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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Tour. News. Now. Please. ~ David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anxiously awaiting news of David’s upcoming tour for TOSOD, “here I am with all these questions hanging on my ceiling low,” when will we receive a tour schedule?  Will he tour solo?  Will he have an opener?  Will he co-headline this time?  Who will that be?  Should David tour with an established band to gain new fans or should he co-headline with someone who has been in the business for as long as he has?  Will he make a stop in Canada this time?  Should he travel the US first and then leave for international touring or tour internationally first, then come back to the states to tour on home turf?  These questions are being asked and discussed daily, all over the web.

Names of possible tour mates that have been tossed around include We the Kings, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and more.

I respect tour planners; it cannot be easy work to plan a tour.  A lot of research goes into considering all the variables like weather issues, size/availability and type of venue, flight and hotel, to mosh or not to mosh. Something else to consider is which parts of the world has TOSOD sold the most?  Where are the key locations that would fill up venues?  Which areas of the United States do David’s fans live?  In which states would it make the most sense to have shows to get the most fans to come out?  In the end, the powers that be will work out the logistics, down to the last-minute detail.

If I had a say in tour planning what would be important to me?  I would like David and his entourage to be safe when traveling and not have to put up with harsh weather conditions.  Malaysia is located on the equator and has uniform temperature throughout the year.  Asian fans have always treated David with love and respect and have waited so long to see him in concert.  If David is in fact traveling internationally on this tour, I’d want Asia to be first in line, at the beginning of the tour.  Coming back to the states in the spring would make sense, weather wise, and continue the tour on the East Coast and Midwest to avoid last year’s weather mishaps.  On the CFTH tour, a snowstorm in Minneapolis caused a show to be canceled.  In addition, New York was bathed in two feet of snow over icy roads last December, making travel hazardous when David’s tour bus made it’s way from Massachusetts to Westbury, NY for the last show on the tour.

I have one more request.  Not a big fan of moshing; if it was up to me, I’d like David to perform in venues like Philharmonic Hall, or at the very least, one that is set up like a theater, with seats.  And while I’m at it, I want the band with him at every show.  Other than that, just point me in the direction of the tour schedule.  I’m easy! 😀

90 Responses to “Tour. News. Now. Please. ~ David Archuleta”

  1. annie348 said

    Bebereader ~ I am having withdrawals too. I’m acting like a spoiled kid because I did get to see David in Anaheim (2nd row!) Of course, he was just, just, well….words fail. He just gets more gorgeous and his voice is more mature and stronger. He seems like a seasoned professional now. I think he sang 16 songs in about 1 1/2 hours.
    I hope the new management will let David establish the pace of the shows. It seemed to me like he had to keep plowing through the songs without even a minute to recover. Still, it was like a little piece of heaven right here on earth! It was also fun meeting new fans that “get me” as well as seeing old friends too.
    Thank you admins for such a top notch site. Still my fave.


  2. annie348 said

    Sorry. I forgot to say I think that vocally, David is in another category from all the people mentioned. He’s incomparable. But, if he were to tour with someone it should be as coheadliners. Ok. I’ll just say it DAVID DESERVES HIS OWN HEADLINING TOUR. I always feel bad for whoever opens for David. We’re all there to see David.


  3. FG said

    Bebe – what video are those pics from?

    I need to plan my time off for the year around the tour dates. Geez. Don’t they know how much planning WE need to do LOL. I am sooooo stoked for tour.


  4. Suzy-Q said

    When David performs with someone else he doesn’t sing enough songs. Lady GAGA? Would her fans even want to listen to David? They want flash and shock performances. Mosh pits are out. I was in one at his Arizona performance in 2009 and it was terrible. I doubt that I will ever do that again. Planning a tour is a lot of work. Maybe David can use this time to work on his Spanish album. It would open up so many doors to him. Also,it would earn him a lot of money. Go David!!


  5. SandyBeaches said

    It is not easy planning a tour. JB has a European tour starting in March with tickers on sale now. Don’t you just have to wonder?

    David is the most wonderful male, new generation singer in the world so why the difficulties by the planners? I do not believe that we have heard the answer to that question and until we do, we can not be of much assistance.

    I do not believe that any of the troubles lie in the artist but in the realization of who he is. Some have not grasped that concept so therefore a tour sits and waits and causes concerns. From this David must be gaining the experiences with being patient. From this we are in the same position to learn.

    A very long time ago, we were looking for the pieces of the puzzle that would tell us everything about David as an artist. I am certain that some pieces have been misplaced at least for now.

    Perhaps we will need to drop our concerns about a tour, as it must be so frustrating to David as he tries to please his fans and stay in that good place. No one needs to try as if it is laborous, to think how he can gain new fans. On SLC neraly 1/2 million more people tried to get to the Christmas concerts. The fans are there, plans need to be made as they are for every artist and without concern. Drawing attention to a tour dilemma is sad for David and I know I just added to the comments.

    Each day with David’s music is priceless.



  6. SandyBeaches said

    Please excuse my iPhone spelling mistakes!!


  7. River said

    I’d like to see David out with Jordin Sparks. They have great rapport, probably attract many of the same folks and the potential for a duet like No Air again is giving me palpatations. I like smaller venues and I’ll risk the mosh as long as I’m with DJB who always makes it to the front. Just…. can’t….. wait….


  8. MT said

    BeBe, a very thought provoking article for sure. And that pic!! Wow! Wouldn’t that make a great Tour Poster!! I can easily see THAT hanging on the wall in many teenagers’ rooms.

