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Welcome Home David Archuleta & Band

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, July 27, 2011

178 Responses to “Welcome Home David Archuleta & Band”

  1. Welcome Home David and the Band…

    Thank you Angelica, that is awesome!



  2. archiesfan4life said

    Beautiful Angelica! Welcome Home David and the Band!!!


  3. emmegirl said

    Welcome home D and the band, give yourselves a hand. It was a glorious tour!


  4. Heidijoy said

    Angelica, You said it so well. I’m so happy David is home safely. I will miss the excitement of the last couple of weeks. Thank God for You tube, twitter and of course The Voice.
    Welcome Home David and the Band!!


  5. dakgal said

    WELCOME HOME David and band!!!!

    Shouldn’t there be sirens going off—church bells ringing–fire works– a parade?

    Or could we just have a HAPPY DANCE!! 😛


  6. stenocruiser said

    Aww, well done, Angelica — and WELL DONE David and the band. Supreme performances — we are so proud!


  7. But Dak, I hear the church bells ringing and I see is the fireworks and they are wonderful!

    Maybe Abrra can find us a Happy Dance!! Even Snoopy!



  8. Hey, this is a Welcome Home roll call…anyone and everyone!! Can’t wait to see you David!!



  9. bebereader said

    Bursting with pride for David and his band! WELCOME HOME!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  10. Jan said

    Welcome home, David and the band!! Glad they had a safe trip; I always worry when the kids are out on the road or in a plane!!
    Does anyone know if David trended today?
    Wanted to go to Arizona, but I don’t think I’ll get to go this time. Will just have to watch the great videos and pics that all you great people post on here. Thanks to all of you that work so hard to give us David!


  11. Gayle122890 said

    Awesome tour guys!!!


  12. poof said

    Welcome home David and Band!!! What?? What??? I can’t hear you over that church bell!!


  13. dakgal said

    Thank you Bebe for the HAPPY DANCE!!

    Wouldn’t it be fun to see our Mr. Holding Back ( no more) after this tour—do the happy dance on stage—

    Get down and shake your booty. 😉


  14. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    So nice to know that David and his crew have arrived back on US soil 🙂



  15. Welcome my dear David & his band to American Continent!! you guys were amazing!! I’ve been missing you a lot!! you can’t imagine how much I did it in spite of you’re always still kind of far from Latin America & haven’t come here! but what matter is you had so much fun, ate, danced, laughed, were interviewed, sang a lil bit in spanish ‘los cochinitos’ and were treated as much as you deserved!!

    Another thing I liked was to see a super big fan singing for you.


  16. & check out this


  17. I said

    Welcome Home….my love David!!!!

    Thank you Angelica and Staff Writers “The Voice David Archuleta”


  18. MT said

    WELCOME HOME DAVID!!!!! *throws confetti*

    The Asian tour was MAGNIFICENT!!
    ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥♫

    Glad you and the band are all back home safe and sound.

    Angelica, You said it perfectly for all of us.


  19. pattiNC said

    Welcome home David and your awesome band! Sit back, relax, share your experience with family and friends,….and then start planning a way to knock our socks off in the US!! please 🙂


  20. goodkarmaseeker said

    And a grand and glorious welcome to all the band as well!

    What amazing music you gave to Asia and the world. Those of us here in the US and other countries that couldn’t be at the concerts,
    sang along, danced and partied along to every video we saw. We all want a DVD of concert highlights.
    We all are waiting as patiently as possible for you to come to a town near us.


  21. Fiona said

    Whew! So glad David and band are home safe!! Thank you Angelica, you said it perfectly! 🙂


  22. ray said

    WELCOME HOME DAVID !!!!!!! must refill my happy tear ducts now


  23. djafan said


    I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see performing on US soil again! Tell us where and we will come!!!!

    Arizona anyone?????


  24. dayzee said

    A big WELCOME HOME to David and his musical gang. So good to know all arrived here safely.

    Thanks to all who made this such a great experience. So many people helped to bring us David’s every move. And some of those moves were monumental. We have literally thousands of terrific videos. Could David be so good that his every appearance turns to gold? Yeah, he is. The final Crush was epic. David and the band went beyond everything we’ve seen.

    I picture Abrra watching all those videos over and over to find which ones she will keep for The Voice Unplugged. I feel fortunate that I do not make decisions on that. I was never good at budgeting.

    And the best part? He’s only just begun.


  25. skydancer1x said

    WELCOME HOME DAVID AND THE BAND!!! We have missed you!
    Your Asian Tour was so awesome! You guys RAWKED!!
    We hope you felt the love coming from all your fans worldwide, David!!
    You were magnificient!

    Angelica, thank you for your beautiful post!♥


  26. dakgal said

    Abs # 14—What a beautiful picture—between it and what Ray said— #22

    “WELCOME HOME DAVID !!!!!!! must refill my happy tear ducts now”

    I’m now a pile of mush!

    It would be fun for everyone to pick out their very favorite moment of this tour (you are only allowed one)- No easy task I know!– We all know Davids singing was “somethin else”— but maybe there was something that happened in any video– that is stuck in your head. But keep it to just a moment. ( no complete songs) I know I have one.


  27. Tawna21 said

    Angelica, you made my eyes leak tears. What a heartfelt journal entry you’ve made. ♥

    I’m so glad to know David and ‘his’ band are home. Now, it’s back to getting him to feel all the love we have for him here on this side of the world. I really did like the comments that SF made a while back about the size of our country vs the Asian countries. It all makes super sense to me. We just have to get David to see it that way so he knows that we are just as enthusiastic and excited as his Asian fans (and boy, they are one hyper group of fans 🙂 ♥)

    Anyway, back to sliding towards bedtime on this Weds. evening. Thanks again to all the admins for taking us on the Asian Tour 2011.



  28. OK Dak, I did laugh when he said to ‘Shhh’ before he sang one of his favorite songs. He loves the song that much and you just can’t spoil it!!



  29. djafan said


    Thank you for all your wonderful posts during the Asia period 🙂

    Dak, A moment that is stuck in my head from the epic David Asia tour, so many but if I have to pick one it would probably be David reaching into the crowd during TMH in Jakarta and all the hands on his with all the fingers intertwined with his, just a beautiful visual of love between David and fans.


  30. Tawna21 said

    Abs #14—YES!! Trust you to really ‘bring him home’. 😛



  31. djafan said

    Andrea! I love the video, David dances 🙂


  32. dakgal said

    The moment stuck in my head and heart is ( in Ho Chi Minh City) when Davids bodyguard brought that tiny little girl close to where David was and she said……..

    “Hi Archie–how you?–welcome to Viet Nam”

    David looked down and acknowledged her and said something –I couldn’t catch.

    That said more to me than all the screaming.


  33. dakgal said

    Sorry—I meant to say in there –that even with four different people talking to him an once about the plan to exit the airport–he still noticed her and acknowledged her–what a guy!!! Sniff


  34. amb4da said

    psst hi. sneakin’ a peek….FINALLY….after a week (actually two) away…had the laptop with me, but loved disconnecting and going old school non-tech, on the Cape, where there just is a lot of incentive to do so….even if it meant falling behind (I left off at “Heaven” and have all of Vietnam and what followed to catch up on)…so while you guys plow ahead into today and tomorrow…”living in David’s current moment”….I’ll be a few weeks behind, absorbing all those videos….FINALLY! Watching the way the rest of “Asia Tour” unfolded for him. I’m sure it’s all here, as you guys seldom miss a thing. 🙂

    Just had to pop in, though I really didn’t plan on logging on the rest of my time here, but a friend asked me to check an email…and lo and behold in my Inbox was a David Google alert, with a Youtube press conference from Vietnam…and like someone in a 12 step program…it only took one click in for me to remember my addiction!….that familiar little “pointy head” sweet guy in the plaid shirt, waving his hands around, trying to explain what he wants his music to be for all people…and I was hooked again. haaa. sigh. Now I just need a little fix before I go….maybe just one song…. Back again soon; don’t get too far ahead of me, guys. 😉


  35. Tawna21 said

    My favorite moment (one of them)–

    I really liked the look on David’s face during the interview (KL, maybe, when the lady asked the question about him using drugs. I can’t even describe what that look was as he looked at her, then the others that were there, before answering with the most amazingly mature words and voice I think I’ve heard from him. I loved it. David is so channeled to wanting the best for others.



