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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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The Power of Words

Posted by paulafod on Thursday, March 3, 2011


Composition in Words and TwitterCloud ~ Angelica

The day my daughter was born, right after her birth, the doctor held up a screaming, messy, little blob of pure joy so that I could see her.  I touched her hand and she continued to scream.  I spoke to her, and immediately she became quiet.  She opened her eyes and searched for the source of those words.  She recognized my voice.   I spoke to her with words that she could not understand, but they reached her anyway…. “Hey, there little one.”   Four words spoken with tenderness by a voice that was familiar were a comfort to her when everything around her was unfamiliar.

Ivy Green, the birthplace of Helen Keller, is not far from my home. At the age of six, having been blind and deaf since the age of nineteen months, Helen stood at a water pump and discovered the beauty of a word.  W-a-t-e-r.  That word changed everything for her.  Words rescued her from an existence that was dark and lonely and allowed her to inspire an entire world. Do you remember the afternoon of February 22, 2011?  @DavidArchie tweeted that he would have a vlog up soon.  We waited, almost patiently. After the uncertainty of the announcement of his release from the Jive roster and the release of his management, we needed to hear what he had to say.  We hung on his every word.  The David family huddled together for words of reassurance.

I came to love David through the words he sang.  I came to admire David because of the words he spoke and wrote.  I have grown to respect David not only because of the words he chooses to use, but because there are words that he refuses to use…words of negativity or gossip….words to retaliate or tear down.  I love his humorous words…tales of huge grapes, mistaken identities (Ricky Archuleta), giant bowls of guacamole, and whether or not fish have brains….all of these words endear him to me.

With David as my inspiration, I hope to be more careful with the words I choose, and I want my life to reinforce the optimism, hope, and encouragement that my words express.  I will not be perfect, but I want to think twice before I hurl words into the atmosphere.  Once a word has been received by another person, it is irretrievable.  As David recently quoted, the lack of words can be as harmful as harsh words, so I want to communicate with those so important to me   David once said that a smile can make someone’s day.  It’s true.  It’s also true that a kind word has the power to make a huge difference in the life of another person.

So now we wait for more words from David, more songs, more tweets, more news of tour or an appearance or a music label or new management.  While we wait, we’ll use words that make a difference….words like Music for Smiles, Rising Star Outreach, Children’s Miracle Network, Stand Up 2 Cancer.  We’ll use our words to remind David that we are his fans.  We’ll remind each other what a blessing it is to be an Archie. We’ll use our word power to make a difference.

After all, we never know who’s listening. 

97 Responses to “The Power of Words”

  1. Marylee said

    “We’ll use our words to remind David that we are his fans. We’ll remind each other what a blessing it is to be an Archie. We’ll use our word power to make a difference”.

    ~Thank you, Paula, for a reminder of why we became to be known as “Archies” through the inspiration that has come from this beautiful young man for the past three years ❤


  2. grasshopper said

    “what a blessing it is to be an Archie” so true, thats for the wonderful write up 🙂


  3. Angelica said

    OMGOSH! David tweeted FG? I predict serious spaaazzzzinngg coming!!

    Busy at work..back in a mo with a response to Paula’s awesome article. (((♥♥♥♥♥)))


  4. FG said

    @lovefrommich @k_80 @kariontour Haha no way that is awesome! Thanks for sharing! What a cool dad to do that for his daughters.
    about 1 hour ago via web in reply to lovefrommich

    Haha that’s awesome. Cool dad and gotta love Fresno! RT @lovefrommich

    Love this dad!



  5. SandyBeaches said

    paulaFOD…This was a lovely article to find this morning to start the day, I truly enjoyed it. It is amazing how we can be so inspired to write about someone, but then again it is David that we are writing about!!


  6. Heidijoy said

    Nice article Paula and graphic Angelica. ah! yes the Power of words. I want to be a positive influence like David, you and those @ The Voice.
    I had to laugh @ David’s comment that he’s listening to oldies lately ie 50’s,60’s 70’s. I sometimes forget that the music of my generation is now called the “oldies”. ha! ha! Denial is a wonderful thing! I started imagining songs ie; “Love Me Tender” “Maybe I’m Amazed” etc.etc. Maybe he’ll do some new covers during tour along with his own songs from TOSOD.


  7. fg said

    Paula forgive my spazzing, I wanted to say I love what you wrote. It is all so true. Thank you.


