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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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The Incomparable David Archuleta Returns to the Philippines

Posted by djafan on Monday, July 18, 2011

Photo credit Nareejo

Ah, le tour du jour. It’s Mabuhay Monday! David is back to perform a full concert for the first time in Manila at Araneta Coliseum today! Or last night, which is today for us, I think. You do the math, or check the time zone widget on the sidebar. As a rule, I don’t generally care for Mondays, it being the dreaded first day back to work, but today I will be grinning from ear to ear. We will have gorgeous goodies galore to gorge ourselves on this afternoon and evening! Oh, I am a greedy Gus but I don’t care. I am past caring. I want more and I want it now. I was on overload yesterday, but I have evolved and assimilated. My capacity to absorb his Incomparableness is limitless. Resistance is futile, you know.

Check out what is on the agenda the next few days while he remains in the Philippines and kiss your forbearance goodbye.

I love this too much. ♥

Prepare, if you dare, for more of the Incomparable Mr. Archuleta. He’s everything and more.

Don’t look down cause this is REEAAAALLL!!!

112 Responses to “The Incomparable David Archuleta Returns to the Philippines”

  1. Abrra said

    Thank you for the post Angelica! The last thread was getting very full 🙂 I have to work today. i wish I could be home to do picture spam 🙂

    I did a bit of poking around and found some treats to start of this Monday. i found a blog post from Samantha, who won a pass to the Pond’s Teen M&G in Jakarta. It is a fun read, including David’s first taste of lemper.


    “I was thrilled by how close we can get. And a sofa.. that’s good right? It feels more laid back. And so we took our seats. I took the last one on the right. Then they asked for our cameras so they can take it for us. It was really organized. Then he walked in and the other four girls squeeeeaaakked but I couldn’t see him cause someone was blocking me. But then I saw him walking towards us. I didn’t squeak. I was like “Oh wow, he’s here!” I expected myself to have less reactions and wasn’t all fangirling like the other girls. They haven’t met him before so it’s obvious that they’re gonna freak out like that. I was more restrained and kept my cool and tried to slow down my heart beat. My impression of him though, he didn’t glow like 2 years ago. He was tanned and looked shorter. So it’s either I grew taller a bit or he shrunk. I didn’t say much. “Hi!” David said and again.. the girls slkfgja;slkfjalefnalskjefhl HI DAVIDDDDD but I was like .. ehe. Hi. :B

    He reaches out his hand to the girl on the far left. This girl named Talita was really excited and I loved how he pronounced her name with a Spanish accent. One by one and finally it’s my turn.

    I stood up and reached out for him, “Hi!” he said.


    “Hi, I’m Samantha”

    “Oh, hi, Samantha””

    read the whole story here

    GO ASAP and check out the possible live streams.The concert is happening around 8am edt. Keep checking the sites below. Good Luck !!

    I did some checking for a Ustream to see the concert online. AFS gave this info;

    Ustream link :
    Thank heaven I can get UStream on my phone.

    Flixwagon link:
    NOTE: You may need to register to see the content on this site. I didn’t because i won’t be home to watch. Go check it out before 8am edt and be ready LOL

    Having said all this, the venue is indoors and the signal may not be strong enough to broadcast. When there are many phones texting, recording or in use in any way, the cell tower capacity is filled quickly. This will weaken the signal.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    screen cap by Djafan

    Have a great day everyone!



  2. Abrra said

    Vee and JR are here someplace 🙂 In a email to me, Vee said this;
    “We plan to meet this afternoon, have light dinner before the concert
    and then after drinks to “dissect ” the concert .”

    Here is a picture from twitter:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Happy, happy @archuletaphils peeps w Malaysian Archies having dinner before the concert!!! 🙂
    credit kricket_rc234

    Off to work. I hope the signal is decent for UStream!



  3. Angelica has placed two of the most wonderful pictures taken of David as lead pictures in these last two articles.

    Thank you Bebe for enlarging this lead picture on the last thread! I have been taken back by his looks as he can change as the situation changes, or so it seems. The first time that I saw him so different was at Christmas seven months go and here he is doing it again.

    I am going to repeat what I wrote last night but with a slight variation…

    David looks to be twenty something with his strong, chiseled jaw and a slight dimple in his chin He has the tired eyes of an accomplished young man with the most perfect smile in the whole world.



  4. Then Abrra places the ‘third’ most ‘awesome’ picture of David in a very good place. As long as he keeps changing, I will have my same avatar.

    Enjoy Manila!!



  5. Abrra said

    Hah SB I checked in before i shut my PC off and saw you comment #4. Were was my head? Of course this picture needs to be here too.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Bye for realz this time!



  6. FG said

    Angelica – yessssss that part in GGTT RAWKS equally fantastically. And ABRRA – how can I thank you for that MGR???

    Angelica “what happens to him on stage is getting stronger” I just can’t even.


  7. amb4da said

    Morning DA world~

    Yes Abrra…was hoping someone brought over the pic in #5; Tks! …I can’t get over it….it’s almost “iconic.” …if that makes sense.

