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David Archuleta in Arizona ~ Update for Gifting

Posted by djafan on Saturday, August 13, 2011

Please see below *Addendums* Newest added 8/26/11

Credit Constitution Week Website

Constitution Fair Information

Fresh from his successful, epic tour of Asia, David Archuleta is doing a concert in Arizona for his fans on the American Continent! This event is attended by tens of thousands each year as a celebration of the US Constitution. There will be awesome exhibits, lots to do and most importantly, there will be Daaavvviiiid!!! So much love was shown to him by fans in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Let’s show him he is just as welcome by fans in his own country. Come join us and Celebrate him home!  As the above post from the Constitution Week site states, the show starts at 6pm, gates will not open until 5pm. David will be on at 8pm followed by even MORE fireworks!

It’s gonna be LIVE from beginning to end and you.know.what.he’ performance.

Nuff said.

OK, now the News.

There was a post by SweetonDA, who is from Arizona, that triggered an email from Sandybeaches (making a serious offer, she can share that part if she’d like) that put me in contact with Barbara Stowell, a most amazing woman from Constitution Week. This put things in motion that have brought an exciting opportunity for all of David’s fans. Many David fans have contacted her regarding the Constitution event, including me, so because of this she came up with a great idea for us fans; I can’t thank her enough and team David for giving us the greenlight!

A donation of $25 will guarantee you entrance to the event and a seat in an area set up for fans close to the stage!  She asked if I thought the fans would be interested I said yes and volunteered to distribute wristbands and collect the donations  🙂

The event starts at 6:00pm and they will have a designated area to line up.  Remember that it will still be very warm so be prepared.

Let us know if you are going, what your plans are, or any ideas you may have to give David a great welcome.  Seriously, let’s make it happen! Roses to stomp, balloons, posters, or whatever we can come up with.  Seeing a lot of folks wearing wristbands would be awesome as he would know they were fans.

You will need to send a self addressed stamped envelope with a money order made out to: ConstitutionWeekUSA

If you are interested send an email to “” and we will provide you with the address to where you send your donation to obtain a fan seat wristband.

*Addendum 8/14/11*

Djafan has been in contact again with Barbara Stowell of Constitution Fair to update her.  Barbara  made a small request that folks wear red, white and blue to the event on Saturday in keeping with the spirit of the festivities!  Will try to get this message out to all the sites and twitter.  I wonder if that goes for David too?  That works for me!


*Addendum 8/17/11*

The San Tan Legado is a new hotel and they are giving great discounted rates for this event.  Their number is 480-809-4051 talk to Sharon or email   Tell her you are coming for the Constitution Fair for the discount.  🙂


*Update…deadline for wristbands*

So far 100 seats are reserved !!! The deadline for requests is 9/2/11 to make sure there is enough time to get them back to you.


*Update for Gifting*

For the Gilbert, AZ event on September 17, SweetonDA will be accepting letters, cards, donation envelopes and gifts for David. Please keep packages small and no larger than a shirt box or large packing envelope. To get her mailing address, email her at


168 Responses to “David Archuleta in Arizona ~ Update for Gifting”

  1. silverfox said

    Well……Let me check my schedule for that date….hmmmmmm? DUH??

    COUNT ME IN!!!!!! Where do I sign up! 😆

    And thanks to you Djafan and of course my travel companion, SB!! Leave it to the both of you to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN as only you can. Love ya both!

    Off to work now for a few hours. It’s cloudy here with a chance of rain…but WHO CARES? It’s a sun-shiney day in my Archuworld! 😀


  2. kaycee said

    David has such awesome fans…Djafan, SandyBeaches, and Sweetonda to name a few! What a great idea! Let’s show him the love here in his own country!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @DavidArchie Got to visit an awesome cool kid named Marius today. Good spending time with good people.

    One of the many reasons I am a fan…


  3. skydancer1x said

    WOW! I LOVE IT! You guys are so awesome!!!! Thanks to you Dja, SB, (and sweetonDA♥) for picking up the ball and running with it.
    Wonderful news and post Dja. Hoping I will;l be wearing one of those wristbands on Sept. 17th working on it! I am so excited with this wonderful news!! Love you guys! Woo Hoo!!

    … I woke to rain sweet rain. After 40 straight days of temps in the hundreds,and blistering sun)

    SF♥ always a sunny day in Archuworld :))


  4. JONERZ said

    I don’t post very often but there is something I needed to say to the AWESOME fans (you know who you are!!) that put this together….


    OK…that is all. Carry on. 🙂


  5. skydancer1x said

    Kaycee, that is the most beautiful picture ever. I just knew with Davids last tweet, he was somewhere special♥


  6. betsy said

    Dja, SB, SweetonDA, you guys are great! Real go getters getting something real done! And bravo to Barbara Stowell for listening and not blowing it off.

    I want to go. But it just isn’t happening.


  7. FG said

    bravo DJAfan!!! Fantastic! I will not be able to make it but I wonder…could you ask your contact if we sent some flowers or a gift could she get them to David? Perhaps it would be too much to ask of her, but would it be ok to ask? What do you think? Thanks.


  8. FG said

    Sorry I didn’t mean to leave out SB and Sweetonda and anyone else involved!! How amazing would it be if Barbara brought 50 bouquets out to him onstage from those who couldn’t be there!


  9. WOOT!! This is awesome! I’m road tripping to AZ from TX with 2 friends and we’d love to be a part of it! Thank so much to everyone involved to make it happen♥ I sent an email. You all are wonderful :))


  10. tawna21 said

    Good job all of you involved in project ‘David fans in AZ’!! I’m really liking FG’s Plan B for those if us who aren’t able to be there. Keep us informed if it’s a possibility. 🙂

    Love the work that’s being done.


    off to sell a couple of pigs at the auction—grandkids make life interesting for grandparents. I love it! 🙂


  11. djafan said

    Good Morning All!!!

    First I want to make mention of Marius, what a heart wrenching story and such a courageous kid. David has such giving spirit, my admiration grows and grows.

    I want to thank all the fans for showing such an overwhelming interest to Arizona event that made this happen!

    FG, I will ask. Stay tuned.

    Due to some concern of who is receiving the donation I’ve added the information requiring a money order made payable to “Constitution Fair USA” in the article above. I’ve been a treasurer for various non profit organizations and am very aware of the do’s and don’ts of fundraising which is why I was very comfortable volunteering to do this 🙂

    NOW SPAAAZZZ time!!!


  12. emmegirl said

    dja, you are a treasure! How wonderful it is going to be for him and for everyone lucky enough to be there and give him the special welcome home that he deserves.

    SF, so happy to hear you are going. It would not have been right without you there, and now he will see all of you guys right up front!

    Hazeleyed, road trip! Have fun! Sky, give him extra love for the rest of us. (Glad you got some rain!) Can’t wait to hear all the recaps and stories!

    Kaycee, thanks for bringing us Marius’s story. Can’t imagine what he has been through. His eyes have a sweetness as David’s.

    FG, great idea. I would love to contribute to something like that. Thanks for looking into that dja.

    Just cause.


  13. Yeah, we are on the way and there are more ideas brewing to perhaps add in adition. (FG is thinking that out). For those not going, you will be thought about every step of the way and we will do all that is possible to bring the ‘welcome home’ to you. We will have the master writer Angelica there so I am guessing that there will be an awesome recap article! Oh and the pictures!!



  14. Sue H (SoCal) said

    MANY THANKS & HUGS to Djafan, SandyBeaches, SweetonDA and all those awesome fans who are involved with putting plans together for the Arizona concert! Wristbands are a great idea! The coundown has begun…ha! Can’t wait…34 days and we’ll be on the road again!!

    Wonderful photo of David with Marius…such a touching story…can’t even imagine what that little boy has been through. Just so great they could share some time together <33


  15. sweetonDA said

    Woohoo! This is so much fun! All the thanks go to Dja and SB for putting this together. Your hard work is so appreciated. I can’t wait to see all those wristbands and the wonderful fans wearing them, supporting our guy here in the USA. This is going to be the bestest!

    #2 – That’s just one of the many reasons I love him. 🙂


  16. Kalei said

    Thank you to everyone who is involved in making D’s homecoming concert in AZ an EVENT! Can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones!

    Can’t wait to see everyone there! = )


  17. cb said

    DJA SandyBeaches Sweetonda, you guys are awesome to arrange this and I can’t wait to see you there! OMGosh!!!! This is exciting, and we get to hear that cute half honduran guy with the VOICE!!!! Squeeee!!! Twenty five dollars to see David? Pfffft, if they only


  18. bluesky said

    Wow! I just love this idea. Boy…. oh Boy!!

