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Ascphil’s Recap, Asia, The Return of David Archuleta: Part 4

Posted by ascphil on Thursday, July 14, 2011

The following is the fourth of five daily installments leading up to David’s return to Asia.  Written by Ascphil at the conclusion of his last trip to that part of the world, and with exclusive photos by her daughter.

Having read that David glows and is very fair-skinned, I started comparing his skin tone to that of VJ Jules who was very fair for a Filipina. I was surprised that under the same light, VJ Jules was a pinkish, fleshy fair, while David seemed like he was made of porcelain, and the stage lights were making his skin reflect a bluish hue. Are my eyes fooling me? Is he really on stage? I know he is there because of his unmistakable speaking voice. My mind was puzzled by what I was seeing, but I was too busy trying to get a good shot of him on my video cam. As Alfredo started strumming the intro chords of Elevator and David started to sing, all I could see was a sea of lighted screens with David’s head barely visible above them.

When he went into his audience participation part of the song, he was very much in his element as he asked certain groups of the audience to sing. I was pleasantly surprised that when it was the turn of the male fans, there was much more singing than what I’d usually heard in the US videos. Way to go, Archienoys! When Elevator was done, I hesitated to put down my video cam lest I miss something significant in David’s in-between banter. He then moved toward the baby grand piano for the next song which he then revealed was Crush.

The fans went crazy again as he played the first few chords. Visibly pleased by the audience reaction, he gave a great big charming smile which brought on much more screaming, then sang Crush with such fervor. Dang these cameramen! Even if we were directly in front of David, their big cameras were crowding our vision as they moved back and forth in front of us. I could get a shot of David only when the cameramen moved enough away from each other to produce a gap between them. I could see the sweat on his forehead; his face was so smooth and expressive as he sang. He shimmered like fine bone china in his sweat. What was that skin made of? I was imagining that if I wiped him with soft cloth, he would have sheen like a porcelain doll. Watching him on the piano, I have never witnessed David sing Crush so passionately the way he did it that night. I think it is true what many have observed, that he feeds on the energy of the audience and his singing is so inspired by that energy. We were giving him loads of love and he was giving it back to us in heaps. Then the song ended. We were previously told that he would perform only two songs, then the cd signing. The fans were applauding but at the same time clamoring: Awww, one more please, David!

As though he could read our minds, David stood up and moved away from the piano then immediately said he had one more song for us. Although he was feeling very hot and wished there could be one big fan above us, he was very much in high gear. He then nodded at Alfredo who proceeded to play SBL’s opening chords. The crowd was mesmerized as David sang the first few high notes.

This time the cameramen in front of us were gone and moved center-stage, thank God! During the chorus of SBL, the fans were singing along with him and didn’t need his prompting. Again, the sea of raised hands hovered with a multitude of lighted screens and they seemed even higher than before. Although I was getting pretty tired holding my right video cam hand up, there were instances when I caught myself tiptoeing because there were just too many cameras to compete with. Wherever David went as he moved around the stage, you could feel that the people in the moshpit moved along with him. Our bodies were so pushed up against each other that we were already acting like many small pieces of metal that were following David like he was a big magnet. JR later related that even if she couldn’t see David the whole time, she knew exactly where he was because of how the people in the moshpit were moving to the left or to the right.

The air in the Sky Dome was so charged up with enormous energy, it is amazing how the fans were very much behaved even in all the frenzy. I didn’t hear of any mishap even though the moshpit was really packed. When SBL ended and David thanked us, sending us his love with “Mahal ko kayo!”, we all understood that there was no need to ask for another song, as we were all too excited to get ready for the cd signing.  🙂

All videos courtesy Rabid4David

86 Responses to “Ascphil’s Recap, Asia, The Return of David Archuleta: Part 4”

  1. Angelica said

    Brought over from the last thread…while we wait for him to arrive in Indonesia.



  2. djafan said


    RT @arierlin #SelamatDatangArchie @DavidArchie 🙂 so many archies are waiting for u now at the Soekarno Hatta airport.


