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Considering David Archuleta ~ Food for Thought…

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Written by MT

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about David’s last video blog.  It was done so casually, in his back yard.  He was alone.  No one was there to bother him.  No reporters, no fans, just David, alone with his thoughts, and his cat.

I know that when I think of David, one overriding thought occupies my mind.  I want success for David. Great Success!  I want the whole world to know how great he really is.  I want him to have the kind of success and longevity that Michael Jackson had, and Paul McCartney has.  I want his success to make Bieber’s look like chicken feed.  But, am I being a bit over ambitious for him?

Does David really want that kind of success?  I don’t know.  David is superb in front of an audience of 21,000, yet I believe he wants to be able to go home without having reporters on his front lawn, or fans in his yard, or a security fence surrounding his home.  If he has too much success, he would lose that.  I think David himself is trying to figure out how to sing in front of large crowds and still be just David during his time off.

I want David to have all the success his life can handle.  Can he actually have enough success to assure longevity in the music business so that he can continue to sing and tour without getting all the craziness that can go along with it?  Can he do what he wants to do, sing, and be successful enough to continue in the business without losing his freedom?  Can he find a middle ground, somewhere between great fame and obscurity?  Can he do world tours and not have to buy a mansion with a concrete wall surrounding it?

I don’t know what the future will bring for David.  I only know that I want him to be happy.  To this day, I don’t fully understand why I care about that.  I’ve never met him.  I’ve never even seen him perform live (although that is most certainly on my “Bucket List.)  But for some reason, I really, really do care about his happiness.

I know that David will never read this, but I wish he could know that there are so many people out there that care:  people who have met him, people who have never met him, people who probably never will meet him, yet they still care about him as a person, not just an entertainer.  We want success for him.  But more importantly, we want him to be happy.

My hope for David is that he is able to find that middle ground, a place that allows him the artistic freedom to record and sing while he retains some measure of normalcy in his life.  I want him to always be able to do a video blog in his back yard, right after singing to thousands and thousands of fans.

Is it possible?  I sure hope so.

124 Responses to “Considering David Archuleta ~ Food for Thought…”

  1. collegemom said

    Loved hearing your thoughts! I think that there are many very famous people who actually have found ways to continue to live a “simple” or mostly “normal” life. Those are the people who don’t go to clubs to party and have a stable (boring by Hollywood standards) home life. I think that this is possible for David. He may need to live in a house with an actual fence/gate but I don’t think that would stop him from having fairly regular type life.


  2. Bydesign said

    “I don’t know what the future will bring for David. I only know that I want him to be happy. To this day, I don’t fully understand why I care about that.”

    This is almost exactly what I was saying to myself the other day. I surprised myself by saying it out loud and thought it was really good that I was in the car at the time.

    I pray that David can always find that middle ground between normal day to day living and being a success. I think the only reason I want great success for him, by today’s standards, is because I want him to keep singing – where I and the whole world can benefit from being touched by him. I know he will always have his music in his life – I, selfishly, want it to be always be part of mine as well.


  3. poof said

    Delicious entre MT. You got it in a nutshell. Thanks.


  4. SandyBeaches said

    He can, he can, it has been done! Years ago, we met an NHL player through another player on the same team. He has since retired as athletes retire basically young. His team was very successful with Stanley cups coming to them year after year. It was a very high profile team. This player was incredibly handsome, a highly acclaimed, record setting player, wonderful personality, loved his mother “what a good young man”,…He had a different lifestyle though from many of the other players. He stayed grounded and his lifestyle was far different than many of the others. He was the superstar, but he was still true to his values always. David would have admired him, we all did.

    Loved your article MT!!!



  5. SandyBeaches said

    I loved this Vlog, thank you MT for bringing it up front again. Were we in his backyard? It sure seemed like we were!



  6. bluebird19 said

    MT, that’s beautiful; good “food for thought” and I totally agree with you and also with the above commenters. Collegemom, I think you’re correct that within certain limits he can have a fairly normal life. He’s already set the tone by the respect he shows others and has also set limits on his personal time and space so that he can maintain his privacy as much as possible. That respect he shows to others is a model for everyone in how they should treat others, whether famous or not. I want him to be truly happy, respected and successful!


  7. Marylee said

    “We want success for him. But more importantly, we want him to be happy”.

    ~my thoughts exactly, MT. I simply want him to have it ALL mainly because…quite simply..he deserves it!


  8. TOfan said

    Well put, MT, I hope he gets the work/life balance (big catch-phrase around my office these days, lol) that’s his kind of perfect!



  9. Angelica said

    “Can he actually have enough success to assure longevity in the music business so that he can continue to sing and tour without getting all the craziness that can go along with it? Can he do what he wants to do, sing, and be successful enough to continue in the business without losing his freedom? Can he find a middle ground, somewhere between great fame and obscurity?”

    This is what gets me anxious for him at times…not that he won’t be successful but that he will get too much success. Or that he will be pushed to achieve too much too fast and burn out like so many others have. I want him to always love what he’s doing and keep important things first, like family, God, friends and a stable, loving homelife. Most of all I want him to be allowed the space and time to progress at his own pace so that he can grow into his full potential which is enormous. Damn radio, damn record sales, damn TV appearances, damn endless voting in trivial polls so sites can get hits. Damn it all. Let the man BECOME who he will BE in his own sweet time.


  10. MT said

    Thanks for the comments guys. I am still wondering why it’s important to me. It’s not just his voice, and it’s not just his character. I think maybe it’s the combination. I think David’s fresh (and decent) music is what’s needed in today’s world. (Not to mention he has a stunning voice) I’ve heard several songs recently on the radio that I thought were really cute. Then, when I looked them up, I found that I had to search for a “clean” version. WHAT? WHY? If a song is good, why does it need a dirty version? Ughhh!

    David’s music is fit for the public. There is only one version. I don’t worry that my family will look up the song and be shocked by a different set of lyrics. (Like I was on several songs)

    I’d like to see David begin to change what is considered “good” music. For that, he has to get “big.” At the same time, he’s such a sweet and gentle soul that I don’t want him to have to pay a heavy price for being a major contributor towards getting music back on track. (Does that make sense?)


  11. loulou said

    I agree with Angelica!I believe that David Has the potental to make it,every thing takes time.


  12. Gwen Rogers said

    Well said! I feel the same way! I want so much for David. I always pray for his success and happiness! To me, people like Justin Beiber are a flash in the pan. David had made a mark much broader and deeper. No matter whar happens in his career he is such a well grounded young man that he will alway’s bring the best into his life.


