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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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More Updates ~ David Archuleta Lands in Arizona Soon!

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, September 7, 2011

*Performance Time*

Hi all,

I heard back from Barbara and the performance time is 50 mins.  If we make lots of noise we might get him back out 🙂  Djafan 9/10/11


For the Gilbert, AZ event on September 17, SweetonDA will be accepting letters, cards, donation envelopes and gifts for David. Please keep packages small and no larger than a shirt box or large packing envelope. To get her mailing address, email her at


Two bouquets for sure will be purchased…one from the fans who could not attend and one from those attending. If you are not attending and would like to contribute to flowers, contact SweetonDA at her email above. Indicate that you would like the donation to go for flowers. For the other bouquet, those attending will be shaken down on the spot. We are only talking 1 to 5 dollars. See links for florists in the town of Gilbert in the thread below if you are interested in making your own purchase. Bouquets should be brought to venue and hopefully we can get them to him after his set, along with the cards, gifts, etc; sent to SweetonDA or brought by those attending. One large bag should do it. SandyBeaches is bringing a Canadian Hockey bag. I have no idea what that is but it sounds really cool…and manly. Bringing her comment from thread posted 9/6/11 here: “Tonight I went shopping with my husband and we found the “Sports Bag” to fill with cards and whatever else that we have for David. It can be used for sports or for travel. You can carry it in different ways and there are hidden wheels for the airport! Let’s fill it!”  ♥♥♥


They have all been mailed. If you are going, you can get with Djafan by her real name at the Legado Hotel Friday night or at the venue before they are gone. She has to turn the remainder in to Barbara Stowell Saturday morning to be sold at the gate to the general public.


SandyBeaches has generously purchased uber-awesome silicone bracelets for gifting to everyone going to the event! Anyone who has a wristband will receive a bracelet, shown below. Thank you SandyBeaches! Muwaah! A truer statement could not be worn. She has ordered a nice variety of sizes too, not just one size fits all. If you are not going, send her one American dollah to cover Canadian postage which you can not buy here. To get her address, email her at Be sure to tell her what size you want: 7, 71/2 or 8.

*Meet and Eat*

We need to meet up in order to give out the bracelets. We will collect donations for flowers there from anyone who wants to contribute (totally optional). If you’d rather eat elsewhere, you can just come there and get your bracelet or we will give it to you at the venue, not a problem. If you have a wristband you will get a bracelet so find SandyBeaches. If you can’t find SandyBeaches, look for Silverfox. No one will be allowed in the gates until 5:30 pm, so I hope we can spend some time shopping and enjoying the day.  🙂

So, after extensive research and using the latest in satellite imagery, “like a satellite we’re flyyyiiiyin..” have decided with a little help from my friends on Pei Wei Asian Diner. (Pronounced Pay Way.) We will meet below at 11:00 am Saturday.

Here is the link to Pei Wei with menu and prices.

Location, location, location. It’s located in the Town Square really close to the Civic Center where the Constitution Fair will be held. So folks who came by plane and are without a car, when you get to Pei Wei, you are at the venue! Like I say, you don’t have to eat there if you don’t want, but we’d like to meet and get acquainted/reacquainted before the concert. I believe on the far end about a block away is Chipolte’s Grill and there are some other restaurants in the area too.

You can see how close we will be to the venue from these satellite photos.

The above circular space could be where the concert will be held or may be some sort of heliport or landing area for a space craft. We always suspected he was not of this world. 😉

That’s all for now. Ciao!

111 Responses to “More Updates ~ David Archuleta Lands in Arizona Soon!”

  1. Blueberry Ice said

    Gooood Morning everyone!!!!!

    Angelica; Wow! Just love all what’s in the works for what will be an amazing weekend in Arizona. Just getting that “tingly feeling” of excitement from anticipation! Thank you all for making it happen!

    How neat to see that Pei Wei’s menus says “Eat in Five Languages” – Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese! A perfect setting to reminisce about David’s recent Asia tour and the beautiful musical languages that he showcased. Plus try something different for the palate! And wouldn’t it be great if a certain someone made an appearance? (Well, one can certainly dream right?)

    SB; Those bracelets will make such a wonderful keepsake and promo for David! Thank you so much as I can’t wait to show it off! Also such a great idea for a “rolly” sports bag! (Hope David’s backpack doesn’t get jealous, lol!)

    Hmmm, it looks like the toasty weather in Arizona is going to call for a convertable rental with the top down blasting that lovely Voice for the whole neighborhood to hear. I’m liking that great idea Dakgal suggested for a Christmas neighborhood block party but why wait, when there could be a whole convoy of fans trekking from the airport to the venue, playing David’s music in unison … wouldn’t that just make an awesome visual and auditory parade of support for David, hehe!

    Embe; Wishing that there’ll be many more wonderful memories for you to share with your beautiful precious daughter (plus more sleep would be great too!) … she’ll fill your life with such irreplaceable joy and love!


  2. ray said

    angelica. (landing area for space craft) thanks for the early morning laugh to start my day love this place


  3. SandyBeaches said

    Good morning and the excitement of the festivities is growing! Just a reminder that we will be sending pictures as it happens (love my iphone for that) and later videos.

