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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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Archive for August 17th, 2011

In the Melting Pot with David Archuleta ~ Pocoelsy’s Recap & Arizona

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photo credit Pocoelsy’s daughters

As some of you may know, I went to his concert in Kuala Lumpur, so I just want to share with you all how he and the whole thing made me feel….here we go…

We started out journey at about 9 am. Two and a half hour drive to my eldest daughter’s campus to pick her and her friends up. Oh my daughter, she won 4 tickets from flyfm the week before. Hoping to get meet and greet passes but it’s not meant to be 😦 I was listening to fly with my younger daughter then and heard her name…. the next thing I knew, I heard her screamm… screeching so loud for the whole nation to hear her love for David, I’m so proud of her haha all excited lol! We never won any competition on radio before haha. It was fun but we had our tickets already so she gave away those tickets to her friends, one of them couldn’t go cause the mother didn’t want her to miss any classes, but GOD moves in mysterious ways… all the classes were canceled that day !!! so they didn’t miss any…so my good reputation as a mom is still intact!! lol.

We went to pick up the tickets at flyfm. When the girls saw the tickets they screamed their high pitch again building “the mood” for concert ….Oh my poor hubby haha lol. We checked in at our hotel and gave an extra ticket to one of the staff there. She was so happy, I could tell from her smile “ear to ear” as she thanked us nonstop. Had lunch and freshened up, then we went to the stadium.

When we arrived at the stadium about 4pm, a lot of people were already there, some were like us… waiting to go in for soundcheck, some were so excited and just happy to be there and listening to the soundcheck from the outside yeah! When we arrived David and the band were doing their private soundcheck, had he not skipped some difficult notes to save his voice for the show one might think they were playing his cd. My “entourage” haha just go WOW ald&6%$0>::}

In we went at about 4:45 pm waiting for our Prince Charming to show up lol and he did, swiftly walked in .. didn’t run as usual, he looked a bit tired though. We greeted him with longgg and louddd screams and clapping our hands till it hurt lol.. many of us were stunned I believe. He smiled back at us with the sweetest smile ever, die haha. My first impression of seeing him for the first time is on the left side bar above, thank you admins for giving me that honor 🙂 and may I add now about his physical appearance… ok. He actually glows as you all know… not because he’s fair. The “glow” was from the inside cause when I saw him he’s a bit tan, not too much but tan he was, he had some nice pink color on his skin especially his scratchy cheek. 🙂 He’s a muscular young man, I tell you lol I thought I’d see a small and thin guy… nope he’s not, he looks as healthy as a 20 year old man can be. My daughter said “must feel very sturdy when one gets to hug him” and I agree.

Oh sorry this is sooo looong and I’m not even half way through my “story” yet, when it comes to David I can talk for hours haha.

I need to talk about his skin for a bit, I was so fascinated at how it looks so glowy, porcelain like and flawless especially on his forehead. When he flashed his pearly white mega watt smile his whole face was all lit up and we just couldn’t help ourselves but to smile back and feel sooo warm and good, it’s mutual  and so genuine.

Sitting there listening to him sing “Love Don’t Hate” and other songs live with minimum screams was pure bliss, his voice is just so tender yet powerful. It  filled up the whole venue, the way he sang the chorus was so sweet. While he strolled confidently and very relaxed on the stage like he was walking in the park, he said hello and thanked all of us who came out to see him, sang “Touch My Hand” hitting every notes with ease. He asked us if we had any song we wanted to hear. The answers were too many, haha. He ended up singing “Crazy” to us and before he started on the piano he said “Ok….oops I haven’t practiced this one…ok alright here we go ummm…” and I swear…he smiled his shy and mischievous smile for a second lol… then went on to belt out the most powerful, emotional, passionate right from the bottom of his heart with his soaring voice filled up the whole venue (again hee hee), that was the most incredible “Crazy” I’ve ever heard!!! I literally had the hair on my neck and arms standing up,  man… it was out of this world…

“Anymore songs you guy wants to hear?” Again the response was overwhelming, then someone said “Someone Like  You” (I think) he hesitated for a bit, knock a few notes on the keyboard and said “I could do acapella for you guys…” yayyyy…  🙂 but we got cut off by Sony CEO 😦  It’s time to move on to questions, stop yaying…and start NOOOO…OOO  ing. David in his  nicest way said “Oh sorry, umm yeah I guess I have to save my voice for tonight, hee (insert his sheepish adorable smile here). Ok David (and Adrain) we forgive you, and come to think of it I don’t mind really cause poor David must be very tired; the Malaysian (Asian) schedule was so punishing.

