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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Everything has its Time

Posted by MT on Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

We’ve all been missing David, waiting impatiently for news.  But, we’re not the only ones who have been waiting.  Valentine’s Day just passed and I couldn’t help but think of David.  His schedule has been so hectic for the last few years that he really hasn’t had much time for a personal life, or finding “his kind of perfect.”  He’s sacrificed a lot for the sake of his career.

Most young men David’s age have been building their lives in different ways; socializing, finding love, going on missions, getting jobs, going to college.  David has been looking ahead and building the road to a career in music.  He has a goal and has been diligently working toward that end, even though it meant giving up the normal teenage life.

David was only 16 years old when he auditioned for American Idol.  In the three and a half years since then it’s been a whirlwind of tours and recording. His last live performance was on New Year’s Eve, just a few short weeks ago (even though it seems like long ago.)

Understandably, some of David’s fans are concerned about recent events and whether he will tour to promote The Other Side Of Down.  I think he will.  I hope he will.  But if he doesn’t, could there be an upside for David?  Time to regroup with a new team could benefit him (and the fans) in the long run.

It’s hard, as fans, to sit patiently and wait for news of tour while we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.  We watch, we wait, we listen, and we search for any bits of news we can find, hoping for something that will help us understand what’s going on.  Even though we see no rhyme or reason for it, maybe it’s working out the way it is meant to.

The Voice Is Here To Stay

A little birdie called to me
Just the other day
His tweeting held a message
Has life now gone astray?

Although it seems disheartening
It is not what it seems
Sometimes all those little clues
Aren’t clear in what they mean

A brand new day is dawning
This light shall never fade
Don’t worry about the darkness
For soon it goes away

A rainbow will be coming
Though it’s raining on this day
In tweets that little birdie said
Good things are on the way

A new path he is forging
Though the road is not yet clear
He’ll look to the horizon
To find the answers there

We will not need to wait for long
It’s just a short delay
He’ll soon be here to sing for us
The Voice is here to stay

I have faith in David and firmly believe that good things are going to happen for him.  In the meantime, maybe David will have the opportunity to enjoy life for a little while, maybe even have time to fall in love.  He deserves that.

It’s so easy for us to sit at home with our husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, saying I want tour NOW!  I think sometimes we forget that we’re not the only ones waiting.  David is waiting, too.  For tour … and for love …

Everything has its time.  So I think I’ll just sit back, take a deep breath, and think pleasant thoughts of tour.  I’ll try to be patient while the pieces of David’s life fall into place as they were meant to.

And who knows?  When David returns to touring, there could be a new richness and depth of emotion to his performances.  There could be an upside for all of us.

Credit Jake Chessum


217 Responses to “Everything has its Time”

  1. Marylee said

    “The Voice Is Here to Stay”
    I have so much I would like to express..words don’t come easy to me like the brilliant writers here so I’ll just say, for now,
    …please David ~ we need to hear that VOICE.. Take your time & we’ll be waiting here~that’s a promise.<3


  2. MT said

    I’m bringing this over from the last thread. Sky’s comment at #150.

    “David Archuleta will NEVER stop singing.It is his passion,his love,it is what drives him, it is what he has always wanted to do, and he has thanked God every step of his journey for the gift of allowing him to sing. He didn’t have surgery, because more than anything else he wanted to sing! He tried out for American Idol because he wanted to sing. Put his education on hold because he wanted to sing.”

    ^ ^ This! I can’t imagine him not singing, not being on stage and sharing his gift. It’s who he is. Whether it’s tour for his album, a charity tour, something … I think he’ll find a way to be on that stage, singing his heart out for us. We just may have to wait a little while. Hopefully it won’t be long.

    And this > “Jive is just a 4 letter word.”

    LOL Couldn’t have said it better!!


  3. SandyBeaches said

    Throughout these last three years we have had many people express their feelings that perhaps David should finish school or go to university among other suggestions. I finished school and went to university but never in a million years would I choose the years at universty over David’s international experiences or successes. You go to university firstly to learn how to be on your own, then to learn how to mix with many people and to develop your personality. University helps you to decide what subjects you might want to further explore and to study leading up to a job either as a teacher, a medical person, a business person and so on.

    So now we come to David and his needs for education. He has been in the company of the President at the White House on different occasions and has stood in front of the entire country on the fourth of July singing to the country and for the soldiers. He is the figure head for several well known charities that have become highly successful in their endeavours. David sings in front of thousands upon thousands of people in different states for different occasions. He sings in four languages, but like so much else he is learning that on his own. As he travels throughout the country he visits the lonely, aged and the sick. David is already an ambassador in other countries of good will and good faith.

    David has travelled to the other side of the world learning their cultures, wearing their clothes, eating their food and conversing, all the while beaming from ear to ear and being most gracious to his hosts. He is loved worldwide. He has not just read words from books on these subjects or watched as someone told him all that from the front of a room. David has been right there immersed in their cultures and giving to them all that he can possibly give.

    David is a teacher to the youth of North America and other countries. What he teaches is human kindness, lifelong values and the list is endless. David is an accomplished artist who uses his gifts that have been given to him right now. In the midst of a song he interjects the words from a song by The Fray “how to save a life” and he believes in that. He has the capabilities to turn around the lives of troubled teens helping them to not feel alone. The words of his songs are meaningful and healing and these are words that are repeated over and over about David. You can not learn to be that kind of person, who have to be that kind of person deep within your soul and there is no other substitute.

    There is not a young man I know who would not love the opportunity to do what he does, go where he has gone, or be admired by so many because of his growing influences on the present society. You just have to listen to a video made by radio personnel who say how remarkable he is, how humble he is and they say to him to “never change who you are”.

    David is socializing with the world. He is loving to his family, giving to those in need, all the while working hard for a living and no one I have ever known compares equally to that.

    I said to him once before a concert that I could see from watching him on stage how blessed he is and he said that not everyone sees that or believes that. I was taken back so much with his sad demeanour that I did smile back to him, but I walked away not knowing then what to say.



  4. Marylee said

    “David is socializing with the world. He is loving to his family, giving to those in need, all the while working hard for a living and no one I have ever known compares equally to that”.

    SB: Your post represents exactly what I meant in my first comment said exactly what I have in my head & in my heart for this beautiful young man and all that he stands for! I hope that David will have a chance to read what you shared. I’d love to know that he understands what an impact he has had on those around him at such an early time in his life. Love you, David ❤


  5. ray said

    sb #3 you ars so right,i have been holding bavk the tears for severay days now,not because i think david will not contuine to sing,but how i feel the hurt he must feal,for what the meaida is havening a feild day over this.and he has worked so harde to bring good to this world,and for the media to treet him like this is deplorable,they will all have to answer to there maker,some day and they should be real careful how the treat this young man for his mentor might just get pissed off and slap them godd i hope just love that young man with all my heart,for what he does for me,i wnat to wake up every day just because of him wish i good express my self better but you all may get my drift


  6. MunkFOD said

    MT, Thank you so much for your article. Time…. timing is everything. Especially when you have a special purpose in life…and I believe David has a special purpose. Who knows who he is suppose to meet, touch, work with, create with… timing is everything……even when it comes down to what is going on in the music industry… I think of how he felt so strongly to audition for idol when he did..Dean wasn’t sure his voice was ready…with the vocal paralysis…could it stand all the stress and singing? But David followed the impression … then there was “Imagine”. He had to fight to sing that song. The producers weren’t happy…but look what happened. There may be some in the industry that don’t get it…they just don’t “see”. But we do. We “get” David. We can see how he has been prepared all his life for this. He is wise beyond his years…. an ancient soul. He has nerves of steel and a heart of gold. He knows what his future is all about. He is in control now. He knows exactly what he is doing and I trust him completely. Some people may “kick against the pricks” but David will move forwardl And we will be there to support him!

    SB, Someone on another site made some statement that David needed to take a music business class. I had to laugh! I thought, my gosh, he has learned more in this last year about the industry/business than anyone could taking a class! He is educated and I am sure he will continue to take classes he is interested in. I was sad to hear about that statement he made….”not everyone sees that or believes that.” I am sure that is what he was facing with a certain label and possibly management. I pray everyday that he will find the perfect match for him that he can grow and magnify his talent to continue to make a difference in the world.

    sorry so long…. 🙂


  7. betsy said

    Oh Ray!
    “i want to wake up every day just because of him wish i good express my self better but you all may get my drift”

    I get your drift and you said it just right. It is real and I feel it. ♥
    I may be naive, but it never crossed my mind that David would be doing anything but music until I started reading it all over the sites.
    “I know I’m supposed to be doing music – because of him and for him.”
    The thing that really hurts is thinking that David may be hurting – he probably hates all of the “talk”. The Google updater keeps pinging articles. Despite all of his vlogs, and updates on Twitter, he is a private person and never talks about business publicly. Which just makes him classier than others.
    He’s still writing music.
    I’ll keep listening.


  8. betsy said

    “And who knows? When David returns to touring, there could be a new richness and depth of emotion to his performances. There could be an upside for all of us.”

    And I bet a few songs come out of this experience. (lol weather related!)


  9. Suzy-Q said

    MT, I love your poem!!! It’s so fitting and meaningful to what’s going on in Davidland.
    Yesterday, I was thinking of this song by the Carpenters.
    “Close to You”
    Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near?
    just like me they long to be close to you.
    Why do stars fall down from the sky everytime you walk by?
    Just like me they long to be close to you.

    On the day that you were born the angels got together and
    descided to create a dream come true. So, they sprinkled moon dust in your hair and golden starlight in your eyes of blue.
    That is why all the girls in town follow you around. Just like me they long to be close to you.

    Look at Youtube, ‘Carpenters Close To You”


  10. kimmiedavid said

    I feel David is meant to do music. Otherwise, why would he recover from vocal paralysis and still be able to sing like he does? He has such a passion for music, writing and singing, and I just can not imagine him doing anything else. I can’t imagine him WANTING to do anything else. God doesn’t give you a gift like that and not expect you to use it in some way. He touches everyone with his voice and the words that flow out of his mouth. I think David will be back before we know it, and hopefully that will include a tour. But I will wait for the time when he is ready.


  11. Tawna21 said

    MT–perfect thoughts~your entire article rings so true, but these two short sentences really came home to me:

    ” David is waiting, too.”
    “Everything has its time.”

    Patience is going to become a virtue to all of before this is over!