    I received notice from AMAZON that they could not ship my order (which I placed a VERY long time ago it seems) until SEPTEMBER 27th-29th reaching me sometime in {{OCTOBER}}. So, good morning DESERET BOOK and thank you I should have my DVD next week, but for now itunes is perfect.



  4. betsy said

    Now up on the OS.

    Noche Ge Gala Dinner, September 13.
    *Black Tie*


  5. dayzee said

    My grandson worked at a Pei Wei for a short time. Looking forward to some lettuce wraps. They are delicious! It will be great to spend time with other David fanatics! I am already coming apart at the seams from anticipation. Hoping you all will help me stay grounded. Haha.


  6. Heidijoy said

    So nice to feel all the excitement in Davidland these days. Glad Christmas Tidings, Constitution fair, Noche de Gala, new songs in the works, Japan concert,Ice skating show,TV appearances for Ice Skating Show, Real Winning Edge,PBS special, Winter Tour, Stick Shift…………..
    Love it. So happy we will have new videos,pictures and memories. I’m glad I ordered more than one DVD as this first one may be worn out by Christmas. Also enjoying I tunes.

    Thanks SB,Djfan,Angelica and Sweetonda for organizing everything and keeping us posted.


  7. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    Love the landing pad Angelica lol. Great choice of eats, hope to see many David fans there!

    If you would like a wristband for reserved seating email and I’ll give you the deets to meet up on Friday :).

    And I’m sad to say I haven’t received my DVD! It’s still in it was shipped status, maybe today.

    GCT amongst Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #9 in Movies & TV > DVD > Music Videos & Concerts


  8. SandyBeaches said

    Well thanks Heidijoy for that fantastic list of events soon to take place!!



  9. Heidijoy said

    Hey!, My pleasure. As David would say:
    ” I get tingly when I think about it.”


  10. Angelica said

    Sad about David’s sister. I’ve been looking online for anything that might be helpful but haven’t found any treatment other than what I’m sure he’s already seen in his own searches. Most people can live fairly comfortable lives and I hope the course of her disease runs smoothly and a cure is found. The CCFA (Crohn’s
    and Colitis Foundation of America) has a great website,

    And this shows you how you can easily give $5.00 to the foundation by just sending a quick text. I will list this as another one of David’s charities on the side bar. Will keep her in my prayers.


  11. betsy said

    Since David will be in the Southwest soon I am hoping for some Spanish songs. Then I found this video. It’s older, but I had never seen it. It’s SUPER.
    Like omg really good. 🙂

    Me encanta cuando David canta en español. Tanto.


  12. gina said

    I was contacted by @nareeejo (twitter name) and she asked if I want to order the dvd ($18.50) & blu ray ($24) of GCT from their website : (scroll down until you see the sept. 7th post). They are able to get a good deal, hence the price is cheaper. Free shipping to anywhere in the Philippines. But I don’t have any close relatives there anymore, so I told her that I will be ordering the dvd to be gifted to a fan who can’t afford one.. so if any of you who has friends/relatives in the Philippines, you can order from their site. Or you can gift one.

    Btw, Nareejo is the pinoy archie super fan who got to interview david when he was there. she’s also the photographer who took lots of gorgeous pics of david.


  13. Abrra said

    I really wanted to make a MGR from the ZG video from the last thread. But finding music that fits the clip is a big challenge. I was on another message board and came across a short video of “All Shook Up” by Elvis. I envisioned that ZG video in my mind and knew it was a match! 😉

    I have always felt that David channeled Elvis. I am not alone in this belief.

    Warning : this video has a strobe effect at the start from all the flash cameras in the venue.



  14. djafan said

    Betsy…great find!


  15. Lani said


    WOW!!! Nice MGR… luuvv it!!! Perfect music. David’s moves are really Elvis like, Purrrfect match David and Elvis!!! Love, love it.

    Thanks. you are a MERGER MASTER!



  16. SandyBeaches said

    Wow Betsy, that is a wonderful, priceless collection of Spanish songs. It just amazes me that we have never put them together before.

    It is a very timely find with his performance in Washington coming up in just a few days.



  17. betsy said

    Abs, thanks for the strobe warning. I tried to watch it but couldn’t. Too afraid. You know why.

    Dja, I thought of you when I saw that spanish montage video. 🙂
    SB – I know! And I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before – it was done last year!


  18. Heidijoy said

    # 11 Great find Betsy!! Nice to see a collection of Spanish songs sung by David. Now we need to find a Videographer for the D.C. Gala.

    # 13 Love the “All Shook Up” MGR Abrra. David has got the moves and is getting more comfortable all the time.

    Watch out Arizona, here he comes!!


  19. Hi peeps – For Asian Archies posting & lurking, Archuleta Philippines has a special announcement re acquiring MOTAB DVD

    Order Your #GladChristmasTidings DVD Thru AP for $18.50 and FREE Int’l Shipping!

    So for Manila & neighboring countries grappling w/ the cost of international shipment — this is your solution! If you have relatives & friends you want to send/secure the DVD or BR here in Manila or other neighboring Asian countries, this is your answer! Another way to make David’s music more accessible.

