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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ Little Things Matter Most

Posted by bebereader on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
~Maya Angelou~

There was no mistake made when David was named. The name David means “beloved.” It’s the little things David does that make him so endearing to us. He points at a lucky someone in the audience when he sings “I’m just a little too not over you” and we all squeal. Then he waves at her because it’s not polite to point. He makes a concerted effort to acknowledge us, to let us know that we’re important to him. The little things he does do not go unnoticed.

When he’s at a mall appearance, he looks up and waves to those at the top level, and at his concerts, he always asks, “How’re you guys doing in the back?” In Ho Chi Minh City, he allowed fans onstage at the end of the show to give him flowers. Worried about pushing in the mosh, he often gestures with his hand to move back. Who does this? These are some of the little things David does. He genuinely cares about us.

He talks to fans during soundcheck and smiles as he listens to them sing his songs to him; he walks through a chaotic airport with a smile on his face, while hundreds are screaming, anxiously waiting to catch a glimpse of him. He tells us that he is no better than us, that if we have a dream we should go for it. He makes us want to emulate him, to be more like him.

When on tour, he stays up late until he opens every one of our gifts and often, when given a return addressed envelope, sends back a hand-written thank you note. He high-fives a line of fans who have waited in the heat to see him, even though he is pressed for time. When asked to take a picture, he says ‘Why not?’ while his handlers urge him that it’s time to go. He makes us feel important. In Hanoi he gestured with his hand to let the guard know it was okay, that he didn’t have to remove the fan who came onstage to wipe his brow.  A gentle leader, who inspires gentle acts of kindness in others.

And the list goes on…at home, the elderly woman whose leaves he raked, the stealth performances he gives at nursing homes, the countless hospitals he visits. On the road, the elderly fans he gets up from his seat at busy autograph signings to give a hug to, the humble thanks for gifts, the embracing of traditional garb, and all the impromptu serenades of Happy Birthday.  Always, the vlogs, the twitter parties, the penetrating eye contact and the way he lets us hold his hand or give him a hug when we meet him. The unfailing empathy and compassion he shows to one and all.  Is this guy for realz?

Big things are important but more often it’s the little things that have the greatest impact.

“It is not the size of our actions but the amount of love and care that is put into them that matters.”  
~Mother Teresa~

It’s these little things David repeatedly does that reveal his character and how much he cares about his fans.  Little wonder the feeling is so mutual.

135 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Little Things Matter Most”

  1. Abrra said

    Such a sweet article! Everything you said is true, He treats fans like family! Great images you chose. I had not seen them that close to David on stage. Amazing!

    I saw Ubanite’s FB page had some things not posted before, so here is some picspam from Jakarta for a Wednesday.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Enjoy the day, I am off to work.



  2. archiesfan4life said

    Bebe – your article is such a nice way to start the day – thank you! David does all these things so naturally – it is who he is – a truly beautiful soul.

    I hope I get to see you and Mr. B again sometime this year – miss you:(.


  3. emmegirl said

    bebe, I love this article. Need to read it again tonight when I have more time before I comment. Thanks for the link to those videos on the last thread. Wow. And Gladys, that FS! He is one rhythmical machine.

    Still stuck on the dream. So, in this secret show, would we have seen all these moves…and more. 😯

    Abrra, thanks for those pics. Top one is my fav, love that.

    That #30 pic in the previous thread, if it was photo shopped, they took off his watch or gave him a new right arm. I watched that watch through the entire tour, hehe.


  4. Suzy-Q said

    Very touching article, Bebe. I remember all of those examples that you gave of the little things David has done. At a VIP in GA, we all waited in line to greet David and have our photos taken. You know how they always rush you? Well, a 12 year old boy asked David if he could sing for him. Of course, David said yes. Standing in front of David, he sang part of a song and then stopped thinking that he had taken enough of David’s time. David asked him if he knew the rest of the song and the boy said, “Yes”. So, David asked the boy if he would sing it for him. The boy looked around the room at the VIP staff and the other fans with a look on his face as if to say, is it OK? David could see his concern and encouraged him to sing. When the boy was finished, David told him that he did a good job and that he could sing better than him. The boy beamed with a big smile on his face. That boy will never forget David’s kindness towards him. What a role model David is. A few months later I was at a fan gathering and the boy was there. He was so nice and sweet, like David. Some of us were from the VIP and told the boy how good he had sung. We asked him to sing for us and with confidence, he did and it was wonderful. I will always remember that incident. And I will always remember that David didn’t shout out so that everyone could hear but he spoke in a normal tone to the boy, one on one.


  5. Suzy-Q said

    Can anyone tell me in what asian video David did the “bunny hop”? He had his feet together and three times in a row, he hopped twice, I know the answer. I just wanted to see if anyone else noticed.


  6. palmtreephan said

    Suzy, he did it during Elevator….at several of the shows, I believe.

    I really enjoyed this, Bebe…..thank you. Just sooooooo grateful to know of and be a fan of his……and for those who can so eloquently articulate just what “it” is about this humble, unassuming young man.


  7. MunkFOD said

    David is a gift……. and I am grateful for that gift…… will never take it for granted.


  8. palmtreephan said

    Abrra, that third photo you posted is captivating. David, in sharp, clear focus with all around him blurred……wow.


  9. MT said

    Bebe, your article is so touching and so very right. That first quote …

    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    ~Maya Angelou~

    That is exactly what draws us to David. In one way or another, it’s about what he makes us “feel,” what we feel in his music and how we feel about the person that David is. These touching moments, along with the photos, (including the one in comment #1 where he is reading the fan letter) show it very clearly.

    Great article. ♥

    Oh, and that last pic in comment #1 must have been taken with a “fan vision” camera. lol David is looking straight at the you and the only thing you can clearly see is David. Everything else is a blur.


  10. betsy said

    Bebe, this is such a great article. Straight from the heart. All the little things he does and we never forget, we talk about them YEARS later. I know I do.
    Here’s another:
    At our VIP in Clarkston, MI. I was watching all of interaction during the meeting/picture taking. I was towards the end of the line this time. A very young girl, maybe 12-13 was next up to meet him. Completely overwhelmed, she froze and started crying. Her father was with her and didn’t really know what to do. But David. He did. He stayed back a few feet. Asked her what was wrong. (she really couldn’t move, frozen to her spot) She said, “But you, you are right there” (makes sense to me) He talked to her a little then walked right up to her, put his arm around her and walked her back a few feet to get her picture taken with him. She was smiling in that picture. He was so kind to her.


  11. betsy said

    Look at how easily he handles those chopsticks. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit YJfan


  12. palmtreephan said

    MT, yes….that’s the photo I was referring to, as well….rather than the third. Just something about it. Glorious… him! 🙂


  13. palmtreephan said

    Betsy, did you notice in that photo that David has “real” chopsticks? You can see someone next to David opening the disposable type that come in a wrapper and you can see David’s laying just to the right of his bowl…..interesting. Lots of people have and carry their own with them when they go to Asian restaurants…..wonder if David does, as well.


