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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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How Much David Archuleta is Enough?

Posted by Abrra on Monday, August 29, 2011

I was reflecting on the recent twitter explosion when David’s account was compromised. Words were said that threw the twitter fans into disbelief. Sometimes a celebrity’s online identity is “stolen”, with  resulting fallout that can expose them to losing fans. There is a phrase: “the power of the printed word” that  rings true in this case where some fans fell for the hoax. Does reading it make it so? Much was made of the fact that there were three separate sources that were sending “David’s” tweets. A hacker was exposed! The true David Archuleta came back after adjusting his password. The fan world was at peace again!

As I read the drama unfolding on twitter, a question came to mind.

How much David is enough? 

We all have are own answer. In a manner of speaking, we all have are own relationship with David, the artist. I put this question to some fan friends to see what kind of responses I would get. I simply asked the question without explanation. I wanted to see how we are alike or different after three years of history with our favorite singer.I was interested in understanding what boundaries they would set on their relationship as a fan.

Let me share with you the replies.

¶”I think there is something in every fan, a natural  curiosity in us, that wants to know everything! but there is such a thing as too much information.”

¶”For me, I could never get enough of his music, never. I love and respect him enough that i am fine not knowing any personal stuff.”

¶”I haven’t gotten nearly enough of him performing live and I want to shake his hand and meet him face to face’

¶”He is like part of my family now, because i have integrated him into my daily life.

¶”In our “fan-tasy” world, no amount of David is ever enough. We would love to watch his every move and know his every thought, at any given moment. However, he is a human being not just an object of our fascination.  He has a life to live and his  purpose in life is not to amuse or entertain us. Therefore, although I check Twitter diligently in the hopes of catching any morsel of news, story, sighting, however minor, of  him, I am fully aware that every tweet, vlog, off-stage fan-picture, is icing on the cake and a gift to us. For me, I truly just want him to put out as much as music as his heart desires; as fans we are entitled to anything more.”

¶”When I know I can get as much David as I want, I am more content and maybe need him less. As far as a concert goes, I would go see him in a heartbeat, anytime he comes near.I still want to read about him every day, still want to listen to him every day. So if I can do that, and maybe see him a couple times a year, that would be enough.”

¶”I think David and his messages,meant to come through his voice, is needed so badly in this world right now. He is meant to do great things.Of this, I am certain. So how much David is enough?There can never be enough.Never. “

My take on this topic is that while I hope to have David and his music in my life to my last breath, I know that some things in his life could change that could either remove David from the music scene, or cause him to be less available to perform. Would my role as a fan change? Not really. I respect that any such decision made by him would be well vetted.

As long as he wants to make music, write songs or endorse charities, I am there. Whatever the future holds or decision he makes for himself, I will be a fan. If he needs to take time away for personal matters, I will understand. Judging from what he has said over the years, music is something he plans to continue doing as a career. Life can get complicated at times, but keeping your eye on the prize is what matters most.

His role as an artist is just one part of who he is. It is the public part of his life that we fans have shared with him. Being overly invested in his success as an artist could lead to  heavy disappointment for some. David operates on his own time schedule. At times this seems slower then we like. In the past 6 months, events have settled into a calmer routine. There are stretches of time that appear to those not inside his inner circle that he is taking a break. We find out later that he has re-recorded his CD with bonus tracks and planned a tour to Asia! He is busy even when we think otherwise. I trust that he can find the right balance in songwriting, performing and touring to maintain himself in the business.

Fame comes with a price, a Catch-22 of sorts. To be a successful singer you must to give up your anonymity and with that comes a certain loss of privacy.  David has done exceptionally well at preserving his privacy. He tells us just enough to allow us to feel a connection to him beyond his celebrity. I am content knowing just enough to keep me interested in who he is as a person as well as an artist

Whatever David wants to share with me as a fan, is enough David for me.

90 Responses to “How Much David Archuleta is Enough?”

  1. Jane said

    Very well written and Thank-you!…I too, will always be David’s Fan. ALWAYS!!!


  2. ray said

    me fan forever,very nice write up,then again all of them are


  3. Dayzee said

    When I read your topic I had to laugh. Is there such a thing as too much David? I could not imagine saying “No more thanks, my plate is full.” Then as I read your article I realized that there are many areas that I would be uncomfortable with having David share with us. I do want him to have his privacy. I feel there are many portions of his life that are none of my business and I would not want to change that. But his public side? Bring it!
    For almost 4 years I have seen that face every single day. Cannot imagine a complete day without David. He has had an enormous influence on my life. always for the good.


  4. loulou said

    I had a bad night last night ! I come in here and see Davids pictures and listen to his music and it always makes me feel so much better.