  12. xaris said

    Great article, MT. I’ve always hoped David viewed these past three years as “college”. I don’t think Jive ever “got” David for a minute. On the flip side, I hope he realized this from the very beginning, and to some extent “used” them back–used them to gain experience, to learn the business, to learn with whom you want to work in the future and whom you want to avoid.

    FOD just posted a tweet from Fanscene:

    Reliable @FanScene source says, “Definitely no worries, we really are where David wants to be. Lots of options now.”

    Hope it makes everyone feel a little better.

    Cheers, guys!


  13. SandyBeaches said

    I believe that there is no reason to speculate what he may or may not do, or should or should not do because the commotion is of no value to David.

    There must be something to fill the time gap and I have been thinking about it but I realize that you are all too far away to come over for dinner or go to a movie (there is a 3D one out right now, haha). But, I am still thinking about it. Maybe we could re-read a favorite book and discuss it or put time in a capsule!



  14. MunkFOD said

    SB, Re-reading COS… a great idea! Discuss something productive and positive. Would be awesome….


  15. MT said

    Gonna comment more later, but two things I wanted to say:

    #6. Munk, timing is indeed everything. I think that’s what started all the commotion. Melinda messed up the timing on David’s label move. Without her opening her big mouth, I think we’d have heard “David Archuleta has changed labels” and we’d have been celebrating.

    13. SB Xaris, “Reliable @FanScene source says, “Definitely no worries, we really are where David wants to be. Lots of options now.”

    Thanks for bringing that over,
    ♪ ♫ That “lots of options” part sounds good. ♫ ♪ ♫


  16. emmegirl said

    MT, love the poem, perfect!

    SB, #3 spot on!

    Ray, “they should be real careful how the treat this young man for his mentor might just get pissed off and slap them godd”, lol! As Betsy said, you said it just right!

    Betsy, “he is a private person and never talks about business publicly. Which just makes him classier than others”.. and you said that right sister!

    Been down with the flu, and finally felt better enough to get out of bed and check in. And the first thing I see is those two pics… thanks Angelica, I think my fever just spiked again.


  17. cb said

    David has come so far since he was that 16 year old boy who prayed about whether he should go try out for idol.

    People talk about his education.Education? My goodness, he has had more Music education in the last three years than most music majors ever get. He had a crash course in recording and song writing, with different writers and producers, that will be invaluable in his future. His own independent study in this area is extensive, thus the “walking jukebox” tag.

    Speech? I had one required speech class in college. Think of what that shy young guy has accomplished in this area. He has been extensively interviewed, has had to think on his feet, has spoken in front of thousands. He handled that women’s convention like a pro. Hands on education there.

    Humanities? He has always been a person who cared about others but even in that area he has had tremendous experiences and opportunities that have further solidified his desire to help others in his life here. He learned of micro loans and washed the feet of lepers. He has brought attention to and helped raise money for numerous charities. He has influenced others, such as myself, to be more caring, and to want to give more.

    Geography? He has had the opportunity to travel to other lands and learn about the lives of others and the world he lives in.

    English? I had to write a one page paper a week and a research paper for English 101. He writes faithfully in his journal and has written a book! Though he wrote it while he was still a teenager, and I am an adult, I learned from, and was deeply touched by, his thoughts and values and strength of character.

    Finance? He has had to deal with money matters and budgets far more than most young men his age.

    He has accomplished so much in his twenty years, and I know he will continue learning and growing, no matter what the setting.

    I am so proud of, and have so much respect for, this amazing young man and his accomplishments. He is truly a giant of a man. He has this magnificent voice that touches people, yet he is still humble and grounded and kind and determined to do what he feels is right. As his lyrics in “Who I Am” tell us, he is still trying to figure things out, and I pray and have faith that he will find his path, and that his future will be filled with happiness and all good things. No one deserves it more.

    I have to add that the only thing I want more than to see and hear him sing is, his happiness. I love him that much.


  18. cb said

    MT, Thanks for your article, it made me think A LOT! ha ha Thus my ramble above. Awww, I want him to have time to date and fall in love too. Can’t even imagine the feeling in his singing then!


  19. cb said

    xaris, “college” is right!


  20. cb said

    SB I think I will re-read COS 🙂


  21. loulou said

    One of the Jones Brothers was just on Rachael Ray show!How many of you know that they were dropped by ther first Record Label and they are doing fine.I know as good as David is he should have no problem finding a new label.You know what ticks me off is that the Radio Stations in Utah can not play Davids music and support him more.What a dirty rotten shame.


  22. cb said

    Loulou, I couldn’t agree more.


  23. cb said

    Sandy Beaches. I just read you comment #3. LOL We were certainly thinking alike today! Kindred spirits.


  24. djafan said

    Just stopping by to say hello! Haven’t read anything, extremely busy day at work for me, but I’m so excited to see all the reading I have before me!

    In case you didn’t catch up on last nights comments just want to say that I love the love for David from all in your own ways, we’re all unique individuals we feel and express ourselves differently but we all love David!




  25. ram said

    Great article MT. For some reason today reading your words made me cry.

    I went to Youtube because David in his latest album has spoken to us and I wanted to really listen to what he has to say. This road David has chosen will not always be smooth and I need to remind myself of what David is about. So I went searching and found this- WHO I AM (posted by bbgirl9089).


  26. Angelica said


    Did you think you could tiptoe in and out in the wee hours of the night and one of us not catch you? 🙂 Come back and talk to us soon!

    My goodness, you all are so expressive this morning! Love all the thoughtful comments. Will be back later when things slow up a bit at work to chime in and discuss MT’s article. ciao!


  27. bebereader said

    Ahhh finally home! Had to stop at the mall today after work and was pleasantly serenaded by a familiar voice coming out of the mall speakers!

    “…and I know this Crush ain’t going away ay ay ay ay…”

    Okay so it wasn’t a song from TOSOD; it was Crush but it was David in full blast! Imagine that heavenly sound, maximized on jumbo speakers! Never been good at multi-tasking, I had to stop walking to listen, as if it was the first time I heard the song!

    MT, I so enjoyed your article. Your words are just what we need to hear; you speak to everyone. Although my feathers have been ruffled a bit, my gut feeling hasn’t changed, that David will continue in music because it’s so much a part of who he is, from a young boy studying the billboard charts to the young singer/songwriter he is today.

    We know how music can elevate your mood but David is the best mood-elevator I’ve ever encountered. With his voice, he has not only changed lives for the better but he has SAVED lives. I think he understands this and does not take it lightly. I honestly believe that he knows how much we need him in our lives.


    Thank you for the beautiful pics you posted on Twitter yesterday. If you check the bottom of our last article you’ll find quite a few. 🙂

    You said: “I think David will be back before we know it, and hopefully that will include a tour…” <<< I agree with you. I am so hoping that he finds a label and management who realizes that putting him back out on tour, singing the songs from TOSOD, ASAP is the way to go.

    Ram #25 Loved the video you posted. David once said in an interview (paraphrased) that he hoped people didn't understand the true meaning behind all the lyrics on TOSOD. Hmmm..

    "I'm gonna take this moment that I'm in right now
    Stop the craziness some how
    Leave it all behind me
    I know it's gonna find me
    I've got nothing to win, I've got nothing to lose
    Just trying to walk in my own two shoes
    Gotta take some time now
    It's time for me to find out who I am
    Oh oh oh, Oh oh oh, Oh oh oh

    You just know
    When to hold on
    When to let go"

    Revealing much?


  28. Angelica said

    Wha? whats that you say?? A vlog coming!!


  29. stenocruiser said


    # Gonna get a blog up in just a bit here about what’s been happening lately. Hope it will help you guys know what’s been going on! 🙂 less than 10 seconds ago via web

    Oh my gosh — I am on the verge of tears just wondering what he is going to tell us.


  30. ram said

    Sweating bullets. I wonder what he has to say?!!!!! */*


  31. bebereader said

    Good sign: He used a smiley 🙂 and an exclamation point ! in his tweet!

    How many of us are sitting on the edge of our seat now???


  32. cb said

    Just read twitter about blog. Shaking ~ ~ ~ ~


  33. djafan said

    break from meeting, OMG!!!!!!!!

    twitter is going crazy!!!!!


  34. Dakgal said

    Oh my You’d think someone just told me I was richer than Oprah!! Even better than that!! Can’t wait!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  35. I’m shaking guys, too. All of we are shaking so much! I’ve been waiting for news. and in just a bit We’ll hear news from him. It’s so nice.


  36. Gayle122890 said

    I’m so nervous!!!!!


  37. Dakgal said

    Dja– just wanted to let you know–I met you in my dream last night. We were in some room and I had to wait until you got through typing before I could give you a hug. You stood up ( I’m 5’1″) so I figure you must have been 5’8″ , very tall and skinny, with light brown hair that was very fine and straight and looong–to your waist!

    Well, you finally stood up, bent over and we hugged–your cheek felt so warm and it felt great.

    Only one complaint tho– your hair was so fine that every time I took a breath your hair went up my nose.

    How’s that for a dream.


  38. bebereader said

    “Just wanted to fill you guys in on what’s been happening lately with some of the decisions that have been on my mind lately. Sorry again for how long it is but wanted to make sure I got everything in. Had a great time with my little sister this weekend going to the Monster Jam, Six Flags, and other things. Been excited about songwriting too and can’t wait for you guys to hear what may come from it!”


  39. gladys said

    please can someone translate the words of David. I am very nervous and I can hardly understand.
    thank you very much.


  40. Dakgal said

    PS–follow up to #37–now that I put that dream into words and analyzed it–you must have been an angel–cause I feel so much better today.


  41. emmegirl said

    My heart swells.


  42. Dakgal said

    OK all better–just seeing that happy smiling face.

    Thanks David


  43. emmegirl said

    Gladys, he is taking a little time to write, sounds like new stuff will be coming, music he will be working on solely on his own. He’s just gonna let it flow! We will be hearing about some things coming up soon. Jive made offers, but he decided now was a good time to part company.

    He had a great time with sister Amber in the pouring rain covered with garbage bags at the monster trucks, went to Six Flags and rode roller coasters and went to the batting cage.

    All is good, no worries! He is excited. And there is a banana tree behind him. 🙂

    (what did I miss?)


  44. emmegirl said

    Howdy folks! lol.

    (forgot to mention, I like the hair trim!)


  45. gladys said

    gracias emmergil.

    soon begin my intensive English courses, not understanding david is very sad.


  46. emmegirl said

    Your very welcome Gladys. And now we get to wait and anticipate David’s very own, up-close, non-self-conscious brand of music. Are we up for this?