  8. SandyBeaches said

    Hey, I just read on FOD that our Children’s Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is listed as one of the three hospitals for “Music 4 Smiles” in Canada…I have some work to do. My oldest daughter is with their emergency life flight, so I will connect through her and perhaps acquire some pictures. I am so pleased that David’s music will be enjoyed by the children there. Yeah for the hospital by the ocean that will get to know David.



  9. MT said

    Paula, nice article, and “Once a word has been received by another person, it is irretrievable.”

    That is so true and I think it’s something David realizes. What we choose to say, and how we choose to say it, can make difference.


  10. bebereader said


    Loved your newest article. You brought up so many good point including:

    “I have grown to respect David not only because of the words he chooses to use, but because there are words that he refuses to use…words of negativity or gossip….words to retaliate or tear down.”

    He leads by example and I, for one, am trying to follow his example. I signed on for his voice, never expecting to learn valuable life lessons.

    WTG FunnyGirl! You must be on Cloud Nine today! 😀


  11. MT said

    Betsy, I was just re-reading the article and I love it and what it says about David, but I just have to comment on this >>

    “Four words spoken with tenderness by a voice that was familiar were a comfort to her when everything around her was unfamiliar.”

    So beautifully said. ♥


  12. MT said

    OH Goodness, #11 should have been addressed to Paula!!

    So sorry, Paula!! 😦


  13. Silverfox said


    Very nice article! The story of you speaking to your newborn baby and her recognizing your voice was very touching and lovely, and brought back sweet memories of when I first saw & spoke to my newborns. 🙂

    “So now we wait for more words from David, more songs, more tweets, more news of tour or an appearance or a music label or new management”.

    Yes, we wait. I have to confess after David’s Vlog, I was in Seventh Heaven, in an euphoric state, then I just seemed to crash and like Angelica, I went into a funk and have been metaphorically since then, in a “fetal” position waiting for David to give us the “word” we have been waiting and wanting to hear….”TOUR”.

    Today, David seems in good spirits & happy today, so he is in a Good Place. I will try to be in a good place as well.

    Heard this snippet today by Eva Cassidy from a new released CD, so lovely..and it made me think of David..


  14. Abrra said

    I enjoyed your article about how important the right words at the right time can make all the difference. I was particularly struck by the last sentence.

    “After all, we never know who’s listening.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I think that once sentence sums up how David got to where he is today. The right person heard his voice and recognized his talent that carried him to the next person who needed to hear his voice and recognize his talent, And so forth.

    I have a gut feeling that MoTab had much to do with David’s decision to change direction. He realized, finally, that he CAN sing anything he wishes and people will listen. He will not have to adhere to any particular genre of music.

    I KNOW there was someone in the MoTab audience who maybe heard his voice for the first time and recognized his talent. My wish is that this person helps David to the next phase.



  15. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra, the MoTab performances were hopefully a wonderful turning point for David and sometimes it takes a few months for it all to work out.

    Just a quick memory, that in a news conference before the Saturday performance, it was said that David was out of this world and that was
    a tremendous statement.

    David had standing ovations and cheers from 84,000 people over and over and we have waited anxiously, but great things are about to happen…



  16. Tawna21 said

    Paula~~ “We’ll remind each other what a blessing it is to be an Archie. We’ll use our word power to make a difference.
    After all, we never know who’s listening.”

    This is my theme. It’s become my standard to live by. It’s hard. It’s made me have to stop (sometimes alot)each day and evaluate and re-evaluate what I’m doing. However, it makes life happier. I’m not perfect. I can’t be. I can work on getting there though. Having David’s example and all of you friends, makes it easier and much more pleasant.

    I’m so happy to be involved in some charity work. Because of David, I have become aware of others’ needs and been able to participate. It is such a good feeling whenever I click ‘submit’ and send off a donation that I know is going to be put to good use.

    I’ll join the rest of the Archies in the wait for words from ‘our David’ on what’s next.



