Everyone so appreciates it.
    A special kudos to Patti. It was so good that she could be there after all she’s been thru. Special prayers are with her.
    Thanks to Teri and her sister, Christi for taking me and Teresa to the airport. You guys are awesome!!
    Airfare to concert: $200
    Hotel room for 2 nights: $200
    Cab fare to hotel: $62
    Meeting David fans and seeing David in concert: PRICELESS!!!!


  74. skydancer1x said

    Nice to see peeps returning to the ‘nest’ after such an amazing weekend with David and each other♥

    73 Jan, hows your PI? all gone I hope. I met Terry (and her other sister) when we met to attend the Dallas concert in December last year, along with the venue! Terry is such a sweetheart, love her!

    Can’t wait to hear from everyone returning from the big event…woo hoo! Chompin’ at the bit here!! you know how it is to wait for recaps:)

    66. Why do I have this picture in my head, of a room in David’s house packed with hundreds of boxes of CascadianFarm cereal!? LOL


  75. SandyBeaches said

    Hi Jans11…I am in the Newark airport still making my way! It was good to meet you and Dayzee…

    I was standing close to Ben’s girlfriend after David’s performance and I was watching as the security people would not assist her in an appropriate way. I was very close to lending a hand when Ben came to get her. The security was a little over the top throughout the day and did get between David and his audience. I held back from asking the big guy in the middle of the front of the stage if he would like a chair or maybe he could smile just a little!!

    Anyway, you just never know what will be!!!



  76. emmegirl said

    Betsy, thanks for that vid of Asaf. Watched a couple more of him. Wow, don’t have to know anything about guitar (me), to see that he is an amazing musician!

    Another wow for Ben’s girlfriend, another big talent. I wonder if she’s drawn one of those cute caricatures of D. 🙂

    Hi Cool Dad, seems your two yo has a sophisticated ear for music. If she likes skating, he will be at the holiday ice show on Nov 12. 🙂


  77. Heidijoy said

    # 73 Jan11 So glad you made it back safely and had such a great time!!David’s fans are the best and of course David never disappoints.

    #75 SB You are a trooper! It sounds as though you are doing all right in spite of the long trip. Thanks again for all you do for David and his fans.

    David sounds like a happy camper too!! Tour news soon eeeeeeee!
    #71 Gladys I always enjoy reading what you have to say!! You seem like a very sweet person.

    It’s a good place here.


  78. MT said

    Little ones are all home again and I’m just now catching up on everything. Thanks to everyone for all of the updates! I can’t tell you how awesome you all are!!

    Abrra, thanks so much for the “pic spams”! Luckily you hold the wand and can’t get in trouble!! haha Spam away!!

    #66. Bebe, David’s twitter party was awesome. Haha Love the cereal tweet. And I’m so glad TOUR NEWS should be coming out SOON. (Not sure what “soon” means exactly in David’s mind, but it sounds promising 🙂 ) ** South Mississippi, Please, David?? **

    #69. Dja, love the cartoon and article from Ben’s girlfriend. She’s really talented.

    When I finally get to a David concert, I’m probably going to look like the third girl from the left. Big smile, all mushy, but taller and older. lol

    I’m so glad that everyone had a great time and can’t wait for Angelica’s recap!!


  79. dayzee said

    It is good to find everyone is getting home safely. Good for us! Another mountain climbed!

    The bracelets brought cohesiveness to all the fans. Many people stopped and introduced themselves when they saw we were wearing them. That was a terrific idea SB. Thank you.

    As always, it was truly a love fest from every dimension. It was great to have all the fans looking out for each other. Taking care of each and every one. Many of us came by ourselves and it was never a problem. Everyone was made welcome. Angelica was very nice to me even when she thought I was a stray Davidless hotel guest who had wandered into their party. That was before i had the black wrist band for ID. Haha.

