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Angel From the Realms of Glory

Posted by djafan on Monday, January 3, 2011

We had a clear view from the window of the Blue Lemon Café into Deseret Book across the street, still lit up and abuzz with activity.  If a gap in the crowd had afforded it, we could have seen David Archuleta sitting there still, continuing to sign autographs while we took in a late dinner.  Our little gathering consisted of me, Silverfox with her sister Hooked, Djafan, SandyBeaches and Marciami.  With the exception of Marciami, I had just met everyone at the table for the first time that night.  It is a surreal sensation when the tectonic plates of the virtual world slide into the real one.  SandyBeaches was trying desperately to explain to us what she had witnessed that night in David’s performance.  In the end she was left to simply repeat the refrain, “You do not know this man.  There is no way to even describe what he did.”  Yet all around the table, everyone continued to try to  describe to Djafan and me what we were in for on the following evening.  Their excitement was contagious and we were all so captivated by the discussion that we lost track of time until the lights of the restaurant flickered off and on to signal to us that it was time to go.  On a nearby corner we said goodnight and went our separate ways.  I was the only one staying at my hotel but it was less than a block away.  I turned to see them still standing vigil on the corner till I was almost there.

It had started to snow, tiny flakes spinning rapidly in the air as they plunged toward me.  In years to come, I will remember that weekend in Salt Lake this way:  as a flurry of images and feelings rushing at me like whirling snowflakes, some dissolving on contact, others remaining intact to stay in my memory forever.

I remember…entering Deseret Book shortly after checking into my hotel to meet Djafan for the first time and gathering her up in the biggest hug!   Climbing the stairs to the second floor of the Thaifoon restaurant to the joyful noise of over a hundred excited fans all talking at once.  More hugs and warm greetings from so many again, some I had met before but most for the first time.  Sipping hot cocoa from a paper cup at Deseret Book while waiting in a line that slowly wound around bookshelves and meeting and hugging and talking with so many more fans.  Oh the fans, as Dr. Seuss would say, the fans, fans, fans, fans, fans!  So many that even when I rounded the corner to where he sat it was impossible to catch a glimpse of him until I was almost to him.  And suddenly, there he was, just come from the stage and glowing as though lit from within by that same Presence  that had been with him there, and that lingered with him still.

The next night I was sitting in the massive Conference Center with twenty-one thousand others when he strode onto the stage impeccably attired in a tux accessorized with green plaid vest and tie.  Like my dinner companions the previous night, I have difficultly describing what occurred.  After each song he would leave the stage to thunderous applause.  Each time he was spotted walking back on from stage right, something akin to an electrical charge emanated from him and coursed through the entire theater.  And that was before he ever sang.  To say that he was confident would be an understatement.  He was not only self-possessed, he took total possession of the stage whenever he stood on it.  He was filled to the brim with a buoyant charisma and a joy born of the Spirit that was palpable.  Surely place played a factor in this city where prophets and apostles walk and angels tread behind veils so thin their whispers are carried on the wind that courses through this mountain valley.  As he sang with such love and tenderness of the birth of the baby Jesus, the windows of his beautiful soul sparkled.  I can not even describe the magnificent heights he reached.  It is too much to capture in words.  Only the music can tell the story and only David could make you understand it so well.

Each song was a work of art that was constructed to build and build to a breathless crescendo.   Every single song ended in a final note that was magnificent.  Unbelievable.  Other-worldly.   The final “His birth” from the Cat and the Mouse Carol, the glorious “deo” from Angels from the Realms of Glory, that soared far above all other voices and instruments competing with him on that climactic ending.  The exultant Spanish carol, A Pastores A Belen, in which he smilingly channels the jubilation of laughing, running shepherds ending with a rousing “la!” as he thrusts the mic up in the air over his head with a snap that left my heart pounding out of my chest!  And finally coming to the end of Silent Night, standing perfectly still, he produced that seemingly effortless, ethereal “at Thy birth.”  He just opened his mouth and the word “birth” issued from him and kept flowing and moving further and further outward until it hung shimmering in the air, a bluish-gold incandescent tone straight from the heart of eternity.

I remember…an elaborate storybook stage setting, dancers cavorting, bells ringing, heavenly voices singing, the tender soliloquies of Sir Michael York, the majestic organ solo.  These images spin and collide with those of warm hugs and warmer conversations, lights of red, gold and blue, chicken satay and crème brulee and cocoa in a paper cup.

In the morning I would return to see him perform each song again, flawlessly.  And that evening I would gather all these swirling images, like great armfuls of snow, and carry them home.

207 Responses to “Angel From the Realms of Glory”

  1. bluesky said

    Thank you, Angelica. Good job!

    (I nod to you from a distance. Heads tucked before computers. Mellow lights glowing in rooms beyond on a quiet winters night…… Just: Thanks.)


  2. bluebird19 said

    Oh, my, Angelica, you write beautifully. That’s such a heartwarming description of the sounds, sights, tastes and emotions of your wonderful experience with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, David and fans at the Christmas concert. Thanks so much.

    “It is a surreal sensation when the tectonic plates of the virtual world slide into the real one.” ← Love this.

    “He was filled to the brim with a buoyant charisma and a joy born of the Spirit that was palpable.” ← And this.


  3. jackryan4DA said

    Dear Angelica,

    Tears… That’s the only response I could muster.

    Thank you & Happy New Year


  4. bluebar said

    Intense, sincere and heartfelt! Thank you, Angelica.
    Your beautiful words do capture all that is David at this wonderful time. He is blessed in this life… and has surely enriched ours!


  5. MunkFOD said

    Dear Angelica, this is wonderful….awesome….powerful….and just like Jackryan4DA said…..”tears…that’s the only response”

    I couldn’t be there, but from what I have read and heard so far I will say the David was possessed with extra power, light, joy, love ….whatever you want to call it. He is full of that anyway, but I think it must have been spilling out everywhere. Thanks for your awesome article!


  6. FG said

    “He just opened his mouth and the word “birth” issued from him and kept flowing and moving further and further outward until it hung shimmering in the air, a bluish-gold incandescent tone straight from the heart of eternity.” THISSSSS!

    Thank you! What an amazing, beautiful recap. The screencaps here capture a moment in time so glorious. There he was, in his perfection, love pouring out of him and being sent back to him from everyone there. God was surely smiling at the sight.


  7. Kizzi said

    Angelica – Your words captured the majesty, the purity and the spirituality of David’s performances intermingled beautifully with what it was to be there. Thank you for putting into words what defies description.

    Happy New Year.


  8. vlm said

    Omg Angelica, I am mesmerized with the words that flow out from your heart and soul. What a wonderfully written article to start the new year. Thank you my friend.


  9. awestruck said

    Angelica – “Only the music can tell the story and only David could make you understand it so well.” I too have no words to describe how David ‘performed’ but your words gave a true sense of feeling of your entire experience and that touches my heart, thank you.


  10. emmegirl said

    There are no words for what you described and how you described it.


  11. hooked said

    Angelica – your beautiful account just stirred everything up in me again, just as I was coming down from the heights of one of the most beautiful experiences in my life.

    Hope everyone had a memorable Christmas and I wish everyone a very happy 2011. And as usual, thanks to all of you who post here – it is my therapy!


  12. betsy said

    Dear Angelica,
    Just beautiful. Thank you.


  13. Suzy-Q said

    Angelica, Your article best describes what I saw and felt while I was in Utah. Thank you for putting into words what was difficult for me to express. The whole feeling of seeing David at the book signing was true for me too. He looked absolutely radiant. It took my breath away when I saw his face. Your description of his presence on stage is so true. Every word of it. It was a priviledge meeting you at the Thaifoon.


  14. Jeff said

    Angelica, that is the most beautiful recap I’ve read yet, and I love them all. Your description of each song being a work of art, the final note, “his birth”, that amazes me each time I hear it, you captured it so perfectly for those of us who couldn’t be there. May I say your recap, is also a work of art.


  15. OmgDavid said

    Angelica, Wow! what a beautiful recap. Thank you for bringing me back to Utah and feel the awesome feeling all over again. wow!!!!!


  16. nanaweize said

    I was there Saturday evening and it’s just the way she said…just sayin!!

    Angelica…made me feel just like I was there again! Thank you so much!


  17. Heidijoy said

    Beautiful Memories captured so well! Thank You,Angelica


  18. FG said

    I have had a vision that one day soon David’s expressive face shall grace the big screen in a dramatic role. Look at all he’s done already. I can’t wait.


  19. Fiona said

    Wow Angelica, that was so beautiful! Tears! Thank you so much!


  20. KathyH said

    Your telling is beautiful, Angelica. I like the analogy of the snowflakes whirling, some catching hold in your thoughts forever.


  21. Marylee said

    “…the windows of his beautiful soul sparkled”.

    Angelica..your recap is absolutely beautiful. I am so thankful that others can capture & express exactly what I experienced myself but unable to put into words.

    I can honestly say that the MOTAB memories will live with me forever..etched lovingly into my blessed to have been there & witness the magic that is David Archuleta.


  22. sweetonDA said

    Angelica, your words have left me speechless. Oh, to beable to express my thoughts and feelings as you do. Thank you for doing it for me. I especially loved this,

    “He was filled to the brim with a buoyant charisma and a joy born of the Spirit that was palpable. Surely place played a factor in this city where prophets and apostles walk and angels tread behind veils so thin their whispers are carried on the wind that courses through this mountain valley. As he sang with such love and tenderness of the birth of the baby Jesus, the windows of his beautiful soul sparkled.”

    Happy day to all!


  23. TOfan said

    Angelica, LOVE your gift for describing the indescribable… just beautiful *sniff* … soooooo wish we could’ve shared that table with you guys into the wee hours!!! <333


  24. Oh Angelica..this is just beautiful! Thank you


  25. bebereader said


    After experiencing such an epic event, it could not have been easy to write this recap. The easy part, I suppose, is to write every detail. To pare it down to just the right amount of words is the trick. How to convey the high points if the entire experience was magic? It’s no surprise that you succeeded on all counts and from someone who was unable to be there, I thank you!


  26. MT said

    Angelica: Stunning recap!!

    “He just opened his mouth and the word “birth” issued from him and kept flowing and moving further and further outward until it hung shimmering in the air, a bluish-gold incandescent tone straight from the heart of eternity.”

    ^^^ Love the way you describe it, as if his voice is almost a tangible thing. ❤


  27. Renaid said

    Angelica, this is the most beautiful re-cap. It makes me even sadder not to have been there to experience the whole thing. Your writing is the next best thing. You have a magnificent gift. This is a beautiful gift to all of us who come to TheVoice. Thank you. Now if I can clear the tears from my eyes I will go back to re-read.


  28. River said

    As I read this, the very same shivers and chills began to emanate outward to my fingers just as it happened at my MOTAB concerts. I’ve come to realize that these same feelings will always return when I think of those magical moments and the man and his voice who made it so phenomenal. I told him so on Friday and received that endearing “oh…. thanks”. I don’t think he will ever fully realize what his performances really mean to his devoted fans, but we can continue to try to tell him.
    NYEve was pure joy in sub-freezing conditions. I’m so excited for the future I can hardly contain myself. Tour? Be still my heart.