    Looking forward to whatever we’re in store for today….better get some cardio in first to be able to take it. 😉

    Later guys~
    ps. yesterday woke with EAM in my head. Today it was GGTT. Literally, when my eyes opened the songs have been in my head (nice way to wake; Tks David) …that’s a good sign for how infectious they are(tho’ one is a cover)…or a sign I’m definitely in DA overdrive! …still lovinnng EAM.


  8. Abbra..Yes, that picture is one for the archives in a special folder as well. Another great one!



  9. emmegirl said


    That is how he should always be billed.


  10. xaris said

    Well, my last round of company left so I was able to catch up on Jakarta vids yesterday before new ones start rolling in today. I have no idea what or who possessed him in during that concert, but I hope he keeps it-WOW! Thanks for the MGR, Abrra; it makes my eyes bug out. I don’t even know what to call the ending of GGTT, but I want moooorree of it!

    It is pure joy to watch him finally sing with complete abandon.

    Thanks so much to everyone posting goodies here to make it easy to catch up!


  11. Abrra said

    I have a working cellcast on my phone
    Go to the UStream link above then EDIT the last name on the link to read DALIM 2 cellcast
    David is not on yet but I do have video of the opening act

    Good luck.!!

    Abrra from her iPhone


  12. Abrra said

    It’s off now so it may have been a test and she is conserving her battery.
    Keep trying all the links mentioned above. Someone should have a feed once he gets on stage.

    Abrra from her iPhone


  13. skydancer1x said

    Angelica, I don’t think I ever commented on yesterday’s post which I loved, as I do this one this morning♥ I can’t even think straight anymore, but you always get me goin’!
    “Oh, I am a greedy Gus but I don’t care. I am past caring. I want more and I want it now.” HAHAHA!
    ain’t that the truth, the whole truth, and nothin’ but the truth!

    later…time to check UStream…


  14. PandasMama said

    Just stopping by to say that I absolutely love all of the amazing people at this site. Thank you for chronicalling all of the epicness of the last few days. Of all times, this weekend has been one that I could rarely get on the computer. Husband has been home all weekend with a back injury. Spent most of his time in our computer room. Thankfully he is gone to work for a couple of hours this morning so I am streaming Manila concert on hubby’s Mac while I’m on my PC checking out what I have missed all weekend .

    In just the short amount of time that I have spent reviewing pics and videos this morning, I have come to one conclusion: Our “Little David” is no longer little, at all. I think that the video of David arriving in Manila is the one that has hit me the most. I expect to see David transform during the performances but somehow his appearance as he arrived at the airport in the Philippines just blows me away. He just glows and exudes confidence, even fierceness. I do believe that David has arrived. He is all grown up.Thank you Asia for “getting” David and bringing out this amazing side of him. Oh man!!! Are we in trouble!!!!


  15. betsy said

    That concert. I am still processing it. The fact that he included Heaven. IT WAS GORGEOUS.


  16. PandasMama said

    Wow! I am so glad that I finished my first comment during Elevator. I’m at a loss for words now. Heaven!!!!


  17. bluesky said

    Angelica ❤

    "I have evolved and assimilated. My capacity to absorb his Incomparableness is limitless."
    After just watching parts of the last concert, all I can say in reply to your post is: ha! maybe!!!
    Cause what he just delivered is bigger than that 16 pound baby someone just had in Texas.

    You know, I read my quote at the top of the page and at first I thought, "What??? No, really: What?" Cause the words don't seem to quite make sense. (I have to remember sometimes why I write – cause the thoughts stumble/tumble and often make up their own mix, usually from a truth I doubt my ability to express.)

    Then I listen to the live-concert he just did: "Ah, yes." (I tell myself) "That's what it was/is." "A place where good things happen, things that you did not know you had the capacity to experience or to absorb."

    "The other side of life. The side which DA sees from and to which he sets his compass; into which he sends his anchor down; and from which his spirit soars."

    Then, yes. The words make perfect sense.


    He just vocally recreated "Heaven".


  18. skydancer1x said

    Betsy,he was perfect. And Heaven…just beautiful,and once more he left his heart right there on that stage.♥♥♥


  19. kaycee said

    Wow, I am speechless! Who is this guy?! I knew that he would feed off the energy from the crowd, but their love practically caused an Archuexplosion! He was on fire! How did he ever up his game from Indonesia, because that concert was amazing!


  20. kaycee said

    You’re right, Buesky, Heaven was truly HEAVEN.


  21. Suzy-Q said

    Holy Moly, I couldn’t believe my good fortune when David sang “Heaven”. I got goosebumps and chills. I am a happy camper! 😀


  22. Suzy-Q said

    Honest to goodness, I think that this is the best I have ever heard David sing. He just added so many runs, held notes longer and sang different endings. His voice didn’t seem strained in the least. it was just a wonderful concert! I am so thrilled for the fans that were in the audience and got to hear him live. They will never forget it. And, aren’t we lucky that some of those fans are recording it for us to see.


  23. betsy said

    rewatch here!


