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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Nashville, A Good Place ~David Archuleta vlog

Posted by bebereader on Friday, June 10, 2011

screencaps by djafan

“I’m back in Nashville and it’s been good”, David says in his latest vlog. I believe it’s mutual; David likes Nashville and Nashville likes David. He has said that in Nashville he had the best writing experience he’s had so far and that he always looks forward to going back. Whether he’s there to interview songwriters for future collaborations, to have meetings, to attend the Country Music Awards and Festival this week, or to go to Trader Joe’s for some goat cheese pizza, Nashville agrees with David.

It’s apparent that he’s in a good place. I’ve never seen him look happier, more focused, well-rested, content and confident, the master of his universe. He wants the songwriters to understand where he’s coming from so that he can write more meaningful songs. Not too concerned with what’s popular, he’s respectful of the way his music influences people and wants to write songs with this in mind. Most important, he wants his music to come from his heart.

I hope David takes his time and enjoys his newfound freedom, away from the restraints of a controlling label. I hope he doesn’t worry about getting songs together in a hurry as he did with previous albums. However long it takes will be so worth the wait!

95 Responses to “Nashville, A Good Place ~David Archuleta vlog”

  1. Marylee said

    “It’s apparent that he’s in a good place. I’ve never seen him look happier, focused, more well-rested, more content and confident, the master of his universe”. <- well said Bebe!

    ***David's latest vlog is one of his best, in my humble opinion, not just because of the excellent lighting which allows us to look into those sparkling green but because his contentment can be felt through the screen, with every word~every gesture, like it never has before. I know it's not my imagination 'cause I've heard so many others say they feel it too. It's what we've waited for & I experience tears of joy every time I watch him these days. It's all I've ever wanted for David since I first saw him on Idol. I've prayed about it & sometimes our prayers aren't answered right away~Thank you God, it's been worth the wait. ❤


  2. Marylee said

    P.S. Just watched again & now I’m thinking “hazel” is more the color of those beautiful eyes~whatever the true color, they sure DO sparkle 🙂


  3. Abrra said

    “Not too concerned with what’s popular, he’s respectful of the way his music influences people and wants to write songs with this in mind. Most important, he wants his music to come from his heart.”

    The longer he immerses himself in the songwriting culture, the more respect gained as an artist he seems to attract by the music community in Nashville. They already know the boy can sang, now they are learning that the boy has the desire to convey the right words and feeling in his songwriting.

    How sweet would it be if he comes away from this trip with a new song to debut in Asia?



  4. Abrra said

    Did you get the links I posted for the MGR’s downloads in the previous article? Djafan told me you had requested a way to download them, so I put them in the Candy Jar.



  5. Marylee said

    Good Morning Abrra 🙂 No..I forgot to re-check the Candy Jar but I will right now & thanks!


  6. skydancer1x said

    “I hope David takes his time and enjoys his newfound freedom, away from the restraints of a controlling label. I hope he doesn’t worry about getting songs together in a hurry as he did with previous albums. However long it takes will be so worth the wait!
    no doubt about it!
    I hope David knows that his fans respect him so much, for doing exactly what he is doing.Doing whats right for him, is all we have ever wanted.
    we will certainly reap the benefits of the fruits of his labor!

    Dja, thanks for the gorgeous screencaps!


  7. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    Bebe! Yes, David is in a good place. That face says it all!. It was so hard to pick the screencaps to use, I made over 100 of them lol. David has the most gorgeous, full of expression, and photogenic face I’ve ever seen.

    The comments on the video are a hoot to read, check them out if you have a chance.

    The vlog had a little over 600 views last night and it’s now at 5,662 with 204 comments.

    Top comments

    Some times when you talk I don’t hear a thing.

    Don’t get me wrong.

    I look at your eyes and bells start to ring.

    Then my mind’s gone.
    jstsyn 10 hours ago 7

    Great personalities have made you a great artist and a great person, David. We love you for being who you are: genuine, kind, humble. You’re not trying to be sth big and flashy and impressive. You’re the real deal. Who you are is attractive enough for us. You’re so true that sometimes you make us forget that you’re a famous singer, and instead of that, we feel like you’re just a guy next door, a friend of us. So, thanks David, for being real, and don’t change 🙂
    luvarchie4ever 11 hours ago 4

    JustJared picked up the CMT appearance.

    Fri, 10 June 2011 at 11:05 am

    David Archuleta – CMT Music Awards 2011

    David Archuleta keeps it cool as he hits up the 2011 CMT Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday night (June 8) in Nashville, Tenn.

    The 20-year-old musician tweeted after the big show, “Had a great time at the CMT awards! Fun seeing a bunch of familiar faces actually too.”

    David is actually back in the Country Capital to work on new music with his new band. We can’t wait to hear new stuff!

    Earlier in the week, David stopped by the Grand Ole Opry.

    Read more:


  8. djafan said

    SF, This was commented on David’s vlog and made me think of your comment.

    “Thanks for the vlog. Do you realize that your lips are more plump than Angelina Jolie and Chord Overstreet COMBINED. That’s a good thing. You should do commercials for lip balm. ”

    Love this tweet!!!!


    Just watched a screener of the @DavidArchie @MoTabChoir 2010 Christmas concert. Come December, people are going to be very happy!


