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Ascphil’s Recap, Asia, The Return of David Archuleta: Part 3

Posted by ascphil on Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The following is the third of five daily installments leading up to David’s return to Asia.  Written by Ascphil at the conclusion of his last trip to that part of the world, and with exclusive photos by her daughter.

17 NOVEMBER 2010

What a long day it was! I felt like I was going thru an episode of 24 because every hour of November 17th was so eventful, from the time I woke up and left for the mini-concert, to when I got home and still stayed up late to review how David, once again, swept Manila off its feet. I was still so drowsy from only a few hours of sleep but I forced myself to get up and take a bath. I returned to my room in time to catch a text from Naree asking me to call her because of an emergency. What emergency could it be? She asked me if I knew what was happening at the venue? I said no, and she proceeded to tell me in an excited tone that three lines were being formed at different entrances to the mall where Skydome is located, and Dom texted that he was in one of them where there were already 200 people in the line. At 7 am?!? But the mall opens at 10 am!

Traffic was unusually bad. As my cab crawled down the long highway in thick traffic, I became pensive. I suddenly felt like I was David when he wrote his song, “Who I Am”. With that in mind, I started to compose a letter which I had been attempting to write for David. I couldn’t do it with a pen and the special paper which I had bought a few days ago because of the bumps on the road. So I typed my thoughts on the notes application of my cell phone. I was able to write a pretty lengthy letter, and before I knew it, the driver was asking me where I wanted to be dropped off because we were approaching the Sky Dome. I quickly saved my partially written letter, put everything into my bag, and asked the driver to stop by the pedestrian overpass that led directly to the mall’s Sky Garden and to the Sky Dome.

As I hurriedly traversed the overpass to the mall’s Sky Garden entrance I could already see from a distance the number of people lined up around the Sky Dome. It was not a single line but rather a thick row of about 3 to 4  persons deep. The sun was already high up as it was almost 11 am in the morning when I got there. Then I noticed that the background music being played was David’s TOSOD Album! Wonderful! I approached the first security guard I could find and asked him if he knew where the assistant mall manager was and gave her name. In a few minutes, a young woman with a cb radio in her hand approached and introduced herself as the marketing officer I had talked to over the phone. She asked me if I was getting the VIP passes already and I said yes. She left and suddenly was beside me again, holding four cd’s individually bagged with the corresponding receipts and VIP stubs. She asked me if I needed any other help to which I gave her my profuse thanks, adding that there was nothing more I needed at the moment.

It was already twelve noon when I realized I hadn’t even had a decent breakfast. I entered the mall and it was still David’s music which was being played as the background music. Great promo for David, and way to go SM North Mall! At a restaurant, I started to copy the start of the letter to David I had composed earlier on my cell phone while in the cab. I initially took out only one sheet, since the draft filled up only a third of the paper, thinking it would suffice. But as I continued writing from where I left off, I found that the thoughts and feelings I had wanted to convey to David flowed smoothly from one subject to the next with amazing clarity of purpose. Even if I was interrupted by a text from someone every now and then, I was able to continue my train of thought as if I was never distracted. I wrote everything in my mind as if I was just having a conversation with David. The first sheet was quickly filled up, so I took out a second sheet to continue writing. I was so engrossed and emotional, relating how his voice and his songs affected me, finding that as I wrote, it was getting difficult to see through tear-filled eyes and a nose that was starting to get runny. Gosh, I wonder if anyone was watching me wiping my eyes and nose, as I was constantly looking for a piece of tissue to use. I wish I could have made a copy of the letter because it was the first time I had written anything spontaneously without any correction. I felt that it had just enough of the important things that I wanted David to know of his impact on my life. I was relieved and satisfied that I was finally able to communicate to him how much I appreciate what he has been able to achieve within the past couple of years, and how he has been an inspiration to many people, speaking for myself and others like me.

Outside in the heat of the midday sun again, I noticed there were now a lot more people standing and sitting around the Sky Dome. People were abuzz, talking excitedly to each other. I then remembered I needed to call my daughter, only to find out that she hadn’t left yet, because she had to attend to her early registration for the next term. Understanding her yet worried about what she will have to deal with when she arrives after the doors open, I calmly advised her that if she doesn’t leave now it will be difficult for me to get her in because the place is already swarming with people. She felt the urgency and then said she was already walking out of the school premises to ride the light railway transit.

