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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta and The Keys to Longevity

Posted by bebereader on Friday, July 8, 2011

The unguarded truth is that very few artists deserve fame. Very few have the ability and the vision to impact society for years to come.  The way the Beatles have. The way Elton John has. The way Michael Jackson has. Very few have that magical brilliance that will make a difference in people’s lives the way David Archuleta already has.

After David sang “Falling Stars”, the Good Things Utah co-host asked if he even understood ‘the extraordinary gift and talent’ that he is. Talent helps but unfortunately, it isn’t a prerequisite for success in the music business as evidenced by some of the artists out there today. Talent alone does not assure longevity. With clever marketing, a savvy promoter can mold mediocre talent into success. If talent alone does not assure a solid career, what does help build one? Does longevity in the music business only mean making music that tops the charts or is it something of exceedingly greater worth?

The above artists have been around for decades. Their careers have stood the test of time. What has sustained their careers? Is there something similar about all of them that made their careers endure? Most have been inducted into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame and/or The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Paul McCartney is the most commercially successful songwriter in the history of  popular music, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.  He also has the most successful solo career because his music is VERSATILE. His songs range from pop to rock to jazz to pop rock. He is in his sixties and still remains current. He is responsible for 32 #1 singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. He has composed film scores, classical and electronic music and released a large catalog of songs as a solo artist.


Elton John‘s music encompasses every genre including rock, pop, blues and classical.  His POWERHOUSE SONGS and PHENOMENAL PIANO PLAYING make his live shows huge crowd pleasers. His career has spanned for four decades and he has sold more than 250 million records making him one of the most successful artists of all time. He has had more than 50 top 40 hits, won six Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Tony Award. In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked him Number 49 on its list of the 100 greatest artists of all time.

 Powerhouse songs and mad piano skills

Madonna is known as the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time by the Guinness Book of World Records.  She became popular because she PUSHED THE BOUNDARIES of lyrics in pop music. She had many number 1 hits including “Like a Virgin” and “Like a Prayer”, sold 300 million records and is continually REINVENTING HERSELF AND HER IMAGE.

Pushed the boundaries of pop music and reinvented her image

Michael Jackson was extremely talented and a recording artist/singer/songwriter/dancer/musician and philanthropist. He is known as the most successful entertainer of all time by the Guinness Book of World Records. His career spanned four decades as he made CONTRIBUTIONS TO MUSIC AND DANCE. The videos for “Beat It”, “Billie Jean”, and “Thriller”, helped make MTV famous. He popularized the dance step, the “MOONWALK”. His album “Thriller” is the best-selling album of all time. He won 13 Grammy Awards and  26 American Music Awards. He had 13 #1 singles in the U.S. and sold over 750 million records. He PERSEVERED despite being publicly scorned for his personal life.

Perseverance, contributions to pop culture with dynamic music videos and innovative dance moves

Sting was the bass player/songwriter and lead singer of the rock band, The Police. The band broke up in the eighties but Sting PERSEVERED by being the only band member to continue on with a solo career. He still remains current as a musician, activist and philanthropist. His VARIED STYLE, which incorporates jazz, reggae, classical and new age music won him 16 Grammy Awards.

Perseverance and varied style

Carole King is a brilliant singer/songwriter and a legend. In the sixties and seventies she WROTE  SONGS FOR OTHERS TO SING, songs that became hits for many including Aretha Franklin. Her album “Tapestry”, released in the early seventies and on U.S. album charts for over six years, marked the beginning of her solo career and produced huge hits. In 2000, Billboard named her the most successful female songwriter for five decades because she wrote or co-wrote 118 pop hits. She won four Grammy Awards.

Wrote numerous songs that became hits for other artists

Bruce Springsteen is known for his heartland rock songs and songs about the struggles of daily life. His songs are completely ORIGINAL.  He has sold more than 65 million albums in the US alone and garnered 20 Grammy Awards and two Golden Globes.


Bob Dylan, one of the most influential rock artists of all time, is known for his songwriting more than his voice. Writing songs since the early sixties, he‘s most well-known for “Like a Rolling Stone”. In the sixties, radio stations would not play songs over 3 minutes long. Bob Dylan TOOK A RISK and made the song six minutes because anything less wouldn’t tell the story. He PUSHED HIMSELF WAY OVER THE LIMITS and got the radio stations to play the song.

Took risks and pushed way over the limits

John Lennon – The other half of the Lennon and McCartney songwriting team, John Lennon WASN’T AFRAID OF TAKING RISKS with his songwriting and used freedom of speech to write songs like “Imagine”. His other songs are about love and hard times. An icon for the last 40 years, even after his death his songs live on.

Wasn’t afraid of taking risks

Billy Joel, singer/songwriter/pianist/composer. Since his first big hit “Piano Man” in 1973, he’s had top 40 hits in the seventies, eighties and nineties, amounting to 33 top 40 hits in the United States, ALL OF WHICH HE WROTE HIMSELF. He won six Grammy Awards, and sold over 150 million records worldwide. He remains current and continues to tour.

Wrote all his own material

These artists did not get to where they are today in a hurry. It took decades of hard work, staying creative and taking leaps of faith. They continued to evolve by pacing themselves, staying true to who they are, trusting their instincts, persevering and by not rushing for the hit. They took risks in their songwriting and performances and stayed original and versatile.

It’s still very early in David’s career but he’s already showing some of the tendencies of the above artists. He took a huge risk by walking away from a demanding major label to try to find his own sound with his own vision. One might say that he is reinventing himself. In a short time, we’ve seen changes in his performances that lean toward his goal of becoming the artist he envisions. He is owning the stage. He is relaxed and in charge. He shows the sensuality of someone twice his age, one of his trademarks. Some say that since David is twenty, he should shift his focus to more mature songs instead of continuing to sing pop songs. But David is versatile. He has demonstrated that he can sing all genres from pop to rock to R&B to ballads to Christmas music and more.  His repertoire in one show can consist of mature songs like “Blackbird” and “Everybody Wants to Rule The World”, to a pop song like “Crush”. David’s voice is unique; it is original. When I turn on the radio, if I’m not familiar with the song, the generic raspy rock sounding voice I hear could be a number of different artists including  Nickelback, David Cook, Lee DeWyze or several others. How many other artists sound like David? I cannot even name one.

