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Keep Climbing David Archuleta ~ Embe From Finland

Posted by embe86 on Thursday, September 1, 2011

It’s 1pm. Isn’t it? Surely it’s not 1am? It’s sunny outside. Ok. So it’s afternoon. Am I awake? Is the baby awake? Is she crying? She just ate. She has her pacifier. Why is she crying? Am I crying? Oh god, I’m crying. What should I do? There’s no pacifier for me. I’ve just eaten too. Why am I crying? Oh. Right. I haven’t slept in… let me see… a month and three weeks. In the middle of the night I realize I’m covered in sweat and have to change my pajamas. I burst into tears while watching Friends. A sitcom. I’m a pile of limbs and defunct braincells.
I sit on the couch. My blank gaze travels to a shelf of CD’s. A particular disc shines a heavenly light. I hear an angel choir singing “hallelujah” as I reach out my hand and grab the album. I read the title. “The other side of down.” The other side of down? Is there one? I barely remember such a time. A time when I didn’t yearn sleep like a chained dog craves to be set free.
I put the record into the player. As I press “play”, I don’t yet know how much power such a small movement of a finger can have. Suddenly a smooth sound caresses my head in long, soothing strokes. Entwined in simple guitar melodies a voice announces “I could give up”. I could, couldn’t I? But then a very determined chorus starts chanting “I put one foot in front of the other…. I’ll keep climbing, gonna keep fighting”, like one of those self-help tapes. The baby is quiet, but her eyes are open. She’s listening to something familiar, though she cannot yet put her finger on where she knows that voice from. And I realize I’m still crying, but I’m not sad. I’ve found my pacifier.

137 Responses to “Keep Climbing David Archuleta ~ Embe From Finland”

  1. Kathyh said

    Ohhh, Embe! You’ve brought back memories! My first-born daughter started college two weeks ago and I’ve felt a similar mix of euphoria and melancholy that I did after she was born. (With much more sleep, I’ll grant you.) David was a toddler when my children were born, but his music soothes me now when I need soothing and helps me celebrate, too.

    Wonderful article. Hang in, there and congratulations!!


  2. emmegirl said

    awww embe, the exhaustive joy that is motherhood. 🙂

    She is a-dorable. And that exhaustive joy works for you, you look radiant!

    “And I realize I’m still crying, but I’m not sad. I’ve found my pacifier.”

    This is going in my archives.


  3. skydancer1x said

    awww embe♥ you and your beautiful bundle of joy! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photo’s.and for sharing what you are experiencing!
    She is a cutie pie.:) , and she has a beautiful mommy♥
    My sister gave me a T-shirt when I had my daughter, that said. “I am woman…I am invincible..I am tired” haha .

    David’s voice is so soothing and calming….so glad you found the perfect pacifier , for you, and the baby!
    Hang on, hang in, for the ride of your life embe, its amazing!



  4. poof said

    Congratulations Embe on your beautiful daughter. And congratulations for having David’s voice to sooth, calm and give you joy while exhaustion and hormones battle. Hugs to both of you.


  5. TOfan said

    awww, {{{{embe}}}} you & your daughter are both gorgeous!!!

    Love this: “The baby is quiet, but her eyes are open. She’s listening to something familiar, though she cannot yet put her finger on where she knows that voice from.” … hahaha, she had a womb with a view, lol, or at least stereo surround-sound! 🙂


  6. Marylee said

    embe: I remember well the “yearning to sleep” feeling! You WILL some day..I promise ~ but never like you did before. I also know how calming/soothing THE VOICE of David Archuleta can be in times like these. Count on him for that, my dear & (((hugs))) to you & your little one ❤


  7. Heidijoy said

    Congratulations to Mother and baby! Both of you are beautiful! Of course she recognizes the music from her prenatal days. David’s music is the best! Just think of all the positive messages. Don’t be surprised if her first words are a David song. ha!ha! Any name ideas yet???


  8. tawna21 said

    Embe, your precious little one is beautiful (she takes after her mommy). What a wonderful, and yes, addictive, pacifier you have found. What an inspiration it was for you to reach for the cd that you did. There is no voice that calms like David’s. ♥♥ Thank you for sharing your story and your pictures.

    Sleep will come, but it will always be different from now on. {{hugs}} to you and your angel.



  9. betsy said

    “And I realize I’m still crying, but I’m not sad.”
    Kinda made me cry. And I’m not sad either. ♥
    Just beautiful, Embe. Both of you.


  10. goodkarmaseeker said

    Having a child is truly the most life changing event that could ever happen to a woman. Congratulations Embe on your precious miracle!
    You like the rest of us, are so fortunate to have David’s beautiful, soulful voice and message to take us through life’s joys and challenges.
    I loved this posting. Thanks for sharing!


  11. betsy said

    New videos coming out from Jakarta today.


  12. betsy said

    credit for the above video goes to sis2chic. Also available on their channel is Falling Stars, shot from backstage. 🙂


  13. embe86 said

    Gosh, that picture of me is HUGE.

    Thank you guys for your lovely words – made me tear up, surprise surprise 😛 This week I’ve been able to sleep a little better and we’re slowly starting to develop some routines, which make life a little easier for me lol.

    My daughter (still feels weird to say that!) is 1 month old today. I sang for her earlier (David’s songs) when her tummy was acting up and she fell asleep. And I just played MKOP and her eyes got really sharp, like “there’s that voice again”. Can’t wait for her to be old enough to concentrate on moving picture so I can make her watch David with me lol.

    Boy, I just love David so friggin’ much.


