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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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Vacation Survival Guide for David Archuleta Fans ~ Don’t leave home without him.

Posted by betsy on Thursday, June 30, 2011

East Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan. Photo by Betsy.

I just returned home from vacay and was inspired to write a little about what I perceived that I missed out on. I wrote it in thirty minutes, so plz be kind, lol.

I have had quite the time catching up on all things David.
I have been out-of-town visiting my daughter and her family. I returned today.
With Twitter on my phone, I received updates. I do not have the internet on my phone, so the updates remained just that. My daughter has a computer, but I could hardly barge in and ask them to get off so that I could hear a new song. 🙂 So we went to the beach. East Traverse City Bay, Traverse City, Michigan.
The air is so clean, the water so blue – it’s been said that breathing the air of this town is akin to taking a muscle relaxer. It’s true.

Sunset on East Traverse City Bay, Michigan.

But next time I leave, I will be more prepared.

Here are some helpful tips for fans leaving town:

1.)  Make sure you pack your laptop, if you have one. (I do not. YET)

2.)  Bring your own music, unless you actually LIKE listening to metal.

3.)  Do not fret when people start tweeting late at night that your favorite singer is releasing 5 new songs. Sit back and quietly spazz along with them, while sitting at the campfire and discussing the deer that just meandered past you.

4.)  Do not hyperventilate when you wake up the next morning to tweets that a new song will be played momentarily, and you have no sound on the available computer. That is a story much too long and boring to go into. Eventually you will hear it (the song, not the long boring story).

5.)  Do not worry that you are the only one mentally screaming and running around. Wait, no way, was I? I was.

6.)  Do not eat 7 squares of pizza in one go. (doesn’t really go with the article, but on reflection, I thought it sound advice, haha).

7.)  When you finally make it home and have the luxury of uninterrupted time to catch up, appreciate everything you just had to leave. I just heard this lyric, “Don’t look down ’cause this is reeeeeeal”.

So glad I finally got to hear this song. By myself. I like it. I don’t care if it’s too high. It’s now connected to time spent watching my beautiful daughter smile at her happy beautiful son

Thanks for the song David. It was everything and more, and so worth waiting for.

East Traverse City Bay, Michigan.

97 Responses to “Vacation Survival Guide for David Archuleta Fans ~ Don’t leave home without him.”

  1. Jan said

    Betsy, bet your vacation was awesome…the pictures are just beautiful! Great writeup with all the good tips! It’s funny how I try to book my trips around where David is at or going to be at. I take my netbook and my cds and hope there is a cd player in my room. In case there isn’t, I take my mp3 player and my GPS has a mp3 built in. In my car I have his cds too. Want to be prepared for anything and everything! Actually, a lot of my trips is going to see him, when I can! Is that ODD or what?? My son thinks so! lol It’s so much fun, it’s keeping me young!! Young at heart, anyway! Thank you, David!


  2. Jan said

    Forgot to tell you that I love the picture of David doing hand stands in the sand! Very cute! Ingenious idea!


  3. FG said

    Wow Betsy it is so beautiful there! Sounds like you had a great time in spite of the archudeprivation. I remember my first vacation without David. I thought I would die. I snuck to call my mom whom I had given websites for checking on him. LOL My mom is a perfect enabler. Things are easier now because I have a smart phone and can sneak a peek whenever. 🙂


  4. KathyH said

    Love the writeup, Betsy, and I can SO relate! My not having a laptop (yet) meant that, last summer, when the family took a wonderful trip to the Oregon coast, I lurked in many hotel lobbies in the late evenings, waiting for kids, moms and businessmen to get off the lone computer so that I might have a few minutes to pull up at least one DA site (and risk everyone knowing that, yes, THAT was what I was pacing the floor waiting to see.) I’ve got an iPad now, so next time it’ll be better. And the iPod is a wonder!


  5. Fiona said

    Love this Betsy!!! You capture so well the feelings of O.D.D.!!!! I too was away from the computer for a while and could not believe what I came home to!!!! We are going on vacation in July – I will be sure to bring my iphone with me to keep up on all things David!! So excited for the new songs!