  29. djafan said

    Angelica, I’m with everyone else here, your words not only paint a picture but also make you feel the feelings, if that makes sense.

    I was there and was left emotionally dumbfounded by the experience and now I’ve been taken back to my Utah weekend with your senses filled recap.

    It was all the more special sitting with you, SB, Hooked, SF and Marciami all the while trying to understand and feel what SB was trying to describe, I understood perfectly the following night.

    I again want to thank you ladies for making this unbelievable trip such memorable time.

    Angelica and the screen caps are perfect.


  30. Bright Light said

    Angelica, thanks so much for the beautiful recap!


  31. Angelica said

    Thank you all so much! New vlog!


  32. cb said

    Dear Angelica,
    Thank you for sharing your feelings and memories of an incredible experience. It was something we who were blessed to be there shared, and yet it was so very personal to each one of us at the same time.
    I loved your words “I will remember that weekend in Salt Lake this way: as a flurry of images and feelings rushing at me like whirling snowflakes, some dissolving on contact, others remaining intact to stay in my memory forever.” I love that you can put into words so beautifully and poetically the fragility and strength of that experience.
    As I drove home with David’s Christmas music playing in my car, hearing it was different! I could still hear his voice live, see the emotion on his face, and feel the spirit we experienced there. Tears came, because I wished so much that it could always stay that clear, that real, and that I could hold on to the full wonder of what I had just exerienced.
    The emotion and feeling David conveys when he sings, is something I cannot explain, but I guess it does explain the phenomenom that seeing him and hearing him sing live once, can never be enough. Your soul just wants more. He is simply, a gift.

    ps. I loved meeting you, dja fan, silverfox, hooked, marciami, and seeing SandyBeaches again.
    pps. David’s face is heartbreakingly beautiful in the pictures you chose.


  33. silverfox said

    Just got home from work and saw David finally posted a VLOG! So first things first.

    David, David, David! As I listened to David, I was thinking how different his “normal, just David” persona is from his electrifying “stage” persona. He’s like two different people. We all see it. We all know it. His “transformation” on stage is so complete and it tells me he could be and will be if he chooses to go that route, a really good, even a great actor someday. I’m thinking of another Star who was also known as “The Voice” way before David was born, and who also became an Oscar worthy actor, Frank Sinatra. It’s really not so far-fetched. I’ll just say “Told ya so!” when he makes his first movie. But I’m not the only one who knows David has what it takes. 😆

    Now I’ll read Angelica’s recap.


  34. bebereader said

    Silverfox, I’m in total agreement. I’m waiting for the day we’ll see David on the big screen. It’s only a matter of time.

    This, just posted on youtube!

    Great Quality Audio from Anaheim by butterflygirl1987

    My Kind of Perfect

    Touch My Hand


    Stomping The Roses (partial)


  35. bebereader said

    Other Side Of Down

    Falling Stars


    My Hands


  36. bebereader said

    Something ‘Bout Love


    The First Noel

    Pat A Pan


  37. bebereader said

    Parachutes and Airplanes


    To Be With You


  38. ascphil said


    Once more, a wonderful recap with rich imagery which replicates a very personal experience that could only be shared and felt with picturesque metaphors. Your writing is like a painting being composed before our very eyes, a painting that evokes a lot of emotions that only a true artist can bring to life.

    I could only imagine the magic David brought to the Conference Center with the few videos of his MoTab performances, because we all know that videos and recorded audios do not capture the full wonder and euphoria of experiencing him live. But in your lyrical descriptions, you managed to make those of us who weren’t there feel the awe and grandeur of that enviable experience. Thank you for your gift of bringing it to virtual life through words.

    I look forward to watching David’s vlog when I get home. My first day of the year at work didn’t come out as well as the New Year’s greetings I’ve been getting. I’m just so grateful that David continues to be such a source of bright light and joy in an otherwise grey-colored world. It’s what I need right now more than ever.


  39. silverfox said

    So David has put me in a really good mood as his VLOGS always do. And so I was ready to read Angelica’s recap. Now I’m feeling happy & sad at the same time. David does that to me a lot. I can’t wait til next Christmas to see David with the MoTab Choir on TBS & to get the CD! Reading Angelica’s recap, her unique descriptions of David’s performances just brought back all the feelings I felt as I watched David on that huge stage where he was larger than life. When he was on the stage, he became the focus. Everything else became secondary. The choir was sublime, the orchestra was great, the dancers were wonderful. But when David came on, they all but disappeared. The the love & reverence in the beautiful Conference Center when David performed is a feeling like nothing I have ever felt in my life. As I read Angelica’s words, I was able to relive those few glorious few days again through her eyes. And being able to relive that weekend is a gift and oh so sweet! David says it was “one of the most incredible, most special things” he’s ever done in his life. I don’t think anything I will ever do the rest of my life will equal the magic of those four days, ever.


  40. silverfox said

    Geesh! Please excuse the typos & my grammar. David does that to me, a lot. I make no sense sometimes. 😉


  41. Angelica – have never read such beautiful descriptive words that left visual images so moving in my mind & heart. Made my heart ache. Thank you for enlightening my life.

    All that has happened in the last two weeks made me realize that I hadn’t seen David in over a year. Been bummed and so disappointed I let that happen. However seeing his NYE performance of TOSOD (and the audiences getting into his performance) picked me back up. Oh please let there be a solo tour soon.


  42. silverfox said

    Oh yes, and the photos Angelica used are so, so, so…there are almost no words…

    I keep looking at those gorgeous photos, with David looking so fine it’s almost like he just can’t be real cause no man can look like that & be real.

    Then I look at David’s Vlog & he’s “Just David” who we love so much. So sweet, so funny, so cute & handsome at the same time and I can’t help but smile from start to finish.

    David Archuleta is a treasure!

    Bed time for me, Good night!


  43. poof said

    I have cried more than a few buckets of tears listening to David sing. When I knew I would not be going to Mo Tab, I cried tears of disappointment. I can’t remember doing that as an adult. Thank you Angelica for your lovely recap. You and all the other thoughtfilled, detailed accounts have taken me there with you. I truly believe there will be many more opportunities such as this for David, and for me. Hopefully, the next time you can Buy a ticket!

    Yes, we are never satisfied,,,,, Hope you are thinkin’ up a video to go with this incredible event!


  44. Tawna21 said

    Dearest Angelica…I am in love with your words, your feelings, and your heart. You entrusted me (and all of us) with your special feelings from a very special week-end, and I have come away with an even deeper love and reverence for my own feelings (and for you) from that weekend. Like you,”I have difficultly describing what occurred”, so I don’t even try to those who weren’t there. All I can say to anyone who asks about it, is “I can’t describe it in any way other than to say that I was actually in Heaven for an hour and a half.” They seem to be satisfied with that answer, because they don’t ask any more questions. I have talked to a couple of neighbors, one was in the choir and the other an attendee like myself and my husband. They are both as in awe as I am. The choir member shed tears with me as she and I conversed Sunday evening about the experience. The other neighbor couldn’t get over the wonder of David. He told me he really hadn’t been a ‘fan’ (he was very respectful in the use of the word), although he knew of him from AI. I smiled and told him that I am, and with his very broad smile he told me how he could see why. I love finding people like this.

    Angelica, this, “He was filled to the brim with a buoyant charisma and a joy born of the Spirit that was palpable. Surely place played a factor in this city where prophets and apostles walk and angels tread behind veils so thin their whispers are carried on the wind that courses through this mountain valley. As he sang with such love and tenderness of the birth of the baby Jesus, the windows of his beautiful soul sparkled. I can not even describe the magnificent heights he reached. It is too much to capture in words. Only the music can tell the story and only David could make you understand it so well”, is absolutely profound. I found myself walking more reverently through Temple Square and feeling more heart-felt love for the beautiful buildings there than I have for quite some time. Christmas, for me, this year went to a whole new level.



  45. Dayzee said

    Bravo Angelica!! I am grateful for your talent that enables you to explain the fantastic spirituality that infused David’s performances at the Conference Center. Yes, his “joy born of the Spirit” was an ethereal experience.
    Then I see him in his new blog. He has shucked his “SuperDavid” outfit and schleps around trying to tell us he is too inept to make a decent blog. I am amused that he is so comfortable in his “Dork” image. Whether he is in his joy while performing or encouraging us to improve as human beings, he always makes us smile.
    There are so many facets to David, and they are all brilliant. It is such a pleasure bask in his aura.


  46. Tawna21 said

    Dayzee–“There are so many facets to David, and they are all brilliant. It is such a pleasure bask in his aura.”

    I totally agree!!



  47. djafan said


    Then I look at David’s Vlog & he’s “Just David” who we love so much. So sweet, so funny, so cute & handsome at the same time and I can’t help but smile from start to finish.

    How does he do it?

    Dayzee–”There are so many facets to David, and they are all brilliant. It is such a pleasure bask in his aura.”

    This continues to be an observation by many. He has so many sides to him and I agree that he should be in movies, hoping that someone starts working on this.


  48. bebereader said

    Don’t forget:

    Vote for David and Falling Stars here:

    New poll: Vote for CFTH for best holiday album!
    CFTH needs more votes! (right side of screen)

    Vote here for David’s “Waiting On The World To Change” as your favorite all-time AI audition:

    Vote here for “Something ‘Bout Love” as your favorite video of the year:

    Request David’s music on your local stations.
    Find your state, then the mediabase link. If you don’t see David’s songs listed, fill them in at the bottom. Be sure to include your name and confirmation code.


  49. Abrra said

    Reading this article made me feel like I was in the concert hall with all of you. As I read I could hear him sing those beautiful notes! Your words, Angelica, are brush strokes on a canvas. The painting when finished reveals a glorious event and a lasting memory of David’s music that weekend. All who saw and heard him with the choir have been changed for good. I was not at the concert, but it is hard to deny the grandness of his voice we heard on the videos. The DVD can’t come soon enough!



  50. dakgal said

    Angelica–Angelica–what an appropriate user name for you, as you are truly an angel with words. You are able to transpose the beautiful mystical aura David has into words for us to reach out grab and hang on to.

    “David, David, David! As I listened to David, I was thinking how different his “normal, just David” persona is from his electrifying “stage” persona. He’s like two different people. We all see it. We all know it.”

    Silverfox, I couldn’t agree with you more, and love him even more because of it. He had me giggling at 3:56-4:04, he wants to say “brain fart”–you can see his lips forming the “f” but says brain dead instead. It’s OK David you can say “brain fart”, at least twice a year–no harm–in fact you alone are personally responsible for hundreds of us being in that condition when we meet you.

    A belated Happy New Year to all my family here on this site.


  51. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica, the events of that evening and the concerts to follow were all so true but unexpected and it sounds just as magical as it was. For the one evening that we were all together after the book signing, we had the old fashioned snowfall for Christmas. By the time we were walking back to our hotels, we were practically the only ones in the snow covered streets.