  14. betsy said

    Abs, that last picture in #1. I just saw it full sized. It is freakin’ perfect. Looking the camera dead on. Dear god help us.

    Palm Tree, I didn’t notice that, but now I do. 🙂 Verrry interesting. Sometimes he is a mystery inside of a mystery.


  15. Abrra said

    It was covering the sidebar too much to post it large. That smaller one was the next size down. It’s amazing the way David is in focus snd that’s just how he is to us. He stands out in a crowd.



  16. nanaweize said

    Thanks so much for this article…we are blessed being Davids fans. We can learn a lot from him!


  17. Heidijoy said

    Bebe, Wonderful article and so refreshing! For some reason I love those green glasses and that hat. It illustrates David’s willingness to show appreciation. His gentleness with those young girls makes me wonder if he is also thinking of his little sisters. His acceptance of the older mans gesture makes me think about how much his Grandpa means to him. David is a gem and I appreciate all for sharing additional examples. When David listened to the young boy it is so reminescent of when he sang for the Idols and anyone else who asked @ the first Idol finale.


  18. Suzy-Q said

    Heidijoy, I thought of that time too when David sang for the Idols.

    Palmtreephan, You’re right! I went back and watched it again and it was two hops, one hop, and two hops. I also went and looked up his other performances of Elevator while in Asia and he does it every time. I had never noticed that until you pointed it out. He’s so much fun to watch, isn’t he?


  19. gladys said

    Thanks girls, have posted a comment of mine and is in a privileged place. It is an honor, you make me feel important, thanks again.


  20. Heidijoy said

    Thanks Gladys for calling attention to the quotes on the Upper Left side of post. (and thanks girls for posting them.)


  21. Poof said

    Bebe Such a lovely post, for a lovely human being.

    Love the quotes on the upper left. Everything stated tries to catch our love and admiration for David. Like trying to catch sunlight in a bottle.

    Archuletafanscene has a heartfelt review from Vietnam. Though, a rough translation, it shows their attempt to “catch sunlight in a bottle”. “Even when appearing on stage in the first song, David Archuleta has received the support of the audience because of the calm in his performance style.” “The conquest of David Archuleta audiences not only in his ability to perform but also in the simplicity and intimacy with the audience.” It seems the Asian media have been able to appreciate those characteristics that make him so much more than a good performer for us. Their reviews make me think, “yep, you got it!”


  22. Bebe, the lead picture of David and the young girl is awesome. There have been so many great pictures come from the tour. These are wonderful memories for everyone.

    Abs, did you have the storm that terrorized us for 12 hours non stop with lightening and flash flooding? I saw it your way and it did cross over to us.

    Last evening during the 12th hour of the major lightening storm, a 17 month old choc lab like our three, ran away from his home when the owners went to work and left him outside to fend for himself. The worst part is that he is a rescue lab and has had a very hard life of abuse so far. I have been out searching for hours. If you ever see a dog or any animal in trouble please help him or her just by even notifying someone as they are our friends and can’t speak for themselves. I believe that we are all experiencing serious storms at different times.


  23. bebereader said

    Thank you for your comments! This was the most gratifying article to write!!!

    Abs, Cool picspam. You can spam me any ole’ time!

    AF4L, Miss you, too! Hope there’s a Christmas show mid-way between us so we can hook up again. 🙂

    Emmegirl, Glad you enjoyed the Jakarta playlist! I can’t think of a better way to be entertained! Well yeah I can…seeing David live!

    Suzy-Q, Loved your story about the boy singing for David. Idk if David realizes what that little bit of encouragement did for the boy.

    Palm, He really is humble and unassuming. To David, kindness comes naturally.

    MunkFOD, Yes he is a gift, and one that never stops giving. 🙂

    MT, Thank you! “That is exactly what draws us to David. In one way or another, it’s about what he makes us “feel,” what we feel in his music and how we feel about the person that David is…” Simply, he makes us feel good. 🙂

    Betsy, I remember when you first told me about the little girl who froze when it was her turn to meet David. I was blown away that with just a few words he got her out of her shell and able to take the picture with him. I know he has a calming influence but I can’t help wondering what he said to her. That is one of my favorite David stories, EVER!

    Nanaweize, “…we are blessed being Davids fans. We can learn a lot from him!” YES and YES! And still learning!

    HeidiJoy, He’s so good with kids, probably because he has younger siblings but he’s also so good with babies. The sight of him holding a baby is more than I can handle. I’ll try to look for a pic.

    Gladys, Glad to see that you noticed your quote on the left sidebar. :)))

    Thank you Poof! And yes, the Asian fans get it!

    SandyBeaches, Prayers said that the choc lab is found. I am an animal lover and it hurts me when an animal has gone missing.

    Speaking of pics, we had the best photographers in Asia. The amount and quality of pics from this tour has been awesome. Of course it helps that the subject is David Archuleta. 😉

    Please everyone, share your stories that show something little that David did that meant so much.


  24. Art said

    In case you couldn´t watch David Archuleta´s Vietnam performance or if you just like to use any excuse to watch David sing, then this is your chance!

    Take a look at some of the highlights of David’s appearance at Vietnam in good quality. Thanks to BlackHieuMckenzie for the footage!



  25. bebereader said

    Isn’t he the sweetest? (I mean David, not the baby. LOL)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Found this on David Archuleta Vietnam fansite!


  26. Thank you Bebe, we are on our way out to help the search again. Every prayer helps and yes they are both very sweet in the above picture!



  27. djafan said


    I love this article! You’ve touched on so special moments that individually may not seem like much to some but they all sum up the extraordinary human being that David is. Thank you for sharing from your heart ♥

    My first VIP with David I held his hand between my hands, I thought I might pass out lol. David must have sensed it because he held on, gave me that look of it’s ok until I was able to speak with out crying. I just read what I wrote and I still can’t believe my reaction now when this happened almost three years ago, what the heck is going on???

    Betsy, That little girl crying, “But you, you are right there”

    How does he know to calm us??! With a look? With a touch? With the sound of his voice? Who does this??

    Ok I sound nuts now better go.


  28. skydancer1x said

    27. Bebe, just love your article,so sweet and so true! That picture is so adorable, I can’t take it.
    .I remember the moments you mentioned so well.
    You reminded me, of that video of him, singing at the nursing home,dropping in before a concert to sing some Christmas songs on a cold night, that we were SO priveledged to get to see, thru a fan, visiting her grandmother>?.I will never forget how that video made me “feel” ♥
    We have surelycome to know ,what a rare human being he truly is.
    this popped into my head, don’t know if it is right,but its close enough

    “The love in our hearts. is not meant to stay,
    love isn’t love, ’till you give it away’

    David does that, in spades ♥


  29. tawna21 said

    bebe {{hugs}}–this article is so sweet, and so important. Important? Yes, because it reminds me that I am so blessed to know about David, to know who he is, and to know that, although he is a mortal man, he has a divine destiny that he is sharing with all of us. That he is fulfilling his dreams and goals by living his life the way he knows is right for him.

