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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ Grace Under Pressure & Arizona

Posted by paulafod on Monday, August 22, 2011

I have heard of Type A personalities and Type B personalities, extroverts and introverts, the Myers Briggs personality test, the four temperaments theory, and tests that tell me I’m a turtle. Actually, I’m a turtle-monkey, at least according to one test that I took. I don’t have any real theories of what type personality I may be, or if one is better than another, but I once heard someone ask the question “What do you get when you squeeze an orange?” The correct answer: Whatever is in an orange is what will come out of it when pressure is applied.

I came to think about what I am like under pressure last week. As usual, I was pretty hard on myself, always thinking I could do more, I could have done better, that I have so much to do and I don’t want to let anyone down. I feel as though I have been AWOL from The Voice and from other fan sites and people who have become very special to me. My responsibilities at work, at church, in artwork commissions, with family responsibilities and deadlines all put pressure on me but in fact, no one puts as much pressure on me as I put on myself.  This has not made me unhappy, just reflective.  Life under pressure is normal and life under pressure reveals what is inside a person.  Whatever is in me is what comes out when pressure is applied.

David is amazing under pressure. I cannot begin to fathom what it is like to have 729,938 people (at this writing) hang on your every tweet.  He was thrown from a quiet existence in Murray, Utah into a world of decisions and expectations at the age of 16, and at the ripe old age of 17, he was signed into the business world of music. He carries a lot of weight on his shoulders, because, as he said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, many of his decisions affect a lot of people.  He refuses to take his family or his faith for granted regardless of  the pressure for him to do so. One radio interview (not worthy of recognition) tested David’s integrity in every way, but he never allowed someone else’s behavior to determine his own. He handled it with dignity and grace and I was so proud of that young man! I was also “madder than a wet hen” (as we say in the south), but I decided to follow David’s example and let it go.

 David has the generosity of heart to always see the worth of a person, to respect people for who they are without changing who he is. He never seems to harbor a grudge or carry the weight of anger. He cares about people. All of these amazing qualities come through that smile of his.

Occasionally, we get a glimpse into the fact that he feels the pressure like when he tweeted this face :/ when he was running late, or when we see the sleepy David trying to answer questions during an interview. “Who I Am” from TOSOD allowed us to see the side of David that feels the pressure. He may or may not have known about the upcoming release of Jive and management when he wrote this it, but the song was prophetic and gave us a glimpse of the traits I love about him. He has a quiet confidence in who he is, yet he knows he still has a lot to learn. He is grounded, yet capable of flying. Fresh from his tour in Asia, a huge undertaking, we witnessed again by tweets, videos and fan accounts, the way he handled the pressure of schedules, expectations, responsibilities and fan frenzy with astonishing composure.

I know it sounds as though I have put David on a pedestal. I haven’t really. I know he is not perfect nor do I expect him to be. I am grateful for him, for the truths that he has reminded me of, for the people he has brought into my life, and even for the pressure that being a fan has placed in my own life.  Some people don’t understand…and I’m OK with that.

Thank you David Archuleta, for staying true to who you are, even under pressure. You have been an inspiration and an encouragement to all of us who stand behind you as fans. Thank you for reminding me to say hello or good morning to at least five people with the same enthusiasm as when singing in front of thousands while on tour in Asia. Thank you for being willing to take on the pressure of sharing yourself in a skeptical world. Wherever there is pressure, there is grace. We’re ready for the next step….when you are.

137 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Grace Under Pressure & Arizona”

  1. Marylee said

    “Thank you for being willing to take on the pressure of sharing yourself in a skeptical world. Wherever there is pressure, there is grace. We’re ready for the next step….when you are”.

    So beautifully written Paula. While it’s true he doesn’t belong on a pedestal, nor would he want to be there ~ he truly is a shining example of how to treat others & simply how to live our lives. I’ve learned so much from this beautiful young man~can’t begin to describe it~that’s why I’m glad that there are others, such as yourself, who can express it so well. He’s a gem. ❤


  2. Jane said

    Thank-you! Very well written.David is an angel and he has brought me some great friends that I have met at his concerts. This I Thank David for. These women are priceless and the best friends in the world. He dose make a person want to say Good morning every morning. I well be his fan forever and that voice is just beautiful.


  3. pocoelsy said

    Paulafod, Thanks for this beautiful post, I thank GOD everyday for creating David Archuleta, put him here just in time for me to witness the fine (est) “specimen” of human being.


  4. kaycee said

    Paula, what a beautiful and oh so true post! What lucky fans we are to follow someone like David. He is truly is the epitome of grace under pressure.


  5. poof said

    “Wherever there is pressure, there is grace.” I am no kid, but I don’t think I believed this until David came along and showed me through example.

    And about the pedestal and the “perfect” stuff,,,, our lists are long for why he belongs up there as the “finest speciment of a human being”. I haven’t seen a list yet for why we should not be there. He is human, that means “imperfect”, but imperfect with compassion and grace, that Is David.

    Thanks for the lovely post Paula.


  6. Heidijoy said

    Great post Paula and love those pictures Angelica. David is a great role model and teacher for all ages while also showing how eager he is to learn. Just listened to that interview that Naree sent with the Script song. David was so patient with the interviewer answering their questions,learning new words,singing at their request and plugging their station and talking about how much he has learned on his journey in the last few years in overcoming shyness etc. I couldnt help but think how other “stars” might handle a similar interview. He is so gentle,respectful and kind.
    Thanks for checking in with us Paula despite your busy schedule.


  7. bluesky said

    Absolutely love your post, dear miss paulafod.