  3. djafan said

    Peru is waiting to!

    awwwrchuleta ale portocarrero
    12:27 am here in Peru … a little headache … i’m supposed to be sleeping but nooooo.. i’m waiting his arrival to Indonesia lol


  4. bebereader said

    Oh here you are!

    MyLove4Archie N.
    by Char_Charizard
    OHHH. sorry. David’s arrival will be at 1.05 P.M if it’s not mistaken?? :O so… it will be.. in 35 minutes then!

    Shell_eeeyyy Shelley
    Only @DavidArchie fans would stay up until wee hours of the morning to watch his arrival on ustream and twitter to Asia! Lol


  5. djafan said

    spancake is testing!


  6. dakgal said

    All I have to say—or can say–is–GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!


  7. Gayle122890 said

    Ascphil-Crazy, crazy fans! The energy in that room! He was truly drenched in love! And yes, what is that skin made of??


  8. djafan said

    Hey Dak, how we doing? lol

    Picture at the airport!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  9. dakgal said

    Your doing just great–no more pictures until he lands tho–I need my eyes in my head!!! 😯


  10. djafan said

    Magazine? Nice.

    kaWanku magazine
    dear, @DavidArchie we are waiting for you at the airport 😀 love, archangelindonesia #archiehunt


  11. bebereader said

    At airport:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit: onyitkawanku


  12. bebereader said

    Several tweets have indicated that David’s plane has landed.
    Waiting for confirmation.
    Everyone watching the ustream?


  13. dakgal said

    I am Bebe —doesn’t look like a very big crown—afraid of security?


  14. dakgal said

    or big crowd either


  15. sweetonDA said

    I hope he comes out where the fans are waiting.


  16. dakgal said

    Amazing to see all the countries that are saying hi!!


  17. bebereader said

    It just amazes me. We’re all watching at the same time from different countries all over the world. In the Ustream there are fans watching from Columbia, Mexico, Argentina, the US, Italy, Malaysia, Israel and more….all waiting for a glimpse.


  18. djafan said

    Dak, maybe because of school and work?

    Imagine these fans will see David in the flesh for the first time ever! After seeing him several times I still feel like I’m going to implode every time lol.


  19. dakgal said

    I think those gals can take that security guard! Haha


  20. gladys1961 said

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, tomorow i will be at work, early, but to see a david ahhhhhhhhhh


  21. gladys said

    03.42 am yayyyyyyyyyyyyy


  22. gladys said

    not tomorow, TODAY


  23. dakgal said

    now I’m just being stubborn and won’t give up the ship!!


  24. djafan said

    OH MY GOD!!!!!

    The love is great! I’m so happy for him!!!!

    Thank you spancake!!!! Indonesia rocks!!!!


  25. stenocruiser said

    Just a glimpse — my goodness, those fans waited so long but they were happy when they got that glimpse of David. Wonder what Mark and Steven thought when the fans cheered for them by name. Wow.


  26. bebereader said

    Finally….we saw him! I just can’t get over the love for him, everywhere he goes.
    I got a screenshot…sorry for the blur but if you look closely you can make him out, going on the van.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  27. sweetonda said

    He was mobbed. I love the Asian fans. They love them some Archuleta 🙂

    Yes, thanks spancake. That was well worth the wait.

    Good nite


  28. Annie 318 said

    From the looks of of the welcome David just received, I think he’s achieved superstar status! That was quite an event. It reminds me of the Beatles landing in New York the first time they came to the U.S. Just wow!!


  29. djafan said

    Here is the link to the recorded livestream! And they sang to him!


  30. djafan said

    Someone tweeted this. Must have been someone on the bus 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  31. bebereader said

    David’s arrival in Indonesia, with a smile on his face!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit PONDSTeens


  32. pocoelsy said

    Hello everyone, sooo excited to see the Indonesian fans gave him a very loud and rock star welcome, they are fantastic!!! the love for the guy never “get cold” with time it just wait for the right moment to explode, and it exploded alright, Indonesia is not only famous for her active valcanoes but now also for the love for our man, kaboomm haha.