    Caroline Reese c_line_onmymind

    Creeping on David Archuletta at a Nashville cafe. I don’t think I was subtle enough.


  9. emifriend said

    Emifriend in Nashville : I love this article and hope David buys a place in Nashville sometime right next door to me! I still plan on running into him at TtraderJoes! But I cannot creep or stalk- it’s against all the rules in Nashville!


  10. MT said

    Bebe: Love your take on the vlog!

    “David likes Nashville and Nashville likes David.”

    I think so, too. Nashville does seem to be a “good place” for him. And is it just me? Or does it seem like more people tweet about him when he’s in Nashville than anywhere else? (Except when he’s in concert, of course) Seems like he really likes the whole vibe there and it might produce some great music for him. I’m looking forward to hearing what comes out of David and Nashville!

    Dja , NICE JOB on the screen caps!! I knew I could count on you. 🙂

    Abrra, I had a sweet tooth and found some goodies in your candy jar. Thanks!


  11. River said

    From the beginning of my David fandom I hoped he would settle in Nashville. I always thought it was the perfect fit for him… huge musical family, good support, humidity, space to be exactly what you want and who you are, boundless talented individuals of all musical genres and I also hoped he might consider taking courses at Vanderbilt. I’m still holding out hope. BTW I live in the east and only visited nashville once but I immediately felt it’s hominess. He can join the celebs at the Pancake Pantry and NO one will bother him.


  12. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  13. betsy said

    He looks so happy. But even more than that, he looks comfortable. He seems so accepted there. Surrounded by a bunch of music lovers. ♥

    Emifriend, it’s soooooo good to see you here again! Hope you are feeling well.


  14. betsy said

    Woohoo! According to, David is at Bonnaroo. The huge music festival in Tennessee.

    Ran into David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) walking around #Bonnaroo. He’s excited for Ray LaMontagne, Florence, Decemberists. -@jasonlipshutz


  15. djafan said

    Hello Emifriend!!!! I’d go to Trader Joe’s to buy couple of items daily 🙂 Good to see you here hope you’re feeling great!


    YAY!!!! Love that Billboard tweeted about David!


  16. betsy said

    So I was watching the live webcast of a band at Bonnaroo, hoping to hear something good. I guess the good happens later, lol. This was hardcore rap. And I like some rap (easy rap, lol) Every other word would have been bleeped out on tv.
    I am officially old for saying that.
    Just heard that there are 80 thousand people there.
    That place looks so crowded and almost Woodstock-like. David just walking around like a regular person. Soaking in the music. ♥
    loved this tweet:

    Atmosphere feeling the love on This Tent at #Bonnaroo. “It feels so good to be part of a community that’s moving together.” -@jasonlipshutz


  17. betsy said

    One more thing, while I am spamming. This is who David wanted to see there:

    p.s. he has a cover of Crazy on YT as well, I did not think it fitting to post. 🙂 Because it isn’t.


  18. Abrra said

    David spotted having breakfast the other day!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Hatten and I just saw David Archuleta at Nashville Airport. Everyone will be glad to know I controlled my inner fan girl.



  19. betsy said


  20. bebereader said

    So good to see you! Please come back again, you’ve been so missed!

    The vlog has almost 7,000 views now!

    This was a really good week to be in Tennessee! Between the Country Music Awards and Festival and the Bonnaroo Music Festival, David has a lot to take in. I remember hearing about Bonnaroo a few years back when a singer I knew performed there. It’s a huge, annual, week-long outdoor music festival. Wonder if David would consider participating. Thanks for the webcast link, Betsy and for for bringing over that video by Ray LaMontagne. Can’t say I like the song but can’t say that I don’t like it either. LOL

    Ray hit the stage about 40 minutes ago per this tweet from Our Stage:

    “Ray LaMontagne just came on sooo many fans… And the sun is starting to go down! RT @DUBfromVA: @OurStage whats happeneing at bonnaroo? 40 minutes ago

    Ab#18…That pic!! OH MY! 😀 Can’t beat that smile!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  21. Blueberry Ice said

    Bebe; Sometimes I feel like we are the luckiest fans. What celebrity takes the time to explain what is going on with their career and keeps us abreast of what’s to come? It does seem that David is garnering respect from other musicians wherever he goes. In this journey, he is building a network of connections, learning and exposing himself to different aspects of songwriting and composition. David is certainly hard at work in his own customized university curriculum if I can call it that … studying and creating his own opportunities rather than waiting for handouts. Yes, he should have all the time in the world to do it exactly his way.

    Djafan; Oh what a wonderful collage of screencaps. Will you share more later? Also, enjoying the updated photo’s on the sidebar … thank you!

    Marylee; The color of his eyes are almost iridescent at times as they sometimes reflect the light and colors of his surrounding. Just striking!

    Emifriend; Oh wouldn’t that be great if you were next door neighbors. Hope all is well!

    Betsy; Listened to #17 video and David has a wide range of tastes doesn’t he or at least he has an open mind to different sounds. Anyway, hope today has been a brighter and better-than-ever day!

    Angelica; On the previous thread, thank you for your beautiful post as your humor, creativity, and thoughtful care of David is so evident.

    SB; Hope this weekend will be filled with wonderful memories while celebrating your daughter’s graduation! Congrats to her on this awesome achievement!