  14. embe86 said

    Oh, and to clarify; during the last month of my pregnancy I had to wake up every hour to go to the bathroom, so that is why I didn’t sleep that well before the birth of the baby. Also, I had a fever during labour and was sick for two weeks after. But now things are looking up. Sleep seems to be even more important than nutrition for me 😛


  15. skydancer1x said

    Embe,lol! you should be used to big pictures around here! haha ..I think its lovely:)

    Do you have the MOTAB cd? I think The Cat and Mouse carol sounds like a lullaby. and of course Silent Night. David should one day put out a cd of children’s lullabies…ahhh that would be wonderful. Of course,we’d all be falling sleep with the babies and grandkids, soothed and relaxed……


  16. skydancer1x said

    Betsy, love that Jakarta vid. ok,going back in for some more viewing:)


  17. dakgal said

    Embe—Hang in there –you will make it to the other “side of down” and it will be coming soon–this too shall pass. Am I the only mom who called the first month “the nightmare month”. Believe me the first night your precious one sleeps through the whole night–you will hit the floor running to see if everything is alright–it’s a shocker!

    I always found it ironic –that when your children are babies and they can sleep–they won’t–and when they want to sleep ( when starting school) they can’t–cause they have to get up. Haha

    You are a beautiful mom -with a beautiful baby girl. Thanks for the pictures.

    Exactly where was David when I had babies–I sure could have used his calming voice!!!!

    Don’t answer that. 😉


  18. Desertrat said

    Embe, that photo of you and baby girl is all kinds of precious! When I read your post, I envisioned a song coming from you regarding this experience. Rest well. 🙂


  19. djafan said


    What a beautiful picture of mama and baby! You had me laughing and crying at the same time. Sweet memories of motherhood laced with the blue times as well.. So glad David’s soothing voice is helping.

    I loooooooove this!

    “I put the record into the player. As I press “play”, I don’t yet know how much power such a small movement of a finger can have. Suddenly a smooth sound caresses my head in long, soothing strokes. Entwined in simple guitar melodies a voice announces “I could give up”. I could, couldn’t I? But then a very determined chorus starts chanting “I put one foot in front of the other…. I’ll keep climbing, gonna keep fighting”, like one of those self-help tapes. The baby is quiet, but her eyes are open. She’s listening to something familiar, though she cannot yet put her finger on where she knows that voice from. And I realize I’m still crying, but I’m not sad. I’ve found my pacifier.”


  20. silverfox said


    I have to give my very sincere & best wishes to you, Embe & your beautiful baby! Your life together has just begun so get ready for, as David would say, the ride of your life! You will experience joy the likes of which you never could have dreamt was possible. The photo of you looking at your baby in wonder is so very beautiful & perfect, just like your baby!


  21. silverfox said

    I don’t post often due to time constraints. But I do try to read The Voice on a daily basis before I go to bed..early to bed & early to rise…story of my life. And tonight was no exception and seeing the lovely photos of Embe & her baby brought a smile to my face then…Oh my…

    I have be honest, I think that the video of David with a pacifier in his mouth is disrespectful, childish and the timing to post a video like this, depicting David like a child couldn’t be worse. We have newly released music on iTunes by him and The MOTAB Chior showing David with great dignity, class and professionalism and then we have this video, even in fun, is very distasteful and reflects poorly on us and our judgement. David is a grown man and he should be regarded as such with the respect he has earned and deserves. David with a pasifier in his mouth just does not do that IMO.

    Not trying to offend, just trying to be honest. Bring on the tomatos….

    Good night all.


  22. skydancer1x said

    22. Silverfox…to you, and anyone else I have offended in the posting of the video at #16.

    SF.I know you don’t know me personally, but I am a sensitive person, with a good heart, who never would intentionally hurt anyone ,especially David.
    Please understand, I meant to do no harm posting that video.
    “words are like razor blades.” I know now, how they can cut.You wielded them well.And they hurt me.
    I love you all,
    just think I will take some time out. take care of yourselves, all


  23. emmegirl said

    11. ….heavens to betsy.

    Thanks Betsy.

    Falling Stars I have missed you.


  24. emmegirl said

    sky, no worries. Please don’t be a stranger, you would be sorely missed.


  25. dakgal said

    What the random!

    Sky– I can understand your hurt, but please continue posting–you would be terribly missed. 😦 And I sincerely mean that!

    Emmegirl # 24–what’s better than David singing and we get to watch his profile. 8)


  26. skydancer1x said

    Dak, and Emmegirl,♥
    Been watching my favorite David videos with kitty on my lap, and now I am back here again. who am I kidding? I can’t even stay away for 2 hours…might miss a big ol’ fantastic picture of D.or something! So I put on a band aid, off and my big girl panties again.
    fact , I can’t stay away…
    I love it here, and love the people here because they love David, each in their own special way, including me….soooo…until the proper authorities come to arrest me, I’m stayin’ !!!!!

    back to the rabbit hole!

    thanks again Betsy…like the view of David singing FS.from sis2chick. very nice! gah!


  27. Marylee said

    I only post occasionally~ was wondering if said video of David with a pacifier in his mouth could simply be removed from the site to avoid any more “hits” to it. Looks like the last one was a week ago & others months ago. I have to agree that the timing is not the best.

    Goodnight everyone ❤


  28. skydancer1x said

    Patti has posted an update ♥


  29. Shontae said

    Although I find that video of baby David to be creepy and super disturbing, I think you guys need to chill out. You think way into things. Disrespectful for posting a video that was supposed to be in fun? Please. Get over it. You act like you’re David’s freaking grandmothers. You’re not. You are people who don’t even know him, so stop trying to be so protective of this guy.


  30. dakgal said

    Yea!!! Sky–doing a happy dance—thanks for the heads up on Patti–see she’s going to Ariz.—wonder if that means she’ll get to see David.


