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Feliz Navid from The Voice

Posted by djafan on Friday, December 24, 2010

87 Responses to “Feliz Navid from The Voice”

  1. I just wiped the flour and chocolate off my hands to leave some sweet thoughts to all of you! I am mostly a lurker here, but love all of David’s fans, so want to make sure to wish all of you a very Blessed Holiday and New Year filled with lots of love, peace, good health and happiness. It has been so great having another wonderful site to share our thoughts and feelings about David and life. The happiness he brings each one of us is only multiplied when we are able to share it with special people like all of you! Thank you for having such a very positive place to listen and chat!

    Peace and Love to ALL!


  2. Heidijoy said

    Wishing all of you the best Holidays ever! We really do have memories to share and I thank all of you who dedicate your time,talents and love to The Voice. Thanks to the Administrators,Staff Writers, Posters and Lurkers. I love the postive spirit here and the respect shown to David and his fans.


  3. Amb4dja said

    Brought my morning post over from last thread since this seems to be the “Merry Christmas” one now; wanted to make sure to send Christmas Greetings to all DavidLand~(Sharon (Gmax4)…seems like we were on the same page, amid the flour and sugar. 🙂 )

    Flour on my typing hands…cookies to be made in the kitchen…I’m in my pjs and a santa’s hat (hooboiy)..and David’s Feliz Navidad from Abrra’s CFTH cd is blasting on rotation…so I had to stop in quickly cuz “I wanna wish you(all)a Merry Christmas!”…from the bottom of my ever David-luvin’ heart!

    To The Voice mod-peeps…Many Thanks, always, for all the work you do here, with a great spirit, that allows us all to have a great place to come and share the luv~~

    ps. Tks also to ALL those fan sites that work so hard to keep us all knee-deep in David.

    well…Cookies, and stuffed mushrooms are done!! Showertime!

    Happiest Of Holidays All~


  4. bebereader said

    Season’s Greetings to all our posters, lurkers and to everyone in David’s fanbase. Can you believe that it’s been almost three years since many of us started supporting David on this journey of a lifetime?

    He’s given so much of himself to us in the way of music, concerts, tweets, cd and book signings, quotes, vlogs and blogs. He’s a gift that keeps on gifting. He’s made us smile, laugh, cry and feel the gamut of emotions. Most of all, he’s made us appreciate life.

    The friendships we’ve made because of him were unexpected and are so treasured. I’m looking forward to what’s in store for him in 2011. Whatever it may be, I will be there because it doesn’t get better than The Voice.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. silverfox said

    Angelica, djafan, bebereader, Abrra, and to all the commenters & readers of The Voice,

    My wishes for a most Blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with love, peace & joy to you & yours!

    May our lives continue to be enriched & inspired by David’s sweet & pure spirit as he shares with us his gift of song & music. David shines with a crystal clear aura which sparkles with the purity of pristine diamonds & which was very apparent this past weekend. David is one of a very few elevated human beings who are blessed with a crystal clear aura. Even people who see him for the first time say he “Glows”. What they “see” & what we have seen these past few years is the crystal aura which surrounds him. He has a purity of heart & soul. This state of being came naturally to David from birth and he couldn’t be any other way if he tried. I know all this may sound a little strange to some, but it’s how I “see” & think of David.

    This Christmas is special to me in so many ways. It’s hard to explain but just being in his presence in that huge center, just one in a sea of people hearing David sing, I knew I would never be the same again. We wonder why & how he has the power to “change” people, to lift their heavy hearts & ease their physical & emotional pain, even for a while? I think we all have our own thoughts & theories. Without putting David on a pedestal which he may find undeserved because of his humility, I would say he reached out & touched my heart & soul like a bolt of lightning when I needed it most..again.

    So for David who I love & admire more every day, I wish continued Blessings, a joyous Christmas with family & friends and whatever HE determines is right & good for himself & for those he holds near & dear to his heart, as well as good health, much happiness & laughter in the coming New Year.


  6. fg said

    Happy holidays to everyone! Much love to you all and blessings!


  7. TOfan said

    Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Feliz Navidad, Buon Compleanno, Happy Holidays and huge hugs to everyone here!!!



  8. cb said

    Merry Christmas. David’s voice and glowing face are still fresh in my mind and that makes Christmas even more special this year. I so loved getting to meet some of the lovely people people whose names I knew so well and whose hearts and words have touched me. I wish you all joy and love this Christmas. God Bless, Claudia


  9. Dayzee said

    Merry Christmas to all my David family. I really do feel the closeness of family here. It is a place of optimism, respect and love.
    A place of caring and learning. You are all very important to me.
    David makes this time of year simply glorious!
    How can we not be of good cheer when we see his smiling face here every day?


  10. djafan said

    Merry Christmas to all! We celebrate on Christmas day so today is the cleaning and prepping for tomorrow.

    I love having this place to share our love and respect for all things David and without all of your wonderful comments and sharing of your sentiments and experiences it wouldn’t be. Your presence here is what makes this the community that it is, even the lurkers contribute by lurking who I hope delurk in the new year 🙂

    SF, I’m so happy to see your words full of admiration and respect for David and your prayer is always so genuine, I truly appreciate your comment of the aura, it is a site to behold and with so many noticing it there has to for sure be something to it. I think I had mentioned it is a “feeling” stepping into his light, the presence of spirit in him. Powerful.


  11. Fiona said

    Merry Christmas to everyone here! May The Voice continue to bring us all joy! Thanks to all the admins for all you do, you are much appreciated! xxxx


  12. davidstopsmyaging said

    Merry Christmas to all the special people I consider my “virtual” friends here at The Voice. You’ll never know how much all the video’s and positive conversation means to me. I’ll never understand how one young man can bring so many good people together – but he sure does. He has made a huge, endearing impact on so many. Happy Holidays to you all—-and, of course, to David!


  13. Have a beautiful Christmas everyone here!!
    Wishing all of you, and yours, a happy day filled with LOVE. 🙂


  14. jackryan4DA said

    It is Christmas Day in Manila now! Feliz Navidad TheVoice 🙂

    Greatest time with my family last night, Christmas Eve. Nieces & nephews all grown up, it’s really amazing how time flies. So go do whatever it is you have been stalling to do, LOL. Carpe diem cos you never know when will be the next time you can do it!

