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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Archive for March, 2011

Good Place

Posted by betsy on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It’s been almost four months since David gifted us with his masterpiece, TOSOD. A project that we all know he poured his heart into, making his personal thoughts public. He wanted music that he could not only sing, but relate to. I still consider it new and one of the best things he’s ever done to date. There are songs that I will never tire of, songs I listen to every day. Good Place is one of them. (Ok, it’s at the top of my list)

I love every word, every single bar of music, every breath. (I am feeling its grace)
I really want to hear David sing this song live. Of all the millions of songs in this great big world, this is the one I want.
I remember the first time I heard it. It was love at first listen, which rarely happens. (For me, anyway) I may need an intervention, lol.

p.s. I still want to embroider some of the lyrics to this song on the front of a t-shirt. Can’t decide on which ones though – it would end up taking over the whole thing. 🙂

David Archuleta- Good Place Lyrics

I don’t know what I’m doing here
How I landed in this space
But it’s a good place

And I don’t wanna mess it up
Make mistakes or say too much
‘Cause it’s a good place

You find it
You hold it
You feel its grace

These are words I wanna say
Every hour of every day
These are words that say how good it feels
To be here with you today
I hope it’s not too late (I hope it’s not too late)
I hope it’s not too late

I’ve been silent up to now
I’ve been going with the flow
Wherever that goes

But something’s screaming down inside
Makes me want to close my eyes
And hear the echo

You find it
You know it
Don’t make it wait

These are words I wanna say
Every hour of every day
These are words that say how good it feels
To be here with you today
I hope it’s not too late

‘Cause I don’t wanna waste another summer
I don’t wanna wait until I fall
I could be a memory tomorrow
I could be nothing at all

I don’t know what I’m doing here
How I landed in this space
But it’s a good place

These are words I wanna say
Every hour of every day
These are words that say how good it feels
To be here with you today
I hope it’s not too late

Oh, yeah
I hope it’s not too late

Which song on TOSOD does this to you? Which song makes you want to close your eyes and lay down with just that sound in your head? Do you have a favorite? If so, tell us what makes that song or songs special to you. And vote for the top 3 songs you love the most (and need to hear live) below. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Pray for Japan

Posted by bebereader on Sunday, March 27, 2011

On March 11 there was an earthquake approximately 250 miles northeast of Tokyo, Japan, triggering a devastating tsunami that swept over the northern part of the country, setting off warnings as far away as the west coast of the U.S. It reached 9.0 on the Richter scale and has been reported as one of the planet’s strongest earthquakes in a century. According to news reports, as of March 21, the official death toll rose to more than 8,600. The final toll is expected to reach almost 20,000, with more than 13,000 people listed as missing and more than 400,000, living in shelters.

Although Japan embarked on a rescue effort, sadly the country also faces a nuclear emergency with leaks of radioactive gas and explosions that have released radioactive material into the environment. Rescue efforts are underway but are complicated by weather conditions, aftershocks, tsunami alerts, radiation risks and electricity outages.

The accounts I’ve been reading are reminiscent of the descriptions of the wreckage of war, except this was not man-made; this was a natural disaster. One account I read was from AP reporter, Todd Pittman, who flew to Japan the day after the earthquake. Here, some excerpts from his report:


Video by Abrra

The Voice extends it’s heartfelt sympathy and support to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. With sadness, we’ve seen coverage of the horrific devastation and astonishing destruction. We invite you to join us in supporting the Red Cross’ relief efforts, if you are able. If you’re not able, then as David suggests, please keep those affected by this catastrophe in your prayers.

The American Red Cross is currently supporting and advising the Japanese Red Cross. You can help people affected by this disaster by making a donation to support American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

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It’s All About Balance

Posted by MT on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

“Problems arise in that one has to find a balance between what people need from you and what you need for yourself.”

Jessye Norman

In David’s vlog, “Decisions, Decisions,” we heard him express his joy at finally having the freedom to make music in his own way and in his own time now that he is free of label constraints. Although we don’t have all the gory details on exactly what went down resulting in David opting not to renew his contract with JIVE, he’s made it clear that one overriding factor is having complete creative control of his music and the direction his career and his life will take.

