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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Consistency ~ Dressing David Archuleta for Success

Posted by MT on Monday, June 27, 2011

When it comes to vocal talent, David is as consistent as they come. His voice is on point and on pitch in every performance. He is consistent in delivering an emotionally potent and riveting performance. Singing comes as natural to him as breathing and he rarely misses his mark. He may hit an off note once in a while, but they are few and far between and it’s usually when he’s sick. Vocally, people know what to expect from David and he never disappoints.

David is in the process of discovering his own sound and deciding what picture he wants to paint for the world with his songs. He understands that the world needs to know what to expect from him and he’s trying to make sure that his next project shows the world “who he is” and what they can expect. He is now striving for consistency in this aspect of his life.

There is one last category where I think David still needs to find consistency.  That is his wardrobe/image. I know this might seem insignificant. And I know it would be hard for him to actually look bad. With that face? Please! He’s just too beautiful. But I do think he needs some consistency for not only his fans, but for anyone who wants to hire him for a performance. They should know what to expect both in his look and his sound.

David is in a transitional stage with his image as well as his music. David’s first tour, when he was only 18 years old, was affectionately known by some fans as “the plaid tour.” David wore a different plaid shirt for almost every performance. For the CFTH tour, the second half was performed with him wearing a beautiful black jacket and dress shirt with black pants (very nice, by the way). Since then, David has had no real consistency in what he wears. He has done performances in everything from T-shirts and scarves to a Tux. Of course, the Tux was an exception, worn for the most formal of occasions, singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but you get my meaning.

Now that David is no longer a teenager and is looking ahead towards what I hope will be a very long career in music, isn’t it time for him to develop his own style in regards to his professional appearance and have some consistency in this area as well? I think he would benefit from finding a nice mature look that he’s comfortable and consistent with, whether it’s for concerts, interviews, singing the NA at sporting events or performing for charity. I’m thinking that this might just fall into place once he discovers his own sound. There will probably be a look that he feels just naturally goes with it.

I know David isn’t going to take our opinion into consideration and I’m not saying he should. When David is ready, he will choose his own style. So…

JUST FOR FUN, and because things are slow right now, how about a little poll? Which of the following photos do you think would be a good look for David now that he’s no longer a teenager? What would you like to see him wearing consistently?

If there’s another photo out there that’s not listed that you think would be a great image for David, let us know. Personally, I’m partial to the fitted T-shirt with a jacket and dark blue or black jeans. It might be a little warm for him on stage with a jacket, but he could always take it off after a few songs, once he gets warmed up.


Very nice! Well fitting. (This color blue looks GREAT on him.)

Casual, comfortable, & looks every bit of his 20 years in this one.


This could work, too. Fitted shirt and skinny tie FTW!


Hmmm … a bit too casual?  Maybe with darker jeans?

(Is that the same T-Shirt from pic 1? Hmmm…

Different jeans and no jacket?  Not the same look. )


Short-waisted, double-breasted MJ style military jacket. Nice.  ♥


Dressy casual.  Hmmm… a bit too dressy for on stage?


Black leather jacket with jeans and tie anyone?  😛


My fave.

Gorgeous. That’s all. Just Gorgeous. Well fitting, solid colored T-shirt, Jacket, Dark Jeans, Boots ♥ Different colored T-Shirt = different outfit! Easy as pie.

A little too hot? Like I said, he could always take the jacket off later. (P.S. His hair looks GREAT brushed back like that, too. Makes him look older.

Ready? Choose a photo and tell us why you chose it in the comment section.

144 Responses to “Consistency ~ Dressing David Archuleta for Success”

  1. skydancer1x said

    MT Yes Yes! Great fun waking up to this article.David is so much fun to dress!
    With his slim boyish figure he can really dress to kill, and he does kill in that last outfit! Have to vote for that one.He looks gorgeous, and “put together”from the top to bottom.
    I love David in saturated colors too. That blue t-shirt for example!) I like the rounded neck as opposed to the v-neck too.
    (Gee, I am kinda picky,) haha
    boy,would be easy to talk about this forever.I keep getting sidetracked with all the looks in the sidebar too.

    I am just glad he doesn’t like baggy jeans and shirts that come down to his knees on stage.(or anywhere)Whatever he chooses to make his style.. all I can say is “fitted” David. Think “fitted”!

    love that top picture…
    … belt…


  2. bebereader said

    Bringing the next 3 comments over here from the Poll comments page:

    Annie318 said – 8 hours ago

    I voted for #1 because the t shirt fits him so nicely & the jeans are well….they’re as flattering as can be! I like # 7 a lot too. He looks so handsome in that sport coat. Love the hair too.
    The MJ style jacket is nice but it doesn’t fit properly. Too big.

    I think David does need a little help from a stylist. His photo shoot for TOSOD was good because everything he wore looked great on him. But who am I kidding. It’sDavid. Actually I hardly notice what he’s wearing because I’m always looking at his face.
    Somethin’ ’bout that beautiful face!


  3. bebereader said

    peg mullally said – 2 hours ago

    I like no.7 casual,neat and a relaxed look, also like the hair brushed off the face it does make him look more mature.


  4. bebereader said

    Marylee said – 29 minutes ago

    While I usually don’t like to concentrate so much on what David wears (let’s face it~he looks great in everything)..I agree it’s the perfect time to focus on “his signature look” & I voted for #7. His TOSOD album cover is incredible! He could come out in the jacket & remove it when it gets too hot leaving him with a comfy “T” & dark jeans. In the winter time, I’d love to see him continue to wear one wears a scarf like David in my humble opinion & it simply dresses up any outfit he chooses. His hair in the photoshoot for the album is perfection~so handsome! 🙂


  5. bebereader said

    Fun article MT! I’m torn between #1 Wichita and #7 TOSOD cover. And then there’s leather David. Oh MT, you make it so hard to choose! LOL Uh make that, David makes it so hard to choose. He always looks good to me. But I get what you mean about consistency in the way he dresses. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately too. Most artists have an image, a look that sells them. It’s all part of the total package and I’ve been wanting David to have that too. I also loved what he wore to his New Year’s Eve performance:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Now I’m really confused!

    After giving it a lot of thought (LOL) I chose the first picture. David rocked that crowd in Wichita and the energy was undeniable. I’m sure it was 99% because of his performance but I can bet that what he wore that night had something to do with it, too.


  6. Marylee said

    ..and looking at it from another prospective..all David really needs to cap off ANY outfit if his stunning SMILE! Gee Whiz..who else has a smile like that one? NO ONE that I’ve ever encountered! ~just sayin’ 🙂


  7. Marylee said

    …oops ~that would be *IS*..not *if* <<- proofing is a good thing! lol


  8. Angelica said

    I can not tell a lie. I voted for 1. But then I tried to vote for 7 too and it wouldn’t let me so I fixed that. 😉 It pays to be an admin. 8) So now you can vote for up to 3 at a pop and as many times as you like! I fixed the poll comment page so comments come here instead. sheesh…how’d that happen?

    Thanks MT for a fun way to start off the week leading up to SOF! I think he has a pretty good sense of style but doesn’t always use it to the best effect. I mean he wore scarves for pete’s sake and made that work for him. Memo to David: Do you see any plaid or graphic tees in this poll? Alright then.

    My reasons for picking 7 are obvious. As MT says it has endless possibilities and is gorgeous. Plus, can you just see him stomping them roses on stage with those boots? My reasons for picking 1? Three words: Wichita, Grand Rapids.

    Gone shopping. Y’all have a great day!


  9. bebereader said

    New video from – POND’S Teens Concert Q&A

    credit PONDSTEENS


  10. ram said

    Really glad you brought this up. Btw, I kept going up and down this article several times ummm looking at the pictures, umm yeh like I said several times, as I couldn’t make up my mind. I finally did vote for the last one but I think I was influenced by The Hair.

    So I made myself vote for #7. Love David in black and white. I’m thinking of the pictures that may have been the finale.

    Gotta say I it all also depends upon the venue and occasion. I like to see him wearing the right colors and color combinations but, BUT COME ON with his voice and that face everything else almost fades into the background.