    Thanks to everyone. You all made my time there euphoric. Shauna and Patti for saving us a seat. Jan for helping me find my way around. All of you at the hotel. Just too many to write down.

    The one thing missing here on this site is everyone’s distinctive accents. I loved hearing the cadence from different parts of the country. Cannot wait for the next time 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Smiles for everyone. I know you are wearing yours.


  80. bebereader said

    Welcome back to all those who have already arrived home including Jans and Dayzee. Safe travels to those still on their way.

    Loved Miranda’s blog. I can see myself standing there, the ultimate fangirl!

    Gladys#71 When you’re not in chat, I miss your sense of humor and intelligence. You contribute greatly to the fun times we have every Saturday night. Thanks for teaching me Espanol. 🙂

    Sky#74 You’re probably right about David’s house being packed with cereal boxes. LOL

    *waves to SandyBeaches* in Newark (not too too far from me, not to close either LOL)

    It’s awesome to feel the warmth among David’s fans. Are warm people attracted to David or does David inspire the warmth? Hmm.

    Celebrity sighting: David Archuleta at Joe’s Real BBQ

    by Jess Harter | September 19, 2011

    Former “American Idol” runner-up David Archuleta dropped by Joe’s Real BBQ in Gilbert on Friday to enjoy some ‘cue. We haven’t been able to track down any photos of the pop singer there, but the restaurant posted this memento on social media.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  81. djafan said

    Going back to work today was tough! Focus, focus lol I still have David in the brain haha

    Dayzee you have a great sense of humor! I’m missing all of you!

    David is still in the minds of Asia 🙂

    This from Journal Online.

    “There’s an interview with “American Idol 10” contestants Lauren Alaina, Paul and Thia Megia who guested to promote their two-night concert at the Araneta Coliseum that we heard had slow ticket sales. Maybe Pinoys were not really interested in them as even the winner, Scotty Mcreery, is not as cute as past runnerup David Archuleta who staged more successful shows here.”

    From Noche de Gala from HOLLYWOOD ON THE POTOMAC. Slideshow at the link.

    “American Idol”competitor David Archuleta
    hits up the keyboard at The Annual Noche de Gala!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  82. jans11 said

    #74, Sky..poison ivy is much better since I was on Steroids all week and Benedryl at night. I was concerned about being hot and itchy, but the hotel a/c was nice and cold! lol The concert was not that bad either after the sun went down.
    #75, SB have safe travels and I know you got a lot of good story ideas!
    #80, Wonder where Joe’s Bar b q is? I love Bar b q!!


  83. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Pamela Pike has some nice pics from The Constitution event on her site including the one above. Go here for more:


  84. djafan said


    You are a beautiful person, your words are so kind. I’m at a loss, no one has said things like this. We’re on a great journey and I am so glad you found a home here, love you and I thank you 🙂


  85. jans11 said

    Patti…I know we all sang Happy Birthday to you yesterday, hope you had a good one!

    # 83 We need a WARNING on that picture! WOW!!!


  86. sweetonDA said

    Jans11 #82 – Joe’s is just about 1 mile down the street from where the venue was on Gilbert Rd. It’s a real popular BBQ place with great food. I wonder if there were anymore people there that got to say hi to him.


  87. pocoelsy said

    #66 Bebe,

    Thanks for the twitter party you post there, having major spazzzz for us Thai fans, the fact that David did “notice” that vid and responded to it was surreal haha, David is sooo good and sweet to his fans. I’m so happy for the girl who made it and Archie Thailand!!!! (read in their FB they all had a sleepless night lol spazzing so bad haha)

    Thanks everyone and admins for lightening speed report, pictures, videos (which I got lost in em haha), and hope those who’re travelling back home have a save journey, you guys are the bestest 🙂 :).

    #55 cool dad,

    Hi welcome, nice to see a dad stop by here, you’re indeed a “cool dad” 🙂

    #71 Gladys,

    Totally understand what you’re saying lol express oneself in other language is a challenge but yeah we are go getter fans of David, and as David said if you want to do something just go for it (regardless) so here we are !!! and thanks to all the lovely ladies and gents here who’re totall patient and understanding or try to understand hee hee, you all make me feel “at home” here !!!