  6. Heidijoy said

    Betsy, I could so identify with you. I have a Laptop but don’t take it with me on vacation but have used computers in hotel lobbies. One of the most telling times of my addiction was when I even had to check when I was @ Motab because I wanted to get in on the buzz around Archiuniverse! I have also been known to access friends computer while on vacation @ friends in Seattle.
    Love the picture up top. So excited to hear the buzz starting this Saturday!!
    Welcome back!


  7. Tawna21 said

    Welcome back, Betsy!! Your vacation looks like it was in a really ‘good place’. And, some really sound advice for vacationers.

    I can relate totally with the archudeprivation…I spent 4 days last week at my daughter’s home without using a computer–I didn’t want to get onto hers, and I don’t have a laptop (yet) or an iPhone. Boy, when I got home Sunday evening I had the computer turned on and ready to go so I could get the latest as soon as the unpacking was finished. I had a wonderful few days, and I will do it again, but it was so good to get back home to ‘The Voice’. ♥♥

    ***2 more sleeps till SOF!!*** My heart is starting to race! 🙂 I hope someone does photos and vids, cause it won’t be me….not capable of multi-tasking at David events 😉 …and I’m gonna want to re-live the event!!



  8. Davidstopsmyaging said

    Betsy, I love your article—-great timing for me because I’m on vacation, too! However, I am visiting my bachelor computer geek son, and am at this very moment sitting on a couch with keyboard in hand watching video’s of David in HD on a huge TV screen—-ahhhhh—-best vacation ever!!!

    Unfortunately, over the 4th I will be somewhere else completely, and will miss all the excitement and fun. I’m going through withdrawls thinking about it….:(


  9. MT said

    Betsy, Love the article!! Welcome back, glad you had a great vaction! From the photos it looks gorgeous there!! I understand the “doing without David” pains that you get when away.

    I don’t have a laptop or an Iphone and this weekend (SOF weekend of all times) I’m going to have company on Fri. and Sat. lol The time difference may be what saves me for Saturday. They will probably be leaving some time Saturday evening.

    I’m very fortunate and grateful to have family to spend the time with and I love them to pieces. Spending time with them is always pure pleasure and somthing I look forward to. But … if the timing just happens to work out so that I can enjoy a CCC (if there is one) on Saturday night too, then that’s just a win win for me. 🙂


  10. Angelica said

    I removed the embed of the song. I was under the impression that it was safe to post it that way but Abrra explained that it could still be stolen that way. Sorry. I meant well.

    I have a confession to make. At first I didn’t think much of the song. After a few more listens, I am totally in love with it. How does he do that? He makes me love it despite all my protests to the contrary. Now I think it the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. His voice reaches such wondrous heights and I feel like a satellite soaring right along with him. It is high, but I am so addicted to that high now. 😆 How? Who? Why? What is he?

    More confessions to follow about my own Archu-deprivation vacations. Lovely article Betsy. Especially the part where the song will alway be associated with your daughter smiling at her baby.


  11. MT said

    Tawna, you must be getting soooo excited!! I just know you’re going to have an awesome time!!

    Enjoy David enough for all of us!


  12. Heidijoy said

    David will be on Good Day Utah tommorrow and SING A SONG!!!!!!!!! Yea and they finished Jonah’s house today.


  13. kaycee said

    Angelica, I experienced the very same thing with the new song! “How? Who? Why? What is he?” Yes, truly. Love it now! I’ve been singing it around the house, not realizing that I’m doing it! Mykids keep looking at me strangely!

    Betsy, loved the article! I could sooo relate! And I think you still owe me a soda!


  14. djafan said

    Betsy! Just love you and your article! The pictures of this place are sublime, what a wonderful peaceful view. But I get that there was something missing lol and Angelica took care of it, David doing handstands in the sand! Perfection 🙂

    The archudeprivation during time away from home even when spending it with our wonderful loving families is felt by those with ODD like me. I don’t have a smart phone (yet) but I now have an ipad and it’s getting a fair share of use.

    Angelica, your words are music to my ears. I loved the EAM from the get go. David’s voice has to have some spell casting powers because it’s stuck in my head specially that high note in the last chorus, kills me.

    Kaycee, you too! Another archumystery.

    This tweet was from late last night, David, you are the best.


    Finally wrapped up with working on this music project! No more we can do now but hope for the best. Feeling pretty excited

    This from Ovations Facebook…what???!!!!