    (Am I getting carried away, I do have fever.)


  47. ram said


    If I understood David correctly he has recently really come to understand how he is very much in control of his own life and the decisions he makes no matter how difficult they are to make and how they will impact his own life and his own success. I believe this is an exciting thing for David to come to REALLy understand, as it is for any young person. He also understands the weight of his decisions as we all do as adults so I see this a very positive thing. He will make right decisions and he will make wrong ones but they are his to make. I am very proud of David. He will blame no one and will continue to make the best of whatever comes his way. He has his moral compass, talent that we haven’t even seen yet and his dedicated fans so the sky is the limit the way I see it. 🙂


  48. stenocruiser said

    Oh, thank you David. What a class act you are !!


  49. kaycee said

    Oh David, you will never cease to make us proud!


  50. ram said

    By the way, I had never seen some of the pics on the video on #25. And some of them are gorgeous and they kinda go with the video. So hope you get a chance to see them. I think you do have to go to Youtube (just click on the Youtube logo on the bottom right of the vid)


  51. bebereader said


    Thanks for the synopsis! Did the sight of David spike your fever? 😉

    David said Jive made him some offers but he decided it was time to leave. Smart man. He’s more mature and professional than others who have been in the business for years. Jive gave him his first record deal and he’s so appreciative; he only speaks of them with kindness. That’s our David!

    Can’t wait to hear some of the melodies going on in his head. He has worked with some of the best in the business and at this point is able to write full songs on his own, not that I ever doubted he was able to before.

    And the upcoming projects sound exciting! He’ll let us know more when he can.

    He didn’t mention another record deal yet and he may very well have some ‘coals on the fire’ but I’m sure we’ll hear about it when he’s able to tell us.

    I’m a happy camper. 😀


  52. betsy said

    #41 Emmegirl –
    “My heart swells”

    DITTO. ♥

    I love him.


  53. archiesfan4life said

    I just had to comment – I have been in hiding lately as I have not been well for 6 weeks now, but trust David to make me suddenly feel better!

    I need to go back and watch again 🙂 – what a relief to see his smiling face!


  54. MT said

    I don’t even know where to begin. 🙂

    ♪ ♫ ♥ David, thank you for untying the know in my stomach. ♥ ♫ ♪


  55. MT said

    Ok, that would be the KNOT in my stomach. LOL

    And does anyone else feel like they’ve been holding their breath for 5 days now?


  56. kaycee said

    This vlog is just one of the many reasons I am of a fan of this guy! He handled the news about parting ways with JIVE and WEG so diplomatically, mentioning only the positives and leaving out the rest. “The professionals” could learn a thing or two from our guy. I’m so proud and happy that he is taking his life and career into his own hands. Can’t wait to see where he takes us!

    (PS…it’s nice to be able to breathe again!)


  57. Silverfox said

    I am so proud of David. He is the epitome of class. He spoke not one negative word about Jive or WEG, but are we really surprised? That is the David we have come to know & love.

    I have one word to say to the journalists and reporters who seemed to relish using the word “dropped” regarding David’s release from his contract with Jive. That word is “Apologize!”

    If I understand what David said Jive made offers to David, but David chose to leave to pursue what he feels he needs to do. So it appears David LEFT, he was NOT dropped! Ugh, I hate that word.

    David ever gracious will never refute what has been said all over the Internet, he simply told what happened. Anyone else would have been angry. I WAS ANGRY! But now I’m happy as I have ever been with David, with the world! And so looking forward to what he has in store for us!

    But David still deserves an apology.


  58. Abrra said

    I am such a fan of your writing. This is the perfect time to read your words.

    Loved the poem to pieces!

    We will not need to wait for long
    It’s just a short delay
    He’ll soon be here to sing for us
    The Voice is here to stay

    David confirmed everything I had thought about his break with Jive and WEG. That he is writing more is such good news.It is exciting to know he has something coming up for us.



  59. Dakgal said

    One more post for the day then I’ll shut up.

    Mr. Archuletas message for the day.


  60. Silverfox said

    I just read MT article and all the comments..

    SandyBeaches..Oh My! Loved every word of your “David’s Education History Lesson”. Every single word is true and I hope someone in David’s camp who may come here, reads it and shows David. It’s beautiful and so true. Every word. We can only wish our sons & daughters could have such an education!

    MT..very nice! So happy The Voice is here to stay! Whew! Relieved is an understatement!


  61. SandyBeaches said

    I am in the car but not the driver! Thanks SF for letting me know that there is an exciting vlog and I can’t get home fast enough!!

    I am gathering from your comments that life is better in our Archuworld!!

    MT, for now I am enjoying your poetry…thank you it is a perfect match to the moment.

    Can’t wait until I get home and like a teenager run to my pc..



  62. MT said

    25. RAM, Awww I’m sorry I made you cry. I didn’t mean to. I hope you’re smiling now that we’ve had good news. 🙂

    BeBe, Munk, Betsy, Tawna, Xaris, CB, Thanks for the kind words and comments on the article. I’m glad you liked it.

    Suzy-Q & Emmegirl, So glad you enjoyed the poem!

    Abrra, Awww ♥ Thanks for the compliment. David makes me feel like a poet again. Haven’t written any in quite a while. He inspires me, what can I say? And yup, confirmed for me too.

    And now….

    ♫ Happy days are here again,
    ♫ The skys above are clear again,
    ♫ So let’s sing a song of cheer again,
    ♫ Happy days are here againnnnn

    I’ve had that song stuck in my head for the last hour. LOL


  63. ODDity said

    I missed out on being out on a ledge with everyone this afternoon and came home to the vlog, the vlog, the wonderful vlog!!!! ♫ Happy days are here again! ♫

    While at a hair salon this afternoon I heard Crush and exclaimed, “Oh, there’s my David!” My hairdresser went on to tell me that she has a client who lives next to David and how her granddaughter plays on the same team (soccer? softball?) as David’s sister. As we all know, David attends his sister’s ballgames when he is home. This neighbor is sad that when he does, people do not leave him alone and even chase his car when he leaves. Bummer.

    MT, wonderful article! I’m glad to see you’re still having fun with the musical notes. 🙂 I think I forgot yesterday to compliment Angelica (sorry, Angelica) on her article and to wish Nanawieze a happy birthday. Bad ODDity!


  64. MT said

    SF: So happy The Voice is here to stay! Whew! Relieved is an understatement!

    Couldn’t agree more! 🙂

    SB: Glad you’re enjoying the poem! But you’re gonna enjoy that vlog a WHOLE LOT MORE! haha


  65. ODDity said

    MT – are we sharing a brain today? I was writing my post while yours must have posted. LOL ♫ Happy days are indeed here again. ♫


  66. emmegirl said

    MT, and what a very timely piece! You got a Ouija board or something! You wrote that poem, omgosh! You so know we will now be expecting more!

    Kaycee 56, could not agree more. I forgot to mention how much I loved your butterfly story on the last thread. It’s a keeper. Thank you for that. 🙂


  67. ram said

    MT-Thank you. It was a beautiful article and it just hit me hard how much I really care about what happens to David. I feel restored and ready for the future. He is so much above it all and I can only hope to someday reach the level of patience, graciousness and humility that David has at 20. Sheesh ….

    I’m one happy pigeon tonight! Yippee. 🙂

    I cannot celebrate as I usually would but it is definitely a guac and tacos night for me. Woo woo (lame way to celebrate but delicious)


  68. Heidijoy said

    So nice to come here and celebrate the good news. Loved the article and so many comments and thoughts. I LOVE the Vlog!! David’s comments especially of his thoughts about how much his fans mean to him was so nice to hear again.

    I’m hoping David will get a PR person to release a statement such as when he parted ways with Jive and or left WEG BEFORE anyone else does. Hate it that a firestorm of negativity was created. Hopefully David and advisors can see the need for this!! (sorry sound like a control freak)

    I am Happy to hear the good news and come here even during the worry times. The support is helpful! Thank You


  69. SandyBeaches said

    Wow, we can see who the professional business man is in all of this and hopefully this will be googled as much as the gossip was. I received the first ‘vlog’ google alert as we were driving.

    So now David is letting us all know that he is all about the music, the writing, the singing and the respect for his fans. No more speculations, he didn’t start to pack his bags…

    I wonder if he had heard through Richard how off the wall we were becoming?

    Where is that ‘happy dance cat’ who was watching out for David??



  70. MunkFOD said

    SB, Maybe he felt of our love and concern thru the group card. Just so happy he addressed everything. He was a class act all the way. We always see playful David, but it was great to see mature business David too. 🙂 So looking forward to the music he writes and performs.!


  71. Fiona said

    #55, MT, YES!! I also feel like I can breathe again now!!!!!! Soooo glad to hear from David and that he is so happy!


  72. Tawna21 said

    Breathe in… breathe out…relax…. close eyes… huuummmmm!♪♫ David is in his realm.♥♥ The galaxy has aligned, and the world is rotating in the right direction. I don’t think I breathed for the entire 7:58 min. that David was speaking and brushing his hair down and wiping his brow and pointing out the banana tree. The tears came when he spoke about us, the fans. You guys, he loves us, he wants what is best for us. How can he be this amazing? I just can’t love him enough.♥♥♥

    To Melinda w/WEG~~~~take a lesson from a ‘professional’ on how to speak to the public, you will be a much better person! To the media~~~now what have you got to say? Maybe, as SF has commented, an apology is in order. (that will never happen, the media doesn’t apologize)

    My husband has been as on edge for the last 5 days as I have been (I just love him). He’s asked me several times a day if there’s been any word from or about David. He came upstairs a second ago from his Boy Scout meeting downstairs and I quickly showed him where David had vlogged and then sent him back down to the boys 😉 without letting him see it (I’m not nearly as nice as David)and told him he could watch it when he gets thru because it’s looonngg! If he hadn’t had his arms full of treats, he probably would have bopped me (JK). Off to view the video again.



  73. bebereader said

    SB, the “watchful cat” was taken down when David returned from India. Will the “happy dance bunny” do? LOL

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  74. emmegirl said

    bebe, woot the Happy Dance Bunny. Can you get D in a pair of shades doing it!


  75. emmegirl said

    and Tawna21, your husband is a sweetie!