At 4 pm the signal was given to start letting people go in. As soon as I stepped inside the SkyDome, my immediate reaction was that the venue was even smaller than I had imagined it to be from outside. Although the venue feels spacious because of the high glass-domed roof, the VIP area sectioned off with railings for the first 400 VIP pass holders looked like it could only hold 200 — oh my goodness, we’re going to be packed like sardines! The rest of the standing room area beyond the railings could probably hold another 400. I could see that the center-stage front row portion of the VIP section was already filled up. I ran to the right side of the stage which was still empty. I preferred to be there because I was directly facing the seat of the baby grand piano where David would surely sit when he played it. The only downside was that a speaker directly in front would be blasting loudly at my face. I settled my two large bags in front of me against the railing, also to serve as the space I’m reserving for Naree, JR and my daughter. It was time to call my daughter again. When she answered, she told me that she had just gotten off the Metrorail and was already walking to the pedestrian overpass that led to the Sky Dome. Oh, thank God!  I looked behind me and saw that the people had increased to two rows deep. I told her to hurry because I was already inside and the place was quickly getting filled up. The speaker in front of me was loud, but I couldn’t move away from my spot anymore. People were crowding in on us to be closer to the stage. I then told her repeatedly in a loud voice to just text me because I couldn’t hear her. I looked towards the entry area hoping to see my daughter among the swarm of people, craning my neck to see above the sea of heads surrounding the stage. Then I felt a tap on my back. When I looked behind, my daughter was reaching out to me as she squeezed herself through the thick crowd to get closer. I was so glad to see her! She was still panting from her rush to get to the venue.

The fans were getting rowdy because it was almost 5 pm. Suddenly the audience cheered loudly when the giant video wall at the center of the stage started playing David’s music video of Crush. When that was done, the next video was the Behind-The-Scenes making of his first album. Girls were shrieking excitedly whenever David appeared and talked, as if he was appearing live in front of us. The next videos were those of his ALTNOY, TMH and SBL music videos, then a stream of interview/Q&A videos which kept the audience very much occupied and cheering every now and then. I couldn’t keep my eyes on the screen because I was waiting for a text or call from Naree or JR, and kept looking at my cell phone. We were standing for almost an hour. I checked my daughter behind me to ask if she was okay. She said she was but that she needed a fan because it was getting pretty stuffy with all our warm bodies squeezed against one another. The air conditioner was blasting and there were heavy-duty fans blowing on us, but they weren’t enough for the amount of people who were packed like sardines in the floor section. I was wondering what was taking so long for Naree and JR to get in. And then there was a commotion behind me. Naree was squeezing in and finding her way to me, as was JR! Oh, happiness, they’re finally here! Mission accomplished! Poor dears, they must be so stressed from inching their way through the thick, crazy crowd. JR was visibly drenched with sweat, but there was a serene look on her face. She noted that we were directly in front of the piano seat and remarked that David would be so near us. I nodded and asked her if it was a good location. She said it was okay except for the speaker. It might produce a cracking sound in our videos. I then asked how the press conference went and she smiled contemplatively, not answering me immediately. Hmm, maybe still savoring her moments with David — am so jealous! All she could say was that she couldn’t help but stare at his stubble. His stubble? She said she just stared at him and was just studying his face, that he wasn’t able to shave and that pimples were about to appear on his upper lip. Huh, is that all she could say to me? Then Naree told me that David must have just arrived since they rode the same elevator as they left the hotel. They were able to sing a snippet of Elevator with him as they got off. Lucky girls!

Finally, I could concentrate on what was happening on the stage. At about 5:30 pm a DJ’s voice was announcing as if the concert was about to start. The crowd was going crazy with anticipation, cheering loudly for David. Fog machines were also being tested, but still no one came out on stage. The place was starting to get darker as above us, I could see the sky was already black. The giant video wall went back to looping David’s music videos. People were getting uneasy because the start of the mini-concert was stated as 5 pm. My feet were already feeling a bit numb so I decided to lean forward on the railing. At one point I even squatted just so my heels could get some rest from the strain of standing on them for so long. People around me thought I wasn’t feeling well. I just acted as if I needed to get something from my bag, but I really felt that the blood stopped circulating in my legs and I needed to move them somehow. And then people started cheering. I stood up and looked around at what was happening. A line of security guards in full uniform were entering stage right, then went in front of us to position themselves strategically between the stage and the railings. We thought David was coming out, but after a few minutes of anxious waiting, still no one came on stage. Then I looked at the people beside me to check how they were. My daughter’s head was already bent down, so I held up her chin to see her face. She was obviously tired from the waiting, and all I could do was give her a look of sympathy. Then I looked at JR to my left who was intermittently holding on to me and to Naree. She said that she wanted to get off of her heels. I exclaimed, “You’re in heels?!?” I meant that sympathetically because it’s no joke to be wearing heels in a situation like this. It’s torture. And gosh, she’s that small. Suddenly I felt so lucky to have a clear view of the stage even with all the cameramen and guards milling around. Short people behind me must be cursing that I’m in front of them. Luck comes to us in all forms and I guess mine was in my height.

