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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Subtle Changes ~ David Archuleta at Myrtle Beach

Posted by djafan on Monday, May 30, 2011

Recap by SB, SF, and Hooked

We arrived in Myrtle Beach with excitement and anticipation which quickly turned into cultural shock when we encountered thousands of motorcycles which had overtaken the streets of Myrtle Beach. But, that is a story of its own.

Our anticipation turned to fear and anxiety when we saw David’s tweets from LA while we were in Myrtle Beach. Why isn’t he coming? We decided to be positive as we knew David would eventually be here. We braved the motorcycle traffic to scope out the venue which made our anticipation even greater. We couldn’t quite believe that we would finally be seeing David on this very stage.

We woke up the day of the concert by his tweet telling us he is here. Knowing David’s fans quite well we decided to go to the venue and mark our spot. David’s fans were already there eight hours before showtime. After watching The Band do their sound check without David we decided to leave our chairs and get out of the heat for a while. We heard that he was visiting a hospital during this time.

When we came back the other performers had ended their sets and people started chanting…David,  David, David. The Band came on first encouraging our chants until he finally ran up the steps and onto the stage.

He started with “Stomping the Roses” and from the first few notes we could soon hear he is slowly evolving with the most subtle of changes. His hair was blowing in the breeze. He remarked that it was the first time that he had performed so close to the ocean. It was so warm that after a few songs the humidity made his hair glisten with moisture and at one point he did a head whip that caused a spray of perspiration. He never stopped smiling from the moment he hit the stage until he suddenly left it.

It was brilliant the way he incorporated the band introduction into his performance of “Gotta Get Through This.” He allowed each band member to be in the spotlight. He looked as awed by their performances as the audience was of him. He also showed the audience just how proud he is to have a band of such caliber and talent.

It is the emotion and passion that highlights each of his own songs. The covers he did were nothing short of brilliant, totally leaving us in awe. His choice to sing “Rule the World” was he said, an appropriate song given the sign of the times and his rendition was fantastic. “Blackbird” showed us another dimension of his vocal genius. He raised the bar yet again.

His voice was clear and precisely where it needed to be and growly where he wanted it to be. His voice is deeper, stronger and richer than ever, even though he did not feel the need to drink from the familiar water bottle. It seemed all too soon that he was singing his last song. After he sang his encore “Crush” it was suddenly over.

As we were leaving we noticed the limo on the street behind the stage and a large group of fans waiting for him. David and his band were in a tent being treated to an array of food before he emerged smiling to sign autographs. While waiting for David, we spoke at length with the band members and showed our appreciation for the fabulous concert.

Like days of old, he went down the line, signed autographs and high-fived everyone as he ran back. Then David and The Band were whisked away in  a white stretch limo. It was very impressive and gratifying to see David treated like a star by the organizers and the Myrtle Beach fans as he stepped into his new musical era.

Last night his fans let him know that he does not have to ever worry about just being a memory or nothing at all because after last night, he will always be in that good place.  ♥

SB, SF and Hooked

113 Responses to “Subtle Changes ~ David Archuleta at Myrtle Beach”

  1. Abrra said

    Thanks ladies for sharing your experience with us. You will have an embarrassment of riches (videos)to come home to. Stop by Abrra’s Candy jar on the way in to collect your David song memories.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I am off to work for the day. I’ll check in later.

    Have a safe trip back.



  2. skydancer1x said

    Sb,SF,and Hooked…your recap warms my heart♥ ♥ ♥
    So glad you were there to experience and share with us.
    Subtle changes….doing it his way..I love it.
    “While waiting for David, we spoke at length with the band members and showed our appreciation for the fabulous concert.”

    They did such a fabulous job for and with David on that stage, so it makes me happy to know they came out to see you guys and ‘experienced’ such a warm welcome from D’s fans…:))
    and this, concerning David♥
    “Last night his fans let him know that he does not have to ever worry about just being a memory or nothing at all because after last night, he will always be in that good place. ♥”

    He looked relaxed, happy, and at home on that stage..

    Abrra, thank you for making my day with that !screamcap! of the most beautiful man on the planet.♥


  3. archiesfan4life said

    Thank you SB, SF and Hooked for the review of your amazing day! I also loved how David introduced his band – you could see the pride on his face. He should did a spectacular job of putting the kind of band together that he so deserves!

    I am so happy you got to witness this epic concert – David is providing us with such precious memories.

    Now back to watching the vids – my heartfelt thanks to all who provided them for us!!!!! I can’t stop watching them!

    Hugs, AF4L


  4. emmegirl said

    Thanks for the recap. Sounds like you all had an amazing time. This is one you guys will always remember, the ushering in of “the rest of his life.”

    First things first, watching EWTRTW and Blackbird. What a beautiful day.


  5. MT said

    I just wanted to pop in to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day and to say a special THANK YOU to everyone involved in helping us to have a wonderful “David Experience” this weekend.

    To the generous fans who worked to get us the Ustream (a special thanks to Trish0400 for holding her arm up through the whole concert for us!) and those who took videos and pics, uploading them as fast as possible because they knew all the fans were waiting, to those who sent tweets and e-mails, keeping us updated, to the Admins here and at the various sites who worked so hard (and do it every day) to get them up so quickly, to the wonderful commenters who shared the excitement, you are all gems ♥ Thank you so much!

    For someone like me who has never been to a live concert, you can’t imagine how much I appreciate all that you guys do. ♥

    SB, SF and Hooked, thank you for sharing and giving us a taste of what it was like to be there. I’m glad you guys had such a great time.

    And to David, you were wonderful. Just keep doing what you do. We love it!


  6. Tawna21 said

    Thank you SB,SF and Hooked for your recap of a wonderful time together with David and his music. It is so fun to live the events, that we can’t attend, through the words that you attendees give to us.

    Yes, the changes are subtle, but definitely there. If we hadn’t heard these songs so many times before(on repeat,repeat,repeat), we wouldn’t recognize the change-ups in the beat and style. It is great to see David moving in HIS direction, not being squelched by a record label that doesn’t get him or a contract. We are now in the process of re-learning who David Archuleta is and wants to become. “The times, they are a changin'” and we are in for more beautiful happenings that we can imagine. Bring it on! We are sooo ready!