  11. ram said

    Yes, Angelica drops her bombs and just leaves the room. lol


  12. ray said

    choose a picture of david you got to be kidding ,lol


  13. Marylee said

    *perspective* << good grief…I should just start over again! lol


  14. luvieD said

    Picking my fav David outfit/pic is like picking my favorite kid!! (ok, well almost). I love skinny ties so I guess I should pick #6 and #2. My least fav look is the hoodie….I like hoodies but not for performances. Oh and leather jackets are always nice! I also like the snug T’s in size small. I think David wears a “medium” but wears a “small” very nicely!! 😉


  15. Marylee said

    I especially like the New Year’s Eve outfit too..just about fell off my couch when I saw him that night! Everything about the performance was spot on!


  16. djafan said

    MT, Good one. As gorgeous as David is and for the most part he looks stunning in anything he wears I get that in some occasions a little more thought needs to be made depending on the event. 1 and 7 are a tie for me! So hard to choose just one.

    I’m with Ray here, choose?! just one?! Impossible. So thank you Angelica for letting us pick more than one lol.

    Number 2 is a great look, I also love the leather look for the AI Finale party and the No Air duet, very nice look.

    Ram, she’s guilty as charged! Like screaming fire in a theatre lol.

    Bringing this over from last thread because I think it was because it was beautifully said by Dak.

    “Really when his journey is compacted into 15 minutes, it really hits you how he went from this beyond happy young boy–to a mentally-emotionally and physically drained young boy. At the end he was running on ” E “. 😦

    I think that’s kind of the way he was getting again–and I’m beyond happy that he’s slowing down and recognizing that he needs to find himself and breathe and I’m so grateful that his fans appreciate this and are letting him lead the way.

    Here’s to THE ARCHULETA”

    Dak, lump in the throat here. I for one am so grateful that David exists and that he is part of my life, I couldn’t ask for more when he has given so much at the tender age of 20 ♥


  17. djafan said

    LuvieD “Picking my fav David outfit/pic is like picking my favorite kid!! ” hahaha

    DASG- DSA Volunteering Event – Singapore fans ♥


  18. MT said

    Bebe, thanks for bringing over those comments. Was beginning to think all those gorgeous pics of David left everyone speechless. Lol And agreed, soooo hard too choose!!

    1. Sky, thanks, glad you like the article. Any excuse to look at gorgeous pics of David. LOL

    “Whatever he chooses to make his style.. all I can say is “fitted” David. Think “fitted”!

    lol I think we can all agree on that. As you can see, the last one if my favorite. But I like the fitted cotton shirt in pic 2 with the skinny tie too. Always did love that on him. And I love Pic 1 of course! So hard to choose. But yes, FITTED FTW!

    3. Peg & Marylee, I love his hair like that, too!! Just gorgeous! Thanks for commenting.

    Angelica, thanks for helping with the poll. And those vids … well …. Like Ram said, you hit and run. haha

    15. LuvieD “I think David wears a “medium” but wears a “small” very nicely!!” 🙂 Agreed.

    Dja: So glad you liked the article. Lol Looks like 1 & 7 are winning so far.


  19. MT said

    5. Bebe, and how did I not include THAT pic in the poll? LOL


  20. Marylee said

    …stumbled on that 15 minute “journey” video late last night…so touching.. *tears*


  21. xaris said

    You know, as soon as I saw Pic #1, I wondered how long it would be before Grand Rapids Barriers made an appearance *cough*Angelica*cough*. That blue on blue combo makes him look taller. And trim. And really, really good…..Where was I?
    Oh–I vote for #7, however, because it’s a great look for college-age guys and suitable for occasions where he might want a slightly more mature/professional look. I’ve noticed that the young guys in our family don’t really settle into a look until they’ve achieved a certain amount of focus concerning their future, usually somewhere between 20 and 25/26. I do wish David would leave the graphic tees behind for public appearances.

    Fun topic, MT, but (whines) where are the vest pictures? I do like a man in a vest….

    Cheers All!


  22. LURKER said

    The New Year’s Eve outfit was awesome! I like #1,#2, Tight T-Shirts and fitted jeans FTW! The Jacket in #4 is way cool, the short sleeved shirts tucked in with skinny tie looks nice.

    I don’t care for the sweatshirts with the hoods for Concert’s, they make him look too young and way too casual looking. The boots in the last picture are cool, but he seems to wear tennis shoes all the time!


  23. LURKER said

    I would also like him to look less nerdy looking, just as his hair starts to look nice he gets it cut again. If he would let it grow just a bit longer, he would have more style and look a little older!


  24. skydancer1x said

    #5, Bebe, now that is a jacket to love!! he looked so good New Years Eve! really sharp.

    I am kinda leaning to the top two pictures now. haha Maybe because it’s so dang hot I-mean-the-weather, and we are looking at summer touring in high humidity… sweat glistening in his hair,droplets forming on his forehead…trickling down his face ever so slowly in single strands …..yeah…wait, where was I?… oh yeah 2… top 2 pictures 🙂


  25. MT said

    2. Annie, thanks for commenting! And, I agree. Although the color is just FABULOUS on him, the MJ jacket is a little too large for him.

    5. Bebe: “Most artists have an image, a look that sells them. It’s all part of the total package and I’ve been wanting David to have that too.”

    A look that sells… Exactly Bebe, me too. David is sooo handsome. He needs a “look” that would help to complete that “total package.”

    I have to say again how much I love that look in the pic at #5. For outdoor concerts in the cold? That would be my choice.

    24. Lurker, thanks for commenting! I agree about the jacket in #4. I just worry it would be sooo warm on stage, just like the pic at comment #5. But look good on him? Oh yeahhhh!

    25. Sky: “yeah…wait, where was I?…” LOLOL


  26. MT said

    22. Xaris: “Fun topic, MT, but (whines) where are the vest pictures? I do like a man in a vest….”

    LOL Awww, sorry we left that out. I know what you mean, though. I like a man in a vest, too.


  27. Abrra said


    I responded to dakgal in the last thread in hopes of presenting some balance that would give some perspective.

    That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Idol was boot camp for David’s musical career. He needed to go through that gauntlet and come out with a better understanding. If he was ever going to progress beyond Utah talent contests, Idol was the most productive vehicle he had. Every one of the contestants had pressure. Making it to the end was a double edged sword for David.

    The subsequent 2 years of non stop appearances to promote his CD’s did take its toll. He recognized that if he didn’t slow down, his creativity would be snuffed. With the obvious lack of support from his label, he saw that it was time to take full charge of is destiny.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I am forever grateful that David’s path lead him to my door.

    Here is a link to download this amazing video by michelinamarie. She has not uploaded it to youtube, but gave a link to download it. Its a must for every fan’s video library!



  28. I have a hard time concentrating on David’s outfit when I get lost in THAT voice and THOSE eyes! My sincere thanks for allowing us more than one choice.
    After much pondering, I am leaning towards 1, 4, (although, the jacket needed tailoring!) 6, and then ending with #7 being one of my favorite “more mature” looks.
    #1 is perfect for the summer season. The tee with a darker jean with a little belt showing works for me. 😉
    My only critique would be: whatever he is wearing should fit and be ironed!


  29. Abrra said

    In total agreement that it’s time to put away the “teenage clothes” and bust out the “up and coming hot artist “wardrobe. I chose #1 as a good example of dressing for the occasion. This was a concert with other artists on the bill. So David was not the prime focus, but one of many to appear. The belt was just the right touch. A statement that he cared how he looked.

    I chose #6 next. This is about as perfect an outfit that he could wear as well as the one Bebe posted in #5.. The skinny tie with a button shirt under a well fitting leather jacket. Very nice for headlining in his concerts. He usually wears shoes that match his look, so I can’t complain there. #6 shows that with the help of a stylist, he will benefit in looking his best.

    Fit is vital. You can wear the best outfit, but if it its too long in the sleeve or pant leg, the look is lost. The sleeves in #4 were too long. It was a great coat,but lacked a good fit on David. in #5 the pants were too long, bunching up at the bottom. Realizing that he is short in stature, paying the right clothes stylist is money well spent to assure the proper fit.