    Hummmm. I prolly can’t go because of the heat. But I wonder..
    (“Wondering whether to wonder I wonder: “Does wondering ever end?” ” bluesky)

    Oh! I am just SO excited for you guys!! And all of us!


  19. Angelica said


    Thanks for sending us to the blog about Marius who David tweeted about visiting. I bawled the whole time I read the blog from the link you posted. Well actually, the water works started as soon as I saw that precious picture of him and David. When I read “The Story of Marius,” saw the before picture and got to the part where the adoption here in the US was finalized, I was a mess. What a beautiful example of love conquering all. I’d like to echo your sentiments too….”One of the many reasons I am a fan.” There are so many more.

    Yes, I am going to Arizona and am getting so excited!! Thanks to Dj and SB and Barbara Stowell and David’s peeps for giving us this opportunity to made this the best Constitution Week ever! Also for the chance to show David how much we love him here in the good ole USA as well as getting my keister off the ground, (at least for the 2 hours till he comes onstage.) 🙂
    Looking forward to meeting up with so many of the best people in the world: David’s fans. My concert buddy LuvieD just informed me after our monthly ODD lunch yesterday that she is coming too! We are considering wearing our hats from the Red Hats Club 😉 with the red roses on them and stomping them when he comes out. haha.


    Thanks for the suggestion about flowers from those unable to attend. We need as many ideas as possible to make this event one in which we make it abundantly clear to David how much his US fans love him.

    As this is Saturday, we can discuss it more tonight in unplugged. 🙂


  20. emmegirl said

    Would love to be in on the discussion tonight in unplugged, but again, am having guests. I never noticed how many Saturday nights we had company until unplugged came along, lol. Well, have fun everyone. Sounds like there is a good group making their way to AZ, love it!!


  21. bebereader said

    I’m unable to go to AZ but am as excited as if I was going! Does that make sense?! Dja and SB, on behalf of David’s fanbase, thank you for all your efforts to make this event very special for David and the fans. It’s going to be nothing short of awesome! I can just imagine how David felt when he learned that his fans want a longer set!

    I spoke to Barbara once last week and she is thrilled at all the attention the Fair is getting but also a little curious to see David perform. She said she’s been arranging this fair for years but this was the first and only time she ever received phone calls inquiring about how long a performer’s set would be. (Barbara….prepare yourself!)

    The one idea that I feel strongly about is to continue the tradition started at the Asia tour of throwing long stemmed roses at David either when he initially comes onstage or during Stomping The Roses (if he sings it). I get a lump in my throat whenever I see this on the Asian tour videos. It was a gesture that meant so much to David, IMO. If you watch the videos closely you’ll see David smile while singing, in acknowledgment of the roses. Please watch for the thorns tho; we don’t want to hurt him!!!

    When I read David’s tweet yesterday about Marius, “Got to visit an awesome cool kid named Marius today. Good spending time with good people.” I knew it was one of those little things he does that matters the most. And to think people wonder why we love him so much!

    A few new pics have surfaced of David’s airport arrival in Malaysia:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  22. emmegirl said

    bebe, thanks for those pics. The second pic down..looks like a presidential arrival. Notice the woman smiling in the back on the left…ya just can’t help yourself.

    I love the idea of throwing long stemmed roses when he comes out…terrific way to let him know how much we love him as soon as he hits that stage!


  23. luvieD said

    THANKS to all those who coordinated this! My hats off to you!! Wonderful job!! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone in Arizona and making David feel some “home lovin'”!! 🙂 I love the idea of continuing the roses!
    Angelica, I am dusting off those Red Hat Club hats and adding fresh red roses roses so we will be ready to roll….(or stomp)….!! 🙂


  24. MT said

    Thanks for bringing the info about Marius here. God bless that sweet child. My heart just breaks for him. I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose your parents and then have such issues to deal with at at any age, much less so young. His smile is such a testament to his strength and courage. And Bless David for his giving and caring heart. ♥


  25. MT said

    I’m so excited for all of you going to AZ!! Please remember every little detail and bring them all back here for us to savor and enjoy. I wish I could come with you guys.

    Bebe, I love the idea of the roses. I saw that video and I agree. He looked like he understood and acknowledged it with his smile.

    I know all of those going will do David proud and have a fabulous time.


  26. Jan said

    I knew when you said that you were working on some special info on the AZ concerrt that it would be good and it is!!!!! DJ—-SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!! Thanks for all the great work that you guys do!! Plan #1 to go fell through, so I’m working on plan 2 or 3 or 4….something…want to go so bad. If I don’t get to make it, I know that you guys will get the goodies back to us without fail!!!!
    David and Darius, two sweethearts. Those pics of Darius after the fire is heart wrenching. Poor little guy, makes me count my blessings. Such a terrible thing for a little boy to go through and leave it to David to make contact with him. Yes, that is why we love him, his singing is like the “cherry on top”!


  27. Jan said

    Sorry It’s Marius, not Darius


  28. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  29. dakgal said

    Although I can’t go to Ariz.–I can promise you that every last drop of my spirit will be there–I’ll just be an empty shell of flesh sitting here that night …….my tears are forming right now just thinking about how awesome this will be for David and for everybody that’s going.

    Speaking of awesome and going above and beyond the call of duty–DJA-SB-SWEETONDA and anybody else who had a part in making this happen–you are much appreciated!!

    My only little paltry idea is –for everyone to bring a small piece of poster board ( 8×10 maybe–or bigger) with the name of the state or country they are from to hold up and show David how far and wide his fandom goes and how they will travel great distances to see him.

    See ya in chat!:P


  30. Hello!! I don’t post here…but I wanna say thanks to you awesome gals that made this happen…the fan seating thing;) Sweettonda….Sandy Beaches and DJAFans!! I agree with showing David the love!! I can’t wait to meet more David fans….I did meet you SB didn’t I in Myrtle Beach? It’s gonna be a David funfilled day!!!!:D EXCITED!!


  31. Ah Angelica…Canada will be well represented don’t forget and we missed him too! The SnowAngelz are coming in full force and there might be a flag or two! We will join you in welcoming him home to the US…

    Yes Shelley we did meet in MB!!



  32. Bebe, I meant to add that the new pictures are awesome, actually stunning!



  33. bebereader said

    SB! Isn’t he stunning??!!

    A big welcome to today’s new posters including Shelley, Kalei and Michelle G!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Emmegirl#22 “a presidential arrival” – I thought of that too, or an arrival fit for a king!

    Dak#29 Ingenius idea to hold up a small poster telling where you’re from! I vote YES!

    More pics(spam), this time from Hanoi Soundcheck.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  34. Angelica said


    oooh so sorry about just saying US in comment # 19! I did put the “American Continent” in the post when I was working on it with Djafan last night. Couldn’t leave out the Canadians who take no back seat in their devotion to the Archuleta! Also the American Continent includes North, Central, and South America. I have heard of fans coming in from Mexico for the event too! 🙂


  35. Diane said

    I am so excited to attend this concert in AZ and happy all David’s fans will have to opportunity to purchase the fan wristbands and be seated together to show David how much we appreciate him! Thanks so much for your time and effort in putting this together! Looking forward to an awesome show!!!


  36. Susie said

    Thank you to DJ, SB and Sweetonda and all those behind the scenes making David’s Welcome the best we can.

    Those of us who cannot come (Florida to Arizona is not in the budget) but we also want to be represented.

    Just a suggestion: We could send gifts – gifts not for David, but gifts David could donate to hospitals, nursing homes, homeless groups, his charities or whatever in his name (choose a group or two) and share this idea with as many of David’s websites as we can find..

    Maybe the organizers of the event could give us an address to send the boxes of gifts. Maybe volunteers of David could unbox the wrapped gifts and place them in David’s dressing room, so that when he walked in – he would be surrounded by something he can give to others. The wrapped gifts would have a tag on the outside of what it is and who it is for.

    Just trying to be there and Welcome him back Home!


  37. lct said

    Good morning!
    For those of us who cannot come to Arizona’s concert and would have gladly paid the $25 VIP to meet David then perhaps consider donating those funds to the Burn Institute for Marius.


  38. Susie said

    LCT – maybe cash donations would be a less complicated project. Just this past Wednesday, I was blessed with a Negative result on a breast biopsy – so “Stand Up To Cancer” could be another suggestion. Whatever the admins decide, I’m happy to contribute.


  39. Abrra said

    I like the charity donation idea better. David has had too much “stuff’ to deal with in the past. He most likely doesn’t need or want material items to have to deal with on the road.

    A gift card with a note saying a donation was sent to “pick a charity” would surely put a smile on his face.



