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I Had a Dream Last Night

Posted by amb4da on Sunday, May 22, 2011

“I had a dream last night…I didn’t know just what it all might mean….heyyyeyy”…

Sunday Morning, May 15… David shows up in a dream. A rare occurrence, only the 2nd time in my three-year obsession with all things Archuleta and feeling so real, like a parallel life taking place on another plane, I decide to jot it down to reflect on what perhaps my subconscious is telling me today…

I’m at a house party in the midst of people meandering about. The two Davids show up and start rehearsing at a piano. Both are sick with colds and seem a bit road-worn.…still they struggle to practice a mutual project. They seem so “normal,” not the famous public personas…just two guys working on music, even uncharacteristically grumbling in their effort to sound good while feeling sick. They pound out a tune on the piano…it’s ” Crush”…it sounds edgier, slower, more forceful and dramatic (Cook’s influence, I think to myself). In theory, the arrangement should be all wrong for the sweet song about young infatuation but in fact, it sounds so good. I’m across the room. There’s a moment Cook leaves and David’s sitting alone, frustrated with not feeling up to par. It feels natural to go talk to him, not as a fan, just two people at the same party on common ground. So I walk over to him, wanting to lift his spirits and let him know, “That sounded great, what you did on the piano.” He looks up and smiles, is his usual polite, receptive self, easily connecting over the music. I go on, trying to make sense. “Those stronger…what were they? Chord progressions? Sounded great!” He laughs as I quickly disclaim, “I don’t mean to sound like a musical expert. Anyway, it just sounded so good.” He thanks me and we chat more…at which point Cook returns and they turn to leave. I reach out to David, to get his attention before he goes, suddenly urgent, and more as a “fan,” I randomly say, “David, we’re always going to want more, more, more from you…we never get enough….but please know we just want you to be OK, first and foremost.” It’s understood, and we wave goodbye with some words about seeing him at an upcoming show…

It’s a simple dream. I like the easy exchange in a natural setting. I think to myself, Cook was there because of an interview I’d seen online the day before where David is asked if he and Cook ever plan to collaborate.

But it was David’s well-being and the sense of urgency in my last words to him that stayed with me as I woke. Funny timing, when just days later it took on more meaning after seeing two videos that also left an impression with me, and apparently many other fans too. His soul-bearing, candid ASCAP interview, where we witness, not surprisingly, the effect the past few years in the post-idol grind have had on him, leading him to wisely step back, take a breather, live life and chart new courses for himself. Then the short video message, taped after a promo for Utah’s Entertainment and Choice Awards, where David speaks to his fans a heartfelt thanks for sticking by him as he sorts out life.  (ohhh, *pang*, David…of course!)

How weird it must be to start out on a journey, “just David,” a kid who loves to sing, and now have all these fans he appreciates but also feels he has to manage and maintain, while just living his life! Suddenly, just like in the dream, I want to reach out and let him know__please don’t feel any pressure out here David, to be anything other than yourself and who you need to be, for you. While musically we might always “want more, more, more and never get enough, first and foremost we just want you to be OK, whatever you decide to do, or not do. It’s your authenticity as a human being your fans respect as much as your wonderful talent and music. I think many understand and support your need to have a life as well as a career on your terms…ones that satisfy you and bring you the most joy. In fact, that makes the best sense to me, to maintain balance and sanity in a crazy business, while using your talent in ways that matter most to you…and consequently to others. You are right, once again. Shoot from the heart, always.

So while I have lots of anticipation about what might be next for you, I have no set expectations, timelines or demands of you, David. Feel free and follow your heart…and for whenever we may get to share the music and follow along…thank you.

186 Responses to “I Had a Dream Last Night”

  1. bluebar said

    amb4da, wonderful article. Your last paragraph sums it up nicely for me, too! So, poignant and timely!

    David is… today’s “dreamboat!”


  2. KathyH said

    Amb4da, your post today brought tears to my ears. It very much reflects how I feel, and I guess I have a fear that he knows how much we want and feels that pressure to compromise his own needs for those of his fans.

    His vlogs help though, don’t they? He’s so strong and self-aware.


  3. Tawna21 said

    amb4da, what a beautiful article. Like KathyH said (#2) this is so much the way I feel. David needs to know that, while we want what we want, we are willing to let him deliver it to us in his own time. We want what is best for him…he has given his all for the last three years, and it really is time for him to sort thru all of it and come up for air. It’s time to become who he wants to be and deliver what he thinks is best for him and what shows who he really is. In that, I think he has done a dang good job of showing us ‘who’ he is. That’s why we are all still here. That’s why there have been conflicts with business and label managements. They just didn’t ‘get’ how good it can be if ‘good’ prevails. I’ve felt, as I’ve scanned thru the AI season this year, good is prevailing. The two teenagers left for the finale are good, wholesome kids. They’ve stuck to their ideals and haven’t fallen into the loud, screaming, out-of-control stage stomping, and skimpy and wild outfits to show who they are. They have remained true to themselves and I love that. It’s been a dejavu of AI7. Of course, the artistry of David is not there!!

    Thanks for your heart-warming words.



  4. MT said

    Amb4da, Love the article!! You described your dream so well, and it really does represent how so many of us feel about him. Your comfort level in talking to him shows how close you feel to him. And the way you told him how much you care for his well-being and happiness could be repeated by most of us here as well. And yes, we always want more, but we try to understand and be patient when he needs time. And I really hope that, if he sees comments begging for concerts or tour, he sees it in a positive light. I’d like to think he would be comforted that there are fans out there that love him and are waiting for him. ♥

    Angelica, Great artwork there. 🙂 You are one talented lady.

    I didn’t get a chance to comment on the pics posted late last night so:

    118. Dja, that second pic!! Has to be one of his very best!! Not sure what’s going through his head, but very interesting to think about. haha

    123. Bebe, GQ indeed! Love his confident, laid-back vibe in that one. (Do I even need to say how great he looks there?)

    Maybe some sweet person would carry those two over to this new thread so we have a chance to properly appreciate those great photos ?♥?


  5. KathyH said

    Oh, LOL. Just came back one last time before I get offline for the day, and read my earlier post. Tears to my EARS? (I’m old enough to remember an old country song my parents played that had that line, but I meant tears to my eyes.)


  6. MT said

    Amb4da, I was re-reading your article and enjoying it again. 🙂

    “I think many understand and support your need to have a life as well as a career on your terms…ones that satisfy you and bring you the most joy.”

    Love that. I really do love that so many of his fans consider his welfare above anything else.


  7. davidstopsmyaging said

    Amb4da, what a wonderful article to wake up to this morning! I, too, love the artwork—just georgeous. #3, Tawna21, this is so true: “The two teenagers left for the finale are good, wholesome kids. They’ve stuck to their ideals and haven’t fallen into the loud, screaming, out-of-control stage stomping, and skimpy and wild outfits to show who they are. They have remained true to themselves and I love that. It’s been a dejavu of AI7. Of course, the artistry of David is not there!!”

    This is exactly how I feel. Those two kids have had each other to lean on for support through the whole Idol thing, probably having to go to school just like David. The difference is that David had to do the school thing all alone on his season—-he was so much younger than any of the other contestants—-he didn’t have someone his age to support him. This at a time in a young person’s life where friends are so important. I’ll bet that was really difficult for David. I hope he’s taking time now to do some kid things—friend things.