    Filling, satisfying, nourishing and delicious. Thanks for a great breakfast. I feel ready for my day. (Tony the Tiger would be jealous.) ^_^


  8. sweetonDA said

    Paula, this is a wonderful post and so true. David has given us all new perspectives to look at in our lives. I have done much reflecting and found I need to improve in many.

    “Thank you for reminding me to say hello or good morning to at least five people with the same enthusiasm as when singing in front of thousands while on tour in Asia.”

    This reminder has brought me much happiness.

    Thank you Paula and thank you David.

    Bluesky, “Filling, satisfying, nourishing and delicious. Thanks for a great breakfast. I feel ready for my day.” <——–Me too 🙂


  9. sweetonDA said

    Love the pictures too Angelica. You are gifted in finding just the right ones. I could stay hypnotized and mesmerized by them all day if i didn’t have so much to do.

    Have a great day everyone!


  10. skydancer1x said

    Paula love your post, and you are so right.”David is amazing under pressure.”
    “Fresh from his tour in Asia, a huge undertaking, we witnessed again by tweets, videos and fan accounts, the way he handled the pressure of schedules, expectations, responsibilities and fan frenzy with astonishing composure.”

    You made me think of the question, answer, and astonishment of those in the room, when he was asked whether or not he did drugs.Remember? The gasp, and disbelief that the question was asked,came from so many people in the room, that it was to me, a testament to his character, and how he is already perceived ,by people all over the world. He handled that question so beautifully….I was so proud of him.

    I try not to put David on a pedestal, but the truth is, I hold him in such high regard in so many ways,I probably do. He comes from a place of such honesty and truth and goodness and purity of heart and his lovable imperfections are perfect to me.OK, well,I guess I am guilty of putting him on my own little pedestal. I can’t help it.


  11. dakgal said

    Paula FOD—What a wonderful article!!

    David seems to have an “inner compass” that keeps him going in the right direction , no matter the circumstances and also a “level” that keeps him ( and I love this) “as cool as the center seed of a cucumber”.

    How does he do this? He could be seething on the inside, but never resorts to smart sassy retorts as most his age and most a lot-lot older than him would.

    He also isn’t one to just shrug things off because he doesn’t like what he is hearing–he handles it! I am so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know him-or I should say know OF him. Boy, what I wouldn’t give to actually “know” him as a friend. But then he’d get so sick of me, I can hardly handle my admiration just being a fan. Every thing he does or says just fills me with pride and happiness. 🙂

    This>>>>>>>>”but he never allowed someone elses behavior to determine his own. He handled it with dignity and grace”

    If we all could just learn this ONE thing from him–what a world changing thing it would be!!

    David is human and fallible, just like the rest of us, but somehow is eons ahead in knowing where to go for advice.


  12. bleubird19 said

    Beautifully written, Paula. I really enjoyed reading every word. I also love the top picture of a “reflective” David. I have no doubt David has sometimes had negative emotions or been angry and I have seen people express they think he should show those more negative emotions because it seems fake if he doesn’t. They think he shouldn’t smile so much. But, I think those emotions are private and personal to David just as they are to all of us. I think most of us try not to express certain things around strangers and leave those emotions for our close friends and family who understand us and love us unconditionally. No one wants to see a frowning face all the time … it’s uplifting when we aren’t having the best day to have someone smile at us or make us laugh. David from a very young age has seemed to understand that. How very wise. Those who criticize him for his positivity and “grace” just want to see the train-wrecks in life. Let them look elsewhere. I truly wish I had half of David’s patience and grace under pressure. He sets a great example and I’m trying to learn. 🙂


  13. djafan said

    Paula, Beautiful article.

    “David has the generosity of heart to always see the worth of a person, to respect people for who they are without changing who he is. He never seems to harbor a grudge or carry the weight of anger. He cares about people. All of these amazing qualities come through that smile of his.”

    Grace doesn’t come naturally to most but with David it seems to come so naturally, without thinking about it. I remember that DJ, a couple of them that if they’d been in my presence, oh boy, believe me not graceful thoughts lol. Yet David by example has had such an impact on me, we need his light in this world.

    This was a beautiful performance coming back right after forgetting the words. I remember Paula saying “it reveals your character” .


  14. djafan said

    David tweeeeets!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Kids are back in school already in Utah. My youngest sister is going to jr. high now. Weird!

    The cereal peeps tweeted David!!!

    cascadianfarm Cascadian Farm
    @DavidArchie We’re so glad you are a fan of our cereal! We’d love to send more your way. Email us at 🙂


  15. dakgal said

    Dja—Why am I sitting here after watching that video like its the first time I’ve ever seen it.. May face hurts from beaming. 😮


  16. Heidijoy said

    Dja, Nice trip down memory lane!! It brought tears to my eyes. Oh my and he is growing up!! He looks so young there. There is also a video floating out there of this performance with his Mom watching with a group in Utah and she was so apprehensive and brought to tears. You could feel her concern and then her relief. (I could identify)


  17. dakgal said

    OK spamming here——and like I say one thing leads to another—in watching the video Dja posted–I spied my very, very favorite. 8)

    And Simon was soooo wrong –this is far from forgettable–to me it’s down right unforgettable. I’m lovin this day!!


  18. ray said

    he he happy me .got glad xmass tidings today,nobody can top our man


  19. djafan said


    Can you see his sparkling eyes? They sparkled like crystals in person even from a distance. Can’t wait for my copy.