    Have a Happy Memorial Day!! God bless our veterans and soldiers (it’s cold and rainy here in Utah 😦 but I have to work, so it’s not raining on my parade or camping trip)



  7. Angelica said



  8. Tawna21 said

    I forgot!! Angelica–the top photo is gorgeous!! Very, very heart warming. I know, I know, it’s hard to do wrong with the subject matter, but it really is a very good photo.



  9. Gayle122890 said

    Watching videos (again) looking for that head whip. Tee hee.

    Thaks for everything, ladies!


  10. River said

    Loved this recap as it fills in spaces for those who were watching it stream at home. I love his direction now. More funk, more jazzy, heartfelt as always and vocally brilliant. The band is absolutely perfect in every way. Now if only I could get to see them live, but it sounds like he’s trying to get something domestic together late in the year. Fingers crossed.


  11. Heidijoy said

    Thank You SB,SF and Hooked for the recap. Thanks Angelica for the pictures. So nice to have a concert to celebrate. David looked so happy and looks to being enjoying his artistic freedom.
    I’m reminded of Shop Around and Works for Me/Reno etc.
    Happy Memorial Day!


  12. Marylee said

    Thanks so much for the great recap & the picture from the interview is one of his best…so handsome. I was one of the blessed fans who was there to see him perform LIVE for the first time with his new band. It was absolutely a magnificent wonderful to see David so relaxed and looking so rested. It’s a night I’ll never forget. I tried my best to meet all those who I had never met before but I think I fell short. Hope to do better next time & I hope that next time is SOON! 🙂


  13. Angelica said

    New photos linked on twitter by emily4archie. Go here for moooaarr!!



  14. bebereader said

    SB, SF and Hooked,

    Thank you for bringing MB to us in your recap. Since David hasn’t been onstage performing in so long, this show was like a comeback of sorts. How gratifying it was to hear him sing songs from TOSOD again.

    I’m curious how many people were there because it sounded like a huge crowd. Either that or a smaller crowd with huge voices! LOL

    He wears this new phase well; his voice never sounded better. The falsettos in TMH, ALTNOY and Elevator seemed effortless! It was evident that David is in full charge of the band, giving them the look signifying the end of the song is near. And they didn’t start playing the song until The Boss was ready.

    All of the old songs have new vibes and the new songs sound fresh! This band is a perfect match.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hope you have a safe trip home!


  15. Angelica said

    I know I’m spamming but my afternoon nap is calling and I want to get this in before. Just want to say how grateful I am to all those who have fought and died to protect our freedoms and who still continue to do so every single day. I just watched my favorite movie, 12 O’Clock High. I know it’s a strange movie to be a favorite of a woman. I served 7 years in the army as a nurse and did two tours of duty overseas. These guys (and gals) will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you.

    I also want to give a big thank you to SB, SF and Hooked for a great recap. They are without computer and wrote it on spare scraps of paper, then texted the entire article by phone. It never ceases to amaze me, the selfless acts of David’s fans who take on the burden of cellcasts, filming and uploading video and pics, and writing it down for all of us at home. You are heroes in my book too.

    “He started with “Stomping the Roses” and from the first few notes we could soon hear he is slowly evolving with the most subtle of changes. His hair was blowing in the breeze. He remarked that it was the first time that he had performed so close to the ocean. It was so warm that after a few songs the humidity made his hair glisten with moisture and at one point he did a head whip that caused a spray of perspiration. He never stopped smiling from the moment he hit the stage until he suddenly left it.”

    You took me there. And you didn’t have to do it. Thank you again to all three of you. Safe travels home.


  16. bebereader said

    Rave review from Associated Content from Yahoo!!
    by Pamela Pike

    David’s music in its constantly evolving urgency and complexity invites even the casual listener to become obsessive. To listen to his live performances is to give in to the urge to compare them and parse their difference. His superlative stage presence appeals to all listeners. His audience leans close to listen for each distinctive qualities of his performance which is a rewarding experience.

    He gave a rousing performance at Myrtle Beach Saturday night, one which allowed him to assume complete control of the assembled crowd as he moved across the stage. There was a certain amount of professionalism to the way in which he carried himself and the energy he brought to the performance was remarkable. It’s refreshing to watch how he ultimately pulled everything together to increase the intensity of his set even further.

    He seemed to find new methods of interpreting songs, altering either the pace or his phrasing which lace his songs with a raw emotional edge. Is he seeking to further his crossover potential and expand his audience? He delivers the goods every single performance with potent emotional expressions. And when David sings a line, for that moment anyway, you know that he means it with every ounce of sweat coming off his brow.

    David is just one of the most fantastic, natural sounding singers. He doesn’t try to articulate like anybody else, he is himself. He can slowdown and elaborate a piece, morphing it to a dramatic performance, and then David can stomp on the accelerator and rip through it like a locomotive.

    David is backed by a band that is as tight as a well oiled machine. These guys play it like they mean it.

    It was a memorable night; it was just the joy of music, the joy of rhythm, the joy of energy. It was the joy of David Archuleta.


  17. SandyBeaches said

    A special thank you to SF and Hooked for composing the article once we got rolling!!!

    The best I could do was type and add my 2 cents occasionally!!

    We started writing on the beach then moved on to a restaurant and finished it back at the hotel…by midnight the words were finally flowing into being a story.

    Angelica, I adore the pictures with writings. The lead picture will be a favorite of mine.

    So there is immense happiness for David, sadness a little in not knowing when he wilm have a full concert and dismay at the posters elsewhere who choose to criticize the most wonderful singer I have ever known.

    I am so pleased to be a part of this site.

    Waiting for my next plane!!



  18. djafan said

    SB, SF, and Hooked,

    Thank you for taking us there and getting a glimpse of what it was to be there. The videos show that David is definitely in a good place but we all know that David live is an all senses experience and it helps that so many fans are so willing to share with us through video, tweets, recaps and lovely pictures.

    It’s also great to hear that there was a huge crowd, some estimates are 3,000 plus, it sure sounded like it. And the fact that he received such a positive reception from the crowd and the deserved treatment from the organizers makes me squeee! David deserves the best.

    David tweeted to remind us that today is a day to give thanks to those that sacrifice so much for others, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice so that we may benefit. Angelica, thank you for your service and to all who have served. Jenny from FOD made a tribute video in remembrance of today with David’s glorious voice.