    Also, is it me, or does it seem like the show this year has portrayed the parents of these two young people as saints, while on season 7, they did everything they could to put down David’s dad? Would they have done this if there had been other parents around for their under-aged children during David’s season? Just because David was the only contestant who had to have a parent there? Don’t tell me that Scotti and Lauren’s parents are any less involved that Jeff was—-I won’t buy it.

    I think David has had a number of difficult issues to deal with along the way. He is one classy young man—-he handles it all with style—at least publically. What a treasure.


  8. bebereader said

    Did someone ask for pics? LOL
    Brought these over from last article.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  9. skydancer1x said

    amb4da, thanks for sharing your David dream♥ Loved your article,especially this>>

    “So while I have lots of anticipation about what might be next for you, I have no set expectations, timelines or demands of you, David. Feel free and follow your heart…and for whenever we may get to share the music and follow along…thank you.”

    1. bluebar,David is… today’s “dreamboat!”
    Tawna, love this>
    They just didn’t ‘get’ how good it can be if ‘good’ prevails.

    5.Kathy, glad you cleared up the ear thing.haha I was thinking, that’s interesting, but what does it mean? LOL

    6.MT “I really do love that so many of his fans consider his welfare above anything else.” ♥

    7. Dsma,”I think David has had a number of difficult issues to deal with along the way. He is one classy young man—-he handles it all with style—at least publically. What a treasure.”

    you guys are awesome:))


  10. skydancer1x said



  11. djafan said


    “I want to reach out and let him know__please don’t feel any pressure out here David, to be anything other than yourself and who you need to be, for you. While musically we might always “want more, more, more and never get enough, first and foremost we just want you to be OK, whatever you decide to do, or not do. It’s your authenticity as a human being your fans respect as much as your wonderful talent and music. I think many understand and support your need to have a life as well as a career on your terms…ones that satisfy you and bring you the most joy. In fact, that makes the best sense to me, to maintain balance and sanity in a crazy business, while using your talent in ways that matter most to you…and consequently to others. You are right, once again. Shoot from the heart, always.”

    What a beautiful dream! It brought tears to my eyes, we all just want the best for David and for him to fulfill all his dreams while hoping they involve more David and more music because at this point we’re so hooked on him.

    DSMA, I don’t buy it either.

    KathyH, new quote up left and yes his vlogs help tremendously.

    MT ♥


  12. bebereader said

    Thank you for sharing your dream, Amb4dja. David’s not only front and center in our daily lives but now he’s invading our dreams, too! J/K Many of us have been dreaming about David for a while now. Sometimes dreams are constructive such as your’s because you got to say something important to him and to see his reaction. My dear, I think you’ve been blessed! ❤

    I had a dream about him approximately 2 years ago so it's hazy. All I remember is that he was on a movie set or in a TV studio rehearsing a scene. I was there to watch. Hey, maybe I was actually a fly on the wall. LOL I can't remember much else, darnit.


  13. joymus said

    amb4da – Thank You for this soul-stirring article! It is beautifully written and everything contained is well-said.
    Angelica – Great Artwork!

    Sometimes when David is out of sight he is out of mind in the sense that we as fans (me included) build up huge expectations as the months or years go by. Yet when you see David in person – the shock hits you that he is simply a young man trying to do the best job he can for himself and his fans. As you said “Just David – wanting to sing” has now become David – with a career to manage. That’s a lot of pressure for a young person to handle well, and with tons of grace to spare. David – just follow your heart, we’ll be there for you.


  14. MT said

    Bebe,you sweet person you♥ Thanks for bringing those smiles .. umm I mean pics .. over from the last thread. 😉


  15. Heidijoy said

    amb4da-Enjoyed your article stemming from your dream and thoughts about David.
    Angelica-Always appreciate your artistic efforts which always help illustrate the story and tell a story on their own.

    I really support David and will be here for him. So nice to have a place of support for David and his fans while we travel the journey together.

    So looking forward to reports from MB. Looking forward to pictures,recaps and You tubes.


  16. emmegirl said

    amb4d, love your dream and your article…”shoot from the heart.” 🙂

    It surprises me how many of us have seen him in our dreams, mine included. The only other “celebrity” I ever dreamt about was once years ago, quarterback Dan Fouts…we were grocery shopping 😕

    Joymus, we will be there.

    Thanks bebe…love the many sides of DJA..from the thumbs in pockets to the adjusting of the tie (just who was he looking at) to the archugaze (am partial to those eyebrows.)

    Is it really less than one week before we get to see an all out performance – new band, new vibe, doin-my-own-thing David! I CAN’T WAIT!!


  17. betsy said

    Anb4da – Thank you so much for sharing this dream. It was so beautifully written. I, too have had a dream or two about him. It’s a strange thing. But wonderful. We all want exactly what he wants. His happiness. Music and life at his pace.

    Ok, now for the big news.

    Scroll down.


  18. djafan said

    News or misquote???

    Sunday, May 22, 2011
    A Night to Remember: Utah’s 2011 Entertainment & Choice Awards Show @ The Salt Palace – 5/20/2011

    TU Host, Mateo speaks with American Idol (Season 7) star, David Archuleta, about his experience getting his music and voice into the “limelight”. Archuleta says, “It was amazing that the opportunity presented itself the way that it did. It allowed me to jump into the national music scene in a way I never thought I could.”

    When asked what might be next in his career he went on to explain that he’s about to move to Nashville to start work on a new project that he’s really excited about. Good luck David and thank you for representing Utah’s music scene!


  19. betsy said

    Dja! This is big news! Even if it’s a misquote, (the moving there part, lol) I am excited for him. I bet he’s at least going there to work.
    Joy and Nate?


  20. skydancer1x said

    18.Dja. HUH????


  21. emmegirl said

    Oh my gosh Betsy..Nashville, new project, really excited. Move??

    Will this be before the July trip abroad? Hoping we get details soon.


  22. skydancer1x said

    Betsy’s gotta be right. Probably said he said he’s about to GO to Nashville.
    Or hows about he’s about to grooooove to know,for some of that groovitude stuff..


  23. betsy said

    Or MAYBE he’s really moving there! Who knows?! Lol. He’ll let us know when he’s good and ready. Like never. 🙂
    He’s harder to read sometimes than Tolstoy. 🙂


  24. Dakgal said

    Just flying by to drop this off–don’t believe i’ve seen this here—David at the 10:54 mark—ooooh that low voice and in Spanish!!


  25. betsy said

    Dak, you sneaky thing. Well, you did warn us. 🙂


  26. MT said

    Ahhh … more to specualte on. Moving to Nashville?

    Betsy: “Lol. He’ll let us know when he’s good and ready. Like never.”

    hahaha You’re probably right.


  27. betsy said

    And another thing. I never DID comment on #8.
    Probably because I should keep that to myself. 🙂
    See what I did there? I didn’t keep it to myself.

    Emme, Sky, Mt – this is pretty dang exciting!

    Dak – still dead from that spanish speaking gorgeous person video you posted.


  28. emmegirl said

    lol, Betsy. And tougher to get anything out of than Fort Knox.


  29. emmegirl said

    sky, “he’s about to grooooove to Nashville”, lol!!

    Betsy, I blame him – he makes it impossible to keep it to yourself.


