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David Archuleta in Arizona ~ T Minus 12 Days and Counting!

Posted by djafan on Sunday, September 4, 2011

May I have your attention please!!

Constitution Fair Site

Word. It is going to be very hot in Arizona (average temp this time of year 103 degrees). So please dress cool and wear red, white and blue.  The most important thing is to be comfortable in the heat. Dress code is optional. You have to dress, but the colors I mean. Por favor don’t make him have to get after you with his sharpie. Now. Time is growing very short and we have a few updates to post and discuss. I hit publish last night and then took it down to work out some fine details. Sorry for the confusion. Oh, BTW…

*Update for Gifting*

For the Gilbert, AZ event on September 17, SweetonDA will be accepting letters, cards, donation envelopes and gifts for David. Please keep packages small and no larger than a shirt box or large packing envelope. To get her mailing address, email her at

*Wristband Update*

Over a hundred wristbands have been mailed out by Djafan. She has extended the time for ordering to the 6th which gives the mail 8 days to get back to you.  Any left will be sold at the gate by the venue for fans who want to donate and get reserved seating but didn’t hear about it online. Some wristbands have been generously purchased for gifting. Thank you to you know who you all are! See me about that. I will be wearing a red hat. Or possibly a straw colored hat with red, white and blue scarves tied on. I can’t decide.  😕

*Update – We are getting Bracelets!*

SandyBeaches has generously purchased uber-awesome silicone bracelets for gifting to everyone going to the event! Anyone who has a wristband will receive a bracelet, shown below. Thank you SandyBeaches! Muwaah! A truer statement could not be worn. She has ordered a nice variety of sizes too, not just one size fits all. 🙂  I will let her post more on this in comments.

*Flower Power*

Two bouquets for sure will be purchased…one from the fans who could not attend and one from those attending. If you are not attending and would like to contribute to flowers, send a small donation to SweetonDA at her email above. Indicate that you would like the donation to go for flowers. For the other bouquet, those attending will be shaken down on the spot.  😉  We are only talking 1 to 5 dollars. Leftover money will go toward possibly having an Edible Bouquet (which would melt in the heat) delivered to his hotel room. <<<<This last would be delivered via event coordinators for obvious reasons. Here are some links for florists in the town of Gilbert if you are interested in making your own purchase. Bouquets should be brought to venue and hopefully we can get them to him after his set, along with the cards, small gifts, etc; sent to SweetonDA or brought by those attending. One large bag should do it. SandyBeaches is bringing a Canadian Hockey bag. I have no idea what that is but it sounds really cool…and manly. A little aside inside note..Djafan said Barbara Stowell (event coordinator extraordinaire and super nice lady) was surprised that we actually wanted to GIVE him stuff!  BAHAHHAAAAAA!!!  smh.

Country Blossom

*Meet and Eat*

We need to meet up in order to give out the bracelets and take up donations for flowers. Donations are optional. Lots of options in this post! “Free your mind.” lol. At 11:00 am Saturday (at someplace yet to be determined) we need to meet and get reacquainted cause that’s half the fun of a David event, riiight? ♥ No one will be allowed in the gates until 5:30 pm, so I hope we can spend some time shopping and enjoying the day. 🙂 I will let you know where we are meeting for lunch asap. I have talked to 4 places so far and will narrow it down to one in a day or two and post that info here.

Getting so excited! Can’t wait to see everyone and of course, see and hear the Voice again! That is the one thing about this trip that is NOT optional. Da man is mandatory! Feels like the 12 days of Christmas! *Goes to listen to Glad Christmas Tidings* 🙂

65 Responses to “David Archuleta in Arizona ~ T Minus 12 Days and Counting!”

  1. pocoelsy said

    Hi all,


    Thank you for a great new post, this is the event to look forward to after the “Archurest” . You all are very well organize with all the gifts, flowers, wristbands, bracelets ect. wish I could be there not only for the concert but also enjoy it with all of you, it could be a concert experience of a life time since we speak the same “lanuage… the Archuleta lanuage”. Anyway will be very happy waiting for recaps and ton of pictures and videos 🙂 from you all, I miss seeing him live already !!!

