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David Archuleta in Arizona ~ Update for Gifting

Posted by djafan on Friday, August 26, 2011

Please see below *Addendums* Newest added 8/26/11

Credit Constitution Week Website

Constitution Fair Information

Fresh from his successful, epic tour of Asia, David Archuleta is doing a concert in Arizona for his fans on the American Continent! This event is attended by tens of thousands each year as a celebration of the US Constitution. There will be awesome exhibits, lots to do and most importantly, there will be Daaavvviiiid!!! So much love was shown to him by fans in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Let’s show him he is just as welcome by fans in his own country. Come join us and Celebrate him home!  As the above post from the Constitution Week site states, the show starts at 6pm, gates will not open until 5pm. David will be on at 8pm followed by even MORE fireworks!

It’s gonna be LIVE from beginning to end and you.know.what.he’ performance.

Nuff said.

OK, now the News.

There was a post by SweetonDA, who is from Arizona, that triggered an email from Sandybeaches (making a serious offer, she can share that part if she’d like) that put me in contact with Barbara Stowell, a most amazing woman from Constitution Week. This put things in motion that have brought an exciting opportunity for all of David’s fans. Many David fans have contacted her regarding the Constitution event, including me, so because of this she came up with a great idea for us fans; I can’t thank her enough and team David for giving us the greenlight!

A donation of $25 will guarantee you entrance to the event and a seat in an area set up for fans close to the stage!  She asked if I thought the fans would be interested I said yes and volunteered to distribute wristbands and collect the donations  🙂

The event starts at 6:00pm and they will have a designated area to line up.  Remember that it will still be very warm so be prepared.

Let us know if you are going, what your plans are, or any ideas you may have to give David a great welcome.  Seriously, let’s make it happen! Roses to stomp, balloons, posters, or whatever we can come up with.  Seeing a lot of folks wearing wristbands would be awesome as he would know they were fans.

You will need to send a self addressed stamped envelope with a money order made out to: ConstitutionWeekUSA

If you are interested send an email to “” and we will provide you with the address to where you send your donation to obtain a fan seat wristband.

*Addendum 8/14/11*

Djafan has been in contact again with Barbara Stowell of Constitution Fair to update her.  Barbara  made a small request that folks wear red, white and blue to the event on Saturday in keeping with the spirit of the festivities!  Will try to get this message out to all the sites and twitter.  I wonder if that goes for David too?  That works for me!


*Addendum 8/17/11*

The San Tan Legado is a new hotel and they are giving great discounted rates for this event.  Their number is 480-809-4051 talk to Sharon or email   Tell her you are coming for the Constitution Fair for the discount.  🙂


*Update…deadline for wristbands*

So far 100 seats are reserved !!! The deadline for requests is 9/2/11 to make sure there is enough time to get them back to you.  They are being sent out starting  Saturday 8/27/11.


*Update for Gifting*

For the Gilbert, AZ event on September 17, SweetonDA will be accepting letters, cards, donation envelopes and gifts for David. Please keep packages small and no larger than a shirt box or large packing envelope. To get her mailing address, email her at


66 Responses to “David Archuleta in Arizona ~ Update for Gifting”

  1. FG said

    Thanks Angelica! I am thinking that she cannot handle receiving and transporting flowers. What can we do about getting some flowers to the event? My dream is for Barbara & staff to bring them to him onstage! A girl can dream, right?


  2. skydancer1x said

    eeeekk! df;ljfuypokbcniugqppkah!!
    thanks Angelica, I needed that. oh, and thanks for the update too.:)

    1. FG “My dream is for Barbara & staff to bring them to him onstage! A girl can dream, right?”
    hmmm.Don’t see why that couldn’t happen 🙂


  3. Suzy-Q said

    Thanks Angelica for updating the AZ concert information. You are really on top of things and I appreciate the time and effort that it takes away from your personal life. I was thinking that I would get a couple of silk roses to toss on stage (keeping it low so I doesn’t hit David) so that it doesn’t make a mess.


  4. skydancer1x said

    been tracking my DVD this morning. Seems it made it to my nearby post office an hour ago,1/2 a mile away, AFTER sitting at a Dallas post office since the 24th,(thats 2 whole days people!) 30 miles away! geesh.
    Perhaps it is arriving by pony express…an old pony..who can’t see very well anymore… overweight…..with 4 bad legs…..


  5. Angelica said



    Djafan and Sweet will be in touch this week with Barbara and will get back to you on the deets. This is where we need to start making the plans and post any ideas you have here. So thanks!