    Oh I’ve never heard SSB sung like that before; never knew there’s another verse in that song, I had goosebum and chill down my neck when he sang “then conquer we must” brrrr, his vibrato’s also out of this world!!!! in fact the whole song gave me CHILL. 🙂


  88. kaycee said

    Welcome home to all you Arizona travelers! Hugs and thanks for all the tweets, pictures, videos and recaps (still looking forward to more of those)…and for going the extra mile to show David how much he is loved! Sounds like it was an amazing time, and that David truly felt the support his fans. He sounded fantastic and looked great! Sooo many great comments!

    #35 “I have no idea how David continues to move me the way he does~I just accept it for what it is & never question it anymore. He’s one-in-a-million & I only wish he had a clue how much he is loved & respected by his devoted fans.”

    #40 “Beginning to sound like a broken record but he looked and sounded beautiful.”

    #46 “I was in the Phoenix airport and there were people everywhere but all of them had naked wrists and I mourned for the temporary loss of all my friends with black bracelets.”

    #50 “He is such a gift. He is an American treasure.”

    #64 “We came, we saw (oh yah) and we delivered!!!

    #71 “Thanks to all, and David, for making my life again, an adventure.

    #77 “It’s a good place here.”


  89. bebereader said

    Pocoelsy, Had to listen to SSB again, at the part you mentioned, “then conquer we must” and….I got your goosebumps! haha I’ve listened to a lot of singers in my life and a singer like David is a rare breed.

    This is so adorable…David gives a TV broadcaster voice lessons…

    credit JR


  90. annie318 said

    Hello all ~ I am happy to say I did get to go to Gilbert, AZ.
    Such a fun fun weekend. I am going to write about it, just not tonight.

    I want to give another update on Jacob. He is apparently doing better and is improving daily. I am so happy for Jacob & his wife, Gretchen. Thsnk you to all for the prayers.


  91. Blueberry Ice said

    Wow, after a magical weekend, so much to share but real life demands beckoned rudely. There is one thing I must say, that it was such a pleasure to meet the beautiful ladies whose voices I’ve come to admire and respect here … so to Angelica, Djafan, SB, Luvie, SweetonDA, and others (I must apologize to those whose names I’ve forgotten as I was somewhat nervous and starstruck at meeting our fearless admins, lol), a heartfelt thank you for making me feel welcome and for organizing such a wonderful welcoming for David. You were all so fabulous! This sounds cheesy but somehow now that I’ve gotten to actually meet fellow fans, even though briefly, I finally feel like I’m part of this big family and not just talking among strangers. It was such a good feeling to watch everyone, sharing, laughing and so spirited in their conversations, that I was very glad to have been there. #80 Bebe, Yes there is a contagious “warmth” that radiates from David’s fans the same way that it naturally flows from David, sort of a symbiotic thermal reaction, mutually benefiting both and everyone around.

    SweetonDA … #70; A special thank you for thinking about my daughter. Yes, I had to coax her to come with me since I’m was too chicken to fly by myself. When my niece couldn’t go, I wasn’t sure how this trip would be since my daughter is not a big David fan but thankfully, she did thoroughly enjoy the concert and I’m happy to say that she even shocked me by asking to buy a David T-shirt before the night was over, lol! Yes, gotta start saving for the next concert for sure!

    SB; Your bracelet was such a great idea! It was neat to see how unifying it was to show support for David. I must confess, too, that like Dayzee (#46), I was scanning for that bracelet while walking through the airport, hoping that I could spot fellow fans.