    Just have some quiet time to catch up with Ascphil’s Recap, and what a great recap they are, I can feel the intensity right along with her, will use it as a guideline when I really see David haha, what a great writer, you all are great writer!! sometime I just feel so small with all you hugh talent here lol

    My hubby ‘s gone to KL. today to pick up our tickets eekkk…I’m shaking just thinking about it lol. Can’t wait for my turn to witness David in the flesh! I’m prepared or am I !!! hee


  33. Abrra said

    What a sight to wake up to!! I am so relieved he is safe and lookin’ so F I N E !

    I want to share a “tip” to help you all find the latest YouTube uploads of David’s tour ( or anytime he is in concert).

    1.) Go to

    2.) Type David Archuleta,today in the search bar at the top next to the red YouTube logo. There is a comma after his name. Use it! If you don’t use it you won’t get the most current videos.

    That’s all you have to do!

    Just had another idea. If you want to track the time where David is, find the city here

    Then set a clock you have at home to that time and put it where you can see it. 🙂 As he changes cities, change the time.



  34. Abrra said

    I was about to make a screen capture of the UStream, but JR has done it already!

    Watch the girls at the end when his bus has gone, they are ARCHU-STUNED!

    credit JRforDA2011

    You might want to bookmark her channel and check back often for updates.

    Abrra the spammer


  35. FG said

    This is so fantastic! Love the reception they gave him! I love Livestream, I love Twitter! LOLOL I am gidddddy!


  36. vlm said

    Thanks Jr – I think the Manila reception will be as fantastic – Why o why do I have to live so far away?
    Sending my hugs and warmest wishes to you Sky, Djafan, Angelica, Heidijoy and Bebe – I mailed my gift to David and the band this afternoon – doing that made me feel a little better –
    Ascphil, hope you will also do a recap for David’s stay and concert –
    I will be looking forward every bit of news and videos (thanks in advance JR) – good morning USA, goodnight Asia and David!


  37. Abrra said


    I have had an excellent experience with CD WOW. When I had a small issue ordering ( my browser had it blocked), they were immediately responsive.

    This should be a site that some of the international fans can go to for anything David. CD’s and books. Not all countries are served, so check the site.



  38. bluebar said

    # 30 David looks absolutely radiant… even after a very long flight!
    And, what a gracious guy to make a sign!
    He just had to find a way to acknowledge his fans!!

    I’m so happy and bubbly, too… smiling along with everyone!


  39. skydancer1x said

    waking up to all of this wonderfulness makes me so happy!!!!
    so much love for David!! I love Ben taking pictures out the window, haha They are going to feed off all that energy too. This trip and the Ponds concert is going to be EPIC!

    bah, have to work today! Thanks Abrra for that info and the links♥ ♥ woo hoo!!
    have fun today everybody!


  40. betsy said

    He looks so tan and so happy!
    I ♥ the Asian fans.
    I love this girls’ Twitter. (the one who was doing the livestream)

    “My mum was so scared for David because he was going to be eaten.”

    Now she is shopping for something to wear to meet him in.

    “There’s a Jasmine costume. Maybe I should wear that.”


  41. Heidijoy said

    Ascophil Enjoyed reading Part 4 along with seeing all the current welcome. How exciting for all the Asian fans.

    Thanks to DJfan,Abrra, JR.,Bebe,and fans for all the wonderful news,stream,pictures,You tubes etc.

    VLM So glad sending David’s gift helped you!!

    Pocoelsky So excited for you!!



  42. betsy said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  43. pocoelsy said

    #41 Heidijoy, everyone

    Thanks for being excited right along with me, It’s kinda unreal that he’s so near to me already eeepp 🙂 . Just add to my excitement, last week Sony people call me if I want to upgrade my tickets from 500 rm. to 800 rm. so that we’ll get to watch the sound check too, haha it took me only a split second to say yes!!! man.. David really rip my money out of my wallet so fast and furious haha my family will have to live off instant noodle for a long while lol crazy thing we do when it comes to “the boss man”.