  6. bebereader said

    Same here, Sky. My DVD apparently left UPS at 9am this morning and is on it’s way to me. But I think the closer you live to UPS the later you get your package. I live about one minute from UPS, I’m probably last on the list. 😦


  7. FG said

    LOL Angelica!

    My idea, beyond any cards/gifts/donations that get mailed to Sweet, is for us to somehow get some flowers to him, preferably on stage if at all possible. He seemed very touched by that in Asia. This is not meant to compete with that, just to show him our love! I’m sure there are at least a dozen (or 10 dozen LOL) fans that would love to send him flowers, hopefully not very smelly or allergy inducing ones. Here is a link about flowers and allergies:

    Some of us here in Michigan once sent him an Edible Arrangement once which he liked! It would be best to get an address from Barbara and her approval.

    Please let me know what you guys think! Thanks 😉


  8. skydancer1x said

    hehehee! Angelica, YES think that is the one! You are too funny! ROFL!

    Bebe{{hugs}} I hope your horsey in in better shape than mine,
    doesn’t look like mine is gonna make it.. LOL!


  9. Gayle122890 said

    ”Please see below for updates *Addendums*…”
    Well, after that pic there, it took me quite a while to do that!
    So happy that those of us for whom it’s not possible to attend will be able to send cards, gifts, etc. to welcome David that way. Thank you, Sweetonda!
    I love balloons, but I’m thinking they might block the view for some concert goers.
    Roses! Roses! Yes. It should be a trademark (correct word?) at all of David’s concerts. 😀


  10. ray said

    how is someone to scrole down when you put that pic up ther took me half hour dang


  11. Gayle122890 said

    Duh. Resident Quirk here. I guess the balloons would be delivered to David, and would not be out there in the audience?


  12. Gayle122890 said

    Ray, No one else has commented since you. I guess everyone’s stuck at the top! Lol.


  13. Angelica said

    @DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Nothing is written in stone.


    What can he mean by this?


  14. Nancy L said

    Angelica #13 Coming out of lurkdom. I love the picture at the top. Where is it from?

    Regarding his twitpic, I’m guessing he’s at Sunny’s with her angel collection and that stone looks like it’s attached to an angel. I’m taking it to mean anything’s possible, dream sky high, which is basically David’s attitude. I hope his songwriting is going well today.

    Silk roses sound like a great idea for AZ. They won’t smell or wilt in the sun and hopefully will be light and be able to be placed somewhere on the stage where they won’t hit him or trip him. I am counting down the days until AZ and looking forward to seeing everyone!


  15. silverfox said


    Angelica, Yes, what could he mean by that? I have learned David can be mysterious and we don’t always “Get it” what he’s saying at first.

    Love that top photo of David. Veryyyyyy Nice!

    Three weeks & counting….

    Hope everyone in Irene’s path get through the worst of her wrath safe & sound. Take care!


  16. MT said

    Angelica, that horse is hilarious!!! ROFL Hope the old nag makes it to Sky & Bebe’s houses soon.

    13. That twitpic … hmmm. Maybe he’s looking back at some old songs that he thought he didn’t want to record originally, and rethinking it? Just a thought.


  17. betsy said

    Angelica, I am curious about that as well. He’s songwriting and probably deep in thought.
    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    So started with one song, and ended up with 2. Good day! Haha


  18. betsy said

    To all my Eastern seaboard friends.(((hugs))) and please take good care.


  19. Angelica said


    The screencap is from this – Crush, Altar Bar, Pittsburg by Quadlgirl. 🙂


    Yes, he is cryptic at times. I think it’s a title to one of the songs he wrote today.


  20. betsy said

    One more thing. I had a little something something in my mailbox today. 🙂 🙂
    He sounds and looks AMAZING.
    I am so excited for the whole world to see him on PBS.
    World, look out.


  21. Abrra said

    David likes irony.Remember this twitpic of his?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Ok so do I stop or go? Haha

    The fact that it says those words on a STONE is what caught his attention.

    I’ll go with Nancy and say he is working with Sunny Hilden today and that is one of her angels.



  22. Nancy L said

    Angelica #19, Aw, Picksburg. Thanks.


  23. Abrra said

    #18 Betsy

    Don’t worry about me in Massachusetts, I have shelter!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  24. bebereader said

    The pony express delivered MoTab to me this afternoon!! David was magnificently gloriously A M A Z I N G!! I can only imagine what it felt like to be there. All you lucky people who attended this event, now I understand!

    Sky did you get your’s yet? I can’t wait until it’s on PBS and the whole world gets to see David’s incredible talent. It was plain to see that he stole the show.