    Calling all DAVID ARCHULETA fans!!! Get ready for an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT this weekend! Just mark your calendars on JULY 17 for an Odysseylive.Net / D.A. MEGA SURPRISE!!! 🙂

    David on Good Things Utah tomorrow morning and he’s going to sing!!!!!


  15. djafan said

    What could it be??? I’m so excited, cool? very cool?

    lol you already know about the david archie one.. i”ve been told i’m not allowed to say just yet- sorry 😦 .. but its very cool 🙂


  16. djafan said

    I am just loving the buzzzzzzzzz!

    MTV Buzzworthy Blog

    New Song: David Archuleta, ‘Everything And More’

    GAH I just wanna squeeze those cute David Archuleta cheeks! Phew. Exhale. Okay he’s 20 now, so he can’t really be considered a kid. But look at that punim! I can’t help it! I get maternal! So sue me!

    As cute as he may be, the Idol alum’s new sound is more mature as ever. After leaving Jive Records, Archuleta was reported to have been working overtime on his new material. Though “Everything And More,” which premiered on a Singapore radio station this week, is not a particularly innovative ballad (weird, since he co-wrote it with Grammy winning songwriter Victoria Horn), we do have to give Team Archie credit. He knows what works for him and rarely strays from his sweet spot. Even while on Idol, David’s best performances (probably The Beatles classic “Imagine” and Elton John’s power ballad “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”) were centered around soft melodies and touching lyrics.

    And if we know anything about Arch, it’s that this is exactly the type of heartfelt and wholesome song genetically engineered to make us fall in love with him all over again.


    New Music: David Archuleta Croons Sweetly On “Everything And More”

    Soaring ballads are totally David Archuleta‘s thing. And, thankfully, he has a new one to croon your eardrums into sweet heavenly bliss with in the form of his new song “Everything And More.”

    The piano-laced tune finds David exercising the range of his golden voice; it’s silky and buttery throughout most of it, but he gets gorgeously belty by the end.

    Archie is also exercising his songwriter’s pen with “Everything And More.” He co-wrote the song with Grammy-winning songwriter Victoria Horn.


  17. djafan said

    for every naysayer there are 5 liking!!!!


    David Archuleta Channels ‘Glee’ on Newest Single ‘Everything and More’

    by Cameron Matthews

    ‘American Idol’ Season 7 has spawned some of pop music’s biggest acts including David Cook and baby-faced balladeer David Archuleta, and as Idolator points out you can listen to a radio rip of the young singer’s newest cut ‘Everything and More.’

    Featuring Archuleta’s super-sweet vocals and a ‘Glee’-esque piano line we can see this playing at every prom in town. Co-written by Grammy-winning songwriter Victoria Horn, Archie’s latest is his most mature music to date.


  18. Bydesign said

    Betsy, thanks for those tips. The pictures are georgeous. It definitely looks like a place to go to relax. Angelica, I felt the same way about EAM but now I love it. I’m not sure why but it could be I’m just a sucker for that VOICE.


  19. MT said

    I’m going to throw my 2 cents in on EAM again as well. I liked the song initially, but the more I listen the more I like it. It’s addictive!! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to it.

    The youtube versions I’ve heard have some static in them, though. Is it my old PC or is everyone hearing it that way? Anyway, I can only imagine how good a CD quality version of it will be.

    I keep picturing him performing this. I can’t wait to see what he does with it on stage. ♥


  20. djafan said

    MT, I’m trying “not” to picture him singing EAM haha

    This on twitter from @PHOENIX_FM_BALI A radio station!

    #NP: Gwen Stefanie – What You Waiting For next De Langit – Pudar next Premiere: David Archuleta – Everything & More

    #Nowplaying Premiere David Archuleta everthing and more 🙂


  21. skydancer1x said

    Betsy love your article♥ and those pics are great. Sure would like to be in that top one right now, the water looks divine and David being in the picture makes it even better,hehe
    Glad you had a good time.
    #3 of your helpful hints made me laugh out loud so hard! 🙂

    I have withdrawal symptoms just going to work every day, and being away from my computer and David news! David David David, you got us all in the same boat ♫♪♫ hopelessly devoted to yoooooou!♪♫

    love all the buzz!:)

    what is gonna happen on the 17th!??? where is he gonna be that day?still in Jakarta, or in Manila?