  19. Abrra said

    Nice 15 min video of MB. I hope she will upload more like this. Love the banter.


    I had a funny moment on the way home today. A large white convertible was in front of me on the road. The car was a classic and caught my eye right away. Then on close inspection, I see this HUGE white poodle (look close and you can see his collar amid the white blur) in the front passenger seat ! A very all American scene, man and his car and dog, out for a joyride. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I want to echo your comment and recognize all those who have fought and died for our freedoms here in the USA. I have a soft spot in my heart for armed forces who give up so much, so that we can have peace of mind.

    While I am at it, thank you as well for your service to our country.

    Emmiegirl, Did you see the link near the end of the last thread for that mp3 you requested?



  20. djafan said

    Steven the drummer posted pictures on his facebook of MB.

    More pictures from Tina on flicker.



  21. Abrra said

    Not sure if this was posted in the last thread. It goes with Crazy 🙂




  22. emmegirl said

    SB, safe trip home. Thanks again to you all for the wonderful recap of an amazing concert.

    Love Pamela Pike’s article. “It was the joy of David Archuleta.”

    Abrra, got it – muchos gracias.

    (wonder if he went to Nashville from MB)


  23. Angelica said

    Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day! Gonna put some steaks on the barbie soon. 😛 Loved the video by Jenny from FOD, Dja, thanks for posting that here.

    Had some unused screencaps lying around. I hate waste. Don’t you?



  24. emmegirl said

    Emily was a busy girl. Those pics.
    Thanks for borrowing them Angelica *sigh*


  25. jan said

    Thanks to all of you for your dedication of getting David to us. It is so appreciated. You guys are awesome!!!!! So thankful for all of you that knows how to get it all done.
    And thanks, Angelica for your yrs spent in the service as a nurse. It’s people like you that make our nation great. Give all the armed forces a big hand! We love you!


  26. Fe said

    This is just allll so wonderful and so appreciated. I have so much emotion and excitement regarding David’s future that I can barely sit!


  27. SandyBeaches said

    Fe and everyone who is equally excited for David. He has decided upon his style and probably really knew it a few years ago, but he has it and is sure of himself and we are going to continue to love it immensley…He will be different in his own ways but before long he is going to be one of the greats and that is my prediction. He really did have to find his personal style and he did it!!



  28. djafan said

    Myrtle Beach The Sun News has some pictures of David up!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  29. Tawna21 said

    Angelica~ thank you for your service to our country.♥♥ **spoken with high regard and reverence** I have had many family members, including my husband, serve in the military and I have such amazing respect for them and all of you who have given so selflessly to protect what we have. Thank you again. *palm to heart*



  30. bebereader said

    A taste of Tina’s pics from comment #20

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    8th row center put her videos up!

    Here: Blackbird and SBL

    Sound is crystal clear!


  31. betsy said

    Ladies, thanks for the lovely recap. I could almost feel the sun and hear the voice.
    48 hours later, and I cannot stop listening to EMTRTW. Or Blackbird.
    While I was at work all night, I had these in my head. Pretty sure they are entwined with my dna now. 🙂
    #23 Angelica Please save me from the top left picture.
    #28 Dja. *those eyes* Oh my.
    Hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day.


  32. bebereader said

    8th row centers’s Complain

    Here’s a comment on Just Jared site about the Myrtle Beach show:

    “I WAS THERE!!! No words can describe how amazing he was…..!! Everyone loved him old, young, teens, biker dudes..that is the power of the Archuleta!!!!!”


  33. djafan said

    oh wow!


    @davidarchie we tried to reserve vip tickets to your manila concert but were informed that they’re already soldout.
    4 minutes ago


    It’s killing my heart to know that ALL the VIP tickets were already sold out </3


  34. betsy said

    #33 dja. Oh no. Sold out is good, but also so sad. That tweet is killing my heart now.


  35. Yes, VIP tix are so old so anyone interested better get the patron seats — and fast!


  36. That should be sold out… i should rest, LOL

    Will come back tonight to read the article. Gotta go 🙂


  37. Silverfox said

    Good morning!

    My flight landed about 10pm last night. Only the plane touched the ground cuz I’m STILL flying high and have not yet come down from the experience of seeing David on stage again!

    Trying to get on paper the experience of seeing David’s growth, the vocal brilliance and the subtle changes which were so evident, is both easy and very difficult at the same time. Easy because there’s so much to say and express. Difficult because once the words start to flow, the realization that even with all the videos which show some of what is conveyed in a recap, in reality…YOU JUST HAD TO BE THERE!

    We love David. We admire David. We want the best for him as we do for all those we care about. We are grateful to David for the happiness he brings to our lives. We are inspired by his kind, generous & compassionate spirit. We are spellbound by the beautiful man he is, inside & out. We are amazed by David’s immense talent.

    But at the end of the day, David can’t seem to please everyone all of the time. He is not a PERFECT human being (although he comes darn close) and he would be the first to admit to any faults he may have (I guess he has some?). A few fans, whether they have ever seen David perform live or not, could not see the subtle changes and growth WE saw in MB. OK then, Duh..David is using his head, going slow in introducing his new direction to his fans, one subtle step at a time while still being the David we have come to love on stage. David knows he has fans, especially young fans, who still want to hear his own songs, who still want to see David The POP SINGER on stage. He is going towards a more mature sound which was obvious with his choice of including Gotta Get Through This and especially Everybody Wants To Rule The World & Blackbird in his repertoire. He knows this transition should be slow & subtle
    but it is there. He will do the same thing in Asia, I think. His Asian fans want to see the David they are familiar with, while introducing hints of where he is headed musically.

    Seems this is David’s cross to bare as it is with all those who are immensely talented…higher, unreasonable expectations from those who will never be satisfied anyway. And of course, this is a free country & so they are entitled to their opinions. Even if they are so wrong. 😉

    As for my sis Hooked, my very good friend Sandy Beaches and myself, David was exactly, no..he exceeded our expectations in MB. Not even the 300,000 bikers could put a damper on our experience. He was quite simply, Perfection.