I think there is much David wants to say to the world and music is the vehicle he has chosen to share those thoughts. Now that label and management are out of the picture for the moment, David is free to write, and write, and re-write, to assure himself that his thoughts are interpreted in a way that accurately expresses how he feels and who he is as an artist.

I’m looking forward with great anticipation to what David has in store for us musically. I can’t wait to hear the melodies he will create to go along with he messages he wants to share. But there are many things for him to consider during this time. Decisions will need to be made as to when the time is right to sign with new management and label, and whether to write completely on his own or if teaming up with good quality writers for some of the songs on his next project would be the right move. Also, in regards to time away from his fans and the public, how long is too long?

One of the most difficult things to do in the coming months may be for David to find balance. He does need time for a personal life and to write his music, but not necessarily to the exclusion of everything else. During this time, he could still make himself seen and heard, maintaining a presence in the fan community and in the music industry. There are ways that he can do this.

First:  It would benefit him to get himself out there, on stage, performing from time to time. This will accomplish two goals.

1) It will feed his hungry fans by way of live performances, videos, photos, and anticipation of upcoming events.

2) I think it will also help to assure that when he releases new music there is still enough interest by the media that they will pick up on it and spread the word. The announcement of the Stadium of Fire performance indicates that he can indeed do concerts without a label. This is good news and my hope is that we will see more and more performances being announced.

Next:  Staying in communication with fans. He recently tweeted about how “communication is key.” I hope he keeps that in mind in the months ahead. This will be crucial in keeping his fan base intact. Vlogs, blogs, and the occasional photo or video of him writing/recording will help to keep us informed about what he’s doing and keep us entertained while his creative juices are flowing. (Or even a leaked song, by the man himself! How cool would that be?) He would be keeping the excitement alive for his fans and maintain that connection. I admit this may be a purely selfish perspective on my part. We are a hungry lot and we have been spoiled.

If the time without label/management turns out to be an extended period, in the interim, he could also decide to put out an EP, or just a single. It would be wonderful for fans to have new music and it would be an opportunity for David to get some feedback on the direction he is taking with his new music.  According to an article called “Using singles to build your fan base: The Incremental Album” from The DIY Musician, it could be done. See excerpt below:

“Music fans are getting more and more accustomed to instant gratification. They want to feel connected to the process and the progress – not JUST the finished product. Waiting a year or more to put out the “perfect collection of songs” all at once could actually be costing you. But with CD Baby’s new singles program, you can release songs one-at-a-time getting them up for sale right as you finish up with each track.
To read the rest of the article, go here:

David has many options on how to proceed from here. Whatever he decides to do, I’m sure he thought long and hard about the move to release himself from the constraints of having to satisfy a record label with every move he makes. I just hope he is able to find that balance between taking some much needed time to figure out where his life and his music are going and maintaining a public presence while he works it all out.

After all, it’s all about balance.

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Art Gallery

Posted by SandyBeaches on Monday, March 21, 2011

Fight or Flight ~ Saskia Ozols Eubanks ~ Oil on Canvas

If you would like to go on a musical journey of the mind with me, then let’s leave right away.

We are journeying through the steps of the making of the classical video ‘Wild Horses’. This is an amazing, ageless piece of artwork that we will be celebrating. On this journey we will travel through three passageways until we reach the final moments in pictures and in song. As we mindfully stroll along to the first doorway, we hear the words of a song that may have been written to tell the story of unwavering love and devotion that lasts throughout time into eternity. After lingering for awhile, we are drawn to pass through and journey on.

We must travel more quickly as the story unfolds, stopping at the next doorway where we are met face to face with an angelic voice that creates  the heartfelt story. At this point we begin to realize how amazing the combination has become of the song and the singer. A warm and gusty wind swirls around us as we make our way through the doorway, seemingly caught up in the emotions of the moments.