    Thanks 🙂


  20. archuletaphils ArchuletaPhilippines
    Good news to all Manila (& other Asian) Archangels!GLAD CHRISTMAS TIDINGS now available in Manila! see details here


  21. test


  22. bebereader said

    *waves to JR*

    Busy day with family today!

    Found a bunch of interviews from Asia that I hadn’t seen before:

    Vietnam Interview

    credit qccredtinc

    Found this one yesterday on AFS

    10 Minutes With David Archuleta – KawanKu Interview

    “Since the original interview was in Indonesia, I did a translation of it. I tried to make it as accurate as possible, but it isn’t completely exact. Enjoy! The original interview can be found here.

    Archie always knew he would be a musician, but not a celebrity. He always remembers the reason why he loveS music, and he is a famous musician who is humble and smiley.

    This isn’t W’s first meeting with Archie, but this musician always amazes everyone who meets him. For a musician as famous and talented as he is, Archie is very friendly and smiley. These two words can be used to describe the personality of this Utahn.

    W: “What do you know about Indonesia?”
    Archie: “I know Indonesia has a lot of inhabitants. A lot of natural resources. I know Indonesia has a lot of islands. Eh, I hear it has volcanoes, yeah?”
    W: “Yeah. Mount Lokon is on another island. I hope our government can overcome it.”
    Archie: “Yeah, I hope so.”

    W: “But you know you have a lot of fans in Indonesia?”
    Archie: “Yeah, I know there are a lot of fans in Indonesia via Twitter. They always send messages. I’ve replied too. Sometimes I still wonder if other people know who I know because I’ve never been here before. That’s what I like about music, because with music we can touch a lot of people from other parts of the world all at once”

    W: “Were you surprised by the greeting of the hysterical fans at the airport.”
    Archie: “I was surprised! I wondered how they knew I was coming. It’s crazy that they knew. I wanted to know how the Indonesian fans would react if they met me. It’s my first experience with meeting the Indonesian fans. It’s too bad that I didn’t get to interact with them much. I hope I’ll get to talk to them more during this visit.”

    W: “What do you think about Indonesian girls?”
    Archie: “Hahaha, I’ve only met them for a few moments, so I don’t really know. But so far they’re cool. It looks like the Indonesian girls have a good sense of fashion.”

    W: “Do you have any phobias?”
    Archie: “What are they? I’m scared of spiders. The same goes for elevators. One of my songs is called Elevator, haha. What else? Maybe poisonous animals too. They can kill us, haha. I don’t know. I’m more scared of disappointing people. That is what makes me worry more.”

    W: “Archie, you’re famous and talented. What keeps you humble?”
    Archie: “I think it’s important to remember why we make music. I like how music can help others. It just feels so good to help others through music. For me, that’s the biggest benefit of music. I always try to do good by making music and sharing my work with others.”

    W: “How do you feel about the Ponds Teens Concert?”
    Archie: “It’s great! I can really feel it. The main thing here is that it encourages teens to follow their dreams and lets them share the spotlight with their idols.”

    W: “Any tips for teens who are pursuing their dreams?”
    Archie: “The most important thing is passion. If we really want to do something that we love and believe in, then we should do it. If we do, then we’ll achieve our dreams.”

    David, you never disappoint us!


  23. annie318 said

    Hi everyone. I am writing with an urgent prayer request. A friend of my daughter is very ill. Jacob is 27 years old. He had an infected tooth removed but the infection has spread. He was transferred by helicopter to a larger hospital in Portland, Oregon. He has been put on a ventilator & is in an induced coma. His sweet little wife is there by herself & is just freaking out. I think her mom is flying up tonight, thankfully. They’ve only been married just a year. Please lift Jacob up in prayer. Thank you so much!


  24. Heidijoy said

    Will do annie318. Bless You and Jacob.


  25. betsy said

    Awww Annie. Prayers said.


  26. bebereader said

    Annie, Sending prayers.


  27. ADMINS – sorry for the double post. Initially the comments were not showing so I thought I didn’t send – see I even had a test comment

    Bebereader – Check out my JRforDA2011 channel. Except for Indonesia, I think I got all the interviews during his Asia Tour in all countries 🙂

    Annie – sending prayers for Jacob


  28. pandasmama said

    Annie, sending prayers for Jacob and his wife.

    I have completed a new acrostic poem in honor of Glad Christmas Tidings. It’s a little different than my usual attempts. Check it out at



  29. jans11 said

    Another good post…an update on AZ…meeting at Pei Wei. Sounds good and I love oriental food. I’ve been packing! 8 more days!!
    #11 Great video of Spanish songs. Hope he will release an Spanish album someday.
    #13 Love that video too. Great 2 favorite singers!!
    Still waiting on my GCT cd and dvd. Called Ensign Books yesterday and they said they were expecting their shipment at any time. They will ship it out as soon as they receive it! Maybe tomorrow. My birthday is on Sunday so I’d better get it by Sat!! lol


  30. jans11 said

    So sorry, Annie. My prayers have been sent. Keep us posted.