    I don’t know if anyone has talked about this but it was so funny to see the near stampede of fan’s running to get to the reserved seats, haha! There was a very long line of people waiting outside the gates at least a 100 yards away or so from the stage area. As soon as they let people in, everyone was off running & cutting across the field, not even following the dirt track where the booths were lined up on each side. Gosh, it seemed like a mob of people from kids, tweens, moms, including “middle-aged” women and yep, guys and I’m sure some dads (was that you Cool Dad # 55?), too! Even the vendors were yelling “run” and “there they go”! Can you imagine what security was thinking when they saw this mad rush of people coming towards them? I wish I had thought about recording that scene but hey, I was too busy trying to outrun the guys, haha! Whoa, I can’t believe the things a fangirl does, lol! I was quite lucky to get some good seats (right next to the aisle so I had an unobstructed view of the middle of the stage, woo hoo!, but mental note to get a better camera for next show!) Security put all the wristband group (David fans) to the right of the stage while the left side was for the “others”. I’m fairly sure David knew his fans were on the right because during the show, David pointed to the right side being so loud or something like that (yes, David, you should know that by now! 🙂

    There is nothing like being outdoors and hearing David’s voice soar through the night, way above the crowd noise which was surprisingly nonexistent to my ears as all I heard was the sweet resonance of his clear pitch perfect voice, sigh … and for as big and deep as that crowd was, I’d say that was pretty amazing. Oh and let’s not forget the 10 feet (some mentioned 20 feet) chair scooting toward the stage … I don’t know what security was doing (well, of course, they were mesmerized by The Voice, right?) but that was just insane & has got to be a concert first … chair moshing (instigated by our own Djafan, is that right?), lol … #54; SB, I didn’t even know what “moshing” meant, so I confess that I had to look it up! Anyway, it was quite bizarre as somehow an empty chair ended up right in front of me and my daughter with no one claiming it but the whole chair moshing thing was certainly an unforgettable “what the random” moment, haha!

    Goodness, it was a special night to remember but this was for certain, the crowd supported and showered David with much love … they shouted, screamed, cheered, some sang and some danced. Like a moth that is attracted to light, it seemed the fans kept creeping in closer to the stage, filling the center aisle and even crowding in from both sides of the stage that the MC had to caution the crowd to back away. Well, we know how magnetizing David is … can you imagine what that looked like from the skydiver’s vantage point as they were landing? Well, this is all that my tired brain can come up with for now and I didn’t even get a chance to talk about what he sang, oh well … good night for now! (Gosh, sorry this is so long!)

    Annie; #90 … Just saw your update on Jacob … so good to hear that he is improving; continued prayers for his complete recovery. Looking foward to your recap!


  92. Abrra said

    I apologize for coming late to the Welcome Home party.
    Happy Birthday to a very sweet Pattirae! Loved saying hi to you. You sounded so strong and happy!

    Gladys you are the Queen of the chat room. Everyone asks “Where is Gladys?” until you arrive.

    Thank you to those reporting back about meeting fans and l the fun times at the show. Chair moshing sounds like some AARP event.haha

    I am working on videos for the chat room which explains my MIA status. The best ones might be Jonerz and 8throwcenter. Hoping to get them all sorted out and uploaded by tonight. I’ll run a set of Gilbert videos exclusively in Unplugged till the weekend. Will have the full set of mp3’s up by tonight as well. I’ll put links up here.

    SB thank you in advance for the bracelet. I think we should always wear them to a show. What better way to identify each other? Great idea! I still wear the leather braided one from 2009, daily. It is a talisman of love and hope for a better day!

    Back to work I go.



  93. Gayle122890 said

    Just a quick drive-by on my lunch hr. Though I don’t have much of a chance to come here, I’ve been hanging on every detail that’s posted here. Thank you all. thank you specially to Sweetonda for getting our gifts, letters and cards to David. Gives me a thrill to know that he may actually read what I wrote to him. Although the possibility of him actually replying to me is non existent because I didn’t put a return address or anything on my letter (Doe!). I just love that GBA. Leave it to David to make it unique.