    As for who to tour with? Hmm … that’s the million dollar question. I’ve heard Bruno Mars’ name bandied about. I think I’d like that.

    Mosh, or not to Mosh. Mosh pits are a bit risky, but how about a venue that is set up with seating, but a mosh area down front as well. The teens would enjoy the concert so much more and it seems like David feeds off the energy in a crown like that. The young ones up front screaming, jumping, and reaching out to him give him a jolt that allows us to see that “high-energy” performance.


  9. MT said

    *crowd* like that … haha,typo
    need to proof read better


  10. emmegirl said

    JB had instant cred with Usher, not to mention financial backing. He won the lottery. Hope he appreciates it.

    Album sales and tour concerns aren’t exclusive to DA. They’re industry wide, and many tours have been cancelled or down-sized the last few years. Before illegal downloading you didn’t have to be a mega star to have significant financial success, and album sales easily supported touring. Now I would imagine they feel pretty fortunate if album sales cover the costs of album production. The filling of tour venues has become even more critical.

    I personally would hope for David to get exposure opening for a big headliner. Live performances in front of thousands – let them experience the voice and what a truly dynamic and gifted performer he is. I think he would gain thousands of new fans – and if that doesn’t make them a fan, they are never going to be.

    I often wonder if it is tough finding acts willing to let him open. Can you imagine following him every night?

    Speaking of Jordin, has she ever headlined a tour? I remember reading that she has pretty much always been an opener with the exception of a handful of smaller solo concerts here and there. David has headlined several sell out tours already, I think that speaks volumes for him.

    I don’t care how he does it or with whom or where, so long as he tours. He loves it, we love it, he needs it, we need it!


  11. SandyBeaches said

    David headlined his first solo tour and CFTH…they were both outstanding tours.

    It is a matter of who would open for him not vice versa…unless the stage is shared equally by someone phenominal.



  12. collegemom said

    Even though I like Jordin, I don’t think that would be a good tour idea. Jordin had a hard time pulling in people to her shows last year. I agree that opening for a big headliner so that many people get to hear David would be great and then some solo shows in smaller venues.


  13. bebereader said

    Thanks all, for your comments.
    I’d also like to thank Djafan and Angelica for the collages.
    Since David’s tour is still in the planning stages, the link to this article including comments has been tweeted to David, Melinda and Kari. 😉

    FG#3 The pics up top are from the Wichita show

    Falling Stars – Wichita

    Something ‘Bout Love


    credit Clear Channel

    MT#8 I like your idea of having moshing and seating as it satisfies the entire fanbase plus David.

    Emmegirl#10 What you said just about sums it up for me: “I don’t care how he does it or with whom or where, so long as he tours. He loves it, we love it, he needs it, we need it!”


  14. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  15. Abrra said

    This is a topic on everyone’s mind for sure. It occurred to me that if Kari is asking fans where they live, he must be planning a headlining, solo tour. If they were looking to hook up with a more established artist for David to open for, he would have to go with the flow as far as cities visited.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I think he will have his own show and the southern US, Northwestern US, and Canada will be included this time. He has already said he is going back to Asia, so that’s exciting for those fans as well!



  16. silverfox said

    Bebe, very good questions you brought up!

    I think they’ve (WEG/Jive)been seriously working on a tour for a while now and they already know where he will probably or should go. I’m not sure how much influence “tweeting” Kari will have on the final decision for the venues though. But I don’t think the problem is where or when he should tour. I think the main concern is MONEY. David basically took a year off from touring in 2010. A mistake IMO, coming off his very successful CFTH Tour. At least I’m assuming it was (financially) successful. So now David is having, in a sense, to start over again almost like 2009 never happened. Some of the fans he gained on the Summer Tour with Demi & his CFTH tour who were anxious to see him in concert again may have wondered where he was & what he was doing and since he had virtually no radio play in 2010, fickle concert goers “forgot” about him. That’s just the way it is with “POP” singers who do not get radio play or tour at least once a year. NOT so for Adult Contemporary singers, which is what I consider David to be more than “POP”, even if he & WEG don’t. And since it looks like David’s music is not & will not be heard on mass market main stream pop radio, my wish is that WEG begins marketing David to AC listeners & leave the pop stuff to JB. For starters, I think he should do the same kind of venues he did on his CFTH tour. I think he should go to Canada, the UK & parts of Europe & Japan. And IF necessary, he should co-headline with one or two other acts. Not teeny-bopper artists but someone he respects & who respects him back. I would love it if he toured with an artist his fans would be happy to see perform, not like Demi or some of the openers he had on his solo tour. But why does he have to share billing with another artist? His “openers” for his solo tour…who remembers who they were? The opener for his CFTH was his good friend, but who cared? Everyone was there to see David. Openers are supposed to “warm up” & get the audience hyped up for the main act, but in David’s case, his audiences are hyped up for weeks before the concert! Openers are not needed for David, IMO.

    On the other hand, if David “opens” for a well known artist…I think it depends on the “Artist”. It would have to be someone who is confident & sure of their own talent enough to want David to shine & would be willing to “promote” David. An artist who wouldn’t be afraid to share billing with David who just may out-perform him/her in every way. An artist who would realize having David “open” would insure a successful tour & would give David the Kudos he deserves. Which established artist out there fits the profile? Not many, I would think.