    Be merry. Be safe. Be loved. Be loving.

    (back to the kitchen to cook, cook, cook!)


  15. emifriend said

    Love, Love, Love, Love….”God bless us everyone” Tiny Tim, “and especially David” Emifriend for all of the Archielovers


  16. Happy holidays, feliz Navidad, feliz natal,buon natale, 聖誕節快樂, メリークリスマス, Maligayang Pasko, عيد ميلاد مجيد, Καλά Χριστούγεννα, חג מולד שמח,Selamat Hari Natal, Linksmų Kalėdų, Crăciun fericit, С Рождеством, God Jul,สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส.


  17. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Merry Christmas to all my friends at The Voice!

    Love, Abrra


  18. vlm said

    Dear David Family,

    David’s VOICE is the tie that will always bind me to what has past. BUT now, DAVID and YOU have been my re-connection to life and my road to the future.You will always be God’s special gift to me, here to stay and care. Thank you!
    Love and light to you and your families this holiday season! Have a blessed, merry one.!


  19. vlm said

    JR, thank you for your kind words.
    You are much appreciated!


  20. bebereader said

    If you want to be part of the pit for David’s New Year’s Eve event…

    FOX New Year’s Eve Live!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    We are casting the audience in the pit for FOX’s New Year’s Eve Live!

    The FOX special is live in Las Vegas at The Mandalay Bay on December 31st and you can be part of the party. Travie McCoy, David Archuleta, Plain White T’s, and Jabbawockeez have already been scheduled to perform and additional guests and performers are still being booked! Hosted by Nancy ‘Odell with celebrity guests (including Brandy), the show tapes live to the east coast so it will end at 9:30 PM giving you plenty of time to party and the chance to brag to people that you were a part of FOX’s live New Year’s Eve celebration.

    We are casting the pit portion of the audience, which means if you are selected you will be as close to the action as possible! As this is a casted event you must be 18 years of age and please keep in mind that as this is the pit, it is standing room only. If you are interested you will need to submit your information and a photo for security and casting purposes (does not have to be a professional photo). If you are selected we will email you by 6 PM on Tuesday, December 28th with a ticket to attend the event for you and one guest along with all pertinent information.

    Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino
    3950 Las Vegas Blvd,South,
    Las Vegas, NV 89119

    Fri December 31, 2010 4:30 PM
    The taping is live to the east coast so it will finish at 9:30 PM.


  21. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  22. bebereader said

    Christmas Eve in The Voice Unplugged!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  23. River said

    On this Christmas Eve I wish you all the very best for joyous times and memories with your loved ones. David has led the way and I treasure the journey that has no end in sight. It has been a blessing knowing everyone on this site and hearing the words that often echo my thoughts. Peace to all!


  24. Angelica said


    May the love of the Spirit of this season be with all of you and yours. Me and Grandpa Angelica are visiting family on the coast. We gave our 2 year old grandson a set of real drums which he opened tonight. hehe. We are now relaxing at a nearby hotel enjoying the peace and quiet and the MoTab Christmas special with Natalie Cole. is good. 😉 Next year, David will make it even better. Can hardly wait to watch this on TV in 2011!

    God bless you everyone.


  25. SandyBeaches said

    It is now officially “Christmas Day” on the east coast of Canada.

    The friendships here in the discovery and following of David’s career has been and continues to be phenominal. I have met the nicest people who share so much in common.

    As I mentioned to David once “We have been blessed”.

    Merry Christmas David to you and your family and thank you for a wonderful Christmas time in SLC!

    To my great friends, good night! (((Christmas Hugs)))…



  26. archangel48 said

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to the VOICE! It’s been a great journey so far and I can hardly wait for what tomorrow in Archu-land has in store! It feels so good to be alive and heading in a positive direction in my life. I have to give the credit for that to David and his music. I used to wonder how someone so young could inspire stubborn me. I don’t wonder anymore. I embrace it. And it is quite refreshing! 😉
    I wish all of the administrators, commenters, and lurkers around this site and many others who support David a great holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year to you all!


  27. Tawna21 said

    What a wonderful place to come to after a spending a special evening with my 80+ year old parents. My husband and I had a wonderful, laughter filled evening with them and my sister and her husband. My sister asked me to tell them about my time in SLC last week end, but I couldn’t. I just said “I really can’t, it was so special and I get so emotional when I try to re-tell it.” She is a David fan (not ODD) and said “that’s what I figured”. I did relate a few things here and there thru the evening, but just could go into detail. It is so special to me, and almost sacred. Anyway, it’s a wonderful feeling to know I can type my feelings in this box on my computer screen, re-read, then click on submit, and others from lots of different latitudes and longitudes are going to read my comments and feelings and understand them.

    Thank to all of you.

    May you have a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful new year to follow.



  28. Abrra said

    Angels, From the Realms of Glory Runthrough for Music and the Spoken Word

    credit tarynpreston

    Joy To The World Runthrough for Music and the Spoken Word

    credit tarynpreston

    A bunch more videos here of Motab



  29. ascphil said

    A very merry Christmas to everyone in Archuland and to all their families as well! This is truly the best season to be with family in joyous celebration of the spirit of Christmas. I love all the things that have and will be written here about the great and memorable experiences in SLC during David’s historic and groundbreaking performances with the MoTab Choir.

    I woke up late this Christmas day due to the festivities of the previous night and early morning, as my husband was watching a phenomenal concert of Sting. He had a full orchestra backing him up, and related the story behind the next song he was about to sing. My husband is a longtime fan of Sting, and I appreciate Sting’s musical achievements, a great feat considering his humble beginnings (he was the son of a milkman).