  24. MunkFOD said

    Epic and inspired……. tears….. David.. thanks for following your heart and having the guts to do what you have felt it the right thing. 😀


  25. fewwords said

    When he sang “Heaven’ I felt like I was intruding on him and the audience. The love was palpable half way ’round the world!


  26. bebereader said

    Thanks for the link Betsy!
    I’m going to watch in a few minutes; heard it was another epic show.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit dalekins


  27. bebereader said

    David tweets:

    Thank you so much Manila!! It felt soo good getting to perform again in the Philippines! What an awesome night!

    Charice tweets David:

    OfficialCharice Charice

    @DavidArchie Congrats David! Glad you had fun!

    David’s reply:

    @OfficialCharice Thanks Charice! Hope things are well with you.

    And after a short tweetfest with fans, David tweets again:

    All right going to go to bed after a long day. Thanks again you guys!
    44 seconds ago


  28. Angelica said


    “Honest to goodness, I think that this is the best I have ever heard David sing. He just added so many runs, held notes longer and sang different endings.”


    “When he sang “Heaven’ I felt like I was intruding on him and the audience.”

    Wow. You guys are making my heart go pitter-patter. So happy for him and anxious to see the vids.


    Hah! You are right. I may have to eat them words. 😛


    Thank you!



  29. bebereader said

    From the Jakarta show:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “He looked really good with the blangkon haha”
    credit: scpancake

    Tweets coming in from various countries:

    andrea_1234 Andrea L.

    AussieArchieFan Shanny in Australia
    @DavidArchie I hate doing this but I think the time has come that I just have to say it….. PLEASE COME TO AUSTRALIA!!!!

    sammikns sammi lagrange.
    by Batya11394
    @davidarchie please go to Israel. they've been waiting so long to see you.


  30. poof said

    Perfection,,, just perfection! His voice, his obvious JOY in singing for them and the palpable love affair between David and every person in that Enormous audience. I am sitting here in my bathrobe with tears of happiness and pride running down my nose. He gives so much to us. I am so glad he knows we are giving our whole hearted love and support backto him, tenfold.


  31. bebereader said

    andrea_1234 Andrea L.

    First videos up!



    Had to share this text about TOSOD: @zerogravity1 karin


    credit: etiamexspecto


  32. fewwords said

    I love live concerts & I’ve gone to hundreds of shows in my life, some huge name stars, some small indie artists, yet David was the first to bring tears of joy to my eyes (Ann Arbor- Christmas show) and somehow thru a cellcast from the other side of the globe he does it again 🙂

    #28 Angelica- cute-thankyou


  33. djafan said

    at meeting and missed it and won’t be at a computet til aftetnoon…trying not to have an anxiety attackkkkkkkk

    from my cell


  34. ram said

    Poof- “His voice, his obvious JOY in singing for them and the palpable love affair between David and every person in that Enormous audience.”

    That was phenomenal! I felt that love through the computer screen. Amazing. He has a lot of love to give to his fans and those closer to him that he cares for deeply and I am just in tears.

    Hearing him sing Heaven after all this time and hearing it with the emotion that he so obviously felt makes these past four years seem like a dream.


  35. poof said

    No anxiety attackkkkkkkk Djafan, it was just like you are imagining it! 🙂 You can always count on David!

    Forgot to say above,,,, two (more) of the things that David IS that stands him apart from anyone for me, his energy and his sincerity. Who he is comes through in each note and move. And thank you Djafan and Abrra for the photo in #1. I think that might be might favorite, ever.


  36. pocoelsy said

    Hello everyone,

    OMG!! have mercy David lol.. !!!


  37. ram said

    Dja-Please do not have anxiety attack. lol But do know that your heart will be melting very soon. Waiting for you on the Love Train. <3<3


  38. bebereader said

    I haven’t seen the show yet….It’s torturous to read the tweets and comments and not see what they’re talking about! jdkljdfjasdjaljaljlf I especially can’t wait for the video of “Heaven”!


  39. bebereader said

    Crush (not closeup)

    credit The Erkss


  40. betsy said

    This tweet ♥

    David Archuleta was in tears when he sang HEAVEN… awww.. if I could only catch those tears, they could have been diamonds for me.


  41. bebereader said

    Press Conference in Jakarta

    credit GADISmagz


  42. bebereader said

    Everybody Wants To Rule The World



  43. betsy said

    Love Don’t Hate

    credit etiamexspecto


  44. poof said

    Another thing,,, :),,,, his sense of the stage and how to present himself, OMG! He does these cool little moves, that catch you off guard but doesn’t overuse them. Look at 4:10 in Everybody Wants to Rule the World in #42. What was that,,,,,, could I please have more????

    So,,, it seems today, though still speechless, I have found plenty to say. 🙂 🙂 (and I cannot get over Everything and More!!!) Ok,,, I’m done,,, i think.


  45. bebereader said

    Closer up EWTRTW

    credit etiamexspecto


  46. bebereader said


    I agree with everything you said. I watched very little of the videos thus far, in between finding and posting but the little I’ve seen shows a new David Archuleta. He has reinvented himself! The only remnant left of the boy from American Idol is his beautiful voice. His stage presence is that of a well-seasoned professional. I’m just gobsmacked again. He shows no inhibition and throws in new moves when we’re not looking, catching us off-guard. Wait. Buckle up, my friends, this is nothing. The Best Is Yet To Come.