  76. so wonderful to come home Davids vlog !!♥♥♥
    #28.Angelica.said this…”☺♦2♥♣♦☺☻♣•◘♦♪♫☻☺♦♥♣♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!”
    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    OHHH I love your poem so much!!!!♥♥ and everything you wrote. This: “David was only 16 years old when he auditioned for American Idol. “In the three and a half years since then it’s been a whirlwind of tours and recording.” When you think of all he has done in 3 +short years it truly boggles the mind. ps.thanks for #2.this>>”I can’t imagine him not singing, not being on stage and sharing his gift. It’s who he is.”♥♥♥☺

    #3.Sandy Beaches….thank you! yes!yes!
    I defer my ♥-felt sentiments about what you said, to SilverFox (below) who says exactly what I feel so beautifully…
    60. “SandyBeaches..Oh My! Loved every word of your “David’s Education History Lesson”. Every single word is true and I hope someone in David’s camp who may come here, reads it and shows David. It’s beautiful and so true. Every word. We can only wish our sons & daughters could have such an education!”
    Just want to share this. I went to my hairdresser today for a haircut, and she said”looks like we can schedule a root touch up to take care of some of that new gray growth you got going on there”..hahahaha! thanks DAVID!♥


  77. I said

    Good night!

    Tonight I will sleep like a queen, morning breakfast a banana.


  78. davidstopsmyaging said

    Wow—he has never looked more handsome IMO. He seems happy, relaxed, soaking in the sun, loving his banana tree and little sister. (Maybe not in that order). That is just one thing I love about David—he is so real—doesn’t put on false pretenses, doesn’t act full of himself. He knows what is important in life. A 20-year-old has taught ME what is important in life!!

    And we were all worried—-GEEZ—we should know better!:)

    Great articale, MT. And, I love reading all the comments.


  79. MT said

    63. ODDity: TY, And YES, I love my lil musical♪ notes ♫ and hearts.♥ NEW TOY!☺ lol And I see I’m not the only one playing with it. Hahaha I think Angelica likes them too. And a few others! Ahem, sky??? And Angelica still hasn’t told us how to do that red arrow thingy?

    Are we sharing a brain today? <— hahahaha yes, it seems we are!

    66. Emmegirl, Ouija board? Haha Love it. And I’ll see what I can do.

    71. Fiona, But now I think I’m getting too much oxygen to my brain. I’m getting a lil loopy. Wish I could make one of those lil dancing smilies. And a huggy one.

    HaHa Good Job BeBe! Just saw the Happy Dance Bunny, that’ll do. 🙂

    Sky, Awww Thanks so much. And glad you like the poem. ♥


  80. Dakgal said

    As I’ve had time to digest David’s vlog and in my own way, read between the lines. I think right now Davids quest is “time”. Just good old time, which he has had precious little of these past few years.

    MT—“In the three and a half years since then it’s been a whirlwind of tours and recording.” When you think of all he has done in 3 + short years it truly boggles the mind.”

    I would imagine when you are committed to a label or management -you pretty much have to do what they line up or dictate to you. This gives him the freedom and time to do what he wants , when he wants. And I’m pretty sure he can be as busy as he wants to be with concerts and appearances.

    Maybe, these last few months of a little down time have brought that home to him. He needs time to write with no pressure of deadlines, time to catch his breath, time to enjoy the other side of his life, which will only serve him well. Then when he finds what he is seeking he will act. He’s one smart cookie.


  81. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe…the happy dance bunny is just great. May he dance forever!!

    Come on Google alert, you can do better than that!!



  82. Abrra said

    Maybe this recap of David’s vblog will help you to know what he said.

    David Archuleta Explains Break From Jive, Management Company

    by Sofia M. Fernandez

    Former American Idol contestant David Archuleta has gone on record about his split from Jive records and his management company.

    With a banana tree as background, the Season 7 runner-up told fans via a video on his theofficialarchuleta YouTube channel that he was pondering the direction he’s going as an artist, and that he’s been writing to see “what sound comes from my head.”

    Archuleta emphasized his relationship with fans throughout the nearly eight-minute video blog, and said that he’s “changing as an artist” at the same time that Jive is “changing as a company.”

    Jive’s official position was that they dropped Archuleta but the singer said, “I need to start going a different direction now. It felt like the right time to part ways.”

    Similarly, he says he was no longer with his management, Wright Entertainment Group, because “I realized this is not where I need to be right now.”

    He continued, “It’s scary making those decisions sometimes. Is this the right decision? I’ve learned also you have to follow your gut. Sometimes it hard to make a decision but it’s the right thing to do.”

    Archuleta concludes, “It took me a while to realize, I have control over my life.”



  83. gladys said

    He is a professional and a gentleman.

    David only had words of thanks to Jive and all his people, gave thanks for everything he was taught and what they learned.
    Jive, at first, implied that they had dropped David. This rumor, so ugly and so convenient for Jive did not overshadow the happiness on David’s face. For the first time in a long time, I saw David’s face, relaxed, quiet, safe and most importantly, happy with the decision he had made.

    Looking at the camera, sometimes smiling, touching his hair, his face totally relaxed and trying to explain why he left Jive, all showed me how valuable David is both as a person and a professional.

    I saw a master class in professionalism, ethics and manhood in a young man with humility that can only be equated with his chivalry.
    David above all things has always been a gentleman, he made mention of WEG but at no time pointed the finger at Melinda and the tweets, so as not to offend anyone, male or female.

    Today, David showed me something, which applies to the rest of my life. If someone feels no respect for me, I will not hold a grudge and be resentful; I will just walk away.

    (Ay david, just a pure heart can do this. If Ms. M would be in front of me, I assure you I ¡’¿?==)))((/(//&/&%%% and also $%&/?¿)


  84. thanks girls, for the translations.


  85. bebereader said


    Would love to see a nice pic of David wearing shades. There are a few old ones online but if I recall, he borrowed them from someone. There’s bound to be a new pic surfacing. He’s been in California where the sun is shining now!

    It’s starting! First Google Alert article in Abrra’s post#82. Hopefully we see a slew of them now. An apology would be nice but I doubt that will happen.

    Gladys, “I saw a master class in professionalism, ethics and manhood in a young man with humility…” <<< Thank you! Beautifully stated! Master class, indeed!


  86. Abrra said

    Some more food for thought in this article. It speaks for itself.

    “David Archuleta Dropped By Jive Record Label

    Ciara said a few days ago, “I spent tens of thousands of my own money only to hear the radio PDs tell me my label didn’t want the song played”.

    And this is exactly what Archuleta fans were told by the PDs immediatel­y post-”Crus­h” and for two years. Fans were told “Oh, we can’t play that” by the radio stations, no matter how large the number of requests, for any other single after “Crush”.

    Admittedly­, not every subsequent single was radio friendly, but some absolutely were.

    While a big hit in numerous places overseas where Archuleta is a big star and played along side the best known American acts, and despite fervent and pro-active fan support for him here, Archie couldn’t get airplay in America because his label didn’t want it.

    If he could be a hit in other countries with multiple top singles (and he was) the same could occur in the States. But the label had other ideas.

    Did they sign Archie in May 2008 the night of the “American Idol” finals to make him a star, or keep him controlled in favor of Cook or someone or something else? Who’s to say as to the reasoning.

    But Ciara has had a similar experience with Jive.

    Are the rumors true that Jive’s really melting down from the inside? One can only wonder.”



  87. bebereader said

    Time for a break!
    Videos from Rising Star Outreach performances!

    “Somebody Out There”



    credit dougamigo


  88. cb said

    I am happy tonight, and I love that first video with the kids too much. 🙂


  89. betsy said

    I can’t take it! That Angels is beyond anything. So emotional, so beautiful.
    He deserves an award every time he sings.


  90. Tawna21 said

    My hubby ♥♥♥ the vlog and laughed out loud when David introduced the banana tree. 🙂 He’s resting easier, also.

    Update: I sent a link of the vlog to the radio station that I emailed to the other day, and commented that this is why we fans love David so much. He cares about us, he is who he is, true to himself.

    I can go to bed now and rest well after seeing the vlog and the RSO videos. There has been a lot of rapid water go under the bridge the last few days, but I feel like it has finally come to the calm pool now.



  91. betsy said

    A new Grand Rapids video surfaced. Of course I had to post it. ♥
    It’s not a great one, but you can see how pumped he was by the twenty thousand strong. 🙂
    p.s. This was right before the encore.


  92. Suzy-Q said

    I couldn’t be more relieved and excited about David’s future now that he has made this blog. He truly is a very special person and I am glad that I found him and made him part of my life.

    Emmegirl #43, #44, #46 I love your sense of humor. You are too funny!

    I feel all giddy!


  93. bebereader said

    Those RSO videos are just what we needed tonight, to celebrate the awesomeage of David Archuleta! I’ve watched each several times and am so proud to call myself a fan of this amazing artist and humanitarian! Angels was so intense and heartfelt; Crush was beautiful as always and Somebody Out There was full of humility. I love this guy so much I can hardly stand it!


  94. Suzy-Q said

    Or is it vlog?


  95. nanaweize said

    MT…great article….so many things to think about.
    The vlog was spectacular…awesome…archuriffic….fun…and very needed!

    Could someone tell me when Emmi’s surgery is?


  96. djafan said

    Finally home!

    MT, You are such a prolific writer, I love your thoughts and how you express them. You’ve made some great observations that are on point.

    SB, you are to much, yes, yes, and yes to everything you said.

    Just so many great and heart felt comments, sighs of relief, and pure happiness!

    Oh David do you know how much we love you?

    And the vlog, there is no one like him, wise beyond his years. It brought such comfort to see his smiling face and the excitement just pouring out of him and I think he knows how much we love him 🙂 ♥ 🙂

    Got to watch this videos now!


  97. bebereader said

    Nana: Emi’s surgery is tomorrow. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

    Tawna, WTG on sending David’s vlog to the radio station! You go, girl!

    Betsy, GR videos are the best! TY!


  98. nanaweize said

    Thank you Bebe…I thought it was tomorrow but wanted to make sure. Thoughts and prayers are heading her way.

    Yes…The Voice is here to stay!


  99. Jo said

    Nice vlog, glad to hear the real situation, looking forward for his next label.
    Emi- my prayers for you.


  100. djafan said

    Dak, YOu had me rolling on the ground. What the heck was I doing in your dream??? I do feel honored to have inhabited your dreams. 🙂

    Some small clarifications,

    Not tall, 5’3′
    Not skinny by any sense of the word, I’ll leave it that 🙂
    Not long thin flowing hair, medium length, wild curly hair.