  36. MT said

    Dak, Just one? Oh, man. Now I have to go back and watch ALL those videos again. LOL I know, such a hardship, right? hahaha

    I’ll get back to ya. (I may be a while)


  37. gladys said

    Welcome home, David
    Willkommen zu Hause, David
    Bienvenue à la maison, David
    Benvenuto a casa, David
    Bem vindo ao lar, David
    Chào mừng nhà, David
    Selamat datang di rumah, David
    Witaj w domu, David

    david, my greatest desire is that every airport in the world have a poster with this welcome message. Each country or city in the world will love you, like us, your fans.
    The invasion of the “tsunami” David has begun.


  38. bebereader said

    Great idea dak!

    What was my favorite moment? There were so many but the one that stands out for me was when David first sang “Heaven” in Jakarta. Betsy posted a video that enabled us to hear the audience’s comments from both female and male fans!



  39. MT said

    There are so many memorable moments from this tour. Memories that both David and his fans will always remember. You guys have already mentioned some of my favorites, so this is another one that touched me.

    When the fans were bringing flowers and gifts to David on stage, there was an older male fan who wiped his sweat and a security guard tried to shoo him away. David stopped them and let him have his photo with him.

    I love the thought that this older man was showing concern, kindness and caring for David, and David recognized it and didn’t want him to be hurried away after showing such kindness.

    It’s another example of how fans all over the world genuinely care about David and how he returns it.


  40. Welcome home dear David, the Band, and all who made the journey. You all have done a most fantastic job of performing the greatest concerts I have ever seen! (by video anyway! lol) I can only imagine how awesome it was to be there! My deepest gratitude for all who shared their videos and pictures and to this site for all the timely posting of them! You guys ROCK!


  41. Angelica said

    My favorite moment? All of the rehearsal vids when he is not ON, just going through the motions and letting himself be relaxed. The way he strolls and paces out the stage, getting a feel for the space. Playing with the vocals, going deep or trying new riffs. You can see him thinking and he said twice that there was something about the groove that wasn’t right. Looking and acting like the boss.


    “Arizona anyone?????”


    Yeah, I caved several days ago. 😆


  42. Blueberry Ice said

    A hero’s welcome home to David and his band! Thank you for an amazing Asian tour! Now it’s our turn to shower you with love, support and over the top screaming! So many wonderful moments but it touched my heart when David took time to get up and give a hug to the little Filipino grandma at the CD signing in Manila.

    Just want to echo the thank yous to all the dedicated Asian fans for the fantastic job of videotaping, taking photos, twittering and blogging their experience as it was almost like I was there sharing in their excitement and savoring each epic concert. Finally, thank you to all here at The Voice for seeking out and posting these wonderful treasures … it has been an incredible experience!


  43. Abrra said

    Blueberry Ice

    This is off topic but I wanted to make sure you saw this link to buy the Asian Tour Edition CD. I saw your email to us asking about buying it. Just making sure you see where to buy it.

    Many of us have ordered from this site and have received the CD within a week or so.



  44. Abrra said

    I have added Crazy to the Asian Tour 2011 folder in the candy jar.
    Download Crazy here:

    All Asian Tour 2011 song mp3’s here:



  45. Mary said

    …”Above it all..that glorious VOICE” <<- speaks volumes to me Angelica ❤


  46. Mary said

    P.S. Welcome HOME David Archuleta! You are loved more than you’ll EVER know! ♥

    Marylee/DAangel ~for life!


  47. lct said

    Hey Archie fans! Mark Sept 16 on your calendar – the ALMA awards are back and perhaps we can request for David to come back to perform after last year’s incredible performance!

    He’s not nominated for any category, but we can write them and request that he come back to sing – in Spanish of course!


  48. skydancer1x said

    OH my Dak! so hard to pick a moment! I think David’s arrival in Vietnam was a moment for me.
    I was so touched by the video, that the Vietnamese Archies made for him, (loved the motorcycles in the streets with the banners,) I was excited to see what would occur when he got there!!
    It amazed me, watching David stay SO calm, and smiling his beautiful smile at the fans, while being ushered to the van In the midst of all all the frenzy at the airport.

    41.Angelica, “ODD Gazette” ROFL!!! HAHAHAHAHA


  49. Heidijoy said

    So many moments! Seeing the love David received and accepted and Smiling so big with the Green glasses. One of my favorite pictures with those green glasses. (Snowanglez called him ClarkKentchuleta) That so describes David and he does change to Superman.

    I know you said one but must mention The hot pink shirt blowing in the wind in Indonesia.


  50. sweetonda said

    Finally able to get to a computer while on vacation. Thanks to The Voice, I was able to catch up on the happenings on the last couple concerts and I must say I was blown away by David’s performances. My favorite moment? July 16th through July 26th! 😉 I loved it all!

    Now, I’m looking forward to Arizona. I talked to a friend who knows one of the ladies putting the Constitution Week festivities together and she said she’s been getting lots of calls from David’s fans wanting to know how long his set is and if they can extend it.

    Right now it’s said to be 40 minutes. He gets paid for how many minutes he performs and she doesn’t know if they can afford to go longer since they are only charging $2 a person.

    They are going to be surprised to she how many fans are planning to show up in Gilbert, AZ. Admins, it might be fun to have a place on the sidebar to see who and how many of us are planning on coming to this concert.

    Since I live in Gilbert here’s some FYI. It will be held behind the Civic Center on a huge grassy area. I don’t think there will be any sitting area, but you can probably bring your own chairs or something to sit on. It is out in the open, so be prepared to get lots of sun. There are some trees for shade. When I get home from vacation, I’ll go take some pictures so you can see what I’m talking about. I’ve heard many fans saying they are planning to come. I don’t think Gilbert planners know what’s going to hit them. 🙂


  51. sweetonda said

    oops, that should be ‘see’ instead of ‘she’ in fourth paragraph.


  52. Angelica said


    Thanks for the info! Good to have a contact for the inside 411 in Gilbert! I will see about getting that page set up soon for people to talk and make plans.


    Hot pink shirt blowing in the wind FTW! Really, I think the epic moments of that tour are just too numerous to count. Every performance of EAM, Heaven, that final Crush and his calm, sweet interaction with the fans throughout the whole tour.


    Photos Da-nish


  53. dakgal said

    Angelica # 41—Bwahahahaha– That should be a group or herd or covey or pride or gaggle of women cause no one is immune to his stunning ways in a live performance ( or any other time).

    You never cease to amaze me with what you come up with in the art and writing departments–we have so much talent on this site–each one of you ( adms) have your own expertise –where you just shine and you all just kill me!

    Got so excited about David’s arrival home –that I for got to say how much I love the pages of the book above—-for some reason that is how I think the ” Book of his Life” really does look like–and can’t wait to read the rest of it!


  54. dakgal said

    That should be–“-how I think his ” Book of Life” really does look like.”

    Geez Louise!!!

    I wanna go to Arizona—dang it!!


  55. lorms said

    Hi everyone! I know you’ve read a lot of recaps already from the different tour stops in Asia. Here’s what I’ve been able to put together since Tuesday night. The first half was written while I was waiting for the concert to start; the other half was after the concert and just a few moments ago, ha ha!


  56. archiesfan4life said

    Steven, drummer extraordinaire :), has some awesome pictures he posted on Face Book from Asia – the pools, the hotels, the scenery – just beautiful!


  57. davidstopsmyaging said

    Like so many of you, I just returned from vacation…….went on a loooong road trip with my elderly mom. She wanted to go to states she hadn’t been to before, so we DROVE……I think we made it through 14 states! I tried to stay caught up on all the epic moments here at The Voice, but hotel internet connections are sketchy at best.

    Abrra, Angelica, all the Asian fans and everyone else……you are just lifesavers. I can’t imagine how much work must go in to providing us with all the up to the minute information about David, especially during this tour. David is my dessert…..when my mom was snoring away, I was trying frantically to get all the tidbits I could about his tour. I know it’s not enough, but thank you.

    My favorite part………has to be the epic band accompanying David. He finally has what he deserves with them. They ROCK….and David knows it. So proud of all of them. Wonder what the chances are they’ll stay together……..can only hope, I guess.

    Have to say the love the Asian people showed them all was almost as good as hearing David sing….. ( I did say ALMOST)!! It was so heartwarming to see their excitement, and to see David soaking it all in. David seemed so happy. Can’t get any better than that!