  22. betsy said

    So it seems that I should’ve posted a Florence video. 🙂 That is who he is listening to. We are watching the feed. She is so good.
    All of the retweets are showing up on Vevo (David’s tweet) So everyone watching knows he’s there. 🙂 Like – the world knows he’s there.


  23. Dakgal said

    Doesn’t it just make your heart sing to know that David is doing things that please him and to have the leisure time to do it?

    No planes to catch–no buses to board–no hustle–no bustle. He has worked so hard and deserves every cotton pickin minute!!!

    I love the thought of him living in Nashville , it sounds so much more laid back, with out all the glitzy crap and having to be ON all the time.

    So Bebe we agree–he has room to spread those musical wings and fly.

    Dja–how can those great screen caps be the same person that is in this video I stumbled across?

    And I swear he is killing me!



  24. bebereader said

    Blueberry Ice: You’re absolutely right; we are the luckiest fans!

    I don’t think we ever saw this, the full performance of “And I’m Telling You” when David performed it on The Jenny Jones show when he was 11. (It’s a keeper!)

    credit JennyJonesFavorites


  25. Abrra said

    Nice find! I see it was just uploaded. I have a B/W grainy version that was recorded off a TV, but this is so much better. I will add this to the Young David set in Unplugged.

    Could not resist!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Notice he tugged his right side pocket flap as he sang? Just like today when he tugs his shirt tail or checks his battery pack in his back pocket. Lots of lip licking (he was practicing for the future)!

    Hey Abrra! /stalk much? 😉


  26. Dakgal said

    Haha Abs —I noticed those things too–and a person can never stalk enough 😉

    I’m kinda glad he dropped some of the growling–an occasional sexy one is OK with me tho!

    What a cutie patootie.


  27. Tawna21 said

    bebe, “It’s apparent that he’s in a good place.” Yes it is. I love your take on the vlog.

    We are so lucky, as his fans, to be able to see and hear David as he moves from spot to spot in his career. We’ve seen him as a youngster, a teenager, and now a man, grow into himself and head in the direction he wants to go. And, I love that he is letting us go with him as he takes to the trail.

    {{{emifriend}}} !! it’s so good to see you here–I’m praying that all is going well with you! Keep those eyes open at all times for a David sighting, but no stalking (I love that Nashville rule). lol 🙂



  28. MT said

    I just saw the Ad for the Vietnam Concert. Am I seeing things? lol It says Capacity is 40,000 ???? Could they possibly be setting it up for that many people?

    And Super VIP, $250, includes After Party! (Wonder what that is?)


  29. skydancer1x said

    just dropping in to check on goodies before heading to bed, and I see there are plenty. (I hate going to work) haha

    Dak, Love that song, Killing Me Softly .and yes ,he is.
    Patty-Ann ( pabuckie) has great pics with her videos,and she finds such awesome songs too doesn’t she?! Love her!
    PA is the person who told me about The Voice, and I have been coming here ever since♥ I am grateful.

    { { { hi emifriend! } } } 🙂 emi, what do they do if a person is caught stalking ? (just checking to see if it would be worth the risk)

    love that picture of David at the airport. bet she wishes she had eyes in the back of her head!

    sweet dreams!


  30. skydancer1x said

    just saw your post MT! Holy Cow! thats so exciting!
    with Davids beautiful picture on that ad♥ bet they can fill the venue.
    Anyone recognize any of those names on the billing? time for a you tube search!


  31. MT said

    Sky, isn’t the ad gorgeous? Fans are gonna be wanting to take those posters home with them!!

    And Holy Cow is right! haha That’s a lot of tickets!!!


  32. Jan said

    Good Place is one my favorite songs on TOSOD. Would love to hear him sing it in concert. Glad that he is in a happy place and doing what he wants and when he wants to do it. It’s ironic that I planned a trip to Nashville a few months ago, not knowing that David loves it there and doesn’t want to leave. But, alas, I’ll be there mid-July when he will be overseas. So hoping for a US tour late summer or early fall. Heck I’ll take a Christmas concert, even tho it’s another 5-6 months away.


  33. kaycee said

    Happy Late NIght! I love the new David quote on the side bar. As Tawna21 said, we really are lucky fans…in so many ways.

    I had to share this comment on his latest vlog:

    “Love how Joe Jonas is trying to be the next Justin Timberlake, how Justin Bieber is trying to be the next Miley Cyrus, how Miley Cyrus is trying to be the next Britney Spears and how David is just trying to be himself. A real original.”


  34. betsy said

    Good morning all!
    So, I visited the Bonnaroo live webcast this morning. There isn’t anything going on, they have a lot of ZZZZZZZ’s across the screen, lol. Sleeping still. But they are reposting the top tweets from yesterday about the festival along the side. The tweet about the Billboard guy running into David was like the third most popular tweet about the festival. It keeps showing up, still. 🙂
    Sounds like David was enjoying himself yesterday. He tweeted at 1:24 a.m.

    @Davidarchie Arcade Fire. Incredible.


  35. skydancer1x said

    Betsy, ”
    “The tweet about the Billboard guy running into David was like the third most popular tweet about the festival. It keeps showing up, still. 🙂
    Sounds like David was enjoying himself yesterday. He tweeted at 1:24 a.m.sounds like David is really having a good time!”

    so happy to wake up to your info! thanks! ♥ why does David enjoying himself make me so happy?! don’t know, it just does♥
    He puts a big ol’ grin on my face !♥
    31.MT. I just love it!
    33. Kaycee, loved that comment.ha ha cleaver, and funny.