  40. skydancer1x said

    Good morning Abrra, Susie,,Lct.
    ! Like the “charity” idea above all else♥ and yes, Abs “.A gift card with a note saying a donation was sent to “pick a charity” would surely put a smile on his face.”

    Abrra… YES! A gift card, with a note.I think it is lovely in its simplicity and spirit. Just like David.♥

    Susie, happy for your negative result on your biopsy.:))


  41. Susie said

    Abrra: Thank you so much for your suggestion – consider it done! Does anyone have an address there that we would be sure that David would receive it? I appreciate your help.

    Skydancer: Thank you for your sentiment. It was a month full of tests and anxiety, but I “Made It To The Other Side”. Keep listening to that song and “Things are Gonna Get Better”. Oh, and the Asian Tour was my escape, couldn’t have come at a better time. David always to the rescue.

    Happy Sunday to all and Have a Great Week!


  42. pandasmama said

    Wow. This event is sounding so amazing, but alias, I will not be able to attend.

    Even though I would give almost anything to see David perform, family obligations must come first. So while many of you will be traveling to Arizona, I will be sitting in the stands at my son’s high school football game, screaming “Go Maroons!” (Yes, their school mascot is a color, sort of.) My son is a senior this year so I don’t plan to miss any of his games, even for David. Gotta Love High School Football in Texas.


  43. pandasmama said

    Ok, so I actually do know the difference between alias and alas, but it can’t seem to hit the correct keys today.


  44. Susie, in the days ahead there will be more information to help with sending your good wishes to David so that he receives them. There are many ways of expressing your appreciation to David and each is personal and your own wish.. There will be no list that tells you one is better than the other. David expresses himself and his appreciations through his fabulous singing that we know. Perhaps there will be an advertised address from one of us who are going, to take the cards (or anything) to David as we will keep it apart from the Fair.

    Stay tuned and we will have an answer…



  45. dakgal said

    Just had to stop by and say what fun chat was last night! 😛

    Everybody is in such a happy dance mood–encouraging others –offering to help and assist others –making plans on get togethers en-mass–still others offering suggestions on how to get it across to David how much we love him –( some of them down right hilarious) 😆 Even us poor slobs, who can’t go were right in the middle of it. 😉

    All this accompanied by the best music in the world–the guy isn’t half bad to look at either. 😯 Angles –its all in the angles!! 8)


  46. bebereader said

    It’s a lazy hazy Sunday but look at this, a beautiful video from DavidArchuleta Vietnam

    It’s Not Goodbye David Archuleta from Vietnamese Archies

    credit dreamskyhigh

    Edit: Dak, I just saw your comment. Agreed! Chat was a lot of fun last night! By the way we clown around, it’s hard to believe that most of us have never met. We behave like a bunch of old friends who finish each other’s sentences. But we also started to iron out some details which will be announced when they become official. Oh yes, the entertainment was terrific! Who was that guy anyway? LOL


  47. Abrra said

    Love that video! Will add it to the Vietnam set in Unplugged.

    ( made my eyes leak)



  48. Jan said

    #45…Dak…I agree that chat was so much fun…every time I’m able to be there everyone is so friendly and fuuuunnnn!!!!! I’m usually sitting here with a grin on my face either from watching David or being in on some kind of wonderful from the girls!
    Always hate to miss it, but sometimes it can’t be helped. And I’m afraid that’s going to happen about going to it all figured out, but no one to go with and it’s expensive for just me. Will keep on trying though till the last minute. They always say “where there’s a will, there’s a way”!


  49. fewwords said

    It sounds like a wonderful welcome home concert for David is in the works! My work and distance forbid it for me but hopefully there is a midwest Christmas show in the near future. I saw David in Ft.Wayne last Nov. singing his heart out in the cold. Seems like years ago!

    #37 Lct- This was a great idea to donate to the burn center for Marius. I’ve made a donation in David’s name.

    #2 I think I’ve never seen two more beautiful smiles. Such strength in both of them:)

    #46 Gahhhh – that is the sweetest video ever (tears)

    And please say a pray for the victims and families of the Indy State Fair tragedy. Still reeling here in our state:(

    I’m not much with words but thanks for letting me lurk on your Archuwonderful site:)


  50. silverfox said

    Dear SB, Patty & Sweetonda,

    The AZ event was not supposed to be about David. But I hope everyone will see that because of the efforts of a few fans like you three who know David’s true worth, this event has turned into something which has the potential to show David what he means to us here. Before your efforts there may have been only a handful of his fans there, but there’s a real chance that this event will turn out to be MORE ABOUT DAVID than the Fair. The fair goers who will be there for the concert but actually more for the fireworks will see a truly awesome performance which I would guess they will not be expecting. Your efforts will bring in more fans and the non fans will wonder what all the fuss is about until he comes out. There is no doubt he will gain more fans after his performance. That is for sure!

    Because of your efforts the organizers are AWARE now and I hope they will ADVERTISE & PROMOTE the Fair all over Arizona, and all the surrounding states by HIGHLIGHTING his appearance. If they do, I promise they may just have the highest attendance ever! David has been known to have that effect.

    Buying my money order and emailed The Voice for the address to mail it as instructed & will wait breathlessly for my wrist band!

    Thanks again to David’s three Angels! Good night to all. power has been out since yesterday after a freak & sudden storm. But I’m counting my blessings after hearing about the tragedy north of my city in Indianapolis where 3 concert goers lost their lives and many more were injured when the stage collapsed during a storm while waiting to enjoy Sugarland’s performance. Thoughts & prayers to all those affected by this tragedy.


  51. Janel said

    Thanks for everyone who put this together. Sent my email. Will wait for a return one to send my money order. 34 more days!


  52. Janel said

    Silverfox, whereever David performs, at small venues or full concerts and anything inbetween, fans always come through. We will advertise it wherever we can!


  53. Thanks Janel! Just seeing ’34’ days made me go ooohhh… I see, so one must be very organized. Hey come back with the reminder number as the days go by!! 😉


  54. I have to say THANK YOU to the great folks at The Voice for organizing this. I soooo see this gaining momentum as a warm welcome celebration for David. Love your creativity and Go Getter-ness! I am one of those who are not able to attend (SOF wiped out all the funds ~ but was SO worth it ~ and travel from Canada can be pricey sadly) but thrilled that so many will be to welcome David. Merci beaucoup!


  55. Angelica said


    See additional info updated in this post above and which I am posting here in comments too.


    Djafan has been in contact again with Barbara Stowell of Constitution Fair to update her. Barbara made a small request that folks wear red, white and blue to the event on Saturday in keeping with the spirit of the festivities! Will try to get this message out to all the sites and twitter. I wonder if that goes for David too? That works for me!


    In light of this new development, I am considering reviving my Red Hat Club hat with the red roses on it. Then I could throw it down and stomp it when he sings STR!


  56. So, we have yet another language and one I am familiar with…

    Merci ‘De La Voix’ pastelpastel, qu’il sait que je suis du Canada mais se joindre à leurs festivités. Je peux porter du rouge pour les deux pays. Il sera donc une grande occasion pour lui.



  57. Je double dare vous Angelica …



  58. Jan said

    Angelica, that is a cute idea! I used to be in the Red Hats, but got out of it last year. I do have a few hats tho. But, I’m not going…oh, my heck!!!
    Love the red, white and blue idea too. And like you said at chat, you can sparkle it up and/or even put your state name in red, white and blue.


  59. Jan said

    I meant it was a cute idea to wear the hat, not stomp on it!! Roses ok, but not the hat..oh well you know what I mean…hope so anyway….lol…I can just see you right in the middle of everyone stomping the roses on your red hat..haha


  60. Djafan…There is an email with a little info. for you…



  61. Loving all these ideas to welcome David home! Can’t wait for the show! Texas will be representing! I’m so excited to see all my Archie friends and to meet many more! :)) Continuing to pray for all those affected by the terrible tragedy in Indiana.


  62. Sandy Beaches…your French is much better than mine! Yes, wear Red for all of us! We were patriotic in-kind at SOF and it was momentus! So happy you will be there to represent!


  63. oh, and thanks so much for the warm welcome here:))


  64. Michelle G…I saw the tragedy this evening for the first time. They were wondering about cancelling and we see the consequences. This will make a difference for the future of outdoor concerts in regards to the rules & regulations.



  65. Sandy Beaches, yikes! So sad and scary to think about 😦 I really hope they come up with a safe solution to this problem for future outdoor concerts.


  66. djafan said

    Hello everyone!

    David David David….He is so special.


  67. dakgal said

    Bebe—I’m a little late getting back to post-but thanks for posting that beautiful video–I’m like abs– made my eyes leak.

