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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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My Son’s Graduation ~ A MoTab Saga

Posted by thefunnygirl on Saturday, January 8, 2011

I was never supposed to go to the MoTab concert.  My husband was supposed to be overseas on business that week.  Yes, that week, out of all the possible weeks of ever. Of course. I thought about it, about how maybe it would be ok if Grandma watched the kids.  But what if something happened, and we were both out-of-town?  There was also the money for the flight to consider.  And I work in retail and it is the holidays and the schedule was already done.  And then I’d need a ticket for the concert, which was highly unlikely.  I wasn’t even going to register for the drawing because I could not go.

Two fans asked me to register for them, which I did.  My name was drawn. Of course.  Then their names were drawn. Of course.  Fans starting giving tickets to other fans whose names were not drawn.  My tickets were also given away.  Of course.  My husband wakes up on the day of his trip not feeling well.  He ends up with a nasty stomach flu and doesn’t go on his trip.  OF COURSE.  A few days pass and I resign myself to the fact that I am not going.  That even if I had a ticket, it would be next to impossible to go on a trip right before Christmas, I had to work and the flights were expensive.  My husband tried to console me by telling me that we’ll get the DVD as soon as it comes out.  Bless his heart.  But you and I know that there is NOTHING that compares to David live.  But I’d have to take what I could get.

Then I saw the rehearsal picture.  Then I was done.  Sadness doesn’t describe what I felt.  It was tragic.  This was such a huge honor and accomplishment for David.  It wasn’t so much that I wanted to go for my own reasons, although hearing him with the choir was sure to be like standing in Heaven, but there was a sense of loss for him in my not being there.  Not that he’d even see me, not that he even knows who I am, but that my not being there felt so wrong, in a way I can’t explain. I cried all morning, then I had to go to work.  I sent my husband an e-mail telling him that I have to go.  That we could use his airline points (which we were saving for something else BTW).  I flew my freak flag as high as it’s ever gone.

I told him that I felt like I was missing my son’s graduation.  He told me that David is not my son. I told him that I know that (thank you very much!) but that it doesn’t matter.  He reminded me that I didn’t have a ticket.  I knew that too (duh!) but that would not stop me from trying to get one!  He told me to try to get a ticket then we’d talk.  I posted everywhere that I needed a Sunday ticket.  I was actually already scheduled off on Sunday and Monday.  I got a ticket (THANK YOU sooo much you know who you are!) I told my husband and we started checking flights and he probably still thinks I am crazy.  In all my fandom I always said “I’ve never asked to take a flight to see him!” and now my husband was agreeing to let me use some of the points which we were saving for a family trip, to go to Utah.  UNBELIEVABLE!

Because my husband is not a fangirl, he will never truly understand what this trip meant to me.  I was in Utah for less than 24 hours.  Marciami let me share her room, and I had other offers from other fans as well.  Thank you so much! I had to miss the fan lunches and dinners but I got to see and hear David in all of his glory.  You have read the recaps and seen the videos.  You know the magnificence that it was.  The local people who blogged and tweeted about how wrong they were about him, the tears that were shed, the confidence and smile of the newly grown-up David.  He captivated every person there.  His voice filled the conference center and gripped you by the heart and soul.  I am so ridiculously proud of him.  I showed my husband one video from MoTab, because I wanted him to see that it wasn’t some random concert.  He said “WOW! That was amazing.  I see why you wanted to go.”  🙂

Selfishly, I am over the moon that I got to go.  But the real joy in being there was the love and pride and faith I felt as he bathed us all in the Spirit, and the confidence of knowing that he is truly right where he belongs.  I am blessed and honored to be his fan.  He may not be my son by blood relation, but he most certainly is if measured by love.

81 Responses to “My Son’s Graduation ~ A MoTab Saga”

  1. Pattirae said


    “He may not be my son by blood relation, but he most certainly is if measured by love.” That really hit me because so many people have asked me if David is like the son I never had (I have seven daughters) and I have always answered, “yes, maybe, I guess, I don’t know, probably, sure, most definitely, I’m not sure….” etc. etc. Just exactly how to answer that question has been a puzzle to me. But when FG said in this honest and emotional piece, “I told him that I felt like I was missing my son’s graduation” I really got it for the first time because that is exactly how I would have felt if I couldn’t have been there to witness and soak in the gift of his presence and his VOICE. He is definitely loved like a son of mine would be loved. What a blessing it is to me to have him in my life.


  2. Wanda said

    I’m so glad you were able to go…and that I was able to see you while there! 🙂


  3. sweetonDA said

    FG, you were meant to be sharing in the magnificence of that weekend. I’m so glad you were able to go and be “bathed in the Spirit. I agree with you that he is truly right where he belongs.

    FG and Pattirae, I had to laugh at your comments about him being referred as your son. I’m always telling my family that David was supposed to be my son, but since I remained single he had to go to a different family. They just shake their heads at me, haha.

