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Sense and Sensibility

Posted by paulafod on Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do I think with my mind or with my heart?

I would like to think of myself as a romantic: I love the pursuit of truth and honor.  I believe in love despite the mysteries that surround it.  I cheer for the little guy (including our David!).  I want the happy ending for everyone.  I believe that there are a million little things that make up a great day, and that I should be grateful for every one of them.  I’m a romantic, right?

But, do I think with my mind or with my heart?

I’m struggling with this….because as much as I would like to believe that I am a romantic, I may instead be an Elinor.  In the novel, Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austin wrote a beautiful account of two sisters, Elinor and Marianne.  Elinor listens to her head; Marianne listens to her heart.  Rationalism is the basis on which Elinor conducts her life; romanticism is the driving force in Marianne’s.

It is a beautiful story; I love Jane Austin’s work.  This quote has come to me often over the past couple of months; Marianne the romantic is speaking to Elinor the realist:

“Always resignation and acceptance.  Always prudence and honor and duty.  Elinor, where is your heart?”


In December, my mind and my heart were in conflict.  I wanted to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance in Salt Lake City, but I did not win tickets.  I tried again on the MoTab Facebook page, but still no tickets. I accepted the fact that I could not go, and truthfully, felt a little relieved since I was not sure how I could work out logistics and finances.  Two weeks prior to the event, a kind soul offered me one ticket to the Sunday performance.   Instead of staying in my chest, my heart took up residence in my throat.  Could I go?  Could I really go?  As a romantic, I could leap at the opportunity.  As a romantic, I could rejoice with so many others that would be there.  As a romantic, I could just be happy that I had the opportunity of a lifetime.

But Elinor was there, whispering in my ear.  The voice of realism reminded me of things that I knew were true.  I won’t go into details as to why I felt I should not go, but they had to do with budgets, money, and obligations…. resignation and acceptance, prudence and honor and duty.

Jane Austin knew that it is best to think with both your head and your heart instead of just one or the other.  In the end, each sister learned to be a little more like the other.

And, in the end, I want to live with the rationality of my head, and with the passion of my heart.  Although I cannot explain it, I ache to know those of you reading this.  I know that I am supposed to be here.   I am a full-fledged, card-carrying Archie and I want to be with others like me. I want to support David in person, instead of just in spirit.  In every aspect of my life, my heart must learn to speak with confidence and my mind must be willing to listen.  I want to be reasonable, yet do what does not seem reasonable.  I want my mind to give my heart permission to let go of some things and take hold of other things.  I want to allow myself some privileges while still giving to others.  Courage is needed to step out of the boundaries of my inner Elinor.  I want to be the best of Elinor and the best of Marianne.  I want sense and sensibility.

It’s the first month in a brand new year. In my first step out of my comfort zone this year, I am getting braces on my teeth.  I am not a teenager, or a young person, and it won’t be comfortable physically or financially, but it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time.  The next item on my “heart list” is to attend a nice, big, David Archuleta event this year…maybe even two.  Look for me…I’ll be the middle-aged lady with braces.

138 Responses to “Sense and Sensibility”

  1. wowArchie said

    You got me thinking:
    Follow your heart = taking risks = gambler = win big or …= lose big time
    Should I ? Or shouldnt I ?
    But when things are related to David Archuleta I have no problem making decisions. Just close my eyes and JUMP.

    Nice article. I like the title. And It happens to match the new leaked song title “senseless” too.


  2. FG said

    Paula, thanks for your honest and heartfelt words. I appreciate your self-talk. We have all been there. I respect your self-control. I have very little. LOL


  3. kaycee said

    Oh, Paula! How I love this post! My inner-Elinor and my inner-Marianne have been jostling for position my whole life!


  4. SandyBeaches said

    FG…make sure that you check out the last few comments on your article as I added a little something last night for you!

    As far as self-control FG, I had such a wonderful laugh when you arrived at the Hyatt hotel that it will go with me right along with all of the memories. Of course your partners in the dialogues played a big part in it all. Looking for more of the same sometime!

    Paula, that was a lovely post to come to this morning. I believe that every recap of the MoTab events is as unique and refreshing as the subject of our writings.



  5. PaulaFOD said

    Self control can be highly over-rated! My goal is to let go….be reasonable…but follow my heart. I will always have some regret that I did not go to MoTab and that I missed an amazing opportunity. I will always be happy for those that did go!


  6. bluebird19 (Pattie) said

    Oh, Paula, why didn’t you write this BEFORE MOTAB? I might absolutely have shooed Elinor away and let Marianne take over and then I would have been there in person. I love the way you wrote this. I, too, “want my mind to give my heart permission to let go of some things and take hold of other things. I want to allow myself some privileges while still giving to others. Courage is needed to step out of the boundaries of my inner Elinor. I want to be the best of Elinor and the best of Marianne. I want sense and sensibility.”

    And, I, too, “am a full-fledged, card-carrying Archie and I want to be with others like me.” So, I vow that you and I will actually meet at one of David’s concerts this year! We missed meeting in Nashville, so surely we will have another opportunity this year. I shall look for the middle-aged lady with braces (actually I know what you look like … lol). At least we won’t both be looking for someone wearing a red top and black pants in the midst of thousands of women in red tops and black pants … LOL. See you on TOUR (unless it’s in Asia, says sensible Elinor).


  7. FG said

    SB – I saw and commented over there. Thank you! Thank you! 🙂


  8. Kathyh said

    Wonderful piece, Paula! This article speaks to me, loud and clear. I, too, struggle as I try to listen to my rational side who is a devoted mom and wife and wants to make choices, most of the time, that benefit the family as a whole. But who is a more joyful person when she allows herself the indulgences of david’s concerts with friends (known and to be known) in his fan world. Here’s hoping that, this year, each of us finds ways to heed our Elinors when we must but also listen hard for opportunities to let Marianne rule.


  9. kaycee said

    Paula…I believe you are in good company with your Elinor/Marianne struggle. I see that very same struggle in David–the passion and abandon on stage vs. the more reserved and cautious personal side.


  10. MunkFOD said

    Paula! Oh I wish I could have had your phone number in December. The same thing happened to me! I wanted to go…didn’t have a ticket, was offered one, but you know……had to make the right choice, which was really hard. I thought my heart would break but I felt at peace too. I know that sounds crazy. But “I know I’m suppose to be here” too. and I love having “David” friends that can relate to my insanity! Thanks so much for sharing you thoughts and feelings! Hope I get to meet you someday! 😀


  11. djafan said

    Paula, I love what your wrote!

    That dang struggle. I thought since I didn’t get tickets it wasn’t meant to be, there was my answer. I had bought my tickets for Anaheim so I figured I should be content and was considering going to San Diego, but then I was offered two tickets by Angelica I threw caution to the wind, well used a little sense and didn’t go to San Diego.

    Brought this over from previous thread.

    SandyBeaches said
    Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 1:37 AM

    You sure can tell when we have weather disturbances everywhere. Along with stormy Nor’ Easters to grin and bare, we have the common drought that shows it’s first symptoms, the video reviews. The video reviews got us through last winter so maybe we can do it again. Maybe it will only be until March when we can catch a cell cast or two from Asia or a concert video and review. It won’t be a long a drought this time hopefully.

    FG….I have a little ticket story for you. You know that your ticket had to have a story attached, after all there were several thousands of people looking for one just like it!

    In the days of long ago, well not so long ago really, I was granted a few tickets that entered the trade and giveaway page of this site. So that we could go on Saturday night, I traded two Friday night tickets plus to make it all possible I gave two to a little girl of the church for Sunday.
    The good side of this was that I was able to meet Shawna, Heidijiy and FG!!!