  20. TXNancy said

    Paula, your heartfelt words so beautifully describe how David reacts to the demands in his life….thank you! I just watched Glad Christmas Tidings! Can you imagine the enormous anticipation he had before each of the 4 performances last Dec., when still just 19? As we all know, David performed with grace, dignity, and perfection, filling the hearts of everyone in the audiences with joy and the spirit of Christmas. You can feel the belief he has as he sings and sense the beauty of his soul through his glistening eyes ….. well, he is amazing and we are so very blessed that he is who he is!


  21. Angelica said

    Be back to comment later when have leisure to do so. In the meantime…the boss.


    Betsy, wanna ride together to go get him a sandwich? 😆


  22. MT said

    What a lovely, heartfelt article! You’re so right. He is always “grace under pressure.” That’s quite something for one so young. But he has such a good heart that it comes natural to him to always be gracious to everyone he meets. Just one of the many, many things I love about him.

    DJA & Dak,
    Awww… thank for the vids and the trip down memory lane. It makes me smile from ear to ear. I kinda miss “little David.” He was sooooo adorable. Of course he still is adorable sometimes, but now he’s mostly just plain gorgeous. 🙂


  23. bebereader said


    Your article was such a good read! When I grow up I want to be just like David. 🙂

    “…a quiet confidence in who he is, yet he knows he still has a lot to learn…”
    “…grounded, yet capable of flying…”
    “…generosity of heart to always see the worth of a person, to respect people for who they are without changing…”

    I don’t know how he got to be this way at such a young age but I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

    David at the airport – Asia tour.
    Thank you to Betsy for this great find!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  24. betsy said

    Life under pressure is normal and life under pressure reveals what is inside a person.
    I absolutely love this. Really good writing, Paula.

    Just look at him in the 2nd picture above, #23.
    He is serene in that picture, surrounded by police/security, hundreds of screaming fans. The videos were proof of the noise.
    Just look at him.


  25. tawna21 said

    Paula, thank you for putting aside your ‘real world’ to create this beautiful post!
    This is where I want to be—>
    He refuses to take his family or his faith for granted regardless of the pressure for him to do so.
    …but he never allowed someone else’s behavior to determine his own.

    David’s light, that shines so brightly, is a beacon when my days are on this side of TOSOD. It really is amazing how I can become more positive when I think a David thought. I am learning, from a young man who is more than half my age, how to react to life. Thank you, David.



  26. skydancer1x said

    off topic here for a minute, just had to say I was reading a music article just now… I just saw this quote from Tony Bennett, who just is finishing up Duets 2.

    Tony Bennett ,on Lady Gaga,
    ”I Think She’s Going to Become as Big as Elvis Presley”
    August 22, 2011
    I’m sorry….I just…
    (I think I’m gonna gag-gag)


  27. bebereader said

    Did you know that today was “Be an Angel Day”?

    SunnyHilden Sunny Hilden
    Happy “Be An Angel Day” from me & a few of my favorite angels:) ♥ ♪♫ ☼

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    One more airport pic, credit goes to HausOfArchie

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  28. Angelica said


    Such a heart-felt and timely post. I know you wrote it a few weeks ago, but I can’t help but feel, in light of the recent twitter controversy, that its publishing date was meant to be.

    “…he never allowed someone else’s behavior to determine his own. He handled it with dignity and grace and I was so proud of that young man! I was also “madder than a wet hen” (as we say in the south), but I decided to follow David’s example and let it go.”

    “He never seems to harbor a grudge or carry the weight of anger.”

    No he doesn’t carry that excess baggage that weighs so many of us down. Thinking of the trip to Arizona, my friend and I have been discussing the price of excess baggage on the plane. It gets expensive when flying but it can also be costly to our happiness and peace of mind. We pay dearly for harboring grudges or carrying around a load of anger. I see him in those photos above, with that old backpack adorned with all the colorful bracelets fans and friends have given to him over the years. I remember him saying in an interview that sometimes the bracelets get frayed and he’s like, Oh no!” and carefully ties it back because he doesn’t want to lose even one. These things are the baggage he carries and are for him cherished tokens that he displays proudly.

    Someone said in Church last Sunday that we become more and more like the people we most admire. I thought at once of these last three years, and of David. I hope it’s true.


  29. bebereader said

    Mystery solved about the 9/11 NBC show:
    Paula, Thanks for clearing it up for us.

    MakeupByLaurie Laurie Vukich (NK)
    by SuperBuknoy_FOD @PaulaFOD awe I wish David archuletta was singing in the concert–but no, he was just there to visit. xox
    4 hours ago

    PaulaFOD PaulaFOD
    @MakeupByLaurie Thanks for letting us fans know. Disappointed that he will not perform, but glad you had the chance to meet him!
    4 hours ago


  30. skydancer1x said

    27. Bebe! those pictures. Boy, he looks so happy, in the top picture from… just look at him!♥
    Angelica♥ his backpack with all the colorful bracelets, really does jump out at you in that picture. I love that he still has them on there. It’s sweet.Just like him. 🙂


  31. MT said

    “Someone said in Church last Sunday that we become more and more like the people we most admire. I thought at once of these last three years, and of David. I hope it’s true.”

    ♥ That’s beautiful. ♥


  32. bebereader said

    Sky#30 It’s his smile isn’t it? Turns me to mush every time. Bet you feel better than you did last night. No doubt David’s smile had something to do with it. 🙂


  33. FG said

    I got my DVD! GUHHHH….It is MAGNIFICENT!

    If you’d like a sneak peek:


  34. skydancer1x said

    32. Bebe♥ most definitely its that smile..Most gorgeous smile on the planet.I do feel better 🙂

    33.FG, took a sneak peek.eeeek! Hurry up and get here DVD!