    I’m so proud of him and all his accomplishments. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring.


  4. Bookaholic said

    So glad you got to have this experience! I knew for a fact I was going come hell or high water…and I got to do it thanks to some generous David friends who won tickets and shared! (I did not win any although I got NINETEEN friends and family to register for me. Life is so unfair!) I heard David sing with the Choir on Friday and Sunday with Thursday and Saturday simulcasts in between. I was in hog heaven, let me tell you! lol What a joy and a thrill to hear David exquiaite voice minus screaming and with the Choir. It was a euphoric experience to say the least!

    I know what you mean about being attached to David as though he were your son. I’m divorced and previously decided that if I meet someone I like, when they ask if I have children, I’ll have to tell them that I have three. Two of my kids are natural born, one is adopted…though he doesn’t know it. He may suspect something, though, since I keep popping up. “Oh, hi. You again.” haha Yep. Thank heaven. And, I do.


  5. Bookaholic said

    Oops! “David’s” exquisite voice. Note to self: proofread next time.


  6. SandyBeaches said

    Pattirea…Wasn’t it just a few short days ago that we were saying “Wow, you have seven daughters”, when we first met you? Well I guess that it was perhaps longer, but the pictures of your daughters are absolutely beautiful. Yes David, the son. That’s it, the son.



  7. I said

    Love…Love David Fans!!


  8. FG,love the picture of David in graduation cap, with diploma in hand.I love your recap!
    “I told him that I felt like I was missing my son’s graduation”…..YES!

    and this,
    “He may not be my son by blood relation, but he most certainly is if measured by love.”
    You speaketh the truth!

    David posesses those beautiful important qualities that are every mothers dream of a son,every woman’s dream of a man, and every child’s dream of a father.


  9. Heidijoy said

    So happy for you FG. It was a once in a lifetime experience! David is more like a “grandson” to me. Ha! Family scratches their heads and friends call me a “Groupie” One nice thing about getting older,is that it doesn’t matter so much what others think! Life is too short to pass up such an opportunity. Forever grateful to SB and the Golden Archies….and of course to the others I met…and to David of course!


  10. FG – you were meant to be there. You made sure you were. That’s how strong your love for your adopted son from UT is 🙂 My kids at times tease me, asking about their 3rd sibling, the youngest, from UT. They know I have adopted David by heart. I remember sending Lupe this special chime shaped in various leaves. In my note to her I mentioned something like now that David is almost always away from home, let the chimes – whenever set off by the wind – remind her that there is always another adoptive archie mom caring for her beloved son, wherever he may be.

    David truly personifies his namesake.


  11. Shawna said

    Wow, FG, I just loved this article!! I am so glad you were able to come and I so wish I had been able to meet you when you did! I was able to spend some fun time with Marcia on Friday and drive her to Zurcher’s to get balloons for David’s birthday to give him along with the book at the CD signing at Deseret Book that night and she is such a sweet special lady! (I grew up in SLC and therefore know the city inside and out, so it was with great pleasure that I was able to help her out and it made me feel so good that she felt so comfortable to ask me that favor) anyways, she was so excited that she was able to find you that ticket and I so wanted to meet you but that never happened, dangit:((( So I hoe there will be another opportunity in the near future to do just that!

    I have three sons of my own, but I too feel David (even though I already have a David) is my “adopted” son too! My five children, most of my grandchildren in listening to their parents talk, and my husband all call him “my boyfriend”! They just don’t get it, that the way I care about him is like a mother cares for her children, wanting the absolute best for them, worried about them, wishing nothing hurts them ever and all the many other motherly instincts we have for our children! I just tell them, especially my own “20 year old”, that they need to learn from this magnificent young man and all he has to teach us! He is wise beyond even my advanced years and a truly inspiring human being for the whole world to see!


  12. Heidijoy said

    JR I had to jump back in here to comment on your beautiful gift to Lupe. Those chimes and your thoughtfulness would bring a Happy tear to any mother!! Thank You for all your efforts which do not go unnoticed here and @ David Chronicles. My best to you and your family too.


  13. djafan said


    “He may not be my son by blood relation, but he most certainly is if measured by love.”

    And love him we do even though he may not understand it. So glad you were able to be there, I know that’s how I felt when Angelica offered me tickets, how could I say no? I knew I had to go, so I completely understand you.


    “David posesses those beautiful important qualities that are every mothers dream of a son,every woman’s dream of a man, and every child’s dream of a father.”

    This hits it on the nail. We as grandmothers, mothers and wives recognized these beautiful qualities in this young man.


    “In my note to her I mentioned something like now that David is almost always away from home, let the chimes – whenever set off by the wind – remind her that there is always another adoptive archie mom caring for her beloved son, wherever he may be.”