  31. MT said

    From the last thread. >> I actually posted this last night, right at the time my computer went caflooie!! It was late and I gave up. LOL

    35. Abrra, Thanks for the dance mixes! Sorry, I didn’t see your post earlier. I’ve been busy watching my MOTAB DVD. How perfect that I got it on the day of the release. ♥ 🙂 ♥ *sighs* Just gorgeous! I had chills AND goose bumps. WOW … what a voice.

    45. Bebe, LOLing at the Pokemon theme song. Haha

    And that Vlog … He’s excited to tell us something that he’s not telling us. Haha

    From todays post >>

    Dja, I hope that MOTAB DVD gets there soon. (You might have to go searching for that old pony express horse Angelica posted the other day. 😉 )

    11. Betsy, TY for that vid. I love him singing in Spanish too. ♥

    13. Abrra, awesome job on the video. 🙂

    Annie, will send prayers for Jacob.


  32. Heidijoy said

    Beautiful poem Margy(Pandasmama) It is a beautiful performance and you captured it well with your words. Thank You


  33. Angelica said

    Annie, I will add my prayers for Jacob and his wife that he will make a complete recovery.

    Abrra, love the Elvis dubbed over David’s ZG. You can really see some of the King coming out. Thank you very much!

    Betsy, thank you too for the Spanish video find. He just needs to put all those together and he’ll have that album we’ve been craving so long. 🙂

    This video has nothing to do with David 😯 but it’s pretty amazing. The Owl and the Pussycat.


  34. sweetonDA said

    Annie, I’m adding my prayers with everyone else’s and hoping that Jacob and his wife will receive the strength they need to get through this trying time.

    Betsy, loving that video of all David’s Spanish moments.

    Abrra, the mashup is perfect!

    Angelica, “The Owl and the Pussycat” so cute and you’re right very amazing. It goes so against nature, but it makes you think about what the world could be like if we just loved everyone and put aside differences.


  35. Angelica said


    I was struggling to find a way to tie the video back to David in some way when I posted it. I think you just did.


  36. gladys said

    hello girls
    Andrea found this video, I Had not watch it
    She sings very well and David was amazed.


  37. gladys said


    I know you’re busy with everything about the concert david, but I repeat my previous comment.
    I have sent you two mail, and one of them is the letter to david.
    Andrea will also send you a letter to David, I hope you have some time and you can print, thanks djafan


  38. gina said

    good evening! can anyone tell me what event did david go on the picture on the left, 4th & 6th from the bottom, white shirt, jeans, with belt showing? i kept on looking at those pics!


  39. GINA – that’s when David sang the National Anthem during the Pigskin Pro-AM Game (07 Aug 2010)



  40. gina said

    thanks jr! how come i missed this? lol! david’s amazing! and hot too on that white shirt/jeans 🙂


  41. kaycee said

    I’m with you, Gina…I don’t know how I missed that one too! I remember seeing pictures, but never saw the video. And, I have to say that I absolutely loved that version, almost more than any other!

    Thanks, jr, I really needed a pick-me-up tonight. There’s just something about his voice, no matter what he sings, that can bring sunshine to a cloudy day.

    Speaking of sunshine, how I wish that I could share that Arizona sunshine with all you lucky people attending the concert! Please, oh please take tons of videos and pictures! I know you’ll have an amazing time!


  42. djafan said

    Gladys! I’ve got them and will print 🙂

    Prayers for Jacob.


  43. betsy said

    I’ve got suuuuunshiiine on a cloudy daaaay.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  44. SandyBeaches said

    Good morning and thanks for the SUNSHINE Betsy! It really is raining thanks to Katia.

    I have just emailed a friend with the first installment of…meeting David Archuleta. She has finished chemo and soon to have 20 sessions of radiation. We have been friends since childhood along with two other friends. We are each taking turns doing something special for her…so this is where David takes the stage.

    I have a lot of stories to tell her and a video with each one. Then, the GCT. I wonder how many times people introduce David’s music to a friend?



  45. kaycee said

    Annie318…heart wrenching story. SB, hoping for the best for your friend. I will include them both in my prayers.


  46. SandyBeaches said

    Thanks Kaycee, don’t forget to email me in regards to a bracelet! They are being sent out following the Arizona event!



  47. pocoelsy said

    Oh Betsy,

    Thanks for the “sun shine”, this really brighten up my day (it’s night time here now though).


  48. Gayle122890 said

    Annie, prayer
    For Jacob has been said. Hoping to hear about his recovery soon.


  49. VJ said

    Sweetonda- Hi. Pls look for an email from me later tonight. My Post Office confirmed that my pkg for AZ was delivered to you on Sept 6, but apparently you haven’t received it yet?



  50. Heidijoy said

    #44 Prayers for your frind SB. Yes David’s music helps. I gave a friend TOSD while she was having chemo and she said many of the songs and messages were very helpful.

    I listen to GCT every evening prior to bedtime. It is such a spiritual experience. Words are never enough to explain the experience.


  51. SandyBeaches said

    Heidijoy, somehow listening to GCT draws you in and I listen to it every evening on my iPod. I don’t think that there could ever be another singer who could cast the same spell.

    My friend wrote back and said, WOW!!


  52. MT said

    I love the cat and owl video. It just goes to show, sometimes it’s out differences that can make friendships so interesting and fun.