  5. gladys said

    This happened to me on Sunday at a family lunch.
    My sister invited us to his house for lunch and the excuse was, she bought a big screen TV. She was able to connect this TV to youtube.
    At the family table were my sister, the hostess, of course, my other sister and her boyfriend, my two nieces, one of 21, she was with her boyfriend, my other niece 12 years, my mom and me.
    When it came time for desserts, cakes and coffee, also came time favorite videos.
    My sister loves Tina Turner and saw several videos of her. Then, we remember an event when Tina came to our country to give a concert, she had all her hair standing, it was beautiful to see her live and she tried, also stand their hair with soap powder, we laugh a week.
    Then everyone was saying their preferences about favorite videos. I said nothing because my family makes fun of me when I talk about david and age.
    I poured myself plus dessert, when I returned they were waiting and said,
    -My family: Gladys, we want to know YOUR david –
    My niece cried – I want to see justin, I ordered first.
    We saw two videos of the fetus indecisus.
    – My family: Gladys, can you pick any video to know the face?
    I thought, they’ll know something more than his beautiful face.
    – I, – ok, I wrote on youtube david archuleta – heaven.
    When the video ended, there was silence, my family is very noisy.
    My niece saw david in some videos, she said,! David grew up!
    My sister said, David has changed, he has another voice.
    My other sister told me, keep me on file name to see more videos.
    And my mom, the most important opinion, she said, Is that child is david? Now I understand, that you love so much.
    Now they know, like me, David will never be enough.
    David is and will be part of my life forever. It is now part of my falmilia too.

    (I hope you can understand me, thanks.)


  6. Angelica said


    I understand you perfectly. ❤

    He tweets:

    "Fear is our greatest enemy. It tells us we cannot accomplish what we must achieve. But faith and courage are the tools… Provided within us to overcome any obstacle, doubt, or fear we may face. With this in mind, all dreams become possibilities."


  7. Suzy-Q said

    “Familiarity breeds contempt”
    Would that ever pertain to David? Knowing too much about a person can change a relationship because we’re not always going to agree on how to deal with certain situations and challenges. It doesn’t always mean that one of you is right and the other is wrong. It can just be a matter of opinion. If you can take a trip with a friend and be with them 24 hours a day and agree on everything, hold on to that friendship because you found a friend for life. Many fans don’t agree with the path that David is taking concerning his career. What if we knew everything about his personal life? Would everyone agree that he was handling every situation in what we would consider the correct way? I think not. So, let’s just stay out of that part of David’s life and be thankful for every little morsel that we get from “ninja” David.


  8. TXNancy said

    Gladys….your story brought tears to my eyes! Gracias for sharing your beautiful family moment!


  9. Marylee said

    ¶”I think David and his messages,meant to come through his voice, is needed so badly in this world right now. He is meant to do great things.Of this, I am certain. So how much David is enough?There can never be enough.Never. “

    The above comment could have been mine but it isn’t! lol It does state exactly how I feel though. Thanks for a great article, Abrra~something to ponder. BTW, that serious picture of David is so rare..just goes to show it’s not “all smiles” out there on tour…or….any day of the week in the life of David Archuleta.


  10. Heidijoy said

    Nice article Abrra. I’ve never followed anyone as closely as David and follow him because of his music. I admire him for so much more. I prefer to remain a fan, not a manager or critic. No gossip and speculation for me. I appreciate anything that promotes his artistry and respects his privacy both personally and professionally. I love his vlogs,twitter etc. when he shares with us what he wants us to know. I miss his written blogs sometimes because they were so detailed and gave us new music of others that he admires.

    Gladys I enjoyed your little family story so much. You seem like such a gentle soul.


  11. Thank you Abrra for starting off the day with such an enjoyable read. There is always something more to say about David as each day goes by it seems.

    I guess this is the place where we can write our own happenings but before I do I want to say that Gladys, that was a wonderful family story and I bet you were very proud of David!!

    So I will add to the little fans stories. I was driving with my daughter and my phone made the “David just texted ping sound”. I was driving so I asked my daughter to read the text message to me. She read it first and I had to ask her to read it out loud again. It was the text recently when he sent his concerns for safety to those fans on the eastern seaboard and that includes us. She was taken back by him and had to pause before she read it. I know that she is a huge fan inside and once again I was so proud of him.

    Short story #2…Our power went out around 4 am last night and we thought that we had been spared the storm so we were annoyed at ourselves for the lack of preparation. I found my L.L. Bean little radio and got it going. I couldn’t seem to get any radio stations but out of the blue someone was singing and I, well got excited and said to my husband, “Listen!” and he said “It is David!” and then there was static and he was gone…I sat in disbelief as I have no idea what station is was and I can’t tell you the song with only a few words and my excitement (I have been trying to remember it though!!!) but my husband said, it was David…



  12. TXNancy said

    SB….loved your 2 stories!! You, Abbra, and all others affected by the hurricane…’s so good to hear that you all are OK. If you could only share some of your rain with TX (barely have had any rain since FEB…..rt now it’s 106 and it’s not yet 3pm). But we’re fine. I LOVE David’s quote today…..can he be any more special? Well, if he does a Vlog today, yes, it will be!


  13. I can say in all honesty and without kidding myself, that my trip to the MoTab Christmas concerts last December was for me and my love of Christmas music, the MoTab Choir and David singing Christmas Carols. But in that same honesty this trip to Arizona is me supporting David 100% and if it was for any other reason I would probably not be going the distance. I believe that it is more giving this time than receiving.



  14. bebereader said

    We’re home, with power and water! You don’t realize how much you need it until you lose it! Cats are fine, Skydancer. Yes, we left them home since they aren’t affected by the lack of electric and water like we are. I filled four bowls with bottled water for them and left them lots of food. They hardly ate anything, hoarding it in case they really got hungry, I guess.