  13. bebereader said

    MT, Really good topic! We’ve seen that not everyone is capable of putting up with the pressures of the ‘biz’ and escape the negatives that come along. David is as grounded as they come and makes an effort to be a ‘normal kid’. He proves this by his religious beliefs, by staying out of the Hollywood party scene, by going home as often as he can, by surrounding himself with family and mostly by how he seems to be unaffected by his celebrity. Because of this behavior, one might assume that he isn’t aware of his power but I think he’s very aware; he just chooses to use it with respect.

    There are other celebrities out there who live a fairly normal life; I wish this for David, along with as much happiness and success as his heart can hold. It will happen for him and he has a huge fanbase who will wait.


  14. MT said

    9 Angelica: Damn radio, damn record sales, damn TV appearances, damn endless voting in trivial polls so sites can get hits. Damn it all. Let the man BECOME who he will BE in his own sweet time.

    I confess that sometimes I’m in a hurry for him. And, that sometimes I’m over ambitious for him. That’s what prompted the article. I have to keep remembering that David just turned 20 and I believe that he has his own ideas as to where that path leads and just how fast he should move along that path. I think there are great things in store for him, I just need to be patient. And I want him to have it, as big or small, as HE wants it to be.


  15. River said

    I absolutely believe that David can and will do this. Indeed there are big celebs who can live a pretty normal life. I keep hearing that Nashville is the place to go if you want normalcy and the best music scene. We already know how much he likes it there. Of course I’d prefer that he choose my town in Connecticut.


  16. bebereader said

    “Why did these lovely ladies come into Caribe? Because, they say, David Archuleta told them to. Thank you for the CD, ladies! And David, we hope you can come in sometime and meet the people who make the food :-)”

    credit CaribeBistro
    We’re located: 791 Raymond Ave, St. Paul, MN 55114


  17. bebereader said

    “Wondering what’s become of all your favorite American Idol competitors? TVGuide Network’s Idol Stars: Where Are They Now special premieres Sunday, March 14th at 8/7c. But first, check out our gallery on what’s become of some of the show’s biggest names.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “David Archuleta
    Archie signed a deal with Azoff Management after American Idol’s 19 Management passed him over, and his album, David Archuleta, sold an impressive 183,000 copies in its first week of release (putting him at No. 2 on the Billboard 200). And yes, girls everywhere still want to marry him and have 10,000 of his babies.”


  18. bebereader said

    David tweets!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  19. bebereader said

    Buzzz…Idol Chatter has a new feature:

    “A look back at 9 years of Idols”

    “Welcome to a new feature of Idol Chatter — a look back at nine years worth of American Idols.

    Click on the names of any former Idol finalist below and you’ll be taken to a page that includes videos of their past Idol performances, at least the ones still available on YouTube.

    You’ll also find a photo of each contestant from their days on Idol (some of the transformations are pretty wild), plus links to the artist’s Website and Twitter, MySpace and Facebook pages.

    It’s amazing how many of the former Idol finalists are still involved in the entertainment industry in one way or another.

    The links to the season one finalists also include mini bios, and a video of their more current work. All the links will eventually include those features.”

    Continued at this link:

    All of David’s AI Performances are at this link:


  20. djafan said


    “I know that David will never read this, but I wish he could know that there are so many people out there that care: people who have met him, people who have never met him, people who probably never will meet him, yet they still care about him as a person, not just an entertainer. We want success for him. But more importantly, we want him to be happy.”

    Is this strange or what? But it’s the truth as much as it all can get a little frustrating as long as he is happy I’m happy

    Entertainment TV
    Simon-less ‘Idol’ set for debut


    Last Updated: January 18, 2011 1:12pm

    “I’ll either love it or hate it, but, inevitably, I’ll watch it,” my BFF tells me between pushups at the gym last week.

    By “it” she meant the 10th season of American Idol, which premieres Wednesday on Fox and CTV.

    She, like many of you, is one of those Idol fans who never actually admits they’re a fan, but yet DVRs every episode and is often caught with popular contestant tracks (ahem, David Archuleta’s Imagine) on their iPod.


  21. MT said

    1 collegemom “Those are the people who don’t go to clubs to party and have a stable (boring by Hollywood standards) home life. I think that this is possible for David.”

    ^^ Good point! His lifestyle is definitely not one that would lead to reporters camped on his lawn waiting for drama to erupt.

    And yup, when it comes to AI, love it or hate it, most will be watching. If for no other reason, this season should be interesting because of the new judges. 🙂


  22. Abrra said

    When I read the previous comments, the one thing that stands out to me is a need for perspective. David is so very young in his career time line. Perhaps the unnatural push he got from Idol skewed how his path progressed. He rode the wave of the Idol machine for a year after the finale. Then he took on a solo CFTH tour to support that CD. He is building now on his own artistic talents. Taking a year out to write was imperative to have material he wanted to sing. Not what he was told to sing, but his music. All this takes time. Planning takes time. He has time. All I need to know about David and his future is written on his face. Look at the pictures above from his vblog? The middle one struck me to my core when I saw it today. Angelica gave it a treatment of brick overlay, that says much too me. His gaze is directly into the camera. He is behind a “wall” that, in time, will fall one brick at a time. When that wall is down, he will have made what he wants of his career. Not what we want. Give him time? Just because he isn’t running all over the country please don’t assume he isn’t working. David needs his space to be creative. I am willing to be patient for whatever his next tour brings. I will support him on his terms.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The last time I looked there was no measure on my yardstick that says “Success”.

    Thank you MT for bringing your Voice here. It’s pure joy when we gather to discuss our favorite singer, isn’t it?



  23. djafan said

    More buzz for David!!!!!!

    Results: Favorite Idol Auditions Of All Time – David Archuleta: “Waiting On The World To Change” !!!!

    With about a month to go until the premiere of American Idol’s epic tenth season, we thought it would be fun to reflect back on the good and the bad that we’ve seen in previous years, so we asked you to vote for your favorite Idol auditions all time.

    Now some 42,000 plus votes later, here are the results, decided solely by your votes.

    #1: David Archuleta – Waiting On The World To Change

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  24. Nancy L said

    I was thinking about David’s snow vlog. He chose to be outside in his backyard where he admittedly doesn’t like the cold snowy weather to talk to us about how much he liked his snowboarding experience. He was happy and smiling and sharing personal stories about Katsu, the family cat. He tweeted recently that he was trying to write a song but uncertain where it should go. He’s at home enjoying family and friends and relaxing. He’s writing songs. He’s thinking about what kind of tour is best for him. He has said many times that he can’t wait to go back on tour and see everyone and SING. “That is his face on the CD” and those songs are about him. David knows where he wants to go with his music and is figuring out how to get there. He has said that the next CD will be more serious but this one was his last chance to be a teenager and show people the fun goofy side of David (for those who hadn’t figured that out yet). We have so much to look forward to in his career. He’s thinking ahead. He’s taking the steps he needs to take to continue down his path. Tour will come when the time is right and David is ready and all the pieces are in place. He wants to get back on tour and be with his fans. He wants to get out there and sing. And we want to see him and support him and hear that voice. For David it’s never been about “success.” It’s always been about the music and what he could give to people though his music with his voice.