    East Coasters need to keep an eye on the hurricane. It is growing stronger and may be a category 4 at landfall, wherever that will be.

    I was listening to EAM this morning, and just can’t get over how absolutely beautiful that song is .Sometimes I have those days, where Davids voice just overwhelms me with its beauty.I can just close my eyes and totally get lost in his voice.It feels..


  35. PaulaFOD said

    Thanks to you who had kind words to say about the article! I don’t want to imply that I have more pressure than anyone else…we all have a lot to balance. My goal is to handle it all as beautifully as David does.

    David has such a precious group of people as his fans. I love to read the insight from each of you. I want to say so much more…but this is one of those weeks at work when I really need the grace under pressure! I want you all to know that I treasure your freindship as fellow fans!

    Have a great day everyone!


  36. MunkFOD said

    Paula, Thanks so much for your wonderful words… You hit it right on!

    and thank you David… that is all…. 😀


  37. Angelica said

    love him.


  38. Djafan said

    I love David too.


  39. Gayle122890 said

    #37 Angelica, some times I don’t know how…


  40. Gayle122890 said

    Admins: would it be possible to edit that video to show only the first performance?


  41. Angelica said


    Editing could be done but would require some time. Can you post the longer url (located at the top of the YT page) so that I can fix it to embed here? Thanks. Can’t see at work but can fix it so others can.


  42. Angelica said

    Check it ouuuuuuttttt!!!!!! Photobucket


  43. betsy said

    ♥ love him. ♥
    “no worries”


  44. sweetonDA said

    Just picked up my mail and guess what was in it. eeeeeeeeeeeekkk!

    I have a migraine coming on, have studying to do and my pups want attention but I do have priorities. lol 😉


  45. djafan said

    David had a twitter party…:)

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    What kind of person would you like to be this week?

    SharonKinMY Sharon Kin 쉐런
    @DavidArchie I just want to be MYSELF! 😉

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    @SharonKinMY Haha that’s good. what kind of person is yourself then?

    biebschick23 brittney mcall stepp
    @DavidArchie I’d like to be Justin bieber’s girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    @biebschick23 haha! what kind of girlfriend would you be though?

    LoveAlwaysLiana Liana
    @DavidArchie a rich one!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    @LoveAlwaysLiana haha!

    asahiame Asahi
    @DavidArchie Albert Einstein, what about you David?

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    lol RT @asahiame Albert Einstein, what about you David?

    alyssaajaye Alyssa C.
    by DavidArchie
    @DavidArchie I would like to be someone who could FOCUS. I can’t focus. It’s our exams week haha *sobs*

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    @alyssaajaye I know how you feel! Focusing is a hard thing to try and work on but it’s a good one

    WonderBoyAnik অনিক (Anik)
    @DavidArchie I wanna be Batman.

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    by WonderBoyAnik
    haha RT @WonderBoyAnik I wanna be Batman.

    sineasta Jek
    @DavidArchie a calm person. we just got robbed at home and they took our peace of mind along with some material things.

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    @sineasta Oh man that really stinks sorry. Makes you realize how much the privacy and comfort is really worth when it’s violated suddenly.

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Thanks for sharing all the comments you guys! Helps me have a different view on the week from what you guys had to say.

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    All right thanks again guys. Time to get ready for the day. Last day in Utah before heading back to California for a bit.

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    That was actually me who asked the question earlier guys. No worries 🙂

    He retweeted these.

    AliaaRj nicki minaj ☺
    by DavidArchie
    @DavidArchie A helpful , fun , kind person since my birthday is this Friday !!! 😀 ❤

    cheebearr nicholaaaa 🙂
    by DavidArchie
    @DavidArchie a productive person? that's always good

    HedyMeireles Hedyane Meireles
    by DavidArchie
    @DavidArchie A person more understanding !!

    TeenDAJB Ana
    by DavidArchie
    @DavidArchie i wanna be someone that other people can say with proud "she is my friend"

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  46. Angelica said

    Screencaps from FG’s MOtab dvd—#33 for more! Can’t wait to get this gem in my mailbox!!



  47. Gayle122890 said

    #41 Angelica: I posted that while at home for lunch. Back at work with only my phone. Not able to do or see much (vids.). Will check in later! 🙂 Thanks!


  48. dakgal said


    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Makes my heart Sing Sing Sing


  49. betsy said

    Here’s a riddle for ya…


  50. pocoelsy said

    Djafan, Angelica, Thanks for the beautiful pictures, I have to say even the thing between his body and his cute head that called “neck” looks pretty too haha, and that face …. man !!! he really has the most beautiful gentle eyes everrrr. Hard to pull oneself away from those pics, have work to do – have work to do – have work to do haha, still sitting here… ok this is creepy lol.


    Me too, my heart is “singing”.


  51. betsy said

    This one still haunts me…


  52. skydancer1x said

    49. Betsy♥ thanks..ahhh, the Riddle ♫
    I love him so much…


  53. sweetonDA said

    Watching the MoTab DVD with handsome, talented, adorable, gorgeous, did I say HANDSOME David in his tux was pure joy! I’m so glad we have a recording of that wonderful performance. We are very blessed fans!!!


  54. skydancer1x said

    51 I just got chills up the back of my neck and into my head / hair listening to that.


  55. betsy said

    #52 and #54 Sky:
    Me too. ♥
    Every word.


  56. bebereader said

    Love is in the air tonight!
    We’re all feeling it.
    David brings out the best in us!


