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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Joy To Our World – David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Sunday, December 19, 2010

There has been an outpouring of love and respect for David in the last few days on all of his fan sites, on you tube, Twitter, blogs, and in reviews of his performances as guest singer at the sold-out Mormon Tabernacle Choir‘s Christmas Show.  Known for their outstanding performances,  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir combined with the stellar vocals of David Archuleta is surely a match made in heaven.

I was unable to attend the performances, but that didn’t stop me from recognizing on comments and recaps that David outdid himself and has grown tremendously as a performer since we discovered him three years ago on a reality show. The strides he has taken since then have been remarkable and we are so honored and blessed to be his fans.

Let the comments, collectively, and taken from reviews and recaps all over the web, speak for themselves. Names have been removed but if you recognize yours, don’t hesitate to stand up and claim ownership! 😀

Fought traffic, crowds, ice, & snow last night for MoTab & David Archuleta. It was all worth it; now I’m ready for Christmas.

I know David was born for this purpose. He has arrived.


This is beautiful. Thank you. I love the way that David is able to control his voice so well….to compliment other sounds and take power when called for. I can’t believe this is a teen.

Thursday night’s dress rehearsal “was magnificent,” said choir president Mac Christensen, “probably the greatest opening night we’ve ever had.” And it’s just going to get better, he said. “David was out of this world.”

He just did things with his voice I’ve never heard.

CFTH version of Silent Night. No choir just David + full orchestra. Intense & amazing.

Man walking behind me “I had low expectations of Archuleta, but he delivered. He was especially charming on that little spanish number”.

Wow – quite overwhelming just to watch the live streaming – @DavidArchie is out of this world, born to do what he just did 🙂

He touched something in me , I don’t know how to describe it but that’s what I’m feeling now.

That was the most beautiful Silent Night I have ever heard.

He showed off every facet of his voice tonight with such control!

There is no way i can describe what I just experienced,

Glory note x 1000000000 to end the show. His voice commands the choir & orchestra. What an unbelievable experience!

Now the world will know why we love David so much!

20,000 Standing O for @DavidArchie at MOTAB concert.

Totally bawled during Silent Night…he even did a little hunkerdown at “loves puuuure liiight” One word…stunning!!!!!

David Archuleta, you are a genius! That was the most amazing beautiful thing I’ve ever heard in my life!

Seeing all of them together on stage and hearing him reach that note with the choir was something that no words can describe.

I feel like history is being made! What a wonderful moment!!! (sigh) David is all grown up. And he is beautiful. There was an electrical charge throughout the building whenever David was on stage. His glow was extreme. He looked and sounded so much more mature than I have ever seen him. He made me smile, he made me cry. He gave me chills.

He was beyond anyone’s expectations.

SilentNight by @DavidArchie is the best SilentNight sung by any artist ever!! In the History of Christmas Music!!

Walking in a crowd of 1000′s! @DavidArchie’s name is heard everywhere!

Holy smokes! He’s amazing! That last note. WOO. -dies-

WooHoo David, you sound glorious. So this is the start of some incredible joys to come. Those notes are spectacular. Bravo David. You are a STARRR!!!

He is most definitely incomparable! What a genuine talent and what an honor to perform with the Choir! He shines like a star!

What a linguistic ear, is there anything he can’t sing!

Is this spanish song? or opera?

He looks so humbled and amazed being in the stage and with those people watching him. His VOICE soars high like the angels in heaven above. You can feel that this is what he wants, to share his talent in a more meaningful way…

Absolutely out of this world performance.

What a dream come true this must be for David!!! Only 19 years old and already headlining holiday event with a world-renowned choir!!!

 I seriously felt like I needed oxygen after Silent Night.

So. Worth. The. Trip.<3

He certainly deserved it. I would’ve stood there all night if it would’ve brought him back out again!

MoTabChoir Great show with @DavidArchie last night. Another one tonight. And don’t worry, it will be on CD and DVD next year.

…an unexpected (by me) side benefit to all this is that this invitation and his performance at such a well known, world-class level will open even more national and international doors for him and give him greater recognition for his musicianship among the musicians of the world..

1/4 through Silent Night, me and an old man next to me started sobbing.

All indications are that David has stepped into a new realm.  To those fans who are traveling home today and tomorrow, have a safe journey.  And to David, thank you for all the joy you bring to our world.  We are bursting with pride.

217 Responses to “Joy To Our World – David Archuleta”

  1. Dayzee said

    The 4 day feast is over. But the dessert was surely the piece de resistance! Today’s show was the best yet. Of course, David only gets better. After 4 days of David I love everyone! I love my family, I love my David family, I love the rain, I love standing in lines. I love the people who butted in line ahead of me. I love the people who let me butt in line at Deseret Book. I love the crowds and congested traffic that come as a result of 30,000+ people in 2 square blocks. Sad to think it is over, but so wonderful that it happened!!
    Today I saw grown men crying unashamedly, I saw grown men pretending they weren’t crying, I saw Lupe wipe her cheek.
    The “In charge” people were so appreciative of David that even I was happy with them. Got to be completely over the top to truly describe David.
    I did want to mention David’s glow at Deseret Book. I know it has already been done, but this was eerily compelling. As I was standing in line I would get peeps and glimpses of David between the people. It was as if the spotlight from the performance was still on him. I looked up to see what lighting was responsible. There was no special light. It was just David being David.

    Sad for me to see the end of this, but Michael York told us we are “in the middle”. I will remember David was here before and he will be here again and I am just “in the middle”.

    Forgive me for running on, but today the recorded David’s Silent Night for the dvd that will be on sale beginning next September. That Silent Night is the best yet.
    Cannot wait for September now. Something to look forward to.


  2. gladys said

    I’ve never seen them live for David, but the wait is as sweet as a piece of cake, filled with lots of cream and strawberries.
    There are few things in life, like the birth of a child, receive a title, buy the first house, marriage of a daughter, that mark the life of a person
    Life is a collection of great events, and David will be a great event at some point, I’m sure ..
    With David I learned to be patient. I know someday I will see him live, I know someday I salute and try to give him a hug.
    For now I’ll settle for his appearances on line, their chats, my visits to all the blogs that talk about david, and my dear youtube.
    I’ve seen the videos of MO TAB, and I always think that nothing can beat your last performance, but always wrong.
    He outdoes himself every time he sings.
    I’m halfway through my life and David, took me by surprise.
    I never thought that a boy so young and with a unique voice, was going to get me out of my ostracism.
    Girls, I have to say something, I have left.
    thanks david.


  3. Abrra said

    Loved your take on the weekend events!

    Also, I have updated the Unplugged videos. The Motab performances will run exclusively for a few days so that attendees and relive the moments.

    Beautifully written. David has done so much for all of us, simply by being himself. He teaches patience by example. His body may be 19, but the soul that resides therein, is much older.



  4. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David Archuleta, Michael York headline annual Christmas concert
    By R. Scott Lloyd
    Church News staff writer
    Published: Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010

    David Archuleta, Utah’s homegrown pop music superstar, and veteran stage and film actor Michael York headlined the annual Christmas concert of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra at Temple Square and Bells on Temple Square Dec. 16-18, which this year had a unique pioneer flavor.

    “It’s the first time we’ve had one of our own as a featured guest artist” in the Christmas concert, said choir musical director Mack Wilberg at a Dec. 17 news conference. He was referring to the fact that Brother Archuleta, 20, is an active Church member whose home was Murray, Utah, in 2006, when he was runner-up in the seventh season of the nationwide TV show “American Idol.”

    For Brother Archuleta, the Yuletide appearance on the Conference Center stage with the choir and orchestra was surreal. At the Dec. 17 performance, he recalled seeing the concert in 2006 when Norwegian singer Sissel was the guest artist. “It was one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen, so I just can’t believe now it’s me here!” he said.

    At the news conference earlier in the day, he expressed his lifelong admiration for the choir, saying he had grown up having such high admiration and respect for the choir members, he could scarcely take in the fact he was actually performing with them.

    “I think they’re my most listened-to thing on iTunes,” he quipped.

    Brother Archuleta’s sparkling, bell-like tenor was showcased first on with the choir and orchestra on a Sam Cardon arrangement of “Joy to the World” and immediately thereafter on Brother Wilberg’s arrangement of Ted Hutchinson’s whimsical “Cat and Mouse Carol.”

    He paid homage to his Latin heritage with the traditional Spanish Carol “Los pastores a belen” followed by a sublime rendition of “Silent Night.”

    An opening processional of dancers dressed in colorful pioneer costumes — and a stage set with a stone church, country cottage and log cabins that in the course of the performance transformed into gingerbread houses — foreshadowed what was coming. It was Mr. York’s moving narration of the story of John Parry, a 19th century convert to the Church from Wales who organized a chorus among the Welsh emigrants who with him crossed the ocean and the plains to the Salt Lake Valley. In Salt Lake City, that chorus formed the nucleus of the what became the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    “It is a great story,” Mr. York said at the news conference. “I’m half Welsh myself, so I feel keenly that [countrymen of] my ancestors should have the courage to cross the ocean, to bring the word, the message, the discipline and so on into what must have been an extraordinary place, terrifying place to be, semi-desert and not yet settled. That touches me enormously.”

    Such values and determination as John Parry exemplified find expression today in the attitude of Brother Archuleta. At the news conference, he said he feels a sense of responsibility to teenagers who might look to him as an example.

    “It’s cool to be able to reach out to kids at this time in their lives and encourage them and say, ‘Hey, you’ll make it you’ll do all right; don’t give up.’”

    He said he is strengthened in maintaining his own values by the role models who have surrounded him in his life.

    The climax of the concert was a masterful reading of the Christmas story from Luke 2 by Mr. York, whose screen credits include the role of John the Baptist in the 1977 TV mini-series “Jesus of Nazareth.”

    At the news conference, he said the concert brings him a sense of continuity. He recently spent 550 hours doing an audio recording of the Bible, and he has done a stage performance of the reading of Luke and released an audio album of Christian prayers.

    “It just seemed, in a sense, only natural to be here with one of the great Christmas celebrations that the world puts on,” he said, “and I feel enormously honored and privileged to be in that position.”



  5. nanaweize said

    Well I was one of those very lucky people who were able to attend the MTC and guest David Archuleta Christmas Concert. I am in awe at this young man once again.
    As I read some of these comments I feel I could claim most of them as something I thought about during my lovely experience and I am wondering if the old man crying in this comment (1/4 through Silent Night, me and an old man next to me started sobbing)was my hubby Glenn!
    I couldn’t sleep last night because of the excitment…not only from the concert but also from meeting so many of my fansite friends from all over.(Angelica..sorry I didn’t meet up with you tho, I did want too ya know)
    So greatful for this past weekend…it was incredible!


  6. Abrra said

    Thank you for identifying your sweet husband. If he wasn’t a fan, he is now. 🙂



  7. River said

    I am so priviledged and grateful to have been in Salt Lake to experience the wonder of this event. I’m not sure there are words to describe how David moved that massive audience to the place that we are so familiar with. He was stunning every moment that he filled the stage. I was able to watch him backstage both nights and he was relaxed and confident… anxious to go out and be part of the amazing spectacle. There were also David moments.. not following the script on the teleprompter, the little wave to friends in the front as he took a spot out in front of the orchestra, nearly in the audience. When he wasn’t singing he was gazing around the fabulous Center and taking in all in with eyes that glittered like diamonds. At the signing he was so on.. smiling and gracious. I loved listening to all the comments going on around us. The long lines waiting to get in allowed for great conversations with Utahns that really didn’t know him well. They did when I got through with them. Everyone was so nice and so open to listening. The lights in Temple Square were wondrous. The fans ecstatic everywhere they went. How wonderful to hug those people whose comments I have appreciated and that I have been to concerts with. I will never, ever, forget this trip. During Silent Night I felt an amazing sudden surge that I can’t quite describe, but I believe it was a total connection to David’s spirit and to the message he brought. We are all so very blessed to have him in our lives.Thank you to the people who gave me tickets and thus let me experience moments that I’ll carry with me always. And.. love to all of you who were there and those who were still at home but connected to us all just the same.


  8. Bydesign said

    I was also one of those fortunate people that lived the experience of David and the MOTAB. It was a short glorious two days of being able to meet fans I had talked to forever and other fans that I had seen on fan sites. It is an experience that I will always cherish. David was magnificent – he commanded the stage when he walked on and began to sing. His eyes sparkled like I had never seen. I could feel the warmth and soul of Silent Night surround me and I was mesmerized. The standing ovation brought him and everyone else back out and the reprise was something I am finding hard to verbalize. No one in the audience wanted it to be over. This was his time and his place and I am humbled that I was able to be a very small part of it.


  9. vlm said

    Thank you BB – cannot find words to describe what I have been feeling all weekend listening to David and reading all the glowing comments from various sites. If only the heart could speak….
    He is truly a gift – and those videos will help me get through my lonely Christmas – ever since I lost my child, the holidays haven’t been quite joyful – and now, I find myself smiling and humming the familiar and not familiar songs (with over worked tear ducts as well.) My hubby is amazed 🙂
    I hope to live more long years – I know i will have my day with David.
    Thanks JR.
    A blessed Christmas everyone. Hi Angelica, Sharon and Ascphil!


  10. MT said

    I’ve been away from Archuletaville for the past few days. I’ve had family in. As lovely as that is, I am only just now catching up and there is so much to be excited about!!!

    bebe: Thanks for the post. I love seeing all the comments together like that. It shows the love and respect from old and new fans alike.

    #1 Dayzee: “It was as if the spotlight from the performance was still on him. I looked up to see what lighting was responsible. There was no special light. It was just David being David.”

    ^^ Love this.

