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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Art Gallery

Posted by SandyBeaches on Monday, March 21, 2011

Fight or Flight ~ Saskia Ozols Eubanks ~ Oil on Canvas

If you would like to go on a musical journey of the mind with me, then let’s leave right away.

We are journeying through the steps of the making of the classical video ‘Wild Horses’. This is an amazing, ageless piece of artwork that we will be celebrating. On this journey we will travel through three passageways until we reach the final moments in pictures and in song. As we mindfully stroll along to the first doorway, we hear the words of a song that may have been written to tell the story of unwavering love and devotion that lasts throughout time into eternity. After lingering for awhile, we are drawn to pass through and journey on.

We must travel more quickly as the story unfolds, stopping at the next doorway where we are met face to face with an angelic voice that creates  the heartfelt story. At this point we begin to realize how amazing the combination has become of the song and the singer. A warm and gusty wind swirls around us as we make our way through the doorway, seemingly caught up in the emotions of the moments.

We have arrived at the third doorway, one that is designed uniquely in a style of its own, both beautiful and strong, with a bit of mystique. This is a hint of the mystique that has been created in the video that brings the words, the voice and the pictures of the subject together in profound beauty. This fine piece of work has come from one artist then on to another and on to another, describing a single artist and giving to us a masterpiece.

It is time to present to you the video ‘Wild Horses’, title song written by The Rolling Stones, sung by Susan Boyle and created by Strangerphilosophy with the subject of our lifelong musical journey, David Archuleta.

This video reminds me of walking into an art gallery where you stand before each picture and gaze at it curiously, interpreting for yourself what the painter is expressing with each stroke of the brush or each hue of the paint. With this video, each of the forty-four frames or more, has an impressive story to tell. I have my own interpretations of the story within the video and this song itself has been interpreted a few times before.

This exquisite piece of work is one that I have listened to several times, each time realizing something new about the subject and the artistry of the video. Now, listen to the words, study each frame and you will discover the story yourself, because there truly is one. In its simplest form it is a metaphor for the relentless passage of time, yet in the end, love is eternal and joy is our destiny. When I read or hear this song, without hesitation I interpret the creator of the video is conversing with the subject, making it seem so real. The video represents the early life of the artist, David Archuleta, as an incomparable talent and a uniquely compelling individual.

115 Responses to “Art Gallery”

  1. heidijoy said

    Thank you for the beautiful and artistic piece,SB. Love the words the picture and the video by Strangerphilosophy. The song by Susan is beautiful too. I love David’s expressiveness and piercing eye contact. He is always so PRESENT in everything he does. You are so talented SB and I love how you take us on a journey. I will definitely be going on this trip with you more than once.


  2. TOfan said

    you have such a poetic way of expressing yourself. Thanks for this post! I confess, I’m not a big Susan Boyle fan (although I find her story inspiring)… I do love that Rolling Stones song, however, and the lovely artwork you’ve chosen.

    Such a vibrant, creative, fun fan base, proud to be a part of it! Thanks, SB &


  3. Tawna21 said

    SB~~Thank you, once again, for a journey. It’s Monday morning, and the real world is upon us. It’s so nice to be able, through your words, pictures, and the video, to leave this space for a brief time. David does have us on a journey, and he is the captain, the navigator, and the flight control. We are not in control at all. We are here just to follow along, wonder (at times with awe), and enjoy where he takes us. Most of us are impatient and keep wondering ‘are we there yet’. No, we aren’t there yet. I don’t know that we ever will be ‘there’. We are on the ride of our lives. David will teach us patience.

    SB, sometime when you are here in Utah, you should take some time to visit the renowned Springville Art Museum. There are some amazing collections in there. Admittedly, I don’t go there very often, but when I do, I am amazed at what is there.



  4. SandyBeaches said

    Heidijoy, you have been on a few trips with me already whether it has been for absolute real or through our imaginations. If David was into singing something simple then there might not be any imaginations at all. But, he doesn’t do it that way as we sometimes even try to decipher his tweets. I have always loved cartoons and so does he, so does that contribute to our imagnations? I believe so…

    TOfan, I believe that what I like the most about the video is what is being said to David. I did not say that very poetically but for certain, we see the reply in David’s pictures. Everyone else looks like they are just simply singing.

    Tawna, all of your comments and TOfan’s and Heidijoys seem to be a part of the article. My friends, when will I see you again? Hey, we don’t just miss David. I know that the only way that I could make you smile or laugh is to have good news so don’t go far, it will happen.



  5. Dakgal said

    SB–Just touching on the surface , I’ll tell you why this video holds me spell bound.

    It combines two of the most magnificent creatures that God ever put on earth. First, I have always loved horses, they fascinate me with their beauty. Second, David, he fascinates me with his beauty.

    Taking your words out of context( sorry).

    “both beautiful and strong, with a bit of mystique. This is a hint of the mystique that has been created in the video that brings the words, the voice and the pictures of the subject together in profound beauty.”

    Yet, both creatures are vulnerable and your heart knows it.

    Beautiful job -SB- Great subject for this spring morning ( I have been pondering it for 3 hours now ) I’ll tackle the meaning of the words when I can get past the visual.