    I went to their site and left them some kind words in comments and also brought over here what was said below the video:

    “For me, David was mild as moonlight, gentle as a spring breeze, and sweet as honey. He was there, so close to us, never ever acting like a super star for one second, but just like a friend who has to travel a lot all year round, and is now happy to meet up with his friends and catch up on news.

    But by the time he went on stage, suddenly he became an intensive performer- like a flaming sun devoting all its light to the world.

    Thank you, David, and the band, for coming to Vietnam and having two mind-blowing concerts in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi this summer- the summer we will never forget.

    Also, thanks to all my Archie friends who contributed their photos to this goodbye video.

    And last but not least, many thanks to khanhlynk_KFC who devoted her time to make the video.”

    director of the goodbye video ^_^

    Isn’t that just the sweetest? ……..and so true!


  68. […] For more information: Come September, David Archuleta in Arizona […]


  69. Kristi said

    I was wondering if anyone was planning on taking a road trip down to AZ from Utah?! And if they were, would they want a travel buddy?! 😉 I want to go soo bad, but would hate to drive all that way by myself! I love all the ideas to show David some fan love, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome! 🙂


  70. Angelica said


    “Je double dare vous Angelica …”

    I will take that dare. Me and LuvieD, aka Biz are both going to make red hats with roses and I plan to adorn mine with ribbons of red, white and blue too. It will be simply fetching! 😆

    We were never really in the Red Hats Club. That was just a charade we played in Memphis to throw the sheriffs off our trail while we waited for David to come out. It worked. 8)


    Thanks for bringing that comment from the goodbye video. Beautifully said,

    “For me, David was mild as moonlight, gentle as a spring breeze, and sweet as honey. He was there, so close to us, never ever acting like a super star for one second, but just like a friend who has to travel a lot all year round, and is now happy to meet up with his friends and catch up on news.

    But by the time he went on stage, suddenly he became an intensive performer- like a flaming sun devoting all its light to the world.”

    From “mild moonlight” off stage to “flaming sun on stage”…yep, that’s David. He is both sun and moon and definitely a star!


  71. Angelica, #70

    Oh boy, what’s with me and the double dare? I asked for it!!

    You won’t be hard to find!

    Good Monday morning to everyone,



  72. xaris said

    SB, I was laughing my head off at your double dare to Angelica! The same Angelica who wore the mismatched bathing suit accompanied by a towel the size of a dishcloth if I remember correctly. That story still makes me giggle, Angelica. A red hat pales in comparison to the bathing suit!

    Wish I could go to Arizona. You all are amazing for arranging this. I would love to make a donation in David’s honor to one of his charities as a way of letting him know we are still supporting him.

    I’ve been lurking a lot lately–really enjoying everyone’s comments and articles. Real life is a bit hectic right now!

    Cheers to all!


  73. bebereader said


    Welcome to The Voice! I bolded your words in comment #69 so that others are aware that you are interested in a travel buddy from UT to AZ.

    Just the sight of David in this video puts a big smile on my face! 😀

    David in Vietnam

    credit h2m180683


  74. dakgal said

    Xaris–# 72—Thanks for bringing the story of Angelica’s bathing suit escapade back to mind–hilarious–only you for got to mention the crowning touch of her ensemble–the BOOTS !!! To this day, it’s one of the best fan stories yet to be topped ( pun intended) 😉
    It still cracks me up.

    In fact, shortly after that , I had a dream–where I had very very short notice to leave for a David concert–so I grabbed a suit case–threw in a bathing suit and some boots and that was all I packed!!!!!! 😆

    On another note, I thought this very interesting
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    ( if Abs posts it for me) if not it will remain a mystery to you.


  75. skydancer1x said

    good morning everyone.
    gosh, that goodbye video choked me up.all the special moments they had with him**sigh*** .The Vietnam fans really touched my heart so much, from beginning to end.♥
    Dak, that comment from the video, so beautiful…

    Angelica, love the red hats. You and Lovie will be stylin’ ! (I look like a turkey, in a hat, but love ’em anyway.)

    Horrible what happened at the Indy state fair. I pray for those families that lost loved ones, they must be in total shock.

    Chat was so much fun Saturday night. Love when everyone gets talking at the same time! haha


  76. TOfan said

    WOW, talk about go-getters!!!! LOL … I’ve been away & offline since Fri., what great news to come home to! SB, dja & SweetonDA, you guys ROCK!!!!! And SF, yes that would be so awesome if they give David some great promo in the area & tons of new fans flock to see him! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  77. luvieD said

    Oh my dear Angelica, what have you gotten us into here? (bahahaha) Well, I will gladly join you with my perfectly placed red roses on my Red Hat with red white and blue ribblon! I may even top yours with stars and stripes!! ha!! …I will do almost anything to give David a warm welcome…even if it means hat hair!:)


  78. djafan said

    Red hats??? haha

    David tweets!!!!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Gonna work on getting a blog up in the next couple of days! Sorry for the dry spell. Just need to find my computer lol.

    Loving the response for Arizona. It’s looking really good, I’m so excited. Thank you all and keep spreading the info.

    Heaven from Acsphil, Pure heaven ♥


  79. Shonda Leone said

    delurking for a second.

    Well, this probably isn’t going to make me very popular, but here goes anyway……..David has awesome fans, there is NO doubt about that. I just think sometimes some of the fans don’t always think things all the way thru. I mean absolutely NO disrespect to anyone, I love David as much as the next person. While having a great time at a concert and being enthusiastic is fine, have you ever stopped to think about the image it presents for David. A bunch of middle aged (and then some) women holding up glittery signs, wearing RED SOCIETY HATS, throwing roses and basically drawing attention to themselves is not only embarrassing for them, but not age appropriate for David either. It appears from the posts above that people really want to recreate “the ASIAN experience” here in the U.S.A. What we need to realize is, that was a bunch or darling young adults and teenagers going crazy for their idol, totally appropriate for their age. I am right there with the aging fans of David Archuleta and I love a good concert too, but PLEASE don’t embarrass yourselves or our dear sweet David.

    While I’m at it, I might as well get it alllll off my chest. Why do fans think they have to glomp onto anyone and EVERYONE that has anything to do with David? A stranger sees D and tweets, next thing you know, that poor unsuspecting persons gets a million and a haf tweets harrassing them about what he was doing, what he was eating , what he was wearing etc. LEAVE THEM ALONE. Why do people have to follow and contact anyone
    in David’s life and try and worm their way into being their best buddies? It’s so embarrassing. I know several people who no longer follow David’s career due to the fact they do not want to be lumped in with the super freaks. Calm down, people, take a step back. We can still enjoy David’s career and support him without going over the top. 🙂

    At meet and greets and vip oppurtunities, wouldn’t it be wonderful if David got to meet new fans? The same old fans always scoop up the chance to see David up close and personal AGAIN and AGAIN, give others the chance. I’m sure David adores his fans, but it must be so disheartening for David to always see just the same old faces time and time again. TRUE, they are beautiful, loving faces, but really? REALLY?

    Ok, now that you all hate me and I’m probably banned from this site for life, I’ll wrap it up. Please know that I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you are all fabulous supporters of David, just a little food for thought. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

    back to lurking.

    Shonda Leone


  80. PaulaFOD said

    Wanted to let you guys know….after a little detective work, I was able to contact a family member of @LSCtheliverlady….and mailed a printed copy of the group card to Linda. She is doing better, and is in physical therapy rehab, learning to use her new hip. Her daughter felt that she would be thrilled to get the card. Thanks to all of you who signed!


  81. Abrra said

    #79 Shonda
    Welcome to The Voice. You have the right to express your opinion. I will surprise you and say that I agree with some of what you have said. But not for the same reasons you have stated.

    Watching the events during the Asian tour was exciting and heartwarming. I felt happy for the fans, so far away, who were finally getting to show their support for David. They did some really special things by making videos for him, showing up en mass at airports, his hotel and mall appearances for book and CD signings. Every place he went he was treated like musical “royalty”. Many of the “visible” fans were young teens and young adults. It was well orchestrated by the event promoter, radio stations, and Sony Asia. As I watched the various M&G videos I saw only teens and young adults. Was there some age discrimination going on in that case?

    If you have lurked here for more than a month, you have read the many comments from older fans who attended the shows. I am not sure we had anyone who identified themselves as teenagers. But, my point is that it is a fact that David’s fan base has many older fans. These are the fans, as well as younger fans, who have supported him over the past 3 years. Anyone is free to buy a VIP ticket to his concerts.