Then that DJ’s voice started blaring again the same lines from half an hour ago. It was 6 pm. FINALLY!  The audience cheered louder than ever and was chanting David’s name. The chanting stopped and turned to screaming when someone came out onto stage. It was VJ Jules of the local MYX Channel. She knew that everyone was dying to see David, and teased us by saying that she has seen David backstage and that he is very, very handsome. For the next several minutes she gave a short biography of David, then turned it into a trivia game with the audience, asking if they knew answers to her questions, specifically about the hit singles of David. And then she said she’d check if David was ready and moved back, taking a quick look behind the stage. She immediately came back up front and said David needed more time. We were already so hyped but our spirits were dampened when VJ Jules started reading again to us the reminders on the rules of the cd signing. Yada yada yada, yes we know. The fans were shouting, “Please bring out David!” Seeing that we were really getting impatient, VJ Jules hesitated a bit to check backstage, then proclaimed in a very loud voice, “Here is Daaaviid Archuu-lettaaaaa!!!”

Oh. My. Gosh! THUNDEROUS, EAR-DEAFENING, EARTHSHAKING APPLAUSE!!!  The SkyDome was rumbling from everyone screaming while jumping up and down as David came running out waving at us with that million-dollar smile. Everyone’s hands were suddenly up in the air, holding a camera, a cell phone, a video cam, whatever, trying to be higher than the one in front of them. The media cameramen were also suddenly milling in front of us. I thought I was tall enough, but I was also struggling to take a video of David while peeking through gaps in the outstretched hands to see him. Everyone squealed and screamed when he greeted us with, “Mabuhay!”

85 Responses to “Ascphil’s Recap, Asia, The Return of David Archuleta: Part 3”

  1. FG said

    Ascphil – I am LOVING your recaps! Thank you for sharing it all with us! I can’t wait for all the new stories/videos/pictures this time around! I am so very happy that he is doing this tour! I love the respect that the media gives him there, and the fans are amazing. 🙂


  2. FG said There is a US page now on the Tour tab at the Official Site! yay! 🙂


  3. archiesfan4life said

    Ascphil – I too am loving your recaps – I look forward to each one! You are making me even more excited than I was (thought that was impossible:)) for what is coming very soon. Thank you so much!


  4. Abrra said

    Ahhhh! You finally get to see the man in the flesh! There is nothing that compares with the excitement when he comes on stage for the start of a show. He never disappoints his fans. It’s truly a 2way love affair between fans and David when he gets a chance to perform.

    I hope your daughter is going with you this time. She takes wonderful pictures. She captures his energy to perfection!

    Abrra From her iPhone


  5. emmegirl said

    Ascphil ♥♥♥, you are love.

    And abrra is right, your daughter’s photos capture his essence so beautifully.


  6. MunkFOD said

    Ascphil, Loving all of your great recaps! Got a big smile on my face and my heart is pounding…… so excited for this whole tour! I bet David is just thrilled! He has been wanting to go back for sooo long! Now that he is the man in charge, his dream is coming true! yay!

    Prayers for safe travel for David and his band! Going to be epic! soooo happy for them all!


  7. Heidijoy said

    Ascphil….So excited each morning to get the notice that a new part of your story has been published. Seeing David’s tweet message “Indonesia next stop” added to the anticipation. Thanks so much for sharing. The photos are fantastic!! David’s joy is evident. JR did share with us how those interviews etc went. You gals are the best.

    Thanks to Angelica for assisting with this.


  8. skydancer1x said

    Yea! He is on stage!
    “The SkyDome was rumbling from everyone screaming while jumping up and down as David came running out waving at us with that million-dollar smile.*

    ” all you gotta do, is smile that smile, and there go all my defenses:” (Here I Go > Dolly Parton )
    I think David could stare down a grizzly bear with that smile

    I am loving your daughters pictures too. Beautiful!


  9. Abrra said

    Djafan from previous post on Silverfox’s prayer

    Please keep it going? It makes us feel like he has that extra protection around him and his band. Safe travels to all in his entourage!

    My fear of flying is kicking in. All that water!!!! Help!

    Abrra from her iPhone


  10. djafan said

    Bringing it over… I need it.

    I’m putting up Silverfox’s prayer due to David and team traveling to Indonesia tomorrow. Hope you don’t mind SF (I changed Manila to Indonesia) 🙂

    Dear Lord,

    Though we are unworthy to ask,

    Please take care of David. Watch over him, Protect him from all harm. Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path. Give David the courage and guidance to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give. Surround David with loving and supportive people who love him UNCONDITIONALLY as we, his Archangels do. Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being. Give him rest when he’s weary. Give him stamina to sustain his hectic pace. Give him assurance when he feels doubt. Give him joy when he feels sad. Cloak him always in your protective arms during this time on his journey. Keep David and HIS VOICE healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born.
    Though we may be unworthy, we humbly pray.


