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Y’all Ready for This? ~ The Wait is Almost Over!

Posted by djafan on Monday, September 12, 2011

@StevenJRob: Just finished rehearsal with the boss! Y’all ready for this?!!!! :-) :-)

Well are y’all?? Since many of us are driving or flying out on Friday, we have a launch window or just T-minus 4 days! I have officially entered spazz mode. This will be the final update post until the weekend so… excuse me for a moment, won’t you?


Ah…that feels better. Where was I? Oh yeah. One more update post till we leave.

*Performance Time*

There have been published accounts of a 40 minute set but received this email from Djafan 9/10/11. “I heard back from Barbara and the performance time is 50 mins. If we make lots of noise we might get him back out.” 


The time is too far spent to email or send SweetonDA any cards or gifts. We are asking anyone who will be coming to please bring your cards/gifts to the restaurant for lunch or to the venue for placing in his bag.

*His Bag*

Here is a pic of the hockey bag SandyBeaches’s husband bought for David along with her description. “The sports bag is 31 inches long and much more deep than it looks, about 14 inches and expands, with different pockets that you can’t see and sporty features. There is room in an outside pocket for cards. Altogether it will take hundreds of cards. The outside will have an American flag and a Canadian tag, or something along that line.”

*His Flowers*

Two bouquets will be purchased…one from the fans who could not attend and one from those attending. SweetonDA has received enough from the fans not attending to purchase a lovely bouquet from them to him. Like I said, we will be collecting small, voluntary donations from those attending at the restaurant or venue. If there is any money left over, we will be getting an Edible Bouquet too from a place there in Gilbert. With Mangoes!!


They have all been mailed. If you are going, please email Djafan at thevoiceda@gmailcom and she will send you the time and place where you can get with her to buy one on Friday. She has to turn the remainder in to Barbara Stowell Saturday morning to be sold at the gate to the general public.


SandyBeaches has generously purchased awesome silicone bracelets for gifting to everyone going to the event! Anyone who has a wristband will receive a bracelet, shown below. She has ordered a nice variety of sizes too, not just one size fits all. If you are not going, send her one American dollar to cover Canadian postage which you can not buy here. To get her address, email her at Be sure to tell her what size you want: 7, 71/2 or 8.

*Lunch at Pei Wei Asian Diner*

We need to meet up in order to give out the bracelets and just to meet and eat! Please come to Pei Wei at 11:00 am and we will talk, chow in 5 languages and collect donations for flowers from anyone who wants to contribute. We will also accept any cards or gifts you want given to him. If you’d rather eat elsewhere, you can just come there and get your bracelet or we will give it to you at the venue, not a problem. If you have a wristband you will get a bracelet. No one will be allowed in the gates until 5:30 pm, so I hope we can spend some time shopping and enjoying the day!

Address of Pei Wei is 1084 S Gilbert Suite 601 Gilbert, AZ  85296. They do not take reservations and we have no idea how many will be joining us for lunch there anyway, so we will just invade the place and take possession.  😆

Here is the link to Pei Wei with menu and prices and visual of its proximity to Civic Center/Town Square.

So, I guess that’s about it. Can’t wait to meet up with everyone going! Can’t wait to hear the Voice live again! Yes, Steven, we are so ready! For those not going, please know that we will be sending a ton of tweets, texts, pics and vids as soon as possible! Lots of awesome photographers and videographers attending!

Did you notice this post is all in red, white and blue? It’s a celebration of the US Constitution. Let’s represent!

You think there’s any chance?


187 Responses to “Y’all Ready for This? ~ The Wait is Almost Over!”

  1. LOL, definitely a “nah” to the outfit. I’ll take 10 more glorious minutes of the Voice 😉 … thanks for the information!


  2. skydancer1x said

    Angelica….“Y’all Ready for This?” hmmm,let me think a sec..SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am going to look like your spazzing smiley this week.trying to get ready!
    :Love that top pic, got stuck there for a moment ♥♥♥ So happy it is going to be almost an hour of David .
    thank you for info update:)

    Abrra.♥Read your post .It was a beautiful tribute.I am honored you used the “Heroes” game audio, as they were Heroes all.
    Back to bed.Still in recovery mode.:) Need my beauty sleep.haha
    uh ,more Gatorade please, I’m heading to Phoenix.


  3. betsy said

    I really hope he sings this.
    p.s. I LOVE when new video surfaces.
    *a capella*
    *dies again*


  4. emmegirl said

    Yeah, notta chance. Thinking the red v-neck tee. And maybe blue jeans, haven’t seen those in awhile.

    sky, nice to see ya. Get well rested before your trip!

    Betsy, can’t wait to watch when I get home tonight.


  5. MunkFOD said

    Just want to hear “the voice” live again! So happy we get the opportunity! going to be a great week! yay!


  6. skydancer1x said

    3.Betsy, wow thanks so much for that. He slays me.

    4.thanks Emme♥ back at you♥
    and good word of advice to everyone.:)
    One thing I miss about being younger right now…never mind, I forgot.HA! so yeah, and THAT too!!

    Angelica,I love all the pictures, that doggie is so cute!
    think I will scroll to the top again though and dwell on the gorgeous creature in that one for awhile, again…♥


  7. pocoelsy said

    Hello everyone,

    I’m eeexxxcittted right along with you guys and what a very well plan “home comming” for our guy.

    Angelica, love all the pictures you put up there the flowers look so pretty, the fruits look yummm and the dog haha and David in red pants … ummm what can I say !!! lol.

    Betsy, that vid you post, you’re right *dies* *a capella* *dies again*, Thank you so much :). I believe – assume – jump to conclusion here that was when David did the skype session with Thai fan, ha ha hope they’re all ok after that. In fact I found this cute and touching video on their FB this afternoon, it speaks volume how much they love and miss David !!! hope you all don’t mind if I bring it here, here it is…


  8. bluesky said

    I am so happy for all of you that get to attend the Arizona Constitution show with DA! Cheers and congrats to all of you! Please travel safely. And… on a lighter note…

    May I suggest some guidelines for those that are driving?

    1. Take good care of your designated driver: give them plenty of water and good food. And please… be kind when you see effects on their driving from “D.A.N.G.E.R.” (David Archuleta Neurological Glorious & Everlasting Reverie)

    2. “Danger” signs: Quiet-types? they quit talking, a small dreamy smile stays fixed to their face and the car begins to sway gently from side to side as they drive from one lane to the other while humming EAM or FS.

    3. The more talkative drivers? watch for rapid gesticulations that activate wiper blades, turn signals, air-conditioning controls and car windows. Advanced signs may include the conducting of group DA sing-a-longs with multiple cars participating and the recruitment of police officers to shepherd said convoy through town. All-in-all safer in some ways than the quiet types. But you know how d.a.n.g.e.r. ous quiet types can be: “D.A.” ’nuff said.

    I am SO excited for all of you!!!!



  9. pabuckie said

    Just wanted to thank everyone over here for putting together a fabulous WELCOME to David in Arizona! Congrats to all who are going and get to see him 🙂


  10. SandyBeaches said

    Finally after a few years of looking, I found a card for him that says what I would like to say ~

    You are a gift to others ~

    Some have a gift for helping others
    To see the world as a place of possibility

    Some impart wisdom or comfort or care
    Some point out the path, and some take you there

    Some warm the heart with a human touch.
    You have all these gifts…

    Thank you so much



  11. sweetonDA said

    SB, PERFECT!!!!!!!!!


