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The Epistles of VLM

Posted by djafan on Thursday, December 2, 2010

Admin note ~ For a year I have kept this letter in a folder on my desktop, waiting until the time felt right to publish it.  With David’s recent visit to the Philippines came a series of emails from VLM, excerpts of which I have attached, with her permission, at the conclusion of this post.



Hello everyone,

I have been a lurker here for a long time now and I enjoy reading all your wonderful articles and comments – it is the first thing I do each morning when I wake up and check in again before I go to sleep at night.  Thank you for the immense pleasure you have given me.
I want to share this with you – I have let some people read it but it has never been published in a well-known site.  It is over a year old but nevertheless, I want to share it with you.  I’m an older fan and this is my story.

It is hard losing a child.  Doubly so if he was your only child.  That is not how nature works.  It is the child who puts a Dad or a Mom to rest not vice versa.

And so began my journey to darkness.  It was the final goodbye that left an empty place in me.  The pain was overwhelming: no medicine, diversion, luxury, no words would help cease the breaking of my heart.  It was so hard to go on believing and trying to live and forget my son was gone forever.  I went to the cemetery daily, rain or shine and I cried myself to sleep each night.  My husband became desperate and sent me to a well-known head doctor but she couldn’t help either.

I remember the day so well.  I was idly surf-channeling and came upon American Idol.  This guy was just starting to sing “Imagine” – and now still, I reflect on that particular song – and it was that first step, or the beginning of being healed. The way he sang it was very profound and touching – it felt like the opening of a window and airing out a stuffy room.  It was like finding the key to the door that had been long shut.  I let the words flow through my heart and soul and as his voice dipped and soared, it was like finally discovering the right medication for a lengthy ailment.

My friends and a few of my family think I have really lost my marbles.  How in the world could a song (now songs) or a person (an 18 yr-old man/child) who doesn’t even know me be the force behind my reorientation to life?  They do not understand how his voice could do that.  They have no understanding that his voice is the “new kindling” that burns within me.  I am slowly learning how to use the internet and I surf and YouTube David early in the morning, noontime and late at night.  I now have this desire to continue forward on the road of life.

David has indeed made a difference.  His quiet demeanor reminds me so much of the son I lost.  He had no prior symptoms and when he had his first seizures, his cancer was terminal.  He was in and out of the hospital, underwent so many treatments (many of them painful) but through them all, he didn’t complain.  How I wish he had known David!  In fact, on my weary days, I sit and listen to Angels and I feel he is close to me, his love reaching out through the song.

I also wish that people would understand that the power of a person through a song is infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.  So I end this with a quotation:

” What is this melody and song

This tiny whisper that I hear?

It weaves a voice of hope

Through the emptiness of my heart.,

To call forth its cry: You are well-loved,

Fear not, you will always be in my heart.”

Sifting, sorting, reaching,

Always finding many things.

Thank you David!  Thank you everyone, fans of David, the Voice!

Life will never be the same but I am slowly moving forward.  God bless you all!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hi there Angelica,

We just had a long holiday last week – with all Soul’s Day and all Saint’s Day – our custom is practically staying in the memorial park – it is really like a fiesta on those days over here – people put up tents, bring in music and food and many sleep there. We spent the 2 days near my son’s grave – it was a hard time for me – so I listened to David on my ipod to keep me sane and comforted.

I am so thrilled that David is coming to our country. I want to go to Manila but with our situation, I doubt it. However, I will still TRY and will ask (beg) my husband – JR will surely keep you and the rest posted.

This is too long now. I feel I have to tell you why I have been silent for such a long time. The “Voice’ helps me keep my sanity – More power to you and the group.
God bless,


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello Angelica,

I asked my husband if I could see David – he didn’t say a word – so it will be “so near, yet so far” scenario for poor me – I still believe I will be able to see him in the future – the internet and the papers will keep me posted. Since the 16th will be a holiday, I will be able to sit down and watch his arrival on the news station (it airs at 6:30pm daily).
It is so nice to hear from you again.
God bless.



Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Angelica,

Finally, JR was able to give my little gift to David. My heart is so full (even now) – I have been on the computer since he arrived – switching channels just to be able to catch him on the news. He was everywhere and I am so proud our press gave him the spotlight for the 2 days he was here.

I cried and cried when my husband said NO – I spent the entire afternoon in the memorial park talking to my son – just telling him of my disappointment and frustration. I brought along my ipod – I listened to “Imagine” maybe a hundred times – David was here in the Philippines and poor me was so far away.

I read Glady’s beautiful article.  How I wish you could also put my story there for everyone to read how this young man has changed my life – he is so precious to me – I think of him as my son replacing the one I lost.  I thank you and all the staff for “The Voice.”  I hope to live to a hundred so I can see him get his Grammy.  More power!
It is so nice to hear from you again.
God bless.



Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear Angelica,

Thank you for your reply – your letter warms my heart. My favorite grocery is constantly playing CFTH – I linger there just taking my time until the final track –
You are the best person to edit my article – I just want to share my story – do you know that by constantly repeating “Imagine” in my car, our driver already knows the lyrics by heart? He is also familiar with David’s voice because when we switch to the radio, he says to me “Ma’am that’s your favorite singer”. 🙂

I sent him all kinds of mango products, plus a few of other dried fruits as well (jackfruit, santol and pineapple).  I know he got a ton of goodies as well.