David wants to discover his own sound, away from the pressures of anyone telling him how he should sound. He wants to further develop his songwriting skills. It doesn’t matter if David writes it or if someone writes it for him. My hope is that he has good material to sing. My hope is that he gets a smash hit that will enable the rest of the world to hear and comprehend his worth. And whether he sells out arenas or not, I hope for David a solid career in the music industry so that generations to come are exposed to the “extraordinary gift and talent” of the Voice.

106 Responses to “David Archuleta and The Keys to Longevity”

  1. MT said

    Bebe, terriffic article! I love the comparisons and the title is perfect.

    “It doesn’t matter if David writes it or if someone writes it for him. … My hope is that he gets a smash hit that will enable the rest of the world to hear and comprehend his worth.”

    I’m waiting for that smash hit too, the one that opens the door to his future, one that allows everyone to hear what we hear. David already holds many of those keys to success. I think he’s smart to take this time and try to make sure that he opens the right door.


  2. Suzy-Q said

    Lately I have been thinking about David and his decision not to rush his career. I know that some fans think that it is a big mistake and that he will lose fans. I was concerned too but then I got to thinking, many of the decisions that we make between 18 and 25 still affect our lives today. During this time we become different people but have to pay for those decisions in the long run. I know I have. I got married when I was 18. I wish that I had waited to start a family. I had my son at age 19. I wasn’t ready to deal with a new baby much less a hyperactive child. It all worked out but if I knew then what I knew later, I would have given it more thought. David is so smart and wise to realize this now. Also, he doesn’t want to be distracted by sustaining a girl friend relationship. If it happens then it happens but his focus is not on that right now. Of course we both know that David prays for guidance and obviously he listens and steers his course in the direction he is meant to go. It’s wrong for us to doubt God. So, I am trying to be patient and “go with the flow”.


  3. This is a most enjoyable article, as you have stood back and had a look at who David truly is and where he honorably resides in the world of music. For a long time now in my own thoughts I have included David as being one of the classic singers such as the Beatles, Elvis, MJ, Frank Sinatra and Andrea Bocelli naming only a few. Whether he has a smash hit or not, he will find the way to become one of the greats that will be with us forever. I think that he has his foot in the door and the release of the MoTab choir CD and DVD will reinforce that to many more, as no one on the music scene can compare to him.



  4. Correction, “I believe that he has his foot in the door”. I never use ‘think’ when I am writing about David.



  5. archiesfan4life said

    Bebe – really great article! The world today is in such a hurry for everything so your words remind us that patience is a virtue and in the end it does pay off. David teaches us so much and his insight is amazing for one so young – heck, for anyone at any age!

    I’m with Suzy-Q – so many decisions we make before the age of 25 do affect us for our whole lives.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  6. Heidijoy said

    Thank You for your research and article. Thank You for the beautiful picture Angelica. David is indeed a star in my book and will survive the test of time. I’m so proud of him for his decisions and being more concerned with his artistry and being authentic. Whether he has a smash hit or not he will have quality without measure. I’m so thrilled with his performances with MOTAB and his recent shows @MB and SOF. I can’t wait until his release of the MOTAB Christmas CD,DVD and PBS special and his Asia trip/release of new music……and whatever US gigs we can get!!!!!!
    I used to want him to rush for my benifit(because of my age)but now am quite pleased to go with the flow.
    Next up……….God Bless America……….and God bless us all.


  7. skydancer1x said

    Love the article Bebe, so beautifully written and I am right there with you.

    Love,In your comparisons, you show what each artist was able to bring to the table to give them their standing in the music world

    “How many other artists sound like David? I cannot even name one”.

    No one.Bebe
    What knocks me off my feet is this. The rate of speed that David has progressed already since Idol have been mind boggling to witness.How many times have we said hes like a sponge?
    He already has the keys to become an artist, the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime.We have seen it and felt it and we wait in excited anticipation of others discovering the phenom he truly is.
    And besides that ,hes the best looking little sponge I have ever seen.


  8. Heidijoy said

    Not a tweeter but The VoiceDA’s tweet about the Baseball appearance was Rt’d by Shelly and then RT’s by David. Thanks DJfan for your behind the scenes work.

    A bit of trivia FYI ha!


  9. Dayzee said

    I cannot imagine a world without David’s music. He may not realize how immense his talent is, but I think he does feel a responsibility towards his fans. It seems sharing his gift with us is important to him. It is a gift he wants to give. Surely he must understand by now what a difference he makes in many lives. Going back to my life before David is not appealing to me.

    I remember when Frank Sinatra was young and all the rage. His fans were swooning on camera. Then there was a time when he faded from glory and had no career. Yet he was constantly improving his craft, finding new singing techniques. Other singers were amazed at what he could do. Songwriters wrote songs for him. He persevered and became a much larger icon in the music business than he had been in his youth.

    For many of us David has become as solid a musician as all those listed by Bebe. I’m not sure how to phrase it, but they have “legs”. Maybe the foundation that David was talking about. With such a solid core, there will always be a fruitful result.


  10. bebereader said

    I appreciate the replies! Thank you!

    This was such a fun article to write but also one that I needed to write. David has become a huge part of our daily lives; we want to hear his voice every day; we NEED to hear his voice every day. But it’s easy to forget that he’s young and needs to follow his own path, not the path we choose for him. Success doesn’t happen overnight.We must be patient and let him grow to be all that HE needs and wants to be. A talent like his must be treated with respect. He is already moving mountains. Imagine what he will be like after a long career. Imagine how many lives will be touched by him.

    “I think he’s smart to take this time and try to make sure that he opens the right door.” ITA, MT. I admire his courage, his determination, his steel will!

    “I got to thinking, many of the decisions that we make between 18 and 25 still affect our lives today. During this time we become different people but have to pay for those decisions in the long run.” You’re very wise, Suzy-Q. The old adage ‘Youth is wasted on the young’ is not true in David’s case.

    Can’t wait for the MoTab cd/dvd release! Those of us who didn’t make MoTab will finally see what you all witnessed! The few precious ninja videos were so appreciated and kept us going but it’s time for the real thing!

    “The world today is in such a hurry for everything so your words remind us that patience is a virtue and in the end it does pay off.” Patience is hard but in this case especially, so worth it!

    Yes, that beautiful picture is the work of our Angelica. She always adds just the right touch to our articles. 🙂

    David is very wise for someone so young. We saw it on Idol when he took what he needed from the advice given him and discarded the rest. He’s still doing that now by establishing his priorities and sticking to them. I don’t think most people of his age are as conscientious.

