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Archive for January, 2011

Pennies from Heaven

Posted by djafan on Monday, January 31, 2011

When I was a little girl growing up in Baton Rouge, there was no zoo but there was a children’s show called The Buckskin Bill Show.  Every day he would remind the populace of this lack with the refrain, “Remember, Baton Rouge needs a zoo.”  We children were assigned the task of buying an elephant.  How long it took to accrue the amount needed, I don’t know.  I know it went on for a long time.  I mean, how much does an elephant cost, even in those days?  Then there was shipping and handling to consider which must have cost a  pretty penny.  In fact, that’s exactly what it cost.  How does one eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  How does one buy an elephant?  One penny at a time.  Kiddies would traipse across the set of the Buckskin Bill Show putting their pennies in a barrel.  Some would empty a bagful, some would put in only one cent but eventually enough was collected to buy not one but two elephants.  They were named Penny and Penny Too.

That experience taught me something about how great things can be accomplished by small means.

A few days ago I asked for people to join our newly formed group on Angels for a Cause to help with Rising Star Outreach.  Many of you have joined us and have donated money already to help uplift and give aid to those with leprosy and the far-reaching effects on their children.  I know, too, that many folks are going through some difficult times with the economy as it is.

So here is my cunning plan.  We all have spare change  lying around, in purses, in bowls, in couches and elsewhere.  I found a bag of change that I have had on the floor of a closet so long I had all but forgotten it was there.  I poured it into a basket and added more change to it from a jar in the kitchen and a tray in my car.  Here is what I ended up with.

I then took it to a grocery store and poured it into one of those coin collection machines.  It printed out a voucher that I brought to a cashier who paid me cash.  Do you know what was in that basket?  $181.77! Enough to buy 3 bricks and then some!  Just lying around collecting dust.

This is the cunning part of my plan.  Anyone can do this.  Gather your coins, convert them to cash and make a contribution to Rising Star Outreach.  It doesn’t matter how small the amount or how big.  Then email us at with how much you gave.  We won’t post names of anyone just individual amounts, and a running total that we hope will grow and grow, one penny at a time.

I will be bringing my basket to work tomorrow.  Lots of people come through my office every day and I will be asking them to donate their spare change to help the children of leprosy in India.  I think they will be willing to do that.   For thousands of years, the victims of leprosy and their families have had to beg for any small change just to survive.  For a little while, I can do that for them to help ensure they never have to again.

I also want to make necklaces using a shiny new penny as a pendant and mail them out to everyone who joins our group on AFAC.   It’s your choice of course, if you want to wear it but I think they will make great advertising.  If anyone asks you why you are wearing a penny around your neck you can tell them what it represents.  Hope for a better world, one penny at time.

So here is the plan:

1.  Join The Voice group if you haven’t already and want to be a part of something wonderful.

2.  Donate whatever you can, even if it’s just loose change lying around your house or purse.  Check under the sofa cushions.  It’s almost time for spring cleaning anyway.  No amount is too small.  $5.00 is fine.  Of course, larger donations are also welcome if you are able.  Be sure to type in the comments when you donate that you are from The Voice group for AFAC.

3.  Let your coworkers know about Rising Star Outreach and have a receptacle for change handy if they want to help out.

4.  Email us at the voice with the amount of your donations since joining The Voice group on AFAC.  We will be keeping a running total of all contributions and will post it here on the site and on AFAC.

5.  Once I get the necklaces made I will need everyone’s home address sent to or the contact page above.

So that’s the plan.  The goal is a million pennies for Rising Star Outreach.

A gathering of angels showering pennies from heaven.  Continue to let us know in the comments on the site if you bought a brick and what you had engraved on it.  What did I have engraved on the three bricks I bought with my change?   Pennies    From    Heaven.

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A Gathering of Angels

Posted by djafan on Friday, January 28, 2011

David is in India, assisting with the effort to uplift and give comfort to those affected by the far-reaching effects of leprosy.  January 31st is World Leprosy Day and he, along with others will join Rising Star Outreach to celebrate the progress made in eradicating this disease and the suffering it inflicts on so many.