  58. archiesfan4life said

    Lorms – loved reading your recap – what a fabulous time you all had – so happy for you! Thanks for sharing!


  59. bebereader said


    The ODD Gazette “Woman found wandering around Gilbert, AZ in a daze.” ROFL
    Gilbert will be seeing it’s share of dazed women before too long…lol


    Your recap was so full of win! I will go back for more for sure. Was thrilled to read about your awesome time in Manila and Malaysia! Thank you for the details! We love details!

    From DavidArchuletaVN:

    “Not everything we talked about with David Archuleta made it into the 17-31 July issue of Galaxie magazine. So as a bonus for you Archie fans, here’s the rest of the interview session…

    Will you continue to write uplifting music or will it be something different for the new material?

    I think it can be motivating by being able to relate to people. And it be as real as it can. Be as true to me as it can. That’s just another thing that I’m looking forward to. Being able to have the music not just with the words I’m saying but the way it sounds. Music says so much. Classical music doesn’t have any words but it still says so much. I’m hoping to be able to really take time to define my sound, my music.

    What’s the inspiration behind your new music?
    The inspiration, I guess the best way to describe it is what’s on my mind. What’s going on in my head, it’s hard for me to explain sometimes and I feel like for the first time, I am kinda able to bring it out. I guess that’s the way I would describe the direction I’m going in right now.

    You’ll be 21 this year. Any big plans?
    No, not really [laughs]. I always like to go out and eat and spend time with my family and friends. Nothing too crazy. I like to keep it pretty low-key.

    With so much going on right now, do you still have plans to go back to school?
    Yeah, I don’t think that there’s ever a time when it is too late to go back to school. I would love to take music classes. I love the heart of music and the emotion but I never really got to understand the musical theory and the more technical side of music. That’s something I’d love to learn more about. Performing and putting out music is my No. 1 priority right now so that’s what I’m focusing most on. I’m a very spontaneous person unfortunately. A lot of times that can be a bad thing but I try to be sensitive to whatever I feel and whatever changes in what I feel I should do. And keeping in tune with whatever your instincts kind of say.”

    There’s more to read, recap and pics:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit to naree


  60. bebereader said

    David snuck a tweet in a few minutes ago:

    Hanging back in Southern California taking a bit of a break!
    Hanging out with a bunch of little kids haha.

    24 minutes ago

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  61. amb4da said

    ahaaaaaahaaaa….ok “why is that woman laughing out loud to herself up there??!!” (on the deck of our Inn alone with David)…because…I’m watching David’s last vlog from Manila…and never fails…by the end of ANY David vlog, there is ALWAYS a spot where he makes me LOL for minutes on end, and hit rewind a few times. This time….the “attacking bug” that apparently NEITHER of us was expecting…HAHAAAAA. He is a regular riot that kid. I love it.

    few notes: until the bug, I “thought” the funniest part was the “internal organs of a goat” stew…he’s outdone his exotic foodie self for me on that one!! Do y’all reCALL the kid on Idol who said he didn’t like his abuelita’s fish stew?!! He’s come a long way! Haha.

    He was effervescently happy in that video and it was great to see….he was in a place where he was understood and very well-received, respected and just joyfully doing what he loves to do…and we always love to see that.

    Last…phew…so glad he gave a nod to us fans back in the ole U S A…I was beginning to feel a little lost in the shuffle and worried we’d lose him over there….thanks David…for sensing your fans’ sensitive egos and not forgetting us. 🙂

    Love catching up on this, more later, dang battery doesn’t last long enuf!!!…and tks to you guys, I can catch up~more later!


  62. Heidijoy said

    Lorms, Enjoyed your review. So many memories!

    Angelica #52 so nice to see the Hot pink shirts blowing in the wind.

    Bebe, #59 Wow that picture of David!! That Naree really takes some great photos. I can looking for the interview she did with David in Manila. Has anybody seen it yet?


  63. Heidijoy said

    oops I meant Keep looking not can looking.


  64. pandasmama said

    I can’t decide what one thing was my favorite part of the tour. It was all epic. Right now I’m torn between the “Pink” shirt, Heaven and Crazy. Or maybe the pink shirt took me to heaven and made me crazy. I can’t decide.

    I want to let everyone know that I have been trying to follow David’s promptings of “follow your dreams” and have been writing a lot recently. I have just completed another entry entitled “David: Your Words Keep Running Through My Head” for my blog in addition to last weeks poetry for “David Takes Asia By Storm.” Also on my blog I have posted the first 2 chapters of “Can Dreams Come True,” the novel that I have been working on this past year. I am looking for readers who would be interested in providing opinions on my work. I wish to have this published, hopefully soon. You can find all of these items on my blog. Thanks, Margy


  65. Archugeezer said

    Betsy wrote it a couple of threads ago: “Delurk or burst.” That’s my cue.

    It’s always a party here, a fun-filled fan zone—no grousing allowed. I love the writing, the speedy delivery videos, the goodies in the candy jar, the comments… Whew! All that WORK! A big “thank you” from this loyal lurker.

    Good for David “taking a bit of a break.” Easy for him to say. I am still so glued to the sights and sounds of Kuala Lumpur, I may well be part Malaysian before week’s end.


  66. pandasmama said

    I keep having problems getting my comments to post today on any sites. Guess I’m supposed to be doing something else.

    I can’t pick a favorite thing from this tour, it was all too epic. Right now it’s a tie between “the shirt”, Heaven and Crazy.

    Speaking of crazy, I have written another David inspired entry for my blog. I also have the first two chapters of my novel posted and I am looking for test subjects, I mean readers, to critique it.


  67. betsy said

    Love the book, Angelica.
    “The excited tweets, updates, interviews and arrivals”.
    Yes to all of this.
    And now the tweets all have the same tone. An overwhelming sense of missing him.
    These from one person, a new fan. (the one that interviewed him) They are so telling.

    @DavidArchie Good Luck, David. Vietnamese fans miss you so much. Please come back.

    You’re my kind of perfect, @DavidArchie
    Watching @DavidArchie make me smile. What’s wrong with me? Haha
    #ThankYouDavidArchuleta for driving me crazy.
    #ThankyouDavidArchuleta for letting me know what’s real music.
    ThankyouDavidArchuleta for making me a fan.
    Stand by me – I’ll stand by you @DavidArchie
    This is just a small sampling from her. 🙂
    I really like her.


  68. betsy said

    I am having a difficult time pinpointing my fave moment from the tour. I always have difficulty with this type of thing. And always end up listing my top 5.
    I can’t even do that yet.


  69. Abrra said

    #55 Lorms

    I enjoyed your recap. Much of it sounds just like what we in the states go through to meet David and see him in concert.

    I was so happy to see Trace’s name. Does she post on the fan sites as Tracewillow? If so, we miss her here at the Voice and in Unplugged 😉

    All the Asian tour videos are up in Unplugged. All are welcome to stop in and enjoy anytime 24/7



  70. djafan said

    I’m drowning in work!!!

    Be back tonight!

    Sweetonda….You have mail! Stat!


  71. skydancer1x said

    I fell into Abrra’s candy jar a while ago and just got out. So many goodies! Thank you Abrra. 🙂 My ipod is sooo happy♥

    52. Angelica. Now That!♥♥
    Dak,can we change our mind on your question? haha Maybe to our favorite moment, of each tour stop? ‘Cause I’m a loving that pink shirt to the nth degree he wore in Jakarta, like nobody’s business lifting up like it was ‘on cue’ as part of the show.

    truth is, can’t choose just one anything in this epic tour.So many beautiful memorable moments, and because we always notice every little thing that David does, says or sings there are a gazillion special moments … I rest my case.

    appears that our beautiful Asian fans are suffering from withdrawal. Totally understood♥


  72. Susie Cull said

    I love this site! Kinda like one of David’s recent posts – I will para-phrase because I don’t remember the exact words, but it was:

    Friendship begins when you say – you like that too – I thought I was the only one.

    This is a place where people of all ages can “confess” their obsession – and it is accepted and understood by everyone who ventures here.

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! to all who administer to this site – it is “Everything And More”.

    Tour special moments: Come down to seconds: EWTRTW – HCMC, Vietnam.

    Angelica has the video posted in her front page of “Have Moicy on Hanoi”

    3:09 – 3:17 – it’s his – salsa sway and his “Na, Na, Na, Na, Na”.