    I heard from Abrra by text. Her power is back on too, as of about an hour ago. However, she still has no internet service and no cable service.

    Loved this article, Abs.It was funny to see my words up there; glad you were able to use them. We get so caught up in the phenomenon that is David that maybe we lose sight of the fact that he is a human being who needs a private life just like the rest of us.

    Gladys, Your family recognized why you’re a fan! That’s a milestone! I’m so happy for you!


  15. awestruck said

    “Whatever David wants to share with me as a fan, is enough David for me.”



  16. frances said

    that well written version of what david is sums it up for me. i too will always be a archie fan till my last breath, he has brought so much happiness to me and i will always be greatful for that. david with you in ours lives how could anything else be so special, thank you for being part of so many good things.


  17. dakgal said


    Well , of course , leave it to me–when I first read the title of your article in my e-mail alert of a new post–I thought WHAT?? Who has had enough of David Archuleta? Are they sick of hearing him? Is the sky falling? Is someone seriously ill? 😯

    Well, it seems I put the accent on the wrong syl-LA- ble! Whew!

    I probably could write a book on this subject–but I won’t. In fact I’m not even going to use my own words. These are excerpts from a post I read a while back by someone called “Happydance” on another site–but I agree so much with what they had to say!

    “David has communicated with his fans so much and has given us a very intimate look into his life, by so honestly sharing what he believes
    to be important. Not many celebs will let you get that deep into their (real) heart.”

    ” As far as his career, he tells us over and over again in interviews, that music is his passion and his goal is to always do music. He has explained how he hopes to use his music to help people. As far as what steps he plans to take in following his passion and reaching his goal… why should he be obligated to inform his fans of those details? Maybe he thinks the steps may change along the way, but the goal will remain. I’m trying to learn to just go with the flow.”

    “If David wants to tweet about his favorite foods, or a quote that impresses him, or explain his long term goals in an interview without saying his exact plan, then that’s good-a-damn-nuff for me!

    “I think we all understand the connection David has with the song Everybody Wants to Rule The World. It may surprise us all who he is including in the “Everybody”.

    Back to me : There are only two things my butt-in-ski nose wants to know. ;)…………..

    Did he ever get his platinum record for Crush?

    And yes, you guessed it. 🙄 WHY THE JACKET!!

    Dang , this IS almost a book.


  18. Abrra said

    Just quick post as I am still without Internet. Glad I can stop in via my phone. Thank you all for your comments. I will respond more fully when my PC can get online. I loved Galdys story. Sometimes I think non fans can only see David as the kid on Idol. As if he were frozen in time and never aged. How silly is that?

    Please Internet gods get my connection up soon:)



  19. dakgal said

    Chapter Two:

    I am sooo bad: First abrra –Thank you for this article–

    ¶”He is like part of my family now, because i have integrated him into my daily life.”……………………….And that says it for me, too. I can’t imagine a day without thinking of him.

    The bottom picture makes me want to give him a big hug–I think he’s asleep on his feet—all worn out!

    Gladys–#5—I love everything you write-you have such a neat way of putting things, and I understand every word and feeling.

    SB #11—Two great happenings to share –the last one is spooky!

    Bebe # 14–Glad to hear things are getting back to normal for you–your poor cats probably thought they were abandoned- with no one to complain to–did they remember to flush their litter boxes? Oh, that’s right –no water.

    Abs # 18–Hope everything gets back to normal for you soon–how did the frozen bags of water work? All your food OK?


  20. MT said

    I could not imagine saying “No more thanks, my plate is full.” I was LOLing at that. But I know what you mean. No, my plate is never full when it comes to music and videos of David.

    Gladys, awww … Great story! It’s nice to hear that you’re able to share David with your family now.

    Really glad to hear that you and all our other east coasters made out okay in the storm and all have your power back on. And SB, even though I won’t be there, thanks for all your efforts for the Arizona show. I will definitely be here enjoying all the videos. 🙂 You guys worked hard so all the fans could enjoy the show even more.

    “WHY THE JACKET?” LOL I hope you get your answer some day, Dak.

    Great article, and I like the way you think. I also agree with everything you said. I obviously love hearing about David, that’s why I’m here. But I don’t fell I need to know anything that David is not inclined to share.

    Abrra, I hope you get your internet back soon.


  21. tawna21 said

    Abrra, what a great article. I so enjoy the way you think. Sometimes it hurts my head because you are so logical and can make sense out of what is in my head, but I love it, love it! ♥ 🙂

    This is where I’m at in answer to your question –> “Whatever David wants to share with me as a fan, is enough David for me.”

    {{Gladys}}!! Your family gets it!! They now understand!! Your perseverancia has paid off for you. Congratulations!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story.

    Dayzee–“No more thanks, my plate is full.” LOL!! (enjoy AZ)

    So glad all you ‘easterners’ are okay ♥♥



  22. Nancy L said

    Dak #19 – Didn’t David get his 6 times platinum for Crush in Asia? I remember him getting his gold but I don’t remember him getting his first platinum for Crush. I’m sure some ninja fan with better research skills will know.

    As for the jacket, I’m just guessing that since he wore that pink/red shirt in Indonesia because it was the color of the sponsor, maybe he was supposed to wear that color at every concert and the jacket was what he brought? Whatever the case, sweaty David is always good.