We have arrived at the third doorway, one that is designed uniquely in a style of its own, both beautiful and strong, with a bit of mystique. This is a hint of the mystique that has been created in the video that brings the words, the voice and the pictures of the subject together in profound beauty. This fine piece of work has come from one artist then on to another and on to another, describing a single artist and giving to us a masterpiece.

It is time to present to you the video ‘Wild Horses’, title song written by The Rolling Stones, sung by Susan Boyle and created by Strangerphilosophy with the subject of our lifelong musical journey, David Archuleta.

This video reminds me of walking into an art gallery where you stand before each picture and gaze at it curiously, interpreting for yourself what the painter is expressing with each stroke of the brush or each hue of the paint. With this video, each of the forty-four frames or more, has an impressive story to tell. I have my own interpretations of the story within the video and this song itself has been interpreted a few times before.

This exquisite piece of work is one that I have listened to several times, each time realizing something new about the subject and the artistry of the video. Now, listen to the words, study each frame and you will discover the story yourself, because there truly is one. In its simplest form it is a metaphor for the relentless passage of time, yet in the end, love is eternal and joy is our destiny. When I read or hear this song, without hesitation I interpret the creator of the video is conversing with the subject, making it seem so real. The video represents the early life of the artist, David Archuleta, as an incomparable talent and a uniquely compelling individual.

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David Archuleta Vlog!

Posted by djafan on Friday, March 18, 2011

screencap credit djafan

Article by Bebereader

Hah! David’s newest vlog may appear to be a St. Patrick’s Day vlog to some, but to diehard fans, it’s much more. In fact, it was packed to the gills with so many random implications, things we’ve been patiently waiting to hear. Were you sitting on the edge of your seat, afraid you’ll miss something? How many times did you watch it?

Wishing us a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, he stood to show us that he has his green on, wearing a Gremlin t-shirt. He just wanted to check in and tell us that it’s been a crazy week!

Honoring the victims of the Japan earthquake, he points out how technology gives immediate access to show us exactly what is happening in Japan. He tells us to be mindful of others who may be going through hard times and encourages us to donate even a small amount. If you can’t do much, at least keep them in your prayers.

It’s been a really good week, he says! I’d really like to know what he really means by ‘really’. He’s working on some songs but it’s a matter of finishing them. He compares himself to the mad scientist on Jimmy Neutron who’s never able to finish anything. You know, it’s all a matter of narrowing the songs down, he says. Gee David, all you have to do is say the word and we can help.

He goes on to say that there’s been a lot of phone calls this week. David, I hope your cell was ringing off it’s hook! It’s his last day at home and wants to spend time with his siblings. Last day in Utah? Where are you going, David? “Going going back back to Cali Cali” and excited for tomorrow.  Did you catch that sneaky grin? What’s going on in Cali Cali in the next few days? Writing more songs? Signing with a label? Interviewing new management?

The part that excited me most was when he talked about a foundation and of needing to get that foundation built before building the tower. The tower??!! I know what a foundation is but was more than happy to look it up since he sounded serious.

Definition of FOUNDATION

1: a basis upon which something stands or is supported
2: funds given for the permanent support of an institution
3: an underlying base or support; especially, the whole masonry substructure of a building
4: a body or ground upon which something is built up or overlaid
5: a woman’s supporting undergarment
6: a cosmetic usually used as a base for makeup
I’m assuming David means #1 #3 or #4.

Excited for today, he’s looking forward to letting us know what’s coming up, and will talk to us guys next time. He said “See ya.”

What a tease he is!@!@E#@@

So, what do YOU think is going on back in Cali in the coming week?

collage credit djafan

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David Archuleta ~ Surfing the Net/Conquering the Wave

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In 1999, Napster, a free online file sharing site arose. The music industry fought back by bringing suit and vanquished that foe but like the heads of the mythological Hydra, dozens of other sites sprang up in its place. That should have been all the heads-up the industry needed but it was not until 2003 that iTunes emerged. By that time, people who were accustomed to downloading tracks for free, didn’t find the 99 cent deal as tempting. Now, according to online download tracker BigChampagne Media Measurement, the volume of unauthorized downloads represents 90% of the market.