    Love all the commotion ur.. reception at Indonesia air port, I was worry about him got squish for a bit there lol. There.. David, soak it all in, you’re loved with capital LOVE, you have to know it by now.


  44. MT said

    Ascphil, Thanks for another wonderful piece!! I love your description throughout the article of fan reactions at each point in the performance, and then to see it in the videos! I love that they sang along, and even sang the whole ending of SBL. Soooo awesome!!

    As for the vids from Indonesia… Wow!! I was so hoping that they would show him the love, and they definitely did!! Thanks to all the fans out there who went to the airport, who sent pics and vids, and to the mods here and everyone else for bringing everything over and posting everything for us. (just love our late nite crew, and morning crew, for that ♥)

    David looked both shocked and thrilled. Bless him, he was even trying to sign autographs in all that craziness. ♥

    Loving it all!!! And this is just the beginning!!


  45. Abrra said

    I put all the beauty in one comment for you 🙂

    Sheeeeeewwwwwww!! He is rockin’ that hair combed back 😉 Arms, anyone?



  46. FG said

    Man need big muscles to lift big rice.


  47. sweetonDA said

    Hi everyone, loving all the pics showing up and…ummmmm….yeah to the arms!

    pocoelsy, “Just add to my excitement, last week Sony people call me if I want to upgrade my tickets from 500 rm. to 800 rm. so that we’ll get to watch the sound check too, haha it took me only a split second to say yes!!! man.. David really rip my money out of my wallet so fast and furious haha my family will have to live off instant noodle for a long while lol crazy thing we do when it comes to “the boss man”.

    Haha, yes our money just flies out of our wallets when it comes to anything David. I’m so happy you get to watch the soundcheck. I love those almost better than the concerts.

    Okay, off to make bread and strawberry jam. Anyone want some? 😉


  48. MT said

    Abrra: “Sheeeeeewwwwwww!! He is rockin’ that hair combed back Arms, anyone?”

    Yes!!! Love the hair brushed back! and can’t get over the arms in that first pic in 42. 😮

    FG, hahahahha


  49. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    ”@JattuAnggraeni Had a lovely dinner with @DavidArchie :D”

    I’ll add more as they show up.



  50. Heidijoy said

    Abrra: My thoughts exactly. Love the hair brushed back,so hair is fluffier. His exercise is working!!!!!


  51. kaycee said

    Been way too busy lately, but just had to pop on for a sec and say, ““Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Asia sure knows how to treat our man! I’m so glad that he’s feeling the love. Can’t wait to see how that translates in his performance! His band members must be blown away by the reception.

    Way to go Indonesia!

    Loving all the pictures!


  52. Suzy-Q said

    Ascphil, Recap 4 is my favorite so far because I love how you describe the love shown between the fans and David. Also, the phsical description of David on stage. I got so excited just reading about all of those juicy details. One would think that I was actually standing next to you.

    I am also so excited about David’s trip to Asia. I couldn’t be any more excited if he were coming to Atlanta. Their reaction and enthusiasm is contageous. I’ll be smiling all day. Thanks for posting the videos and photos, Abrra. You’re a gem!!! It’s always easy to spot David in a crowd with that beautiful black hair.


  53. MunkFOD said

    Ascphil, Loving your detailed recaps! They are soooo good! Thanks so much! and loving the great reception David is getting in Asia! Can feel the excitement! So happy!


  54. cathy said

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone involved in the pics, recaps and vids! You are up-to-the-minute reporting and I appreciate it all!!


  55. ASCPHIL – I have a perma-smile reading your “novel”. Amazing how time flies. It must also be cathartic to be able to put feelings – pent-up or bubbled over – on paper. Somehow it makes all things that transpired… real. When kept on our memory vaults, they just seem surreal 🙂

    Thank you for taking the time to chronicle those fun, unforgettable days. A toast for more of the same to come, for every Archie across the globe.