  22. bebereader said


    “Hey it’s good to be back home again….” *wink*

    I enjoyed hearing about Traverse City Bay and took your advice and looked it up. Sounds like a great vacation place. It’s been added to the places I’d like to visit. 🙂

    Ever since David entered my life, it’s been a hassle to figure out how to take my online life with me on vacation so your helpful tips were so spot-on!

    I’d just like to know how you got David to do the headstand in the sand? LOL


  23. MT said

    Dja: “I’m trying “not” to picture him singing EAM haha”

    LOL Good luck with that. It didn’t work for me. I cant get the image out of my head! 😯

    And did I read that right? They’re playing EAM in Bali? That is wayyy cool!

    Sky: “What is gonna happen on the 17th?”

    haha No telling with David. I don’t even know where to start guessing anymore. He sure seems to like surprising us lately. 🙂


  24. betsy said

    You guys. ❤
    I actually used to live there for years. Trying to make my way back someday.
    Thanks for the lovely comments. I listened to the new song once, thought – meh.
    Listened a second time and I swear I couldn't do it without crying. It was an emotional day, and it stirred everything up. His voice – so raw, so genuine, so heartfelt. It's been in my head ALL day.
    p.s. Angelica. You are a genius.
    p.p.s. My power has been off for HOURS and it just came back on. I guess internet interruptus can happen anywhere. 🙂


  25. Dakgal said

    MT–#9 –I was in the boat you’re going to be in—company visiting—I don’t have an I-Pad or I- Pod or even a P-Pod, but I do have a computer, which was mere feet away–but due to popular demand by other people wasn’t accessible to me.

    Which is worse “Don’t leave home without David ” —or—“Don’t stay home without David”. I vote for the latter–so close and yet so far–it’s enough to make you want to scream some times. They have NO idea we need a daily dose of vitamin D.

    Thanks Betsy—can I rent about 9 sq. ft. of that beach–I think you know which footage I have in mind. 😉


  26. betsy said

    Haha Dak. That’s some expensive beachfront. 🙂
    And one other thing. There seems to be more buzz for this one song than David’s entire album. The Google alert has been working overtime. So happy for David, but they need to find a way to SELL THIS, AND QUICK. People are digging it.
    Exhibit A.
    (it’s not the song, just a video about the song.)


  27. betsy said

    I have a theory about this.
    People love to hear David sing love songs.


  28. Dakgal said

    Angelica—no fair–you knew the article was going to be closed–which ended the bidding–so you own the shirt for $101.00 🙄

    That’s alright cause I have my eye on the silver belt from the AI Tour. 😯


  29. Suzy-Q said

    I can relate. Last summer I took a two week trip to Europe with three of my friends. We went on a tour of four countries. While the group was eating breakfast, I was waiting in line to use the hotel computer to get the latest on David. My friends didn’t know and I didn’t tell them because I was embarassed. I had a red face when they caught me on the seventh day. They laughed at me in disbelief but I didn’t let stop me. I bought one of those international service phones so that I could call home every day (my husband couldn’t go on the trip). I couldn’t check in with my family and not check on David for two weeks. Right? Thank goodness that there are people on this site that completely understand. Thank you!!


  30. pocoelsy said

    Hi Betsy,

    Love the hand stand David and the lake is beautiful, I totally understand what you went through ha, I have to do that a few times a year!!!…visit my mom…no complain here I love being with her, she doesn’t have internet access !!! 😦 but I arm myself with MP3, my walk man phone which full of David’s songs and just in case… always bring along all his cds with me (including other singers and some movies so it won’t be too obvious hee hee). But I find it’s hard not to be able to “watch” him sing, so every 2 or 3 day I have to go to the internet cafe which full of youngsters ha ha and I ‘d feel a little uncomfortable watching a 20 yr old man sing from you tube in public lol but yeah I don’t care ha..

    About EAM, I love the song and his voice, it’s a bit high but after listening a few times it just beautiful and sweet, think it’s nice for a wedding or prom lol. I wouldn’t dare to visualize him sing it live on the piano though, I’ll be needing paramedic with extra oxygen!!!!