    You said, “It appears from the posts above that people really want to recreate “the ASIAN experience” here in the U.S.A. ”

    I have thought the same thing. I read it many times that “WE have to do it bigger and better!” (paraphrase) I disagreed because I think that the Asian fans did a superb job in welcoming him to their particular country. Their organization skills are to be commended. Every encounter with David was designed to show how much they care for him and his music. Many comments on various fan sites bemoaned the fact that it was so well done, that we have to top them! I say, let them ( foreign fans) have their day in the sun, Don’t try to out do them. Savor the smile we saw on David’s face when he saw the crowds. So you see, I agree in part with what you said about trying to recreate the experience.

    What we are saying now, here in the USA, is that we will welcome him back home during his first concert since the Asian tour. Arranging for VIP seats is part of the experience for some fans who may not be able to manage standing for long periods of time. Nothing wrong with that. Much of the “excitement” that has erupted here is nothing more than brainstorming. When it comes down to the day of the concert I bet all we will see is a crowd of David’s loyal fans, sitting up near the front in red, white and blue clothing, cheering his performance! And if you look behind them at the remainder of the crowd, you just might find a flock of new fans when the show is over.

    I’ll leave you with this. What if there were only teens in front, with the older fans silently watching from the back? This makes it appear that the singer might just be a run of the mill teen idol. It is a phenomenon that he has fans who are willing to travel hundreds of miles to see him perform. Most of these are the older fans who have either created fan sites or participate regularly in commenting about his career.If they have the means to attend, should they stay home because “it might hurt David’s image”? David has a mixed demographic appeal. This strengthens his credibility in the eyes of non fans seeing him for the first time. Shows that he might actually have singing talent. I trust the fans not to do anything that would reflect negatively on David. We have been supporting him from day one. I think we know the drill by now.



  82. Abrra said

    Thank you for getting the word back to us about your friend! I hope the card cheers her spirit 🙂



  83. Oh my!



  84. tawna21 said

    Abs #81, very well stated. 🙂

    SB–♥♥ you



  85. Tawna, I never learnt how to make those little hearts,haha. Know when to hold…for a little while.



  86. Shonda Leone said


    Oh, please understand, I totally think allll ages should be in attendance. I love hearing stories of Moms and Dads and grandparents etc that discover David and enjoy him. 🙂 I AM AN OLDER FAN. I love that there were older fans in attendance in Asia. I love that the older fans acted age appropriately and didn’t stand out. I don’t think the older fans should be forced into the back of the crowd, just not making spectacles of themselves in the front rows. LOL.

    I honestly believe there is a place for all of us here in David Land. David needs all of us to make it in the ever rough music industry. There is NOTHING wrong with having credibility AND being a teen idol at the same time. David appeals to so many, that’s part of his magic.

    Thank you for not ripping me to shreds and allowing me to VOICE my opinion.
    Love to all.


  87. Marylee said

    “We have been supporting him from day one. I think we know the drill by now”.

    Thank you, Abrra~you spoke for me tonight since I am constantly struggling in that area!
    I’ve only been fortunate enough to be in the front row once at a David concert in the past three years & I can proudly say I was well behaved and, along with all my devoted ‘older’ concert buddies, had the time time of our lives! 🙂


  88. Marylee said

    ..oops….*the time* <— & it was FABULOUS!


  89. tawna21 said

    SB– ♥ is done by pushing alt and 3 at the same time on a 10-key pad…it won’t work on a laptop that has the number keys up top… the heart shows up when you release both keys

    ♪ is alt and 13

    ♫ is alt and 14

    we had a big lesson time in chat quite awhile back on it—you should have seen the interesting comments that were happening that night!!



  90. Kristi said

    bebereader, Thanks! 🙂


  91. dakgal said

    David’s own words—at–110 thru 117


  92. xaris said

    Lord have mercy.

    Note to self: Go buy orthopedic shoes and old person clothes for David’s next concert. Check Miss Manners for age appropriate behavior.

    I hope no one who is going to Arizona feels like his or her Constitution Week parade just got rained on. I for one am extremely tired of people beating the “older fan” horse. At our age, my husband and I have lost all our older relatives except one, and we are now starting to attend funerals of dear friends who are passing away much too young. I would give anything to have them back so I could invite them to stick on their red hats, boots, and sparkly T-shirts and come HAVE FUN with me at a concert. My sister-in-law, who is my partner in crime, and I are eagerly planning a girls’ night out for the next David concert within shooting range on the east coast. Hope to see many of you there. Leave your old person clothes at home.


  93. This may be a bit of a quiet week and David tweets that he is thinking about doing a vlog, that’s great.

    I did an article once that had a quote from Mother Teresa that speaks universally to all religions. A couple of articles ago I remember that Bebe had a quote from Mother Teresa and they always seem to be so peaceful ssoooo…I thought that I would bring you one to read. David is getting us quite familiar with the occasional quote…

    “People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

    If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

    If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.

    If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

    The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.

    Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.

    For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

    Bless Mother Teresa,



  94. Marylee said

    #91/Dakgal: So glad you posted the interview video I had in mind while commenting earlier. Helps to hear it straight from David tonight! Thanks. 🙂


  95. Thank you Tawna so much,… I guess that I needed another lesson on symbols!

    Dak, you are so spot on as we like to call it!



  96. sweetonDA said

    Got my money order today, will get it in the mail tomorrow.

    Life is too short to turn away from moments that make you happy. Live and let live!

    Dja, did you get me email yesterday?


  97. sweetonDA said

    That be my instead of me.


  98. sweetonDA said

    Okay, I’m off the keys for now. Can’t make a coherent statement without making a mistake. I blame being tired. 🙂 No wand please Abrra, and thanks for sharing my thoughts as well.


  99. MT said

    SB ♥ … and I love the quotes. Thanks.

    And I agree with what Abrra said, too. ♥

    These fans have been with David, supporting him and his career, from day one. JMO but I personally think he likes those familiar faces showing up where he appears, VIP or not, knowing that they have stood by him and are still supporting him after almost two years without a tour.


  100. silverfox said

    SB #93,

    Mother Teresa’s quotes are wonderful lessons to live by. I especially love these:

    “If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway”.

    “For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

    Those quote made me feel a little better after getting this feeling of being “ripped to shreds” for being, through no fault of my own, an older fan of David’s. Just wanted to be clear…just because I happen to be an older fan will not deter me from supporting David by attending his concerts whenever, wherever and for as long as I can. And because I am an older fan and know better, I will not do likewise & rip another “older fan” to shreds for “voicing” an opinion, no matter how mean, hurtful & embarrassing it was meant to be.

    Good night to all…counting down the days to AZ !


  101. Disrespecting the people on this site or on any of David’s sites is totally unacceptable.
    Disrespecting the main administrator and head writer on this site is inexcusable.
    Speaking without knowledge of any sort about what you are saying is discouraged.
    Pretending to be an older fan and not being one is deceitful.

    You Shonda Leone are indirectly hurting David because he values his fans, dislikes harsh criticisms and hurtful critics. You need a greater knowledge before de-lurking again and that will take time.

    You could have easily seen that none of the sites tollerate the lack of respect because of their personal moral values and ethics.



  102. Heidijoy said

    I’ve met many of the fans on this site at the Morman Tabernacle Concert and events along with some Golden Archies. I am proud to say that I saw no one acting inappropriately. All of us are devoted fans and have done much to support David’s music and charity in addition to enjoying his music. One autograph line I waited in I met a Mother and two young daughters and sent the autographed CD and David’s book to them after. My main reason for waiting in line was to say hello and let David know we had been to the Children’s Hospital earlier in the day to give them 50 of David’s CD’s. He was delighted as were the Golden Archies. All generations together celebrating David’s music. I waited in many lines to get into concerts and met all ages. I’m older than dirt and was treated with respect. David has said he wants to sing to all ages and doesn’t consider himself a teen idol. He is almost 21 now. I could go on but hopefully you get my point.
    I like the Mother Teresa quotes.


  103. ODDity said

    I personally believe that David is grateful for and happy to see fans of any age, at any time, at his concerts. He seems to be both an old soul and a fun-loving person, like many of us. Like you, I carry within me at all times my 16-year-old self, my 25-year-old-self, my 40-year-old self, and on and on, so age-appropriate behavior can mean just about anything. My grandchildren, rather than being embarrassed by this, are delighted and tend to egg me on and become my partners in crime, so to speak. Maybe it’s just me but I think David would have fun with this too. Just so ya know, I’ve always been pretty well-behaved. 🙂

    I am sad that I can’t go to AZ but am looking foward to videos and recaps. I will be sooo disappointed if someone doesn’t film Angelica and LuvieD (and others) wearing stylish patriotic outfits and (hopefully) red hats and stomping some roses!