  25. djafan said

    I’ve never seen this. Credit somethinggooey


  26. MunkFOD said

    Abbra, I really liked your comments about time. David is so gifted and he needs time to build. He isn’t pushing for “success” on someone elses coat tails. He is doing it his way, with his talent and his music. I love it! He has time and I am so happy that I get to watch him grow and mature musically. (I know, he is an old soul in a young mans body.:D ) This world is so fast paced, we need to breathe and take in the great view! Look at the big pic! I think we just got spoiled with seeing him so much. So we miss him. But patience will pay off big time! Thanks again.

    MT, I would also like to have David find that balance of “success” and private life. I think that is exactly what he has. I just want him to be successful enough to continue to write and perform as he would like! And I really hope that it is for a very long time! Cuz I love this guy and his voice! He is an inspiration as a person and as a musician.


  27. Abrra said

    That was shot during rehersals for the summer tour 2009. The next day he flew to Del Mar.



  28. Tawna21 said

    MT, what a post..I really like what you’ve written. It stirred a lot of thoughts in my senior brain. It just makes me all the more comfortable and at home on this site to know that the rest of you have the same thoughts, ideas and questions that I do. The when, where, why of David’s life will not be controlled by anyone but David himself. There isn’t a management team on this earth that will ‘tell/make’ David do something that goes against his principles and ideals. If he is happy, we are happy. He just has developed the virtue of patience a little bit further that some of us (hey, I’m working on it!). I firmly believe that he will find and make the balance of ‘star/normalcy’ in his life. He’s a powerful person, and I really think he knows how to use that power in the right ways.

    Abrra wrote..”Planning takes time. He has time. All I need to know about David and his future is written on his face.” I like this. It brings me really peaceful feelings. Thank you.

    DJAfan, I love the video in #26. I remember seeing something like it quite some time ago, but this one is sooo, dare I say it, cute. It is so David. The star, unaffected by the status. Love him to pieces!!



  29. Lynnella said

    I think we might refer to a line from My Kind of Perfect. “They say give it time, give it time and it will fall in place.” I think that could apply to his career, too. Shooting stars burn brightly, but soon burn out. What we all seem to want for him is a career that lasts a lifetime, much like Tony Bennett’s, whom David mentioned that he admired. I’d like to see him still making music that counts when he’s Tony’s age. Of course, I won’t be around to see it, but that’s okay with me, as long as I know it will happen. And, I do believe it will. David still has a lot to figure out, regarding in which direction he wants to go. He’s so multifaceted that he shines in every direction. We all see it, and I’m sure someday the rest of the world will, too.


  30. dakgal said

    dakgal said
    Monday, January 17, 2011 at 11:56 PM

    MT—I’d bet my last dollar, that if anyone can do it David can. And I think he has the respect of his fans –that will allow him such. Just let me do my job ( even tho it’s in front of thousands of people) so I can go home to the family and walk the dog or wash my car.

    I think in the past year he has set some pretty firm boundaries to the media on what he will do and won’t do, or talk about, in a very subtle respectful way.

    I brought my post over from the last thread to add to this post ( I posted kind of late)

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    Sometimes that’s how I feel after reading some posts on different sites, about what David should or shouldn’t do for a tour. With whomever or not with whomever, open for someone or go solo— and I let my panic mode take over. Frankly , there hasn’t been anyone mentioned yet to tour with that turns my crank!

    Somehow in my mind SandyBeaches advice to Abrra sums it up for me.

    “Abrra…The one thing to remember about flying is that you are not the only one who wants to make it to the destination, as the pilots want to make it just as badly, therefore I put my trust in that.”

    So I put my trust in the Archulater ( our pilot), who IMO is a very intelligent young man. He has learned so many things with each slap in the face that comes his way. More,I think than those around him that are more experienced. He is one patient dude, as I intend to be, until the right thing comes along.


  31. MT said

    #23 Abrra: You’re welcome. I love it here at the voice. You all work so hard for us and I’m glad I could contribute. And, yes it is. It’s nice to have a place to share our thoughts with people who understand and share our fascination with David.

    #27 MonkFOD: “I just want him to be successful enough to continue to write and perform as he would like!” << ditto!

    Your comment: "Perhaps the unnatural push he got from Idol skewed how his path progressed." <<<< I think you are so right here. But I'm so grateful that, thanks to AI, we have been given this opportunity, one that fans of old never had. We have been given the chance to share in the journey of this wonderfully gifted young man.

    #29 Tawna, thank you. and …"He just has developed the virtue of patience a little bit further that some of us (hey, I’m working on it!)." <<< me too. 🙂

    #31 Dak: I was thinking about that very thing today: how David has gone about setting boundaries, and how his fans have respect for those boundaries.


  32. Andrea Varon said

    HI, Andrea is back, lol. I just want to share this video which I remember because was special for me remembering when David replied to me a few months ago on ustream chat, in addition i tried to do it in 3d.


  33. dakgal said

    Off topic—read today’s birthdays in the paper–Christy Lee Cook was older than I thought she was on Idol. She turned 27 today.

    Still think David had a crush on her.


  34. MT said

    Oh, and Dak, justs for laughs, I gotta tell ya, this made me sing, “if anyone can make me fall in love, you can” haha Now it’s stuck in my head.


  35. MT said

    Dak: Left out the part I was quoting. lol

    “if anyone can do it David can”

    this is what made me sing, “if anyone can make me fall in love, you can” Now it’s stuck in my head.


  36. Abrra said

    #33 Andrea
    I think I had a seizure from that video 😉



  37. Tawna21 said

    Andrea #33 That video is priceless!! Thanks for sharing 🙂



  38. emmegirl said

    Abrra, that relaxed, chin-in-manhand pose, with one of the most charming smiles he has ever dared to sport, is one of my most favoritest ever ever of him.(btw, your post wasn’t bad either :))

    dja, idk why, but really glad he won that AI audition poll.

    I think he will always have that normalcy, he refuses to accept anything else. He really is a brass tacks kindof guy, isn’t he?


  39. Angelica said


    Muchas gracias Senor Archuleta. You are
    muy too good to us. Truly. We are not worthy.



  40. dakgal said

    Abs—–Bwahaha– just get a good nights sleep –you’ll be OK in the morning.