    Why do I mention Sting’s concert? That full orchestra backing Sting reminded me of David and how at the tender age of 19 he was able to perform magnificently with a world class choir and orchestra. I could not help but re-visit the vids of his recent performances with MoTab, most especially Silent Night. It brought me so much emotional pride thinking of what he will still be able to achieve as he gets better and gains more years of experience. It is mind-boggling to imagine what else he is capable of achieving in the next few years. The memory of his guesting at Larry King Live last Christmas with Sting and Andrea Bocelli gives me much comfort that he was and will be given great recognition by the people who truly count.


  30. bluebar said

    Greetings to everyone at The Voice! Your warm hearts and shared moments bring joy and happiness especially at this holiday-time… and all through the year! Merry Christmas!


  31. Hello, David family, how are you doing? I bring you a edited video by me. I hope you all like it.

    Here we go!


  32. vermeer/penciltopaper said

    I want to pop in on this wonderful Christmas day to wish you all – Angelica and gang – a most Merry Christmas!

    I have never commented previously but of course I know so many of you. Happy holidays to everyone here!


  33. goodkarmaseeker said

    A very Merry Christmas to all here at the VOICE!!!

    Seeing and reading all these awesome Christmas posts just makes this day and time so much more special.
    Discovering David and his VOICE these past few years has been such a positive thing in my life.
    Coming here to share the love and joy has been the icing on the cake!
    You all are such loving, positive people and this place is a beam of light in a world that can seem pretty dark.

    Have a wonderful day where ever you may be and let’s get ready for another exciting year!


  34. betsy said

    Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Holidays!
    Much love to you all. ♥


  35. refnaf said

    Christmas ((((hugs))) to all!!!!


  36. Kathyh said

    Merry Christmas to everyone here at The Voice, both behind the scenes and out here in the comments. Here’s to an exciting year of musical enjoyment, fan camaraderie and pure David appreciation.


  37. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thank you for posting!



  38. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Vermeer: Welcome to The Voice!

    Found this on SnowAngelz and had to share here.


    Christmas From The Heart 2009 Tour | Recap by omygoshashley

    (I miss David singing “The Riddle”.)


  39. Suzy-Q said

    Today two of my three daughters, one son-in-law and two little grandaughters were at my house. When they came to the door it had started to snow. That rarely happens in Georgia and when it does it doesn’t stick to the ground. Today, it did. I had white lights on the plants outside which really glistened against the white snow. Inside the Christmas tree was lighted. There were candles in the fireplace and the house was filled with good smells. Playing in the background was David’s Christmas CD on repeat. It doesn’t get any better than that. Now it’s late and I couldn’t go to bed without saying that I enjoy the people on this site so much. What good hearted people you all are. I was so glad to meet some of you at the luncheon on Saturday. Putting a face to a name was fun. I almost missed meeting Silvefox. People said that she was coming so I waited. Just as I had walked out of the restaurant, A woman comes towards the door. I looked at her and figured that she must be Silverfox so,I stopped her and asked if she was. We hugged and then parted, going our own ways. Never did I think that I would feel close to perfect strangers from the Internet but, I do. It just amazes me that a young man, who is a stranger, has brought so many people together for all the right reasons. What a joy it has been. I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas today as well and that our next year together will be as good as this has been. Love you all!!!!


  40. SandyBeaches said

    Suzy-Q… I remember you meeting up with us at the door. Silverfox is a great friend of mine and her prayer for David touches many hearts. When he goes on his next big tour, we will be looking fior the prayer as he travels far and wide.

    It is beautiful to have snow for Chrustmas. We have a snowstorm arriving tomorrow. I wonder how many will make it here for dinner but that’s all OK as long as the music is wonderful then I will not worry.



  41. Bright Light said

    Merry Christmas, Everyone!


  42. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Dr. Abrra


  43. silverfox said

    Hi there Suzy-Q! I wish you could have stayed when I met you at the luncheon in Utah! SB & I were late to all the fan events we went to. We would start talking about David & the time would just fly by. Before we knew it, we were running out of the hotel trying to get to the next event, but always the last one’s to arrive. I know we missed meeting many of David’s fans! I love SLC. It will always be my favorite place to see David in concert. I just wish it wasn’t so far from me. Maybe I’ll move there in my old age…for the great weather. 😆

    On another more serious note..(admins, delete if deemed necessary.

    I don’t know if anyone here “heard” about the “twitter” arguing between Melinda & some of David’s fans regarding the cell-casting & video-taping of David’s concerts? She said David did not like it and it is illegal anyway. She said doing so puts the artists in a bad position with the promoters due to copyright infringements. She said even the “press” need “signed permission” to tape or photograph concerts or any performances or interviews from the artist or their mgmt. She said that’s always been the law & it’s specified on tickets in small print. But what really made his fans upset is when she said David does not like it. She said photos taken with phones are OK, videos are NOT OK. Zoom lenses are NOT OK for any reason as they are illegal to use and it’s unfair to the artist. One fan brought up that David actually looks into the video cameras when he’s performing. Melinda again said David does not like it & never has. Some of David’s fans were downright nasty & rude, calling her names. I was not happy that they call themselves David’s fans then proceed to disrespect his manager who has to know better than we do what bothers David & what doesn’t, even if she’s fairly “new”. He pays her to “know” these things & to protect his interests. What bothered me as well, is why this has not been brought up before now? Seems another site tweeted David & Melinda they would be doing a cell-cast of The Grove concert & said “So you better be good” or something like that…then Melinda mentioned the “legality” issues & it went from there. So I guess we may not get videos of that concert unless by a sneaky “ninja”. Melinda & especially David should know how most of David’s fans “live” & stay up all night after his concerts waiting for videos, photos, snippets, anything! It’s such a thrill, a rush, when we get that first video! And David HAS to know this. I think he does & that’s why he’s never let it be known that it does bother him due to the legality & how it may affect his contracts with the promoters.