    #9 VLM May David bring you peace and joy for the holidays. This goes for all of the wonderful people here, too.

    Thanks to all who are posting the recaps, short or long. To those of us who could not be there, it means soooo much to see and hear and feel it all through your words. And, thanks Admins for keeping it all up to date so people like me wouldn’t have to go hungry. 🙂 All of you are awesome!!


  11. Abrra said

    Can we stand some more David love? This blogger is a true fan.

    David Archuleta – Our Christmas Lights
    A Shining Star
    Pamela Pike

    Christmas is all about love, togetherness and tenderness. It is a time when we catch up with all those special people who support us throughout our life. It is a time to stop and take moments out for our beloved ones.
    It is a season of fun, family and festivity that echo the warmth, fun and joy that have been weaved with the celebration over the years.

    We know that Angels heralded the birth of Christ, a shining star in the night sky led shepherds from far away lands on a long journey to see their newly born king and that Christ was born to Mary in Bethlehem.

    Only one bright shining star was left in the sky. The light from the star shone back and now we have met you.

    Did God ever send someone to you to remind you what Christmas is all about? Our Christmas Lights! No, I don’t mean the tangled web of wires we throw in a box and pretend they don’t work so we can go buy new ones that can be added easily to the tree.

    Our Christmas Lights, those special people that come into our life that bring us joy and laughter and remind us that it’s not just for one day but that every day brings with it untold possibilities. David Archuleta reminds me of Christmas. Like a halo his inner light shines on the meaning of Christmas.

    David reminds us of the sounds and smells of Christmas, ones that echo through our hearts, the chestnuts crackling over the open fire, the infusion of cinnamon in the cookies we gift to friends and the songs that carry our love and good wishes to others and heal our souls.

    Christmas is about hope coming in the unlikeliest of circumstances. David has love in his heart and what he does best is give it away! He reminds us that family, friends and faith will keep us safe and see us through difficult times. He reminds us……

    Even when we forget to act like children of God, we still belong to Him. He came so that we might remember His teachings and to live in the joy of His love.



  12. djafan said

    Hello everyone!

    I can’t wait to catch up on all the comments and videos, but right now my incoherence is alive and well.

    Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would say today that David could surpass the perfection of last night. Was it him? Or was it me? My excitement yesterday had my state of mind all over the place. Today I was calmer but feeling a sense of nostalgia before todays performance had even began.

    I spent time with Angelica, SF, SB, Marcia, and FG after the concert, had great David conversation, went to back to room and crashed. I have so many thoughts but for now I’m preparing for my trip back home tomorrow, back with those later.

    Bebe thank you for the post, great to read so many wonderful comments.


  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by TrudyFOD. TrudyFOD said: RT @TheVoiceDA: Read "Joy To Our World – David Archuleta" @davidarchie […]


  14. jackryan4DA said

    BEBEREADER – I always look forward to titles here in TheVoice. So witty. So charming. So heartfelt. Indeed, this site if full of love and admiration for anythingDavid — and that includes relations among archies here. That is very inspiring 🙂

    Yes, David was born to do this. It is meant to be. I wonder what it will take to be the artist for the Olympics? Hmmmm…

    Meanwhile –

    Are they in, yet? Are they in, yet? Are they in, yet? Are they in, yet? Are they in, yet? Are they in, yet? Are they in, yet? Are they in, yet? Are they in, yet? Are they in, yet?



  15. jackryan4DA said

    In case anyone is interested in the 2010 KALEIDOSCOPE ON ICE (listed as Rock&Roll Skating Championship for last night’s airing)

    IBHFC (HD)


    FUN CLOSING CAST to the tune of LET IT SNOW…

    FS – so “thuddable”


  16. jackryan4DA said

    Weee, I see DJAFAN is back! I foresee an orgy of gah-some sharing here. I can’t wait!


  17. jackryan4DA said

    To add to BEBEREADER’s compilation of kudos to David:
    Totally enjoyed this review from SLC Weekly Net

    MoTab and Archuleta swing Christmas
    By: Stephen Dark/19 December 2010

    Christmas presents come in all shapes and sizes and last night’s Mormon Tabernacle Choir annual holiday extravangza, the gifts, such as they were, came in the tiniest of gestures by David Archuleta.

    I have never been a great fan of MoTab. For some reason the endless rows of smiling, singing faces – how do they do that? – before the enormous organ pipes reminds me of that Planet of the Apes movie, where radiation-mutated humans prey to a nuclear weapon.

    Regardless last night was an utterly professional run through Christmas hymns, with Michael York adding his slightly frayed tones narrating a curiously flat tale of Welshman John Parry, who apparently helped found MoTab. Then there was an extraordinarily over-the-top and poorly executed array of sugar plum fairies and 19th century-dressed figures from the lids of Christmas candy boxes running around the various levels of the stages and the aisles in a dispiriting imitation of a Broadway show.

    Besides so much artificiality, Archuleta provided an admirable beacon of sincerity. Nervously gushing about his awe at being there, giving the discretest – and sweetest – little wave to friends or family in the front, he belted out hymns with a voice that cut through the typically staid conference center with admirable clarity, pitch and confidence.

    In all that over-production, Archuleta turned out to be the rarest of gifts in a season usually studied with the fake and insincere: something real, tangible and, even for a crusty old cynic like myself, touchingly recalling Christmas’ past when carols, sung with feeling, could still stir one’s heart.

    SOURCE –


  18. Tawna21 said

    Had such a glorious time at the MoTab events! My soul is full of memories. I will just enjoy the vids and pics and mp3’s until Sept. (am I wishing my life away?). Thanks to all who helped create the memories, but mostly to David for replenishing my spirit.



  19. bebereader said

    Fun post, fun post! I enjoyed putting this one together while reading through all the glowing comments. Hey, it was a tough job but someone had to do it. haha And the comments continue to pour in for David. He’s like a knight in shining armor, you know? I just wanted to give everyone a place to discuss, spazz, recap and enjoy while we wait for the others to get back from Utah.

    Dayzee: Your recap is so appreciated! I was never a huge fan of Michael York, but after seeing some of the footage, I’m now a fan. I’m sure fans of Michael York are saying the same in reverse. David surely made new fans this weekend.

    Gladys, “I’m halfway through my life and David, took me by surprise.” <<< Love this!

    Nanaweize, I read that David's performance made many grown men cry.

    River, Oh my, the details; just what we want to hear about. The youtubes are precious but they rob us of the details. Thank you!

    Bydesign, "The standing ovation brought him and everyone else back out and the reprise was something I am finding hard to verbalize. No one in the audience wanted it to be over. This was his time and his place and I am humbled that I was able to be a very small part of it."

    The standing ovation must have been A W E S O M E! Hope we get to see it on the DVD.

    VLM, My heart goes out to you! I know that David will bring you some peace this Christmas. Thank you for commenting.

    MT, Thank you; it was a pleasure!

    Dja: Safe travels as you drive home tomorrow. Rumor has it that you have your own fanbase now! 😉 Come back soon girlfriend; we're waiting to hear all that you have to share.

    JR: Thank you so much for the videos and the accolades! I'm glad we are accomplishing what we set out to do here. David singing at The Olympics, eh? I have no doubt it will happen one day.


  20. bebereader said

    Oh Tawna, I didn’t see your comment until now. I wish I had spoken to you on the phone at the luncheon when djafan called me and passed the phone around the table! Was looking forward to saying hi. Next time. 😀


  21. SandyBeaches said

    Well, we are packed for tomorow’s flight…those are nearly the only words that I can put together but I want to write and say that we are not wandering around lost in SLC, but nearly…

    The tweets are fabulous.

    River, I love your comments as well as everyone else’s.

    OK…TOfan, refnaf, what a wonderful International Breakfast as well as a thank you to all of those who worked on it with you. Sorry that we were fashionably late and it continued the rest of the day. Could it be that we lost track of time because we were talking?

    Marciami was a wonderful hostess at the Christmas luncheon, thank you Marciami.

    The get togethers will only make the strength of the site that much stronger (I could say ‘better’ but I won’t) because we have met and had such good fun!

    The choir president said that “David is out of this world” and that is where we are right now but I just wanted to stop in and say hello…

    I had a dream once for David and saw it unfold before us.

    We spoke with David’s grandfather Archuleta and had an enjoyable, music related conversation. When there is a magnificent musician in our midst, there is a place for classical as well as pop related conversations. On David’s stage, there is no fabrication, no back-up singers to cover the empty notes, but pure singing from the very best.

    I believe that his new management may have discovered the magnitude of David’s musical talents this weekend.



  22. jackryan4DA said


    On this month —
    DC turns 28 on the 20th
    DA turns 20 on the 28th

    la lang… that’s Filipino for (loosely translated) “that’s all” or “oh nothing”


  23. Fanis Archangelicus said

    “Joy to our World – David Archuleta”

    How true. Love it!


  24. oh, that review at #17. He is transcending into minds previously unknown. He (Steven Dark) did sound like the Grinch, though…..


  25. The first ‘he’ being DA.


  26. Bright Light said

    Thanks again to everyone who has shared their experiences!

    Bebereader, my favorite twitter quote – “A wonderful week is over. . I can’t wait until 2011 holiday season when the world will be able to experience what I did this week. #blessed” – from MelindaWEG.


  27. silverfox said

    It’s 8:00am and SB just left for the airport. I’ll be leaving shortly myself, back to my world a different person yet again after seeing David, only this time the feeling is of extreme joy, pride & love for this remarkable young man with the magnificent voice, David. I’m still in an euphoric almost dreamlike state and expect I will experience the melancholy & sadness as we all do when we wonder when we will be in David’s presence again. There’s still so much I’m processing in my mind and I have so much I want to say & I will, but right now I just wanted to let everyone know this weekend and David was every bit what all the others have said and more. If anyone ever needed proof, David has once again shown why he is The Voice.


  28. Pattirae said

    Dear Bebereader,

    Thank you for “Joy To Our World—David Archuleta.” Joy is definitely a fitting word to describe what we who were so blessed to be there felt the whole time. This “once in a lifetime event” was PURE JOY!!! Seeing David up there singing with The Choir was a dream come true for me personally. I told David at the Mentor’s Gala in October that when I attended the Christmas Concert last year with Natalie Cole I kept saying to myself, “someday David will be here.” Then I told him how thrilled I was, that it is the VERY NEXT YEAR and how happy I was for him. David smiled his sweet smile and said to me “I still can’t believe it!” His mother was standing by us and she got tears in her eyes when I said that to David.

    Yesterday morning, for the Sunday performance, my family and friends and I were sitting directly in front of Lupe, her mother and father, her sisters and their families. I talked to Lupe as she was coming in her row to sit down and mentioned meeting her at the Gala and also being with her in the elevator on Friday (I’ll tell you about that in a minute–haha) she smiled in recognition and sat down behind my son-in-law. My-son-in law told me late last night that he overheard Lupe, as she leaned to her family, and pointed to me saying “that is Patti Adams, Ron’s cousin” Huh?? What?? Can you even imagine my shock! Anyway, the whole thing is surreal. After the show, we all loved visiting, sharing tears and hugs with David’s family. One of Lupe’s sisters teared up as she told us how happy she was that we loved David so much. I told Lupe’s father that I had some pictures of him from the Gala (we were sitting at the same table) and that I would love to send them to him. He grinned from ear to ear, and hugged and kissed me on the cheek. He then wrote down his address for me to send them to him along with the pictures I submitted here on The Voice of David and my husband and me during my re-cap of the Gala.

    I know I am getting long here, but I haven’t told you my “elevator” story yet—and I promised everyone I would share. So stay with me here.

    On Friday morning I was in the beautiful Joseph Smith building to meet Shawna, and go to the fan luncheon in The Gardens on the 10th floor. I turned to get on the elevator when, to my pleasant surprise, there was my husband’s cousin Ron,the one who got my husband Delos (famous ninja)and me a table next to David at the Mentor’s Gala. Ron was holding the door open and I saw a couple of people get on. When he saw me, he smiled, and motioned for me to come in the elevator with him. When I stepped in the elevator I recognized Melinda, David’s manager right in front of me as I was facing her and a semi-circle of people. I turned to look at Ron who was on my far left “when what to my wondering eyes should appear but…” David Archuleta!!! *screams inside* Yup, it’s a true story!! Ron began to introduce me to everyone in the elevator. He pointed to David and said “well, I think you know David, and David shakes my hand. I say, “it is so nice to see you again.” *tries not to faint* Ron then says “and this is his mother Lupe (who’s texting) whom you’ve met.” Lupe smiles and shakes my hand. Then he goes around the circle and continues to introduce as I shake hands with Melinda and Kari his managers, and Michael York (the special guest narrator for the Concert) and his wife, Pat. Wow, is this really happening to me??? I then turned to David and said, “I have received several calls today from friends and family that have told me how wonderful your performance was last night (Thurs) and that it was glorious!” He smiled (very shyly) and said a quiet thank you. I told him that I would be attending Saturday night and Sunday morning and was so looking forward to it. Just then, the elevator doors opened—no one got off and no one got on—but when the doors closed, Ron turned to me smiling and said, ” are you just going to ride with us?” I then realized that I hadn’t pushed a button or anything and Ron had no idea where I was headed. I laughed, and said “oh, I’m going to a fan luncheon in The Gardens.” Ron just grinned and said, “oh, ok.” (I so wished I had thought of singing a phrase from Elevator!) We were now at the 10th floor and I got off first, turned to the right and they got off and turned to the left. (I heard later that they had just finished the press conference—and David tweeted that he was now heading for lunch.) Shawna was standing there waiting for me and I jumped up and down and pointed to David and exclaimed as I pointed (I pinkie swear promise I didn’t scream) “that’s DAAVVIDDD!!!” All Shawna could say was, “Why didn’t I meet you down stairs!” Anyway, my knees were a little wobbly as I headed to the restaurant. Please tell me what just happened…

    This weekend was simply, over the top with excitement, generosity, and pure love. I met Angelica, djafan, SandyBeaches, Silverfox, and oh, so many more that mean so much to me. I had two special friends Amy and Trish come in from Virginia and San Diego to stay with me and visited with so many of my other “David friends” that I love.