    David really is like a sponge. He absorbs new material so quickly. I wish I could be more like him. I think I was like that when I was his age. Hard to remember. LOL

    “With such a solid core, there will always be a fruitful result.” Very well said! Thanks for the info on Sinatra. I was never a fan but always enjoy reading about him.


  11. djafan said

    David retweeted us!!! Shelley tweeted us, then David retweeted that tweet!!!!

    Shell_eeeyyy Shelley
    by DavidArchie
    RT @TheVoiceDA: David to sing at Reebok 2011 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game @davidarchie


  12. skydancer1x said

    just a note…I know he won’t do it, but David…if there were ever a day to shed long pants and don some shorts tomorrow would be it,
    I just got back from errands, and it is 103 right now.
    at least by the time the seventh inning rolls around tomorrow, it will probably be a cooler 100? or 99? ACK! It is insufferably hot. Just feel bad for all the stars who will be out for this charitable event to have to play in this weather. Knowing David, he will be cheering them all on before he sings GBA. The game should be alot of fun.
    David, you should come sit right here .by me and watch.we can share my little battery run fan.:) and drink lots of water.


  13. Abrra said

    I enjoyed reading about the elements of longevity. Bebe it looks like you covered all the critical areas that an artist must learn and practice to maintain a career. The accompanying image created by Angleica speaks to the fact that David, himself, holds the key to his success!

    I have no doubts or reservations about David or his longevity. His strengths are versatility and originality. He can sing any song and make it sound like the very first time I have ever heard it.

    Nice to see you 😉



  14. Lovely read Bebereader! I very much like the way you emphasized the USP’s of the different artists that are in small or large part, already in David’s arsenal ;).

    Although many are realizing that David may not be or may not like to be the mega star in the Hollywood mold, like you, I also wish that he gets a mega hit — if only for a wider & deeper audience to discover his enormous talent.

    David is amazing where he is at now. But imagine as he matures, falls in love, acquires more life experiences? The possibilities are most exciting, right? Heaven help us, LOL!


  15. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  16. djafan said


    I’ve really enjoyed reading your article and how you spelled out the keys to David’s longevity in music and how you highlighted the elements he already has. Who right now at this age has them? JObros? Fetus? Gomez? Swift? None in my opinion. Some criticize David for taking the easy road when he has actually taken the road less traveled, proving that he is a courage’s risk taker by having faith and following his gut just like those he’s mentioned in the video above and the one’s Bebe has included.

    Angelica, That is one beautiful piece of art.

    SB, I believe that the Motab CD, DVD and TV broadcast is all going to be a huge win win for David.

    Heidijoy, I have a condition, ODD lol I couldn’t believe the tweets we were getting. Can you believe what crazy me did? I retweeted every single retweet of the tweet David retweeted haha.


  17. Heidijoy said

    DJfan Ah yes tweet and retweet and retweet some more. You go girl!! The official site was in on the action too!!


  18. Love what you have to say in this article! If I might add 2 more artists to the list…James Taylor – still touring 6 months a year to sold out shows around the globe (just this past weekend gave 4 sold-out shows at Tanglewood with 20,000 capacity per show). His songs are classics and he has taken great care to maintain his voice which sounds almost as good as when he released his first album. In recent years James has partnered with the Boston Symphony and has forged ties with artists in Nashville. Another artist that has relevance to David is Phil Collins. He also had a blockbuster career using his unique voice to marry pop and rock. I think David could totally pull off this style of music. Phil also had a decent acting career (actually started off as a child actor).


  19. PaulaFOD said

    Thanks for all of your research and thoughtful article! Thanks to you, too, Angelica for your thoughts on the striped shirt. You ladies rock!


  20. emmegirl said

    bebe, cannot even tell you how much I love this article. He has all the tools to build a solid, long lasting career. And now without interference from label or management, he can draft his own blueprint. As abrra said, he holds the key to what will someday be David’s monument to music.


  21. Jan said

    Great article, Bebe. I have always trusted the Archuleta on doing and being what he wants. Evidently Jive was holding him back, but he’s on a roll now because he is doing what he wants and how he wants. Glad that he has his fans backing him while he’s taking his chances. I know he might not even took those chances if it wasn’t for us fans. I think, eventually, he will be as big as any of those you mentioned in the article.
    Even if he isn’t, he will be happy because he has done things the way he wanted with the blessings of his fans. He’s so in to charities and helping others, that’s what makes him happy. When he’s happy, we’re happy!


  22. Vee now on the plane to Manila said

    Dear everyone

    Boarding the plane to Manila, seven hour trip from
    Sydney .

    Hoping to get a place for meet and greet on the 17 July .
    Keeping my fingers and toes ……and whole body

    Excited to see my family, friends and Archie friends

    Vee 🙂 🙂
    p.s got a patron seat with my sister


  23. Jan said

    Safe travels, Vee! And good luck on your meet and greet!


  24. bebereader said

    JR: “David is amazing where he is at now. But imagine as he matures, falls in love, acquires more life experiences? The possibilities are most exciting, right? Heaven help us, LOL!” <<< Ay Dios Mio! 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Thanks for the two additions; I was hoping people would add to my list. There
    are more out there but I chose a random sampling. I didn’t realize that Phil Collins started out as a child actor.

    PaulaFOD, You’re welcome!

    Emmegirl, He has all the tools and he’s using them. Not a lazy bone in that boy’s body.

    Jan, Thanks for your comment. “I think, eventually, he will be as big as any of those you mentioned in the article.” I like knowing that we are here at the very beginning of his career to cheer him on.

    Vee, Have fun with family and friends! We’re thinking of you and wishing you a safe trip! Please keep in touch. We’re always here! 🙂

    David’s tweets:

    In Dallas, TX!
    4 hours ago

    We the Kings has a new album out #SunshineStateOfMind. Check it out!
    3 hours ago


  25. skydancer1x said

    ooooooooooh David is here!!♥


  26. Djafan said

    Sky, when was the last time you saw David?


  27. Angelica said


    I so agree with your addition of James Taylor and Phil Collins to the list of artists who have longevity. I also agree that David could rock some Phil Collins stuff. Love him.


    Love the article and how you bring out all the keys needed for a long and successful career as evidenced by those who have used them. I know David has most of these on his key ring already too, just needs to find the right door and it will all open to him. The mega hit will happen one day and it won’t be just one. Thanks for this…”David wants to discover his own sound, away from the pressures of anyone telling him how he should sound.” That is the master key and he’s smart enough to know it and brave enough to pursue, against all odds. hmmm… That would be a great one for David to cover.