  31. gladys said

    I found this video, from 02.08 to 02.21 minutes, the mother of charice, would she be talking about David?.
    I believe that laughter charice is the answer to my question.


  32. Angelica said


    I was about to post to tell you to get your butt back here and then you came back. I knew (hoped) you couldn’t stay away. Those big girl panties look good on your butt btw. 😉

    I know you meant no harm in posting the video. You have a right to express yourself and others have a right to disagree.

    I would hope that people can voice their differences here in a considerate, kindly manner, keeping the feelings of others uppermost in their thoughts. We all love and respect David here. I’ve had an email from SF who is sorry for hurting your feelings. She has asked that her comment be removed but to do that would put out of context everything that followed and like I said, everyone has a right to state their opinion if done respectfully. I think in her own passionate way, she did that, but I understand how it was taken as hurtful.

    On the other hand, Shontae, your blanket attack on everyone on this site being “David’s freaking grandmothers” who are over-protective is out of line. You post anything to disparage the fine people who frequent this site again and you will be banned. I don’t suffer trolls gladly.


  33. silverfox said

    My problem was never with you and I’m sorry if I gave that impression. My problem was with the video itself. I really didn’t notice who posted it. I’m happy you changed your mind & came back. You are loved here. Don’t ever doubt that and I would miss your witty & loving posts about & for David. Peace.

    As for “Shontae”. As a matter of fact, I do think of myself as one of David’s thousands of self proclaimed, if you will, “Grandmothers” and so I am protective of him & his feelings as much as I can be. There are so many of us, that perhaps YOU should accept it or get over it yourself.

    Have a great day! Off to work I go.


  34. silverfox said

    Oh & one more thing..I watched the video with Charice’s mom and David Foster must not be aware that David HAS such a fan base he so wishes & is working so hard to get for Charice. And David didn’t even have to “work” to get the Ages 8 to 80 Fanbase. He was simply himself…and of course The Voice (his) helped a little! 😀

    Bye-bye now!


  35. Marylee said

    Good Morning everyone…and it IS a GOOD morning! Just want to say that I strive to be a kind person & not hurt anyone’s feelings~most days I manage to do that so if I did cause anyone to have an unhappy moment, I truly apologize.

    My thoughts on the video itself..not the posting of that David is a grown man now & the video doesn’t depict him that way….far from it! He has way too many remarkable accomplishments under his belt that deserve to be acknowledged now & this site, as well as so many others, does that on a daily basis which is the reason I stop by as often as I can.

    To Shontae…I simply say that what appears to be overly protective to you is simply showing respect to a young man who has worked hard at building his career & I intend to do whatever I can as a fan (nothing more) to help him get where he wants to be. That’s what fans do. 🙂


  36. emmegirl said

    SF is a mama bear, or should I say grandma bear. One of the things I love about her.

    Angelica, you is the best.

    sky, thanks for the update on Patti. She is such an inspiration.


  37. Abrra said

    “New” videos from VietNam has footage of David performing with recording directly from the audio board on stage. No screams, just pure David and the band.

    all videos credit h2m180693

    Here is a link to my Candy Jar folder for the 4 songs from the above videos



  38. Abrra said

    Thank you for giving us a chance to see your sweet daughter. Lack of sleep is a fact of life until she finds her routine. David will soothe you both!



  39. While we honor David’s professionalism, at the same time we should all recognize that he is not a close friend or relative but he is a very special person who trusts our judgement. It is no one’s fault here in particular that the video in question made it on youtube or even has remained there but I would like to step back for just a moment and note that as long as we have it on this site, then we are all having to accept it as an honorable thing to do.

    I would like each of you to ask yourselves if you would want to have your picture highly visible on the internet with a pacifier in your mouth. I for one would not and to have it removed would be so much appreciated. We have to represent ourselves for everyone and it can only be honorable.

    Beyond and above the hurts that people incur in discussion of this, just dismiss that for David and the hurt that can come to him as a result of the posting. Ther would have been no hurt feeling s if it had been removed immediately because it does not fall within our


  40. Marylee said

    Just visited the Patti’s CaringBridge update link & must say reading her inspirational remarks puts everything into perspective for me. I’ve only met her briefly (at a luncheon SLC/MOTAB)~ would like her to know that my thoughts & prayers will continue to be with her. ♥


  41. FG said

    Embe, congratulations to you! She is beautiful! Hold her close as long as you can. 🙂

    Gladys, very interesting! I’d be impressed if he wasn’t just spotted hiding behind menus in Utah at his Mom’s event. I may have screencapped it but I have not posted it anywhere because he clearly did not want to be on film. It is good to see him out having fun. Somebody out there will be the luckiest woman on the planet.


  42. SandyBeaches said

    Please excuse my pc and the glitche that did not allow me to correct the mispellings.

    From WikiAnswers…there is some merit in what they say.

    “It would not be illegal to photo edit a picture of an adult for your own use. If you share the result with others, you are moving into a gray area of the law. You certainly are opening yourself up to civil damages.”

    So we will all be careful for certain. It does go on and I never thought myself about it but the www is a big place.



  43. Abrra said

    I know what you mean. Pattirae is a shining example of “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Her courage and ability to see the good in everything is inspiring!

    Did you know wiki is not anything “official” ? It’s edited by ordinary people who presume to have correct “facts” which in reality can be simply opinion. I can go in right now and change anything to my liking, but that does not make it the true fact.

    Anything put on the web is fair game for editing. If someone wants to make an issue, they better have a copyright certificate in their pocket.

    I have seen far worse representations of celebrities(including David’s image)used for web bloggers delight. People in the public eye deal with it as part of the price of fame.
    The video in question is silly. It’s not against any site rules. We admins have all seen it and agreed that it was made in jest. We do monitor every bit of content that gets posted.