    I left home for SLC with two extra tickets ear marked for no one in particular. I had no idea why I did not give them away but knew that there was some unforseen reason. Then, FG really put it out there in the universe loud and clear that she really needed a ticket! Thanks for ticket coordinator Marciami, one was waiting for FG when she arrived.

    I found out our own admin. Djafan did not have a much sought after ticket either for Sunday so thanks to SF she now had one. I had the pleasure of sitting between two fantastic fans, SF and Djafan with cb and Shawna in front of me. You should have seen them all during the standing O for the final concert!! Just imagine them as all being 20 something cheering from the sidelines at a football game or hockey game or something! Oh, of course I was proud of them. The whistles and bravos were outstanding! These cheers were common throughout the entire Conference Center as he was leaving the stage. As David was leaving the stage and no one wanted to see him go.


    SB, I thought you had the extra ticket, SF thank you, thank you for the Sunday ticket, though hubby when telling our SLC story about David, Motab, York and my online buddies…lol because he does talk about it to my surprise also talks about how the one extra day in Utah put us driving through some crazy weather but he says it was worth it and I agree.


  12. Lynnella said


    Wonderful explaination of “sense and sensibility”, and it’s just how I feel. I’m a very rational person, but deep down inside, I long to let the romantic out. I, also, registered for tickets, and felt relief when I didn’t get them. I’m not working right now, and looking for the right job, so I couldn’t rationalize spending money on something as “frivolous” as that. Not to mention the fit my son would throw if he found out. I face constant harassment from my best friend and my sister at the mention of David’s name. They think I’ve gone off the deep end. I can’t explain it to them, and don’t even think it can be explained, especially to those whose hearts haven’t been touched by this young man. Even if there was a rational explanation, they wouldn’t want to hear it. But, maybe this explains it a little for the rest of us. He touches the romantic in all of us. Not that we want to be romantically involved with him, but just that there’s a wonderful person out there, who makes us feel this way. He gives us hope that, even though the world looks very grim right now, there is still goodness and love, if we just look for it.

    A word of encouragement about the braces. I got braces when I was 40, and 2 months later went back to college. I fit right in with the younger women, some of them also had braces. You’ll be so glad you got them when your teeth look beautiful, and you’re receiving compliments on them.



  13. Marylee said

    Great read, Paula! I’m fearful there is no hope for seems that I’ve been left “senseless” since seeing him for the first time on Idol..but I’m still working on it! lol
    ~Good luck with the braces..something I’ve considered myself..keep me posted! 🙂


  14. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan…It was SF who told me that you did not have a Sunday ticket almost at the last moment and I had two spares that I could have given away many times as we saw! That one ticket and a huge snowstorm, that does make for a good story men style.

    All locked away in the memories now! More to come though!



  15. MT said

    PaulaFOD: Wow, I could have almost written that story, so closely does it mirror my own. I’m afraid I’m too much the “sensible” person. Had I pleaded, maybe I could have gotten a ticket, but I just couldn’t rationalize it. So, I stayed home, broken hearted, while waiting with baited breath to hear about the concert.

    But, like you, I’m hoping that this upcoming tour (fingers crossed here) will come close enough for me to finally see David live. If so, the sensible and the romantic can get together and I’ll get the chance to see and hear something tryly wonderful, David singing live.

    Here’s hoping for tour news soon!


  16. bebereader said


    I empathize with you! I didn’t make it to MoTab either, for similar reasons. In this case Elinor won because it was a no win situation. Thanks for speaking for those of us who held down the forte back home. It was a lonely weekend online but so exciting to receive and deliver the news bit by bit as it came in.

    Congratulations on your braces. Stepping out of your comfort zone and getting braces is a huge accomplishment! David doesn’t know this but he helped me get through some difficult dental work by singing “Save The Day” to me in my imagination. I had no headphones but imagined the whole thing in my head and it worked. Magic, if you ask me!

    P.S. I love Jane Austin, too!

    SB#11 in djafan’s comment

    I love all your stories about anything you write about! Please never stop sharing! 😀


  17. Angelica said


    Very well written piece about the conflict we all struggle with all our lives. Thanks for writing the other side of MoTab. I know many were able to go but many more, for a variety of reasons, could not and this is their story.

    I wasn’t planning on going. I registered for tickets but that was so I could give them away in the unlikely event that I won. Then I clicked on the site and “Congratulations!” appeared and that was the end of my good, rational intentions. Marianne took over and planned my whole itinerary starting that very moment. Elinor tried to tell me to consider my actions and let wisdom be my guide but Marianne paid her no heed at all. That’s the way it is with me. Nearly all the time, I am sensible Elinor but when it comes to David, I’m all Marianne. Crazy, I know but I have no sense when it comes to seeing him in concert sometimes. I am Senselesssss!

    BTW, I adore Jane Austen. I looked for another hard copy of her complete works in Deseret Book but didn’t locate it. My copy I’ve had for years is literally falling apart. I’ve read every one of her novels at least 15-20 times. She is without a doubt my favorite author and whatever I know of writing I learned at her knee.


  18. djafan said

    David Vlogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. Jen A said

    It WAS pretty ding dong dang miserable and upsetting being at home during MoTab weekend. My apologies to all who had to deal with my Sad Sack Poopy and oh so Not Very Adult-like Attitude during that time (Dr. Abrra to the rescue…)

    I have to admit that the clandestine ninja vids that trickled in did wonders to elevate our stay at home moods!


  20. MT said

    16 BeBe “It was a lonely weekend online but so exciting to receive and deliver the news bit by bit as it came in.”

    I don’t think I ever thanked BeBe for feeding us those lucious tidbits. Sooo … THANKS, BeBe. ❤ You made things much better for those of us who sat and waited here at home.


  21. Angelica said

    Well, he rambled for 6 minutes about snow boarding, his continuing and expanding love affair with food, a huge icicle and that darn cat. Gotta love him.



  22. MT said

    OH, almost forgot Dr. Abrra … {{hugs}}

    and thanks again to all those who went that sent those nuggets of info for us. Much appreciated!


  23. SandyBeaches said

    Oh thank you David…January just got a little better hearing from you!!

    Big storm rolling in from Abrra’s countryside tomorrow, well Boston anyway I don’t know if you were snowed in…many inches/cms of snow!



  24. emmegirl said

    He could just stand there and stare into the camera for 6 minutes and I would watch it, more than once.

    Angelica – great eye for composition.

    (Didn’t think we would hear about the snowboarding. 🙂 Sounds like he really liked it…wonder what kind of food they serve in the lodge.)


  25. bebereader said

    David’s new vlog is the best E-VER…well, until the next one! LOL No seriously, I just love it!

    MT#20 My pleasure! 🙂

    Snowstorm on the east coast. NY is in the middle of it now. Hope everyone who is affected stays safe and warm.


  26. emmegirl said

    paula, your beautifully written article definitely hits home. It rings with a familiar clarity…am rethinking my New Year’s resolutions. 🙂


  27. silverfox said


    Had to LOL as I read paula’s article because it’s a dilemma we all go through regarding David. I admit I was as Senseless as I could be starting with the AI Tour, then the Jingle concerts in 2008, his solo, summer, CFTH tiurs in 2009 when I went a little crazy. By then I had already traveled cross-country a few times, saw David in concert so many times it’s kinda embarrassing now, but I’d do it all over again…which is CRAZY! But it is what it is! And finally just MOTAB in 2010 only because he didn’t tour! I have to admit also that it was easier for me because I don’t have a “significant other”, or young children, so I’m free to come & go & do as I please,
    if time & funds are available. Which is why I’m still working! I’m almost positive David would not approve if his fans ever go through hardships or neglect personal relationships because of him. He just would never understand. I’m sure he has wondered how it is that he sees so many of his fans, the same fans it seems, at many of his concerts & events. Oh David…if only you knew! The excitement & anticipation that goes with the planning when a tour is announced! It’s such a rush after the initial consideration, then decision of which city/venue to attend. I have never felt so alive as I did during all those concerts. And the bonus was meeting so many others who feel the same, have the same admiration & love for David. Not only for his music, but for HIM, the essence of HIM & who he is.