    I was in a store today and Five For Fighting came on the radio with “The Riddle”. I was so longing for David’s version. 🙂 His smile at the end of this song is a killer. I get lost in it every time.:)

    FG and Angelica,

    Thank you for posting the Glad Tidings screencaps. I see that we are in for a real treat. Deseret notified me that my DVD has been shipped! Woot!!


  57. Abrra said

    Thank you for the article Paula. Achieving grace under pressure is not an easy task. It takes a certain type of personality to handle the kind of stress David experiences in his public and private life. He has the ability to take stressful situations and diffuse them on his own terms. I recall reading in COS that he never minded that he got criticism on Idol from the judges. He took what they said as helpful advice because he was harder on himself than they ever were. His goal each week was to sing the next song better than the last week’s song. Even then, he was working from the other side of down.

    I had to make a screen cap of that moment when he looks up and isn’t quite ready to sing. He got the giggles 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  58. betsy said

    Nice capping, abs. 🙂
    I love the one at 3:11 as well.


  59. betsy said

    p.s. that wasn’t a request for a cap, but a request for everyone to go look at that gorgeous smile that may well have taken out the first 4 rows. 🙂


  60. dakgal said

    Ding! Ding! Ding!—My DVD is on its way too.

    I, as all of you, have been simply captivated by those eyes, no matter where he is when a picture is taken ( looking at the camera or not) he has that dazzling sparkle, that light in his eyes which is unique to him—–so I have come to conclusion— because the light seems to come from within— that when he was really little –he swallowed two flashlights ( with Energizer batteries) and they somehow ended up behind his eyes. 🙄

    Hey!! You got a better explanation? 😉


  61. Nancy L said

    #60 Dak – I think he was born with an angel inside that lights him up from the inside out. We’ve seen so many examples of his glow from within. He just came the way he is to teach us lucky ones who “get” him to be more like him. Today when he tweeted and asked people what kind of person they want to be, my first thought was I want to be just like David when I grow up.

    OK, carry on. I love coming to this site.


  62. bebereader said

    Dak hahaha You’re a hoot. I have no better explanation. He’s so darn captivating!

    Here’s 3:11

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    and here’s the smile I’m talking about, after he finishes singing “The Riddle”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  63. betsy said

    It’s like living in a world with no air…
    sidenote. This video has over 233 thousand views. In reading the comments, fans of the other singers that Jordan did this with have been finding it. And really liking David. 🙂

    postscript: Saaaaave meeeee


  64. dakgal said

    And those teeth—I think he paints them every morning –with a pearly white luminescent paint —I haven’t gotten around to figuring out the skin yet—When I do I’ll let ya know!! 8)


  65. jans11 said

    Love you the David!! And I just booked my flight for AZ!!!! WhooHoo!!


  66. skydancer1x said

    Dak, HAHAHA!
    “that when he was really little –he swallowed two flashlights ( with Energizer batteries) and they somehow ended up behind his eyes. :roll:”
    think he ate the energizer bunny too. He WAS doing the “Bunny Hop” recently!

    62. that hair♥ that smile♥that hair!

    wonder what Santa will bring us, this Christmas? Can’t wait to find out!


  67. dakgal said

    And those moles—do you see one that isn’t strategically placed for optimum effect—perfectly spaced on the side of his cheek and one very special chocolate chip on his neck—-not a one out of place. 😯

    Absolutely not a one where it shouldn’t be–like on the end of his nose–
    or on a row under his eyes–ya getting my drift?

    Back to studying that beautiful mug some more. 😳

    Congrats Jans 11 Whoo Hoo I’m jealous


  68. djafan said

    lol Dak the moles perfectly placed on that face, painted on teeth, flashlight lit eyes or maybe crystals, the skin, a dj over in Asia asked David about his glowy skin and David said “I don’t know, I eat a lot of fruit” lol aye David, fruit is the explanation.


  69. dakgal said

    Dja—I could have eaten a ship load of fruit all my life and still not have skin like that ( I’d look more like a prune–oh!! I guess I do)—he’s lying–maybe it’s something in his water—That’s it!!!! A secret formula in his water! As I recall I think you may have some–lets send it to a lab to be analyzed. The big stinker–keeping stuff from us.


  70. betsy said

    Nice little article from Idol Chatter about GCT. They also link to Amazon and his vlog. 🙂


  71. Angelica said


    Yes, that’s the one. I took out the duplicate. No problem!


  72. skydancer1x said

    He is poetry in motion.

    credit to 8throwcenter

    Edit: Please use the long url at the top of the youtube page when posting videos here. The short ones don’t seem to work.


  73. betsy said

    Oh my gosh.

    credit to AynieArchie


  74. betsy said

    Sky – that video of Riu Riu – lovely. ♪ memories ♪


  75. MunkFOD said

    JIVE died… just confirms to me that David is wise and knows what is best… just need to keep trusting and supporting him!


  76. MT said

    73. Betsy,

    haha David kinda looks like he was enjoying that.

    LOL Where’s Sky? Didn’t she volunteer to work as hair dresser one night in chat a while back?


  77. betsy said

    #76 MT Yes, he most certainly was enjoying that. 🙂


  78. dakgal said

    #76 MT—Maybe that’s Sky’s hand at the beginning–she’s even got him behind bars—captured!!! She’s been keeping secrets. 😉


  79. bebereader said

    How cool! David is involved in a tv show about young people making the right choices. I can’t think of anyone better for this!

    David tweets:

    Filming. A segment for the Real Winning Edge on Fox. Cool what they do. Let you know when it airs!
    26 minutes ago


  80. dakgal said

    On a quiet day—let’s have some FUN!!!