    I consider David to be an “AC All Genres” singer. Most singers can sing many genres, but only their own genre or style well. David can sing anything & everything so well that he’s accused of “taking” & “owning” the songs he covers. David may never be played on the radio, but many very successful artists aren’t played either. Their success comes from TOURING, or an occasional TV appearance. I don’t listen to pop radio anymore since I know I won’t hear David. When I must listen to the radio, which is not very often, I tune in to AC or R&B…& guess what? Many of David’s favorite performers he has suggested & introduced to us ARE NEVER PLAYED ON THE RADIO either. So David may be destined to be hugely successful worldwide by touring worldwide & selling himself & his music in that way. And there’s the INTERNET too. David has a very good start with a very loyal fan base many of whom have been with him since we were ” Waiting For The World To Change”, then found a little piece of “Heaven” and just when we couldn’t “Imagine” that he could raise the bar any higher, he did over & over! We aren’t going anywhere. And his loyal teen fans who love the “pop” side of David will love whatever he does & will grow with him. David’s fans are not typical fans. We don’t love David just for his music or his voice. We love, really LOVE the essence of David, the boy he was, the young man he is, and the MAN he will become.

    I know I went all over the place here…but what I was trying to say is we miss David. We will be there whenever & wherever. I think David is bored & unhappy. I can feel it. He needs to sing for his fans as sure as he needs the food he loves & the air he breathes.

    I’m done. Whew! 😀


  17. Emily said

    David should DEFINITELY come to Michigan 😉
    We totally love him here. And he loves us. hahaha. well ok…
    But really, if David doesn’t come to Michigan, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Lol.


  18. emmegirl said

    SF, you rocked that post, every word! And this, “He needs to sing for his fans as sure as he needs the food he loves & the air he breathes.”

    Abrra, I was thinking that too! Hoo yea!

    And those pics! Loved his look that night..hip yet classy and gooor-geous!


  19. djafan said

    I’m sure the powers that be are working on all the logistics for a tour and it can’t be easy, yes jb is appearing everywhere, seems his lucky stars have lined up to give him this midas touch, but he had usher backing from the beginning, lots of $$$$$ from the get go and doing whatever they ask of him, David didn’t and won’t sell his soul for money or fame. So what do we do? Speculate, watch videos, blog, support him in every way we can and be patient.

    David does have a core fanbase that isn’t going anywhere, we will go to his concerts, solo, opener, co-headliner, makes no difference. I would like him to open for someone ala Justin Timberlake and sprinkle in a few solos along the way. I would also like him go overseas first, the radio plays him there, the fan support is rabid. That’s all 🙂

    tweets! Interesting comment about corporate, jive sending these out? I like this, play him where we shop. Everyone I speak to doesn’t listen to radio and have no idea about David since idol or were never AI fans. This is one way to get him out there.

    omg “who I am” by @DavidArchie is on in bath and body works!!!!!!!!!! What even?????
    12 minutes ago via Echofon


    Okay talked to the lady at bath and body works she said it’s a cd that was sent them from corporate… Hmm!!!


  20. emmegirl said

    dja, seems people are hearing him this way alot lately.

    He don’t need know stinkin’ radio!


  21. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you SF…djafan…emmegirl…

    Thank you for telling us all about David as we know him, as he is loved, as he really is.

    Thank you djafan for the fun news and emmegirl, he don’t need no stinkin radio.!!!

    (((Cheers & Hugs)))



  22. SandyBeaches said

    Oh and Abrra #15, some really good thoughts! SnowAngelz, he just might be here!



  23. Suzy-Q said

    Silverfox, you have great insight into David and his career. I thought that your comments made a lot of sense. What ever he does he better come to Georgia or else……..I’ll cry.


  24. Abrra said

    Stop in and say Hi ? 😉



  25. bebereader said

    Just about to go to chat but wanted to stop by to see how we’re doing. 😀 Glad this article brought us into a discussion which is what I intended. Like you, I’m just one of David’s fans who is aching to see him. We have The Voice site to blog about the upcoming tour and to share our feelings while the tour is being planned. Hopefully someone influential will read our words, hear our concerns and, if possible, act on our behalf.

    If money is a concern as SF said, then it would seem logical for David to open for an established act so that his music is exposed to a mass audience. I saw Bon Jovi three years ago when Daughtry was their opener. As openers, their setlist was huge and they came back out later for a duet with Bon Jovi. I went to two shows on the tour and Daughtry’s cd sold like hotcakes at the merch table. As much as I want David to tour solo, I realize that the audience would primarily be us, his fans. Realistically, how many copies of TOSOD could be sold at those shows to fans who already have it?

    Djafan mentioned Justin Timberlake. Sounds great! He’s an established act who has been around for a while but still appeals to a young crowd. And I believe he was or still is managed by WEG. Hmmm…


  26. bebereader said

    Emmegirl: I sent you an email. Did you get it?


  27. Lynnella said

    Silver Fox,

    I agreed with everything you said. At times, I felt like you read my mind. I also think touring with an established artist is the way to go. I would like to see him tour with someone like Rascal Flats. Even though David isn’t Country per se, he can cross all barriers and sing anything. He could throw in a few country covers, as well as singing his own songs. I know those country fans would love him. He sings with so much emotion, and that’s what country feeds on. He would be exposed to a whole new audience. Or even his friend Joy Williams and her new partner John Paul White aka The Civil Wars, would make good touring partners for him. I know they’re just getting started, but they got a lot of exposure on Leno’s last week, and I’m sure they’ve already got a lot of fans. I just hope he comes close enough to Louisville that I can drive it in one day.