    When you all get to see and hear David sing, especially Silent Night, next September when the DVD comes out and next December when the concert will be shown on PBS several times during the holidays, you will know exactly what we beheld and experienced this weekend. David is PURE JOY and I will forever remember this moment in time when the masses witnessed, some for the first time, The Voice!

    Thank you for your patience in allowing me to share.

    Loving Christmas wishes,

    Patti Adams (Pattirae)

    PS I loved visiting with you Bebereader, if only for those few minutes on the phone when it was being passed around.


  29. MT said

    SB said, “I believe that his new management may have discovered the magnitude of David’s musical talents this weekend.”

    ^^ This. I hope so. I think David’s fans had more faith in David’s abilities than his management did. But, they may have a whole new level of respect for David’s talents after these last 4 days. I would love to be able to crawl around inside Melinda’s head and see how her perception of David has changed.

    I woke this morning with the chorus of The Cat and The Mouse Carol in my head so naturally it was the first thing I went to find. I just love the way he sings that chorus, especailly the last one. *sighs* It fills my heart. ❤

    Thanks to JR for all the work she did to organize those videos for us. I could happily get lost (and stay lost) in those videos.


  30. silverfox said

    Asked admins to please delete comment 27 as I goofed & didn’t realize SD was logged in on my laptop. My only excuse is that I’m in a Archudaze. (or it could be cause I’m ditzy).

    Edit. It’s been removed.


  31. Andrekvr1991 said

    before all, I must say this is the best event I have ever watch and heard. Thanks to those people who wanted to share with us from different angles their video recordings because without these, we hadn’t could enjoy watching those Beautifully amazing performances by David. I am so happy to watch him singing the most beautiful theme, Angels, from the Realms of Glory; What a beautiful and bright version.
    His suit for the occasion not could to be better, I enjoyed each millisecond.
    I have not accurate words to express my joyful to feel proudly latin American of him. His smile and attitude to life make him a worthy of admiration person.


  32. Andrekvr1991 said

    sharing once again this performance


  33. ascphil said

    Hi, everyone. Thanks to Abrra & Bebereader who stayed to hold the front for us who couldn’t be there with the more fortunate souls.

    A special hello to my kababayans, VLM & JR. I salute JR who always manages to capture the best vids before everyone else discovers them! Mabuhay ka! Loved your comment in #22, lol!

    And to VLM who I was finally able to connect and speak with, I am so glad that you went out of your way to get in touch with me. I hope to meet you someday soon, and hopefully it will be at a David event in which you will finally be able to experience him live and meet him in person.

    I have been overwhelmed by the tweets, the responses, the reviews, the coverage, the press conference, the audio recordings, and the livestreaming of the mini-concert, of David’s immaculate performances in the past three days.

    How can a young man barely twenty be so exquisitely enchanting with the way he delivers a song that has been sung and heard a million times, yet he makes you feel like you have just heard the most beautiful song on the face of the earth? I have never imagined myself falling in love with such an old and traditional Christmas carol as Joy To The World the way he performed it with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Only David can give it immense soulfulness, incredible warmth, absolute joy, and – oh, yes – sublime love! The way he sang the word L O V E… I cannot find the words because the memory of it makes me well up in tears, as if I had just experienced something so wonderful that I do not want to let go of it. There is nothing extravagant in the way he sang the song, as one would expect of performers with classical training. How does one combine sweetness with strength, gentleness with power, humility with great presence? Only David knows how. And I am forever in awe of him, of his incredible gift and how he uses it so well. Only someone with such a pure heart can channel such greatness.


  34. FG said

    I join the others in the stupor that is the post-archuhaze. I am trying to process it all. Glorious beyond all imagining. More to come later. 🙂


  35. Dayzee said

    Fanda-your comment on Mr. Dark sounding Grinchy is too true. He was kind to David, but still did not “get” David. What he saw as David giving a “little wave to friends or family in the front” was actually David giving many waves and smiles to every one in the audience who needed one. He was sharing this experience with each one of us. His demeanor dissolved the invisible wall between audience and stage. His love and joy were all-inclusive.


  36. Andrekvr1991 said

    of course, No one would expect less from David, My expectations always are high level.


  37. SandyBeaches said

    Pattirae, thank you for your lovely review this morning I simply have gone blank…haha, maybe not unusual eh?

    See how amazing David’s fans are? Some of us just can’t hardly see straight and you have come to the rescue because the stories are wonderful. Pattirae, it was great meeting you.

    I haves little story…Sunday morning before daylight, we were rushing out of the hotel to make our way to the everyday Conference admission lineup. I was in the Plaza hotel gift shop and saw the coffee as I was leaving. Dang,I couldn’t stop fir a nice hot cup of coffee. A very kind David fan offered to bring me coffee in the lineup


  38. SandyBeaches said

    I am sorry this is my iPhone!

    …….it was still dark and raining. I had not told her my door entrance number. After a short time I saw a lady walking by with a cup of hot, steamy coffee. She was checking every line for me. I left the line and thanked her with my absolute appreciation. ONLY a fan of David’s would ever be so kind.

    Thank you Lady With the Hood! If you read this please comment so that I can say hello. She does know us here at The Voice…

    Time to board for Chicago!! Hugs to all!



  39. Heidijoy said

    Made it back to Iowa last evening after several days in Salt Lake City. Hearing David in all his glory and meeting other fans was so special!! I’m still in a daze too! I was so happy to meet SandyBeaches,Angelica,Djfan,Marcia and so many others. It was nice to see Silvefox and her sister Teresa again. I had met them in Reno. I also was privleged to meet many of the Golden Archies and got to deliver 50 of David’s CDS to the Children’s hospital. Wanted to let any of you know if you donated,how much the hospital appreciated them! I also was able to tell David in the autograph line and he said “Thank you guys for doing that” in his most sincere voice and expression.
    I had many interesting discussion in the lines waiting to get into the concert and waiting for an autograph. David promotion big time! Many were impressed with our devotion and jet setting to see David!!
    Pattirae, What an experience!! So happy for you!
    Thanks to those that held the fort and Bebe for your assistance when I was desperate to get a ticket!!
    I feel blessed to be part of such a big family with David @ the center.


  40. silverfox said


    Hope you have a safe, uneventful journey home.

    “Thank you” is such an inadequate thing to say for giving me & my sister the opportunity to join you in Utah for what was one of the most unforgettable & joyous experiences of my life. I will never be able to thank you enough. Like David, you are a generous, unique & totally lovely person and I have a great time with you!

    Take care!


  41. FG said

    ascphil your comment #34 is beautiful. All the things he is and does…just so astounding. He is ridiculously talented.


  42. skydancer1x said

    spent the morning reading all these beautiful comments, and later showing my elderly neighbor/friend the videos from MOTAB. She comes over to visit once a week to have a cup of tea,and catch up on David performances.She thinks David is “a little hottie”. haha. Millie(Mildred),is 90 years young, and very sweet.Love her.

    Wish all that are homeward bound a safe trip, and am so looking forward to the beautiful, fun, and wonderful stories to come, from the MOTAB weekend.
    40 Heidijoy, your story about delivering the cd’s to the hospital. How wonderful!!


  43. bebereader said

    A welcome back {{{hug}} to everyone returning home today and safe travels are with those who are still traveling.

    Djfan texted me that she just drove through two hours of rain and snow. I know how she despises driving in rain and now the California girl has snow to contend with. 😦 Prayers that weather conditions improve.

    JR #22 Love your trivia bits. That one was especially cute!

    BrightLight#26 Saw Melinda’s quote last night! Thank you; it bears repeating!

    ““A wonderful week is over. . I can’t wait until 2011 holiday season when the world will be able to experience what I did this week. #blessed” – from MelindaWEG.”

    SilverfoxF#27 Welcome Home. Can’t wait to hear more about your weekend. We’re here for you, to receive anything you have to share, the meloncholy, sadness and euphoria. It’s all part of this amazing ride we’re on.

    Pattirae#28 Glad we had a few minutes on the phone, too. It feels good to finally match a voice to a screenname. I know how much fun you all were having by the background noise so thank you for taking some phone time. Beautiful recap of your weekend! That makes two fans who have had “elevator stories”, Silverfox being the other. 😀 I remember when you told David at The Mentor’s Gala how you wished for him to sing with MoTab. Not surprising that he mumbled a shy thank you in the elevator; he’s so modest. And the shaky knees when you left the elevator after seeing him. I can so relate! Glad Shawna was there, waiting for you.

    MT#29 I had to play “The Cat and Mouse Carol” this morning, too! LOL Only David can make a simple tune into a masterpiece! By Melinda’s tweet, I think she fully understands now, if she didn’t before.

    Andrea#31 It’s really hard for all of us to express what we just witnessed, especially those who were there. This: “His smile and attitude to life make him worthy of admiration…” You said it beautifully! 😀

    Asphill#33 Your comment moved me to tears:

    “How does one combine sweetness with strength, gentleness with power, humility with great presence? Only David knows how. And I am forever in awe of him, of his incredible gift and how he uses it so well. Only someone with such a pure heart can channel such greatness.”

    These videos are treasures. That they could be seen by fans in other countries and touch people so profoundly to a point of healing is beyond amazing.

    FG#34 Welcome back! Looking forward to your “More to come later”. haha

    Gosh, this place feel so much like home. 🙂

    SB#38 Nice lady with the coffee story! Only a David fan… 😀 Safe travels. Do you have another eight-hour layover in Chicago? If so, please be in touch.

    Heidijoy#39: Welcome home and many blessings to you for delivering the cds to the Children’s Hospital! I just know they will be appreciated. The children may be enjoying David’s music at this very minute. So happy that you finally got a ticket!

    Skydancer#42 You’re a dear for sharing David’s music with Mildred.


  44. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “So David Archuleta. I won’t lie, I was extremely skeptical. Cute kid and all, but I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t turned off by all the teeny-bopper, American Idol hype. But about three seconds after he began to sing, I was a convert. It’s an understatement to say the boy’s got pipes…”

    You can see David’s Mom, Lupe in this pic.

    Found it here
    Thanks to Snarkies for the tip.


  45. bebereader said

    Don’t miss David tonight online on “The Baub Show”, 7PM Pacific, 10PM Eastern at this link:

    It’s a phoner but it’s LIVE. M&G passes to the Anaheim show will be awarded on the show.

    Here’s David’s tweet about it:

    “Join me on the Baub Show tonight at 7pm PST. It airs live so hope you can join!”

    And his other tweets for today:

    “Had such an incredible experience this weekend performing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for their PBS Christmas Special!”

    “For everyone who was able to come thanks for coming! It’ll be an unforgettable thing for me and hope you enjoyed it.”


  46. hooked said

    Here’s hoping everyone is home safe by now, however I know some of you are stuck somewhere – be safe.


  47. Djafan said

    I made it safely to Vegas. Spending the night here and finishing my trek home tomorrow. As. Bebe mentioned my dislike for driving in treacherous weather but would do it again to experience the amazingness of Mr.David Archuleta.

    I listened to all of Davids music during the drive, it is all so good.


  48. Tawna21 said

    djafan~~snow is beautiful when you don’t have to drive in it! right? Honestly, Utah is a snow-in-the-winter state, but I’m grateful that it held off for the biggest part of the weekend because of those traveling. The rain was enough. Thank you Mother Nature!! Safe travels for the remainder of your journey. It was so good to meet you and the bajillion others that I was able to meet.



  49. bebereader said

    I’m at The Baub Show Link: listening to JTTW and other David songs, waiting for him to arrive.


  50. bebereader said

    Forgot to add…There are 300 of us!


  51. emmegirl said

    Only time for pop-ins…holiday company. 🙂

    But just want to say thanks so much to all of you for your videos and posts on your glorious SLC trip. Can’t tell you how wonderful it is to read all the different stories and experiences. It also helps us to feel like we too were a part of it. Hoping to steal more moments here over the next few days.

    ascphil, Joy To The World, love, love loved it too!


  52. janet said




  53. Tawna21 said

    As I listen to David on thebaubshow , it’s hard to comprehend that my two days of David experiences is over and real life is back on the burner. I will never forget this time. I met people in real life that have been a figment of my imagination for over two years. I’ve laughed with them and shed tears of joy and love with them. It will happen again! It was so fun to re-meet so many of you. To finally meet djafan, Angelica, Marciami, PecanPie, Annie from Germany and Kieko from Japan, and Cutter12. I wish I could have caught up with pastel and FG. I even found that sweet April (I have no idea what her screen name is) is someone that I help very regularly in the hardware store where I work (such a small world)! The love that was in the Taifoon Saturday afternoon was as thick as the noise was noisy–and that was pretty intense. Thank you Marcia for all you did to make that happen! It’s a good thing there was a big screen TV with the BYU game on–it kept my husband entertained while I visited. He thought we were leaving, but I fooled him. Bless his heart, he never even so much as gave me ‘the look’ of let’s go. The food was good too!!