    He looked amazing in the REAL shirt, totally fit right in with what he was performing.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And the total package in ALMA Awards show was perfection.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Its all about taking the time to plan 😉



  30. Dakgal said

    Because of my young ( cough) age, I’m about as far removed from deciding what a 20 yr. old what to wear as you can get. Ever tried buying your 14 to 24 yr. old grandchildren a Xmas gift of clothes? I can guarantee you they won’t like it.

    Because I’m from the north, I can’t see the point of anybody wearing a hoodie, unless they are cold or it’s raining. To me it’s just and extra clump of material riding around on your back and sloppy looking. 😕

    David doesn’t seem to have a problem in the jeans department–he wears them all way to well. 😯

    I love the strategically partially tucked in plainT-shirt /w a casual jacket that can be taken off–preferably while on stage–it would drive the girls mad ( and I do qualify there) so I vote for NO.7. For special occasions the tucked in shirt w/ dress pants to die for. 😉

    He shouldn’t wear striped T’s–too Dennis the Menace looking-nor really bold , loud plaids–remember in Alaska–he almost blended in with the table cloth. Haha

    The MJ look doesn’t work on him–and I’m not a big fan of scarves–they are too distracting from him ( they either come unwound from his neck or are just plain in the way.

    For someone who knows nothing about fashion –I could write a book. LOL

    Now I’m off to take a anti-crabby pill.


  31. Dakgal said

    Because of my young ( cough) age, I’m about as far removed as you can get from telling a 20 yr. old what to wear.

    Make more sense?? Guess my brain is fried today.


  32. krbdavid1 said

    I went with number one. He looks good in jeans and a t-shirt, especially when they fit like that, lol. He looks his age in the first one. I was kind of torn between 1 and 2 cuz I like the skinny tie with the plaid shirt, but the jeans in first one did it for me.


  33. cathy said

    Whew-wee, what’s not to like about that last pic? (album cover) Good lawd! He’s H.O.T. with that look and he’d be extra H.O.T. on stage. You are right, the brushed back hair makes him look older and the jacket…well. yeah, he can take it off and the ladies will LIKE that, too! 🙂 What he wears BEST is his SMILE!


  34. Annie 318 said

    dakgal ~ ROFL! Dennis the Menace! You are so right. I couldn’t really put my finger on why I didn’t like the striped t’s but you said it. Thank you.


  35. pattiNC said

    Great article MT…I’ve been secretly hoping that the only thing David kept from his Jive/WEG days is the stylist! Guess he didn’t 😦 I too think he needs a “look” and stay with it, except w/ minor changes when the occasion calls for something different. Hate the unzipped hoodies..and tired of the Member’s Only jacket (screams ’80s) lol I picked #7 as well, but also like buttondown shirt w/ skinny tie (or one of my fave outfits was the Richmond solo tour black buttondown shirt w/ rolled up sleeves). He should definitely step it up when performing the NA when it’s televised.
    Bottom line, I guess when we know what direction his songs are going, that might define what the look should be. But David PLEASE change your Twitter pic!!! 🙂 Jeez I sound negative…sorry afterall it is all about “the voice”…just want non fans to take him seriously.


  36. MT said

    Thanks for all the great comments guys. It’s not easy picking a favorite is it? It’s like Lays potato chips, you can’t pick just one!

    Have you guys ever noticed that your behavior changes a little with your change of outfits? When I’m dressed for work, it puts me in the right frame of mind and reminds me to be professional in all my actions. Being dressed for success gives you that extra boost of confidence that is translated to those you come in contact with. That first pic? – I think he gave one of his best performances wearing that one.

    So, random thought here: Could what he wears affect his frame of mind, and his performance? Yes? No? What do you guys think? (Or maybe I’m just crazy. Lol If I am, don’t tell me. Some things we’re better off not knowing. 😀 )


  37. Miss Vicki said

    The last picture #7—Works for Me…..He looks mature, hot and drop dead gorgeous in that jacket… the hair brushed off his face……….makes him look older………Miss Vicki


  38. MT said

    Oh, a P.S. on my last comment. I didn’t mean vocally. Nothing could change the magic he creates with his voice. I meant, could outfits affect his level of confidence, his demeanor on stage?

    Miss Vicki, Well said!


  39. Tawna21 said

    I’m leaning to #7–I just really like the Tee/Jacket look on younger guys. I would like to see David get away from ANY graphic T’s! They are just too juvenile. (imho) It will be interesting to see what he comes up with at SOF–the temps are supposed to be in the mid 80’s.

    Abrra—> “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    THANKS, I needed that! I spent the weekend with an 8-yo grandson, 2 6-yo gdaughters (they changed clothes about 200 times per day), a 4-yo grandson (100% ADHD) and 2 2-yo grandsons, and their parents. Hubby and I are sooo glad to be home and they are with their parents!! Love ’em, but was glad to leave ’em. And, so glad to be back to this quiet (?) spot.


    btw– loved the last post– ND is a long time favorite!


  40. bebereader said

    Haha MT You’re fun-nee! I think what he wears does affect his frame of mind just like it does for any of us. After all, he’s only human. Or ummm well when I saw him with my own eyes, he looked human. And when I shook his hand at the booksigning, his skin was so warm. His handshake was firm but not as firm as when he shook my husband’s hand and I guess I’m getting off topic. haha

    Case in point…the clothes he wore at the Wichita show as seen in picture 1 were very current and made him look like a rockstar. If you watch his performances from Wichita on youtube, you’ll see that he commanded that stage just like a rockstar.


  41. bebereader said

    Miss Vicki

    There’s a message on David’s tshirt for you: 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  42. bebereader said

    This just in from Sony Malaysia, there will be a re-release of TOSOD with five brand new songs! It’s the Asia Tour Edition of TOSOD. No wonder David has been so busy recording new songs! Now to figure out how to get our hands on them!

    by Sony Music Malaysia on Monday, June 27, 2011 at 8:07pm

    Your chance to attend the Sound Check Party and more!

    Get ready for the ultimate fan experience because the VVIP tickets for David Archuleta “The Other Side of Down Tour” Live in Malaysia now comes with the Sound Check Party pass!! That’s right, Archangels! You get to watch David on stage doing his sound check before his concert and also a chance for an intimate fans Q&A session.

    The VVIP ticket entitles you to premiums like T-Shirt, poster, the Asian Tour Edition of The Other Side of Down album and not forgetting the Sound Check Party pass! So hurry, there’s only limited places available for the Sound Check party.

    To purchase the VVIP tickets only, kindly call Sony Music’s office at 03- 6207 9898 and ask for Sue, Joanne Wong or Ms. Sing. If you’ve already bought the VVIP ticket and would like to be upgraded in order to get the Sound Check Party pass, kindly contact us soonest possible.

    Also if you’ve read the above correctly, yes there will be a new album release entitled The Other Side of Down: Asian Tour Edition album. Releasing on the 19th of July, the CD+DVD album includes 5 brand new songs on top of the original track list of The Other Side of Down inclusive of a lyrics booklet for only RM49.90. As for the DVD portion of the album, it includes 4 karaoke videos for you to sing along to your favourite David Archuleta song. So be sure to get a copy of the album this coming July.

    Other ticket pricing is at RM300 for VIP, RM230 and RM190 for numbered seating, and RM150 and RM90 for free seating (All prices shown excludes RM3 ticket handling fees). Tickets are also made available through Ticket Charge ( and AirAsia RedTix outlets (

    For more information, log on to


  43. MT said

    40. Bebeeeee, your “case in point” you wrote my thoughts!!! TY That’s exactly what I meant. Does this mean I’m not crazy?

    haha Don’t answer that!!


  44. MT said

    Whooaa … Asian Tour Edition of The Other Side of Down with 5 new songs? Is it July 19th yet?