  12. gladys said

    I found this, I hope you enjoy it.


  13. bebereader said

    Sky, Missed you in chat last Saturday! Saw you leaving through the revolving door just as I was entering! LOL

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Glad you’re on the mend. Rest up for AZ!

    Betsy and Gladys, What a great find! A capella David singing one of my favorite songs. It doesn’t get any better! Thank you both!

    Pocoelsy, Cool video I love the piano music background! David knows he has fans in Thailand but might not know how many.

    Bluesky, Loved your guidelines for drivers. I know of one person who is driving to AZ but she’s definitely not the ‘quiet’ type. LOL

    Pabuckie, 🙂

    SB, The sentiments on that card are perfect for how we feel about David.


  14. annie318 said

    Hi all ~ giving a quick update on Jacob’s condition. He isn’t responding well to the antibiotics. Drs. ordered another cat scan to see if they missed some infection. Please continue to pray for him. Thanks everyone.


  15. kaycee said

    Angelica, your wonderful post has made me so excited for all you Arizona bound travelers!…oh how I wish I could join you all. However, I’ll be eagerly anticipating all the tweets, pictures and videos …so don’t y’all be holding back on us! And just gotta say, that top pic is on of my favorites.

    Sky…wishing you good health and a speedy recovery! Can’t have you sick for the big day!

    Pocoelsy…that Thai fan video was so awesome. I hope David is able to see it. He has such great fans everywhere.

    Bluesky…loved your driving guidelines!

    SandyBeaches…beautiful sentiment, and spot on.

    Annie…continued prayers for Jacob.

    And David…get ready for all the love comin’ your way this weekend!


  16. betsy said

    Pocoelsy, that’s what I thought. The skype session.
    I am so excited for everyone going to AZ I cannot take it!
    Since I cannot go, but have the time off, I will be driving up to see my sisters, my daughter, our Adam, and say goodbye to a friend who will not be with us much longer.
    I don’t know how to do that. So I will be needing a giant dose of good hearted music. Also, I will need to see friends enjoying themselves. I don’t know how else to word it. Have the time of your lives. ♥ Enjoy every second. ♥


  17. betsy said

    Gosh, I really didn’t mean to sound so maudlin. Ignore that part, please.
    Have a video. To prepare for Saturday. 🙂


  18. SandyBeaches said

    Annie318…The news is so sad about Jacob’s condition. It seems that something else is required for the infection. We will pray that the doctors look far and wide until they find the answer very soon. Our thoughts will give him strength.



  19. djafan said

    Hello all!

    I’m holding it together hahahahaha!

    Angelica thank you for keeping the updates going and going!

    SB those are the perfect words to David, gosh I’d love to see his face reading them.

    Annie…praying praying ♥

    Hey Archiefandoc..can’t wait to see you!

    Sky, fluids and rest! So you soon!

    Betsy and Gladys, have you ever heard such a voice?! Heavenly.

    Poco, It warms my heart to see so much love for David. I can’t wait for an international tour 🙂

    Bluesky so nice to see you! I’m going to print those instructions 🙂 And I’m sure bebe wasn’t talking about me lol.

    Pabuckie, hello there! Congrats on your David tweet!

    Kaycee…hearing that there might be a ustream… more to come.

    Emmegirl, Let see what should he wear???? lol


  20. djafan said

    David is in DC!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Made it to Washington DC.


  21. Angelica said


    You didn’t sound maudlin at all. You will find the right words to say when the time comes. God bless you and your family and friend. Hope seeing and hearing David’s video performances in Arizona lightens your load and brings you joy. Thanks for the Capital 4th vid! Nobody does it better than David when it comes to patriotic songs. Or any other kind for that matter.


    Love the words of your card. Still have to find mine yet.


    Will keep Jacob in my prayers too.


  22. SandyBeaches said

    ‘Think of me, think of me fondly’…when you want to have a good laugh!!

    So the sports bag won’t fit into my biggest suitcase, so I have to take my son’s hockey bag which will hold both the sport’s bag and my suitcase. Really big and crazy!! At least my husband is going to take it into the airport for me and I can fold it up later!

    Oh bother!!! (A. A. Milne)…



  23. Angelica said


    Oh bother… 🙂

    Just watched that Thai video to David. Tears and a big smile the whole time. His influence for good in this world is so real and far-reaching. Never ceases to amaze me. Love the acapella EAM he sang for them on skype too.


  24. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica, you know I love the bother!

    I really enjoyed seeing again the video on Betsy’s #17! An old saying here, (and a little country perhaps)…”Some good!”



  25. djafan said

    Thought I’d share these tweets about tomorrow from bottom up!!!!

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    i am seriously shaking right now.
    1 minute ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    you have to wait until around 9pm. i will know. if i know i will tweet.
    2 minutes ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    I will tweet later about the status of me going tomorrow’s David’s appearance in DC. If this is not a joke, i will need a dress:)
    3 minutes ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    5 minutes ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @kimak @pabuckie @felix_sanchez we called the event people and they said the individual tix are $1200.. i cant do that..:(
    10 Sep
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @pabuckie @kimak i dont know about that one..
    10 Sep
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @kimak i hope so. I dont even count on that. Maybe tweet to the president? 🙂
    10 Sep
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @arinimuchtaram the price is actually 1200..crazy..i dont think its private, its just expensive. lol. Explanation: David will be there.


  26. SandyBeaches said

    Well, I guess the price is better in Arizona!

    Before I go and do what I should be doing, I leave you with these words and they are responsible for me going to Arizona, perhaps, well maybe!

    “You can’t stay in your corner of the forest, waiting for others to come to you; you have to go to them sometimes.”
    A. A. Milne…
    Piglet, Pooh’s “Little Instruction Book on Life”

    Remember that he said “sometimes”!



  27. annie318 said

    Hi ladies ~I spoke with my daughter again regarding Jacob. The infection is in his chest. The drs. have put him on a 5th antibiotic & put chest tubes in. He is not awake so I’m assuming they put him in an induced coma again. I am praying God will send Jacob the will he needs to fight for his life. Thank you for all your prayers.


  28. dakgal said

    “The red pants are coming!!” “The red pants are coming!!”

    ( Well maybe not ) 😉

    My vote for an outfit is the one he wore at the SOF when he sang the NA—shirt not tucked in tho—light blue short sleeve shirt-blue vest-white jeans–absolutely NO jacket!!!!

    Well–I finally got to watch The DVD of Motab—- I kid you not—it took a teenager -three men and a small horse to get the DVD player hooked up to my new TV ( I’m lucky if I can find the ON button!)

    Then after it was hooked up and they all left–the sound was wacky—-David sounded like a cross between him and Mickey Mouse. 🙄 Noooooooo!!! Needless to say I am now bald!! I’m going to go out and look for a 5 year old to help me.

    I’m getting very, very excited and its only Monday–how can you that are going stand it?


  29. Heidijoy said

    Annie, will keep praying for Jacob.