    What a beautiful gift JR. If needed at any moment we would surround and protect him, I just know it.


    This aging thing is not my most favorite, in particular this dang menopause, but on the plus side who cares what others think. 🙂

    I was listening to this and was imagining what Bridge Over Troubled Water must have sounded like.


  14. archangel48 said

    Funnygirl, You have said what I feel in my heart. David has been known in my part of the planet, to be my adopted son. And yeah, I know, he doesn’t know me! 😆 I have such a protective nature whenever anything David is happening. I can’t ever say how this “relationship” has changed my life as well as you, or wonderful Angelica and Silverfox, and many others on this comfy site!
    I can honestly feel his genuine love for us, his fans, his “adopted Moms”. Thanks for your recap. I was there with you on Sunday. I haven’t been the same since, and don’t really want to be either! 😉


  15. Pastel said

    Lovely R. I’m so glad you were able to attend. The excitement on your face as I ran into you before the Sunday concert said it all.


  16. TOfan said


    Choking up here over your beautiful story… soooo happy you got to go, only sorry I didn’t get to see you!!!! A lot of little miracles were sparked by that magical MoTab weekend, thanks so much for sharing yours!!!



  17. Angelica said


    You have touched on a truth that is real for many of us. I love him like the son, or child, I never had. (I did manage to parlay my way to 7 grandchildren though, haha.) I love them all but I think God planted a special kind of love in my heart for David. I can’t explain it and I don’t try to analyze or question it. You don’t question a gift from God. I just know that for some reason I’m supposed to love and support him and many of you, I know, feel that same quiet assurance. My reason for thinking this is that I love him beyond all reason, even though there is no lack of reasons to love him. Something else is at work for what purpose I don’t yet know.

    I’m so glad you got to come to Utah and I got to share that experience with you, FG. I enjoyed the late feast on Saturday night and sitting by you for the performance Sunday and taking in a lengthy breakfast afterward. How long did we sit there, 3 hours? lol! You and me Marciami, SB, SF, Djafan and her hubby, ( God help him) listening to us ramble on and on about our son who had made us so proud. At the autograph signing at Deseret Book on Friday, I told David, “I am SO proud of you!”


  18. Suzy-Q said

    You can put me on that list of adopted mothers and grandmothers. I lost my only son when he was almost 20. He died in 1982 but I still miss him so much. I know where he is and that he is happy but not being able to see him or hear him is still painful. I can see and hear David everyday. I can talk about him to other devoted vans. I love him as if he were one of my own and feel so proud of his accomplishments and the person he is. He will never know how much I care about him but it doesn’t matter. It’s true that when you are older you really don’t care what others think. I feel comfortable in my skin. I know by now what I am capable of and I am not afraid to speak up. My family will never comprehend what I feel about this young man who isn’t a family member by blood. I never expect them to. If it hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t understand either. I am so blessed to have been able to be at the MoTab comcerts and witness the beautiful voice of David Archuleta with the choir and orchestra. It is an experience that I will always treasure and remember for the rest of my life. I also really enjoyed meeting so many of you fans. It was a conformation to see so many high class beautiful individuals. All of you had a good aura about you just like David. Thankyou, SB for sharing your heartfelt story.


  19. fg said

    Angelica! I love the graduation picture sooo much!!!
    Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. I was just telling my chiropractor about my utah trip and she was concerned that I was alone. I told her that I knew hundreds of people that were there. she had no idea lol I told her we are everywhere, thousands and thousands of us. she was afraid. LOL


  20. Abrra said

    So glad for you that things worked out! It truly was a Graduation of his music to a new and exciting level.



  21. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  22. Gayle122890 said

    Just a quick hi since my pc time is very limited. Been on a read-only basis from my phone so I’ve been able to keep up somewhat with what’s going on. Though I get frustrated cause I can’t see pics sometimes.

    Pattirae, there are angels from heaven and the love of the ones on earth surrounding you. My prayers for you are added to the many here at The Voice.

    JR, best wishes and prayers for you, your family and especially your dad.

    I love reading all the posts here at The Voice, but FG, this one is special to me because you bring to light that special kind of love some of us have for David. Although unexplainable, it’s there. I’ve given up on trying to figure it. I have a 21-year-old son in the Air Force. I miss him terribly. I worry about him. I relish and treasure the time I get to communicate with him. I am blessed to have him. I am proud of him. What I feel for David is similar but at the same time different. I guess to me it’s different because it holds a separate, special place in my heart that only I know about.

    Djafan, that’s the first time I watch that AMAZING Amazing Grace! Lord, that boy!

    Is the link to the streaming of Falling Stars on allaccess still available? Just wondering, since I haven’t seen it lately along with the other links.


  23. bebereader said


    Here’s the link:

    Stream “Falling Stars” on All Access:


    When I heard you wanted to go to MoTab, I was quietly rooting for you from the sidelines, praying you’d get a ticket. So glad it all worked out!