  6. SandyBeaches said

    Dakgal, I am right there with you loving the horses. There is a place in the video I believe starting at 2:14 where David’s head is bent and he has the microphone and then in the next frame, is the picture of the horse with his head in the same position. I don’t know why but that grabs me and gives me a shiver. It is the power of the horse who seems to provide absolute protection.

    Yes, haha, they are both beautiful.



  7. SandyBeaches said

    Dakgal…I want to be more exact. Look at 2:28-2:32, that is stunning to me. Then look at the 3:00 minute mark and it looks as if David is actually playing the piano for that part of the song. You just don’t see videos with so much depth and meaning…



  8. djafan said


    What a beautiful journey it’s been so far and to think that we are just at the beginning. You’ve illustrated with words beautifully describing what Angelica captured with this video, the magical trip we’re on with David leading the way and sharing his soul through music with us. I’m in forever.

    David tweets!

    Seeing all these people riding their bikes in the morning makes me really miss riding a bike. about 2 hours ago via txt Retweeted by you and 100+ others


  9. Dakgal said

    SB–I think each and every frame in this video was carefully selected and placed at just the right time. I don’t know how long this took Angelica to search and find the most fitting picture or clip, but she couldn’t have done better in a thousand years. Truly priceless. And deserves the attention and light you have shed in it.


  10. bebereader said


    Add this to your repertoire of fascinating articles! As a frequent flyer of The Voice Unplugged I’m always in agreement with you when you request or ask for another helping of “Wild Horses” because it’s one of my favorites, too.

    But it wasn’t until you wrote this article that I realized that the video, with it’s hauntingly beautiful pictures of David, combined with the lyrics by the Rolling Stones and Susan’s voice takes us on a journey.

    “In its simplest form it is a metaphor for the relentless passage of time, yet in the end, love is eternal and joy is our destiny. ….. The video represents the early life of the artist, David Archuleta, as an incomparable talent and a uniquely compelling individual.”

    Thanks, SB, for showcasing the talents of strangephilosophy aka Angelica in this article. This one is a keeper!


  11. bebereader said

    Get your TOSOD mug!
    3 styles/3 songs to choose from: STR, TOSOD or Elevator

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Here’s the site:


  12. Dakgal said

    Re: Davids tweet-

    Hey David, go back to Walmart, buy a bike -you have earned it. Throw on a hoodie, helmet and some shades and go for a nice ride around the neighborhood- no one will ever guess you are Ricky Archuleta!


  13. Dakgal said

    PS- Whatever you do –DON’T SMILE ( dead giveaway)


  14. Marylee said

    “You know I can’t let you just slide through my hands” ~ the lyric that stands out for me.
    ~I saw my comment from a year ago at YouTube when I first watched Angelica’s haunting video. No surprise that I cried again today while I watched. This journey with David has been incredible~full of ups & downs and, not gonna’ lie, some restless nights for me but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. He has brightened my life & inspired me more than I ever imagined anyone could. Thanks for another beautiful article SB ❤


  15. Jan said

    SB, the story, the video, the song…all of it put together is nothing but awesome!! Makes me miss him on stage all the more. Can’t wait to see him live again.


  16. SandyBeaches said

    Marylee, that’s why I love the video, it takes in so much of the then and now!

    Dak…what can I say, you made me laugh and boy that was so good….



  17. jackryan4DA said

    Hi Lovely Peeps!

    This is OOT but I just skimmed the last 5 threads (still catching up w/ work) and 2 things caught my eye immediately

    1. To davidstopsmyaging – the poem VISUALIZE is a masterpiece! Thank you for sharing. The verses are so lyrical, all they need is a melody 🙂

    2. Saw some TC messages for peeps in Asia. As you can see now, am fine. Pinoy Archies are fine, except for those w/ families in Japan. Actually had an earthquake this afternoon while at work (it’s 3:45am now). It wasn’t bad but am sure the metro is all agog what w/ all the tsunami alerts.

    That’s all I want to say for now. Just didn’t want anyone to worry unnecessarily.

    TC guys. Hugs to y’all. Don’t 4get to hug your loved ones 🙂

    ps: a, still grinning since this afternoon after learning that David’s blimp ride turns out to be a date! Now we know why there won’t be any videos, right? LOL! CYL!


  18. bebereader said

    credit: Archiedorable

    So Ryan, When are you having David on the show this season?


  19. PaulaFOD said

    Great article SandyBeaches! What a wonderful thing to follow a true artist like David! Can’t wait to see where the journey takes us!


  20. Dakgal said

    jackryan4DA—#17– ” ps: a, still grinning since this afternoon after learning that David’s blimp ride turns out to be a date! Now we know why there won’t be any videos, right? LOL! CYL!”

    Someone needs to ‘splain this to me–how do people “know” this stuff? Rumor or fact?

    Pardon me , this is my spam day–I am now leaving the building ( for a while).


  21. poof said

    SB Thanks so much for again sharing this spectacular video. A huge realization struck me while watching it a second (perhaps third) time, David is physically beautiful! Ok,,,, I knew that,,,, of course,,,,, but I personally get so caught up in the beauty inside him that I forget to really See the outside. You sure can’t miss it in this video! Thanks SB, for putting it all together.