    We could see the majestic, snowcapped, mountain just outside our hotel window and in front of the mountain was the Conference Center. Each evening we looked out our window as the crowd started to gather and hastily we made our way to stand in line at our assigned door knowing that the earlier we were in line, possibly the better our seats would be. The crowd was in a jovial humor as we waited with them. I do not know why it is, but we can not keep from talking about David to complete strangers telling them all about his magnificent voice and just how wonderful they would find him to be.

    Some of us had a terrible habit of being late for the planned events and for that I am truly sorry, but we stood in line for the concerts sometimes standing two hours before the doors opened. On Sunday morning through the darkness and winter weather, we saw people as early as 7:00 am heading out, so we quickly followed.

    There was a most dignified businessman and his elegant wife sitting next to us unaware of David and what they were about to see and hear. When David returned to the stage with Michael York during the applause for the encore, the dignified gentleman along with other gentlemen sitting close by, took to boisterous cheering like David (together with Michael York), had just hit a ball right out of the park. This recognition for such a musical presentation was enjoyable in itself. Few singers ever experience the glorious portrayal of their talents as David did during those four unforgettable concerts.

    So now we look ahead at what this means for David. The powers that be in the entertainment industry have either seen or will see the concerts worldwide. It will not be just us the fans who realize David’s remarkable talents anymore. He is forever in the history books of one of the most famous choirs in the world, the Tabernacle Choir. He will be found under the chapter titled “The Most Outstanding Opening Night Guest Singer”. By the time Sunday was approaching, they had 8,000 more people searching for tickets. We have just witnessed the most important performances in his career and perhaps what we saw will play a big part in his future. Rest easy friends, his future career is now in the making.

    He opened up hearts and souls in Salt Lake City and walked right on into their lives.



  52. poof said

    He opens up hearts and souls wherever he walks, and yes, right into our lives. 🙂


  53. djafan said

    Dak, Happy New Years to you too!

    WOW SB!

    I made a collage 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  54. palmtreephan said

    Simply, stunningly beautiful, Angelica. To be given the opportunity to feel what you felt in SLC that weekend is such a gift…..thank you.


  55. YJfanofdavid said

    Angelica, You just turned recap into an art form in and of itself. Your words are music to our ears, literally. Bravo and thank you!


  56. MunkFOD said

    #51 SB I really enjoyed reading your comments! Sometimes when we are waiting and things are quiet about tour etc. some people start to panic about David’s future. I have to sit back and smile….knowing that he is a force to be reckoned with… a force that we don’t have control over… :)) His performance with the MoTab was one for the history books and will be written in hearts for a very long time. Then the great NYE performances, new fans were created I am sure. ..He opened eyes and hearts again. When David spent this last year writing TOSOD album, with strong impressions as to what he should do and standing up against “the powerful” in the industry, I had to remember his strong feelings about singing “Imagine” and what has come of that. Gosh! I am so excited to see what this next year will bring! I love this ride! I love David, his music, and the wonderful friends I have come to know thru him. I agree SB! ” Rest easy friends, his future is now in the making.” Thanks so much! 😀


  57. attention Bebe**** ahh I have been basking in 34,35,36,37 audios this morning.Thanks for posting these!
    All so fabulous, but the sweet sounds of of “My Hands” acappella ending,sent chills up my spine, neck, head, and into my hair! David’s voice was so powerful in Anaheim.Everyone there, including the bandmembers had to have been blown away. holy smokin’ vocal prowess Batman!!

    P.O.(personal observation) in Dallas and Anaheim*** I love the new band members,each one is extremely talented in their own right.. but I would really like to see them pull back a little bit on the volume*bass* when they play for David. It is something that others before them quickly learned to do,when playing for David on tour. (meant with all due respect guys,just sayin’)my ears still hurt a bit from the Majestic.

    52.Dja! love the collage, love that sweetie pie face. Gahhh I have such a thing for that chinney chin chin!!

    Angelica, the more I reread your beautiful words, the more I reread your beautiful words.:)

    Dear Abrra, I have now moved my kitchen fire extinguisher next to my CD player,as it’s been SMOKIN’ HOT!


  58. 50.Dakgal haha…and all along,I thought David was trying to say brain “freeze”!! LOL!


  59. Angelica said

    Sorry for the drive by thank you yesterday. I was a little excited about a new vlog to post! I really do appreciate all the nice feedback. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

    Dak and Sky,

    I knew he was wanting badly to say brain fart, (haha I laughed watching him struggle with it too.) But even though he had tweeted the word, I guess he didn’t think it was appropriate for a spoken vlog.

    I was just on another site and they say he was wanting to “ride a blimp.” And someone in a article thought he said “write a book.” I sctually thought he said, “write a bloomph.” LOLOL!
    I thought maybe that is some new bloggy/twitter thingy. Not as big as a book, but larger than a tweet. Wait, that would be a blog, wouldn’t it? I was kinda looking forward to it. 😳


  60. Abrra said

    Today in my mail an older video from AI7 Tour showed up. I listened to it and marveled at David’s vocal skills yet again. It was Tacoma, WA summer 2008. The video is overexposed but the sound is just wonderful.

    Each song is sung with such passion. I closed my eyes and just listened.

    all credit missbianca55

    Bring on the tour dates!



  61. Archugeezer said


    I have come back to read your beautiful words several times now. I just let them cascade over me like those whirling snowflakes you describe because they allow me to revisit the feelings of that magical weekend, and I can’t seem to get enough of it. So, thank you for this–simply exquisite and sublime.

    And thank you to others for your comments. I have especially enjoyed your personal reflections of the experience in Salt Lake City, and I only regret that I wasn’t able to meet more of you there.

    Happy New Year, everyone!


  62. FG said

    Abs – Tacoma Apologize?? – oh no u didn’t! I thought I broke that video a long time ago! Did we not see the writing on the wall waaay back then? Whoa.nellie.gah.


  63. bebereader said

    SB, Thanks for adding to the picture Angelica painted in her recap. The more I read about that magical weekend, the more I want to read. Each aspect of David’s multi-faceted personality is equally appealing…the reverent MoTab David, David, the casual vlogger and David the artist, onstage.

    Sky, I particularly liked My Hands from Anaheim too! The new band sounds great harmonizing at the end, with virtually no time to practice.

    FG Re: Tacoma Oh the writing was there, in bold letters!

    Djafan…You’re killing us with that collage! Just saying! 😉

    Don’t forget:

    Vote for David and Falling Stars here:

    New poll: Vote for CFTH for best holiday album!
    CFTH needs more votes! (right side of screen)

    Vote here for David’s “Waiting On The World To Change” as your favorite all-time AI audition:

    Vote here for “Something ‘Bout Love” as your favorite video of the year:

    Request David’s music on your local stations.
    Find your state, then the mediabase link. If you don’t see David’s songs listed, fill them in at the bottom. Be sure to include your name and confirmation code.


  64. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe…yes the recaps. What we don’t have is a recap by FG!!! Starting from the moment she arrived in the Hyatt hotel in time to join us in a late night lunch. Please write FG you had us laughing so hard that I thought they would ask us to perhaps be a little more quiet at least. David’s fans coming together for the purpose of seeing and hearing David, makes everyone have a happy disposition. So many fans were unable to be there FG and hey do it for the cause of sharing the good times. Hmmm, your screen name is FUNNY GIRL…



  65. pattiNC said

    Angelica, wow you have a way with words…I felt like I was there…thank you for painting a picture for those who couldn’t be there!
    Imagine what a 20 year old, stylin’ David would sound like singing Apologize now??!! (btw, that suit was especially compared to what he’s been wearing lately!)


  66. djafan said

    I’m going to join SB and ask FG to share, she sure had us laughing. What was it we were eating, nachos, chicken wings, kung pao shrimp and fried rice, chips, sandwiches, was it at midnight?

    That was the night that I waited to see if I could meet refnaf after you all left, and I did!

    PattiNC, he sure has been styling 🙂


  67. Abrra said


    Killer vocals!

    You may have to RUN for your life when SF& FG read your comment on THE SUIT! Hahaha !

    I made mp3’s to share of The grove-Anaheim audio.Here is a link to the folder.

    Crush is missing and Stomping the Roses is a partial. Over all its a good set.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  68. fg said

    Lol you guys! I sent my recap in today, but I left out the nachos. tee-hee


  69. emmegirl said

    bebe, thanks for the links! Love the pic they used on wajk!


  70. dakgal said

    Speaking of pictures–when are they ( whomever that is) going to start realizing that there are more current pictures of David available for his promos. I mean for heavens sake, using a two year old video clip ( from Crush) on Fox to show who the featured singers are for the night. If they are to lazy to hunt, they can contact “The Voice” we have plenty of ( as abs would say) HAWT ones. Hey, who ever you are —GET with the program!!!


  71. Suzy-Q said

    DJAgal, I think that David was about to say “Brain Freeze” because he has said that when he was referring to writing music. Just Saying lol

    Silverfox, I think that David is a natural for movies. His face expressions are always so antimated and he can express his feelings through his eyes. A good actor has to be able to connect with the audience in a lot of ways. David has the ways as we see him perform his music and I am sure he oculd do the same as an actor. Also, famous actors have unique faces and jestures that the public never gets tired of. They just want to see more and can’t get enough. My favorite movie stars at the ones that I can watch their mivies over and over again. Think of Merl Streep, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan and Johnny Depp. I know that I am repeating myself from a few months ago. I guess I like the subject of David as an actor and having his beautiful face on the big screen, someday. That would be so grand.


  72. SandyBeaches said

    Tell it like it is Dak…people get more lazy all of the time…they just have to ask for help!

    FG…Guess our wires crossed and I had a thought that a recap was in the wind…



  73. bebereader said

    FG, Can’t wait to read your recap!

    Emmegirl, That pic has edge but I wish they’d’ve spelled “Falling” correctly in “Falling Stars”. (Am I the only one who noticed?)

    Suzy-Q, I agree; David is a natural for movies. He connects with his audience when he sings. The audience connection can easily transfer to acting.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Credit Unknown
    (Translation: idk who it belongs to.)


  74. emmegirl said

    dakgal, noticed that too…a 17 yr old pic and he just turned 20, jeez!


  75. emmegirl said

    The screencap bebe, gracious.. look at that face.


  76. dakgal said

    SB–well it makes me very upset–know wonder some people that are not followers still think of him as the cute widdle 16 year old kid from Sesame Street –er– I mean American Idol.

    To be fair in his next promotion spot, they, (the people that be) should show pictures of “The Beav” sitting in his high chair.

    David has worked his behinder off–and deserves to be shown in the best most up to date light possible.

    Drive by rant over and out!


  77. bebereader said

    *uncontrollable laughter here*

    (It’s Dak’s fault!)


  78. gladys said

    Girls, I have to tell you something, I connect with alfredo through facebook and this is the chat we had in messages.
    All messages were in Spanish and was kind enough to answer me in Spanish, what a blessing.
    I am sending a copy of the talk., I apologize but this all in Spanish.
    I’m happy, says the team of David are fighting for a tour but it is very difficult.

    Entre Alfredo Herz y Tú

    Gladys Yelma 02 de enero a las 4:58
    Puedes preguntarle a david, si alguna vez aparecio en su mente mi pais , argentina, como posible destino de un tour???
    por favor , preguntale

    Alfredo Herz 03 de enero a las 20:18
    Hola, Gladys.