    So glad David made it safely to D.C. Wow expensive tickets. Hope something works out for a video.


  30. emmegirl said

    SB, love the bag. Love the card. “after a few years of looking”, lol!

    bluesky, if memory serves, you’re one of the quiet ones. 🙂

    pocoelsy, thank you for that sweet video.

    dja, thanks for the tweets. Wow, what an affair! Hopefully someone will be able to sneak out a video.

    Betsy, your’s is a gentle spirit. It will be your guide.


  31. Marylee said

    For all of you lucky peeps going to AZ to see THE MAN ~have a blast!!! So happy for all of you guys & if you have half a chance..please give him a hug from me..thanks!

    P.S. Sure wish he’d wear those red pants with the suspenders! 🙂


  32. rarchiefan said

    I am blown away at the orgainzation for David and Fans for the Gilbert AZ event. So happy to read about the braclets, flowers and gift bag for David but especially that we can bring cards for him to the restaurant and place in the bag. I have a letter for him from a fan overseas. She sent it to me to get to him and I was worried I would not be able to do that for her. Now I can!! Thank yall so much for doing all this. :)) AZ bound!


  33. bebereader said

    This video just surfaced on Twitter. David singing SSB at dress rehearsal at SOF. It gave me chills! Get ready for another moving performance of the SBB on Saturday in Arizona!

    credit SeaEqualedSky “I was singing in the choir for the Stadium Of Fire and he came to the dress rehearsal! I got to stand right next to him while he sang :)”


  34. bebereader said

    Annie, Hope Jacob responds to the new round of meds. Will keep praying.

    Betsy {{{hugs}}}

    Dak So you watched it???!!!???

    Rarchiefan, Bring it! David will be getting a lot of stuff in AZ on Saturday. Have fun!


  35. betsy said

    Thanks guys. <33
    And I just found this. It isn't new but I can see that it would be fun to peruse. LOTS of fun. Am I that out of the loop? How on earth have i missed this site?!


  36. jans11 said

    Love your organization of this AZ concert. Thanks for all your efforts of making this a fun thing for all of us. You all work so hard putting it all together.
    I’m packed, ready to go, except found out I have poison ivy and they put me on steroids..I’ll sure be wound up in more ways than The odd thing is where it came from. All over my neck and the lower part of my face. But, I’m going no matter what! I’ll just say that my red neck is part of my red, white and blue!:)


  37. jans11 said

    Also, still praying for Jacob. May God touch him with healing powers.


  38. bebereader said

    Found 2 rehearsal videos from before the Asia tour. Have you seen these? They’re new to me.

    credit DArchSiteVids


  39. sweetonDA said

    Annie, continuing prayers for Jacob.

    Got more letters today, woohoo! Let’s fill that sports bag plum full 🙂 I’ve got to go my card for him too, along with a little something something. 😉

    I get so excited when I can finally pack for a David outing, but I just have to sit here and wait this time. 5 more days and I’m already driving everyone crazy with my squeeeeeeing.

    FYI, the temp has fallen to under 100 degrees these last two day and it says it will be that way through Thursday. Don’t know about Saturday yet, I’ll let you know, but it was very comfortable at 7:00 PM tonight. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for cooler weather.

    I got my tickets for Pandora’s Unforgetable Moments on Ice. I can’t believe I’ll see him twice within a months time. Anyone else planning on going to the Ice show?


  40. Angelica said


    And he was holding back. That’s the part that gives me chills, when he comes to a glory note and doesn’t go for it because he’s saving his voice for the real thing.

    Jan, you’re all packed? Pack the Calomine and Benadryl too but I hope your poison ivy will be gone by the weekend. The steroids should help a lot.

    Rarchiefan, happy to help you with that task and looking forward to meeting you and others there!

    I’m not packed. Still scattered and scrambled but I’ll get it together before I leave. I’m making lists. It helps me focus.


  41. kaycee said

    33. Wow! He just gets better and better!…and that was the dress rehearsal!

    38. Fun to get a peak of rehearsals.

    After viewing David’s performance of God Bless America for the NYC fire fighters yesterday, I was touched by the fact that his parents had given him some wonderful opportunities to use his gift in serving others from the time he was young. Whether it was singing at nursing homes, performing for neighbors, helping out charities, etc., it planted a seed that has really become part of who he is.

    On a side note, my daughter showed me the new Joe Jonas music video tonight. I was never a fan of the Jonas Brothers, but my daughters were, and they attended several concerts. I didn’t care for their music, but I did appreciate their standards–clean lyrics, clean cut looks, and they proudly wore purity rings. So, I was extremely disappointed when I saw the music video tonight (and so was my daughter). It made me appreciate David all the more and his determination to stay true to what he believes, no matter the pressures of the industry.


  42. bluesky said

    Betsy: These are tender times. God be with you and those you love. I think He is closer at these moments when our hearts feel torn between two places: the one where we are, the other where we can see them go and cannot follow no matter how we reach with our hearts.
    But the wonder is – although our hearts ache from that stretching and we feel deeply our inadequacies, still He finds us. He reaches in and even binds together again those tenderly torn places, those loving attachments we have that, no matter how strong cannot hold our loved ones back.
    His love spans and heals those distances be they of life or death. May that bright love be with you. And Joy.

    Emmegirl: *sigh* You and your memory. *_* And here I thought the sack over my head would be a good disguise.

    Prayers for Jacob and his loved ones.

    Good travels and sweet DA times for all who are going!!


  43. refnaf said

    Popping in to say


  44. poof said

    Annie, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Jacob. I work in Portland. Let me know if there is someway I can help.

    Enjoy Arizona everyone that is going, and take lots of pictures, videos and notes. One of these times I will be there too. But right now, I am in Portland, and that is a good thing too.


  45. tawna21 said

    #44 Bluesky, what beautiful words. Would you mind if I copied them and put them in a card for a neighbor who just lost his 46-year old wife to cancer? He is so lost. His son entered the MTC the day after her passing. Their daughter is married and living near, but he is so, so lonely.

    I want to thank all of you who have organized this DA fan-vention for AZ. Although I won’t be there, I appreciate so much what all of you organizers and attenders are doing to show David our love and support. Thank you from the bottom of my pea-pickin’ heart. ♥♥



  46. bluesky said

    Tawna 45.

    Of course you may. Our dear friend and neighbor passed on this last week, leaving behind a husband and six children so these thoughts are close to me right now. Tender. We all feel tender. But very, very blessed.

    Non sequitur alert: In the Chinese Five Element theory, some say that “grief” is found in the same area as “value”. One translation of this is that we only grieve for those things we value most. Thereby, grief becomes one expression or acknowledgment of what we value. The possibility arises then, that the same thing that causes the pain, ultimately can heal it: something we value.

    I am grateful for the ideas shared across cultures that lift and bless my life.

    Non non sequitur: Not having a DA concert to go to… sometimes causes me pain. That is one of the reasons I love this place. I have no fears that Angelica would be offended at my implication that I use this site like… chocolate? ^_^

    Good friends are like the young woman “Gerda” in “The Snow Queen”: her tears cleansed the ice from her friends heart, brought him healing and a chance for renewed life. DA has a gift for this.Tears and Joy. It’s okay. Love you guys a ton.


