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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Archive for April 1st, 2011

Who He Is

Posted by djafan on Friday, April 1, 2011

David Archuleta graced us with another video blog yesterday saying what could have been said in half the time, yet in typical David fashion, he would go on.  blah blah blah blah blah.  For 8 minutes and 37 seconds to be exact, talking about building foundations for the future.  Yawn.  I’m so over him.

That’s the best I can do for the gag fest that typically marks the 1st of April, because for me, this is a day for keeping it real.

The charuth is, he had me at buenos dias. I really meant and need to say that in typical David fashion, he exceeded all expectations. He is in control of his destiny and it showed in every poorly lighted frame of his video blog. If I had to find a fault that would be my only one, not enough attention to the aesthetics of good lighting. We have to make screen caps and collages with this stuff, dude, work with us here! Never mind. I can’t complain. He gave us the scoop and let us into the workings of his genius and it was a beautiful thing to see even in the poorest of light. Behold, the solid foundation he is laying:

This time around, he is hand-picking the band and keeping them close together, close to the action in his home base of LA.

He wants to work as often as he can with them to get, as he put it, the “vibe,” “feel” and “chemistry” just right, so he can “feel inspired by the people I’m working with on stage.”

He is writing alone now to find out “what David is.” When he figures out what he wants to say and how he wants to say it and gets more skilled at it, he will collaborate with other writers again. Until then, this is his time to find out what he is capable of creating, without outside persuasion, from the depths of his own beautiful soul.  Very smart move.  I swear he slays me.

He wants to sometime do a vlog during a  jam session with his band and let us actually watch the process.   I declare he will be the death of me.

To that end, (being the end of me) he proceeded to write a song on the piano, using keys in the lower scale he never uses to write with but which he finds himself suddenly liking. He sings in his elfin tongue words that are unintelligible to the human ear but nevertheless, enchanting.  I know he will be my demise.  I’m willing to live with that for as long as I can.

One more thing and this is the best part of this whole excellent vlog for me. Music is the universal language but he takes that metaphor even further.  He describes the different genres of music as separate and unique languages in themselves. You can hear him in the video but I will record it here in his own words because he gets this so right it’s scary.

“Before I had some really great musicians and band members that I was really learning from…you know, really great pop, great at doing pop stuff. It’s almost like they, in a music sense, they, the past members I’ve had, spoke English and Spanish.  But now, I’m trying to learn more languages, like these band members will speak five or six different languages.  So I want to broaden my horizon as a musician and learn to speak those languages or different cultures of those different sides of music.”

What musical languages he will learn in the days ahead is what keeps me hanging on for dear life.

“You have to get a sense of who you are before you can know what decisions to make. “

David Archuleta ~ March 31, 2011







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