  17. archangel48 said

    Bebereader#10, This is so true:
    “He leads by example and I, for one, am trying to follow his example. I signed on for his voice, never expecting to learn valuable life lessons.”
    Who’d-a-thunk this ole gal could learn, not just one thing, but many ways to be more giving and a generally nicer person. I dig that! 😆


  18. djafan said


    “As David recently quoted, the lack of words can be as harmful as harsh words”

    I know I had heard this before, somewhere, but when David quoted this it became alive, don’t know if that makes sense. It seems that David was given the gift of song and that voice that first caught my attention, maybe it was so I could then hear his words and put them in action. It’s working:)

    Thank you Paula for such a great article. I love your style. ♥


  19. djafan said


    So David Archuleta is chilling out in my dad’s studio right now. In case anyone was wondering.



  20. betsy said

    I read this earlier this morning, was blown away, and couldn’t comment. It is so beautifully written and so loving.
    You just used words to make many feel good. 🙂
    Thank you


  21. betsy said

    Djafan – I just saw that retweet!! WHAT???
    He is where he should be. ♪
    Spazzing a bit here!
    Now I am wondering about the oldies music he’s been into lately. Hmmm.
    Daaaviddd what are you up to??!!


  22. bebereader said


    Look at his face in the picture to the left of my comment. haha That’s your answer. LOL (He’s not telling.)


  23. betsy said

    Haha bebe. Nice one. 🙂
    I just read that he was in a photographer’s studio. Thought for a minute it was a recording studio. I really shouldn’t spend so much time at work. It is interfering with my David knowledge. 🙂


  24. Silverfox said

    Looking forward to seeing David doing what he does best..Standing by you forever, David!!


  25. SandyBeaches said

    #24…what a wonderful song this morning. Yes…done!



  26. PaulaFOD said

    Good morning, Archies! Hope all is well with you!

    FG, you never have to apologize for spazzing! It’s a good thing!

    Thank you all for your kind comments. It really is a blessing to be an Archie!


  27. Dakgal said


    “So David Archuleta is chilling out in my dad’s studio right now. In case anyone was wondering”.

    For those of us who live on Mars–who and what is this person. And what studio?
    It’s exasperating not to know.


  28. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    For the language challenged 😉
    It works fine. Just check your spelling before you copy the translation to paste into chat room.



  29. Jan said

    I read that the twitter was from Tanika Rose Little, whose dad is Jimmy Osmond and he owns his own recording studio. Jimmy owns his own production co., Osmond Family Theatre Productions in Branson, Mo. He has gained many awards including the prestigious “Show of the Year” and has entertained over 2 million visitors there in Branson. Sounds like some good stuff to me. And with him listening to the “oldies but goodies”, it is the changes I was wanting! David singing songs like he did
    with Motab and in his “CFTH” album is what I’ve always wanted him to do.


  30. Angelica said


    This is such a beautiful article. I love the way you move from your newborn baby’s response to just the sound of your words to Helen Keller’s response, not to sound, which she could not hear, but the fact that words have meaning. Both aspects of words are important, the voice and tone and the meaning they convey. You say…

    “I came to love David through the words he sang. I came to admire David because of the words he spoke and wrote. I have grown to respect David not only because of the words he chooses to use, but because there are words that he refuses to use…words of negativity or gossip….words to retaliate or tear down.”

    It all builds to a profound truth…that words truly do have the power to hurt or heal, to lift up or tear down. So much of what makes up music and entertainment these days consists of words that coarsen and demoralize the senses and the soul. Not only is David a lyrical genius in the way he delivers words, but he respects that words have meaning and is careful to make sure he uses them and their very real power for good.

    In closing, you recognize that this is a power we all have that impacts significantly the lives of those around us and one that we should not withhold and quoting David, “the lack of words can be as harmful as harsh words.”

    Thanks for the depths you go to in your writing, bringing to the surface what is precious.


  31. jana in Oregon said

    I absolutely love this article and the spirit behind it. What a wonderful reminder to all. David uses his words to inspire, to make us laugh, to offer kindness and to encourage us to be of service to others. He even uses Twitter in the most admirable and effective way possible. This is just who he is.

    I hope we can all do the same:) Thank you David!


  32. just catching up.
    Paula…so many great things you say in your article♥
    this>> “Once a word has been received by another person, it is irretrievable.”
    and this,
    “I came to love David through the words he sang. I came to admire David because of the words he spoke and wrote. I have grown to respect David not only because of the words he chooses to use, but because there are words that he refuses to use…words of negativity or gossip….words to retaliate or tear down.”
    So true!Words can pack a punch.I have never heard David say an unkind word about anyone, and I can’t imagine him ever doing so. He has such a great public image, solidly built on his character.
    The video of Stand by Me, and how he chose to sing “you have me in denial”,vs.suicidal when singing for his teen fans in the audience. Yes. Think he is very aware of what he says and sings, and how words can influence.