  41. gladys said

    I have ever tried to make an analogy, talking about my feelings for David. I’ll try again, I hope you understand me.
    You know the stories of King Solomon and his great wisdom to solve problems.
    King Solomon once had to intervene in a dispute between two women. Both fought for a child, and every one of them said that the child belonged to one of them. Then, King Solomon ordered that the child cut in half, King knew that the true mother would give up the child,
    But he also knew that the false mother would accept the deal.

    In these, almost three years David has given me so much, just find a way to give back, I have David in my prayers. I only wish his happiness or find their way.
    If one day David decided to stop singing and devote her life to be a missionary for his church, (or anything else) I will cry in silence dry my tears and smile for him and if he’s happy, me too.
    I’m a fool, I’m writing this and my tears fall, just thinking not to listen anymore, I’m so sad. I have to be prepared.
    Although David is very young, he is as wise as King Solomon, decide according to their values.
    Being a writer of his own songs and be treated as such or just be considered a good-looking young singer who sells lots of records.
    We are not false, we already know what we want.
    And David will choose well, we know that david archuleta has a single face, no good side or bad side, what you see is what you get.

    Expect a long fight with JIVE, but that’s another story, reminds me of the story of David and Goliath (same name, is the same story?)


  42. emmegirl said

    Yep, the man said Spanish.


  43. Suzy-Q said

    I pre-ordered Richard Rushmore’s book and it came today. I have read the first two chapters. He talks about Simon Fuller and how he began his career and how he developed American Idol. Then he writes about Simon Cowell. I looked at the photos and the only person who gets a full page is David A. I skimmed through the book for David’s name and he is mentioned several times. Can’t wait to read the rest.


  44. djafan said

    Emmegirl, me to, me to 🙂

    Gladys, (((hugs)))

    Andrea, I like!

    Spanish, Espanol, Hope it’s an interview in spanish!


  45. bebereader said

    Congrats to David for winning Favorite Idol audition!

    Gladys, I love your thought-provoking comments! You’re right, when it comes to David, what you see is what you get. We worry about him like he’s a member of our family. But there’s never too much good karma to go around.

    Emmegirl, Ay Carumba, the man said Spanish!

    Suzy Q I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of that book! Thanks for the pre-view!


  46. FG said

    MT – beautiful article. I can feel the love right thru the computer screen. Sometimes I change my mind about what I want for him. But it does end up being about his happiness. I do want to hear him on the radio, and I want to hear him singing until my time here is done.
    Abbra, #23 thanks for that perspective.

    I love reading everyone’s comments. I love you people. 😉


  47. SandyBeaches said

    Oh FG you are so sweet! I just wish that there was a written dialogue by you from December 18th at the Hyatt…now that was funny and laughter is the best medicine! 😉

    My pc just told me with a big splash of a picture that it is the poet Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday today but I can’t find a cheerful quote to quote. He was not always happy! I will be back with one though…



  48. SandyBeaches said

    Ok, I have one,

    “A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays And confident tomorrows.”
    – William Wordsworth

    TY MR. Wordsworth.



  49. SandyBeaches said

    To be clear, this was not for Mr. Poe but for DJ Archuleta.



  50. emmegirl said

    SB, perfect start to the morning. 🙂


  51. djafan said

    SB, perfect quote!

    Here is the interview from yesterday!



  52. SandyBeaches said

    The good thing to all that happens, is that what we give and have is unconditional love and the people who write here and stop by in this place, are just those kind of people. I am excited about David’s future.



  53. djafan said

    I just want to say, I looooooooove David’s spanish!!!!! Gushing here…lol


  54. SandyBeaches said

    So modest, just laughs it off. Shades of Elvis…Thank you, thank you very much.

    Djafan…are you going to hold Spanish 101 classes for us??



  55. djafan said

    SB, I’d love to!

    David’s Spanish is pretty good. I like that he has the same style in Spanish that he does in English, he tends to say I don’t know, he also does it in Spanish.

    The interviewer wasn’t the best in terms of personality but I have to say I really enjoyed it. I liked her questions, respectful and relevant, no stupidity like some. She allowed David to answer and take as long as he needed and I loved his answers, he’s made a new fan.

    Food mentions,

    tamal de pollo

    I speak Espanol, hablo un poco pero no mucho estoy aprendiendo, yo, me gusta practicar con mi abuelita porque ella no habla mucho ingles y mi abuelo no sabe ingles solo espanol cuando estoy con ellos yo hablo espanol pero si estoy aprendiendo me gusta practicar cuando ay, con personas que trabajan en restaurantes como pupuserias y restaurantes catrachos y la familia de mi mama y yo no se

    I speak Spanish, I speak a little not much but I’m learning, I like to practice with my grandmother because she doesn’t speak much English and my grandfather only knows Spanish. When I’m with them I speak Spanish, I’m learning. I like to practice with people who work in restaurants like Popuserias and Honduran restaurants and with my moms family and I don’t know..giggles.


  56. bebereader said

    Thanks for translating, Dja! Would’ve loved some video to go with the 15-minute audio! But we’ll take what we can get! Don’t you just love hearing David speak en espanol? “Yo no se.” <<<< Love it! haha

    Dja…about those foods:

    "Food mentions,

    tamal de pollo"

    The only one I've tasted is a tamale. Curious about the others. Have you have any of them?


  57. bebereader said

    AOL Radio says:

    “With each ‘American Idol’ season, without fail, we fall in love with these unknown, small town voices and vote on our favorites. We listen to the judges’ critiques, but in the end, we, the viewers, decide who stays in the running, where finalists hope the show will jump-start their careers and commercialize their talent. Covering the past eight seasons, here are the Top ‘American Idol’ Songs that have dominated the airwaves.”

    10 “Over It’ – Katharine McPhee
    9 ‘Heartless’ – Kris Allen
    8 ‘Wait for You’ – Elliott Yamin
    7 ‘Permanent’ – David Cook
    6 ‘No Air’ – Jordin Sparks
    5 ‘Whataya Want From Me’ – Adam Lambert
    4 ‘Before He Cheats’ – Carrie Underwood
    3 ‘Breakaway’ – Kelly Clarkson
    2 ‘Home’ – Daughtry
    1 ‘Crush’ – David Archuleta

    Crush won!!!

    By the way, are you planning to watch American Idol tonight?
    Season premiere at 8PM EST on Fox.

    David tweets:

    So the new season of American Idol starts tonight. What are your thoughts? You going to watch and see what it’ll be like? 1 hour ago


  58. MT said

    47 FG: thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. And yeah, I change my mind too. I guess as long as he sticks around and is happy doing what he’s doing, I’m good. J

    Djafan: thanks for translating that part of the interview. I was wondering what he said. I love listening to him speak spanish, even thought I don’t understand a word! Why? haha

    BeBe: I can’t believe Crush got the #1 spot. That’s awesome!