    OMG , are we going to get to hear them??? Please someone tell me it’s going to be released here, too? That we’ll be able to buy it here and not have to order it from Asia? *crossing fingers, toes, and everything else*


  45. Suzy-Q said

    Skydancer #24 ” I am kinda leaning to the top two pictures now. haha Maybe because it’s so dang hot I-mean-the-weather, and we are looking at summer touring in high humidity… sweat glistening in his hair,droplets forming on his forehead…trickling down his face ever so slowly in single strands …..yeah…wait, where was I?… oh yeah 2… top 2 pictures”. You crack me up. : D

    I voted for #6 because I love love love Black leather jackets on men. I liked Elvis best when he wore his black leathers. That jacket in #6 fits David so well. He just looks great!!!


  46. Djafan said

    I am so excited for the Asian fans! New songs?! Djdjfjfkekwpwmvksofncieivjdhsgekvmfkd


  47. bebereader said

    We’ll keep everyone posted on how to get a copy of TOSOD Asian Tour Edition as the information becomes available.

    Brooke White mentions David in this video:

    credit JR


  48. poof said

    It seems David is always perfectly dressed for the more formal occasions, in part, because the clothes are taylored for him. I guess that’s the thing for me. David could wear a barrel and look amazing if it fit him well. Oh my,, that is quite a mental picture….


  49. emmegirl said

    For concerts, #7 is my pick of the day; but I could pick #1 or maybe #2 on any other given day.

    He is working on more songs.
    Asian TOSOD is getting rerelease with 5 new songs! Are the new songs ones he is working on now or songs he wrote last year while working on the album? Will he perform them in Asia? Are any of these the song he was talking about releasing for the fans. Hmmm, he’s got me thinkin’ now.


  50. Jan said

    I chose #2 for summer concerts and # 6 for winter! Was so hard since he looks good in anything, so photogenic!

    Hope we can get those 5 new songs here in the states…so anxious to hear which ones they are. But it’s new music!!!


  51. cb said

    I am for the fitted look as well, whether a tee as in #1 or a shirt (I loved the black shirt with the rolled sleeves that silverfox gave him.) I also loved the jacket over tee look in #7, (that was a fabulous photo shoot)! David also really rocks a vest or leather jacket and I like his dark jeans. He looked amazing at MoTab in a well tailored tux. David wears many looks really well and I think that tailoring is the key to looking his best in whatever outfit is appropriate for the occasion. The national anthem “outfit” with bagged out knees and sweatshirt was my least favorite. It looked like something he just threw on that morning. Maybe he thought he would be wearing a team shirt? Anyway, he is a simply gorgeous young man and I want people to appreciate just how great looking he is when they listen to that amazing voice. People are more likely to appreciate him and give him the respect he deserves if he looks sharp. He is the whole package, voice, looks, and an incredible human being.


  52. kaycee said

    Exciting news about the new music! Hope it becomes available somehow here in the states.

    I chose number 7 all the way!…with the rest following in declining order: 2, 1, 6, 3, 5, and 4. I randomly thought of a few other outfits that I was impressed with over the past few years.

    Cirque De Soleil show in Vegas during Idol when he had a “make-over”

    Apologize, Finale night

    Music video from Touch My Hand

    Jerry Lewis Telethon

    Anything He wears for Matt Clayton!

    US Open singing America the Beautiful

    Motab, New Year’s Eve…OK, I’m going to stop now before I mention everything he’s ever worn!…because like so many have said, he really looks good in just about anything…t-shirt and jeans included!


  53. FG said This radio station says they are playing a new David song at 8am eastern time (that’s 8pm Singapore time) but I cannot get the Listen Live stream to work…..


  54. Abrra said

    I am getting excited for Stadium of Fire concert!! I encourage everyone here to put it out to the Universe that we need video casters. As crappy as the MB one was, it had us squinting to see him and straining to hear him 😉 Good times! There should be a good signal for phonecasting out in the open on Saturday.

    Hoping for at least one new cover song. I doubt we will get any of the new songs as they are meant for Asian debut. The Asian tour edition Cd is a blessing to fans. It shows that IT IS good music and someone took over the distribution and invested in David’s talent. The songs are all perfection IMHO. I am pleased as punch to know that it has support a year later.

    Good things come to those who wait.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  55. FG said; This link is working for me! in 25 minutes!


  56. skydancer1x said

    52.Kaycee! Last night I was thinking about a pic of David in white open collar dress shirt, black jacket,.hair gelled up and cut short, with head bent but giving this look up with his eyes.
    .Can’t find it, saw it in a fan video.but that is like looking for a needle in a haystack.I think it is this>>>>>>>”Cirque De Soleil show in Vegas during Idol when he had a “make-over” ” He looked so nice.

    Abrra.. uhohnomyohmyhearthimlookingallsweatyandlipsdropletonchinandyouarekillingmethismorningaaaak!


  57. emmegirl said

    Kinda reconsidering my vote for #7. The jacket could limit movement, and that is unacceptable.

    Oh yeah, New Years Eve, hip and classy, hair swept off his forehead, perfection.

    Kaycee, finale night Apologize, yes. Also the black pants and very brown shirt in the Hero duet, really liked that.

    FG, did they play David? Listening but I might have missed it.


  58. emmegirl said

    ok, very brown shirt should be brown shirt. Gotta head out, guess I’m gonna miss the song. 😦


  59. bebereader said


    IT’S CALLED “EVERYTHING AND MORE”!!!!!!!!!!!!1 less than 5 seconds ago via TweetDeck

    Waiting to hear David’s new song here:


  60. stenocruiser said

    It’s a lovely, lovely love song. Thank you David!


  61. Heidijoy said

    Beautiful song,voice Everything and More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it. Less production for the wind. Voice front and center. A Gem in the midst of all the noise we had to listen to before and after.


  62. Heidijoy said

    oops WIN NOT WIND!!


  63. Djafan said

    I can’t imagine ….. This live is going to killllll us!


  64. bebereader said

    I got to hear the song! Soo beautiful “Everything and More”! Love love love it!

    We’re trying to trend #DavidArchieNewSingle on Twitter now


  65. Dakgal said

    Ok, I’m salivating–how can us peons that missed it—hear it!! WAH

    Surely, Sony knows we’re foaming at the mouth and need to be able to get this CD also.


  66. goodkarmaseeker said

    All I can say for now is huge smile and lots of goosebumps!!!!


  67. potluck8 said

    Great song and it has had a lot of views already! I had to keep tuning out the other songs on the radio, but it was worth the wait.


  68. skydancer1x said

    this peon missed it too Dak. 😦

    67. potluck, alot of views??:)


  69. Dakgal said

    Angelica —( the article picture lady)—I am no fashion expert, but that jacket in the top picture of this article is UGLY!! 😕

    The mirror reflection shows a blue front, but the back of the jacket is yellow ( with no yellow showing in front at all–esp. the front of the collar).) I certainly hope he didn’t buy it—or could you be playing with our minds– as in driving us nuts. I already have a head start in that dept. and don’t need any help!! 😉

    Explain yourself.

    Signed the naughty lady–who is standing in the corner 😦 Tee Hee


  70. djafan said

    LadyVmusic tweets!!!!


    oh wow the comment are amazing!! thank you guys!! thank you so much.. please remember to support @DavidArchie plz dont illegally download. 30 minutes ago via web Retweeted by you and 29 others

    @AnnieDAFG yes it is.. the satellite song.. how do you know all this info!! lolol 30 minutes ago via web in reply to AnnieDAFG

    world premiere of “everything and more” david archuleta release in Asia which i had the pleasure of co-writing with him. about 1 hour ago via web Retweeted by you and 45 others

    The crazy thing is, it’s already up on the internet.. @DavidArchie @matt_squire about 1 hour ago via web Retweeted by you and 24 others

    so in Asia @DavidArchie is releasing a single, which @matt_squire and i co-wrote.. hope you like it guys. 🙂 and thank you for your support! about 1 hour ago via web Retweeted by you and 51 others

    wow i can not believe you guys found so quick about one of my secrets.. spoke to @DavidArchie and he said it’s ok for me to tell you.