  38. ray said

    silverfox,love your post here, it worrys me that a new fan may come across some fan sites and see fans picking apart thoes around david , and david himself,how dare he show his apperation for his fans and werare those t shirts fans have given him ,at a beach concert noless.letsa not forget what brought us to david in the first place ( that voice)


  39. betsy said

    SF, SB and Hooked – thanks again for writing down your recap in what must have been a difficult way.
    His growth is so evident. So is his happiness in his musical freedom.
    I haven’t seen one word of negativity, so I guess that confuses me. But – that would be nothing new. 🙂
    Just so happy for you guys.


  40. Abrra said

    I agree with what you and SB said about subtle changes in David’s performances. Evolution is slow and always for the better in my book.

    I stopped eating “sour grapes” a while back.

    Abrra on her iPhone


  41. Silverfox said

    Betsy & everyone,

    I apologize for using The Voice as a forum to “voice” my own opinions about some not completely positive comments stated on another site. I realize I should have posted my response to those commenter’s on that site. 😦

    After MB and the introduction of THE BAND and hints of the musical direction David is going in, slowly but surely, The Voice is all about CELEBRATING the emergence of yet another new chapter in the life & career of David, The Voice. 😀


  42. Andrea Varon said

    hi everyone i just wanna share an interesting video that I found, the following one is about spanish version of sound of silence
    here is the video, hope you all like it

    I add I’d like (as always) david to sing this special song in this version!


  43. djafan said

    Hello Silverfox!!!

    I feel your joy, thank you so much for adding to the recap these words,

    “Only the plane touched the ground cuz I’m STILL flying high and have not yet come down from the experience of seeing David on stage again!”

    At the viewing party hearing Crazy and Crush at another level and now with MB the changes continue, they are remarkable!

    Ray, I hear you, some just can’t see the greatness because they’re looking through gray lenses. David says paint your world if it is gray and David paints my world full sunshine, rainbows, and stars. I know cheesy but who cares!

    JR, looking like an epic event in Manila!

    According to tweets there will be some more announcements of concert dates in Asia.


  44. djafan said

    This was posted by TV33south, the interviewers.

    Wow, this performance has held me hostage all weekend.


  45. djafan said

    According to twitter the VIP sold very fast, just 1 hour, it sold out.

    David tweets!


    Papaya is so good. Had some for breakfast.

    Three down 1 to go!




  46. Tawna21 said

    SF, your comments this morning are so welcome. Thank you for bringing to light, just a little more, the beauty of David’s transitions and how he is moving forward. Yes, it is a thing of beauty. I have quit reading any other forums, so I have not read any negative comments. I don’t have time for all of that, life is too short. I know where David is appreciated, and I just want to mingle with those who really care about him, his talent, and his spirit.♥♥

    Thanks to all here for being who you are and caring about The Voice at ‘TheVoice’.



  47. djafan said

    And David tweets again!


    Back in Nashville this week 1 minute ago via txt


  48. Heidijoy said

    SF,SB and Hooked. Any idea how many were @MB concert. Yea! David is in Nashville which usually means more music!!
    Still enjoying all the videos,pictures and recap of MB.

    Love the postive focus @ the Voice and love seeing David’s growth. Love the vibe of David with the new band.

    Love cheese DJ and thanks for the twitter updates!1


  49. Kizzi said

    SF!!!! Lucky you to have been there in person. Just watching the videos was such a treat. Having not seen David perform live since MoTab, I was struck yet again (yes, even through video) by his growth. The changes, imho, were dramatic.


    P.S. I stopped cruising most fan sites. Being a David fan is a time for joy and fun and friendship for me. I visit the sites where David is recognized as a person rather than a mirror one is trying to find one’s own image in by chipping away at David’s, if that even makes any sense. Love ya! Hope to see you again this year. 😀


  50. Silverfox said

    So I see it seems he could be in Nashville already, or is he on his way to Nashville as his tweet is not really clear? Looks like he’s going to do some writing and IMO, some recording in Nashville. He hints in the interview video he is hoping to take his time & do it right this time instead of being rushed & trying to meets other’s expectations. What does that mean? Taking his time? I think he’s keeping his options open. If things go as he hopes in Nashville, he may stay for an extended period. I hope so because unlike LA, the pace and atmosphere in Nashville is slower and ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC. It is the perfect place for David to write, musically, what’s on his mind and it seems there is a lot he wants to say. The covers he chooses are not random. He chooses them for their lyrical content and if the new covers he has done
    lately are any indication of where his mind is, I think we will see some great new & different music coming from David this next time around.

    The three of us, SB, Hooked & I spoke at with a member of David’s staff who told us the evolution & transition David is going through is deliberate and inevitable. We were told they are glad David’s fans can see, “get” and are happy to see David going with a more mature sound.

    David has always been a mature musically compared to other singers his age. We have seen him transform before our eyes when he’s on stage from a shy, young man to a very confident seasoned performer with vocals of someone much older & more mature. It’s a mystery and unexplainable. To hear & see David on stage singing the type of music which enhances and compliments his vocal abilities, which allows him to tell us his how he’s feeling about life, the joys & the injustices, the highs & lows as he sees & feels life…I think will be like being in total blissful abandon.

    One more thing I must admit…and I know I will be in the minority as I usually am when I disagree with the majority..huh, what?
    Anyway, I do not like the name “Archuband” for THE BAND. Just don’t. Sorry. But I guess THE BAND does?


  51. betsy said

    Sf, I don’t care for that name either. Whew! I said it.
    Sounds kinda like a sweet joke. 🙂
    “Deliberate and inevitable”
    I like that.


  52. Silverfox said

    The stage was set in a huge field, I would say a little larger than a football field. When David came on, we were pretty much at the foot and to the left of the stage and looking back to the sea of people and the wonder-wall of stars (ahem), I could not see where the sea of people ended. The estimates are somewhere in the range of 3000 people there for just the concert and not counting the ones who stopped on the streets to listen…as they just could not help themselves! 😀

    Kizzi..there will definitely be a next time, maybe not until later this year, but whenever, wherever, however..we, my two partners in crime & I will be there and I hope to see you then too!