    Have a safe & uneventful flight to Indonesia. You are constantly in our thoughts & we hope your stay in Indonesia will be all you hoped it will be & more! Have fun & please take care! Keep with you our love & prayers. Contigo Siempre!


  11. bebereader said


    The excitement is mounting. David finally came out onstage and we have to wait for tomorrow! Grrrr LOL I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying your recap!

    Here’s exclusive footage from David’s presscon in Manila, as referred to in Ascphil’s recap, from JR’s channel.


  12. Angelica said


    Thanks for posting the prayer, Djafan.


  13. Abrra said

    Ahh Ty!
    The cat is watching too!

    Abrra from her IPhone


  14. MT said

    Thanks so much for another great installment!!

    “Oh. My. Gosh! THUNDEROUS, EAR-DEAFENING, EARTHSHAKING APPLAUSE!!! The SkyDome was rumbling from everyone screaming while jumping up and down as David came running out waving at us with that million-dollar smile.”

    ^ This, I love this! And I have to say that you have me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment!

    I’m getting more and more excited about David’s trip to Asia! The fans there have been so supportive and soooo deserve to see him. (and of course, I’ll be waiting for THAT recap, too. haha)

    Dja, Thanks posting SF’s prayer.


  15. Heidijoy said

    DJA Thanks for posting SF’s prayer. The excitement is papable.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……………


  16. bebereader said

    Here’s the link to pre-order TOSOD Asian Tour Edition from cdwow at $13.99.


  17. Gayle122890 said

    Oh. My. Gosh! THUNDEROUS, EAR-DEAFENING, EARTHSHAKING APPLAUSE!!! The SkyDome was rumbling from everyone screaming while jumping up and down as David came running out waving at us with that million-dollar smile. <—Love this! My heart is was pounding as well just reading it!


  18. FG said

    Dear lovely admins – Please delete my comments #16 & #18. I am a silly fool. LOL 🙂


  19. stenocruiser said

    ascphil — absolutely love this novel and don’t want it to end. It’s definitely a page-turner (if there were pages to turn, lol). I’m on the edge of my computer chair and you haven’t reached the part where David actually starts to sing! I’m holding on. Thanks for this and the photos.


  20. ray said

    hi ,i just don,t see how they can send a cd to the us,for only 13.99,i sent a book and cd to argentian and it cost me 17.00$ we also sent a cd to cannada and it cost 9.00$ jus saying,be no us fans we jump at anything to help david ,opens us up to scams love you all


  21. bebereader said


    I deleted your two comments as requested. And you’re not a silly fool! LOL


    That link in FG’s now deleted comment wasn’t working.


  22. MT said

    {{{FG }}}

    And … ummm … is no one commenting here on the new songs? I know no links will be posted here, but has no one else heard them?

    Am I the only awful one who listened?
    ♥ and i really, really loved them ♥
    *hangs head in shame*

    (if you guys don’t want anything said about them, please feel free to delete this comment)


  23. djafan said


    You have me sitting at the edge of my seat feeling all your emotions. Thank you for taking the time to write this all out, an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

    This is CRAZY!!!!!

    @HausOfArchie today, banners for David’s concert in Vietnam flooded the road!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  24. Angelica said


    I mostly get a “Forbidden, you don’t have access” when clicking on a link or google image to FOD. It’s just the way they have it set up, I guess. Go to the site from our blog roll.


    Thanks so much for sharing your feelings and experiences seeing David in Manila with us here. You have an eye for detail and a love for David that is a delight to savor. Is your daughter going with you this next time too? Cause..dang! She’s quite delightful too! lol.

    Getting so excited for the weekend to arrive!!!! It’s gonna be so epic and non-stop amazingness! I just know we can depend on the Asian fans to provide us with an abundance of goodies!


  25. djafan said

    (((MT))) no head hanging from me

    Am I the only awful one who listened?
    ♥ and i really, really loved them ♥
    *hangs head in shame*

    No, I listened and I love them more than love itself. (Wait, don’t go) is killing me ♥


  26. Gayle122890 said

    I guess the first part of my comment at #17 no longer applies. LOL.

    Still Clueless, though. What time is David expected to arrive in Indonesia? So happy for the fans there! Can’t wait to see their welcome!


  27. bebereader said


    I doubt you’re the only one who listened! I listened too. I love them all! 🙂 Can’t wait to order my copy of TOSOD – ATD. Maybe David will release an EP here and we can order that, too.


    You’ve made some really good points! Thank you! I found the link to cdwow on Twitter and then saw more info about it on Fans of David. The site sounds legit although you’re right about having to be careful.