    SF, you said: David’s fans are not typical fans. We don’t love David just for his music or his voice. We love, really LOVE the essence of David, the boy he was, the young man he is, and the MAN he will become.

    You are so right. I love him for all of those reasons, too.


  28. djafan said

    David tweets!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  29. djafan said

    This from Idol Chatter, the writing is on the wall, everyone recognizes David is not getting his due, but he will.

    Ruben Studdard, David Archuleta on TV Sunday
    Posted by Mark Franklin on Jan 16, 2011

    Check out NBC on Sunday at 4 p.m. and you’re likely to see a couple of famliar faces.

    Season two Idol Ruben Studdard and season seven runnerup David Archuleta will be musical guests on Skate for the Heart.

    This is the third annual Skate for the Heart, mixing stars of skating and music with a message about living a heart-healthy lifesytle.

    The show runs form 4 to 6 p.m., and Ruben will be performing two songs, according to his website.

    Thanks to David’s website and the fact that the show was pre-taped, we know he’ll be singing “My Kind of Perfect,” one of the best tracks off his new album.

    David Archuleta will perform on Skate for the Heart Sunday on NBC. (AP Photo)David’s still looking for a hit single to jumpstart interest in “The Other Side of Down,” which disappeared from the Billboard 200 in the blink of an eye despite being, in my mind, better than his first post-Idol album.

    But he’s been getting decent exposure lately, also appearing on FOX’s New Year’s Eve special and performing in front of thousands last month at the Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade in Dallas.

    Ruben released “Love Is,” a collection of love songs, about two years ago and spent part of 2010 touring with Clay Aiken.

    He’s now working on a new album. Last week, he was tweeting about spedning all week in the studio and asking Twitter followers for suggestions of songs he could cover on his upcoming CD.

    As for Skate for the Heart, the show will be hosted by Peggy Fleming, whose dad died of a heart attack one week before the won the Olympic gold medal in 1968. Her sister also recently died of heart disease.

    Other skaters on hand will include Johnny Weir, Sasha Cohen, Jeremy Abbott, Rachael Flatt and bronze medalist Joannie Rochette, who was forced to perform in the 2010 Olympics just after her mother died of a heart attack.

    Now, a teaser for the show, courtesy of — video of his “My Kind of Perfect” performance. David sounds great.


  30. emmegirl said

    Hope to read more thoughts on tour. Think it is a great idea for management to have a bit of an idea about what we are thinking.

    Note to David – Please read. Here is a short wish list for tour, any combination of these will be fine…I am easy to pleasy. 🙂

    – a snazzy shirt or jacket, ie pic #15, occassionally thrown in amongst the hoodies
    – the velcro removed from your mic and upper lip
    – a Spanish love song
    – some real gettin’-jiggy wit-it dancin’ (will settle for one measly song)
    – the jeans from last summer’s tour
    – a cover of a power ballad, where you can be a big fat show off
    – a cover of anything r&b, jazzy, where you can totally get your groove-thing going
    – a cover of Misty (getting misty just thinking about it)

    Thank you very much.


  31. jana said

    I like the idea of starting out in Asia due to weather concerns. I would like to see him revisit the U.K. They loved him there. and the exposure would be great. I also would love for him to come to Portland and Seattle. Lots of smaller venues in both cities and people really want to hear him in the Pacific NW, remember he was canceled in Portland during the Demi tour and has never done a solo concert here. The east coast and the mid-west will likely happen:) Happy concert going, everyone!


  32. djafan said

    Being Latino’s Blog

    3 2 Watch in ’11

    by AJ Rodriguez

    This week’s blog was supposed to be about plastic surgery and people’s refusal to grow older gracefully. But I will save that for another time, when my face heals from the two botox shots I got.

    I decided instead to write about three Latin-American singers who, in my opinion, have a lot going on and will get better with time.

    David Archuleta
    David is a Honduran-American singer-songwriter who was featured on American Idol. He lost first place, but we’re pleased to know that coming in second doesn’t always mean you’re not a winner.

    David has so far released three albums and is currently touring in support of his newest set, The Other Side of Down.

    His boyish good looks and his mature vocals make him a standout amongst the other teen singers hailing from the American Idol scene. Although his albums haven’t reached the high hopes one expects from someone who is backed by American Idol, it doesn’t mean they are not great sets. Hopefully, David will find his niche and producers who can really make him a bona fide recording artist.


  33. bebereader said

    We had a really fun and productive night in chat tonight! Thank you all for coming!

    Lynella, You brought up great points about David reaching the Country audience. His songs, “Complain” and “TAGGB” and his cover of “Bless The Open Road” would go over so well!

    Emmegirl, Melikes your wish list for tour!

    Jana, The UK, Portland and Seattle are great suggestions!


  34. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  35. wowArchie said

    Emmegirl, my TOSOD buddy,

    Same as Bebereader, I like your concert wishing list too.
    I don’t mind seeing David in tight tight shirt & tight tight pants singing w/ tiny mic.

    Almost everyday I hear “Falling Stars” on Singapore Radios. I’m happy. It gives me hope that David might be coming back here for a real concert!
    Taylor Swift is coming to Singapore in Feb and the tickets were sold out already. I believe David’s will be a sold-out show too! Yes, it will.


  36. SandyBeaches said

    Happy Birthday Emifriend, have a wonderful day!