    I’ll always think this is just the best!! And there are some pretty dang over the top cute closeups of David– audience reactions–then at the end his giggling. 😛

    Video by Jenjen


  81. MT said

    78. Dak, hahahhahaaha Could be!!


  82. bebereader said

    Re: Munk#75’s comment about Jive, I found a short article on the subject. I’m glad David chose to leave Jive when he did.

    August 24, 2011
    Label Layoffs

    Nearly 50 employees were laid off at Jive Records yesterday when the iconic label was folded into RCA. As we first reported in June, Jive, which signed Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, would be dumped into RCA as Sony Music consolidates its labels. An insider said that none of the artists have been axed — yet — but most of the promotions department has been demolished. Usher, Chris Brown and Pink will now be managed under RCA. A label rep declined to comment.


  83. betsy said


  84. betsy said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    That’s a picture of David at the piano, filming a segment for the Real Winning Edge.
    A Zebra piano.
    Thank you Gibson. 🙂
    Should’ve said that in #83.


  85. Heidijoy said

    Good Detective work girls!! Betsy and Bebe

    Enjoyed the Christmas video Dakgal, always brings a smile!! Miss Ray


  86. skydancer1x said

    Betsy, Dak, MT I guarantee you’d be watching a much longer video if my hands were in that fabulous head of hair!! 🙂
    you guys!♥ haha

    Gee, you all really found some goodies today.

    82.and Bebe ” I’m glad David chose to leave Jive when he did.” Boy, me too Bebe. Keep following your gut instincts David!
    from the article………..”An insider said that none of the artists have been axed — yet — but most of the promotions department has been demolished.”

    They had a promotions department??could have fooled me

    84.Betsy, love that picture!
    Cool piano.(didn’t he have that same red shirt on when he was at the piano at a store in a video
    and talking and singing)…hmmm, can’t remember when that was. Have to look for it…do you remember ?


  87. betsy said

    Sky, good memory as far as the cut of the shirt. Just a different color. 🙂
    Oh look, there it is. 🙂


  88. skydancer1x said

    87.Betsy, yeah, that’s the one..♥

    found this tonite. good view of all of David on stage in Vietnam too.
    ok, hope I do this right….it says part 2 of 2. couldn’t find part one. you will see it doesn’t matter.♥
    here goes.


  89. betsy said

    Nice find Sky! I was just going to post that, it’s super good.
    Going back to finish watching. 🙂

    Oh – Dak? You still crack me up on a daily basis. Thank you. ♥


  90. MT said

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Back in California. Kicking into the week here. Had a good turkey and avocado sandwich lunch and part of a sprinkles cupcake.
    8 hours ago

    PART of a cupcake? haha Why does that make me laugh???

    79. Bebe,
    Love that he’s gonna be on TV!! I hope he gets to sing one of his own songs on that show.


  91. betsy said

    Strange thing about that video, and something we’ve talked about. All crowd noise is edited out.
    Just the voice.


  92. betsy said

    14:38, David leaving the stage very sweaty. Nice behind the scenes stuff for a minute. 🙂


  93. Abrra said


    Ha! I was just watching that last part and thinking it looks like he is being arrested 🙂 Young handsome dude, all sweaty and out of breath,grinning at the camera, being escorted by police.

    Forgive me. I do not know why mind my works as it does. LOL



  94. skydancer1x said

    Any Vietnamese translators around for that video? Dak? 🙂

    Betsy,how do they edit out the crowd noise anyway? I love the video though, but I watched it with the smaller screen and it didn’t look so grainy. Loved the end with the behind the scenes stuff.

    Abs,they sure hustled him out of there didn’t they? It did look like they were arresting him, but yeah,then he smiled that big smile and waved.♥
    “young handsome dude” is right!

    90, Maybe he was split it with someone MT. I always picture David eating everything on his plate for some reason.haha


  95. Abrra said


    They use “frequency based crowd noise filtering”, a feature of audio editing software. That’s the simplest answer. The technical answer would make your head hurt.



  96. skydancer1x said

    ye gads! :/
    yes Alex, I ll take “Abrra’s Answers” for 100. 🙂


  97. kaycee said

    Just got two kids off to college, and I’m driving another one tomorrow! Phew! I’m exhausted, broke, and should be hitting the hay…but I couldn’t miss my nightly check on all things David. And aaahhh…that MKOP video was just what I needed to send me off to sleep.

    Interesting, the two vids in 87 and 88 both showcase David’s incredible talent, but are so different. The first so private and intimate, and the second so intense and energized by the crowd.


  98. gladys said

    I am very happy, the songs of David, “something ¨ bout love”, has returned to radio in Argentina.
    It seems that this FM HIT 105.7 has decided to promote the music of David.
    Can you guess who called the radio to talk to the DJ and broadcaster?


  99. bebereader said

    Arrgghh*(^(^^^*&^* I fell asleep early last night and missed the zebra pianos and Santa hats! Good finds!!

    Those last three minutes of the video Sky posted in #88 are a treasure for the archives of David’s career. The classic walk to the car/van after another successful show, the wave to the fans, the smile, the sweat, the look of accomplishment on David’s face. He kept that jacket on throughout the whole show, despite the heat. I’m sure he could wring out his socks by the time he took them off that night.

    Sky, I found part 1 of that series but it was a video of the opening act; no David.

    MT#90 David’s reference to ‘part of a cupcake’ made me laugh too. Maybe it wasn’t so good, you know?