    I was lost in all the glory of the vids you all post in the last thread, have to say that those vids from KL concert really bring back my fondest memories sighhhh… how I miss his concert !!! Watching those vids make me realize that it’s not just his voice that make the concert as memorable as it was, you have to “watch” him sing too, he sings with his whole body-being even his pinky can sing lol ( watch some vid closely you’ll see “the singing pinky” ) you just can’t blink… don’t blink haha. Some songs are best captured his whole body movement and some the close up is a must Idk hope you understand what I’m trying to say!!! I found this “elevator KL” that capture his whole body movement it was sooo funnn to watch it again, he’s too much here we go…


  2. pocoelsy said

    Oh sorry the vid is not mine, credit should go to “lomaikai”. the rightful owner hee hee.


  3. skydancer1x said

    “T minus 12 days and Counting”
    eeeeeeek!!!! Seeing that written here this morning is just a “don’t look down cause this is reeeeeeeeeal” moment♥ I am so excited, can hardly stand it! Thank you Angelica for all the info. You are so funny. I love this>>>>>
    “A little aside inside note..Djafan said Barbara Stowell (event coordinator extraordinaire and super nice lady) was surprised that we actually wanted to GIVE him stuff! BAHAHHAAAAAA!!! smh.”
    SB♥ those bracelets are beautiful and wonderful! That was the nicest thing ever to do omgosh!. Just perfect♥ you are the sweetest! All the plans sound so wonderful. Looking forward to all of it, meeting all of you for the first time, and hearing da MAN!

    Pocoelsy, have to get ready to go to work, but going to check back on that pinky finger:) Love that video. David’s body moves in some way, to every single solitary note of music that is played.Its incredible isn’t it.From the top of his head to the tip of his toes, hes in the music with perfect timing.he’s stunning.
    Have a great day everyone. I am off to labor!


  4. emmegirl said

    So thrilled for all of you who get to go. “Barbara Stowell (event coordinator extraordinaire and super nice lady) was surprised that we actually wanted to GIVE him stuff!” Wait till she meets him and then sees him perform…it will all makes sense then.

    Can’t wait. Really really cannot wait.

    pocoelsy, I had seen that Elevator in a closer version, much like TOSOD I posted, but did not see THIS video! LOOOOOOOVE it!
    I remember you talking about the hops before :50, NOW I see what you meant, lol! And there’s that snap-to-turnaround-thing 2:22 right after he cuts the band off to give his marching orders. Ahhhhhhhh, can’t get enough. Never enough.

    Kudos to all you hard working fans that make every one of his events so special!


  5. tawna21 said

    Angelica, may I just say that ‘yes’ you do have my attention with that top photo you’ve got going up there! 🙂 🙂
    Thanks for keeping us informed

    Pocoelsy, that vid—ummm yeah! love it!!

    Gotta go, I’ve got to get a salad down to the church for a luncheon after a funeral this morning and then off to work.

    Have a great day all! 🙂



  6. SandyBeaches said

    Happy Holiday, we are having the same Labor Day holiday here in Canada.

    After the performance in Arizona, there will be “Nobody Sings It Better” bracelets for all of you back here at the ranch. Please email me your size choice and I will give you my address for a return envelope with stamp. My email address is: They are just a Little Shout Out to the WORLD! YES, nobody sings it better. (Fashioned after the song, “Nobody Does It Better”. You know the song!!)
    PLEASE NOTE…to anyone here wanting a bracelet sent to you, as you do not have a Canadian stamp to place on your self-addressed envelope, please slip in $1.00 and I will place the stamp on it!

    Also, there will be bracelets for gifting projects, so I will hope to see Karin and anyone else involved in a charity of David’s interest. That will be discussed when we return.