  47. SandyBeaches said

    Tawna21, having lost my mother when I was 22, all that I can say is that if the neighbors even those who do not know the family kept in touch with him, he would not be so alone. It gets down to the fact that nothing is any more important than life itself and it would seem enormous to him because people really do care.



  48. amb4da said

    Hey guys~ what a difference one busy month has made; have missed it here and missed a lot, as usual!
    What a fantastic job you guys have done planning what looks to be a FUN event and Great show of Davidlove for him in Arizona! Am bummed I missed out on the gift bag, but would still love to make a donation toward any other gift if, by chance, that’s still possible?
    Anyway, just want to say WHOOOHOOOO!! for all you going (Angelica…I’m quite familiar myself with that spazz dance, I’ve looked like that smiley guy more than once 🙂 ) I hope the number of you going is BIG…Have a BLAST, and when you touch ground in AZ, Please do at least ONE HDODJ “Happy Dance Of David Joy” for those of us only there in Spirit!


  49. SandyBeaches said

    Bluesky, what you have written is so very, very interesting.

    You don’t know how badly I feel that there are just a few who are able at this time to see David. We will be doing our best (and the ninjas are pros now), to get as much of the event out to everyone as possible so that we can all share in the same occasion. David sends out some pretty good long distance vibes himself!

    We should be having something for the site tomorrow night from Washington!



  50. SandyBeaches said

    Hmmmn…The Band, The Band, The Band!!! ;0 …oh oh. Can anyone read my mind??

    “If you could read my mind love
    What a tale my thoughts could tell”

    Seriously, and forget my singing.



  51. amb4da said

    Bluesky…your #8 is hilarious! I’m usually a “type #2”, occasionally a #1 and can definitely see myself in a #3 violation at any give time. Haha. too funny.

    …all for now…I’m kinda getting wonky posting issues for some reason now…
    Have a great day, all..esp. those doing the anticipatory Spaz dance today. 🙂


  52. dakgal said

    I’m glad to announce it’s TUESDAY!!!

    Two more days ’til lift off for many. I am soooo tickled for each and every one going to AZ. Do you think you will be able to have some time with David? I’ll bet that’s a yes!! When he sees all of you–he’ll take the time–he’s such a sweet heart.

    This brightened my day right away earlier this morning and I can’t believe it was three years ago this month, and it still gives me the shivers.



  53. djafan said

    Bluesky….you leave me speechless ♥

    More tweets from excited for her!

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    thanks everybody for good wishes! I just came back from mayflower hotel area, have not seen David. lol. It hot outside though!!
    5 minutes ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @FODFansofDavid yes, you can put my tweets on FOD. I am going to try to videotape. My bf said he’ll record audio if video is not allowed
    7 minutes ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @jennyfod hi, Jenny, i am going to the Gala tonight. Dont know how far we will b though.

    Dak, one of the best Angels ever!

    Amb4da, Glad you to see you here, you’ve been missed!

    I just found this video! Perfect to set the mood for tonight, full view of salsa moves 🙂 Dance David Dance!

    @ 4:36


  54. Heidijoy said

    Wow! Lots of goodies and excitement here today.

    #53 Thanks for the updates from Elena. She is a hoot and so excited for the Noche de Gala in Washington D.C. Some of the tweets reveal everyone’s excitement. Maybe we’ll get a video.

    Congrats to Abrra for including Alan W. Jankowski’s poem for Sept 11 and getting a response from him. The poem is even more meaningful now after reading what he had to say.

    #36 Hoping your Poison Ivy is healing. It doesn’t sound like you are allowing to get you down.
    #38 Love the rehearsal videos. I saw them on the Official Site when David was in Asia. We enjoy a trip down memory lane.
    #39 SweetonDA Thanks for organizing letters and gifts for David. SB has mine packed next to her Passport. Lucky you getting to the Ice skating show too!
    #42 Blu Sky beautiful thoughts and writing The being torn between two places struck me.


  55. Angelica said


    @DavidArchie: Exercised today with my mom who’s here with me. I think I learned that she’s in a lot better shape than I am.

    His mom is with him and he’s working out. I hope they work it out on the dance floor tonight!!


  56. kaycee said

    55…I wish my son could say that about me!

    Hoping for some type of recording of tonight’s performance…please, oh please!


  57. betsy said

    Angelica. ♥

    Bluesky #42
    Thank you. I have read that several times now. It helped me. I’ve been thinking about the good my friend Maryellen has done in her life. Most notably, volunteering at a battered women’s shelter until she couldn’t anymore.
    Thanks again. ♥

    Would it be corny to say Hearts all over the world tonight?
    Gonna anyway. 🙂


  58. djafan said

    This from FanScene!!!!

    From Tia Martha in our comments section:


    Martha Mayorga


  59. djafan said

    More Elena tweets!!!! Because I’m so exciteddddd!

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @penciltopaper i told him he rocked the global archuworld and he laughed. yes, he knows!
    6 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @pabuckie he will get many more fans after this:)
    10 minutes ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @FanScene yup, still wearing black lace dress:)
    11 minutes ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @violet4ever i will tweet if something significant happens and i am not passed out on the floor from archuamazingness. lol
    14 minutes ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @violet4ever the reception starts at 6:30, i am getting there at 6;30, i may tweet not much, dont want my better half to feel ignored:)
    15 minutes ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    ok, my camera takes bad pictures, but i will be videotaping..again, i dont know what the layout will be, and i might be taping the screen
    27 minutes ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @KimmieDavid i am aiming for videos.
    33 minutes ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @pabuckie @janey79 one foot in front of the other..
    1 hour ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @pabuckie @janey79 haha! ithink i already marched to the front
    1 hour ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @janey79 my better half has a blackberry, so he will take over with video, audio, pic taking in case my camera mulfunctions..
    1 hour ago
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    @FanScene omg!! that means the videos will be allowed!


  60. JH said

    I won’t be going to AZ this weekend but wanted to give major kudos to all those involved in the planning of the fan events…it sounds like it’s going to be spectacular! To those going, have an absolutely fabulous time…we know you will! 😉


  61. jans11 said

    Sure hope there is some good pictures/video of David and Lupe tonight. All dressed up…WOW

    By the way, the top picture is one of my favorites of David. Just one out of 1,000!! lol

    My poison ivy is much better, just annoying and having to pack stuff for it. The reason I am already packed is because I just got back from another trip and changed things around in my bag.

    Heidijoy, sure wish you could be with us this time. We had so much fun in Utah last year.

    I got my cd and dvd yesterday. Listened to the cd 3 times, once with my earphones. All the sounds are so perfect and beautiful. Love them. Didn’t like that they took out David’s remarks that he made before singing a few of the songs.


  62. djafan said

    JH, I was hoping you’d make it… next time 🙂

    Here are some Elena tweets!

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    At the vip reception!
    4 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    ok, leaving now..