    A todos nos fascinaria ir a todos lados de tour, pero el problema son las ventas de CDs. No es tanto de a donde queramos ir, sino de en donde se vende su CD lo suficiente para poder patrocinar el viaje a ciertos lugares.

    Bueno, me retiro. Feliz 2011!


    Gladys Yelma 04 de enero a las 1:13
    Gracias Alfredo por tomarte el tiempo para contestarme, y si, tenes razon, aqui en argentina pudimos subir la cancion the other side of down dentro de los 40 principales. Al talento lo podemos tener al lado y siempre cuesta reconocerlo y sera un trabajo arduo imponer a david en mi pais, pero te aseguro que vale la pena.
    Vos tambien que tengas un buen año, y toda tu familia porsupuesto, y por favor dale mis saludos a david, decile que a gladys yelma le gusta sus canciones, un beso alfredo y muchas gracias por tu tiempo.

    Alfredo Herz 04 de enero a las 1:44
    Gracias a ti, Gladys, y gracias por entender.

    El equipo detras de David esta haciendo todo lo posible por arreglar una gira, pero es mas dificil de lo que la gente cree.

    Esperemos que ganen y se arme un tour. Me muero de ganas por una gira.



    Gladys Yelma 04 de enero a las 2:17
    te juro que este es el ultimo mensaje. Pero me parece mentira estar hablando con alguien que esta cerca de david, y en castellano (aqui en argentina decimos castellano, no español).
    Es una bendicion que seas latino, mi ingles es tan pobre que pide limosnas.
    No es para reirse. Bueno una gira estaria genial, las chicas americanas serian las mas felices del planeta pero nosotras que estamos de este lado del charco, nos conformamos con los videos de los fans, es lo unico que tenemos de david por ahora, el bendito internet.
    Un ruego Alfredo, sin esos videos no hay manera de disfrutar a david.
    Solo eso, un beso y espero no haberte robado mucho tiempo.
    Cuidate mucho. chau.

    Alfredo Herz 04 de enero a las 13:22
    Gracias otra vez.

    Esperemos que se confirme un tour y que vallamos por esos rumbos.



  79. Dakgal#76 – it’s true on promotions and some sites. I encouraged a couple sites to update their 2 year old photos that accompanied his current music. The current photos show how much he’s matured & the real Archuleta.

    Thanks SB#51 – love all the recaps of MOTAB and yours warmed my heart with your encouraging remarks. Also, have seen those snow covered mountains in SLC. What a backdrop for a beautiful event.


  80. stenocruiser said

    This is Google translation of the post in #78 from Gladys:

    ” Among Alfredo Herz and You

    Gladys Yelma January 2 at 4:58
    You can ask for David, if ever appeared in his mind my country, Argentina, as a possible destination for a tour??
    Please, ask

    Alfredo Herz January 3 at 20:18
    Hi, Gladys.

    We were all fascinated to go everywhere on tour, but the problem is CD sales. Not so much where we want to go, but where you sell your CD enough to sponsor the travel to certain places.

    Well, I withdraw. Happy 2011!


    Gladys Yelma January 4 at 1:13
    Alfredo Thanks for taking the time to answer, and if you’re right, here in Argentina we could raise the song The Other Side of down inside the top 40. The talent we have at hand and always will be difficult to recognize and impose hard work david in my country but I assure you it’s worth.
    You also have a good year, and all your family ofcourse, and please give my regards to David, tell him to gladys Yelma like his songs, kiss alfredo and thank you very much for your time.

    Alfredo Herz January 4 at 1:44 am
    Thank you, Gladys, and thanks for understanding.

    The team behind David is doing everything possible to arrange a tour, but is more difficult than people think.

    Hopefully they win and a tour is armed. I can not wait for a tour.



    Gladys Yelma January 4 at 2:17
    I swear this is the last post. But I can not believe to be talking to someone who is close to David, and Castilian (here in Argentina say Castilian, not Spanish).
    It is a blessing that you are latino, my English is so poor that begs for charity.
    It is to laugh. Well, a tour would be great, the American girls would be the happiest in the world but we who are on this side of the pond, we settle for the videos of the fans, is the only thing we have to david for now, the blessed Internet.
    A request Alfredo, without those videos there is no way to enjoy David.
    Just that, a kiss and I hope not having stolen a long time.
    Take care. chau.

    Alfredo Herz January 4 at 13:22
    Thanks again.

    Hopefully that will confirm a tour and go on in those directions.



  81. djafan said

    Here is a rough translation of Gladys’s conversation with Alfredo, David’s guitar player.

    Gladys-Can you please ask David if he has ever thought of my country, Argentina as a possible tour?

    Alfredo-Hola, Gladys We would all be fascinated to go everywhere on tour but the problem is the sales of the cd. It’s not about whether we want to go it’s about where his cd is selling enough so that we can have a concert in those areas.

    Gladys-Thank you, Alfredo, for taking time to answer me and you’re right. Here in Argentina we could have had TOSOD in the top 40. It is always hard for some to recognize talent and hard work, need to have my country recognize it. I wish you and your family a good New Year and please tell David that Gladys loves his songs. A kiss to you and thank you for your time.

    Alfredo-Thank you Gladys and thank you for understanding. Team David is doing everything possible to set the tour but it’s more difficult than people know. Hoping the tour gets set because I’m dying to go on a tour.

    Gladys-I swear this is the last message I’m sending. It seems unreal that I’m talking in Castilian to someone who is so close to David. It’s a blessing that you’re a Latino because my English is so poor it asks for donations. It’s no laughing matter. A tour would be great. The American girls would be the happiest in the world but on this side of the puddle we would be okay with the videos for the fans, it’s all we have of David for now and the blessed Internet. I beg you Alfredo without the videos there is no way to enjoy David. That’s all. Another kiss and I hope I didn’t take too much of your time. Take care. Ciao.

    Alfredo-Thank you again. We’ll wait for confirmation of a tour and hope to go over to your part of the world.


  82. dakgal said

    “scuse me again –the “know wonder some people” in post #76 should be “no wonder some people”

    Now that’s a “brain fart” Haha


  83. bebereader said

    Here’s a 30-second clip of TOSOD/New Year’s Eve where you can see David doing the “one foot in front of the other jig” (poor sound quality)

    credit dalecamillo


  84. jh52 said

    Angelica…I can only add my thank you for your beautiful, heartfelt recap…you captured the weekend beautifully…an experience we will always remember.

    Abrra…thank you for the mp3s of Anaheim…I was fortunate to be there when David took total command of the stage that night. 2011 is going to be a glorious year!


  85. FG said

    Gladys – thank you for sharing your talk with Alfredo. I don’t know how much he can say to Jive, but I’d like him to ask them how exactly people are supposed to buy a CD that they do not know exists? David has not been on the radio in over 2 years, yet everywhere he goes, there is a frenzy of love for him, and almost 100% of his concerts are sold out. CD sales are irrelevant. Not only does he need to tour to make money, but the tour needs to be advertised so that more people have the opportunity to see and hear him live. Sometimes you have to spend money in order to make money yet this concept is lost on Jive. Their lack of planning and vision and promotion of David infuriates me. Yet despite the lack of exposure, he has somehow continued to gain fans and the respect of everyone he meets.


  86. SandyBeaches said

    FG…Only David could acquire the fame and adoration of so many fans without all of the frenzy that accomodates other singers. I was listening to a talk show on the radio that spoke about the lack of CD sales and the huge sales through itunes. As we know, most people just buy the songs they want, therefore itunes is the chosen way to go. One artist only allows the sale of his complete set of songs on itunes because he says that one song sometims leads into the next.

    Well, this may be the other side of up right now but I am going to do my best to not let a repeat of last year’s drought happen again. January has arrived and there is no news in David’s Vlog, but then there is the reminder from Alfredo how a tour is planned (according to CD sales) and how complicated it is. I have no earthly powers to make those changes but we missed seeing David and his music, his presence or I should say his complete absence was felt throughout North America!!

    One of the reasons we are in this position again is because there is a need for David to be on television in some capacity. David needs videos and I would still love to see one for the fabulous “Zero Gravity” even if it is simply David and his band performing on a stage where it is at its’ full potential. We can not forget how grand his first album is. With The Beatles, Elvis and all of the greats, every album is highlighted and not one put on a shelf.

    (((Gladys))), you have such wonderful determination and from your conversation with Alfredo we are reminded of the makings of a tour. Thank you!

    For the moment please Abrra…a MGR of #83, David’s stage dancing brief as it may be. The clip is great including the fans.

    I am looking forward to FG’s recap as I am certain it will make us smile. 😉

    Oh, one more comment… Where I live (we have fog from the ocean), we say someone is in a “Brain Fog”…which makes perfect sense as you can see little in a fog and yes fog is a socially acceptable word!



  87. SandyBeaches said

    A special ‘thank you’ to the “Snow Angelz” for this. It is becoming a fabulous hit for David both now and for the future. As always we listen to David sing carols all year long and this will be loved by all ages.

    The Northern Lights featured in the video fit the song beautifully as if the Angels are really there…



  88. SandyBeaches said

    To be accurate I have to add that the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights in Canada is similar to the one we see in Norway as the credits show after the video. Google has beautiful images.



  89. Renaid said
    Please go vote for David and Falling Stars. They extended the voting until 6 pm Jan. 7.


  90. 59.Angelica
    “I was just on another site and they say he was wanting to “ride a blimp.” And someone in a article thought he said “write a book.” I sctually thought he said, “write a bloomph.” LOLOL!”
    heehee! pretty much what I thought he said too.I kept trying to decipher… studying his mouth forming the words,(ah,such a chore) and finally just gave up on that one!haha

    “To be fair in his next promotion spot, they, (the people that be) should show pictures of “The Beav” sitting in his high chair.” ROFL!

    Totally with you on the old pictures thing. Get with it powers that be!! Major pet peeve of mine.don’t even get me started Grrrrr!

    83.Bebe! thanks for posting a “one foot in front of the other jig” video!!I was really so disappointed the tv cameras did not capture that cutiemus-maximus jig when he performed!He gets so into TOSOD!


  91. Pattirae said

    Dear Angelica,

    Coming to The Voice today after a two week absence was pure joy for me. I loved reading your mesmerizing, captivating, pure perfection recap of that “too marvelous to even describe” moments with David and the Tabernacle Choir. I feel so blessed to have met you. The combination of David, the Choir, and the many new friends (Silver Fox, SandyBeaches, Djafan, Marciami, to name a few) plus all the friends I’ve previously met because of David, well, it is really hard to describe how much it all meant to me. Your recap filled my spirit with joy, love, and sweet peace, which I needed today. Two days after Christmas I was diagnosed with breast cancer and will have surgery next week, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. I wasn’t going to say anything here on the voice about it but I feel so close to everyone here that I decided to share. Please promise me though that the remainder of this thread will continue to be about Angelica and the remarkable, inspiring, and not to be forgotten recap of that glorious week of Dec. 16th in SLC. Angelica, you have put into words everything I felt that week and more. You captured those moments in a way that only you, with your incredible talent and gift could do. Thank you for making my spirit soar even more with love and gratitude for David and the joy and happiness he has brought to my life.