    As we were standing in line Saturday evening, there was a lady that came up to the usher guy that was outside by our line and asked where she could get a ticket. He explained where the stand-by line was and that it was hard to get in because of David Archuleta. She said, “I don’t care about David Archuleta”… I butted right in with “whoah, whoah, easy there”…she looked at me and said “I just want to see the choir, I don’t care who is with them.” I responded with an “okay, that’s fair” kind of comment. But then this big usher guy comes and gets between me and her, and starts defending her when we were actually all done with our conversation. He proceeds to tell me that there are numerous members of the MoTab Choir who could “wrap their voices all around David’s as far as singing ability and that the crowds are there not because of his talent, but because of his celebrity status”…I’m standing there trying to figure out how to avoid a huge confrontation with the man, and my husband is hoping he doesn’t have to drag me off the guy, when the lady behind me says, “no, it’s his sweet spirit that brings people to him.” I looked at her and said something in agreement with her (probably something stupid like, “right”) and the big guy turned on his heel and walked off. As I got conversing with her, I found out she’s from my mom’s hometown in Idaho, and she knows my mom’s brother and his family. The world is getting smaller.

    Sunday afternoon I was able to visit with my neighbor who is a choir member, and was the one who presented me with the Saturday night tickets. She gave me the biggest hug and we shared some tears as we conversed over our experiences. When she gave me the tickets, I gifted her with TOSOD and CFTH. She told me how she was so grateful for those cd’s that helped her to prepare for her experience with David. She was able to get to know David thru them. She is truly a fan from the heart now. She ‘knows’ David’s heart like we do, and understands his quest, if you will, to help people understand and find themselves and the good things in life. She is amazed at his vocals. He’s got a strong instrument and he knows how to use it to present his feelings, is what she basically said to me.

    We had horrible traffic experiences, walked our legs off, stood in long lines, ate fruit snacks from my purse because we forgot to eat dinner before we went to the concert, got quite chilled at times, and stood in a very rainy Sunday morning line, but the fun, friends, noisy luncheon, and the peaceful time in the Conference Center made up for all of that. I guess we found “The Other Side of Down” in Salt Lake City this weekend. Have I ever said that I just love David Archuleta and good times that he unknowingly creates for others? If not, I am now. The concert and the Sunday morning broadcast were beautiful. I don’t have words to describe them other than “…love came down to the earth” thru David Archuleta singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. A blessed memory that I will hold dear forever.

    As we were driving home Sunday morning from the broadcast, my husband put his hand on my leg and thanked me for letting him be part of my weekend. As I teared up and said “no, thank you for being there with me”, I realized that David makes love that is strong even stronger. I was in “A Good Place” this weekend.

    Sorry this is so long!


  54. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Please come back ! We love to hear new voices.



  55. bluesky said



    I am grateful, gratified and delighted that the Choir thought enough of DA to ask him to be their guest. The result was nothing short of spectacular.

    I do believe the building is still floating. I know I am.

    “Love came down to earth.” I believe it did.

    PS: Merry Christmas Everyone!


  56. bebereader said

    Hey Janet: Welcome to The Voice! Glad you decided to say hi. I just know that SandyBeaches will be thrilled when she sees your comment!

    Tawna: Thanks for sharing more details. So many coincidences…the customer in the store, the lady behind you in line…

    Loved this: “…I realized that David makes love that is strong even stronger…”

    I totally agree.

    Cool interview…David Archuleta on Young Hollywood

    (look at those eyes!)

    credit Archiedorable

    caption: “David Archuleta is a self-proclaimed dork (his words, not ours) so he’s decided to let that honesty shine through in his music. Back with a new album, and hit single “Something ‘Bout Love,” America’s favorite runner-up discusses why he’s giving his fans more of himself in the notes he shares. Hosted by RJ Williams.”


  57. bebereader said

    Am I the only one up?
    (Someone help me. David’s voice in these videos is giving me goosebumps and it’s already freezing here in New York!)

    “My Kind of Perfect” from Cambio

    It gets worse…

    Here’s “Angels” from Cambio

    And a short Cambio interview:

    There’s a link to this on AOL’s Welcome Screen!


  58. bebereader said

    More videos…

    Audio of The Baub Show, in parts.

    I tuned in for the interview. He continues to overwhelm me with his humility, intelligence, integrity and ability to live in the moment.

    Part 1 (He talks about MoTab.)

    Part 2 (More MoTab and TOSOD.)

    credit DavidArchieFan171


  59. emmegirl said

    #56 Great, relaxed interview.

    bebe, it’s late, I am undercover, and I don’t mean in bed…and you have just undone me with the vids in #57.


  60. vids in #57 are a beautiful experience – a TOTAL experience. To hear his voice – singing then speaking about the lyrics – while he’s playing the piano. All the while the camera moving around him (his hands, body & face) as the emotion envelopes him (esp. in Angels). Oh my, what a trip.

    They have to have made these into some special (for sale) fan edition.


  61. betsy said

    Really enjoying all of the recaps. Thanks everybody. 🙂
    The common theme? Kindness.

    I just saw the Cambio Connect videos.
    I never get tired of Angels. And David seemed to sing it for himself this time. It was really cool to see.
    I love it.
    *quietly screaming over it*


  62. jackryan4DA said

    Hi guys! I hope all those who went to MOTAB got home safe and sound and hopefully, sane? Tee-hee

    For those who missed The Baub Show, I was also able to record it. After snipping out the TOSOD tracks played during the program, I have a set of 5 vids. Since some vids have been posting, I will only put here the last portion cos I checked ArchieDavidFan171’s missed out the comments of the DJs after playing TAGGB, so here ya go


  63. silverfox said

    Good morning everyone,

    Not quite home yet. Was rebooked on another flight in Utah to Chicago instead of Phoenix. I panicked cause I had a bad feeling about Chicago & possible bad whether. I was right. My connecting flight home was cancelled as were many, many other flights, so I was not the only one inconvenienced by the snow. Anyway, I had a choice of spending 15 hrs overnight in the airport or get a hotel so here I am in a hotel at 4am in the morning getting ready to take the shuttle back to the airport for my flight home. There is one positive about this and that is that I have not really had the time to start missing “you know who”. And another thing…thanks to David, I have learned to be patient & not fly off the handle about situations beyond my & other’s control. Hopefully I’ll be home sometime this morning.

    I’ve been reading everyone’s experience this past weekend as well. My wish is for David to read all of the “recaps” so he can grasp the enormity of the effect he had not only on his die-hard fans who love & admire him, but on all who finally know why we do & finally understand.


  64. MT said

    OK. I’m sitting here listening to the video of “Angels.” Is it just me? Or do any of you hear a difference in his voice? It’s really noticable to me, especially in the first few notes of “Angels,” that his voice is deeper than the last time I heard him sing this. Even when he is speaking, his tone sounds deeper and richer here.

    #63 SF, Hope you arrive home safely and soon.

    BeBe, thank for the Baub videos. I listened to it live last night and enjoyed much of it, but kind of felt bad for David by the end. Poor thing, he sounded sooooo tired. I could almost see him, by the end, with his head in his hands wondering how to end it without sounding rude. He’s such a trooper, though. He would probably have continued longer if they hadn’t finally ended it for him.

    He mentioned being in a different mind set the past week. I am thinking that he was in a much more serious and spiritual place this past week, because of the nature of his last performances, and it may take him a while to get back to normal. He gave so much of himself in these performances that it surely must have taken a lot out of him. Bless his sweet heart, I hope he is able to get some rest and replenish himself before his next round of performances starts.


  65. wowArchie said

    Hello friends,check this out:

    #57 “Angel” performance from Cambio video

    Time: 3:31
    There’s a smiling face on David’s neck!!! It looks like this— 🙂

    Oh! how I wish I can do the screen cap thing for you guys to see! I know this neck 🙂 had appeared before but I just can’t resist sharing this gah moment with all of you here again.

    Merry Christmas everyone.


  66. SandyBeaches said

    I had to leave SF in a Chicago snowstorm and travel east but I didn’t like to do that. She was left without her luggage, not even knowing how she was going to get home.

    We learnt a great deal on this trip and it will continue to unfold as the weeks go by.

    Bebe…a most important word that you wrote at the end of your article stays with me whenever I get a call to tell about the performances. You spoke that David is in a new realm. I love that word. It can mean 1. a kingdom, 2. figurative, a region in which something or someone prevails. The dictionary says as an example…One realm we have never conquered – the pure present. But, I say that we have just seen that happen!

    The CAMBIO videos are awesome! Dr. Abrra, “Do we take a number at your office, is the line-up very long?”
    I have only stood in a line-up on the average for 2 1/2 hours each day since last Thursday. I have mastered the skill.


    I hope that you are home SF.


  67. SandyBeaches said

    #52 Janet…thanks Bebe, for bringing this to my attention. I have not read everything here and the comments are all so wonderful.

    That was so kind of you to look for me in that huge crowd, I appreciate your kindness and yes we must sit and have a coffee “on me” next time. There will be a next time and Bebe and Abrra will be there. Perhaps we would be looking at blank pages right now if everyone had gone. We appreciate having the site so full of comments by so many, thank you both!



  68. wowArchie said

    sorry my timing is not very accurate .
    The Angel neck smile : ) showed up @ 2:29–3:31


  69. wowArchie said

    ahh…. what’s wrong with me?!!
    time—3:29 to 3:31 — Sorry.


  70. bebereader said

    WowArchie: Is this it? I see the smiley face too!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    To SF and SB and Djafan any anyone else still traveling from Utah,

    Hope you’re all home and safe and snugly by now.

    MT#64 It’s not just you. I heard the new richer tone in both David’s speaking and singing voices. It gave me the chills last night. He was so tired during The Baub Show interview. Sounded like he had just woken up from a nap. I’d have been grouchy had someone woken me up but David, as you said, is a trooper.


  71. bebereader said

    More screencaps until the Queen of Screencaps gets back in town. *wink*

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  72. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  73. wowArchie said


    Thank you! Sreencaps! I love screencaps! He is so beautiful.

    Still remember the first time I ever saw his face in person…. All the descriptions running through my mind … And I could only come up with a very short phrase: “It’s so 3-D!”


  74. Dayzee said

    Oh Bebe! Lucky I did not find those vids in the middle of the night. It would have been no sleep for me.
    WowArchie, I found the smiley face! That was a perfect assignment for me. You know I love to inspect that neck.
    That rendition of Angels is a great example of David closing his eyes and drawing us in. This is a trait I find only in David. Instead of shutting us out, he brings us with him to that wonderful place he goes.
    Tawna, thanks for sharing your luncheon space with me. I enjoyed talking David with you and Ron.


  75. bebereader said

    WowArchie and Dayzee,

    David is a rare find and so incredibly handsome!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thought I might ask again…

    Is anyone having issues since we put the ‘snow’ on the site last week? We’ve had one complaint so far and wonder if it’s giving anyone else computer issues.


  76. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Saturday nights at 9pm in Unplugged. Guaranteed to cure all ailments.

    Waaaaaaaay too much time on your hands! 🙂

    Delicious images. Thank you!



  77. Dayzee said

    Abrra, Are you planning on Christmas night for the chat?


  78. MT said

    BeBe, I am having a little issue with the snow, but not too bad, just makes it take a while to load or refresh.

    And those pics!! Ahhh … isn’t that just the most beautiful face? But, that last one in #72 is kinda heartbreaking to look at.


  79. djafan said

    hello all

    still traveling the rain is unreal. Sf, sb hope you are@home safe.
    I made the mistake of listening to angels and mkop last night, talk about drawing us in. His voice with this deeper.richer tone is exquisite, perfect. I hope to catch upsoon.


  80. Abrra said


    I think it may be a good idea to have chat on Sunday the 26th, this week only. I don’t have anything going on Saturday night, but others may. I will post a reminder later in the week.



  81. bebereader said

    MT, Are things any better without the snow? Wish it was as easy to turn off real snow. heh

    Dja, Hope you continue to have safe travels. You’re in the home stretch!

    Found these pics of David from the “Kaleidescope” event.
    Can’t embed without permission from their site so here’s a link:

    David tweets:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  82. SandyBeaches said

    Silent Night…David and the choir in view!

    credit kmw226



  83. SandyBeaches said

    Excuse me that was the orchestra in view and don’t forget to go full screen!



  84. SandyBeaches said

    Ah yes, ‘when love came down to the earth’…we saw that happen. Simply beautiful.

    credit TheSnowAngelz



  85. skydancer1x said

    56 Bebe! Santa’s little elves have nothing on you!! Preparing all of these goodies for us to wake up to, working diligently into the wee hours of the night!! Thank you for all of these gifts!
    I got chills watching him perform in these Cambio videos.His voice is becoming so rich and powerful and deep,and manly. And I’m talking about his SPEAKING voice here! The singing voice,well it’s entered a new “realm” of its own..(stealing Bebe’s word ‘realm’ here)
    All I know is he displaying talent that is so awesome,it is scary.He is breathtakingly beautiful inside and out.He is both the powerful drug and the cure.
    (and I am spazzing over these screecaps!)


  86. bebereader said

    SB: Welcome Back! Thanks for the awesome vids!

    This from David’s Official Site:

    “David will be doing a signing at the FYE in Las Vegas on December 30th, from 3-5 PM. If you are in the area, come by and meet David!”

    That’s FYE at
    1300 W. Sunset Rd.
    Henderson, NV

    Meet American Idol alum DAVID ARCHULETA at FYE when you purchase any one of his albums!


  87. MT said

    BeBe, yes, it is better without the snow. 🙂
    and LOL at the real snow comment.

    I saw this comment on a personal blog and just had to share: “I was a bit of an indifferent fan of David’s prior to last night, but I have since purchased a ticket on the David Archuleta Train and am riding first class.” LOL I love hearing that!!!!

    I alos love the comments I’ve read on blogs about how pure and beautiful his instrument is, and they are sooo right.

    SB #82 & #84″ That is a beautiful video of Silent Night. I like being able to wee his body language while he sings. And I am so in love with “The Cat & The Mouse Carol” you just wouldn’t believe. That is such a great song. At least, it is with David singing it. He’s so tender with it, and yet so powerful, too.