    Backstage from M&G

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Andrea 1234


  47. sweetonDA said

    Auuuughhhh…He has left me speechless and in tears!

    I can’t even concentrate on anything but this performance. I’m so happy for him that it actually hurts!


  48. bebereader said


    Isn’t he something??!!! To see him evolve these last three years leaves you speechless and in awe of his genius! Yes, it hurts!


  49. MT said

    Ahhh … finally got home. I was in time to catch a little bit of the UStream. ♥ OMG. “Heaven” was just unbelievable. I can’t wait to see the video. His whole performance of every song I saw was great..

    And I have to say, the new songs have found a place in my heart and are settling in nice and comfy. Don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon. lol And when he performs them … I dont even know what to say. Love.Love.Love

    I just can’t believe what I saw. It was a great big Manila love fest.

    Bebe: ♫ The Best Is Yet To Come ♫ << Yes it is!! He just keeps getting better and better. How is that even possible?


  50. MT said

    And I forgot to say …

    Thanks sooo much to everyone for the UStream, vids, pics, tweets and comments. Love them all.

    Angelica, Abrra, Bebe, Djafan, you guys are awesome!! THANKS SO MUCH for all that you do.♥


  51. bebereader said

    MT {{{hugs}}}

    Here’s ZG – Sound is awesome but view is not. But that’s not a complaint. Wish I’d been there, with any view at all.

    credit Alvino76

    We have “Heaven”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    credit zerogravity111A


  52. MT said

    O.M.G. ♥ … Heaven…. ♥


  53. MT said

    Oops! Sorry, Bebe, you can delete mine.

    Looks like we both found it at the same time. lol


  54. bluesky said

    He is not focused on “what it (the music) is doing to us”. (I admit to being self-centered enough to appreciate the question: “Does he know what he does?” with a lot of good-natured humor) But no. I do not see him focusing on “what is happening to them”. Nope. To me he is focused on what the music has done to him.

    And I say: Bravo!

    a thousand times. bravo.


  55. goodkarmaseeker said

    Well, I now do believe in “Heaven” and it sure feels like I’m in it! This certainly is one of his very BEST performances, right up there with Contigo.
    Except, I think I really like this better, I think it’s his best. It’s so full of passion and feeling and beauty. I’m in love with it.

    This concert is so bursting with energy and love. The crowd is amazing. Wish all of us could have been there to jump around and sing along.
    Seems like the place was packed and it looks like there’s almost a 50/50 ratio of guys to girls. Love to have that here.

    David’s on fire!!!!!!!!


  56. poof said

    Bluesky, I really appreciate your comment in #54, “Nope. To me he is focused on what the music has done to him.” In my comment in #44, I may have made it sound like he is “deliberately using moves”. I agree with you. I think he is probably just doing “what he feels”, and would probably answer, “What moves?”. I just hope he keeps “doing what he feels” forever.

    Also Thank You to everyone doing the live stream and sending in videos so quickly. You have, obviously, made my day.


  57. betsy said

    A joy to read this.

    David Archuleta ‘surprised’ on Pinoy fans’ support

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    When David Archuleta arrived in the Philippines Sunday afternoon, he was held up for a few minutes at the NAIA Terminal 1 due to airport ground crew who posed for pictures with the “American Idol” season 7 runner-up.

    Some artists may find this an unwelcome inconvenience. But for David, who is in the country for a concert at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City Monday night, July 18, the incident is only a testament to the enthusiasm and support of his Filipino fans.

    “It’s funny. It’s usually like after when you get the luggage and stuff when the people come. I haven’t even come out (of the airport) yet… It’s something very unique to the Philippines,” David told Yahoo! Philippines OMG! in an interview last night.

    In fact, David said it’s the Filipino fans that keep him coming back to the country. In 2009, he headlined a back-to-back concert with “American Idol” season 7 winner David Cook at the SM Mall of Asia open grounds. Last year, he returned to the Philippines to promote his third studio album, “The Other Side of Down.”

    “The Pinoy fans have just been so amazing and just so supportive and they’ve always been so excited and always keep asking if I can come back. Their requests have kept me coming back. They’ve always been great and amazing and their support and energy have always just been something I’ve appreciated so much,” David shared.

    He added, “There’s something about the fans that’s just so different. They’re very energetic, enthusiastic. They’re very dedicated. It’s something that shocks and surprises me every time.”

    First time

    Although no longer a stranger to the country, the concert tonight will be his first without a co-headliner. Does he feel pressured considered it’s his first time to do a solo concert in the country with “energetic” and “enthusiastic” fans?

    “I feel a little bit of pressure just because I want to do a good job. I don’t want to let my fans down so I hope that I’m doing the right songs, and I’m singing, and I’m okay, my voice is warmed up and ready,” he said.

    Of couse, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter is also excited to perform later.