    I just hope & pray WE his fans, have not been instrumental in keeping him from being signed to more lucrative performances which would have made him more visible & successful just because we are so fanatic. Have we hindered him in any way? I know “we” vote & vote again for David in any & every nutty & unimportant poll out there. (I vote only for the meaningful ones who I think will have a positive impact on him). But I can see why “we” may have a “negative” reputation as being way OTT when it comes to David. I think we have to start listening to David’s manager’s even if we don’t agree with what she/they say. He pays them his hard-earned money to speak for him when it comes to business & legal matters, so we must respect them for doing what he pays them to do. I don’t know Melinda, have never met her, but she seems to be a strong lady who doesn’t let rude or overly fanatic fans bother her. She said she has a “thick skin” and that’s a good thing in her profession. But should she really need it with David’s fans? I don’t think so. David has taught us to be patient, compassionate & polite. He has given us more of himself in three short years than most artists will ever give in a lifetime. I must admit..will I be up all night in hopes of a video after his Anaheim performance? You betcha! I’m sorry but, it is what it is and habits die hard with us die hard fans! So I do empathize with those who were upset with Melinda’s tweets, however there’s always a better way to voice our disagreements than to disrespect those who work for David. He’s the reason, the ONLY reason we are here.

    The fans of David who were part of the “discussion” between Melinda & themselves said they wanted David to tell them “no videos or photos” himself, then they would believe it. Do they think David would hire anyone who would be untruthful for him? If I recall, David himself, did at one time ask that no video, audio, or photos be taken at his first “true” acoustic performance in my city. And so there is no recording of any kind anywhere of it. We respected David & his request. It will forever be in my memory. But should David HAVE to ask? Shouldn’t we respect David’s choice of management, WEG & who is representing them for David? In this case, it’s Melinda. She’s not paid to be liked or popular with David’s fans. In fact, she isn’t paid to even be a fan of David or his type of music. It helps if she is, but not mandatory in her profession. She’s paid to be David’s voice & his protector when he requires it. She makes sure things run smoothly for David. But David is the boss & he can & will over-ride any decisions made on his behalf which he does not agree with. As long as the decisions are in his best interests, both legally & professionally, he will let her do her job. That’s what he’s paying WEG for and by extension, Melinda.

    I don’t mean to sound as if I KNOW all what I have written to be true. It’s mostly IMO, as always. Except for what I read on twitter between Melinda & a few fans of David. And I don’t mean to put a damper on the holidays for David’s fans. I just want The Voice readers who were not aware of the “discussion” on twitter about cell-casts & videos and how it may or may not affect us in future concerts by David. I’m betting there will always be the “ninja-type” videos of David. As I said, videos of David are pretty much what we live for especially those who have never seen David perform live. I respect the legality (or not) of videos, but I believe David has always known it was not in his “best interests” legally, but knows there are many fans around the world who love him unconditionally so he ignores that videos will be taken & shared. He’s all about sharing after all. He must know that the hundreds & hundreds of videos taken at his concerts are also his fan’s way of promoting him, of showing him off to the world on youTube. So many hundred of thousands of people have become fans solely because of fan videos. I believe David, the genius that he is, is acutely aware of that fact as well. 😉

    All this is IMO. Now looking forward to this next week. David’ leaving his teens behind & looking forward to a new & exciting decade in his twenties! A Spanish album soon, perhaps? 😀

    A new, longer concert with new songs he’s not performed before from TOSOD! (hope there’s video,
    or lots of legal photos!) 😉

    Then David wil co-headline his first EVER New Year’s Eve Special on a NATIONALLY TELEVISED NETWORK>>>FOX!!! How great it that!!??? 😆

    Have a great day everyone!


  44. Abrra said

    Thanks for bringing this up. I went through the twitter page for MelindaWEG to see what fans were saying. Many international fans were saying that cellcasts are the only way most would ever have a chance to hear David live. Such as they are, cellcasts do not really give justice to his singing voice. But its all about community and fandom to go and sit in on cellecasts. They will only stop if fans quit broadcasting from their phones at shows.

    I am skeptical on the subject of youtube videos.If WEG was SERIOUS about preventing videos being taken at appearances they would not have David perform until all video cameras were turned off.

    The argument that it hurts David professionally needs further documentation. I submit that if one types any popular artist’s name into youtube search, there will several fan videos from concerts and appearances. Having an artist before the public on youtube can only create more buzz for them. Luckily in David’s case its positive buzz.

    I would say to WEG that they need to keep business off twitter and stick to promoting David and his music. Upsetting fans is not helpful. Speaking from his official site would make more sense.



  45. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    I also went and read twitter. I have no question in my mind that what Melinda states to be true but that goes for every artist out there, yet the videos, pictures, cell casts, etc all exist. I don’t know what the right thing is all I know is that calling out Melinda and letting her know about the cell cast makes no sense to me, things being said to her were way out of line. Fans can’t have it both ways, want some form of communication with someone on David’s team to voice concerns and then go and insult at the same time, Abrra maybe the official route is the best way to go.

    Melinda does follow several fan sites on twitter including The Voice, that allows for direct messages from us if we would like to share something with her and it also allows for her to see how the fan sites support David which I think is a smart move on her part because I believe we are a unique fan base.

    I do believe SF is right, she is paid by David and if David doesn’t agree or like anything she says or does it’s up to him to let her know not the fans. We are here to support David, period.

    What I’m certain of is that a concert will take place on the 29th here in Anaheim which I will be attending. David’s first performance at 20 singing more songs. I’m hoping for Good Place, Look Around, Who I Am and the all of the rest, including The Day After Tomorrow. Who am I kidding I want them all!


  46. wowArchie said


    Thank you for the new informations about fan videos and cell cast.

    I just felt shocked about all the new strict video rules that are coming my way. No! It can’t be happening! How am I going to survive? I can’t just stare at David’s performance calendar and wonder how everything
    goes on all the concert nights. I can’t just repeat his 3 CDs and read Chords of Strenghth and fans’ recaps online in black & white everyday. my life guarantee will turn black and white soon too…….