    I’ve been hearing about the fires in Texas. I’m not sure what area you are in exactly, but you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe. ♥


  53. sweetonDA said

    VJ, check your mail. I did receive your package.


  54. kimmiedavid said

    I am soooooo looking forward for this!!!! Thanks for all you guy’s hard work!! We really do appreciate it. did someone say Asian Diner?! 😉


  55. fewwords said

    Annie, Prayers going out for Jacob and a full recovery.

    Prayers also for D’s sis. I know how hard it is to deal with a chronic disease, how it can wear you down over time and the toll it takes on the whole family. It is great to see so many responding with helpful advice and resources. David has great fans!

    Heidi- I also have been ending my day listening to David’s songs off of GCT! Makes for peaceful dreams:)

    Looking forward to videos from AZ!


  56. jans11 said

    I called Ensign Books again and they said they mailed some out last night and the rest this morning. So, everyone should be getting their GCT’s in the next couple of days. Can’t wait!


  57. djafan said


    Deseret tracking, I found my DVD. It sat in Utah for 5 days, then went to Colorado and sat there for a couple of days, it is now sitting in my local post office, hopefully I get tomorrow lol

    Prayers for all in need ♥


  58. djafan said

    BW_Sports BW Sports News
    Holiday Music Superstars Mannheim Steamroller, American Idol Star David Archuleta Headline PANDORA Unforgettable…

    PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mannheim Steamroller and American Idol runner-up David Archuleta will star in PANDORA® Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice. The live show, part of the PANDORA NBC Skating Series, kicks off the holiday season with music and figure skating. Olympic champion Brian Boitano headlines the spectacular skating cast in a one-time-only performance at Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix on Nov. 12. The show will be taped for a national broadcast on NBC Nov. 27 at 4 p.m. EST.
    Mannheim Steamroller, known for its new age and rock take on classic holiday hits, is confirmed to perform some of their well-known tracks live while the superstar skating cast will perform. In the United States alone, the band has sold more than 40 million records, 27 million being its renowned Christmas albums. Splitting the live music performances with Mannheim Steamroller will be American Idol alum David Archuleta. The 2007 runner-up from one of America’s most popular TV shows, Archuleta released a Christmas album in 2009, “Christmas from the Heart,” which debuted at No. 2 on Billboard’s Holiday Albums chart.


  59. bebereader said

    Jordin Sparks sang the National Anthem tonight at the opening game of football season.

    But “Nobody Sings It Better than David Archuleta”! 🙂

    credit 8throwcenter


  60. betsy said

    Bebe that is one of my favorites in every way.
    I won’t go into it. 😉


  61. annie318 said

    Good evening all ~ I want to give an update on Jacob’s condition. He had a 3rd surgery today which was successful. The infection is weakening. He tried to write to his wife today. The tubes will come out in 48 hours. Feeding tube stays in. So, it seems very positive to me. Thank you all for your prayers. I’m sure my daughter will tell him a group of angels around the US & Canada said prayers four him. 😉


  62. annie318 said

    Sorry about the spelling. I meant for not four.


  63. I found a video where a fan of david plays Toroto on Lol


  64. kaycee said

    Bebe 59…wow, another amazing NA performance! It seems that whatever performance I listen to last becomes my favorite! No matter what condition our country is in, whenever I hear him sing the NA, I’m filled with patriotic pride to overflowing. I remember my daughters attended that game and emailed me pictures over their cell phones.

    Annie, so glad to hear that things are starting to look up.

    I know three young friends of my children who have Crohns Disease. The initial diagnosis and stabilization period was very trying, but with good nutrition and appropriate medicine, every one of them
    leads a very normal life now. I have two children of my own with chronic autoimmune diseases. The initial “no known cause and no known cure” and ” this is something that they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives” talk devastated me at first, but we were able to move forward with good medical treatment and the help of great supportive friends and family. They’re off to college on their own now and are not in the least bit held back by it. I often forget that they even have the condition!…until I get the pharmacy bill! I know that is little consolation for someone who is newly diagnosed–it truly felt like the end of the world to us, but it does get better. Hopefully David and his family are becoming well educated on the disease, getting good medical attention, and feeling hopeful about the future.

    Andrekvr…cute and clever!


  65. Angelica said


    I wish you would write that to David and send to him. Are you going to AZ? You might could get it to Sweet in time to give to him.


  66. Heidijoy said

    Annie, Glad things are looking better for Jacob. Will keep up the prayers.

    Kaycee, Thank you for your hopeful message. That would be good info to share with David.

    ……..So excited for the upcoming Arizona concert. Can’t wait for the reports, You tubes, pictures etc. Many of the fan sites are complimentary of TheVoice for all their plans to make this a great experience for all and especially for David.


  67. kaycee said

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to AZ. Is it too late to send something to SweetondDA?


  68. SandyBeaches said

    To go along with that, one of my daughters is a nutritional practitioner who works with finding each individual’s cause for an illness and going from there in a non invasive way. She is going to do up something for his sister with contact info. and I will be the delivery person I guess!

    I need a tag for his ‘sport’s bag’ that has the American flag on one side and you write your address on the other. Do you see them at your airport shops? I can purchase one in Chicago if there is such a thing. I want to dress up the bag a bit! Any other suggestions would be gratefully received!