    Read what FOD has to say:

    From FOD:

    “CD WOW! .COM

    We received a great email yesterday from the amazing Ron (Postalidol)!! He wanted to show us what he’d been able to find re: TOSOD Asia Tour Edition on a site called “CDWOW.” It’s a company based in Australia. (Click the graphic to make it larger).

    Ron wrote:
    Hi there! I don’t know if anyone knows about this or if this has already been put out there. I just wanted to share a website I found where you can pre-order David’s TOSOD Asian edition. I was trying to see if I could get David’s album by paying US dollars and I came upon an Australian music store. It showed that you can pre-order the album. The album will be available July 18th. Here is the direct link to the American version of the site… . (Shown in picture above) The cost is $13.99 and an optional transit insurance charge for $.99. When the album is available on that date I believe it will take 7-10 business days to deliver. This is based on what I’ve seen on current albums available for purchase on this site.
    For fans from other foreign countries, on the top left corner of the home page, they can choose the country from where they reside. The list is limited though.
    Hope this info is of some use for fans out there.
    ** Last evening, Pastel and I each tried to (pre) order a copy of TOSOD ATE from this site. Pastel from Canada using a credit card, and I from the US using Paypal. both orders were successfully completed and we received email confirmation. The cd/dvd is expected to ship after the release on the 18th. We will not know for certain if that in fact will happen, but the preliminary indication is good! If interested, visit the site. (On the home page, type in David Archuleta in the search box to see all products and music of his.) And from this site, all shipping is free! Thank you so much Ron for sending in this info to us! 🙂 ** Oh! Also, the video format listed on the site is NTSC which (if region free) is compatible for north American viewing!”


  28. skydancer1x said

    20. Gayle, I got that too. “Forbidden” (well ok thennnn ‘m leaving already, gee willikers!
    21. FG.♥

    Djafan, thanks for bringing the prayer here.
    and Angelica,
    awww, kitty is back….sniffle 😦

    safe travels David!!


  29. Abrra said


    You can talk about anything you like 🙂 We won”t be posting them, that is correct. If you wish to discuss what you liked about the songs, feel free 🙂

    I am hoping to hear them sung live when the videos start pouring in.

    From @anna_w21 on twitter. She lives in Jakarta

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  30. MT said

    {{ Thanks, Dja }}

    And Whoaaaa, that banner! Wouldn’t you just love to drive through your own town and see banners like that strung across the road!!

    I listened to both of them and don’t know which one I liked better. If this is his direction? I’m really gonna like this ride! That is my kinda stuff, right there. Love his tone, the lilting melodies, the drums, his voice front and center, the bridges, and everythng else about “Wait” and “Love Don’t Hate”.♥ ♥ ♥


  31. bebereader said

    Gayle#26 No worries; it’s been fixed. 🙂


  32. djafan said

    And David had a hand in writing all of the songs. No one does love like “The Archuleta”.

    @anna_w21 Wait was written by David Archuleta, Josh “Igloo” Monroy and Nate Campany

    @anna_w21 Love Don’t Hate was written by David Archuleta, Joy Williams, Jesse Frasure and Cary Barlowe

    @anna_w21 Notice Me was written by David Archuleta, Joy Williams, Matt Bronleewe and Andrew Fromm


  33. stenocruiser said

    I really liked all the songs — heard them on a link posted on SD. I ordered the ATE through DASG yesterday and then again today from CDWow as a possible back-up — got to have it one way or the other!


  34. skydancer1x said

    29. abrra. ……that…. .>—-<-0


  35. Angelica said

    #23 WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! I hope whoever picks David up from the airport in Vietnam goes out of his way if he has to in order to drive him under that banner. Can you just see his face?


    This is gonna be great…


  36. MT said

    Bebe & Abrra, thanks. ♥ I love thoses songs.

    abrra, that insert photo!! I am liking the photos for this project. I like the cover photo as well. Wonder what happened to that cover photo jacket? You guys know how I love a guy in a jacket! lol

    35. Angelica, OMG I never thought of that! How awesome that would be if he gets to see it!!!

    I can’t believe how excited I am over all of this! I am not one who squees, but dang if I’m not squeeing like a 12 year old inside. haha


  37. ray said



  38. Dayzee said

    U.S. Christmas Tour? U. S. CHRISTMAS TOUR!!!! Sounds like my favorite present is in the works!! Yayyy!!!

    Am enjoying Ascphil’s recap. It brings to mind the times I have stood in line all day, sometimes in the rain, for absolutely no reason except there was nothing else I could do on a David day. Even with assigned seating it is just important that you get there early. A woman I met standing in line 8 hours before a concert told me it was necessary to arrive at the venue before you completely lost your senses. Works for me.


  39. djafan said


    Banners! plural! That’s even crazier… Banners flooded the road!!!!!!

