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The Little Card and Fan That Could

Posted by djafan on Monday, December 27, 2010

Several weeks ago, a group card was started online for David’s birthday.  The response was so incredible, it turned into a book that was published and presented to him at Deseret Books in Salt Lake City.   According to Marciami who was largely responsible for coordinating, collating and getting the book bound in time to give to David….

“I thought all of you might like to see how David’s birthday book turned out.  It was made from the group card that was started on the internet.The cover was designed by Miss Bianca and the first and last pages by Angelica.  There were over 1100 messages when I had it printed (more now) and it was 186 pages double-sided and was heavy!  When I gave it to him and opened it he said “wow” a couple of times in his surprised and delighted way.”   ~   Marciami


Cover of Birthday Book by Bianca
First page of book
Last page
Side view photo of book by Shell_eeeyyy

I would like everyone to join me in giving a very warm thank you to Marciami also, for all her hard work in planning by email and tirelessly working with the management of Thaifoon’s in SLC for the luncheon attended by over 100 fans from 23 states and several countries.  She was absolutely tireless and sacrificed so much of her own time to David and his fans to make a memorable weekend even more special.   As David recently tweeted…”There is no love without sacrifice.”

39 Responses to “The Little Card and Fan That Could”

  1. wowArchie said

    What a beautiful and meaningful present. David is very lucky to have fans like these! You all are so so sweet . I bet he melted inside when he said “wow” non-stop in SLC .


  2. MunkFOD said

    I was wondering what happened to that e-card. This is totally awesome! Thanks so much for all of your hard work…for everyone’s hard work! You guys are the greatest! YAY!


  3. ncgirlmarylee said

    Wonderful idea! Looks lovely…thanks to everyone who put in their hard work! 🙂


  4. Lacie said

    This looks like a wonderful gift for David. Thanks to those who worked so hard on it!


  5. Heidijoy said

    Thank You Marciami for all your hard work on the Card(Book) and the luncheon!! It was great meeting you, Angelica and all the others. I know David appreciated all the tributes!! One of my favorite lines of his was when he said “I could Thank all the fans for the rest of my life and it still wouldn’t be enough.” Hopefully someone still has that recording.


  6. nanaweize said

    The book looks wonderful. Marciami..It was a delight meeting you at the lunch at the Garden. David is so lucky to have such caring fans isn’t he?


  7. bluebird19 said

    Thank you so much, Marciami, Bianca, Angelica and any others who worked to put this book together. I’m sure David really appreciated it and so do we fans! Great job 🙂


  8. MT said

    It’s so nice to know that David will have this beautifully bound book as a rememberance of this time in his life. Thanks to all who did so much to give him this gift.


  9. sweetonDA said

    Marciami, reading about the Happy Birthday Book you instigated just makes my heart sing. David has the most wonderful fans ever. Thank you and also Bianca, Angelica and all the fans who sent him birthday wishes.

    Like it says in the book, YOU ROCK!


  10. archangel48 said

    Thank-you to everyone who gave this project their all! I also was wondering how the e-card was coming along! Knowing David and his humbleness, this must’ve been a very heartfelt moment when the transaction of Birthday Book to David himself! What a wonderful way to start his 20’s with all that fan support! You all ROCK!
    (I’ve been trying to not feel sorry for myself for being in Utah for the incredible Sunday show and knowing I missed meeting over 100 supporters from many areas of the World dang-it!):wink:


  11. archangel48 said



  12. bebereader said

    It’s a thrill to finally see the completed book; and it’s a beauty! I’m sure David is working on reading every page, if he hasn’t done so already. Thank you to all those who had a part in it, including Angelica, Marciami and Miss Bianca. You made the entire fanbase proud!

    Tomorrow is David’s birthday! Twitter is planning a trending party, using the hashtag #HappyBDayArchie in each tweet. Only use it once in each tweet or it won’t count.


  13. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  14. prd9601 said

    Wow! The book looks so good! You guys did a wonderful job and I am sure David was very surprised! I just love the love here!!


  15. djafan said

    Hello Lacie and welcome to The Voice!

    Marciami, thank you so much for all your hard work, the fan birthday epic card and the luncheon were a huge success. I enjoyed so much sharing The Motab experience with you, an unbelievable event. Angelica and Miss Bianca thank you both for lending your creative juices to this most wonderful card for David, I’m sure he is reading every single warm birthday wish from across the world.

    Get ready for the birthday trending party!


  16. archiesfan4life said

    What a lovely idea! Thanks to all who made this possible!

    A huge thanks to Marciami for the luncheon too – what a great time! To those I didn’t get to meet – I am disappointed:(, but it was hard with so many fans. We will just have to get together again during the next tour:). Count me in to help for sure.

    My time in Utah was one of the most memorable weeks of my life!

    What a fun night in chat last night – thanks to all!




  17. silverfox said


    I am so impressed! You did a beautiful job binding the birthday greetings into the final hard-cover book. I wish I could have seen it before you presented it to David. I wish I could have seen his face & his reaction when he realized how much love & admiration for him was in those pages. It’s something he will surely treasure forever & will have to show his kids & grand-kids someday.

    And the luncheon was great! I know you put in much time, effort & money doing all this for David and for us. So thank you so very much!

    Bianca & Angelica, you are so talented & creative. Your artistic creations for the cover & first & last page are really beautiful. Thank you!