    Oh Betsy..thank you! I really just like it simple…THE BAND, capitalized of course, is my cuppa. THE BAND, my gosh, what a great group of talented young guys. It’s overwhelming when you stop & think of the stage with these guys, all musical geniuses in their own right, with DAVID at the helm. It’s just too much. 😀


  53. bebereader said


    So good to hear from you today! I can feel the joy in your words! Many of us ‘back home’ are on that cloud too but we only saw the show on youtube. One can only imagine how you must be feeling!

    Subtle changes galore! If you’ve been a fan from the beginning you’ll see them…the maturity, the gutsy lyrics, the confidence, the choice of songs, the interpretation, the choice of professional musicians to back him up.

    But it’s not humanly possible to please everyone and I hope David has learned this by now. It doesn’t matter to me what direction he takes as long as it’s one he chooses himself and he continues making music. I trust his decisions.

    By the way, it seems that David arrived in Nashville last night as I saw some tweets about it. I know we can’t believe everything we read on the web but for anyone who’s curious:

    david archuleta is at sweet cici’s in hendersonville? what is going on? about 16 hours ago

    @Nellie1983 hahah yes, tennessee. & it’s allll good! about 15 hours ago

    i hope he doesn’t get swamped by fangirls now. sorry, david. hahaha. about 15 hours ago

    @diana_maros …my friend saw him there like 45 minutes agooo. about 15 hours ago

    For the record, I don’t like the name Archuband either. I think it was just made up spur of the moment all in good fun during a Steven Robinson(percussionist) Twitter party. I don’t think it’s meant to be taken seriously.


    Welcome back! You always make perfect sense to me!


  54. djafan said

    Hello Kizzi,

    You have always made perfect sense to me 🙂 miss your writings ♥

    Archuband??? IDK… It was funny because Steven sure seemed to like it lol. David’s Band sounds good to me. 🙂

    Found on twitter 🙂


    @omygoshashley From email: David Archuleta will participate in a special book signing outside the BYU bookstor… (cont)


    Just got this in a SOF email: “David Archuleta will participate in a special book signing outside the BYU bookstore on Saturday, June 4…”


  55. Silverfox said

    Well, this is interesting. I’m confused though as to WHY? This was posted on Archuleta FanScene..

    “David Archuleta will participate in a special book signing outside the BYU bookstore on Saturday, June 4, from 1pm-2:30pm. This is your chance to meet David before he performs at Stadium of Fire on July 2!”

    So this means he’ll be in Nashville for three days????????

    What can he possibly do in that time…except maybe sign a label contract, perhaps?? He said he was having meetings while in Nashville didn’t he?

    I’m confused but I guess it goes to show I should never try to second guess David & what he’s up to. 😉

    Time for a nap. So nice being off today! Bye for now.


  56. SandyBeaches said

    All very interesting comments this afternoon and yes Abrra, the admins. here always have a positive attitude towards David and I appreciate that in itself.

    You know the VIPs always sell out very quickly and it will happen for every concert everywhere that he sings, that’s a given.

    Yes, it is nice that David is singing in Asia and they are excited and will enjoy his concerts. So turn the page now that we have said that and I am getting to something. David is appearing in Provo and I understand that there are a few fans we know of who will be attending. He is only on for about 1/2 hour but it will be a very good concert. Now turn the page again so that from now until then in Provo and Asis we think perhaps about something like this…The fans in North America would love to attend David’s concerts but so far there are no concerts planned. We the fans need to express ourselves in wanting concerts so that David knows that. After all he is the one who sings “Good Place” and he does not know the extent of his fanbase here at this time.

    If I had not been to MB perhaps I would not be writing this but I wanted to get the feel while there for not only now but the months to come. In reality, somehow the fans in North America have not responded enough over the last several months to warrant a concert or two this summer. Is there possibly something that we can do to change that?



  57. Abrra said


    All in due time. David is reorganizing his career. With so many changes taking place in just the business end, he needs time to get his foundation set.

    He still can’t walk the street without meeting a fan, can he? 🙂
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Twitpic from last night in Nashville.

    This is a good sign.

    We fans have assured him we will be there to support him. Fan sites are as busy as ever, despite the lack of a formal tour. Take a minute and think back to the fan book that was given to him in December? He knows we will be with him through all these growing pains.



  58. bebereader said

    Cute pic Ab! So some things we read on Twitter are true. That cup David is holding must be from the famous Sweet Cece’s Frozen Yogurt Shop in Nashville.

    david archuleta is at sweet cici’s in hendersonville? what is going on? about 16 hours ago

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Wonder what flavor David ordered.


  59. Heidijoy said

    Sandybeaches, JR says we need to find David a sponsor. He should be an advertiser’s dream. Hair products,teeth products,clothes,shoes,etc. Jr would be a good person to consult with. Unfortunately there are cultural differences with what sells in America. but it does seem something could be done as it has worked in Asia.


  60. Heidijoy said

    Even TV33 thinks that’s what David needs. She says she is now a fan after hearing him LIVE. another convert. She rooted for DC on Idol and says David A is much more than what people saw on Idol Her comment is under the TV33 interview.


  61. bebereader said

    It breaks my heart that he doesn’t know if he has enough fans in the US to hold a tour. His fanbase is extremely passionate, he’s like a member of our families!!!

    The easist and quickest thing I can think of is to write a message to him on his facebook wall.

    Tell him loud and clear where you live and that you want him to come to your town for a concert!!!!/davidarchuleta


  62. djafan said


    How would we as fans help David acquire a sponsor?

    I’m hoping that with the Asia concerts and the response he already is getting there will draw the attention to him in the states from those that can make things happen.

    If there is something else I can do besides tweet, blog, facebook let me know and I’m in. 🙂


  63. SandyBeaches said

    HaHa…due time, due time. If I was David I could probably sing a song about …due time!

    How about ‘past time, past time’? He has a great foundation, his fabulous band and himself. I bet he wouldn’t turn down a sponsor though!

    Djafan, I am thinking on it and will get back to your offer!

    The little girls are very sweet but rumor has it he is looking also at an older fanbase now that he is older himself for one reason and his new style of music for the other.