“It first started with computer software. Most computer users have routinely downloaded freeware (free to use) and shareware (free use for a certain time period, then pay a nominal registration fee for continual use). These habits strengthened with the migration of the publishing industry over the Internet. All major newspapers and magazines provided, and most of them still continue to provide their content, for which the print subscribers would pay, free of charge over the Internet in exchange for “eyeballs” and resulting advertising revenue. These habits are now affecting music, a newly recognized information good. The convergence of computing with audio technology and the advent of MP3 and other digital formats has allowed music lovers to download and distribute both legal and pirated music over the internet. “

The Music Industry in the Digital World: Waves of Change/Mihir Parikh musicwave.pdf

In the last several years, the music industry has undergone a sea change. The tide has turned and the old ways of doing business will not work in the new global Internet environment.

There is no turning back the onslaught of this new wave. This is a an inevitable change in an industry that has experienced many technological innovations over the years. We have moved from vinyl albums to cassettes to CDs and now the change is from a tangible product to intangible access.  In this Information Age the internet has altered the structure of the music industry and the way it works forever. People are going to download music for free.  Period.  Even if all the sites that offer free downloads could be tracked down and punished, it wouldn’t touch the millions of P2P (peer-to-peer) collections that share music and are unpublished.

This is not a bad thing. It is a change in the means of distribution from the labels to the artist and his fans. In the old structure, the labels collect 85 to 90% of the profit from music sales anyway. That means an artist has to sell an awful lot of CDs to see any of that money. The little they do see goes back into the business of making music and touring.

In the new paradigm, artists will move closer to the center of power. They will gain much more control over the marketing and distribution of their music. Many will choose to remain free of a label and labels themselves will have to change or get left in the wake of the outgoing tide. In the very near future, the label’s role of finding talent will still exist but their position will evolve to a more managerial/consultant role.

Artists who understand this change and embrace it will find themselves freer and in more control of their art and the revenue from it than ever before. The Internet, in effect, cuts out the middleman and allows the artist to interact directly with his fans.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter along with a well designed, dynamic website will be the method of distribution for music and information and connecting with fans. The website could provide free downloads of music, (yes, I said free) vlogs, chats with fans, information about upcoming events, tours, and tangible merchandise for sale including CDs, high-end T-shirts, mugs, posters, and other products as well as advertising revenue. Video-taping and fan photos from concerts should be encouraged and promoted and occasional HD streaming of a live concert could be offered for a substantial fee. Most fans unable to travel to the concert would be more than happy to pay for this virtual experience in real-time. All of this is money in the artist’s pocket to help fund his tours, which also, without a label to take the lion’s share of the profit, will be much more lucrative. With or without a label, good management will be key but ultimately, his financial survival will depend on live performances and a devoted fan base. The recorded music will in effect be a way of introducing himself to a public of growing fans who will then pay money to see him live. Gone are the days when an artist was able to make a living on recordings alone. Ironically, the new age of computer technology that brought with it digitally engineered recorded voices has also, due to free access to that recorded music, ushered in a return to the sincerity of live performance. If a singer is of that rare breed who is actually better live than in the studio, he is well poised to take to the stage with confidence. If he, in addition, is getting a huge amount of illegal downloads of his music, he is standing at the crest of a rising wave, that if taken at its peak, will lead to a great future.

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David Archuleta ~ Poetic Ponderings

Posted by djafan on Friday, March 11, 2011

Poem by davidstopsmyaging


The boy’s young eyes
Before us, new, naive and strong
Slowly mending, comprehending
Understanding right from wrong.

The wave’s crash,
The moon glows,
The stars flash,
And time flows.

Young eyes now choose, they spark and know
They watch the world while melodies grow
The songs, they swim, they fall and rise
Within the soul of these young eyes

The wave’s crash
The moon glows,
The stars flash,
And time flows.