    He genuinely cares about us.
    He makes us want to emulate him, to be more like him.
    He makes us feel important.
    A gentle leader, who inspires gentle acts of kindness in others.
    The unfailing empathy and compassion he shows to one and all.
    Is this guy for realz?

    Yeah, he is for realz and aren’t we lucky-glad-happy-excited-OTT/ODD that we know him and can be on this ride of our lives with him?!!!! 🙂



  30. Gayle122890 said

    I wish for everyone of David’s fans (or anyone) to be fortunate enough to be the recipient of the Archugaze. For it being one of those “little” things that he does, he gives so much with just one look. There is so much light and warmth in that gaze. I can’t speak for everyone who’s had that experience. But for me, like I wrote in a previous comment about mine, it was as if David saw whatever good was in me and acknowledged it. He doesn’t just glance at you. He seems to have the ability to really look inside you-without intimidating. With that generous gaze that he held for a few moments, he said to me, “I’m glad you’re HERE.”


  31. skydancer1x said

    oops! I just noticed I am up in the corner with Betsy, and Gladys and Pocoelsy. We’re hangin’ out together!♥♥ thanks for including me in such special company:)

    ok, now meant to come back and comment on the picture of David with the baby! haha YES Bebe, he is the sweetest! lol

    MT, love your fancam comment! that pic is really cool.

    SB, did they find the dog yet? I am praying that he is found soon, gee hes young.that any animal goes through that…I think people who abuse animals should be…well, you don’t even want to know can’t even talk about that subject. Hoping he is found SB.


  32. Susie Cull said

    As we all ponder (with astonishment) what David has been, is, and will be – our jaws drop in aahh! We sit there with our hands over our mouths – and say “OMG” – how can this child – soar any higher!

    This Asian tour has been life changing – not only for David – but for all of his fans.


  33. PaulaFOD said

    This article is beautifully written, Bebe! The way D treats people is one of the things I admire most about him. Thanks for putting it into words!


  34. palmtreephan said

    My apologies if this is just a little off topic but my poor sister has been in some form of agony of late. She keeps questioning and wondering, “Why?? Why us?? Why do we get it and so many others don’t?”. I continue to encourage her to just “go with the flow” but she is really struggling. Does anyone have any theories on this? So many have just dismissed David as just some goofy kid who can sing pretty well while we see sooooo much more. Is it a higher level of perception that we all share…..what??? Just so happy to be one of the ones who “get” David….who he is, what he’s about. Just as MunkFOD said earlier, he really is such an amazing gift.


  35. Skydancer, I am going to do my best tomorrow. The new owners have been trying to help him not be afraid of people but the storm came too soon I guess. I am just pleased that it is warm and there is plenty of water, shade and grasses around that the labs love to eat. I have to try hard not to think about what happens when they are owned by questionable people and all anyone can do is look out for them and not be afraid to call the SPCA. He is just a pup at 17 months and knows very little but a few prayers will help!!



  36. MT said

    Abrra, I love that pic you posted, the first one in comment #1, It’s a perfect depiction, symbolic of David’s trip to Asia.

    He is “embracing other cultures and reaching out.” Pure David, from the heart.


  37. Abrra said

    Thx MT. It’s all him 🙂

    Now I can post a bigger size of my fav from #1. It wont cover any sidebar text now.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    More here:



  38. Palmtreephan…We have been honored somewhere along the way to have been introduced to David. Each person I know who has indepth understanding of David and his music have very good hearts and souls. We are all different with different views but then so does David. The less people look at themselves and think about others, then the more they see clearly who David is. The people who fully appreciate David and understand him and what he stands for have been chosen and posses his kind of spirit. It is a personal sorority and I know that many other people don’t see what we see but that is all OK.

    There is a feeling that we may have a purpose to fulfill and so many admins., writers and commenters write for the good of David’s career. Look at the constant devotion on this site, FOD, SnowAngelz and others. David has so many artistic gifts and we have been given the gift of understanding him. Just take the gift and be proud of it I guess. The impossibility is that if someone doesn’t see David clearly right away, then they never will because they can’t.



  39. palmtreephan said

    SB, thank you so much for your thoughts. If you don’t mind, I will send what you’ve written to her. I think it will ease her mind immensely and help her understand better what I’ve been at a loss to explain. Sometimes I feel that I’ve stepped right out of the “Close Encounters” set having been cast as one of the souls who was drawn to that late night curvy road meeting to witness the unimaginable….LOL! Hugs to you and thank you! 🙂


  40. palmtreephan said

    Abs, that picture is just amazing……I think it may be my favorite ever.


  41. MT said

    Palmtreephan, It IS amazing, isn’t it.

    Abrra, When I saw the picture, these lines popped into my head. I could hear it in his voice ….

    “In a sea of people …. there was only youuuu”

    Describes that pic pretty well, don’t ya think?


  42. palmtreephan said



  43. skydancer1x said

    MT, YES! you are so right.

    Thanks Abs♥
    man,I have been changing desktop backgrounds every time I come here. stop it David!


  44. betsy said

    Don’t stare at that picture too long. It may be dangerous. 🙂
    Okay, one cannot not stare at that picture.

    MT – Are there other people in that picture? I didn’t notice.

    p.s. Thanks ladies of the Voice. 🙂


  45. bluesky said

    #39 Palmtreephan:

    “…having been cast as one of the souls who was drawn to that late night curvy road…”

    Ah! “The long and winding road”! (that leads to his door ^_^) I think you described it very well.
    See you on the way… *waves*


  46. dakgal said

    Bebe–sigh and then sigh again. Such a sweet article about such a sweet guy.

    My story of David is about his SHARING–not a sigh story–but I love it -cause I was there! I wrote about this once before about 2 yrs ago ( cause that’s the last time I saw David in the flesh)… if you get bored just ignore me.

    It was at my VIP–which was held in a” room” made of black curtains off the main corridor of the venue. After David had sung and answered a few questions–we all filed out of the ” room” so we could come back in one at a time to meet David–when we left he was pounding down tortilla chips and salsa.

    We were all standing there waiting for the show to get on the road—WHEN all of the sudden the corner curtains popped open and there was David ( big smile on his face) with his arm outstretched –offering someone-anyone— a tortilla/salsa–well, we all were taken by surprise and looked at him like this- 😯 –like a herd of deer caught in the headlights! 🙄

    I was so young and innocent then–if I had known then what I know now–I’d have grabbed that baby and protected it with my life ’til I got home—then I would have had that chip gold plated–well…. OK spray painted gold…put it under glass and put it in a prominent spot in my home.