  64. skydancer1x said

    hey there eveyone! been reading all the interesting comments since getting home from work. Glad everyone made it safely back.
    Thanks SF, for adding to your recap 🙂 feel free to share any more interesting tidbits,memories,feelings,details,(flying sweat comes to mind)as you float around up there for awhile and little moments slowly drift back to you.: )

    So many videos and eye treat from MB, so little time, but somehow I manage to get lost in all of them over and over again. I love the fact that Davids fans who got to attend this wonderful David feast, always make sure the family eats too. So many goodies were shared from this “meal’ BURP! (scuse’me)

    56. SB, not quite sure what you mean about doing something? in your last paragraph. whatcha thinkin about?
    57, abrra…
    “All in due time. David is reorganizing his career. With so many changes taking place in just the business end, he needs time to get his foundation set.”
    I agree.
    the last thing David or those around him should be concerned with is his fan base. He has been assured by us again and again that we miss him, support him and will be there when he decides he is ready to do a US tour again. I would love to see a few appearances here and there,and seems that could happen late in the year.
    I mean, here,up pops a book signing in a few days!…

    I think it’s quite possible that for the first time in his young 20 years, he feels as though he is in charge of his time,his talent, and what he does, and does not want to do.I get the feeling that he has been told for a very, very, long time, how, when and why he should perform his music. Albeit with good intentions,he experienced the ‘spotlight’ when only 6 years old.
    I think he is finally getting David back now.Just look at his face in that interview in M.B. and what he has to say.
    In my humble opinion…. He looks calmer and more beautiful and focused than I have seen EVER seen him look before.EVER>
    and by the way…
    It is hypnotizing me!haha

    ok, I never took Archuband seriously, thought it was just a cute nickname amongst the archies, ie archudrought,archuworld and all the other things we have come up with over the years.haha! If Steven likes Archuband, he would love those.

    ok, done babbling like a brook,
    SB and SF…speaking of the band,what did they have to say? were they pumped after their first concert with David? you guys mentioned they spoke with the fans after…


  65. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    VictoriaShaw & David Archuleta
    @mcktweepez brought sweet David Archuleta over to my office today



  66. skydancer1x said

    Abrra, that’s an interesting shirt. awww look at him♥


  67. djafan said


    FYI-David is announcing where he’ll be tonight. Hope you’re doing well♥


    Going to Cracker Barrel for my first time tonight.
    1 minute ago


  68. djafan said


    awww look at him♥

    uh huh 🙂


  69. bebereader said

    I have a craving for Chicken and Dumplings now.


  70. Tawna21 said

    Abrra, ahem, have you thought about making 8throwcenter’s vids into mp4’s? They are stunning. Oh yeah, check out 2:06-2:21 on Blackbird (be still my heart) 🙂



  71. SandyBeaches said

    Sky…You are so right, Archuband is cute and he is way beyond cute now and is grown up musically beyond the age of 20. Sometimes we seem to want to hold on to the cute side of David, but I don’t know why some can’t let it go. He mentioned the winners of American Idol once again during his concert, as ‘the teenagers’ obviously distancing himself from being a teenager and it is a gentle reminder from him that he is 20 and loving it. Good bye to the teen years in other words.

    It has been said that he is moving away from pop music of the younger style, to the more adult style. It is like comparing the early works of the Beatles singing ‘Please Mr. Postman’ to ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’ or even to ‘Blackbird’. Just like the Beatles did during their careers, David is looking for new influences and new directions.

    The lead picture of this article which was created by Angelica, is the most quiet, artistic admission of the more mature side of David anywhere on the internet. She sees him, she gets him so to speak. If you do a study of the picture together with the ‘words’ of the song ‘Blackbird’ you will see what I mean.



  72. Andrea Varon said

    oh that’s so neat to look at david’s face by the way, I sent several screen caps from the interview to your email, I’d like they are posted here!
    I’m happy for david’s career and songs in spanish to come!


  73. emmegirl said

    I have no idea about anything anywhere else other than here and one other lovely site I frequent, but may I just say, “everybody wants to rule the world”, and will leave it at that, for once 🙂

    kizzi, love your comment. (I thought the changes were more than subtle too.)

    Tawna, beautifully said.

    dja, “David says paint your world if it is gray and David paints my world full sunshine, rainbows, and stars. I know cheesy but who cares!”…not I.

    SB, your last paragraph is dead on. Terrific job Angelica…deliberate and inevitable.

    David, you rock my world.


  74. poof said

    Hi all
    It has been a while since I have said my 2 cents. I have been busy with family stuff and dealing with a cold that loves me too much.
    A big, huge thank you to all of you that have been keeping all of us “filled up” with wonderful good stuff; be it recaps, videos, posts, pictures, it goes on and on. I do know, you know, how much it is appreciated.

    I wanted to add my thoughts about the “evolving” David. I just wanted to say I am loving his jazzier, mature sound. It allows him the improvisations that show case his amazing musicality. I also wanted to say, I also appreciate the evolving of the simpler, more minimalist David. Randy was wrong, of course :). He encouraged him to throw in more runs, etc. I think David is really tuning in to the concept that less can be more. By simplifying, (such as in Blackbird and his latest NAs), the beauty of his voice shines through,and the lyrics can be appreciated. It just makes me sigh and think, “That was perfection”.

    One more penny’s worth of comments. All the talk about negativity. I hope everyone can just let it go. I have seen nothing from any fan that doesn’t come from a place of caring and concern for David and his career. We all, of course, have different ideas for him. David will find his way, even with us, and perhaps inspite of us, giving lots of advice.
    Thanks again to all of you. You always make my day.


  75. emmegirl said

    I think the reasoning to hold off on US tour is tactical, and nothing else. And smart, imho.

    Is there a writer in Nashville that wouldn’t want to work with him…not bloody likely.


  76. Gayle122890 said

    I started wondering as to how David might have chosen Blackbird to sing at MB. His subtle message about himself?


  77. Angelica said

    Andrea, checked the email but no screencaps. Resend?

    Been a busy day but have been enjoying all the comments posted today. I see the transition SF, and like the name of this thread containing yours and SB and Hooked’s recap, they are subtle nuances but they are unmistakably there and personally, I find them thrilling.

    Hi Kizzi! Good to see you!

    Poof, I appreciate your 2 cents too! Love the jazzier, more mature David evolving also.



  78. kaycee said

    During the many slow months this past year, I dreamed of times like this–tons of videos and comments to catch up on…just my luck that my life right now is so crazy that I am only left with a few short moments here and there to catch up on all things David! But what I have been able to see and hear and read lately has made me so happy for David…and for all of us!