Take care.  God bless.



Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Angelica,

I got my TOSOD last night…and although I have been hearing the songs…there is nothing like the physical cd.  Sometimes I think I am going crazy for caring so much about a young man I haven’t even met.  When he came and I missed the opportunity, it was as if the sky fell on me.  My husband is slowly, slowly learning to accept my passion for David’s voice, his songs and just everything about him.

Thank you again.  What a wonderful Christmas present you are giving me!



179 Responses to “The Epistles of VLM”

  1. bluesky said

    These letters are like pieces of her heart, a collage of pain and hope, precious, piercing – light beams in my eyes – after darkness. Thank you, VLM for sharing your courage and Angelica for posting.

    (Since I am usually last, thought I’d just hop over and make a bridge. Thanks for keeping the light on.)

    About MoTab lunch… there are a couple of obstacles. Working on it. You never know!


  2. FG said

    Oh my heart VLM. I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad that you found David. Hopefully your husband will come around. Thank you for sharing and I pray you will get to see David.

    Angelica – did you make the pictures? They are so beautiful…yeah.


  3. Amb4dja said

    VLM..I’m sorry for your unthinkable loss. Your letter is brave and vulnerable, and hopefully helps you feel more connected to and uplifted by the wonderful community of David fans here. David fans are the best. Like attracts Like.

    I think it is not strange for art to make us feel things that heal, inspire, encourage…and to that end that seems to be David’s true gift and intention with music, so who better to be the one to “open a window” for you. Certainly, many of us have felt much like you describe in different circumstances.
    I too find “Angels”, in particular, to be soothing and I play it to calm me and feel positive when worried or stressed, or just because I love it. I’ve said it is the song I want to hear on my last day on this planet, hopefully a long time from now.

    Hard for us, ourselves, let alone others in our lives, to understand the effect David and his music has…we who acknowledge not otherwise being prone to crazy fanstuff.
    I pray your husband comes around for you; I hope & believe you will one day get to see David.


  4. bluebird19 said

    VLM, you have told your story so poignantly. I cried right from the second paragraph through to the end. Thank you for sharing this very personal story with us. I have not gone through anything like this, though a few friends have. We all have things that are difficult that we go through, so I am so glad David and his music have given you comfort and inspiration. My family and friends think I have “lost my marbles”, too. I do hope you’ll get to hear David sing in person one day. Please let your husband know there are many of us for whom David brings comfort, joy and inspiration. Thank you again for sharing. You write beautifully.


  5. Kathyh said


    You’ve got me crying tears of love and community this morning. Thank you for sharing your painful, beautiful story. David’s music touches us so profoundly, and I count myself lucky to be one of those who “hear.”


  6. SandyBeaches said

    Welcome VLM!

    Your article of letters is perhaps the final or near to the final confirmation needed (if one has ever been needed) that David has made life more bearable in sad times and more enjoyable all of the time. When he was first on the stage it was not long before angels appeared everywhere. There were site names with angels in the titles, videos contained angels, drawings were of an angel, fans called themselved David’s angels. Basically there have been angels of all kinds everywhere and how great is that?

    There sre others here who share your sorrow of losing someone and everyone bares the disappointment that the immense love for David is not fully understood. We draw him into our thoughts anywhere, anytime that our spirits need uplifting. We are most fortunate to have found a voice that is so very beautiful and recognized all over the world right now as absolutely incredible.



  7. ray said

    how well i no the power of david


  8. lou said

    I agree with what everyone has written!When David sings it goes right to my soul! He brings out all the love and careing inside of me.He is the nicest and caring person i have ever known! I fell fourtenat to be here at this time to share him with everyone.God bless you VLM !!!


  9. ray said

    just a rant here,the music industery has now not only soiled the ama,but also the grammeys,real artist probley don,t care to get one any more as none were nomatied its a farce


  10. Lynnella said

    VLM – Your story is so sad, but so beautiful. I’ve never known that kind of loss, and I pray I never do. I know that David is truly a gift from God to help you heal. His music is so soothing and encouraging, and he brings a peace to your soul. I have watched the youtube video of Be Still My Soul, from Rexburg ID, so many times. It always brings tears to my eyes, but it also touches my heart and encourages me in a way other songs can’t. His voice is just heavenly. My family also thinks I’m nuts, but I don’t let that stop me from enjoying the pure joy and hope that David brings with his music. God bless you VLM.

    Ray – I know what you mean about the Grammys. As far as I’m concerned, there are only a few names on that list that are even worthy of a mention. I doubt that David really cares if he’s on there or not. He’s not one to seek recognition, but we, his fans, desire that recognition for him. He is a true artist, and a selfless person, whose mission in life is not about winning awards. I’m sure to him, hearing a story like VLM’s is much more rewarding than any little metal trophy could ever be.


  11. awestruck said

    VLM – thank you for having the courage to share your most deeply touching story. It moved me to tears of sorrow for your incredible lose and tears of joy for your connection to David’s voice and the peace you find in it.