    I am one happy camper. 🙂


  25. Heidijoy said

    Noting is written in stone written on stone. Ha! Ha! Yes another sign Do I stop or do I go.

    Got my Glad Christmas Tidings today too!! So exciting. Yes It was wonderful to relive the MoTab experience but so nice to have it on tape to be watched and rewatched. David featured very well.(I did miss some of the rambling) ha!ha! He did get to tell a little of why he enjoyed singing Spanish.
    I’ve watched it twice so far!!! I’m ready for PBS too!! Happy too Bebe


  26. skydancer1x said

    24. Yea! Just got home to find the pony express came through!! It’s so hot here, I was worried about it being in the mailbox while I was gone.Going to have a nice cool shower, get my jammies on and watch. I’m so happy happy happy!
    Glad yours came too Bebe♥

    23 Abrra, that picture! (ahh, reminds me of springtime in Texas.) Stay safe ‘seester’♥ All of you on the east coast. Hoping Irene continues to weaken overnight.Guess NC is getting the bands now, with the worst of it in the morning.
    Been through a few hurricanes, and the thing that made me crazy was the continuous wind for hours and hours and hours.
    OK, time to go
    I have a date with David in his tux.♥ See ya later….:)


  27. Heidijoy said

    Happy for you too Betsy and anyone else getting their GCT!!
    ……………and David wrote two songs today!! Yipee!! The Creative juices are flowing!!!

    We need a Vlog soon!!


  28. MT said

    12. Abrra, I think you may be right. I’d forgotten about that one. hahaha He finds humor in the most unusual places.

    23. Abrra,
    LOL I think your house has sprung a leak.

    Bebe & Betsy (and hopefully Sky)
    Yayyyy *doing happy dance for you*


  29. MT said

    Skyyyy … You got it too. ♫ Yayyyy!!! ♫


  30. PattiNC said

    Getting hit with some stronger winds now and driving rain..but haven’t lost power so yay! We aren’t getting a direct hit ; yet some of the beach roads are flooded. Stay safe those that are in the path!


  31. gladys said

    an angel smiling, relaxed, happy and thoughtful, he says, nothing is written in stone.
    Start a time of great change and ads. We will have surprises.
    I think the changes will begin within the inner circle of david.
    Sorry, I do not seem exaggerated when I write my thoughts about David. But sometimes, David seems very transparent.
    In the last pictures or photos I’ve seen of David, his eyes are as bright and sparkling. And his way of looking denotes tranquility and firmness.
    I think that David is happy with his final desicion, and soon we will know, I hope anxious.


  32. Angelica said

    Prayers for safety for everyone in the path of the hurricane this weekend. Hunker down.

    I am 😳 to say I never noticed what intrigued him about that stone he tweeted. You are right Abrra, the stone has words carved in it that say nothing is written in stone. haha. How many times has he used the word “oxymoron”? I wish I had a dollar for each. He enjoys the contradiction in things. Possibly because he himself is the living epitome of just that.


  33. emmegirl said

    Been awol, aye yie-yie, what a week!

    Paula, your article was beyond words. Amazing job!

    31, Gladys, I love everything you write. ♥

    That pic at the top, again, aye-yie-yie! Love those Altar Bar performances, looked and sounded amazing that night.

    If a slush fund is started for AZ, just tell me where to send my cash!

    sky, lol! Enjoy!

    David writing always gets me excited. It sounds like he had a very productive day! 🙂 Think there is any chance he might do something new in AZ?

    Cryptic David, I think he knows it drives us kinda crazy not knowing.

    Thinking of all of you in Irene’s path, hunkerdown and stay safe!


  34. bebereader said

    Looks like David wrote the two songs with Sunny Hilden, per these tweets:

    So started with one song, and ended up with 2. Good day! Haha 4 hours ago

    @geomakk @Shell_eeeyyy @HanneDenmark Haha, yes, that awesome rock is by my vocal booth. Singers love taking a photo of it:)
    32 minutes ago

    @suttygal Lol, I did have X-mas lights on today & served my collaborator eggs with Ella & Nat caroling on the turntable:)
    17 minutes ago

    What a blessed day to be alive, to be a writer, to be a friend – 2 songs were born on this day in the city of angels. ♥ ♪
    14 minutes ago


  35. dayzee said

    Aaaaah! New songs! Perhaps for Christmas? Sounds like there was a Christmas vibe going on there. I love Melodies of Christmas and it would be great to have some new Christmas music to go along with the standards. Whatever the subject, it gives us all something to look forward to. It’s always exciting to have new David music.