    My short note for the day as I listen to him performing in front of 21,000 of the over 84,000 people just weeks ago…

    Does anyone ever think that perhaps people are looking for David in some of the wrong places?

    Like many others I have found him in just the right places, bringing in both of his much loved worlds of music. The night skies sre ringing!



  37. silverfox said

    Happy Sunday!

    It’s a very quiet Sunday in David’s Fandom. Perhaps it’s because everyone is getting ready to see David on TV today which makes today a very fine day! It doesn’t matter that it’s pre-recorded from a while ago. It’s exposure TODAY and that’s all that matters. 😀

    I thought I’d share a habit of mine that I do every single day. I check David’s horoscope in my daily newspaper. Every single day! I don’t know why since I don’t check the horoscopes of member’s of my own family. And I know this is weird, but more often than not, it’s so on target with what’s going on with David. Like today, this is is what his horoscope said..

    “The pacing of those around you may be cramping your style. You don’t want to creep along when you know you could sprint.”

    I know there are hundreds of different horoscopes in hundreds of publications, but I only read them in my newspaper and even if you don’t believe in them, THIS one today is so telling. IMO.


  38. Heidijoy said

    Happy Birthday Emifriend!!
    I’s like to see a round of TV performances! Today show,the View, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel,etc etc.
    I would like to see David perform with artists he like such as Fine Frenzy,The Civil Wars, Lady Antebellum.
    I also like promoting songs to Country as those audiences seem to support their Artists and Country radio plays Idol artist’s music.
    Some of his songs could be on Christian stations too!
    I would love to see him on tour whenever he is ready. I want him to come to Iowa-Illinois and think he owes Minnesota one. The only concert cancelled last year that I was scheduled to see CFTH.
    Thank God I was fortunate to see/hear him @ MOTAB and like SB I’m still savoring that and will for the rest of my life.
    I believe David is happy and will enjoy the lessons and time that he has now.(even though he and we are itching for him to get out on tour when he and the stars align)


  39. Heidijoy said

    OOps I would vs I’s (don”t know where that came from)


  40. SandyBeaches said

    Heidijoy…’I’s’ is pretty cute though especially when I know that you never talk like that! I love all of your suggestions for appearances and yes, the Country Artists fully support each other, maybe he can add just a little twang to a song or two…You know David well..

    His tv appearance is set to record, all of my children have been notified so that they can record it as well! They just might oblige their mother to keep her happy!

    David’s horoscope fits the times.



  41. bebereader said

    Click here to livestream “Skate For The Heart”!

    Edit: That link isn’t too cooperative for me. Hope it’s working better for you!

    Emmegirl: See comment #26 please.

    SF#37 Interesting horoscope!

    Heidijoy: Great suggestions you have! I’m also one who is waiting for David to do more public TV appearances! In addition, I’d like to see him on this season’s AI, singing a song or two from TOSOD.

    SB: Watching SFTH right now, waiting to spazz!


  42. bebereader said

    credit pabuckie


  43. emifriend said

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes! What a great birthday present this show is for me. I loved how the skater went on stage to hug David after their gorgeous “duet” The whole thing gave me chills it was so dear… Love you all and am glad to have you in my life this year! Emifriend.


  44. sweetonDA said

    Just saw David singing MKOP on TV. *squeeing* Called all my family and friends to have them tune in. He’s just so precious isn’t he.

    Happy Birthday Emmegirl. Hope your day brings you much fun and happiness.

    Happy Sunday everyone.


  45. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe… I am spazzing…MZOP was fantastic. Amazing how much more impressive on tv. That was the highlight of the show so far, both of them. He was so handsome, makes one so proud!



  46. SandyBeaches said

    Emifriend… You did get a great present seeing David on television with MKOP especially.



  47. SandyBeaches said

    What does he sing next? I can’t remember!!



  48. SandyBeaches said

    Got it…Crush!!



  49. sweetonDA said



  50. MT said

    emifriend: Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

    And I just saw David’s performances on TV!!! He was sooo good!!! Sorry for the exclamation points, but I’m so excited that he looked and sang so beautifully! MKOP was just beautiful, and I think this SBL was one of his best renditions.

    It was so good to see him on my TV.
    Bravo, David!

    SB he was definitely the highlight of the show.


  51. emifriend said

    Did you all see the sparkle in David’s eyes? love that! and his big David satisfied smile at the end of MKOP… beautiful…. I am glad to see him so happy there.


  52. Abrra said

    Skate for the Heart Soul Man




  53. bebereader said

    Love that Soul Man!
    Emifriend, SB, MT…Spazzing along with you! So good to see him on my TV in my living room! Been so long!

    Here’s “Something ‘Bout Love”!

    credit pabuckie


  54. betsy said

    David looked and sounded so amazing. I LOVED seeing him on my tv!
    My husband had the audacity to ask if David was lip synching. He almost lost a limb for that comment. 🙂
    It says something for his perfection.
    Emifriend – yes, I noticed the sparkle. And the smile. It made me smile right back. 🙂 It’s still there. 🙂


  55. MT said

    Emifriend, SB, BeBe, Still spazzing. haha He was so good. And yes, his eyes were sparkling. 🙂

    Betsy, his smile!! Did anyone else notice the smile change when Joannie came out? It made it look like he was singing to/about here. It gave it a little extra something right then. They really worked well together. He sang so beautifully and she was so graceful.