  33. Blueberry Ice said

    Paula, how wonderfully appropriate your article is and so right about “never know who’s listening” (or reading?) … because look at what David tweeted for today:

    “Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness …. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”

    David never ceases to amaze me … not only are we blessed by his beautiful voice, his musical creativity and who he is as a person but when he speaks it’s with inspiring words of wisdom, positivity, thoughtfulness, genuine honesty, respectfulness, spontaneity, laughter, humor, and from the depths of his huge heart … and it’s not that he knows the right things to say but he truly lives what he believes, speaks & shares … Thank you for reminding us how powerful a kind word can be and that we can make a positive difference like David does.


  34. Dakgal said

    Paula– I can’t say it any better that #30-#31and #32–Angelica, Jana and Skydancer , so I won’t even try. I am printing this out to send to my younger grandchildren –they are never to young to learn this–hurtful words are behind most bullying, and children need to understand what an impact their words have on another human being.

    Thank You

    Didn’t mean to sound crabby in post #27–thanks Jan for answering–do you suppose Christopher Archulumbus is out exploring many paths for a way to his New World?


  35. 34. Dak
    “do you suppose Christopher Archulumbus is out exploring many paths for a way to his New World?”


  36. Silverfox said

    No other artist can do “covers” quite like David. He’s superb. He was superb in Pittsburg..on fire throughout and thoroughly enjoyed himself. I miss this David so much!


  37. Abrra said

    The Party has begun!!



  38. bebereader said

    Having a blast in The Voice Unplugged! 25 of us in here. Please join us!


  39. Angelica said

    This thread needs more pics. How bout some emo daaavviiiid from the lovely town of Waukegan? Alrighty then.


    Off to chat in espanol. Adios amigos! 😛


  40. Tawna21 said

    Oh my goodness!! I just picked up my mail for today–yeah, a little slow, doesn’t everyone pick their’s up after dark?–and my tickets to the Stadium of Fire are here! *whistling a happy tune♪♫*



  41. Dakgal said

    Thanks Angelica–brightened up my day! Pic #2– Got a little lip snarl going on there. Oh my!

    Got more?


  42. Dakgal said

    Speaking of pictures–how about some captions for the picture at the very top ( left side). It’s begging for captions.

    Mine are ( I get two)

    “Take this Mona Lisa”

    “Wouldn’t you like to know”


  43. Angelica said

    Hey Dak,

    How bout, “How you doin?”

    Yes. I have mooaarr!


  44. kaycee said

    Paula, wonderful post!

    “I have grown to respect David not only because of the words he chooses to use, but because there are words that he refuses to use…words of negativity or gossip….words to retaliate or tear down.” (If only the world could learn from him!)

    Dakgal: “Archuleta…David Archuleta”


  45. Angelica said


    Bwahhhaaaaa!! Love it!


  46. Angelica said

    But it could be…Archuleta…James Archuleta.


  47. Dakgal said

    Kaycee—Yeah! That has a little Clark Gable undertone to it.

    For those of you who know who Clark Gable was.


  48. Dakgal said

    I know–I know—Bond…James Bond.

    But it still sounds like Clark too.

    Abrra is asleep –ISN’T she?


  49. bebereader said

    Just left chat! Had a blast en espanol! Thank you all for coming. It was a pleasure being your video DJ for the night.

    What have we here?

    Silverfox sent Bubbly, Angelica sent killer caps from Waukegan and Dak is asking for captions for the pic top left.

    Here’s mine: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”


    Since we’re in Waukegan, have a riddle:

    credit suttygal

    (At the beginning, a fan screams out “MARRY MEEEE!”. David laughs and proceeds to sing “Marry me Juliet”, the chorus of a Taylor Swift song…so cute.)

    Tawna, Congrats on those tickets.


  50. djafan said


    I’m the night owl tonight. So sorry I had to miss chat tonight. Thank you Bebe and Abrra for running the videos and to all my fellow Latina’s for carrying on, Thank you!

    Angelica, Those pictures!

    SF, those videos!

    Nice to have those visuals with the links to those remarkable performances.