    Now about the nose…hahahahaha


  101. Jan said

    Hearing from David and the ways things really happened made me so happy. In my heart I thought that’s the way it was, but was “doing the happy dance” when he verified it! My daughter and I even talked about “them parting ways because David wants to go his own way”.
    Loved that RSO “Angels” video, it was so heartfelt! He just grips my heart every time he sings it. That was the song that helped me go through the loss of my husband almost 3 yrs ago.


  102. kaycee said

    MT, I was so giddy about the vlog today, that I failed to comment on your wonderful post…and such a timely one as well. Thanks to all who post here–I am always comforted, entertained and inspired by all your words. Such amazing people are drawn to David.

    Watching David today, I think perhaps he is beginning to realize how incredibly dear he is to all of us.


  103. Gayle122890 said

    #86: Abrra, if what that article says is true and with Jive now out of the picture, I’m wondering if they’ll still have the authority to keep David’s songs out of the airwaves. It would be awsome to finally hear them on the radio. Somebody Out There is certainly very radio-friendly. I know it wasn’t a release but it’s one of my dreams to hear that beautiful song on the radio on a regular basis.


  104. Blueberry Ice said

    Gosh, can’t believe I’m posting this late but watching David’s vblog makes me feel like I’m the luckiest fan ever and how much more I appreciate him for who he is. Does that make any sense? I think it’s too late for me to be coherent.

    Anyway, I just want to send you all a big squishy hug and a humongous thank you for helping me keep my sanity this past weekend through the emotional roller coaster that left me feeling quite miserable and worried. Nothing worse than having no one at home (love my family & friends but sadly none are diehard David fans) to vent to or commiserate with so I’m very grateful to be able to come to the Voice because you guys understand, express, and share feelings that I can relate to as well as giving much needed hope and encouragement.

    MT, your poem is so beautiful that may I suggest putting it to music so it can be the anthem for The Voice, a fitting way to honor David? Your thoughtful words come at such an appropriate time … thank you for reminding us that what’s also important is for David to be able to have his own timetable for personal growth, building relationships and that he is able enjoy his life while building his career.

    Emi, sending a prayer that all goes well …

    Good night all!


  105. love the vlog. He looks so excited about his new direction. And yes, was not surprised that he had only positive things to say about Jive and WEG. Just as I wasn’t surprised with Melinda’s reaction & unprofessional tweets. From the videos of fan events, she never seemed to show the same respect for fans that David did. Wondering if the ‘no video’ policy at the Grove was a factor, as that always seemed like more her (or WEG) policy. Always struck me funny after what he said in Billboard CFTH interview in 2009. Have listened to (and LOVE) that set of recordings so much that it stuck in my head.

    Gladys#83 – You write and express yourself so well. This must be the case in your native language, as well. “I saw a master class in professionalism, ethics and manhood in a young man with humility that can only be equated with his chivalry.”

    MT – thank you for your poem, you composed. Your writing is so comforting. Love how you can keep things in perspective with your caring way. Hope you continue to write more.


  106. the comment from Billboards CFTH – “…this was a wonderful opportunity for the fans, cuz I know alot of them couldn’t come to the shows….”


  107. Abrra said


    I don’t have any expertise in how radio stations work with labels to promote songs, only what I read on the net. I think that article might be a bit over the top in saying Jive kept songs off the radio. I submitted it as an example of the manipulation that is possible since we hardly do hear David’s current music in the US.

    I may be wrong, but common sense tells me if a label spends the cash to publish an artist’s music, they should expect to benefit from it being heard over the air. I am going to surmise that the real truth lies somewhere in the middle. Not supporting a singer over artistic differences can cause the singer to do exactly what David has done. He had to clean house.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  108. SandyBeaches said

    Today is sunny and warm !!

    I am just kidding, but it is sunny here and David is back in our midst making it a better place.

    I have no expectations, not one, it is too soon to think about that. I do have the memory of losing contact with him and so it is a great day.

    I must remember to buy bananas, thanks for the reminder David!



  109. archangel48 said

    I just had a banana for breakfast. Made 3 loaves of banana bread yesterday to bring to work today! I felt like dancing after watching his vlog. So I did! ♫
    I was reading the paper while enjoying my banana this a.m. I got to the horoscopes and decided to post David’s for the day: “The right kind of failure can be as impressive as success. Anyone who is moving forward is going to falter-that’s part of the growth process. You will be in a forgiving mood”!
    I don’t put a whole lot into these things, I just thought it was spot-on. Have a wonderful day all you lovely folks at The VOICE! Thanks for being you.


  110. SandyBeaches said

    Google Report…

    Since Jive and WEG released their release news (sorry my writing is barely adequate at the moment), my cell has been bombarded by the false google alerts. Now the corrections are trickling in making for some good reading!

    Telling it like it is cannot be misunderstood when it comes by way of video. That was such a good idea…



  111. SandyBeaches said


    Love your BANANA comments!! So funny, the sale of BANANAS just skyrocketed by the over 1,000 fans who wrote messages to David. (Maybe I should just write for children’s books…)

    Back to work!!



  112. woke up thinking of Emi,prayers this morning as she goes into surgery ♥♥

    ok…just a random thought here…woke up this morning feeling not only more mentally strong, but physically strong. My energy level has been low for days and I felt like I was coming down with ‘something’ all the symptoms of flu.realize now it was David-flu. Not good to allow ourselves to get really stressed out about David, or anything. But.. I am so happy when we do, we can share our symptoms here, where the doctors are always ‘in’, the welcome mat always rolled out, and a wonderful staff resides!Love this place!♥


  113. SandyBeaches said

    Oh, before I get the spam wand on my head…

    Archangel48…what a horoscope for David today!!



  114. David vlog already has 10,700 views as of right now.Wow!


  115. Fiona said

    Skydancer, so true! I’ve also felt really down for days and doing anything has seemed like a huge effort! Now I feel so much better. And you are right, it is so nice to have a place to come to where people understand that and don’t just think I am crazy!!! I am so glad for David. He seems to be really happy with his decision and I love it that he feels our love and concern for him. Can’t wait to see what this new direction of his entails!


  116. SandyBeaches said

    Skydancer…in addition to your random thought! What you said about how you felt has a lot of merit. Bananas are high in the B vitamins and a shortage of these vitamins can cause flu like symptoms. Maybe David pointed to the ‘bananas’ because the vitamins such as the Bs, help to calm the nerves and he heard about how we nearly lost it! Way to go David!!

    I said it was a random thought!! Oh oh here comes Abrra…



  117. Jazz Girl said

    Long time lurker and first time poster. Great article. I enjoy reading this site very much. David’s blog was terrific and much needed.

    #21 LouLou I don’t know if you live in Utah, but if you do I want to give you a heads up on the radio stations you can listen to that play Crush every day. I have the luxury of listening to music at work, and I hear Crush several times a day on multiple stations. It is being played on FM100, B98.7, 106.5, and 97.9 several times a day. Something Bout Love is back on regular rotation at 107.9 as well.


  118. loulou said

    Thank you Jazz Girl!I appreseat the information.I know they still play Crush.I want more of his new songs and hopfully we will.


  119. Tawna21 said

    Jazz Girl #117 B98.7 is the station that I have been e-mailing the last few days. They tell me that SBL is in the rotation, but I have yet to hear it and I haven’t seen it in the playlists. Hopefully, it really will start surfacing.

    SB–I, too, have put bananas on my shopping list. 😉 I’m finding the google alerts very interesting in the last 12 hours, also. There’s a lot of crow to be eaten by the media.



  120. djafan said

    Skydancer, Davidflu, we have another David condition. I think you just described what a lot of us have been experiencing these last few days. But the medicine we received is fullproof!

    Arggg…darn work! Will be away from computer most of the day. If you get the chance check out the google alerts, don’t have time to post all the links now, but check them out.



  121. goodkarmaseeker said

    Have to chime and share the great and glorious mood that is being shared here!! I, too, was in a bit of a funk these past days even though I was trying to put on a happy face (FAIL). Now I suddenly feel all warm and mushy inside with that inward smile of satisfaction. I’m not on with all these “google alerts” that have been referenced here (please share some good ones if anyone has them) but I’m thinking our guy may come through this all the better. I’m of the opinion that this change will distance him more from AI and that ultimately, will be the best for him and his career.
    I was sadly contemplating the fate of my “concert” fund jar, wondering if I had to store it away for too long but now I’m dusting it off and adding a couple more dollars with the hope that I’ll get to spend that money fairly soon. And I’ve got to say, I’m prepared to travel a bit farther to get re-stoked from the VOICE!
    Love ALL of you!


  122. Angelica said

    Jazz Girl,

    Photobucket to The Voice!

    Well, it would seem with Mr. David James Archuleta we have a bonafide artist and gentleman on our hands. With malice toward none he set the record straight, making it clear that he is taking full responsibility for his life and career. “Communication is key”, he says and apparently that means whether he is talking to his fans or singing to them.

    We are very, very blessed.


  123. bebereader said

    When you’ve got it, you’ve got it and David has it in spades!
    His integrity is off the radar with not a bad word to say about anyone. Negative energy is a waste of time for him. Smart man!

    Archangel48, I don’t follow horoscopes either but the one you posted for David was so spot-on that it bears repeating:

    “The right kind of failure can be as impressive as success. Anyone who is moving forward is going to falter-that’s part of the growth process. You will be in a forgiving mood”!

    Goodkarmaseeker, Keep your concert fund jar around; I doubt David is going to stay off the stage for long.

    JazzGirl, Welcome to The Voice!

    Be back soon. I suddenly have a craving for banana pudding.


  124. djafan said


    Music in David’s head…we are in troubllllllle 🙂


  125. bebereader said

    And the Google Alerts are continuing to pour in, clarifying that it was David who chose to part ways with Jive. Here, from The Seattle Post Intelligencer:

    “David Archuleta Parts Ways with Jive Records

    After a somewhat cryptic Twitter update from David Archuleta last week that said, “Decisions.. They are scary things before knowing what could happen after you make them, but I’m excited for what the future holds,” there was speculation that Archuleta had been let go by Jive Records.

    On Februray 18, a Jive Records representative told The Hollywood Reporter that “David was released from our roster.”

    Archuleta took to Twitter again this week to post a video to thank his fans and to explain the decisions that he is making for himself when it comes to his career.

    In the video Archuleta said, “There were offers for me to continue working with [Jive], but it didn’t feel like the right thing now.”

    Later in the video, he said that he had also parted ways with his management.

    “I realized that this is not where I am need to be right now. This is not where I’m supposed to go, what I want to be doing right now, what I want to be focusing on,” he explained.