  30. bebereader said

    I doubt he’s moving to Nashville. He just got a band together in Los Angeles. He’s probably going there to work on a project. JMO


  31. betsy said

    Emme – I blame him entirely.
    Dear David,
    Please stop these shenanigans.
    Armani suit? Espanol? Salsa? bachata?
    One can only take so much.


  32. ray said

    hi all why is it you can,t watch that young man talk without a big smile on your face


  33. skydancer1x said

    hahaha,Betsy, you are keeping me in stitches tonite! LOL!

    thanks for fly in /drive by video Dak…thud.


  34. bluesky said


    Thanks for your heartfelt and compassionate article. You show a tenderness towards both DA and his fans. Appreciate you!

    Admins & all:

    Thanks for being here.


  35. djafan said

    LOL Betsy.

    Ray I would guess it’s part of the ODD because he is a pretty special young man and he sings amazing too 🙂

    I’m with Bebe, maybe in the future he’ll move to Nashville but he just formed a band in LA to facilitate routine rehearsals so to leave now, IDK, the timing seems off. I do agree that something is sure in the works.


  36. bluesky said

    Just sayin’


  37. Dakgal said

    Betsy— Sorry about the hit and run and any damage it may have incurred ;). I know these things can be a shock to the system.

    Now who is he kidding? He can’t dance very well? Ya David , about like you can’t sing. Bwhahahah We’ve all seem those stifled moves –just itching to get out!!

    Now does anyone have a number for “Rent -A -Dream”, cause I’d sure love to have one like amb4da. Thank you for sharing it with us, and the message you wished to convey to David.

    This…… “I think many understand and support your need to have a life as well as a career on your terms…ones that satisfy you and bring you the most joy.”

    I wish with all that’s in me he understands this.

    I’ve had one flash dream about David—he walks into my living room and sits on the back of my couch—I sit on the couch and try to act nonchalant, as if it’s an every day occurrence, while suppressing an earthshaking squee. End of dream.


  38. djafan said

    The buzz has started!


    Watch Out Lauren And Scotty. David Archuleta Is Moving To Nashvile 6 minutes ago via #americanidol


  39. skydancer1x said

    oh my Dja! buckle your seat belts…here we go again!
    “Now does anyone have a number for “Rent -A -Dream”, cause I’d sure love to have one like amb4da.”


  40. Amb4dja said

    Hi guys ~thanks for all the nice comments~you’re always an appreciative bunch. 🙂
    Glad there was something there others could relate to too.

    Angelica…I opened the page and smiled; I knew your graphics would be perfect. You really set a dreamlike mood…Tku for adding your signature touch. ❤

    KathyH #2…LOL… I didn't even notice the "tears to my ears" at first (guess my mind read "eyes" anyway!") …Freudian slip? I mean, that's a good way to explain David's effect on us…I think he often brings tears to my ears. ha. and… he IS "so strong and self-aware."

    Bebe #8 …just had a case of my own random singing…."Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp. dressed. man!" that tie-fixing stance…dude, sir.

    hm..Nashville project…interesssstinnng. That seemed inevitable. Can't wait to see what that will bring!
    Glad David gets to go back to "Music City", where he loves it and seems a great fit with the down-to-earth, musical vibe there. Also, some of the best songwriters, ever, are there…great atmosphere for that.


  41. bebereader said

    More of David on red carpet.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  42. Amb4dja said

    oops about to shut down, but just saw a few more comments and just had to say..

    Bluesky#34…your response touched me…so glad that was communicated…because it’s how I feel.

    and last but not least Dak’s “Rent-A-Dream” made me laugh …too funny. I wanted to go back myself!
    When I woke I immediately realized my subconscious mind had created my own personal “perfect meeting”…rather than a nervous 20 second fan meeting…an easy, real person to person. At this party, everyone there was just friends…including “the Davids.”
    Anyway…it did kind of haunt me afterward (in a good way)…like it had really happened. sigh. 🙂
    Nite all~


  43. djafan said

    Love this!

    David Archuleta Vlog Appreciation

    credit DizEezJham17


  44. Silverfox said

    Nashville, eh? That’s less than two hours from me!

    Well I guess that shuts down my plans to move out west when I retire! Cause just to have him in the general vicinity is comforting for some reason, even if we never cross paths while he’s there. Crazy, no?

    Just kidding about staying here just because of him…My kids live here!!

    5 Days & counting down! Rain or shine, here we, SB, Hooked & I come!

    Thinking of all the people in Joplin, Missouri & hoping they recover from the devastation left by a killer tornado.


  45. Marylee said

    “It’s your authenticity as a human being your fans respect as much as your wonderful talent and music”.

    So beautifully written & reflects how I have become to feel about David & the incredible person he is as well as well as his giving/caring spirit. The music & talent is a ‘given’ in my’s what drew me to him during Idol & held me there but I think we all know that we have been touched by so much more than this over the past three years & I’m so grateful to him for how much he has given of himself to his fans~and also relieved that he now feels he can step back & re-focus on his life. My greatest hope is that he knows we’ll be there when he sorts it all out ❤


  46. Marylee said

    ..oops..too many “as wells” in my last post~not enough coffee perhaps! 🙂 Good day everyone!


  47. poof said

    #45 Marylee
    No coffee needed. Perfectly said.


  48. Marylee said

    #47 Poof: ~thanks! 🙂


  49. skydancer1x said

    45.Marylee, love your comment,all of it. so I won’t rewrite it all here lets just say…I agree with every word.♥
    I think it took him awhile, but I really believe we have convinced him he is stuck with us. We are not leaving, not ever.:)


  50. bluesky said

    #43 Djafan

    I liked it, too. ^_^

    Hi, howdy and how ya’ll doin? “Monday Mornin'” …. la, la, la. But today we CAN trust that day. We can trust it to bring us a really fun DA weekend.

    Lookin’ forward to it mightily.


  51. betsy said

    The second video. David at around 5:30.


  52. Abrra said

    Enjoyed your dream sequence and the resulting interpretation as it related to how we as fans understand David’s journey. His first concern ought to be his musical direction and what he wants to focus on with his songwriting. I will dare to say, we fans will take care of the rest by supporting him with encouragement and buying his music. I like to think of fans as an extended family for David. No matter the city or country where he appears, we are there for him.

    Excited to know he is heading to Nashville for a project. Emifriend get yourself a job at Trader Joes! Your dream is coming true 😉

    Ok So I made a ton of blurry screen caps of the video from #51. That girl shooting the video never stopped moving it. ( Betsy 911? ) Here are some that came out not too bad.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Haha! His expression is priceless.



  53. Abrra said


    David Archuleta
    @DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Headed back to California today. Band rehearsals later.

    /praying for a video blog from rehearsal.



  54. Dakgal said

    Thanks Abs–sure like to know what he’s looking at.

    That face–that face– that beautiful face!!

    But the neckline tan leaves something to be desired– but he’s a guy and doesn’t give a rap! He needs to find a very secluded spot and wear a deep v-neck and let that tan migrate–that is if he’s going to wear his shirt open one or two buttons at his concerts.

    4 days til —D-DAY!!!!!!!!!

    My prediction what the front row will look like at MB.

    This 😯 – 😯 – 😯 – 😯 – 😯 – 😯 – 😯 – 😯 – 😯 – 😯 – 😯 – 😯


  55. Abrra said

    (Some people look too close) /cough Dak

    I never noticed his tan line. 😉



  56. ray said

    dack.your prediction,can,t stop laughing,by the way watched nat.geo,today and david roored on the screen,


  57. betsy said

    Ahem. I never noticed it either. 😉

    Nice screencaps Abs.