  12. MunkFOD said

    Dear VLM, Thank you for sharing your story that is so personal. It is deeply touching and is something that I think all of us can feel thru you. We understand your heart and the way David and his music can be healing to ones soul. He has touched many of us. My husband doesn’t “get David” either. He just shakes his head…..:D But I keep feeling this impression and desire to keep supporting David. I can’t get enough of his music and frankly his example. He motivates me to be a better person and to make a difference in the world myself. I love his music. He is truly making a difference in individuals lives. I am so happy that his music and heart are helping to heal your heart and fill a void. I admire your courage for sharing your story with us. (sorry….guess I am rambling…..:D ) God bless you VLM!


  13. skydancer1x said

    VLM…you are courageous,and beautiful.Thank you for allowing us to experience through your article and e-mails, your story.Thank you for speaking so openly and eloquently from the deepest recesses of your heart. David is a healing force, and I am so happy you discovered him.Much love being sent your way. God bless you.


  14. lani said

    my heart goes out to you and thank you for sharing your story…will pray that God continues to give you courage to move forward. you made me come out of lurkdom. i check this site everyday (hi everyone) because i admire all the great writers here and always look forward to your awesome articles…the sincerity of the people here, posters and writers both, filter through my screen. i laugh, cry, and feel all kinds of emotions here because like all of you i have major ODD and nobody at home, friends or family to share it with.. just too shy to post i’m also from manila vlm hope we could meet someday in a david concert i’m sure that day would come for both of us wasn’t able to see him at his recent manila visit due to prior family engagement. sorry for the long post. thanks everyone for this wonderful david fansite…


  15. SweetonDA said

    VLM, thank you for sharing. Your story has touched my heart. Losing a child is one of the hardest things to endure. I’m so glad that David has brought you a bit of healing. He has done the same for my sister who lost a son in January. I have sent her a copy of your article, because you have some of the same feelings that she has expressed. I hope that some day soon you will have the opportunity of meeting David face to face and feel of his love, because even though we don’t know him personally he radiates it. My prayer are with you and your family.


  16. stenocruiser said

    Sweet VLM – As one who fully understands, I am so touched by your personal story and by your words of tribute to our David. Indeed, I feel that, by the grace of God we have been given this beautiful source of both comfort and pleasure to help us through our losses.


  17. skydancer1x said

    My apologies..
    (did not mean to post #17 here, but at previous article. Could someone please remove for me? )


  18. bebereader said


    Thank you for being so courageously generous in sharing your story here. David has helped you and for that I’m grateful. I pray that one day you meet him in person, and see with your own eyes what you have been reading, that people are drawn to him like a magnet, that he lights up any room he’s in, that he makes everyone feel special. The last time I met him I actually walked away feeling like I had just seen an angel.


  19. bebereader said

    Skydancer#18 No worries. I brought your comment back to the last article.

    To Sam Linh and Lani:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  20. Heidijoy said

    VLM Thank You for sharing not only the pain of your loss but the hope that David’s singing and spirit have helped you. It’s apparent that not only has David helped you but some of his strongest supporters in Angelica and JR and of course others @ theVoice. I’m happy that you found enough trust here that you can soak in the energy in your healing. You are in my prayers.


  21. djafan said


    I read this last night and twice today. Your sorrow breaks my heart. I am so glad that David and his music have been a source of healing and hope for you. I don’t understand how or why but the fact is, what we feel is real. Thank you for having the courage to share here and thank you all who have shown your support to VLM.

    I spoke to Bebe earlier and we were talking about David and how he is so uplifting, how Imagine has impacted so many and the how the lyrics to Things Are Going To Get Better are so full of hope and moving forward, so here they are…


  22. dakgal said

    VLM–Thank you for your honest from the heart article. It took me back to the first time I saw David , in his audition in front of the judges. I too was going through a time when I didn’t care if the world just passed me by. I have often wondered about that time–which came first the chicken or the egg?
    The first time I laid eyes on him, out strolled this small young man , seemingly full of confidence ( in a real knee knocking situation) singing for the judges for the first time, with a beaming, glowing ,pure innocent face. Right then, an unexplainable warm beam of sunshine leapt out of the screen and wrapped itself around my heart, and hasn’t let go. Was it then that this unique person grabbed my very soul?

    Or was it when I heard that incredible beautiful voice come out of that little stinker. How does he do that? Doesn’t really matter which got me first, because the combination is lethal, and when it’s got you –it’s got you. So if something or someone can bring joy and happiness to your life–how can that be wrong?

    VLM –I certainly hope someday you can see David in person, it will light up your life even more, and maybe just maybe your son will see that you do.


  23. djafan said

    I’m putting prayer up per SF’s request since she is away from computer. David seems be taking a flight this evening in order to be in Dallas tomorrow, he has a TV interview at 9am and then concert in the evening. So for David who gives us so much pleasure…

    Dear Lord,

    Please take care of David. Watch over him. Protect & keep him safe from harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path.
    Give David the courage to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with people who will love and support him unconditionally as his Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he’s weary and stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt and give him joy if he ever feels sad.
    Keep him always in your protective arms during this journey.
    Please give us and his management WEG, the wisdom to do right by David always.
    Help us and his managers in the way we support David so that it’s in his best interests.
    May he continue to encounter goodwill and happiness wherever his journey takes him.
    Most of all, keep David and and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny.
    Though we may be unworthy, we humbly pray.

    David, Buenas Noches! Sleep well with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! HAVE A SAFE & UNEVENTFUL, PEACEFUL FLIGHT TO DALLAS & PLEASE TAKE CARE!

    Good night everyone!