  28. betsy said

    Bebe, love, love love this article!
    “Very few have that magical brilliance that will make a difference in people’s lives the way David Archuleta already has.”
    I love this sentence. There is some kind of magic working in him.
    In addition to all the other stuff. His work ethic. His knowledge that family life is more important than business life. His songwriting. His need to help those less fortunate. (how many artists have a charity tab on their Official websites?
    All of this leads to longevity.
    Good going, Bebe. 🙂


  29. Angelica said

    David tweets! The human sponge is at another concert soaking it up.


    Brings me to remember another great article you researched and wrote, Bebe.



  30. betsy said

    Angelica. 🙂
    Now that has set me off on a CFTH video spree.


  31. Angelica said

    Oh yeah, he already did cover Phil Collins.

    He doesn’t just cover. He smothers. gaaah.


  32. betsy said

    “He smothers”
    You got that right.
    “Will you stay with me, will you be my love?”


  33. bebereader said

    Betsy, “There is some kind of magic working in him.” << True words!

    David was at a Five For Fighting concert?!!! I knew FFF was on tour. In fact just last night I was watching some videos from their current tour. I believe YJ posted them. I like most of their songs but my favorite of all time is The Riddle. But I was so disappointed. It was a really bad performance of the song. In fact I can no longer listen to FFF sing their own song. I immediately switched to David's Waukegan Riddle from the Christmas Tour and was…healed.


  34. pattiNC said

    Good morning! I too believe David is laying the groundwork for longevity in the business, and love your comparisons! Bebe, gotta agree with you on The Riddle…sat front row center in Baltimore mesmerized by his performance…gah! I love that song…brought tears to my eyes (as did FOG!) and he sings all covers sooo much better than the originals! I hear Sting’s FOG and Tears for Fear’s EWTRTW almost everyday on a station I listen to at work…both are just missing that somethin’ somethin’! 🙂


  35. skydancer1x said

    26. Djafan,the last time I saw David was December 3rd for the “blue jacket” concert in Dallas! HA!

    Getting things ready now, camera, and iphone charged, and trying to decide what to wear that is lightweight enough in this heat later, and get ready for work too. It was 106 here at the DFW airport yesterday at 5pm.Hope David has fun today while he is here,and stays cool. Looks like Ishould be in Frisco (Dr.Pepper Ballpark) by 5pm.
    see you’s later!gotta run!

    as a Phil Collins song says “I can feel it coming in the air tonite….oh Lord ♫Love the song, just can’t think if it at the moment.
    I love that one, would love a cover of that..


  36. emmegirl said

    Sky, have fuuun! So glad you finagled a way to go, we’ll be waitin’ for the scoop!

    Lordy, that FOG.


  37. Angelica said


    Have a great time and stay as cool as you can! 106 degrees!!! 😯 We’ll be waiting up for video of his performance to surface and hopefully you will surface too and tell us all about it tonight in unplugged? Since you mentioned that Phil Collins song (and since Abrra is not around, I can continue my spamming of this thread with him). hee hee. The song is “In the Air Tonight” and if David eevverrrr covered it, it would bring me to my knees! That song was almost a spiritual experience for me when it came out. Oh Lord!

    On drums.

    On piano.

    In the studio.

    *runs away cackling*


  38. Abrra said

    I have been busy the past 2 days. But I do get time to check in on Miss Angelica!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Off for the day now to a family gathering where I hope they have names tags. LOL Too many generations to keep them all straight.



  39. Angelica said


    Hah! Saved! I was going to continue my Phil Collins spree until he did it. Have fun at the family reunion today Abbra! (that witch don’t scare me none)

    To all…the cat is away. 8)


  40. sweetonDA said

    Angelica, haha….This mouse loves Phil Collins and I would absolutely die if he covered “In The Air Tonight” one of my all time favs.

    Just came in from working in the yard, it’s hot here and I’m dripping wet in just a half hour of time. Cooling off in front of a fan and catching up at The Voice.

    Bebe, great post. David definitely has what it takes to have a long career. He just shines with that “it” factor. I’m having the time of my life watching and waiting for everything his little heart tells him to do. I trust his judgement completely, even if he makes a wrong turn here and there. He’s on the road to big things. I just feel it!

    Can’t wait for September 17th! David will be here and I see that many fans are coming to Gilbert, AZ. Let’s Party!!!!


  41. Djafan said


    Sent from my iPad


  42. MT said

    “He just shines with that “it” factor.” He does, even in a vlog.

    Thanks for posting the vlog, Dja. 🙂

    Several things I love about that vlog.

    1. Those eyes!! (screen caps anyone?)
    2. David in BLUE! ♥
    3. Such a cutie patootie. Love that gorgeous face.
    4. He is such a fanboy of everyone’s music. ♫
    5. So supportive of his friends.
    6. The shiny nose moment. (too cute)
    7. The smile at the end. ♥
    8. Love him, love him, love him. ♥

    That’s all. 🙂

    (at least for now, cuz know I left out some things.)


  43. dakgal said

    B-B-B-BEbe–Thanks for the article–I will never til my dying day understand (after that I will) why some “get” this and understand it and others are still in the dark.

    I’m so thankful to be on the “get” list. I’m also thankful that David has the built in inner ( Be Still My Soul ) patience and is smart enough to march to the beat of his own drum.

    Be it one person at a time –or a whole arena full of people at a time –he will open those doors to a life time of doing what he loves.

    As you said Bebe–“He is already moving mountains”

    SweetonDA #40 “He just shines with that “it” factor.”

    And now—

    Surprise—-I’m confused. 😉

    Is there a difference between the meaning of the the terms “sound” and “style” or do they mean the same thing? Can someone with more gray matter or musical knowledge explain?


  44. Bebe, This is a great post! Love this: “One might say that he is reinventing himself. In a short time, we’ve seen changes in his performances that lean toward his goal of becoming the artist he envisions. He is owning the stage. He is relaxed and in charge. He shows the sensuality of someone twice his age, one of his trademarks.” Yes! That sensuality just oozes in recent performances! Then this: “David’s voice is unique; it is original.” Yes! Yes! There certainly is no other VOICE that can even begin to compare!
    I’m along for the ride…It’s been somethin’ else so far! 😉


  45. sweetonDA said

    Love this vlog. Love the lighting!

    Does his eyes look blue to anyone else?

    It must be all that beautiful blue that surrounds him.

    He just does good things to my heart!


  46. loulou said

    I just love Davids blogs he is so good looking and those eyes,amazing !! U cant help but smile watching him. His smile is cantageous !! I just adore him.