    I’m so glad that David has such awesome professional musicians to work with him. They’re the greatest band! {{{Mark}}}.

    Blueberry Ice, I enjoyed your partial recap. Hope to hear more!

    Are those broader shoulders under that red shirt?? Looks like he might have been working out lately.

    Gladys, it’s a hoot hearing all the crazy things that go through your head. I wish I could get to talk to you more :).

    I’m hoping to hear more about Davids reaction to all the show of love from the fans. I would have loved to see the look on his sweet face. ❤


  94. bebereader said

    Awesome videos by 8throwcenter, as Abrra referred to in comment #92.

    Falling Stars

    “Wow, David and band totally rocked this. I love this performance! There’s a few seconds at the beginning with no picture due to having trouble hitting the record button on my camera. Video by me from my camera, audio by Donna using my camcorder with external mic. Sounds really good to me!”


    “I ecorded the video and took the audio from my camcorder which Donna used with my external mic. It’s really good audio. David coughed some during the performance and I do think he may have had
    allergies or something going on, but he still sounded great and I love his introduction to this song, not all of which I got. Enjoy.”

    My Kind of Perfect

    “Ahh, his face. I love his expressions as he performs this song. I am not sure if he was suffering from allergies in AZ because he was coughing some during Complain, and in this video you can see his eyes tearing a bit. Regardless his expressions and emotions are a beautiful part of this performance.”


  95. bebereader said


    “Really awesome performance, recorded by Donna with my camcorder and external mic, very nice audio I think. David and band played on even when the lights went out 2/3 of the way through.”

    Stand By Me

    “Wow, I love how David sings this song and it was such a loving performance. Sorry the audio is a bit distorted. I still love it.”

    Something ‘Bout Love

    “David’s performance of SBL at AZ. Love how the crowd sung along with him. Video recorded by me with my camera and audio by Donna with my camcorder with external mic. Good audio!


  96. Abrra said

    Off topic sorta but still DAVID!
    I got a text message from djbell13 with some pictures she edited from one of her videos.

    I like the texture they have and almost a black and white effect.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Here is her video that she played with.

    credit djbell13



  97. Abrra said

    I’ll spam some jonerz videos. Some are like David in visual stereo 🙂 Its like a free concert here at The Voice 🙂

    Thanks to jonerz!



  98. skydancer1x said

    WOW! thanks Bebe!
    Those are fabulous videos! Woo Hoo! That version of SBL had me up and singin’ and dancing and jumping around so much, my cats ran out of the room like their tails were on fire. Whew, need water.haha
    I think Asaf Rodeh is really awesome.I love the new flavor
    he brings to these songs. Hes very good! They all did a great job, but there is something I really like about this guys skills…idk

    Abrra,ROFL!at your comment>>>>”Chair moshing sounds like some AARP event.”
    hahahaha!!! that is hilarious
    I can’t wait to hear the whole story elaborated on Djafan :))

    (Abs, thanks for working so hard on all the goodies coming in. much appreciated♥)


  99. Hooked said

    I too want to thank all of you that made the weekend such a blast. Seeing/hearing David is one thing, a blessing, but meeting all of you is quite something as well. Only David can bring a bunch of women together to share the love. I have a feeling some real friendships were born. Silverfox I have to tell you – I was really scared that you and Sandy Beaches were going to miss the beginning of David. It was very brave and generous to place each bag so carefully into the big bag and driving around and around to order flowers, arrange them then pick them up so close to show time. Thank you both for letting me tag along. Love you muchly!


  100. silverfox said

    Hooked! So much fun sharing these adventures & our ODD! Another thing we can thank HIM for, eh? 😆

    That was an experience I won’t soon forget! I thought waiting to pick up the flowers an hour before D-Time was a great idea so the flowers would be fresh & beautiful. Then getting lost when SB & I left the venue to pick up the flowers, I thought THIS WAS A STUPID IDEA!