  24. refnaf said

    VLM…. my thanks to you for sharing your story, and I send you a virual (((hug))). David is a gift to all who are hurting, and that is the truth.


  25. vlm said

    Dear David Family,

    I am truly thankful and overwhelmed with all your comments – and can feel the love filter through my screen. I am touched and honored by the kindness – sharing the same sentiments with everyone here has helped me move on. I read the articles/comments not once but often many times – savoring/picturing each David meeting with that secret wish that I too will have my turn someday.
    I already emailed Angelica – thanking her for posting my story here – and for replying to my emails. I write her when I am down or when there is an urging in me to do so.
    I have become stronger and wiser, even more patient and understanding – YOU have helped me in so many ways, much more than ave

    and David’s voice is helping me do that – it is powerful and unique – it has a tone that is different from all those Grammy/Ama winmers/nominees. I do not understand why people overlook David’s rare talent.
    I also know that I have a ‘family’ who truly love and care – a wonderful one that have embraced me from beyond that wide ocean.
    God bless.


  26. ray said

    vlm,david has taughht us that


  27. vlm said

    Sorry, that post was not finished and edited. Here is the final sentence..

    ” YOU have helped me in so many ways, much more than you ever imagined. David with his voice and entire persona has helped me – his voice is powerful and unique – it has a timber, tone and musicality that is so different from all those Grammy/Ama winners/nominees. I do not understand why people overlook David’s rare talent.
    I also know that I have a ‘family’ who truly love and care – a wonderful one that have embraced me from across that wide ocean.
    God bless. Hugs to all,


  28. Abrra said


    I can see by your comment #26 that it has been cathartic to have written this article. I am so glad you found strength and hope in the beautiful person that is David Archuleta. He gives freely of his gift of song. Nice to know you find so much comfort and peace now.

    Bebe is correct, he is an angel.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  29. bebereader said

    David’s performance of “Imagine” in #22 is as moving now as it was two years ago on American Idol. Randy Jackson’s comment was so on the money,

    “You, singing with such maturity, way beyond your years, that all you can say is you were born to do exactly what you were doing there….that was BRILLIANT!”

    David’s voice continues to have the capacity to heal as shown again when he performed “Things Are Gonna Get Better” two years later for the MDA telethon. I was going through a rough time back then and can confirm that his performance did wonders for me.

    Check this out:

    FLY- FM Phone Interview

    credit zerogravity111A


  30. marciami said




  31. goodkarmaseeker said

    There isn’t much I can say except may God bless and keep you. Your story and experience touched me so much. As the mother of 5, I can only imagine your pain.
    David’s voice and beautiful spirit have helped to give you the grace to go on. Please feel my support and love as well.


  32. archiesfan4life said

    {{{{{{VLM}}}}}} – thank you for sharing with us. I will keep you in my prayers – God bless.


  33. emmegirl said

    VML, so terribly sorry for loss. Your story is heartbreaking and inspiring. Thank you for that beautiful quote, it’s as if it was written about him. Keep the faith about meeting David, life has many surprises…look what resulted from one random moment of channel surfing.

    ray 27 🙂

    Lani, “the sincerity of the people here, posters and writers both, filter through my screen. i laugh, cry, and feel all kinds of emotions here because like all of you i have major ODD and nobody at home, friends or family to share it with.”… you have definitely come to the right place. Look forward to seeing you again.


  34. archangel48 said

    Thank you for sharing your story. I can only imagine how these past few years have been for you. I am thankful that you have found your way out of the darkness you were heading into. As it seems, David came to you when you needed his light. He is joy.


  35. archangel48 said

    😳 VLM


  36. wowArchie said

    Dear VLM

    Be strong.
    When my brother suddenly died at age 30 in a hit-and-run car accident, my mother also went through same kind of pains you have. But eventually she got better through doing volunteer works in community and hospital, she didn’t isolate herself from society and social life. She even learnt how to drive a car at old age!!
    So , yeah.


  37. djafan said

    Reminders from Marcia

    Please remind people to sign David’s birthday card – they can even send a different second message. The deadline is Dec 9 at noon. The messages will be printed and bound in book form and given to him in SLC on Friday night at the signing. He will be so surprised by how many messages there are from people all around the world! Thanks.

    Card link here.



    There will be a luncheon for all fans of David in SLC to celebrate his singing with the MoTAB Choir. It will be on Saturday December 18th at 12:30. Please arrive between 12:30-1:00, if possible. Of course, we are eating at a Thai restaurant, The Thaifoon. The restaurant is in the Gateway Mall (an outside mall) which is beside the Hyatt Place in SLC and is convenient to hotels and transportation. Please share this info with anyone you know who might like to come to lunch. I need people to send me an email and let me know if they are coming so I have an accurate number. I will be sending out an email in the next couple of days to the people who have contacted me. Chicken Pad Thai anyone!!


  38. nanaweize said

    Vlm…Thank you so much for sharing with all of us here on the voice. I know how hard it is to lose a child and I know that I would not have been able to get through the heartache and pain if it hadn’t been for my friends, family and God. It is important to have someone or something to help get you through the hard times and I am so glad that you have found David and his music.

    It has been many years since my little baby girl passed away but I still miss her and wonder what she would have been like if she were still here. There are times that I too listen to Davids songs and feel the calmness and peace move through me. David can make a sad day brighter and a great day happier!