  31. betsy said

    Celebrating the 4th a little early. Remember this? So beautifully shot, just gorgeous.


  32. betsy said

    And while I was watching that, I found this. I have been trying to find it for quite some time. 🙂 🙂


  33. Dakgal said

    You have a great memory Betsy– and searching skills–I would have completely forgotten about those–any idea who the other peeps are –other than Mike – Lupe and I think Kendra?

    Thanks again– fun seeing him have fun and being a tourist.


  34. betsy said

    Dak – I don’t know who they are. Was wondering myself.
    She has other videos as well. All beautifully done. And David IS in at least one other. The Louisville one.


  35. skydancer1x said

    thank you Betsy♥ those were so much fun to watch! 🙂
    your comment at 27. I think you are absolutely right. So much buzz about Everything and More! Can’t believe the time for SOF is finally upon us!

    What are the chances of him running into the season 10 Idols at the airport? ha ha! CRAZY!


  36. SueH said

    Betsy…thank you for that wonderful article above! I can so relate to every word you were saying, cuz like you, I was on a vacation of sorts, visiting my elderly Dad for the past 2 weeks in PA. Ah yes…the spazzing and hyperventilating when I read my phone tweets that David released a new song! Then there was the intense anticipation when trying desperately to get Internet connection on my daughter’s laptop at the airport before boarding our flight to come home. Finally, realization set in that I would not get to hear the song until the next day…ugh! I do believe I will be buying my own laptop soon…ha! Loved the time my daughter & I got to spend visiting my Dad! And BTW love the new song too 🙂


  37. Jamie said

    skydancer- I think on July 17 he will be in Manila, probably in the afternoon.
    TOSOD asia tour edition include Zero Gravity, Love don’t hate, How to Breathe, Wait and Everything and More


  38. Abrra said

    It’s obvious you came home inspired! David has that effect and especially the LACK of David can makes us crazy!

    “One of the most telling times of my addiction was when I even had to check when I was @ Motab because I wanted to get in on the buzz around Archiuniverse! ”

    I can relate to this. Back in Oct of 2009 I was with a few fans staying in the Hilton in Providence for the Demi show. This is my home turf, but I wanted to stay connected to my pals, so I stayed at the hotel. We were so busy with lunch and planning for VIP that no one realized David was going to be on the local radio station.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Had we checked fans sites I could have taken us all down to see him outside! DOH!



  39. betsy said

    Here is the link to the live stream For Good Day Utah. David will be on in the 8:00 hour, allegedly. 🙂 Singing.


  40. Abrra said

    Utah Fox13

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit Ben Winslow Fox13 News

    Screen cap SPAM!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  41. MT said

    Whoaaaa, Thank.You.Abrra. He is looking GOOD!! Do we have video?

    I am loving the hair here. ♥ haha and the shirt fits nicely too.

    And Archuleta Phillipines has track titles!

    1. Everything and More
    2. Zero Gravity (from Spiderman) <– What???
    3. Love Don't Hate
    4. How To Breathe
    5. Wait

    Sooo excited to hear these songs!!


  42. Heidijoy said

    Thanks for the screencaps Abrra! Great interview. Missed the first part but caught the part when they had him back! Ah! He’s growing up to be quite the handsome Man.

    Hey! Glad you could identify Abrra. connections are wonderful.


  43. Djafan said



  44. MT said

    Djafan : “Hujgfdeaeftgtiiutgbnm,.;:$&@&$/-;))$$7?,/:()$)(;;67&@98fghuhjgghhgd”

    hahahhaha DITTO!!!!!!!!


  45. Abrra said


    Sony Music, together with Ivory Music, tells more about the REPACKAGED The Other Side of Down set!


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Watch out for the The Other Side Of Down: Asian Tour Edition, out July 2011. It includes the new hit single, Everything and More. It will also include four other tracks: Zero Gravity (from Spiderman), Love Don’t Hate, How To Breathe, and Wait. The repackaged edition will also include Karaoke versions of the original music videos of: Crush, A Little Too Not Over You, Touch My Hand, and Something ‘Bout Love. It will also include a Lyrics Booklet of the mentioned track.

    This was from a press release found at Archuleta Philippines Fan site. David DID say he knew nothing about ZG being used for Spiderman.