While we wait for his safe return, what can we do besides pray for him and the people he has rightly asked us to focus on?

The Voice has formed a group on Angels for a Cause and we want to invite you to join our group there.  I have lately prayed for guidance for some way that we can harness all the positive energy from this site.  All of you, whether commenters or lurkers, have contributed to the abundance of love that is spoken here.  We hope you will join us and become one with us on Angels for a Cause.  It’s a start and who knows where it will lead and what good can come of it?  Every journey begins with a single step.  So here then are the steps to take if you want to be a part of the journey with us.

Steps to join The Voice David Archuleta.

1) Click on this link:

2) Sign up

3) Go to email to verify your email address.

4) Create profile

5) Click join

6) On Angels for a Cause Community tab click on Groups

7) Click on The Voice David Archuleta

8) Click on join

We welcome suggestions for what we can do as a site and group to give back.  Please let us know in the comments and we can discuss.  You are all a part of this family we call The Voice and you have a voice too.  There is still time to purchase a brick to pave the Pathway of Hope as a group.

Credit Angels for a Cause

One step at a time, one brick at a time, one life at a time…we can make a difference.

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In the Bleak Midwinter

Posted by SandyBeaches on Monday, January 24, 2011

In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made


Earth stood hard as iron, water like a


Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on


In the bleak midwinter, long ago.

~Christina Rossetti

The snowstorm that had traveled to us from the eastern seaboard had finally moved on and we were left completely shrouded in a blanket of white.  Although the snow was sparkling and entrancing, the landscape looked oh so very cold.  I knew there was much to be done on this cold wintry morning, but the cares of the day were put aside as I sat by the bay window with a cup of steaming hot coffee.  At the break of dawn I found myself staring out at the frosty wintry woods.

While I was struggling with the challenge of finding any desire to carry out the work I had planned, it became more difficult as time went by to even move away from the window.  In his book, “Chords of Strength,” David said that when he was in a situation as a young fellow in which he did not know what to do next with his life, he asked God for guidance.  Well, perhaps it was time for me to do the same.  It was peaceful and still… so very still, and as my mind wandered I heard a song in the distance.  Both haunting and beautiful, the voices sang “In the Bleak Midwinter.”  I had not heard the song for many years, yet there it was playing over and over in my mind.

Moving away from the window I turned to my computer and typed in the title of the song.  There it was, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and their guest singer was Sissel.  I was so startled because she was the singer David had said was the guest artist a few years ago.  This was the concert that he had been keeping tucked away in his memories.  I became overwhelmed by the angelic nature of her voice and the similarities she has to David’s singing style.  As a child, we played the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas album so this is where my memory was taking me back to.

David and Sissel have the same profoundly engaging, captivating and inspirational vocal qualities.  They emanate a bell-like clarity of sound with extensive vocal ranges, while singing songs that are close to their hearts.  Their voices are sensitive yet powerful and soaring.  Like David, she can blend songs of different nationalities in her performances, as well as be equally successful with pop songs.  It has been said in reviews that her lovely melodies and lyrics bedazzle the listener.  David and Sissel are singers of high caliber and that phenomenon is perhaps what makes it difficult for the pop world of music to appreciate about David.  While they both receive the most positive critical acclaim, these qualities also set them apart from the rest.  Sissel is an international singing sensation, widely known for her songs in the movie Titanic.  These same doors will undoubtedly be opening for David someday soon.

A warmth and calmness blanketed over me as she sang.  You could see that she was standing on the very same circled star where David had stood just a few weeks ago. This was the choir that I had heard singing; these are the realizations that had come my way.  In the bleak midwinter, while gazing outside my window, I had been given all of this.

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A Night at the Grove With David Archuleta

Posted by djafan on Friday, January 21, 2011

When the tickets for MoTab were being distributed I had already secured 4 tickets for The Grove in Anaheim in Tier 3 for daughter, granddaughters and myself.  Not the best seats but ok for David’s concert on December 29, one day after his birthday.  Still flying high from my trip to Salt Lake I couldn’t believe I was going to see David again in a span of two weeks.