    Hang in there VLM…My thoughts and prayers are with you and I’m so glad you found David James Archuleta and have connected with his fans and the voice!!


  39. gladys said


    I hope that the gladys you name it is me, I’m not the only, but for a while made me feel special and honored. Glad you liked what I wrote.
    Your article is fine, shows all the love we have for david, we worry if you eat well, if too tired. I have come to wonder whether he should travel by plane.
    A family does not worry me as much as I am concerned about david.
    When I read your article reminded me of my dead brother. He died when I was born, he had 4 years
    My mom always tells me that loved me very much. Whenever I have that feeling of loss, not knowledge, but I would like to know.
    VLM Thanks, you gave me a feeling of peace.


  40. bebereader said

    Eazy FM.105.5 Interview – 15 minutes long!

    credit virginiaradiothailand

    I really liked this interview! The questions are so thoughtful, and David is relaxed. Listen to the sound of his voice. There’s an extra dose of velvet in it. Take note of David’s answer to “What are your three wishes?”

    I just love him! 😀


  41. ray said

    vlm. your story has touch me,if you would like to have a large poster of david and dont have one let me know ,i check here every day (2 times haha)


  42. betsy said

    Vlm – I am so very sorry for your loss. Know that you have friends around the world standing with you. Praying for you. Thinking of you. ♥


  43. TOfan said

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, it broke my heart, you are so very brave to share it with us and please know you are not alone. David is truly the “voice of hope” and I’m sure it would mean the world to him to know he’s given that gift to you.



  44. FG said

    Hello Everyone! I can’t wait for pics/vids from tonight (if they are allowed!) I hope you are all doing well!

    The best thing happened yesterday! My younger son takes piano lessons and I shared my love of David with his teacher a few months ago because she had an angel picture and quote in her entryway so I could not help myself! She had heard of him but was not really into American Idol. I sent her some youtube videos and she was very impressed and told me could sense his sweetness through the videos. Yesterday, I took her CFTH as a Christmas gift, and when I showed it to her, she got so excited and said “OMG that is so wierd!” I said “why? did you just buy it?” She said “no, but I just made a flyer for my booth at the craft show this weekend and I used a picture of him!” I was like “what??! seriously?” She said “yes really! I have been checking into him and he is so talented and such a wonderful person! I am so glad you shared him with me.” I hugged her because I was so happy that she was looking him up and that she is going to use his picture! This show is really HUGE here, and jam-packed every year. Then she noticed it was a Christmas CD and she was “OMG it’s Christmas music??? I’m gonna play this all day at my booth!” So I had to hug her again! I asked her to send me what she made – here is the top of the flyer:

    How amazing is this???


  45. emmegirl said

    FG, that flyer is awesome! She did a great job and picked the perfect picture!

    Spread the word, spread the love..


  46. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    David on TV this morning!

    @davidarchie Good morning! At Good Morning Texas for an interview. Mitchell Musso is here too.


  47. Abrra said

    Quick! get her on the phone “STAT” and tell her to edit out the American Idol tag and put “David Archuleta performs in Manila to an International audience!”



  48. FG said

    LOL Abrra I didn’t want to stress her, she doesn’t have the time to reprint them. We’ll have to take what we can get LOL 🙂


  49. emmegirl said

    Love the way you think Abrra!

    And that interview, does he look gooooorgeous or what!


  50. bebereader said


    “And that interview, does he look gooooorgeous or what!”

    I cannot carry on this way! Just sayin’ LOL


  51. djafan said

    FG, great promo…abrra, great idea.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit ChildrensTheOne


  52. ODD Maddy said

    Does anyone have guitar tabs for Nothing else better to do?


  53. Abrra said

    Maddy! Miss you!

    The lovely missbianca has done it again. Just in time for the new year she has created a 2011 Calendar for David’s fans!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Go to her site to get the details on printing.

    Spend some time there and find many goodies made by her.



  54. Angelica said

    Reminding you all to please sign David’s birthday card and also send the link to your twitter friends who are fans. The goal is 1000 happy birthday wishes and we have 759 so far. You can leave a second message that is different if you want. Here is the link:

    There is a lot going on this weekend starting with the full concert at the Majestic Theater in Dallas tonight. I appreciate all the love and prayers sent to VLM on this thread and she has stated her thanks as well. Please continue to feel free to do that but also don’t hold back from posting your excitement about all the events this weekend. Someone was wondering above if it would be appropriate. YES! Fangirl/boy to your heart’s content. VLM enjoys that as much as the rest of us and would want it that way. 😉 There has never been a rule about sticking to the topic of the thread here, (the topic is always David and I even digress from that from time to time.) In short, let us celebrate his Awesomeage tonight and throughout the weekend!

    And sign the boy’s birthday card. 😆


  55. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    @DavidArchie Stopped by parade rehearsals haha



  56. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  57. djafan said

    David makes Sophia’s day!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  58. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Majestic Theatre Information:

    The Majestic Theatre is located in Dallas, Texas, and is one of the most popular indoor entertainment venues in the city. Although there are other like venues in Dallas, the Majestic Theatre has risen to the top of the industry for a variety of reasons.

    Since opening in 1921, the Majestic Theatre has hosted thousands of events. With a seating capacity of approximately 1,700, this venue is the perfect size. One of the biggest benefits of the Majestic Theatre is that every seat in the house is a good seat.