    For David’s next tour, I have made a resolution I will attend only one or maybe two concerts, and only in venues within driving distance. But you know how “resolutions” like “New Years Resolutions” are so hard to keep and when it involves seeing David perform live…well I’ll just have to wait & see.

    Paulafod, You know what? Who knows? Maybe you & everyone else who weren’t able to attend the MOTAB Concert for whatever reasons, may have the opportunity to do so in the future. Surely the MOTAB Committee must know there were millions who, after hearing how magnificent David was, will
    make it a point to attend the “next one”. I just don’t think David & the MOTAB Choir Christmas Concert was a ONE TIME ONLY event. 😀

    Snowy & icy & cold here, but still have to go in to work. So Good night everyone.

    David…please wear a heavier coat when you’re outside in freezing temps! Thank you! Well, maybe it wasn’t exactly freezing since we couldn’t “see” your breath. I guess I should tell him I ate
    “Taco Bell” one day last week… ( kinda Ethnic) isn’t it? 😉


  28. Suzy-Q said

    I have been watching a lot of David videos the last three days. Most of Georgia is snowed in. We only had couple of inches but then we had a freeze which made the roads inpossible to drive on. Georgia does not have enough equipment for clearing roads. That’s because we only get a little bit of snow each year. This is very unusual. My husband is in the hospital and I haven’t been able to visit him the last three days. Most likely not tomorrow or Thursday either. It’s so freaky. I am already getting cabin fever. Glad I have the Voice to come to and read great articles and comments. I went to MoTab and had to use plastic to get there. It was so worth it and I am grateful for the experience. I am a romantic and sensible most of the time but when it comes to David’s music, I am definetly a romantic.


  29. Suzy-Q said

    Silverfox, Taco Bell only counts if you are from Africa or somewhere like that. Haha When I moved to Georgia in 1990 Taco Bell was the only place there was to get any type of Mexican food. Now there are Mexican restaurants everywhere. It’s my favorite ethnic food.
    If any of you haven’t tried Persian food, you should. It’s delicious. It’s my second favorite.
    Loved the video of David in the snow. He is so cute looking out for the furry animals that might have an icicle drop on them. I like how David is alway challenging himself in so many ways. We can all learn from him.


  30. emmegirl said

    SuzyQ, sorry to hear about your husband. Hope he is doing well and you will be able to visit him soon…be careful on those roads!


  31. Tawna21 said

    Oh Paula!!! You have seriously seen into my heart and my head. I go thru this same anguish every time I do something. Should I/Shouldn’t I? I always wonder why I’m not like my sister and just jump in and get it done if it’s something I want to do–figure out how to make it work after the first step is taken, sort of thing. Congratultaions on your braces (seriously). And, when you make it to a big ole’ David event, I hope I’m there to meet you. I love your soul-baring article.



  32. djafan said


    Every Wednesday, we’re letting one of our favorite musicians run SWRV Takeover, and this week David Archuleta is taking his best shot! Watch the Idol play HIS favorite music videos this Wednesday, January 12th at 6pm & 9pm Eastern Time, and head to to make your own! Don’t just watch!

    Watch video of David here!

    Check here for SWRV in your area.


  33. djafan said


    So sorry to hear about your husband, hope all is well.

    SF, Would have loved some video of him going down a hill, maybe next time. I also noticed the lack of a warm jacket…lol He was so just himself talking to us, so genuine and real.

    I don’t have access to SWRV in my area, hoping someone does to gives any updates. I looked for livestream on the site, haven’t found any so far. It looks like David might be on for an hour.

    Vote for David!!!!

    Vote For Favorite Idol Auditions Of All Time

    The season premiere of American Idol’s 10th season is just around the corner. Now, I’ve decided to revive this little poll just for fun. So, just like the fifth, fourth and third placers, we take a look back at contestants past who were eliminated just before the Finale. So, who’s your favorite ‘Idol’ Runner-up?


  34. bebereader said


    Hope your husband is doing better and that the roads are clear soon so you can get out to visit him. We’re in the middle of a storm too. It’s supposed to snow all night here. 😦


    Thanks for the info on SWRV. I enjoyed the video! Unfortunately we don’t get that network in NY. I’ll have to wait for youtube.

    Don’t forget to:

    1) Stream “Falling Stars” on All Access:

    2) Vote here for David’s “Waiting On The World To Change” as your favorite all-time AI audition:

    3) Vote here for “Something ‘Bout Love” as your favorite video of the year:

    4) Vote for David’s songs on Sirius Satellite Radio:
    They’re not listed. At the bottom, add David’s name and the song(s) you want to request.

    5) Request David’s music on your local stations.
    Find your state, then the mediabase link. If you don’t see David’s songs listed, fill them in at the bottom. Be sure to include your name and confirmation code.


  35. marciami said

    2011 Greetings,
    I want to wish all of you a very belated HAPPY NEW YEAR with this quote. I hope you find some meaning in it for yourselves. The words remind me of David in so many ways – His Love that he passes to us, the absolute Joy I feel when I hear him sing, and the Peace within when his voice lingers in my mind and rests in my soul.

    Wishes to all of you for Love, Joy, and Peace this year and always,
    Marcia (marciami)

    “May today there be peace within… May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others…May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you… Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.”


  36. dakgal said

    Oh David, you have no idea what a challenge your food challenge is to me. In the huge metropolis that I live in , we have our choice of Taco John’s or Panda Garden ( Chinese I think).
    But then there are the options of the frozen food section in the supermarket or cook it your self!! I did spy a box on the shelf at the grocery store that said Pad Thai on it—so I just had to buy it and see whats so great–’bout burned my tongue off. Must have picked the super spicy–that’s me.

    Speaking of food, I have read all the wonderful re-caps, but there is one burning question that never got addressed. Of all your lucky ducks who got to go to Motab AND dine at the Thaifoon?, so who tried Pad Thai for the first time–huh huh? ( did you like it) or what other exotic –Thai food they tried—details –we need details


  37. wowArchie said


    Haha, your poor tongue! This: (about Pad Thai)
    “I did spy a box on the shelf at the grocery store that said Pad Thai on it—so I just had to buy it and see whats so great–’bout burned my tongue off.”

    Next time you might want to try “Thai Tea” first. It’s sweet with red tea and Half & Half milk mixed in it. A ‘must have’ when you eat spicy Thai dishes.


  38. Abrra said

    While all the MoTab recaps took us back to the experience, I can relate to your story most of all. My reason for not going was not as well thought out as yours but has the same outcome.

    “my mind and my heart were in conflict”

    My issue is fear of flying.

    If it was within hours, I’d have driven to see the concert. I had won 4 tickets. One scary obstacle blocked my way. I applaud you for stepping out of your comfort zone and making the decision to get braces. More than the cosmetic benefit will be healthy teeth and a reborn confidence!



  39. pattiNC said

    Thanks for the article..definitely hits home for me too. I registered for tickets w/ plans to give them away. Thankful I didn’t win, so I wouldn’t have to struggle w/ decision. (new job, no $, etc)
    Congrats on the braces..I got braces (again) at 40ish when my daughter was in middle school. Didn’t have to wear them long, but no regrets (now), as my teeth are beautiful.


  40. pattiNC said

    Suzy-Q hope you get to visit your hubby soon. My sister and my (mid 80s)parents went to my niece’s wedding in FL on Sun., and are stuck as they live just north of ATL. Stay safe!