A few days before the concert my niece came to spend a few days with us for the holidays and wanted to go with us to the concert.  Thanks to my lucky stars, Zully from Honduras took to Twitter to sell a ticket, a VIP ticket no less in Tier 1, Row E!  I took it for guess who?  Meeeee!  I had made peace with the fact that I wouldn’t see David up close this time so this was such a sweet turn of events.  I waited for Zully at the box office and was starting to panic because there was no sign of her.  Suddenly Monica2112 from Twitter, who I’d told about the ticket situation, came walking up to me with another girl, Zully!  She was in line for the Meet and Greet!  We had crossed paths, so thank you Monica!

With ticket in hand I was now able to hang out and meet with David fans in VIP area, some for the first time:  Vermeer, Marthazz, Seattle_D, Karenkid, Starrynites, NP1107, Nancy and a sweet lady who sat next to me during the concert (if you’re reading this please tweet me @djafans or shoot me an email through The Voice email). Great times and now it was time for the concert.  In the audience sat fans of all ages, entire families.  He is gaining in the guy and college age girls; they were representing!

The Set List

Something ‘Bout Love,  The Other Side Of Down,  Touch My Hand,  To Be With You,  A Little Too Not Over You,  Parachutes and Airplanes, Angels,  My Hands,  Elevator,  Pat-A-Pan,  The First Noel,  Complain,  Falling Stars,  My Kind Of Perfect,  Stomping the Roses, and as a finale, Crush.

The concert was magnificent!  David exploded onto the stage; he burst out like a flash of lightning, sparkling like only he does and there he was.  I stood for most of the concert, dancing, singing, whistling and watching him intently, trying to remember every word and emotion that came to me as I watched him perform.

I’ve seen David perform live several times but this was by far the most intense, passionate, energized, sensitive, confident and powerful I’ve ever seen him.  He owned that stage at The Grove and commanded the audience effortlessly, with a glance, a gesture, a smile.  The power in his voice, the tenderness, the tone, deeper and richer than ever before, the new runs, the emotion pouring out to us, making even those old songs sound like new.  When he sat at the piano, those of us on the left side of the venue couldn’t see him and he apologized that we wouldn’t be able to see his face.  Can you believe that?  Thank goodness for big screens which did enable us to see his beautiful face.  I’m happy to say he was drinking lots of water (but I couldn’t secure his water bottle this time, darn it!) 😛  and sweated profusely from start to finish.  For the first time I’ve ever seen, he actually took the towel handed to him and slowly wiped his brow, face and chin to the delight of everyone.

Wrapped up in his magic, I was feeling euphoric with a swelled heart filled with joy and gratitude.  What a blessing it is to get David and his gift.  He ended the set with “Stomping The Roses”.  He told it to us and made us understand it!  The energy, the sassiness, the flirtatiousness…WOW, he is a master at this I tell you.  He left the stage but the applause was thunderous and out he came to close the show.  I’m so glad that some were able to catch at least the audio so I may relive my experience, but boy do I miss the videos!

Stomping the Roses clip

Crush clip

As we walked to the car, I thought my evening was over.  But I noticed a crowd gathering behind the venue and needless to say we ended up at a fence, waiting for David.  In an hour’s time there were a few hundred of us waiting.  Then the band came out and said “Bye” to us and told us David would be out shortly.  The screams let us know when David appeared and he walked along the fence, Sharpie in hand, signing, giving high fives and beaming.  You could see how happy he was to see us.

I took out my phone and ipod, started to record and before long he was in front of me signing my ipod!

David signing my ipod.

My granddaughter and niece took off their shoes and he signed those, too.  BTW my niece is a new convert telling all on facebook about David and his amazing voice and her wonderful aunt!

Signing my niece's shoe.