  59. Suzy-Q said

    I like that we are actually learning new things about David from the interviews in Singapore and Manila. He is very honest and comfortable during these interviews. Loved the three wishes. What other celebrity would answer in such a way? Nothing material was mentioned. By the way, he looked gorgeously handsome in the interview at post #47 and the pictures in #52, 58,and 59!! We know that David visits the sick but we have never seen a photo of him inside a hospital. That’s kinda of neat.


  60. emmegirl said

    He looks incredibly handsome and incredibly happy today!

    Love that pic Abrra, is there one person not grinning from ear to ear.

    SOLD OUT! As he should be no matter where he goes or what he does!

    Can’t wait for the vids with the new band. I have a feeling they are gonna be rockin’!


  61. djafan said

    twitter is a tweeting!!!

    David Archuleta DavidArchie

    Looking forward to the show tonight in Dallas for the Children’s Medical Center!! If you’re coming I hope you have a good time!


    Inside the majestic. Beautiful.
    less than a minute ago via txt




    Less than a minute with him, but so amazing. I have no words; he’s so, so beautiful you guys (duh). He spoke to me
    1 minute ago via txt


  62. djafan said


    Meeting David Archuleta – December 3, 2010

    So I see that he was going to be on good morning Texas at victory park so I decided to go there and then next thing i know, I see him getting interview and I’m freaking out in the inside lol and I see this guy and it was his driver and I ask him if I could meet David and he tells me I could when he gets here to the car and I wait for just a few minutes and bam I meet him and he signed my album and I told him if he could sign another one on my wall-e page for little cousin’s birthday which is tomorrow and he did and said he love my wall-e book! 😉 and we were talking about how young we look and we are both 19. Then he ask if I was going to his concert tonight and I told him no because I have no money well he goes to this lady and she gives him something and he comes up to me and hands me a pair of tickets to his concert tonight and I gave him a huge hug and said thank you and he says your welcome, enjoy the show!!! You don’t understand how bad I’m still freaking out about this. It’s like a three in one package! The autograph, the picture with him, and FREE PAIR OF TICKETS TO HIS SHOW TONIGHT! I saw Mitchel Musso too but I didn’t get his autograph or picture because I was still talking to David! 🙂 plus I love him more ha, this Friday is literally the BEST!! Thank you very much to David!!


  63. bebereader said

    Thats right. David Archuleta is sold out. No empty seats. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  64. bebereader said


    RT @trish0400: David’s Birthday Card is at 772 signatures…Let’s get it to 1000!!! Sign it here –>


  65. bebereader said

    Starting. Woot 5 minutes ago via txt

    It’s starting!! Guy reading Night Before Christmas to prelude THE ARCHULETA. 🙂 5 minutes ago via txt

    Shelley Shell_eeeyyy
    I wonder what he will open the show with? 2 minutes ago via Echofon

    Yvette Arch_AngelLove
    The audience is chanting David! 1 minute ago via txt

    Omg loud music started playing. It’s getting closer! 2 minutes ago via txt

    karin zerogravity1
    I’d settle for great audio at this point! Gotta hear Who I Am & Look Around or I will flip my royal lid. And no I’m not royalty… 1 minute ago via Echofon

    Very strict about video and pics:( I’m getting audio ninja style half a minute ago via TweetDeck


  66. bebereader said

    Showtime!! @DavidArchie hello Dallas here we gooooo 3 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

    DAVID. SBL 2 minutes ago via txt

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit rhiminee


  67. wowArchie said


    I have the same thoughts as yours.

    After his thanksgiving break David looks extra handsome and shinny.
    So happy to see that “SOLD OUT” sign outside the concert hall!!!


  68. bebereader said

    wow! opening with SBL is incredibly brave. its hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh! 7 minutes ago via web

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit rhiminee

    Tosod 4 minutes ago via LG Phone

    it’s got some kind of a collar on it.. I can’t see it clearly… and his hair is jammin.

    @frogcooke isn’t it that babyblue fleecejacket thing he’s worn before? 3 minutes ago via web in reply to frogcooke

    karin zerogravity1
    Hmmm??? Is it denim? Not sure what to say about that? 3 minutes ago via Echofon

    Altnoy half a minute ago via LG Phone


  69. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Keyboard mkop 8 minutes ago via txt

    He is in excellent voice. 7 minutes ago via LG Phone

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    djhsail djhsail
    Elevator 3 minutes ago via LG Phone

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Elena 327dauta_WashDC
    awww!! hello band!! *Waves at twitter* 18 minutes ago via web

    Falling Stars 17 minutes ago via txt

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    oh my god. falling stars. live. good luck surviving that one. 15 minutes ago via web

    Pastel pastelpastel
    RT @rhiminee: <–It's like a Sargent Pepper jacket. A blue version of the black jacket from Asia…..

    The first noel 12 minutes ago via txt

    davidsgonzalez DavidFTFOD
    Patapan 8 minutes ago via txt

    Eeeeek he's singing Pat a Pan.. @DavidARchie's French is MAGNIFIQUE!!! 6 minutes ago via web

    Last song moc 4 minutes ago via LG Phone

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  70. djafan said

    Concert over and by all accounts he was amazing!