    Then when people would inquire about my Object D’Art–they would have heard the whole story of MR. David Archuleta. 😉


  47. kaycee said

    Aaaahhhh! It’s so great to find my way back here! The ups and downs of life have kept me captive and away from my computer for almost two weeks–and what a time to be away! Thank you Angelica for your wonderful posts and making it easy to catch up on the awesome experiences of the past two weeks. What an amazing time for David and his Asian fans…what amazing performances–He just keeps upping his game! (Is “upping” a word?)

    I am also late to the TOSOD ATE party. But, I got my CD in the mail today! I literally squealed out loud! It’s so great hearing these wonderful new songs from David.

    Bebe, I just love this post! So true, so true! David’s constant kindness and humanity continue to impress and touch me. It’s such a rare thing to find in the rising generation of today. “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” David surely has that one mastered!

    Palmtreefan, when I saw David in concert in SLC on his solo tour, my daughter exclaimed, “He totally glows!” I think we’ve all seen it either in person, or in videos and photographs. He’s like a warm fire for weary travelers on a cold night. Those of us who “get David” are drawn to that warmth and are strengthened and inspired by it, but there are many who have become used to the cold…comfortable in the cold (or maybe just numb)…who find the warmth uncomfortable or off-putting. But the power of the archu-thaw” is a strong one, and many a cold heart have succumbed!

    One of the reasons for my absence was our daughter’s Make-A-Wish trip! We spent an amazing week on the beach in sunny Southern California! I am so in awe of this amazing organization and their wonderful volunteers. My daughter found so much happiness during the difficult times looking forward to her wish!…and the experience surpassed all her expectations! She had her blood tests done the day after we returned home. And despite recent concerns of relapse and the need for further chemotherapy…her tests came back AMAZING! I can’t help but think our wonderful stress-less week had something to do with it!


  48. bebereader said

    Dja, You don’t sound nuts; you echo what a normal person with ODD sounds like. Perfectly normal. haha Kidding aside, I know what you mean. Why does he have this effect on us? Yes his voice is heavenly. Yes he is a beautiful person inside and out. Is that why? Or is there something more?

    Sky, “I will never forget how that video made me “feel” ♥ <<< That's it, sky, it's the way he makes us feel. It's always good.

    Tawna (((hugs))) back at ya! We are truly blessed!

    Gayle, I have yet to be the recipient of the Archugaze. I have been consciously avoiding it because truthfully…I don't know if I can survive it.

    Susie Cull, "This Asian tour has been life changing – not only for David – but for all of his fans." Agreed!

    Paula, Thanks! It was a pleasure!

    Oh I just love where this conversation has led us. To Palm's curvy road theory and Bluesky's interpretations of the long and winding road leading to David's door. Sigh. It all makes perfect sense.

    Dak, Nothing you say is ever boring! These stories need to be repeated and shared with all. That's the only way they could ever be documented one day.

    "I was so young and innocent then–if I had known then what I know now–I’d have grabbed that baby and protected it with my life ’til I got home—then I would have had that chip gold plated–well…. OK spray painted gold…put it under glass and put it in a prominent spot in my home…"

    I love the way you think, Dak!

    Kaycee, Welcome back! There are alot goodies here to sort through so take your time. I'm thrilled for you and your family that your daughter's test results came out amazing!

    "It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” David surely has that one mastered! <<< Love this!


  49. JH said

    What a sweet piece. David seems to have an innate propensity for kindness. He doesn’t need to think about his kind deeds…they just happen. Oh, to be so thoughtful without thinking. There’s a song that children attending Primary in the LDS church learn about kindness…David no doubt learned it when he was young and has taken it to heart.

    Jesus said love everyone,
    Treat them kindly, too.
    When your heart is filled with love
    Others will love you.


  50. cb said

    Thanks for your terrific article Bebe. Loved it.


  51. ‘Thank You’ to anyone who said a prayer for the lost chocolate lab…DENVER…because he has been found by a searcher and is at the vets because of a few porcupine quills. Being just 17 months old and previously in rehabilitaion, it is just that much sweeter!

    Now for a little David music in my life. Let’s see so many choices…



  52. Heidijoy said

    Kaycee, So happy for your daughter’s wish and good report. Happy for you too and will pray for continued recovery and good news. David,his fans and music sure do help. Bless you all.


  53. palmtreephan said

    Kaycee…..beautiful….just beautiful! Archu-thaw??? And HOW! 🙂 It’s so uplifting to hear of your daughter’s progress….just further proof that the power of the spirit is faaaaar stronger than that of the flesh.

    Bebe, all of the articles here lead down amazing roads full of thought to ponder from amazing folks. It’s what keeps me comin’ back for mooooooore… after day, year after year. Although I rarely comment, I never miss one single word


  54. palmtreephan said

    #43 Sky, that picture is now my wallpaper, as well, replacing my favorite palmtree photo….LOL. ‘Nuff said! 🙂


  55. betsy said

    Kaycee, such good news. And so glad you and your daughter were able to enjoy the trip. ♥


  56. betsy said

    Nice 🙂


  57. skydancer1x said

    47.Kaycee♥ that is such good news! and so happy to hear of the trip and how wonderful it was. To me, there is nothing like the ocean, the sound of crashing waves and blue water to relieve stress. So happy for the wonderful test results.:))

    51. SB! YEA!!! so happy puppy has been found:) porcupine quills oooh owie! Bless his little doggie heart. great news, thanks for letting us know.

    54. Palmtreefan♥ re:wallpaper……I just love looking at David looking at me.haha

    56, “Nice 🙂
    (very) ” uhh huh.8O thud


  58. Suzy-Q said

    Thanks, Abrra for enlarging the photo posted on #37. It’s epic!


  59. utahmom said

    This article is a gem, bebe! I loved the quotes you included too. I put a new quote on the fridge every week, so now the next few weeks are ready to go. 🙂


  60. ram said

    Bebe-My heart melts at the picture you so beautifully illustrated of this special young man. He is a true gentle-man, a real gentleman in every sense.

    #56 Betsy- effortless in his style and smooth as silk. When David relaxes, his appeal is very evident. As someone : Simon : said about David “when you’ve got it, you’ve got it”.

    Speaking only for myself here, I would characterize #56 in the “subtle but deadly category”. : o


  61. bebereader said

    JH, Glad you enjoyed the article. I agree; David is good-natured so kindness comes naturally to him.

    SB, Prayers worked!!! This calls for a happy dance!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Utahmom, Great place to put quotes! I just might follow your lead!

    Ram, I totally agree. David is a true gentle-man!

    Have a few errands to do. Be back after a while. 🙂


  62. Angelica said


    Thanks for writing about David’s loving nature. I know it’s a gift but I think it’s something he also strives to renew on a daily basis. His focus is always outward, toward making others feel important, never on how important he is. That’s a big part about “getting him.” I pity the folks who are too hardened and cynical to believe in or value that kind of genuine goodness. It is too rare and always has been. I love the mans hand wiping his sweaty brow in the bottom picture, the one you mentioned in your article that David made sure the security guy treated gently.