    Thank you both for messing with my senses. ♥ 🙂 ♥

    Good night now or I should say Good morning!


  51. emmegirl said

    A lovely piece Paula!

    Tawna21, lucky you!

    Sounds like quite a party in chat last night.

    Thanks everyone for all the goodies! And bebe, that Riddle.

    So, he could have been in JO’s recording studio, hmmm 🙂


  52. betsy said

    That Riddle Bebe. Love it. Which somehow led me to this video. Idk how. His voice is perfect here. David performing live is such a beautiful thing.


  53. Angelica. I will take
    a wallet size,
    a 5×7,an 8×10,
    and one giant poster
    of all 4 pictures,at #39.


  54. djafan said

    This awesome! I say it needs to get finished 🙂

    Uploaded by KylieWyoti on Mar 3, 2011

    This is a preview of my animated Elevator music video. This is 100% hand-drawn and took me about two months just to finish this first minute. Just further proof that I need a life….Anyway I’m posting a preview of this because I wanna know what you
    guys think before I go any further. Should I finish? Is it weird? Lemme know what you think!

    P.S. Thanks to my mom and my sister, Jessica, for helping out with some the ideas and the actual drawings 🙂


  55. djafan said

    Forgot to say Good Morning to all!

    From what I can gather on twitter, lol, David was at the photo studio of the father of the person who tweeted and JO was there. After reading his bio and business background and it does make for interesting speculation. JO brother and sister have had unbelievable success, wonder of JO has been part of it, It wouldn’t surprise me.

    What could this mean? David tweeted he was having a day of phone calls and meetings. I’m sure he will soon let us know. Though not soon enough 🙂


  56. djafan said

    Betsy, that is a killer I’m Yours performance ♥

    I hadn’t seen this one either.

    credit jhann062392


  57. archangel48 said

    Cool video #54! (What does “Not The Real Thing Records 2011” in the bottom left corner at 4 seconds mean???)


  58. djafan said

    Sorry for the spamming, I’m on David withdrawal mode with less than 5 hours of sleep.

    David in Candy magazine. Can we clone him???

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    If you can stick to performing just one music genre, which would it be?

    Pop, I guess, ’cause it’s kind of a loose term – it can be personal and intimate, or more out there and fun. But then I wouldn’t want to be held down like that, because part of what’s great about music is experimenting and stepping out of your comfort zone.

    How do you reach out to your fans?

    I think it’s important to keep people in the loop and let them know what’s going on with me and what my thoughts are. I’m active on Twitter, and I make video blogs where I talk too much about nothing (but people seem to like it!).

    Do you watch Glee? Who’s your favorite character?

    Yes, I always try to catch it. I love Jane Lynch – she just makes me cry laughing! I think it would be awesome to be a guest on the show and sing with Sue Sylvester.

    What did growing up with three sisters teach you about girls?

    Well, for one thing, don’t mess with them! I learned how to take care of and look after someone. I can be very protective like, “Hey, who’s that boy”? I have a lot of respect for girls. I’ve always been taught to treat them right.

    credit fanscene for the transcribing


  59. djafan said

    David’s TOSOD #5 most gifted in Amazon Canada!

    Chords Of Strength

    #86 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Arts & Literature > Composers & Musicians > Pop

    And the TOSOD numbers as of now are….

    Still holding at number 1! Amazon-Top Rated in Vocal Pop #1

    Make sure to leave a review!Amazon

    Still in the top 100, #72 The Other Side Of Down Bestsellers

    Holding strong in the top 20!

    Barnes & Noble Best Selling CD #12


  60. djafan said

    FanScene has the comparisons of David in AI talk S10. I brought these over.

    David is not forgotten by a long shot 🙂

    He comes across as fake cute, not natural, David Archuleta cute.

    The “pride of Long Island” took on Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”—a sweet pairing for the kid who’s probably this year’s closest analogue to David Archuleta.

    ODDS OF GETTING VOTED IN: 7-1. I wouldn’t be surprised if every former Archie voter was absolutely charmed by his effort,

    He’s like a David Archuleta with Seinfeld’s hair and Marcia Brady’s nose after it got hit by a football! Save Robbie, we need a pop teen boy to fit the Top 12/13 criteria!

    How about David Archuleta’s rendition of “Imagine?”