    So sorry for your loss. David has no idea how many adoptive mothers and grandmothers he has. IMO there can never be too many people who love you.


  24. Abrra said

    I made a new and improved set of MoTab music mp3’s. The newer audio youtubes that came after Christmas were better sound.
    You can download the 5 files here:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  25. And FG, I also find it funny (ha your username always comes by whenever David is mentioned!)that David found it strange at 1st to find “more adult” female among his fans. For a guy who did not even consider himself a heartthrob…

    BTW, Senseless would go super well in Asia. That’s the kind of song Asians are very much into, esp Pinoys. LOL, don’t ask me why but are crazy over broken-hearted love songs!


  26. DJAFAN – “If needed at any moment we would surround and protect him, I just know it.”

    The presidential sec guards does not hold a candle to a determined group of arch angels!


  27. bebereader said

    We’re still in chat!
    Come join us if you can! JR???

    David is singing songs right now from the recent show in Dallas.


  28. Abrra said

    Have you wondered what David looked like in his snowboarding outfit?

    Wait is over! A young fan’s mom blogged about meeting David.

    Oh, and it also happened to be Eva’s lucky day. We were getting on the lifts and look who we saw:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David Archuleta, who happens to be Eva’s crush. On the way up Eva said, “I just had one of those things happen, you know, the thing that you wanted your whole life.” I said, “Your dream come true?” She said her dream had come true to see David Archuleta in real life. So, when we got to the top we waited for him, he boarded past us, Karl stopped him and he was so nice and let us take a picture.

    On the way home Eva whispered, “Mom, it’s not every day that you get to see the person of your dreams.” She is right. What a charmed life she lives. And, well, as parents it seems like we are happy to go out of our way to make all of our kids wildest dreams come true.

    Link to the resort she mentions in the blog:

    They have a ski and snowboarding school:



  29. Abrra said

    We had a wonderful night in chat. Thanks to all who came. It was great to see some new folks drop by! Everyone needs to come. It’s all David all the time. 🙂



  30. SandyBeaches said

    OK, first graduation and now this. Wow, I have a dictionary but the pages have gone blank.

    Fresh air, wonderful time, a tan already, obvious dimple in the chin.



  31. ray said

    he has adopted granfathers also lol


  32. SandyBeaches said

    Ray, that is wonderful to hear. I think that we have all of the bases covered now. I have an account set up for European travel if the need arises. Where I live it is the same flight time to go to England or anywhere in Europe as it is to many US cities. It is all about a day to get there east or west.



  33. 28.Abrra
    “Have you wondered what David looked like in his snowboarding outfit?”
    (insert killer pic here)
    stick in the proverbial fork,I’m done.


  34. Abrra said

    You have to wonder how that small child spotted him in what could pass as a disguise? Fans of any age know when they see The Archuleta!



  35. KathyH said

    Of course David looks great while snowboarding. Of course. I need to save that picture and open it whenever I think negative thoughts about his career. He’s doing fine.


  36. ray said

    abrra, she saw the glow frist,after all he is a messenger from god


  37. wowArchie said

    How do you find this snowboarding pic?! Wow!
    The yellow caution sign on David’s back is like warning all girls in the world “Thud Alert”. Haha.

    I wish I could’ve joined the streaming party last night but my i touch couldn’t do the job. Sigh! Felt left out…sigh again! Dallas show. My favorite “TOSOD”….blue jacket… Hand gesture…. silver lining drawing……Struttings…..eeeek to myself.

    Have a nice Sunday my Voice friends.


  38. emmegirl said

    FG, I so love your article. A simple testament to love…it meant that much to you simply because it meant that much to him. Period. That is the true measure of love. You, too, are a gem.

    And kudos to your husband, what a loving, supportive gesture – even moreso because he doesn’t understand.

    skydancer, what is it about that pic…and them there eyes. I love how he raised his goggles for the pic, ever considerate.

    Kathy, he does look ridiculously happy and relaxed. 🙂

    Enjoyed the chat last night – busy with chores but did a little eavesdropping for my hit of ODD. It keeps me going. Thanks guys. 🙂


  39. Angelica said

    Dang! How does he not melt the snow?

    I made that my desktop background. Happy David with a child. It doesn’t get much better.


  40. Abrra said

    #37 WowArchie
    I subscribe to Google Alerts. Anyone can do this from this page:

    Put in David Archuleta in the search field and give them an email to send the alerts.


    You have that so right!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  41. bebereader said

    Despite the sun in his eyes, he’s smiling for the picture! I’d have been like: argggghhhh, don’t take my picture now! LOL
    I’ve decided I need to see a new picture every day. Is that okay with you David? 😉

    Remember Travis Clark of the rock band, We the Kings? He sent this tweet to our @davidarchie today:

    @travisrclark:@DavidArchie yoo let’s go on tour together this year! <–what a great idea!!!!