The questions I remember were the first one, “David, will you marry me?” haha. David just grinned his awkward grin and we laughed our awkward laugh lol. Adrain to the rescue noooo  noooo  new question please lol. That’s an adorable moment. The next question was Sanjana asking him to sing a birthday song to her cause it’s her birthday, so he did as you all know. The way he sang her name was soooo sweet and while he sang this it was as if he sang just for her you know!! like there’s only him and her…. he pointed his hand at her throughout the song, and said “Happy birthday.” At the end I think she cried… tears of joy…who wouldn’t, what a lucky girl!!! and so that’s about it, we said good-bye, “See you tonight guys! ” “See you Davidddd!” That’s all I can remember about sound check, good time.

The concert !!!  🙂

After sound check we had our dinner outside the stadium, ha, didn’t notice that we were so hungry during sound check… time flies when you’re having fun is so right, so we filled up “our tank” and went back to the stadium. It’s about 7 something pm. Sooo many people there, hanging around, some still buying tickets !!! We saw some people went in, so we did too.

Me and my family had to sit separately from my daughter’s friends since we had 4th row seats and their seats were somewhere in the middle. Bye have fun girl, see ya if we’re still breathing after the show haha. We found our seats, it was so close OMG and almost center OMG. We’re gonna be able to catch his shoe(s) or if we open our mouth too wide while ecstatically screaming our heads off the shoe might land in there haha…if he didn’t tie it properly and if he kicked hard enough while he “puts one foot front of the other” lol and then he can continue his show without his shoes hahaha. Ok I spotted many familiar faces from YouTube that AAM posted from the ticket launching day. In fact, we sat beside the cute twin girls from the vid who said they needed the meet n greet passes so badly (and they did get the passes) ha!they’re so lucky and as cute as can be.

While waiting for David… I looked around and.. my.. my.. I saw the mix of audience. All ages and all races like Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, Caucasian ect…it’s like an Archie melting pot of fans, the power of the Archuleta indeed that binds us together! A lot of GUYS too, young and old, I think they made up almost 35% of the population there lol ohhh… maybe they had to come.. accompany their kids!!! I saw lots of college-goers too, but surprisingly not too many teens or tweens as it should be, ohhh cause it’s a school day and they had to rely on their (strict) parents, so that must be the BIG reason  😦  too bad for them, it’s a shame…it’s a crime…. I think about 80% of the venue was filled up.. not bad at all considering it’s a working/school day!!!

Singing SBL ect.. and screaming at the slightest movement on stage while waiting was a fun way to kill the time and help build up “the mooood”.

Finally the light was dim, cheering/ screaming, opening act was on, they were pretty good and very entertaining and very short….only 1 song !!! oh well… we were here for David Archuleta remember lol..hee hee.

Waiting for another 5 long minutes it’s like forever so we chanted Daviddd! Daviddd! Daviddd! Finally the band was out, another cheering-screaming so louddd eeekkk then……. Kaboom…… The one and only Davidarchie zzooommmed out on stage bouncing, flashing his trademark million dollar smile…. man…the screams, squeeees, whistles this time were deafening loudd and longgg, my my where’d those hands come from suddenly? There were thousand of hands up in the air haha and he burst out “Wasting time just going mindless”….people were up on their feet with excitement…Whattt? I can’t see him! In a flash I (had to) stood up (never-mind the small boys behind me lol, sorry little ones, aunty had to see him, didn’t pay this much to watch people’s backside right!!!?)  So did my daughters and almost everyone else. My hubby couldn’t cause there was a group of children, I think about 20-30 of them sat right behind him. I assume they were sponsored by Sony and David, I dunno. We never got to sit down for the whole show!!!

David looked stunningly gorrrgusss, happy, hyper and handsome and sounded sooo good and confident and handsome (did I say that already? haha) There’s no trace of the shy, awkward, childlike guy we saw this afternoon during the sound check. This David was so full of energy, confidence, in command and friendly!!haha I wonder what Sony people fed him for dinner, lol must be something he ate!!!