    Stefano Langone has everything (other than the voice) that made David Archuleta appealing in season seven,

    Teenage males tend not to last long in the competition, with David Archuleta the only one to ever make the finale.

    But will we remember it for seasons to come like we do Fantasia’s “Summertime,” Carrie Underwood’s “Alone,” David Archuleta’s “Imagine,”

    but the problem is that Robbie is also not someone who is going to shake up the music industry after this show. He is the second coming of David Archuleta,


  61. djafan said

    David tweets!!!



  62. Silverfox said

    I imagine after David finds the words he’s looking for in his brain, he will be getting ready to see Jeanette McCurdy at the opening of her concert tour in SLC tonight…Hmmmmmmmmmmm??

    Jeanette was back stage in Del Mar with the rest of his family when he sang this “simple love song”.


  63. Heidijoy said

    Djfan, Something to add to your detective work which deserves followup in the next few days is that @Joshskinner did one of the phone interviews with David and said he would be posting something soon. He wished David good luck with all of the exciting things he has coming up! I think @pastelpastel was trying to get him to say something and he indicated he would as soon as he finished up on other projects. I don’t twitter but had seen Josh’s tweet thanking David for the interview.


  64. djafan said

    Thank you Heidi!

    I just tweeted joshskinner 🙂


    The memories of that video. David fresh back from the UK with this hmmm “Je ne sais quois” attitude going on.

    I’m sure David will be going to JM’s concert tonight, I mean why would he not? What I’m praying for is that she invite him on stage!!!

    And please if it happens we need video!!!


  65. djafan said

    Have an answer from joshskinner!

    No interview but spoke with his “publicist” did you hear that, “publicist”!!!!

    @TheVoiceDA no but spoke with his publicist. No interviews right now 21 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to TheVoiceDA


  66. Heidijoy said

    I like the sound of that djafan. “publicist” thanks for checking. Yea for Jennette appearance in Salt Lake. Fun to live vicariously through others ha!


  67. Silverfox said

    The “Power of Words” are exemplified in the very first song, lyrics & music, David wrote when he was only 14 years old. The powerful lyrics & beautiful melody along with The Voice are at the same time full of anguish & despair but ends with the hope that there is something more to life to hang on to. Powerful words from a young David.

    I know he may not want to write lyrics like this anymore, but in this day & age there are so many people who are in despair and need to know someone understands what they are going through. What better way than through music interpreted by a sublime voice with so much feeling & understanding?


  68. djafan said

    SF, You are on a roll!

    The “Power of Words” are exemplified in the very first song, lyrics & music, David wrote when he was only 14 years old. The powerful lyrics & beautiful melody along with The Voice are at the same time full of anguish & despair but ends with the hope that there is something more to life to hang on to. Powerful words from a young David.

    Who after listening to this can say David shouldn’t be writing must be completely deaf of the heart and soul.

    One of my all time favorites. Absolutely great.


  69. Angelica said

    I dreamed all night of David, one of those marathon dreams that go on and on and invade your consciousness all day when you wake up. He was writing songs and it seemed to be almost a documentary the way it was done, with vlogs by him at times and at other times someone else seemed to be following him around with a camera. There was one point when he was alone writing and the melody he was playing around with was all wrong and he got so frustrated. Sometimes he’s in a room, other times he is writing in a van, a car, or a bus. Another scene, he is outside and someone is recording a video of him and some other guys, smiling and walking up a steep incline to a meadow where an old rural graveyard lies in disrepair. They are all dressed in suits from the 1870’s era. Reaching the top, they gather and sing backup to David’s a capella rendition of a song that has the feeling of a hymn and is really beautiful. He says the song is called “Mourning Becomes Electra.” I remember when I wake up that that’s the title of a play by Eugene O’Neil set in the Civil War. Near the end of the dream, the making of this documentary of his writing has drawn media attention and gone viral. Everyone is speculating what the end result of all this writing will be and then he releases an EP of 4 songs to rave reviews. A reporter interviews a young girl on the street to ask her what is her favorite song on David Archuleta’s much anticipated EP and she says, “Mourning Becomes Electra” and I think in my dream, YES!! because that was the song I was afraid the youth would not be able to relate to. There were times during this marathon writing dream when he would get so exasperated he would put his forehead in his hands and go “aaaarrrgggh!” I woke up and carried this dream all day until he tweets, “My brain has a hard time figuring out how to finish things. Gonna try and jump that hurdle though and finish writing this song!”

    haha. The end. Thanks for letting me get that dream off my chest. Maybe now I can stop thinking about it.