    I’m glad all you Eastern fans are ok. I have my fingers crossed for a vlog soon.


  23. MT said

    Saw Kimk post this on FOD. Check it out. Smart realtor here! haha How Original!! Using David to sell homes. Wonder how many folks will go check out the homes?

    “To celebrate Constitution Week, the Felty Farms community in Gilbert, Arizona is giving you the opportunity to win tickets to the Constitution Fair event, and meet the staring act, American Idol’s David Archuleta! All you have to do is tour the Felty Farms model homes for a chance to enter to win!”


  24. xaris said

    Well this is odd. GCT is up at Itunes. I think this is the correct link.


  25. tawna21 said

    Xaris #24, that is a little odd. but great news.



  26. xaris said

    Sorry y’all. I meant it was odd that GCT can be downloaded now from Itunes a week early. I didn’t know Itunes did that. I’m in heaven listening to Gesu Bambino.

    Night All!


  27. Suzy-Q said

    I hate it when the Meet and Greets are only for the locals! Boo Hoo


  28. cb said

    Abbra, loved the article! Thanks. Gladys and SandyBeaches, I ❤ what you wrote.


  29. betsy said

    “As long as he wants to make music, write songs or endorse charities, I am there. Whatever the future holds or decision he makes for himself, I will be a fan. If he needs to take time away for personal matters, I will understand. Judging from what he has said over the years, music is something he plans to continue doing as a career.”



  30. skydancer1x said

    One of those crazy, busy, full days yadayada! Good to come here tonite, to my favorite place♥

    Abrra, hope you get your internet back soon. So nice to see your post this morning:)) just didn’t have time to comment then.

    this: “Whatever David wants to share with me as a fan, is enough David for me.”
    You summed it up for me in that one last sentence

    this may sound a bit strange, but I think we are… for the most part the fanbase of his ‘dreams’. Without even realizing it, he has actually been the writer,producer, director,arranger, and conductor,.of the group of people worldwide, who proudly call themselves ‘fans of David Archuleta’.
    He knows now, we get him.He knows we love him, respect him,admire him. He has raised the bar in the entertainment field. We have come to know, of the boundaries of behavior he desires, and what he doesn’t…(like hacking into his twitter account, for instance) simply by the way he conducts himself when he is interacting with us.Even when he isn’t pleased he lets us know in gentle tactful ways. I just can’t imagine David having any other type of fans and fanbase than the ones he has and will continue to attract.All of you here for example,,show me everyday what your hearts are like♥
    I respect greatly his privacy, and am so grateful for what he has given, and shared with us as fans.We are so lucky.

    sorry, this is such a long comment

    loved reading all of your comments♥ they are wonderful. Just like all of you.

    {{Gladys}}. I loved your story.♥ that is really marvelous. Both your story and SB♥, yours too….gave me goosiebumps

    ok, sleep now…


  31. kaycee said

    Hard day. Need David.


  32. FG said

    Thank you Abs for this fantastic piece! My gut reaction to that question is “there is no such thing as enough.” My 2nd reaction is “as much as he’s willing to share.” But things just get messy after that. I want to know everything but only so I know that he is happy. I thought he was happy all this time based upon his constant smile. Knowing all the stuff he was dealing with, and by his own admission he was really not happy, I must admit to feeling a bit unsure as to what I could believe. But since his break with Jive and his Asia interviews, I feel much better. Even with no knowlegde of tour dates and no album release date, I feel a strange sense of calm. Despite my cool-headedness about his future, my need to see him live is starting to flare up like a nasty bug bite.


  33. pocoelsy said

    Hi all,

    Thanks Abrra for the fantastic article, I just want to have a quick check out of what’s going on here… then this article !!! this last few days have been very busy days for me; to day we have double celebrations… “Malaysia Independence day” and “Hari Raya” it’s like the new year for the muslim, well my point is no matter how busy things are I try to squeeze in some moment to see what’s going on in Archu world!! will that answer your question ? no !! ok. how about this… my friends asked me don’t you listen to other singers of bands apart from this “David” you car doesn’t have other peole’s cd. then they checked out my mp3. which contain only “david’s songs” too haha… so they just shook their heads lol. So I told them I listen to David only 2 days a year, “really?!!! what day ?” so I said “the day that rains and the day that doesn’t rain!!”

    And I love all the comments here, love love.. I think after all we “speak” the same language, The Archuletian language.


  34. poof said

    Well said FG. Angelica’s quote, “David, who we think we know and know we love.”, often comes to mind for me. I also have a great sense of calm and “joy” that he is in this world. I wonder about the “really not happy” you spoke of. I wonder if David, being David was unhappy with his professional situation with Jive, but still the happy, trusting in his own path person we think we know. I sure hope so. David’s happiness has now become an important point in my life too. And yes,,,, I have that same nasty bug bite!!!


  35. Heidijoy said

    Hope you have a better day today Kaycee.

    Glad Christmas Tidings available for pre order on Itunes SNIPPETS AVAILABLE FOR LISTEN!!!

    Enjoying all the support for David and each other. Especially love hearing the family stories too.