    I also don’t think this is a competition with the wonderful, generous Asian fans (bless them!) but rather a way to let David know he is just as beloved here.

    Represent! Stomp those roses!


  104. Marylee said

    Heading for bed but did want to comment about something that popped in my head after reading Heidijoy’s comment. While attending the Myrtle Beach show recently, I was standing a row behind two young David fans (they know who they are) & because I am so short (5 ft on a good & possibly because I’m an ‘older’ fan..they invited me up with them so that I could see better. Because of their thoughtfulness, I was able to get a better view of the stage and, at the same time, I so enjoyed the company of these two lovely young ladies! So just goes to show that ALL of David’s fans have great fun together no matter their ages. My thanks to these two ‘lovelies’ & I hope to see them again real soon at a David concert!

    My favorite Mother Teresa quote of the evening:
    “For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

    Goodnight everyone (((hugs)))


  105. Angelica said


    I was going to put up a new post tonight but maybe this is something we need to discuss one more day. I have put several hours between your post and my response. You have evidently given this matter a lot of thought and I wanted to do the same before replying.

    Evidently you have no problem with older fans as long as they act “appropriately.” You are fond of that word. You use the word embarrassed several times too, “PLEASE don’t embarrass yourselves or our dear sweet David.” “It’s so embarrassing….to be lumped in with the super freaks.”

    Here you use BOTH words in a sentence that is clearly aimed at me..

    “…have you ever stopped to think about the image it presents for David. A bunch of middle aged (and then some) women holding up glittery signs, wearing RED SOCIETY HATS, throwing roses and basically drawing attention to themselves is not only embarrassing for them, but not age appropriate for David either.”

    I may joke around a lot, but I have never, ever worn anything at a David concert that was not in good taste, never drawn attention to myself or done anything to embarrass him in any way by my presence. Firstly, we were ASKED by one of the major coordinators for the event to don clothes of red, white and blue. The red hat was (is) going to be a simple red straw hat with a wide brim for shade in the hot Arizona sun and a few skinny red, white and blue ribbons fastened with a red rose. Hardly anything that would raise eyebrows from anyone, including David.

    Finally, I want to address this remark…

    “…it must be so disheartening for David to always see just the same old faces time and time again.” Disheartening? Really? To see that he has loyal fans who continue to stand by him and know that there are familiar faces in the crowd who love him unconditionally?

    To quote Xaris, “I for one am extremely tired of people beating the “older fan” horse.” Photobucket We were a fact in Asia; we are a fact in the US and we are going to continue to be a factor in his ultimate success. The old gray mare may not be what she used to be, but for some reason we have been harnessed to his star and however rough the terrain gets, I’m in it for the long haul.

    Peace out.


  106. djafan said

    “For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

    Life is so short to not enjoy it. I love being a fan and supporter of David, it’s my passion and David as of late has said it better than anyone, “Go for it!”

    Not the best audio here but I love what David says and the abandon in his performance caught on this video.


  107. betsy said

    Day 1 of my vacation. I know I went on one a month and a half ago, but believe me, this one was needed more. My heart was racing constantly. Or it felt like it was.
    Am destressing with the following. It always works for me. 😉

    Still not over it.
    Love him.


  108. betsy said

    Also, Angelica? Is it possible that the full size pic of D onstage in the Javanese blangkon cap be left up for all eternity?


  109. djafan said

    Betsy, It’s addicting and such a great song to release in Spanish. If lovato can do rascacielos, David can blow everyone away with Todo Y Mas or Espera 🙂

    The Man tweets! No DJ launch party.

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Had a good day with the family today :). Having some Thai food and playing some games.
    Favorite Undo Retweet Reply
    David Archuleta
    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Just so everyone knows, there are rumors that I might be attending some DJ launch party in Utah this week. It’s not true.


  110. betsy said

    Dja, I am so glad he cleared that up.
    I saw the DJ’s Facebook page, and he was selling tickets to David’s alleged VIP party. He actually took money. What a scammer jerk.


  111. Jan said

    Heidijoy, getting to go to MOTAB was one of the highlights in my life. We had such a good time delivering the CDs to the hospital, meeting a lot of great gals at the luncheon and see David perform at one of the most prestigious concerts ever!

    I am also “older than dirt” and I have been to many concerts and have never seen any fans act unappropriately!! David has the best fans in the world, we respect him as he respects us. I have met and talked to him and each time his face lights up with that great grin of his. There has never been any “age gap” around him.


  112. bebereader said

    Resident Nightowl here throwing her two cents in…

    I think David is flattered that so many older fans take an interest in his music. I’m sure he’s aware that it’s his older fans who run the majority of his fansites. And it’s his older fans who have the time and means to travel around the country to see him at various stops on the same tour. To be embarrassed about devotion and loyalty goes against all that he is.

    David’s words in “Something ‘Bout Love”…

    “Don’t fight don’t hide those stars in your eyes. Let ’em shine tonight. Let ’em shine tonight. Hang on hang in for the ride of your life…”

    Love this!


  113. kaycee said

    I am so grateful for David’s ageless appeal…never before has there been an artist that appeals to all 4 girls in our family, ranging from 10 years old to 50! The few concerts we’ve been able to attend together have been such wonderful times!

    A bit off topic…but I have to selfishly admit that I miss David during these quieter times, even though I totally understand and support his his need for private time I had a little experience a few days ago that gave me a good perspective. My kids and I were hiking up a river bed in Zions National Park, and my youngest was struggling a bit at one point. I yelled over to my other daughter who was close to her and asked her to give her a hand. She said, “just give me a sec while I steady myself first, and then I can help her.” It reminded me of those quotes: “You can’t give anything if your bucket is empty,” “You can’t serve others from an empty platter.” “Put on your own oxygen mask first so then you can help those around you;” It reminded me that David is CONSTANTLY giving, and giving so much of himself, that he needs that precious time to “refuel”…to steady himself, to fill his bucket, to fill up his platter, and put on his oxygen mask (ok, I’ll stop with the metaphors!) I’m sure Asia was exciting and energizing for David, but I can’t imagine how draining it must have been as well. So, I have to remind myself to be patient and give him the time he needs.


  114. * 79 * Ms. Shonda leone.

    Words sometimes hurt more, than a violent action. You have the right to express yourself here and anywhere. I have no right to criticize your comment, but say that I disagree with your words. I am also an occasional commenter, I am invited and I’m honored. I am a person of almost 50 years and, all my life I was shy, repressed, with much embarrassment, quiet and reserved.
    Still I can not believe that a child of 18 years opened my eyes and showed me a different world. I did not know that at age 47, a person could be reborn .
    Perhaps in another stage of my life, I would agree with you, but not now. I do not let anyone tell me anything about my personality in life. I do not let anyone tell me how to dress, my mother taught me. And the list goes on. There are many other things I do not allow.
    I learned many new things in these 3 wonderful years, one very valuable, non-judgmental in advance. I believe, Ms. Shonda, you have done this precisely.
    I have always been well received by all the ladies in this blog. Sometimes I have disagreed with some comments, and I’ve been heard.
    I never thought that someone might offend these ladies. Thanks to these ladies, I and many Latinas, we have access to be closer to David.
    I like to be diplomatic as Abrra, but I can not. I would like to be educated as Djafan, but I can not. I like to be as specific as Silverfox, but I can not.
    I like to be Mike Tayson, sometimes.
    I firmly believe that you have to be thankful for something, I still do not I have my passport, I can not come to America. But I want to let you know that when I get to see David in concert, you will notice the person in the crowd that I am.


  115. djafan said

    Gladys, I love you!!!!!!!


  116. pocoelsy said

    Hi everyone,

    WOW !!! ok. I was there at the concert in KL. and I’m not young, that night… it safe to say that I saw people from all age group, young, old and something in between not to mention the races what a diverse group we were, but one thing we had (have) in common was we were there to support David and enjoy his concert. Yup we all did have a time of our lives, we sang along (I bet David liked that) we put our hands up in the air cause David gestured to us to do so, his band behind him encouraged us to get up and jump so we did… didn’t see anything inappropriate. David looked at us as “ONE”, as his fan. He never alienate us as old fans, young fans, new fans, Asian fan, US fan whatsoever !!!

    If appropriate means … go to a concert sitting there quietly listen to the singer again quietly … behave yourself so you won’t embarrass yourself or your beloved singer, I say I’d rather stay home wait for “youtube” vid to come up. It would be a very dull concert indeed if half of the audience just sit there and act “appropriate” don’t you think !!! Now that will definitely hurt David’s reputation and image, the only thing he’ll gain is, being “boring”, again don’t you think ?!!