    New video from Duffy’s Hope. He is such an amazing person. Just when I couldn’t love him more. This.


  58. djafan said

    I’ve signed up with several emails!

    Hope I get picked!

    Sign up for tickets to the KIIS FM American Idol Viewing Party with David Archuleta


  59. betsy said

    Dja, I am sending positive vibes your way! You MUST win tickets! You MUST!!
    I read that Lee Dwyze just canceled. Maybe David will get to sing longer. 🙂


  60. betsy said

    I am sorry that I phrased it that way. It seems that Lee didn’t cancel. According to his brother’s tweets, it was Idol that did this. And boy, is his brother angry.
    So sorry, Lee. For realz.


  61. Dakgal said

    “Ahem”–Abs and Betsy —It’s ma job –what can I say. 8)

    There’s no such thing as GLANCING at a picture of David!

    Betsy #60–They canceled Dwyze? I’d like to hear that explanation.—and thanks for the video–I wanna squish him!

    Dja –as long as your here–question for you–I don’t know where to look. I’m wondering what David’s latest sales numbers are for everything ( Crush and all albums).

    It’s David’s fault–he taught me how to ponder–and I’ve been pondering on that for weeks. Still irks me that no one has ever ( that I know of) given him a platinum record for Crush.

    You go girl–good luck on the tickets!!


  62. Annie 318 said

    Djafan ~ hola honey! Thanks for the info about tickets. I entered too. I hope we both win! Just the thought of seeing David, well, I get shakey just thinkin’ about it!


  63. Angelica said


  64. Dakgal said

    Out strollin around the neighborhood and found this at SD

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  65. Angelica said

    Haha Dak! I was in the same neighborhood and we just missed each other. Vietnam!


  66. betsy said

    You girls. :)Next time we are all in the same neighborhood, we should meet up for some tea.


  67. Dakgal said

    Haha–I very seldom get to stumble onto something new!!

    Is he working his way to Japan? Next stop Taiwan then hop up to Japan.


  68. djafan said

    You ladies are fast, it’s all over twitter and David will be at the finale Wednesday.

    So that means I’ll watch to get a glimpse of him. 🙂


  69. betsy said
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Haha his seat is being kept warm. 🙂


  70. betsy said

    Dja – maybe it will be like Contigo night!


  71. djafan said


    I’m praying!!!!!


  72. djafan said

    ninja David towards the end 🙂


  73. Dakgal said

    Things are buzzin couzin!!!!!!

    Now I will watch the finals.

    Did you see the seating capacity in Na Noi City? 10,000+

    Sorry, don’t recognize any of the names of the guest Vietnam singers.


  74. Dakgal said

    Spamming here ( I’m ducking)

    Dja—toooo funny—- heaven forbid he get in someone elses interview.


  75. skydancer1x said

    Dak and Angelica, nice sleuthing. 🙂 WOW! I’d say Davids booking agent(so, does he have one of those?) has been a busy bee!His calendar is looking mighty busy for July.Woo Hoo! Go get em David! Get ready Vietnam Archies!

    Dak, yaaaah how come he hasn’t gotten a platinum for Crush?

    Gee, Lee Dewize was cancelled?(I really do wonder about the Idol ‘machine’)
    Betsy, great video of David and his momma, thanks!♥


  76. djafan said

    Dak, I love your spamming!!!

    David cracks me up lol

    His tweets!!! Power outage???


    Headed back to California today. Band rehearsals later.

    Landed in LA safely. Time to work on some band stuff!
    Power outage. Time for plan B


  77. Angelica said

    While I’m in the neighborhood, just want to tell amb4da how much I appreciate the dream she shared with us all here. Love the urgency you described in needing to let him know that, “…we just want you to be OK, first and foremost.” There is so much love and anxious concern for his well-being in what you felt in that dream. I think we all can relate.

    Dreams are strange things but wonderful too. Lately I dream a lot of taking a plane to somewhere and checking into a hotel, then shopping and finding my way around and going back to my hotel to get ready. Over and over I have this same dream of travel and preparation for some event about to take place. Withdrawal from tour deprivation probably. 😆

    Myrtle Beach is just days away. So happy for those going and happy to be one of the many who will be fanticipating the videos coming to us that night. Ah, good times yet to come and won’t it be fine?


  78. Dakgal said

    One more thing before the flying monkeys get here—and I get ready for bed.

    May I say how proud I am of David, I would venture to say in those alumni videos that he is probably THE most recognizable one there ( I’m bragging –but its my nickel). But, he humbly toodles his way around — everyone else (IMO) is trying to get their face on camera any chance they can get– and talk as loud as they can to draw attention. All the guys either have shades on or watches bigger than alarm clocks–or their shirts open in front down to their navel.

    Not our David–and he waits to be invited into a conversation and isn’t hangin on anybody. He’s just quietly there!!

    Good night Abrra


  79. Lynnella said

    amb4da, you lucky dog. I’ve never gotten to see him in concert or had a dream. I feel deprived. Thanks for sharing. I, too, feel the same about wanting the best of everything for him.

    Had to laugh at what a fanboy Matt Rogers was in that AI reunion video. Of course, there was that slip of the tongue, calling David, Adam. Nerves no doubt, but later in the interview, when they accidentally got another shot of David, Matt Rogers was getting a picture with him. Complete FANBOY. I remember the interview Matt did with David’s Grandpas on Finale night. I guess he was smitten.

    I totally agree with Dakgal, David is just “quietly there”, but people gravitate toward him. He just draws them into his orbit. Who could resist.


  80. Blueberry Ice said

    Amb4da; How your eloquent and thoughtful post tugs at my heart … what you have written mirrors exactly what I’ve been feeling for David. My sense is that we all wish for David to live his dream without compromising his personal happiness. I hope that he knows our support remains unconditional and 110% committed.

    Angelica; Your beautiful photo art perfectly compliments this post.

    Dakgal; #54; Hmmm … a neckline tan you say and I’m thinking sunblock to protect that unblemished glowing complexion! (haha)

    Djafan; # 58; Keeping fingers crossed that you win! … Sure tempted to sign up for tickets myself but sadly there’s no chance of being able to go.

    SB, SF, Hooked and all going to MB concert; Is it too early to FedEx the lawn chairs with your names on it to MB venue because you really should have the front row seats RSVP’d given how crowded it’s going to be (lol) … be safe and hope you have a blast!

    Keeping in prayer those affected by the Joplin tornado … the photos are just unreal.


  81. MunkFOD said

    David may be quietly there, but he is a giant among them all.

    amb4da, thank you for sharing your dream and your thoughts. 🙂 You are right, we will always seek for more music from him, but always want him to be happy and find joy in his life. We will always want the best this life has to offer for him!

    So……. got this feeling welling up inside…. great times…… great accomplishments…… ahead. So grateful David listens to his inner voice and not only hears it but does something about it. That inner voice will guide him to greatness. Not that he is seeking greatness for himself, but it will come as he shares what he has been given. He will just happen as he brings happiness and hope to the world. 🙂


  82. MunkFOD said

    oops! it should say… “It” will just happen as he brings happiness and hope to the world.

    Hope you all have an awesome happy day!