It was a great ending to a perfect evening.  It’s unfortunate that there are no videos from this show to capture the growth of this remarkable talent.  Hopefully my words brought you a sense of what I experienced.

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Considering David Archuleta ~ Food for Thought…

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Written by MT

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about David’s last video blog.  It was done so casually, in his back yard.  He was alone.  No one was there to bother him.  No reporters, no fans, just David, alone with his thoughts, and his cat.

I know that when I think of David, one overriding thought occupies my mind.  I want success for David. Great Success!  I want the whole world to know how great he really is.  I want him to have the kind of success and longevity that Michael Jackson had, and Paul McCartney has.  I want his success to make Bieber’s look like chicken feed.  But, am I being a bit over ambitious for him?

Does David really want that kind of success?  I don’t know.  David is superb in front of an audience of 21,000, yet I believe he wants to be able to go home without having reporters on his front lawn, or fans in his yard, or a security fence surrounding his home.  If he has too much success, he would lose that.  I think David himself is trying to figure out how to sing in front of large crowds and still be just David during his time off.

I want David to have all the success his life can handle.  Can he actually have enough success to assure longevity in the music business so that he can continue to sing and tour without getting all the craziness that can go along with it?  Can he do what he wants to do, sing, and be successful enough to continue in the business without losing his freedom?  Can he find a middle ground, somewhere between great fame and obscurity?  Can he do world tours and not have to buy a mansion with a concrete wall surrounding it?

I don’t know what the future will bring for David.  I only know that I want him to be happy.  To this day, I don’t fully understand why I care about that.  I’ve never met him.  I’ve never even seen him perform live (although that is most certainly on my “Bucket List.)  But for some reason, I really, really do care about his happiness.

I know that David will never read this, but I wish he could know that there are so many people out there that care:  people who have met him, people who have never met him, people who probably never will meet him, yet they still care about him as a person, not just an entertainer.  We want success for him.  But more importantly, we want him to be happy.

My hope for David is that he is able to find that middle ground, a place that allows him the artistic freedom to record and sing while he retains some measure of normalcy in his life.  I want him to always be able to do a video blog in his back yard, right after singing to thousands and thousands of fans.

Is it possible?  I sure hope so.

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Tour. News. Now. Please. ~ David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anxiously awaiting news of David’s upcoming tour for TOSOD, “here I am with all these questions hanging on my ceiling low,” when will we receive a tour schedule?  Will he tour solo?  Will he have an opener?  Will he co-headline this time?  Who will that be?  Should David tour with an established band to gain new fans or should he co-headline with someone who has been in the business for as long as he has?  Will he make a stop in Canada this time?  Should he travel the US first and then leave for international touring or tour internationally first, then come back to the states to tour on home turf?  These questions are being asked and discussed daily, all over the web.

Names of possible tour mates that have been tossed around include We the Kings, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and more.

I respect tour planners; it cannot be easy work to plan a tour.  A lot of research goes into considering all the variables like weather issues, size/availability and type of venue, flight and hotel, to mosh or not to mosh. Something else to consider is which parts of the world has TOSOD sold the most?  Where are the key locations that would fill up venues?  Which areas of the United States do David’s fans live?  In which states would it make the most sense to have shows to get the most fans to come out?  In the end, the powers that be will work out the logistics, down to the last-minute detail.

If I had a say in tour planning what would be important to me?  I would like David and his entourage to be safe when traveling and not have to put up with harsh weather conditions.  Malaysia is located on the equator and has uniform temperature throughout the year.  Asian fans have always treated David with love and respect and have waited so long to see him in concert.  If David is in fact traveling internationally on this tour, I’d want Asia to be first in line, at the beginning of the tour.  Coming back to the states in the spring would make sense, weather wise, and continue the tour on the East Coast and Midwest to avoid last year’s weather mishaps.  On the CFTH tour, a snowstorm in Minneapolis caused a show to be canceled.  In addition, New York was bathed in two feet of snow over icy roads last December, making travel hazardous when David’s tour bus made it’s way from Massachusetts to Westbury, NY for the last show on the tour.