His eyes, they sing, they soar, inspire
They draw us in and raise us higher
The world will hear the melodies
The songs will know no boundaries

The world turns
The soul yearns
The eyes burn
The man learns

Learns to sift life’s grains of sand
To make the rough parts smooth, and when
He learns his strengths, with steady hand,
He gently throws caution to the wind.

He knows the strength of songs, of words
He knows his music will be heard
He knows this as surely as he breathes.

The young man’s spirit, his soul, his heart
This young man’s eyes


Original photo by icecreampie



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David Archuleta ~ the Man, the Music, the Mission

Posted by bluesky4home on Monday, March 7, 2011

Sundance Film Festival ~ January 2009

The Man (Or: DA ((aka: Christopher Robin)) visits my Hundred Acre Woods.)

Truthfully? My natural thought processes tend to be more like Eeyore than Winnie the Pooh. I have also been known to share a weekly cup of anxiety with Piglet. (Just sayin’: There are probably going to be thorns on that there rose. But, no stomping please. Good roses are hard to find!) Some people tell me that the words pragmatic and paranoid are just a little too close in my dictionary.  *sigh*

So when DA began his career following Idol with the outlook: “I could get hit by a car…”, part of me nodded in melancholy approval of his “seize the day” attitude. And I totally understood his occasional forays into: “If this doesn’t work out I might…” From my viewpoint this was no ‘starry-eyed puppy’. Although he may have been inexperienced, he was still a man who had done his homework and knew something about the odds.

So my own Pooh Bear (in search of ever more DA music), has always been accompanied by a very faithful Eeyore (ready to predict the inevitable lack). However DA, (with his inimitable way of upsetting my “Is it half full, or half empty?” apple cart), has come to the rescue once again, and like Christopher Robin who cures all ills, he has set right the affairs in my Hundred Acre Woods. He has answered the question of the ages: “Will there be enough music from you, DA?” He has penned ‘Happily Ever After’ into my story.

How? By answering the simple question: “Who would you like to sing with this year?” And DA, (who seems to always speak while offering a restful, mental branch on which any migrant thought may land) said: Tony Bennett.  “I think it would be so cool! He’s just… he’s been doing it for so long and he still sounds amazing.” (DA, you just kinda make my heart go pitter-patter when you say things like that.)

Thereupon my inner “Eeyore” sat down in shocked wonder and blissfully forgot that he had ever lost his tail. You could say, he “closed his eyes and saw the view”.

The Music (Or: Is there a ((classical)) genre that does NOT wait anxiously for DA to rebirth it?)

Cannons! Fireworks! Stadiums of cheers! Cue the 1812 Overture and Beethoven’s’ Ode to Joy! While DA can often confuse, entertain and delight us with seeming non-sequiturs, he is never random when it comes to music. (Exhibit “A”: Eva Cassidy.) So I knew he was perfectly serious. And. I. Rejoiced.

Tony Bennett. (Bless his unsuspecting heart!) This genre of music has not been on the top of my listening choices. But I do appreciate it. And I love what Michael Buble has done and is doing to bring that genius forward to a new audience.

My lack however, did not stop me from recognizing DAs’ own brilliance, appreciation, embodiment, and slam-dunk delivery of said genre whenever he got the chance.

So you can get the idea, here is Tony Bennett (generation jumping) with Michael Buble in 2010.

I can totally see how DA would look on stage with either of these lovely people. (Or both?! Yes, please?) And I would start saving my money….. now.

The Mission (Or: Even though the offer may self-destruct in 10 seconds, I believe DA has accepted his own Mission Impossible and will succeed.)

The historical perspective: Tony Bennetts’ first number one hit was in 1951. He was 25 years old. After several hits his run came to an end in the mid 60s and he seemed to disappear. He had a 15 year span when he was off the musical radar. In the 90s he came back stronger than ever, again putting out gold records. He has kept his musical style intact and “remains a popular and critically praised recording artist and concert performer.” Two things are credited with his comeback success:  1) a good manager (his brother) and 2) being true to his own music.