    Also, thank you TheVoice admin for featuring ASCPHIL’s series 🙂 .

    ps: has dinner w/ Vee & Teth tonight. And they were the ones who reminded me about your series 🙂


  56. Late breaking news (and twitter suddenly went kaput!) Volcano eruption in Jakarta.

    Praying for everyone’s safety


  57. kaycee said

    Volcano in Jakarta?…thoughts and prayers to all affected.

    Ascphil, forgot to mention in my earlier post that I have loved reading your recaps! Love all the little details.


  58. Angelica said

    It looks like the volcano is Mount Lokon, in north Sulawesi province, which has been on high alert all week and this was expected. The map shows where it is from the Jakarta mainland where David and the concert will be. I think it will be OK. Praying for those who are evacuatiing near the volcano though. There are no casualties reported.



  59. skydancer1x said

    just got in the door, and flew to the computer! haha

    so, volcano looks far away by the map 5or6 hundred miles or something? have to read up on it….

    thanks admin. for all the wonderful up to date postings.

    46. FG “Man need big muscles to lift big rice.”

    omg that is too funny,hahahaha! You made me choke on my bagel and cream cheese ‘snack”
    His tummy is probably all mixed up. breakfast is now dinner,I love that he loves food ♥!haha

    He looks so cute in these pictures at that last one of him sipping on his drink.
    those arms, and that hair! he is such a rockstar! 🙂


  60. dakgal said

    I, too, stayed up late to see Davids arrival–so needless to say I just woke up from a nap.

    I loved the reception he got from the FAN-tastic fans. I had to laugh- during the time they were waiting so long for David to appear–scpancake kept saying— “We’re not going to scream or yell when we see David”………..We’re not going to scream and yell when we see David” …… I thought—-HAHA like heck you’re not going to scream and yell when you see David!!!

    Well, of course all that she previously said went to pot and the screaming and yelling took over. The excitement was just to overwhelming.

    This is just a small taste of what is yet to come. 😛

    Where has he been keeping those arms?


  61. cmaecy said

    What an experience…. i can proudly say “yeah im a big fan’ i got sick for days after the event but IT’s WORTH IT.. and i’ll do it all over again (will avoid the media cameras still :S


  62. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Did you go see David last time too?



  63. sweetonDA said

    Abrra, thanks for posting all the pictures.

    It’s 6:00 am in Jakarta. I wonder what kind of goodies we will get from his day today?

    Welcome cmaecy!

    I think I need a nap too dakgal. Especially if it’s going to be another late night of David doings. Gotta love him and his food experiences.

    I can’t get enough of Wait! I just love that song.


  64. Fiona said

    I agree with everyone who is enjoying Wait so much. I just love the way David sings this song! Now we know what he meant by vocally driven, emotional songs! I don’t know if any of you were fans of Chris de Burg? This song reminds me of some of his songs. Very beautiful!


  65. djafan said

    Arms…that’s all ♥

    Hello cmaecy!

    Ascphil, Great it’s all so exciting and great. Nice to see those in your recap commenting here and on other sites 🙂

    The videos and pictures complete the words you paint, beautiful piece of art. I can’t wait for the finale!!!!

    It was so much fun last night, I’m paying for it today but I’d do it again in a David second.


  66. MT said

    SweetonDA & Fiona,

    Wait is such a gorgeous song.
    “Just one more minute … Wait, wait, wait, dont goooooo…. Ooooo yeahhhh”
    Love that part and the “Yeahhh” in that part is a new sound I don’t think I’ve heard from him before. Love It!!


  67. MT said


    “It was so much fun last night, I’m paying for it today but I’d do it again in a David second.”

    David being on the other side of the world for the next couple of weeks is going to seriously mess up our sleep schedules. LOL But it’s going to be soooo worth it. 🙂


  68. bebereader said

    Welcome to The Voice, Cmacey! 🙂 It’s great to see new faces here!