I have one more request.  Not a big fan of moshing; if it was up to me, I’d like David to perform in venues like Philharmonic Hall, or at the very least, one that is set up like a theater, with seats.  And while I’m at it, I want the band with him at every show.  Other than that, just point me in the direction of the tour schedule.  I’m easy! 😀

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Sense and Sensibility

Posted by paulafod on Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do I think with my mind or with my heart?

I would like to think of myself as a romantic: I love the pursuit of truth and honor.  I believe in love despite the mysteries that surround it.  I cheer for the little guy (including our David!).  I want the happy ending for everyone.  I believe that there are a million little things that make up a great day, and that I should be grateful for every one of them.  I’m a romantic, right?

But, do I think with my mind or with my heart?

I’m struggling with this….because as much as I would like to believe that I am a romantic, I may instead be an Elinor.  In the novel, Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austin wrote a beautiful account of two sisters, Elinor and Marianne.  Elinor listens to her head; Marianne listens to her heart.  Rationalism is the basis on which Elinor conducts her life; romanticism is the driving force in Marianne’s.

It is a beautiful story; I love Jane Austin’s work.  This quote has come to me often over the past couple of months; Marianne the romantic is speaking to Elinor the realist:

“Always resignation and acceptance.  Always prudence and honor and duty.  Elinor, where is your heart?”


In December, my mind and my heart were in conflict.  I wanted to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance in Salt Lake City, but I did not win tickets.  I tried again on the MoTab Facebook page, but still no tickets. I accepted the fact that I could not go, and truthfully, felt a little relieved since I was not sure how I could work out logistics and finances.  Two weeks prior to the event, a kind soul offered me one ticket to the Sunday performance.   Instead of staying in my chest, my heart took up residence in my throat.  Could I go?  Could I really go?  As a romantic, I could leap at the opportunity.  As a romantic, I could rejoice with so many others that would be there.  As a romantic, I could just be happy that I had the opportunity of a lifetime.

But Elinor was there, whispering in my ear.  The voice of realism reminded me of things that I knew were true.  I won’t go into details as to why I felt I should not go, but they had to do with budgets, money, and obligations…. resignation and acceptance, prudence and honor and duty.

Jane Austin knew that it is best to think with both your head and your heart instead of just one or the other.  In the end, each sister learned to be a little more like the other.

And, in the end, I want to live with the rationality of my head, and with the passion of my heart.  Although I cannot explain it, I ache to know those of you reading this.  I know that I am supposed to be here.   I am a full-fledged, card-carrying Archie and I want to be with others like me. I want to support David in person, instead of just in spirit.  In every aspect of my life, my heart must learn to speak with confidence and my mind must be willing to listen.  I want to be reasonable, yet do what does not seem reasonable.  I want my mind to give my heart permission to let go of some things and take hold of other things.  I want to allow myself some privileges while still giving to others.  Courage is needed to step out of the boundaries of my inner Elinor.  I want to be the best of Elinor and the best of Marianne.  I want sense and sensibility.

It’s the first month in a brand new year. In my first step out of my comfort zone this year, I am getting braces on my teeth.  I am not a teenager, or a young person, and it won’t be comfortable physically or financially, but it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time.  The next item on my “heart list” is to attend a nice, big, David Archuleta event this year…maybe even two.  Look for me…I’ll be the middle-aged lady with braces.

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My Son’s Graduation ~ A MoTab Saga

Posted by thefunnygirl on Saturday, January 8, 2011

I was never supposed to go to the MoTab concert.  My husband was supposed to be overseas on business that week.  Yes, that week, out of all the possible weeks of ever. Of course. I thought about it, about how maybe it would be ok if Grandma watched the kids.  But what if something happened, and we were both out-of-town?  There was also the money for the flight to consider.  And I work in retail and it is the holidays and the schedule was already done.  And then I’d need a ticket for the concert, which was highly unlikely.  I wasn’t even going to register for the drawing because I could not go.