  69. pattiNC said

    Hi everyone…Kaycee read your comment about your kids with an autoimmune disease…I was diagnosed in Jan with autoimmune thyroid disease..thankfully I found a great nurse practictioner who has helped me tremendously using supplements as well as a prescription med for thyroid. I feel like a new person. One thing I hope David’s sister has tried is a gluten free diet…sometimes that can help Crohn’s, as it does with some autoimmune diseases.
    SB…you’re so sweet to have those bracelets made up, and to everyone else organizing the AZ festivities..thank you! I will be there in spirit!!


  70. Angelica said


    I don’t think so but if you email it to me at the Voice I can print it out and put it in a card to him from you and take it there.


  71. djafan said

    We missed David’s tweets from yesterday. Glad to say that the electricity is up and running. I have family in the area affected and it did get a little scary.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  72. djafan said


    Video response to David Archuleta’s blog from Rick Geswell, President, CCFA — — asking for more information about Crohn’s. CCFA can help! Please visit our web site at, or call our Information Resource Center at 888-694-8872.


  73. MunkFOD said

    That response is soooo awesome! I hope David sees it! 😀


  74. bebereader said

    Just had a visit with one of the MoTab choir members. She asked which song of David’s from the DVD/CD was my favorite. Hard to choose.
    9 minutes ago

    The first one that popped into my mind, however, was the Cat and the Mouse Carol. She said no one in the Choir had ever heard of it before.
    9 minutes ago

    She said Mac Wilberg is a genius in finding obscure pieces that turn out to be just the right fit for an artist.
    8 minutes ago

    She also said that when David sang Silent Night for the first time in practice, their jaws were all on the floor. “It was sooooo beautiful”
    6 minutes ago

    She also said that the Cat and the Mouse Carol wasn’t really as simple as it seems. She said the Choir had to practice the chorus A LOT …
    6 minutes ago

    @NanDeeAy Nan
    … because the parts – especially for the altos and tenors – was changed each time and it was quite intricate.
    7 minutes ago

    Found this bit of Falling Stars from Manila.
    Love the body language from the very beginning. Check it out.
    Notice how each song has it’s own dance moves?

    credit andreaglai



  75. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe, those are lovely comments from the choir member, especially the one about “Silent Night”. It is so outstanding. Mac Wilberg worked beautifully with David.

    I hope that there us another occasion when he will be singing with them. It is exciting when he can take a carol such as “Silent Night” and make it even more beautiful. When watching him sing it, somehow he made you go back in years at a time with your family as a young person. It just did something special to the audience.



  76. djafan said

    Bebe, David always impresses. Lisa Murray twitpiced. ♥

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  77. djafan said


    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Gonna do some practicing today.

    Ryan Moran the guacamole David fan tweets lol

    RyanMoran RyanMoran
    Walked into Roebek’s, David Archuleta was playing, and all of a sudden I was talking about David to a bunch of teenage girls. What a day.

    RyanMoran RyanMoran
    The girls at Roebek’s are giving me free samples of stuff in the store because I am a David Archuleta fan. Oh, the perks.

    RyanMoran RyanMoran
    And with that, the Roebek’s girls plug their iPod into the store speaker system and “Angels” by David Archuleta is BLASTING in the store…


  78. Heidijoy said

    #74 Bebe Love those comments re: David and the Choir. Why is it I feel like a proud Auntie? ha!! I can’t get enough of GCT songs. Quite the spiritual experience. …and I’m transported back there SB.

    #77 Djafan That RyanMoran is a fanboy and he is eating up the attention he gets when he tells the girls he is a David Archuleta fan.


  79. bebereader said

    I agree, SB. I am imagining the look on the faces of the choir members when they heard David sing “Silent Night” in rehearsal . There’s absolutely nobody like him. And I know I’m not alone when I say that I can no longer listen to anyone else but David sing Christmas songs. In fact, it’s almost painful to hear anyone else.

    Ryan Moran is such a fanboy! Doncha just love it? Can you imagine entering a store in the mall and you hear David singing “Angels”? I’d lose all sense of direction and forget what I was in the store for.


  80. bebereader said

    Sky, where are you???


  81. SandyBeaches said

    Heidijoy, I wish that we were doing the MoTab experience all over again. But we were so fortunate to have been there at all.



  82. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe, the choir members sing with fabulous soloists quite often, which makes their response to David’s singing even more special. We are so fortunate.



  83. Heidijoy said

    SB I feel quite fortunate and grateful.


  84. SandyBeaches said

    I am spamming now…

    Bebe, when I was in the grocery store and David started singing, I just stopped and smiled and listened. It was like unpatriotic to move and do something so mundane as shop while he was singing. How pathetic that must have looked.



  85. bebereader said

    Hahaha SB,

    You’re preaching to the choir. Pun intended.LOL It’s like his voice takes over all your senses and stops you in your tracks. By the way,what song did you hear in the grocery store? Was it from TOSOD? If it’s radio, all I ever get to hear is “Crush”. If it’s piped in music, it’s a few selections from TOSOD.