    Cannot wait for Arizona 🙂 Hot city for hot music from that hot musician. And so much fun meeting David’s loyal followers. They are the nicest peeps.


  36. The storm, the storm. It will be a gusty breeze here by the time Abrra is through with it and passes it off to me! Here’s hoping anyway…Play safe Abrra and anyone in the path of Irene.

    Bebe, are you going to be affected by the storm or are you inland?

    I have been here writing the last few days and I captured a quote from here to use!! Yeah, thanks to the commenters here as they sometimes finish a thought (well often) for those who are looking for one! Oh wow it is late again!

    Earlier this evening, well much earlier, we were driving and I saw a cool sign and took a picture…”Silver Fox Ave”.



  37. bebereader said


    Thanks for asking! My area is not in direct line of the storm but NYC is and I live about 50 miles north of there. We will have lots of rain; that I’m sure of. Thanks for asking! 🙂

    Found the closeup of David hugging the Grandma at the book signing in Manila! I knew it would surface one day.

    credit astigdina13


  38. Abrra said

    Good morning !

    Here at Casa Abrra we are as ready as we can be for the coming storm. Got our supplies and bottled water that should last for a few days. I went out on a hunt for size “D” batteries yesterday. It was quite an adventure! After 4 stops of being told “sold out”, I decided to buy “AAA” batteries for my Walkman radio so I can keep up with news when the power goes out. I’ll read by candlelight I suppose 🙂

    After a hectic white-knuckled drive on the highway, I took the scenic route back home. Stopped for lunch at a roadside clam shack in Tiverton RI called “Evelyn’s” that is next to a peaceful pond. I sat under the shade and looked out at the calm water as I ate. I feel fortunate that I live in a place that offers so much of nature’s beauty. I snapped a picture with my phone, to share.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    We are as prepared as we can be for all the humans and the 4 legged creatures that reside here.I saw a neat trick for keeping things cool in case the freezer shuts off. I filled several zip lock sandwich bags with water and packed them around the stuff in my upright freezer. It might buy some time until the power comes back. There is no meat in there just packaged dinners. We have a 300 gal wading poll filled with water by the back door to use for flushing. Our well water will cease to pump once we lose electricity. You really get back to basics when there is a hurricane. Creature comforts go by the wayside. The last thing we will do is move our cars to the field next to the house on the west side, away from the trees that line the east side of the property. They are huge oaks that have threatened to topple over during each strong storm. The house is in their trajectory, the garage would get the brunt of damage if they do fall. Time will tell.



  39. MT said

    Abrra, I’ve been thinking about you with this storm heading your way. But it seems you’ve taken all the necessary precautions.

    Hoping and praying for the best possible outcome for you and everyone else in this things path.


  40. VJ said

    VJ- Hello. I don’t post very often, but I am planning to send a letter to David through SweetonDA (thank you for volunteering to do that!). And what I’m thinking is…in addition to giving him a great welcome, it might be a good opportunity to just remind him that he’s touched ppl’s lives, and that we’re still there for him. Of course, the roses etc. will probably take care of that, lol. But I think that sometimes he can be hard on himself and thinks he still hasn’t done enough, or that we’ll stop caring somehow.


  41. emifriend said

    (((((((Godspeed Aabbrraa!)))))) and you ain’t foolin’ anybody. We know those AAA batteries for your Walkman are so you can still listen to that voice 🙂


  42. Abrra, when Irene has visited you please pass her on to the north but then the SnowAngelz have had enough lately with the strobe like lightening storms and tornadoes.

    If I see that she bothers you then I will prepare, actually everything that is outside to sit on is now inside and we are just waiting. Gas, cash, food, water and the list goes on. My husband tied our boat to a tree in the backyard and thought that he was being funny.

    PattiNC may be just a little wet! Hope that you are doing well…

    Keep in touch Abs and PattiNC!!



  43. sweetonDA said

    Abbra, That picture shows how peaceful and calm all is before the eye of the storm hits. It’s a beautiful little spot.

    SB and all others in the path of this storm, my prayers are with all of you hoping you are all safe and protected.

    Bebe, Isn’t he just the sweetest thing coming around and giving her a big hug? I think he almost used two arms on that one.

    I wish we could get some of that rain from Irene here. It’s just too dang hot!


  44. bebereader said

    Hahaha {{{{{Emifriend}}}}} Welcome back! You’ve been missed, Miss Missy!

    VJ Good idea you have to send letters to David, reminding him how he’s touched our lives.

    Abrra, Stay safe and in touch!