    And the sad cat…sigh

    Dayzee, It’s on the OS!


  40. Fiona said

    MT, I listened too! LOVE these songs especially Wait!!!! So beautiful!


  41. ODDity said

    I too am listening, listening, listening…loving, loving, loving!!! ♥

    Christmas tour? Cannot wait!!!

    Fantastic series ascphil!!!

    So grateful for the prayer and for the ever-watchful cat!


  42. MT said

    40. Fiona, me too. I sure hope he performs them live in Asia!!

    Wonder what time his plane lands? That’s when things are really gonna start heating up. 🙂


  43. MunkFOD said

    MT. I have been in contact with some of the Indonesian fans on twitter. They are asleep right now but should be waking up soon. I will try to get some info from them in the next couple of hours.. 😀 We are all dying here! LOL!


  44. Gayle122890 said

    Abrra #29!!! I want it!!!.

    I haven’t heard the new songs yet…:-( Waaa!


  45. MunkFOD said

    lanick0602 Lanny
    @MunkFOD Oh, didn’t see this one. The arrival should be around 1PM. yiipppeeeee! Here it is!


  46. MT said


    I guess that means 1PM their time? Lemme see … that’s around 1AM here, I think? (U.S. Central time)

    Cool. Thanks. 🙂


  47. stenocruiser said

    Actually, wouldn’t that be 1:00 a.m. EDT July 14th? 12-hour time difference I think. 7:00 a.m. currently in Indonesia.


  48. MunkFOD said

    HI Steno and MT! I think you are right..12 hours difference from Eastern time. My Indonesian fan friend told me that she hasn’t heard David’s new songs yet… the first time she hears them will be live! oh my gosh! She is going to be freaking out!


  49. MunkFOD said

    Just checked the world clock. It is 12 hours difference from CENTRAL time. It is currently 6:09AM there. Things are heating up! yay!


  50. stenocruiser said

    Oh my, David’s voice and songs of angst and heartbreak — deadly combination. Can’t even imagine him performing them live and how he will deliver them. Can’t stop listening to Wait. Gosh, Abrra, don’t know how you can ‘wait’ to listen but I remember CFTH.


  51. stenocruiser said

    #49 Munk — well, guess I miscalculated but just hope David and the band are getting some shuteye before the happy landing! Bet the fans will be out in droves at the airport — can’t wait for video (we hope).


  52. MunkFOD said

    #51 Steno! it seems that the fans are just starting to wake up… they are sooo excited! We need HD videos! big time!


  53. ram said

    Wow! First that pic at #29 and the new songs are just so emotion driven but I like that a lot.

    I especially like Wait and Love Don ‘t Hate.

    Ascphil thank you for the wonderful time with you as you experienced your time at the David concert. I feel like a little mouse in your pocket. Can’t wait for the next installment.


  54. MT said


    “My Indonesian fan friend told me that she hasn’t heard David’s new songs yet… the first time she hears them will be live! oh my gosh! She is going to be freaking out!”

    WOW, now THAT would be a GREAT way to hear them for the first time! (just a teeny bit jealous here, haha 😉 ) Honestly though, I hope she has a fabulous time at the show!


  55. ram said

    #29 Just checking out that hand and the Notice Me title opposite the pic. Yes, I think we notice you David. And the pics to the left aren’t bad either. Just sayin’ ok?


  56. MunkFOD said

    HI MT! she is going to have a blast! She is already getting ready to go the airport.. oh my heck ! I am sitting on the edge of my seat.. so excited for all the fans ! and I have to say… so excited for David and the band! He’s been wanting to go back! Bet he is pumped! 😀


  57. MT said

    Abrra, did I read that right? You have not heard the new songs? Wow, that’s some willpower you have there.

    BTW, I almost forgot to tell you something. I’ve mentioned before that, unlike many fans, I have never dreamt about David. Well, I finally sorta/almost dreamt about him.

    Abrra, I dreamt that David was going away on tour and you and I were babysitting for David’s 2 month old little boy at David’s house! He was adorable!! haha Just thought i’d share that with you.

    Ok, now who’s the resident dream analyst? haha


  58. Abrra said


    I heard them late today. I was doing “research”.
    I did wait to hear CFTH though. Even after it was released. 😉 A friend and I were road tripping to the 2009 Manchester NH concert in late Oct. We refrained from listening until we popped it into her CD player in the car. There were some strange sounds emitting from the 2 of us as we drove along. 🙂

    You sure you have the dream correct? I think it was me who took care of the baby and you were rifling thru his closet looking for “jackets” 🙂



  59. sweetonDA said

    OMG, just got home and found the songs!!!! I’m so loving them all. So glad I am getting a copy of this album. He sounds so wonderful and full of emotion. He needs to do more songs like these. Aaaauuuuughhhh!