    Archuleta was runner-up to David Cook during American Idol’s seventh season. He went on to sell 183,000 copies of his self-titled debut album in the fall of 2008, debuting on the Billboard 200 in the number two slot.

    To hear him in his own words, watch David Archuleta’s video update below.

    Here’s another from Disney Dreaming:

    USA Today/Idol Chatter:



    Neon Limelight:

    Celebrity Mania:

    Hollywood Reporter:

    JustJared Jr.:


  126. MT said

    #83 Gladys: I love ALL of what you said.

    Djafan, Nanaweize, Fandaforeverti, and Jazz Girl, Thanks, I’m so glad you guys are liking the article.

    #107 Abrra: “He had to clean house.”

    First, love the witch! Haha and Yes, I’m so proud of him for his house cleaning.

    #112. Sky, “David-flu” LOL I think David gave us all our flu shots yesterday. We’re all feeling better today!


  127. MT said

    Emi, I will be keeping you in my prayers.

    Kaycee, thanks, and I hope all is going well for you.

    #80 Dak & #104 Blueberry Ice, Thanks for the kind words, and you both hit on exactly what I was feeling when I wrote the article, thinking how he needs time to build his life as well as his career. I was so glad to hear in his vlog that he actually mentioned “my life and my career.” It was reasuring to know that he is indeed looking at the big picture. He thinks of others so much, I was afraid he was forgetting to think of himself.

    And I think what he’s doing now will bring out great things in his music and I can’t wait to see what he does next!


  128. poof said

    Have appreciated all the great posts and comments happening in this crazy week.

    It always surprises me the Calm feelings I have when I think about David and David’s future. I think I truly do “Trust”. I couldn’t imagine David giving up singing anymore than eating 🙂 so that wasn’t even sort of a worry for me. It is also, so calming to know this person, whom we adore, is so honest and forthright that when he says things such as “I’m excited for what the future holds.”, I know he IS truly okay and on his path. Even the media trusts David. When he said in his vlog, “There were offers for me to continue with Jive, but it didn’t feel like the right thing now.”, people believe him. That is called integrity. His actions have earned that response.
    My life is better for experiencing David and his music. I am a different person because of it, and one way I am different is I can now trust in a good thing when I see it. One of those good things is David.


  129. bebereader said

    If #124 is an indication of David’s “new direction”,

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  130. PandasMama said

    Hi all,

    MT- Loved the poem and article. “I have faith in David and firmly believe that good things are going to happen for him. ” I totally agree with this statement.

    I’m just catching up on all of the different fans’ insights and opinions about the events of the last few days. I’ve been reading a lot but not commenting, just trying to see what I was really feeling about all of it. I wrote an entry on my own blog but didn’t share it with anyone at the time. I just wanted to get it out of my head.

    This morning I got inspired and created my newest entry entitled “David Archuleta Makes Up His Mind” Here’s the link. I will apologize now, I ramble almost as much as David.


  131. bebereader said

    I heard from Emi’s sister.

    “Emily is doing well so far in her surgery. She started the morning with calm nerves – and good spirits. The doctors are giving the family updates every two hours – and so far “all is well.” Please keep praying boldly!”

    Please continue to keep Emi in your prayers.


  132. bebereader said

    PandasMama: Thanks for the link your blog. You made excellent points, especially when you listed the songs from TOSOD and how telling the lyrics are. I totally agree with you and in fact, made a similar observation and comment here yesterday in comment #27.


    For your information, I added more links in comment #125 for those who want to read the Google Alerts news hype on David leaving Jive on his own.


  133. I feel a little stupid. I have a permanent smile on my face. I smile when I see many files on my desktop, I smile when I get a cup of coffee. I smile when I get a phone call. I smile when I’m in consultation with a client. I also smiled at my boss, and even smiled when I heard “the fetus” (JB) on the radio.

    I’m happy with life; I’m happy with my life. And to top this off, the fruit I had with lunch was bananas!

    Ayyyyyyyyyy david, I ask you, is this happiness or what?


  134. Angelica said

    Bebe, thanks for the update on Emi.


    Finally, I want to say how wonderfully timely, insightful, and well-written your article is. David himself has confirmed in the vlog the fact that time is something he has had little of the past few years. It’s what he needs right now at the crossroads of teen and adulthood. As SB pointed out, he has been to school. Now he just needs to apply what he’s learned to develop his own sound. 😛 I really think he has learned everything he needs to make that happen. At some point the teaching ends and then the learning really begins. Good stuff a’coming. Can hardly wait!

    PandasMama, thanks for the link to your blog. I like the way you tie TOSOD with what has actually come to pass.


  135. ray said

    just to let you guys know i have order a bunch of pacemakers for you when david goes on stage again .he he


  136. xaris said

    Ray: “just to let you guys know i have order a bunch of pacemakers for you when david goes on stage again .he he”


    I want extra batteries for mine…..


  137. Angelica said

    I want the defibrillator app with mine.


  138. MT said

    PandasMama: Thanks, and thanks for the putting a link your blog. I love the pieces you wrote and the way you tied it in to the song lyrics. And I agree, it looks like David’s been talking to us all along.

    134. Angelica: Thanks you so much. And yes, as SB said, he’s been getting an education all this time and it will be very interesting to see how he applies those lessons.

    “Good stuff a’coming. Can hardly wait!” <– Ditto!!


  139. Dakgal said

    Well we all agree that David has gotten a valuable education these past few years, and that he will apply that knowledge to his future.

    As well we have all gotten an education too!

    From the good ole U.of A. ( University of Archuletaville )
    I know I have learned a lot from him and from everything we have gone through–real or imagined.

    From this point on I vow not to forget the school motto:



  140. Tawna21 said

    How interesting PandasMama–I’ve been really listening to the words in the songs on TOSOD as I do my treadmill work out this past week, and I have noticed the same thing you brought out in your blog post! Where have I been? It seems David’s been speaking, and I’ve been hearing him speak, but not really listening to his words in these songs. I’m guilty. Well, I’m listening now that’s for dang sure!!:)



  141. gladiola said

    I’ve heard on good authority that the new work of Mrs. M. is peeling and straightening bananas in Brazil.
    ups, I did not have to tell it was a secret.


  142. djafan said


    This video from the Dream Foundation. David at 2:15!


  143. Dakgal said

    Gladiola— Alias Gladys Mic–Gladys Jeans–Happy Gladys —Bwahahaha

    You are a hoot!!

    Keep up the good work! Loved your smile #133 post today too,
    but did you have to smile on the last one?

    Dja–haha thanks for the clarifications–I think the nose thing must have come from the fact that we both have this nose(nostril) fetish.

    MT–sooo sorry I have neglected to compliment you on your article and poem. I should always comment on what people write in their articles before I start reading, cause I get waylaid real easy.


  144. bebereader said

    Good News: Emi is out of surgery!
    From her sister: “She has survived an extensive, but successful surgery. She has been moved to …Surgical ICU, where she will stay for the next 3 to 4 days. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Please don’t stop now! But thank you for all that you have already done!”


  145. MT said

    BeBe, Thanks for the update on Emi, she’s been on my mind a lot today. I will certainly keep praying for her.


  146. Heidijoy said

    Will definitely keep praying for Emi,Pattirae and Kaycee’s daughter.


  147. djafan said


    “I’m happy with life; I’m happy with my life. And to top this off, the fruit I had with lunch was bananas!

    Ayyyyyyyyyy david, I ask you, is this happiness or what?

    I’ve heard on good authority that the new work of Mrs. M. is peeling and straightening bananas in Brazil.
    ups, I did not have to tell it was a secret.

    Gladys YOU make me smile too 🙂


  148. jana in Oregon said

    All I can say is ENJOY YOUR LIFE, DAVID. I know that more music in some form is coming our way..after everything you have given us, and all the energy you have put out to make each fan’s experience special, you deserve to take all the time you want:)We’re not going anywhere!

    You are a wonder.


  149. davidstopsmyaging said


    I loved your blog—-excellent points–spot on in my book.

    David is quite a communicator! Everyone just needs to listen.


  150. 144. Bebe, that is great news to hear.Just what I came back to check on.♥

    Dja, thanks for the new video. It’s another reminder of all the charitable causes and events he has been involved with, and performed at,the past 3 plus years too.♥ Gosh, he has done so MANY great things, and learned so much.oooh, just so proud of him!♥♥♥♥

    “just to let you guys know i have order a bunch of pacemakers for you when david goes on stage again .he he”
    136 xarisI “want extra batteries for mine…..”
    137.”angelica I want the defibrillator app with mine.


  151. kaycee said

    24 hours later, and I’m still smiling from that vlog! What a guy!

    Thanks Heidijoy. Prayers and hugs going out to Emi.


  152. djafan said

    Watching David’s vlog for the umpteenth time and hadn’t made any screen caps. He is the definition of all that is good and looking very 20ish. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  153. 148.Jana, love ALL of what you said.:) (feel the same way♥)

    141.Gladiola! hahaha please say hello to Gladys, Gladys mic, and Gladys jeans, and Happy Gladys
    for me! and please tell Gladys,her comment at #83 made me cry,it was beautiful♥ 🙂

    nite everyone. nite’David


  154. betsy said

    Bebe – thanks for the update on Emi. She’s been in my prayers.

    I have been meaning to mention the picture at the top of the article. But every time I see it, every thought I had runs out of my head.
    Dja – lovely collage. I was hoping you would do that. 🙂

    What a subject. God’s genetic A-game.
    p.s. I didn’t make up that saying. Read it somewhere – it’s never been more appropriate.


  155. bebereader said

    Gladys#141 “I’ve heard on good authority that the new work of Mrs. M. is peeling and straightening bananas in Brazil. ups, I did not have to tell it was a secret.”

    hahaha You are too funny!

    dja#152 Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo….I can’t pick a favorite pic on that collage; they’re all beautiful!

    Betsy’s right about that genetic A-game! 😉

    So much love in the comments today, for someone so deserving.


  156. SandyBeaches said

    Good morning to the morning people here. I see our in- house Night Owl was here last night. Well that is good if you live in other time zones especially.