  56. Lynnella said

    #33, Bebereader,

    In response to your response, I also think a group would be better than a male solo artist to tour with. That way, since they would be so different, there would be no feeling of competition from either. We know, there is no male solo artist out there who can favorably compare to David. I could see him, however opening for someone like Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson. There wouldn’t be a real competition there either, and it could make for some interesting duets. But, I wouldn’t want to see him with the “teen princesses” either. There are so few people out there who can measure up to him, that finding a tour partner could be difficult.

    As for the tight shirt/pants thing, I wouldn’t want him to think the only way he can garner more fans is to dress sexier. I like his motto once used to answer about how a girl should dress: Modest is hotest. I wouldn’t want him to go the baggy pants rapper route, but just clothes that fit well.


  57. MT said

    make that to/about “her”, darn typos LOL


  58. loulou said

    I just seen David on TV,He is the best singer out there for sure!I am really disapointed in my State of Utah.The Radio Stations have no idea what a good Singer is.For David touring i think he will do fine by his self!I hope it is soon.


  59. Fe said

    I’m new here, but I am very familiar with many of you from other David websites and from 2008 at rickey’s site. SF….I swear you just said everything I have been feeling and sensing. I am getting bored waiting for tour news so I can only imagine how David must feel. And you said it so well “David’s fans are not typical fans. We don’t love David just for his music or his voice. We love, really LOVE the essence of David, the boy he was, the young man he is, and the MAN he will become. ” Well said, well done, and BRAVO!


  60. Tawna21 said

    What a lot of good comments and thoughts have been created from your post Bebe.:)
    Thanks for making us think and dream and continue to wonder. It just isn’t happening quickly enough for us.

    loulou #58–I’m right there with you concerning the radio stations here is Utah. The ones that I listen to will occasionally play Crush, but nothing from TOSOD. I don’t understand it at all, because he did some pretty heavy promos here in Utah last summer/fall. You’d think that would count for something. *sigh*



  61. Angelica said





  62. Jo said

    Yes, I agree Asian tour first, because of the weather concern. There is no snow in Asia, except Japan and Korea. So this Jan – April, asia weather is so good for a concert.


  63. 55.MT “He was so good. And yes, his eyes were sparkling.”

    Yes they were MT ,and so beautiful
    I noticed also, his smile, when Joannie skated out…it was perfect.(I also think she had choregraphed a beautiful routine to Davids song. She is a beautiful skater.
    There is just nothing better than seeing David ‘s gorgeous face filling up the tv screen!Love those closeups. Cameramen always zoom in on his face.They can’t seem to get close enough.DUH!

    Always reminds me of Davids performance of Love Me Tender,on Idol,when I kept thinking wow if they get any closer we will only be able to see only Davids lips on the screen and nothing else….ok..I need a moment…(before I comment further, need to go review that video again)


  64. sweetonDA said

    Oops, I see I made a mistake and wished a Happy Birthday to Emmegirl instead of Emifriend. Well, we’ll just have to chalk that one up to being mesmerized and hypnotized by one spicy little nacho on Skate from the Heart. 🙂 Or it could be the kidney stones I’m dealing with right now. Love coming here and reading the comments, it helps to relieve some of the pain. David is my drug of choice!


  65. djafan said

    Watched Skate For The Heart and I must say that David was fabulous! Twitter was a tweeting. Hoping for more exposure!

    Happy Birthday Emi!!!!!!!

    Hello Lynnella and Fe!


    “Yes, I agree Asian tour first, because of the weather concern. There is no snow in Asia, except Japan and Korea. So this Jan – April, asia weather is so good for a concert.”

    I’m in total agreement!


  66. Angelica said


    I read a review once of that Love Me Tender performance on AI that said David, “made love to the camera.” Yes he did. The camera sure does love him back too! I was at Skate for the Heart, (see my 4 part recap of Cleveland) I had a good view from my seat but the close ups of the TV performance are even better. To get that close I would have had to been on stage and 3 inches from his face which would have been awkward not to mention the embarrassment of having security haul me out of there. Ahaha! But yeah, the camera sure does love it some David Archuleta.

    Photobucket Jo!

    Want to say thanks to Bebe for this thought-provoking article and all the comments that have followed. Getting up a tour in these times when the economy is not good can not be an easy endeavor. He may do small venues as a solo tour here in the states as his management is asking where his fans live. If he were going to open for someone else, that would already be decided by the other artist.


  67. bebereader said

    Got everyone thinking! Thinking is good! 😀

    Betsy, David is so good that he makes people think he’s lip syncing! That’s quite a compliment!

    MT, I noticed the smile and the acknowledgment when Joannie came out. It was a team effort for sure and they work so well together.

    Lynella, Welcome to The Voice and thanks for your comment. I can’t think of another male artist out there either who compares to David. Interesting you mentioned Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. I was wondering if fans would like the idea of a tour of about five or six past idols chosen randomly and put together for one show. They wouldn’t all be from the same season and don’t have to be winners or runners up but instead taken from a combination of all the seasons, finishing in any place. For example, David, Carrie, Danny Gokey, Rueben, Brooke and Katherine McPhee. I’d jump at the chance!

    Fe, Welcome to The Voice! I’m trying so hard to be patient in waiting for tour news.

    Tawna “It just isn’t happening quickly enough for us.” I hear you. 🙂

    Jo, Welcome to The Voice! Are you in Asia? If so, hoping Davids tours there. You guys are awesome!