    Love to each of you,



  92. gladys said

    Thanks for the translation into English, I knew that some of you would help me, I hope to have another talk with Alfredo, I will not be very insistence.
    I believe God hears me and talk to Alfredo in Spanish is a blessing.
    Now I am retiring because I have to finish my thesis, you know the subject.


  93. ascphil said

    I just received a text from JR4DA which I’d like to share with all of you. She needs all the prayers she can get for her ailing father: “My dad’s in ICU/CCU. Pls pray for his recovery or at the very least, a short reprieve. Today must not b d days of all days.”

    Pattirae, I just read your comment and am shocked by the news of your condition. Please also know that I am praying for you as well.


  94. FG said

    Pattierae, I am so sorry to hear this news. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    And also JR’s father.


  95. MunkFOD said

    Pattirae, I know you don’t want this thread to be about you, but I have to say that I am so sorry to hear your knews. I had a scare like that last summer. You are in my thoughts and prayers! you are most loved!

    I love this site. I come here everyday and read everyones comments. There is a great feeling of happiness, appreciation, optimism and kindness here. I love it! 😀

    Angelica, You truly have a gift! I love reading your posts! You say all the things I wish I could or don’t know how to… so thank you for sharing!

    You guys are wonderful! Thanks for everything….even tho you don’t know me….You are great!


  96. janey said

    Pattirae, love you to pieces, you know that, right?


  97. Heidijoy said

    Pattirae ,I will keep you in my prayers! JR. I will keep your father and your family in my prayers.

    Not only have I enjoyed reliving the MoTab concert experience through Angelica’s words and videos but all of your comments. Looking forward to your recap FG!!

    Just sent off David’s book and CD to a mother and two young daughters that Sharon and I met in that autograph line in Salt Lake City. I had so much fun telling everyone in all the waiting lines how great David is!!!


  98. SandyBeaches said

    Pattirae…It is wonderful to hear from you today and to see that everyone is close by. The videos and recaps will be going through our minds for awhile yet.

    Maybe it was not a coincidence that nearly everyone came together to visit with David. It seemed to be too powerful to be a coincidence. We had so much fun with you and everyone and now back into the world we live in every day!

    Our thoughs and prayers go with you and out to JR for her father today…

    Stay tuned for FG’s recap!



  99. SandyBeaches said

    Pattirae…There is always someone here even in the late hours, we have night owls, (Bebe is the head Night Owl. Oh and for everyone there is the best music on The Voice Unplugged with gatherings on almost regular basis. Usually there is just one featured guest artist though. January is not a preferred month, so we have to make our own fun. See you again very soon.



  100. Pattirae, just read your comment, and the news of JR4DA’s father…heartfelt prayers for both of you.


  101. djafan said

    Hello all!

    JR, praying for father and you!

    Pattirae, It was so good to meet you and all at the luncheon, it was like a reunion of old friends coming together. I have to admit as I think of it now of how not normal it is, like David would say…lol But that’s the way it felt and like SB says maybe not a coincidence at all. I’m praying and sending you positive vibes!

    SB, thank you for the video. It’s a fact that David without all the promo and TV time he should be getting still has a frenzied audience where ever he appears. At the end of David’s vlog he mentions working on tour and in Melinda’s tweets she mentions it to and what I understand is that it’s being worked on, not that it’s not going to happen. Today Melinda tweeted that as soon as she has the tour info she will let the fans know in response to several tweets regarding tour.

    JH, are you the JH I know? If so it was great running into to you in Anaheim and I did join everyone else at the fence waiting for David, glad I did.

    Angelica, I have shared your article and everyone’s response is the same, wow, I could almost feel how it must have felt to be there. It’s beautiful piece of art.

    Bebe is a night owl.


  102. Pattirae said

    Of course I am bawling right now because of the love I have received today from you my dear friends here at the voice. It really means a lot to me. I should have known you would be so kind,loving, and empathetic. SandyBeaches, it definitely was NOT a coincidence that so many of us got a chance to meet one another. Divine Intervention is how I want to describe it. I cried last week just thinking how blessed I was to put faces, personalities, spirits, and love together as “the tectonic plates of the virtual world slid into the real one.” I treasure getting to know you and the others so much. Again, my love.


  103. Abrra said

    Keeping you in my prayers.A little bird told me you had a request which I am more than happy to fulfill. Please check your email?

    I will remember Jr’s Dad in prayers. (virtual hug) for JR.



  104. SandyBeaches said

    Pattirae, {{{Hugs}}} love and best wishes back to you!



  105. bebereader said

    I don’t mind the title, “Nightowl”. LOL After all, someone has to hold down the forte while everyone is off to ArchuDreamland. 🙂 Actually on any given night, I have lots of great company here. 🙂

    JR, My heart and prayers go out to you and your Dad. Been there and it ‘ain’t’ easy.

    Pattirae, With all the positivity and optimism surrounding David, being in his aura and that of his fans is probably the best place to be, on all counts. We’ve never had the pleasure of meeting but I know you are every bit as beautiful and wonderful as I’ve heard. Sending prayers, love and hope to you.

    I hear tour news a-buzzing. We’ll just have to be patient and let the powers that be do their job. (I’m thinking smallish venues for the US.)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  106. Angelica said


    I want you to know how much I loved meeting you in Salt Lake in the Deseret Book line. I kept looking over at you and asking, who is that lady and finally went to find out. What a thrill when I found out who you were and what a wonderful time I had talking with you there! You are such a lovely lady with such a sweet spirit about you. I will keep you in my prayers each and every day. Wish I could give you a real (((hug))) again but that will have to do until we meet again. God be with you, dear Pattirae. We are here for you always.


    I will be praying for your father also to make a full recovery. (((hugs)))


  107. Shawna said

    Oh, my gosh, Angelica!!! This is truly so beautiful. You have such a gift! I am in awe once again. I felt like I was there again as I read it. I read this the minute you posted it the other night, but I only get on the computer here at work it seems and it takes too long on my iphone to post a comment, so here I am at work posting and I just finished reading all the comments too. I had tears the other night, and tears again reading it just now along with the comments. To really picture you as you wrote this has added just that much more meaning to what you have written. You are such a special lady. I feel so priviledged to have met you here in SLC during MoTab. Such a beautiful experience to share with all the fans that were here.

    Patti, I am so glad you shared with everyone here (I had the pleasure of having lunch with this sweet lady yesterday). You are such a strong and brave woman, and I have so much love for you. You are truly a beautiful woman inside and outside and I want to be here for you every step as you put one foot in front of the other during this trial in your life. I am sure that everyone that comes here will have you in their thoughts and prayers each day and we will get you through this along with your wonderful family and friends. I just love your girls and your hubby, and the grandkids and son-in-laws I have met. They are some of the most genuine people I have ever met. Your family is so blessed to have you in their lives.

    JR–your father will be in our prayers as well, I am sure!!

    DJA–So happy I got to meet you and your hubby too. SLC MoTab was the best, cause I got to meet so many of the ladies here on THE VOICE!! My next goal is to somehow meet Abrra and Bebe.

    Marciami–I never have thanked you for all the work you put into the luncheon at Thaifoon. You did an amazing job!! And the balloons and book for David’s birthday were so fun and so awesome. It was so good to meet you too.

    SB and SF–Loved all your comments on this article and the vid. You are also such amazing with the written word. I am so glad I had the pleasure of sitting by you two and Claudia at the Saturday night concert and first meeting you finally at the luncheon on Friday. That week was just magical and one I will cherish forever.

    Wish I could have met all the fans, but there were so many it was almost impossible. By the way, this is my favorite place!! Just so you know!


  108. sweetonDA said

    Pattirae, my prayers and thoughts are with you also, along with JR’s father. It’s wonderful to have our own little prayer chain right here at The Voice. I can’t think of anything else that would make David happier than to know we care about each other even if we haven’t met face to face. {{{HUGS}}}


  109. Fiona said

    Prayers for you Pattirae and JR. xxx


  110. Fiona said

    Skydancer “Cutiemus maximus dance jig” hahahaha!
    Love that and so true! That’s one of my favourite parts too!


  111. Dayzee said

    Patti, this is such a caring place. It is good that you feel comfortable sharing your life with the people here. You are in our thoughts and prayers. I have enjoyed meeting up with you at many David celebrations and look forward to spending time with you again. Please don’t hesitate to call on any of us.
    And JR, I appreciate you so much and hope for the best for your father.


  112. djafan said

    David is snowboarding!!!!!!


    saw david archuleta snowboarding on the bunny hill today AND i taught a 4yr old how to throw gang signs. like nbd
    less than 10 seconds ago via web


  113. djafan said

    This from The, buzz buzz buzz

    ‘Glee’: David Archuleta, Adam Lambert ‘would be wonderful’ as guests

    “Glee” has welcomed a number of huge guest stars this season. From Britney Spears to Gwyneth Paltrow, the list of talented singers making appearances is growing quickly. But “American Idol” fans are still holding out hope for guest stints for two beloved former contestants.

    There have been rumblings on the internet about Adam Lambert and David Archuleta showing up on the hit Fox comedy this year. They wouldn’t be the first “Idol” participants to make the transition. Luke Edgemon was a fan favorite during auditions, but never made it as far as Adam and David. Fortunately, he was able to make the cut for “Glee” this year. In his exclusive interview with the Glee Examiner today, Luke gave me his opinion on welcoming Adam and David on the show.

    “Gosh, I think both David and Adam would be wonderful on the show,” he replied when asked about possible guest spots. ‘”Glee’ is amazing to me, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guest star on that show that I didn’t really like. I’ve met David a time or two, and I think his personality would fit right in…and Adam, I’m a pretty big fan of, myself. I may get a little nervous if I ever see HIM roaming around the set.”

    Would you like to see David or Adam on “Glee” this season?


  114. bebereader said

    Don’t forget to:

    Vote for David and Falling Stars here:

    New poll: Vote for CFTH for best holiday album!
    (right side of screen)

    Vote here for David’s “Waiting On The World To Change” as your favorite all-time AI audition:

    Vote here for “Something ‘Bout Love” as your favorite video of the year:

    Request David’s music on your local stations.
    Find your state, then the mediabase link. If you don’t see David’s songs listed, fill them in at the bottom. Be sure to include your name and confirmation code.


  115. dakgal said

    I’m truly sorry if I offended any one with the term I used for a brain lapse. My bad, I will watch my language in the future (David did tweet it once tho) but that’s no excuse.

    On to lighter -brighter things– I’m so happy, along with everyone else I’m sure, that David is having a nice break. Doing what ever his little heart desires–no pressures , no deadlines, no traveling, no rehearsals. Snow boarding, free as a bird–catching up with whats happening in the lives of his friends, napping—just FREEDOM for a while.


  116. SandyBeaches said

    Oh Dak anything that you say is grand!

    David must have snowboarding mastered by now, he is so athletic! Pictures may very well surface but I know he should have privacy in his life…yes freedom, you can’t have enough of that.