    Prayers to all east-coaster who are going through hurricane Irene.


    For the Gilbert, AZ event on September 17, SweetonDA will be accepting letters, cards, donation envelopes and gifts for David. Please keep packages small and no larger than a shirt box or large packing envelope. To get her mailing address, email her at



  45. sweetonDA said

    I need to start proofing my comments.

    Abrra, I do know how to spell your name correctly 😉


  46. bebereader said


    He is the SWEETEST!

    Wish I could share some rain with you. We’re getting a truckload tonight! 🙂


  47. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    PS I will be in chat unless the wind takes my power! 🙂


  48. bebereader said

    David tweets:

    Sending positive thoughts and vibes to everyone out in the East. Hope you guys are all right and safe with the storm!
    1 hour ago


  49. betsy said

    Ditto, David.
    (can’t say it any better than he did)


  50. betsy said

    Angelica thank you for still using the Blangkon picture.

    Emme, slush fund always reminds me of Robert Redford.
    I may have watched All the Presidents Men one time too many. 🙂


  51. Abrra said

    I came in to Unplugged to watch Star Search David 🙂

    Come if you’d like to join me.



  52. pattiNC said

    Alrighty, storm finally gone here in SE North Carolina…long night..awake since 3am listening to the wind pound by windows, and we only got Trop Storm strength with maybe occasional hurricane gusts. Decided anything stronger and I’m getting wood for my windows! My sister and her family were in their house during Andrew in Miami when it was destroyed…everytimg I go thru a storm I think, what that must have been like. Stay safe all! don’t underestimate the power!


  53. Abrra said

    Thanks Patti! I have had the sense that it was not as bad as predicted. You didn’t lose power, so all is well except for the clean up.



  54. Heidijoy said

    Keeping all of you out East in my prayers both during the storm and in the recovery efforts. Take care.


  55. Post Irene passage – hope everyone here is safe and well.


  56. MT said

    Thinking about all our East Coasters out there. Hoping you all come through this safe and sound. ♥


  57. Abrra said

    Not much to report. Heavy rain came in spurts over the morning. High wind gusts took out some tree limbs but nothing fell on the house. Thank you Lord ! Power went out at 8 am. I texted with Bebe, she has about the same situation in NY I played solitare until noon. I made sandwiches with big juicy tomatoes grown locally. Now reading Keith Richards biography “Life”. Having the power back before dark would be my only wish. 🙂



  58. MT said

    Abrra, so glad to hear that you and Bebe are doing okay. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and send positive vibes your way, hoping that the power comes back on soon. 🙂


  59. skydancer1x said

    Hope the power comes on soon guys♥ Glad nothing fell on the house Abrra! Stay in and stay safe. 🙂


  60. sweetonDA said

    So glad to hear everyone is okay. Hoping for your power to be back soon too.

    djafan, you have mail


  61. Blueberry Ice said

    Keeping those in mind that are affected by the Irene’s storms. I am reminded again why I love listening to TOSOD as “things are gonna get better”!

    PattiNC; Glad that the storm has passed and hoping you can finally get some rest.

    Abrra; Thankful to hear that you & Bebe are safe. Hoping the same goes for Angelica & SB …

    Embe; A belated congrats on your precious baby girl!

    PaulaFod; The good feeling and smile on my face still lingers from reading your recent post … thank you.


  62. dakgal said

    Abs —glad to hear everything is kinda OK. Is your power back on yet?

    This is a video from Abs driveway. 😉 — pretty fancy



  63. dakgal said

    I’ll try one more time!



  64. pocoelsy said

    Hi all,

    Hope everyone made it through the storm safe and sound.


  65. bebereader said

    Life’s an adventure! The storm wasn’t too bad but we had a power failure at 7 am plus our water was shut off so we left this evening to stay at a hotel 20 miles away. There are hotels closer to us but they were all booked with victims of Irene. It feels like I’m on vacation; theres’s a pool, a workout room, Wifi and lots of shops! Who knew? Hope our power and water are both back tomorrow but meanwhile we’re having fun! Thanks for all the well wishes. Hope all is well with everyone here.


  66. skydancer1x said

    65. Bebe, “Who knew?” Nothing like a little getaway♥ (nothing like electricity, running water and working toilets either) 🙂
    Enjoy! Hopefully power will be restored to your area soon♥ Can’t believe the rainfall amounts in some places from this storm.Glad it is over and out of there. Ya’ll were so fortunate it was only close to a cat. one.
    Speaking of cats Bebe, are yours at home?

    Dak, that video is priceless♥

    SB, how are you doing? Lots of rain?


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