  46. Abrra said

    Another interview at The Dish

    credit pattycake04

    credit pattycake04

    Opening shot screen cap by ME!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    A few screen caps from zerogravity1
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Check out pattycake04’s YouTube channel for a few older videos with David at events in Utah in HD.

    I edited the audio to have just the song.
    Download here:


  47. betsy said

    That Falling Stars.
    Just bury me now. It would be kinder.


  48. skydancer1x said



  49. Jen A said

    Hard to curl up into the fetal position in a desk chair but somehow I accomplished it…


  50. Abrra said

    OK I am off to do errands. I think I gave you all enough content to ponder ?



  51. FG said


  52. Gayle122890 said

    Oh my heck! That Falling Stars! Bless you Abrra for that download link. 😀


  53. Angelica said


    Photobucket To The Voice and thanks for being the first to bring us the new song list!!! WOW! Zero Gravity from SPIDERMAN!!!! What!

    I just logged on. I haven’t even watched the videos yet and I’m squeeing like some emo retard!
    That’s how you dress! Well-fitting, mature, non-graphic tee looking every bit of his twenty years!
    I can’t say it any better than Dja and MT, “Hujgfdeaeftgtiiutgbnm,.;:$&@&$/-;))$$7?,/:()$)(;;67&@98fghuhjgghhgd”

    Going to settle down, have a cold dr. pepper and watch some videos now. Yes Abrra, more than enuf. And what hath FG wrought with that link up there ? ^. *quaking*


  54. Angelica said

    Thank you FG. I chose this one. But I almost picked the one of you dressed as Prince back in the day. 😆 Now on to the videos.



  55. djafan said

    meetings ….arrrghhhhhh!!!!

    Breathing deep going to watch videos…I’m so happyyyy!


  56. Angelica said

    Just watched that near acapella (minimal piano) “Falling Stars” since his band’s instruments failed to arrive in time. Move over Betsy. Photobucket


  57. Heidijoy said

    Best Falling Stars so far. So beautiful and so heartfelt! Our boy is all grown up! sigh!!!


  58. FG said

    Oh my we are in big trouble. welcome to your life, David. I love being your fan.


  59. bebereader said

    Best Falling Stars E-VER!! What is going on? How did he do that? David, with all due respect for your band, you didn’t need them with you today. You did more than fine on your own. More than fine? What am I saying? Falling Stars is my favorite song from TOSOD and he gave it to us on a silver platter with change-ups like I never even thought of. He even through in an ‘ooooh yeah’!!! Sorry for spazzing but I just got online now and have been deprived all day of I don’t even know what I’m talking about he makes me so crazy.


  60. djafan said



  61. xaris said

    Wow! Falling Stars was incredible. Beautiful. He should always do it with just the piano. Did y’all hear the host exhale when he finished like she had been holding her breath the whole time David was singing? Welcome to the club, honey!!

    Thanks for the mp3 link Abrra. You’re the best!


  62. xaris said

    Ummmm. HD version of Falling Stars, courtesy of Something Bout Archie.


  63. skydancer1x said

    I can hardly stand it he looks incredible. He looks ..he looks. perfect♥ geez,.I can’t even think straight.
    Falling Stars was amazing. These screen caps ….gahhhh. I need a retract button for my tongue.

    “Move over Betsy.” you ain’t kiddin’!!
    p.s.I love your little photobucket person thingy) hahaha

    58. FG “Oh my we are in big trouble. welcome to your life, David. I love being your fan.”
    can’t say it any better than that. We are so lucky♥

    whoa! huh? just saw my quote in the left corner so I’ll just say I feel all those things “to the max” today. My heart is just overflowing with ‘happy’ and now it is time to go to work


  64. Abrra said

    You are most welcome to the mp3! I am happy to share.



  65. Dakgal said


    I didn’t realize I was that starved–until that scrumptious plate was set before me. SPAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! Thanks Abs from the bottom of my heart.

    I’m tongue tied.

    Angelica #53—-“That’s how you dress! Well-fitting, mature, non-graphic tee looking every bit of his twenty years!” I’d like to STRESS the well fitting. GAH

    Betsy #47–“Just bury me now. It would be kinder.”

    Angelica #56—“Just watched that near acapella (minimal piano) “Falling Stars” since his band’s instruments failed to arrive in time.”