    Turn me this poor oversea fan away from youtubes? It’s like the captain of the ship kicks me down the sea in the dark and asks me go find my own land. Captain ! Why don’t you want me anymore? I’ve been very faithful and have been doing all my Archu- duties…


  47. silverfox said


    I think what really upset the twitter fans in that “argument” was when Melinda David “did not like it & never has” that fans take videos of his concerts “without his or his Mgmt’s permission”. IMO, she may have over-stepped as it seems David has never “acted” as if it bothered him. Not to mention the fans who have been known to use zoom lenses at times & have given us some of the best videos of his performances, have also become “friendly” with his inner circle, so that anyone in that circle could have asked these fans not to videotape his concerts per David’s request. I think these certain fans would have had no problem complying out of respect to David. However, seems this has never happened.

    I agree there are certain aspects, requests, decisions and/or public announcements regarding David should be made in a professional manner on his official website, then allowing his fan-site like The Voice to spread the word. But I think Melinda did contact privately the site who initially tweeted about cell-casting and another fan got wind of it questioning Melinda about it & it snowballed.

    I guess we will have to wait & see what happens at The Grove. I understand this venue is a more sophisticated if you will, Dinner Show venue. So I expect the sea of phone cameras may not be prevalent as we have seen at his more open concerts. We will see and I will be one of those waiting til the wee hours hoping for that “ninja video”!

    I also found it interesting that FOX has a casting call for what I imagine are for young pretty girls to be in the “pit audience” for New Years Eve. I always thought they were just “lucky”, those close to the stage audiences members in those televised New Year’s Eve specials. Now I know why they are all “pretty young things” when the featured performers are artists like David.
    They are all CASTED!! WOW! I learn so many new things as a fan of David’s. But David could have brought bus loads full of young pretty fans himself! All he had to do was ask! 😆


  48. djafan said

    Wowarchie, I don’t believe videos will go away, at least not anytime soon.

    New Years!

    Around the Remote: Chuck Barney’s TV Picks for Dec. 26-Jan. 1

    By Chuck Barney
    Contra Costa Times
    Posted: 12/26/2010 12:18:00 AM PST

    DON’T MISS: New Year’s Eve festivities — Don’t have the energy to mingle with all the crazies at your local bash? Just kick back on the sofa, pop open the bubbly and party with some highly paid celebrities. On “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2011” (10 p.m., ABC), the guys hold down the fort in New York, while Fergie hosts the Los Angeles portion of a bicoastal celebration that includes performances by Jennifer Hudson, Drake and Train. Meanwhile, “New Year’s Eve With Carson Daly” (10 p.m., NBC) has the late-night host covering all the madness in Times Square, and “New Year’s Eve Live” (11 p.m., Fox) finds Nancy O’Dell presiding over a Las Vegas gala that will groove to the tunes of David Archuleta and Travie McCoy.


  49. silverfox said

    WowArchie & anyone else worried about future videos…

    No worries anytime soon. I just don’t see videos of David’s performances disappearing. I honestly think David knows how beneficial his fans videos have been for him. Maybe not initially in a financial way but the YouTube videos have impacted the number of fans who decide they will buy his music & MUST & WILL SEE David when he comes to their area and therefore does help him in an indirect way financially.

    If there have been legal ramifications we have not been aware of which may have hurt David in the past or may in the future, his fans need to be made aware but not on twitter. And David’s fans must be as respectful of his managers as he is. Even if we don’t agree with certain decisions.

    We all have our opinions and many may not agree with me but regardless of what we may think of WEG & Melinda, whether we think they are a right fit or not for David & doing right by him, David hired them to do a job for him so we must let then do it. So far, they get a passing grade from me. It’s early in the game so let’s see what exciting happenings are in store for us in the new year. If David is not happy, he will do what he has to do. He will listen, he will think, he will pray. Then he will do what’s right & good for him & those who depend on the decisions he makes. I believe in David. I believe David’s fans will do right by him.


  50. Abrra said


    The pit on American idol is cast as well. There is a preponderance of young, blonde-haired females swooning for whoever is performing. 🙂



  51. wowArchie said

    Silverfox & Djafan

    Thanks for comforting me.

    “wait and see” is killing me! I’m kind of afraid of hearing the Judge hits the hammer and sentences me: ” No more Gah-Gah-ooh-la-la Davidvideos for you forever!”………

    gggggggggg *THUD* in horror gggggggggg


  52. in reality for us, Latin American and over the world fans, we aren’t able to watch David live. Doesn’t matter if there aren’t cellcast( which it’s most sure what it will happen) but I hope we can watch later on youtube or another shared source.

    I expressed on twitter to Melinda what way this affects David’s career if this is not a selling project such a illegal downloads or self profit . it’s about an event live subject that is different.

    I Know Melinda wants the best for David but on this I disagree with her.
    Thanks for letting me express my opinion and discomfort about this.

    Andrea Varón.


  53. silverfox said

    Dang Abrra!

    I did not know that! Do you mean to tell me that all those swooning girls were PAID in one way or another, to swoon over David on AI?? Doubtful they were “acting”.

    What about the story I read about one or two girls “fainting” & being carried out of the theater before almost every show during AI, at the sight of David?? Was that just a publicity thing? No way!

    I choose to think not! I know the first time I saw David during the AI Tour up close & personal at the Lexington KY barricade, I could say not one word to him but I did have heart palpitations & thought I was going to faint dead away! Instead I got in my car again & the rest is as they say, history & my 15 mins of fame! 😆


  54. Abrra said


    I recall reading someplace, maybe IDF, that they hand pick the “cast” to stand in the pit, from the audience before the actual show starts. They were picked for their “easy on the eyes” qualities and they were told to clap with arms extended over their head and cheer the contestants. I don’t have any idea if they were “paid”.It wasn’t about any particular contestant, they had to be equally excited for each.

    David will never have to pay folks to show up and cheer for him, ya know? He is a true talent and STAR!



  55. bebereader said

    WowArchie, Andrea and Gladys, I really don’t think you need to worry. Fans have been taking videos at concerts for as long as video cameras became small enough to lug around. Unless we’re frisked at the door and our cameras are confiscated, I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. David is aware that his fans live for his concert videos. We tweet him after each show, “@davidarchie Can’t wait for the videos!”