    So spontanious – but yet, such a “sexy” move.


  73. emmegirl said

    Surprised he is in LA and not home. Imagine he is chillin’ with friends (and apparently little kids too, lol.)

    Grab a big jug of water, find a nice spot under an umbrella on the beach, roll up your pantlegs and kick back and reeeelax.


  74. betsy said

    Malaysia Seventeen.
    (he melted this non fangirl’s heart)
    p.s. Not me, I meant the writer. 🙂
    p.p.s But then again, I am sure you knew that. 🙂
    p.p.p.s. Lorms, Thanks so much for linking your recap. It was so well written and detailed. Good job.

    Welcome Suzie Cull! Accepted and understood. For sure. I LOVE seeing new posters!


  75. Hi Suzie Cull! I’m in total agreement about this comfy little site here!
    I’m going to say that my favorite part of these performances was just watching David and his movements go to the places I just knew he had in him! I know you sing with using your abdomen and your vocal chords but, it’s as if his arms and his hands are singing the words.


  76. pocoelsy said

    Hi everyone,

    Just have to drop in for a bit, (got a lot of errand to take care of, house under renovation, take cat to the vet ..) and tell you guys my favorite part was my sound check experience, when David first came out on the stage!!! my my what a sight to be hold, it’s my very frist time seeing him in the flesh, looking at him – his aura make me feel soo good the warmth, kindness, calmness, tenderness, sweetness (if I may) just ooozz out of him, make my heart skipped a few beats lol. And on top of that I’m glad to announce that my hubby and 3 of my daughter’s friend have officialy been achufied!!!

    I’ll try to gether my thoughts and will tell my story to you guys soon, I’m a bit slow and still high and may I say blur from the fabulous concert so need time to digest and process. Thank you all for lending your “ear” I need to let it out otherwise I’ll burst from the awesomage, haha


  77. skydancer1x said

    Hi Susie Cull! 🙂 we’re all in the same boat here♥ just grab a paddle!

    from the candy jar, to videos for the past hour. somebody help me.


  78. Abrra said





  79. bebereader said

    Susie Cull #71

    We appreciate your kind words!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  80. MT said

    Angelica, hahaha Love the ODD Gazette!! And you’re going to AZ? Yayyy!

    Lorms, your recap was awesome!

    “Grab a big jug of water, find a nice spot under an umbrella on the beach, roll up your pantlegs and kick back and reeeelax.” <–LOL But that's not a bad idea. Hope he does.


  81. sweetonda said

    Patty, you have mail 🙂


  82. bebereader said

    David tweets!

    Cha cha slide is playing in the store I’m in and everyone is dancing to it haha.
    4 minutes ago

    And here’s the cha cha slide


  83. dakgal said

    Thanks everyone for obliging me in telling us your “moment”.

    It’s kind of like a community re-cap——-there were (and still are) so many videos to see–that it’s fun to read of some of the little details that different people noticed. Some “moments” everyone noticed –some slipped by unnoticed by others–still others were seen, but forgotten about.

    Details….details…we love them—so go for it Sky and Betsy…tell us your details. 😛


  84. djafan said

    Welcome to The Voice Susie Cull!

    “appears that our beautiful Asian fans are suffering from withdrawal. Totally understood♥”

    Yes, very much understood! It’s going to become a world wide epidemic 🙂

    Dak, it was a great idea you had! How about the most frustrating moment. The man stopping David from singing the Adele song…almost!


  85. Gayle122890 said

    That interview where David and the guys sing about ”the 3 little (bleep)”. That wasn’t only hilarious, but what also amazes me is how well David knows his hispanic roots. That was a children’s song from way back. David has taken me back to my childhood with songs I hadn’t heard in decades. The first time he did that was at MOTAB with Los Pastores a Belen. My mother taught me that song when I was very little. Oh David, you really are something special. Thank you.


  86. Gayle122890 said

    There were many glorious moments for me from the performances. There’s no way to pick one out. I just wanted to mention why the interview caught my attention besides it being so funny. 🙂


  87. annie318 said


    I loved that interview too. After the bleep they were laughing so hard & David gave a nice big laugh too. I loved hearing him laugh.


  88. emmegirl said

    “Cha cha slide is playing in the store I’m in and everyone is dancing to it haha.”



  89. Need any help in waking up this morning? Try this and those 5 fabulous smiles are included…



  90. emmegirl said

    Having trouble pinpointing just one moment, but I think the first stop, the entire Jakata concert, would be it for me. I love outdoor concerts. The manic love from the crowd, the beautiful picture of all the hands, the way he worked that huuuge stage, the wind blowing his pink shirt, he looked beautiful in that blangkon (they should put that pic of him with the fireworks on OS), the interaction with the crowd after. The entire evening was dreamlike.


  91. skydancer1x said

    82.Bebe. Thanks for the morning workout video.(I think I hurt something.)
    Wonder if David did a little dancin’ in the store yesterday? Love his tweets!

    where on earth do you get an alligator hot dog? how are they cooked?Do they simmer them in a ‘croc’?
    The man has an iron stomach.


  92. betsy said

    Emmegirl, the Jakarta concert was so good in every way. The first concert, and he sounded so good. That voice. I still go back to Jakarta EAM. My fave. The picture of D in the blangkon. That tweet to Manilla – “Over to you Manila. Take care of him. Read his eyes when he is tired. Then leave him be”
    The arrival videos – David so calm and happy and interested – in a sea of craziness. I have one of those pics as my phone wallpaper. Bodyguard’s hand on his shoulder, David calm and smiling.
    Manila Heaven. Unexpected. Emotional. Perfect.
    The soundcheck videos. Angelica, I agree. David pacing around, singing, just being himself. Making musical decisions on the spot.
    The fans in that video from Manila, “We love you David, we’ll always stand by you David” Over and over. Heartfelt.
    Thanks to all the Asian fans for documenting the whole thing.


  93. pandasmama said

    Here’s a tweet from last night for ya’ll from David’s buddy Sunny Hilden. She knows how to feed our frenzy. She needs to be D’s PR person.

    Alligator dogs + candy store dancing + hula hooping & chin-ups on tree limbs in my yard with David Archuleta = #RandomFun:)


  94. MT said

    Pandasmama: “candy store dancing + hula hooping & chin-ups on tree limbs in my yard with David Archuleta = #RandomFun:)”

    haha I would pay good money to see that!


  95. Abrra said

    “candy store dancing ”

    OMG! A David sighting at The Voice 😉



  96. bebereader said

    haha Abs, Think David was partaking of the sweets? 😉

    Gayle#85 “That was a children’s song from way back. David has taken me back to my childhood with songs I hadn’t heard in decades. The first time he did that was at MOTAB with Los Pastores a Belen. My mother taught me that song when I was very little….”

    I don’t have Hispanic roots so I don’t know those songs but through David I’ve come to enjoy music from a culture other than my own and I’m head over heels in love with Los Pastores a Belen!

    SB#89 Finally, a closeup of David playing the drums! So many precious moments from this tour. Did you hear the fan screaming “OMG!!!” in the background? Thanks for the great find!


  97. Blueberry Ice said

    Abrra; #43 … Hugs and thank you! #95 … See, even David finds your candy store irresistable! 🙂

    Lorms; #55 … Loved the details of what was such a special experience for you … thank you for sharing and wouldn’t mind a part 2 to your recap; hint, hint.

    Pandasmama; #64 … Totally enjoyed your creative usage of David’s songs in your letter to David … great job!

    Pocoesly; #76 … How wonderful that everyone enjoyed what must have been a special night … can’t wait for you to share as there is nothing like experiencing that concert all over again through the words of someone who was there …. thank you.

    SB; #89 … Oh, I just love David’s spontaneity and how cool to see Steven gesture to David to join him in jamming on the drums … this band is so good!

    Sky; #91 … “where on earth do you get an alligator hot dog? how are they cooked? Do they simmer them in a ‘croc’?” Sky, you’re just amazing with your words, wittiness and humor! I’m very slow this morning as I was visualizing alligator hot dogs cooking in my kid’s ‘crocs’; you know those plastic slip on shoes before it hit me, slow cooker ‘crock’, then ‘croc’ for crocodile …. sorry, got carried away there, but I’m just laughing at my silly self!