    What happy news about your daughter’s Make a Wish being granted and the outstanding test results! So happy you got to share that with her and she is doing so much better now. 🙂


    So glad to hear the puppy is home again. Stormy weather, lost and hungry AND porcupine quills? What an ordeal the poor thing endured!

    Sky #57,

    I’m looking for the thud at point .80 and the video keeps jumping (this is your mind on ODD) from .59 – 1.00, totally skipping over .80. Then I realized you weren’t typing .80 but 8 O or 😯 Ohhh. 😳 Duh. There ain’t no .80 on a video. 😆


  63. MT said


    That is such wonderful news about your daughter’s health and how great that her wish was granted! So happy for both of you. 🙂


  64. Bebe and Sky and Angelica and all you thoughtful people. there is a growing network for lost dogs of any breed here now that uses twitter, facebook and email with quick results. Kind of funny, they are some of the nicest people just like the people here who are go-getters!

    Oh Bebe, I love the Happy Dance!!!



  65. tawna21 said

    Angelica #62—I did the same, stoooopid thing, dang video kept skipping from .59 to 1.00–it took a couple of attempts before I realized what was happening—duh!! :/

    Kaycee, so very glad that your daughter’s tests are good! What a relief that must be. And, glad you had a good time in Cali.

    SB– my heart did the happy dance when I read about the puppy’s resuce–onward and upward for him 🙂



  66. skydancer1x said

    62.Angelica.oops! that is what I was trying to do, yes, but guess it didn’t work hahaha,
    sorry for the confusion lol I would have done the same thing.

    U have had, Love Don’t Hate, in my head all day! time to go watch a video cute little ‘Snoop dog’ is making me dizzy, up there at #51,yo!♥


  67. skydancer1x said

    haha sorry guys!


  68. Heidijoy said

    SB, Happy that the dog was rescued. You are quite the gal to help and have so much compassion.


  69. betsy said

    Here is something to look forward to:

    @jeffreychrist Hm. Come Xmas shld I upload to YouTube the FULL vers of O HOLY NIGHT that @DavidArchie sang to me in my office like an angel? Yes. I should.

    I’ll never forget that. He kept tweeting about it and crying. This was a year and a half ago, and he’s still thinking about it. Totally understandable.


  70. bebereader said

    Betsy, That is so exciting!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Calvin Sharon


  71. bluesky said

    Such good news about the puppy!

    Thanks, Bebereader for such a lovely and thoughtful article. I don’t think anyone who meets DA and spends any time with him has doubts about how he behaves in public vs private. He is the same. No role-playing involved. Just DA.

    Some of us try to become someone… He just tries to be himself. Not perfect… I don’t think that… but really focused. Random thoughts aside, he is one focused individual. Might seem like an oxymoron but it isn’t. It is like his sentences may not always know where he is going, but his heart does.


  72. pocoelsy said

    Very nice write up about David, It’s all so true in your article how extraordinary David is and how good he makes us feel, I love to read all the heartwarming comments too.!!


  73. Angelica said


    You have mail.


  74. bebereader said

    JH and CB Thank you for your comments!

    Angelica, …and for your words of wisdom! Always!

    Bluesky, “Some of us try to become someone… He just tries to be himself. Not perfect… I don’t think that… but really focused. Random thoughts aside, he is one focused individual.

    Pic#4 in comment #1 shows this! Look at him reading something from a fan. He blocks everything out that is going on around him to read the fan letter.

    Don’t miss this video by STARchuleta19

    Humble, Talented, AND Funny! 🙂


  75. betsy said

    I had the strangest dream last night. David was having a small concert at a local college. Very small. I made two of my sisters come. (they are def not fans) We were sitting onstage next to the keyboard. All of a sudden, preshow, he was sitting with us and eating a hot dog. He turned to me and said “This is so good, I could really eat another one” I said “David that is a really cheap chicken/pork unhealthy hot dog. And it will take me 45 minutes to get you another one”. Him – “I know, but could you please do it?” Me “Ok” I got in my car and drove somewhere and got the hot dog, brought it back, and he said he was full but thanks.
    Oh – right then, he started singing and the second he did, my sister Maureen turned to me and started crying. It was such a pure sound, and loud. I still hear it, and it wasn’t any song I know.
    This is the strangest comment ever but it is so in my head still that I had to share. 🙂
    Have a great day all.


  76. betsy said

    Dja and Bebe – I LOVE that video! Someone put a lot of work into it.
    One more thing.
    Still watching this. ♥


  77. skydancer1x said

    ♥Just love coming here every morning, to pick up my smiley face for the day:))

    Bebe, STARchuleta19’s video is wonderful! Humble,Talented and Funny♥ that’s our guy!

    Betsy LOL! funny dream. The man wants a hot dog and you caved! Him – “I know, but could you please do it?”
    45 minute drive, then he doesn’t want it.ROFL! and the ‘song’ you still hear, love that part♥

    I no longer go out in my well worn p.j’s, to put the trash out, because in one of my dreams, I was at the curb ,and David came down my street…running. Geesh, never know where he’s gonna show up.HA!


  78. Abrra said

    #75 Betsy

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    There is so much there to analyze. 🙂



  79. skydancer1x said



  80. dakgal said

    Abrra—Ditto BWHAHAHAHAHA

    My “motto” is never have anything for lunch–that would — given the opportunity–have you for lunch!

    Where’s Lucy when you need her–Great dream Betsy!


  81. djafan said


    Sky lol.

    Bebe, love that video.

    Hello JH! Are you going to Arizona?

    The Voice tweet 🙂

    @davidarchie Happy #SBLvrsary !!!
    via @youtube David Archuleta!!!


  82. skydancer1x said

    make mine well done, and hold the mayo….


  83. bebereader said

    Congratulations to “Something ‘Bout Love” on its First Anniversary! I loved it from first listen and still do to this day. I was so sure it would be a mega-hit and if U.S. radio was the way it should be, the song would have risen to the top of the charts as it did in Asia.

    The song is a good arena song. Watching David perform it live on the Asia tour, I could see how it brought the whole audience together with people singing and dancing, kind of like David’s Zero Gravity performances.

    Here’s SBL in Hanoi! Audience participation FTW!

    credit kensinkyo


  84. djafan said

    Nice words about David 🙂

    Friday, August 5, 2011

    Interview with Bassist Dave Filice

    Dave Filice has performed with lots of big artists such as David Archuleta, Bono and The Edge, Alex Band and so many more. After just coming back to the states after playing shows in Germany, Dave was nice enough to take the time to call and do this exclusive interview with me where he talks about how he got started playing the bass, what it was like performing on this year’s American Idol finale and what he thinks of the response from David Archuleta’s fans.


  85. Heidijoy said

    DJafan, Love that interview and what Dave F. says about David A and his fans. He says of all of the arists he has worked with over the years David A. has more music flowing out of his veins than anyone he knows. Laughed about them not being able to use the lounge because of all of the gifts David’s fans brought. He says many of David’s fans still follow him on twitter. Nice guy!