  71. bebereader said

    Totally oblivious about the new song,

    David tweets:

    Just got the scoop on Samoa Artesian water. Sounds pretty cool! Got a bottle haha. At a Somoan market.
    8 minutes ago via txt


  72. MT said

    Just listended to “Everything and More.”

    It’s lovely and I really like the delicte ending. ♥ I can picture David singing this while standing at the mic with an angsty and pleading tone, the way he did with “Don’t Let Go.” (I loved the way he performed that one.) If he really puts his heart into it, this could really be something in concert.

    Hmmm… it’s gonna be interesting to see what his performance take is on this song. And of course, if he wears that outfit from pic #1 it would really finish it off right. 😀


  73. Abrra said


    It will be amazing to have different material performed live, again. You can bet once his LIVE show videos hit youtube, I will put some nice Candy in the Jar. Can’t wait for SOF and Asian Tour!

    I listened to the song thanks to Bebe. She called me at work and I heard it in my headset plugged into my phone. My first reaction was it was in a similar vocal range as SBL and Elevator. I hope he can lower it a tad so he won’t strain his voice.

    After we heard the song we chatted a bit and she read random tweets of fans reaction. 1000% positive!



  74. Fiona said

    Everything and More!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!! What a beautiful song!


  75. luvieD said

    He tweets about Artisian H2O…..You think he realizes we need to jump into a pool after hearing that new song? :O


  76. betsybetsy said

    Hi all. Sneaking in while on vacation.
    Loved the song, btw.
    Love #7.
    Dislike the military jacket. Much.


  77. betsybetsy said

    His voice, omg. ♥


  78. MT said

    Abrra: “My first reaction was it was in a similar vocal range as SBL and Elevator. I hope he can lower it a tad so he won’t strain his voice.”

    I agree. One song in this range would be no problem, but several of them in each concert he does could become a strain.

    I’m not on twitter, so thanks for letting us know it’s getting a really good reception. I was hoping at least one or two of the new ones would be love songs. David singing love songs on stage is a beautiful thing to watch. ♥


  79. MT said


    Abrra, thanks for always keeping that candy jar full! I do get a sweet tooth now and then . 😉

    Betsy, Hope you’re having a great time on vacation!

    And … I think I’m liking the song more and more with each listen. 🙂


  80. djafan said

    This from Neonlimelight…buzzzzzz!

    Soaring ballads are totally David Archuleta‘s thing. And, thankfully, he has a new one to croon your eardrums into sweet heavenly bliss with in the form of his new song “Everything And More.”

    The piano-laced tune finds David exercising the range of his golden voice; it’s silky and buttery throughout most of it, but he gets gorgeously belty by the end.

    Archie is also exercising his songwriter’s pen with “Everything And More.” He co-wrote the song with Grammy-winning songwriter Victoria Horn.


  81. djafan said


    LadyVmusic Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆
    just to let you know i spoke to @DavidArchie and we’re trying to figure out how people in the rest of the world can buy it.. 🙂


  82. bebereader said

    dja#81 Thanks! That’s music to my ears! 🙂

    I only heard the song in full one time. Time to go back for more. David could sing gibberish and I would love it because it’s not the song I hear, but his achingly beautiful voice.


  83. djafan said

    More stuffffff!!!!!


    A lot of exciting things going on! Excited about Asia and figuring some more info out to let fans everywhere know more about news too!

    24 minutes ago via web Retweeted by you and 100+ others


  84. kaycee said

    Another tweet by one of the writers:

    LadyVmusic Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆
    everything and more is a song we wrote awhile ago.. i always loved it .. so was thrilled to find out it was being released.. 🙂


  85. bebereader said

    Exclusive: First interview with David Archuleta after leaving record label

    by David Burger

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “In his first interview since David Archuleta and Jive Records parted ways in February, the 20-year-old singer told The Tribune that it was a mutual decision that he move on from Jive.

    He recorded three albums of the label: his self-titled 2007 debut, which reached as high as No. 2 on the Billboard charts and spawned the hit single “Crush”; his 2009 album, “Christmas From the Heart”; and 2010’s “The Other Side of Down,” which Billboard magazine reported in February has sold only 67,000 copies, compared to 765,000 for his first album.

    Leaving Jive Records was a freeing experience, said Archuleta. “Since ‘American Idol’ I never had the time to think about what decisions need to be made,” he said. “I thought [leaving] was a great opportunity. A great new door had opened.”

    Archuleta said that he has talked to other record labels since then, but has resisted the urge to sign with any of them. “The goal this year is to take the time I need to know what I want to become.”
    Too often in the past, he said, producers would give him songs that didn’t fit his vision or voice. “I want to make my voice come through more,” Archuleta said. “I want to do songs that are more vocally driven, so I can be emotional.”

    Archuleta said he is spending his time with family and friends — though he said “No” when asked if he had a significant other — and writing songs on the piano as he figures out when his path will take him. He still wants to pursue pop, but didn’t want to be a “classical pop singer.” He has been listening a lot to Adele and The Civil Wars, the latter a country-folk duo that includes former writing partner Joy Williams.

    Immediately after the Stadium of Fire, Archuleta will embark on a short tour of Asia, where interest in him has not abated. For stateside fans, they can expect Archuleta’s 2010 Christmas-time performances with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to be released on CD and DVD Sept. 6 by Deseret Book. Singing with the Choir was a dream come true, he said. “It was a pretty overwhelming experience. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ll ever have in my life. I was honored.”

    In the end, his faith helped guide him, he said, and he knows his fans are anxious to hear from him, with his Stadium of Fire concert being his first in Utah since his performances with the Choir. “I’ve been taking time,” he said. “I really appreciate the patience the fans have shown.””


  86. xaris said

    Archuleta said. “I want to do songs that are more vocally driven, so I can be emotional.”

    Bury me now.


  87. bebereader said


    I was waiting to see how long it would take for someone to catch and comment on that line. LOL


  88. Tawna21 said

    Bebe #87,

    As if that line doesn’t just jump off the page and smack one between the eyes…had to read it over a few times to make sure my eyes weren’t crossed and I was imagining things! 🙂

    EAM is what we’ve been waiting for and more…love it!



  89. Dakgal said

    Here I stand in my padded outfit, which looks pretty much like a hockey goalies–ready for what ever is thrown at me, but IMO

    I’m not crazy about this song–it’s way to high and doesn’t show case his strong vocal abilities at all–sounds like he is pushing or forcing it in some places .It shows good range, but I prefer him singing in a lower key. Sometimes I think–enough with the falsetto on a lot of the songs in TOSOD. The song is weak in some places that doesn’t fit in with the rest of it. I’d really like to see him tinker with this one cause it’s a good song. I’ll bet it would sound totally different and of course we all know it’s always better live!

    Archuleta said. “I want to do songs that are more vocally driven, so I can be emotional.”<<<<<<This is what I'm waiting for–THUD

    Can I still come home? And I love David to pieces!!!


  90. Djafan said

    Dak, this is your home forever 🙂

    I agree that it’s a high but this a recording is from the TOSOD era and I’ll bet anything that EAM live is going to be ala MB, lower, richer, and full of “live” emotion. Getting the chills just thinking about it.


  91. Angelica said


    I have refrained from commenting on the song because I totally agree with you. I just don’t like it very much. Too high when we know he is capable of such beautiful richness and depth with his voice. It has a country sound to it too which is OK if you like country. I don’t happen to but that’s just me. Also in answer to your #69….

    “Angelica —( the article picture lady)—I am no fashion expert, but that jacket in the top picture of this article is UGLY!! 😕

    The mirror reflection shows a blue front, but the back of the jacket is yellow ( with no yellow showing in front at all–esp. the front of the collar).) I certainly hope he didn’t buy it—or could you be playing with our minds– as in driving us nuts. I already have a head start in that dept. and don’t need any help!! 😉

    Explain yourself.”

    The blue in the jacket you see in the mirror is an optical illusion. So is the reflection of the guy in the mirror. If he turned around, you would actually see the face of Vince Gill.


  92. Djafan said



    You see a storm heading our way
    You know the cold can make things delay, up here it can’t do any harm.
    The cracks show in the concrete jungle
    Tear apart the weakest of hearts, up here you’ll be safe in my arms.