    And now twitter is all aflutter about the possibility.

    Surely you recall this video:

    credit dorksrock15


  42. emmegirl said

    Snowing today, beautiful.

    Is that his snowboarding buddy waiting in the background.

    …gotta go, making soup listening to Senseless, over and over. 🙂


  43. bebereader said

    Emme, Girl: You’ve got good eyes! I didn’t see her…ummm…it.


  44. emmegirl said

    bebe, works for me…tour, good! They seem to be pretty good friends, he would have a ball!


  45. nanaweize said

    I’ll bet David has more adopted parents and grandparents than any other guy aound. Thanks for sharing your adventure FC. It was certainly an incredible experience to be at the MTC and David Christmas concert. I am so glad you made it.


  46. djafan said

    Suzy-Q, So sorry about the loss of your son, I can’t imagine that. But I’m glad you are one of the chosen to get David so you may be part of this joy he brings us. Truly a blessing from above.


    I can’t believe there is a picture, what a great picture.

    Emmegirl, what good eyes you have!

    Ray, grandfather’s…check!

    This by Masterclass Lady

    David Archuleta On Star Search

    January 8, 2011

    tags: David Archuleta, Star Search

    In my quest to finally see David Archuleta’s Christmas 2010 performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, I decided to browse YouTube.Com.

    Instead I was treated to a very young David strutting his enormous vocal gift on Star Search. Man, this boy can sing. His gift was and is and will continue to be a gift from God.

    And don’t even get me started with the technical wizardry he applies to his voice- even at this young age. Just brilliant!


  47. marciami said

    FG –
    Thank you for your article – I love reading what you write (even if I’m a dork and don’t say something). You always have the right words – “He may not be my son by blood relation, but he most certainly is if measured by love.”

    Maybe somehow it was meant to be/you were supposed to be there after all. Isn’t it a “coincidence” how your husband got sick and couldn’t go on his trip, there was a ticket for you after you gave yours away, you had the miles, there was a flight, you didn’t have to work, your husband really got it and supported you, your freak flag waved high and strong, …

    I’m so thankful that you witnessed David in all his glory, and that the feelings will be in your heart forever – ” But the real joy in being there was the love and pride and faith I felt as he bathed us all in the Spirit, and the confidence of knowing that he is truly right where he belongs.”


  48. betsy said

    Fg – I am so very glad you went. I remember how heartbroken you were. You were meant to go. Thanks for your beautiful words.

    And that picture of snowboarding David is beyond anything. I just can’t take it.


  49. MT said

    FG: “He may not be my son by blood relation, but he most certainly is if measured by love.”

    ^^ Best explanation ever for how we feel. So, so, true.

    I’m so glad you got to go to this concert. I saw some of your comments and how much you were missing being there. So, I’m sooooo glad that you got to go. I agree with marciami, the way things worked out, it’s as if it was meant to be.

    #28 That pic is just too cute for words. Can you even imagine how adorable the pics will be when it’s his very own little ones? 🙂


  50. emmegirl said

    dja, just the first run in that performance is enough to make your head explode, lol!


  51. Abrra said

    Janey from Snarkies says “Dean was gracious enough to answer a couple of questions I asked about David’s time with the choir. Here is his awesome, rambling response.’

    Dean Kaelin on David’s MoTab Experience

    David invited me to come to the original meeting he had with Mack Willberg back in October where they talked about Mack’s vision of the program, song selection, keys, etc. Unfortunately I was in Nashville that week Showcasing my daughter for some music industry people and labels and so I was not able to attend, but I told David I would be available for a conference call if he wanted to include me. I sent him a text that morning and told him I was available any time he wanted to call, but I didn’t ever receive a call so I assumed everything went alright. When I got back to Salt lake I contacted David and his dad to see how preparations were going and they seemed to feel that everything was going well so I didn’t worry about anything.

    The next I heard was Saturday December 11th and David had just met with Mack Willberg to rehearse his songs for the first time. He came over to the studio and we worked for a couple of hours going through things. All David had received was sheet music and David does much better when he can listen to the song and learn it that way. I was surprised that David was only doing one song from his Christmas album and 5 new songs so it was a lot for him to learn. I was mostly happy with the song choices however, especially the Spanish song and the “Cat and Mouse Carol”. I thought those would both be great for the show. We made a rehearsal CD of the songs and went through them a few times. David then asked me to come to his rehearsal with Mack the next day.