  41. betsy said

    Paula – I can so relate to this article. Didn’t go to MoTab – there were many reasons. It just wasn’t in the cards. I really enjoyed the tweets and recaps coming in from those who went.
    Interesting fact about Jane Austen herself. She was more of a Marianne, herself. (I have a biography) She fell madly in love with an Irish man. He married someone else – someone with money.


  42. Abrra said

    Day off for many in the Northeast. Our side yard has a stone wall running the length of the property. There is a wood lot next door. Its pretty.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Stay warm and safe all who have the blizzard.



  43. djafan said

    This from Masterclass Lady
    January 12, 2011 10:38 am

    I just finished watching some of the MoTab videos with David. They were wonderful and inspiring.

    I am so happy that David is involved with this PBS special as I am sure it will air during the Christmas 2011 season – thus spurring more interest in his CD.

    How anyone can not support his immeasurable talent is beyond me. He is truly special.

    This is a must read, David Archuleta Takes The Stage…..

    Steve Clark | Dec 09, 2010 |

    David Archuleta punched his ticket to Hollywood by singing “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer, one of his chief influences. That performance was the first step of Archuleta’s journey as a contestant on the seventh season of American Idol — a journey that saw him emerge from the thousands of other hopefuls and ultimately finish as the show’s runner-up.

    Go to the link below to read the rest of the story!


  44. djafan said

    Interesting article on major labels. This is an excerpt of the article, go to the link for the rest.

    Fans are your label. They’re your sugar daddy. They’ll keep you alive, they’ll keep you going. Build a relationship with them by giving them attention and free goods (fans buy the most product, who do you think is buying the $250 packages on Topspin?) The odds of every one of your fans dropping you the same day are nonexistent. The odds of your label dropping you are…very high. But they’ll only do it if you’ve got no success. If you make the label money, they’ll torture you, consider yourself in prison, one where the guards roam at will and get fat and you’re locked in a cell eating gruel.


  45. djafan said

    David tweets!


    No way awesome!! RT @JoyWilliams Just found out that @thecivilwars are playing The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday!!!! #fb
    1 minute ago via web in reply to joywilliams


  46. Suzy-Q said

    Today’s weather is worse, here in the Atlanta area. The ground is covered with snow that has frozen into ice. All schools, goverment offices, most medical facilities, most restaurants, all fast food restaurants, and most roads are closed down. There have been so many wrecks that if you do want to venture out you have to be prepared to get stuck in traffic. Semi trucks are flipping over and vehicle tires are frozen to the freeways and have to be chipped free. My husband will be transfered to a rest home/rehab facility as soon as it is safe for the hospital to get him there in an ambulance. He is doing fine but is very weak and so he has to have some physical therapy before coming home. This weather is so bizarre for GA. This has never happened here before. I look out of my window and there is only a couple of inches of snow but it’s deadly. The bridges and over passes are the worse. The government is putting down thick layers of sand and gravel but it’s only on the main roads and it’s taking a long time. Maybe by Friday, the ice will be be melted enough to drive. luckily, I have enough food in the house and my eletricity is still on.

    Dakgal, I was at the Thaifoon and had Satay chicken with peanut sauce. It’s what I usually order at Thai restaurants because I can’t handle spicy food and my husband loves Thai. The Satay meat, chicken or beef, is put on a skewer and grilled. It usually isn’t served with peanut sauce but a cucumber/onion/vinegar mixture. At the thaifoon res. their portions were much more than anywhere else I have dined. I would like to go there again, someday.
    As you can probably tell I am bored and have lots of time to write.


  47. dakgal said

    Suzy-Q Sorry you can’t see your husband and I wish him well. At least he is in a safe place. Where I’m from we’re used to snow, have about 16″ on the ground and people are just truckin along as if its summer.

    Thanks for your food report seems I have a lot to learn about Thai food, but then again will probably never get the chance to go to a Thai restaurant. BOO


  48. dakgal said

    PS— Who are the ” Civilwars? I lead a sheltered life!!


  49. collegemom said

    isn’t that Joy Williams group?


  50. Angelica said


    Hope you get to see your husband soon and all goes well with getting his strength back and home again. Wow, what a mess you describe in Atlanta. Ice storms are the worst I think, because they are so dangerous for driving and they cause so many power outages with broken tree limbs. Several years ago we went through one too and I remember being sick and lying in bed thinking I was hearing gun-fire. It was the sound of huge limbs breaking and shattering on the ground from the weight of the ice. I knew what it was but in my groggy pain-medicated state, it sounded like a war zone. I was single and living alone at the time and I lost power for days. Hope you don’t. I cooked meatloaf on a gas fire and read at night by the dim glow of a flashlight. What did I read? The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells. Good book but I kept thinking a cold hand was going to reach out and touch me in the dark. Then there was the howling wind and the frozen branches breaking with a sudden craaaaack!! Did I mention pain meds? Is this helping you? Well, hopefully, you won’t lose power. 🙂 If you need someone to talk to let us know here or at We got your back.


    I split 4 appetizers with Djafan. We had chicken satay, lettuce wraps, coconut shrimp and spring rolls. It was more than enough for the both of us. Plus we got an entree to go and ate it that night after the concert. Also got the creme brulee which was awesome. It all was. I definitely see why David is so addicted to Thai food.


  51. djafan said

    Dak, I loved the chicken satay the most! And I normally don’t like cream brulee, but it was exceptional.

    David is on TV, he’s picked SBL!!!!


    First video: Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are. David likes the song and the message of it. P.S. David looks good 🙂

    Next up is Animal by Neon Trees. David says it is really cool and he loves the chorus and it always gets stuck in his head.

    3rd video is SBL. He picked it because its about how everyone goes through the feelings/roller coaster of love.

    This has been David Archuleta and thanks for watching my SWRV takeover. (not exact) All done. I attempted to record his segments.


  52. marciami said


    Thank you for the insightful article which was very meaningful to me. What a topic when related to David-sense and sensibility! For me there is no happiness with a balance-they are almost mutually exclusive. Otherwise, I would not be at the Voice or in SLC only 3 weeks ago. My story may be different but is at the core of where I am today. I grew up with only sensibility.

    I have found that uncovering courage and finding determination and risking the fight against “sensibility” has been a battle I think I am winning. It is one way that I have been able to let myself see David and be his forever “fan”. It is my way to move from sensibility to sense. A one-way street. I’m way too familiar with always denying what I want. It was a struggle in the beginning to feel it was alright to go to David’s concerts, but for a reason I never understood, my heart finally refused to take “no”. At this time in my life David and his gift and wonderful fans are the best gifts I have ever given myself. I will never return to “sensibility” when it relates to David-he is now part of my life. David came at a time when I became free of work, and willingly pried money out of my savings against EVERYTHING I was taught. None of this would have been sensible to me.

    “Always resignation and acceptance. Always prudence and honor and duty. Elinor, where is your heart?”
    It sounds silly and mushy, but in many ways I have found my heart in David. The proof is that I was lucky enough to have won tickets to MOTAB and actually let myself go on this crazy journey against all logical reason for me, and found joy for four amazing days. I will always be grateful for that chance and for having found my “sense” in time. Thank you for letting me share my feelings in this “good place”.


  53. djafan said

    Credit emily4archie

    1st segment…

    2nd segment

    3rd segment

    4th segment


  54. River said

    I have many lapses of sensibility when it comes to David, beginning with a drive to an Idol Tour (I had already seen it twice) into a hurricane. All the while I kept saying to myself (I was alone too) What ARE you doing??? I wound up in the 4th row near the piano as it rose out of the stage and he looked in my direction and began Angels.Game over… Ever since then distance, time, money, hassle, reason, more distance (CT to CA and lately Utah) and anything else important has taken a back seat when there’s an opportunity to see/hear David. You know what? I have never regretted a moment. I would do it all again gladly.