  63. djafan said

    Photographer there and they’re tweeting David fans 🙂

    Queenofparties An Ultimate Affair

    @FanScene One of our Great Photog ON the Scene now at the Noche De Gala With #JImmy Smits & David Archuleta.xoxo

    Queenofparties An Ultimate Affair

    @Maureen_abms @DavidArchie As soon as they get some ready I will post them,,xoxo Phtograher Ben Michalski on site since 5PM

    Queenofparties An Ultimate Affair

    @DavidArchie Hope you have a great evening Say Hi to one of our great photogs Ben Michalski.xoxo Thanks for your help with event.


    This is the guy Ben Michalski who’ll be photographing David 🙂


  64. tawna21 said

    SB #50— Oh,oh!! The Band— what to do? What to do? It’s so late… late… late!

    Hey if you need $’s we are here to provide. Let us know! :)) I can’t even think of a type of basket that could be given to each of them that would be a good kind. **thinking cap is going on**



  65. djafan said

    This is amazing!!!!!!

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    He is wearing blue shirt. Hair and skin amazing glow!
    3 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    Just hugged David! He recognized me! Said what are u doing here. How did u get here?
    5 minutes ago

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    We are 2 feet away from stage! Jgadwthbejm!!


  66. betsy said

    I am so enjoying her tweets. Red Nord is in attendance. 🙂


  67. kaycee said

    Have to love the red nord! So excited for David and his mom….and us! The Asian Tour seems like ages ago! Can’t wait for video! No tux tonight?


  68. betsy said

    Just saw an interview with Kina Grannis, about her leaving her label. She talks about David being a mad vocalist.
    Remember, this though? I still love it.


  69. betsy said

    So it seems David has a new guitarist. 🙂
    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    He said David will sing contigo, crush and a song with mom!


  70. bebereader said

    So excited!
    More tweets!

    @327dauta_WashDC Elena
    When David sings, i will do video and my bf will take pics and record audio.
    48 minutes ago via txt

    @327dauta_WashDC Elena
    I was so mesmerized with David i forgot to take his pic. Lol
    47 minutes ago

    @327dauta_WashDC Elena
    Next to us is Asaf who is guitar player for David. He joind band last week. So sweet.
    22 minutes ago

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    David is on soon!
    3 minutes ago

    Waiting for a pic.


  71. SandyBeaches said

    Tawna21, way to go you read my mind. I think that to make note of the band, the card for the edible bouquet could say…To: David and the Band! It is probably going to be a lot for one person anyway!



  72. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    “American Idol’s David Archuleta singing @ Natl Hispanic Foundation for the Arts Gala. In SPANISH!”


  73. betsy said

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    Got videos of contigo, to be with you duet with mom, crush. Everybody were going nuts!


  74. betsy said

    david_roy David Roy
    David Archuleta (PLS EXCUSE TYPOS) just KILLED it here, and he could not be a sweeter kid.


  75. betsy said

    bebe! Delete mine!


  76. emmegirl said

    Just got home and read the tweets from tonight.

    Oh me, oh my.


  77. betsy said

    fernandezivette Ivette Fernandez
    Listening to David Archuletta from American Idol at NHFA Gala. He is so talented!


  78. bebereader said

    Betsy! It’s okay hahaha I deleted mine! 🙂


  79. betsy said

    david_roy: People of America: I am currently 50 ft from David Archuleta. Pls excuse typos.

    I love that one. 🙂


  80. betsy said

    jdbalart jose diaz-balart
    Beautiful performance by @davidarchie in Washington. Bellas canciones por David #Archuleta en Washington.


  81. kaycee said

    Emmegirl, I second your “Oh me, oh my!” Can’t wait for videos!!


  82. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  83. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    jose diaz-balart
    | jdbalart

    Great listening to @davidarchie tonight. En Washington bella voz de David #Archuleta.



  84. betsy said

    That face ♥


  85. emmegirl said

    Seems the mad vocalist has struck again.

    Betsy, ditto.


  86. betsy said

    So that Jose Diaz-balart is a Telemundo news anchor. He says he has a bit of video that he will upload in a couple of days, when he returns home. 🙂


  87. betsy said

    jdbalart jose diaz-balart
    He sang beautiful version of “to be with you” backed up by his mother singing harmony! Will try to upload in couple days. @davidarchie.


  88. betsy said

    Queenofparties An Ultimate Affair
    by muldur
    @FODFansofDavid @DavidArchie Pics will up in a hour or so.xoxo


  89. bebereader said

    @327dauta_WashDC Elena
    The congressman speaking and said we can’t let David go without singing again
    1 minute ago


  90. SandyBeaches said

    Yes, the people are getting David!

    He is wonderful, his voice is awesome, he is awesome!

    We have been sitting her three years talking about it!

    Welcome other people of the world…

    Could this be another turning point?

    Well sit tight we will have to see…

    I can sit here as long as it takes… 😉



  91. betsy said

    Sounds like the Congresswoman may be in love, haha. Maybe she will sponsor a new bill declaring David the National Anthem singer for the US. 🙂


  92. betsy said

    This may be why I like to watch live sessions of Congress. I love CSPAN. 🙂
    Dand, I thought it was a congresswoman. Oh well, no matter. Congressman then, lol.


  93. bebereader said

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    In line to c David!
    1 minute ago


  94. emmegirl said

    Man, woman, matters not. He hooks them all.


  95. emmegirl said

    Did he sing again? what song?


  96. SandyBeaches said

    Just kidding, I have to go and get some sleep. In 96 hours I have to be somewhere and I am very tired.

    Good night! House Night Owl, take it away…



  97. kaycee said

    “Welcome other people of the world”….love this, SB.


  98. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David Roy
    | david_roy

    Archuleta and your boy DRoy are besties!


  99. emmegirl said

    dak, just listened to that Angels, what a performance. How I miss him singing that.


  100. bebereader said


    Waiting to hear if he sang another song. I don’t think so since Elena is waiting in line to see him now!



  101. skydancer1x said

    night SB♥

    wow its always all good when Davids in the house!!

    ….and he continues to knock the socks off of everyone he comes in contact with and sings to… “Nobody sings it better” SB
    thanks for the pics Bebe and Abrra ♥ and all the tweets!!
    now videos!!!


  102. betsy said

    Emme, I don’t think he sang again. Or yet. 🙂
    Elena just spoke with and took a pic with him. She was shaking. 🙂


  103. skydancer1x said

    He can make himself at home anywhere can’t he?
    Betsy,was this on c-span? or is it going to be??


  104. betsy said

    Sky, no it wasn’t. And won’t be, probably. That was just an aside. I love to listen to live sessions of congress.


  105. bebereader said

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    Got to talk to David! Took pic with David! Shaking!
    16 minutes ago

    Got tons of pics! Omg! I cant believe it! David is so cute!
    14 minutes ago


  106. MT said

    I’m sitting here reading all the tweets and checking out the pics (thanks Abrra, Bebe, Dja, and Betsy). I don’t have anything much to add except to say that I am sitting here with a huge grin, just loving the David love going on over there. 😀

    ♫ ♥ Go get ’em, David! ♥ ♫


  107. bebereader said

    Hey MT!
    Skydancer! You’re back home! 🙂

    The man tweets!