    Set list: SBL, TOSOD, ALTNOY, Elevator, MKOP, FS, The First Noel, Pat-a-Pan, MOC, Crush


    I got video of every song will upload to twitvid soon 🙂 I got yelled at once and had to be ninja so some are just audio,thanks new IPhone 4


    @davidarchie is possibly the most spectacular live performer I have ever seen. Honestly. See him if you have the chance


    @DavidArchie you were honestly spectacular tonight. Couldn’t love you more. I can’t wait to meet you someday 🙂

    Yvette Arch_AngelLove


    And OMG he was on fire! He was dancing his little butt off on stage!


    Mr. David archuleta you are my hero!! Tonight was so fun!! Such an amazing concert! 🙂


  71. djafan said

    Now the wait begins…..


  72. bebereader said

    he must do an extra song. the audience will not let him go so easily 24 minutes ago via web

    Standing O 21 minutes ago via LG Phone

    Last song Crush at keyboard 19 minutes ago via txt

    Good look at front of jacket:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    3 rows of buttons.. unique 15 minutes ago via web

    sbl, tosod, altnoy, mkop, elevator, meeting the band, falling stars, the first Noel, pat-a-pan & moc. Encore: Crush 15 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

    Now we wait for videos! 😀


  73. cb said

    Can anyone explain why I got those butterflies for a concert I’m not even at? LOLOL


  74. djafan said

    More tweets of David’s awesomeness!


    @DavidArchie thank you for existing. Your concert was incredible. My mom was floored at how well you can sing. Haha you’re wonderful 🙂


    @zerogravity1 I’ve never seen him move around so much.


  75. bebereader said

    Like seriously. When he was dancing to TOSOD. Aaaaaammmaaazing.

    He did that cute “one foot in front of the other” jig during TOSOD. It was SUPER CUTE. 😀 He kept smiling during mkop. ❤ 21 minutes ago via txt

    LOLL. During the string part of PAP, he played an imaginary violin with a smile like :D. It was adorable. 20 minutes ago via txt

    I don't want to wash my right hand. He shook it. LOL. Do you know how obsessed I am with his hands? #freak 1 minute ago via Mobile Web


  76. emmegirl said

    bebe and dja, you are awesome for keeping us posted.

    Can’t wait for the videos, sounds like Mr. Amazing was.

    He likes that Asian influence…very cool.


  77. djafan said

    Good Place played!

    @filmom4david: OMG! caught NIP/TUCK preview on AXN Ch 24 last night! it was playing to @davidarchie song: GOOD PLACE!!!was SOOOO GOOD!!!


  78. bebereader said

    #78 W O W!!! “Good Place” on Nip/Tuck???!!!

    Emmegirl: It’s our pleasure!! 😀


  79. djafan said

    CB, Emmegirl,

    It’s those butterflies…lol

    Just love the excitement before and after a concert, the concert itself is pure blissful heaven.

    Glad you guys are here to enjoy!!!

    Bebe and Abrra thanks for keeping up with the posting!

    “finger tapping” waiting for videos!


  80. cb said

    Thanks to everyone for keeping us updated tonight! David fans are the best! #ohpleaselettherebevideos


  81. bebereader said


    I didn’t see your comment #74 until just now! I can’t explain the butterflies we get before every single one of David’s shows, even the ones we don’t attend. But there’s no denying them. So you get them too? LOL And I thought it was just me. LOL


  82. nanaweize said

    So exciting…I have 8 Golden Archies friends at the concert. I’m so happy for all of the Texas and surrounding states that got to go to this concert!
    Thanks for the updates!


  83. bluesky said


    Jacket with turned up collar. Some kind of ribbing or seams on ends of sleeves. Roundish finish to hems and corners. Buttons across the front.

    I see a strange resemblance to a certain other beguiling and mesmerizing and fantabulous performer. They called him the “Music Man”.


  84. bebereader said

    While we’re waiting, here’s some really good Christmas music:

    by guess who? 😉


  85. wowArchie said

    I like him wearing the tight tight pants without handphone in the front pocket.
    Here in Singapore today:
    Spotted “something ’bout love” on FoxCrime(cable Chanel), heard “melodies of Christmas” at the trendiest mall full of international tourists, and I hear “elevator” played by radio stations basically everyday. I think Singapore loves and misses him a lot.


  86. djafan said

    SU2C Ambassadors: David Archuleta Stands Up!!!


  87. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe and cb…you have given my butterfly new meaning!!



  88. SandyBeaches said

    Oh they say he played an ‘imaginary’ violin. He was amidst so many in Nashville that he looked like he was loving the instrumental parts. I have a surprise for him for Christmas, but it is definately not a violin!
    Just waiting for vids!



  89. djafan said

    Hey SB!!!

    We are waiting tooooo!


  90. dakgal said

    So another 1,700 bite the dust–well maybe 1,698–had to have been a couple of duds in there somewhere. Inch by inch –step by step– You go get’um tiger!! Sounds like a wonderful night for David.


  91. Angelica said



  92. djafan said

    Something Bout Love

    credit hazeleyed


  93. djafan said

    These from tonight!!!!

    This is from Alicia_O on Idol Forums

    I was at the concert tonight and David was fantastic. Yes, I was surprised how short the show was, but he was so good I wasn’t disappointed at all. The last time I saw David live was when he opened for Demi. I thought he had grown as a performer back then, but now he is so good I can’t believe he’s the same person I saw a last year. He sang great, moved around the stage like a pro and not an ounce of awkwardness. The band sounded great too even though they tended to drown out his voice some on a few of the songs. But that’s to be expected at a pop concert.