  36. poof said

    OK everyone. We need your help! My daughter just moved from Portland to the LA area and drove with her two cats in the back. The movers were there when she arrived. She locked cats in the kitchen, telling all not to open it. Well, guess what. One cat got out of the kitchen, ran out of the apartment and isgone. She is a disaster. She starts her new job Tuesday (she is a veterinarian!) and she Needs to find kitty so she can cope! OK everyone……Let’s tell that cat to COME when he hears his name!! See? I am trying to help! If you have any other ideas, please let me know. Thanks friends.


  37. Abrra said

    Some tips maybe helpful?



  38. poof said

    Abrra, You are the best. Thanks


  39. kaycee said

    Poof…I’m hoping for the best for your daughter! I know about the strong connection one can have with a pet.

    On a different note, I had a funny experience this morning. During the school year, I work as a teacher, but during the summer months, I take care of hundreds of rose bushes for a beautiful resort. I was out there early this morning before the heat kicked in, pruning away and listening to my ipod. As we all know, roses can be a bit harsh if you’re not careful. I was a little careless and caught myself on a thorny branch. Ironically, as the blood was trickling down my arm, guess what song came on my ipod?…”Stomping the Roses”! Haha…I sure felt like it!


  40. Marylee said

    Poof…I’m such an animal broke my heart to hear that one of your daughter’s cats ran out of the house & may be lost 😦 Please keep us posted & I’ll be praying in the meantime ❤


  41. bebereader said

    Thank you for all the comments!

    Grrrr and Arghhh Right after I posted the Jenny Jones video last night, my Internet connection went down! I was going through withdrawal from this place! Glad to be back! Speaking of Jenny Jones, I love when she said: “I hope you want to be a singer when you grow up because you sure got it!”


    Thank you for bringing here the ad for the show in Vietnam. I’m impressed that the picture they chose was a new one. They are one anxious bunch fans not that I blame them! I’m already seeing comments on various sites from the fans there. Here’s one that is like a note to David:

    “…Your skin: We (esp the girls) love your bright skin. But in recently pictures it is darker. Your hair: You should have your hair just like it in The Other Side Of Down picture. You looked like a big ladykiller, the girls said. Your clothes: It must be really hot in july even in Ha Noi (capital of VietNam). So wear cool, simple and comfortable clothes (cotton). Drink more water and keep your health good. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!”

    Dak#23 Idk how I missed that video of Killing Me Softly. Tell pabuckie hey for us and thanks for the video.

    Jan #32 “Good Place” is a fan favorite. Heck, it’s even my husband’s favorite track on TOSOD. Would love to get the message out to David that we want him to perform it soon!

    Kaycee#33 ““Love how Joe Jonas is trying to be the next Justin Timberlake, how Justin Bieber is trying to be the next Miley Cyrus, how Miley Cyrus is trying to be the next Britney Spears and how David is just trying to be himself. A real original.” <<< Ain't that the cha-ruth!

    Poof, Feeling so sorry about your daughter's lost cat. I'm animal lover too and am praying that the missing cat returns home to you ASAP. Don't give up!


  42. bebereader said

    From, regarding the Bonnaroo show last night.

    “American Idol” star David Archuleta was spotted wandering around the press area mid-afternoon. The singer said that he hadnt initially planned the festival visit, he was popping by for the day, and that he was most excited to see Ray LaMontagne, the Decemberists and Florence + the Machine.

    For rest of article:


  43. bebereader said

    David tweets:

    If you missed the blog from this week you can check it out here —-> about 3 hours ago via web

    Always feels good having a smoothie or some juice after exercising. about 1 hour ago via txt


  44. djafan said

    Hello everyone!!!!

    I have been kept away with an abundance of work!!!!!

    Betsy, I think billboard likes our man 🙂 No pictures have surfaced, would love to see one.

    Oh no Poof! Poor kitty and daughter of course, hope it’s found ;(

    Looking at the twitter feed for David Archuleta and @davidarchie there’s lots of foreign languages commenting about him I only understand the Spanish and they are loving David. That Spanish song needs to get out! July is almost here! Can’t wait to see the Asia love for David.

    See why I had trouble making up my mind lol.



  45. djafan said




  46. kaycee said

    Djafan…haha! Wow! Now there’s about a hundred reasons why David should spend more time in Nashville! Like Bebe said: “David likes Nashville and Nashville likes David.”


  47. skydancer1x said

    36. Oh no Poof! 😦 saying a prayer right now that kitty will come back. any luck yet?
    Cats tend to hide ,and not wander in uncharted territory. May be hiding close under some bushes or in a tree. Tell your daughter to hang in there.ok?

    I had a cat escape like that ….hiding silent, under the deck in the backyard we had walked over, looking for her ,for 2 days before coming out.! It’s very upsetting when something like that happens.


  48. djafan said

    Billboard’s interview with David Archuleta


  49. ray said

    djafan#44,did you miss any lol


  50. poof said

    Hi all,
    No sign of kitty yet, but I so appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Abrra, those web sites had some good ideas, and they are giving her more things “to do” which helps in itself. Thanks all.