    We worked with Mack the next day. The choir and orchestra had already been rehearsing the material for a couple of weeks, Mack did give us permission to change some notes here and there to feature David’s voice and style. One change that we did insist on though was to do a different arrangement of the Spanish song since the one that was originally done was a slower version, more like a lullaby. The version David was familiar with was much faster and more fun, so we insisted we needed the more up tempo version, (Which incidentally in hindsight was definitely the right decision!) Incidentally, Mack was “blown away” with David’s progress between his first and second rehearsals and how quickly David picked up all the new material after being able to hear it and work with it rather than just having the sheet music!

    David met with the choir and orchestra for the first time Tuesday evening December 14th. I was fortunate to be at his rehearsals both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. I focused mostly on trying to get the sound of David’s microphone the way we wanted to make it warmer and richer and to make sure that the tempos were right. When you have several hundred people performing on a number the tempos tend to really drag. It was important to us to keep the tempos moving. And also in a hall that size the voice can become thin sounding and we wanted to make sure we got the richness of David’s voice. The new arrangement of the Spanish song wasn’t ready until Wednesday so the first time David got to rehearse that was Wednesday night.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I warmed David up by phone Thursday and Friday nights as I had other commitments, but I attended the performance Saturday night. It was stunning! I was extremely proud of David. Especially since there was a constant wave of people coming through wanting to meet David before the performances, even though he was trying to get ready and be prepared for such a big show! David was always very gracious and professional, and even had to deal with a few last minute concerns and changes. Although I was pleased with the whole show I felt that “Silent Night” was the highlight! His voice sounded so great and his emotion so heartfelt it was definitely a special moment. David was also himself, very natural and genuine; acknowledging his fans and waving to them which was fun.

    At 7:45 Sunday morning my phone rang and we warmed David up for his Sunday broadcast. David’s voice sounds great on this type of material and I was pleased that people got to hear the richness, depth and control he has that you don’t get to hear as much when he sings his pop stuff. The Christmas songs were definitely good vehicles for him to show that really does have a wonderful voice with great control. power, emotion and dynamics.

    I was extremely proud of David and very happy with the performances. He definitely won over the audience and the choir and proved he deserves to be recognized with the great vocalists and performers of our day!

    Thanks to Dean and to Janey at Snarkies for getting the response!



  52. bebereader said


    Thanks for bringing Dean Kaelin’s note here from Snarkies. The love and pride Dean feels for David is palpable. I enjoyed reading about the way Dean worked to find the best sound for David’s voice at MoTab. From the youtubes alone, it’s easy to see that Dean succeeded. You can hear David’s voice front and center, loud and clear over and above all the other voices in the arena.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    After coaching David since he was a very young boy until the present, I can only imagine how proud Dean is of David and his accomplishments.


  53. Tawna21 said

    FG–I’m so glad you made it to Utah (sad I didn’t get to meet you–next time). Your comments made me smile and relive some of the conversations that I’ve had with my husband in the past concerning concert attendance. I’ve always insisted (I’ve learned how to fly that ‘freak flag high’) that he go with me, and by dang he’s done it. He’s not ODD by any means, but he is certainly a fan, and he will let people know that.:) He even commented on our way home from a weekend at our daughter’s home this weekend that I hadn’t played very much David, and that he missed hearing it–hint taken, and lesson learned).

    Tofan #16–‘A lot of little miracles were sparked by that magical MoTab weekend..’ how true, how true!!

    Angelica #17–‘You and me Marciami, SB, SF, Djafan and her hubby, ( God help him) listening to us ramble on and on..’—at least my hubby got to watch the BYU bowl game on TV at the Thaifoon while I visited with so many of you!!

    JR–I’m really late with this, but I want you to know how happy I am that your Dad is doing so well. May his recovery continue!



  54. Abrra said

    Thanks for the picture of Dean and David. That was Idol Homecoming day. Dean wrote in his E-book about how rushed they were just as that picture was taken. David asked Dean to help with a vocal warm up and they had about 3 min to get it done before David went on a Fox show in Utah. It seems like he has a harried life when it comes to preparing for the stage. I am so happy for David, now that he is getting some rest and down time.



  55. djafan said

    Thanks for the Dean answers. It so fascinating to hear from someone who David seeks out for musical advice.

    This explains the WEG website.


    @MelindaWEG Does WEG only manage David Archuleta and One Call now? They are the only ones on the website.


    @michael_18 haha no Aaron Carter, Jonas Brothers, Justin Timberlake, Ciara, Jay Sean amongst others. Website is being redone in parts


  56. River said

    I’m thrilled to see David finally into the fantastic snowboarding that Utah offers, but I’d be soo much happier if he were wearing a helmet. For boarding fans you’ll note he rides “regular” and not “goofy-footed”. If I were David I’d just spend then entire month boarding in that paradise of snow.


  57. bebereader said

    Don’t forget to:

    1) Stream “Falling Stars” on All Access:

    2) Vote here for David’s “Waiting On The World To Change” as your favorite all-time AI audition:

    3) Vote here for “Something ‘Bout Love” as your favorite video of the year:

    4) Vote for David’s songs on Sirius Satellite Radio:
    They’re not listed. At the bottom, add David’s name and the song(s) you want to request.