    Was a pleasure to be at the Noche de Gala dinner for the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts in DC. So great!
    1 minute ago


  108. skydancer1x said

    Me too MT!:D he’s like a hot little magnet♥

    Betsy, think David should sing in the live sessions…..hit them with his America The Beautiful medley…..:)


  109. skydancer1x said

    theres no place like home♥, thats what I always say.
    Sky {{ waves to Bebe♥}}


  110. betsy said

    #108 Sky, good idea. I am pretty sure that they would mellow out and get some work done. 🙂


  111. betsy said


  112. betsy said


  113. bebereader said

    First pics are coming in. Thanks to Dauta!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  114. betsy said


  115. betsy said

    That real smile. ♥


  116. bebereader said

    Haha Betsy We did it again! Thanks! Your contributions are so appreciated!!!! {{{hugs}}}

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit dauta


  117. MT said

    Hi Bebe!! *waves*

    Sky, he definitely is!!

    And those pics!! How could anyone not love that face?? And who has eyelashes like that? Seriously???


  118. bebereader said

    Dauta is uploading Contigo video right now!!!
    While we wait, here are more of her recent tweets:

    327dauta_WashDC Elena
    i am home, will download videos and some pics from the after show. Pics with David and Lupe is on my bf’s camera so that will be only 2morro

    @327dauta_WashDC Elena
    Contigo was the only spanish song, Crush and TBWY was in English
    31 minutes ago

    @327dauta_WashDC Elena
    He shook my bf’s hand twice, once before the show and once after. It just felt that he was so thankful that he brought me there.
    30 minutes ago

    @327dauta_WashDC Elena
    It was funny as David when he saw me his eyes got really big and he said “Hii!!! How did you get here?”
    30 minutes ago

    @327dauta_WashDC Elena
    there was a guy at our table said he talked to David and he said that David is so smart.
    24 minutes ago


  119. betsy said



  120. bebereader said

    tick tock tick tock…


  121. tawna21 said

    Question??? Where is Elena (@327dauta) from? *just wondering*


  122. bebereader said

    credit dauta


  123. bebereader said

    Tawna#120, East coast, DC area I think, but don’t quote me. LOL

    EDIT: Tawna, you can quote me now. LOL Her screen name is: @327dauta_WashDC


  124. djafan said



  125. betsy said

    Just beautiful David. beautiful. I cannot. Take it.
    No words.
    Except this.
    Isn’t he gorgeous?
    And that note, the one that lasted till next Saturday.


  126. betsy said

    Dja lol. I know. Exactly.
    And the video has 115 views in like 10 minutes, lol.


  127. djafan said



  128. bebereader said

    Don’t go to sleep yet,nightowls!
    “To Be With You” is coming shortly.


  129. Angelica said

    OMGOSH!!!! I was out the whole evening, get a call from Djafan squeeing and come home to 76 comments in my mailbox!! You guys have been busy go-getters tonight! LOL and WOW, look at him glowing and smiling and lashing with his gorgeous self! Elena is one lucky girl and her bf is a keeper for bringing her there tonight. And David came out and hugged her and remembered her! She will never forget this night, I’m sure.
    Two feet from the stage? #$%^&*(jsjflg Can’t wait for the vids!

    Sounds like from the tweets he made quite an impression on the audience. 🙂


  130. kaycee said

    Soooo worth the late night wait! Amazing! In my 3rd grade reading group today, one of their vocabulary words was “passion”. I should just play that video clip for them, and they’ll totally get it!


  131. dakgal said

    Make that 116 views—-THUD!!!


  132. dakgal said

    #121 –Tawna–I was wondering who Elena was also–she must have seen him a lot before–for him to recognize her.

    Wonder how many were there. That’s me full of questions. 😉


  133. bebereader said


  134. Abrra said

    Here is an mp3 I made from the video in #122.
    Contigo En la Distancia

    TBWY mp3

    Just amazing performances!



  135. betsy said

    To be with you is killing me. From Allentown to Utah with Kendra to this.


  136. Angelica said

    Oh my heart, that Contigo is divine in every way! I had to keep replaying just the way he pronounced the title of the song before he even sang. hah! I don’t know what he does to the Spanish language but it is intoxicating.

    Kaycee, you got that right, he is the definition of passion.


  137. bebereader said

    Yowsa! I nearly jumped out of my seat when I heard the glory note in TBWY!
    SandyBeaches is so right. Nobody Sings It Better. Nobody.


  138. betsy said

    ♪ What I wouldn’t give to feel that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ♪
    Thank you David.
    Abs, thanks for the mp3.
    Dak – I looked at her youtube videos and yes, she’s been to a lot of shows. She is one that recorded the EK Shriver event last year too.


  139. dakgal said

    You can’t ask for better service than you guys provide–your just on top of every thing and I appreciate it.

    I just know there were many people there tonight that had never heard him before saying what we have said a thousand times ” How does that voice come out of him?”

    It isn’t enough that he is gorgeous– has that drop dead smile—then that voice. Sigh


  140. Abrra said

    Some tagged photos from last night’s gala in DC have surfaced at AFS.
    Go here and scroll down a bit

    Crush has been uploaded!

    credit daai08

    The mp3 is here:



  141. potluck8 said

    Thanks soooooooooooo much Elena!


  142. Marylee said

    One word … ~Magnificent~ & thanks to Elena for her incredible videos! ♥


  143. Heidijoy said

    Beautiful performances @ the Noche de Gala. Many many thanks to Elena and her boyfriend who arranged for her to be there. Wow all the tweets, pictures and videos are priceless. David sang so passionately, looked so handsome and was so well received. Thank you all for uploading everything. Enjoyed being in the “audience” with you.

    Wow! the anticipation for Arizona just went waaaaaaaaaaaay up. So exciting. Looove it!


  144. pocoelsy said

    Hi all,

    David has the best fans and fansites in the world, Thank you for all the pictures, vids, and all funny and heartfelt comments you all post here. Thanks to Elena and her “the best BOY FRIEND ever”, for everything they did for us poor soul, lol.

    MT. I agree “who has eyelash like that” ahhh, may I add the healthy porcelain skin, and those pink lips, man…. and the innocent happy genuine smile, he is really a gorgeous young man and then that voice!!!! I’m still not convince that he really is human haha.

    We are indeed very lucky and belssed that we “get” him and have him in our lives, aren’t we ?


  145. MunkFOD said

    Abrra, Thanks so much for the mp3’s! I can’t get enough of Contigo!!! David needs to add this to his set list! He needs to do a Spanish album.. I don’t understand a word and I don’t care… I don’t have to! 😀


  146. skydancer1x said

    143. Pocoelsy and MT
    “MT. I agree “who has eyelash like that” ahhh, may I add the healthy porcelain skin, and those pink lips, man…. and the innocent happy genuine smile, he is really a gorgeous young man and then that voice!!!! I’m still not convince that he really is human haha. ”
    gahhhh! 116 is all kinds of perfect.
    115. Betsy,
    that is my favorite smile, he looks so beautiful when he is smiling naturally, that real smile. thud.
    OK Contigo was amaaaaazing, Lupe looks beautiful.He lifted the roof off the room with those notes….just goosebumps….


  147. amb4da said

    Was doing a quick “drive-by” (impossible here…the quick part 🙂 )…and whoOa..wait…hit me with Contigo?!!Beautiful.