    This all started when a fan innocently tweeted Melinda about cellcasting. She’s not new to the game of managing artists; she knows the rules and had the fans listening so she took the opportunity to address the question. Twitter is the fastest way to reach fans. The fans got upset when she, new to managing David, spoke for him; that he is against cellcasting and videotaping. They asked her to have David tell us himself on a vlog. Perhaps Melinda could have tweeted to the fans to refer to David’s O.S. for the rules on cellcasting and videotaping, if they were outlined there.

    I’ve followed many artists online and have always enjoyed their videos but this is the first time I’ve encountered cellcasting at concerts. I’m not a fan of them because the quality is so poor but the excitement of being with other fans makes up for it. I recognize that international fans need it to stay connected. I don’t get how a cellcast can hurt an artist unless it’s recorded and promoted as the actual sound of the concert. I’d like to learn more about the legal ramifications of cellcasting and videotaping.

    Perhaps the rules need to be re-examined. How many of us searched youtube when we first became fans of David, and watched every single video we found? Videos make us more connected and that can only be beneficial to the artist.


  56. wowArchie said


    Aww, I’m with you.

    Shoot! 3:40 am.sleepless!!! I really don’t care how much I have to spend on David! (ex, buying an unwanted $750 handphone to see him perform acoustic style showcase @Zouk club in Singapore). But I wasn’t very happy about the $ I paid went straight into bank account of the phone company instead of David’s. After all, I wanted to show my love to hardworking David , not that phone co!

    Anyway, still being hopeful. No matter what David decides to do , I will stand by him and support him.


  57. MT said

    Hi Guys!! I’m home after a wonderful Christmas (hope yours were the same) and naturally I’m rushing back here. lol I’ve missed the voice and all things David. 🙂

    I see there has been some excitement while I was gone. I’d like to add my thoughts if no one minds.

    First: Youtube videos. If not for youtube videos of David’s AI concerts, I wouldn’t be here. I was a little lost after AI ended, missing David and thinking it was, quite simply, over. Then a friend told me about Youtube. I started looking and, to my delighted surprise, I found him there. I had never heard of such a thing as a “fan site” either. After finding him on youtube, I started typing in his name and the date in yahoo, and eventually ended up finding several sites. The rest is history. So, I’m pro video, under most circumstances, and am up late waiting for them to come in, just like the rest of the fans.

    Second: cell casts. They are poor quality (as others have already stated) but are mostly a way for fans to gather and squee, to stay excited about David. As such, I don’t think they do any harm. I have great doubts that either Mel or David have every listened to one. If they had, I don’t think the issue would ever have been discussed in the way that it was.

    I do think there are circumstances where videos are not a good idea, much as I would be heartbroken without them. MOTAB is one example, becuase they are planning to sell the CDs. It could possibly hurt those sales. If they are taping to do a “live album” or “live video” for sale, it could hurt sales. Other than that, I think they are good promotion and hope our ninja fans continue to get them for us.

    JMO of course.


  58. djafan said

    Looks like a full band in Anaheim!!!

    benantelis Are you going to be in Anaheim?
    3 minutes ago via web in reply to benantelis

    @TheVoiceDA yup
    3 minutes ago via Twitter for Android in reply to TheVoiceDA


  59. vermeer/penciltopaper said

    Abrra, Bebereader, thank you for the welcome! It is much appreciated.


  60. Nina said

    Hi all,

    first I want to apologize my poor english (I am from Finland, sorry) and all those polite words that are missing when I try to say what I am thinking about the video/picture/cellcast question.

    Who ever asked Melinda this question in a first place is a very stupid person!!!
    Why in earth put her in a such a bad place asking for that?
    What was the person waitng her to answer?

    We allready know it is illegal, why to ask it?!?!?!?!?!?

    There is no chance she could have said: Yes, you should do all these illegal things and we don’t care.
    Or: David don’t mind if you do illegal things. He likes it!

    Of course she HAD TO SAY what she did!!!!

    The more videos, the more buzz, the more fans, the more…

    We should not be too naive with this issue. It is business. It is money.

    And as a fan living so far away from David, I hope there will be as many videos from David as possibele, and many cellcasts too. It is not so easy to be a dedicated fan when you have never met David and you don’t know if you ever will. Nonetheless I do everything I can for him!

    In Finland we have a saying: Away from your eyes, away from your heart!

    I think and belive we should do everything to keep David in a public eye and in his fans eyes!

    And of course this is just my opinion.

    I thank you all allowing me to say my opinion!

    Br, Nina


  61. MunkFOD said

    HI everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know some people are really stirred up about the video/cellcast question. For me, I could get all worked up about it, but what good would it do? I haven’t had the opportunity to meet David or go to many shows. I have only been to one a year ago. So…. I have to admit, I love to see the YT videos to feel the connection with David and all of my Archie friends. 😀 But I will support David with whatever he decides is best. I trust him completely and am so grateful for his music and his example. I will always be here for him doing what I can to help in anyway I can. I am looking forward to all the great things that are happening this week in his career and am way excited for this next year. So, I am choosing to “go with the flow” and be optimistic! So excited for all that David brings into all of my life and for all that will come in the future!


  62. djafan said

    Hello vermeer!

    Welcome Nina from Finland! I understood your english perfectly and you’ve made some valid points in regards to what choice Melinda had in answering when directly asked.

    Hello Munkfod!

    It’s good to have a place where we can express our love, respect and admiration including our concerns. (I’ll confess, I’ll always be on the hunt for those ninja videos)


  63. Abrra said

    I try to see both sides here.

    I get that we are all fans and videos have been so much a part of daily life. I have hundreds of videos on my computer because I maintain the Unplugged site. These videos make David come to life for we who have not gone to many shows or may have never seen him live.

    When WEG considers recording and uploading concert content to youtube as something illegal, I get confused. I just went to David’s OS and on the main page I see several links to youtube when I click the Updates link. Of the 9809 items, the majority are youtubes of David’s appearances. Some links have nothing to do with David at all.They lead to a blank page. Some things need to be tightened up 😉 Just putting this out to the universe. Why would his own site allow what is considered by WEG as illegal content?

    I am very appreciative of all the Cambio videos with him chatting and singing. We have the TOSOD Central Park song introductions, the SBL song video,the iPhone App, and streaming on AOL, just to mention a few ways WEG has promoted David.