    As for AI, I’ll probably be watching, mostly out of curiosity. I saw lots of tweets telling David that it just hasn’t been the same since S7. I do agree.


  59. River said

    Because I listen to a lot of new music and young artists I will be watching. My hope is that the returning producers will search out real talent, not just stories with mediocre performers. I too haven’t seen much in the last two seasons while David’s year the top ten have done really well. perhaps they don’t sell out arenas but few do in this economy. I am curious about the judges and I suspect the censors bleepers will be busy with S Tyler. So I’ll be watching and hoping for something worth my (& David’s) time.


  60. djafan said

    David is in California…hmmmmm.


    @DavidArchie my friend said u performed @ the mormon church in aliso viejo last night!! im so jealous!i want 2 meet u so bad!
    22 minutes ago via web in reply to DavidArchie


  61. djafan said

    David at Costco, he cracks me up.

    I guess it’s not as funny when you can’t hear her tone lol. They were good organic granola bars though. 18 minutes ago via txt Retweeted by you and 61 others

    At Costco. Lots of samples today. Sample lady: “If you bring your mom over here maybe she’ll get them for you!” uh.. I’m 20 lol 20 minutes ago via txt Retweeted by you and 100+ others


  62. bebereader said

    Watching American Idol Season 10 Auditions. Made me think of this, from three years ago. 😀

    Credit RadiatedSpider


  63. emmegirl said

    “I want his success to make Bieber’s look like chicken feed” …lol!

    MT, loved the sentiment of your article. David’s fans have such genuine caring for him.

    I’m hopeless, now I need to know what he is doing in CA, besides eating samples at Costco. Maybe he’s a bit restless. Maybe he wanted some warm weather. Maybe he is seeking a really fresh mango.


  64. Suzy-Q said

    I just watched American Idol and loved the chemistry between the judges. Steven Tyler is a hoot. His enthusiam is contageious. Jennifer is so sweet and fun to watch. Both of them cracked me up with their facial expressions. The three of them were really having fun and I think that this season will be a lot of fun for everyone. Just watching them each week will be worth watching.

    So far I am finding Richard’s book a little too detailed to my liking. If I were in the music industry, I would probably like knowing all the ins and outs of the recording industry. It was interesting to know how Paula was chosen and what a big part she played in getting people to watch the first broadcasts.

    I guess that some people think that there is a open window of time for David and that he will miss his chance of success if he doesn’t take advantage of it and that window is now. Maybe that’s why they’re impatient. What do you say?

    Gladys, I always enjoy your sincere and lovely comments about David. I hope you meet him soon.

    Lynnelle #30, I so agree with what you said.

    My husband is still in the rehab facility. The healing process is going very slow. At least he is getting better.


  65. djafan said

    A really fresh mango…lol

    David made another top ten list!!!

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011
    Top Ten Best American Idol Performances of All Time
    The tenth season of American Idol debuts tonight with an absolutely critical year for the show. Even though the series was still the highest rated program on television last year, its ratings were down and the consensus was that the show had lost its mojo. Here’s a reminder of some of the great moments of the show. These are the ten best performances over the past nine years:

    2. David Archuleta – Imagine (Season 7)


  66. djafan said

    Elevator on How I Met Your Mother promo!!!


  67. Angelica said


    Glad your husband is improving though slowly. I watched idol tonight too and was pleasantly surprised by how likable and funny Steve Tyler was and also J Lo. It was refreshingly lacking in mean-spirit. So I may finally tune in from time to time, but I won’t vote again. Nope. There is and always will be only one American Idol for me.

    You say,

    “I guess that some people think that there is a open window of time for David and that he will miss his chance of success if he doesn’t take advantage of it and that window is now. Maybe that’s why they’re impatient. What do you say?”

    I say they could be right. But I’m still not worried.


  68. bebereader said

    SB, Thanks for sharing that quote. I love Wordsworth and his poetic genius.

    River, MT, How did you like AI tonight?

    SuzyQ, Glad your hubby is getting better!
    I agree with you about the chemistry between the judges on AI tonight. Who knew? It seems to work! So far I don’t think Simon was missed. I can’t help but wonder if David is watching the show right about now, while eating a really fresh mango. 😉

    Djafan Buzzzzzz…Great promo for Elevator!


  69. bebereader said

    He’s watching!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  70. Angelica said


    Did you really doubt it? Probably went to Costco today to stock up on snacks/mangoes for the event. I wonder if his mom ever bought him the granola bars? 😆


  71. djafan said

    I’ll make a confession, I was curious to see the new judges but I’m not so much anymore.

    Just reading twitter, all about idol and how the next David Archuleta has already been found, yuck, sorry, left a bad taste in my mouth. It may be a compliment to him but when all the beginning promo has several alumni, but couldn’t squeeze David in a small clip but I see Castro there? If AI puts on David I’ll watch.

    Suzy-q, hope your husbands recovery speeds up!

    David’s window? I don’t know, what I do know that for some reason I feel things are going to be fine.

    I love this!


  72. emmegirl said

    dja, have no interest since D left, and with the little respect he gets from them, it really cements the deal for me. If he is on, I’m there with bells on.


  73. Angelica said

    Dja and Emme,

    Why do they not put an image of him on? Why are people still talking, after 3 years, of finding the “next David Archuleta?” Because, just like Elvis, there is only one and they know deep down there will never be another.



  74. emmegirl said

    You hit the nail on the head Angelica. Doesn’t matter how they promote, or present or represent anyone else on that show, there will never be another, not like him.


  75. djafan said

    Emmegirl, thanks for understanding.

    Angelica, I wish I knew why they can’t or won’t use him in any promo and you’re right, never never never!


  76. emmegirl said

    74, is that picture the sweetest thing ever.


  77. emmegirl said

    Just wondering, is there any AI alum, winners included, who support the show more than David?

    dja, I think the politics in music could be worse than anything you would see in government. But DJA, he’s a fighter… my money is on him.


  78. Tawna21 said

    I caved in…watched AI to see how the judges were. I enjoyed the way they interact, but not enough to watch on a regular basis. Especially not thru these auditions. –boring– Why would I sit thru all of that when I can hear the ‘real Voice’ on my stereo, computer, or iPod?! If I’m looking for something pleasing to look at, all I have to do is come to this site and there is a plethera of pictures and videos of a particular young man that never ends. That one in #74 is another reminder of what we are not seeing on AI anymore–not just his beauty (thud), but his absolute, sincere joy with life and whatever is happening right at that moment.*sigh*

    Nope, there will never be another vote from me on that show.



  79. MT said

    River: I suspect you’re right about the ST bloopers. These shows were pre-recorded but, when the live shows start, I think they’re going to need a slight time delay. Lol

    Susy-Q – Sorry things are going slow, but I’m so glad your husband is continuing to improve.