    I envy those who got to hear these songs live. But, I’m also grateful for all of you sharing it with us. Many, many thanks to those who tell us how it felt, made recordings for us, and took photos, so that those who missed it could have a small taste of it’s wonder.


  88. MT said

    #87 OOPS!! That would be “also love the comments” and “see his body language”

    Obviously, I’m not a good proof reader, or typist. lol


  89. bebereader said


    We’re all having the same reaction to those Cambio videos! Idk what to say anymore. I want to say those videos are David at his finest, sitting at the piano and belting out the songs he feels most passionate about but then I think of MoTab and THAT is David at his finest. Truth is that he can sing ANYTHING and sing anything well. Each genre he sings represents another facet of his gift. I’ve never encountered anything like this before. He exceeds everyone’s expectations.

    “He is both the powerful drug and the cure.” <<< exactly!


  90. SandyBeaches said

    MT…they said that he was like a 25 year veteran on the stage. His body language was like that of the most classical of singers you will ever see. His voice is the only voice…

    I do a little preparing for Christmas and then quietly drift back to the computer to listen for more of David singing.

    I have still not heard from SF and I have called a few times…I am a little worried.



  91. Abrra said

    “BeBe, yes, it is better without the snow. 🙂
    and LOL at the real snow comment.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra The Voice DPW


  92. MT said

    #91 Abrra: Ahahhaahaha too funny!!


  93. Abrra said

    Bebe #86

    I almost heard Djafan’s car screech to a halt and make a U-Turn!

    Vegas, Baby!


    I wear many hats!



  94. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    (I bet you’re right!)


  95. Andrekvr1991 said

    I love screencaps so much, thanks for sharing them.


  96. MT said

    #90 SB “they said that he was like a 25 year veteran on the stage. His body language was like that of the most classical of singers you will ever see.”

    I thought that during the CFTH Tour. When he sings those types of songs, he isn’t just singing to entertain. He’s singing with purpose, inspired with a different motivation for his song. David’s body and voice are such wonderful reflections of his mood, his feelings. It’s an amazing ability for someone so young.


  97. hooked said

    #90 SB SF is home safe – finally. She was diverted from Pheonix to Chicago then had to spend the night there. She finally got home this morning very exhausted with a massive headache. She said it was still worth it!!! We were wondering about you!!! Thanks again ever so much. Woke up this morning with The Mouse and the Cat Carol in my head!!!! It is now my new favorite carol.


  98. skydancer1x said

    SB,winter storms, the holidays and O’Hare airport, poor SF. Hope she is out of there and on her way home, or home already by now. I have friends who were rebooked for tonite when their flight cancelled last night. maybe her cellphone ran down?

    “I have never encountered anything like this before”


  99. djafan said

    I’m home!

    What a trip home, I encountered every weather system, snow, sleet, rain, fog, and hail, not a dry spot in two days.

    I have so much to catch up on and begin the process of of putting my thoughts and feelings in some sort of coherent form, well I think the process has begun, tears.


  100. sweetonDA said

    Oooooh, I’ve just lost it again watching the video of Silent Night and The Cat and the Mouse Carol. I’m reliving my experience all over again feeling the same awe. There’s just nothing else I can say, he just seems to melt my heart and soul.

    Yesterday was my birthday and I had a wonderful time with friends and family that just wanted to feed me, lol

    But, all I could think about was how blessed I was to be able to go to Utah and see David in concert with the choir. That was the most cherished birthday present I have ever experienced. I don’t think this feeling is ever going to leave me.

    Just want to share one tiny miracle that happened Thursday night. I was gifted 3 tickets, for my sister, her husband and me. The morning of the concert my sister told her husband to put his ticket in the shirt pocket he would be wearing. To make a long story short, he called at 6:00 pm and said he couldn’t find his ticket. We told him to start praying.

    The traffic was horrendous and the parking lot we were assigned was full. My sister dropped me off and I got in a very long line. By the time I got inside the conference center it was 7:20 and you were supposed to be in your seat by 7:30 or you may lose it. I called my Brother-in-law to see if he found his ticket, he said no that he was going to try and sneek in. HAHA! All of you who were there no that wasn’t going to happen. Anyway, as I’m talking to him, the man sitting in front of me turned around and said, “Do you need a ticket?” WOW!

    Now, getting the tickets to him was another story, but needless to say, my sister and her husband and I got to our seats just as the concert was ready to start and the wonderful people sitting by us made sure that we didn’t lose them. Now, I consider that some kind of miracle. And that’s just one story from my time in Utah 🙂


  101. sweetonDA said

    SF and djafan, glad to hear you made it home safely.


  102. bebereader said

    Sweetonda, And they say miracles don’t happen! Loved your story and…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  103. bebereader said


    Thank you for letting us know that SF is okay. I tried calling her a few hours ago but got no response either. Thought maybe her cell phone was out of battery. Glad to hear that she is home safe.


    Welcome Home!

    For anyone who has just arrived home take a while to digest, replenish and reflect. We’ll be here for you.


  104. emmegirl said

    SB, “I do a little preparing for Christmas and then quietly drift back to the computer to listen for more of David singing”…lol, me too, that voice keeps me going. Never miss a day hearing it.

    bebe, “Each genre he sings represents another facet of his gift. I’ve never encountered anything like this before. He exceeds everyone’s expectations.”…
    me neither and know I never will again. I have this secret dream that he makes albums in all these different genres while he is young, sharing with the world his genius and brilliance, and then settles into where he wants to be and what he wants to sing. Crazy, I know, but his talent just has no limits, and I love hearing him sing anything and everything.

    skydancer, #85, the rich tone of that voice just envelopes you and puts you in a place you don’t want to leave.

    dja, what a wild west experience you have had! So glad to hear both you and SF finally made it home safely.


  105. silverfox said

    HOME at last! Actually got home about noon, then I had to call my kids & give some love to my pets who love me unconditionally. Then I crashed, literally, on my bed & just woke up with the strangest feeling and thought I would write a little something with more later after I recuperate from what should have been a 5 hr but turned into a 24 hr journey home….

    Was I really in Utah? Did I really see David perform with the MOTAB Choir? It’s still so surreal. I’m just so grateful, so unbelievably grateful & humbled for being blessed with this amazing opportunity to see David perform with the MOTAB Choir. It was truly a gift for his “older” fans like myself that we didn’t have to wait 10-20 years to see it come to pass. We all knew it would happen, just not this soon. At least I never dreamed it would happen before David’s 20th birthday! We were definitely blessed. I also believe the MOTAB Choir was also blessed to have David as their guest performer. As the Choir president said, “the opening night was the greatest ever”, and I believe there were records broken for each night and Sunday’s “The Spoken Word” attendance record was also broken. There were I believe 19 or more doors into the Conference Center and the lines of people waiting in the cold (and rain on Sunday), extended well over a block at each door. 21000 people in the beautiful center each night, and many others watching the simulcast in other areas. We were told that typically the Conference Center is not filled to capacity for the Sunday performance, but for David it was, with standbys waiting. It was simply overwhelming & breathtaking seeing David on this huge stage with the world-renowned MOTAB Choir and full orchestra where he could have seemed so small (as he said he felt) and drowned out by the Choir, but that wasn’t the case. When David walked on stage, he became larger than life and for many he was the main focus, the ONLY focus on the stage. His voice clear, strong, pure, effortless & sublime. David was in a Heavenly zone & he raised every person in the audience with him. I had never seen or heard anything so beautiful in my life. As we waited in line I overheard people wondering why David was invited so early in his career & if David could rise to the occasion since he is just a “pop singer”. Many had never heard David or since AI and knew little or nothing about him. We, of course gave our view of David, how greatly admired & loved he is by his fans for his humbleness, humility and of course his VOICE, but at the same time trying not to be too over the top in our praise of David knowing they would see & hear for themselves.

    Apparently there is a no standing ovation “rule” until after the final song. For David’s fans, it was very hard to abide by the rule. But I understand David got the most “enthusiastic” S/O’s of any other performers in recent history. AND on Sunday during the “mini concert” after the televised performance, all 21000 people just could not help themselves & gave David a long, loud & boisterous S/O after his “Silent Night”. It was so deserved and if we could have thrown roses at his feet, I believe we would have. He was magnificent & mesmerizing. Every single person in the audience, on the stage, in the whole building who heard David sing this past weekend were taken where they have never been. The dancers were enjoyable, the choir soothing & reverent, but David was the Star of the show, enjoyable, soothing, reverent & simply spectacular.

    And of course, the camaraderie & get-togethers with David’s fans made this weekend exceptional. I met so many new people & reconnected with many others. It was a wonderful experience!

    Good night all! 😀


  106. Abrra said

    Music and the Spoken Word

    credit horsebassoon

    I will try to get this to Unplugged. I have to chop it into two parts. Too large for a single upload.



  107. silverfox said

    SB…I love you, but did you HAVE to post those vids of Silent Night & The cat & Mouse Carol??

    Now I’m in tears!! Thanks a lot!

    Really though, thank you so much!


  108. wowArchie said


    You are back! I just watched the two MOTAB videos you posted (Silent Night & The Cat and The Mouse). The audio part is fantastic! The view of the whole choir and orchestra together w/ David on stage is just amazing.

    I have sank into David Archuleta’s hypnotic web of logic!

    2:30am last nite I felt asleep with David’s neck smile in my mind, then, this morning I was utterly charmed by his Christmas performances once again!
    I called him handsome bull-fighting soldier, Spanish Flemanco dancer and even Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen novel after he sang TOSOD. I respect him as an artist, love him as an pop idol like crazy, but at the same time I feel he is as cute as my 6 yr old son.Duh!
    Dr. Abrra, help me! I don’t know how to handle these emotional conflicts!
    I am so confused!
    Is he an angel or reincarnation of James Dean ?


  109. Dayzee said

    I pleases me to see the fan-produced videos like Silent Night at #82 because they are so David focused. No need to wander around looking at anything else. LOL


  110. SandyBeaches said

    SF… Simply put, I miss him.



  111. bebereader said


    Welcome Home!
    Loved your recap of MoTab, standing O’s and all!
    No elevator encounters this time? 😉


    I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s everything and more!

    Guess what?

    “Something ‘Bout Love” is #9 on Neon Limelight’s List of 12 Underrated Songs of 2010

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    *Everyday until Christmas, will be counting down 12 of our favorite underrated songs of 2010. These are songs that, for whatever reason, were completely kick-ass awesome, but didn’t get the respect, airplay, sales, or chart positions they deserved, in our humble opinions. And so, we’re shining a little extra light on these songs. Call it our 12 days of Christmas gifts to these artists. Enjoy!

    Day #9

    Artist: David Archuleta

    The underrated song: Something ‘Bout Love

    Our thoughts: An underrated artist will more than likely release sorely underrated songs. Although David Archuleta has one of the best voices recording today (feel free to argue with us on this, we’ve got tons of videos to back up this claim!), his talents are still largely overlooked. When David and team Archie decided to get a little more top 40 friendly with the pop radio-ready single Something ‘Bout Love, we just knew the masses were about to discover an artists that has all the potential in the world to top charts but somehow still feels like a little known secret. The synths and uber catchy chorus played well with every other song currently getting radio airplay but apparently, pop radio isn’t quite ready for a single that showcases lyrics with actual depth. No Matter. Archie is something special and we’re sure in time, others will catch on to this gem.”


  112. jackryan4DA said

    Ahhhh SF. Been waiting for your recap if only to learn if you have any surreal encounters with that mighty fine young man from UT 🙂 Glad you got home safe my dear friend.

    ASCPHIL – ON #33 you so expressed it beautifully and so right on. Yes there was nothing extravagant in David’s singing of these beloved carols. I saw simple reverence, for the message, for the hymns and for his audience. And because he meant every word of what he was sing-saying, I think that what makes him such a phenomenal story teller. Also, am glad you feel that way about the vids. A couple of commenters have been hounding me a bit (weak smile), displeased w/ the posting of the MOTAB vids…

    PATTIRAE – Giggling over your elevator account. Thrilled for you to have met him in such close quarters 😉


  113. jackryan4DA said

    SB on #110 – I remember this feeling I had last month – when David’s plane was about to leave Manila. I felt this distinct ache in my chest, as if something was being ripped from my insides… It felt so weird, so dumb founding cos the reality is I just got to see him for a short period.

    And yet there it was… a space, a vacuum.
    He is missed.
    It seems, he is always leaving so soon.


  114. Bright Light said

    Remember right after American Idol, David wanted to thank his Utah fans for supporting him? He was planning on having a concert at the E-Center, I think, for free or something like $5.00. I can’t recall exactly.

    Anyway, David’s management at the time thought they had an official OK for the concert. However, after the concert was announced, it had to be canceled because the approval wasn’t obtained from the appropriate people – something like that. I believe the explanation at the time was that attendance at a free concert would take away from the American Idol tour which had 2 dates scheduled in Utah.

    Anyway . . . even if I don’t have the facts 100% correct . . . the point I am trying to make is this — David’s desire to thank his fans with a free concert materialized a few years later in a grander and most spectacular way!


  115. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hope you have a great day!


  116. Angelica said






  117. betsy said

    Happy birthday, my dear big sis. 🙂

    Since you aren’t big on sweets, I’ll have some of hubby’s leftover birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to you. 🙂


  118. kaycee said

    I just returned home from Salt Lake City and have a hundred things to do, and yet I feel the need to share, to gush, to add my “amen” to the many articulate, heart-warming accounts of this past weekend. I probably have very little to contribute to the beautiful recaps of the truly amazing concert, but I have learned that each of us has our own unique story…and this weekend I was touched in a very personal and profound way.