    Haha–are we going to be occupying those clouds sooner than expected?

    Jen A # 49–How did you manage that?–I fell out of mine.

    That– Falling Stars—there are no words–I’m still to tongue tied.


  66. Proud 50 yr old David fan said

    Good morning everyone, is there someone in the house?
    All falling like flies is that it?……all David need is his voice, and minimal accompaniment , not the band , just him… Just the way I like it of course 🙂

    Thanks Ms Abrra for the mp3, i need that to make me sleep and have wonderful dreams. but I need to see his 20 yr old face as he emote, so that video is a must too. Really if people were buzzing with the new song EAM being a nice ballad then JIVE missed the boat in not releasing Falling star as a single. See david loves this song, the only one he did not help write , but was included in his album.

    I am excited toooooooooooo, Update of my trip to Manila, I now have my eticket, now packing my bags and will fly 1 pm flight from Sydney to Manila , July 9. To complete it, all I need now is my ticket to the concert . Nothing yet , no news yet……..Hoping with fingers and toes and my old body , that my sister would be able get us VIP tickets if not , nose bleed tickets would be fine. Well it is better than YouTube videos.

    While there , I will buy the new TOSOD cd and if people would like a copy, I can buy in bulk and send them in a package to one person ( any volunteer , voice admin?) and whoever would volunteer, just send them individually there in the US.

    Admin edit: Vee, this is such a sweet offer, thank you so much but we feel this would be an undo hardship on you. It could get awfully expensive and complex to buy and coordinate cds for all the fans who might want them. Please accept our sincere thanks for such a wonderful, generous offer though. I think it might be just as cheap and much easier on everyone to buy the cds online from sites like Amazon, Asia. We will post a link when it becomes available. We will send you Ray’s email or arrange it so that he can obtain the copy he has requested. You are such a sweetheart. ❤ Thanks again from all of us and have a fantastic time and let us hear all about it!

    Going back to falling star video.

    Ms vee


  67. Suzy-Q said

    David, David, David, what you do to us!! My cup runneth over. “Hujgfdeaeftgtiiutgbnm,.;:$&@&$/-;))$$7?,/:()$)(;;67&@98fghuhjgghhgd”

    Yeah, I am joing this club too. Thanks DJA and MT. You said it just right.


  68. Dakgal said

    Am I hearing wrong on the Falling Stars video or misunderstanding–she’s telling David he has 40,000 followers on twitter–does she mean at the moment –or is she terribly misinformed.

    As he has 673,171 a last look. He looks confused too.

    When it comes to twitter –I am a twit.


  69. Marylee said

    How many “what just happened” moments is this young man going to bring me?!?!!
    Gee Whiz!!!


  70. Dakgal said

    Re: 68—never mind –I just figured out her mind went to mush and she became so rattle brained — she couldn’t have said any thing correctly–he has a way of doing that to you–esp. when you’re standing that close.


  71. Marylee said

    “His voice reaches such wondrous heights and I feel like a satellite soaring right along with him. It is high, but I am so addicted to that high now. 😆 How? Who? Why? What is he”?

    #10 Angelica: I just knew you’d come around after listening to this stunningly beautiful song, Everything & More, a few more times..I have a huge smile on my face right now~I want everyone to love it as much as I do..which is with all my heart!


  72. djafan said

    I’m mush today trying to watch when I get a break…I’m just overwhelmed ♥


  73. ray said

    #66.proud 50 years young david fan i volunteer,i want one will send you the money, money order??? raycontact admin.for my adress or email,will send to other also


  74. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  75. Ms. VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE – are you here? Just saw your post @ TDC

    I replied to your sister weeks ago but she never replied back! So I thought everything is OK. A couple of days prior to receiving her email, I went to get 3 tickets for Archies who would be coming from HK. No VIP ticket available anymore but I managed to get them Patron seats.

    The 3 HK tickets are aside from 3 tickets for Malaysian Archies. Since they coordinated with me a whole lot earlier, they got included in the VIP reservation.

    Let me know how else I can help. I have not been able to go around the fan sites to post much so am sorry for missing your message over at TheVoiceDA which I found from Anna just this weekend.


  76. Abrra said

    I have already posted those videos this morning.