  44. KathyH said

    If there were a poll, I’d vote for the removal. The picture bugs me for the reasons others mentioned, and I think I’d say that even if I wasn’t old enough to be David’s grandma. Heh.


  45. tawna21 said

    SF #35— same thoughts here…what will it take to get someone like DF to come along for David?

    Angelica, our kind, wise, friend you are ♥

    Abrra. those videos in VN are awesome! That’s what we want–a live recording without the screams!! HEAVEN!!

    Off to work (I will think David thoughts and be happy that I have a job and not grumble 🙂 )



  46. Abrra said

    Some props to David and his support for AFAC and the Lisa Lopes Foundation.

    “The foundation also plans to open a medical center in Honduras and has already raised over $4,000 thanks to the help of David Archuleta’s Angel for a Cause (AFAC) organization. LLF plans to provide medical and dental treatment free of charge for those who cannot afford it. Health care for the urban and rural poor is extremely limited especially since the Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America. LLF hopes to five back to the impoverished families that suffer everyday there.”

    Read the whole article here:



  47. skydancer1x said

    That dang silly a#S video!! It’s still here.
    Did the idiot that put it there, have a brain between her ears?
    Sister Abrra ♥can you banish it ? for now and forever more?
    My request to you,lets remove it now.
    pronto, por favor?



  48. kaycee said

    Embe, what a touching and poignant account of the early days with your little one. Thanks for sharing. It took me back to those times with my own babies…oddly, those sleepless nights, midnight feedings and endless diaper changes seem just like yesterday. Having just sent 3 off to college this past week, your post was all the more bittersweet. Best wishes!

    One of the things I love most about David’s music and being a fan, is the diverse fan base. Whatever stage of life you are in, whatever challenges you are facing, his music gives you hope and strength. His music is ageless…and during times of trouble, it gives you the courage to move on.

    Lately I have felt like an unwilling participant on a crazy roller coaster ride…momentarily stuck on that long downward fall, when your stomach clenches and you have to scream to release the pressure…waiting anxiously for that inevitable upswing you know has to be there. Like Embe, I found solace in David’s music. I hadn’t listened to SBL in ages, but it was on in the background yesterday and words that I had a heard 100 times took on new meaning:and cheered me on: “Hang on, hang in for the ride of your life, IT”S GONNA BE ALL RIGHT, hold on tight. And: “When the world falls down like rain, it’ll bring you to your knees…BUT DON”T GIVE UP.” I had always interpreted “bring you to your knees” as those times when you are emotionally and physically overwhelmed with the challenges of life, but yesterday it brought to mind the peace and strength one receives in prayer during hard times.


  49. Abrra said

    #47 Sky
    I have complied with your request. In doing this, it affects the context of several follow up comments. Not a problem. For those who are visiting the site who are confused about some of the comments, take Angelica’s ( #32) words as final.

    “You have a right to express yourself and others have a right to disagree. ”



  50. kaycee said

    Sky, know that you are loved and appreciated. Your humorous and heart-felt thoughts have cheered me up many a time! And that goes to all you lovely Voice “frequenters” and administrators as well–thank you for creating a friendly, fun, and inspiring place to visit.


  51. xaris said

    Embe, you and your little one are just beautiful. Kaycee is right about this being a bittersweet post as we are sending our child off to college this weekend for the first time. Even Motab hasn’t brought much relief from the blues around our house. The years go by so quickly, but you will find that each stage of your baby’s growth is a good stage–even the terrible twos and the teen years. Just enjoy her!

    Best wishes to you and everyone else!


  52. MT said

    Congratulations on your gorgeous little baby girl! Sleep is elusive when they are this age but try to enjoy every minute as much as you can. You will eventually find sleep, but she will never be this age again. They grow up way too fast. Wishing you and your little one a future of much love and happiness. ♥


  53. MT said


    Just wanted to add that I’m glad you’re still wearing those big girl panties and not going anywhere. I love your posts and the wonderful sense of humor you share with us. I would really miss your comments. ♥


  54. skydancer1x said

    I love all you guys so much.thanks for being the wonderful peeps you are!
    You all make me cry.That, or I am pregnant. no wait, that’s not possible. so it’s you♥
    48.Kaycee,your comment is just beautiful♥every last word of it.I think you are so special.
    and ….I can’t imagine sending 3 off to college at once. Davids music helps us through so much doesn’t it? The big obstacles in life and the little bumps.You deal with everything that comes along with such grace.
    Xaris, I remember well the day I sent my daughter off. well, drove her down, and cried all the way back home, back to my empty nest.I never checked around me but I am willing to bet there were others doing the same on the highway that night!

    oh David. Thanks for being you.I love this tweet…He is so excited, I almost feel guilty to have already watched it umteen times.
    .”In 5 days the Christmas concert DVD I did with the @MoTabChoir comes out! Can’t wait for you guys to see it! 14 hours ago”


  55. bebereader said

    Congratulations on the birth of your little girl! May she give you a lifetime of joy and happiness! Your writing is delightful and brought me back to those days when your life is no longer your own and another little person depends on you for every little thing. It may be a little tough right now but it’s so worth it!


    For the Gilbert, AZ event on September 17, SweetonDA lives near the venue and is accepting letters, cards, donation envelopes and gifts to bring to David at the concert, especially for those of us who can’t be there. Please keep packages small and no larger than a shirt box or large packing envelope. To get her mailing address, email her at


  56. sweetonDA said

    Embe, I just love the picture of you and your little angel. Congratulations on such a beauty. Even though that said beauty is having an impact on your sleep patterns, I can just imagine the love you feel just looking at her every day. You’ll have to keep us updated on when she starts singing along to David with you cause I can see that happening too, her cooing may sound like his oohing! 😉


  57. Marylee said

    Sky: Not only are you funny…you’re gracious ❤


  58. KathyH said

    Sky: I fear that I’m not a frequent enough visitor to have gotten to know you, but you come across as very sweet and gracious. 🙂

    Embe: Your lil girl is truly beautiful, as are you.