    I know that you’re feeling like we’re only dreaming
    Well don’t look down ’cause this is real.

    Like a satellite we’re flying
    Overhead where we see it all.
    Nothing can touch us, we’re everything and more.
    There’s no turning back from this point.
    Reaching heights like never before.
    Nothing can touch us, we’re everything, we’re everything and more.

    Let’s try holding each other, found a love to last forever.
    Up here gives you wings to stay strong, ooh.
    The air is pure that we’re breathing.
    We’re something to believe in, ’cause I feel it’s where we both belong.

    I know that you’re feeling like we’re only dreaming
    Well don’t look down ’cause this is real.

    Like a satellite we’re flying
    Overhead where we see it all.
    Nothing can touch us, we’re everything and more.
    There’s no turning back from this point.
    Reaching heights like never before.
    Nothing can touch us, we’re everything, we’re everything and more.

    Trust me this is worth not falling back to Earth.
    Everything and more is up here.

    Like a satellite we’re flying
    Overhead where we see it all.
    Nothing can touch us, we’re everything and more.
    There’s no turning back from this point.
    Reaching heights like never before.
    Nothing can touch us, we’re everything and more.

    Nothing can touch us, we’re everything, we’re everything and more.
    We’re everything and more, hey


  93. Dakgal said

    Angelica— you have no idea how hard that was for me to criticize—but I know David is capable of so much better–and that’s what spoils me. That’s what we are spoiled brats!! Haha

    But, on the other hand he’s the one who did the spoiling–with his
    drop dead gorgeous singing.

    Re: your answer to my question # 69—-All I can say is HUH?????
    I’ll have to ponder on that one for about a month. 😕

    Thanks Dja—sniff–sniff


  94. gladys said

    the version I heard on the radio, the music is higher and his voice is lost, a little, but the version I heard on youtube, his voice is clear and I can understand every word, your voice is great. I heard several times and the difference is noticeable, I really like this song, it’s almost like a complaint.


  95. Bebereader said

    Thanks for the lyrics, dja!
    I just listened to it like five times, following the lyrics.
    Oh….it’s heavenly!!!


  96. Abrra said

    A reminder:

    There may be youtubes and links on the web to illegal downloads of David’s brand new song but in keeping with our strict policy regarding this issue, we will not be offering any here. Posting a youtube promotes the possibility of piracy via audio capture software. We are all for the live performance videos, but the purchased music put on youtube is not allowed.

    The Voice supports David and will post links to purchase the song either as a single, EP or the new TOSOD Asia Tour Edition when it becomes available.



  97. gladys said

    oh, the youtube video that was below my comment is no longer. Ok, anyway you can find it.


  98. MT said

    Dak & Angelica, I understand what you mean. I’m kind of middle of the road. After several listens, I did like it better. It’s a sweet song and I do really like the ending.

    I don’t love the song, but I like it and I think it has the potential to be a good live performance song with a little tweaking from David to tone down some of the high notes. (if that can be done, not sure) Plus, I’m just a sucker for a love song. I love it when David pours his heart out on stage.

    For some reason, TOSOD has a few songs with a lot of high notes, and it looks like this song was written during that same era.

    It does make me wonder what the other 4 songs will be like.


  99. gladys said

    ok, abrra.


  100. Marylee said

    On my way out but wanted to stop & add my two cents about David’s new single “Everything & More”..the short & sweet of it ~I adore it with all my heart. The lyrics just spoke to me & I found myself playing it over & over again~no surprise! He’ll bring the house down with this one in concert. Goodnight everyone.


  101. Abrra said

    I am going to borrow Dakgal’s padded outfit for this comment. Its something that really got me crazy today.

    Earlier I mentioned that Bebe called me so I could hear the new song as it was played on live streaming. Then she read random tweets. It wasn’t 2 min after the song finished and people were racing to put it on YouTube or Mediafire for ILLEGAL download. All this was announced by them on twitter. I want to say it made me sick to know that “fans” were so blatantly announcing in public, where David himself or his family could observe, links to download this song.

    After about 15min of frenzy, the tweets changed to ” Hey, what your are doing is hurting David’s sales” . I felt a small amount of relief that sanity had come back to the fan base.

    All I ask is a little discretion? I am sure most that did this will buy the music when it is available, but as the sales of TOSOD showed, many more did not buy.

    /rant off



  102. Bebereader said

    Buzzzz about the new song!

    David Archuleta releases Everything And More!

    “Now this is a goddamn ballad! It has been a while since I´ve heard good music coming from an American Idol contestant but I´m pretty happy to say that David Archuleta should have won Season 7 of American Idol (ups, did I said that?… Yeah I did!).

    The new track is called Everything And More and it seems it was written a while ago when he was working on his last album but no worries, the song is good and David’s voice is just flawless on it.”


  103. emmegirl said

    The more I play it, the more I like it. It kinda just takes me away. Would also love to hear it in a lower key. I miss that part of his singing, where his beautiful timbre just takes your breath away.

    (I’ve wondered if that is part of the reason TOSOD didn’t do as well. It didn’t showcase his voice’s depth and richness and I think that is what many want to hear in his music.)

    “I want to do songs that are more vocally driven, so I can be emotional.”…now we’re talking baby!


  104. emmegirl said

    Thanks bebe, kinda love that buuzzzzz!! Like dja said, wait till we see this live!!!


  105. skydancer1x said

    I really don’t get how anyone can do that and call themselves a fan of David’s.Some people are just stuck on stupid.

    89. Dak, you are too funny. I won’t be throwing anything at you.I really agree with you.this>>>>>”it’s way to high and doesn’t show case his strong vocal abilities at all–sounds like he is pushing or forcing it in some places .It shows good range, but I prefer him singing in a lower key”

    I do like the song itself, but I have to say listening to it the first time, those high notes throughout kinda made my eyes water.whew!
    I like the lyrics,and Davids voice is certainly flawlessly front and center…IDK, maybe it just isn’t what I was expecting, in my head.. I think Myrtle Beach spoiled me a bit.:)


  106. Gayle122890 said

    I also prefer David’s rich lower tones. EAM is nothing like what he’s been doing live lately (MB, Invisible Children-Nashville). IMO, this song could be for the younger audience. In which case, it’s really sweet.

    Dak, he has spoiled us, hasn’t he?

    As for dressing David. I really like #7, but I’ve always had a thing for him in ties, like at #2 and in the TMH video. It gives him a look both youthful, yet with a touch of maturity. He wears those little shirts like in #1 very well too (the peeking belt).


  107. xaris said

    Good Morning All!

    Throw me in with the padded suit crowd. I like EAM, but I’m not crazy about it. I find myself waiting for his voice to crack on those high notes. I like the fact that Blackbird, GGTT, and EWTRTW are all sung in a more comfortable range for him, so I hope he is moving in that direction.

    Emme-“I miss that part of his singing, where his beautiful timbre just takes your breath away.” Yep, me too.

    Gayle-“IMO, this song could be for the younger audience. In which case, it’s really sweet.” I think you’re right. JR also mentioned somewhere that she thought this song would be huge with his Asian fans because it has the sound they love.

    Sky-“Some people are just stuck on stupid.” I’m still cleaning up the coffee I just spit out. Thanks for laugh! Unfortunately, what you said is true.

    Have a good day, everyone!


  108. I also like this song, but I have to agree that it is so high. I’m wondering if it is a rejected song from David’s DEBUT album. David’s voice has gotten lower and I think he will have trouble singing this song in this key. I also agree that when David uses his lower register his voice is so rich, caressing even and I just love that! Most of the songs I really like from TOSOD do not have the falsetto and/or really high notes. Now that David is not with a label he will be able to write/sing songs that are in his comfortable range. I believe that Jive and the writers David was writing with were pushing him to use falsetto frequently in a lot of the songs. I for one am happy that David left Jive. His core fan base is still with him, and as long
    as he tours, he will keep us as fans. Yes, he has lost some fans, but he still has a lot compared to many successful musicians that make a living by touring. Good day, everyone!