  86. kaycee said

    Just my luck…when I finally have time to check up on all things David…he takes a nice, well deserved breather! Oh well, I still have a mountain of videos from the Asia tour that I’m still trying to get through–there are so many wonderful performances to enjoy!

    And Bebe, totally ditto regarding Something ‘Bout Love..”.I loved it from first listen and still do to this day. I was so sure it would be a mega-hit and if U.S. radio was the way it should be, the song would have risen to the top of the charts as it did in Asia.”

    I’m thoroughly enjoying the new songs from the TOSOD ATE cd. I’m sure there was ample squeeing amongst the fans while I was away! I’m sorry I missed it, because I am LOVING these songs! You know how there has been a lot of discussion about David singing love songs with total conviction and credibility when he has never actually been in a relationship?…well, he sure can make you a believer! But, in the song Love Don’t Hate…I have to admit, no matter how much passion and energy he puts into that song (which, by the way I absolutely love), it’s still hard to imagine him ever using hurtful words.

    In regards to LDH, and Bebe’s awesome post about David’s kindness…and the fact that it’s a slow day… I thought I would share a tender experience I had yesterday with my youngest daughter. We attended her school registration (she’s in 5th grade) to find out who her teacher will be and who is in her class. She left kind of quiet, but when I asked what was wrong, she said she just wasn’t feeling well. We happened to be listening to David’s new songs as we were driving home, and as LDH was playing, she seemed to be listening very carefully, and all of a sudden she burst into tears. I asked her what was wrong, and she said “those words are really true”. I wasn’t sure which words she meant, but she pointed out: “words are like razor blades, they left you with a scar”. She then poured out her little heart about a girl who will be in her class this year who is not very nice to her and subtly gives her a hard time about her weight. It broke my heart, but it started a wonderful mother-daughter discussion. The young people of today (and all ages as well) could sure learn a thing or two from our David and the importance he places on simple kindness.


  87. Heidijoy said

    Thanks BEBE and agree love SBL even more. Love how those audiences in Asia know all the words and sing along.

    Aw! Thanks for sharing you story about your daughter. Love Don’t Hate. Glad to hear David’s messages are reaching your daughter and others like her.


  88. kaycee said

    What a great interview with Dave Filice…he had such nice things to say about David. I love the respect and admiration.

    “Of all the people I’ve worked with, it’s hard to say that I know anybody who has music pulsing through their veins as much as he does.”


  89. Abrra said

    Enjoyed the DF interview. What struck me was his inability to think of a “moment” while with David. It speaks volumes about the kind of friend and business associate Mr. Archuleta was during the tours with DF.

    Not one moment, just a continuous series of moments. There is a good reason the fans are so dedicated. We know exactly what to expect from David and he never fails to deliver.



  90. River said

    Just listened to Dave Felice’s interview. He was so generous with his time and with his reflections of touring with David. My favorite line” I cannot imagine there is an artist that has more music pulsing through his veins than David”. I do follow Dave on Twitter and he often responds to a comment. I miss him and his music.


  91. tawna21 said

    Bluesky #71– It is like his sentences may not always know where he is going, but his heart does.
    What a perfect word description for what I have always felt in my heart.

    Betsy! that is some dream. lol!

    Kaycee #86– But, in the song Love Don’t Hate…I have to admit, no matter how much passion and energy he puts into that song (which, by the way I absolutely love), it’s still hard to imagine him ever using hurtful words.
    I agree–I doubt there is an unkind word in David’s entire vocabulary
    Kaycee, best wishes for your daughter as she goes to school this year. You are so lucky to have found out about the situation now so you can keep track of it. ** Mother/daughter talks ♥♥**

    Love the DF interview 🙂 I love how all these band members that David has had in the past and present always speak so highly of him and with the utmost respect. They speak so strongly about his musical genius. WHY can’t the radio people hear them when they speak?!



  92. emmegirl said

    Storm took out my computer…took me days to figure out all I had to do was unplug my router. 😳

    bebe, this is one of my favorite articles written about him. And after 3 years of following him, there are probably more kindnesses forgotten than remembered, not to mention those that we have not been privy to. I think his kindness goes hand in hand with his profound humility.

    There are so many layers to him, and I am convinced they are all covered with chocolate fudge. He truly is one in a million, and David Felice’s remarks are a testament to that. Seems everyone who has worked with him have nothing but the highest respect; and his comments about David’s musical prowess, high praise indeed.

    Betsy, your dream is hysterical! ” Him – “I know, but could you please do it?” Me “Ok” ” LOL! And thanks for sharing about the little girl at the M&G, what a terrific story.

    Gayle, “He seems to have the ability to really look inside you-without intimidating.”

    dja, “I still can’t believe my reaction now when this happened almost three years ago, what the heck is going on?”

    palmtreephan, I understand where your sister is coming from, it used to drive me crazy too. Now I just consider myself blessed and am happy for every one of his fans, because I know how their lives have been enriched.

    Kaycee, I was wondering where you had been. So glad to hear you and your daughter had such a wonderful, relaxed week of fun in the sun, and so happy about the results. And thank you for sharing the heartwarming story of your younger daughter. “The young people of today (and all ages as well) could sure learn a thing or two from our David and the importance he places on simple kindness.”…amen.

    #37…I blinked.


  93. Bebe…the lead picture and the last could definately be framed for his gasllery and be two that say so much. I keep looking back at them and once again realize how many people of different ages identify David as spectacular.



  94. bebereader said

    Two more airport pics from Hanoi have surfaced! (LOL)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Found on AFS kakastar (aka Nguyen Nhat Nam)

    Emmegirl, Thanks and more thanks!

    Congratulations to Mark Nylan on his engagement!


  95. bebereader said

    SB I agree! They are glorious pics! Angelica chose them; she really has an eye for what works!

    I see what you mean, especially in the last pic. He hugs a child, while an older person wipes his brow. It must have been chaotic at that moment but he kept his cool and handled it so well. He truly lives in the moment. It’s evident from those pics that he understands our need to express love and appreciation to him. 🙂


  96. pocoelsy said

    #92 Emmergirl,

    I totally agree with you and so true that our lives have been enriched by him, definitely have a more positive outlook in life and more greatful with everything I have than before I discovered him :). All it takes is open one’s heart and let this 20 year old young man leads the way, man and I’m much older than his mom, he’s such a gentle – young leader.


  97. djafan said

    Kaycee, Awwww. So glad you had a relaxing time with your daughter and what sensitive young daughter relate David song to a real life situation.

    Emmegirl, Welcome back you’ve been missed!!!!

    Heidijoy, I felt so proud listening to Filice speak about David. Right now not all get him but more and more are coming around 🙂

    Finalllllly he tweets!


    One of my goals I need to get on top of: learn how to drive a stick shift.


  98. xaris said

    Good Morning Everyone!

    I noticed that Motab Glad Christmas Tidings is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

    Also, TOSOD ATE is available for pre-order at Barnes and Noble now, same release date as Amazon.