Two fans asked me to register for them, which I did.  My name was drawn. Of course.  Then their names were drawn. Of course.  Fans starting giving tickets to other fans whose names were not drawn.  My tickets were also given away.  Of course.  My husband wakes up on the day of his trip not feeling well.  He ends up with a nasty stomach flu and doesn’t go on his trip.  OF COURSE.  A few days pass and I resign myself to the fact that I am not going.  That even if I had a ticket, it would be next to impossible to go on a trip right before Christmas, I had to work and the flights were expensive.  My husband tried to console me by telling me that we’ll get the DVD as soon as it comes out.  Bless his heart.  But you and I know that there is NOTHING that compares to David live.  But I’d have to take what I could get.

Then I saw the rehearsal picture.  Then I was done.  Sadness doesn’t describe what I felt.  It was tragic.  This was such a huge honor and accomplishment for David.  It wasn’t so much that I wanted to go for my own reasons, although hearing him with the choir was sure to be like standing in Heaven, but there was a sense of loss for him in my not being there.  Not that he’d even see me, not that he even knows who I am, but that my not being there felt so wrong, in a way I can’t explain. I cried all morning, then I had to go to work.  I sent my husband an e-mail telling him that I have to go.  That we could use his airline points (which we were saving for something else BTW).  I flew my freak flag as high as it’s ever gone.

I told him that I felt like I was missing my son’s graduation.  He told me that David is not my son. I told him that I know that (thank you very much!) but that it doesn’t matter.  He reminded me that I didn’t have a ticket.  I knew that too (duh!) but that would not stop me from trying to get one!  He told me to try to get a ticket then we’d talk.  I posted everywhere that I needed a Sunday ticket.  I was actually already scheduled off on Sunday and Monday.  I got a ticket (THANK YOU sooo much you know who you are!) I told my husband and we started checking flights and he probably still thinks I am crazy.  In all my fandom I always said “I’ve never asked to take a flight to see him!” and now my husband was agreeing to let me use some of the points which we were saving for a family trip, to go to Utah.  UNBELIEVABLE!

Because my husband is not a fangirl, he will never truly understand what this trip meant to me.  I was in Utah for less than 24 hours.  Marciami let me share her room, and I had other offers from other fans as well.  Thank you so much! I had to miss the fan lunches and dinners but I got to see and hear David in all of his glory.  You have read the recaps and seen the videos.  You know the magnificence that it was.  The local people who blogged and tweeted about how wrong they were about him, the tears that were shed, the confidence and smile of the newly grown-up David.  He captivated every person there.  His voice filled the conference center and gripped you by the heart and soul.  I am so ridiculously proud of him.  I showed my husband one video from MoTab, because I wanted him to see that it wasn’t some random concert.  He said “WOW! That was amazing.  I see why you wanted to go.”  🙂

Selfishly, I am over the moon that I got to go.  But the real joy in being there was the love and pride and faith I felt as he bathed us all in the Spirit, and the confidence of knowing that he is truly right where he belongs.  I am blessed and honored to be his fan.  He may not be my son by blood relation, but he most certainly is if measured by love.

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Angel From the Realms of Glory

Posted by djafan on Monday, January 3, 2011

We had a clear view from the window of the Blue Lemon Café into Deseret Book across the street, still lit up and abuzz with activity.  If a gap in the crowd had afforded it, we could have seen David Archuleta sitting there still, continuing to sign autographs while we took in a late dinner.  Our little gathering consisted of me, Silverfox with her sister Hooked, Djafan, SandyBeaches and Marciami.  With the exception of Marciami, I had just met everyone at the table for the first time that night.  It is a surreal sensation when the tectonic plates of the virtual world slide into the real one.  SandyBeaches was trying desperately to explain to us what she had witnessed that night in David’s performance.  In the end she was left to simply repeat the refrain, “You do not know this man.  There is no way to even describe what he did.”  Yet all around the table, everyone continued to try to  describe to Djafan and me what we were in for on the following evening.  Their excitement was contagious and we were all so captivated by the discussion that we lost track of time until the lights of the restaurant flickered off and on to signal to us that it was time to go.  On a nearby corner we said goodnight and went our separate ways.  I was the only one staying at my hotel but it was less than a block away.  I turned to see them still standing vigil on the corner till I was almost there.