    “I feel like I’ve been able to prepare to give a good show for everyone and give good energy to the fans. I feel like the energy from Filipino fans too will be great energy to feed out off,” he said.

    David said he will sing some of his more popular songs but adds that he will perform songs from his most recent “The Other Side of Down: Asian Tour Edition.”

    “I hope they’ll enjoy those too because they’re very new so they may not be familiar with them. I hope that by introducing these new songs that they’ll enjoy it too,” he said.

    Besides the new songs, this concert will be different, David said, because he has “grown a lot since the last time as a performer.”

    Last chance

    And how has he grown? David said he’s more comfortable on stage now.

    “I feel like I’m more able to feed off the energy more from the audience more than before. I mean, you always feed off the energy from the audience. But before, I think I kept most to myself just because I was still a little shy,” he explained.

    David also said that since the last time he was in the country, he has learned to appreciate performing for the sake of performing.

    “(Before) I would get so self-conscious of thinking, ‘I don’t know if they still like the songs or not’ or “Do they like me?’ Now, I just want to make sure that every moment is meaningful and memorable to the fans and to be too,” he said.

    David added, “Lately every performance feels like I’m singing as if it’s the last time. That’s what I feel. I’m singing like it’s my last chance. Because you never know when you can see these fans again. So I just want to make sure that it’s good. I want to give my best because I never know when I’d get another chance to see the faces who are out in the crowd again.”

    After his Philippine concert, David will head to Vietnam and Malaysia for the third and fourth leg of his 2011 Asian tour.

    “It’ll be interesting,” he said of the remaining stop of his tour. “I never know what it will be like. With the Philippines I had a better idea just because (the fans) reach out a lot.”


  58. bluesky said

    From the article listed above:

    “I feel like I’m more able to feed off the energy more from the audience more than before. I mean, you always feed off the energy from the audience. But before, I think I kept most to myself just because I was still a little shy,” he explained.

    David also said that since the last time he was in the country, he has learned to appreciate performing for the sake of performing.

    “(Before) I would get so self-conscious of thinking, ‘I don’t know if they still like the songs or not’ or “Do they like me?’ Now, I just want to make sure that every moment is meaningful and memorable to the fans and to be too,” he said.

    David added, “Lately every performance feels like I’m singing as if it’s the last time. That’s what I feel. I’m singing like it’s my last chance. Because you never know when you can see these fans again. So I just want to make sure that it’s good. I want to give my best because I never know when I’d get another chance to see the faces who are out in the crowd again.”

    “Before I kept most to myself…” “Before I would get so self-conscious….”

    He has let the music flow through him. Now it feels like he is letting the experience flow through him as well. So… even though he may feel as though “it could be the last time”, there is “no turning back”. That makes for a powerful delivery.

    Thank you DA. I think you know: it is worth it.


  59. bluesky said


    *waves* I always appreciate your comments!

    No. It did not occur to me you may have meant something like that. Not at all. He has said he has been watching MJ, after all. Perhaps instead of watching for particular “moves” he was watching for “mission”.


  60. MT said

    Somebody help!!! … I am lost in “Heaven”

    I’m gonna say this, and ya’ll might disagree, but I think that performance of “Heaven” rivals his performance of “Imagine.” It really is THAT good. At least for me it is. I am sooo in love with it!! Wow!!

    He seriously needs to cut a record where sings like that. It takes my breath away.


  61. betsy said

    #60 MT, I agree. Others do as well.
    Nobody in the history of the world has ever sung like that.
    He sang 150% for an entire concert, then comes out AGAIN and quietly kills off an entire fanbase.
    I love you David.


  62. skydancer1x said

    Well, that closeup video of Heaven has turned me into a turnip.
    What was left of my cognizant abilities…gone. pulled into Heaven.
    Will he return my heart? cause he reached right into my chest and took it out. On second thought, he might as well keep it for me,so much of it belongs to him already.


  63. Abrra said

    A sepia tone video of Heaven

    credit booradleigh

    Who wants Candy?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Heaven Manila 2011mp3



  64. ODDity said

    I cannot leave “Heaven” long enough to watch any of the other videos yet. Heaven is the first song I ever heard David sing live, from about 15 feet away. I will never forget how the immense power and beauty of David’s voice so near sent shockwaves through my soul and sucked the breath out of me. My reaction to this performance is much the same but this time I’m also feeling the profound emotions that I felt when I first listened to CFTH. Tears are flowing and I’m enjoying every minute of it, over and over and over. It feels so good and pure and right. ♥♥♥

    Does anyone remember the backup singer on American Idol who kept wiping tears from her eyes while listening to David sing Heaven? I sincerely hope she is able to hear this current performance.

    Dare we hope for mp4’s (as well as mp3’s) of these magnificent performances? I cannot tell you how much I appreciate those of you who share your talents and sacrifice your time to provide such things for all of us.♥♥♥


  65. gladys said

    I’m waiting for my heart and conscience, they stayed in Manila this morning.
    When I listen to HEAVEN, I started to float, I think I’m still doing. Like a fool, I cried throughout the song, the emotion generated by david has no explanation.
    I think today I saw the soul of David in that smile at the end of the song.