  98. djafan said

    Hello everyone!


    teslat1 BD
    David Archuleta in Okinawa, Japan Aug. 6th >> MCCS Marine Corps Community Services

    Futenma Flightline Fair 2011
    Futenma Flightline Fair 2011MCAS Futenma
    Sunday, August 07, 2011 10:00 PM

    Entertainment Schedule:

    Saturday, 6 August 2011 / 2 – 10 p.m.
    3 p.m. Welcome MC and Giveaway
    4 p.m. Arm Wrestling
    5:45 p.m. Chijinsyu Wakatida(Eisa & Shi-shi dogs Show)
    6:45 p.m. Homeland Okinawa (Rock, Popping & Hip-Hop Dance)
    8:15 p.m. David Archuleta with Band
    (American Idol 7th Season Runner-Up Pop Singer)

    suttygal joanie s
    Just posted! (Thanks for the quick catch @AndreaFOD) @DavidArchie posted a new event!! He’s going to Japan!

    AnnieDAFG Annie
    Update on David Archuleta’s facebook, under events: FFLF – Okinawa, Japan, August 6, 2011!!


  99. dakgal said

    I’m very excited for him—-but all the way back over there–oh my gosh

    I better replenish my anti-worry pills!!—2or 3 events in Japan would be nice!! 😉


  100. Gayle122890 said

    Japan!!! OMGosh!!!


  101. djafan said

    And I thought I was going to get my sleep pattern back haha

    Tweet look pretty 🙂

    アーチーが普天間へ! RT @mjsbigblog David Archuleta and band will be doing a show in Okinawa Japan at the Futenma Flightline Fair on Aug. 6 ht …

    Futenma Flightline Fair

    Summertime means summer fun on Okinawa with this year’s annual Futenma Flightline Festival. As the waves of summer temperatures roll in, the tides of celebration will be filled with cool treats, live entertainment, military static displays and more. This year’s flightline fair will be held Saturday, August 6, and Sunday, August 7 from 2 to 10 p.m. Admission to the festival is free and open to all SOFA status and local nationals. No one will be admitted with pets, bottles, outside alcohol or coolers. Free shuttle buses will provide transportation to and from designated parking lots on the base. As always, MCCS encourages everyone to drink responsibly; Daiko and taxi services will be available.

    This will be the 33rd annual Futenma Flightline Fair Fest, which is intended to promote good relations with the local community members and to showcase the Marine Corps personnel and equipment stationed aboard MCAS Futenma.

    The location of the Festival will be in the same vicinity of last year’s event, on the flight line. There will be a wide variety of game and food vendors participating, along with continuous free entertainment during this event, to include local bands and Okinawan cultural performances. MCCS Special Events will have our Kiddie Land activities setup, to include the Slide, Bouncers, First Airborne Adventure, Military Madness Maze, Bungee Jump, Train, Pirate Revenge Ride, Tubs of Fun, and Twister available to festival visitors for a modest charge. MCCS Club operations will offer a food and beverage menu at the site, to include the exclusive sale of beer and other frozen alcoholic drinks. The MCCS Athletics section on Camp MCAS Futenma is planning for a variety of athletic events, including open softball and soccer tournaments, bench press, and an open 5K run. All of these athletic events will be open for both SOFA-status and local nationals to participate in. So please join us!


  102. skydancer1x said

    WOW! Thanks for posting Djafan! That is really exciting news!! So much for resting David.Gee, that is next Saturday!!

    aww Dak don’t worry♥ and I agree… 2 or 3 more events would be awesomesauce!.what time zone is Japan in? haha here we go again! Is this like an actual marine corps base? I bet David is so excited! His band too, I hope!

    Abrra,LOL now wouldn’t that be something! hahaha! David!! eeek!

    97. Blueberry Ice..LOL! ♥
    (By the way, I wear those shoes to work on long daysI love crocs, great for standing on your feet all day long.)
    wonder why they call them that? haha)

    Davids not afraid to try just about anything in the food arena. Me, not so much 🙂


  103. skydancer1x said

    101. ok, I have no idea just curoius….what does SOFA- status mean?


  104. djafan said

    I found this sky..military term.

    A status of forces agreement (SOFA) is an agreement between a host country and a foreign nation stationing forces in that country.


  105. pandasmama said

    My son says it means any NATO forces that are present in the area. Scary when 17 yr olds know these things.


  106. skydancer1x said

    thanks dja, and pandasmama. I will mull it over.haha sounds like a great event anyway.
    and David, for Dak’s sake,stay away from the bungee jump!


  107. bluesky said

    Sounds like DA is singing for the troops. And their hosts. At 20. I am so proud of him. “Imagine” doesn’t even cut it.

    And kudos to the Marines for asking for him. Smart guys. They want to build trust and fun times with the people surrounding our base in Japan? I can’t think of a better US ambassador than DA.

    Marines? Prepare to be invaded by a few Japanese. (I can’t wait to see this.)


  108. dakgal said

    I have no idea which way David went to Indonesia–etc.–but I think you go to Japan via Hawaii at least from LA–don’t ya think–maybe a nice long layover in our 50th state coming back–instead of a 20 hr. flight.

    Maybe then he can as Emmegirl #73 said ” Grab a big jug of water, find a nice spot under an umbrella on the beach, roll up your pantlegs and kick back and reeeelax. ( There will be no shorts or swimming suits involved)

    Poor fella– there probably will be practice–practice before he leaves-AGAIN

    Maybe they got wind of his fabulous performances –plus he’s very wholesome entertainment—way to go US Marines!

    A little more info:

    Marine Corps Air Station Futenma
    From Wikipedia

    Marine Corps Air Station Futenma or MCAS Futenma (ICAO: ROTM) is a United States Marine Corps base located in Ginowan, 5 NM (9.3 km; 5.8 mi) northeast[2]A of Naha, on the island of Okinawa. It is home to approximately 4,000 Marines of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing and has been a U.S. military airbase since the island was occupied following the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. Marine Corps pilots and aircrew are assigned to the base for training and providing air support to other land-based Marines in Okinawa.

    The base includes a 2,740 by 45 m (8,990 by 148 ft)[2]A runway as well as extensive barracks, administrative and logistical facilities. The air station is tasked with operating a variety of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft in support of the III Marine Expeditionary Force. The base is also used as a United Nations air facility.

    David could get a ride in some kind of military aircraft, maybe.


  109. dakgal said

    Sky–#106—OMG–Don’t they know that he’ll do anything!!! 😯

    and eat anything!!!

    But it does say Kiddie Land–that I’ll fall for. 😉


  110. bluesky said

    I hope this was advertised in time for some of his Korean fans to hop a flight over. ^_^


  111. bluesky said

    Or maybe from Hong Kong as well? Oh…. I really hope it has been advertised.


  112. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  113. dakgal said

    Bluesky # 110

    Only trouble is that they said “only SOFA status and local nationals” and military bases are very hard to into–in fact impossible if you don’t have the proper papers.


  114. djafan said

    The Archuleta tweets. He’s learning some very valuable things.

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Learning how to change the oil and spark plugs on the car. Taking a break eating some really good enchiladas though.


  115. skydancer1x said

    Dak, we know if its a ride of any kind, David will get on it. Perhaps they saw his Stadium of Fire performance, did that not go out to all our armed forces worldwide? just a thought.
    Well, at least we know David will have plenty of security! yea for our Marines!

    you are so right Bluesky “he’s very wholesome entertainment” ♥ 🙂

    you know, that video bothered me I know it would be hard not to film David,but I think I would have put my camera away in there.


  116. Abrra said


    I turned off the video after a minute. It was invasive to David’s private time. Kinda creepy. He works so hard on stage, he is entitled to his free time.



  117. skydancer1x said

    abrra, exactly♥


  118. ray said

    abrra#116 i thought the same thing he looked like he felt funny about it too


  119. MT said

    Sky, Abrra, Ray
    I see I’m not the only one that felt that way.

    Sky: ” Perhaps they saw his Stadium of Fire performance, did that not go out to all our armed forces worldwide? just a thought.”

    I hadn’t thought about that. If that’s what happened, maybe there will be more!


  120. Angelica said

    I found that video invasive of his down time too. Abrra, if you stopped at 1 minute, you missed him staring hard for a full 8 seconds without smiling right at that girl taking the video, 3:48-3:54.


  121. bebereader said

    It’s on David’s offical site now!