  51. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  52. MT said

    33. Kaycee, love that youtube comment. So right!

    Poof: Awwww … I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Hope your daughter finds her cat.

    Bebe: love this commentà “Your hair: You should have your hair just like it in The Other Side Of Down picture. You looked like a big ladykiller, the girls said.” I love his hair like that too. ♥ Couldn’t agree more!!

    Dja: LOLOL love your indecisiveness! Haha Nice! & thanks for the Billboard interview vid! (you’ve been a busy bee)


  53. bebereader said

    Comment#44 Anyone for a game of checkers?

    Poof#50 Don’t give up hope for the cat to come home.
    Sending lots of positive energy and prayers.

    I’m off to chat…


  54. djafan said

    MT & Ray lol It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

    DavidArchie Why does this put a smile on face?

    Had to come back to Bonnaroo fest again today. Watching Mumford and Sons perform now.

    More David Bonnaroo tweets.


    Mumford & Sons is trending and the top tweet is about David archuleta! ❤


    David Archuleta’s at Bonnaroo this weekend. He’s getting ready to check out Mumford & Sons.


    @DavidArchie Stop by and say hi!


    VIDEO: Billboard interviews David Archuleta at Bonnaroo. (He’s on an indie binge!)

    I may be in the minority but can’t get into the mum and sons, not at all.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  55. djafan said

    Backstage?? He’s the man 🙂


    @DavidArchuleta sighting backstage at Mumford and Sons #Bonnaroo


  56. emmegirl said

    Busy week, speed reading all the great comments.

    dja, he IS the man. 🙂

    Tons of tweets about him, can we please get a pic!!!!!!!!!!!


  57. betsy said

    He looks drenched! Wonder if he jumped into the hippie fountain, lol.


  58. Abrra said

    A MUST read!

    From Pattirae’s journal page:

    But now I also have to share with you my special “Angel” day yesterday. Do you ever have special moments when someone comes into your life and you soon realize that it was meant to be—–that it was orchestrated by Heaven above and that your life would change forever because of this special person? That is what happened to me yesterday. I first met Sharon (Bluesky) last summer when I rode with her to a David Archuleta concert at BYU Idaho in Rexburg along with some other David friends. We had a blast talking all the way up and all the way back getting to know one another better. I had seen her at some of David’s book signings but this trip to Idaho was my chance to get to know her. She soon became one of my favorites to read her clever unique comments on David’s fan site, The Voice. Well, she emailed me last week and asked if she (and her son Joey) could come visit me. I knew she lived about an hour away and was amazed that she would want to drive that far to see me, someone she hardly knows. But I was excited about it, also a little curious, and we made plans for yesterday afternoon. I was a little late getting home, but Delos let them in and I soon joined them. Little did I know what was about to happen to me. Sharon is a gifted poet and I soon became the recipient of her special talent. She began to read and sometimes sing some of the pieces she had written—one was written before her father passed away, entitled, “I Can Go the Distance,” another was called “Walk With Me” and another, “Whippoorwills Don’t Cry,” etc. Sometimes her son Joey (early twenty’s) who by the way was completely adorable (dimples, no less) charming, and very loving, played at the piano and sang some of her poems. Then he played an original song he wrote, which was clever and fun about “Being in Like” with someone. He also played the guitar and sang. (He is in a band called Argyle.) I guess I could go on and on but suffice it to say that I went through a whole box of kleenex while they were here. Oh, a real tearjerker was the song “Waiting On An Angel.” I can’t even find the words to describe what this experience meant to me. Who gives love like this? Who cares about another person like this? Who shares their God given talents like this? So personally? Sharon is an Angel sent to me from Heaven above and as I sit here bawling, I know I will forever remember these few minutes in my life where I experienced Christlike love in its truest form.

    more :



  59. Marylee said

    Oh my goodness, Pattirae’s journal entry is just beautiful. Sharon truly does seem like an angel. It warms my heart to hear of people in this world who are so giving of themselves, making such a profound difference in the life of someone else. I’d like Patti to know how much I appreciate her sharing her story with us. It was the last thing I saw before going to bed tonight so I will include you in my prayers tonight, Patti, and each night to follow. ♥


  60. Marylee said

    P.S. thanks Abrra for sharing Patti’s ‘caringbridge link’…


  61. desertrat said

    thanks for post #58!! i had been wondering how she was doing and i’m happy to know that she’s able to post to her journal. that was a delightful story.

    djafan #54, i’m in the minority with you, i’m just not feeling mum & sons either.


  62. Annie 318 said

    djafan ~ I just want to let you know that last batch of screencaps is now my wallpaper on my phone. I just love it! It actually reminds me of old fashioned wallpaper except instead of flowers it’s all beautiful little Davids! Thanks so much!


  63. betsy said

    #58 – Abrra thanks so much for bringing that here. What a beautiful thing to read first thing in the morning.
    What kindness and grace. And what a thing to pass along to your son. ♥


  64. skydancer1x said

    #58. Abrra, Pattirae’s journal entry was such a wonderful story. ♥
    an living angel indeed.
    It strikes me ,that David’s fandom includes some of the most giving ,caring people I have ever “met”.
    Bluesky,beyond your talent, you obviously have a beautiful heart.♥♥♥ as does your son!

    ok, Dja, need to check out Mumford and Sons this morning,can’t remember if I have heard them before.
    By the way,the many faces of David!! all good and 45. he’s wearing that special grin I love. The man just makes me Cra-zy! stop it David!