  36. gladys said


    I had mentioned this idea and one of the girls in the chat, said, ‘Gladys, do not scare us-
    Maybe it’s crazy but what I feel. Each time the silence is too long, David has surprises.
    Say surprises is a term very light, perhaps the word is correct decision.
    I still think david decisions will come from its intimate setting.
    When David was at JIVE was pressed, he said.
    But when he started his tour in Indonesia and the end, he was exhausted but happy, his eyes always show it.
    I can read in his eyes, anticipation, joy, commitment, fatigue, sadness, disappointment.
    I see in David now, something new, something different, maybe I’m wrong, but ………..
    The reality is that David is a step, an important desicion. I think that will make the announcement soon.
    Like it or not, the decision is already taken.
    I only say what I think and this is what I feel now.


  37. Abrra said

    Whew! Much to catch up on! 3pm today I finally got internet. Thankfully I saved the steps to reconnect the modem and router to get back online

    I have read through all the comments here. Even though we fans have different ways to say it, we can agree that David sets the boundaries and we are content with whatever he chooses to share. Enjoying his music comes easily. Trying to figure out his career is not. That’s an evolving situation that falls to him to manage with his team.

    Gladys, you said you see something new in David? I want to see that picture? He has not been out of the recording studio much since last week. 🙂 I was hoping Sunny Hilden would tweet a new picture of him at the mic doing his scratch vocals.

    Loulou and Kaycee
    I hope your challenges have eased some.



  38. “Whatever David wants to share with me as a fan, is enough David for me.”
    Words I agree with 100%! Thanks Abrra.
    Gladys, Your family sounds a lot like mine! Ha! Ha!
    (I’m grinning inside, just waiting for them to see and hear David on PBS this Christmas!)
    Kaycee and Loulou, I hope David and his music have helped you with whatever is ailing you and yours. God Bless.


  39. dakgal said

    While reading the posts today these words caught my eye that are on the side bar–from an interview he did before his Asian tour / with Fiona Ho.

    Archuleta also revealed there’ll be another album on the way but added with a tinge of prudence, “just not this year.”

    “Right now, I’m thinking of releasing just another song for fans who’ve
    been so patient and so good to me.”

    Besides writing songs, he is also working on shows for the Christmas holiday season.

    “There could even be a Christmas release, even if it’s just a little one,” he hinted.

    Loved reading these words–we tend to forget what he says.


  40. bebereader said

    All of David’s MoTab songs are in the TOP TEN CLASSICAL songs on ITunes! You can purchase the whole cd (12 songs available 9/6) or buy the songs individually now for 99 cents each. They are magnificent!


  41. tawna21 said

    Pocoelsy #33…”I listen to David only 2 days a year, “really?!!! what day ?” so I said “the day that rains and the day that doesn’t rain!!”

    PERFECT answer…I love it! 🙂

    Abrra #37… “we can agree that David sets the boundaries and we are content with whatever he chooses to share.”

    So true.
    Can I say it one more time….”I love this site, and the fans that go with it!”



  42. emmegirl said

    Abrra, great topic. I will greedily take anything and everything I can get of David, but am satisfied and content with what he chooses to share. I care about him like a family member. His happiness is important to me. He deserves the best of everything, and a personal life that is just that.

    Gladys, even though I don’t understand all the words, you make me laugh and then you make me cry almost every time you share with us. You have an amazing heart.

    Loulou, Kaycee, he has a remarkable way of soothing my soul. Hoping the same for you on this day.


  43. skydancer1x said

    whaah I just wrote for 5 minutes and didn’t click post, so it all went away. Geesh.I ‘m tired tonite.
    Just gonna say now great comments from everyone.:)

    what is a scratch vocal?


  44. dakgal said

    Sky–here ya go—

    So what is a scratch vocal? According to Wikipedia,

    “A scratch vocal is a vocal performance recorded by a singer in order to provide reference to a producer when crafting other pieces of the recorded song. It is used primarily for timing purposes, but may also be used to get an idea of how the vocalist will ultimately perform the vocal, in order to add embellishments in the instrumentation that complement the singer’s vocal inflection.

    A scratch vocal is often recorded quickly and the singer may mark the song rather than hit more difficult notes. The singer will ultimately come back and re-record the vocal performance.”


  45. bebereader said


    You took the words right out of my mouth. haha


  46. dakgal said

    Sorry Bebe–I had just got through reading about it myself. So it was at hand.


  47. emmegirl said

    sky, I hate it when that happens! and thanks for asking the question and dak, thanks for the info.


  48. Gladys, I was the one who said, “Do not scare us!!”..and you just did it again, haha. That’s OK, I guess I am easily scared!

    Awhile ago, David said that his decision was to serve through his music and he is doing just that. David gives hope to the distraught, a look to the future to some when there does not seem to be one. He visits the elderly who have served their lives to family and people around them. David visits the sick, the abandoned and the less fortunate and this is worldwide not just in one place. His music comes from his heart and warms the broken hearted. David has saved the lives of some who have thought to end theirs and has been the light when there is darkness to many. With his beautiful voice he has brought many a young person back to the church and back to thinking about others, as he has led by example. He has been given a gift by God as he has said and he has been taking this gift to make the world a better place. David has the opportunity to meet and spend time with young people on Sunday mornings almost in every city that he visits. I can’t think of being in a better place than he is in to give as he wants to give. He brings happiness to many thousands and we have seen that recently in Asia. He teaches understanding of and respect for animals.