  47. djafan said


    I can now screen cap 🙂

    David is so excited, that joy is so contagious. His eyes look blue, then pale green and sometimes amber, stunning eyes 🙂


  48. djafan said

    Interview from this morning!


  49. Angelica said



  50. Angelica said

    The video of Beyonce David spoke about in his vlog above. I remember him saying once that her concert was the best he had ever seen. Off to Itunes to get the Civil Wars album for $5.00!! Been meaning to get it and this is a great time, ya think? He is wise and adorable and my face hurts from smiling.


  51. Abrra said

    Wowoza! Loved the Video blog of David.

    Djafan Happy for you ! It’s really frustrating when one’s internet is down.

    I had a special day at my oldest sister’s house today. Lots of family came to welcome home one of her grandsons who arrived in June from Afghanistan. The cutest part of the day was when the parents lined up the great-grand children for a group picture. There were 13 boys and 2 girls under the age of 6 ( how does this happen??) and one 16 yr old girl on the end ( no she isn’t the babysitter ;)) I am posting it because it’s so fun. David wants us to connect with family, right? This is some family 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  52. archiesfan4life said

    awww – Abrra – they are adorable! Thanks for sharing your special day with us!


  53. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  54. MT said

    Abrra, Wow, that’s a lot of babies, and so many boys!! Sounds like my family, hardy any girls. lol And they’re all so beautiful!

    So happy for all of you that her granson came home safely.


  55. emmegirl said

    abs, thanks for sharing that joyous photo, beautiful family.


  56. Marylee said

    Hi everyone! I tweeted about David’s blue eyes after watching some videos from the Stadium of Fire so it’s good to know it wasn’t my imagination! Never noticed it until recently..always thought they were a shade of hazel/green. Whatever shade…beautiful & mesmerizing for sure!

    Abrra..lovely/fun family photo! 🙂


  57. bebereader said

    It’s been a busy Saturday and barely had time to check in!

    Abs, What beautiful children! Thanks for sharing your day with us! 🙂

    PattiNC, You’re right! Some artists are missing that somethin’ somethin’ but David has it in spades!

    Earth to Sky(dancer), Sheesh! I wish I had told you to keep in touch during the game tonight! I also think you missed my happy dance at the end of the last article. In any case, hope you’re not too uncomfortable in the heat (it’s 98 degrees now in Dallas) and that you have a good view of The Voice tonight. Will be waiting up for you tonight in Unplugged, Missy! LOL

    Sweetonda, Gilbert is becoming a popular place since David will be there! 🙂

    Dak, “Surprise—-I’m confused. 😉 Is there a difference between the meaning of the the terms “sound” and “style” or do they mean the same thing? Can someone with more gray matter or musical knowledge explain?
    Idk if I have any more gray matter than the next person but I think when discussing music, it’s safe to say that ‘sound’ and ‘style’ are very similar things.

    From the Merriam Webster dictionary:
    sound : a particular musical style characteristic of an individual, a group, or an area
    style: a distinctive manner of expression (as in writing, speech or music)
    Close enough? 😉

    Archangel48, “I’m along for the ride…It’s been somethin’ else so far! :wink:” We’re right beside you on the ride!

    I started watching Beyonce’s video but had to stop to finish later. I have a feeling David wants us to watch it so that we understand how he’s feeling now, doing it all on his own without a label.

    Tweets from the game!

    DavidFTFOD davidsgonzalez
    At Dr Pepper ballpark to see @DavidArchie woohoo! It is a Good Place

    David is in one of the suites. He came out for the national anthem. Aww.

    DavidFTFOD davidsgonzalez
    We saw David and took a few pics. He was in one of the dugouts.

    OMGosh David sang GBA before the 6th. Gah

    GBA was awesomeage. I am still shaking.


  58. bebereader said

    Yvette’s tweets: (she was at the game tonight!

    Yvette2919 Yvette

    Yvette2919 Yvette
    My hands are shaking rn I can’t even typw right sadbjehe

    Wkrhjrjfwh HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL OMG
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I can’t concentrate. Jdshreh he said he was gonna come back devbhhg please please ahhhhh I shook his hand *dies*

    Here’s another one. I was shaking so much lol xD
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    He just sang ahhh dhehbe my friend took video bc I was too mesmerized by him LOL

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And that’s just another day in the life of a fan of The Voice!


  59. MT said

    Bebe, lol Sounds like someone is excited! Meeting david up close and personal like that must be kinda like walking into a fairy tale. Lucky girl!


  60. bebereader said

    MT I Totally agree!

    Here’s more random pics from tonight:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David singing

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David being interviewed

    credit leonlai86

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    from AFS


  61. MT said

    He’s definitley looking his age here. 🙂

    I wonder where SKY is? Hope she made it and is having a great time … and gets to meet david!!

    *fingers crossed again for sky*


  62. dakgal said

    Bebe—Thanks that’s pretty much what I thought, but ya never know in music lingo –there could be a difference.

    After reading Yvettes tweets and seeing those –THUD– pictures you can put up the happy dance for all of us!!

    Abs–beautiful children—I’ll bet that it was fun just to sit back and watch them.


  63. bebereader said

    Dak 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  64. djafan said

    Hello there!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  65. Jan said

    #51, Ab, they are all so precious!
    #64, not too bad either!! lol


  66. Abrra said

    Skydancer1x video of GBA from tonight! I put it on youtube for her.


    MP3 from the above video is in the Candy jar!



  67. Angelica said

    Abrra, those babies are precious! I bet they had a great time playing together.

    Sky, amazing audio on your video. The last part is almost too beautiful. I found myself applauding him. Never done that to a video performance. Just superb vocal power and control and the way he gets creative with the melody without departing from the traditional essence of the song at all. Dat boi is a genius.


  68. bebereader said

    Beautiful audio on your video, Sky!
    Thanks for braving the heat for the fandom!
    Can’t wait to hear more of the story!

    Here’s one more video but it’s only 25 seconds!

    credit mandy 101888


  69. Gayle122890 said

    That voice! It grabs you and pull you right in. When he sings the words “land” and “love” in the second sentence of GBA…wow. Beautiful performance as always, David.

    Did Sky go belly up with a thud at the end? Lol. Her camera went pointing straight up. 🙂


  70. Abrra said

    Another GBA




  71. Marylee said

    Good Morning everyone & a lovely Sunday morning to you all. Oh my goodness..David’s God Bless America was out of this world & the crowd obviously loved it. Let’s face it..NO ONE sings it like he does.