    Your words are just the morsels we need until we get upcoming concert footage. You described the show so well as I followed along on the videos. Don’t you just love that howl in “Something ‘Bout Love”? And the fan participation on all the songs put a huge smile on David’s face! So beautiful!

    Yawn! The night crew slept in today but is up for more fun tonight!
    I went to sleep happy, thinking how cool it was to wait for David’s arrival in Jakarta, miles and miles away from my humble abode in NY, in another part of the world, together with fans from all different countries, who have never seen each other but who have a special heart connection due to The Voice. 🙂


    So excited for your upcoming concert date with David!

    “…haha my family will have to live off instant noodle for a long while lol crazy thing we do when it comes to “the boss man”.

    Ain’t that the truth?

    Yum, the food David is eating looks good. Rice and something else. I wonder what it is. I bet they had a huge reception with lots of food for him and his crew after they landed.

    And get this: Instead of David looking tired after a 20+ hour plane ride, he looks refreshed. How does he does that? Love the upswept hair!

    Looks like we’ll be sseeing some interviews tonight:

    Kiky Suhyar
    @qqsuhyar Kiky Suhyar
    Yap, we’re gonna have fun all day by interviewing @davidarchie @ Sultan Hotel..


  69. skydancer1x said

    Ascphil, “Our bodies were so pushed up against each other that we were already acting like many small pieces of metal that were following David like he was a big magnet.” haha!
    don’t mean to laugh, but that sentence, really was wonderfully descriptive and just tickled me. ok, I will stop….hahahaha!
    I love the way you write 🙂 You make me feel like I was right there in the room.I am sweating, just THInKING about being packed in there!

    Pocoelsy. “…haha my family will have to live off instant noodle for a long while lol crazy thing we do when it comes to “the boss man”.
    I hear you♥ “where there’s a will, there’s a way!” which reminds me, got to start saving again for David/Christmas tour in the USA! Woot!


  70. kaycee said

    Hey, does anyone know about the band? I just saw a blurry picture of them taken in Indonesia, and I don’t recognize a couple of them. Were there some recent changes, or perhaps some of them had conflicts? Anyone know?


  71. Tawna21 said

    Ascphil, you’ve done it again with this chapter. You had me holding my breath, laughing, sweating, and feeling magnetized! I love it. And, I love that you will be seeing David in a very short time again. I can’t wait to read the recap from a full concert!!!! 🙂

    Thanks to all for the pictures and videos. Daangggg, those arms need to be licensed, copyrighted, and insured!! Love the hair…he is lookin’ all of 20 years old these days! ♥♥

    I’m so glad he’s safely on the ground … let’s say safely out of the air, but I don’t know how ‘safe’ he is without some bodyguards…the amazing Asian fans are showing some tremendous lovin’ and squishin’ ! David loves it tho’. 😉

    Got my computer back–I’m lovin’ life myself!



  72. ascphil said

    WOW! Wasn’t that airport reception in Indonesia awesome! I’m getting so
    excited because his first Asian TOSOD concert is just 32 hours from now.

    Gayle122890, Suzy-Q,
    Yes, we Asian fans can get really crazy but not over the top. David will always
    be drenched with love when he’s in Asia. I have read many stories about how he
    appears to his fans. I just couldn’t believe that there is something almost
    unearthly about him in person. What IS his skin made of?

    I’m glad you’re taking in tips from my recap. Yup, he can rip money out of our
    pockets and we’re willing to do it any time, lol! I can just imagine a diet of
    instant noodle for a month or so, gosh. And speaking of volcanoes, how timely
    was that explosion just after David arrived. Read that there are no reports of
    casualties, thank God. So in my mind, your volcanoes were also excited to have David in your country and couldn’t contain it either. =D

    I’m so elated to hear from you again, but so sad you didn’t get your ‘visa’ again.
    =( I wish the organizer could have arranged for something in Cebu so that you don’t have to come to Manila to see David. What a bummer. I’m sure David will be so happy to see your gift waiting for him at his hotel. What a sweet gesture. I’ll be waiting for that call, and I’ll make sure to write another recap, dedicated to you. 🙂

    Heidijoy, MT, Bebereader, Kaycee, MunkFOD,
    Thanks so much for continuously expressing how much you enjoy the detailed recap. It fills my heart with joy to know that there are people who LOVE details because that’s how I best express myself.