  22. SandyBeaches said

    Dak…the rumor is currently under investigation and someone will make mention of it…wait a TWEET from the subject of the rumors…



  23. Silverfox said

    SB, will comment on your wonderful article in a minute..but first had to bring this picture of David in the Blimp…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  24. Silverfox said

    More, this time a group photo…



  25. Silverfox said

    This is from the Goodyear Facebook…

    This past January, American Idol favorite David Archuleta posted a blog on YouTube stating that his biggest New Year’s wish was to fly in a blimp. We thought it would be great fun to make his wish come true, and last Friday it did as David and five of his friends took to the skies in the
    Spirit of America. Pilot-in-Charge Jon Conrad flew them along the scenic route up the California Coast along the Palos Verdes peninsula, and for over an hour he was rewarded with a private performance from David and his friends as they sang a medley of hit songs a cappella. A highlight of the once-in-a-lifetime flight for David was watching a pod of dolphins playing and chasing the SOA’s shadow on the water as it passed overhead.

    Thanks for riding with us David! We enjoyed having you!

    So David took 5 friends with him, NOT JUST LadyV whic should shush the rumors. 😆


  26. SandyBeaches said

    I was about to say this morning…watch out I have written an article and here we go, there’s going to be something going on….

    So, there will be more!



  27. bebereader said

    Those pics made me smile! Here’s the third and last:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    SB#26 Isn’t that always the way? LOL


  28. davidstopsmyaging said

    Such cute pictures of David!! It’s great to see him with friends, just being a normal young person enjoying life. Well, maybe riding on a blimp is not a “normal” activity for most people, but…….. for David it is:) He looks so happy—-He must have had a blast.

    Such a beautiful article, Sandy Beaches.

    JackRyan—thanks for the compliment. It’s funny, because I was thinking about you, and missing seeing your name. Maybe our brainwaves connected: ZAP!


  29. djafan said

    SF and Bebe,

    Those picture made my day!!!! David looks so happy, looks like the Goodyear staff got Davidized 🙂

    SB, I say you need to write an article for every Monday 🙂 🙂 🙂


  30. Silverfox said


    Your article is another exquisite piece of art in itself along with one of my very favorite tribute videos dedicated to David.

    I especially love how you interpret & describe the meaning of the song and how it relates perfectly to David in the last few sentences…

    “In its simplest form it is a metaphor for the relentless passage of time, yet in the end, love is eternal and joy is our destiny. When I read or hear this song, without hesitation I interpret the creator of the video is conversing with the subject, making it seem so real. The video represents the early life of the artist, David Archuleta, as an incomparable talent and a uniquely compelling individual”.

    Simply beautiful!

    And just as I’m in awe of David and his immense talent and beauty, so am I of your creativity and how you are able to bring words & imagery to life. Exquisite article, gorgeous video, and a hauntingly beautiful song..a fitting tribute to David.


  31. SandyBeaches said

    I awoke around 3 am like I always do after Angelica says that my article is going to be posted in the night. After we talk about the artwork that will accompany the article, she always has a surprise. This time it was the ‘third doorway painting’…

    I would like to pass along to you one of the meanings of the horse or horses to the video. Due to its natural companionship with man in both work and art, the Horse has a special seat in history, ranking high marks of honor, reverence and symbolism.

    With great recognition and accomplishments, a vast and diverse trail of symbolic meanings follow the Horse’s rich history with humankind.

    A summary of prevalent symbolic meanings for the horse include: Power, Grace, Beauty, Nobility, Strength and Freedom.

    Throughout widespread cultures, the Horse has been assigned the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.

    So thank you Angelica, the single horse in the video and in the doorwway painting, has become a perfect symbol beside David.

    So, the real meaning of “Wild horses could not drag me away”, is powerful.

    Hey, you didn’t know that it could get that deep, quite a contrast to the news.



  32. SandyBeaches said

    SF, thank you for your very kind comments.

    The last few sentences were composed by Angelica and myself. Sometimes she has the perfect ending and other times I do, but this time we both contributed.



  33. SandyBeaches said

    My mistake, I should not have used the word ‘perfect’ but better yet ‘preferred’. Now where did I get the word ‘perfect’ from?



  34. heidijoy said

    SB Thanks for the additional lessons. We’re still paying attention. Thanks to you and Angelica!! Like I said before, I will be re-reading and listening so the depth and beauty of you gals and David can be appreciated even more.

    Nice to have renewed energy of as we continue this journey.


  35. Dakgal said

    Like the bad penny I’m back. Thanks SF and Bebe for bring the blimp pics to us– they just tickle me right down to my gizzard! The one of David inside the cabin–well his smile almost takes up the whole window.

    His excitement and happiness are contagious–even three days later.He is a perfect example of ” what goes around -comes around”. Of all the good things he has done , it certainly was his turn.


  36. MT said

    SB I love the article, and I so admire your elegant way of expressing yourself. It’s the perfect accompaniment to Angelicas fabulous video. I’ve never seen it before, but I will definitely be watching it again and again.

    And I love the pics from the Blimp ride, especailly the one holding up the blimp. haha So Cute!! He looks so happy. ♥ Glad he got to share it with friends.