    5) Request David’s music on your local stations.
    Find your state, then the mediabase link. If you don’t see David’s songs listed, fill them in at the bottom. Be sure to include your name and confirmation code.


  58. bebereader said


    You’re so right about the helmet!! Many people are tweeting
    David about it now. I hope he listens!


    I count these two videos in my list of favorites. It’s a switch to see David as the “fan” and have a “M&G” with one of his idols, Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy. She gives him good advice on how to make a record. In one of the Central Park videos, I remember he said that he was influenced by A Fine Frenzy on TOSOD. I listened to “Blow Away” again and can actually see the influence in the use of stretchy choppy vowels and in the laid back feeling of some of the songs on TOSOD. Enjoy!

    In the next video, David starts to sing the chorus with Alison. Then he stops to let her sing her song. Lyrics alone, I can see why David likes the song.

    credit cristobalite4126

    Blow Away

    “Blow Away”

    One of us is gonna be here and
    One of us is gonna be running
    Off alone into the great unknown
    You’re not me, you’re a model of freedom
    All you need are your kicks when you need ’em
    Come and go, caught that slow alright

    With one hand off the side
    We get farther away in the blink of an eye

    And it’s the time we waste
    Swallowed into space
    It’s the time it takes to blow away
    To blow away
    To blow away

    Hey, hey you, yeah you gotta be leaving,
    Say what you want, what you say, say anything
    No one knows just how deep it goes
    We are old in your teenaged tyranny
    And all you need is a hunger to feed
    I’ve got my own secrets though, say what?

    With a heart full of mess and lore
    We are doomed but we wanted more

    It’s the ride we take
    The many winged escape
    It’s the bough we break to blow away
    To blow away
    And we blow away

    One of us is now retreating
    You knocked me down so hard I’m seeing a thousand stars
    Come out where you are
    ’cause I won’t ever be caught crying
    And I will not be taken lying down
    It blows into smoke

    The time we waste
    Swallowed into space
    It’s the time it takes to blow
    It’s the ride we take

    The many winged escape
    It’s the bough we break to blow away
    To blow away
    It’s the times we say that no one’s gonna take your place
    It’s a mistake to blow away
    To blow away
    We blow away.


  59. Angelica said

    Love that vid, Bebe. He is so smitten. 😉


    collage by Hanne of Denmark


  60. Angelica said

    My husband said after I showed him the video, “She is like a female version of David!” There are not many people as gorgeous as David either but she is one of those few. She sings amazingly well live too, like him.



  61. collegemom said

    wow – she really is beautiful! I need to pop over to itunes and buy some of her music. David at his happiest listening to her and boy did he want to sing with her – too many people around watching them!


  62. djafan said

    Angelica, I love that collage and that picture of Alison with red hair is gorgeous.

    Bebe, thanks for the links for voting and requesting, doing both! I hadn’t watched those videos in awhile, they bring a smile to may face.

    David tweets!!!!!

    Hey guys! Skate For The Heart airs this Sunday the 16th at 4pm EST if you wanna watch! I was able to sing a couple of songs 21 minutes ago via txt

    2) Vote here for David’s “Waiting On The World To Change” as your favorite all-time AI audition:

    Remember this!


  63. Heidijoy said

    Thanks Bebe and Angelica, I never tire of watching David and Alison together. I’m happy to be grinning from ear to ear right along with them. Two beautiful spirits for sure. I love reading some of Alison’s tweets since David introduced her to us and she is so thoughtful,just like David. Loved her birthday greeting to him.”dear dear David” ha!


  64. Bebe, and Angelica,
    thanks for posting 58. and 59…so cute that video of David and Allison.I have that it my favorites, they are so adorable together.

    “My husband said after I showed him the video, “She is like a female version of David!” There are not many people as gorgeous as David either but she is one of those few. She sings amazingly well live too, like him.”
    Your husband is right.(notice her use of her hands when she talks too)haha
    Her skin is gorgeous,eyes,dimples, big welcoming warm smile…
    I would say David was as taken back, by her, as we are with him. She’s adorable. See how it feels David??
    that picture of her is gorgeous. Seems the camera loves her, as much as our David!


  65. River said

    Those two videos of Allison and David are 2 of my favorites. He cannot contain the thrill of meeting her, much less listening to her live. That much adorable dimple-ness in one room is almost more than I can take. I immediately bought her newest album and love it. thanks, David!


  66. SandyBeaches said

    This is sad in some ways, I am only joking but hey just helping Bieber out…All of David’s songs could be hits out there in the real world. If you like skip down to the next video!