    But luck was with us. We found the store, picked up the bouquets & found our way back in time! And even though it was unfortunate we weren’t allowed to present the Bag filled to overflowing with gifts & many, many cards & letters or the flowers personally to David, SB & I made sure they were delivered to David by a very nice Security Guard. SB will say more about this I’m sure. The important thing is we know he did receive the Bag, flowers & the edible bouquet as Jeff confirmed to us after the concert.

    I must say now that other than seeing David, the other highlight of the weekend was seeing Pattirae who looked fantastic, incredible and just beautiful. Patti is an inspiration and like David, she was absolutely GLOWING!

    Waiting for the recaps from the expert writers of The Voice, Angelica, SandyBeaches & Djafan.


  101. Marylee said

    #55 Cool Dad: Your comment put a huge smile on my face! Be proud of your daughter..she has impeccable taste in singers! She will, no doubt, grow up to his music because I have a feeling David will be sharing his beautiful music with us for years to come. 🙂


  102. Abrra said

    For those who wish to relive the concert or those who want to imagine you were there, here are mp3’s of all the songs.

    ConstitutionFairGilbert AZ 91711



  103. djafan said

    Blueberry Ice, What a wonderful recap!

    Thank you for your kind words. You sure described some beautiful David moments and that story of the fans running towards to chairs sure is something lol we sure are a loving fan base. Really hoping to see you soon since we’re not to far from each other 🙂

    Sky, the chair event will be told haha…the look on SB’s face was all worth it 🙂

    SF, you and SB scared the heck out of us getting lost and all, more to come on that.

    Cool Dad! You sure are cool! Come back and join in the fun!

    Annie, Jacob continues to be in my prayers. We need to get together soon. I’ll be in touch 🙂

    Thank you Bebe and Abrra for holding the fort down. It was a busy but uber fun filled time. And for all of you for waiting patiently for any tidbit.

    To the wonderful video takers muldur, youcancallmetina, shelley, jonerz, and all the others that allow us all to experience the amazing Mr. David Archuleta.

    Beautiful pictures from sound check courtesy of platinumarchie, more at the link.



  104. dayzee said

    My time was very limited tonight so I thought I would just sneak in here and watch just my favorites from AZ, but to my dismay I could not find anything that was NOT my favorite. Trapped again.


  105. SandyBeaches said

    I am closing my computer for tonight but before I go I have to say that you might not know it here, but Dayzee is one amazingly funny lady!

    Comments to follow hopefully tomorrow when family is taken care of.



  106. poof said

    #103 BB is gone, He left behind a beautiful young man.


  107. emmegirl said

    Can’t wait for the weekend for time to relish in all the comments, videos and pics.

    106 poof, Indeed.


  108. pocoelsy said

    Hello all,

    Blueberry Ice, Thanks for your fun recap; love every details, haha the near stampede to grab the precious chair(s) … the security guard’s face !! ha they are human too … the same as the guards in Malaysia they just couldn’t help themselves when they hear “the voice” mesmerize to say the least!! I assumed that you gals outrun all the dudes and the dads lol

    Being a fan of David is very demanding, one must be financially and physically prepare-fit lol…. note to self start saving the Archufund – excercise 7 days a week, buy new powerful camera, meditate daily to minimize “spazz” reaction when news about tour’s annouced !!!

    Tawna21, where are you?, I’d like to thank you so much for the amazon link you gave me a while back; I got the reply from them say my GCT dvd and cd are on their way eta. 1 nov ( that’s another 1 and a half month 😦 oh well I can wait 🙂 )

    Annie, I’ll keep Jacob in my prayer, hope he gets better soon :).
    Poof 106 I agree with you and Emmergirl.


  109. dakgal said

    This is a time when I just sit back savor all the videos and anticipate what is yet to come. I read every little word from those that attended like they are new words in the English language.