    Have a good day, all!


  99. xaris said

    Well that link in the comment above didn’t come out right, now did it? Sorry. Anyway, just type in Mormon Tabernacle Choir Glad Christmas Tidings at Amazon, and it comes up for pre-order.


  100. Abrra said


    Good morning !

    The link worked fine 🙂 It is to the MOTAB CD pre-order. We have a link on the top left sidebar to Deseret Books for the MOTAb DVD. Thanks for the find on TOSOD ATE as well 🙂

    This tweet makes me smile. I know for sure that I march to a different drummer because I still drive a stick shift. I ordered it when I bought the car 11 yrs ago. I am just old school when it comes to driving. In the northeast we have our share of snow and ice on the roads. I find it much easier to control the car with downshifting rather than breaking in bad conditions. Haha! When I have to rent a car, I freak out cus they are “automatic” transmission.

    Good on you David! Learn to drive everything 🙂

    I found a recap of the Malaysia concert in my mail today.

    Of course this calls for picspam!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    All images credit to the author here:



  101. emmegirl said

    That google tribute got me stuck watching I Love Lucy videos this morning. Laughed till I cried!

    David learning car maintenance and now wanting to drive a stick…road trip D?


  102. skydancer1x said

    morming !
    ABRRA! Fourth pic from the bottom is totally AWESOME!
    all of them are of course but that one,eep! never saw him caught with that expression on camera. thats gotta be a first .oooooh! what song was that?


  103. emmegirl said

    Thanks for the pics Abs, those top three are beautiful (note the elbow caress.) Couple of the others… ah-nee-mal.

    Abs, learning to drive a stick – or teaching someone else or riding with someone who is learning – is hilarious, and creates one of the funnest and fondest memories of your youth.


  104. skydancer1x said

    103. Emmegirl, I am laughing just thinking about it. Hope we get a video vlog during/after he learns! haha


  105. Abrra said

    #103 emmegirl

    I hope no one learns like I did:)

    I was 16. My BFF and I took her VW out to a busy shopping area with many stop lights (so I would get a lot of practiced shifting). We drove up an down that street for 30 min while I bucked and stalled the car. BFF called out “Shift down!” and “Shift up!’ as we approached or pulled away from each stop light. My mother would have had a heart attack 🙂



  106. betsy said

    Emmegirl, nobody can take apart and rebuild a brick barbeque quite like Lucy.

    Abrra, my ex husband taught me how to drive a stick shift in a high school parking lot. I liked it, but never did it much after that. Strange how all of my kids prefer driving a manual.
    And #100, 5th pic down? Pure rockstar move. Great picture.
    Sky, now I want to research which song that was.
    Now that’s my idea of a fun research project.


  107. emmegirl said

    Abs, my soon-to-be husband taught me in an old, beat, green
    US Forest Service pickup with very cool toolboxes on the sides. Laughed our butts off as I grinded, revved and bucked my way through downtown.

    My older sis had a half-orange-paint-half-white-primer VW you had to arm wrestle to get into gear that we bombed around town in…we had a blast!


  108. Angelica said

    #100 That 5th pic down is NOT the little David Archuleta who used to be on AI. ❗

    I was gratified to read his latest tweet. Learning how to drive a stick shift is a good idea. You never know when an emergency for someone could come up and you would need that skill. Like learning to swim or CPR. It’s just better to know than not know.

    I’ve been enjoying the stories some of you have posted on learning to drive a manual. I had been driving an automatic for years. Car shopping one day, I fell in love with (of all things) a brown Chevy Chevette. I HAD to have it. I signed the papers and called my brother-in-law to come drive it off the lot because I didn’t know how. haha. I wasn’t gonna let a little detail like that stop me. With the patience of Job, he taught me how to drive it. I drove that little Chevette for years. I drove it till it dropped. Toward the end of it’s days, it took me all the way across country in the summer, no air-conditioner, and back again in the winter with a heater that worked part-time if at all. Starting it required opening the hood and wedging a screw driver handle into the carburetor, then jumping in the driver’s seat to turn the key before it closed, then jumping out of the car and removing the screwdriver and closing the hood. After that I could get back in the saddle and off we would go! Ever drive a stick shift over the Rocky Mountains? It’s an experience I will never forget. Man I loved that car.


  109. ODDity said

    If David would come home I’d gladly volunteer to teach him how to drive a stick shift! I learned to drive a tractor at age 12, right before I learned to drive our truck and car. I will never forget nearly killing my uncle, who was between the tractor and the hay wagon, because my hand/foot-gearshift/clutch movements were not well coordinated. Biiiiiggggg lurch! It scared me to death. I can only imagine how he felt!


  110. dakgal said

    Aaaah–back into my era of youth–our Driver Ed. teacher made us stop halfway up a fairly steep icy hill–then start up the hill again without spinning the wheels–now that will teach you clutch/gas coordination in a hurry.

    Angelica–#108 love your story about your little Chevette–sounds like you had some adventures.

    My daughter-in-law and I and my 6mo. old grandson drove back from Texas in her little blue Chevette and they are little when crammed full of stuff–moving back to SD. I think they would still have it –if it weren’t for the little accident it was involved in.


  111. tawna21 said

    Driving a stick shift–hah!! I HAD to learn to drive my dad’s old green Willey’s pickup before he would let me drive the automatic car! My mom had more courage than one person should be have to have when she took me out driving. I had to go up a very steep hill that had a stop sign at the top. I’ve never been so rattled as I was having to come to a complete stop and then ease off the brake while pressing on the gas with my heel and the clutch with my toe (size 5 shoe). I achieved and we made it home –my mom was laughing so hard (probably relieved the anxiety). My g-daughter is just 16 with a new license and has to drive the stick shift Tracker. I’ve heard some amazing stories about her learning experiences. haha. Up until this latest car, we’ve always had manual vehicles (arthritis in my shoulders made me give in to automatic, which I do love). Sometimes I still find myself trying to downshift at stop signs. 🙂

    ODD–I was 30-something the first time I drove a tractor– the shifting ordeal is just enough different from a car that I was having a little difficulty. Problem: my FIL was on the hay-wagon…I lurched the tractor…guess who came off the back of the hay wagon…yep, FIL (he was a 300 lb. man)…he teased me for many years about that. 😛

    Angelica—your little brown Chevette sounds just like the little brown Chevette my kids all drove at one time or another (they nicknamed it ‘the Shove-it’). By the time it got to the 3rd child (daughter) it really was a shove-it. She loved the car until it just wouldn’t go anymore. It was amazing how many teenagers could squeeze into the little car. ♥

    Abrra–sounds like your BFF experience was like the one I had at a BFF’s house. We pierced my ears with ice cubes and a darning needle—yeah! mom wasn’t too happy with me, and to top it off, they got infected so she had several ‘I told you so’ moments with me. :/




  112. betsy said

    I don’t remember if this was posted – if so, forgive me. I’d never seen it.
    Airport arrival, bus conversation, some concert footage.