    The only place we fans can look to for Official content and guidelines is via his Official site. Looking at it as it stands, I am confused.



  64. MunkFOD said

    Abrra, Good question! Things do need to be worked out between WEG and JIVE …… interesting thoughts. With Fenster leaving JIVE and all, it will be interesting to see how everything plays out! What a ride! LOL! nothing like the elevator going up and down….. 😀


  65. Angelica said

    Back home. I got off so easy this Christmas with not having to cook, I woke up and baked an apple and a pecan pie. Just didn’t seem like the holidays without baking something. Besides, I’m learning the art of pie crusts which so far have turned out looking awful but tasting wonderful. That’s better than the other way around. I WILL conquer this. I first take the chilled ball of dough out of the fridge, set in on the counter and give it about 6 good whacks with my rolling pin. You have to first establish who’s boss. 😆

    I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and are still enjoying the holidays.



  66. vermeer/penciltopaper said

    Angelica, Woah! LOLZ you crack me up. Thanks!

    And Djafan, hi back at ya.

    The whole Melgate gives me a headache. Bah! All blogs (AI related or otherwise) utilize fan vids to give visuals to their stories. Makes me shudder to think David buzz will be only words, no sound.


  67. emmegirl said

    Nice to see everyone, hope everyone was able to spend it with loved ones, be it friends or family.

    I perish the thought of no live concert videos. I can understand that it could cause conflict with promoters – would this cause more harm to particular artists than others. If so, it doesn’t seem like it would be as big an issue with David as he is such a dynamic live performer with very faithful fans who buy tickets and faithfully attend his concerts. But..everything about that industry is confusing to me so…

    As for Jive, did he sign a 3 record contract? Just remember hearing something about that a year or so ago. If so, would that mean he will soon be free to sign with another label if he chooses? To date, I have been more than satisfied with WEG, just keep it up! Melinda shoots from the hip, possibly a little quick on the draw sometimes, but seems she goes to the mat for him. Compared to his previous management, I’ll take it.

    Hoping for vids from The Grove. 🙂


  68. betsy said

    Hi everyone. Been working so much-at home, at the store, and on other things 😉
    Christmas was wonderful; lots of little ones running around and digging into the ham when they thought nobody was looking. 🙂

    Re: the videos. I agree with Abrra. The OS has thousands of *illegal* videos. It’s very confusing.

    Ok, back to taking care of my husband. He slipped and fell in a kerosene spill covering up ice at the local gas station and now we’ve discovered he’s broken two ribs.


  69. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Dr. Abrra


  70. Angelica said


    Ouch! Poor hubby! Hope your TLC makes him all better soon!


  71. emmegirl said

    Abrra using the heavy artillery.


  72. silverfox said

    Betsy, Oh wow! So sorry to hear about your hubby!

    Just so everyone relaxes a bit about video taping of David’s concerts. I brought it up because I was concerned about the disrespect given to David’s management, calling her names, etc. That was my main concern. I just don’t think David would appreciate it.

    I don’t think video taping David’s concerts is going to stop any time soon, if ever. I think there may be some events where video & photos will be prohibited like the MOTAB event which I personally agreed with, only because the CD will become available for sale and it may impact the sales. Not on a large scale, but it may to a certain extent. On the other hand, I put myself in those fans shoes who could not attend and think how happier their Christmas was because they were able to see the magnificence of David. Our words describing our experiences just magnified the NEED to “see & hear” David with the MOTAB Choir. How cruel it would be if all who couldn’t attend had to wait until next year for the CD & televised concert! Video taping will go on because David’s fans want to share what they experience. I appreciate the videos. I hope to see videos of all David’s performances I can’t attend. I think those who take the time & miss some highlights of his concerts to concentrate on videotaping are very generous fans. If truth be told, I would do so myself but I’m not that generous and I admit it. I would rather concentrate & focus on David rather than worry if my camera is focused on him. I’m sorry if my comment this morning created concern where there may not be a need for it.

    Angelica, 😆

    I’ve been waiting for your recap of The MOTAB Choir Concert! I believe your words would give those who could not be there a true feel for what we witnessed. And now would be a good time for it. Jus’ sayin…

    Better get ready for bed now. Work tomorrow. ***sigh***

    Good night everyone!


  73. Abrra said

    That you felt comfortable to speak your mind here, means a lot. We try to afford everyone a chance to express how they feel on issues surrounding David. This one was well worth the discussion.



  74. jackryan4DA said

    Re the issue on videos/copyrights/cellcast, etc… am re-posting my comment from the previous thread, in response to Tawna cos it is more relevant here and to give another context to the current discussion.

    “TAWNA on #150 – To be real about, almost all materials posted re David & all other artists are copyrighted – even those that do not use actual footage, but use audio tracking. Even those that fans take from concerts – vids, audio, celcasts. Unless all have permission from the owner which in this case could either be the label or producer or other owner of the material posted. That is the spirit of copyright, right?

    However re MoTab, the non-posting just became an issue because someone from UT, his name escapes me now — the one who arranged Silent Night – (goodness excuse my senior moment!), requested FOD not to post. What FOD did was not to post on their main page. But links are posted in the comments section.

    To-date, some vids are disabled – esp those w/ good quality — BUT NOT ALL. My question is, how come the pulling down seems to be selective? If its is actually MoTab who raised the claim, how come not all vids? Check YT, there are many other vids still up with actual, good quality footage. One even has the whole dang MATSW. (I likewise have the whole program but just posted David-related segments).

    As mentioned, I again experienced hounding for the vids. Even threatened w/ a $250K lawsuit by a fan.

    It is Christmas. Am just laughing it off though am scared for my channel to be canceled again… But with the selective process & more vids posted as I write this, I just have an iffy feeling that this is more than copyright issues.”

    One cannot give what they do not have. So Asking Melinda or David for permission for such things, in my mind is futile and errmmm for lack of a better term, unwise?

    ABBRA, you have expressed it quite well w/ your post #44 esp about community and promotion and about discussing business on tweeter.