  70. I have to apologize, I have not discussed this article. I am always amazed that we can have feelings about David. When we talk about David, comes the best of us and in this case is no exception.
    Paula, I take my hat as a sign of respect.
    I admire the power of your words.

    I would like to thank you for the Friday, I mean the chat in Spanish. God, I have so much fun, my family always ask me, why you so you smile? do much more than smile, cry with laughter. My archifriends, Juliet and Andrea, support all my jokes.
    And all the girls know that I can make a joke any words to say about david. Or anything that David has, for example, his tie, his belt, his shoes, his new sideburns, his hands, he takes water, anything.
    This Friday our host was abrra thanks abrra. She had the job of containing these girls
    Sometimes I like all the girls of THE VOICE could understand the chat without using the translator, there are phrases that can not be translated.
    Especially my sentences Argentina.
    a kiss to this whole house and happy Saturday to chat, I hope to be early, bye.


  71. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  72. Silverfox said


    I’m with you! I hope Jeanette invites David to join her on stage. And a video would be awesome. I would even take an itty-bitty twitpic….of his hand, arm, ear, eyes (one or both), top of his head, feet..but his whole body would be great!

    Will David even admit he’s there if he is? He’s not giving us much lately…not even telling us what he’s eating! So not like him. I guess he must be very busy.

    I’m so “Desperate” for more!


  73. Silverfox said


    Ahhh! Dreaming of David can be very therapeutic. And sometimes prophetic. The afterglow stays & stays. It’s the next best thing from being in his presence.

    You dream sounds like a movie, starring David! 😀

    I’m hoping someday we will get to hear all the songs he’s written which have never been shelved or have never been recorded. I still MUST listen to “Senseless” everyday. It’s just so different from the David we’ve come to know, but Oh Man, would I love to know THAT DAVID a lot more!


  74. Silverfox said


    which have been shelved!!!


  75. MT said

    58. DJA Can we clone him???

    YES! And maybe one of them will be more talkative and tell us what’s going on. 🙂

    69. Angelica, that’s quite a detailed dream! I haven’t seen the play, but I’m all for him making a documentary of him writing! And from that tweet, it does sound like there might be some head-in-the-hands motions today. Would love it if the “putting out an EP” part comes true, too!

    I’m with you guys, hoping he joins Jeanette on ♫ stage ♫ and that we get pics and/or vids. I’ll take anything. 🙂


  76. Abrra said

    OHHH!! Lookee what Tawna sent me in the mail. 2 page newspaper spread of David as promo for the Stadium of Fire. Brad who??

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thanks Tawna, you are so kind.



  77. Angelica said


    LOLOLLOOOOOOLD!!!! Brad who? is right! Too funny!

    But to be fair it does say at the bottom in small print that David Archuleta is not the only star coming to the Stadium of Fire….You could be too! Wahahahaaaa!!! ROTFL Photobucket


  78. Silverfox said

    I know there’s nobody here right now. Probably at the Saturday nit Unplugged party, but I just wanted to let whoever may be interested that Jeanette McCurdy did not have a “concert” in SLC. She is doing a series of Mall signings promoting her new CD. So she did the signing earlier this evening and I doubt David would take a chance of disrupting her “show” by showing up himself.

    BUT I would bet she got together with David AND his family later as she is friendly with his entire family. Her next signing is tomorrow in Chicago, so tonight is the only night they could get together…if they wanted to that is.

    For anyone who is interested. 😀


  79. bebereader said

    Resident Nightowl here! 😀 Been a bit busy today but made it to chat tonight. Fun watching old concert videos. Wichita was a huge hit tonight, as always. David had that crowd in the palm of his hand. If anyone reading this, lurker or otherwise was at this show please let us know more about it. I cannot begin to imagine how it felt to be in that audience!

    I heard from Emi’s sister this morning!

    “Emily is going home from the hospital today!…We can’t wait to get home. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes!


  80. djafan said

    I missed chat!!!!

    I crashed! That’s what happens when your sleep deprived.

    SF, I’m interested 🙂 So it’s a mall thing, you’re right David probably won’t to.

    Bebe, great news about Emi! Thanks for the update!