    After the concert my hubby who is a very “appropriate” man said “David and his band must be very happy to see all of us sooo happy and excited, this is all worth it, all the hard work they put in… was very well paid off and appreciated. They enjoyed themselves soo much they don’t want it to end” (as you all see from the ending of “crush”.) This just sum it up for me. I’ll do it all the same again, I have no shame !!! David is a classy young man…and so do we.


  117. Hi peeps,

    Am all excited for you this coming September and have no doubt that you will give David a rousing welcome – whether you are a teen Archie or a Golden Archie.

    Been doubly busy since last week so am catching up with all the new vids. Just captured the complete & HD feature of David w/ Zoom Spotlight of Yan TV (Vietnam)

    If you watch the above vid in my channel, you will also find David’s other interviews in Malaysia (Melodi & Quickie 8TV), also in HD format. Hope to upload the Bella NTV7 interview soon. Enjoy!

    SF – saw your email. {{{HUGS}}. I will send something for you, Abrra & TOfan as a friend will be going to the US/Canada before the month ends.

    Hope I can soon rejoin you guys in chat, when time permits 🙂

    Arizona, here we come, right guys??!!


  118. Abrra said

    Is this how David spent his Friday night? He is such a chick-magnet! 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Recall his tweet “Went to the Pageant of the Masters down in Laguna Beach with some friends last night.”




  119. FG said

    Abs – LOL, and is he wearing a sweatshirt?? Must be nice to look so good even in a blurry red eye pic!

    Regarding the unfortunate dead horse issue, David himself said in Chords of Strength, that the best thing that American Idol gave him was a broad audience. This broad audience voted for him, and has been supporting him all this time. There are always a few fans in every fanbase that cross the line, such as trying to kiss him, but mostly, fans of David are respectful, caring, charitable, and sweet. Discussing age and assiging appropriate behaviors based upon that is, to me, as lethal as racism and sexism. We all have the right to our feelings, including Shonda. I think that the people that have these feelings about the age of David’s fans need to think more about this issue.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting some younger fans and discussing this issue with them. Some of them think that we are creepy, but by their own admission say that it is based upon the fact that they are not our age, and therefore cannot understand what it feels like to be our age. They are not yet mothers, so they do not understand the motherly feelings that some of us have for David. They have not yet been heartbroken, lost a child, struggled financially, etc. We each approach our fandom from a different place, with unique circumstances. David does and means something different for all of us.

    Appropriateness of behavior is based upon each person’s beliefs, culture, religion. These are dangerous waters. Let tolerance be your boat.


  120. Abrra said

    Very concise reasoning. There have been a few ( potato tossing?) incidents of fans trying to get attention at shows. Overall they were frowned upon as reckless. Sitting close and cheering along with David during a song is always appropriate regardless of age.

    Can I sit in your boat? 🙂



  121. pabuckie said

    Just thought I’d share this video. It has two quotes in it I love.

    “Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability never grows old.” Franz Kafka

    “If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should not grow old.” James A. Garfield

    When I watch this video it brings me to tears for I only wish that my mother was happy and dancing like this. If there was only something I could do to make her feel like this again.

    If David is making people feel like this through his music then all I can think is that he is doing something really good for people and rejuvenating their spirits.


  122. Good morning, I have always loved A. A. Milne’s classic ‘Winnie The Pooh’ stories and quotes. Although written for children, his quotes are priceless and ageless!!

    This is for my friends here and there…

    “Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh,” he whispered.

    “Yes, Piglet?”

    “Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw, “I just wanted to be sure of you.””




  123. xaris said

    Hmmmm. The store at is up and running. The only CD for sale so far is CFTH. Does that mean……anything? Hope we get new merchandise in time for Christmas shopping!

    Have a good day everyone!


  124. MT said

    ♥ {{{Angelica}}} ♥

    114. Gladys
    “But I want to let you know that when I get to see David in concert, you will notice the person in the crowd that I am.” << Me too!!

    116. Pocoelsy
    "David looked at us as “ONE”, as his fan." << Perfect


  125. skydancer1x said

    Gooood Morniin’ all of you beautiful, wise, wonderful, crazy, happy old farts!!♥

    121. Pabuckie, what a great video! I think I saw my double!haha

    I love to dance. Think I got it from my mama…no, I KNOW I got it from her.Saturday mornings in our house meant my 3 sisters and I were up early to have breakfast and then get our chores done, before we could go out and play for the day.Mom would put on some lively music and make it fun. A little dance ‘dusting’ , a little *twirl* as you took out the trash, or washed and dried the dishes.making the beds to the ‘beat’ of the music(my special forte’).
    The really fun part was taking the rugs outside to shake them because before they were layed back down,we’d each get to dance the polka with her, around the living room wood floors.She had this move where she would put her leg up on the sofa and pick us up and lift us wayyyy up in the air over her leg and back on to the floor on the other side.haha! wheeee!

    Before she got sick and in her early 70’s , I would go with her to the local mall when I would go visit, walking past an organ/piano shop, where there would always be an employee playing songs on the featured instrument.They loved to see her come by, as she would always stop by to say hello, and dance a little dance to what they were playing! She danced with happy abandon, and it was contagious.Her joy could be seen in the people that watched her, or joined her! It was and is still a sweet memory of her I carry in my heart.♥

    I cherish and love this special place, and all of you, and David…
    and forever and always…I hope you dance!!♥


  126. FG said

    Angelica – LOL at you defending your hat. I was really hoping for something more along these lines….

    And be warned ladies, I just ordered this so I can make it to the front of the VIP section! haha!


  127. skydancer1x said

    FG! HAHAHAHA!! I want one of those! and those! too funny!


  128. xaris said

    Okay FG, I think I hurt myself laughing at those two pics. I want one, too-wonder if you can do donuts in it?

    I’d like to second what Skydancer said so well, “I cherish and love this special place, and all of you, and David…” The admins, writers, and regular commenters here spread as much good and good will as David does. I tend to think he would be rather proud of the fact that he has such fans, not embarrassed.


  129. FG said

    It’s a race to the VIP!


  130. FG said

    This fan is organizing a walker-dancing class before the AZ concert.


  131. skydancer1x said

    FG♥ you’re on a roll! Go Grandma! (shes got some moves there doesn’t she?!) LOL


  132. djafan said

    FG, I missed your funnygirl 🙂 Thank you for the laughter!


  133. Gayle122890 said


    Just want to say that I haven’t known a classier bunch of ladies than on this fan site. And this from Angelica: “…for some reason we have been harnessed to his star…” <–That's all I need.


  134. pabuckie said

    Shonda Leone #79 – I just wanted to clarify that my post at #121 this morning was just that — how I feel about David and his music and was in no way meant to diminish how you feel. I respect you voicing your opinion and I always feel we can learn from each other.


  135. dakgal said

    Well, so far today I have— wept—yelled Amen sister—and peed my pants. 😉 ( in laughter)

    I have spent my whole life in a very small town, where that cloud of ” what will other people think” was always over my head and in my old age was just getting to the point where I was thinking “who cares”.

    In this past year ( in my OLD age), I have developed some health issues , that have pretty much kept me home bound because I was worried and embarrassed about “what other people would think” when they saw me. 😦

    With the encouragement of my children and being part of this site with the my magnificent friends, who accept me because they see the person that I am (although I have never met anybody in person) –and always David and his ever inspirational words–I had almost come to realize ” who gives a rats patoot what “other people think”.

    Then “wham” along comes a reminder that evidentally there are people around that still judge you–sight unseen–without knowing who you are at all. And it’s a shame!!

    Sorry, to put a damper on all the fun–but this is just the way this issue has struck me.

    OK Now I’ll lighten up.


  136. tessielynn said

    I have been thinking of a funny experience I had when I was about 18 years old.

    While visiting my grandmother I attended church with her. At church we sat with her four widowed friends all easily in their eighties. At one point one of her friends asked about a mark my grandmother had on her neck. Another friend perked up and said, “I know what it is, its a hIcky!” They all burst into giggles. I sat there mortified for a moment and then realized that though they looked old, their spirits were young and I laughed with them. That moment was burned in my memory.

    One of my favorites quotes that I hang on my wall states,

    “Through all of living have much joy and laughter, life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” — Gordon B. Hinckley

    One day I found myself surrounding by young girls from the ages of 12 to 18. We were working on a service project. We were laughing and joking and having a fun time. For a moment I stopped and thought, am I acting my “age” (whatever that means), and then looked at all the happy smiling faces and joined back into the fun and laughter. I’d like to think that it is more important to be true to ourselves and who we are then to pretend to be something we are not just to make others around us more comfortable.


  137. Jan said

    Just love all the comments and videos! Love all you guys! You’re the best!!