  59. FG said

    I just sent a lil somethin today to Sweet. 🙂 yay!


  60. Gayle122890 said

    Embe, I keep picturing your precious baby’s eyes as she’s listening to that familiar voice. Hold her close. Time flies. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I woke up with labor pains from my son and now he’s away serving in the Air Force. I remember thinking, “Wait, wait. I’m not done with you yet!” as the recruiter’s van was driving away with him. Lol. Anyway, treasure every moment with your daughter. What a gift. {{{Congratulations}}}. She has a beautiful mom and I am so glad she will know that someone like David is in this world.


  61. sweetonDA said

    Bebe, thanks for the reminder.

    Just to let everyone know, I’ve received 26 requests who are sending letters or cards, and a few small gifts. If you are still planing on sending any, I’d like to have them mailed to me by the 10th of September to be sure to get here in time for the concert.


  62. Marylee said

    SweetonDA – Hi there & thanks for your kind gesture! I have a card for David & I’ll put it in the mail to you on Monday for sure! 🙂


  63. Hooked said

    No tomatoes from me Sista!


  64. refnaf said

    ((((((embe)))))) Thaks for writing this post. Love it and love the pics of you and your little girl. Enjoy this time cause it does fly, I know everyone says that, but alas it is TRUE. So glad that you found David’s voice to soothe and calm> That is what he was made to do!


  65. kaycee said

    He Tweets…

    “Back in Utah! And just signed the last of the 5000 Glad Christmas Tidings CD covers.”


  66. emmegirl said

    sweetonda, mine will be in the mail on Tuesday. Thanks!


  67. Angelica said

    Such great news about Pattirae! Here’s the link…


    Thank you so much for sharing such personal, precious feelings of your adjustment to new motherhood and how David’s voice gave you peace and strength during a stressful time. I have felt that myself, driving home from a particularly trying day at work, feeling the whole world is on my shoulders. I put the cd in the player and his voice washes all my cares away and before I know it, I’m smiling. How he does it, I don’t fully comprehend. I only know it happens too often not to be a real phenomenon. I think his voice is spirit as much as a physical thing.


  68. bebereader said

    Pattirae’s words are so uplifting! So glad she’s making progress!

    I’m in The Voice Unplugged for a bit, if anyone wants to pop in.


  69. djafan said

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    In Provo watching Imagine Dragons perform.

    There is a ustream


  70. kaycee said

    Hmmm. I have 3 children going to school in Provo. Wonder where they are performing, haha!


  71. djafan said

    Hi all,

    People are getting their wristbands!!!

    SF and Sky love you both and you are loved here 🙂

    Hello Hooked! See you real soon 🙂

    I’m feeling woosy today so just taking it easy.


    “I think his voice is spirit as much as a physical thing.”

    It has to be, it is so powerful.

    Pattirae! She is one courageous and strong woman. Prayers continue to flow your way 🙂


  72. djafan said

    Kaycee lol, My kids like this kind of music and so do I 🙂 I’m watching the ustream and can imagine David rocking out to the groove of the music. sigh.


  73. djafan said


    rusharr Rush Har
    Hehe the closing dj said ..also saw @DavidArchie walking around at the rooftop! whee

    jakeinthebox2 Jake corkin
    Just met david archuleta

    pixie4chic pixiechic
    a shoutout -“I saw David Archuleta walking around” … 😀

    Becca_Cali Becca
    i just got on time when that reporter was saying she even David Archuleta was walking around then the dang ad came on! Geez!


  74. djafan said


    davidlopez17 David Lopez
    Just had a sold conversation with @DavidArchie about his Christmas album. It’s a solid album. #rooftopconcertseries
    29 minutes ago


  75. djafan said

    More tweets!

    TanyaCheyenne Tanya Cheyenne
    Just stood next to David Archuleta! Its been a good night!

    mbraith3 Marianne
    @glennsrowley David archuleta is there!!!

    glennsrowley Glenn Rowley
    @mbraith3 i know i was standing right behind him. #itotallyfreaked


  76. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit lisaward’s picture


  77. djafan said

    brittanyjmo Brittany Molina
    IT IS THE #BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! @DavidArchie

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  78. djafan said

    MindyGledhill MindyGledhill
    So fun to chat w/ @DavidArchie who came to see @Imaginedragons on the Rooftop tonight. What a gem of a guy he is.

    justinhackworth Justin Hackworth
    by rusharr
    Just met David Archuleta.

    MargsOLeary Margot Nebeker
    by lanick0602
    @DavidArchie @CarolineBybee @TheLisaWard hoping to have more friends in the morning #thanks @DavidArchie


  79. gladys said

    bebereader and steno, they heard all my thoughts about David, it was a fun night in chat. Sometimes I have crazy thoughts.
    Thanks girls for attention.


  80. bebereader said

    We had a impromptu chat tonight. It turned out to be lots of fun. Thanks to all who made it!


    I love chatting with you. You’re so insightful and funny and smart and courageous and analytical; all traits I admire! Hope to see you and everyone else back there tomorrow night, our official chat night for The Voice Unplugged.

    djafan, I have one word for those pics….THUD! haha


  81. annie318 said

    Awww…..all those lucky young girls!! Getting your picture taken with David is such a thrill. For girls of all ages! Mine is proudly displayed on the fridge.