  109. Bebereader said


    I feel your pain. I’m familiar with the RIAA rules, having learned about them when I was a fan of other artists, pre-David.

    Some fans are not aware that it’s still a crime to download new music or that the artist loses money when this occurs. If it’s there for the taking, they assume it must be okay. Others are so excited to get David’s music that they’ll do anything to get it. What’s one little song? Then it’s one little album, then two then three.

    Nobody will find out, they think. But it absolutely shows up in low record sales as we’ve seen with TOSOD.

    Until music is handed out freely online or until the laws are enforced, there’s not much we can do about it except to support David’s music and keep our policy here at The Voice of not posting links to or mp3s of his new music.

    As for the new song, I like it. It’s not one of my favorite songs by David and for me, it doesn’t rate up there with Falling Stars or Good Place but I just like hearing David’s voice in any capacity. We all know he’s going to kill it when he sings it live. It will go through a metamorphosis and become another song entirely once he gets his vocal chops on it.

    It’s funny to visualize but nobody needs a padded outfit here. Please feel comfortable to say what you feel and let’s discuss.


  110. Tawna21 said

    bebe #109 !! I like everything you’ve stated in this comment. I would have to add Barriers to your list in paragraph #5. I’m still attached to the hip of that song! 🙂

    Admins.. thank you again for the download rule and thank you for the reminder. Not that we need the reminder, but it helps us to re-state who and what we are–Fans of David Archuleta who want nothing but the best for him and his career. I just hope that David will be able to release these new songs as singles here in this part of the world–even if they are only EP and not put in the stores (although that would be a good thing, imo).

    Abrra..can I just tell you that I love it when you rant ?! 😛



  111. djafan said

    More buzz!


    A few months after David Archuleta parted ways with Jive Records, a new song from the 2008 runner-up of “American Idol” landed online. Titled “Everything and More”, the track was reportedly co-penned by him with the help from Grammy-winning songwriter Victoria Horn.

    “You see a storm heading our way/ You know the cold can make things delay, up here it can’t do any harm,” Archie croons in the piano-driven track. “The cracks show in the concrete jungle/ Tear apart the weakest of hearts, up here you’ll be safe in my arms.”

    The sweet song recently made its debut on a radio station in Singapore. Coincidentally, Archie is getting ready to go to Asia for a series of live concerts next month. His stops include Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia.

    JSYK Just So You Know

    David Archuleta Releases New Song ‘Everything and More’

    David Archuleta has been relatively quiet since the release of his third album, which came out last October, but now the ‘American Idol’ alum has unveiled a brand new song called ‘Everything and More.’

    The tune premiered on a radio station in Singapore on Tuesday, and thanks to the power of YouTube, fans all over can hear the new song, too. Although it’s not the best quality, you can hear that David is doing what he knows best: singing heartfelt ballads.

    The Miami native’s last single, ‘Falling Stars,’ was released on October 29, just a few weeks after his album, ‘The Other Side of Down,’ was unveiled. However, the 20-year-old parted ways with his record label and management in February, a decision, he says, was mutual.

    Now, in a new interview with The Salt Lake Tribune, David says he’s working on his true sound. “The goal this year is to take the time I need to know what I want to become,” he explains, adding, “I want to make my voice come through more. I want to do songs that are more vocally driven, so I can be emotional.”

    So far, so good, David. Listen to ‘Everything and More’ below and let us know what you think of the song in the comments.
    Message to Vietnam!

    David Archuleta says Hi to Vietnam- Idol Music 2011


  112. djafan said

    David tweets!!!!

    Just kicking into final gear. Finishing up on some special release items and then all this craziness will be over! 26 minutes ago via txt Retweeted by you and 81 others


  113. MT said

    Dja, from the tweets, looks like he’s wrapping it up with the 5 songs we’re gonna get. Wonder what the others will sound like. Will they be previously recorded songs that were done for TOSOD or be his “new” sound? I’m wondering if they’ll match themes or tone with TOSOD or not.

    Random thought here, but what if he put out several songs, as singles, in different styles on Itunes or Amazon to see what sold most? Is that even possible? Could he even do that? Would it be too expensive? If so, what might he do? Let’s see …

    1. Everything And More (Already determined.)

    2. Great big soaring love ballad. (That one’s for me 🙂 )

    3. Fun song with an up-tempo dance beat. (haha Ok, that one’s for me, too!)

    4. Something playful, a real teaser, with a reggae or lilting melody, like a “take-me-as-I-am”, “I-am-who-I-am” type song. (That one MIGHT be for me.)

    5. Something funky, bluesy, & soulful using that gorgeous silky lower register. (That one is for all of us.)

    Did I miss anything?


  114. MT said

    Whoa, sorry for that huge rambling comment! Too much David on the brain today.

    PS Love that so many sites are picking up on the song. I love the idea that “anything David” seems to just fly along the net. Shows that there is still a lot of love for him out there. ♥

    Just sorry that download links seem to go out too. 😦


  115. Bebereader said

    MT I love your random thoughts! I choose all you listed; love ballads, uptempo dance beat, reggae, bluesy, soulful, jazzy. David can do it all!

    Tawna#110 “bebe #109 !! I like everything you’ve stated in this comment. I would have to add Barriers to your list in paragraph #5. I’m still attached to the hip of that song! :)”

    How did I forget about Barriers??? How?? It’s been my favorite song since the beginning! Actually, I think David has forgotten about about Barriers. He hasn’t sung it in sooo long. I would hate to see that song disappear into oblivion. When was the last time David sang it live? Was it Rexburg? If so, that was one year ago! 😦

    credit: frejul10


  116. kaycee said

    There was a song called “Best Behavior” that David co-wrote with Matt Wertz that had a really cool vibe. I was really hoping that it would make the album, but it didn’t. Matt Wertz performed it a while back. Take a listen:

    Could it possibly one of the five? Wishful thinking.


  117. MT said

    Tawna, Bebe, Remember the Sayerville performance of Barriers? That part where he giggles alwyas gets to me and makes me laugh with him.

    And he looked soooo good in that pink shirt and tie ♥ I wonder what happened to that shirt? I don’t remember ever seeing it again.

    116. Kaycee, one of the 5? Now there’s a thought. I like that one. I’d like to hear David singing it one day.

    I had the afternoon off and I’m sitting here listening to David, new songs and old songs, getting excited for SOF this weekend!! I doubt he’ll perform any of the new ones this weekend, but you never know. Or we might get a new cover??


  118. skydancer1x said

    116. Kaycee, …why does the tune Best Behavior make me think about “You’re Not a Very Good Liar”? listen to it again.
    am I way off here? I can’t understand the lyrics at all.
    We could if David was singing it.:))


  119. MT said

    I’m going to make one last comment and then leave before Abrra comes after me. lol

    The majority on the poll seem to like #7 with #1 coming in a close second. That works out well cuz if he works it right, # 7 could turn into #1 when he takes off the jacket. haha Win! Win!

    Thanks to all of you for taking part in the poll and the fun discussion on David’s wardrobe. 🙂


  120. kaycee said

    Sky…you’re right about NAVGL–there is definitely a similar sound to them both. And…I found the lyrics to Best Behavior. I really like the imagery. I can really feel David in the lyrics…he’s all about being real.

    Best Behavior

    I’ve never been a paint by numbers guy.
    When it comes to love, I draw outside the lines.
    You aren’t as black and white, but I see through all of this pretending,
    Beauty’s never-ending, but I’m so confused . . .

    It’s like you’re on a stage, but you got no part to play.
    You just keep on acting on your best behavior.
    No, I’m not entertained.
    Give me something real, not fake.
    You just keep acting on your best behavior.

    Please go on roll the credits, end the scene.
    If you’re not you, then how can I be me?
    Oh, don’t you think it’s time you dropped your guard?
    It’s all lights & camera, action, but all I see’s a fraction of who you really are.

    It’s like you’re on a stage, but you got no part to play.
    You just keep on acting on your best behavior.
    No, I’m not entertained.
    Give me something real, not fake.
    You just keep acting on your best behavior.