    #121 was special to me because I worked doing hair in a nursing home and those people are so special. The one thing they never lose is their love for music. An 85 yr old lady was listening to David singing Crush and she said “Oh, I’ve got goosebumps all over my arms”! I smiled and told her “you are a lucky one that “gets David” and welcome to the club”!


  138. djafan said

    If you have a chance request David to perform on the Alma Awards!



  139. djafan said


    All right got my internet issue figured out and gonna work on getting a video blog up in the next bit!


  140. kaycee said

    Sandy Beaches #93, oh how I love that quote! Thanks for bringing it here today. Along with Mother Teresa’s quote, I was touched by sseveral other comments or quotes.

    Sweetonda #96: “Life is too short to turn away from moments that make you happy.”

    Angelica #95: “For some reason we have been harnessed to his star and however rough the terrain gets, I’m in it for the long haul.”

    Bebereader #112: “To be embarrassed about devotion and loyalty goes against all that he is.”

    Pabuckie #121: ““If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should not grow old.” James A. Garfield

    Sky #125: “I cherish and love this special place, and all of you, and David…and forever and always…I hope you dance!!♥”

    Tessielyn #136: “Through all of living have much joy and laughter, life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” — Gordon B. Hinckley

    And David…so glad you got your “internet issue figured out”!


  141. djafan said

    An update!!!

    I can’t believe I’ve received the first money order already!!!

    So far 100 seats are reserved !!!

    The deadline for requests is 9/2/11 to make sure there is enough time to get them back to you.

    Thanks all!!!


  142. dakgal said

    WOW — Dja—that’s wonderful news–I hope that triples or gazillionizes—-

    Holding my breath for a vlog–won’t wander too far from my puter. 😯


  143. djafan said



  144. betsy said

    David is the most compassionate, loving, beautiful soul ever. EVER. ♥
    I don’t know what I did in this life to deserve catching this David thing, but it must have been something good.
    Feeling lucky.
    Feeling blessed.


  145. djafan said



  146. skydancer1x said



  147. Today I saw first hand just how classy all of you are who frequent the site meaning those from before and now. But today I have seen just how strong in character you all are. But I never realized how outrageously comical you all are. I had to call my husband to see FG’s red hat and the chair she has ordered still has me laughing.

    We will hopefully see the promotion for the MoTab concerts. Yes, some of the fans mentioned who saw all four phenominal concerts will be some of the very same fans in the front row or the second row or the third in Arizona.



  148. skydancer1x said

    I was over at the OS and found a gorgeous new closeup of David. Can someone bring it over here? From the Asia tour, third row across,last picture in that 3rd row he is at the keyboard.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Photos c. 2011 by

    I made it BIG for my desktop, and it is stunning. If those aren’t the most beautiful lips on the planet, I’ll eat FG’s “hat”!!


  149. Jan said

    Anyone going thru KC to go to AZ? Still looking for a way…I’d pay for my part.
    Got to see David all 4 days at MOTAB. Two in concert, one in overflow and at the book signing Fri. night! Oh, what an awesome time it was!!! And I’ll be on the front row in AZ if I can!


  150. Angelica said


    This is the last picture in the 3rd row

    Photos c. 2011 by

    And this is the 3rd picture in the last row.

    Oh I see someone beat me to it. Still like the one above too. Saw it in the window at FOD today and I just HAD to have it!

    FG, does that motorized wheelchair come with a roll bar?

    You guys are so hilarious and heart-warming. Photobucket

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a video to watch. :))


  151. Abrra said

    Time for pic spam. They are repeats. Previous credit applies 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  152. djafan said


    What is KC? Sorry for my ignorance 🙂


  153. skydancer1x said

    EEEEKK!! that s it that is the one! isn’t it beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Angelica!! Lokk at him!! ooops look I mean 🙂


  154. skydancer1x said

    Dja, Kansas City? or Kentucky Fried Chicken…


  155. bebereader said

    I smiled from ear to ear while watching David’s newest vlog. Is it just me or are his vlogs getting better and better? So relaxed this time, with a voice like pure silk, on his home turf, talking to his fans for six minutes, sharing his week’s experiences with us. Remnants of the boy we met on American Idol.

    Pocoelsy, “If appropriate means … go to a concert sitting there quietly listen to the singer again quietly … behave yourself so you won’t embarrass yourself or your beloved singer, I say I’d rather stay home wait for “youtube” vid to come up. It would be a very dull concert indeed if half of the audience just sit there and act
    “appropriate” don’t you think !!! <<< Very true! Thank you!

    Pabuckie, "If David is making people feel like this through his music then all I can think is that he is doing something really good for people and rejuvenating their spirits." I totally agree!

    JR, Looking forward to seeing you in chat soon!

    TessieLynn,"I’d like to think that it is more important to be true to ourselves and who we are then to pretend to be something we are not just to make others around us more comfortable." Yes yes and yes!


    After reading the comments today, I'm certain that we didn't get to be "older fans" without acquiring some awesome wisdom along the way!


  156. bebereader said

    Vote for David to perform at Q102’s Jingle Ball.


  157. loulou said

    David you are the best !! What a sweetheart !!!!!!


  158. tawna21 said

    I must say that out of the negative comment from yesterday, has come some really great, great thoughts and quotes (I’ve added a grundle to my thoughts file). The love that has been passed around in the last 24 hours is almost too much to comprehend. I love the feelings that are going on here.

    And then there is the humor that it has created!! Oh my…the hats, the chairs, the senior moments…life is good!

    Loving ♥ and laughing 😛 are what makes life. Thanks to all of you. 🙂



  159. emmegirl said

    ♥ the vlog.

    Betsy, 108 – I agree. It is magical.

    Kaycee, loved your 113 metaphors. No matter how much I want for him to have freetime, familytime, hikingtime, funtime, quietime, visitnewrestaurantstime, that nagging impatience is always there. It would be so much easier if it weren’t.

    No matter how we spell it, we love him and only want the very best of everything for him. He is a blessed man. And no one understands that more than he.


  160. bluesky said

    “They may not need me, but they might
    I’ll let my head stay just in sight
    a smile as small as mine might be
    precisely their necessity.”
    by Emily Dickinson

    I am a bit shy and reserved. But if it were not for those who are less shy than I am, I would not have a place to come post and share and read different adventures. I like to think my quieter “head” may still be of some use to someone, sometime. Just when it is needed.

    I also think that quiet appreciation has its place. Still waters can run deep. At the same time, I don’t know if I can always tell the difference between “over-the-top” and “warm-hearted-enthusiasm”. Just like I don’t think I can always tell the difference between “totally inhibited” and “naturally reserved”. I think different people show their appreciation differently.

    DA is reserved. Yet we love to see him “cut loose” and become filled with passion when he sings. How I respond is going to be shaped by not only my personality, but also the venue, the crowd (I admit!), the context, the volume, etc.
    Perhaps my actions may be misconstrued by someone. If so, I can think about that. I don’t want to poorly effect someones experience when we are sharing such a happy time as a DA concert.


    Even though it won’t be mine, I kinda like to think that sometimes the head that is “just-in-sight” might be wearing a big red hat.



  161. stenocruiser said

    Wow, all this talk about red hats! Well, I must admit that I will be flying to New Orleans in the morning to attend my first Red Hatters Convention — a totally new experience — don’t know what to expect but it should be a lot of fun for this old girl (probably not as much fun as a David concert of course)! So glad I didn’t miss David’s vlog — he always brings smiles and touches my heart — he’s simply an exemplary human being.


  162. Jan said

    #151 Thanks Abs for all the pictures of D. All his features are so perfect!

    #152 DJ So sorry, it’s Kansas City, Kansas. There is also a Kansas City, Missouri. You’re not ignorant, by any means. My mistake.
    I should have spelled it out to start with. Wasn’t thinking about people that don’t live in the states. Or even if you do, not everyone knows what KC means. {{hugs}}


  163. djafan said



  164. Way to go Dja! Just about the size of a M&G held during the tour performances.



  165. cod885 said

    I am interested in attending the AZ concert and wondering if seats are still available?


  166. Angelica said


    The seating is still available. Go to and request info. September 2nd is the final day to order a wristband for fan seating but the concert is open to all.


  167. bebereader said

    Bad weather conditions here caused my internet connection to fail tonight. So sorry. I would have gotten this up much sooner.

    For the Gilbert, AZ event on September 17, SweetonDA will be accepting letters, cards, donation envelopes and gifts for David. Please keep packages small and no larger than a shirt box or large packing envelope. To get her mailing address, email her at


  168. charity christmas cards…

    […]David Archuleta in Arizona ~ Update for Gifting « The Voice[…]…


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