    My most heartfelt appreciation to all those, who each in their own way contributed to making this concert so special, whether they were attending or holding down the home fort –it’s hard to list everything
    that was done to make everyone feel included in the magic and fun.

    And the best part —there’s even more to come!!! So my advice to you re-cap writers is to drop everything–and immediately ( if not sooner) go to your computers and start spilling every little detail you can think of and I mean EVERYTHING. No excuses–short of being on your death bed. 😉

    I am caught on this roller coaster between ♪♪♪ ” My country tis of theeeee–sweet and of liberteeee” ♪♪♪ and ♫♫♫ ” Gloooria ….Deyoooo ♫♫♫ —It’s all I ever think about!! What did I ever do to deserve this?


  110. dakgal said

    I also respectfully request that Abrra’s picture #1 be put on the side bar permanently—would it help if I begged?

    That is a heart– thumper- stopper–flat liner–dangerous picture. 😯


  111. Abrra said


    I sent it to Djafan and requested she put it on the sidebar.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  112. dakgal said

    Looks like I’m the only one here right now —-so I will gab away. 😛 or spam away

    Thanks abs–that pic’s just to good to be stashed away somewhere.

    Just a couple of observations from a video watcher ( probably way different live)–Thought I picked up on David maybe not feeling the best– maybe allergies or a cold–he didn’t seem as lively–movement wise ( he usually sets a land speed record from one side of the stage to the other.) With a few throw your back out of joint moves tossed in.

    And he never ceases to amaze me–who knew there were more stanzas to the NA–much less sing them! The NA is hard enough to sing to begin with— and has been messed up by more than one seasoned artist. But not David–trying to sing different words to the melody of the Star Spangled Banner–to me would be like trying to pat your head and rub circles on your stomach at the same time–your average person ( including moi) would get so confused they’d end up singing it to the melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 🙄

    He’s just somethin else!!!! ( love exclamation points too Bebe)


  113. luvieD said

    WHEW! I just took a detour to Las Vegas on the way home from AZ so I am a bit late commenting but I must say Vegas didnt even compare to the wonderful time I had at the Constitution Fair!! THANK YOU to the Admins and those who made things happen!! It was amazing meeting you guys and I cant wait until the next one! I enjoyed every minute! From meeting so many awesome fans to riding around with “Thelma and Louise”…(haha) to doing the “chair shuffle” at the venue…and sharing desert after the concert. I cant begin to tell you how much I appreciate meeting such great new friends! (I sure hope Angelica caught that plane home (hahah…that taxi cab driver was worried as much as I was about her catching that flight..) David really poured everything into the concert! He was feelin the love! What an experience!! ❤


  114. bebereader said

    Abrra, Thanks for the mp3s!

    Annie, Sending prayers for Jacob’s continued progress!

    Dayzee, Not a bad place to be trapped! 🙂

    Dak, Along with the list of state capitals and names of U.S. Presidents I learned all the verses of the SSB when I was in grade school. I was intrigued with it but never heard it sung, anywhere, ever. Until David. I was thrilled when I heard him sing it. All the lyrics came back to me; I was singing along with him, to myself, of course. LOL It’s a beautiful song, made even better by his glorious voice.

    LuvieD, Welcome home!


  115. bebereader said

    David tweets!

    Gonna try and get a video blog up tomorrow sometime!
    1 hour ago


  116. tawna21 said

    A quick read thru this evening as I’m in our room in a cute little Bed & Breakfast in Ft. Madison, Iowa. We spent the day in Nauvoo, IL., across the mighty Mississippi River, and will be there again tomorrow. We actually cancelled part of our travel plans to spend another day in this most beautiful piece of real estate on earth.

    I’ve been reading all the comments as often as I can, but watching the videos will have to wait until I get home this weekend.

    Pocoelsy, my order from Amazon took a lot longer than it usually does from them. I don’t know what the deal is.

    Thanks so much for the pics that are a bright spot in each day. 🙂


    p.s.– SB did you get my email to you?


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