    Futenma Flight Line Fair, Okinawa, Japan

    “David and his band are set to return to Asia next week to perform at the Futenma Flight Line Fair on the grounds of the Marine Corps Air Station in Okinawa, Japan, on August 6th, at 8:15 p.m. local time. The festival is free and open to all SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) status and local nationals.

    Fans who wish to obtain tickets to the performance may contact with your name, phone number, mailing address, and number of tickets. Tickets do not include accommodation and transport.

    For further information please visit”


  122. djafan said

    Cool David logo video posted on DArchSiteVids

    Make sure to subscribe!


  123. tawna21 said

    Wowzers!! A person can’t leave this site for long enough to put together a potato salad without missing a newscast full of new stuff!!

    Japan!! I’ve been told there is no rest for the wicked, and the righteous don’t need it! Now, David seems to not need rest, but when is he ever going to let us get some? Looks like we better be getting very used to very little sleep since he’s started jaunting around the world, ’cause we are gonna be going to lots of good places with him. 🙂 I can’t think of a better tour guide to go with tho’. ♥

    That video was horrible! Angelica, I noticed ‘the look’ at the girl, too. I couldn’t believe that she kept on after that—tho’ I couldn’t believe she was doing it in the first place. Hopefully, she will come to her senses and take it down. Abrra, it was kinda creepy. David deserves better than that.



  124. betsy said

    Checking in.
    Are you guys talking about the museum video?
    Didn’t see it, and if it’s the one you’re talking about, I don’t want to.

    I just saw THE funniest thing on Twitter. The girl who is in the pic at #112 (was in the pic, before it was cropped, lol)(that’s her M&G pic) just tweeted this:




  125. bluesky said

    I did not watch the vid above (you guys mentioned.. ). Just when he is getting less self-conscious on stage. Nope, do not want to go there.

    Trust, DA, though. He will find a way to handle things. Peeps: “do unto others”.


  126. MT said

    124. Betsy
    That tweet …. lmbo that is sooo funny!!!

    122. Dja, that logo is all kinds of awesome. I really like that. How cool would that be on a big screen behind David when he’s going on stage!?! with the band playing as he enters!!


  127. djafan said

    I’ve taken the museum video down…


  128. bebereader said

    Tawna, We’ll be sleep-deprived for sure but I can’t think of a better reason. LOL

    Betsy, You just never know who is a fan. Sometimes it the people we least suspect. Her principal!!!

    Here’s the Entertainment Schedule for the Japan show:

    MCAS Futenma
    Sunday, August 07, 2011 10:00 PM

    Entertainment Schedule:

    Saturday, 6 August 2011 / 2 – 10 p.m.
    3 p.m. Welcome MC and Giveaway
    4 p.m. Arm Wrestling
    5:45 p.m. Chijinsyu Wakatida(Eisa & Shi-shi dogs Show)
    6:45 p.m. Homeland Okinawa (Rock, Popping & Hip-Hop Dance)
    8:15 p.m. David Archuleta with Band
    (American Idol 7th Season Runner-Up Pop Singer)


  129. skydancer1x said

    124. Betsy, thanks for sharing that twitter find.LOL so funny!

    wonder if David got the oil and spark plugs changed. I just love the things he shares with us.♥ Maybe if we are lucky we will get a vlog about it, before he leaves for Japan!


  130. Gayle122890 said

    I hope David sings Save the Day at the concert!


  131. bebereader said


    …or “Nothing Else Better to Do”.


  132. Gayle122890 said

    Bebe-Ooh, yeah!


  133. djafan said

    bebe, gayle



  134. lct said

    The ArchieSpanish are needing help to trend #SpainLovesDavidArchuleta!

    ArchieSpain DavidArchuletaSpain
    by archuletaeurope
    #SpainLovesDavidArchuleta ARCHIES IN SPAIN,PLEASE TT!!


  135. Abrra said

    Morning mail from Bluesky. She sent some pictures of the base in Japan where David will be performing.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thanks Bluesky!



  136. betsy said

    Reposting this because it deserves it. ♥
    “we love you David, we’ll always stand by you David, thank you David, you are loved”
    (I just caught that last one today. And I’d listened to it several times and never heard it. Always hearing something new. 3:06)


  137. skydancer1x said

    Hi all
    136. “Reposting this because it deserves it. ♥”
    “we love you David, we’ll always stand by you David, thank you David, you are loved”

    {{{sigh}}} I just get goosebumps every time I see and listen to this testimony of love between David and his fans.

    It is lovely to read nice reviews of the concerts David gave on the Asian tour, but there is no way a normal reviewer can understand, capture, and write about what it is like to be…well, US. all of us ♥ (with the exception of Pamela Pike)
    Oh, they can describe the attendance of large crowds of screaming fans,or judge his performances or songs, or notice his showmanship skills, but they don’t understand the depth of love that exists,between this man and his fans.
    We all felt it that night, whether in Manilla and present, or worldwide on videos. The voices on this video shouting out to David proclaiming their love for him was every one of us, wanting him to feel what WE feel for him so much! A moment to cherish forever♥


  138. Suzy-Q said

    I am thrilled that David is going to perform in Japan!!!! Several years ago when I was visiting Japan, the people treated me like I was someone special. Even strangers would offer to help me if I looked confused. They love our Western culture. Especially Cowboys. haha

    I read the Entertainment Schedule and I sm so relieved that the “Arm Wrestling” doesn’t conflict with David’s performance. Hehe

    Doing the “Happy Dance” is wearing me out!


  139. MT said

    Betsy, it does. It absolutely deserves it.

    “We all felt it that night, whether in Manilla and present, or worldwide on videos. The voices on this video shouting out to David proclaiming their love for him was every one of us, wanting him to feel what WE feel for him so much! A moment to cherish forever♥”

    Love that. ♥


  140. annie318 said

    Chills, tears. I’ve listened to this a few times too. It is so sweet, so genuine. I love them for loving David.


  141. archiesfan4life said

    Sky, like MT, I truly love this: “We all felt it that night, whether in Manilla and present, or worldwide on videos. The voices on this video shouting out to David proclaiming their love for him was every one of us, wanting him to feel what WE feel for him so much! A moment to cherish forever♥”.

    David has given us many, many moments to cherish these past 3 + years. The mutual love between David and his fans is so special and beautiful as is the love and caring among the fans for one another.

    Betsy #136 – can never listen to “Heaven” often enough – thanks for reposting!


  142. betsy said

    Sky – We all felt it that night, whether in Manilla and present, or worldwide on videos. The voices on this video shouting out to David proclaiming their love for him was every one of us, wanting him to feel what WE feel for him so much! A moment to cherish forever♥

    Beautifully said. ♥


  143. Heidijoy said

    Thank You Betsy, Sky etc. ITS HEAVEN and WE WILL STAND by DAVID and each other.


  144. emmegirl said

    Now Japan. He just picks up and flies halfway ’round the world kinda like me going to the market.

    Spark plugs, oil change…hard for me to visualize those beautiful hands with grease and grime.

    Got my TODOD ATE. All the new songs sounds so beautiful. That intro to EAM, my. Notice Me, the bridge, gah. Wait has really grown on me, his voice in that. Love LDH, still. And it felt so good to hear ZG again. Brings back memories of those earlier tours.

    Was driving home alone at midnight last night (babysat grandbaby), a beautiful calm summer evening, car windows down, listening to that glorious voice. It was almost like I was hearing him for the first time. It can sometimes completely overwhelm you.

    Was watching a few vids of his first visit to Manila. The difference in how much older he looks caught me a bit by surprise. How much more handsomer can he get, I mean really.


  145. djafan said


    That video sure deserves to be posted again and again. The outpouring of love for David warmed me and this needs to be repeated. Our opportunity will come to show David how we feel and we need let him know 🙂

    “We all felt it that night, whether in Manilla and present, or worldwide on videos. The voices on this video shouting out to David proclaiming their love for him was every one of us, wanting him to feel what WE feel for him so much! A moment to cherish forever♥”.

    I love this David interview.

    Friday July 29, 2011

    Archuleta thrills fans with his honeyed charm

    It was a sweet treat filled with sugary serenades for fans of David Archuleta at his recent concert in Kuala Lumpur.

    IN person, David Archuleta brims with childlike candour, giggling profusely when we asked him about girls. Apparently, the 21-year-old singer from Utah, the United States, has never been kissed.