  83. Amb4dja said

    Oh my…LOTS to catch up with here…the news, the pics, the posts…
    but only time now to “poke my head in” because I just read some more posts that were sent to my email (automatically when you have an article.) JIK I don’t get back to catch up before the thread changes, wanted to make sure I at least expressed that your comments continue to touch me… it’s nice to see what I was feeling and expressing came across and made a connection with you guys. But I also love that it gave everyone the chance to tap into their own feelings of unconditional fan support of David and express it here. It’s a good thing.
    I’m sure I didn’t quite articulate what I want to say now, but doing it on the fly and I know you guys get it. 🙂
    Tks for the kind words.
    ’til later (when I AM going to catch up!…ohh these pics!)~Good day All~~


  84. Suzy-Q said

    Yes, David is just “quietly there”. That’s our boy. So humble. Just talking about the show and how it brought them together. The others are desperatly trying to get their faces in the interviews and be in the spotlight. Actually they are normal acting artists but they recognize David’s popularity and say good things about him. I think that David went there so that he could see his old pals and meet some AI contestants that he admires. Kris seemed like a very humble person too. Nice guy. No wonder David likes him so much. That ninja move is hilarious! How many times have we seen David do that? I can think of at lest four.


  85. Suzy-Q said

    On a more serious note…two weekends ago, my son-in-law met up with over a thousand of his church members to help with the aftermath cleanup of the tornados in Alabama. He and the crew cut down damaged trees. I asked him about the rest of the debri. He told me that it looked like someone took everything in the path of the tornados, put it all into a blender and then opened the lid with the blender still running. It’s going to take bulldoziers to clean it up and then it will be burned. Nothing is salvageable. He said that the people were still in shock. He expected the people to help with hauling the trees off their property but they had just given up. So sad.


  86. betsy said

    New interview


  87. djafan said


    Your dream brought me to tears. What a dream.

    JR put this up, just the David part 🙂 Thank you JR!


  88. skydancer1x said

    85.Suzy-Q neighbors helping neighbors. How nice of him to join with the other members of his church to help. Strange you mention Alabama, as I just this morning,received the news that someone I have known for a long time, lost her 2 sisters,in that tornado last week. Now we have Joplin.And once again, you see neighbors helping neighbors.I was watching tv at the very time that the weather channel’s guy came upon the destruction,LIVE, mere minutes after it happened.(we were having a bad thunderstorm so I happened to have that channel on)I watched as he frantically described the scene, and then choked up and cried, just broke down.He was so choked up he could hardly talk.made me cry too.
    North Texas is heating up today and we are under a tornado watch here until 10pm tonite.Won’t say I am not nervous because I am.That tornado in Joplin was huge.So scary.

    ok, before I scare myself any more..

    86.Betsy, thank you for the link to the interview~Yea! there will be new songs and old songs, and covers(a couple)in M.B. videos, and more videos pleeeeeese!!YIKES! cannot wait!:)


  89. skydancer1x said

    Davids so laid back and cute♥ poor Matt in that video. calling David Adam!??probably went and banged his head against the wall after that mistake.
    Love Michael Johns comments
    “some people have more highs than lows” points to David♥
    and signing>>> “I’ll make this out to Andrew”
    haha sticking up for D! thanks Dja! 🙂


  90. Dakgal said

    Is it Saturday yet??????—Guess not! 😦

    Four more sleeps until D-DAY 😛

    Betsy #86–I started out the day as a perfectly normal person–then I read article and interview–now I have the shakes!! Thanks—–with a whole lot of day left.

    ♫♫ I gotta get through this ♫♫

    Blueberry Ice #80–Are you saying you want David to wear a shirt buttoned all the way to his chin?- Nah- His tanned face glows in that sumptuous shade of brown.

    Skydancer #88 Stay safe–I also was watching the Weather Channel when Bettis broke down, such devastation. It’s even hard to comprehend what you are seeing–


  91. Abrra said

    New vblog today! Watch in full screen at your own risk. 😉



  92. ray said

    hi all. he makes me smile and tear up at that same time,its hard to belive that ,that young man in the vlog is the same one who comes out on stage and performes like he does a total different person,and thats why we all love him like one of our own,do you get me


  93. MT said

    Ray, I know what you mean. So much to love about that blog. And I’m glad he’s announcing his upcoming performances now!

    And…”hope you like the green walls”
    LOL too funny. Love you, David ♥


  94. ODDity said


    What a lovely, poignant article you’ve written! It certainly reflects my own tender feelings and respect for David. Thank you!

    I seldom recall my dreams but do daydream a lot. For instance, I would love to run into David at the mall or in a restaurant and have him sit down for a meal with me. We would have a conversation about ordinary things, everything from A to Z, like I do with my grandsons. I’d love that!

    I think I missed congratulating Bebe for her last article, which was up to her usual high standards. Please forgive me when I don’t comment. I’m always deeply appreciative of the wonderful articles and subsequent comments.

    I find much beauty here and my heart grows ever fonder of David and all of you. ♥♥♥


  95. Dayzee said

    Wonderful to see David so bubbly. He is so excited for MB. I cannot wait to see the videos that will be coming from that event!! Is it possible that his fans are even more excited than David? So much electricity in the air. Another finger in the socket for us.


  96. SandyBeaches said

    Amb4da…I thoroughly enjoyed your dream story. So much about David seems to be in another realm that we even dream about it.

    Ah, just starting to put things together to take my post as a ninja in MB, not the video kind but hopefully we can find some interesting pictures, sightings and stories to tell all of you. When you pack you have to think about hot, very sunny, and rainy and yes maybe a hello card for David! I will tell him it is from everyone at The Voice who are anxiously waiting to see him in the videos and pictures. So that takes in a lot of people~~~

    But, sometimes we get awestruck and words leave us and we just can’t find the words but I will try. I have a feeling that there will be several people posting messages for this concert.

    Oh Dak, it is not Saturday yet. I have had to try to figure out what day it is several times today as we just had a long holiday weekend and it throws you off when you are counting the days!!! All of the tornadoes cause concern though with warnings continuing.



  97. Abrra said

    David in the front row tonight at Idol finale

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit Sammie Hollingsworth



  98. SandyBeaches said

    Everyone will be watching now for certain…



  99. Abrra said

    Feel free to text me ( or call ) with details all the time you are in MB. I’d be happy to post them here.



  100. SandyBeaches said

    Did you see David full screen? He looked awesome!!



  101. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    From my TV LOL



  102. SandyBeaches said

    David and David Cook finally at the same performance…but what an awesome ending if David had…well you know we are just waiting for him to be everywhere…



  103. Abrra said

    Found at AFS Some new ( ? ) photo shoot pics. I think these might be some photoshop edits from a tumblr fan.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Photographs by Walid Azami


  104. Heidijoy said

    Hey! I think the camera loves David. Thanks for capturing the photos Abrra! He looked so good and moved by the song Lauren sang.

    Excited for your trip SB! I think David is too!!


  105. emmegirl said

    Great vlog, a person could listen to him all day.
    1:45, that sideways grin he sometimes has ♥.
    Whomever it was that came in was distracting him a bit, lol!

    Betsy 86, thanks for that link, nice interview. I’m getting more and more excited everyday for MB! And the golf thing was interesting…think he could get any volunteers if he ever needs a caddy?