    If you find anything that is not a duplication, please feel free to post. Take a min and check the thread before you post? 🙂



  77. bebereader said

    “Do you even understand the extraordinary gift and talent that you are?”, asked the Good Day Utah co-hostess right after David sang “Falling Stars”.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic.


  78. bebereader said

    Too big????


  79. Dakgal said

    Bebe—that caused me to suck all the air in around me —now I forgot how to breathe out. You are dangerous!!!


  80. Djafan said

    Just right!!!!!!!!!! WOW

    That face conveys the connection he makes to the music and to the listener even with his eyes closed. I have never witnessed anything like it. The reaction of the hostess brought tears to my eyes.


  81. skydancer1x said

    Bebe!!!!! now that’s what I call a screencap!♥♥♥…..from now on I’m putting on a large bib before I come here.


  82. Yes Djafan! That face and all its emotion, GAH! And how his body seemed to exude every note right through the pores of his skin! “When he sang you are so beautiful, yeah,” I swear he was singing it right through the screen to me! Ha! Ha! I bet everyone in that room including the hostess felt the same…We are in some real serious trouble here…I couldn’t be more excited and ready for more! 😉


  83. bebereader said

    Ha! And that was a quick shot of my computer monitor, taken with my cell phone! When the subject is as beautiful as David, no fancy equipment or skills are needed. 🙂


  84. Angelica said

    WOW. Now that’s a screen cap. wow. Have you ever noticed that it often looks like he has a pale grayish/lavender eye shadow on but, of course, HE WEARS NO EYESHADOW? It’s au naturel. I have seen it in the daylight in person. That kind of genuine beauty is rare. /le sigh…


  85. Suzy-Q said

    Angelica #84 Elvis had that “eyeshadow” look too.


  86. Angelica said


    I know. Like my new gravatar? I was thinking of getting a new one anyway and well…. 🙂


  87. betsy said

    Well. He DID say he wanted to get more emotional with his singing. But this? Who could be prepared for this.
    I wish the world could see/hear it.
    Now I am singing the old Coke song, lol.
    Angelica, I noticed that eye thing too.
    Also – I would buy lipstick in that gorgeous color.


  88. Dakgal said

    I said once before in chat–how it looks like the roots of his eye lashes go all the way to the top of his eye lid. GAH

    Betsy –if we could make that shade that gorgeous ( what would we name it?) A Kiss of Archie— anybody?

    Here you are Betsy


  89. betsy said

    Thanks Dak. 🙂 Glad to know someone else remembers that song. (well, I am betting everyone knows it)!
    Now I can’t stop thinking up shade names.
    Crush Blush
    Falling Stars Sorbet
    Stomping the Roses
    I’ll stop now. 🙂


  90. bebereader said

    From Casey Abrams, American Idol 10

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Seeing David archuleta was pretty cool. I hope I get to see him perform


  91. betsy said

    Bebe! I love that! It still shocks me to know that David is older than Casey Abrams.


  92. skydancer1x said

    hahaha! Betsy, THOSE ARE GOOD ONES!
    all I know is they are “my kind of perfect” pink.♥

    its after midnight! Today is the big day!woo hoo!!!!


  93. Angelica said


    How about a name from Abrra’s observation once. “Bee Sting Pink.” 🙂

    Well if Bieber can sell nail polish and women’s fragrance…nah. lol! He wouldn’t and I wouldn’t want him to.

    Yes, Sky, tomorrow’s the day!!!!!!!!


  94. Djafan said

    Betsy you are so creative. Is that stomping the roses a bruised shade?

    Sky it is! It is!


  95. emmegirl said

    Love your article Betsy, lol! I just quit leaving the house.

    I know it’s near blasphemy, but Falling Stars was never one of my TOP favorites, until this one. One of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.
    He is insane. That, “your are soooo, beautiful” at 3:37, will eat you up, and then the yeah-eh-eh spits you out.

    Wardrobe, no issues here. 🙂

    Gonna go drown myself in that FS.


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    […]Vacation Survival Guide for David Archuleta Fans ~ Don’t leave home without him. « The Voice[…]…


  97. Free I doses!…

    […]Vacation Survival Guide for David Archuleta Fans ~ Don’t leave home without him. « The Voice[…]…


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