    Kicking back on a couch at Hilton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, he confessed that he isn’t a mushy person, blushing as he did.
    Dreamy: David Archuleta had no trouble entertaining the 2,500-strong crowd at his KL concert.

    “Fans have tried to kiss me,” he said coyly. “But they usually don’t succeed. I have quick reflexes. It’s okay if my grandma or my mum and sister kiss me on the cheek, but otherwise, it’s just weird.”

    He insisted that a kiss isn’t just a kiss. “I feel that it’s very important and it’s not something you should just give away. I know sometimes people go like: ‘Oh, you’re cute, I’m gonna kiss you’, but for me, sharing a kiss means you care for someone, that you feel affection for them. I don’t wanna be giving it away like candy.”

    Archuleta added he has never been in a relationship. “I haven’t found that someone special yet and I’m still saving my first kiss for whoever that is.”

    His single, My Kind Of Perfect, he said, epitomises his quest for the right girl.

    “It’s my perfect love song,” he shared with a twinkle in his eyes. “It’s for a future girl who I don’t know yet. I wrote that song while thinking about who is she going to be? Or have I already met her?”

    He hasn’t let fame mess with his head either. “I don’t wanna go on a date and just hook up with girls for fun. I don’t like that. I think it’s very important to respect girls and really get to know the person you’ll marry and spend the rest of your life with.”

    The affable pop singer channelled his hopeful longing at his concert in Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, the following night, bringing on that honeyed charm that so effectively lulled nearly 2,500 fans.
    The absence of fireworks and fancy costume changes meant that Archuleta had only one thing to rely on – his voice. He used it well, too, flaunting his signature vocal prowess on emotive, baby-smooth numbers.

    He looked completely immersed in a visceral calm as he sang the maple syrup-drenched verses of My Kind Of Perfect while playing the piano. “It’s my love song,” he told fans, his face shining with mirthful belief.

    Maybe I’ve known you all my life / Is she the one? Is it today? / Will I turn the corner / see my future in a beautiful face, maybe, he sang.

    Indeed, it was a sweet treat filled with sugary serenades for fans of the pop singer that night. No more was he the shy little boy we conversed with earlier.

    Onstage, young Archuleta possessed the pomp and readiness of a much older performer, radiating surety and confidence all through the one-hour plus affair.

    “Performing on stage, seeing all my fans and feeling their energy is the greatest feeling ever,” said Archuleta, who was met with joyous, ear-splitting screams the moment he stepped on stage.

    Archuleta, who emerged the runner-up on the hit reality series, American Idol, in 2008 kicked off the set with the catchy Stomping The Roses, brandishing the energetic opening with youthful enthusiasm.

    Clearly, the boy knew what he was doing and he was doing it well. Fans clung onto every word as he took them through The Other Side Of Down, Love Don’t Hate and Something Bout Love.

    If anything, the absence of fireworks and fancy costume changes meant that Archuleta had only one thing to rely on – his voice. He’d used it well, too, flaunting his signature vocal prowess on emotive, baby-smooth numbers that make you just want to smile.

    He went on with the radio-friendly A Little Too Not Over You before breaking into an evocative cover of Tears for Fears’ Everybody Wants To Rule The World.

    Speaking of which, Archuleta was certainly big on covers that night, asserting his gentle appeal on popular all-time favourites like Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy and Brian Adams’ Heaven, which made the show feel somewhat like a prolonged, live-sized version of American Idol at times – minus the entertaining tirades from its ex-judge Simon Cowell.

    Still, the mood was mostly chipper and light-hearted throughout, buoyed by breezy sing-a-longs like Elevator and his rendition of Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles. When the Ben E. King classic, Stand By Me, came to play, almost everyone in the crowd, as though jolted by instinct, began clapping in synchrony.

    Archuleta may not have the rocking edge of Adam Lambert or the girlish sassiness of Carrie Underwood, but the baby-faced singer certainly has the talent and charisma to pull off his own show.

    He ended the night with his hit single Crush, looking thoroughly ecstatic as he poured his heart out.


  146. djafan said

    David is Heavenly.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  147. RAY said



  148. djafan said Interview – David with JJ and Ean !!!!!!


  149. Abrra said

    I need someone to translate that JJ and Ean video, please?

    I don’t speak distorted sound. 🙂

    What were the questions? I caught some answers, but I gave up on it.



  150. djafan said

    I understood most of it because I knew the interview, it was posted a couple of threads back audio only, but I kept watching because David looked so at ease and was having such a good time laughing 🙂

    Elevator tribute!


  151. djafan said

    This from FOD…nice discount. I put a link on the left sidebar to order your MOTab CD and DVD 🙂

    Linda says:
    July 30, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Deseret Books sent me a promo code for 30% off ( think its one single item). You can get the DVD for $17.49

    Promo JULY30. It works!


  152. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  153. Fiona said

    DJAFAN!!!! Aaaah, you nearly killed me!!!!! What beautiful pics!!!!!!!!! (screencaps)
    How can someone look that good sweating??


  154. Mary said

    “Oh, they can describe the attendance of large crowds of screaming fans,or judge his performances or songs, or notice his showmanship skills, but they don’t understand the depth of love that exists,between this man and his fans”.
    ~-Skydancer ~ I was touched by that HEAVEN video as well…hearing the fans proclaim their love for him..screaming out “I love you” & “we will stand by you”..doing everything in their power to express to him just how much he & his music mean to them..something we all feel when in his presence & while listening to that magnificent VOICE. I still wonder if David realizes the scope of the dedication that each & every one of his fans feels for him..can he even begin to comprehend it ~mind blowing really.


  155. Marylee said

    ..oops…that was my post above ~my new computer is not cooperating…modern technology! lol


  156. #148…Abrra, whatever the translation, they were having a great time!! Guys for a change instead of smitten, flirting girls doing the interviewing.



  157. Here it is Abrra…



  158. …and these guys love his “glow” and want to know how he gets it? Leave it to a guy to get right down to what we want to know.



  159. skydancer1x said

    Marylee, ♥ mindblowing it is. Not sure if he fully realizes the scope of it, but the feelings we all have are such a strong force and he moves us so deeply from within, he has got to feel it somehow. Sure seems like he felt it the other night in Manilla, we know we did! It was so powerful! We truly love you David!

    Dja, I am going to go to unplugged now,on my knees. incapacitated by those pictures.


  160. djafan said

    FI and Sky lol, That face 🙂

    Here’s tons of information on the Arizona gig. Over 10,000 usually attend, I’d increase that amount this year lol

    Click to access SponsorPacket2011.pdf


  161. betsy said

    Please watch. Thank you ArchuletaAvenueMsia
    ♥ ♥

    This is our story, too. Fans all over the world tonight. ♥ Please watch the whole thing.


  162. Heidijoy said

    Betsy # 161 That is beautiful. So true. Thank you David and fans!! Those fans are so creative and talented. Hearing David @ the end was so tender.

    That was a nice Nightcap!


  163. Abrra said

    A bit of redemption on a Sunday morning for the person who video’d David at the museum. This one is more like a M&G. David spent time with the fans talking about writing his songs.




  164. skydancer1x said

    163. Thanks Abrra,
    he says some interesting things in this one, like that it was his first look at the cd and pictures.looks like there was some rush to get the 5 new songs on there… maybe (?) They sound great David, not to worry.
    OOOH, If I was there I would have said to him we would LOVE a “live” cd!, after his comments about Love Don’t Hate.!!
    (still wish she would take the other video down.)

    161. Betsy, love that video
    . See David? You, YOU YOU! You, Mr. Archuleta, are respondsible for all of this!♥♥♥

    Dja. so,how many times did you fall out of your chair making those screencaps?


  165. Heidijoy said

    163 thanks Abrra, Yes this is much better. Love knowing there was interaction with fans and that it was a M&G. Like Sky still would like the first part should be taken down but this helps.


  166. skydancer1x said

    Hope you are all having a nice Sunday.
    David loves malls♥.I hate malls.It is hot here.So, we are going to the mall. May even ice skate.Pray for me.
    Laying on my back on the ice actually doesn’t sound too bad right now.
    forecast highs for DFW area today-104. M-F… 108,109,108,106,107.
    P.O.Box .24-7
    Hotternhell, Texas 00666


  167. MT said

    166. haha Hotternhell, Texas << Sky LMBO!!