    When I first learned that David was going to perform with the Tabernacle Choir, there were so many reasons to be excited! I grew up in Salt Lake City listening to the choir and dreamed of one day becoming a member. In addition, this was actually a concert I could afford (haha), and it was only a 5-hour drive from our home. (How I envy those of you who are able to attend multiple concerts and travel to different cities). On top of all that, my oldest daughter was returning home from an LDS (Mormon) mission 2 weeks before the concert, and I knew there couldn’t be a better Christmas present for her–a big fan herself of both David and the choir. When I mentioned the possibility in a letter, she wrote back, “That’s almost too much wonderful in one place!”

    Well, like so many others, I did not receive tickets. I was so sad and knew that my chances were next to impossible, especially after talking to friends from Salt Lake City. Not being a regular poster on the David fan sites (I‘m pretty much a “quiet lurker“ who occasionally posts late at night when the kids are in bed), I felt that I probably wasn’t sufficiently connected enough to be offered tickets. Well, I was proven wrong–the magic of the “David Network” and his wonderful fans truly came through for me. A very kind “quiet lurker” like myself had seen a late night comment and offered me two tickets! I skipped and smiled through the entire next week, and yet still didn’t write my daughter for fear it would all fall through…and I didn’t tell my other 2 daughters for fear of what they would do to me for not taking them!

    Well, my joy was short-lived. The following week my 17-year-old daughter fell very ill. Weeks passed without any thoughts of David or the concert…they were filled with hospitals, doctors, tests, and many a sleepless night spent on my knees. When we finally received the diagnosis, we were devastated, and the intensive treatment literally started the next morning. Watching my beautiful daughter, with such a bright future, who just weeks earlier was waiting to hear from colleges and wondering who will take her to the prom…now fighting for her life and wrestling with an uncertain future was almost more than I could bear. That beautiful sparkle in her eyes and that happy countenance I was so used to seeing seemed to be losing the battle to fear and worry and despair.

    Well, my husband, wanting to lift her spirits, and knowing how much she liked David, actually wrote the Choir President. He in turn contacted the conductor, Mack Wilberg, who found three extra tickets for us so our whole family could attend the Saturday night performance. We hesitated somewhat about making the 5 hour trip with her, but she was excited and wanted to go and felt like she could handle it. We listened to David the entire way, and made it to the conference center in good time.

    She was very tired and sick from all the medications, and the long ride didn’t help much, so I worried that I had made the wrong decision in bringing her. The joyful music and the jubilant dancers seemed to bring some energy back, but it wasn’t until David walked onto the stage and I felt her squeeze my arm that I knew that I had made the right decision. I don’t know who I looked at more–David or my daughter (sneaky side-long glances, of course). But one thing is for sure…he sparkled that night like he’d never sparkled before…the joy and the hope and the love of what he was singing about didn’t just spill from him, it exploded from him! And that hope and joy was received and evidenced on the face of my daughter that night. That same sparkle that was witnessed by 21,000 people on stage was coming from my daughter as well. David sang from his heart that night of a power greater than what the world has to offer and gave my daughter (and myself) the best gift we could ask for this Christmas Season–the gift of hope.


  119. jackryan4DA said

    ABRRA – I didn’t know it’s your special day? HAPPY BDAY my dear! Have fun, be safe and be merry 🙂


  120. Angelica said

    Sorry for the long absence. I am trying to write. So much to process and mere words are not enough. I have been in a fog all day at work humming the Cat and the Mouse carol. Can’t seem to focus at all.

    Good to know Djafan and SF and others made it safely home.


  121. Angelica said


    Thank you for sharing that beautiful story. How wonderful that you and your whole family were able to attend the performance. David is the best medicine. As Skydancer said above, “He is both the powerful drug and the cure.” I will keep your daughter in my prayers for a complete recovery.


  122. jackryan4DA said

    DEAR KAYCEE – am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s condition. But happy to learn that your whole family was able to make it to MOTAB.

    We may not know each other but let me be bold in in saying that when you wrote –

    “…But one thing is for sure…he sparkled that night like he’d never sparkled before…”

    – I imagine that it was you who had the most sparkle, coming from the love that only a mother could have for a daughter and from the gift of kindness you received during perhaps one of your family’s most trying times.

    Will pray for your daughter’s wellness and for your family’s strength. Feliz Navidad!


  123. lct said

    Good morning VOICE! Can you go and leave a comment at LatinaMagazine? They excluded David in the top 12 most fascinating latinos for 2010! thanks! I’m not able to post a commment over at FOD – don’t know why – but if someone can….? 🙂


  124. SandyBeaches said

    Good morning people of The Voice,

    I have just listened to David sing “The Cat and The Mouse” while it helped someone fall asleep in the early morning hours, plus a puppy loves to hear it.

    Someday you will see David actually sing it and it is even more wonderful to see.

    My proclamation is that this Christmas Carol will become David!s both now and for many years. We have endeared ourselves to it already and cannot get it out of our heads, which is a great sign.



  125. wowArchie said


    Happy Birthday!

    I love Christmas season even though I am a free thinker. All my kids were born in December:

    1st son– a Maltese dog named Bebe.
    2nd son— born 2004. And I firmly believe his last life was my Maltese !
    3rd son— just adopted 3 yrs ago from USA named DAVID (you know who he is haha
    One & only daughter– has the same birthday as my 3rd son’s. (How great is that!)

    Merry Christmas to all my voice friends.


  126. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra…perhaps we can join you later this evening for some birthday vids on the voice Unplugged even for just awhile!

    Happy Birthday!!



  127. stenocruiser said

    Abrra — wishing you the happiest of birthdays!
    SweetonDA — have a wonderful birthday!
    Kaycee — thanks for sharing with us — your family and sweet daughter are in my prayers; God bless.

    Much thanks to all those who have regaled us with their David/MoTab experiences — what a joy and blessing he is.


  128. MunkFOD said

    Kaycee, Thank you for sharing your story. It has really touched me. Your daughter and family are in our prayers. I am so happy that you had the opportunity to see and hear David. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless!


  129. MunkFOD said

    OH! and Abrra! Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! treat yourself with something wonderful!


  130. SandyBeaches said

    I am bringing this over from a comment on SnowAngelz…

    Mac Wilberg, the director of the MoTab choir, “wrote the arrangement of this song for David,” for the MoTab choir Christmas concert series. Bravo Mr. Wilberg.

    The Cat and The Mouse lyrics:

    Said the cat to the mouse, in their dark little house,
    In that stable so long ago,
    “I am wondering why that bright star in the sky
    Is shining upon us down below.”

    And the night skies rang, as the angels sang,
    When Love came down to the earth;
    And the night skies rang, as the angels sang,
    When the Baby King had his birth.

    Said the mouse to the cat, as in wonder they sat,
    And they saw Mary’s face filled with joy,
    “Perhaps that star we can see is to tell you and me,
    Of the coming of this precious little boy.”

    Sleepy shepherds they saw as they crept through the door
    And they brought little gifts to the child.
    As they gazed with love on the child from above,
    Mary turned to the shepherds and smiled.

    So they happily sat, little mouse, little cat,
    As they heard Mary singing to her son,
    As she cradles with care, little Jesus so fair,
    This baby, the Lord’s chosen one.


  131. Abrra said

    Checking in from my phone.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and poignant story. I am praying for your family.

    Happy Birthday to you. Sounds like you had a great time!

    To all my e-family
    Thank you for the wonderful wishes. I have so much good in my life. Having The Voice family is frosting on the cake.

    I will see what plans are in store for me tonight. I’d be happy to hang in Unplugged for a bit tonight and hear stories if the great weekend.



  132. emmegirl said

    SF, thanks for taking the time to post, love the comments on the SO. Standard procedures and logic and everything else of the norm are tossed aside where he is concerned. He defies it all. Can’t wait to hear from you again.

    Kaycee, thank you, your story this morning was so touching and a blessing,and we have your family in our prayers.

    bebe, thanks for the Neonlimelight’s link.

    Abrra, Happy Birthday!

    Pattirae, forgot to mention, loved your elevator story. When I hear him sing it, I think of all the elevator encounters from fans.

    Want to thank everyone there who have shared with us their thoughts and encounters and experiences. There are so many it is tough to comment on all of them, but please keep them coming!


  133. goodkarmaseeker said

    Abrra, Happy, happy Birthday to you!!!!

    Kaycee, Thank you for generously sharing your story with us. Your family is in our prayers!!


  134. wowArchie said

    Something related to David in Singapore newspaper today:

    Remember David Paid a surprised visit to this school called “NorthLight” when he’s in Singapore in mid-November?

    Most of the students had failed the Primary School Leaving examination twice. A group of the students persuaded 2 teachers to tutor them and convinced their principle to allow them to take English paper exam. Out of the 11 students seven passed and two even scored As today.

    David might have inspired them to do so, you guys think so?


  135. SandyBeaches said

    Pattirae… Where is the picture of the elevator that we took, that you travelled on with David? This picture also had Santa jump into the elevator for the picture so it would be a special picture at this time. This goes with your elevator story! Just send it on to an admin.



  136. FG said

    Happy Birthday Abbra and Sweetonda!


  137. betsy said

    Kaycee – I am so very glad that you and your family and especially your daughter, were able to see the Motab concert. Thanks for sharing your story. You are all in my prayers.

    “And that hope and joy was received and evidenced on the face of my daughter that night.”
    This. I can almost see it. ♥


  138. Dayzee said

    Happy Birthday Abrra and SweetonDA!! We are so happy you were born and found David! You enrich our lives and encourage our ODD.

    Thank you Kaycee for sharing your story. Your gratitude for love and kindness extended to your family is so David-like. As you are overwhelmed with difficulties, you still show great appreciation to others. My prayers are with you.

    Thanks to everyone here. You give us a place where we are comfortable sharing our greatest pleasures and admit our worst fears.


  139. MT said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Abrra and SweetonDA

    Kaycee, so sorry to hear about your daughter. I’m so glad she got the chance to go to the concert with you and your family, and that she enjoyed it so much. Bless you all. My prayers are with you.


  140. sweetonDA said

    Kaycee, I’m so glad you were all able to attend the concert and especially happy for your daughter. You all have a challenge ahead of you and I want to add my prayers and blessings to those of the others in giving you all strength to get through this difficult time. Angelica is right in saying, “David is the best medicine”. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABRRA! Have a fantastic day.

    Thanks everyone for the Happy Birthday wishes. It was the best birthday yet!


  141. Ilovedavid said

    Kaycee – Thanks for sharing your story. I’ll be praying for your daughter too.

    David really does have a way of touching our hearts. He’s miles and miles away from where I am and I’ve never heard him sing live but his voice really touched my heart today. I was on my way home in the car listening to CFTH and TOSOD alternately when “Good Place” came on. For some reason, I suddenly felt overcome with gratitude for what I had in my – a loving family, amazing friends, stable job, and a comfortable life. Minutes later, we passed by a homeless family on the streets and I knew what I had to do. So, the next few days, I will do my best to bring love to people who need it the most this season. When “Silent Night” started, I was reminded of the real reason for the season. The past few days have been really hectic as I’ve been rushing to complete my Christmas shopping. And I’ve been complaining about the smallest inconveniences. In all my attempts to bring joy to people with my gifts, I was probably stressing them out about my poor attitude. I needed a reminder that this season is about love and the birth of our Lord, not the material things. And of course, to always look at the other side of down. Thank you, David, for reminding me.

    Just wanted to share how David made a difference today. 🙂


  142. hooked said

    Thank you SB for bringing the words for The Cat and Mouse Carol over. That song is in my head all day long. Again thanks for everything you do!!!!

    Thanks everyone for all you do here.


  143. bebereader said

    Dear Kaycee,

    Many thanks for sharing with us. Prayers and blessings to your daughter for a full recovery.


    Umm cute name for your dog *bark bark* LOL
    It wouldn’t surprise me if David gave those students the boost they needed to excel.

    Look who has co-writing credit for this new song to be released 1/1/11.

    Image and video hosting by 

    Here’s Preston’s Twitter page if you want to follow him:

    Apparently he had a Twitter Party with some archangels. 😉


  144. Renaid said

    Happy birthday Abrra and Sweetonda!! May you both have many more so that you can enjoy David’s music for a long time. Kaycee, you and your family are in my prayers. What a lovely gift you received. Like so many of you, the Cat and Mouse Carol is in my head all day. I wake up with it and go to sleep with it. So sweet as sung by David. Merry Christmas to all posters and visitors to the Voice.


  145. Tawna21 said

    ABRRA!!! “Happy, Happy Birthday Abrra dear, Happy days will come to you all year. If I had one wish, then it would ba A happy, happy birthday to you from me!” (pretend that David is singing this LDS children’s song to you!)

    Kaycee, thank you for sharing your touching story. My prayers are for your family and sweet daughter.



  146. bebereader said

    Beautiful video from The Snowangelz with footage of Temple Square

    “Silent Night”

    credit The Snowangelz

    “Music by David Archuleta and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra, live in SLC on December 19, 2010, at the unforgettable Music & the Spoken Word mini-concert. (fyi: The high note at “love’s PURE light” is a B. 🙂 )

    Outdoor photos by TOfan (@snowangelzz), indoor photos: MoTab FB page. Check out a recap of the event at (Canadian fans of David Archuleta).”


  147. Heidijoy said

    Happy Birthday Abrra and SweetonDA!! So glad everyone finally made it home. So happy Kaycee that your family made it to MoTab. It was so beautiful beyond words for myself,but to hear your story makes it that much more meaningful. Caught a flu bug after getting home but so thankful it held off until I got home. It was so great to meet and reacquaint with so many ladies of theVoice.