    BeBE – Like Susy-Q, I liked the chemistry between the judges. Both Steven Tyler and J Lo were so funny. I liked that they weren’t cruel and that the laughter was AT the judges and not AT the contestants. This is the first time I really enjoyed the auditions. (Other than David’s, of course)

    Angelica – As for David’s “window of opportunity,” I guess that’s what concerns us all. But, David is fond of saying that things work out a certain way for a reason. I just know that I can’t imagine things not turning out okay for him.

    As for “the next David Archuleta,” I completely agree with you guys. It’s not possible. Like Survivor, there can be only one! LOL Besides, they don’t need “the next” one, they just promote THIS one. (Sorry, just a tiny rant there.)

    DJA – Yeah, considering that EACH YEAR they start talking about “the next David” as soon as the first auditions come out, you’d think they’d realize how much he is still on everyone’s mind and include him.


  80. MT said

    Wow, sorry for the huge comment, didn’t realize it was that big!


  81. bebereader said

    MT, We’ve got lots of space so take all you need. I find it interesting that every season there is talk about finding the next David Archuleta. He’s being used as a yardstick to which other contestants are measured. I’m optimistic that Nigel will ask David to perform on the show this season. If you recall, Nigel introduced David when he sang TAGGB on The Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.

    Tonight, I tweeted Nigel Lythgoe, producer of AI:

    “@dizzyfeet Good show 2nite but missed David Archuleta in opening promo. How ’bout his song “Things R Gonna Get Better” this year for sendoffs?”

    Nigel’s twitter name is dizzyfeet, if you want to tweet him.

    Tawna, I agree. My voting days at AI are over. Why bother? There’s only one American Idol and he was already found in Season 7.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  82. MT said

    BeBe: Thanks, and that tweet to Nigel was genius! What a great idea. I hope he sees it and really thinks about it. Talk about great promo!

    And, how could anyone look at that face in #74 and remember that voice and think he could ever be replaced? But, I suspect that what they are actually after is someone with even half the talent and charisma of David that would be malleable, like Beiber. I think they want young, talented, and cooperative!


  83. Abrra said

    I watched Idol last night. I liked the pace of the show. Not so much focusing on the “bad” singers as in previous seasons.It was hopeful to see so many golden tickets so early on. The judges will gel better as time goes on. I liked their upbeat style. I do hope the new judges can get less emotional when they have to tell someone “No.” I will watch the whole season. I like reality shows in general so its not a stretch for me.

    I don’t know what window of opportunity is closing on David. He is doing his job to become a great singer. could it be that those who say things like that are deciding to move on to a new singer? For me, when people speak about doubting his career, it screams out to me that it is THEIR fandom that is failing them. It can’t be a party every day of the year. He has to go quiet at some point to prepare for the next opportunity to perform.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  84. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra #84, That is a wonderful picture and your comments are what make you a steadfast fan. Now let me look up ‘steadfast’…unwavering, faithful, firm in purpose. OK, that is the correct word.

    Angelica #74,…”they know deep down there will never be another”. In honor of that statement I have something to add (for the fun of it)from one of the greats. He was looong before our time. His hits are forever.



  85. Hi people from the voice. How are you?
    It’s my first time watching American Idol since its beginning and live. I had high expectations and these were exceeded fortunately some channels from USA can be watched online for people as me.
    I have repeatedly said I should have known about David 3 years ago when was his audition, anyways I had the pleasure of knowing from his tweets and shared videos, posts, pictures, and another one information medios from fans.
    I think the chapter from last night was great, Jennifer Lopez is really a woman that has her feet on the earth and definately a model role because she doesn’t forget where she came from and proud of her latin heritage and her attitude I love; I see her as a person that treats people fairly, without preferences. Steven Tyler is so funny and Ryan too. Although it’s going to look weird I miss simon, I said weird because I occasionaly watched him on TV, I did know about American Idol reality even from several years ago, but for unknown reason I stopped watching it, I did just watch it for fun.

    I didn’t know David is in CA. By the way his spanish surprised me so much because it’s the first time among other previous times that he practically spoke non-stop, more fluent. I hope he keeps practicing.

    It’d be wonderful that the next video blog he to try to make most part in spanish.

    Thanks Abrra for watching my edition to the video become in 3D, I will soon upload more.


  86. Like

  87. MunkFOD said

    HI! You guys have to see this! It is highlights of David in the idol group performances! Gosh! He is soooo Gooood! Watch!


  88. Abrra said

    #86 Andrekvr1991

    You may have misunderstood me. I can’t watch 3D , I don’t have the glasses. I don’t get why they even make 3D an option. I like the normal viewing when I see David. 😉

    Thanks for that video . I will add that to the American Idol set in Unplugged.



  89. MT said

    Monk: I haven’t seen that one in a while. But, I looove it!!

    Something I’ve been thinking about … hmmmm. As has been said, every year since S7 they look for the next David. Do you guys see any comments around saying anyone is the next Kelly, or Carrie? Or the next Daughtry? Why always David?

    Or, is it just because I only pay attention to what is said about David, and not any other idols, that I don’t notice them saying that so and so is the next “anyone else?” Serious question here. Does anyone know?


  90. Abrra said


    I recall hearing “Is David Archuleta the new Clay Aiken? ” I get what you mean though. When a special ,stand out singer comes along, there will be comparisons.



  91. Ok Abrra I didn’t understand, for me it’s great to watch in 3d But it’s great to see David in original dimension (of course), . Those glasses are easy to make. whosoever search for how to make them, on youtube can easily find the instructions.
    Ok. I will only embed new ones in its default dimension. 🙂


  92. SandyBeaches said

    Since this is a mixture of sorts I thought that I would make a comment. I strongly feel that being able to ‘tweet’ a stars management and tour manager is being allowwed to go beyond a safe line. If you should have a few thousand people expressing their wishes and requests for something and wondering about it now, it is possible that they the management might tell people to be more patient and that happened. Well, the fans have been around waiting much longer than the management has been in place so it may not seem very long to some to wait. After being in the drought with everyone last winter, spring, summer and fall and now winter again, I can understand the restlessness. This is what we do know; it has been a long time for David to be away from the stage and he has expressed that himself in his songs, we have been to ‘all’ of his tours and we know that it takes a lot of work to plan one but everyone is doing it.

    A few fans saying where they live and yes they would like a concert, is less than efficient but perhaps it makes for good conversation.



  93. SandyBeaches said

    All of David’s sites are a great place to go to read about what the fans are saying, wishing for, doing, giving, planning, helping with, loving, caring about. Charity events and get togethers across north america have taken place by the way of fan sites and email. Gotta watch the too much familiarity concept. David tweeting, well that is entirely different.