    FG, you’re really a FUNNY girl! I was guffawing shamelessly after reading this:
    “Man need big muscle to lift big rice.” I could imagine hearing it in a big guy’s
    heavy accent. Hahahahahahahahaahahaha!

    Cmaecy!!!!! Glad to see you here!!!! I didn’t know you got sick for days after the
    event. I was so worried for you during the moshpit experience. But I agree with
    you that it was SO WORTH IT!!! I’ll be with you as we duck media cameras again. =D

    I really appreciate your gratefulness to The Voice for featuring my long recap.
    Every David experience and personal encounter should be documented by every dedicated fan. It’s like a mission of sorts to do so. It was cathartic for me and, just like you, did seem surreal at that time. I’m glad my recap made you feel that it was REAL and DID happen to all of us who were there. We all felt David’s magic and it was unforgettable. That is why we keep wanting him to come back, lol!

    Send my regards to Vee and Teth. Have a great dinner tonight. I’m so happy they’re here for David’s concert, and that they’re even the ones who reminded you to come by here. That’s so sweet of them.

    Yep, we were packed to the max! I’m glad my words make you feel how it was
    like in there. The venue couldn’t hold the amount of people who wanted to see
    David. Some had to be turned away. It is amusing to recall what happened during the mini concert with so many strangers squeezing each other, but felt okay with it because we all had this common love for David. The discomfort and anxiety we endured was worth it. Just like the pain of birth when the baby
    comes. You forget all about it because of the special gift you were just given.
    It’s just like that every time with David. 🙂


  73. Angelica said

    “I was surprised that under the same light, VJ Jules was a pinkish, fleshy fair, while David seemed like he was made of porcelain, and the stage lights were making his skin reflect a bluish hue…He shimmered like fine bone china in his sweat.” Whew! Loving the detail in your descriptive writing, Ascphil. I commented on a recent thread that he appears to have grayish-lavender eye shadow on at times but it’s all natural coloring. I noticed the blue shadows that played around his face that rainy day in Tulsa at the autograph line.

    Been squeeing and grinning inside all day at work but now I just have to let it OUT!!! That vid of him and the screaming Indonesian fans has been on repeat so many times! Can’t get enough of the love they showed him!!! And may I just say he never looked better in his LIFE!!! Supahstah!!!!!^&*(sldlgk*@DavidArchie#$%^&hjd^fghj^-<<< 😛 Aayyeeeee!!!!!! I am so psyched for what's to come I can't stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the vids, vids, vids, vids, vids and the pics, pics, pics, pics, and screencaps and tweets and screaming fans and new songs, and livestreams,etc, etc….etC!!! Ahhhhh…I ♥ this entire epic episode!

    Thanks. I feel better now.


  74. bebereader said


    During the livestream last night I saw Steve, Mark and Ben come through the gate. The only one I missed was Brian. I’m assuming they are all there unless we hear otherwise.

    Speaking of the band, Steven Robinson (percussionist) had a little Twitter party:

    Hey Family! Finally got onto twitter! How’s everybody doin?! Chillin’ right now in the hotel in Jakarta! Thanks for all the love!!

    Hoping to meet as many people as I can while I’m here!
    Favorite Retweet Reply

    StevenJRob Steven J. Robinson
    @@nareejo about to go eat in a lil bit!

    I’ll try to answer as many questions as I can: it’s Friday 8:37am here. It’s hot, but not too hot..I LOVE the nice people here!