The New York Times said, “Tony Bennett has not just bridged the generation gap, he has demolished it. He has solidly connected with a younger crowd weaned on rock. And there have been no compromises.” At age 68 he had made it all the way back. He was 84 this last August and is still giving performances and concerts. (Added note: He was taught the “Bel canto” singing discipline, which was said to “keep his voice in good shape for his entire career.”)

Mr. Bennett also knows he has unique fans, especially the ones in the UK. He says how they “really take you in and treat you like family” (Sound like any fans you know?)

DA is a planner, a worker, a dreamer, an avid learner and constantly searches the heavens (both within and without) for guidance. He makes goals. He has vision. He has experience with challenges and how they can ultimately work in surprising ways for ones benefit. He also recognizes and appreciates these attributes when he finds them in others.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that he said he would like to sing with Tony Bennett. This year. Ahem. (Please take notice, Mr. Bennett!) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that he dreams of singing until he is 84. Think of all the songs!!!! It. blows. my. mind. (Cause, (( love ya Mr. B.)) DA has more than one genre he can sing – actually.) (And, actually, he already copped the whole “demolishing generation gaps” thing when he was 17: “Shop Around”, “Imagine”, Christmas tour, anyone?)

DA, I love how you think and I trust you. Thank you so much for just being who you are. And for wanting to sing with Tony Bennett.

“You find it! You know it! Don’t make it wait! These are words I wanna say every hour of every day.” Wherever he is, DA makes it a “good place”. And my heart is comforted. My Hundred Acre Woods is lit with the eternal sunlight of contentment. And me? *sigh* I have been given the map to the honey tree.

“Silly old bear”.

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The Power of Words

Posted by paulafod on Thursday, March 3, 2011


Composition in Words and TwitterCloud ~ Angelica

The day my daughter was born, right after her birth, the doctor held up a screaming, messy, little blob of pure joy so that I could see her.  I touched her hand and she continued to scream.  I spoke to her, and immediately she became quiet.  She opened her eyes and searched for the source of those words.  She recognized my voice.   I spoke to her with words that she could not understand, but they reached her anyway…. “Hey, there little one.”   Four words spoken with tenderness by a voice that was familiar were a comfort to her when everything around her was unfamiliar.

Ivy Green, the birthplace of Helen Keller, is not far from my home. At the age of six, having been blind and deaf since the age of nineteen months, Helen stood at a water pump and discovered the beauty of a word.  W-a-t-e-r.  That word changed everything for her.  Words rescued her from an existence that was dark and lonely and allowed her to inspire an entire world. Do you remember the afternoon of February 22, 2011?  @DavidArchie tweeted that he would have a vlog up soon.  We waited, almost patiently. After the uncertainty of the announcement of his release from the Jive roster and the release of his management, we needed to hear what he had to say.  We hung on his every word.  The David family huddled together for words of reassurance.

I came to love David through the words he sang.  I came to admire David because of the words he spoke and wrote.  I have grown to respect David not only because of the words he chooses to use, but because there are words that he refuses to use…words of negativity or gossip….words to retaliate or tear down.  I love his humorous words…tales of huge grapes, mistaken identities (Ricky Archuleta), giant bowls of guacamole, and whether or not fish have brains….all of these words endear him to me.

With David as my inspiration, I hope to be more careful with the words I choose, and I want my life to reinforce the optimism, hope, and encouragement that my words express.  I will not be perfect, but I want to think twice before I hurl words into the atmosphere.  Once a word has been received by another person, it is irretrievable.  As David recently quoted, the lack of words can be as harmful as harsh words, so I want to communicate with those so important to me   David once said that a smile can make someone’s day.  It’s true.  It’s also true that a kind word has the power to make a huge difference in the life of another person.

So now we wait for more words from David, more songs, more tweets, more news of tour or an appearance or a music label or new management.  While we wait, we’ll use words that make a difference….words like Music for Smiles, Rising Star Outreach, Children’s Miracle Network, Stand Up 2 Cancer.  We’ll use our words to remind David that we are his fans.  We’ll remind each other what a blessing it is to be an Archie. We’ll use our word power to make a difference.

After all, we never know who’s listening. 

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