    The bracelets will be in sizes 7, 7 1/2 and 8. The size of the bracelet that was included with his CD was size 8. My wrist is a 7 and I am wearing the 8 leaving room to get it over my hand.

    That’s all for now!



  7. luvieD said

    Let the countdown begin!! SQUUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all those who have done an outstanding job of coordinating this!! I cant wait to meet everyone!! 🙂


  8. awwwwe, we have to dress? 😉

    Fantastic stuff you all are doing at The Voice – you guys are rockin on this! We can’t wait to meet everyone Arizona!

    There is a Chipotle that looks like within walking distance of the venue …. but in 100 degree heat, for me that is about 100 feet. 😛

    Sandybeaches … thanks for the bracelets … save a few for us on Angels For a Cause 😀

    We have not compiled our list yet for donations to Team Marius – so though we had 9/1 deadline, there is still time to give the gift of charity.


  9. SandyBeaches said

    Angels For A Cause’…I have made note of that! Write to me please and give me a number when you can at: ( Would an admin. please change the above contact email address to this one, TY)



  10. marciami said

    Just wanted to share – it is Mother Teresa Day – pastel posted it on twitter


  11. jans11 said

    Yes, Angelica, it does seem like the “12 days of Christmas”! The anticipation is really building and hope I don’t bust by the time the 17th gets here!! lol
    Pocoelsy, love the video…he does have a way of “preaching” with his body! Like Dave F. said, “David has music oozing out of his veins”!
    Another bracelet,yea! Thanks to all of you doing the coordinating, it’s all coming together great! Going to be fun to meet more awesome David fans. I booked a room and if anyone needs to share, let me know.


  12. Sue H (SoCal) said

    Can’t wait to meet everyone in AZ!! Thanks so much to SandyBeaches…WOW…just love those bracelets! Counting down! 😀 😀


  13. sweetonDA said

    FYI admins, did you see the info on David singing at the Pandora Unforgettable Moments on Ice Show in Phoenix. I just saw it over at FOD. I guess he’s coming to AZ again on November 12th. Tickets are already available for purchase.


  14. Abrra said

    #13 SweetonDA
    Bebe posted about it in the previous thread.

    NEW EVENT!!!

    Here’s the news item from Archuleta FanScene as referred to in comment #88…

    Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice
    With David Archuleta
    Tickets on Sale Now

    “As we reported on June 24th – Disson Skating, a long time producer of TV figure skating shows, has a very interesting listing on their website! David Archuleta CONFIRMED!

    This year’s NBC Skating Series includes Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice, a show scheduled to air on Sunday, November 27 from 4:00–6:00 pm ET.

    The artists who will be performing are David Archuleta and Mannheim Steamroller. Skaters include eight-time British National Champion Steven Cousins, five-time U.S. National Champions Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev, and 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Boitano”.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Go here for tickets:



  15. sweetonDA said

    Great, thanks Abrra


  16. bebereader said


    Thanks for bringing the new event details over from the last thread.:)
    Arizona loves David!

    DavidArchie tweets!
    Spending the day with family today. Started with breakfast with the sisters and our cousin. Hope everyone has a good Labor Day!
    4 hours ago


  17. Janel said

    Just FYI a good place for shopping and eating is the Tempe Marketplace. I’ll be arriving Friday morning and meeting my Aunt & Uncle there for lunch plus a few old high school alum who live in the Phoenix area. That day we’re going to the Paradise Bakery & Cafe, but I’m sure there are other restaurants there too.


  18. Janel said

    Here are all the restaurants for the Tempe Marketplace
    Here are the shops and all the eaterys in one list


  19. emmegirl said

    Will we hear one of those Christmas songs he’s been working on at this event. 🙂


  20. dayzee said

    Love the bracelets. “Nobody Sings It Better” is so perfect. Thank you, SandyBeaches! You are all so clever and creative and caring. I love the inhabitants of this place. It seems everyone is doing all they can to make Arizona a great time. Thank you all, expecially David.