    First time in Asia, LOVED the response at the airport! WOW! Dinner last night was very tasty. ha ha ha
    4 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    StevenJRob Steven J. Robinson
    Feel free to keep tweeting your love, I gotta run to get the day started. Talk to you all soon! Love ya! SJR
    Favorite Retweet Reply


  75. pattiNC said

    Evening everyone! What a great welcome! Can I just say that picture at #1 is amazing…I say slap that baby on a CFTH cd, add some snowflakes if you must, or even better some real (snowcapped Utah) mountains and watch it sell! Dang..Jive totally missed the boat!


  76. pattiNC said

    Been loving this epic re-cap! Thanks so much Ascphil! I read on FOD, someone said that Brian isn’t going to be there…not sure if that is true for sure.


  77. emmegirl said

    Ascphil, all I can do is echo sky and say I love your writing. You really have a flair! Can’t wait to hear more!

    “he feeds on the energy of the audience and his singing is so inspired by that energy”….judging by the energy of the Asian fans…best take some deep breaths and hang on.

    pocoelsy, lol! And worth every penny!

    Cmaecy, sorry to hear you were sick. Hope to hear from you if you are lucky enough to see him this time.

    I finally got a chance to listen to the new songs. I think Wait is my favorite, waiting for that live performance! 🙂 I also like Love Don’t Hate, the lyrics, and the beginning and the verses sound kind of like an LP, I like that, and looove the little background vocal “oooh if it’s gonna mean losing you”…Notice Me, I wait the entire song to hear those cries of “I don’t want it baaack.”

    How is it possible to just stare at a hand(1) and an arm (42).

    FG, lol!

    The hair looks like a possible quick shower, quick blow dry and lets eat! Liking it, including the Dennis the Menace cowlick. 🙂


  78. emmegirl said

    PattiNC #75, lol, amen!


  79. MT said

    73. Angelica, so glad you could finally let that out. haha I’m excited tooooo. I am loving every vid, every pic, every tweet, and every comment! ♥

    74. Bebe, sounds like steven was impressed! I’m glad the fans showed the band some love, too. They’re great guys.

    75. PattiNC, I think you’ve got something there!
    That pic is fabulous!

    Dja, speaking of pics, where did that pic with the striped shirt go? Who’s the resident sidebar pic admin? Can we really let that one get away?


  80. betsy said

    Home from work, and ready to be part of the night crew. 🙂
    I heard earlier today that Brian isn’t there, someone named Beau has replaced him. Not sure why, someone said that he had to leave immediately after SOF due to another gig. Who knows.

    I was in complete spazz mode earlier today, having missed the late night activities. David’s voice has been in my head ♪ and I don’t want him ooouuuttt ♪
    Ok, spazz mode has commenced.
    Patti and emme, I concur.
    Angelica, lololol. I love when fangirl comes out. It cannot be stopped.
    ASCPHIL – I LOVE your writing! Descriptive FTW!


  81. djafan said

    He tweets!!!!!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    A guy named Try helped me get my internet up and running. Thanks Try! haha. Getting ready to do interviews for the day here in Jakarta.


  82. Abrra said

    David with a fan in the hotel lobby.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  83. pocoelsy said

    #72 Ascphil, sorry I misled you, I’m not from Indonesia I’m a Thai living in Malaysia, I was so happy and excited right along all those Indo fans so my comment was a bit confusing!! anyway I love your recap and hope you’ll tell us again about your new David experience, it’s so fun and heart warming, love every word.

    Omg my hubby just called he got our tickets and sound check passes, eeeekkk spazzzzz clapping hands, jumpping up and down and hug my cat haha I’m losing it…omg omg I really get to see David live, it’s true not dreaming !!!


  84. dakgal said

    Looks like David resurrected his parachute pants ( swish-swish) but they’re not green. What ya think–yes?…

    Going to try to sleep–how’s that possible when you know you’re missing something!!

    I’ll probably be checking out the night shift–hourly—or until I pass out.


  85. betsy said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Lunch with The Archuletas and the band


  86. bebereader said

    New article! Part 5 of Ascphil’s Recap! >>>>>>>>>>


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