  113. betsy said

    Hahahah Dja, GMTA!!


  114. djafan said

    lol Betsy Ditto 🙂 !


  115. Abrra said

    Can we stand one more Heaven? 🙂

    Not sure if this persons videos have been posted. They are very nice quality video.
    Her subscription page is here:



  116. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  117. djafan said



    I may not drink much soda but I met some people who make soda for a living today. Would be cool to learn how to make it haha


  118. PaulaFOD said

    Could you guys please help to encourage a fellow fan? @LSCtheliverlady had hip replacement surgery the end of July and is still in ICU. She’s had a rough go of it. I’ve started a group card. I would love to give her all the encouragement us Archies can muster! Thanks!


  119. kaycee said

    Rats! Missed chat again! Hope y’all had fun.

    Thanks for the heads up, Paula…hoping for the best for her.

    I’ve loved all the fun stick shift stories…who would have thought that one little tweet could conjure up so many fun memories! My best stick shift story happened when I was 16 and just barely getting the hang of it! My parents had reluctantly let me take the car to school and I successfully jerked and lurched my way to the parking lot. After school, the very handsome, very out-of-my-league quarterback of our football team asked me for a ride home right out of the blue. I could hardly breathe, let alone drive a car…a stick shift one at that, but I tried to swallow my nerves and headed out. Things went surprisingly well, until the big busy intersection. I desperately hoped for a green light, but not my lucky day. I was so twitterpated and flustered, that when the green light came up, I couldn’t get my car into the right gear and just lurched around the middle of the intersection while cars honked and yelled. The young man was actually a pretty good sport and eventually talked me through it. It didn’t result in any future dates, but we actually became good friends.


  120. Abrra said

    Good morning!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    We had a blast in chat last night watching the Favorites set of fan videos and the very special David Asian Tour performances. I see some new faces each week! I had to go to bed just as the discussion of Arizona travel plans began. Also, Dayzee was given a ninja assignment to report back to us ASAP. 😉

    I left a note of encouragement on the E-card ( you started for your friend. I do not know her, but she is now in my thoughts and prayers.



  121. skydancer1x said

    118.Thanks Paula, that is sweet of you.

    Kaycee, just had to be the handsome quarterback huh?. haha Ever see him at any reunions? At least it gave you a “remember when?’ moment.

    Guess the lurching thing(or trying to go somewhere in neutral) was the most humiliating thing. Somehow I can’t remember driving a stick until I was 20,when with a new job, and a move to Dallas, I got my first ‘new car’.my Dad signed for it, not knowing I couldn’t drive it,so he drove it to my apt. and taught me.ha ha. A Toyota “Corona” I think it was.
    Toyota’s were brand new to the car scene, and low priced but only came in a stick shift. You couldn’t actually get any speed out of shifting, but it moved along just fine. There also was no air-conditioning the engine couldn’t have handled it.
    I eventually got a bumper sticker for it that said “please don’t honk, I’m pedaling as fast as I can”

    Had it several years, then one really hot summer day in Houston (humidity) I could not take it anymore.. Drove that little toaster oven on toy wheels, into a Pontiac dealership, and drove out of there with an air conditioned, canary yellow Lemans off the showroom floor.
    Haven’t driven a stick, since.
    David sure would look cute in a convertible sports car♥ Imagine pulling up next to him at a light? that profile?
    wait,nevermind,whew,might cause too many collisions.We would certainly be lurching.


  122. bebereader said

    I love recaps! This one is from the Hanoi show in Vietnam by khanhlynk. It has lots of details, pics and videos.


  123. skydancer1x said

    quiet day…shhh ….
    need some dancin’!!!!


  124. bebereader said

    Hiya Sky!
    Quiet day? We can fix that.
    Love this closeup of EWTRTW!

    Yowsa, David!

    credit dreamskyhigh


  125. skydancer1x said

    thanks Bebe! hope your day has been a good one. Had some reminders of David in the past couple of hours that made me laugh out loud!
    turned on my tv…was. ♪”Flippin’ channels on my television”♫……….
    .first I see Eminem who David has mentioned recently. ok ,on 60 minutes being interviewed by Anderson Cooper so watched the end of that,….then kept channel surfing…next, thing I see is the end of the movie”Stand by Me” wow, smiled.! went backwards to main stations,for the top of the hour and “The Teen Choice Awards” was starting. EEK

    surfed ahead to another channel, and being advertised, is the movie, Titanic. with Leo standing at the front of the ship saying “I’m King of the world!!” EEEk omgosh, EAM video, with the pics from Titanic!
    I am afraid to go back into the tv room! 🙂


  126. skydancer1x said

    ok, please don’t wand me Abrra,( I am skeered of that thang!) I just have to say one more thing CLOSEUP!!!YOWWWWWWEEEEE!
    (thank you Bebe, I’m heading back there for more.) woo hoo!


  127. betsy said

    Feeling all nostalgic. Was watching videos from three years ago this night, Hartford CT. Can’t find clear enough videos from that.
    But I remember this one, all too well. Newark 08/01/08

    love, love, love


  128. betsy said

    Sorry guys, I am in the vortex.

    I can’t stop 🙂


  129. dayzee said

    Dayzee here, reporting on assignment given me last night in the chat room. The item we discussed was in the driveway today, along with a silver van on the side of the house. Also, i will mention there is a house for sale just around the corner. Perhaps a group of us could purchase this house for more ninja activity? Just too tempting. Haha.
    This was my fourth driveby in four years. Still feel like a stalker in the neighborhood. Can only get my nerve up once a year.


  130. betsy said

    One more.
    This breaks my heart. Still.

    thanks djbell. 🙂


  131. bebereader said

    Sky, David seems to turn up everywhere we look! LOL Hope your day went well too!

    Oh Betsy, Don’t get me started on those WYSYLMs. The two you posted took me back to the question: why didn’t I go to the AI7 tour?

    Here’s another closeup video by Dreamskyhigh, “Touch My Hand”. Note from 2:30-2:37 David is concerned about fans pushing in the moshpit and motions for them to move back. Then at 2:42 he asks “Are you okay?”


  132. bebereader said

    Dayzee. I see that you accomplished your mission. Good work! 🙂


  133. bluesky said

    Please. (128 Betsy… ) Please.

    Please do not put this guy in a movie. Please do not have him sing this song or anything like it to someone.

    I have some few more things to do before I die.

    (Besides. Is there a camera made that wouldn’t malfunction at those temperatures?)


  134. djafan said

    Hello all!

    Tweetless Sunday is almost over lol Crazzzzzzyyyyyy!

    Fun chat last night, thanks to all who came 🙂

    Funny tweet.

    somehow my search for david archuleta results in “classical music for pregnant mothers to enhance a smart baby” 😐

    Really good videos by purduaenam.


  135. vidya balan, dirty picture, sunny leone…

    […]David Archuleta ~ Little Things Matter Most « The Voice[…]…


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