  94. MunkFOD said

    SandyBeaches, Yes the drought has been a long one….at least for me. I haven’t seen David since 2009. So it has been hard. And I have to admit that when @kariontour tweeted that things were in the works, to hold tight and that things are going to happen it calmed me down some. I do say tho, that asking peoples names and where they live really doesn’t help…What is the purpose in that? But I was happy to hear that something is going to happen. I know David is itching to get out there and perform. So bring on tour! We are dying here! 😀


  95. MunkFOD said

    Abrra, yes… David is not going anywhere and neither am I! No doubts about his great future… just missing his genius voice, face, performance, persona…. Will be patient tho. We have just been spoiled to death! He has put out 3 albums and a book. He has been working his butt off to get his career going and I am sure he will have great success. Looking forward to great things to come.


  96. MunkFOD said

    SORRY! I really am not spamming! but there is a rumored news thing I have to share. Do you remember the info about David going to India with Rising Star Outreach when he performed at the Gala last fall. Well there is a person that has a blog that is in India with Rising Star Outreach. Here is her link… read down where she says that they have been preparing for David to come next week! GAH!

    “We then headed back to campus for a very busy day. We’ve been spending all week preparing for the loads of people coming next week, namely David Archuleta.”


  97. bebereader said

    Andrea#86, It’s always refreshing to read your comments as you’re relatively new to David’s community of fans. I admire how you spend time catching up with where he is now. Thankfully, there is a plethora of videos to watch on youtube.

    SB#93/94, I see your point regarding the too much familiarity concept. Twitter makes it so easy to communicate in 140 characters. Maybe the idea behind the tweets back and forth between Kari and fans is to keep the lines of communication open and to keep David’s name out there during this drought.

    MunkFOD#88,Thanks for bringing the compilation video from AI here. David was brilliant on the show and his star keeps on rising! Speaking of Rising Stars I do remember reading in Pattirae’s recap of the Mentor’s Gala that David would be leaving for India in January. Twitter is all a twitter right now. 🙂


  98. djafan said

    Some numbers. Crush is 23 thousand away from double platinum and Something Bout Love is plugging along. I’m sure that the Skate From the Heart appearance had something to do with it.

    Crush (2,000 weekly/1.977 million total)
    David Archuleta, Something ‘Bout Love (1,000/64,000)

    David In The News Strait Times
    Blabbed By Älici∂ on Jan 20, 2011

    The article for Unwritten Thoughts this week in about American Idol, in anticipation of its premiere. Of course, I had to get David in, too! Be sure to get it today.

    David Archuleta may just have been part of the reason why a new, unexpected rule has been implemented this year. 15-year-olds can now audition, in addition to the previous 16 to 30-year-olds. Apart from American Idol, he has released 3 albums, the latest of which is titled The Other Side of Down, as well as a memoir, Chords of Strength. Other than these accomplishments in his 20 years, David also has a charming personality that lights up the room instantly when he walks in. He participates in a lot of charities like Invisible Children, and Make A Wish amongst others, and was one of the first few celebrities to help Haiti just over a year ago. David is also one of the biggest inspirations in my life, mainly because of his positive attitude, and the hard work he puts into making sure every one of his songs contains the right message.


  99. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe… Maybe so, but David keeps a direct line open with his fans through his tweets and Vlogs and unless they have a tweet that has actual information then it is of no value or good business sense. They can give a little description of what they are actually doing at the present but that doesn’t happen so tweeting is useless just saying to be patient.




  100. djafan said

    Imagine David here amongst these kids. We will all be in tears.

    Thank you video from the children at Rising Star Outreach to David Archuleta and his fans for making a great week of dental work possible at Rising Star Outreach. Please visit: or for more information.


  101. SandyBeaches said

    Sorry I keep doing this multiple signature thing!!


  102. bebereader said

    SandyBeaches#100, I hear you and I agree. 🙂


  103. djafan said

    SB don’t stop now with the double SB, you’ve been doing it forever. 🙂


  104. djafan said

    Here is the press release from 7/09.

    David Archuleta’s Pathway of Hope Press Release from Rising Star Outreach

    Here are some excerpts.

    CHENNAI [July 19, 2010] – A Pathway of Hope near Chennai, India, connects an American Idol pop star with the children of leprosy-affected individuals. David Archuleta’s fans have purchased 150 engraved, granite bricks for a pathway at Rising Star Outreach campus and school, a project to raise up India’s outcast families.

    The pathway and other campus buildings were dedicated recently, and Archuleta has told Becky Douglas, the founder of Rising Star Outreach, he will see her soon to walk the walk inspired by his music.

    “When I read the stories, it was so touching,” Archuleta said. “They’re banished from their homes and really misunderstood. And their families are cast out with them. It’s sad that there are people out there who are forgotten.”

    Archuleta adopted the project after his dentist, Scott McGavin, pledged to take dental care to the families of Rising Star Outreach. Soon Angels for a Cause (AFAC), an umbrella Web site that raises funds for Archuleta-endorsed charities, featured Rising Star Outreach and Dr. McGavin’s goal to purchase portable dental equipment. In 2009, McGavin and a team took the equipment and their expertise to the children and adults who had never had dental care.


  105. just watch and listen it


  106. djafan said

    Andrekvr…That was great! I love hearing his same nuances he has in English in Spanish.


  107. silverfox said

    Kinda quiet in David’s fandom again tonight..

    MT, you said what we all feel & want for David. We want him to have love, peace, contentment, good health, serenity, & happiness. Love everyone’s heartfelt hopes & wishes for David. David is very well loved.

    About David going to India – I do remember Pattirae mentioned to us in SLC about David going to India this year with a group of LDS including her cousin Ron.

    I was finding it a little puzzling that David has not said a word about it. But if I recall, I don’t think he said a word about his trip to Honduras last year either, UNTIL he was THERE. So I’m thinking that David considers these trips sort of “Mini-Missions”, so I think he may feel it’s inappropriate to publicize these “missions”. He waits. Then when he arrives at the destination, the publicity he generates once he’s there brings awareness to the charity, in this case Rising Star Outreach. It’s about the people in India & what RSO has done for them.

    So everyone is wondering why David or even WEG hasn’t mentioned India..and this is just what I think. But I may be wrong. David may just be waiting until all the details for the trip are complete. Then he’ll tweet something about how excited he is to be going to India! And it may be one reason a tour has not been announced yet. If this trip to India is a go, I don’t think he will be there for just a couple of days after all. I just hope he will WANT to come home! 🙂

    Djafan, I’m with you about AI. I have no desire to see it and besides I don’t have time. But even if I did, I wouldn’t watch it. I would rather read COS for the 5th time. 😀

    Good night to whoever is here. I feel all alone. 😦


  108. djafan said

    Awww SF, you’re not alone though it is quiet. You may be on to something, finding out about India if we are to believe this blogger which I assume doesn’t have any reason to lie is a complete accident. We’ll just have to wait and see, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue.