    I’ve started packing, even though I will spend only one night. Need to keep busy to keep from exploding.


  21. tawna21 said

    Dayzee—> I’ve started packing, even though I will spend only one night. Need to keep busy to keep from exploding.

    You crack me up…I’m really going miss not hanging with you. 😦

    I’m gonna be gone a week, and I haven’t made a single move towards packing. No hurry…I’ll just throw my whole closet in the back of the car and let my hubby figure out where he gets to put his stuff. haha

    Aren’t the bracelets gorgeous! The really are so perfect. SB, you do good work. 🙂

    ***prayers*** to those of you in Texas. Mother Nature is out of control down there and my heart hurts for you.



  22. Abrra said

    Tawna sent along this lovely collage made by @HanneDenmark. Poster anyone? 😉 Apologies for the size, LOL! It didn’t re size to something smaller.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And another made from Nascar interview
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Now I am reminded to post this!



  23. emmegirl said

    Was referring to the Holiday On Ice and his new Christmas songs, not AZ, just to clarify, lol. Although, it is not usual for his fans to listen to Christmas songs all year long.

    Also want to express my concern for those of you in Texas, a frightening situation. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


  24. emmegirl said

    Wow, thanks abrra.

    Apologize for the large size….uh, your forgiven.


  25. dakgal said

    OMG—Those NASCAR ones!!!!! 😯

    ♪♫♪ I said it’s too late to pologize–it’s too laaaate ♪ ♫♪

    Little stud muffin–sitting there getting ogled!!!


  26. skydancer1x said

    22.eeeek! nice! (thud) he is just…well just…. ah, love all those corner pics, but bottom left and right though are really awesome!♥
    Hope ya’ll had a nice holiday today!


  27. skydancer1x said

    ok, thats not fair.Nascar! look at himmmm! I love that hairut. ack!can’t even write!..haircut♥

    25. Dak “Little stud muffin!” bwahahaaa!


  28. pocoelsy said

    Abrra, #22

    OMG Abrra you didn’t nooo….yayyy, appology not accepted …. not until you post some moarrr of those thudworthy pictures !!!!! lol

    My goodness the “hair” the “eye” the “smile” heck the whole face, how can I go back to work!!! man shouldn’t stop by here 🙂 🙂
    and that lady in the vid haha.


  29. betsy said

    Abs I love both collages, but that first one.
    The middle picture – he looks like he’s walking out of a fire. Spooky gorgeous. Chills.
    Every one of those pictures is beautiful. I’d like to thank the photographers.
    I can’t stop scrolling up.


  30. MT said

    Wow, those pics are gorgeous, especailly the ones in the pink shirt. That should be on his OS, up front and center. My Goodness, those are beautiful!! And too large? Nahhh, it’s ok. 🙂


  31. bebereader said

    Sending prayers to those affected by the drought and fires in Texas.
    Sky, Glad to see you here. 🙂

    SandyBeaches, Kudos to you. Those bracelets are just beautiful!!

    Here’s another backstage view from sis2chic. This one “Touch My Hand” Jakarta

    My Hands, Blackbird and Falling Stars from Jakarta

    credit boboimut

    Zero Gravity

    credit andreaglai

    Notice his little dance move at :45-:50
    Sound isn’t so good but it’s worth it for the visual alone.


  32. bebereader said

    Another video find tonight!
    This is Sonic Ether’s Remix of “Elevator”!
    So cool!!


  33. bluesky said

    22 Abrra…

    That merry-go-round just made my day/night.

    Poor lady. She has no idea her covert op has been uncovered. Her personal scan has been scanned. Her optic survey is now optimized. And her private glance is gleaned to grace another 1,000 or so greedy screens globe-wide.


    On the other hand: she did make the most of the opportunity. One could hardly claim she was indifferent.

    So we know she had a pulse.