It had started to snow, tiny flakes spinning rapidly in the air as they plunged toward me.  In years to come, I will remember that weekend in Salt Lake this way:  as a flurry of images and feelings rushing at me like whirling snowflakes, some dissolving on contact, others remaining intact to stay in my memory forever.

I remember…entering Deseret Book shortly after checking into my hotel to meet Djafan for the first time and gathering her up in the biggest hug!   Climbing the stairs to the second floor of the Thaifoon restaurant to the joyful noise of over a hundred excited fans all talking at once.  More hugs and warm greetings from so many again, some I had met before but most for the first time.  Sipping hot cocoa from a paper cup at Deseret Book while waiting in a line that slowly wound around bookshelves and meeting and hugging and talking with so many more fans.  Oh the fans, as Dr. Seuss would say, the fans, fans, fans, fans, fans!  So many that even when I rounded the corner to where he sat it was impossible to catch a glimpse of him until I was almost to him.  And suddenly, there he was, just come from the stage and glowing as though lit from within by that same Presence  that had been with him there, and that lingered with him still.

The next night I was sitting in the massive Conference Center with twenty-one thousand others when he strode onto the stage impeccably attired in a tux accessorized with green plaid vest and tie.  Like my dinner companions the previous night, I have difficultly describing what occurred.  After each song he would leave the stage to thunderous applause.  Each time he was spotted walking back on from stage right, something akin to an electrical charge emanated from him and coursed through the entire theater.  And that was before he ever sang.  To say that he was confident would be an understatement.  He was not only self-possessed, he took total possession of the stage whenever he stood on it.  He was filled to the brim with a buoyant charisma and a joy born of the Spirit that was palpable.  Surely place played a factor in this city where prophets and apostles walk and angels tread behind veils so thin their whispers are carried on the wind that courses through this mountain valley.  As he sang with such love and tenderness of the birth of the baby Jesus, the windows of his beautiful soul sparkled.  I can not even describe the magnificent heights he reached.  It is too much to capture in words.  Only the music can tell the story and only David could make you understand it so well.

Each song was a work of art that was constructed to build and build to a breathless crescendo.   Every single song ended in a final note that was magnificent.  Unbelievable.  Other-worldly.   The final “His birth” from the Cat and the Mouse Carol, the glorious “deo” from Angels from the Realms of Glory, that soared far above all other voices and instruments competing with him on that climactic ending.  The exultant Spanish carol, A Pastores A Belen, in which he smilingly channels the jubilation of laughing, running shepherds ending with a rousing “la!” as he thrusts the mic up in the air over his head with a snap that left my heart pounding out of my chest!  And finally coming to the end of Silent Night, standing perfectly still, he produced that seemingly effortless, ethereal “at Thy birth.”  He just opened his mouth and the word “birth” issued from him and kept flowing and moving further and further outward until it hung shimmering in the air, a bluish-gold incandescent tone straight from the heart of eternity.

I remember…an elaborate storybook stage setting, dancers cavorting, bells ringing, heavenly voices singing, the tender soliloquies of Sir Michael York, the majestic organ solo.  These images spin and collide with those of warm hugs and warmer conversations, lights of red, gold and blue, chicken satay and crème brulee and cocoa in a paper cup.

In the morning I would return to see him perform each song again, flawlessly.  And that evening I would gather all these swirling images, like great armfuls of snow, and carry them home.

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Mandalay Bay, Bayby!!!

Posted by djafan on Saturday, January 1, 2011

David rocked in the New Year right with TOSOD and Elevator in Vegas!  Looks like a good time was had by all and that goes for all those who watched on TV.  Thank you Fox!  Thank you David!

Now go eat your peas.

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