    Thanks Abrra for the’s safely tucked away for future listening. 🙂

    Now it’s on to Asia to sing for his fans there who are waiting with great anticipation. Godspeed, David! ❤


  72. lct said

    Let’s get David in the top 5 vote getters! He’s never fallen below Kelly, Carrie, David C & Adam! Voting ends tonite! Clear your cookies!


  73. xaris said

    Good Morning All!

    Now that my company has left, I have time to catch up the articles I have missed. Here’s a fun interview:

    I like this question:
    Is it weird for you when you get grown women screaming for you?
    David: “I guess that’s funny. That’s crazy. I’m glad that they’re having a good experience with their kids though.”

    Note to self: Find some kids to take with me to the next David concert so screaming looks normal….


  74. amb4da said

    Morning Voice peeps, and happy Sunday.
    Woke (earrrly) to another beautiful sunny July day…then David’s video blog to start the day….MORE SUNSHINE! 🙂

    Good article Bebe…so much thought provoking on this topic, I suspect it will be one the fans will continue to discuss about David.

    Ya know…I think…”clever marketing people and savvy promoters” make money, not artists. I realize it’s a necessary part of the business end…but maybe it’s since we’ve become such a “branded” world, that it’s all gotten unbalanced…with art giving way to manufactured talent and fame. And fame…that’s hardly a noble goal (or a prize!) vs. the goals David has for himself.

    We’ve all known from the beginning, David is a true artist. Music is his passion and an extension of who he is, and he’d have to be true to what feels right to him in that. He just HAS to do music he LOVES! Period! I believe he’d sooner walk away than sell out or not do the music he wants to do. It makes sense he’d make any moves he had to, early on, to find his way to that. AI and Jive was his launching platform…and he did what he had to do, and got what he could from it, and instinctively knew when he needed to move fwd.
    I continue to trust him completely, and his following his musical instincts and being true to himself.

    I love and applaud the joy of freedom I see in him lately. It’s been such a fun ride to be a fan since day one and have followed this natural progression and it feels like now we’re getting to a place we all kind of envisioned would eventually happen..
    I’m ecstatic myself to see what’s to come!
    David’s in good hands, his own.


  75. amb4da said

    ps. “they” can “mfr” all they want, in lieu of the real deal…
    meantime Excellence will always rise to the top and last over time…real talent, great music, lyrics, and all the elements that make up the great talents you write about here… You can’t “make it up”…but when it shows up for real, it can’t be denied.


  76. xaris said

    You make a lot of good points here, Bebe. I don’t listen to pop music at all, but I am familiar with these artists, their distinctive voices, and their ‘sounds’, so obviously, they have that extra something which has permitted them to reach people outside their genre. I think you nailed it with “They took risks in their songwriting and performances and stayed original and versatile.” I’m so glad David escaped what must have been a truly suffocating experience with Jive, a company that doesn’t value or encourage originality and versatility.

    Can I get an intervention? I need help out of a vortex! I am stuck, stuck, stuck on Falling Stars from Good Things(?) Utah, which is surprising because FS was one of my least favorite tracks on TOSOD. Eman seems incapable of writing anything without either a clap track or the dreaded word, ‘baby’, so I tend to skip his songs. But have mercy, David should have recorded FS with just the piano; his voice completes the production. That was beyond beautiful.


  77. Abrra said

    Sent to me by Skydancer! CLOOOOOSE up 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  78. emmegirl said

    That GBA..his voice just envelopes like this beautiful fog that drifts in and you can’t see or hear anything outside of him. gaaah!

    Amb4d, love your post, especially the entire fourth paragraph. But I think good marketing and promoting is essential – with the goal not necessarily to become a superstar, but just to stay afloat financially.

    Read an article in out local paper today about Amazon paying millions to Lady Gaga’s label to offer her entire album for 99 cents – in the end they lost 3 million dollars – many are not even willing to pay 99 cents for LG’s album when they can download for free. It went on to say how artists make little or nothing on albums but can make some money touring, or atleast tread water. Chart topping artists get their cash from lucrative merchandising and endorsement deals with big promoters.

    When I look at David and see how hard he works making his music for us, the sacrifices he makes to do this, beside the fact that he lives his life in a fishbowl, I feel he deserves a decent financial payoff. Not talking “money to burn” wealth, but able to comfortably support a family and work when he wants and be home when he wants.

    It seems that you have to take advantage of every single resource available just to survive, much less thrive.

    I have not one ounce of doubt that he will have a long-lived career. He is not a clone, but an original.


  79. lct said

    David has moved up to #6 so let’s get him into the #5 spot to make the next round!


  80. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    Chat was great last night until I fell asleep and woke up to a wiped screen lol.

    Yvette was tweet sharing yesterday, here’s her fun recap and a couple more pictures from her. She is supposed to be uploading some video of all this, so I’ll be on the look out.

    On Sunday 10th July 2011, @Yvette2919 said:

    @MillyG1O ahhhhhhhhh Millyyyyyy. first of all I can’t stop smiling. bc as you know (or not) this was my first time actually talking to him and being that close to him!!! and secondly, this all came as a surprise. i honestly was not expecting this AT ALL. but anyway, so we were sitting there minding our own business and i had no idea what was going on in the game LOL. i was actually looking around hoping to see David hehe. and then, girl it was HOT lol. we had been there for about an hour and a half and no david. of course i knew i’d see him when he came out and sing so i was okay 🙂 then i saw a whole bunch of people running towards the front. and i was like hey i wonder whats going on. THEN THEN I see his beautiful face standing there! i felt my heart drop!! omg. haha. without a second of doubt I “walked very quickly” towards him. we were already sitting pretty close anyway 😛 my friend laughed at me bc she said she had never seen me move so fast rofl #embarrassing but when i got there i didn’t know what to do! i didn’t have a pen so he ccould sign a ball they had given us and my friends didn’t come with me so they could take the pic of me and him D: so im just standing there right in front of him staring at him while other people get autographs and pictures…(i honestly think he looked at me once like there was something wrong with me) but my hands were shaking as i tried to take some pics of him. so when he was finally done i said “can I shake your hand?” #HUGEDORK and he said “oh sure” and smiled and took my hand ekfneifjeifie I can only imagine my expression oh gosh. xD then I waved at my sister to come take a pic of us but when she got there he had to leave 😦 she took it but you only see me and his back LOL but he said he’d be back. so we went back to our seats and about half an hour later he came out to sing. it was of course wonderful! when he was done he took pictures with some troops and cheerleaders i think then he left so i thought he was gone for good. then i’m absentminded thinking about what had just happened when janie tells me “look there he goes again!” so i go up there again but this time there is a huge fence between us -_- lol. he sees me and other people but i don’t think he was sure if he had time or if they would let him but he decided to go and he went straight towards me hehe so i asked him “can i take a picture with you” and of course he said yeahhhhhh. duhhh hahaha xD jk. this time my sister was ready and omg milly he is smiling hard in the picture .<) there were other people waiting for him so i only had time to say thank you. and he went all around the stadium taking pictures with people! he's so nice. and when he was singing he was singing facing our side hehe we were seriously in the perfect spot so at times he would flicker his eyes towards us (my friends and i) and ughhhhh he's so great. so yeah that's pretty much it. LOL. sorry it's a lot xD

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  81. djafan said

    lct, I’ve only been able to vote once even after clearing cookies. Please vote everyone, ends today.