    Embe I just loved your post. Your beautiful little baby girl is just darling. The picture of the two of you is so sweet. I hope you will continue to share with us as she grows.

    Skydancer ~ every time you write I know I will laugh at least once. Glad you’re keeping the big girl panties on & sticking around.

    dja~I hope tomorrow is a little easier for you. Take it easy. You need to be in top form on 9/17!


  82. Gayle122890 said

    Looks like David had a really great time tonight. Concert at a rooftop-how fun! I love rooftops. Lol, always the chick-magnet.

    Sorry for being so out of the loop, but how does one go about getting one’s grubby hands on one of those signed GCT cd’s?


  83. betsy said

    It’s so good to see David out on the town hanging with people his own age. 🙂
    Gayle lol “chick magnet”
    Just look at those smiles. 🙂


  84. Angelica said

    Good Morning!

    Nice to see David out having fun last night and scattering joy! I can just imagine the squeeing that ensued after he walked away. 😆

    Gayle, here is your answer about how to go about getting said grubby little hands on that GCT cd. We wait. I think it will be part of the fund-raising during the live PBS broadcast of the show but that’s just a guess.



  85. Suzy-Q said

    Yesterday, I recieved my two wristbands in the mail. I was so happy to hold them in my hands. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  86. skydancer1x said

    76&77 Dja, love those pics of David enjoying himself! He looks so happy and relaxed♥ The blonde in the second picture looks very happy! haha
    I feel like I have seen her in another picture for some reason. She looks familiar

    82.Gayle… “Lol, always the chick-magnet”. haha! most definitely.

    Got my “wristband yesterday!”
    Arizona or bust! :))


  87. Gayle122890 said

    Thanks, Angelica! Happy Saturday, Everyone!


  88. bebereader said

    Hmmm. Very interesting. I just read this on Archuleta FanScene:

    “While I am waiting today to get the ok to post a little something happening in the near future with our Super Stah, decided I would post something that happened 21 million light years away.


    On the weekend of September 3-4, 2011 – if you live in the northern hemisphere – you’ll have an opportunity to witness what the ancients might have thought was a “new” star – a star that pops into view suddenly where no star was before. We today know it as an exploding star, or supernova. You will probably need binoculars to see the supernova … but still. It’ll be cool.

    Astronomers believe it may become the brightest Type 1a supernova of the last 30 years. And you can see it with an ordinary pair of binoculars….”

    Waiting for the news but meanwhile, I love the comparison of David to an exploding star! 🙂


  89. emmegirl said

    He looks every bit the twenty-yo chick magnet. Love that he is now getting to do some of those things he missed out on in his late teens. (He looks kindof amazing in those fuzzy pics)

    sky, I think the blond girl is the sister of a friend. I remember another pic, he was at a friend’s house and took a pic with all his friends siblings and another pic of her and him. He was wearing a suit and he had his left thumb hanging out of his pocket, I believe. (Gonna go hunt my pics and see if I still have it.)

    bebe, love, love that comparison too!

    dja, hope your woosy is better today!


  90. sweetonDA said

    dja, hoping you feel better soon. Love the fuzzy pics and Emmegirl, he does look kind of amazing in them!

    Got my wristband yesterday, yeah 🙂

    Listening to Glad Christmas Tidings I just downloaded from iTunes, just beautiful!!!

    Wishing everyone a fun filled holiday weekend.


  91. stenocruiser said

    Embe, enjoy every minute of your beautiful little girl — the years are so fleeting.
    Gosh, guess the same goes for enjoying David’s music every minute we can for as long as we can — dang years are getting shorter all the time.

    Gladys, please keep sharing your “crazy thoughts” — we love what you have to say.


  92. VJ said

    Sweetonda- Hi. I sent my package today. Tks!


  93. Shawna said

    DJA, got my fan bracelets yesterdayEEEEEK I am so excited to see him  can hardly wait to go  and hear our man  sing live again

    Embe. Awesome post, what a beautiful baby girl

    Sweetonda, yes, Patti is going to see David for sure! We already have our plane tickets and fan bracelets and her daughter and granddaughter are going too!!

    Love it here, just so you know


  94. Abrra said

    In my mail today

    The lovely Ally of Archuleta FanScene got to meet David in Malaysia and interview him! It’s a sweet interview too 🙂

    Here’s what she shared on Fanscene:

    It’s been exactly a month since David Archuleta arrived in Malaysia, so I decided to (finally) upload the audio of my interview with him. It was such an honor to have been given the opportunity to meet and interview him. Just click the link below to download the file.



  95. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  96. Angelica said

    Been without power for a while due to the tropical depression in the gulf coming up. High winds and rain. Supposed to get worse tomorrow. But it’s so nice to have a man around the house! My husband hooked me back up with internet and got the tv and fridge/freezers going with the generator. So looks like I’ll be making it to chat tonight after all!

    What is this @DavidArchie? So refreshing to hear a song like Someone Like You by Adele come on the hits radio station while driving with my sisters. What a song. 58 minutes ago

    He is STILL going on about that song? Well there is only one thing for it…he must sing it in Arizona. Pleeeeeaasssseee!!! Let me go tweet him toot sweet.


  97. sweetonDA said

    Shawna {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} Looking forward to seeing you and Patti again. So glad you’re both coming. It’s going to be so fun seeing everyone and meeting fans I can put faces too 🙂

    Marylou, emmegirl and VJ – I’m on the lookout for your letters. I’ll let you know when I receive them.


  98. djafan said

    Hey all!

    I’m feeling better thank you!

    I’ll confess I had never heard Someone Like You by Adele, beautiful song but I must hear David sing it 🙂

    So glad the wristbands are traveling all over the US! kfjofmweofjiwojfowi can’t wait for Arizona!