  55. Tawna21 said

    djafan #43–I must be doing something wrong cause the Masterclass Lady link doesn’t take me to the article. It goes to one dated 1/8. Any help for me?

    Suzy-Q {{hugs}}–hang in there girlfriend! I can’t imagine being stuck and not being able to be with your husband. Mine was in the hospital for 27 days a few summers ago, and I would have been crazy had I not been able to be there with him. Then to be in the weather you’re in–Oh.My.Gosh! Best wishes to you:)



  56. Tawna21 said

    Dak, I was at the Thaifoon and had sweet & sour chicken. It is so totally different from Chinese sweet & sour. I’ll definitely do it again (however, I REALLY didn’t like the crystallized spinach that was with it–yuck to that).



  57. djafan said


    I forgot to mention that she commented in the comments, it’s at the link 5th comment down.


  58. Ok you guys…(Angelica)!I just got off work and you are making me so hungry…yum!
    Just getting caught up on the latest. Hope to see emily4Archie’s video later..

    #46. SuzyQ, hope you start melting soon in Atlanta. What a mess for the entire East coast.

    Paula, thank you for a good article.I guess to get this far in life, we all need a good balance of both Elinor, and Marianne, though Marianne is often the stronger for me. It is hard when your heart is saying yes,yes, and your head is saying no,no.When it concerns David, I just wanna’ tell my Elinor to just “shut up already”!haha
    (At least we have had some wonderful recaps for all of us who could not attend MOTAB,and meet with other fans And videos, I am so grateful for that.) Congrats on the braces!I think it is wonderful you did that for YOU! I know when I do something for myself that makes me happy, those around me reap the benefits!

    Abrra,curious about your fear of flying,as you are certainly not alone, many people have that fear, especially after 9/11.How long since you have flown?or have you ever? (My sister flew once in her entire life and that was it. She hasn’t ridden on an airplane for 30 years, even though I have told her the pilots no longer wear the leather cap w/ear flaps and goggles.:)


  59. Abrra said


    I flew last in 1983. I do not like the feeling of being up high in the air. It feels like there is nothing holding up the plane. No too rational, but tell my fearful mind about that.

    Since 911, I have become more resolved to not fly. Lack of trust in those who were supposed to have our back plays into the fear. The whole hassle that it has become lately to even take a flight. Downsizing of the airline industry in general which makes me think everything they do is on the cheap side such as fewer mechanic’s and older planes in an attempt to save dollars.

    Bottom line is not even David can make me decide to get on a plane at this point.



  60. emmegirl said

    #43 dja, wow, that article could not be more complimentary…comparing him to Mayer, inevitable collaboration, music sensibility, etc! This guy totally gets David and his talent. The comments are disabled at the site but it’s his youtube and you can comment there. Maybe we can give this David supporter some hits.


  61. emmegirl said

    and MCL, love her…”immeasurable talent”


  62. Suzy-Q said

    Today, I woke up to snow on the ground that had frozen to what looks like a sheet of crystal ice. It’s hard and shiny. The thawing is suppose start tomorrow and and everything should be clear by Friday afternoon. Years ago, in GA, we had an ice storm where the branches of trees broke off in our wooded backyard. Down the block a huge pine tree fell on the roof of a house. The streets were covered with branches and stopped traffic for several hours. I am a Southern California gal who lived in Georgia during the 1990’s and then came back in 2008. I am not used to this weather or driving in it. In Utah, the cold weather is dry and here it is wet and a person gets cold to the bone. While waiting in lines in Utah for the MoTab concert, I really didn’t suffer very much. Plus the streets are cleared soon after a storm.
    My husband will probably be transferred to a rehab facility on Friday. It still depends on the weather. By the way, he has pneumonia, dehydration and a urinary tract infection all which severly affected his kidneys. As the antibiotics work the kidneys get a little better each day. So, things are looking up! Thanks everyone for your concern.
    I am so upset because I lost my Mp3 player with David’s songs on it. Boo Hoo 😦


  63. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra…The one thing to remember about flying is that you are not the only one who wants to make it to the destination, as the pilots want to make it just as badly, thereofre I put my trust in that. Also, I believe that they keep their eyes on the maintenance for their sakes as well as our own. They can’t be sloppy for themselves let alone us! I know that the industry is not too great but I beleive that it is still true that the statistics for airplane accidents is still surpassed by auto accidents.

    Well, all of that is what I try to remember when I start to think about flying just as we are taking off! After that I turn on my ipod and you know the music that inspires me and gets me there.




  64. SandyBeaches said

    How do I do that? Good thing I am not a pilot…mistake after mistake!


  65. Dayzee said

    Suzy, sorry to hear of your husband’s problems. Hope things go well. An awful time to lose your MP3.
    I came here the other day and saw words I had written displayed in the upper left hand corner. I was astonished that someone would pay attention. I was embarrassed because they sounded so whiney. “The thought of no videos is surely stomping my roses.”
    But I would not erase them. David’s videos have become important to so many nice people. They are why we think of David as a member of our family. We worry about him before every performance, then wait excitedly for proof that he is still that unique being we adore.
    It would be different if he weren’t so darn perfect. We never feel the need to close our eyes or turn away because he made us uncomfortable. These videos are the nectar that feeds our ODD. If we are Elinor, they make our lives bearable for the times we cannot attend. If Marianne, they allow us to revisit the performances we have seen but were too stunned to appreciate fully at the time. We put them on the forensic table and dissect them note by note, gesture by gesture.
    For me the videos are the glue that keep me so attached to David. Viva la Videos.


  66. Tawna21 said

    Abrra #59– you make my day!!:)



  67. bebereader said

    We had 20+ inches of snow today. I am not amused. It’s slippery, cold, a mess and is dangerous when it freezes. Luckily the roads were cleared here and we were able to get our car out.


    Been keeping up with the comments and thinking of you and hoping your weather situation improves so that you can get out to see your husband.

    Pics of David from the SWRV site:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Don’t forget to:

    1) Stream “Falling Stars” on All Access:

    2) Vote here for “Something ‘Bout Love” as your favorite video of the year:

    3) Vote for David’s songs on Sirius Satellite Radio:
    They’re not listed. At the bottom, add David’s name and the song(s) you want to request.

    4) Request David’s music on your local stations.
    Find your state, then the mediabase link. If you don’t see David’s songs listed, fill them in at the bottom. Be sure to include your name and confirmation code.


  68. 59. Abrra, Flying can be a hassle, especially with the new security screening.
    something of interest..
    Year to date statistics on TSA Airport screening
    Terrorist Plots Discovered 0
    Transvestites 133
    Hernia’s 1,485
    Hemorrhoid Cases 3,172
    Enlarged Prostates 8,249
    Breast Implants 59,350
    Natural Blondes 3
    ( delete if you wish, I just couldn’t resist:)


  69. bebereader said

    Just found this video on youtube and had to share!

    Credit IceCreamKPie


  70. djafan said

    Stunning amber eyes…I’ve seen them once this color, breathtaking in person.


  71. Angelica said

    For anyone, especially international fans who have not seen David (and his eyes) in person, this is very close to what it’s like. Forget whatever you had planned to say. 😆



  72. Tawna21 said

    This is a pretty interesting article (there’s a little bit of ‘colorful’ language). I like his thoughts.



  73. Dja,Angelica,
    …I forgot what I was going to say….
    :D->-< thud


  74. djafan said

    Eye mention, David’s reaction is precious.