  106. Abrra said

    When David spoke about golf, the first thing that came to my mind was:

    A sport where he will not have screaming fans chasing him ! He would get great exercise and he can sing at the top of his lungs as he plays. 🙂



  107. Jan said

    Looks like Jeanette right behind David in the 1st picture. To his right,holding up a sign….Those pics of David are sooooo goood!!!! On big screen….WOW!!!! Went too fast….It would be so good if David could do a 2 hr special someday!!!


  108. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra…I have your ph# in my passport from a long time ago! If I find some interesting pictures I can send them from my phone right away.



  109. SandyBeaches said

    David was the most awesome person that the camera captured tonight…so the finale was OK.



  110. emmegirl said

    Abrra, I thought of that too. Serene surroundings, and very relaxing. Also a sport that requires you to focus and forget about everything else. I hope he has the time and gets a chance to learn.

    Good eye Jan.


  111. Dakgal said

    Hey!! I love golf–watch it on TV all the time–someone on this site a while back gave me some **** about liking it–now who could that be??? I won’t tell cause she has a magic wand.

    But anyhoo, I used to go golfing a lot– never any good tho—so would any one like to go with David and me in a foursome? I’ll let you know the tee time.


  112. emmegirl said

    dak, I’m lousy at golf…count me in!


  113. Dakgal said

    I just can’t help myself–now this is singing!!!

    Hope this works


  114. djafan said

    Wow Idol was awesome!!!!

    I saw David in all his amazinesssss! I don’t know what was going on though with all those people and some kids trying to sing, bunch of background noise, barely noticed though, I did see David on my TV ♥


  115. skydancer1x said

    Dak,I’d probably dig out a divot big enough to fall into, if David was standing there watching me swing at a golf ball, but boy I would jump at that opportunity any day!
    lol dak!
    Emme,me too I stink at golf. FORE!!

    great to log on after the storms here passed through and find David’s vlog. So glad he talked about Myrtle Beach. Going to be so wonderful!
    “you should come”…..David, its all we have been talking about for days!!!!haha. he looks so happy♥


  116. Suzy-Q said

    What a happy surprise to see David full screen on AI. I was glad that I recorded the show so I can look at it another hundred times. He looked so good!

    Did the judges give Lauren the “kiss of death” by declaring her the winner? Didn’t that happen to David and a few others?

    Skydancer, I hope you are OK. I watched the news after the AI show and was saddend to hear the tornadoes hit Texas and caused mass destruction. It’s really scary to see what’s going on in the world. Especially when it hits home.


  117. djafan said

    Loved the vlog, screen cap heaven ♥

    Golf?? I could see that, I hope he does take it up.

    Dak, and this ♥


  118. betsy said

    I have a fun little story. I worked late tonight, came home, watched the idol finale, and a few minutes ago went online. I had a message on facebook from an old friend. She sent me a video, lol. She never does that. Guess which one? Be Still My Soul, the first video we ever saw of David singing that. She kinda knew a little about him. Very little. But I about died when she said “I ran across this today, and it Blessed me. Beautiful!!!”
    Oh wow. She has no idea. Not one. She is in it now. Accidentally finding David videos.
    I promptly sent her Rexburg.


  119. Dakgal said

    OK —-Let’s go all the way–Hey these are actually making my eyes leak cry: Oh David, there are no words.


  120. skydancer1x said

    116.Suzy-Q I am fine, thanks. we only had to go to our ‘safe place’ once tonight in my location thank goodness.Pretty intense moments when our towns sirens went off, and you could hear sirens all over in the distance.Lots of hail, some areas of town got baseball size.We had quarter sized at my house.

    (I shoved each of the cats in ‘separate’ closets away from us. I wanted to survive.)


  121. betsy said

    Guess what? I really, really like David Archuleta.
    Like alot. Haha. (Idk what’s wrong with me.)
    Kinda spazzing a little here.
    Because just think. My friend posted this video on her FB page. She is not a fan. (well, she wasn’t) Her friends are now commenting that they love it. It’s a chain. He just digs into people’s hearts. Then they are toast.


  122. betsy said

    Oh Sky. So glad you are safe and sound. That is so scary.

    Dak – I was rereading COS last night and read the part where he talks about singing Imagine on AI. He said he could almost see the peace and spirtuality hovering over people’s heads when he sang it. He could feel it and knew they could too. ♥
    Thanks for posting it.
    Dja – In this moment. I love it.


  123. skydancer1x said

    time for sleep. Oh, I lost my satelite just after Cook started singing tonite. Did they show him finishing his song?Can’t believe he was on like the last 2 minutes or something.

    also, Suzy,thought the finale felt more rushed tonight. So many commercials on that show.and the Go-Go’s or whoever they were? I thought it was weird to tout Lauren as the winner tonight like that. Kiss of death is right.

    I loved how the camera caught David like first thing, then again after Lauren sang her last song.


  124. betsy said

    I didn’t remember until just a few minutes ago that my old friend lives about an hour from Joplin. She has been volunteering her time and helping collect necessary things for people. Now I know why she found BSMS.
    He doesn’t even know all the ways he helps people. It just keeps happening.


  125. skydancer1x said

    Dak, thanks for Imagine♥ The appreciative sounds coming from the audience throughout his performance still make me smile.intermittent waves of emotion from the people there,the whole time he was singing.He sounded like an angel that night.♥

    “and the best singer of season 7 is RIGHT THERE!”-randy


  126. gladys said

    Today at 6 pm was photocopying a record and I suddenly got an image.
    Scotty was singing angel and behind him, appears david (owner of the song) singing the same song. Scotty tries to accompany the song, but can not reach the baritone voice of David and let him singing alone.
    When David had finished singing, open your eyes and is receiving a standing ovation.

    Gladys: “Doctor, I sleep when I’m awake, is a symptom for concern?
    Doctor: “No. If the cause of his dreams is called david archuleta, I recommend you keep doing it.
    Gladys: – Why?
    Doctor: “For three years you do not visit me. I see you’ve changed, I see that you are happy. I recommend that you keep on dreaming, awake or asleep.


  127. djafan said

    Dak…leaking with you ♥

    Betsy, love love your little story.


  128. djafan said

    tj_fredette TJ Fredette
    Hoping the homeboy @DavidArchie gets me a follow after meeting him last weekend

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  129. djafan said

    Some tweets 🙂


    my inner david archuleta fangirl just came out when they showed him on the screen. i choked on my bread and then cried.

    NickJShowPart3 ♥

    Was that David Archuleta?! OH dayum hes hott.

    handymommy Danna

    Sabrina just caught a glimpse of @DavidArchie and was so happy! Forgot how much she adored him!

    Cindyluvzyou_13 Cindy Bieber

    Ahhh -high pitch girl scram- I saw David Archeletta in the crowed ❤

    @ElizabethThe: David Archuleta is still the best teen contestant from American Idol.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  130. Abrra said

    I am surprised that the nija fans here (/cough Djafan) didn’t mention that Jennette McCurdy was behind and to the right of David last night. She had on a black shirt or dress.

    Stealth Idol date perhaps? This would be funny if true because the camera went to the sign she was holding and David a few times. Hiding in plain sight. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  131. emmegirl said

    dja, any word on the KISS concert? 🙂

    Abrra, coincidence. I think not.

    Jimmer doesn’t tower over David as much as I thought he would. 🙂

    Betsy, love your story too…”it’s a chain.”

    Idol…NO ONE better than dja.