    Bebe, I need that news from Fanscene now!!!! lol


  99. PattiNC said

    Evening all..I sure hope we get a cover of one of Adele’s songs..we know from the Asia tour he knows SLY as he was going to sing Ada Ella until he was interrupted! Fingers crossed for Arizona.
    Oh and I was thinking…the next time someone questions us fans that are old enough to be his mother (or grandmother) about our liking a 20 year old…I will say I love Adele too and she is only 22…is that creepy?? Jeesh I just like good music! 🙂


  100. Angelica said


    Amen, sistah…to everything you said. 🙂


  101. bebereader said

    Angelica, Glad your power is back!

    PattiNC, You go girl!

    Djafan, Still waiting for the news from AFS.


  102. PattiNC said

    Auto correct evidently doesn’t like the word acapella
    In my comment (99). :).


  103. emmegirl said

    Angelica, seems often songs he mentions are of lost love.

    I hope he gets a boatload of tweets about SLY and realizes he HAS to sing it.

    Can’t even imagine.


  104. much2much said

    A David who never or almost never posts comments tho I’ve wanted to from time 2 time on different sites. Too shy I guess.

    After coming here & reading the comments, I wondered what some of the comments about a video were all about so I googled & instead found this 20 second gem I had never seen before which I believe shows David, without a hint of embarrassment, talking to a baby. That’s our guy & I believe is apropo to the article above which I wondered at first glance why there was a photo of a preggy girl? Read the article & understood. Lovely new mother who I hope will see what David would do if he could see her new babe.

    I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy!


  105. much2much said

    I meant, of course, A David Fan like yourselves!


  106. Abrra said

    This is the weekend for the MDA telethon. It is another charity where David lends his celebrity to raise funds.

    You can read about what they do here:



  107. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  108. pocoelsy said

    Hi guys, Embe,

    Sorry late for the party, out of town for a few days. Hope everybody doing fine. 🙂

    Embe, love your post and your pretty pictures, what a precious little person that you hold in your hands. I still remember those tiredness but yet the sense of fullfilled purpose and happiness vividly though my youngest one is 13 now. I don’t know how I made it through those sleepless nights without the help of Mr. Archuleta!!! could have been much much better with his music haha but I made it alright…I’m sure with the help of David’s sweet and soothing voice you and your baby will make it through this difficult and tiring time together with ease, hang on hang in for the ride of your life (s) it’s gonna be alright!!! hee hee.

    Not just “us” who love David’s voice, Pocohontas and Elsy my late beloved cats loved listening to David too. My daughter took some vids of one of them, here’s the link…


  109. betsy said

    Nanyang Technological University, Welfare Services Club, Regular Service Project for the Hearing Impaired (NTU WSC RSPHI) volunteers presents “Let
    s Talk About Love” by David Archuleta. This performance was held on 16th January 2011 at Velocity Shopping Mall as part of the effort to raise awareness for the Deaf Community through song signing or simply put as singing with fingers.


  110. Angelica said



    Thanks for bringing that vid of David and baby. It’s by our very own Silverfox. 🙂 I remember it but it has been a long time.


    That cat did not blink for almost a whole minute! LOL, I know the feeling.


  111. skydancer1x said

    104.nice to see you Much 2 much! love your name 🙂

    108 Pocoelsy♥♥♥ that is a precious memory of your kitty. yep, she is hypnotized and mesmerized, and love the ears, poised forward and really listening.eyes intently watching! LOL My cats are the same way.(Contigo used to be their fav, but I think now it is “the Cat and Mouse Carol”♥ 🙂


  112. emmegirl said

    Have a couple hours of downtime today….
    where else would I be.

    Just love the audience singing along, especially at the beginning. And then there’s the end…standing out on the catwalk, shirt dancing in the breeze, all those hands reaching toward that heavenly voice.


  113. PandasMama said

    106 Abrra, thanks for posting Things Are Gonna Get Better. I love that song and wish that David would perform it again.

    I wrote an acrostic poem for it last weekend while trying to get my jumbled and stressed mind clear of my real life challenges. FOD posted it last week but it is on my blog if anyone hasn’t read it and would like to.

    Had fun on chat last night too.


  114. emmegirl said

    One more…gads, I gotta quit, stuff to do!

    He was groovin his booty off from the get go, 2:09-:24, 3:20-:28.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  115. Heidijoy said

    Nice trip down memory lane this morning. Love the clip SF captured. She is also famous for blairing her radio with Crush when it was first released on one of the American Idol tour stops. Wonder if this was the same day????

    Thanks for the MDA reminder Abrra. Loved that performance of Things Are Gonna Get Better.

    Pocelsky So glad you have this memory of your late cat. Your daughter do a good job with pictures and videos.

    Betsy, Your are a fine detective finding that performance in honor of the Impaired hearing. Remember when David recorded that for the Bear campaign. This use of that song is heartwarming.


  116. Heidijoy said

    oops daughter did a good job with pictures and now this video.


  117. skydancer1x said

    112. Emme,♥. “And then there’s the end…standing out on the catwalk, shirt dancing in the breeze, all those hands reaching toward that heavenly voice.”

    113.Margy, loved your poem♥
    looks like we are finally going to get a much needed break from the heat in Texas. Wish we could help out the northeast and keep some of that rain here, they don’t need any more, and we are desperate for it.

    Abs, love TAGGB.Haven’t listened to that one in a while. Gee, it IS time for MDA telethon! Anyone else feels like this year is just flying by!?


  118. pandasmama said

    Sky, so glad you liked my poem. So theraputic to write.