    David Please, give my heart and my conscience, I have to keep working and studying English. I made a promise when you finished singing HEAVEN, at some point in my life I know to you and if I can speak two words, I ask you a hug.


  66. bebereader said

    Something ‘Bout Love

    and Touch My Hand

    credit etiamexspecto


  67. PandasMama said

    So, while I have been floating in this abyss contemplating the unfathomable performance of Heaven, a thought occured to me. David should not worry about recording any more studio albums. All he needs to do is find someone to do live recordings of his performances and sell these. There has not been a recording studio constructed anywhere in this world that can actually do justice to THE VOICE. He must have the power and energy of the masses to fuel him.

    This, in my opinion, is like a spiritual/supernatural thing with him. Or at least it feels that way to me. I have been to many concerts in my lifetime and I have never seen this kind of transformation and … I can’t think of the right word here… maybe, power… that takes place when he sings this way. Both David and the audience are affected. I have only seen this happen at a couple of Christian concerts. When I experienced Casting Crowns performance here in Austin a couple of years ago with 17,000 other believers, I felt numb and overwhelmed, yet totally at peace with everything. That’s what David did to me this morning with Heaven, and I was on the other side of the world in Texas watching this on ustream. It left me breathless. What happened there in Manila is probably more than I could ever handle in person. This is probably why we get so few concerts here in Texas.

    Oh, David! I’m sure you don’t have any idea what you did to all of us today. I’m not sure we can ever repay you for this either, but Thank You.

    I feel a new blog entry coming on in the next few days. I must first get a grip on this euphoria I’m experiencing today and then maybe I can make my words make sense again.


  68. bebereader said


    I’m speechless, breathless and with heart palpitations after that Heaven. I don’t know whats going on but I do know that I want to stay on this ride forever. David’s concerts are like religious experiences.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

    My Kind of Perfect (oh he really is)

    credit xxxsaraaahxxx


  69. Abrra said

    David’s OS has some picture spam from Manila on the front page. What a great site admin he has 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    More here:



  70. MT said

    Abrra, I have a sweet tooth and I see you are filling the candy jar again. 🙂 I knew we could count on you. ♥ Thanks.


  71. bebereader said

    Well look what we have here (I’m feeling giddy LOL)…

    My Hands

    credit xxxsaraaahxxx

    If Abrra fills that candy jar any more, we’re all going to need a dentist.

    Have we heard from JR and Ascphil yet? Did they survive?


  72. djafan said


    I sat, turned on my computer and went straight to “Heaven”. It took me back to Hollywood week on idol, watching the back up singer wiping the tears from her eyes and it validating my tears because I didn’t understand why I was crying. And here we are full circle, David giving us Heaven, literally with that performance, piercing right through everything I am and making me to tears. I feel sooooo proud of him I can’t even explain. That voice is one in a million and I’m so blessed to be here right now.

    Thank you all for bringing links, tweets, and everything else. What a fan base ♥


  73. betsy said

    What was that David said? He wanted to concentrate more on the vocals?
    Everyone in the world should hear that Heaven performance.


  74. dakgal said

    There IS no one like him!!

    There is NO ONE like him!!

    There is no one LIKE him!!

    There is no one like HIM!!

    That is all I can manage at this point…….I’m dumbstruck–in awe–and numb.


  75. betsy said

    Awww Dja. (hugs)


  76. djafan said

    Thank you Betsy.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    More here on his OS


  77. betsy said

    Ohhhhh there’s lots that I could say. But just hold me now, and our love will light the waaaaay. ♪


  78. Heidijoy said

    Pandasmom, Yes they must start taping LIVE performances!! Leave a note
    I’m in Heaven and I’m speechless. David wanted to make sure they understood him and we get chills just thinking about it. I listened on Ustream and then the You tube numerous times. I’ve barely started on the other songs but 1000 miles was cute when David got a brain freeze and then proceeded to say he’d fly 8000 miles to see them. ha! Another fantastic show.

    Hugs to all and Thank you for keeping us updated!!


  79. djafan said

    Buzz! PEP ALERT

    scoopbox: DAVID ARCHULETA CONCERT UPDATE 3: David played the keyboard twice. First for the song “My Kind of Perfect (Searching for that Girl),” written by David and when he sang “A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. He says he remembers his mom whom he loves so much with this song. about 1 hour ago

    DAVID ARCHULETA CONCERT UPDATE 2: David Archuleta told the crowd at the Araneta Coliseum: “Let’s give it up for Julie Anne. She has an awesome voice.” David also told the Filipinos: “I would really fly a thousand miles to see you guys.” about 1 hour ago

    DAVID ARCHULETA CONCERT UPDATE: Julie Ann San Jose served as the opening act of David Archuleta’s concert. Mommy Racquel, mother of Charice, is spotted at the Archuleta concert at the Araneta Coliseum. She is accompanied by Grace Mendoza, Charice’s manager. about 3 hours ago


  80. ray said

    hi all,glad you all are still all alive after that heaven, that brain frezzz at atm,was a harddrive overlode with love ,and he had to switch to a back up, man what a concert that was


  81. djafan said

    Close up of ATM 🙂 Falling Stars on this video also


  82. djafan said

    More buzz!