    Ascphil, I actually read your part 3 first. Now, I can’t wait for part 4 especially since listening to these new songs, I can imagine how it will be in just a few days with all of his Asian fans hearing them live for the first time. I’m overjoyed for all of you!!!

    And the pictures? Be still my heart!!! That’s all I have to say about that! Now back to more listening on repeat. 🙂

    Dja, are you coming to AZ?


  60. ascphil said

    FG, Archiesfan4life, MunkFOD, Bebereader, MT, Djafan, Dayzee, ODDity, Ram, SweetonDA:

    Thanks all you guys! I’m blushing just reading all your comments. It was my absolute pleasure writing the whole thing. I just had to get it out there and needed to share my experience with everyone who understands how it is to be David’s fan.


    I’m flattered you love this ‘novel’. There are definitely pages to turn if you got a hold of the original manuscript, lol! Just ask Angelica. 😉 She did a fabulous job of making cliff-hangers out of every part of the recap. She’s one amazing editor.

    Abrra, Emmegirl, Skydancer1x, Angelica:

    I’m so happy that you all agree my daughter is a gifted photographer. I have told her several times that she is, but she doesn’t take my word for it. I asked her to come with me to the concert, but she declined because it’s a school night and she has mid-terms. I couldn’t force her to come because I would feel like a bad parent. 😦 My husband will be with me instead and will try to sneak in his camera. But after three parts of my recap came out and after showing her all your encouraging comments, she finally exclaimed that even if she came along, the Araneta Coliseum was strict about cameras and she wouldn’t be able to use her SLR. Bummer, coz she’s right about that. My husband and I had experienced it ourselves when we watched the Tears For Fears concert last May 2010 in the Araneta coliseum. We brought a videocam
    and were told not to use it early on during the concert. I had to contend with my low res point & shoot camera.

    But don’t be discouraged. My daughter agreed to come with me instead to the M&G with David on Sunday at the SM Megamall. For sure, SLR cameras won’t be prohibited there.

    We’re all so anxious about David’s third visit to Manila. So many promos everywhere about his ATE CD, his concert, the M&G, et al. We are overwhelmed by so many things being done for David by the sponsors and the organizer. It’s a fantastic time for him and his Asian fans.

    I’ve heard all five (5) of the new songs in an Asian fan’s blog site that streams it. They’re mostly ballad-type songs and highlight the cry in his voice, except for Love Don’t Hate and Zero Gravity which is a slightly improved version. Everything and More still stands out to me as the one that really displays David’s vocal brilliance. I hear some influences from Maroon
    5 in Wait, and I love the yearning in David’s voice in Notice Me. I think David knows what his Asian fans want and he is definitely bringing it on! I still don’t have his new CD/DVD because I planned to buy it during the M&G on Sunday. But after hearing the new songs and seeing photos of the contents, I
    don’t think I can hold out till Sunday. I can’t wait for the Asian tour to start!


  61. dakgal said

    Sorry I’m sooo late to the party!! Had a little very minor surgery–all is well—until I started catching up! I may need tranquilizers.

    Asphil—Am loving every word and every detail of your re-cap–I could comment on every paragraph , but will refrain and just say I can really feel your love for David–and all you guys are just something else when it comes to showing it!

    Dja–thanks for posting SF’s prayer–I would have felt terribly uncomfortable without it!

    Angelica–that cat speaks for all of us and I love it–where’s the tissue when you need it.

    Abs–“research” eh?—-I have already completed my research and ordered my CD’s–hint hint–I am 100% absolutely in love with ” Wait” –now were talking —that should have been and probably will be a big radio hit! Oh David, what else is hidden away in that closet of songs that are treasures?

    The time difference has me befuddled –so I’ll just wait and wait and wait– is tomorrow today or was yesterday today or will that be next week? See I’ll just wait. 😉


  62. MT said


    “I heard them late today. I was doing “research”.”
    LOL Such a hard worker!

    hahahaha Rifling thru closets for jackets? Lil’ old me? 😉

    61. Dak: “Sorry I’m sooo late to the party!! Had a little very minor surgery–all is well—until I started catching up! I may need tranquilizers.”

    Praying for a speedy recovery for you. ♥ And I know what you mean about these songs. haha Listening to David sing these songs could do that to you. 😉


  63. Annie 318 said

    Hey you guys!! I am only able to use my android phone right now, no computer. I am just dying to hear the new songs but don’t know where to go to listen. Could someone maybe send me an email? Please? If not I understand.