    The Google Alerts keep rolling in, some trying to be funny others not so funny. Whatever way you look at it, the person who declared that he had been dropped, knew full well what the media would do with the statement. Something negative takes hold like an LA wildfire. How long it will take to get back on track is the question now…if it had not been that there was a lengthy


  157. SandyBeaches said

    …drought last year perhaps this would be a little more easy for the fans….my iPhone is sensitive and had decided to post what I had written…

    Have a good day, I heard one of the spring birds singing although we are far from that. They blew in during the last storm but they seem happy in the snow…



  158. archangel48 said

    Oh my heck…2 days in a row I feel compelled to post David’s horoscope again!
    “Preparation will be the single factor that contributes the most to your success. Give yourself plenty of time to think things through and plot out a plan of attack.”
    I’m beginning to wonder if the moon, sun, and stars are all aligned with “our David”? (wouldn’t doubt it one bit!) 😆


  159. SandyBeaches said

    They are aligned Archangel48, we just don’t know the details and a lot of what the horoscope is saying is going on already…

    Here is an interview when David was 17 and on A1, 12 weeks away from the final. It isn’t all glowing but then it is entertainment and they have their ways. But, if ‘mega star, 15 time grammy winner, record producer, mentor to Charice, David Foster’ is right, David is in that alignment pretty much on schedule.

    They did not know it but David knew the Beatles inside out at that age, but he had other things taking his preparation time at the moment…



  160. archangel48 said

    Thanks SB! I’m not sure how I missed that interview with Mr. Foster? Nice to know a man of Mr. Foster’s caliber saw David’s potential even at 17 years old!


  161. SandyBeaches said

    Since that interview with David Foster, David A has spent time with him at the TV skating specials (there are pictures), and probably in a way connected when Charice recorded the Christmas duet with David. Just a few months ago David was on stage with Charice in California to sing the duet for the first time. Working even at a distance with Charice in the recording of the duet has David A in the company of David F. producer/mentor/mega artist/humanitarian…Hmmm, I like that and have for some time.



  162. SandyBeaches said

    David Foster and David Archuleta both greatly admire the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and have all of their lives. Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone who loved the music that you love? Well, down that road less travelled, in time all of that could be there…


    Admin Abrra: Tried to embed this video. It refused 🙂


  163. ray said

    hello all wouldn,t it be nice if in there half a88 apolage that they would have at least watch davids vidio and realey linsteed to what he had said. most didn,t .just in passing we are celebrating our 49 anniversary today


  164. ray said

    where is spell check on this putor hahaha


  165. 161 SB.

    “Working even at a distance with Charice in the recording of the duet has David A in the company of David F. producer/mentor/mega artist/humanitarian…Hmmm, I like that and have for some time.”

    I agree SB
    I have always thought that he(Foster) has kept a watchful eye on David’s career from the distance.I mean the man knows how talented he is, because he has spent time with him on the specials, like you said.
    Do you think Foster saw David perform with Motab in December?
    Each day I feel happier, that David made a clean break with Jive,and Weg.Sure looking forward to what comes next.

    just popped into my head…
    remember how many times in the past, David said he wasn’t an interesting person? HA!


  166. MT said

    Hey, did you guys sees this?


    I heart David Archuleta. Sweetest guy you’ll ever meet, and a giant talent. Go david!

    Wow, she has almost 2 million twitter followers. Great to see her supporting him! I’d love to see some of her followers checking out David’s music!!


  167. MT said

    Happy Anniversary, Ray!!


  168. hahaa Ray! don’t worry about spellcheck here.just come to Unplugged on Saturday, you will feel right at home.
    just ask Abrra☺
    oh and
    “Happy Anniversary Ray!♥


  169. djafan said


    “Preparation will be the single factor that contributes the most to your success. Give yourself plenty of time to think things through and plot out a plan of attack.”
    I’m beginning to wonder if the moon, sun, and stars are all aligned with “our David”? (wouldn’t doubt it one bit!) 😆

    I think they’ve been aligned since his birth 🙂


    Thanks for those links. In the beginning I could envision David A with David F because selfish me didn’t want David A to be put in a box. But what David F has been doing with Charice is so different that I see the possibilities with David A who has by far a superior gift than she..imo.

    Ray, You made me laugh, no spell check here but I understand you! Lots of lazy media out there but he is getting some love.

    MT, just saw that!!! Oh my the possibilities and opportunities! They may just be able to do that duet she wanted!!!

    I’ve retweeted that in the hopes that David sees it and to make sure all her followers see it.

    Skydancer, just popped into my head…
    remember how many times in the past, David said he wasn’t an interesting person? HA!

    If I were to look for a fault in David is that he completely underestimates himself due to his humble nature. The good thing is he has us to remind him of what an amazingly gifted young man he is.

    Missed posting David’s last to tweets! He is eating fish!!!! The change has begun!


    Just had some swordfish tacos. My first time eating swordfish. It was actually realy good! about 18 hours ago via txt Retweeted by you and 100+ others

    “Communication is key. The lack of words can be as harmful as harsh words.” 12:02 PM Feb 23rd via txt Retweeted by you and 100+ others


  170. MT said

    haha Ray, speaking of typos, check out # 166. Don’t feel alone. LOL Oops!!


  171. MT.
    166. SaraBareills
    “I heart David Archuleta. Sweetest guy you’ll ever meet, and a giant talent. Go david!”

    that was really nice of her to do.Go Sara!

    My question…where all all of David’s buddies right now??? I don’t have twitter so I don’t know. David has always been there for so many people! saying complimentary things about other artists, giving them unsolicited promo, talking about what great people they are. just wondering…


  172. ray said

    mt 166# i seees it and ups you one e,ha ha ha what a fun site.such love for i said before he,s gods new model for mankind


  173. Angelica said

    Sky, interesting question.

    “My question…where all all of David’s buddies right now??? I don’t have twitter so I don’t know. David has always been there for so many people! saying complimentary things about other artists, giving them unsolicited promo, talking about what great people they are. just wondering…”

    Congrats Ray! Forty-nine years is quite an accomplishment!


  174. djafan said


    I wonder where they are because they sure haven’t been tweeting. It would be nice to show some public support from Brooke, Jordan, Cook, Castro, Charice, to name a few. And how ironic that Mike just tweeted that a song he wrote with JaredLee is going to be featured on AI tonight. Don’t get it.


  175. ray said

    thanks i was wondering that my self.i personaly think they all backed him up personaly as he would have wanted, maybe mrs m did him a favor in discuse, all this buzz,and now when he comes out with new music everone will flock to what it is not just us loyal fans but others just thinking, hes so uneicke everyone is watching to see his next move


  176. djafan said


    Brad Paisley and David Archuleta!

    America’s Freedom Festival is excited to announce CMA Entertainer of the Year Brad Paisley will officially headline 2011’s Stadium of Fire on Saturday, July 2nd at Brigham Young University’s LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo, Utah. American Idol alumnus and Utah native David Archuleta will also perform at the event.

    Paisley is a consummate singer, songwriter, guitarist and entertainer, which has earned him three Grammy Awards, 14 Country Music Association Awards and 13 Academy of Country Music Awards. He has released 18 #1 singles, with the last 14 consecutive. Paisley has also released nine critically acclaimed studio albums. His most recent album, Hits Alive, is a two-disc set of original studio hits as well as live performances from some of Paisley’s most popular concerts. Paisley’s innovative H20 World Tour played to over 879,000 fans in 2010 and placed as the #1 country tour for attendance by Pollstar, the concert trade publication. Paisley’s current single “This Is Country Music” is the title track from his next album, which will be in stores May 24.

    David Archuleta was runner-up during season seven of the phenomenally successful American Idol television series on the FOX network. The Murray, Utah native is now a household name, seeing enormous success with the song “Crush,” which charted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 the week of its 2008 release and has since sold two million downloads.

    This year’s show will also feature performances from the three winning finalists of the first Stadium of Fire Talent Search, a unique talent competition that will spotlight up to 40 aspiring contestants from around the country in both online and live auditions between February and July. The three top contestants will perform live at Stadium of Fire to compete for cash prizes of up to $10,000. In an exciting conclusion to the months-long event, Stadium of Fire’s audience will vote for the winner via text.

    The night will also include the Stadium of Fire Dancers, the biggest stadium fireworks show in America and other surprises.

    Tickets to Stadium of Fire will go on sale to the general public on Friday, March 4th at 9 a.m. and will be sold simultaneously online at, and at the BYU Marriott Center ticket office in Provo. Members of the Freedom Festival’s email list will have the option to purchase tickets before the general public, on March 2!


  177. Dja, woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!
    isn’t that the one we all requested by votes last year for David to do?? Gosh, my memory is breaking down.haha
    dang, need to leave for work now. Thanks DJa!


  178. ODDity said

    I just came here to SCREAM the news about the Stadium of Fire and you beat me to it djafan! It’s huge – about 50,000 people I think. Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


  179. MT said

    My question…where all all of David’s buddies right now???

    I have that same question. Where are they when he could use some support. You know if the situation was reversed, he’d be sending out messages of support!


  180. MT said

    #176 Dja

    ♫ ♪ Yaaayyyyy!!!! ♥ ♪ ♫

    * doing Happy Dance *


  181. KathyH said

    The people David is close to may know more than we know about what is coming up for him, and they also may know what he’s been feeling about both Jive and WEG. I’m a glass half full type of person, but so many things indicate that he’s really in a good place.


  182. bebereader said

    The Stadium of Fire event! Woot! Woot! I’m thrilled to hear the news! Hopefully this is just the start of more gigs to come!

    SB#159 I had never seen that interview with David Foster, talking about about David! Perhaps Foster and some label executives have had their eye on David since AI but had to wait it out until David finished with Jive.

    David’s ex-manager was way out of line and completely unprofessional to start the false rumor on Twitter but David could have the last laugh. All this negative publicity could be a blessing in disguise; it creates buzz and let’s the industry know that David is now available.


    Wishing you and your wife a

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    and many more!


  183. Jan said

    So happy for David performing at the Stadium of Fire! Yea, he’s moving on!
    Happy Anniversary to you Ray!


  184. emmegirl said

    Woohoo on the Stadium Of Fire news!

    Betsy, I love those Grand Rapids videos. That crowd had him amped! And I’m with ya on that top pic 🙂


  185. Gayle122890 said

    In my opinio, David’s friends are on the inside of the business. They knew the truth re the whole ”drop” thing, so they knew David was Ok. Therefore no need for tweets.


  186. betsy said

    Press con – I think with David.


  187. emmegirl said

    Ray, Happy 49th Anniversary!

    Emi, prayers are with you… miss your presence here.
    Get well soon.


  188. bebereader said

    More press on The Stadium of Fire from The Daily Herald:

    David Archuleta, Brad Paisley to perform at Stadium of Fire

    Stadium of Fire entertainment has gone back and forth the last few years between a youth movement and its long-favored country music format. This year, both interests will be served as country superstar Brad Paisley and “American Idol” favorite David Archuleta will be the featured entertainment on July 2 at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

    America’s Freedom Festival at Provo, which oversees the event, announced the headline performers Thursday.