  65. bluesky said


    Dear Friends

    Erm…. (Dear Abrra I am pretty much embarrassed) Patti has it all backwards. (Bless her ENORMOUSLY loving heart!) She has no idea of the gift she gave to me by letting us come, someone she barely knew (and son). But enough of all that. There is plenty of love to go around. (The Center of it all being: That Being Most Kind Who Lets Us All Be Down Here Together.)

    I just wanted to let you know that I did not write a song called: “I can go the distance”. That was Disney ^_^. We gave Patti copies of the songs/poems we shared with her. Three of them were mine, the rest were printed out with the authors names on them. “I can go..” was just a song Joey and I were playing around with while we were waiting for Patti to come home. It wasn’t one we performed for her. Joey couldn’t remember the words so we printed them out on her computer and that paper ended up getting mixed up with the rest of the papers. *_*

    But whatever she says about Joey is absolutely on the mark. Charming, adorable, talented, charming, dimples, sweetest voice (okay! I am his mom!) charming, etc. Did I say he was charming?

    Okay. I am going to go sit in a corner now.

    (Fortunately my son inherited NONE of my shyness. You can listen to his song “I think I’m In Like” on Argyles ((Argyleband)) facebook page under ‘band profile’.)


  66. bluesky said

    Also… it is people like Patti that give so much to the rest of us just by sharing their courageous example, love and faith. Thank you for letting me be a part of the Voice.


  67. Heidijoy said

    #58 Abrra, Thanks for bringing Pattirae’s journal entry here. Bluesky,What a beautiful expression of love that you and your son gave to Patti…………..and us.

    The Voice not only celebrates David but a wonderful gathering of beautiful souls who nourish each other.
    Patti through her beautiful spirit has drawn many of us to her not only before her illness but through her children and herself since she became ill.


  68. Abrra said

    What Pattirae gives to us through her journal writings, is priceless. She showed us what the human spirit is all about. If you read it faithfully, you saw that whatever she was going though, she never lost sight of the end goal. A return to full health is in sight. What makes it all the more poignant is that she is the same age as many of us here. The ‘what if’s” are something I know ran across my mind more than once. She bared her soul to show us that adversity can be just a stepping stone along the path of life.

    #65 Bluesky, you surely realize now that some special connection happened in that car ride to BYU? Why else would you have picked up and drove all that way to see Pattirae? Something clicked in you that made your heart spill open with love for her at a time when she needed compassion and friendship. What ever which way the songs came to her, you brought the music to her and made her happy.

    Own it, woman!! Be embarrassed all you want, but OWN the good deed you did for a friend. 🙂



  69. emmegirl said

    Abrra, thanks for bringing Pattirae’s writing. Have been following her journal…she is amazingly courageous and inspirational, and as you so beautifully said, “she bared her soul to show us that adversity can be just a stepping stone along the path of life.”

    bluesky, what a testament to true human kindness and compassion and love by you and your talented, charming 🙂 son Joey.

    Abs, preach it girl.

    Emifriend, just wanted to wave and say how much you have been missed. So nice to see your smiling face.


  70. MT said

    Abrra, thanks for bringing Pattirae’s heartwarming story here. There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t already been said about someone who so unselfishly does something so beautiful for someone in need. ♥ Will continute to pray for Pattirea.

    Bluesky, they say that, in giving, both the giver and the reciever are blessed. It was a wonderful thing that you did.


  71. Angelica said

    I just had to come out of lurkdom to say how moved I was to read Pattirae’s journal entry. What a beautiful thing you and your son did, Bluesky! What a remarkable gift you gave of yourselves and how courageous Patti has been throughout this entire ordeal. The quote from David that Djafan posted a few days ago is so fitting. “For me, the best songs are about getting through challenges: your basic ‘triumph of the human spirit’ type of stuff…”

    Bluesky’s poem, one of those she read and gave to Pattirae and sent to me several months ago.

    Whippoorwills don’t cry

    Papa told me long ago that Whippoorwills don’t cry
    They simply raise their heads and sing
    Trouble has two faces, child and one of them’s a lie
    Then simply raise your head and sing

    Walk – and I walk with you
    Stand – as I stood before
    Do – what you came to do
    And light the path, cause it was lit for you

    There’s a gift I opened lying on my bed of tears
    It seemed to speak to me and sing
    Tales of life and love and trials, and of some who feared
    And some who raised their heads to sing

    Walk – and we walk beside you
    Stand – as we stood before
    Do – what you came to do
    And light the path, cause it was lit for you.

    Joey Plaskett’s facebook page for his band the Argyles. 🙂


  72. bluesky said

    Since Angelica posted my song “Whippoorwills Don’t Cry” I will tell you the story behind it.

    This last February I was “laboring under a delusion”. (That was to make you smile! ^_^) The delusion was that I am blessed with patience. Not. It had been since Sept and the operation that I had been able to do much of anything. So… in my fatigue I was trying to get to the place where I could so two things: both admit the burden and quit trying to carry it by myself. I decided that I probably was not really alone and must have many “angels” around me. Not only those I attribute to the God of my faith, but also family and others gone before. I keep a set of scriptures on my bed by my pillow. I have a picture of my mothers parents in my room as well.