  83. skydancer1x said

    Eeeeek! My Hands cuts off at the end, but ooooh so gorgeous.

    72. Dja, I thought about that too♥ the backup singer wiping tears from her eyes that night was quite a moment.
    I mean this is the first time he has put “Heaven” in a setlist…right? That song has got to have such a special meaning for him now, with all that has happened since then.What a blessing he is to our lives.
    When the tears were wetting my cheeks this morning, I found myself asking the question “what are we to do with all this?” What are we to make of this absolute gift that David bestows on us, in his singing and his spirit and his heart? what is the message?If you can’t get someone out of your head, then maybe they are meant to be there?

    I love that he has international fans that understand, and love him so much. Scenes like we have witnessed the last few days, should be happening for him at home.I want with all my heart for that to happen for David.


  84. emmegirl said

    I-N-C-O-M-P-A-R-A-B-L-E! Yep. I am shouting! This needs to be the headline for every concert, every performance, every NA, I don’t care what! This man is so-o-o-aring.

    I have only gotten through Heaven (that is what every song he sings should be titled!) and EWTRTW (how many times can you sing it with all the changes and it sounds amazing every single time, have heard him do it for 3 years now and I am still in awe!)…and I am a pile of rubble, I am dirt, I am dust.

    Run out of words.


  85. Abrra said

    Too many to post

    JR’s photobucket page.:



  86. emmegirl said

    #29, one of the most beautiful pics of him ever….wearing the traditional blangkon, embracing the fans after the concert, the love on his face which was lit by the fireworks. There appears to be many iconic moments on this tour already.


  87. Abrra said

    David leaving VIP room at the airport in Manila, then greeted by fans outside

    credit JRforDA2011



  88. dakgal said

    I volunteer to be the stinker– nobody has mentioned it so I will–David went from an A+ in Jakarta–to a –D- in Manila when it comes to apparel.

    David, David– why are you sweating so profusely and wearing a jacket—I mean a real jacket–an outside jacket. I was sweating watching you ( well you know what I mean) 😉

    Loved the T and the light weight shirt flowing in the breeze in Jakarta–the colors were perfect.

    This time it should have been reversed –a rosy lip colored T and a flowing white shirt.

    Other wise: Priceless


  89. dakgal said

    Oh—and I was screaming take it off—take it off –but he didn’t hear me.


  90. kaycee said

    #5 pic…just amazing, and the way it should be.

    Sky, you had me tearing up: “I found myself asking the question “what are we to do with all this?” What are we to make of this absolute gift that David bestows on us, in his singing and his spirit and his heart? what is the message?If you can’t get someone out of your head, then maybe they are meant to be there?”

    And Emmegirl, you had me laughing out loud: “…and I am a pile of rubble, I am dirt, I am dust.” And about the “running out of words”, no truer statement. I was so blown away by the last two concerts, but trying to put my thoughts into words seemed almost futile. All the adjectives I could come up with seemed practically unworthy of what we witnessed!


  91. kaycee said

    Oh, and by the Dakgal, I vote for outfit number one too!


  92. I was away today and just arrived home.

    I have never seen anything more out of this world and it is David singing ‘Heaven’!!

    How did he get to that? Where is he going? Well wherever it is I want to be there too!

    I believe that he is acknowledging to all of us that he has arrived to where he wants to be in his world of music…

    What a celebration (((David))), you are phenominal!



  93. MT said

    89. Dak: “Oh—and I was screaming take it off—take it off –but he didn’t hear me. 🙂 ”

    hahahha Dak, you’re a riot!

    Not a fan of the second outfit either. (This from the one in love with a man in a jacket. lol But not an outdoors jacket, and in that heat.) I liked the outfit in Jakarta better, too.

    I read a blog somewhere today (can’t remember where, sorry) saying that someone else picked his outfit in Jakarta. I wonder if someone did it for him in Manila too?

    (I’m trying to figure out where that knit shirt, belt, and those dark blule jeans went. 8th pic from the bottom, left side-bar. Hope he finds that outfit again.)


  94. skydancer1x said

    hahaha DAK! I knew he would be hot in that nylon jacket, and indeed he was.
    nice pants though, and, loved the watch on his wrist. would have loved the watch, with your “rosy lip colored T, and a flowing white shirt” (I love it when D wears a watch) Very nice looking one he has on.

    “Oh—and I was screaming take it off—take it off –but he didn’t hear me.” (teeheehee 🙂


  95. Tawna21 said

    Aww mercy, mercy..another amazing performance! I’m gonna just ride on everyone else’s wave and ditto the comments…it’s been a priceless two days! David keeps one-upping it with each performance of each song, and I have no words to describe my senses and what they are going thru right now. **seriously** The videos are great..and the pictures breathtaking (I’ve got to go back and finish JR’s photobucket).

    dak–I’m with you–the outfit is great for a Fall concert in N.America, but not in Manila—toooo hot!!