    But my question is this: why has it become an issue all suddenly? I submit that the issue of the VRS has reared its ugly head again. Some people may not be aware that because of what they unwittingly initiated, they may be shooting down most of the fan sites.

    Am I afraid that videos, recordings will all go away? No. Fans can just put things in private and make access to to selective.

    Will all of this hurt David? I dunno. Am no authority about this. But perhaps, all of us can take a page from David’s idol, John Mayer. All the music that he puts out and actively shares for free, made available on his own website, has never hurt his career.

    So again, I ask, what is the real agenda?


  75. SandyBeaches said

    If we could see David ever perform at a concert on…television, (other then for a charity event), if management was able to have a video of David’s ever on television, then we might not have the same need for undercover videos. If David was ever, ever visible for fans to see, besides parades ecerything would be different for him and fir his fans.


  76. SandyBeaches said

    I am sorry but once again my iPhone is touchy…

    Where do millions of people go to see David anyway? He has not had a tour in over a year and his newest cd was not even promoted as it should have been. With his latest trip to Asia, how many fans actually saw him perform? People came from out of country to see David with the MoTabs and we all know that it is shocking how invisible he really is as a performer. If management would have him visible on television like the norm for stars of this magnitude then we might have something more substantial to talk about. The sales for the MoTabs 2010 Christmas Concert will break records when it becomes available and no simple little video that we have will hurt the sales but rather promote them. Let us see David in his videos on tv shows, in concert and all of this will become resolved.



  77. wowArchie said

    Ms. Betsy

    Hope uncle Betsy get well soon.


  78. Bright Light said

    Betsy #68, Hope your husband feels better soon. When I had fractured ribs, my Dr. prescribed something that really gave me relief through the healing period – without the ‘doped up’ feeling of pills. It was a prescription for Lidocaine patches. I placed them over the affected area and they helped a lot. Just a thought in case your husband is very uncomfortable. Hoping he heals quickly.


  79. bebereader said

    Loved this pic sent by Betsy, found on Twitter.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  80. Shawna said

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to share some things that happened at church today! One if the young women who I gave s new CD to wasn’t at church last week so I wasn’t able to ask her about her comments on Facebook about the MoTab concert she went to! She had just said “I looooooooved it” was all! So I asked her today and she just said David’s voice is like “honey”!! I thought that was so awesome coming from a 17 year old! She was amazed at hearing him live for the first time!

    Next, after church was over I was handing on this past quarter’s rolls to the clerk and this elderly lady came up to me and asked me if I ever stay home, cause last Monday she tried to bring me flowers that had been given to her from the lady who had helped with the costumes and the scenery for the MoTab Christmas concert! This lady had become real close with David that week, with him even calling her “grandma” all week and he had given her the roses that he had been given after Sundays performance fir being so good to him! Well to make a long story short, the lady was not going to be home to enjoy them she realized so she told that to the elderly lady from my church and she told her she knew just who would love them!! She told her all about how I loved him, had gone to all 4 concerts, had gifted CD’s to all the young women at church and others too, had gone to all the luncheons and the brunch and the CD signing during the MoTab week, so this lady wanted me to have them to enjoy cause I am such a big fan! But darn, I wasn’t home that whole day cause of work! Wouldn’t that have been so fun to enjoy those beautiful roses that had been given to David Archuleta? But oh well, at least she thought of me and that made me so happy in itself:))) Anyways, after she told me that I asked her if she had the chance to go get his album this week and she said no, and I also asked her if she knew about his book and no again, so coveniently I pullled a new CD and his book out of my church bag and gave her the CD to keep and the book for her and her husband to read (he was standing there too) and she was uber excited, told me I had made their day! O the joys of being a fan of David’s! He helps make everyday of my life so happy! And their was this younger father standing there watching the gifting and poked his head around my friend (the elderly lady) and said his whole family are fans and his wife gave him the new CD for his birthday lady Monday!! I am loving all these people coming up to me now, always knowing that I am a huge fan, but never admitting that they were until now!


  81. Shawna said

    Ok, wrote that whole last comment from my phone and noticed lots of errors! Hope u understand all of it! Sorry!!!!! Took me forever too! :))))


  82. Abrra said


    Solo tour Chicago House of Blues! Lucky girl!



  83. Angelica said


    The recap is coming but first we have a little birthday celebration coming up!

    I wasn’t going to comment on the video/cellcast debate until the recent remarks about the handling of David’s exposure by management. Here is an anecdote from my recent visit with grandkids at Christmas. I see them only twice a year and my 16 year old granddaughter was a big fan of David’s last year. I don’t talk about him much to family or try to be uber-fan around them, so she became one on her own. She loves pop music and is also a fan of Josh Groban. This year I offered her a TOSOD cd and even told her it was SIGNED! She turned it down, saying, “No thanks. I didn’t even know he had a new cd out. I mean, I didn’t think he was doing anything because I never hear anything about him anymore or see him anywhere.”

    Bottom line: The public has a very short attention span. If not for the “illegal” videos to foreign fans, how long before many of them lose interest too? He has got to be placed in the public eye or the public will move on. It’s just the nature of the beast.


  84. vermeer/penciltopaper said

    I just want to add that I hope my comment about getting a headache with the Melgate – a terms coined by someone on Twitter – is not about the discussion about it, as it is good to discuss matters as fans see fit, but just the drama that seemed to have happened (I don’t know it first hand but heard enough through tweets about the opposing positions fans were taking and the ensuing less than ideal behavior by some or many). It is all around unfortunate that the issue has even come up.


  85. Angelica said

    I would also like to add before turning in that I know nothing first hand about this drama on twitter. I was not there and heard of it from others.


    I agree it is “unfortunate that the issue has even come up.”

    There is no excuse for unkind behavior toward David’s management. It gives a wrong image of the vast majority of his fans.


  86. nanaweize said

    I am a little behind with my wishes but just want to say…Merry Christmas to all and I appreciate everyone on “The Voice” so much!


  87. with this moving screep caps i wish everyone a merry christmas, happy archiebirthday and happy new year.


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