    David is becoming a great humanitarian already for several causes. He is a wonderful representative of family life as he is a good son, grandson, brother and cousin. He brought an additional new light to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with his guest appearances in their Christmas concerts, delighting the hearts of thousands ‘worldwide’ last December.

    He is there on any dark and dreary day with his music uplifting our spirits. David reminds us to enjoy the seasons, the blue sky and even the fluffy clouds. There is nothing more that one person could do for so many. I will not think or worry or wonder about changes in his life because he will always be there. He has been singing to give to people as a young boy from the days following 9/11 and he will always be singing. If I could believe as strongly as he believes, then I would never worry. He is always teaching us to be patient and I think that we are learning quite well in this crazy, hurried life. Thankfully I am saying that he is in a very good place.



  49. stenocruiser said

    Oh, SB, beautifully said — you have covered it all, all that is David. I’ve said it before, he is doing his mission by service and example — of the fine and caring human being he is. Add to that his God-given voice and there are no words left to say. I have purchased his Motab songs from iTunes — oh my heavens, they are breathtakingly beautiful and simply bring tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine how all those who were at the live performances managed to keep it together — must have been so overwhelmed at the beauty of it all. We are so blessed, so blessed.


  50. SandyBeaches said

    Steno, I am listening to the Carols as I write and they are beyond amazing. There is no other place I would rather see him than right there with the choir. It was like being in such a different place in this world with him and the choir and of course the orchestra. We barely breathed not wanting to miss a moment but these recordings bring the absolute beauty of his voice to life once again.



  51. betsy said

    OMG. Watch this whole thing.
    Best thing I’ve seen all day. 🙂
    (He’s a David fan)


  52. betsy said

    “Archuleta guacamole? Heck yes.”


  53. Abrra said

    I BEG of you to post the David related time section? This guy is annoying!
    Flipper grandkids? 😉



  54. betsy said

    @DavidArchie Thanks for helping me make the perfect guacamole. – See 6:15.

    RyanMoran RyanMoran
    I wish David Archuleta would follow me around and sing a theme song about my life.


  55. betsy said

    RyanMoran RyanMoran

    To the surge of die hard David Archuleta fans that contacted me tonight, yes, I love him, and yes, I promise to make a follow up video soon.


  56. betsy said

    Abs, it obviously starts at around 6:10, but goes to the end. 🙂 He even sings my kind of perfect along with David. 🙂


  57. Abrra said

    Thanks! It wasn’t so obvious to me. 🙂

    Oh and I have something for ya!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  58. betsy said

    I meant obvious because it was in the tweet in comment #54. Didn’t know if you saw it. 🙂


  59. djafan said

    Hello all!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA. I took a few days off and had a little procedure done, I’m all fine just hate going under.

    Abrra, very thought provoking article, thank you.

    In my life I can never have enough David, his music, his voice, his tweets, his vlogs, and anything else “he” shares with us. For example on my way to the hospital Be Still My Soul played on my ipod all the way there, his words at the beginning give me hope and inspire me, his voice soothes my soul and calms my nerves, and the song David chose to sing channeled my faith and helped my anxiety….See? lol

    I’m working backwards catching up with the comments so first off Betsy that video was so entertaining and here is yet another way David touches lives, this guy making guacamole, unbelievable. Betsy also thanks for the related tweets, fun stuff 🙂

    Abrra, I didn’t find annoying at all lol

    SB, You dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s with that comment 🙂

    Steno, I agree with you, a blessing indeed is David.

    David Archuleta, writing songs, recording vocal scratches, Christmas songs? Whatever they are I want them. Dak and Bebe, thanks for the info.

    Ok for tonight.

    I just want to say that all the wristbands were mailed. I have 200 of them and mailed out 98 🙂 . So if anyone is interested just get order in to me and spread the news. I had said 9/2 but if you have it to me by the 6th it gives the mail 8 days to get back to you.

    Now on my way to itunes to purchase, put on ipod and fall asleep to that wonderful voice.

    Goodnight and thank you all just because 🙂


  60. MT said

    51. Betsy,

    At the end of the video it says “Special Thanks to David Archuleta for making life worth listening to.”

    Absolutely! I Love it!!

    Good to hear you’re back online!!


  61. poof said

    How awesome is it to see Yo YO Ma sandwiched between David Archuleta on the itunes chart! I think I am in heaven.


  62. dakgal said

    Sure hope our resident night owl is still up— —all this talk about how beautiful the MoTab music is driven me to i-tunes—because I have the DVD but no DVD player in working order ( daughter says I am missing a connection) Bah. Can’t get the CD til they are in stock –so I broke down and bought the songs on i-tunes—–Does anyone know where I can get the biggest-bestest speakers in the world— I want the whole neighborhood to hear these–I’ve spent about an hour just listening to them and I can’t get enough–he’s just magnificent-and I just want to drown in the sound. Like Oliver -I want more!!

    How in the world the people that saw this live are still living is beyond me-it would have sucked the breath right out of me.

    Betsy and Abs–you two are just a hoot– 😆

    Dja–hope you are OK—sweet dreams


  63. Blueberry Ice said

    Abrra; “Whatever David wants to share with me as a fan, is enough David for me”. You said it so well. My support for David is without any expectations in return; for what he has already generously shared with his voice, music and life’s experience has been a wonderful blessing that has touched and inspired my life beyond words.