    …Then there is David. Look for the pretty young lady featured and highlighted in pink at 2:58…We met her in Nashville when she was waiting in line with her mother to watch David perform with Orla Fallon. The cameras found her once more and featured her twice in the DVD. The cameras are drawn to her…She is getting to be known a bit herself her mother said.



  67. SandyBeaches said

    Sorry I see that there are restrictions…Admins. delete if you wish.



  68. Abrra said

    It’s fine.

    All the restriction means is that the video can’t be successfully embeded on another site.

    It can be viewed on YouTube by clicking the link Watch on YouTube.



  69. emmegirl said

    A tangle of dimples and charm and gorgeousness and shy grins and cuteness and hypnotic eyes and quirky expressiveness and adorableness.

    Top video, his laugh at 1:21 and 4:12.

    SB, first thing D needs is a big sparkly heart.

    (wait, he already has one.)


  70. FG said

    Suzy-Q thank you for sharing. I am sorry. I’m glad you have David.

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I love it when I tell my non-David family & friends about blogging, twitter, and fansites. They are shocked that there is so much to talk about. They ask me things like, “how many of you are there?” WE ARE EVERYWHERE. LOL

    I’d be lost without you fellow David fans. So many lovely people, that all share in this unspeakable, impossible, uncharted love of a young man that moves us to healing, uplifts our spirits, and fills our lives with song.


  71. bebereader said

    David tweets!

    I think I have the strangest 14 year-old sister in the world lol 27 minutes ago

    At the same time though I think I have the coolest 14 year-old sister too haha 7 minutes ago


  72. djafan said

    How nice that David is getting to spend some quality time with siblings. He has worked his butt off and I feel that 2011 is going to be great.

    SB, Those videos are tied to Vevo, that’s why they won’t play here.

    I watched and all I can say is that those two are like water and oil, day and night, sweet and sour, sunny and cloudy, I’m sure you all get what I mean. Could you imagine JB at Motab? That was one of the things I said to Angelica after Motab, no way. I read some of the comments and was shocked to see that most of them are positive, they love the song.


  73. bebereader said

    Dja, Like water and oil; they just don’t mix.

    SB, I saw that video on youtube yesterday and couldn’t watch more than a few seconds. The audio was really good; the video not so much.

    On the other hand, this one…well this performance, both audio and video is exquisite.

    credit 15263457689


  74. Tawna21 said

    bebe that video in #73 is amazing! I’ve seen it several times before, but for some reason tonight Davids’s right jawline and neck demanded my full attention. My gosh, he gives that jaw line and neck a serious workout thru that 3 minute song! It’s truly beautiful to watch him play that instrument! IMO. Thanks for posting that–just happens to be one of my very fav songs from the cd.



  75. Angelica said

    My what big jugulars he has! 8)

    He better stay away from vampires. If I were he, I would carry around garlic or a cross and maybe have a wooden stake handy. 😆


  76. djafan said

    Jugulars?! Need to go watch…brb


  77. djafan said

    Jawline, neck, jugulars and that amazing voice are perfect.


  78. djafan said

    Pictures from Quiteblanc of Sacramento Tree Lighting via JR!


  79. SandyBeaches said

    You sure can tell when we have weather disturbances everywhere. Along with stormy Nor’ Easters to grin and bare, we have the common drought that shows it’s first symptoms, the video reviews. The video reviews got us through last winter so maybe we can do it again. Maybe it will only be until March when we can catch a cell cast or two from Asia or a concert video and review. It won’t be a long a drought this time hopefully.

    FG….I have a little ticket story for you. You know that your ticket had to have a story attached, after all there were several thousands of people looking for one just like it!

    In the days of long ago, well not so long ago really, I was granted a few tickets that entered the trade and giveaway page of this site. So that we could go on Saturday night, I traded two Friday night tickets plus to make it all possible I gave two to a little girl of the church for Sunday.
    The good side of this was that I was able to meet Shawna, Heidijiy and FG!!!

    I left home for SLC with two extra tickets ear marked for no one in particular. I had no idea why I did not give them away but knew that there was some unforseen reason. Then, FG really put it out there in the universe loud and
    clear that she really needed a ticket! Thanks for ticket coordinator Marciami, one was waiting for FG when she arrived.

    I found out our own admin. Djafan did not have a much sought after ticket either for Subday so
    thanks to SF she now had one. I had the pleasure of sitting between two fantastic fans, SF and Djafan with cb and Shawna in front of me. You should have seen them all during the standing O for the final concert!! Just imagine them as all being 20 something cheering from the sidelines at a football game or hockey game or something! Oh, of course I was proud of them. The whistles and bravos were outstanding! These cheers were common throughout the entire Conference Center as he was leaving the stage. As David was leaving the stage and no one wanted to see him go.



  80. FG said

    SB – thanks for the ticket story. I could not believe I really had a ticket. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  81. pam05 said

    I loved your write up, it got me chocked up, in a good way 🙂


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