  37. emmegirl said

    SB, Angelica – SF beautifully expressed what I was feeling so I just want to echo her words if I may. Thank you so much for the thought provoking and compelling video and article. The talent in this place blows me away.

    dakgal “PS- Whatever you do –DON’T SMILE ( dead giveaway)”…lol!!!

    JR, nice to see you and to know that all is well.

    I never really thought about wanting to take a blimp ride till now…frolicking dolphins and acappella David. What a ride it must have been for all.


  38. Angelica said


    I have hesitated commenting on your heart-felt article, not wanting to take any of the credit for your post. But I am truly flattered that you would think enough of my video to write an article about it and so thank you very much! I love the way you take us on a journey through three portals that end in a song that tells the story of “unwavering love and devotion.” I guess that’s what it is for me and why wild horses couldn’t drag me away from this man we’ve all come to feel we know and know we love.

    Love that smile in those blimp pics! He is one happy camper in the copilot’s seat giving the V sign and grinning from ear to ear. Like dakgal, it “just tickles me right down to my gizzard” to see him so happy. Later that day…the excitement of Wal Mart and grilling steaks! 😆

    No one has mentioned the GENUINE work of art that is the lead picture in the article: the painting of the horse by Saskia Ozols. She is wonderful.


  39. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you MT, the video is already a classic.

    I believe that there is more to the story of the Blimp trip than meets the eye. We will soon see perhaps! I don’t dare speculate but he is working very hard on his career foundation. Hmmm…



  40. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica, each time I came by to read the comments I thought about everything by first scrolling to the top and looking at the painting. I thought about the title “Fight or Flight” and just what it meant.

    I did get into the symbolic meaning of horses, I know, but I found it so interesting and it explained to me why I was drawn to the beautiful horses and theIr connection to David.

    But being upstaged by a Blimp? Now that I won’t touch, haha. Perhaps the Blimp held the story of his future…



  41. djafan said


    Power, Grace, Beauty, Nobility, Strength and Freedom.

    These words just jump out at me, they describe David to me. I read your article, watched the video and went on the musical journey smiling and feeling good. Now, after reading your comment in #31, these words, the symbolism, and now watching the video again is really an intense experience with David at the center of it all.


  42. Angelica said


    Forgot to say I loved your comment about the symbolic and actual importance of horses in human history. They have always represented to me everything you say in your comment #31, “Power, Grace, Beauty, Nobility, Strength and Freedom,” and something more. I have for a long time secretly associated them with artistic expression. I had a dream many years ago that was so profound to me it has never left my memory. I am walking along a deserted road carrying a pony in my arms, tears streaming down my face. I am crying so hard as though my heart is breaking between sobs calling out for God not to take away my “art.” I am afraid he will take my “horse” that I am hugging so tightly but I know that I mean “art” and that the horse is just the living symbol for it. I remember how fiercely I hugged that horse to my bosom and though it was heavy and I stumbled under the weight, I loved it so much I couldn’t let go. Ever since then art and horse have become entwined in my mind. Dreams are funny things but can have a powerful and lasting effect on one. Don’t know why I shared that except that I think it is something you may be interested in and appreciate, since you feel so strongly about horses too and the video.

    Your post upstaged by a blimp? No way. Now if he were to announce a tour, that would be a different matter entirely! 😛


  43. jackryan4DA said

    SB – such an inspired article! I so appreciate how you wove the song, the art pieces, the horses’ attributes and David w/o foisting your own interpretation on us.

    ANGELICA – (doing a “we’re not worthy” stance) You outdid yourself again, my dear! SB’s words in your motion piece is magical 🙂


  44. jackryan4DA said

    Sorry in advance if this has been posted but aside from HEYA, two more DA-penned song came up @ HFA but not yet in ASCAP

    HFA Song Code: W4725I
    Publisher Represented By HFA
    Artist Album

    (2) NOTICE ME
    HFA Song Code: N42385

    And most of the TOSOD trax are registered under HFA



    3. LOOK AROUND L68026

    4. NOBODY KNOWS N4022Z


    6. HEYA H49930


    8. GOOD PLACE G3767F



    11. NOTICE ME N42385

    12. LAST THING (IF ONLY), THE L7102Y


    14. FALL DOWN F4177E

    15. PARACHUTES P5888T

    See, our man has been busy!


  45. jackryan4DA said

    davidstopsmyaging – hey thanks for thinking of me 🙂 Well archies/arch angels are kindred spirits so am not surprised hehe

    SF – I miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! [NOTE: See that! How can I miss someone I have not even met?!] But I do, muwah!


  46. Abrra said

    “This fine piece of work has come from one artist then on to another and on to another, describing a single artist and giving to us a masterpiece.”

    I am a fan of all these artists and of you SandyBeaches! Very nice article.



  47. (((SB))) Love your beautiful way with words…. thank you!

    The blimp pics are joyful!!!

    Sending you all a big Canadian (((hug))


  48. refnaf said

    oops That is me^^^^^ refnaf, started a blog to go with my upcoming website an forgot to switch to my David name, lol!!!