    Girl, give yourself some time to breathe.
    So beautiful, without even trying.
    Enough of all of your charades.
    Why don’t you throw your script away?

    It’s like you’re on a stage, but you got no part to play.
    You just keep on acting on your best behavior.
    No, I’m not entertained.
    Give me something real, not fake.

    You just keep acting on your best behavior
    You just keep acting on your best behavior
    You just keep acting on your best behavior
    Best behavior
    Best behavior


  121. Angelica said

    Did someone say Sayreville, pink shirt? I don’t need much reason so don’t get me started. OMGoaaash. WHERE IS THAT SHIRT? It was too big for him. He should auction it off for charity. I would out bid you all.


  122. bebereader said

    Do I remember Sayreville??
    I was there!!! Awesome night!
    It was standing room only in The Starland Ballroom and I was somewhere in the back. I always get a bad view. Arghshdhf! The audience was so hyped and in turn, David was pumped. It was his first NY/NJ appearance since the Idol tour show. And some of us (ahem) didn’t have the pleasure of going to the Idol tour so the thought of seeing him on that stage right in front of us was beyond exhilarating Anyway, that ‘pink’ shirt was really red and white checked we later found out. 🙂

    He stopped singing during Barriers. Some thought he forgot the lyrics but that wasn’t it. He was so overwhelmed by the reaction of the audience.

    I honestly still think that he has no idea how much he is loved by his fans.


  123. Dakgal said


    Is that the shirt that was really red/white very small checked?

    Is this the concert that was supposed to be getting professionally taped?

    Angelica—Oh Yeah!!— I open the bidding at $100


  124. Dakgal said

    Guess I should read up before posting 😉

    Love seeing him get the laughies.


  125. kaycee said

    I just read that David will be in Dallas for a charity event on July 9th. He will be singing God Bless America at a celebrity baseball game!


  126. bebereader said

    Haha Dak#124 Methinks our comments ‘crossed in the mail.”

    Kaycee#125 That’s great news! Do you have a link to the article?

    More from Sayreville…

    Don’t Let Go

    Touch My Hand

    Credit goes to the beautiful djbell


  127. betsy said

    Ok, now it’s my turn to correct a common wardrobe misconception.
    Grand Rapids, 09.
    He wore a black t shirt and black jeans.
    The lights made the shirt look blue sometimes, purple sometimes.
    Historical wardrobe sidenote of interest: He wore the same jeans the next night in Clarkston. Different shirt. White t shirt, black vest.
    Historical wardrobe sidenote of interest #2 He wore the same BLUE jeans for both nights’ vip’s. (the jeans in the poll #2)
    Exhibit A:

    again, any excuse will do.


  128. Angelica said

    LOL! Bebe…I was going to post the whole show but hated to be a hog about it. Thanks for helping out! 😆

    Betsy. Do you mean to tell me that that outfit in Grand Rapids was actually BLACK JEANS and BLACK T-SHIRT? How DID you survive such an attack?


  129. kaycee said

    Bebe, I believe this is the link:


  130. betsy said

    Coke! Can someone delete mine, haha

    No sorry. No can do. Does this mean you have to buy Kaycee a coke now?

    Angelica the merciless.


  131. kaycee said

    Haha, Betsy! I’ll take one! It was almost 100 degrees here today! And, Betsy #127, amazing facts at your fingertips


  132. skydancer1x said

    Kaycee. Thanks for the lyrics! Boy, great imagery, you are so right. Hope we get to hear him sing it, so he can ‘make me understand it’ with all that beautiful emotion that flows through his little self!

    boy, how many people have we come across in our lives that are like this? these lyrics tell of games people play.

    ** Sky will now insert a personal note here**
    One of the greatest quotes I have ever heard came from a marriage therapist, my ex-husband and I went to.(ok, “ex” tells you how that worked out!) She was great.very intuitive. After 2 individual sessions with him ,she ushered him out of her office, for the last time.
    but she left him with this…
    “you can stop auditioning for the role of **(name)**, you’ve already got the part.”
    this song….great lyrics.:)


  133. bebereader said

    Thanks for the link, Kaycee! If anyone is in Dallas on July 9th, it’s a chance to see David. Skydancer??

    Angelica, I noticed that the game is at Dr. Pepper Ballpark. Did you have anything to do with that? 😉

    Betsy,Thanks for the wardrobe clarification. I was so sure that outfit was navy blue. So he wore a black tshirt and black jeans when you saw him?!?!

    **THUD*, retroactive back to ’09 Grand Rapids


  134. betsy said

    Angelica the merciless, I shall purchase a 12 pk for all.
    Maybe even throw in an ICE COLD Diet Dr. Pepper.


  135. skydancer1x said

    Oh my gosh! 🙂 He will be in my backyard, just for the seventh inning stretch? No N.A.?
    Why does it have to be 150 degrees here in July?


  136. Angelica said

    Dr. Pepper Ballpark, eh? Dallas is not that far away….


  137. Angelica said

    Betsy, I’ll take that Diet Dr. Pepper and raise Dakgal’s bid to $101.00


  138. skydancer1x said

    : ) ♫”take me out to the baaaall game!♫♪


  139. bebereader said

    From the link Kaycee posted in comment#129

    July 9, 2011 6:00 pm
    Reebok 2011 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game – 10th Anniversary

    Benefiting the children’s charities of The Heroes Foundation and The Mike Modano Foundation

    Swing-batter-batter- SWING!!

    Celebrating 10 years of star-studded celebs on the diamond, the Reebok 2011 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game will boast a bundle of popular players on the mound Saturday, July 9, at 6 p.m. at the Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco (7300 RoughRiders Trail).

    3 p.m. – The Whataburger Heroes Special Olympic All-Star Softball Game
    4 p.m. – Baylor Medical Center at Frisco Celebrity Home Run Derby
    6 p.m. – Reebok 2011 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game 10th Anniversary
    9:30 p.m. FIREWORKS FINALE sponsored by Baylor Medical Center at Frisco

    The Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy will be on display Saturday giving game goers the chance to shoot snapshots and relive the Dallas Mavs’ glory. Plus, former American Idol runner-up David Archuleta will sing God Bless America during the seventh-inning stretch.

    Famous faces and local luminaries will include:
    ★ Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavs owner)
    ★ Bradie James (Dallas Cowboys linebacker and defensive captain)
    ★ Mike Modano (seven-time NHL All-Star)
    ★ Donnie Nelson (Dallas Mavs president)
    ★ Everson Walls (former Dallas Cowboys player and Super Bowl champion)
    ★ DeMarcus Ware (Dallas Cowboys linebacker and five-time NFL Pro Bowler)
    ★ Drew Pearson (former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, sportscaster, and Super Bowl champion)
    ★ Donald Faison (BET Comedy Awards Winner and Screen Actor: Scrubs)
    ★ Geoff Stults (Screen Actor: Wedding Crashers, The Break-Up, FOX 2011 New Series “The Finder”)
    ★ Michael Clarke Duncan (Screen Actor: The Green Mile, FOX 2011 New Series “The Finder”)
    ★ Dave Annable (Screen Actor: Brothers & Sisters, You May Not Kiss the Bride)
    … and many more at this family-fun event.

    Note: Roster subject to change. More players to be named.

    Two baseball teams, the Blue Socks and White Socks, each made up of 10+ celebrity players and 10+ amateurs, will play “hard-charging, umpires-umpping, trash-talking, uniform-wearing, base-stealing, home run-hitting, nine-inning, authentic BASEBALL!”

    Tickets are on sale now for $5, $7, $12 and $15 at Ticketmaster (800-745-3000 or or at the Dr Pepper Ballpark Box Office during office hours. Will call will open at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 9. Tickets also will be available at the door the day of the game.

    Proceeds will benefit the children’s charities of The Heroes Foundation and The Mike Modano Foundation.

    * DATE: July 9, 2011
    * TIME: 6:00 pm
    * LOCATION: Dr. Pepper Ballpark


  140. Djafan said

    Nostalgia setting in…. You are all mercilessssssss lol


  141. Angelica said

    Look how adorbs.



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