  75. gladys said



  76. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  77. dakgal said

    Holy shades of green Batman–I think he has X-ray vision–he’s looking right thru me!!! Ma,he’s makin eyes at me!!! WHEW

    Absolutivily drop dead gorgeous!!!


  78. Is it the drought or was that video captivating. Think I sat several minutes after just staring at the screen, dumbfounded or something. Thanks Djfan. Does anyone have an mp4 of this one? Could watch it over and over ……


  79. kaycee said

    This is such an interesting post, and it strikes such a chord with me. As I reflect on this dilemma during such a challenging time in my life, I find that sometimes it’s not as easy as “choosing” your Marianne or Elinor–sometimes life’s experiences almost demand Elinor to step forward and help you make it through…while Marianne must take a back seat, still keeping alive the hope and joy of life. When it comes to David, how grateful I am during these “Elinor times” that The Voice can keep my inner-Marianne alive and well! Thanks to all!

    Best wishes to you and your husband, Suzy-Q.


  80. FG said

    Abrra – thanks for sharing that about your fear of flying. I don’t enjoy it myself.

    Suzy-Q – I hope things get cleaned up soon and that your husband keeps improving. Prayers & hugs.

    Marciami – he really gets us thinking doesn’t he!

    River – driving into a hurricane LOL The things we do.

    Angelica – There’s our Clark Kent. Garsh.


  81. emmegirl said

    fandaforeverti48 #78, right there with ya.

    {{kayce, Elinor & Marianne}}


  82. emmegirl said

    fandaforeverti48, yessss, I am still watching. And a very flirty little *grin nose-crinkle* at 2:43 when she is talking about those stunning eyes..followed by a very deep, (*whispers* sexy) chuckle.


  83. goodkarmaseeker said

    Paula, Thanks so much for this thought provoking article. In the quiet, down month of January when many of us are snowed in and there is not much David news to energize us, it’s a good time to do some self reflection.

    The Marianne-Elinor struggle is so much a part of our lives, duty and responsibility versus passion and heart. For me and I think so many of us “older” fans, David has stirred our feelings of passion and heart after many years of duty and responsibility. Our jobs, families and cares have forced our “Elinor” side and it seems as an awakening to notice our “Marianne” responding. It brings us a challenge to let that passion come out when most of those around us have grown accustomed to our responsible, “mature” side. It’s a risk to get out that David tee or hoodie and head out to the concert and scream with the best of them but we can do it.

    Abrra – Thanks for sharing your fear of flying.

    Suzy-Q – You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Djafan – #74 Awesome

    Kaycee – #79 Hang in there through these Elinor days. Your comment about the difficulty of finding a balance was well said.


  84. djafan said

    fanda, It’s one I watch on repeat.

    Emmegirl (*whispers* sexy)(whispering with you)

    Goodkarmaseeker, you so perfectly said this. This statement fits me like a glove.

    “For me and I think so many of us “older” fans, David has stirred our feelings of passion and heart after many years of duty and responsibility. Our jobs, families and cares have forced our “Elinor” side and it seems as an awakening to notice our “Marianne” responding. It brings us a challenge to let that passion come out when most of those around us have grown accustomed to our responsible, “mature” side.

    My hubby and children are now getting accustomed to “Marianne” taking a front seat now since they dealt with “Elinor” most of their lives.

    “It’s a risk to get out that David tee or hoodie and head out to the concert and scream with the best of them but we can do it.”

    I not only can but do. (Ask Angelica about my whistling skills) 🙂


  85. djafan said

    This video is by Steve Clark who also wrote this in his article,

    It’s only when Archuleta opens his eyes that he realizes he’s still David Archuleta and he’s performing in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    But that’s fine. He’s young and he’s talented.

    Madison Square Garden will come. And so will the inevitable collaboration between himself and John Mayer.

    Maybe one day the songs they’ll be singing on American Idol will be his.

    Go read! And leave comments on his video!


  86. bebereader said

    #84dja I heard about those whistling skills! haha

    Don’t forget to watch “Skate For the Heart” this Sunday January 16.
    More exposure for David! The show is “expected to attract a television audience of 10 million.”

    “Ice skating show on NBC will put city in spotlight

    Youngstown will be in the national spotlight Sunday when “Skate for the Heart” airs on NBC.

    The made-for-TV music and figure-skating special took place Oct. 10, 2010, at Covelli Centre before a local audience. It was taped for Sunday’s broadcast.

    The two-hour program will air nationally at 4 p.m. as counterprogramming for those with no interest in the NFL playoff game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots, which kicks off at 4:30 p.m. It’s expected to attract a television audience of 10 million.

    “Skate for the Heart” features performances by several of the world’s best skaters, including Joanne Rochette, 2010 Olympic bronze medalist; Tanish Belbin and Ben Agosto, 2006 Olympic silver medalists; Sasha Cohen, 2006 Olympic silver medalist; and Rachael Flatt, 2010 U.S. national champion.

    It also includes musical performances by former “American Idol” contestants David Archuleta and Ruben Studdard and a cappella vocal group Straight No Chaser.”


  87. djafan said

    David tweets!!!!


    I guess part of that challenge makes it good though and more satisfying when you eventually get it.
    9 minutes ago via txt .

    It’s irritating when sometimes your brain tries to get a song idea going but it can’t figure out where to take it next.
    10 minutes ago via txt


  88. Abrra said

    Fanda #78

    Which video did you want an mp4 of? I will make it, just tell me please.



  89. djafan said

    Beautiful video!

    David Performs “My Kind of Perfect” at Cold-EEZE Skate From The Heart [VIDEO]

    Tribute video by littlearchuleta.


  90. Abrra said

    Tawna #72

    Thank you for bringing that link over. It really gets to the heart of how and why fans are important to an artist.

    This struck me as so very true.

    “Fans are the people who pay. That’s not critics, that’s not radio, that’s not any intermediary or filter. That’s the person sitting at home on the couch, listening to your music on headphones just to survive.

    Why we enjoy videos from concerts?

    “If it’s live, if it’s different. People want to hear the warts, that’s what makes you human.”

    Its a good read. I have always thought about the day when David could make his own label to sell his music. Have his own music studio and production facility. That is a dream for now. He has to pay his dues in the industry to earn such freedom of expression in the future.

    Bebe #72

    I am stuck on that picture link. I MUST see every lovely picture! Oh my heck!



  91. bebereader said

    I’ll admit it. I’m an incurable romantic.
    Has anyone seen the video Dja sent a link to in comment #89? It’s David’s performance of My Kind of Perfect from Skate For The Heart. If you haven’t yet seen it….run.

    So very beautiful.



  92. Heidijoy said

    David’s official site has a performance of My Kind of Perfect from Skate for the Heart too and it shows the HUG!! I remember the gals saying Joanne hugged David after the Skate/Song but none of the videos showed the Hug before!! I’m an incurable romantic too Bebe. Thanks DJA for the tribute.
    I’m hoping for more comments on the Official Site too recommending more TV performances, Promotion etc. Maybe Jive reads there??????????? …….


  93. wowArchie said

    David is too gorgeous! I enjoy staring at his photos and drool— everyday!
    When my hubby comes near me & blocks computer monitor I usually say “Go away! Don’t block!” (I know! I’m so rude.) and then he would hug me or try to kiss me by saying “Ok, Pretend I’m David Archuleta….”
    I’d like to think David as my son but in reality the feelings are more complicated. While I’m saying “wow, this kid is so talented…” there’s another voice comes from my heart “ooh, he is such an attractive man…”
    Sorry, PaulaFod, after reading your “Sense & Sensibility” , this “Lolita” kind of thoughts coming to my mind. Must be all the killer eyes photos Bebereader & Angelica posted earlier. Blame them for provoking me please haha.