  49. Angelica said

    Refnaf aka Thornbush,

    LOL! I hope you will give us the link to your website when you get it up. I assume it has to do with your jewelry designs and I can’t wait to see what you have created! 🙂


  50. djafan said

    Hello refnaf!!!!

    David is a busy man, I personally love his quote of the day.

    # DavidArchie

    Another pretty busy day today. Nice weather this morning! 2 minutes ago via txt Retweeted by you and 25 others

    # DavidArchie

    ..the choices you’ve made- not the ones they made.” 9 minutes ago via txt Retweeted by you and 100+ others

    # DavidArchie

    “Be kind and courteous to everyone- no matter what they do to you. Because at the end of the day you have to sleep with all… 10 minutes ago via txt Retweeted by you and 100+ others


  51. djafan said

    David’s facebook continues to be updated.

    Blimp pictures and now a band page

    and ustream page!/davidarchuleta?sk=app_113975961996133

    Very interesting 🙂


  52. Angelica said

    Updating his facebook page and new pics? I can’t look at the work yet but will shortly. And a ustream page? 😯 Oh this is gonna be good. 8) Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from this foundation building in progress. However long it takes, I’m just gonna sit back with a cold beverage and watch it all unfold. Anybody got a nice video to post? 😆


  53. SandyBeaches said

    Good afternoon,

    I never promised you a rose garden, but I think that I can promise you news and David’s ninjas did just that with all the searching that goes on. What good fans…

    Thanks to Jan, (we do miss him on stage so very much), PaulaFOD, Poof and Emmegirl for stopping by and enjoying Angelica’s video and our stories that go with it.

    JR, it is so good to have you back and thank you for bringing to us the list of songs #44 which David is obviously a big part of.

    Thornbush, (refnaf) what can I say? I thought that there was a brand new poster in our midst. I am disappointed, ah no I’m not.



  54. Blueberry Ice said

    Sandybeaches and Angelica; What an intellectually stimulating and visually striking smorgasbord of fabulousness in this post! Ditto to all the insightful and wonderful comments thus far. I am so glad to be on board for this magical journey and to witness David, the master artist, a dynamic living masterpiece in the making.

    Sandybeaches; This past weekend while enjoying the beauty of the Hawaiian beaches, I felt inspired to try my hand at writing a Haiku poem. When I was done, I realized somehow I had incorporated your name. 🙂 Then when your post came out, I felt compelled to share it with you. To borrow from David, “what the random?”, right?

    Gentle waves cradling striking sunset
    Toes caressing warm beads of translucent sand
    Mesmerizing reflections of sandy beaches

    Emmegirl; From the previous post, I just wanted to say wowza and a gazillion thank you for posting those awesome videos … absolutely made my day!

    Lastly, I can’t get over this feeling of excitement of what lies ahead for David …


  55. PaulaFOD said

    Does anyone know the origin of the quote David tweeted today?:

    “Be kind and cureous to everyone, no matter what they do to you. Because at the end of the day, you have to sleep with all the choices you made – not the ones they made.”

    I was just curious—it’s so true. I always told my daughter that she could always be grateful that she was responsible for her own actions and not the actions of others and to respond accordingly.

    Hope you are all having a great day!


  56. PaulaFOD said

    Ooops…courteous….not cureous….


  57. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica, wow, your dream. I think that it was more than a dream and as you know, great songs and stories have been written following dreams. You had my curiosity going so I found this in…

    “Native Americans believe the Great Spirit delivers visions to the dreamer that inspire and guide the soul. One might consider dreams to be a healthy and natural GPS tracking system that Creation has given us to help us reach our fullest potential”. These are just a few of the interesting thoughts that have been written. It was an amazing dream.



  58. SandyBeaches said

    Blueberry Ice, thank you for the lovely Haiku poem (I found the definition)!! I will have it written out and it will be treasured! Our family has been talking about a vacation in beautiful Hawaii…Our hearts are always with those who have suffered such a great tragedy over these last several days.

    It was inspiring here last night with pictures and messages coming to us about David and his exciting flight on the Blimp.

    Thank you for your kind comments.



  59. Abrra said

    I clicked on your name and it got me to your blog. Nice Refnaf!



  60. djafan said

    Don’t like this tweeter but band auditions!!!!!


    Bf is auditioning for david archuleta, FML, I hate his music n that’s all we’ve been listening too.. Wtf -_-


  61. bebereader said

    JR#17 Was worried about all the Asian fans when we heard about the earthquake in Japan. Glad to finally hear your ‘voice’!

    Thank you for the list of songs! A lot of these songs are probably leftovers from TOSOD. You know how we’re always saying how David could make a few albums with all the songs that were rejected by Jive? Maybe we’ll get to hear them, after all, along with some new ones! I kept a list of all the writers David worked with and most of the names are on that list!


  62. bebereader said

    American Idol: Celebrating 10 Years (The Official Backstage Pass) is a new book for sale on Amazon.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    According to the site “Something ‘Bout Archie”, David ‘is in it a ton.”