  79. Lynnella said

    Angelica, love the article. Love the changes and can hardly wait for the finished product.

    The pics in #1 and #28, AAAAHHHHH. Reminded me of a song from years ago, sung by Fred Astaire called, That Face. Even though he’s singing about a woman, the words fit the way we all feel about David. Check it out if you like:

    I agree with #2, Skydancerix, most beautiful man on the planet.


  80. betsy said

    Emmegirl #75 I agree.

    And might I just add that today is the most beautiful day of the year so far? So blue and green and sunny. Humidity blowing away. All of this rain was worth it.

    Blaaaaackbird flyyyy. Blaaaaaackbird flyyyyy. That is haunting me.


  81. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy, the song ‘Blackbird’ sung by David, has given us the enchanting David.

    I am going to look back to the last article for something emmegirl said after she watched David on stage. I was going to add it to the article but never too late.



  82. SandyBeaches said

    Following the first viewing of the concert videos, emmegirl said…

    “There is so much talent there he hardly knows what to do with it.”

    I was standing by the stage just feet from David watching him sing then dance with the words, then use his arms and sometimes his hands went into conducting mode. She is right, he hardly knew what to do with all of his musicality and all of his talents.

    Others have background dancers, but David has people drawn to him so strongly that background dancers would just get in his way.



  83. betsy said

    This is so cute and funny.
    Clever lyrics.


  84. skydancer1x said

    hi everyone! wasn’t today (june 1) the release date for “Chords of Strength”? Is it the anniversary today?


  85. skydancer1x said

    83. Betsy. hahaha! that was a hoot! gee, David fans are such a creative bunch!

    Speaking of creativity…Angelica you weave such magic into every article that is posted.To tell the truth, I have never seen anyone do what you do with photographs. And more amazing than that, is how you just ‘know’ what fits the article written, perfectly. How do you do dat!??
    Magic I tell you….anyway,the one for this article is now my desktop background.Your hard work on each article is so appreciated♥ 🙂


  86. bebereader said

    David is one of 100 honorees for his philanthropic efforts in the fight against cancer!

    “Mass General honors 100 individuals and groups for their diverse contributions to the fight against cancer.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    There is strength in numbers and Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center proves this each year. the one hundred is the Cancer Center’s annual fundraiser, honoring 100 individuals and groups whose diligence and discoveries, philanthropy and passion have helped advance the fight against cancer. Funds raised at the gala support research, patient care, education and community outreach programs. Meet the Honorees.

    In 2008, 18-year-old “American Idol” sensation David Archuleta won 44 percent of the audience’s 97 million votes.

    Since then, the young pop singer and songwriter has been turning out hits. But he’s also been using his talents in other ways. Cancer has repeatedly touched David’s relatives, and while some of his family members are survivors, others have succumbed to the disease.

    David participates in the televised fundraiser, “Stand Up To Cancer” (SU2C) as a performer and phone pledge-taker. He has also been a creative fundraiser on his own. Since 2008, his “David Archuleta’s Angels: Crush Kids’ Cancer” has raised more than $66,000 for SU2C. He also led a top-40 radio station’s campaign that engaged schools in raising pennies for breast cancer research and visited the winning school.

    Whether performing to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation or starring in Kaleidoscope on Ice — a celebration for cancer survivors — David is acting on his faith in the power of people to help each other, even when confronting the challenges of cancer.”


  87. Dayzee said

    Well I never thought I would have a favorite rap song, but there it is. Thanks Betsy for bring that here.


  88. Andrea Varon said

    oh okay Angelic i am gonna resend them ok:)


  89. bebereader said


    “I started wondering as to how David might have chosen Blackbird to sing at MB. His subtle message about himself.”

    Sounds right to me.


    “Blackbird singing in the dead of night
    Take these broken wings and learn to fly
    All your life
    You were only waiting for this moment to arise

    Black bird singing in the dead of night
    Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
    all your life
    you were only waiting for this moment to be free

    Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
    Into the light of the dark black night.

    Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
    Into the light of the dark black night.

    Blackbird singing in the dead of night
    Take these broken wings and learn to fly
    All your life
    You were only waiting for this moment to arise,
    Blackbird fly, into the light of the dark black night.”

    Lynella#79 Nice video! There was a fan tribute video made for David with the same song. I can’t seem to locate it on youtube now.

    David tweets:

    There are cicadas all over the place here. It’s like rain how many there are. 2 hours ago


  90. bebereader said


    Yes, today is the one year anniversary of the release of the hardcover version of “Chords of Strength”. It’s already being hashtagged on Twitter for trending.

    It’s #COSAnniversary today ♥


  91. Silverfox said

    Sandy Beaches, you said..

    “It has been said that he is moving away from pop music of the younger style, to the more adult style. It is like comparing the early works of the Beatles singing ‘Please Mr. Postman’ to ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’ or even to ‘Blackbird’. Just like the Beatles did during their careers, David is looking for new influences and new directions.

    The lead picture of this article which was created by Angelica, is the most quiet, artistic admission of the more mature side of David anywhere on the internet. She sees him, she gets him so to speak. If you do a study of the picture together with the ‘words’ of the song ‘Blackbird’ you will see what I mean”.

    And you SB, also see him and get him as a 20 year old, as David gently in his own way, reminds us is no longer a teenager. 🙂

    emmegirl’s quote..”There is so much talent there, he hardly knows what to do with it”.

    That’s David alright! And after seeing David in MB, I do believe he will know soon enough exactly what to do with it.

    In MB, after all the spazzing & gushing over David’s videos & photos are said & done, what we have left is an artist who is finally coming into his own. It may seen crazy to say that since he’s accomplished so much since AI, but nevertheless, it’s true. It’s not my imagination or wishful thinking, or me wanting it to be true. And I don’t believe David woke up one morning & decided, “Today, I’m going to evolve”. David is not being anything but himself. The evolution is inevitable. But it’s not recent. I believe it started last year even before MOTAB. He felt it. He knew it. He did something about it. The deliberate transition began with the decision to split from the label. He could have stayed and evolved instead into what the label & ex-mgrs wanted him to be. That would have been what a lesser artist would have done because of course it’s all about the money. I believe David has made every decision with a deliberate plan & goal in mind and it’s not about fame & fortune which his fans have always believed of David. He knew he was risking the loss of some fans along the way, but just as we believe in David & his talent, he also trusts & believes in his fans.