    I wish that we would get a break from this horrid weather. Looks like rain in many parts of the state but narry a drop here in Central Texas. Forecast says that the cold front will drop temps by maybe 10 degrees tonight and tomorrow but we will be near 100 again by the end of the week. Right now we have 30mph winds stirring up wildfires again. A slight 10% chance of rain tonight when the front comes through but then nothing else in the 10-day forecast. The last significant rain that we had here was last September when a tropical storm made landfall in South Texas. My yard is a total lost cause and I fear that my 30 yr old Oak trees will not survive this drought. Already loosing their leaves; normally that happens in December.


  119. skydancer1x said

    109. That is the sweetest video Betsy.♥ they did a great job, that was great!


  120. bebereader said

    Sky#109 I totally agree. Loved hearing David’s “Let’s Talk About Love” again and they did a great job! Betsy, thanks for posting.

    NEW EVENT!!!

    Here’s the news item from Archuleta FanScene as referred to in comment #88…

    Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice
    With David Archuleta
    Tickets on Sale Now

    “As we reported on June 24th – Disson Skating, a long time producer of TV figure skating shows, has a very interesting listing on their website! David Archuleta CONFIRMED!

    This year’s NBC Skating Series includes Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice, a show scheduled to air on Sunday, November 27 from 4:00–6:00 pm ET.

    The artists who will be performing are David Archuleta and Mannheim Steamroller. Skaters include eight-time British National Champion Steven Cousins, five-time U.S. National Champions Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev, and 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Boitano”.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Go here for tickets:


  121. Heidijoy said

    More good news for Arizona. Ice skating show in November. Details on FanScene and DavidArchuleta facebook. Sure hope we hear Winter Tour news soon. Hoping for a vlog.

    Love your poem Pandasmama. I think I posted before I saw you had posted too. Sorry about problems in Texas. You are in my prayers.


  122. tawna21 said

    Pandasmama, your poem is great!! The message is soooo good.

    Do you have any idea how long it would take me to come up with something like that? A lifetime or more. Actually, it’s something I wouldn’t even try to do–it was a disaster in jr. high English class when we did the section on poetry. So, I’m glad that you have used your remarkable talent and created this poem and shared it with us. I truely admire those who can do this.

    Hmm, wonder if hubby would like to go to AZ in Nov.?

    I sure hope those of you in Texas get some relief soon. 😦 That’s just not right for you to not be getting any rain, and the northeast is drowning. I’ll add you to my prayers.

    Thanks all for love that’s here and have a good, safe holiday (I get to work).



  123. emmegirl said

    The face of unadulterated joy.


  124. betsy said

    Emmegirl. You have excellent taste in videos.
    Internal screaming going on here. 🙂


  125. skydancer1x said

    123. Emme…112,114, and now 123!! You are picking out some great vids girl-friend 🙂
    Everytime I go in to watch, its hard to come out! Its like getting stuck in quicksand.

    Yea! another skating spectacular with David!! thanks for the info Bebe♥

    122. Tawna, I have to work all day also..phooey ::( pinching nose.


  126. betsy said

    Just because.
    (just because I’m still obsessed, that is)

    It kills me.


  127. Angelica said


    #114 And did you catch that mighty slide at 3:54? The leg raise at .18 on the “huh” in #123?

    You can’t learn that. He has natural-born mojo in him.


  128. emmegirl said

    Thanks Betsy. Likewise. On both counts.


  129. emmegirl said

    betsy, knew you’d come through. 🙂

    sky, it gets harder and harder to breathe, doesn’t it.

    angelica, definitely caught the leg raise on the “huh.” Need a full body shot of that one. That myyy-t slide, lol, how did I forget to mention that…what was that?! I replayed it a dozen times!


  130. djafan said

    Yay for Arizona!!!

    Pandasmama, beautiful poem, thanks for sharing.

    I love Lets Talk About Love, hadn’t listened to it in a while, thanks for the link Betsy.

    Emmegirl, now that performance of TOSOD is my favorite. It looked like he was holding a smile throughout the song and rocking out at the same time, loved it from start to finish 🙂


  131. emmegirl said

    A nightcap.


  132. bebereader said

    Another good one, Emmegirl!

    You know, I never thought I’d be saying this but I really love “Elevator” now! The very first time I heard it I thought it had way too much falsetto. I used to skip it on the cd. However, since David has been singing it live, the song has taken on a whole new vibe! No surprise there! His performance of this song shows the strong interaction he has with his fans, everywhere. It also shows his total control of the audience and the band. Elevator has turned out to be one of my favorite tracks on TOSOD!

    credit rusharr


  133. jans11 said

    Embe, loved your post. Reminds me of myself so many yrs ago. Yes, embrace every moment with her as the yrs go by so fast. She is so beautiful and you’re teaching her well with David’s music.
    I am a great grandma and each and every one of my babies are miracles. I love David like another one of my kids and just as protective of him!
    Got my bracelet and I’m so excited to get to see him live again. Whoohoo!!!!
    Angelica, I think you’re right about his voice being spiritual, not just physical. That is a great explanation to me!


  134. bluesky said

    Embe… thanks so much for sharing those tender, numb, wonder-filled and life changing moments with us. I love the way you express yourself. I felt as though I were in your home, like a little fly on the wall. And if I were, I would be saying to you: ahhh! Keep going lady! Keep on taking care of yourself and loving and holding and feeling it all… the great and the difficult. It is all so worth it. It is the gold and silver and glory of life. The truest of the true and the wonder of wonders. Even just getting up each morning and blearily making your way over to reach out and put your hands under and around that warm softness. Oh the joy!

    (and hoping that the bundle is not too wet *_*)

    All my good wishes to you and your lovely daughter. It. is. worth. it.

    And so are you.



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