    My kids know that although I do not dream often, when I do dream it is usually in color with music. I can wake up with music going in my head left over from a dream. So this particular morning I woke up with this tune. When this happens I ask myself, “What are the words that go with this music?” That morning myself answered back, “Whippoorwills Don’t Cry”. I said, okay. (Music is probably the only time I do not argue with myself. *_* I just realized that!)

    So I decided I needed to learn something about Whippoorwills since we do not have them around here. I just knew that they were associated with “passing” and sometimes melancholy. I loved what I learned about them.

    Then I thought about my grampa and how much he loved music. I thought about my gramma and how one of her sayings was “There is no such thing as a tragedy”. My Mom called her Dad “Pappa”. And that was the genesis of the song. Family, others who have lived and loved and blessed our lives, angels from above, all are there to help me if I let them.

    I hope you like the lyrics. I am not a good singer so I cannot sing it to you. But know that I really appreciate all of you here and your joy, laughter, tears and celebrations are like fresh flowers gifted to me each day. Patti really touched me (during the trip to Idaho) with her love of life and the sweet way she has about her. It was truly my privilege to be with her last Friday. And it was Joeys, Mothers Day Gift to me to come along.

    Sharon Plaskett


  73. bluesky said

    *_* So many spelling and typo errors….

    Oh well. ^_^


  74. bluesky said

    Seemed like good place to put this!!!


  75. skydancer1x said

    beautiful poem Angelica, checked out the argyleband too, Good!
    and Bluesky. your son sounds so wonderful.
    Charming, adorable, talented, charming, dimples, sweetest voice (okay! I am his mom!) charming, etc. Did I say he was charming?…..

    hmmmm I have a 23 year old daughter who is sweet, shy, charming,petite brown hair,green eyes, dimples and looooves music.. haha!
    “can we tauwk?” (she does have an evil cat, but don’t think about that)

    I failed to mention it, but Bebe, it took me at least 3 times watching Davids vlog, before I could concentrate on what he said. I mean it.
    I kept getting lost in those eyes of his. Think maybe I can back up a little would help if I was more than an inch away from his face while watching…yeah, I will try that. ……….NOT :))


  76. skydancer1x said

    correction Bluesky…petite, and has brown hair
    not ‘petite brown hair.’ hehe


  77. Angelica said


    Thanks, but the poem is all Bluesky’s. Just want to make that clear. 🙂 I have an evil cat too. I believe you’ve met her? 8)


  78. emmegirl said

    Another reeeally good headtotoe GGTT video from duchessconlon.
    The stance, in its varied forms, is alive and well. Just to mention a few – :26-:34, :50 w/elephant walk, again 1:10, nice headwhip at 1:16, the funky arm 2:10 and the spin before intro-ing the band, 1:50 the urgency “when will I get the chance to say I love you..pretend that you’re already mine…”, aaack the stutter steps 5:46-5:49 and everything after that……….(and everything before.) I refuse to even get into the music pulsing through his fingertips.


  79. emmegirl said

    bluesky, your poem is beautifully poignant. You most certainly have a gift.
    I love that you dream in color with music, and this “…all are there to help me if I let them.”


  80. bebereader said

    Abrra, Bluesky, Joey, Pattirae~What a beautiful gift you’ve shared here with us. I always knew David’s fanbase was special, more than other fanbases. There’s magic that is transmitted between us and I think it stems from the love we have for David who unknowingly has gathered us together, perhaps to spread his love for mankind.

    Bluesky, We are blessed to have crossed paths with you on this journey, most of us through cyberspace and others in 3D. Please tell Joey that I enjoyed listening to the light, uplifting music on his band’s facebook page and favorited it to enjoy more as they’re added!


    Here’s another inspiring video using David’s quotes and pictures from his trip to India.

    credit MegaAnjali18


  81. skydancer1x said

    hahahaha emme!
    love the funky arm at 2:10♥ yeahhh, “and everything after that……….(and everything before.)”

    angelica….do I remember her? eeek! visions of that cat will remain with me forever!


  82. skydancer1x said

    thank you, Bebe. that was a wonderful video. David is wonderful.♥
    looooove that first picture at :10 mark! don’t think I have ever seen that one.


  83. bluesky said

    Skydancer1x …. Ah! Arranged dates/marriages.. those were the days! What fun we could all have! In fact…. there would be a mad dash to line cuties up for a certain Mr. DA.


    Thank you. <3<3<3


  84. bebereader said


    I had never seen that pic either but it looks like it’s part of a series, maybe from a photoshoot related to American Idol, idk but he sure is glowing, 🙂


  85. bebereader said

    MJ’s blog put up a list of American Idol Alum Booking Fees

    “Want to book an American Idol alum for a gig? A list of booking fees that include some Idols can be found via Degy Booking International.

    Not surprisingly, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are at the top of the heap. If the figures are correct, Clay Aiken is still commanding a decent fee.

    We Are The Fallen (Carly Smithson) $5-10k
    Blake Lewis $10k+
    Lee DeWyze $15-25k
    Crystal Bowersox $15-25k
    Danny Gokey $30k+
    David Archuleta $30-40k
    David Cook $30-50k
    Adam Lambert $40-50k+
    Kellie Pickler $50-60k
    Fantasia $50-75k
    Clay Aiken $85-100k+
    Jennifer Hudson $100k+
    Daughtry $200-300k+
    Kelly Clarkson $350-500k+
    Carrie Underwood $350-500k+

    Thanks to Ozarka for compiling these. Keep in mind I haven’t confirmed these figures with a second source–there could be some wrong or out-of-date info on the list.”