    So here’s another DA enigmatic question to riddle me with this moment…how does he have what was famously the pinnacle of performances on any given song…ie. in this case, Contigo on the Alma awards…and is STILL able to take you on a fresh “journey” with the song?! His musical well is always full and perhaps it’s what many have referred to as his abiltiy to “live in the moment”, especially musically.
    At any rate…that one video view (stops oneself from hitting rewind endlessly…for now..) will no doubt keep me in a proper David haze the rest of today! Back later when I can view the rest of last night’s event.. have a good day all~(minus 4 days and counting….)


  148. pattiNC said

    Hi everyone…wow you can really see where he goes to “that place” once he starts Contigo…that is such a unique quality about David…I don’t see that on many (any?) other artists! He definitely transforms!
    Everyone have fun in AZ..will be with you in spirit! SB you buying another chair?? LOL


  149. djafan said

    Good Morning!!!

    Munk, he definitely needs to add it to his set!!

    This new contigo is my new favorite. If anyone had any issues with his spanish which they did, his spanish last night was impeccable, passionate, velvety, rich, you get my drift lol

    If anyone needs a wristband see me at the Legado Hotel between 7:30 and 8:30 on Friday evening in the lobby grill area 🙂


  150. bebereader said

    Good Afternoon!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “”American Idol” competitor David Archuleta”

    from this site:


  151. bebereader said

    I got greedy and wanted more pics of David from last night, so I made some: 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  152. Heidijoy said

    Thanks BEBE Great pictures!


  153. Abrra said

    OK That 2nd one is all Elvis faced!

    Great pics Bebe



  154. loulou said

    Woow Davids voice And he is so handsome !!!! WOOW<WOOW !!!!


  155. bluesky said


    Fitted shirt, meet DA. DA, meet fitted shirt.

    DA: “Niiiiccceee!”
    Fitted shirt: “For this was I created….. Aaaahhhhh!”

    (I like it when peeps get together. *_*)


  156. kaycee said

    Bluesky…yes, loved the fitted shirt.

    Abrra, Elvis face indeed!

    And Djafan, glad to hear that his Spanish was: “impeccable, passionate, velvety, and rich”. Spanish album, yes!

    Amb4da, great question…”how does he have what was famously the pinnacle of performances on any given song…ie. in this case, Contigo on the Alma awards…and is STILL able to take you on a fresh “journey”

    After watching those awesome videos from last night, I feel like Oliver Twist…”‘Please, sir, I want some more.” Thank heavens for the concert on Saturday! All you lucky concert attenders, get those cameras ready!


  157. MunkFOD said

    Kaycee! Love it! “Please sir, I want some more!” 😀


  158. bebereader said

    DavidArchie tweets!

    Back in LA for rehearsing tonight.
    3 minutes ago


  159. silverfox said

    Good Gosh Almighty…Dios Mio!

    I think we will be bowing down to HIM this coming saturday in AZ. He’s truly amazing!

    I read an interesting article in my newspaper a couple of weeks ago titled “When Music Moved Us” written by Washington Post columnist, Esther Cepeda. Listening to David sing Contigo got me thinking about the article so I looked it up again. The most interesting part of her article was the last paragraph. She wrote:

    “Today calls for a new song to remind people that Hispanic and mainstream cultures can come together and be enjoyed equally by people of all races — after all, there are no Census form race designations on the dance floor. Where are you, crossover star? And can you hit the Hot 100 in time for next year’s MTV Video Music Awards?”

    I believe David has what it takes to be the Crossover Star she is wishing & hoping for, The question is, Does David realize what a great opportunity this would be if he were to record and release a Spanish album? He has the looks, the charisma, and of course the magnificent vocals. He is The Voice. I think I’ll email Ms. Cepeda & attach the video from last night. 😉

    You can read the full article here…


  160. Heidijoy said

    Great article Silverfox! David has what it takes. I think people should write to her. I read her article in our local paper and she was listed with the Washington Post. I wrote there and they recieved it but no direct contact with her. I just wish she could hear David.

    Getting excited for Arizona!! Keep us posted.


  161. emmegirl said

    Bluesky, lol. Talk about a perfect fit.

    Kaycee, “Oliver Twist…Please, sir, I want some more.” 🙂

    Silverfox, your first line says it all!

    dja, thank you oh faithful screencapper. He was stunning in every way.


  162. emmegirl said

    The murmurs when he starts Contigo.


  163. SandyBeaches said

    David’s performance in Gilbert Arizona is something that perhaps we should all “Headline” because it is all about something that he dearly loves. But mostly to me we are recognizing the impact that he has on people’s everyday lives. In order to have the charity events and the occasional one or two song appearances, he needs to be singing. To me the performance in Gilbert is not just another performance to take note of and have pictures on our sites but to keep in our hearts that perhaps this is a turning point for him and we are cheering him on the best way that we can. Yes he is amazing and he is handsome and to some he is a cute kid, but all the sightings and oohhs and aahhs will subside if we do not openly support him. We can see the difference on his face when he knows that he is in the right place.

    There were special moments last night as we saw on video, but there was something that caught my eye that I will always remember. His bow and his thank you mirrored his bows and thank yous in Asia. Such a contrast to what there is here at this moment for him. So, we will do our best to inspire and encourage David as he has mentioned he appreciates.

    I hope that twitter goes nuts with appreciation and congratulations and he will notice.

    So both here and there, let’s do our best and have a great time doing it!



  164. I said

    Contigo en la distancia amado David estoy!!!!!


  165. Heidijoy said

    SB et all. Yes lets show him how much we appreciate him.

    For those with the GCT DVD: I have a question about the bow at Motab after Angels From the Realms of Glory. After he bows with the conductor and Michael York the crowd laughs and cheers. Did David lose his balance or was everybody just excited? I always love the moment but keep wondering if I missed something.


  166. MunkFOD said

    SilverFox, I can’t see any reason why David couldn’t do Spanish songs and English songs… why not! We love them all. There is a whole culture waiting to hear David… the door is wide open! I hope he sees it ! and walks thru!


  167. betsy said

    Emmegirl, the murmurs. Yes. I love this.


  168. djafan said

    Murmurssssss…Goodnight 🙂


  169. Abrra said

    Good morning!

    How about some young David singing Contigo En La Distancia ? The same pure quality in his voice is there, just in a higher key. 🙂



  170. betsy said

    Quite possibly the most adorable thing ever. Heads up – not David related. But I am sure I could find a link somehow. 🙂
    Older people trying to figure out their new laptop.


  171. amb4da said

    Morning Vpeeps..
    Good article SF, thanks for sharing it. David “has what IT takes”, musically, always…period. To me he definitely would be “the one” to do what she talks of…especially with his all-embracing mentality of all cultures. Good idea, to send her the article. I particularly found it interesting the writer’s thoughts were coming from someone around age 36, feeling “she’s getting old” in wanting music that moves her etc…mindset I thought reserved for us Boomers. I guess that generation also recalls music of a different nature…it hasn’t been that long since the record industry changed so drastically.

    but…back to Contigo..:) …where Alma awards was polished, passionate and perfect(not meant to sound cute, just really how I think of it!)…still this performance takes you somewhere new, wherever he is with it today. This performance, to me, has an organic feel…beautiful in it’s own right. And when he closes his eyes to “go there” I think, once again, of how wrong for David Andrew Lloyd Webbar was in his advice to him about keeping them open, and how glad I am David knows enough for himself what is right for and authentically him enough to not still be heeding that well-intentioned advice.
    I LOVE when I hear passionate, from-the-gut responses from audiences (one of my favorites still is that guy in the restaurant while David sang “Ribbon In The Sky”)…and there are plenty here.
    Last…I’m thinking…good thing his Voice is What. It. IS. …or his good looks might overshadow the song. Haha…close…but still… ain’t gonna happen. 😉
    Have a good day, all.