    Product Description

    Be an Idol Insider with the Official Book Celebrating 10 Years of American Idol

    Straight from the photo vault of America’s number-one show, American Idol: Celebrating 10 Years, is the official photographic celebration of the first ten years of the television show that changed the face of music and popular culture throughout the world. Vaulting contestants from obscurity to mega stardom in a sensational display, this book celebrates the countless memorable moments over the past decade. With more than seven hundred images–beginning with Kelly Clarkson from the season one finale, to highlights of fan favorites, zany auditioners, the judge’s best moments, and everything in between–this book is the ultimate visual history of American Idol. Many never-before-published images from behind the scenes, on stage, in the dressing room, and unforgettable performances, make this collection the ultimate collector’s item for every American Idol fan.

    About the Author
    Shirley Halperin is a longtime music journalist who has covered American Idol since season one for no fewer than seven outlets, including Us Weekly, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Teen People, and the Los Angeles Times. She’s currently the music editor at the Hollywood Reporter, where she continues to write about the show via the magazine’s Idol Worship blog.


  63. emmegirl said

    Did I hear auditions? Yaaahoooooo!!


  64. Dakgal said

    Well, what a perfectly poopy day, weather wise, sorry no other way to describe it!

    Someone call Mother Nature and tell her its spring !! Good ol lightening and thunder storm last night, it poured. Today more rain and thunder and gloomy skies. Tonight 2″ of snow. Waaaah

    So much for the weather report.

    Auditions eh? That little Sneaky Pete probably already has a manager and is planning something really, really sneaky. Now that pushes my excitement button.

    The only thing that made this day bearable was his videos and this site. We need some action around here today ( is everybody sleeping?)

    Abs –how about a picture or two to get the blood moving!


  65. SandyBeaches said

    It is so quiet in David’s fandom tonight. One little Blimp flight does not keep us for long!!

    Maybe someone will post a video by David for us!! I would do that but they haven’t been coming through for me…and So It Goes!!



  66. SandyBeaches said

    Oh Dak..what would we do without you?

    I have been trying to think of something to liven the spirits and yes..a picture or two would be great. Abs might be asleep but our in-house Night Owl might be nearby!



  67. Dakgal said

    Yeah! SB–And So It Goes


  68. kaycee said

    I’ve been busy with Spring Break and kids this past week, and I have missed my quiet time here. I knew there would be wonderful things awaiting my return!…and I wasn’t disappointed! SB, beautiful article–I am always touched by your gift with words. And Angelica, how can I have never seen that video?…it’s amazing.


  69. Dakgal said

    Dang!! That was supposed to embed–oh well

    A few more thoughts on spring–you know– the nice warm sunshine-gentle breezes-flowers blooming–birds chirping ( they don’t tweet or twitter anymore)–they don’t have fingers.

    So now tonight the flowers and shrubs and trees are going to freeze their little buds off.

    I’m going to scout up another video and try embedding again

    I’ve disliked that word “embedded” ever since the first Gulf War–when all the media was embedded–much over used word. Made them sound terribly important.

    If nothing else–abs will get out her wand and smack me one.

    Oh! Look up in the sky–it’s a bird–a plane–NO–it’s flying monkeys–Ok abs I quit.

    I feel feisty tonight!


  70. Abrra said

    Ladies, you can always go to UNPLUGGED and chat if you need therapy 🙂

    Here is some David sweetness 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  71. Abrra said

    I fixed your video. Be sure to copy the SHARE link below the video. You had copied something with extra characters and it was not going to work.



  72. Dakgal said

    Therapy? Who needs therapy–we are way beyond help anyway.

    I asked for pictures–I didn’t ask for you to kill me! But, thank you!


  73. SandyBeaches! and Angelica! Late to the comments here, but I want to thank you for providing such a beautiful journey into Angelica’s brilliant video.
    I love the title you chose for your article, for each picture is a work of art, and your words beckon us to follow ,drawing us into the journey…the horse, the doorways..ooh.and then the video. (It truly is a work of art Angelica.) It is breathtaking. The three elements coming together in perfect harmony.

    SB at #31. “A summary of prevalent symbolic meanings for the horse include: Power, Grace, Beauty, Nobility, Strength and Freedom.
    I love this information. Makes the video even more special.Just amazing.


  74. Dakgal said

    Here’s one that covers a lot of songs eeep I just love him and that voice

    courtesy of saxophony


  75. bebereader said

    Did someone say pics??

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit Muldur

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  76. ok, I just scrolled up after posting my comment at 73. Lawdy Miss Clawdy!!


  77. bebereader said

    Sky, Ain’t he something else???!!!


  78. OMG! Heavennnnnn♫ I’m in Heav leennnn♫♫♫♫♫♥♥♥♥♥ and my hearts beat so,
    that I can hardlyyyyyy speeeeeeeeak!!!! la la la #$@$#^$&%*hm hm hm hmmmmm


  79. djafan said


    SB and Dak sorry for the absence running around with family tonight.

    We are beyond help…hahahaha got that right.

    Thank you Abrra for the visuals and Dak for the video and SB for suggesting it!

    Hey Kaycee! I don’t get spring break until April 😦

    Remember the girl with the BF auditioning? She met David and is now following him on twitter 🙂

    Someone else is auditioning. I’m getting very excited!!!!!