  117. bebereader said

    Dak, Are you kidding? You never offend!

    Seems the letter “J” has it!
    Look at this:

    Janey, Jh52, Jeff and Joymus:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  118. emmegirl said

    Skydancer, “Cutiemus maximus dance jig” your verbage!

    Dakgal, offend, psshaw! Hey, I’ve been known to utter it myself, lol!

    To all the J’s, welcome!

    Snowboarding! Yea SB, he is probably on the advanced slopes by now! Selfishly would love a pic, but I really do hope he gets to do his thing with no fan interference.

    JR, hope your father is doing better, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    pattirae, you too are in my thoughts and prayers. We have 3 breast cancer survivors in our family so hang in there, things will get better.


  119. djafan said

    fart fart fart …. hahahahaha

    Dak, you never offend and yes he did tweet that.


  120. dakgal said

    I’m forgiven YEAH!! DJA you make me laugh when I most need it!!!


  121. djafan said

    twitter is going nuts!!!!


    @MelindaWEG Woot! Just saw a commercial here at PCA’s with David Archie! : ] 2 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone


    David Archuleta featured in People’s Choice dot com video. #peopleschoice




    Well, that was a very nice @DavidArchie surprise on the PCA’s. I say his album cover first….and then they discussed the site! YES!!!


  122. SandyBeaches,
    wow, I love that video from Snowangelz!Mesmerizing! I have seen the Northern Lights only once, when visiting in the state of Maine, during a very cold winter.Kind of spooked me!haha (full lunar eclipses do the same thing to me,)..find it eerie.Beautiful, but eerie.
    Nothing eerie about David’s voice however! He melts me like butter with his soft and tender vocals on this Carol.aaaahh like every song he he owns it.
    (Angels,Fields of gold,Love me Tender, Imagine,The Riddle,Stand by Me, WYSYLM, the list goes on and on…The Cat and Mouse Carol…)… check. 🙂

    So glad David has some downtime.Relax David, you so deserve a break!!


  123. djafan said

    Rachel Raychulthegreat



    RT @pecanpie: OMG!!!! David’s CD adverstised on People’s Choice?< YAY!:-)


    Ooh, @DavidArchie 's CD was promo'd on People's Choice Awards and that show is #4 trending topic right now! Hurray for promo!


    I'll put up a vid of the people promo feat David A in a bit.


    Promo FTW!! @DavidArchie CD ad on PCAs! @MelindaWEG 😀


    Woah…@DavidArchie promo on the PCA'S……hahahaha.

    Cindy CanadianArchie

    RT @pastelpastel Free download of @DavidArchie 's Something Bout Love from People's Choice: #peopleschoice

    Herb Longs tweeted he's Bio Founder and co-director of American Idol news and fan site,

    i'm convinced that the mention of david archuleta on is what caused their site to crash right now. #powertothepeople 4 minutes ago via TweetDeck Retweeted by you and 6 others


  124. emmegirl said

    dja, what, where?


  125. emmegirl said

    Crashed the site, lol!! When they get going I am running over to get my free SBL download. When they mention him, we want them to get a stampeeede! Yipeeee!


  126. djafan said

    Emmegirl, I haven’t been able to get on either!


  127. bebereader said

    I downloaded my free SBL!
    Hope I didn’t crash the site!

    Here’s the video:

    credit: horsegerbil


  128. bebereader said

    BUZZ BLOG by Liz Warner

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I love the end of American Idol. The end part that is, because then you’ve gotten past all the folks who didn’t fare too well in their efforts, and now you get to watch the trailblazing, tear-inducing, mascara-wearing, hometown-mobilizing, glassware-shattering voices who will hopefully land a place in history. Or at least in our collective hearts. And today, I’d like to discuss one of the more appealing players on that stage. David Archuleta: American Idol runner-up, singer extraordinaire, bestselling author, tremendous go-to guy when it comes to bringing awareness to those in need, and all around whopping talent is now er, back. With a brand new album — this makes three records so far (nor is he yet twenty. Way to pave the way for the rest of us, Dave…) Anyway – if you’re not yet a fan, you’re probably about to become one. For two reasons. First) you’re going to get a David Archuleta song download for free, right here and right now. And second) you’ll play the free song at which point it may very well dawn upon you that this kid has, in fact, one terrific set of pipes. This is exactly what happened to me. I walked right into it. Who am I to turn down free music? And the less I know the better. Turns out, honestly, that free download was actually worth every penny. It’s called Something ‘Bout Love from the album The Other Side of Down, and he’s kind of astonishing. And, from what I can tell unusually genuine and down-to-earth for someone so young. That One/Two process with the freebie worked for me because I was late to the Idol game and didn’t actually get caught up in the madness til Adam Lambert and Kris Allen battled it out the following year. I didn’t know from David Archuleta. So when I got the download I was happy to listen, had zero expectation, and was entirely unprepared for what this 19-year old would deliver. Now here’s the deal: if you’re among the first thousand (1000) PCA members – you can join on the spot too – you get to click and presto, you get the free song. If you’re already a fan, you needn’t have even read this far – just one click and David Archuleta’s latest download’s yours – just for the clicking. They say there’s no such thing as free lunch, but this comes rather close.


  129. Tawna21 said

    Pattierae, {[[hugs & loves}}} God bless you on this ride. You will be in my prayers for sure!

    JR, best wishes and prayers to you, your Dad, and your family. I appreciate your work so much. Thank you.



  130. Heidijoy said

    Got my free download of Something’Bout Love and been voting my fingers off Bebe.


  131. vlm said

    JR and Pattirae,

    ” Don’t worry about anything.
    Every flower bud blooms when it’s time, and every prayer is answered in God’s time…”
    My prayers – that you never lose hope; courage when you weaken and miracles thrown your way…”
    All the best.


  132. grateful4all said

    I just have to jump in here quickly to say Thank You to Angelica for this beautiful recap. It will forever serve to rekindle the magical feelings from that epic week. The way you were able to capture and express that experience is a gift I will treasure always.

    I also want to thank you and all the other members of ‘the gang’ here for the honor of meeting at the Thaiphoon luncheon and throughout Temple Square. I so agree that it was not a coincidence that allowed so many to gather to celebrate the joy David brings to us and through this connection we have been able to give and receive joy and support from each other!

    To Pattirae, I met you very briefly at the luncheon. You are a dear sweet soul and I want you to know I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    To JR – prayers are also with you and Thank you for all the joy you bring.

    A belated Happy New Year and Blessings to you all!


  133. lurker said

    David is on The People’s Choice website 🙂

    Check out the blog, it is a great write up for him.

    Please vote for David and do a free download of Something Bout’ Love. Maybe we can get him on the People’s Choice Awards. So far Clay Aiken is winning.


  134. lurker said

    Sorry, I see someone has already posted this info 🙂


  135. walking down memory lane…David, David up close,sweaty David,smiley David.I have been locked on full screen.Need help.need tour stat.


  136. SandyBeaches said

    Videos are good for everyone and they may very well be our entertainment for now, along with the news of course.



  137. bebereader said

    Skydancer: Haven’t seen that one in a while! Thanks!

    Lurker: Thanks for the link!

    The new season of American Idol is starting this month.
    Are you planning to watch? A picture of the new crew made it to the over of EW, with an article inside. Jennifer Lopez had this to say about David:

    “I think it’s about exciting performances. One of my favorite moments ever on Idol was not a big-voice moment but a beautiful-song moment, which was David Archuleta singing “Imagine.” That was something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life, that little kid at that little age taking that classic song and singing it in such a way that it changed my everything, like Steven loves to say all the time. That’s what we need to focus on getting: not big voices, not singer-songwriters, just what makes us feel something. I think that is gonna be what makes people come back every week.”


  138. bebereader said

    More buzzzz buzzzz..

    From InMusic
    The Most Powerful Voices Under 30
    (of course David made the list)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David Archuleta (20)

    One of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol, Archuleta went on to become the runner-up in a group of extremely talented individuals. Though not the winning contestant, he released an album the next year that instantly became a success and landed himself a spot on Forbes list of ‘Breakout Stars of 2008´.


  139. djafan said

    Skydancer, that is one good video.

    Bebe, Jlo sure likes David. I remember Marc Anthony kiddingly saying something about being jealous of David because Jlo calls David her other man or something to that effect.


  140. bebereader said


    I remember that now!
    May I add that JLo has exquisite taste! 😉

    Found on Twitter…this interview with David from Star Studio magazine.
    Click ‘view full size” to read

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit AaronPaul21


  141. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe, I thought that the People’s Choice Award video that contained David in it was just seen on television by the viewers but not in front of the award’s audience. Correct me if I am wrong please! Well, that is much more huge, all of the stars saw David on the radar! There he is, the guy they will be seeing next year, everywhere! Nice introduction to 2011 and wouldn’t he of had the crowd in a frenzy with his band of course if he had sung. My choice would have been “Zero Gravity” because David would have shocked them from one end of the stage to the other.

    I hope that it is OK if I repeat the video because it shows more of the audience scenario and for certain they knew about him anyway but I love to see it. He could have joined Selena on stage for a duet after ZG, what a handsome couple and it would have been a shocker that they needed. Just putting the thoughts out there…



  142. SandyBeaches said

    So David, take this to their stage! The audio is not great but he uses every inch of it doing all that he does best!



  143. bebereader said

    SB I think everyone saw the televised ad at the PCAs, audience and viewing public. It was probably on the jumbotron front and center. Thank you for posting the longer ad! Cool!

    ZG…a fan favorite! Wish David would incorporate “Barriers”, another fan fav on the setlist for the next tour.


  144. djafan said

    Trending News
    Google Trending News
    David Archuleta Quote January 5, 2011
    On Thursday, January 6th, 2011 under Google trends

    Latest report on David Archuleta Quote January 5, 2011:

    Sometimes we just wish we could spend a day with David Archuleta all the super funny experiences he has and then Tweets to his fans through his Twitter page again! Here’s the latest:

    Cousins made ice cream made from snow, sugar and chocolate. Hm … Haha

    Yum! We wonder whether David ate the ice?


  145. refnaf said

    Angelica!!! Beautiful!! Every word you wrote is a gift…. thank you sooo much. I appreciate your words sooo much!!!

    ((((hugs))) to Pattirae and JR. Thinking of you both 🙂


  146. silverfox said

    Had computer issues the last several days. Need to catch up with all the comments.

    Here’s a leaked song David recorded who knows when? But it is great! Enjoy!


  147. silverfox said

    My Dear Pattirae,

    You are a very special & beautiful lady with an amazing aura and I feel honored & blessed for having met you. I think of you every day since I found out and I have a special prayer in my heart just for you.

    JR, My Beautiful Amiga,

    I’m hoping your Father is better. Thinking & praying for you & your Father. Let us know how he’s doing.


  148. Angelica said

    I love Senseless. It’s dreamy and angsty, like Falling Stars. I know he wanted to show his dorky side with TOSOD and it’s great but..I think the next album will have more of this kind of song choice. He kind of hints around that this last album was a nod to his last year as a teenager. If the next album is a Spanish album, it will for sure be more romantic. Photobucket

    Anyway, I think people want to hear this kind of song from David. He is gorgeous and his velvety voice and emotional connection make him a perfect singer of romantic love songs.