  86. djafan said

    Pattirae, I met you but for a moment in time and was touched by your light. You are one of those people that leave their mark on your being. The way you’ve handled the adversity in your life is admirable and touching.

    Bluesky, I’ve never met you but you’re light shines through my screen with your poetic way with words painting brilliant pictures. I’d love to hear the music to “Whippoorwills Don’t Cry”,. I went to Facebook, listened and truly enjoyed what I heard, let your son know 🙂 it’s good.

    Thank you both for sharing your story with us via Abrra and Angelica.

    Emmegirl, thank you for bringing that over. “I refuse to even get into the music pulsing through his fingertips.”

    Okay for the time being because it needs to be discussed. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Sky, lol “I kept getting lost in those eyes of his. Think maybe I can back up a little would help if I was more than an inch away from his face while watching…yeah, I will try that. ……….NOT 🙂 ) ”

    Making all those screen caps with my face inches from the screen using the mouse like a trigger to pause at every change of expression was hypnotic to say the least lol

    A couple of tweets!


    @IdolWatchNews: Top Idol songs viewed on Youtube
    Jordin Sparks ‘No Air’-62.8Mil David Archuleta ‘Crush’-27.5Mil Carrie Underwood ‘Before He Cheats-24.7Mil

    Jimmy Kimmel invite him on your show already!


    @DavidArchie Jimmy Kimmel mentioned you tonight on his show. Compared Mavs-Heat series to Cook-Archuleta with how close it’s been…

    MTV has ALTNOY as Best Of 2009 | Music | Making A Difference


  87. bebereader said

    David arriving in Myrtle Beach!
    Check out that swagger!

    Crush! Great view!

    credit reiko11394


  88. emmegirl said

    dja, thanks for the Best Of 2009, love that. I forgot what a beautiful video that is, he looks gorgeous and his voice, gads! (love the pic.)

    bebe, thanks for the 9 sec of swagger. And that Crush, it’s close enough to be one of his vlogs. 🙂


  89. Tawna21 said

    {{bluesky}}–when I met you in Idaho I knew I liked you. You are a really special person, and that was evident to me then.

    I love the Whipporwill poem. Thanks Angelica for posting it and the link to Joey’s fb page. They make some nice music together.

    Bluesky you have a son that a mama would be proud to call her own. =)



  90. Abrra said

    #87 Bebe
    Love the lighting in the Crush video for screen caps 🙂

    Here is Blackbird by the same person. Its a nice view as well. His expressions are easier to see from the side view.

    credit reiko11394



  91. djafan said

    David confirms concert in Malaysia July 26th!


  92. bebereader said

    by Sony Music Malaysia on Monday, June 13, 2011 at 5:23am

    KUALA LUMPUR, 13 JUNE 2011 – The numerous requests from fans on Sony Music Malaysia’s Facebook page to bring

    David Archuleta back to Malaysia have finally been answered! He will be back in Kuala Lumpur for a full concert, organized by Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia, on Tuesday, 26th of July 2011, 8pm at Stadium Negara!

    Ticket pricing is at RM300 for VIP, RM230 and RM190 for numbered seating, and RM150 and RM90 for free seating (All prices shown excludes RM3 ticket handling fees). The concert ticket will go on sale 20th of June onwards. Tickets are made available through Ticket Charge ( and AirAsia RedTix outlets (

    The Managing Director of Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia, Adrian Lim mentioned that, “This will be David’s first ever concert in Malaysia and is also the first time that Sony Music as the music label is doubling up as the organizer for the concert… being in both of these roles gives us more flexibility in giving the fans more accessibility to him. We will have more activities than just a normal concert”.

    The 20-year old Utah native’s self-titled 2008 debut album contained hit songs like “Crush”, “A Little Too Not Over You”, and “Touch My Hand”, were on the Top 10 charts across all major radio stations. His follow-up album, “The Other Side of Down” which was released last October, also generated hit singles like “Something Bout Love” and “Elevator”. Both singles were also on our local Top 10 radio charts. David is undeniably successful in Malaysia, with a combined album sales of 19,000 units sold, reaching the Platinum status.

    David’s last visit here in April 2009 had an overwhelming response, as there were more than 5,000 fans who showed up for his showcase in Sunway. His exceptional vocal talent and charismatic boy-next-door charm has captured the hearts of many Malaysian fans, regardless of their age group.

    Stay tuned for more updates on the Ticket Launching event happening this Sunday, 19th June from 3-6pm at Berjaya Times Square. More details will be announced soon, so make sure you log on to for the latest updates!


  93. kaycee said

    Beautiful story, Pattirae…beautiful song, Bluesky. Our amazing David attract amazing people.

    And Sky, It appears that we have twin daughters from different mothers!…”I have a 23 year old daughter who is sweet, shy, charming, petite, brown hair, green eyes, dimples and looooves music. haha!” That is my daughter exactly, except for the dimples and the evil cat!

    Emmegirl, loved the play by play and original “move terminology” in #78!

    Woohoo for Malaysia!


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