  82. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit youngschmuck


  83. bebereader said

    Djafan, We were in chat until very late last night. As usual, I took a short nap at the keyboard (kerplunk!) and woke up to the loveliest voice I have ever heard singing, “Blackbird”. The late crew was there; emifriend, ODDity, marciami, steno, gladys and your name was on the list when we all left. You mean you fell asleep too? I apologize for the blank screen but they they made me wipe the screen before we all left. Idk why. All we were talking about was books. et al. /cough

    Xaris, “Is it weird for you when you get grown women screaming for you?
    David: “I guess that’s funny. That’s crazy. I’m glad that they’re having a good experience with their kids though.”

    Haha Thanks for bringing that interview here! I don’t think David is clueless, do you? I don’t bring kids with me either when I go to his shows. I think he’s just being sweet.

    I’m afraid I’m of no help to get you out of the Falling Stars vortex. I’m in it myself, waving to you! 🙂

    “Eman seems incapable of writing anything without either a clap track or the dreaded word, ‘baby’, so I tend to skip his songs. But have mercy, David should have recorded FS with just the piano; his voice completes the production. That was beyond beautiful.”

    I happen to love the ‘clap track’ you refer to in the back of the song. As the beat builds, so does the intensity and it builds to an outpouring of emotion for a love affair that is over. Although I love the sound of David’s pure voice in any song, I think in the case of FS, the music only enhances the mood of the song. It’s my favorite track on TOSOD. I’ll take it scrambled, fried and any way I can get it, even with no music at all.

    Amb4da Loved your entire comment. Thank you! I especially loved this: “David’s in good hands, his own.”


  84. lct said

    We are only 26 votes from taking the #5 spot so lets do it!


  85. Lct, Any other suggestions other than clearing cookies before trying to vote again? I’ve tried every way I know how to multiply votes…


  86. skydancer1x said

    Hi all! so happy to see all these pictures from yesterday! As you can see, he was his usual, always gorgeous, self.

    just a little random recap detail from moi….♥
    I think I will begin with my search for David once we got to the game.My poor daughter.. Once I was sastified we had “swept” the area, and she was pleading to go to our seats, we purchased our 2 bottles of water and a bag of peanuts to take”‘our place in the sun.” Great seats, they were all good seats. Sun was at our back, so no looking into the sun for anyone.

    My first sighting of David, came from the blue teams dugout.opposite side of where I was sitting, by the white teams dugout.
    I truly believe with David, you have to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, or at least close by.Because once people see him, you have got to be fast! haha
    I first spotted that black head of hair through the blue team members legs,as they stood lined up in front of the dugout.
    I guess I looked like a bobble head or something as daughter said “Mom! what are you doing?”
    (me as I left my seat to fly up the stairs) I THINK I SEE HIM BEHIND THOSE PLAYERS!!
    and headed over that direction.but could not get near enough to get a pic, but did see him for a second, smiling, looking so cute in that white baseball shirt.
    gotta be in the right place at the right time dang it.
    At the top of the fifth I was thinking, soon David. Then all of a sudden, the servicemen were taking the field. Then David walks out and started to sing GBA. what? now? unannounced, before the 7th inning stretch?So I ran down 5 rows to the front, up against the fence,and shot what I could from where he was.
    That voice of his just soared. It permeated the building, and it was loud proud and strong, as you hear in Abbra’s mp3 she so kindly made from my video.He just melts me with that voice. It is so rich, and his way of singing them just makes me want to cry with love and hope and pride for my country. The military loves David and I know they respect the way he handles our National Anthem and all patriotic songs with such love and care.
    Bob Hope would have loved David Archuleta.

    Obviously , I am not good at videos, especially through a at that too.and then I tried to put my hand across my chest ,on my heart. I know you can’t see him but from a distance.:( but I love how good the audio came out) thank goodness.

    after he sang, another surprise as he came across the field towards the other dugout! He was coming right towards us, so this time, I jumped back up, went to the fence and yelled and waved!
    “Hi David, you were so great!” He looked right at and smiled at me and waved back! Made it fast this time,I was the only one standing right there in that good place at that moment..Then he came up to the fence, beside me was a little girl who wanted a quickpic with David, so he bent down to her, and obliged. That was the closeup I wanted, and he was close! as you see.I said bye David, and he moved on further down.
    Love him.


  87. Heidijoy said

    Thanks for the review of your experience. Glad you survived and it sounds like prospered. Saw/heard your video last eve right about the time I was going to give up after spending hours reading tweets and seeing twitpics @ Fanscene. Thanks so much for your efforts. I wondered why they decided to have David sing @ the top of the 5th instead of 7th as advertised but it sound like everyone was respectful and standing in place on the spur of the moment. Don’t know if you met Yvette but her review is on Fanscene. She was a hoot throughout the evening.
    Welcome back!!……and thanks again!!!


  88. Heidijoy said

    Skydancer………That message was for you!!!


  89. MT said

    Bebe, Falling Stars has become my favorite too, especially in performance.

    Lct, like Archangel48, it would only let me vote once.

    Skyyyyyy 🙂 Thanks for the great recap (I could picture the whole thing ♥ ) and that awesome video. I had to laugh at the Bobble-Head comment. And of course, goofy me, I found myself imitating what I thought you were doing. Hahahha Too funny!

    So glad you got to go hear David ♫ sing ♫ and ended up in a “good place” so you could get up close to David!! That’s some close-up pic!! And he’s gorgeous as always! How does he do it? Who looks that good that close up? Haha

    Thanks again for the recap, the video, and for the laugh.