    Paisley, who has been racking up No. 1 country hits for years – 18 total, including 14 consecutive – has earned three Grammys, 14 Country Music Association Awards, and 13 Academy of Country Music Awards. In addition, he is the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year.

    “I’m proud to be invited to celebrate America at Stadium of Fire,” Paisley told the Daily Herald through his publicist. “We’re going to do all we can to make it a night to remember.”

    Archuleta, of course, is the Utah native who tugged at America’s heartstrings while finishing runnerup on Season 7 of the Fox-TV juggernaut “American Idol.” His performances on that show, as well as his subsequent solo career, have made him a household name, not only in Utah, but across the nation.

    The pairing of Paisley and Archuleta strikes a nice balance between country and youth interests that America’s Freedom Festival officials were striving to bridge.

    “I think this is going to be a blockbuster combination,” said Carl Bacon, America’s Freedom Festival Foundation trustee and senior executive producer of the event. “We’re just really pleased with the lineup. I think it has broad appeal. In the past, we’ve had some youth performers. Last year, we raised the level of age a bit, and now this year, we’ve got excellent balance for the interests of all ages – youth and adults.”

    In the four previous years, headliners included Carrie Underwood, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Brooks & Dunn.

    “We know there are many, many grandparents and parents that want to see a show with their children, and we just want to make it pleasing for everybody,” Bacon said. “The year we had Miley, we also had the Blue Man Group. Well, that was the favorite of the adults, and the kids loved Miley. But certainly there are going to be many other elements to the show – patriotism and some exciting surprises that will be announced as time goes on as well.”

    Tickets to Stadium of Fire, now in its 31st year, will go on sale to the general public on March 4 at 9 a.m. They will be available simultaneously at the BYU Marriott Center ticket office, or online at and Members of the Freedom Festival’s email list, however, will get first crack at tickets, so fans are encouraged to sign up for advance ticket opportunities at

    Paisley has released nine studio albums. His string of No. 1 hits started out with “He Didn’t Have to Be” in 1999 and runs through “Anything Like Me” from 2010’s combo greatest hits and live double-CD release “Hits Alive.” Other recognizable hits in between include “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song),” “Online,” “Ticks,” “Alcohol,” “Little Moments,” “She’s Everything” and “Then.”

    Paisley’s current single, “This is Country Music,” is also the title track from his next album, scheduled for release on May 24.

    “Brad Paisley is one of country music’s most exciting live performers,” Bacon said. “Brad will create a thrilling atmosphere at Stadium of Fire this year. We couldn’t be happier that he’s joining us for America’s best patriotic celebration.”

    One new entertainment element debuting this year is the Stadium of Fire Talent Search. The search process is expected to initially select up to 40 aspiring contestants in various talent formats through both online and live auditions. The contestants will gradually be pared down to 20, 10 and finally three, who will perform during Stadium of Fire and compete for a cash prize of $10,000. The winner will be selected by text vote from those in attendance at Stadium of Fire.

    According to Bacon, the idea for the talent search stemmed from last year’s Stadium of Fire – which also featured Utah-grown performers The Five Browns, The Osmonds 2nd Generation and Jenny Oaks Baker.

    “Those three segments triggered a terrific idea, and that is, we’ve got a ton of talent in this area,” said Bacon. “So, the idea came, with all the talent that we have, that it would be exciting to have this talent search.”

    It’s not just Utahns who are responding to the contest, said Bacon, noting that early indications show that 25-30 percent of contestants are from across state lines.

    “We want this to be a tradition,” Bacon said. “There will be three great performers. It might be groups, it might be an individual, it might be dance. Whatever the talent is that is selected, it will be fun. … Who knows, we might get another David Archuleta.”

    This will not be Archuleta’s first performance at Stadium of Fire. He performed the national anthem as a 12-year-old in 2003, after becoming the Junior Vocal Champion on the “Star Search 2” TV show.

    Check the Daily Herald print edition Friday for a large poster of Brad Paisley and on Sunday for a large poster of David Archuleta.


  189. Gayle122890 said

    Oh my heck! The Stadium of Fire! Hang on everybody, WE ARE MOVING!!


  190. bebereader said

    Betsy, Thanks for the link to the radio station! Was David on yet?

    He just tweeted:

    “Back in Utaaah” !!!


  191. SandyBeaches said

    Thanks Djafan for the email!

    I have an extra plane ticket for Utah actually so…

    YES…”I Will Be There”…

    No better people to be around then the folks in the country music industry! Will you be there Dja? Oh of course you will what am I thinking?…I hope that everyone else will be as well…



  192. bebereader said

    Here’s the official ad for the Stadium of Fire event.

    Edit: Couldn’t fit the whole ad here so apologies to Mr. Paisley for cutting off his face but I’m sure he’d understand. 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Notice it says: “Purchase tickets now”


  193. Dakgal said

    Excuse me Mrs.Ray–but–Ray,I think I love you!

    Happy Anniversary to you both ♫♫ And many more ♫♫♫

    I can hear the calculators being whipped out(cost—as in who cares)–the schedules being checked–minds going 60 miles an hour-hotels and airlines being called. Does David even have a clue what he does for the economy?


  194. SandyBeaches said

    Oh Dak, how did you know what I was doing??

    I am going to give it a rest though, geez, we have become good at it though!!



  195. ODDity said

    Did ya’ll see that Kendra is involved in this?

    Stadium of Fire announcement
    Kendra Lowe, assistant executive producer for the Stadium of Fire, introduces Utah native David Archuleta, who will be one of the headliners for the annual Fourth of July Stadium of Fire. Country music star, Brad Paisley will also be performing. The annoucement was made Thursday, February 24, 2011, in Provo. ASHLEY FRANSCELL/Daily Herald


  196. ODDity said

    By the way, that Herald article has two photos of David (one with Kendra) that we have never seen. Don’t know how to bring them here though. Maybe an admin could do that?


  197. ODDity said

    More from the Deseret News:

    David Archuleta and Brad Paisley to headline Stadium of Fire
    Published: Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011 2:30 p.m. MST

    PROVO — David Archuleta and Brad Paisley will be performing at Stadium of Fire this year. The announcement was made Thursday afternoon.

    “It’s just really great to get to celebrate here in Utah for the Fourth of July,” Archuleta said, “and I just hope to give a great performance for everyone.”

    Archuleta’s music career took off after he finished second on “American Idol” in 2008. He also recently released a book, “Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance.”

    Archuleta currently lives in Los Angeles but was born in Miami and spent most of his childhood in Utah. He says his singing career was inspired by a videotaped performance of “Les Miserables,” and he began singing at age 6.

    Paisley has enjoyed monumental success over the past decade. He has won several awards including Academy of Country Music Male Vocalist of the Year. In November, Paisley was named the Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year, a title that eluded him for several years.

    He brought his H20 Tour to a full USANA Amphitheatre in September and showed why he is one of country music’s top entertainers.

    Tickets for the event range from $30 to $120 and go on sale March 4.

    The event is on Saturday, July 2 at 8 p.m. at BYU Lavell Edwards Stadium.

    For more information on Stadium of Fire go to

    © 2011 Deseret News Publishing Company | All rights reserved


  198. bebereader said

    Thanks, ODD!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  199. ODDity said

    Thank YOU Bebe! Isn’t he just gorgeous?


  200. Tawna21 said

    Oh my heck! I now have plans for July 2, 2011.♪♥♫♪♥ There needs to be some plans put in place for some ‘fan-ventioning’ for those that will be ‘fan-cationing’ in Utah in July. I am soooo excited! Have y’all seen the photo of David and Kendra…they are so cute together! ♥♥♥

    Happy Anniversary, Ray!! You’ve done well!!!



  201. bebereader said

    ODDity! Gorgeous doesn’t even cover it! 🙂

    Glad to see David is working with Kendra again. Seems they’re happy too. Just look at them!


  202. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Daily Herald Extra


  203. djafan said

    This is interesting. Made because he heard about David.


  204. djafan said

    Awwwww Bebe….that picture ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  205. Dakgal said

    Gad Zooks–I’m falling in love all over the place today! Did someone put some “juice” in my juice?

    Thanks Robert Antone and DJA–nothing like a little info to set the mind straight


  206. archangel48 said

    WOOT! WOOT! I also know where I’m going on vacation for the 4th of July celebration! I’m so excited!
    #203 Great solid information. Being dropped by a major label doesn’t seem to have hurt some pretty big names. Good. Thanks Robert Anton. What a happy guy!


  207. ODDity said

    You can go here and watch a video of David at the news conference today:

    Sorry, I seem to think I’m a newscaster today. I’m excited!


  208. djafan said

    Thank you ODDity/Fanis!!!!

    What a great David being David interview. I love the laughter he brings out in others. It sounds like they’re so tickled by him not laughing at him. Does that make sense? lol

    We greatly appreciate everyone who brings links over and shares with all of us here 🙂


  209. emmegirl said

    202!!! Thanks bebe.

    dja, that video is really interesting! Jeez, now I kinda wish he was dropped, lol!


  210. Tawna21 said

    wow, dja and ODD– you guys can play news reporter all you want to when it means that the rest of us can keep informed on all things David! 🙂


  211. good news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    snarky Archies returned, I’m glad.


  212. betsy said

    Awww Gladys,
    Snarkys hasn’t returned, but they have put up the archives (old posts) for fans to read.
    And there are some great pictures as well.

    It seems we have some very good news reporters here! Going to watch the video now.
    Thanks Odd and dja and bebe and everyone else!


  213. betsy said

    New interview from today!


  214. kaycee said

    Woohoo! Late as usual to the party! I wasn’t expecting any David news for a while, and yet, here we go!…concert announcement, new interview (which I loved by the way), pictures, and video! Nice drought we’re having! And, hey, I’m only 4 hours away from Provo! Anyone know how fast those tickets sell out?…they’re not giving us much time to save up are they?!


  215. Reposting from the previous thread, mea culpa

    David & Brad Paisley headline STADIUM OF FIRE

    Here is the presscon vid

    9 PIX here –

    More pix here –


    To paraphrase Crush “cos this dude ain’t going away-ay-ay, yeah!”


  216. NEW VID – David Archuleta @ Stadium of Fire Interview & LONGER PressCon Footage –


  217. remi said


    […]Everything has its Time « The Voice[…]…


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