  132. Amb4dja said

    Playing quick catch-up this am. (came on last night to fangirl here after seeing David on Idol…spaaazzz!) and for some reason pics, videos wouldn’t show for me, had tech issues and shut down, but it’s all working again!

    Duffy’s video…<3 David. ❤ Lupe. Great interview. Love the points they made. You can see where David stands (on everything)quickly dismissing the Fame thing, "that can get old real fast!" Their positive encouragement about dreaming, striving, achieving…great for people of all ages.

    Idol party video…Adam?! realllly? — David's so chill. Takes it all in stride. David is the new cool.

    DJA #114 "Wow Idol was awesome!!!! I saw David in all his amazinesssss! I don’t know what was going on though with all those people and some kids trying to sing, bunch of background noise, barely noticed though, I did see David on my TV ♥"
    LOL…ditto. I was in heaven after one unexpected David glimpse….lit up the tv screen…and I wasn't expecting to see him! (I must have missed the beginning shot, I was in and out of the living room.)

    I will say Lauren was my favorite singer all season…but what was up with the Idol-pimping last night…it was uncomfortable to watch, kiss of death as you say, and felt so contrived like "Uncle Nigel" and company are up to something. But I still feel she may win it. (haha…tho', I've been wrong before.)

    but…good as she sang…every Finale pales so much in comparison to that night with David ….I recall literally feeling like my chest had been punched and all my breath knocked out of me.
    And every year when I watch I always go back there in my head…everything else always falls short to me.
    David's in a class of his own.

    Have a good day, all~


  133. KathyH said

    I *thought* that was Jennette.


  134. KathyH said

    Actually, I wonder if that is Jennette’s mom to the right of her. Looks sort of like her, although I do know that her mom is very sick right now.


  135. Tawna21 said

    emmegirl #131– that isn’t Jimmer… Jimmer is way taller than David–like 2′ taller.

    3 days ’til MB—-I’m concerned about the weather forcasts—-keep praying for a change to come. It sounds like David has some mighty tricks up his sleeve for this concert. Ninjas!! Are you ready? We are counting on you.

    Interesting Idol last night. My husband said the same thing when we watched it–Lauren will either get the sympathy vote, because of her voice problems, or she got the kiss of death. Personally, I liked what she did last night with her performances. You could tell her voice wasn’t 100%, but her spirit was at 110%. I almost felt like Scotty was more in her corner for her than he was in his own. She needs the Idol umbrella to jump start a career for her, Scotty is on his way without Idol. Hopefully, if he doesn’t win, he’s smart enough not to sign a contract with Jive/E19 (Scotty, contact David Archuleta for advice) THAT can become the kiss of death. IMO



  136. MunkFOD said

    emmegirl and Tawna, That is jimmers brother. 😀

    Idol last night? For me it was OK.. I would choose Lauren for singing with her heart. But I wasn’t blown away. not even close. Was fun to see David there. I am so looking forward to hear how things go tonight! Hope David blows everyone out of the water! Peeps need to remember “the voice” and feel the chills! Nothing like David live. 😀 and! it will be fun to see DavidFMusic play tonight! David’s bassist from CFTH tour!


  137. djafan said

    Munkfod, I had no idea who that was with David just that it was interesting that he wants David to follow him.

    Abrra, Jennette was there last night? I didn’t notice her at all lol.

    And sad to say, nothing from KIIS FM 😦


  138. djafan said

    Thank you JR! David AI face time!!!!


  139. skydancer1x said

    David had the sweetest look on his face after Lauren sang last night.
    uh, didn’t see them put the camera on anyone else in the audience (except family) for as long as they did on David♥
    Why is it I find David’s 3 songs from finale of his season,even more beautiful now than the night of his performance on that stage? I mean, I was in awe back then of how good he was that night, but now looking back, he truly was beyond belief.You can’t tell me that the powers that be, or were, did not realize the magnitude of Davids beauty and talent. They were probably all salivating outside Davids door, waiting to sign him and make him an overnight sensation.$$and mold him into the next teenie bopper love god. thank you David for staying true to yourself.


  140. djafan said

    Jambajim cracks me up. Mentioned David twice, go over to read his live blog, funny.

    MTV ‘American Idol’ Performance Finale: We’re Live-Blogging Now!

    Posted 17 hrs ago by Jim Cantiello in American Idol

    8:02 p.m.: Oh my heck, David Archuleta’s in the audience!

    8:54 p.m.: Lauren Alaina just stole the “Idol” crown for Scotty. At least, that’s what David Archlueta would like you believe with his Cheshire cat grin.


  141. djafan said

    American Idol Finale viewing party includes David Archuleta, Allison Iraheta

    When it comes to the best party in town for watching the American Idol Finale, the one that had Idols from former seasons is your best choice. In honor of the second part of the Finale, the Los Angeles radio station, KIIS is hosting a Wednesday night viewing party at the Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles. Included on the guest list are David Archuleta, Allison Iraheta and fans who have been winning tickets.


  142. FG said

    Amb4da -I love everything you said!

    I hope you are all doing well! I can’t wait to see videos from Myrtle Beach! AHHHHHHH!


  143. Jan said

    #130 Abrra,I noticed Jeanette and said so in comment #107. Guess no one seen the comment except #110, Emmegirl. She said I had a good eye. lol
    We’ve been under tornado warnings and watches since yesterday. This morning they were hitting all around us. They can just go away!! Scary!


  144. Abrra said


    Ah yes! I noticed her there when I rewound the David camera shot. I was teasing in my comment. 🙂

    Please take care and go to a shelter if the alarms go off? I know you said in chat the other night that you had a bathroom that was your safe room, but it sounds like bad place to be stuck.



  145. djafan said


    I AM GOING TO THE IDOL VIEWING PARTY TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH MY HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trying to get a grip hear hahahahaha


  146. djafan said

    Meant here not hear lol

    New York Post ‘Idol’ Watch: Ranking Every Finale

    Why #1?

    Hands down, the two like-named boys provided the closest competition out of all ten seasons and the most exciting finale since you could tell neither one held an ounce back as every note counted. The fact that a viral video of tween girls reacting to the most unpredictable results ever has remained in circulation three years later just goes to show what a landmark finale this really was.

    Cookie’s Best Song: “The World I Know”

    Archie’s Best Song: “Imagine”

    Read more:


  147. Abrra said

    For heaven’s sake bring a camera? LOL And take notes please??? I know he will mesmerize your mind, but think of us poor souls who can’t be there?

    Haha have a blast!!!



  148. Abrra said

    Idol Finale Red Carpet live stream. Its slow right now,but just you wait 🙂

    You can hold your left mouse button down and spin the view 360 degrees for a good view.

    Click the center mini screen INTERVIEWS to see them.



  149. djafan said

    Abrra, phones are charging!!!

    Daughter has Iphone 🙂


  150. MT said

    Dja, So excited for you!!! Can’t wait to see the pics and hear it all when you get back!! Have fun!


  151. archiesfan4life said

    Dja – so happy for you – can’t wait to hear all about it!


  152. Silverfox said


    So happy for you! Have a great time & make sure David sees you in the audience!

    This viewing party is the biggest excitement & best thing that has come from what is being hailed as the most boring finale of all ten seasons. I feel bad for those two young kids. But not bad enough to watch. And isn’t it a coincidence that the two finalists are from the youngest group of all the contestants since there was some doubt & grumbling about the wisdom of AI lowering the minimum age? Looks like AI manipulated the results AGAIN!