  64. vlm said

    Dear A,

    Sorry that I haven’t been in touch. I’m so jealous – and loving your recap. I am sure you will be there on Monday to see him.
    Sadly, I wasn’t able to get a ‘visa’ from the husband – blah…blah…so many reasons – JR was willing to buy a ticket for me and I already had a plane ticket. I’m still angry and disappointed. I will call you a few days after the concert (you gave me your land line). Enjoy and bask in the glory of the Archuleta!

    Jr, I don’t want to burden you with my gift for David. I am sending it directly to Shangrila as advised by Ovation. It will be there when he arrives. Thank you for your patience with me. I moved heaven and earth (short of running way) – but he also said my face might get plastered in the newspaper (he knows I might get crazy over there) – Please advise me when you are sending me the cd so I can also send you the payment. Can I buy 2 more? I want to give them to S and A. Thanks a million. Have a great time JR!


  65. skydancer1x said

    Dak, glad all is well. 🙂 haha, maybe its ….. ♪♫the daaay after tomorrooooow♫♪♫

    so…we wait.

    I did listen to a small part of each song.Wait, is my favorite:)
    64.VLM♥ so sorry things didn’t work out for you.

    29….is now my new favorite number. hes so ..well nevermind Good grief.

    Abrra, “I heard them late today. I was doing “research”.” rofl!♥


  66. djafan said


    Yes! I’m making plans 🙂


    I’m so sorry 😦


  67. Angelica said

    Oh Vlm, I’m so sorry. I had hoped and prayed things would work out for you this time. Still hoping he will change his mind. If not, you can always watch vids with the rest of us from home. Gosh darn it! That hurts my heart. I wish I could really (((hug))) you right now.


  68. Heidijoy said

    VLM I’m sorry about your disappointment. Glad you will be getting full reports and David’s music.


  69. djafan said


    Hellooo, I’m in Terminal 2D now. You guys from the bus get off to the terminal, then go downstairs to the basement, that’s for the arrival


  70. djafan said

    Bintaro, Indonesia that’s where person tweeting is from 🙂


  71. bebereader said

    Dak, Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    {{{{VLM}}}}, I feel your disappointment. Sending hugs.

    Dja, I found a follow up to that tweet. David’s timeline is going haywire with tweets from Indonesia. He’s due to arrive very soon.

    fauzibijak Fauzi Bijak Permadi
    I’m outside Terminal 2D with kak Lanny and Nico. If you’re looking for us we’re near the arrival terminal, in front of Tony Jack’s


  72. djafan said

    I’m going to have trouble falling asleep haha!


  73. dakgal said

    # 72–Dja–Ditto– He arrives at one AM Central Time right? Guess I’m going to be up until at least 1:30 then–I’ve just got to know that they are there safe. That would be 11:PM for you Dja–right? Will you be up to let us know about ” Touchdown”?


  74. djafan said

    scpancake Samantha Pangkey
    Gonna do a livestream for David’s arrival as a test for Saturday! Lol

    scpancake Samantha Pangkey
    @sangeyvang I’m on my way still! Gonna try and do a livestream haha

    Here’s the link!


  75. djafan said

    dak, I’m up and will be updating 🙂


  76. bebereader said

    The late shift is here!
    i have six tabs open, waiting waiting waiting…..


  77. dakgal said

    Dja— Bless your everlovin -sweet –heart!!!!

    I have a feeling we won’t be alone-no matter what time zone.

    We love our man— “Waiting”


  78. stenocruiser said

    Yes, bunch of windows open — “Wait” playing over and over as well. Hope we get that ustream — such fun!


  79. djafan said

    While we wait….

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  80. Gayle122890 said

    Dja, gasp! I am WAITING.


  81. Angelica said

    New thread. He’s waiting for you over there. 😉


  82. sweetonDA said

    Dja, so glad you’re making plans.

    Oh, and you’re not playing fair with that picture…GAH!

    I was going to head off to bed, but that just made me change my mind. I guess I’ll be staying up and monitoring sites for his arrival.

    Hi, bebe, Gayle, Steno, Dak and whoever else is on the late shift waiting patrol. 😉


  83. djafan said

    Hey peeps new thread!

    Angelica brought over the “waiting” picture 🙂


  84. ASCPHIL – I have a perma-smile reading your “novel”. Amazing how time flies. It must also be cathartic to be able to put feelings – pent-up or bubbled over – on paper. Somehow it makes all things that transpired… real. When kept on our memory vaults, they just seem surreal 🙂

    Thank you for taking the time to chronicle those fun, unforgetable days. A toast for more of the same to come for every Archie across the globe.

    Also, thank you TheVoice admin for featuring ASCPHIL’s series :).

    ps: has dinner w/ Vee & Teth tonight. And they were the ones who reminded me about your series 🙂


  85. Piano Moving…

    […]Ascphil’s Recap, Asia, The Return of David Archuleta: Part 3 « The Voice[…]…


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