  34. annie318 said

    I think of David as my favorite dream gaucho. He’s the most photogenic person I think I’ve ever seen.
    dayzee, I’m with you. Thinking about packing to keep from exploding.
    Although I’m coming to AZ with 3 fellow Archie fans I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone!
    My husband said I’m reminding him of a jr.high age school girl planning a slumber party
    SB~ thank you for the keepsake bracelets. Great idea.


  35. Abrra said

    Thanks for the videos. ZG has a “moment” that screams MGR!

    I will post a link to the mp3 of Elevator remix when I get home from work later. I know you like the dance mixes.



  36. Fiona said

    Abrra, love that MGR of the “shark” lady!!!!!!! I wonder how many of us looked at her the first time and then enjoyed looking at slow mo David the next few times!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    All you lucky people going to Arizona have a wonderful time! The rest of us can’t wait for the videos!! 🙂


  37. SandyBeaches said

    Oh no its not Monday but Tuesday looking like a Monday!! Here is a little something to get us hyped for the event. I love the stage setting that she had…Learn the words, they can be changed up a little. There may be a moment you never know.



  38. dayzee said

    Tawna, we will surely miss you in AZ, but I’m excited about the upcoming Christmas tour. Looking forward to hanging with you then, and all the other Utah peeps who can’t make it to Arizona. I am in the same boat as all the children waiting for Christmas and that guy in the red hat. Only my guy sings and brings me better presents.


  39. dayzee said

    Abbra, always love watching the “shark lady”, but it makes me nervous that something might be out there with me as the co-star.
    The collages are awesome! So many perfect pics. Hard to believe he is so consistently breathtaking. Pics from every angle and each one poster worthy.


  40. Abrra said


    Time to update your disguise!! I count on you as my Utah investigator. Haha!


  41. Heidijoy said

    David has put the Constitution Fair on the front page. Suggested fans check out The Voice/David Archuleta for fan involvement.

    So excited for all you fans going and will be there in spirit.

    Things are heating up with the Motab DVD/CD officially coming out today. Some are tweeting to get this trending.

    More appearances popping up each day!!!!!


  42. SandyBeaches said

    Heidijoy, you are a wonderful positive force that helps us move along in the best light!!



  43. betsy said

    SB – those wristbands. Such a sweet thing to do. What a good person you are. Your ♥ is showing.


  44. SandyBeaches said

    Ah Betsy, the timing seems to be right to celebrate David and his music by showing our appreciation to him in Arizona. We are fortunate to have the chance to be there.

    I hope that there will be lots of cards sent to SweetonDA from his fans. Let’s surprise him!! We seem to include in his cards, what his music means to each of us and I think that he would like that.



  45. bebereader said

    David’s so random. He just tweeted the Pokemon theme song.

    I used to know this whole thing when I was 9. Gotta Catch ‘Em All
    2 minutes ago


  46. betsy said

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Working on uploading a blog up soon!


  47. betsy said


  48. betsy said

    Think he may be going to this?


  49. djafan said

    Hello everyone!!!!

    Awwww David!!!! Came just in time to see that he put up a vlog! Boy did I need that 🙂

    Arizona! 11days and counting!!

    Update on wristbands, I’ve mailed out 105 of them! I’m thinking of setting a time on Friday evening to meet for those that weren’t able to send the money in time to get it mailed back to them to be able to purchase one then. So if you know anyone going let them know!

    And if you have a chance please leave David a comment on his OS here..thanks!

    A performance in Washington DC??? I found this.

    I’m praying that when I get home my GCT is there!!!


  50. gina said

    i haven’t watched the vlog yet, still at work, but i’ve heard that his sis has the crohns’ disease…i feel sad for him, just because i know that being a good and caring brother, he must be worried about her..i just don’t want him to worry, that’s all..but some good news too, a new event and a special project? can’t wait for those!