  94. djafan said

    @awwwrchuleta tweeted,

    I think that during this archu-drought, we should keep promoting

    and then @Kariontour replied

    @awwwrchuleta its time for everyone to regroup! But I love how you said archu-drought but just think its getting ready for new and better things to come!!!

    New and better things to come!!!


  95. kaycee said

    Hmmmm. Not really sure what “Kariontour” meant by her response. Is she implying that “new and better things” are already in the works, or just hoping for them? Any ideas? Does “regrouping” refer to label, management, fans…or who? Sorry…this drought really has me looking for news in every comment!…preferably tour news!


  96. Fiona said

    #91, Bebe, I agree. It is absolutely beautiful. David’s face in that video is so gorgeous and I am so glad that such a stunning performance is going to be on TV! I bet Something Bout Love will be amazing too! 🙂


  97. Suzy-Q said

    Good day today. I was able to see my husband today at the rehab facility. Also, people were driving very slow and carefully on the roads so I made it there without incident. And, I found my MP3 player. {:D


  98. Heidijoy said

    Glad things are looking up Suzy-Q and so glad to got to see your husband…and find your MP3 player!


  99. archangel48 said

    I’m glad that things are getting better for you Suzy-Q! Slow-and-steady is a necessity when the weather is as treacherous as it has been in your parts.
    Finding your MP3 brings David’s music to your ears…can’t go wrong there! 😉


  100. MT said

    Bebe #67 & Angelica #71 Wow, those eyes!! They look like crystals. Are they really that light?

    My first thought was that it looks like you can see into his soul. So clear and unclouded, just like David. Very open, nothing hidden. I can’t imagine looking directly into those eyes!! (*quietly hoping one day I will*)

    #71 dja Love that video. I have it saved in favorites. Love everything about it.

    The “Skate from the Heart” vid on the official site is great. He sang so beautifully. I’m glad millions will get to see it. And he was looking pretty good, too! 😀

    Susy-Q: Glad you got to see your husband and will add my prayers for a speedy recovery.


  101. Tawna21 said

    Suzy-Q–things are getting better for you! Gosh, getting to be able to see your husband {{hugs}} and finding your mp3 player all in a day has got to seem like a miracle. Way to go!!



  102. djafan said


    Are they really that light?

    Yes, sometimes amber like above, sometimes pale light green with gold specks, and variances in between. And when they look right at you it does look like you can see into his soul and he into yours if you can hold the eye contact 🙂


  103. gladys said

    I remember when I was younger, I was alone, having lunch in a restaurant, waiting for a friend.
    At one point I feel someone watching me, I turned around and saw a man more beautiful than you can imagine.
    He looked at me and I, at that time, I was very embarrassed and lowered my head.
    When I lifted my head, he had retired from the restaurant.
    Then came my friend, have lunch, I told her what happened and at the end when the waiter brings the bill, bring me a rose with a note.
    “I apologize, but I want to tell you that your way of looking is something you never saw.”
    When I read that I felt unique in the world, women are more important. the planet.
    At that time, I was 23 years.
    When I look at David, when I look at their eyes, those feelings back again.
    When I look at David, I have 23 years again.


  104. MT said

    dja: Thanks for answering my question.

    I want to meet him so badly, but it sounds kinda scary. lol Still want to though. haha

    (*sighs* Tour news, please.)


  105. djafan said


    Your opportunity will come and when it does do it in spite of nerves, it is so worth it.

    Wowarchie…just wow 🙂

    Gladys, What a beautiful memory and now David brings it back like only he can.

    Susy-! Yay, you were able to see your hubby. Hoping for a quick recovery.


  106. just finished watching The Civil Wars…Joy Williams on Jay Leno. I had no idea Joy has such a beautiful voice. They sounded amazing!I really thought they were not going to have time to sing at all with just minutes left in the show,geez. David must be so proud of his friend,ya think?

    Can’t wait to see Skate for the Heart.

    SuzyQ,so glad you were able to finally get to your husband and no problems getting there either.

    MT,I want to meet him too, haven’t been able to yet…but “God willing and the creek don’t rise” I aim to do it this year dang-nabbit! ahhh, tour or something somewhere soon,pretty please!


  107. bebereader said

    WowArchie#93 “Must be all the killer eyes photos Bebereader & Angelica posted earlier. Blame them for provoking me please haha.”

    I will take the blame. It’s a tough job posting those killer eye photos but hey, someone’s got to do it. Hahaha

    Suzy-Q#97 So very happy for you, that you were able to visit your husband! Best wishes for his speedy recovery.

    MT#100 “Bebe #67 & Angelica #71 Wow, those eyes!! They look like crystals. Are they really that light?”

    Glad djafan answered your question. I met David twice but I don’t think I looked into his eyes, for reasons of self-preservation. Either that or I blocked it from memory. 😉

    Gladys#103 David is our fountain of youth. I loved your story! 😀

    Don’t forget to:

    1) Stream “Falling Stars” on All Access:

    2) Vote here for “Something ‘Bout Love” as your favorite video of the year: <<< This ends on January 14! Please vote for SBL for best video.

    3) Vote for David’s songs on Sirius Satellite Radio:
    They’re not listed. At the bottom, add David’s name and the song(s) you want to request.

    4) Vote here for David’s “Waiting On The World To Change” as your favorite all-time AI audition:

    5) Request David’s music on your local stations.
    Find your state, then the mediabase link. If you don’t see David’s songs listed, fill them in at the bottom. Be sure to include your name and confirmation code.


  108. Angelica said


    Congratulations on reuniting with your husband again and of course, your mp3!


    “The Marianne-Elinor struggle is so much a part of our lives, duty and responsibility versus passion and heart. For me and I think so many of us “older” fans, David has stirred our feelings of passion and heart after many years of duty and responsibility. Our jobs, families and cares have forced our “Elinor” side and it seems as an awakening to notice our “Marianne” responding. It brings us a challenge to let that passion come out when most of those around us have grown accustomed to our responsible, “mature” side.”

    This is so well stated and true. To find that place again, later in life, a place we had all but forgotten existed, is very much like awakening from a deep sleep and, like Gladys said, being handed a rose.


  109. Abrra – video @ #74 posted by Djfan. I think it’s around album release time so it’s been out a while. Sorry it took so long to answer but spent all day trying to get back to west coast. Tried to watch it on iphone in airport while waiting for our plane to leave. So hopped on computer when I finally got home only to find more gifs. Love the skate for the heart MKOP. You’re all too good to us. Thanks in advance.

    Also, thanks for this great article, PaulaFOD. Along with Goodkarmaseeker’s post helped me understand this ongoing struggle whenever there’s an opportunity to attend a David concert/performance. My Marianne is still suppressed. The last time she ruled (CFTH in Baltimore) I heard about it for months. Actually, still hear about it – the responsibility thing. However one year without seeing/hearing David live has me ready to go. Just waing for tour dates – PLEASE!


  110. Abrra said

    #109 Fanda
    Check your email ? 🙂

    For any who wish to enjoy the files on my mediafire here is the link to the main page.



  111. kaycee said

    Oh, Abrra, thank you for the link! What a gold mine!


  112. Abrra said

    Its a work in progress. I put things there that people request. I am working on putting the files from the live Cd’s as well. Save the link and check in every once in awhile for more.

    Let me know if any file is messed up? I can re do it easily.



  113. PAULA – Sense & Sensibility is one movie (whichever version) that I can watch over and over again. Not so diff w/ David’s music. Thanks for bridging the 2 modes of art into 1 lovely piece of writing. Your chosen theme reminds of Vonda Shepard’s I Know Him by Heart which makes me smile just thinking about it cos the song’s title (not the lyrics cos it’s an all out romantic love song) may well summarize how many of us fans feel for David.