  153. skydancer1x said

    Dja!@!^$#*^&&*wooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    haha, have the best time ever! pics pics pics iphone video? anything! that is wonderful!
    tell D we love him!


  154. Abrra said

    I’ll add to this post as I find things.

    Starting off with a twitpic from the rehearsal for Idol party.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David arrives for the finale.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  155. emmegirl said

    Deeejjjjjaaay! Woo-hoo! Have a blast and like SF said, make sure he sees you!! We will be waiting!

    Third pic, that face and that hair!


  156. Abrra said

    Djafan is outside the venue for the viewing party! She just sent me this:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    This is across from the Nokia Theater. . She tells me she is with 1 of the admins from Archuleta Fan Scene, ArchieFanDoc and her hubby.

    The lobby.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David Archuleta AFS
    The viewing party theater.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David Archuleta AFS

    Djafan’s view of the stage. Note David’s keyboard 🙂
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Text from Djafan 10:49 pm
    TJRimes from KllS Is giving out prizes! Movie passes.

    David and a fan before the party
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Text from Djafan 11:01pm
    David is here!!!!!! Sitting behind the stage…saw him walking, can’t see him now.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David Archuleta & Allison Iraheta with @JoJoWright at @RegalLALIVE’s #IdolFinale viewing party These 2 prfrm later

    Text from Djafan 11:15pm
    Went to bathroom and saw him in lobby!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  157. Jan said

    Ok Abbra…dummy me for not knowing you were joking! haha
    Actually, the bathroom is the safest place to be. Any inside room in a basement is the best and that’s where my downstairs bathroom is.
    Can’t wait for pics of David tonight. David could of been the only entertainment on AI tonight and I’d been happy!!


  158. Abrra said

    I know it can be, but do you want to risk being stuck there? That was my point. I’d go to a shelter if it was me 🙂



  159. skydancer1x said

    Just logging on after the finale and I see we have some pics!

    Abrra the pics are gorgeous!GAH! Dja is so lucky to be there!
    Loving that jacket he has on, and the shirt, ok and the pants and the shoes
    are those boots or boot shoes or booties, or sneakers or what. They look comfortable.
    That face, that stunning black hair. I can hardly stand it.

    So,all of you going to Myrtle Beach….are you still breathing??


  160. Jan said

    Abbra..there aren’t any shelters to go to. You just take safety precautions in your own home. And that’s where they say is the safest place to go. It’s harder on people without basements, they just go to an inside room which is usually the bath room. And usually get in the bath tub, maybe with a mattress over them.
    Didn’t really care who won tonight, they are both good. But gave Lauren the edge since she’s a girl…sounding a little like ST! haha


  161. emmegirl said

    Thanks for the pics Abrra.

    This must be just David tonight, no band?


  162. Lynnella said

    #128, that picture is with Jimmer Fredette’s brother TJ. He’s a rapper. Also, Jimmer is only 6’2″, so that’s only 8″ taller than David. I think TJ is close to that size. So funny to me that anywhere David goes, he’s the star attraction. Love it.


  163. Heidijoy said

    Stay safe Jan!!

    Excited to hear music for David’s show tonight! Yea! for DJfan.


  164. emmegirl said

    So how many trips do you suppose dja is gonna take to the bathroom?


  165. skydancer1x said

    I am so mixed up on time..ok it’s only 8:35P in LA.

    can’t wait to see what David will sing tonite!eek

    smileymichelle looks like she is in shock bless her heart, but she sure got a great picture with David..he has happy eyes and smile.:)


  166. bebereader said

    Emmegirl, One trip and counting, so far. LOL

    Listen live at this link right now!

    They’re playing short clips from David’s and Alison’s interview.


  167. betsy said

    Hi guys!
    Good lord what I’ve missed. DJA!!!!!!
    He looks beautiful. Those pictures!
    I don’t care that I just got home and have to be up in less than 5 hours to open that store. This is too exciting.
    “No sleep till bedtime.”


  168. bebereader said

    Dja texted: “Watching Idol. Lady Gaga now…”
    Okay so apparently they are televising tonight’s finale for the audience members at the viewing party.

    Shhhh….Should the East Coasters spill the beans and announce the winner? haha Shhhhh


  169. bebereader said

    Twitvid of David and Alison, audio only.


  170. gladys said

    I’m listening to the radio at this link, I hope to be well placed


  171. Suzy-Q said

    Jan and Skydancer, I am glad you are OK. I know what you mean, Jan about not having a shelter close by. I don’t have a basement either and have to go into a closet. I store canned goods in that closet so I was thinking that I should take them out of there at least until tornado season is over. I live in Georgia and in the pathway of all storms coming from Alabama.

    Well, I was right about the “kiss of death”. I am not surprised. I actually didn’t care who won after Haley left but I know a lot of people here in Georgia wanted Lauren to win.

    DJA, I am so happy for you. Thanks for the photos.


  172. MunkFOD said

    HI! Has anyone heard any updates yet? just wondering if we are going to hear anything over the radio stream or not. they announced Scotty and now its just radio stuff… anyone know?


  173. gladys said

    I’m still waiting, but there is only music and more music, some updates, but nothing david


  174. bebereader said

    I’m going to take an educated guess and say that I don’t think we’re going to hear David’s performance. Dja just texted that Alison is performing now and there was no mention of it on the radio station.


  175. bebereader said

    Ah! The second I posted that comment they mentioned Alison’s performance but didn’t say that we’d hear it. Way to keep us listening.


  176. gladys said

    aimelobsnick: RT @callmerizza: Saw Allison Iraheta and @DavidArchie! David sang Crazy, Crush, and a bit of I’ll Be. My memory card was sort of a fail though!

    i saw this twitter, bedtime to me, chau


  177. @DavidArchie’s CRAZY Idol Viewing Party thanks to AFDFanScene –

    Be prepared to be daid, seriously!


  178. CRUSH, again thanks to AFDFanscene


  179. I’LL BE

    All 3 vids from AFDFanscene

    There is another set from Monica (no Crazy yet, though as ma typing this) — closer but darker


  180. betsy said

    Wow JR, Thank you. That Crazy was so good, how on earth? Does he?


  181. MunkFOD said

    HI! and wow! thats all wow! ………… David ! thanks!


  182. emmegirl said

    That Crazy will put you over the edge! It was Crazy and more. Are you kidding David! Words cannot describe it. The notes that flow out of his mouth. A voice that is a musical smorgasbord. Not even talking about the attitude.


  183. Everytime he sings Crazy, he leaves me breathless. But this Crazy is quite different.

    He has transcended the perfectly technical aspect of his singing. In its place, he risked sounding more vulnerable… more raw…

    And the result is that he came as more real. Sublime pathos.

    For me this is his best rendition of Crazy, so far Well, of course that excludes the Hollywood version that we may never see 🙂

    For people going to MB – hope you realiza how lucky you are for being the 1st batch to see his maiden all out venture with his new band. He said he will do some of the familiar music but put a twist to them and then some new sound… YAY!


  184. Suzy-Q said

    I love those videos of David. The picture is fuzzy but David’s voice comes across so loud and clear. As Steven Tyler would say, “That’s beautiful, man”.


  185. I made MP3s of the Idol Viewing Party vids, justthe song parts



  186. CRUSH

    I’LL BE



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