  51. Heidijoy said

    Thanks Betsy and Djafan for the info on the Spanish Gala. Nice Vlog. Djafan,there is a gal from Gilbert in the comment section of the Vlog that was curious about his appearance. I left a comment to check out the Voice/David Archuleta but thought you should know in case you want to tweet her. Her name is AndreaBieberLove. She answered me once and I left her another note asking her to leave a note here. Sorry I don’t tweet and not sure if she does.

    Like you I’m hoping more will leave notes


  52. AWWW can’t wait for AZ!! LOVE the bracelets Sandybeaches! What a fun idea to meet and eat too! I can’t wait to meet you all! I’m really looking forward to my road trip with my Archubuddies, Rebecca and Jen!


  53. hooked said

    Dja – I’ve had the money order in my purse for two weeks, keep forgetting to buy stamps!!!! Please save a band for me!!!! Thank you so much for all you do. See you.


  54. SandyBeaches said

    Tonight I went shopping with my husband and we found the “Sports Bag” to fill with cards and whatever else that we have for David. It can be used for sports or for travel. You can carry it in different ways and there are hidden wheels for the airport! Let’s fill it!

    That’s all for now,



  55. sweetonDA said

    I’m starting to receive all the letters, cards and gifts. Thanks to all the fans who are showing DA some love!

    SB, I love the bracelets. You are too kind!

    Why does he love to keep us guessing, the little brat…and I mean that in the most loving way! 🙂


  56. tawna21 said

    Wow SB–that sports bag — “THE sports bag”—sounds way cool! I might want to own one of those–

    Whoah!! brb—-gotta close some windows, there’s a skunk in the area—-back, what a ‘lil stinker we have out there!

    Anyway, I’m working on my card–waiting for some product to come via USPS (or maybe Pony Express I’m beginning to think) before I can get it completed.

    Hooked #53, I can relate. I can leave home with a stamped envelope in my hand to leave in the mailbox as I drive by it, and end up downtown with it still in my hand. **old age**

    Betsy #48–My money is on this event … looks very probable


  57. Abrra said


    You make the world’s best cards!



  58. djafan said

    DVDTop10 DVDTop10
    by onedavidnet
    #Music #Videos #9: Glad Christmas Tidings Featuring David Archuleta and Michael York DVD #Top10

    STUFFED schedule?????????

    @MannheimSteam @graficoartista @Jonerz @DavidArchie oh no I can’t get to AZ to see you and David.. can you bring him to the east coast!?


    @kimak @graficoartista @Jonerz @DavidArchie We would love to, but David has a STUFFED Schedule 🙂


  59. djafan said

    hooked! No problem lol


  60. Angelica said



    @kimak @graficoartista @Jonerz @DavidArchie We would love to, but David has a STUFFED Schedule 🙂

    STUFFED SCHEDULE!!!!!!!@#$%^@#$%^3>@!!



  61. bebereader said

    Firefly, a local band will be opening for David on Sept 17 in Arizona.
    From Firefly’s Facebook:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  62. Angelica said

    Aw, they’re adorable. Look how his name is so blocky and masculine and their group name is so delicate and feminine. Just find that kind of cute.

    Speaking of his name as logo. It’s really cool that it reads the same upside down or any way you turn it. You can’t do that with many names. Great work by the designer and used very effectively in Asia at the concerts.



  63. gladys said


    te he mandado dos emai , espero lo hayas leido, uno de ellos es mi carta a david, se que tenes mucho trabajo, te doy las gracias de antemano.

    Girls, I want to tell you, I made my order on amazon the cd and dvd Motab, and CDwow, order cd TOSOD Asian Tour Edition.
    I look forward to the arrival of both cds.
    I’m going to wear my striped shirt, jeans and shoes like the video of david, I hope the mailman does not have a shock to see me dressed like that.


  64. jane said


    […]David Archuleta in Arizona ~ T Minus 12 Days and Counting! « The Voice[…]…



    David Archuleta in Arizona ~ T Minus 12 Days and Counting!


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