    He’s auditioning for David Archuleta. “Kids going somewhere. That’s a first for you Britt” Totes

    Stadium of Fire news! Sounds like it’s going to be loads of fun for those going!

    Utah News.The Salt Lake Tribune

    Fans to pick who will perform with David Archuleta, Brad Paisley

    The polls will open Wednesday for voting on who will join Brad Paisley and David Archuleta on stage at Stadium of Fire.

    Producers of the Independence Day show have moved to the second stage of the Stadium of Fire Talent Search, in which voters will choose which of 40 acts move to the next round. The voting will continue on the Stadium of Fire website until April 15.

    Emory Cook, spokesman for America’s Freedom Festival at Provo, said producers received hundreds of audition tapes, and they culled the top 40 from them for the voting.

    The online voting will pare the field to 25 contestants, who will move to a public audition where judges will select the 10 who will perform at a public concert. At that point, three finalists will be chosen to perform at Stadium of Fire, where the audience will pick the $10,000 prize winner.

    Cook said the tapes represent a variety of acts, from singers to dancers to novelty acts.

    In February, the producers announced the selection of Paisley, a three-time Grammy Award winner, and Archuleta as the headline acts.


  80. Dakgal said


    “Remember the girl with the BF auditioning? She met David and is now following him on twitter”:)

    And another one bites the dust. Yippee

    And several of her friends ( hopefully)


  81. emmegirl said

    dakgal, And So It Goes, I listen to that one over and over!
    “I feel feisty tonight!” lol, been there, still haven’t figured out how he affects us that way. I think it might be close to what a werewolf feels like when there is a full moon!

    dja, “Remember the girl with the BF auditioning? She met David and is now following him on twitter”…you knew it was only a matter of time.

    Thanks for the pics guys :).


  82. bebereader said

    Dja#79 “Remember the girl with the BF auditioning? She met David and is now following him on twitter :)”

    The spell has been cast. It’s only a matter of time before she becomes one of us. 😀


  83. bebereader said

    haha dak and Emmegirl: Great Minds Think Alike!


  84. emmegirl said

    Bebe, maybe it will bring us luck, like tour announcements!


  85. emmegirl said

    Like the grainy pic in the red tee. And the Today show pic below it, adorable.


  86. bebereader said

    Had to go to the attic to get these but it was well worth the cobwebs because…well you’ll see. Diehard fans have seen this before but it will be a real treat for newer fans like Blueberry Ice and Andrea.

    credit 7pmm


  87. MT said

    Wow, you guys are on a roll. LOL It must be the news of band auditions that has everyone all wound up. (Me included.) 😀

    ♥ Love it! ♥


  88. Dakgal said

    Oh Bebe–Thanks for going to the attic! What a nice way to end the day. I’m an old timer–die hard fan, but I don’t recall seeing those before, so that was a real treat. I just want to squish him.


  89. emmegirl said

    Oh bebe, great way to end the day.


  90. 74.Oh Dak!………gak!!!
    hope the imprint of keyboard in my forehead, goes away by tomorrow.


  91. ODDity said

    Ohhhhhhhhh, this is a lovely poetic post and visual feast that stirred up beautiful memories for me. I am a SuBo fan and love her interpretation of Wild Horses. I love the rich symbolism too! Thank you SB and Angelica!

    My horse was a huge part of my life while growing up in a rural community. In fact, I loved him fiercely and for many reasons believe he loved me back. One of those reasons was that after we herded our cattle from our farm outside town up to their summer grazing range in the mountains, he would jump numerous cattle guards to come “home” to our corral in town rather than returning to our farm outside town with the other horses like he was supposed to (we would just turn them loose and they would go back to the farm on their own). A few hours after the cattle drive I would find him patiently waiting by the corral gate to be let in. I spent most of the summers on his back exploring the world around me. My best friend and I would often get up early, pack lunches, saddle our horses and take off for the day before our mothers could engage us in housework. We were so wild and free back then, and seeing Freedom mentioned as one of the attributes of horses touches my heart deeply.

    To the already-listed attributes of, “Power, Grace, Beauty, Nobility, Strength and Freedom,” I would add intelligence, loyalty, trustworthiness, independence and a caring nature. Horses are truly magnificent people-creatures. Mine was a dearly beloved friend.

    Band auditions?! Woot!


  92. djafan said

    I’d never seen this one…can’t wait to see him on stage and right now I don’t care where he performs because there has to be videos!!!


  93. bebereader said

    New fan-made video for “Look Around”, David’s song with Lady V.

    credit bbgirl9089


  94. bebereader said

    Djafan #92 I can hardly breathe!!!!!!


  95. kaycee said

    Wow! Late night therapy indeed!


  96. kaycee said

    Hey, I forgot to mention that we met with the “Wish Granters” from the Make A Wish foundation this past week! What an amazing experience and what an amazing organization! Their beautiful facility is located in none other than Murray, Utah! We also heard some great radio adds for the SOF while we were there, and got to see the huge sign in Provo promoting the concert.


  97. bluesky said

    #86 Bebereader

    Ahhhhh…. Angels…. whatever… no words. It is such a tribute to his talent, voice, soul-ability to deliver heart-roots to my ears and cupid-like accuracy that he has umpteen-million “perfect” renditions of this song. Each one a unique masterpiece.