    Loulou and Kaycee; Hugs to you both and wish that each day is better than the one before.

    Gladys; #5 … Loved your story. One day I hope to be able to share a scenario like yours where I can freely support David without feeling picked on. No worries though, I have patience and peace of mind that it will happen in due time.

    Well, I am listening to all of David’s performance w/ Motab, having downloaded them from Itunes. I must confess that I recalled thinking there is nothing that could replace the wonderful memories of hearing David perform live at MoTab but I am dead wrong. These recordings are absolutely breathtakingly H E A V E N L Y and G L O R I O U S !!!!! The whole world needs to hear this and be blown away! Just beyond amazing! Yes, Dakgal, my heart was racing as he did suck all the air out, left me speechless, mesmerized, as I didn’t want to leave, having to be pried away by my family members, lol. Can’t wait to see the DVD and when it airs on PBS TV!

    Djafan; Please take care and hope that you completely recover.


  64. silverfox said

    SandyBeaches, #48,

    You deserve a Standing O for all you said so take a bow!

    Those words need to be read by every fan of David’s who are in doubt about what he may or may not be doing & what he may or may not be thinking about doing. None of us know what that is and all the speculation can’t change that fact until or if HE wants us to know. And actually, he is telling us…he’s doing scratch vocals on his new songs…duh?

    Thank you SB. Take another bow!

    Have a great day! Off to work for me.


  65. Geez SF, I am not sure if I have ever taken a bow! Oh yes when I was on stage in highschool with everyone during the finale!

    Right now I am living in the spirit of David’s music newly downloaded on itunes and it is so beautiful.

    Let’s start to count the people whose lives have been touched by ‘David and his voice’ and we will be counting forever perhaps!



  66. dakgal said

    Blueberry Ice— “These recordings are absolutely breathtakingly
    H E A V E N L Y and G L O R I O U S !!!!! The whole world needs to hear this and be blown away!”

    I have a plan–come December–We all should have a Christmas driveway party–Tables and camping chairs–perhaps a fire pit or two going–some hot chocolate-cider-hot toddies– and sundry goodies –what ever! Invite the whole neighborhood and OF COURSE have this wonderful MoTab CD blasting in the background ( the purpose of the whole party)–plus there’s always CFTH.

    Heck, they tailgate for football , well into January so why not?

    PS Once the word of the wonderful music gets out–plan on the whole town coming over. 😯

    Am I up too early? 😉 I’m on my second cup of coffee!


  67. Just a little reminder…

    “9/11: Rising Above”
    Choir to Remember 10 Year Anniversary with special guest Tom Brokaw
    SALT LAKE CITY — The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square will present a special 9/11 memorial performance of Music & the Spoken Word on Sunday, September 11th. Celebrated news anchor Tom Brokaw will join the Choir as a guest narrator. The program will highlight how Americans have risen above the loss and grief of 9/11/2001.

    This memorial performance will be widely televised.



  68. emmegirl said

    blueberry ice, “These recordings are absolutely breathtakingly H E A V E N L Y and G L O R I O U S !!!!! The whole world needs to hear this and be blown away!”….hallelujah!

    dak, love your plan! I live in the country so I too am gonna need some BIG speakers!


  69. loulou said

    Thanks every one for your concern !! Iam sure alot of you have family members that can tear your heart out.But David always makes me so happy And i love that young man !!!!


  70. dakgal said

    SB #48—-everything SF said and more!!

    I can’t imagine for one second –David letting one day go by without singing–for someone –to someone ( even if it’s the dog) . He just plain couldn’t do it—and once he opened his glorious mouth–the word would be out!!! You are so right on in what you said.

    “He has been singing to give to people as a young boy from the days following 9/11 and he will always be singing.

    “Thankfully I am saying that he is in a very good place.”

    I’m so wound up about this beautiful MoTab music–WARNING—I probably won’t shut up for a week–so you may be seeing the picture of beautiful abbra and her magic wand a lot!

    #68–Emmegirl—that’s Ok –let ‘er rip–imagine that beautiful music drifting over the country side–you might be surprised how many neighbors you have, I’ll bet even Gods’ little four legged creatures would be drawn to it.


  71. skydancer1x said

    44.Thanks Dak, for clearing up scratch vocals. Got it now…I think. haha love it when David speaks to us in music language♥

    45. Bebe hahaha lol!

    SB, Everything you said…just beautiful.♥

    57Abrra, I like seeing that dress on you♥ 🙂

    51.Betsy Love that video,and the David comments the second half are priceless! hahaha! That was so neat.Looks like he is already getting great feed back from fans. Thanks for sharing that Betsy!

    FG. Hoping for a quick recovery for you.
    Thank you for all you are doing for us. take it easy,rest and feel better.♥

    ok, need more coffee now.


  72. Good Morning Everyone!! I am late to the chat!

    DJAfan…This is just a thought….It would be a shame for all the 100 bracelets to go unclaimed!
    What if you called the Gilbert High School and Junior High School and let them all know that these are available for a $25. donation? ( Am I correct on that?) It might bring some new young fans to the front rows!!!