  172. silverfox said

    Amb4da, your last sentence…

    “Last…I’m thinking…good thing his Voice is What. It. IS. …or his good looks might overshadow the song. Haha…close…but still… ain’t gonna happen”.

    I have thought about that very thing MANY times, especially when there have been times when “how he looked” in a performance seems to overshadow the actual singing according to all the gushing that goes on. (Count me guilty on all counts).

    He is blessed with a gift of an immense talent and a magnificent vocal ability. That he is blessed with beauty which is almost too much to bare & take in at times as well as inner beauty is a gift to US.

    But The Voice..that is what moves us. That is why the message SandyBeaches chose for the Special Bracelets honoring David is as perfect & accurate as any description of our reasons for being here still, because the basic truth is…
    “Nobody Sings It Better”.



  173. SandyBeaches said

    Heidijoy, good morning,

    I remember that the audience was asked before they sang “Angels From the Realms of Glory”, not to clap until the conductor turned around as they were trying to have some time in place for the conductor to turn around and do their final gestures to each other etc. so the viewers attention would go to the conductor, David and Michael York. This was because they were going to use this tape for the DVD I believe. Sooo, we sat and waited hardly able to contain ourselves from clapping and cheering (how does one not clap and cheer when david sings!?). We held our breath if I remember so as not to make a sound!!…When we had the nod from the conductor, we were like anxious kids so we had a laugh and finally clapped until our hands and arms were sore!! What a wonderful moment it was…



  174. SandyBeaches said

    Hey there SF, you are getting so methodical just before we leave and my list of ‘to dos’ grows longer!!

    Your comments are most interesting and fill in the gaps for a better understanding…

    I am now gonneee from my computer!!! (for now!!). 😉

    Neither my maids or my gardener showed up today, (haha), so there is so much work to do!!



  175. Heidijoy said

    Thanks for your reply SB! That explains it. I’ll love it even more knowing the story.
    You must be so excited for Arizona!! I’m excited for you.


  176. gladys said

    I have my TOSOD ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    My mom put the package into my bag as a surprise to me. When I get to my work, I opened the package and there was David’s beautiful smile.
    I do not think that my patience can not wait until the evening. Right now I listen to the cd and if my boss comes, she will do the same old question, ¿¿who is this guy?
    IS DAVID, indy (she has that name), born in Utah, but I saw for the first time ………….. blah blah blah (I will repeat the story many times needed).

    Sorry, I almost forgot to thank you very much Elena, for the videos.
    Thanks Elena, your videos are a treasure for me.


  177. gladys said

    My excitement and emotion, confuse me, I meant TOSOD Asian Tour Edition


  178. silverfox said

    Heidijoy, SB, 😀

    I remember that moment so well in Utah when we were asked to hold our applause. We held our breath too! He was so dang spectacular each & every night! The performance with the MOTAB Choir will be one of the most important & memorable highlights of his life & career, but David will never begin to know how special that experience was to his fans who were there and now with the release of the DVD, to those who were not able to attend and who can see why there were almost no words to describe it.

    Even though to many (including myself, at times) it may seem as if David is at a standstill career-wise, but realistically speaking, he is just one of so many artists who have taken a step back. Only David knows what is good & right for him. Sometimes a step back can mean two steps forward when the air clears. And as my & many other Mom’s used to say, “When one door closes, another door opens”. I believe David is aware of this and he will step through that door when he’s ready.

    I guess in comparison to the first two years after AI when he shamelessly spoiled us with so many concerts & appearances, it may almost seem as if he’s in “seclusion”, but the reality is, he’s been very busy. And there’s Arizona in two days where, in the wise and true words by SandyBeaches above…

    “David’s performance in Gilbert Arizona is something that perhaps we should all “Headline” because it is all about something that he dearly loves. But mostly to me we are recognizing the impact that he has on people’s everyday lives. In order to have the charity events and the occasional one or two song appearances, he NEEDS to be singing. To me the performance in Gilbert is not just another performance to take note of and have pictures on our sites but to keep in our hearts that perhaps this is a TURNING POINT for him and we are cheering him on the best way that we can. Yes he is amazing and he is handsome and to some he is a cute kid, but all the sightings and oohhs and aahhs will subside if we do not OPENLY SUPPORT him. We can see the difference on his face when he knows that he is in the right place”.

    And of course, my fervent wish is that we get a Winter Tour announcement soon and perhaps as SB said, this appearance in AZ, which is NOT supposed to be about HIM, but which has turned out to be ALL ABOUT HIM, just may be the “Turning Point” which will show David how much he is missed. Because as much as he needs to sing, we NEED to hear him sing LIVE.

    Have a great day everyone!


  179. bebereader said

    SF#159 Great food for thought! Perhaps since David is free from the constraints of a label he will finally be able to record an album in Spanish. In any case, he fits the bill to be a crossover star. And the Latin community loves him. I don’t see anything standing in his way unless David thinks it’s not the right time.

    On another note (pun intended LOL) I wish David had chosen two songs to sing in Spanish at the gala the other night rather than TBWY or Crush, although there’s nothing quite like that glory note in TBWY.

    Ahhh Gladys#176 So glad your ATE finally arrived! Wishing you many hours of listening pleasure.

    Betsy#170 That was adorable!

    Amb4DA#171 I agree with you about Andrew Lloyd Webber and his comment about David closing his eyes. It doesn’t bother me when a singer closes his eyes when he sings unless of course they sing every song with their eyes closed. With David, it’s little price to pay for the sound that he gives us. And did you check out his eyelashes in the first pic in comment #116? ‘Nuff said. 🙂

    To all those going to the Arizona show, you must be bouncing off the walls at the thought of seeing The Voice on Saturday! Safe travels and please stay in touch, if at all possible. You know how we love details. 🙂

    We will be here to give you up to date accounts of all that is happening there.


  180. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    For more pics, check out The National Hispanic Foundation Art Gala’s Facebook page:


  181. Abrra said

    I agree with you on song choice at the Gala. David is such a dynamic performer. Sitting behind a keyboard for 2 older songs didn’t make sense to me. He could have sung Como La Flor or No Me Queda Mas after Contigo, and then a song from TOSOD. Promoting his culture and his career in one event.

    Happy for you, girlfriend!



  182. bebereader said

    Shawna posted this on Twitter just now with the caption:

    “Look what I just found in the Deseret News this morning”.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  183. ray said

    hi all.i think david was very smart choesing the songs he sang,he is showing a new group of people that he is able to sing pop ,ballads,and spanish songs,hope toy all get what i mean love ray


  184. Abrra said

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