    I just finished reading COS for the 4th time so we are tied! It’s fascinating to me and reassuring that David is just where he should be for some reason.



  109. Dayzee said

    Monk, I love that video of the AI group numbers. It shows David front and center as the star of every number. Which he was.
    I have scrutinized the entire video and have charted the places where David looks most fetching: :19, :15-20, :26, :34, :35, :43-45, :54, :57, 1:07-8, 1:16-18, 1:25-1:32, 1:38-40, 1:44-45, 1:55, 2:00, 2:05-2:21, 2:24, 2:26, 2:29, 2:31, 2:36, 2:38, 2:45-47, 2:50-51, 3:00, 3:11-20, 3:23-24.
    I was pretty picky and did not include places where there was too much stage sharing or if it was a little blurry. For me, these are the golden moments. You may find others. I’m going to check it again.


  110. MT said

    91. Abrra said: I recall hearing “Is David Archuleta the new Clay Aiken? ”

    ^^^^ But, since then it’s been David? Intersting.

    Hi,SF! * waves *

    It is a little puzzling that David says nothing about these trips prior to leaving. Maybe it’s because he feels that something done for charity should be private.(Something akin to an anonymous donation.) Or, maybe he thinks that if he tells people, the media would see it as being done just for publicity, as some celebrities have done, even though we fans would know that is certainly not the case. Once he’s there, he may only tweet or blog about it once it becomes putlic knowledge or if his celebrity status can be used to benefit the charity. IDK either. That’s just another theory.


  111. MT said

    110. Dayzee: this had me rofl Are you sure you didn’t miss a any? 😀


  112. MunkFOD said

    HI! This is a program on the Director of Rising Star Outreach! It is wonderful! Watch it here!


  113. Thanks MUNKFOD It’s wonderful this program.


  114. SandyBeaches said

    David is amongst the ‘greats’ like I sometimes mention, maybe 100 times already! I won’t mention any particular greats at the moment because I have said “Andera Bocelli and David Foster” multiple times before…but look them up and see their humanitarian efforts!! David is amongst them, ah I love that.

    Djafan #104!! You noticed my multiple signatures. You see I do that for attention and it works!!



  115. SandyBeaches said

    True SF the sites are quiet. I guess this is a bit of winter hibernation going on. Except for David, he always has things on the go and if we knew we would probably be surprised! We are all here, just not very visible.

    Oh geez Lady Gaga on the radio, it’s not that quiet!



  116. Hi peeps! Catching up with what’s up with the ArchuWorld. So am reading from bottom to up and this had me LOL

    “…I have scrutinized the entire video and have charted the places where David looks most fetching: :19, :15-20, :26, :34, :35, :43-45, :54, :57, 1:07-8, 1:16-18, 1:25-1:32, 1:38-40, 1:44-45, 1:55, 2:00, 2:05-2:21, 2:24, 2:26, 2:29, 2:31, 2:36, 2:38, 2:45-47, 2:50-51, 3:00, 3:11-20, 3:23-24.”

    DAYZ – did you happen to blink? You might have missed something, otherwise I will take your word for it, LOL


  117. ANGELICA – nice article. David himself might get flummoxed when he actually finds out the depth and breadth of people simply wishing him happiness.

    One thing am sure of though – and this comes from David himself – whatever happens, he will find a way to be with and be in music. It’s like air to him. It literally oozes from his pores.

    RE INDIA – Excited for his forthcoming trip which I feel he will appreciate for reasons beyond R&R. Silent about it cos it is probably involving charity work?


  118. Angelica said


    Thanks, but the article is by MT and the compliments should go to her alone. I had a problem getting wordpress to accept her screen name this time but it’s on the top of the article.

    Hope your dad is doing better?


  119. kaycee said

    What an amazing and memorable experience for David to go to India (if the rumors are true). I was blessed to meet the director of RSO a few years ago and hear her story and the story of so many of the lives being touched through her efforts. It is truly an incredible program. Many of the young people in our church have gone and volunteered there for months at a time. They have returned truly changed. I admire David’s quiet approach to his personal charity work, not drawing attention to himself–only when it benefits the charity. He’s doing it for all the right reasons.


  120. I uploaded HDTV vids of DA @ SFTH w/ extra footage of special cast intros. We don’t want to waste any gorgeous DA screencaps, do we? 😉

    01 MKOP HDTV w/ special cast intros

    02 SBL HDTV – truimphant dancing/singing!


    Watch in full screen – enjoy!


  121. ANGELICA – thanks for the correction. Re my Dad – yup he is doing better but will undergo a minor ops on Saturday to, errrm, shall we say, correct something in his system. Thanks so much for asking. I found it funny later on that I was uploading the SFTH vids while I was watching over my Dad for his heart condition!

    MT, my kudos should go to you on the article 🙂 And since I am confident that David will still do music in years to come, my quest now is how to live longer to enjoy more David 🙂


  122. Wow! Hi everyone Just getting caught up on MT’s great article, and all the wonderful comments and videos, and pictures,everything David I have missed the past couple of days.Love the discussions we have here about David… past,present and future.It’s all good.
    Remembering season 7… And Ryan said”you can only vote for him, you can’t adopt him!” haha! Oh,Ryan!You don’t even know.The only thing we are missing is the paperwork.

    MunkFOD, what a wonderful program…
    If David is going to India,and it sounds like he is,what a life-changing experience he will have.


  123. kaycee said

    With all the hand-wringing lately about album sales, promotion, appearances, etc., it has got me wondering. Observing David over the past year, watching him so involved in charity work and helping others through his music, and seemingly less concerned with promotion, management, and “getting himself out there” in the music business causes the old speculation juices to flow. He turned 19 last December, the age that most young men of the Mormon faith go on a mission. This is a big deal in the church, something that is talked about from the time they are children, and I’m sure it has been difficult for David to watch all his friends embark on that experience. A mission is all about giving, sharing, loving, inspiring, serving and uplifting others…sound familiar? It seems that David has taken every opportunity to do those very things this past year–through his appearances, his charity work, and even the kind of album he made. Not that he wasn’t doing it before, because that is just the kind of person he is, but it’s almost as if his success wasn’t his focus.


  124. emmegirl said

    Dayzee, lol! JR said it, I don’t think you blinked! (and thanks!)

    JR, glad to hear your Dad is doing better.

    Kaycee, when the album came out I thought of that too!
    Nice to see you. 🙂


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