  148. Shawna said

    At work right now, but just took a few minutes to glance at comments and saw that it is Abrra’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY FRIEND!! Hope you have a glorious day today and always.

    Thanks so much for giving me the chance to share this past weekend with you on my lap! (haha) I will get back on here when I get home and write about my experiences this past weekend too.

    O, and Happy Birthday to you too, SweetonDA!


  149. Abrra said

    This blog was in my mail today.

    It has a few pictures and the author’s take on the Sunday morning Spoken Word concert.

    Thank you again Shawna! And thank you to Tawna, Renaid, Heidijoy, Dayzee,MT,FG, Betsy (baby sis),Goodkarmaseeker ( Mom),Emmegirl and anyone I missed LOL So much love!



  150. Tawna21 said

    JR–at first, I struggled with the videos being posted because of the Conference Center’s rules. Then I told my husband that these are just to get us through the next 9 months until the actual DVD and CD are released. The sales for these two items is going to be phenomonal. The producers had better really do some serious calculating when they start to figure the quantities that need to be produced. The PBS station is going to do mighty fine from these sales, I’m sure.

    SweetonDA—Have an awesome Happy Birthday and a spectacular year to follow!!

    Bebe #143—is this for realz?!! It’s perfect to see this kind of information! (dang, I use a lot of exclamation marks)


  151. Abrra said

    Reminder to all who were AWOL this weekend in Utah.

    Be sure to check out the previous article ( link is at bottom left of this page)for all the happenings via video (press conference!) song lyrics, twitpics, etc that swirled around the net while you sat and watched the greatest singer alive!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  152. emifriend said

    Happy Birthday AABBRRAA!

    I am so glad you were born and that I get to know you in this world! Thank you for your many, many kindnesses to me. I hope you have a wonderful new year (and you get to see David lots and lots!)


  153. bebereader said

    Posted on David’s Official site:

    “The David Archuleta Holiday Video Hunt
    Dec 22 2010

    This should be fun guys…

    This September, while shooting David’s Tour Through “The Other Side of Down”, the crew was able to capture a really great and bizarre David moment in Central Park. We can’t tell you what it is, but we can tell you that somewhere on this site there is a link to the video, and that the video is great.

    It could be in the forums, in a comment on a news post, or in the photos section. Everything is fair game so start lookin! Its not going to be easy to find, but if you all split up and handle different parts of the site you might be able to catch it. If you have trouble over the next few weeks, we’ll start posting hints.

    Have fun guys, and Happy Holidays!”


  154. MT said

    #154: I wonder if they’re talking about the squirrel video, the one with the epic “heeee’s crazy!” comment at the end. That comment has to be one of the cutest and funniest unguarded David moments I’ve seen.


  155. Abrra said

    Humor me ok? I just adore these blogs that come through on Google alerts.

    This time a non fan converts!

    “I told my mom on the way home, “I never knew what the big deal about David Archuleta was… but now that I have seen him perform…” before I could finish she said, “Your a groupie!” lol.”



  156. Pattirae said


    Of course!!! the elevator pictures (with Santa and all). Shawna took another one of me alone in the same elevator. haha I guess you could say I was obsessed with that elevator on Friday. Seriously, that was so much fun—the whole thing. I still can’t get over it all. Then the video of Silent Night shows up at Snowangelz and I’ve been mush all day (plus the Cat and the Mouse Carol) how can we stand it! Really!

    Have a wonderful Christmas everyone~ ♥

    I am leaving now for the evening, but I will post them tomorrow for sure:) Thanks for thinking of it.


  157. emmegirl said

    Happy Birthday too sweetonda!


  158. Tawna21 said

    Abrra #151—serious visions of sugar plums are dancing in my head with this pic!!



  159. Fanis Archangelicus said

    ♪♫♪♫♪♫ Happy birthday ♪♫♪♫♪♫ Abrra and Sweetonda.

    Thoughts and prayers for Kaycee, her daughter and her family.

    My best wishes for a wonderful Christmas season to each and every one of you who are on the Archuleta train with me!


  160. stenocruiser said

    Someone found it!



  161. Renaid said

    Please go vote for David’s Falling Stars


  162. Bright Light said

    Happy birthday Abrra. Thanks for all you do!

    And birthday wishes for Sweetonda, too.

    Kaycee, may David’s music continue to soothe, comfort, and help your daughter to heal.


  163. WOW! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABRRA!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETONDA!! Hope you are having a wonderful day, both of you!
    Bebe, that is a nice video from Snowangelz.All those lights, really beautiful.(Was that a live Nativity?)Can’t wait until the dvd is available next year!There is gonna be a mad run for that puppy!!
    Speaking of LIVE…we have got to let David know how much we would love a David Archuleta LIVE IN CONCERT——–anywhere,cd!! Wouldn’t that be awesome, and make so much sense, since he is absolutely the best LIVE singer on the planet!?

    Kaycee,David’s music is so healing. I am glad you all got to attend the MOTAB, and will be praying for your daughter and your family.


  164. djafan said

    We need Happy Birthday from David!

    Happy Birthday Abrra and Sweetonda!!!!!


  165. Abrra said

    Thanks Fanis,Bright Light, Skydancer and Djafan ! It’s been a special day for sure!



  166. emmegirl said

    Wonder if he is schussing down the slopes. He mentioned in an interview the family was going skiing when he was home over the holidays.


  167. betsy said

    Emmegirl – I was thinking about that too. There is no way he could broadcast that info beforehand, as news of that would have the slopes swarming with wannabe skiers. 🙂
    I am loving that ninja video of David, Steno. He is so interested in anything musical.
    Back to donut eating.


  168. silverfox said

    Happy Birthday Abrra! Happy Birthday Sweetonda!

    So much joy in The Voice fan site!

    This may seem nutty, but guess what I did today when I got home from work? I put up a Christmas tree! 😀

    You all are probably thinking, so what? It’s Christmas after all. But I haven’t put up a tree in more than 10 years or since about the time my sons became adults. Up until last year, Christmas was just another reminder of loved ones who have passed on. Just too painful. Then last year, David’s CFTH tour was the first Christmas in more than a decade that I felt happy but still couldn’t seem to find enough “spirit” to put up a tree. But today, after this past weekend, a miracle happened. Being in SLC, seeing the beautiful Temple in the Square, the life-sized Nativity, twinkling lights everywhere, and David singing with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, all that brought me back to the Christmas present. I was stuck in Christmas past, knowing those times would never be again, but I could start making new Christmas memories starting with my time in SLC with my sister who I love dearly & my good friend SB and all the others, djafan, Angelica, FG, CB, Shawna, Pattirae, archiesfan4life, Marciami, TOfan, Refnaf, River, Lili, Vermere, Mamasaun, Kizzi, KT, Lorna, & so many more but I just can’t remember everyone I met again or for the first time this past weekend. The one common denominator being our unconditional love, admiration, & respect for David. We were all completely & utterly in awe of The Voice with the MOTAB Choir.

    We are all connected because of David. He continues to enriched my life and now because of David, I am looking forward to Christmas and it feels so right, and without guilt.

    My trip to & from Utah were anything but pleasant, but I would have gone through much worse to see David…David can work miracles & doesn’t even know it. Or maybe he does. I hope he does.

    Good night all. Work tomorrow, but off Friday! Yayyy!



    I’m thinking of your daughter with prayers for a Blessed Christmas. May the Lord embrace her so that she has a pain-free holiday with peace, happiness & love. And may the Lord give you & her father the strength to get through the hardest of trials. I was very happy to know she was able to see David sing with the MOTAB Choir.


  169. bebereader said

    Renaid#161 Thanks for the poll!

    Here’s another poll from AInow. Vote for your favorite AI audition of all time on
    According to, “The Top 10 American Idol Auditions Of All Time will be posted on Monday, January 17th.”

    Who wants to hear some good quality holiday music sung by the best singer in the Universe? Go here to stream CFTH on AOL:

    And please vote for SBL as the best video of the year:

    Stream “Falling Stars” on All Access so it remains on the list.


  170. archangel48 said

    Oh my heck! I’m really late to the party!
    My belated Birthday wishes to you both Abrra and Sweetonda. Your dedication to this site and David are such a part of why I enjoy this place so much. Thanks 😆
    My hubby and I had a heck-of-a-time getting home from Utah. We caught that blizzard from Illinois, Indiana, and through to the first part of Michigan. A 22 hour drive turned into 36! I made a promise I would never ask him to take me to Utah in the winter again! 😉 Then I thanked him from the bottom of my heart for taking me all that way to experience the performance of a lifetime! Thank goodness he was equally impressed with David and the whole Sunday morning Tabernacle show! He’s talked to his family and mine since then with a new respect for Mr. Archuleta. (I just giggle inside every time I hear him say how impressed he was!)
    Gotta get back to the baking…I’m so behind and in an Archu-daze since Sunday. I’ll have to get caught-up with all the videos and mp3’s as soon as I can. It’s been a wonderful year watching and listening to David. His confidence has risen to a new level along with a richness in his Voice that I can only call it MINDBLOWING!
    Merry Christmas to all of you here at The Voice. May the New Year bring us all good health, good love, and a great David Tour! 😉


  171. gladys said

    Happy Birthday abrra and sweetonda.
    I always think that david put wonderful people in my life and abrra you’re one of them.
    Since I know you all day is something new to tell.
    abrra thanks, you’re always so sweet to me.


  172. kaycee said

    I just had to hop on here after a long day…and found such touching words of support and kind wishes from the amazing people here on The Voice. Thank you so much to you all. I don’t know what it is about David that makes a very private person want to share personal thoughts and feelings, but your words of comfort have strengthened me and touched my heart. David’s fans are truly the best! Hugs to you all!

    I’m sorry I missed out on the birthday wishes to Abrra and SweetonDA–hope your day was wonderful!


  173. Andrekvr1991 said

    Good morning. at 00:48 here as in EST.
    Abrra, hope you had had an unforgettable happy birthday, god to give you more years, attach this following video to express my grateful and wishful for you, to this and next years be full of love and life.

    here I go.


  174. hooked said

    #68 Who are you? What have you done with my Sister?


  175. hooked said

    I mean #168, Who are you? What have you done with my sister?


  176. djafan said

    Kaycee, what a wonderful miracle you and your family experienced this weekend. I’m so happy your daughter, you and your family were able to share this wonderful concert and to hear David’s heavenly voice. I will keep your daughter and all of your family in my prayers.

    Emmegirl, David skies?? I was not aware of that, but if he can ice skate why should I be surprised.

    SF, I haven’t put a Christmas tree up for years either and figured my kids have trees at their homes, that should be enough. But after reading your comment maybe it’s not. Thank you for sharing about the magic that was this weekend.

    Helium – Where Knowledge Rules

    The top Twitter trends of 2010

    by Ashley R.M.

    Since 2009, Twitter has become one of the most popular social networks online. Tweeting, retweeting, @ replying, and so much has been going on, but one of the most interesting has been the trending. Twitter trending, when people tweet words or hastags enough, make it on the daily top 10 trending topics. So here’s the top 10 of ’10:

    10. #tosod

    Coming in at #10 is #tosod, which stands for The Other Side of Down, aka David Archuleta’s latest album. This is #10 because on the day the album was released, David Archuleta’s fans tried hard to get #tosod trending, but to no avail. A little over a week later, David made a video blog, and some fans noticed that his usually pep was missing, and that he seems a little down, not mentioning the album release at all. The fans took that as a sign that David thought they didn’t like the album, and went full force on twitter the next day and got #tosod trending, getting to the 3rd spot on twitter. David later tweeted and thanked everyone for doing it, and it was obvious it cheered him up.


  177. sweetonDA said

    Just got back from going to a Christmas play, that my dear sister took me to for my birthday, where I sat and imagined it was David singing instead of the people that were. During intermission I had my ipod out and had to watch the downloads from last weekends concert. My sister said I was a lost cause…so be it!

    Thanks again for the birthday wishes everyone, especially the video of DA singing to Abrra and I. Djafan, I just had to substitute my name ya know! Did you do the same Abrra?

    SF #168 – I’m so glad you put up a tree this year. Starting new memories instead of dwelling in the past sounds like you’re in a Good Place 🙂

    Isn’t David wonderful? If he only knew what he has done for so many of us.


  178. jackryan4DA said

    TAWNA on #150 – To be real about, almost all materials posted re David & all other artists are copyrighted – even those that do not use actual footage, but use audio tracking. Even those that fans take from concerts. Unless all have permission from the owner which in this case could either be the label or producer or owner of the material posted. That is the spirit of copyright, right? However re MoTab, the non-posting just became an issue because someone from UT, his name escapes me now — the one who arranged Silent Night – (goodness excuse my senior moment!), requested FOD not to post. What FOD did was not to post on their main page. But links are posted in the comments section.

    To-date, some vids are disabled – esp those w/ good quality — BUT NOT ALL. My question is, how come the pulling down seems to be selective? If its is actually MoTab who raised the claim, how come not all vids? Check YT, there are many other vids still up with actual, good quality footage. One even has the whole dang MATSW. (I likewise have the whole program but just posted David-related segments).

    As mentioned, I again experienced hounding for the vids. Even threatened w/ a $250K lawsuit by a fan.

    It is Christmas. Am just laughing it off though am scared for my channel to be canceled again… But with the selective process & more vids posted as I write this, I just have an iffy feeling that this is more than copyright issues.


  179. jackryan4DA said

    Happy bday SweetonDA!


  180. embe said

    To Abrra and SweetonDA:


  181. SandyBeaches said

    Good morning! Oh how I miss my friends! Last evening we had a family gathering of the young to the very old. They asked me how the trip was, well I spoke briefly but said that it was the most wonderful time. But they don’t know, they don’t know what I am speaking about! But they did realize that next year they will be receiving a DVD of the concert, that they understood by themselves! Oh shopping will be so easy.