    Kaycee#97 Glad you stopped by before going niters. Three kids off to college in two days is quite a feat! I love that you pointed out how different the two videos are because I was thinking the same thing. Did you catch David’s deep speaking voice in the Cambio video? 🙂

    Gladys#98 “It seems that this FM HIT 105.7 has decided to promote the music of David. Can you guess who called the radio to talk to the DJ and broadcaster?” Gladys, YOU did it!! WTG! Now can you please come to the United States and work that same magic with the djs here? LOL They surely need lessons in playing good music!


  100. betsy said

    This is kinda funny/cool. In an article about the Idols 2011 concert in PA (I think), out of all the pictures they could have used, they chose the following. I love this.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I mean, they didn’t even use a current idol picture. Somebody had to really look for this one. 🙂
    Thanks JR for the find.


  101. pocoelsy said

    Hi guys,

    Arrgg I can’t watch the vid Sky post on # 88, it’s blocked in Malaysia !!!

    #100 Betsy, thanks for the find and yeah someone really dig deep for that picture, me likeyy.


  102. skydancer1x said

    100. Betsy, that was the find of the night! 🙂 Thanks to JR.

    99. Bebe, oh good, you found it! that makes sense. It didn’t occur to me wouldn’t have David in it.
    love the end of that video….’rock staaaah’ baby! 🙂


  103. poof said

    Good morning!
    Yesterday spent the day painting my deck! woooohoooo!!
    The part to share, I had my computer in the window playing a play list of David since I don’t have an i pod. So great hearing random songs all day long. Only problem, it got my totally addicted to The Voice. I went in and spent the rest of the night finding more songs and couldn’t even handle the news in my car for five minutes driving to the store…… (played EAM on repeat the whole way……)
    This guy has “stolen my heart,,,,,,,, and I don’t want it back……..!


  104. Suzy-Q said

    Betsy, t agree, that is strange that they used that old photo of the two David’s. haha


  105. bebereader said

    The pic in #100 – BEST E-VER!


  106. MT said

    Betsy, it is kind of strange that this is the pic they chose. But I do love that they still feel that it’s a great representation of a good Idol concert.

    And the look on Cook’s face … resignation? Like … yeah, I know, you like him better. Hmmm … Not sure, but it’s an odd look on his face. Of course, David is all smiley as usual. 🙂


  107. MT said

    PS Sorry, probably shouldn’t have posted that. I don’t mean to bash Cook. I actually like his voice. Don’t love him like David, But I actually do like him okay, just not his style of music.


  108. Djafan said

    Good morning all!

    Got some catching up to do. Taking a mini vacation but have my technology with me lol.



  109. FG said

    DJAfan – Hi there! Did we ever get an address to ship gifts/cards, etc for Arizona? Thanks!


  110. bebereader said

    Sorry you can’t see the tour video in #88. Seems strange since the tour was in Asia.

    I love EAM too!

    Hope you’re having a nice restful vacation!!

    David tweets!

    Why am I listening to Christmas music? It’s not even September. But I can’t help it. It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeear
    50 minutes ago

    Wonder whose voice he’s listening to. Doesn’t he know that nobody sings Christmas music like The Voice? 😉


  111. bluebar said

    Bebereader #110

    I’d like to think David is “tuned into” us because we are all listening to Glad Christmas Tidings….
    but I really think he is singing along with Andy Williams!


  112. bebereader said


    It’s in the works! Will let you and everyone know ASAP!


    Would love to hear David sing that song! I think he did sing a clip somewhere but I wouldn’t even know where to look. Oh…youtube. Duh! haha


  113. gina said

    hello everyone! it’s amazing what david’s music does to me. i feel a little bit of down today, so I’m blasting on my earphones my fav tracks from his two cds’. now i feel a lot better and i’m even smiling…oh david, what would i do without you? lol..


  114. betsy said

    Hi Gina. 🙂
    Glad you are feeling better. He’s always helping us find our smile. 🙂


  115. bebereader said

    David Archuleta HD @ Bella’s Upclose & Personal feat Malaysia Concert (aired 03 Aug 2011)

    credit JR


  116. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  117. sweetonDA said

    #100 I agree with you Skydancer, “love the end of that video….’rock staaaah’ baby!”

    Just about 3 weeks to the Arizona concert. I’m getting all tingly just thinking about it.

    Watched MoTab again last night with my mom who hadn’t seen it yet. She thought David was wonderful and wanted to know if that’s the way he’s wearing is hair now. LOL…… She’s going with me to the concert but DOES NOT want to sit with the fans because they make too much noise screaming. hahaha. She’s used to me having her listen to concert video all the time! This will be the first time she’ll see him live. She will be with other family members not sitting with the fans. 😦 Maybe one of these days they will see the light!

    I’m still getting people calling and telling me about David performing here in Gilbert and saying, “Thought you might want to know” and then saying “But you probably already know”. I just find it kind of funny that so many people know I’m a devoted David fan. Well, I guess that’s not so funny since I’ve practically driven them all crazy with CD’s and my gushing. 😉

    Lot’s of people from here are going to be there if I’m reading the vibe right and many of them haven’t followed his career since Idol. This will be great publicity for him and should bring more fans to his fan base.

    I can’t wait to meet everyone who’s coming and seeing old friends. Until then, thanks for all the great videos and comments. This is such a wonderful place to put my feet up after a long day and just relax and have a few giggles with friends. You’re all greatly appreciated. 🙂


  118. gina said

    thanks for the warm welcome. i usually lurk and this is second post…#116 bebereader, i love that picture btw….he’s just really easy on the eyes 🙂


  119. annie318 said

    Hi everybody ~ this is off topic but I just rewatched the youtubes of David meeting Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy. She’s so beautiful & a good singer too. This is the only time I can recall seeing David um…..starstruck. He seems so smitten! I just think it’s so sweet.