    (He causes me so many *sighs* that I could probably supply a few tanks of oxygen for an emergency. Wait. This is an emergency!! More DA NOW!!)

    # Sandy Beaches: Thanks so much for sharing your love of imagery, poetry and metaphor. It is great evidence of a generous spirit.

    #91 ODDity: I feel your deep connection. Thank you for sharing your love of horses.


  98. Blueberry Ice said

    Bebereader, Abrra, Djafan, Dakgal; Oh. My. Goodness! I can’t believe our laptop died and I’m reduced to scrutinizing all these drool-worthy, gorgeous photos and videos on my phone. If there are any more of these treasures, you will force me to remodel the study into a home movie theater with surround sound! Lol! You guys are just wonderful … I do feel bad that I have nothing in my “attic” to share with you.

    Kaycee; So glad to hear that the Make a Wish experience was a positive one and hoping that your beautiful daughter continues to do well.


  99. SandyBeaches said

    Good morning,

    What a beautiful showcasing of pictures and videos last night and I missed it! I fell asleep while Abrra and Bebe, The Voice ninjas, were dipping into their files and attics to bring these to us. Most of the pictures I have never seen before, fantastic…and the videos will keep me entranced for hours, days, I don’t know how long!

    I missed the party, but Dakgal you were a grand hostess! Thanks for picking up on my hint of ‘And So It Goes’…yes, and so it goes.



  100. SandyBeaches said

    Blueberry Ice, I think you have a great idea of turning a study into a home movie theater with surround sound! Just imagine that for a moment. A visualization came to me with that pretty fast.



  101. SandyBeaches said

    Dak’s #74… 9 minutes and 48 seconds of music that brought us here. What a fabulous collection.



  102. I could just park it here all day long♥
    Dear administrators of The Voice,
    Please leave this article, all comments, videos, and eye treats right here, until further notice.


  103. betsy said

    SB, thanks for such a lovely article.
    Just beautiful.


  104. Blueberry Ice said

    SandyBeaches; #100, If that ever happens, you’ll be the first to know but the foremost priority is to first fill the piggy bank designated for David’s 2011 Tour! (Yes, my imagination is running wild, haha!) P.S. I am glad you liked my little poem. You will love Hawaii … may that special trip be “imagined” for you and your family in the near future!

    Dakgal; You would make a great pre-show MC/host while waiting for David to take the stage!


  105. djafan said

    David reached and passed 600k followers on twitter!

    Tweeters are trying to trend it using #Archie600k

    jambajim tweets David!

    @DavidArchie It’s National Chip & Dip Day!

    Vote for David here for best Top 11 performance, he just took the lead 🙂


  106. SandyBeaches said

    ODDity, thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed your story about your horse and animals are so amazing especially horses and of course for me, dogs. I am certain that we could exchange a few stories.

    Skydancer, Betsy and Bluesky…I am happy that you enjoyed the article. It has been so much fun these last two days reading everyone’s interesting comments.

    As much as we feel that we should be more patient, I believe that we are perhaps experiencing being more worried, wanting everything good to happen for David.



  107. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan you continue to be a great go-getter, moving on…



  108. bebereader said

    Been snowing here and my Internet was down all day! 😦
    Didn’t someone say something about Spring?

    Bluesky: “Angels…. whatever… no words. It is such a tribute to his talent, voice, soul-ability to deliver heart-roots to my ears and cupid-like accuracy that he has umpteen-million “perfect” renditions of this song. Each one a unique masterpiece.”

    Can I frame that?

    ODDity, I enjoyed the story about your horse too. They’re such beautiful creatures. My experience with animals lies more with cats and dogs. I didn’t realize horses were so loyal.

    David said that today was another productive day. And we know that he’s been auditioning band members. This has to mean more performances. He wouldn’t need a band for writing and/or recording. I mean like, right? 😉

    Watched American Idol tonight with an open mind. Some good talent but nobody comes close to The Voice.


  109. Abrra said

    Help David get ready for a show.He needs to dress up 😉



  110. Dakgal said

    What a crappy wardrobe!

    I prefer him to wear this–but–we can’t show skin

    So we must add a shirt.

    I have no idea if this will work! Maybe adm. help?

    Signed “The Resident Idiot’


  111. Dakgal said

    Well , it didn’t. So ignore me.


  112. Abrra said

    Can’t help ya. When you dress him it doesn’t create a new link. So ya can’t show us his outfit.



  113. bebereader said

    Here’s another relic from the attic. Are you really liking these?
    This is a soundcheck David’s performance on The Today Show after AI7 ended. He rehearses “Think Of Me” a few times in rehearsal to screaming fans who can’t get enough of him. Can you blame them? *Sigh*

    credit archieandcook


  114. 109.Abrra, thanks for keeping me entertained for the past 10 minutes.

    110.Dak, ROFL!
    first I had him in black pants, and jacket, no shirt, and the hat, then tried shirts, shoes different pants.Finally removed all of it but the hat. David.. you can leave your hat on..☺

    really Bebe? Snow??
    ok,need to listen to Think of me♥


  115. bebereader said

    New article is up —–>>>>>>>


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