  114. David Archuleta @ Skate for the Heart singing

    My Kind of Perfect

    This was originally posted at the mother ship


  115. Angelica said

    Dang! I just finally watched this performance of Joy Williams on Jay Leno on YT and I am blown away! Girl can WAIL and so can he-who-looks-like-Johnny-Depp! I swear this made me holla out loud! I am a fan of this duo for life!!


  116. djafan said

    Buzz for Sunday’s televised performance!!!


    Tune in to NBC’s Skate For The Heart Special w/musical performances by @DavidArchie THIS SUNDAY! 4pm EST #FF
    5 minutes ago via web


    Sneak peek for you: @DavidArchie’s performance of “My Kind of Perfect” on this Sunday’s Cold-EEZE Skate for the Heart:
    about 1 hour ago via web


    David Archuleta Performs At ‘Skate For The Heart’

    Friday, 14 January 2011 07:32

    On Sunday at 4pm ET, NBC will air Skate for the Heart, which features David Archuleta.

    But, you don’t have to wait until then to watch his performance of “My Kind of Perfect” thanks to video from


    David Archuleta – My Kind of Perfect – Skate from the Heart
    January 14th, 2011 | Author: mj

    Tune in this Sunday Jan. 16 at 4 pm for NBC’s Skate for the Heart featuring David Archuleta and Ruben Studdard.

    As a preview, check out David’s performance of “My Kind of Perfect” via More to come on Sunday!

    Video after the JUMP…


  117. MT said

    #106 SKY: You haven’t met him either? But you’ve seen him in concert, right? I haven’t, yet. But, if he comes close enough, I will. VIP ?? Not so sure if I can, much as I would love to meet him. Marianne the romantic is going to be arguing with Elinor the realist over that one. I’ll let you know how it turns out. haha


  118. djafan said

    Kariontour wants to know where we’re at!!!!!

    Tweet her!!!!


    Hey all you Archie’s out there. I know a lot of you will go anywhere to see David but I am doing a survey to (cont)

    …………see where you all live. Just tweet me back with you name, city and state!


  119. Abrra said


    Save your pennies. Give up something and save for VIP. Good seats and David up close and personal FTW!



  120. djafan said


    I’m with Abrra, at least once.


  121. MT said

    Abrra & Dja: If he gets down this way, I’m certainly gonna try! I may only get one chance. He doesn’t seem to like the south very much. 😦


  122. emmegirl said

    118, maybe they are settin’ up a tour. 🙂


  123. Suzy-Q said

    I just got home from visiting my husband. I had him listen to David’s song on my MP3 player from the MoTab concert. He got real teary eyed and when the songs were over he said, “I am so glad that you found him and that you brought him into our lives”. Then I got teary eyed. sniff sniff


  124. Heidijoy said

    Sniff sniff is right Suzy-Q! A blessing indeed.


  125. djafan said



  126. Angelica said

    I tweeted Kari my request that he come to the south. The coast would be great and not a far drive for me. 🙂

    BTW, you can download a free album of Joy Williams and The Civil Wars at this site which was posted on her facebook.

    The new album, Barton Hollow comes out on February 1st. Get this free album while you still can as it is doubtful she will be giving it away much longer. They won 2010 best singer/songwriters on itunes. Great to know David is bff with her and her hubby and I hope he works/writes with her again soon! I love Joy. haha!



  127. MT,
    I have attended 3 concerts.The solo tour was my first.I bought a ticket,packed an overnight bag and drove to Oklahoma City with not even a hotel room arranged, pretty spur of the moment.I almost didn’t go, but Marianne won the argument with Elinor, and couldn’t get me out of the house fast enough! Though alone, I was very glad I went, and my heart felt free and happy to be cruising towards my Idol on the interstate playing my cd full blast! I was smiling the whole way there.
    second time was the summer David/Demi tour, and this last time in Dallas, where I was close enough to jump up and touch Davids hand before he left the stage…Elinor will put up a fight,but my Marianne will fling herself on the chance for a VIP this year.


  128. Angelica said

    Suzy-Q That is so wonderful. (((hugs to you and your hubby too.)


  129. MT said

    Susy-Q: Aww … so nice that David’s music could bring both you and your husband some joy. I hope he continues to get better and better each and every day.


  130. Abrra said

    David fans crashed Joy’s Facebook

    “Profile Unavailable

    Sorry, this profile is not available at the moment. Please try again shortly.”




  131. SuzyQ, awww, that is the sweetest thing ever!

    “Dang! I just finally watched this performance of Joy Williams on Jay Leno on YT and I am blown away! Girl can WAIL and so can he-who-looks-like-Johnny-Depp! I swear this made me holla out loud! I am a fan of this duo for life!!”

    Ditto! I think they sounded amazing!!He REALLY does look like Johnny Depp.


  132. silverfox said

    Suzy-Q, I just caught up on all the comments & I just read about you being snowed in while your hubby was in the hospital! What a nightmare that must have been. I’m so happy you were finally able to get out to see him. I don’t know what’s going on with all this freaky & unusual snow storms in the south where any kind of snow accumulation is rare. (Oh, & I hope you know I was joking about Taco Bell! But I do like their Nachos!) 🙂

    Angelica, I agree about The Civil Wars! WOW! And Joy can sing! And she can write great songs too. I think she co-wrote Waiting For Yesterday didn’t she?

    So Kari wants us to “tweet” her about which city & state we want to see David. hmmmm? Good way to get Twitter followers. 😉 Anyway, good thing I’m working all these mandatory OT hours! I go to work in the dark early morning & come home in the dark early evening. Haven’t seen the sun in weeks it seems! NOT FUN! I’m a little Senseless. But must save those pennies Abrra talked about to add to my “David Tour Fund”.

    Also, would love to see David tour with artists like The Civil Wars or A Fine Frenzy. It will be interesting to see who will be on the bill with David.

    Have to get to bed now. Yes, I have to work tomorrow. No rest yet for the weary, And I’m so weary. But I have David’s voice to keep me company.


  133. silverfox said

    Please excuse my double comment..I really don’t know what I did. Except that I’m really tired & can’t see straight! 😆

    Maybe a nice Admin can delete the first three duplicate paragraphs for me?

    Good night now.


  134. Angelica said

    SF, Done. Night and sleep well. I would love to see him on the bill with Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy or The Civil Wars too. Oh, someone on YT said that Alison was the one who recommended The Civil Wars to them and they were forever grateful to her for that.


  135. emmegirl said

    SuzyQ, great news about your hubby, glad he is doing better. The perfect gift for him as he is recuperating, listening to MOTAB.


  136. Heidijoy said

    Me three- Angelica and SF. I would like to see David on the bill with Alison Sudol and the Cival Wars too. Alison was tweeting good luck to Civil Wars prior to the Leno show. I enjoyed seeing the Civil Wars on Leno and I think Cameron and Jay did too! I would also like to see David with Lady Antebellum (even though they are considered Country)
    Civil Wars is going to be doing shows soon and will be in Salt Lake City Jan 20 and Park City Jan 27 and 28. I’m sure as much as David admires Joy that he will support them. Joy has helped David with MKOP too, I think.

    Good night all.


  137. Suzy-Q said

    Thanks everyone. You are all so nice to pray for us and give words of encouragement. David does bring good people together for good reasons. Bless you all!!


  138. bebereader said


    I got teary eyed after reading your comments tonight. Out of the blue, the other day, my husband said something similar to me. He said “Your David friends are good people.” I know they are but that he notices means so much to me. Best wishes to your husband for a full recovery.

    Regarding Joy Williams, she wrote Waiting For Yesterday, helped on MKOP and also on the song, TOSOD.


    If you have a chance to see David in VIP on the next tour, I highly recommend it. Your memories will fill you up and the good feelings will last forever.


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