    I honestly think this could have been a hit on radio.


  149. djafan said

    SF, I’m loving the R&B groove sound with David’s rich velvety soft voice 🙂

    Killer IMO.


  150. silverfox said

    BTW, that “leaked” song is not a song David will be releasing, so it’s not hurting him to listen since it won’t be for sale. Sure would love an MP3 download…Abrra?

    David sure is getting some great “Buzz” while he’s home & “not working”. But I bet he’s always “working” in some way or another. I bet his phone never stops ringing.

    I noticed he didn’t tweet about snowboarding. Wonder how it went? I think if he had lots of fun on the slopes, he would have mentioned it, or did he?


  151. Angelica said

    Oh thank you Refnaf and everyone else who liked the recap. It really means a lot to me to know you guys received it as the gift it was meant to be.


  152. silverfox said

    Djafan, Angelica,

    I agree with you both. I don’t know when he recorded it, but I think it was another missed opportunity for a radio hit, IMO. It suits his voice perfectly. I love it!

    I’m wondering how many other great songs he’s recorded which were put on the shelf. I wish they would all get “leaked”.


  153. djafan said


    He didn’t tweet about snowboarding but someone else did tweet about snowboarding in Utah and then deleted it. (hint, a blond female who has been at several David concerts)


  154. djafan said

    A double cd of all songs that didn’t make the cut would make very happy 🙂


  155. silverfox said

    Sorry I’m taking up so much room here. I’m trying to catch up after being out of the loop.

    Angelica, I re-read your recap and again the memories came flooding back. I’m so grateful for all the great recaps of those surreal four concerts by great & talented writers but your way with words, your description of every nuance of David, how he looked, how he moved, his sublime vocals described as…

    “Only the music can tell the story and only David could make you understand it so well.”

    You get & understand his uniqueness. Lyrics which exude love & reverence as in the Christmas songs he sang on his CFTH & at the MOTAB Concerts or passion & angst as in “Senseless”, for example. The way he interprets, expresses & uses the melodies & lyrics is what makes me never tire of listening to him sing.


  156. Abrra said

    I don’t feel comfortable with making an mp3 of this song. I am happy to rip an mp3 of any song that was sung live.

    This one was never released for sale as far as I know, but it’s not live either.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  157. silverfox said

    The song “Senseless” is a “cover” of James Fauntleroy’s song. David’s version has more passion and is just…well, David has just stolen another one…unless David recorded it first but passed on it & it was given to James Fauntleroy. I guess it depends on WHEN David recorded it.

    Anyway, I can’t stop listening to it & imagining how David would look & sound singing it live.


  158. Angelica said


    “Anyway, I can’t stop listening to it & imagining how David would look & sound singing it live.” 8)



  159. emmegirl said

    Goodness David, that song, your voice, the emotion…please someday give us more of this.

    Couldn’t they just release this as an EP? Puhlease!

    I remember he did some writing with James Fauntleroy.

    dja, that might explain the undercurrent of last vlog, kind of a guarded excitement. 🙂

    Don’t start Angelica, the visual, can’t deal with it…nope, not going there, un huh.


  160. silverfox said


    Dang, WOMAN!

    Puh-leese have mercy!

    We definitely NEED a tour announcement and SOON!


  161. djafan said

    Oh Angelica…yes, tour please!

    SF, take all the room you want!!!!

    Emmegirl, hmmm have to rewatch that vlog.


  162. Dayzee said

    “Senseless” heightens my senses. Love it.


  163. emmegirl said


    Ok, heading back to Senseless.


  164. dakgal said

    “Senseless has got me senseless!!

    Off topic, but is anyone going to watching or DVR’ing the TV movie “Change of Plans” that Brooke White is in? It’s on FOX Saturday night 7:00 Central. Gotta support David’s buds.


  165. Fiona said

    Ooooh, Senseless, non-stop!! 🙂


  166. 146. Silverfox Oooooh! like that song Senseless! Thanks for sharing.

    154. Dj,”A double cd of all songs that didn’t make the cut would make very happy”

    me too Dj.
    158.Angelica..photobucket…you know just how to torture me.

    My ODD has been working overtime.
    A nice couple came into the store tonight where I work, (in Southlake Tx.)and asked if there were any good restaurants close by.
    I said “oh yes,two blocks down,on the right,in SaltLake Town Square”.
    The couple looked confused. My co-worker looked at me strangely and said…”uh..I think she means SOUTHLAKE Town Square.” Then it was me who looked confused. “Huh…what?” She just shook her head.I did not even realize what I had said. what the random?
    (this is my brain…..
    this is my brain on “David”)


  167. kaycee said

    I am soooo late to this beautiful post. I didn’t think it was possible to put that night into words…Angelica, I was wrong. What a beautiful recap of a beautiful evening.

    Hugs and prayers to Patti and JR. Sending you both hope and peace at this time.

    Senseless…loving “new” music from David.


  168. betsy said

    Patti & JR – you are both in my thoughts and prayers. ♥


  169. PATTI – am including you in my prayers. Hope to meet you someday 🙂

    ASCPhil texted me about the thoughtful words you guys have sent my way and my family (and Patti). I hope it didn’t dampen the festivities here.

    GOOD NEWS – You may be glad to know that my Dad will be out of ICU tonight. I type this as I prepare to go back to the hospital. After FIVE (yes 5!) major strokes and numerous minor ones, my Dad is still fighting, thanks to the countless and at times, faceless friends, who offer prayers & words of comfort, like TheVoice community.

    I know Someone Up There wouldn’t take it as a sign of arrogance when I specifically asked for a reprieve on that day – Jan 5. You see, 10 years ago, on that same day, my husband passed away. I just felt that losing your loved ones on your natal day would be a bit too much to handle, hence the specific request (e.g. – “not today of all days”)

    Am sharing these info so you would realize how significant your prayers brought. Let me end this with David’s words

    And I don’t wanna mess it up
    Make mistakes or say too much
    ‘Cause it’s a good place

    You find it
    You hold it
    You feel its grace

    These are words I wanna say
    Every hour of every day
    These are words that say how good it feels
    To be here with you today
    I hope it’s not too late (I hope it’s not too late)
    I hope it’s not too late

    Muchos gracias 🙂


  170. FG said

    Oh JR – I did not know about your late husband. I am sorry. Glad to hear your Dad is coming out of ICU! Best of luck and continued prayers to you and yours.

    Angelica #158 Y U do this?

    Senseless is magically delicious. I know it isn’t his preference since he hasn’t been in love yada yada but nobody can emote like he can. I grew up on old school R & B, which is probably why I love me some Eliot Yamin, so an R & B David is pretty much every dream come true. He is Pavlov and am a dog over this. Frick.


  171. FG – though I can understand why Senseless didn’t make the cut, I cannot also deny that emo David, esp when wailing such lines as “My pain won’t let this heart beat in my chest…” makes my knees buckle and makes me want to give him a hug till the pain goes away.


  172. BTW, in case anyone is still interested (as am late in uploading this), here is an HD vid of DA’s mention @ PCA 2011


  173. And I posted the wrong vid! (Note to self: minimize tendency to open tons of tab on your screen!) This is the right vid. Sorry guys


  174. 169.Jackryan4da,
    so glad your Dad is out of ICU.will pray for continued strength for you and your family.Your Dad sounds like a fighter! All the best.

    170 FG.
    “I know it isn’t his preference since he hasn’t been in love yada yada but nobody can emote like he can.”

    (Can you even IMAGINE how he will sound, when he IS in love?)


  175. FG said

    skydancer – no I cannot. Truly truly frightening.


  176. djafan said

    USA Today Idol Chatter, David made the list!

    Bonus sales numbers: Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, David Archuleta, more

    Nielsen SoundScan has graciously provided us with some requested updates this week. We’ve got some end-of-the-year sales numbers, as well.

    David Archuleta

    * David Archuleta (764,000 units total)
    * Christmas From the Heart (1,000 weekly/246,000 total)
    * The Other Side of Down (3,000/63,000)

    Kelly Clarkson

    * Thankful (2.745 million total)
    * Breakaway (1,000/6.160 million)
    * My December (815,000 total)
    * All I Ever Wanted (1,000/908,000)


    * Daughtry (2000/4.788 million)
    * Leave This Town (4,000/1.225 million)
    * B-Sides (12,000 total)

    Here are 2010 sales totals for several albums:

    * Carrie Underwood, Play On (741,000) (#26 overall for the year)
    * Fantasia, Back to Me (384,000) (#83)
    * Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (351,000) (#96)
    * Daughtry, Leave This Town (343,000) (#100)
    * Danny Gokey, My Best Days (201,000)
    * Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts (157,000)
    * Daughtry, Daughtry (154,000)
    * Carrie Underwood, Carnival Ride (122,000)
    * Kellie Pickler, Kellie Pickler (69,000)
    * David Archuleta, The Other Side of Down (63,000)
    * Mandisa, Freedom (46,000)

    Eminem had 2010’s best-selling album, according to SoundScan, selling 3.415 million copies of Recovery, followed by Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now (3.089 million) and Taylor Swift’s Speak Now (2.96 million). Thirteen albums sold a million or more copies during the course of the year.


  177. SandyBeaches said

    Interesting, but where are the numbers for the most loved singer in the world?

    Any other numbers? Let’s leave them in a brain fog for now…

    Ok so being realistic is a necessity, but we know realism is not always the true story even if the numbers are there.

    Haha, I am trying to distract from the printed numbers even if he did make a list they are not represenentative of the true story…What we all probably agree on is that the numbers are not in any way totally representative of his international success.



  178. Dayzee said

    Abrra, much as I would love to have Senseless on my Ipod, I really appreciate your integrity in all things David that you bring to us. I am always comfortable with what you decide. There are times I see David when I don’t think he knew he was being on camera and that does not seem right to me.
    Happy to receive your good news JR


  179. djafan said


    I’d love to see the international numbers, someone commented that those would easily put him over the hundred %. As much as I want a tour date for me I think he should do international first, make money then tour with a big name in the states with some solo concerts sprinkled along the way. 🙂


  180. Heidijoy said

    I’d love to see the International numbers too. I did write to David Beyond Borders to see if they could help us with that. I know many of us donate to them and others that can’t afford to legally buy music. I wish David could be scheduled for TV appearances to promote the album before tour. I’m anxious for tour but seeing him on TV and perhaps for colleges it would help sales. Just rambling !! David need PROMOTION!! I know I’m preaching to the Choir!!


  181. Abrra said

    #178 Dayzee

    I am always up for making an mp3 from a public video such as youtube. The rights to this song belong to the writer and in part to David as the artist. Unreleased music deserves the same rights as a published song.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    My gut told me that it should not be copied.



  182. prd9601 said

    My feeling on ‘Senseless’ is I really like it! As far as downloading, seems if the “Powers That Be” wanted it down it would have been pulled yesterday. It has been on the site that “leaked” it for over 24 hours and that site streams it and offers a download link. It is also all over many blogs and YouTube, so at this point I don’t think it is any longer an issue.