  90. lct said

    All right David is 4 votes shy of being in 4th place! 🙂 For those of you who have not voted please do so!


  91. Jan said

    #82 Cute kids!!!
    #86 Thanks, Sky for a great recap! I could just see you trying to keep up with him!
    He’s worth it!!! Good job!


  92. emmegirl said

    sky, thanks for the video, the audio is perfect! Loling at your recap!

    “Bob Hope would have loved David Archuleta.” 🙂


  93. skydancer1x said

    heidijoy, thanks, I did read and loved her story and pics and tweets. Haven’t met her, but loved her recap 🙂

    MT. LOL, now I am picturing you picturing me! haha!

    LCT. I voted,are you able to vote more than once?

    Jan, always worth it, always.

    Emme,I think david would be great on a USO tour:) or whatever they call it now.
    haha.just remembered… when I was trying to get to where yvette was, the first section I tried to go down to crossover…..I got blocked by some “cheerleaders” in the aisle who started their cheer as I was trying to get past them. after a couple of brushes with their pom poms, I had to give up that aisle time wasted, seconds lost wheres David, I’m tellin’ ya..


  94. Fiona said

    Sky, love your recap! Lucky you, getting to see David again!!!! Glad you got so close and thank you for the lovely video. That voice!!!!


  95. bebereader said

    Same pic as in #64 but bars have been removed. (Found on Twitter)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Kollin


  96. Lct, We made it! David is carrying 4th place pretty comfortably. WOW! When we ArchAngels are called upon, we give it our all! WOOT! WOOT! Go us!


  97. artthh said

    Hey! The thing is that I wanted to talk about David’s performance of God Bless America, why? Well, because it was frickin’ GOOD! And since I see you haven’t talk about it yet, I thought you would want to check it out! Anyways, just in case you want to check out my review (as well as the vid of David singing God Bless America), I will leave here the link of the post I did about David’s performance!



  98. bebereader said


    I enjoyed your recap so much that I didn’t want it to end! I’m so glad you persevered in the heat and got to see David again.


  99. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thanks for the link to your review and video! David’s performance of GBA was awesome! He makes us proud with every performance. He’s a master at singing patriotic songs!


  100. bluesky said


    Very nice article. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for your work and interest and assembly-of-thoughts skills. I always feel grounded when I read your work. *hum*

    I also liked the place in that video where DA says that a big part of his def. of “longevity” is “providing for the fans”.


    I like my fanship provided for. Yes indeedy I do. “All fans on deck!” “Ship ahoy!” We are all members of the good ship DA. And he is the “Captain oh, Captain!” whose voice we hear sometimes above a storm. Watching him order and sail his own ship sometimes keeps me on course with my own.

    Okay… wandering brain here. Just meant to say Hi and thanks, Bebe. I appreciate you. Tons.


  101. tawna21 said

    bebe, what a wonderful article– very thought provoking and informative. I love how you do so much research in your articles. Thanks. 🙂

    sky, love your recap and I’m giggling at your day in the sun! I’m glad David is where it’s warm, he seems to prefer heat to cold (me too) and Utah is rainy and kind of cool right now. :/

    Love the comments and pics here on this thread, but will wait till I get my ‘puter back from the doctor to really get into them–this laptop of my hubby’s is not at all friendly to me. 😦


    abrra–what cute kids!!


  102. dakgal said


    Wonder how many “bobbleheads ” there were at that game. Haha If you were in the outfield looking at the crowd–probably looked like you were all sitting down on tacks all the time.

    Love your re-cap–little stinker hiding in the dugouts–here I thought he would be in some air-conditioned booth–but not David–well, that’s one hiding place that will no longer work–

    The pictures of him behind the wire made me think of ” to many barriers” — Did your daughter get to see who she wanted to see?


  103. Angelica said

    Sky, thanks for the recap. You do not disappoint. Hilarious as usual.

    “I think I will begin with my search for David once we got to the game.My poor daughter.. Once I was satisfied we had “swept” the area…”

    “I first spotted that black head of hair through the blue team members legs,as they stood lined up in front of the dugout. I guess I looked like a bobble head or something as daughter said “Mom! what are you doing?”
    (me as I left my seat to fly up the stairs) I THINK I SEE HIM BEHIND THOSE PLAYERS!!”

    How pathetic is it that I find this behavior perfectly logical under the circumstances? Of course you made an initial sweep of the perimeter. Of course you scanned the entire stadium till you located his black head. Naturally your head began to bobble uncontrollably. Totally appropriate that you flew up the stairs because you saw him “behind those players!!” No self-respecting David fan would have done less my dear! So glad you got to meet him close up and say a few words of appreciation. You spoke for us all. He was great. Thanks for having the presence of mind and quick reflexes to obtain that superb audio of God Bless America. Mission accomplished!


  104. skydancer1x said

    Bebe♥ I think I ended my recap comments as abruptly as my video attempt.HA!
    All these pics of David, just love em’

    I can’t even tell you how I felt when he acknowledged my HI DAVIDDDD!!!!! and waved back with a smile. I know I had an ear to ear grin on my face and was waving wildly. He was so sweet when he bent over so his head would be next to that little girl. and I was happy when her Dad said, “thank you very much David” as they were rushing him along.There is such a “softness” about him, and it draws you in like a magnet as we know. it’s just like♪♫♪ I got a peaceful easy feelin♫


  105. MT said

    “There is such a “softness” about him, and it draws you in like a magnet as we know. it’s just like♪♫♪ I got a peaceful easy feelin♫”

    Funny how when it comes to his career decisions he has a will of iron, yet through everything he’s managed to retain his giving nature and
    sweet gentle personailty. ♥


  106. bebereader said


    Thank you! I love your metaphors and analogies.
    ““All fans on deck!” “Ship ahoy!” We are all members of the good ship DA. And he is the “Captain oh, Captain!” whose voice we hear sometimes above a storm. Watching him order and sail his own ship sometimes keeps me on course with my own.”

    I think you have something there, Bluesky. David is a great role model not only
    for teens but for his older fans as well. He leads by example and his examples are inspiring for all ages. One of the many reasons we are so drawn to him.


    Hope your computer comes back soon. I don’t really like working on a laptop either unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    Angelica, You are hilarious.


    Now I’m the one one smiling from ear to ear after reading your comment because you described so well how it feels when you get close to David. He emits this energy. Exactly what it is I do not know but it feels so good and it’s positive and it’s magnetic. And the feeling lasts for days. So happy for you! 🙂


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