    Abs, I really, really, really, (wringing hands) hope that in time your candy jar will have mp4’s of this tour…take your time, none of us are going anywhere 🙂 and patience is our group middle name…we’ve learned all about it by now. 😉

    Angelica.. Incomparable, indeed!!!

    Thanks to all for the ustream, vids, pics, and links ♥♥

    Off to view some more vids and pics



  96. betsy said

    A little inside info on Heaven from Mark Nylan on Facebook.

    “David just decided to throw this into the set a few hours before the show. So this is really the first time we’ve ever played it together”

    He had posted the sepia video on his FB page.


  97. Abrra said


    I don’t usually put up mp4’s of all the performances. I don’t see where many people would want to take up that much space on their iPod.If there are any particular stand out’s I will make them available on request. Just let me know in comments and I will put them in the Candy Jar.

    After this tour is over, I plan to pick the best audio of each song he sings and will put them in a general Asian Tour 2011 folder for downloading. I did add heaven today because it was perfection!



  98. djafan said


    I liked the outfit but you’re right he should have taken the jacket off once he started sweating. I was shouting right with you lol.

    Love this Zero Gravity from one of the upper levels. David working the stage and his voice just soars.


  99. skydancer1x said

    96. Betsy, Mark sharing that info makes Heaven even more special. No one but David could “throw this into the set a few hours before the show” sing it straight from the heart with every note perfection, and make it one of the most memorable moments of the tour.Genius.


  100. djafan said

    Another event in Manila! Will he sing????

    Here at Greenbelt 4 for David Archuleta’s Chords of Strength book signing. Around 110 out of 200 reserved books are now sold.

    Yayyyyy!!! RT @PinoyArchie: Soo many people lining up for the book signing. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  101. ‘Heaven’ could be the sole topic of “Its Saturday Night on The Voice Unplugged”!!!

    Gotta get some sleep now!! With starry eyes though…Where’s my bedroom? He’s left me mesmerized…OK let’s see one foot in front of the other, gotta watch that stride on the stairs…Bravo David what a concert!



  102. MT said

    96 Betsy,
    “David just decided to throw this into the set a few hours before the show.”

    Wow… I can’t imagine many artists willing to take a chance like that, to perform something special for the fans, without rehearsals. (He did it with Bubbly, too). It takes a lot of guts, and a lot of confidence, not only in yourself but in the fans to accept if there’s a little slip, which is always possible. He knew they loved him and he wanted to make the concert special, and he certainly did. What a gift!

    That guy is just full of surprises. ♥


  103. I’ve typed out 5 different paragraphs and erased each one trying to explain how these two concerts have filled my heart with pride and simple joy for all that David is. I’m a blubbering mess. Bless his heart for he gave all he’s got for these deserving fans.
    I’m going back to listen to The VOICE melt my heart again…


  104. betsy said

    Archangel48, I have done the same thing several times today. I think we are speechless. Normally on a huge concert day, there are tons of comments. Not today. It’s almost too big to talk about. So we just go back and watch and listen. To David feeling his song, his music, the people, the love.


  105. emmegirl said

    sky, said it all!

    The Asian tour lovefest continues, and it makes me joyful that he is getting the kind of appreciation that he so deserves.

    Last line of of EWTRTW, center stage, feet together and with a sweep of the hand sings “welcome to your life” with such a heartfelt genuineness. He gives and gives.


  106. Tawna21 said

    Abs #97–good point…I didn’t even consider the space it would take up–iPod or computer! Thanks for reminding me.



  107. Angelica said

    Ditto the last few comments. I thought I was prepared for the incomparable, unconquerable Archuleta. I was not. Still trying to process all the emotion and je ne sais quoi: translation – I don’t know what just happened.


  108. Tawna21 said

    dja #98–I love that ZG! He’s really rockin’ the stage–check out about 3:01-3:02 a split second MJ head whip! ♥

    thanks for bringing that one over



  109. dakgal said

    Dja–#98—Thanks for posting that video from the upper level– as much as I love seeing David up close in videos—I love–love seeing vids of the crowd. How many there are–what they are doing i.e. dancing –jumping–the phone lights–the colored wands. Really gives you the sense of the excitement. So video makers turn around once in a while for us inquiring minds.

    Has anybody heard how many people there were there in Jakarta or Manila–at the concerts?


  110. Betsy and Angelica, It’s good to know that I’m not the only one sitting at their computer with their jaw on the ground! 😆


  111. Angelica said

    Dakgal, I read over 15,000.


  112. djafan said

    AT the book signing!

    They’re playing TOSOD CD while we wait.

    SuperBuknoy_FOD Kristian
    COS quiz while waiting for @DavidArchie. 🙂

    SuperBuknoy_FOD Kristian
    And they just made a fan sing When You Believe. Another fan just sang her fave song Let’s Talk About Love lol

    David tweets Brooke

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    I can 2nd that for @BrookeWhite’s new music project! Can’t wait for everyone to get a chance to hear it!

    Brooke responds

    brookewhite Brooke White
    @DavidArchie the salt of the earth you are… Thanks so much my friend. #davidarchieisgoodpeople


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