    I would be happy to help do this if you would like!
    Just let me know . 🙂

    Sandy Beaches….I loved your comments! I will only believe anything David related if it comes from David.

    Gotta run…I have my “grands” here today and this was just a drive by!!!

    Have a great day all!!! 🙂


  73. MunkFOD said

    “As long as he wants to make music, write songs or endorse charities, I am there. Whatever the future holds or decision he makes for himself, I will be a fan. If he needs to take time away for personal matters, I will understand. Judging from what he has said over the years, music is something he plans to continue doing as a career. Life can get complicated at times, but keeping your eye on the prize is what matters most.” 😀

    I will say that David has given his best self to all of us.. His gift of music is a blessing in my life. His compassion for others motivates me to do more. He is selfless. I will always be here for him to support him in whatever endeavor he wishes to do in his life. We may ask ourselves…. with all that David has done for us… what can we do for him? What would make him happy? What can we do or say that would build him up and help his journey be easier?

    Thanks Abrra!


  74. Heidijoy said

    Djafan, You’ve been missed! Glad to hear you’re doing well now. David’s music is so healing.

    Loving all the comments!!

    Glad you are doing better Loulou and keeping Kaycee and Patti in my thoughts and prayers too. Nice to hear Emifriend pops up now and then too.


  75. TOfan said

    Standing-O for an amazing post!!! “Whatever David wants to share with me as a fan, is enough David for me.” … amen to that sister-girl!!! ♥


  76. bebereader said

    I missed all the excitement last night. Serves me right for falling asleep early!

    Djafan, Welcome Back! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Betsy, the guacamole video was a joy to wake up to today!

    SB, Your comment #47 gets five stars!

    Scratchy or not, would love to hear even one bar of those songs David is working on.

    Oh look, he tweeted!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Just watched a JFK tapes special on National Geographic. Really interesting and sad to remember that tragedy.
    2 hours ago


  77. Heidijoy said

    Thanks Bebe, I can’t quite explain how I felt when I read that tweet. I was close to his age when JFK was assasinated and here he is watching the JFK tapes on National Geographic. Just one more example of the depth of this young man. It gave me pause to think about this. No words!!!


  78. bebereader said


    I totally agree with you. While others might be watching Toddlers & Tiaras, David’s watching documentaries, something you can learn from. Another reason he’s such a great role model!

    For Your Entertainment:

    Credit: JR


  79. Abrra said

    ^5 to my sis in Canada!



  80. emmegirl said

    dja, didn’t realize. Take care of yourself and get well soon.

    bebe, I know, talk of scratch vocals has me itchin’.

    and Everything And More is starting to really get to me.
    (I blame Betsy)


  81. bluesky said

    Dear Abrra

    I really enjoyed your article! I appreciate you taking the time to express your feelings so well.

    Time is a funny thing. How we spend it shows what we treasure. Reading your post was time well spent. And the idea that we would spend so much time on DA…. well, I guess that speaks for itself.


    Love you guys tons.


  82. tawna21 said

    FYI—I just had this show up in my FaceBook…

    Sunny Hilden A scratch vocal is temporary, to test tempo, key, structure, build of a new song, before committing to more instruments.

    Sunny Hilden During Tuesday’s scratch vocal, on a different song, we added time after the 1st chorus & altered the piano part…it’s fun…

    Sunny Hilden For those of you asking what “comping vocals” is, one song had 40 takes – comping is figuring out which line to use from which take.

    …now ‘ya know, it’s better that way! 🙂



  83. djafan said


    So excited!!! I slept soundly listening to David sing MOTab to me 🙂


  84. betsy said

    It cannot be stopped. That song will get you. That cry in his voice, I can’t.


  85. betsy said

    Yaaaay Dja!
    (hope you are feeling well) ♥


  86. MT said

    80. Emmegirl,
    “and Everything And More is starting to really get to me.”

    I love that song. ♥ But then, I love all of the new songs. EAM was my favorite for a while. But now, my favorite among them changes from minute to minute, depending on which one I’m listening to. I am fickle. 🙂


  87. MT said

    {{{Dja}}} Hope you’re feeling all better soon! 🙂


  88. dakgal said

    Hello—all you rabbit-holians ( new word) Time to come up for air!

    All you lucky duckys–16 days and 23 min. until D-Day , as in David Day.

    Emmegirl–I just sent you-tube Everything and More to my son, after listening to it 5 times–I blame Betsy too! and Bebe for posting the video–still love how he can go from MR.tour stage — to standing there (kinda) at the MoTab concert and just belting ’em out with no effort what so ever.

    I’m playing the MoTab songs so loud I think my neighbors might have a petition up in the morning to oust me from the neighborhood. 😉

    Dja— hope David’s voice made you feel tons better.

    It’s been such a quiet day here—I miss you guys


  89. dakgal said

    Now that I’ve pondered what just said about Mr. Tour vs Mr. MoTab.

    He must have been Clark Kentchuleta that night–standing there so dignified and unbearably handsome in his suit and vest with a shirt buttoned up to his chin and JACKET—and not a DROP of sweat!

    That guy must have an on/off sweat button somewhere–go figure!!


  90. bebereader said

    Hahaha Dak.
    Resident Nightowl on duty tonight.
    There’s a new article up >>>>>
    Go have a look see.


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