    I have “The Cat and Mouse” so embedded in my head that I woke up and had to go into the livingroom and find it on my iphone. I am going to write Mr. Wilberg today and pass slong my compliments and my thank-you for a wonderful concert and a thank-you for the beautiful arrangement that he did for David.

    Now, to take apart one tree that is shedding its needles too badly to keep and decorate another one!! Dr. Abrra please be in today!!

    Season’s Greetings!



  182. Abrra said

    I have been thinking about you and your baby a lot lately. Please keep us updated on any “news” as you progress on this motherhood thing? Sending you a BIG trans Atlantic /HUG!

    That video in #180 is so very sweet. I can recall a conversation I had with YJ who went to that event. David had just arrived back from the far east in 2009. It was a personal appearance / meet and greet. He was so tired that he was falling asleep at the table.

    I wish him rest and relaxation over the next few days.

    Andrekvr1991 and Gladys

    Thank you for thinking of me!

    Where David is concerned, nothing surprises me anymore. I like your idea of creating new memories. It was so good to hear your voice last weekend.

    Remember these trees with the color wheel?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    My mother was so cutting edge, 😉 we had one of these when I was 12. When I had my own daughter, I made sure she had a real tree.



  183. refnaf said

    eeeee just flying by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweetonda and to my big sis Abrra!!!! (((hugs))) Everything that peeps are saying about the Motab experience is TRUE. What a blessing.
    One highlight of my weekend was FINALLY meeting (((DJA))). Next time I want to be able to hang with you a bit longer, KKK??? One regret> I totally missed seeing Angelica!!! 😦 , but there will be a next time!
    Christmas hugs and blessings to all!!!


  184. vlm said

    Happy Birthday Abrra and Sweetonda – sending good wishes from across the ocean – may all your dreams come true….
    Kaycee, I feel for you – I know what you are going through – my prayers.
    Have a blessed Christmas everyone!


  185. TOfan said

    Happy belated birthday, Abrra & Sweetonda!!!!

    Missed seeing you guys & Angelica & Fanisarchangelicus & others in SLC … my landing gear may have dropped but I still haven’t touched ground yet! lol

    Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas to each & everyone of you… & David! 🙂

    {{{{{♥ hugs ♥}}}}


  186. Heidijoy said

    Silverfox, I love your Christmas tree story!! So Happy to hear about the inspiration to enjoy the season for yourself and your family that are here. I’m feeling much more inspired too.
    Please all keep my nephew and his family in your prayers. They lost a daughter this past year in an auto accident and of course their holiday is painful. One of my wonderful memories of her is that I took her and other family members to see David in a concert (her only concert ever) the August before the accident. An Important lesson to not put off what is important. I shared that memory with David and hope he will know how much joy that brings me. I can still see her smile and “Thank You” after the concert.
    I’m so thankful to SB for the gift of a lifetime so I could enjoy the MoTab concert. There are no words to describe the joy of the concert and meeting all the David fans and complete strangers that I met in line. I’m sending David’s book and an extra CD to a mother and her two young daughters that I and Sharon met in the autograph line. Lots of good memories!!!!


  187. Dayzee said

    I think all of David’s fans who attended the Motab concert deserve a pat on the back. When it was time for David’s entrance on the stage, there were no chants of “Da Vid, Da Vid”. On Sunday when we were asked to hold our applause, we did so. Even though we had to sit on our hands. And most important there was not one holler of “I love you David” and no “I love you more”. Well done.


  188. emmegirl said

    hooked, lol.

    refnaf…details pending?

    Wishing a Merry Christmas to all and your loved ones.


  189. Thanks Abrra for the feedback I am usually up to date watching reviews, comments, posts. This is the best site, it’s wonderful. with 5 days for DavidArchie’s birthday, isn’t exciting? I wish that we could agree to offer him the best birthday, running from simple things David likes which.
    I don’t know how. it might be sending video recordings about him, collecting images from his childhood up to current pics.


  190. SandyBeaches said

    On Sunday, at the closing of the final concert, when the speeches had been given, David and Michael York turned to the choir and they sang to them. David, his mother Lupe, Michael York and his wife stood together with arms intertwined. It had been a glorious time for them all. This video is not the actual footage, but the choir is singing the same hymn as it was.



  191. Abrra said


    If you notice at the Utah book signing there were bags of gifts for David. Sometimes I think he gets overwhelmed with good intentions. I bet he would appreciate it so much more if you helped another person on his behalf. He is all about service to others.



  192. bluesky said

    First, Happy Birthday to Abrra and Sweetonda. Hope your days were full of celebration and your foreward-looking year gentle with loves light.

    Second, Thinking about Dazee and SF and others:

    When my oldest son was 16 he fell in love. Months later his heart was broken as only a first-love-heart can be. He told me quite firmly that he was never getting married, that love was too painful, and he did not want a wife and family. Each child is different, but I knew this one had such a deep heart and I did not want him to seal it off too soon from life.

    I told him: Son, there is one thing certain in this life and that no one can escape. You are going to experience pain, grief, heartache and loneliness. You will experience all this whether you live alone or have a family. The only choice one can make is how to invest that pain and grief. I told him that family was the best investment that I knew of; that family was worth it all, whatever it took, and would bring the greatest joy in the end.

    I cannot stop the tears as I read your posts and consider what the past, present and future may hold (have held). ‘Family’ comes to us in many ways. And time is a great mystery. Love holds both time and us in her hands. My your Christmases be filled with love and time enough to celebrate it with abundant joy!

    God bless us, everyone!


  193. bebereader said

    Gosh, Bluesky! Nobody says it better than you! Thank you for being a part of our Voice family. We appreciate your wisdom more than you’ll ever know.

    Silverfox: David is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m so happy for you.

    Archangel48: Glad you made it home safely.

    SandyBeaches: Hope they catch “Til We Meet Again” on the DVD. By the way, I have both songs (Cat and Mouse Tale and Los Pastores a Belen) playing in my head at the same time! Yikes! haha

    Heidijoy: Beautiful gesture to share your memory with David. Prayers to your nephew and his family.

    To The Snowangelz: The happiest of holidays to you!

    Tomorrow (Friday), David will be on Regis and Kelly (re-run). Check your local listings.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thanks for this, JR!

    Slideshow of Pix frm Dress Rehearsal (with Cat and Mouse Carol)


  194. MT said

    I’ll be out of town until after Christmas. But before I left, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of the lovely folks here at the voice, and David, a

    Wonderful, Happy, and Joyous Christmas!!


  195. Kizzi said

    Hi Everyone. So many wonderful comments here…such a feast for the senses! What a great “after party.” 😀

    SF it was so good to see you even if for a few minutes Saturday. I love your Christmas tree story with the rebirth of joy for the season.

    Gifts keep coming for we Archuleta fans at the most surprising times and in the most amazing forms. I met a woman in line waiting for the concert who has a life threatening illness, now in remission, who listened to David’s music during her recuperation from surgery. She told me when she goes to visit her doctor for test results (she is still in remission), she listens to “Ave Maria” in the waiting room until she is called back to see the Dr. Her story brought tears to my eyes and a new appreciation of the impact and power of music.

    I just had so many jolts of joy last weekend having not been to a live concert nor had a chance to see my fellow fans in person for over a year. Last time was when I saw you, SF, Terry and your sister in Kansas City.

    Angelica – I looked especially for you but meeting you in person wasn’t meant to be this time round.

    SB, River, & I know I’m missing someone(s)…ack, my lamentable memory…great to see everyone again.

    Belated Happy Birthday to SweetOnDA and Abrra.

    Wishing all of you at The Voice, Happy Holidays!


  196. bluesky said


    Sorry, I meant to write Kaycee instead. *_* (My editor is out for the Christmas break ((and may never come back.)) )


  197. ray said

    to jackyan4da.thanks fo posteing the vids, just think
    millions of people will be able to see david on yuotube,in all his glory. no one i say no one can sing like that,and make you fell it through a computer ,love you all


  198. Abrra said

    Refnaf, TOfan (The Snowangelz),Vlm,Kizzi and Bluesky I am grateful to have warm wishes from my online family.

    MT Safe travels. 🙂



  199. Fiona said

    Happy Birthday to Abrra and Sweetonda!!! 🙂
    I am SO excited!!!! Terry sent me a PERSONALIZED, SIGNED album cover in the mail!!!!!!!! Terry, thank you so much!!!! What an incredibly sweet, kind thing to do!!! Aaaah! I can’t even tell you how happy that made me! xxxx


  200. Fiona said

    Skydancer #163, that is definitely a good idea!!! A David Archuleta LIVE CD would be fantastic!! 🙂


  201. lou said

    Wishing David and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years !!! God Bless YOu ALL.


  202. jackryan4DA said

    VLM – thank you, thank you very much for your box of goodies. Woman, you can bake! Meanwhile re my bonus gift for you, I was told by the courier that due to the bulk of deliveries you may only receive it after Christmas. Am glad you are smiling more nowadays – Happy Holidays!


  203. Abrra said

    Fiona emailed this photo of her new Christmas kitty. His name is Archie! (of course) /giggle

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Congrats, Fi!



  204. I said

    Good night everybody!

    Love David and Motab.
    Love David Fans.

    Merry Christmas!



  205. sweetonDA said

    Going to be offline for a few days and just wanted to wish all my friends here at The Voice a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be great!



  206. djafan said

    I’ve been reading backwards and all of your words about this weekend have brought back great memories. I’ve been spending time with the family, I missed my kids and grandkids so it’s taking some time to get caught up.

    This past weekend feels almost surreal right now. Meeting so many David fans and feeling firsthand the mutual love and admiration for this young man has to be a phenomenon. Does this happen for other fans? I just don’t think so.
    So many waiting to see him at the Deseret Bookstore and he looked so happy and relaxed. David “sparkled” at the book signing, it was like walking into the light when I approached him. I wish they would have let me take video, his reaction to seeing SF, SB, Hooked, Angelica and I huddled around in front of him was something. I spoke to him in Spanish, I told him that I always tell him he needs to keep practicing his Spanish and he said he remembered and smiled. Afterwards we visited and talked David like someone said until they turned the lights off.

    The concerts were all kinds of amazing, every song David sang was heavenly. The reverence in Silent Night was a blessing to hear live, I can’t say enough about The Cat and The Mouse, and Los Pastores a Belen, my mom knows the song! I was so excited to hear that, she is anxious to hear it. To have been able to share these moments with my husband who btw is still talking about it and my David friends was so special and will be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The videos have been a blessing, to be able to relive and cherish the feelings brought on by David helps with the gap between David events.

    I want to thank Angelica and Sandybeaches for making it possible by gifting me tickets to be part of this wonderful weekend. I want to give a special shout out to Marcia, she organized a wonderful luncheon and for printing the online birthday wishes to David and giving them to him.

    Refnaf, sorry for stalking you in the hotel lobby, Marcia said you’d be coming so I waited not exactly sure who you’d be . I’m so glad to have finally met you and Tofan, we do need to spend some time together next time. Kizzi I had no idea you were in Utah, I wish to have been able to meet you. There were so many people to meet and just not enough time. But I’m sure there will be future opportunities.


  207. bluesky said


    “There is no love without sacrifice.” Tweeted 2 minutes ago by DA.

    yeah….. what he said.

    Merry Christmas!!


  208. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  209. djafan said

    Bluesky…I wish I could have met you…I love your words.


    “There is no love without sacrifice.” Tweeted 2 minutes ago by DA.

    yeah….. what he said.

    Ditto 🙂


  210. Fiona said

    Haha thanks Abrra #203!


  211. bluesky said

    # 209 Djafan

    I have made plans three times to meet fans in UT. Once it worked out. ^_^ This last time I just had the “gunk” too bad to go out. I would love to meet all of you. I can’t thank you enough for all you do and share. Merry, merry Christmas.


  212. archiesfan4life said

    Hi everyone – I am so happy to be back online – I missed everyone! I made it home this morning – was supposed to get in last night, but had some delays – nothing like some have encountered though.

    As soon as I am able to get my thoughts together I promise to share what was an incredible experience with all of you.




  213. SandyBeaches said

    This is Christmas Eve..

    You are all in my thoughts and memories!

    Love the Snowmen Bebe!



  214. Abrra said

    SandyBeaches said

    Reposting this comment so that I can include the pictures sent by Pattirae.

    Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 10:11 AM e

    Pattirae… Where is the picture of the elevator that we took, that you travelled on with David? This picture also had Santa jump into the elevator for the picture so it would be a special picture at this time. This goes with your elevator story! Just send it on to an admin.


    Here you go SB!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Pattirae standing in the elevator where she met David and his entourage

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Her new BFF 😉 who she met in SLC after she met David



  215. Amb4dja said

    Flour on my typing hands…cookies to be made in the kitchen…I’m in my pjs and a santa’s hat (hooboiy)..and David’s Feliz Navidad from Abrra’s CFTH cd is blasting on rotation…so I had to stop in quickly cuz “I wanna wish you(all)a Merry Christmas!”…from the bottom of my ever David-luvin’ heart!

    Will have to catch up on all y’all’s MoTab recounts later…ahhhh that hurrrt not to go to that, but am happy for all of you who got to share what I imagine was one of the most memorable of David’s musical experiences to date. ….if I’d been there, for sure Silent Night (my absolute favorite from CFTH) would have sent me into a musically induced chills coma.

    Happiest of Holidays! ~ And to The Voice mod-peeps…Many Thanks, always, for all the work you do here, with a great spirit, that allows us all to have a great place to come and share the luv~ A.


  216. bebereader said

    NEW ARTICLE —>>>



    […]Joy To Our World – David Archuleta « The Voice[…]…


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