Those guys whom I assumed were accompanying their kids….ah… man was I wrong!!! While I couldn’t take my eyes off David, I spied some “dads” up on their feet cheering, punching air, singing along and believe it or not, at some point jamming/jumping their behind off… rofl… it’s really fun to see hahaha! Even the security guard who’s in charge of the corner of the stage couldn’t help but watch David in action once in a while. He tried to pull the “guard’s face” without success, smile was readily on his lips !!! haha

David sang STR, TOSOD, and ALTNOY continuously as you all know. His voice was (is) out of this world, pitch perfect, sweet and powerful. And I noticed that his voice and tone changed according to the song he sang. Sometime it’s fun and cheeky like in “Elevator.” Other times like in “Everything and More” he used his sweetest, most passionate voice ever…that was the best sound…sweetest song live… I’ve ever heard! Oh and have to add “Love Don’t Hate” too. Talking about “Elevator”..for me it was the most fun song of the set; David was sooo animated, his facial-body expressions were soo cute and adorable (I shouldn’t say those words, haha, about a 20 year old man but that’s the truth; couldn’t express it any other way, it’s all his fault!!) The way he put his feet together when he sang “and in my dream last night” and hophop hop hophoppp with the tune was sooo cute it hurt lol. And the part where he stood there gesturing with his hand “elevator goes up…” all of a sudden at “till the feet are back on the ground” he skipped backward, shook his whole body all at the same time and sprinted forward head first with the tune! Didn’t know that a human being could do that until that night  haha….man… who needs the dance guru, this was so raw so natural, just can’t blink not even 1 second otherwise will miss his cool adorable moves !!!! The band intro was as fun as the song itself, everyone was outstanding, and the salsa moves from the boss man caught us by surprise! It was smackxeyyyhh haha he could moved those urrr…  hips and swirl like nobody’s business as you prolly saw from the vid, I heard a lot of “thuds” in the venue there !!!

Photo credit PeaceLoveDavid-tumbler

Finally, the last song… what David… you just performed 13 songs noooo no wayyy haha! That’s how we felt, every song he performed had something extra (hope you know what I mean) something special on its own, Zero Gravity was no exception, soo electrifying, dancey and everybody just singing and jumping like there’s no tomorrow lol! Then “Terima kasih Malaysia, bye, thank you sooo much you guys!” and off they went… gone behind the curtain 😦 We’re not gonna let him go so easily haha, so we chanted “David! David! We want more! We want more!” We were pretty good at it now, lol. It worked, he’s back, “Ok I’m back …. I’m gonna do a couple more songs for you guys.” Geezzz David, you don’t understand, you can do 50 more songs and we won’t be angry with you or complain not one tiny bit…. so we got the emo-driven powerful “Heaven” and Crazy” and another intensely electrifying “Crush” haha. It’s so intense that he had to hop sideways at one point to keep his balance… sometimes watching him I had to hold my breath cause he could have stumbled or fallen flat on his face at any given moment, this young man is truly the definition of the word “dangerous” haha. The wildest “Crush” evahh! The band was crazeeh and David came out for the last time ran around bowing, blowing kiss(es)!!!! said “thank you” to us profusely and went on to do this “air drum” thing, haha that was hottt and fooling around with Steven’s drum for a bit before he left the stage. The band still banging their instruments for another good 2 minutes haha crazy crazy, they really enjoyed themselves there.  🙂

David’s stage presence and command of the stage were as brilliant as his singing. It’s so captivating, and the way I felt was that I was not watching the concert, not just as an audience but I was a big part of it, this was how David could reach out to us, make us feel like we’re long time friends who are having fun together, and I think everyone there felt the same. Now I understand when people said that it’s as if he sang directly to each of us individually !!! The lady in front of me and about the same age as me was dancing jumping singing along throughout the whole concert. So did the boys behind me.. no need to mention about the twins beside us…they had the time of their lives! lol

You all probably watched all the YouTube vids by now.  I have to say that to witness David through my own eyes and ears was the most memorable and fun concert I’ve had in ages or ever.  David must be naturally gifted or he was well rehearsed with the band or both cause he’s so in-tune with the drum beats and such, how he pumped his fist, whipped his head until you can see his sweat dripping, how he rolled his shoulders, and  doing his little footwork each time it was so precise and effortless!!! To me the most rewarding thing was to see his joy, how he’s in tune with the music doing what he loves to do the most. The sparkling in his eyes and the genuine, gentle smile that never left his face said it all and that made me happy.  🙂

Sorry this is wayyy tooo looong, longer than I expected, but yeah that’s how he made me feel. LOVED every minute of it.. I’m in good company.


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