  86. SandyBeaches said

    It was something from TOSOD, that’s all I remember now, it was awhile ago. I was by the cereal, haha!



  87. kaycee said

    I went to Deseret Bookstore today hoping to pick up GCT. I thoroughly expected a large, beautiful, display located near the entrance of the store, bathed in heavenly light with angelic choirs heralding its presence, accented with a life-size cut out of David in his Christmas tux…ok, ok, so I at least expected to be able to find it! I was about to leave the store, convinced that it hadn’t even come in yet, when I decided to check the back of the store…where all the “ordinary” DVD’s were kept. Alas, there it sat, looking so forlorn and out of place. I wanted to shout to the other customers in the store: “Here it is! It was hiding back here! You don’t need to keep looking!” I had to remind myself that it is early September and the heavenly display will surely appear as Christmas approaches.

    I went straight home and watched the whole thing through. Ah, if those other shoppers only knew what they had missed! My expectations were high and my memories of the concert even higher…but it certainly did not disappoint! What a beautiful recording of a beautiful experience!


  88. Abrra said

    Some Saturday pic spam? I came across these from rehearsal for Kaleidoscope 2010 .

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    So charming 😉



  89. Djafan said

    Abrra, and good morning to you! What great pictures, add charismatic to charming 🙂

    Please vote for David below!


  90. bebereader said

    Abrra: Great pics to wake up to! 🙂 Thanks!

    Dja#89, I’m such a sucker for top ten lists. I’m obsessed with lists in general.
    That’s the only way I get things done. Mostly.

    Last night when we went offline, David was in 24th place for Best Male Singer.
    He made quite a jump today to ninth place with these singers before him:

    8 Tom Chaplin
    7 K. J. Yesudas
    6 Steve Perry
    5 Josh Groban
    4 Morten Harket
    3 Rhydian
    2 Freddie Mercury
    1 Michael Jackson

    Here’s the link again for those interesested in voting.


    Constitution Week in Gilbert will be the biggest yet!

    With a big-name headliner, a $90,000 budget and a 10th anniversary billing, Constitution Week USA plans its biggest-yet celebration in Gilbert next week.

    “It’s all about education,” organizer Jared Taylor said. “It’s to remind people of the freedom and liberty that came to us as a result of the Constitution.”

    Similar to previous years, a full program of seminars, school presentations, a theatrical show, art show and workshops will culminate Sept. 17 with the Constitution Fair at the Town Center.

    The “American Idol” Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta is the marquee headliner for the fair.

    As Constitution Week grows, organizers will strive to bring in bigger entertainment names, Taylor said, adding that Archuleta, who will perform a 40-minute concert that will include numbers from his new album, “The Other Side of Down,” has a large following around the world.

    Organizers expect about 10,000 people at the fair, up from the estimated 8,000 who attended last year.

    Corresponding to the higher expenses, suggested donation levels will rise: this year, the requested donation is $5 per person or $15 per family; last year it was $2 per person or $10 per family.

    The local salute to the nation’s founders began when now Gilbert Mayor John Lewis was a leader of an interfaith community group that wanted to mark the then-214th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution. Lewis wanted another celebration to keep the patriotic spirit alive because in Arizona, the Fourth of July holiday is normally excessively hot.

    What began with a small children’s parade evolved into the larger event when Gilbert Public Schools became involved. Local Constitution experts and advocates Bill Norton and Barbara Stowell developed the program.

    “The progress of the Constitution Week celebration has been incredible,” Lewis said. “Those involved in making the celebration the largest of its kind in the country dreamed big and then they went to work and made their dream come true – another great American story!”

    For Lewis, the fair is one of the highlights of the year. But many people in Arizona don’t know about the multifaceted celebration Gilbert stages, he said.

    Last year, the first time the celebration was held at Gilbert Town Hall, Gov. Jan Brewer attended and remarked that she had “no idea” that this type of celebration was occurring, according to the mayor.

    Norton, who travels around the country holding Constitution seminars, said “I don’t even have an idea of what’s happening; it’s so large.”

    Norton has estimated that Gilbert’s celebration is the largest in the country, taking into consideration the 8,000-plus fairgoers, the 4,000 students who participate in the school program, the 1,500 Boy Scouts program and the 25,000 family members who partake in Constitution lessons at home during that week.

    But it’s not the oldest, he said. The city of Louisville, Ohio has been celebrating it since 1956, the first year Constitution Week was formally declared by Congress.

    It has been 224 years since the U.S. Constitution was signed in Philadelphia, uniting the country and establishing the principles of freedom and liberty and supporters say its principles are lasting and still relevant.

    “The events of Constitution Week provide an ideal time for children to receive lasting memories of why America is such a great place to live,” Lewis said. “A knowledge of the Constitution will help direct the future of this country . . . and will give us a proper path to follow in 2011.”


  91. kaycee said

    “With a big-name headliner”…oh how I love the sound of that!


  92. SandyBeaches said

    I believe that there are conflicting reports such as in comment #90, in regards to the time of David’s set. The length of time seems to have bounced back and forth and to anyone reading the above information, the time is most important and at this point needs to be accurate.