    Sky, “Cameramen always zoom in on his face.They can’t seem to get close enough.DUH!” Aren’t we lucky!!

    SweetonDA, I hope you aren’t in too much pain!


  68. MT said

    63 sky: “There is just nothing better than seeing David ‘s gorgeous face filling up the tv screen!” <– mmmm hhhmmm Couldn't agree more! Isn't he just beautiful?

    66 Angelica: "I read a review once of that Love Me Tender performance on AI that said David, “made love to the camera.” Yes he did." <– It still amazes me that he can convey this without ever having been in love. He really is a master at interpretation.

    BeBe: I've been meaning to say this but David keeps sidetracking me. haha
    LOVE those tags on the article! 🙂


  69. MT said

    SweetonDA, Kidney stones, OUCH! I understand that’s very painful. I hope you feel better soon.


  70. wowArchie said

    As I was reading all the tour discussions and watching this show “Hawaii-Five-O”, suddenly the police officer shouted out loud from the TV screen:” It’s not what you want! It’s what I need!!” For a sec, I thought it’s David talking to me. WHewww. Cold sweat!

    Ok David,(if you are reading this):

    whatever you decide to do, as long as you stay in this crazy pop music business, I’ll just blindly follow and support you. No question asked, no complain either. But, if you want to go back to college and spend 10 years to become a medical doctor, I also have nothing to say but wish you all the best. It’s all good. Both ways cure people– physically or mentally.


  71. Angelica said

    SweetonDA, Good luck with the kidney stones! Hope you feel better soon.

    Sometimes I think I’m too invested in him and maybe it’s not a good thing and then he tweets this way,

    “”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

    and I remember why I’m still here after all this time.

    Anyway, I had the strangest dream this past weekend. I had no idea it was nearing MLK’s birthday at the time I dreamed it. It seemed like I was in a large city in the south, New Orleans maybe, and I was there to attend a David concert the next day. I spent a lot of that day shopping and eating and learning my way around. The next day I and another fan headed to where the concert was being held. It was outdoors, like on a grand couthouse steps with tiers of seats below and to the side. I was dismayed to see so many people there that the edge of the crowd went back for blocks. There was no way to even get a glimpse of him that far away. Somehow we made our way to the stage area and found a great seat to the side of the stage. There was a section for black VIPs roped off for the good seats in the front and the first dozen rows I was told were reserved for the black youth who would be attending the concert. I was told the concert was in honor of Martin Luther King. This dream was days ago when I didn’t know about his immenent birthday this week. I remember thinking, oh good, maybe he’ll do some soulful, R&B stuff which would work for me and maybe some gospel too. Like I said, we had managed to get choice seats right next to the stage and a little elevated so we had a great view of everything. I was so excited! Then I woke up. The end. But I woke up thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Soul Man from Utah returned and was embraced by the black community and youth. The thing is, he fits with soul, he fits with country, he fits with pop, he fits with classical, he fits with gospel, he fits with latin music, he fits with adult contemporary….he fits with everything and yet it is this very versatility that makes it so hard to fit him into anyone’s box. How do you market what can not be contained?


  72. wowArchie said

    Hi Angelica, so true:

    “The thing is, he fits with soul, he fits with country, he fits with pop, he fits with classical, he fits with gospel, he fits with latin music, he fits with adult contemporary….he fits with everything and yet it is this very versatility that makes it so hard to fit him into anyone’s box. How do you market what can not be contained?”

    I love your love for David!


  73. emifriend said

    How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?


  74. bebereader said

    Emifriend!! You took the words right out of my mouth! haha I was typing those very words!! I’ve always loved that line from “The Sound of Music”‘s, “Maria”, so much that I used it as a title for an article here on The Voice about a year ago.:)

    Angelica, He fits with every genre and because of that he can’t be classified. Seems like the industry he’s in considers it a negative to be so talented!

    MT I can’t take credit for the tags but I think they’re so neat! Not sure if they are site generated or if Angelica chooses them.


  75. bebereader said

    Found on Twitter…
    “American Idol The Untold Story” by Richard Rushfield

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    From Publishers Weekly
    Rushfield begins with an overview of producer Simon Fuller, whose 2001 U.K. launch of Pop Idol came to the States as American Idol on the Fox network. The show combined several key factors: viewer voting, the “audition from hell” process, and a panel of judges that included the abrasive “dasher of dreams,” Simon Cowell, who received much press coverage as “Mr. Nasty.” For the American version, Fox insisted on the affable Randy Jackson as a “counterweight” to the caustic Cowell. Amid unknowns, Paula Abdul began as “the show’s real star,” generating a “love/hate chemistry” with Cowell. Within months, 26 million viewers were tuning in. Going season by season, Rushfield covers top finalists and winners, backstage intrigues, record deals, media coverage, fan fiction, and Web sites, lawsuits, and contractual conflicts, as well as Abdul’s antics and departure. Rushfield explores the lives of the finalists after the Idol tours, making for a poignant closing chapter. A former Los Angeles Times columnist, Rushfield spent three years covering the show, and his many interviews with the show’s cast and crew provide a genuine “insider” flavor. Diehard fans will appreciate both the deep background material and the behind-the-scenes gossip. (Feb.)
    (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

    That’s one book I’d like to get My Hands on!