    Good Luck with the ice skating. 🙂


  168. bebereader said

    Was busy with family yesterday but made it to chat last night! What a surprise! We had two fans from Asia stop by, Salamahafifi and Kshirl! They must have seen djafan’s tweet invite! 🙂 So cool talking to them for awhile while they were waiting for David to appear on their TV for a short previously-taped interview. Hope they stop by again soon! I fell asleep on the keyboard as I usually do, then woke up to see Emifriend in chat! It was hard to juggle the chat conversation with the vintage American Idol videos that were playing on the screen but we managed. 😉 Those AI7 videos never grow old. And of course we watched the amazing videos from the Asian tour, too. Great night! Thanks to all who were there.

    Bluesky, I loved seeing the pics in comment #135 of the Japanese military base where David will be performing next week. Kudos to you for finding them.

    Betsy, Thank you for two great video finds! The Heaven video with the fans talking to David in the background is my favorite moment of the entire tour. That’s why I picked it as my favorite in my comment #38! I hope David heard the love for him that was in the air that night. How could he have missed it; it was so apparent. The other video in comment #161 was so heartwarming. Noticing fans from different countries on Twitter is one thing, but actually seeing a video of them hits you smack in the face. David has brought people of all different cultures together.

    Sky, keep cool!

    Guess what tomorrow (August 1) is? It’s the third Anniversary of the release of David’s first single, “Crush”!!


  169. archiesfan4life said

    Hi Abrra,

    Regarding #163 – I just tried to watch that video and I got a message that says, “This video has been removed by user” – I just wanted to let you know. Hope you are having a wonderful day!


  170. Abrra said

    Thanks AF4L

    There might be a lesson learned somewhere.



  171. djafan said

    Great time in chat last night!!!

    News!!! We all know Pamela Pike and her writing about David. Well she’s written a book about us, the fans and David!

    Saturday, July 30, 2011

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    New book profiles singer-songwriter David Archuleta from fans’ perspective “Through Our Eyes” by Pamela Pike provides a fan’s-eye view of American Idol contestant and recording artist

    LOS ANGELES – “Through Our Eyes” (ISBN 143921171X), a non-fiction book by Pamela Pike, examines the music, personality and rise to fame of David Archuleta through the eyes of the fans who love him most as well as some of the people who have worked most closely with him.

    An energetic singer from the age of six, Archuleta rose to fame through his audience-winning performances on American Idol. In “Through Our Eyes,” Pike traces his artistry and the impact it has had on the lives of fans. Through interviews, fan testimonials and excerpts from social media feeds, readers will discover the ways in which Archuleta’s music and performances uplift and inspire his legions of followers. The book also includes interviews with those closest to David in his professional career, including American Idol associate music director Michael Orland, Archuleta’s voice coach Dean Kaelin and songwriter/arranger Kurt Bestor, each of whom describes the personal impact of Archuleta in their lives.

    “David’s music and character bring joy and happiness to so many people,” says Pike. “His gentle soul, compassion and humility changed my life for the better and I wanted to share that with others.”

    Moved by her deep appreciation for Archuleta’s commitment to help others, Pike also profiles the artist’s work with charities in the book. Written to engage and inspire, the book is intended to serve as a loving tribute to a young man with great talent, an ability to move hearts and make a difference in the world.

    “Through Our Eyes” is available for sale online at and other channels.

    Available Friday August 5, 2011

    e-store available now https//


  172. djafan said

    This is the write up for the book on CreateSpace.

    Through Our Eyes

    List Price: $19.95

    About the author:
    Pamela Pike was raised in Southern California, moving with her family to the area just after the opening of the Disneyland theme park. After leaving college and relocating to Los Angeles to find a job, she worked in the medical field for more than forty years. She began posting on various David Archuleta fan sites in 2008 and writing articles about him in 2010. She also enjoys spending time with her sister and extended family, which includes nine nieces and nephews, twenty grand-nieces and nephews, and one great-nephew.

    Through Our Eyes
    A Fan’s Perspective on Artist David Archuleta
    Authored by Pamela Pike

    Every now and then, a powerfully gifted performer emerges and resonates well beyond his exceptional voice. He puts forth a shining example of kindness and humility. He taps into his talents to lift up those who are in need. And, above all, he nurtures a deep spirituality that is an inspiration to all who follow him. For fans like author Pamela Pike, such is the impact of breakthrough American Idol star David Archuleta, whose musical genius catapulted him to fame at the young age of sixteen. Today, he continues to create phenomenal music, while also serving as a rare role model for a life lived with integrity, charity, faith, and heart.

    Through Our Eyes, Pike’s rousing tribute to this exceptional young man, explores Archuleta’s profound and singular musical craft, as well as his exemplary code of living. Through interviews with the performer’s colleagues, an overview of the star’s numerous charitable acts, essays from passionate fans of all ages, and an intimate portrait of the author’s own discovery of the American Idol contestant with the gentle soul, this tender testament to the influence of one exceptional individual is certain to capture the heart of anyone who has been struck by him.

    Beginning with a probing look at our country’s fascination with celebrity, Pike makes a case for those high-profile personalities who use their prominence for a greater good. Pike then explores the role of social media in fandom, including the wealth of videos on You Tube, as well as Archuleta’s congenial Twitter posts. From there, Pike details the impressive charity work undertaken by the young star, including his involvement with Do Something and Rising Star Outreach. The author also shares insider interviews that Pike has conducted with leading figures in the music industry who have worked closely with Archuleta including: Michael Orland, associate music director of American Idol; photographer Jake Chessum, who shot “The Other Side of Down”; Dean Kaelin, Archuleta’s voice coach; and songwriter/arranger Kurt Bestor.

    Through Our Eyes culminates with the author’s personal journey of discovery, and how she came to understand the uncommon character of this shining star. Relating her experience of watching him perform songs like “Imagine,” she also tells of her own encounters with the performer at engagements in the States and abroad. Time and again, always taking the time to graciously accommodate her and other fans with photos and kind words.

    By casting a spotlight on Archuleta’s depth of spirituality and generosity of hope, Through Our Eyes offers an inside look at a beautiful soul with a brilliant future, portrayed with a stirring emotion that will move anyone who appreciates David Archuleta’s rare gifts of music and heart. Readers will relish every page of this joyful tribute.

    Publication Date:
    Jul 29 2011
    1461060400 / 9781461060406
    Page Count:
    Binding Type:
    US Trade Paper
    Trim Size:
    6″ x 9″
    Full Color
    Related Categories:
    Music / Individual Composer & Musician


  173. skydancer1x said

    171-2 .Dja, wow, that is good news!! Thanks for the info.Way to go Pamela Pike! only 100 pages? well, that will be snapped up in NY minute.♥ Really great write up on the book. Good for her, I love her articles! YEA!!

    back from the mall unscathed… no skate,no fall .too many little kids, on the ice,and hanging onto the railing..I have to have access to that railing at all times.

    been watching some of the videos, from Ponds Teen…entrant’s videos, for M&G contest Ponds had. Cute.:) So happy David went to Indonesia♥


  174. bebereader said

    This message was on a Japanese blog for David. And it’s all over Twitter now.


    I used google translator and here’s what it says:

    “Unfortunately, Futenma Festival scheduled for this weekend has been under the influence of the typhoon and is likely to be postponed or canceled.Final decision will be made by tomorrow and tweeted..Stay tuned.”
    Is this official? Waiting for word from David’s team.


  175. emmegirl said

    Pamela Pike, wow, looks to be an interesting read, can’t wait to get it.
    Who is this masked woman.

    Enjoyed him talking about the song inspirations, writing and the production of the extra songs. Assuming it was the week he spent with Lady V recently. Kinda remember a tweet something like, we did all we could – just hope it’s good enough, or something to that affect.

    He had said after TOSOD that he would like to do some producing on his next album and it sounds like he may have gotten that chance here, albeit fast and furious. Now I listen to them with an even keener and appreciative ear.

    sky, lol.


  176. bebereader said

    I am so thrilled about Pamela Pike’s book!!! I predict it will be the first of many books written about the phenomenal Mr. David Archuleta!!


  177. skydancer1x said

    found another Heaven, I am sure some of you might have seen, but the lighting in this, and Davids profile, well,watch the whole thing.It’s gorgeous! This one screams out for SCREAMCAPS!(pretty please somebody?)

    credit to ArchuletaAvenueMsia ♥of course


  178. gladys said

    I know this video was seen many times, but the minute 2.39, david has such mastery of their music is amazing.


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