  81. bluesky said


    I appreciate your article. Thanks for writing. ^_^
    Emily, best wishes for your recovery.


  82. bebe, good to hear Emi is getting to go home.

    Great videos in chat last night!
    Wichita was amazing.David was just on fire performing for that crowd!
    Bebe, maybe no one has come forth who attended, because they still haven’t recovered from his awesomeness that night!:))

    I have spent the morning listening to his performance of ‘Contigo’ at the Mentors press conference in Honduras…again and again.just goosebumps!
    need to put one foot in front of the other now, put on TOSOD, and dance with the vacuum cleaner. Have a good Sunday everyone!


  83. stenocruiser said

    Bebe, thanks for the update on Emifriend. Wonderful news that she is doing well enough to go home. May God bless you Emi as you take the next steps on your road to full recovery.

    I thoroughly enjoyed chat last night — even though I didn’t contribute much to it — just great to see all those who have been brought together in friendship through love of David and his music.


  84. emmegirl said

    58, great little interview. I love the surety in his answer about what he has learned from having sisters. And I would give anything to see him and the wickedly funny Sue Sylvester duet, it would be brilliant!

    SF 78, maybe that explains the house cleaning tweet earlier in the week. 🙂

    (Senseless is also on my daily rotation)

    That song, that song he is working on…is it just a model of sorts of his developing sound for future writing sessions or is it something we might get to hear one day. Kinda driving me crazy thinking we may never hear it.

    Great news Emi, no place like home. Get better soon!


  85. emmegirl said

    I had not seen these before, Natasha Bedingfield Strip Me Sessions on AOL. She talks about wanting to keep it real.|main5|dl9|sec1_lnk3|48354

    Can just see him doing a more acoustic Sessions like this. 🙂


  86. Abrra said

    Pastel at FOD loaded up some “old” video she took in Pittsburgh from a solo show from summer 2009. They have a different view from what I have seen before.



  87. MT said

    Thanks for the vids Abrra! But My Hands cuts off at the end, haha. awww

    and BeBe, thanks for the news on Emily.

    Emily, will continue prayers, get well soon.


  88. lurker said

    Those of you that have a twitter account please RT this tweet
    @MTVEurope Who do you want to see perform at the 2011 EMAs? RT your favorite artist(s)


  89. Silverfox said

    “I’ll be the greatest fan of your life” ( I don’t know how to make the musical notes ).


  90. MT said

    SF: “I don’t know how to make the musical notes.”

    ♪♫♪ I’ll be the greatest fan of your life … ♪♫♪

    There you go! 🙂


  91. emmegirl said

    Thanks for that I’ll Be. Again, the hands.


  92. a quiet Sunday…hope everyone has gotten some much needed rest.☺

    Abrra, thanks for the videos from Pastel, they are really good!
    and SilverFox, love the Rockford “I’ll Be”♫♫♫
    oooh, just want to see him back out there on a stage SO bad.

    crossing fingers, that David makes another vlog this week.XXXXXXXXXX!


  93. djafan said

    I’m stuck in those new old video’s from Pastels files.

    Emmegirl, Yep the hands.

    Skydancer, Hoping for that vlog.

    SF, David has owned I’ll Be since he was in the 8th grade.


  94. bebereader said

    Amazing videos to come home to. Thank you Ab, Silverfox and pastel. Does it help or hurt? Don’t know, but it sure makes me miss tour even more. And what would we do without these videos?!!

    Here’s one more from Pittsburgh from pastel.


  95. Jan said

    #79…I was there that night. If the lights would of stayed over the audience longer I could have seen myself! haha David was awesome as usual, but the thing we were disappointed in was that we paid for VIP thinking we would see him again, but we only seen who was there in our time slot. It was a crazy put together thing. David only sang 4 songs since there were other singers there and David was the only good one except Bruno Mars.
    There were about 800 people down in the mosh pit and they were pulling them out because the girls were getting smashed and couldn’t breathe. It was wild tho and like I said David was awesome. We were sitting over to the side. Not in the mob. haha
    But at least we got to hear songs from his TOSOD live. I also got to go to the Telethon and seen him 3 times there and hear him sing TAGTGB live. Still want him to tour so I can hear him sing them all!!


  96. Angelica said

    Thanks for sharing Jan! He only did 4 songs? Seems like more. lol.

    New post.




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