    I understood from Djafan and from all of the communictions with the organizer and with the valiant efforts put forth, that the length of the set is around an hour or until the fireworks start.

    I would like to ask Djafan to give us the final word on the length of time of his set.TY..



  93. Angelica said

    Woohooo!!! Got home today to find my internet is working again! It was out last night and when I called my service provider the lady told me it was a problem on their end and would have to have a technician come out. She said 9/15 was the earliest that could be scheduled!!! The day before I leave for Arizona. Unacceptable!!! It’s back up now though, somehow, and life is good!

    Nice pics, Abrra. If only he had kept that sweater on for the real performance instead of the horror 😡 (gray bathrobe with cloth belt that tied in front). Unacceptable!!! 😆

    Gonna go do some chores. bbl.


  94. MunkFOD said

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank all of you for the great articles and comments here. I come here every day and love it!


  95. kaycee said

    As I watch the coverage of the 10 year anniversary of that fateful day 10 years ago, I am overwhelmed once again with the tragedy and loss…and overwhelmed with the courage and heroism exhibited by so many that day.


  96. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  97. BellaGoGetter said

    How do we get David on the other top-ten lists, Most Unique Singing Voice and Best Singer of All Time? I don’t see him on them.


  98. BellaGoGetter said

    If you like to vote, David is on this list at 84, we can do better!


  99. MT said

    88. Abrra, love the pics. But i agree with Angelica in #93. He should have just brushed back that hair and performed just like that. He looked good just as he was right there.

    Dja, He’s now number 7!!

    Bebe, I’m worried about Sky, too. Has anyone heard from her? If anyone has, please let us know.


  100. SandyBeaches said

    MunkFOD…. Write to me with your chosen wrist size. They will be sent out after Arizona!

    Djafan will have the time for David’s performance in the next update!! It all looks good as we thought!



  101. emmegirl said

    Catching up after being gone on a short but relaxing camping trip.

    Sky, hope all is well where you are.


  102. djafan said

    SB, Yes I will…I’ve received confirmation 🙂

    Hello BellaGoGetter!!!!! Yay for #7! We can vote multiple times by clearing the cookies! Thank you for the link.

    Hey Emmegirl, there you are! Glad for relaxing but also glad to have you back. And yes, where is skydancer???? H

    Hope she’s ok.

    Arizona buzz..disregard the 40 minutes 🙂

    “American Idol” fans, take note.

    9/17: ‘Idol’s’ Archuleta brings ‘Other Side of Down’ to Gilbert
    by Ed Masley – Sept. 10, 2011 02:33 PM
    The Arizona Republic

    David Archuleta, the Season 7 runner-up whose debut single, “Crush,” hit No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100, is bound for Gilbert, where he’ll headline Constitution Week with a 40-minute concert Saturday, Sept. 17, at Gilbert’s Constitution Fair.

    Simon Cowell declared Archuleta the winner over David Cook in the final night of competition in 2008, but Cook (who also felt he’d lost) prevailed.

    Although the singer hasn’t had a hit since “Crush,” his latest album, 2010’s “The Other Side of Down,” debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard album chart. He’s sold more than 1 million albums and 3 million digital downloads since his “Idol” run.

    Details: 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 17. Town Center, 50 E. Civic Center Drive and Gilbert Road, Gilbert. Suggested donation of $5 per person or $15 per family.
    Related: Constitution Week in Gilbert will be the biggest yet

    Reach the reporter at or 602-444-4495.

    Read more:


  103. djafan said

    Mr. David Archuleta Tweets!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Rehearsals with the band tonight.

    I blasted GCT David songs from itunes in my car today…I tell you tears and tears. The sound of his live voice, the memories of witnessing these epics performances live are almost to much to handle. Pure love.


  104. Abrra said

    I spoke to Sky by phone on Wednesday morning. She is fine if its the fires you guys are worried about. She had a sore neck from painting baseboards, I think. She might be taking it easy.
    I just texted her, so she might check in later if she’s still at work.



  105. Heidijoy said

    Oh Boy ! The band is rehearsing with David! Bet you gals are getting excited.


  106. emmegirl said

    Thanks dja. Nice to see you back in action. 🙂

    Abs, thanks for letting us know about sky.

    Any idea what he was practicing yesterday.


  107. Angelica said

    I put the update about the time for his set as a new addendum, top of page, from Djafan.

    Sent an email to Sky too tonight. Hope all is well.

    Off to chat a bit. 🙂


  108. djafan said

    Boy Steven like to tease! Can’t wait!

    @StevenJRob: Just finished rehearsal with the boss! Y’all ready for this?!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Thank you Angelica for the update!

    Thanks for the info Abrra.

    Emmegirl, I didn’t realize anesthesia takes so long to leave your system but feeling much better as you can see 🙂

    Who knows what they’re practicing, it looks like maybe something new according to Steven’s tweet.

    Going to chat for bit 🙂


  109. Angelica said

    We found Sky! She’s in chat. Been puny this week but better now.


  110. tawna21 said

    SB, I hope you got my two emails about the bracelets….I can’t ever seem to say everything in just one.



  111. watch puss in boots online…

    […]More Updates ~ David Archuleta Lands in Arizona Soon! « The Voice[…]…


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