    David has the best & most loving fans in the world!


  18. wow Angelica,Blanca, Marciami and rest of those who made it. I am so impressed with the book, it’s beautiful detail and present to David from his fans.

    David has followers who love him.
    When did task start?

    The cover of the book is delighted Bianca, congratulations.
    The font is so beautiful.


  19. Inma said

    thanks!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a great job! =D


  20. Wanda said

    What a gorgeous book! Thank you, Marciami for all of your hard work and thank you Bianca and Angelica for your beautiful artwork! 🙂


  21. ximena said

    WOOOOOOW! hahaha Thank you so much Marciami! I’m pretty sure David will enjoy reading each page! *w* great job!!! ❤ … tomorrow .. the BIG day! 😀


  22. Abrra said

    This book for David is beautiful! Back when it was in the final stages of being bound, Marcia had to overcome several technical roadblocks. She refused to take “No!” for an answer. She took the “files” to several locations until she found one who could do the job correct and on time. Good job to all who helped make this gift become a reality.

    off topic:
    We had a snowstorm here in the Northeast. I love to look out my back window at my neighbor’s horse barn. In any weather it is just lovely. I wanted to share the peaceful scene. It looks like a calendar photo doesn’t it? 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  23. Tawna21 said

    thank you Marciami–this book looks sooo good! and the luncheon was awesomeage!! It was so much fun to meet so many of you. I certainly hope to be a part of more of them in the future. Tour 2011!!



  24. Tawna21 said

    lovely photo Abrra–so peaceful


  25. Renaid said

    What a lovely gift to David. Thank you Bianca, Angelica and Marciami for the work that you did to make this possible. Thank you too for allowing us to participate with our greetings. You did a great job and this is something I am sure David will treasure for years.
    Love your photo, Abrra.


  26. Angelica said


    Thanks again for all the time, work and love you put into the luncheon for the fans and the book. It came very close to not being published in time but published it was and delivered, thanks to your hard work. I met this tiny little woman when she sent an email gifting me tickets to the VIP in Cleveland out of the blue. That weekend she and Funny Girl spent a night in my hotel and we drove together to Pete’s Grill for the VIP. She is a warm, funny, devoted, generous fan who also happens to have a love for details that I myself abhor. So thank you, thank you, dear Marcia and Miss Bianca too. You made an unforgettable weekend even more memorable. Who knew that a simple group birthday card started on a whim would turn into a large book! BTW, a book with 186 double-sided pages is a 372 page book!! And what a great time we all had at the Thaifoon! They had to hire extra staff and the time passed so quickly I was amazed when it was almost 4pm and we were still there! Great times! (Work and holidays have been crazy but recap is coming peeps. I promise.)


  27. Angelica said

    Abrra, what a beautiful scene from your window! I forgot to mention your part in technical assistance over the phone to make it all happen and get the book published. So thanks to you too!


  28. YJfanofdavid said

    Marcia, What a beautiful work of love by you and everyone involved!! It’s awesome that you were able to hand-deliver it to him. He’s sure to feel our love, admiration, and devotion permeating the pages as he turns them…


  29. emmegirl said

    Thanks so much to Marciami and everyone who made this gift to him possible. Am always in awe of David’s fans, their commitment, and talent and creativity. A beautiful gift filled with love.

    Speaking of a beautiful gift filled with love…as I type this, on my left are the pics of David lying with his hand on his forehead and the tshirt and torn jeans. 🙂


  30. SandyBeaches said

    The tweets are now pouring/rolling in for his Birthday from all over the world. In some places it is his BIRTHDAY! One more hour for me until the 28th!



  31. emmegirl said

    Lost my focus for a second and forgot to thank Abrra for the beautiful snow scene, I love barns…all the different styles and architecture, the faded paint, idk, just have always like them. What a great view you have.


  32. emmegirl said

    SB, wooohoooo!


  33. bebereader said

    Inma#19, Wanda#20 and Ximena#21,

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  34. bebereader said

    Last year, Angelica created this masterpiece for David’s 19th Birthday. It’s a fan favorite and gets requested very often in The Voice Unplugged.

    Happy Birthday David Archuleta

    credit strangerphilosophy


  35. cb said

    Oh man, I love that video!!!!! Thanks for posting it Bebe, and thank you Angelica.


  36. Joy said

    Thanks Marciami, Angelica, Bianca for the effort to make David and the fans happy, it was really a wonderful gift to David.


  37. Nina said

    All I can say is Wau!
    The book is wonderful. Thank you Marciami and others.

    And I love the video too!


  38. marciami said

    A sweet angel told me to come visit The Voice and I see so much thanks from all of you. This means the world to me from all of you –

    Angelica, Abrra, WowArchie, MunkFOD, Ncgirlmarylee, Lacie, Heidijoy, Nanaweize, Bluebird, MT, SweetonDA, Archangel48, Bebe, Djafan, Prd9601, Archiefan4life, SF, Andrekvr1991, Inma, Wanda, Ximena, Tawna21, Renaid, YJfanofdavid, Emmegirl, Joy, Nina.


  39. cb said

    I hope David feels the heartfelt love in all those birthday wishes to him as he looks at his gift now, and in the future. Thanks so much Marciami and all who made the gift of the book possible.
    Abraa, Beautiful picture!!


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