    I’m going to Arizona with 3 fellow Archies & looking forward to meeting any of you who are going to be there. So excited!


  120. dakgal said

    Hello Archuchicks

    #93 Abs–Haha-I’ll bet that’s the happiest tired and sweaty he had been in a long time. But I still want to know (the pesky “but why”) WHY did he wear that jacket for at least 3-4 concerts. Whhhyyyy????, I’ll never understand. :sigh: Unless he took a vow of suffering. It could have melted right into his skin. This demands an answer!! And I won’t accept ” because he liked it”.

    #94-Sky -You lookin at me? The only thing I know how to say in Vietnamese— is Viet Nam. 😉 But my gut is telling me that they’re saying he’s the nicest—most handsome—coolest—-pile of love they have ever seen and they want him to be President of their country.

    #98 Gladys–Way to go!!!! You are love in action! Now make sure they have every single song of David’s. TeeHee

    Oh, sorry Ray–and Archurooster


  121. dayzee said

    So David is listening to Christmas music? Hope he is making selections for his upcoming tour!! Yayyy!! I wasn’t this excited for Christmas when I was six! And watching Glad Christmas Tidings just increases the euporia. Oh boy, oh boy!!

    I am getting anxious for my Arizona wristband. Has anyone received thiers yet? Just cannot believe it until I can hold it in my hand.

    Gladys, could you make a call to the Salt Lake DJ’s? I would appreciate your effort.


  122. bebereader said

    SweetonDA#117 Just hearing how excited you are for the Gilbert show is making me excited! YOU HAVE MAIL!

    Gina#118 So easy on the eyes!! 🙂

    Annie#119 Brought back memories! I never tire of seeing these:

    credit cristobalite4126

    Dakgal#120 I know this doesn’t answer your question but maybe he had 3 or 4 of the same jacket??

    Dayzee#121 haha Loved your suggestion to Gladys. She seems to have the magic touch!

    By the way, I tried but I couldn’t find the youtube of David singing a clip of the Andy Williams Christmas song “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. 😦


  123. MT said

    “So David is listening to Christmas music? Hope he is making selections for his upcoming tour!! Yayyy!!”

    That was my first thought, too. I hope you’re right!!


  124. annie318 said

    bebereader ~ yes, David looks at Alison kind of like we at him!!


  125. dakgal said

    This has been on my mind—-Is anybody in the line of Hurricane Irene? If so stay safe!

    Bebe?—-Abs?– Anybody else that I don’t realize that lives on the East coast?

    And did anyone feel the earthquake the other day?

    I’m expecting a mild one –the day my DVD arrives. 😉


  126. sweetonDA said

    Bebe, Thanks got it! You have Mail!


  127. skydancer1x said

    Oh I so love that video of Allison and David. My cheeks hurt now from smiling through the whole thing! 🙂
    I still have never seen David respond to anyone quite like that.♥

    Been watching and tracking hurricane Irene.How many of you are in her projected path?Please stay safe, everyone on the east coast!♥


  128. skydancer1x said

    125.HA Dak, we were thinking the same thing {{{hugs}}}


  129. PattiNC said

    Greetings from SE North Carolina..keeping an eye on the storm and hoping landfall won’t be too close to us….hope everyone in it’s path is prepared and stays safe.
    I too hope David was picking out songs for a tour! :). One can hope!!


  130. Angelica said


    You have mail.


  131. dakgal said

    Ok I want to sleep tonite–so I have done a lot of pondering about the JACKET and because I know of no other plausible reason and David doesn’t seen to be forth coming with one— I have ponderized ( new word) that –the reason is quite intelligent:

    He knew that he had to sweat a lot during those performances–he had to keep everything on his bod…. shirt…jeans…socks…shoes…under drawers…. in a state of very saturated sweaty!!

    Because he knew ( as we saw) that he was going to be on fire on stage…..and there could have been spontaneous combustion…POOF…see how smart he is?

    And like abs- “Forgive me. I do not know why mind my works as it does. LOL”


  132. bebereader said

    Bad weather conditions here caused my internet connection to fail tonight. So sorry. I would have gotten this up much sooner.

    For the Gilbert, AZ event on September 17, SweetonDA will be accepting letters, cards, donation envelopes and gifts for David. Please keep packages small and no larger than a shirt box or large packing envelope. To get her mailing address, email her at

    Thank you.


  133. tawna21 said

    Dak, it’s too late in the evening to be laughing so hard! I do like your ‘ponderized’ solution to the situation tho’. Now you can sleep soundly tonight and so can the rest of us because the issue has been solved. LOL 🙂 *sleep* Dak *sleep*



  134. gina said

    #131 dak, about the jacket, there were strong speculations from the pinoy archies that he wore the same outfits because there might be a dvd release of the tour someday…this makes more sense right 🙂


  135. skydancer1x said

    Dak. I like it. kind of like a built in sprinkler system. 🙂 g’night


  136. dakgal said

    Sky Hahahaha and g’night to you.

    Gina –I agree on wearing the same thing -in case of a tour video—but he could have chosen anything — but a jacket????–sorry that reason doesn’t wash with me–if someone that is going to Ariz. –sees him –ask him–tell him there is a nut case on your site– who needs to know before she goes battier!!!!

    *sleep* Dak *sleep* perhaps to dream


  137. FG said

    Paula, I loved your article! I’ll never understand how David is able to deal with everything so well. He is a shining example to all ages. I can only imagine what it must be like for him. I feel so blessed that he is sharing his gift with us.


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