    The David we saw in MB was just a small taste of what David has been doing & working on for the last 5 months. The artist we saw on stage, while still showing shades of the pop singer, there was something else we had seen hints of in David’s previous concerts. We always knew he was destined to be something more than just a pop singer. We’ve seen proof of it so many times. David’s ability to sing any song and make it his own, make it better than the original. There are only a handful of singers who have that ability, so I’ve heard but can’t think of any others.

    I know I’m rambling here, but I want so much for The Voice family to know the truth and that is that there’s a new man in town & his name is David Archuleta.


  92. djafan said

    @davidarchie tweets and I had no idea what he was talking about. Found video.

    There are cicadas all over the place here. It’s like rain how many there are. about 3 hours ago via txt Retweeted by you and 100+ others


  93. djafan said


    “I know I’m rambling here, but I want so much for The Voice family to know the truth and that is that there’s a new man in town & his name is David Archuleta.”

    What a comment and yes! yes! to everything you said. We’ve been watching him for three years and we have seen glimpses of David the artist many times, Angelica has and does an amazing job of capturing those moments in pictures and video, but this last sentence sent a shiver up and down my spine.

    David himself is embracing the man, not only on stage but when speaking. I’ve noticed he calls others teens where as before he always made reference to being a teenager himself, not anymore.

    I believe that because David has always liked message songs the songs he chooses to cover are exactly that, a message to his fans and to whoever is willing to “listen” to what he has to say and he is saying it loud and clear.


  94. Abrra said

    I got this request in my email last night:

    “if you get bored, wondering if you could make a mgr of the best parts of the new vids from MB? :D”
    Then I saw this in my twitter timeline by Marylee

    @Shell_eeeyyy there will be a MGR of Blackbird 2:06 thru 2:21 very much do you want to bet? lol <- @Abrra ~are you around? :):):)

    I am willing to give it a shot, but would like some input on best parts of each song.

    You can leave me a link to the video you want clipped. Mention the time counter I need to clip.

    David in Boston? Oh my! /takes a big deep breath of Archu-air.



  95. archiesfan4life said

    Bebe – can you believe it was one year ago today that we met at Bookends! One of the nicest benefits of being a fan of David is meeting all his other fans!

    BTW – I so agree with many of the comments about David and the direction in which he is going. I continue to learn so much from this young man – like patience:)!


  96. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra…are you under a tornado watch?? The breaking news is saying that your region is under watch for awhile yet…



  97. Abrra said

    You are correct. I am safely tucked in my basement bedroom. My computers are disconnected to protect them from power surge.

    Thank you for your concern. 🙂

    Abrra from her iPhone


  98. SandyBeaches said

    Well, take care and keep in touch…The news is constantly coming across our television programs. The wind is picking up here. Keep your little four legged one safe as well…



  99. SandyBeaches said

    The storm/tornado watch in Abrra’s area is in effect for another 3 hours or more…



  100. djafan said

    Abrra! Be safe!!!


  101. SandyBeaches said

    SF #91…What you have written is so informative! It is like the inside story and sometimes following his career has been such a mystery, but you have made it much easier to understand.



  102. Abrra said

    I don’t think a tornado is coming to my area. The radar shows the thunder storms are north of me. I am between Providence RI and Cape Cod. Along the southeastern coast of Massachusetts.

    Abrra from her iPhone.


  103. Lynnella said

    #91,SF – I always love reading your comments. They are like an article within an article, if that makes sense, and very insightful. You make me think. Thank you for that.


  104. Tawna21 said

    Dayzee #87 “Well I never thought I would have a favorite rap song, but there it is.” lol My thoughts exactly!! 🙂


    ps– hang in there Abs!!


  105. bebereader said

    AF4L#95 Time flies! It’s hard to believe that a year went by since that day we all met at Bookends for the COS booksigning.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hope to meet up with you and Zoe at a concert later in the year.


    I found an old interview from the Idol tour. David is young here but as always, wise beyond his years.

    “I want my music to be relatable.”

    “Now you have this to work with. What are you going to do with it?”

    I think because I’m here it was meant to happen. So I just have to run with it and work with it as best I can.”

    “I don’t have a recognizable feature or anything…I just look like a typical teenager…” (Ha!)


  106. Silverfox said

    Just heard about the HUGE tornado which touched down in Springfield, Mass.

    I’m sorry, but this is one time I hope David did not attend that charity fundraiser, the Benefit Gala in Boston today! Any word about that?

    Abrra, keeping you & your family in my thoughts and wishes for a safe & peaceful night. Take care!

    Good night to all.


  107. bebereader said

    Memories from my book signing from one year ago.
    Catch that smile at :05-:14


  108. bebereader said

    I just heard from Abrra. She said it rained some and there was some lightning too but she’s fine.


    David did not attend the event in Boston tonight. I saw this on AFS:

    “David Archuleta will be honored today at the fourth annual One Hundred benefit dinner taking place at the Westin Boston Waterfront in Massachusetts….David, unfortunately, will not be in attendance since he is currently in Nashville working on his music, but he will be honored nevertheless…”


  109. Abrra said

    The east coast of Mass where Boston is located did not get more than rain and lightning. I am about 35 miles south of Boston. Light rain and some flashes of lightning here as well. I shut down my pc’s and unplugged them for most of the night , just in case.

    I don’t know anything more than you do about the rest of the state.



  110. Heidijoy said

    Bebe, What a great memory. David look so relaxed and happy signing those books.


  111. djafan said


    David was not going to attend, that was announced a while back. He is probably on his way to Utah for the book signing.

    Bebe, memories…


  112. bebereader said


    That was the first “Chords of Strength” book signing among many more that followed. David was overwhelmed when he saw the lines of fans wrapped around the block as his car approached because he didn’t expect the large turnout. With all the chaos going on around him, including screaming fans, he still made us feel like it’s just ‘you and me’.


  113. Jan said

    Bebe, that was the best 1:13 of smiles that I’ve ever seen..such a cutie. He was so happy and it rubs off on everyone else. I was sitting there grinning back at him the whole time!!


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