  76. WHOA! Emifriend, and Bebe! ok, I have to say here,this is really weird.
    When I was driving home from the concert/weekend in Dallas in December, I just couldn’t play Davids music,but I eventually turned on my radio, and started pushing buttons for anything else to listen to…eventually hearing, and stopping at yep,”Maria” I sang along, and listened. When the end came, “how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?”…I found myself thinking,oohhh David, why does every song I hear make me think of you! (Bebe, I almost used that in my recap!)


  77. Gayle122890 said

    #30 Emmegirl: LOL! I’ve been wanting to ask about that! I always wondered if there was a reason for David to keep the mic stuck to his upper lip like that. I think it gets in the way of what could have made for some gorgeous photos from certain angles. 🙂

    I watched the program on Sunday. Didn’t it seem like at the end when they did the Soul Man and the high 5’s that they kept the camera on David most of the time? I loved it! Hoping to see more of him on TV!


  78. pattiNC said

    David was so good yesterady..unlike my Patriots! Seems to have been a jump in his numbers too…….and I’m bummed..Peace.Love.David blog has been taken Julee taking a break?? anyone know?


  79. djafan said

    What a little TV appearance can do. We need more!!!!!

    On Monday 17th January 2011, @_annie2 said:

    Some sales numbers on Amazon and iTunes following Skate for the Heart:

    TOSOD: Amazon: 534 (9:30 pm EST); 1942 (4:00 pm)
    TOSOD (reg edition): iTunes 185 (9:30 pm, pop); 283 (4:00 pm, pop)
    TOSOD (deluxe edition): iTunes 365 (9:30 pm pop); 951 (4:00 pm, pop)
    SBL: iTunes 634 (9:30 pm, pop); outside top 1000 (4:00 pm, pop)
    David Archuleta (Deluxe): iTunes 559 (7:30 pm, pop); 740 (4:00 pm, pop)

    Falling Stars! Keep requesting it and the others!


    KOSI playing FS that I and others requested! Yayyy!
    less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android


  80. silverfox said


    momJulee explained why she closed her blog “Peace.Love.David” via twitter…

    “Those of you interested & asking:I did delete my blog.It is a personal-growth choice & not a big deal. Thanks for all your love & support!”
    5 hours ago



  81. Angelica said

    I’m very sorry to hear of momjulee closing Peace.Love.David. It was a lovely, heartfelt site. I met her briefly in SLC at the luncheon at Thaifoons and she was such a sweet lady. I wish her much success and happiness in her personal growth and whatever the future brings. Her blog will be missed by many.


  82. bebereader said

    Sky#76, You could have put it in your recap; it’s so true!

    Gayle#77, I’ve seen other artists do the ‘velcro’ thing with the mic. Maybe the closer to their mouth, the better the sound?

    David needs more TV appearances. We saw how his performances on Skate for The Heart influenced the sales of TOSOD and SBL. Please keep requesting and streaming.

    1) Stream “Falling Stars” on All Access:

    2) Vote for David’s songs on Sirius Satellite Radio:
    They’re not listed. At the bottom, add David’s name and the song(s) you want to vote for.

    3) Vote here for David’s “Waiting On The World To Change” as your favorite all-time AI audition:

    4) Request David’s music on your local stations.
    Find your state, then the mediabase link. If you don’t see David’s songs listed, fill them in at the bottom. Be sure to include your name and confirmation code.


  83. dakgal said

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    Sometimes that’s how I feel after reading some posts on different sites, about what David should or shouldn’t do for a tour. With whomever or not with whomever, open for someone or go solo— and I let my panic mode take over. Frankly , there hasn’t been anyone mentioned yet to tour with that turns my crank!

    Somehow in my mind Sandybeaches advice to Abrra sums it up for me.

    “Abrra…The one thing to remember about flying is that you are not the only one who wants to make it to the destination, as the pilots want to make it just as badly, therefore I put my trust in that.”

    So I put my trust in the Archulater ( our pilot), who IMO is a very intelligent young man. He has learned so many things with each slap in the face that comes his way. More,I think than those around him that are more experienced. He is one patient person, as I intend to be, until the right thing comes along.


  84. emmegirl said

    dja, been requesting at KOSI too! Played FS over the lunch hour, woo!


  85. bebereader said

    Was just on youtube playing random videos and saw this comment:

    “I started to melt when he played A Thousand Miles….gosh my requirements for a boyfriend is getting tougher and tougher because of archie.”

    1 month ago 4

    David, raising the bar!


  86. djafan said

    Sorry to hear about momjulee. I also met her at the Thaifoon, very special lady. I will miss her writings. Wishing her the best.

    Dak, David is my pilot, I really enjoy your comments.

    Emmegirl, Glad to hear! I know sometimes it can get so frustrating, we request, we vote, we do do do, but in the end it is so worth it.

    I’ll make a confession, I was looking for the velcro. I get it now…lol


  87. FG said

    BEBE – thanks for the links to the Wichita vids. WOW!


  88. Jo said

    bebereader, thanks for welcoming me. Yes I’m from asia, Philippines, David been here twice, May 2009, and Nov. 2010. Hopefully He come back soon for a bigger concert, because we missed him so much. I also like other asian countries ( which David not been to) to experience David awesome personalities too. I believed He love to go to Indonesia and Thailand as he always mentioning it in his video.
    I personally want David to have solo concert than sharing limelight with other singers.


  89. news blog said

    news blog…

    […]Tour. News. Now. Please. ~ David Archuleta « The Voice[…]…


  90. Guy was attempting to act like he knew anything about those
    brands cuz he there telling me stussy and ten deep
    are the newest undergound clothes labels.


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