  183. SandyBeaches said

    Do we need to get overly concerned about the leaking of “Senseless’? I agree with Prd9601…

    You guys are ‘worriers’ I know. But hey, that is supposed to be me!! Everything is cool…



  184. djafan said

    This from WOW Hollywood-David Archuleta is one brokenhearted boy in an unreleased track that made its way onto the internet today (January 6) called Senseless.

    “David sings in a delicious silky tone over the r&b/pop beat.”


  185. bebereader said

    David won the WAJK poll for Falling Stars!

    Congratulations to David Archuleta!

    With over 60% of the more than 220,000 votes, “Falling Stars”
    is the 2010 New Pix @ 6 Grand Champion!

    Thanks for all your votes.

    The battle for 2011 begins with two new songs Monday!


  186. ascphil said

    Wow, that “Senseless” song is so heartrending! The article says it might have been one of the songs scrapped fromm his debut album. If that is true, he recorded the song when he was 17. It’s amazing how he sings such heartache so believably well at that age and without ever being in a relationship. I am convinced more than ever that this young man is an old soul.

    Just an observation: The melody of the 1st and 2nd stanzas are similar to those of Charice’s recent hit song “Pyramid”. But I have to agree that David’s version hits the angst angle at the bullseye. Great interpretation.

    Btw, David won the WAJK poll! Hurray for Falling Stars!


  187. ascphil said

    Ooops, Bebereader! I didn’t see you post the great news before me. I know we both love Falling Stars so much. I’m so happy about it doing better than the other songs it was up against. I hope to hear it on our local radio soon and become another hit for David.


  188. bebereader said


    Great hearts and minds think alike! 😉
    I’m happy to share our mutual love for “Falling Stars”. It has all the makings of a hit; a great melody, haunting lyrics sung by a powerful voice and a slow build to the climax. Hoping to hear it on radio too!

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this video.

    credit Clear Channel


  189. djafan said

    Hmmmm David, lyric tweeting or what is gone?


    Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone

    9 minutes ago via txt


  190. ascphil said


    Good grief! You had to post that memorable video. I am once more turned to mush. Just the first line of David singing that song brought a lump to my throat and my eyes to become teary. Since I’m still giddy about the poll results, I would like to share an excerpt from what I had written in my personal files last November about my thoughts on the songs from David’s 2nd pop album, in particular about Falling Stars, as a reaction to Silverfox’s post about it being David’s third single: (pardon the lengthiness of this ‘excerpt’, heh)

    “FALLING STARS. Aaaah. What do I say about this song, the song that made me cry the first time I watched David sing it from a Youtube vid with a lot of screamy background noise and the unruly moshpit crowd with girls being lifted and carried out every now and then by concert security? Imagine if there were none of those distractions happening in the video, and everything was just purely David’s angsty voice belting out a heart broken by the thought of being forgotten? I must have been already dead from multiple heart-stopping lines that struck the very core of my previously wounded soul. And the memory of that wound was brought to life with such force by the intense emotion of Falling Stars. I remember that I kept repeating that YT video to discern the lyrics of the song, and every time I deciphered a line, I was dredged in tears. I have not experienced a song that has affected me as much as this song has.

    A lot of David’s songs have made me tearful, but there are less than a handful that evoke an emotion with every listen that is almost as strong as the initial one. The first David song that made me cry was Dream Sky High, and it was because I was going through a difficult phase in my career that made me question why I had veered away from what I really loved to do in my younger days. David’s youthful voice in that song was so amazing and heartrending, I thought I would get a heart attack after weeping so much. But it was incredibly healing for me, and it is the song that held me as David’s captive for life. I still shed some tears when I listen to it, but I rarely play DSH these days. (Imagine how delighted I was when he sang it at The Mentor’s Gala in his current deeper voice! But that’s another story…) Then I heard David sing When You Say You Love Me during the AI7 tour. Oh, dear. That was another tear-jerker, and it felt so heavenly to listen to him sing it with that tremor in his voice that sends shivers to my heart. He is absolutely marvelous and mesmerizing in almost all his performances of WYSYLM! I would love for him to record that song in an album of romantic songs. It will be a classic and he will rob it from Josh Grobin forever when that does happen.

    Then came Falling Stars. I remember Eman bubble-tweeted the first few lines, and I recognized David’s voice immediately. But why such sad lyrics? I tweeted back that we would never forget David, and how could we? I didn’t know from what song it was at that time because the album was still being worked on, and Eman was in his teasing mode with David’s fans, sending snippets of David’s recorded voice. Another bubble tweet was just David’s “yeah”. Eman was already feeding us parts of the song, and I feel that he knew the song would make an impact if it eventually made the album. And he was so right about it all along. I thought I was in the minority of fans who loved the song, but to my surprise it was the most downloaded track of the album when TOSOD came out on Itunes. I guess the appeal of the song is its universal theme of the pain of love that has been lost but cannot be forgotten. It may be a song in the album that is most unrepresentative of who David is, but as Silverfox has stated, it showcases David’s impressive ability to interpret the song with such credibility even without having had the experience himself. I believed him in the similarly themed song, ALTNOY, which was one of my early favorites, but in FS he outdid himself by heaps.

    In his album preview, David also explained why he chose to have Falling Stars, a power ballad that he did not co-write yet felt would be a good balance to the rest of the more light-hearted tracks. He also explained that Eman wanted him to sing it differently, sans his signature vibrato, so that he wouldn’t sound like himself but as somebody else. I have already determined that David did do as he was told, even if his voice is so distinctly David, by doing a nasal slur to the words much like Maroon 5 or The Fray does with their own songs. It made the song sound more current and very relatable, like any guy singing his heart out. Now combine that with the so-called powerful ‘cry’ in David’s singing voice and the longing in the lyrics. Bamm! Such intensity! It hits hard when you have experienced the pain yourself, and I believe there are many of us who have experienced that pain in their lives. I am torn to bits by the bridge: ‘When it’s all said and done I’ll be just a speck in the galaxy, floating farher away by graaa-vityyy.'(Oh, that tremor in his voice again!) ‘Tell me it’s not possible the way that we could break… like Falling Staaaars..! like crashing caaaars..!’ I’m just typing it and my eyes are welling up in tears, gosh!

    Oh, and then that piano cover came into being. Can you believe it’s not just David’s voice that makes me cry? It’s that darn haunting melody and the thought of David singing it. ‘You. Are. So. Beau-ti-ful… yeah…’ I rest my case.”


  191. silverfox said


    That tweet from David made me feel really sad. Guess it’s cause it’s so true & he’s too young to know how it feels.

    And no apologies for wanting a download of “Senseless” by David. Just like “She’s Not You”, which also didn’t make the cut on his first album. What other gems didn’t make it? I’m guessing David knows & has no problem with the leaks. It creates lots of buzz for him & excitement for his fans. Leaking & downloading NEW SONGS is a different story altogether, but these are great songs we would never get to hear without the leaks. So keep “leaking” the shelved songs, cause if these two are just an example, well OhMyHeck! 😀


  192. betsy said

    I really liked his tweet. He’s listening to Joni. Or one of the many covers of that song.
    Ok: I am currently obsessed with the following. The wailing at around 2:57 is crazy.


  193. SandyBeaches said

    This is a great review of a very special song.

    We are all lost in his haunting melodies maybe never to return, I will add haha, but it may be so!



  194. SandyBeaches said

    SF… Could he just be getting us curious and of course we are? So many lines of songs go through his head much of the time as we see when he talks and sings at the same time. But as for the line itself, it is something like his thoughts in “Good Place”. Remember, this is David who is one guy on stage and then another perhaps off of stage…Gotta love both Davids.



  195. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy don’t forget the little growl at 3:44 and then the Elvis…’Thank you, thank you very much’. He was well into that song…



  196. betsy said

    SF – I really like Senseless. The tone in his voice is so smooth here. Chocolate.
    Lolz – I just deleted a huge long comment. I never like to rant, but I did.
    I’ll just say that I am tired of David not getting the radio play and attention he deserves.
    And I’ll leave it at that. 🙂


  197. betsy said

    SB – Yes! And the nonononahnahnah at 2:50-2:56, pre-wail.


  198. silverfox said


    I had no idea, but should have known David’s tweet was a song title! And of course it did sound familiar, but I was too busy trying to “read between the lines”. I really must stop doing that.

    David will not be a part of Jordin’s Super Bowl Event this year per Melinda. Wonder what he’s doing instead?

    Sure is quiet in David’s fandom.

    Bedtime for me. Mandatory OT tomorrow. I need sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Good night!


  199. SandyBeaches said

    I just want to mention before they disappear, that you will never see any pictures of David any more handsome than the three pictures here in this post. Hopefully they will never be very far away becasuse they are priceless and timeless…



  200. SandyBeaches said

    Good night to SF and to everyone…



  201. bebereader said


    I assumed there would be a photoshoot of pictures of David from MoTab but nothing has surfaced yet except for a few single photos. However, you can sometimes capture in a screencap what a photographer cannot capture in a photo. I think Angelica did just that for this article.


    Thank you for your in-depth analysis of “Falling Stars”. Once in a while a song comes along that brings forth very strong emotions and for me, “Falling Stars” is one of them. Like you, I cried the first time I heard it. And it continues to cut through me at every listen. It hurts to hear the angst in David’s voice, to hear him sing about lost and forgotten love.

    David is a master at interpreting music and because of this, it hardly matters that he did not experience the emotion he sings about. He is so good at what he does that I believe every word he is singing. Like a good actor, a good singer has the ability to take the audience away and make them feel what he is feeling by the way he expresses the melody and lyrics and by his body language. I believe Eman and David created a winner with this song, even if we never hear it on radio. When I’m on Twitter and I see Eman pop on, I take every opportunity to thank him and David for “Falling Stars”.


    Was so very happy to hear your good news last night about your Dad.


  202. 192.Betsy,love that video of My Hands is so amazing. and Senseless…wow.
    It doesn’t matter that David has never been in love before,or experienced the pain of romantic love and breakups…he is so into the lyrics, and meaning of the songs,he takes you there anyway!
    My Hands’ pain filled lyrics, sung only as David can do(his ‘cry voice’ and wailing, make me want to cry out with an ooooh,aaahh groan, when he is singing it.

    How deeply he must feel all the songs he sings, to be able to do that!It’s that “I’m gonna tell it to the judges..I’m gonna make sure they understand it!”…(Heaven during Hollywood week)
    I think about You Can, To be with You, Love Me Tender,WYSYLM,Bubbly,DLG,Barriers… Any love song, he just goes for the jugular.And he nails it. We KNOW one day, he will have women fainting in the aisles at his concerts.We know without a doubt that he is beyond special. That’s why we are here. Because dispite ups and down,and questions. We know.


  203. Bebe, 201.I just read your last post.
    Are we sharing a brain tonight? haha


  204. bebereader said


    “Are we sharing a brain tonight?”

    I think so. But I think we’re on to something, my friend! 🙂

    Betsy: My Hands? Don’t eee-ven gooo there…LOL


  205. bebereader said

    NEW ARTICLE —>>>


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