    The audience was extremely diverse. I’m one of David’s older fans so it was great to see more adults than teens and tweens there. Surprising thing, so many guys there and lots of them college age. After seeing David tonight I don’t think he’d have any problem playing some college show.

    Anyway, David was great and I can’t wait for the next time I’ll get to see him. And yes, hopefully he’ll perform more songs next time.

    Kris from FOD says

    I went to the show tonight. David has improved so much as a performer. He was so confident on stage. The attitude he had and the way he moved on stage was so great. He sounded fabulous as usual. I really enjoyed myself and can’t wait for David to tour so that we hear some more new songs.

    I loved the band. They were great. I loved the way he introduced the band. This time each member got to show off some of their skills. Hans Nelson is the musical director and I loved what he has done for the band.


  94. bebereader said

    Great reviews, dja!

    From the one twitvid of SBL you can already see subtle changes in David’s dance moves onstage. If you thought he was owning the stage before….boy are we in trouble now!



  95. Angelica said

    Energy is off the charts on that Somethin ‘Bout Love and I love the sound of that band! Need more of this concert to be sure but I think he may have morphed again. Florida was very productive for David and company.


  96. Angelica said

    This from Elena who was there tonight…

    “he was absolutely electrifying. His voice was so STRONG and he commanded that stage like a man twice his age.”


  97. djafan said


    I think you’re right, David has morphed again.


  98. cb said

    Bebe I thought it was just me too LOLOL. Seriously, butterflies that don’t stop until he is done and I can hear how fabulous he was. And just thinking about MoTab . . . guhhhhh!!!!!!
    SB Oh my gosh, your butterfly really is perfect for a David fan! You have had it since way before “it’s the butterflies, that keep us feeling so alive, so alive” haven’t you? You are psychic!
    Angelica, that picture of the cat made me laugh so much.
    That SBL!!!! He just keeps getting better! How is that possible? Morphing? He is gonna kill us.


  99. bluesky said

    #96 Angelica

    heh, heh…
    Like I said: the Music Man. Curing all the troubles right here in River City.


  100. poof said

    Needed to share that I heard David’s Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas today on our local radio station. I was ridiculously excited! Right after it was played, they played Josh Groban’s O Holy Night. I have always liked Josh Groban, and even though I have this CD, for some reason, hmmmmm, I haven’t played it for,,,a couple years,,,, hmmm. I really enjoyed hearing it again.
    When I got home today, I thought it would be interesting to do a “taste test” so to speak,,, comparing David and Josh’s O Holy Night performances. So I just listened to David’s and wrote down words I thought or felt while listening: reverent, warm, strong, velvet, sincere, beautiful, heart felt, powerful, uplifting, raw, soulful, from his gut, gorgeous.
    Now Josh: beautiful, crystal, controlled, reverent, with ease, polished, brilliant, gentle, lovely.
    Then I watched each ones video. My goodness. Games over. Sorry Josh! 🙂
    And sorry this was so off topic!


  101. djafan said



  102. djafan said


    No apologizing for off topic 🙂

    You are 1000% correct. I liked Groban music but once David entered my life, no Groban. My brother is a huge Groban fan and told him David out sings him on OHN, he said no way, so I did just what you did and he said “the kid can sing” oh yeah…lol


  103. wowArchie said


    Hahaha …..”game over. Sorry Josh.”
    I’m surprised you can find so many adj words in the world!! Fun comparison.


  104. bebereader said


    Oh it’s not just you! Did you watch TOSOD? Am I the only one again who nearly fell off my chair? This is a whole other David Archuleta! He is bringing it and we’d just better prepare ourselves!

    How does one prepare for this?


  105. bebereader said

    Josh who????


  106. djafan said

    “It’s the humming that kills me” credit rhiminee

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  107. bebereader said

    “The First Noel”

    OMG! I gotta get a grip!!!!!

    Click on youtube is video is unavailable

    credit YouCanCallMeTina


  108. Angelica said

    TOSOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMD!!!! Did you see that? Hah! Strutting and dancing and just the at ti tude and CHARISMA!

    IT. He brought it.


  109. djafan said


    I saw and lived. I had the chills watching him on the screen. He is moving like I always knew he would, the guy can dance. He’s going to loosen up more and more.


  110. bebereader said

    “Melodies of Christmas”

    click on youtube if video is unavailable

    credit YouCanCallMeTina

    (haven’t watched it yet)


  111. wowArchie said

    Yes Angelica!! The most stylish TOSOD performance I’ve seen !!!
    Love the way he took the bow in the end of the song. Like a prince just finished his dance in the ball room. Wow


  112. cb said

    Couldn’t sleep. Came back. OMGoodness!!!!


  113. Angelica said

    Yes indeedy I saw the bow WOW! (lol) Archie.

    And did YOU see the walk at around 1 minute?

    Going to bed. I am officially



  114. wowArchie said

    Good night, my night owl American friends.
    I’m ganna repeat that TOSOD twitvid over and over again. It’s full of actions, so fun to watch! Ahh… one minute cute, one minute cool, one minute goofy, one minute elegant… help!! Poof!!! Give me some adj to describe David’s performance.


  115. wowArchie said


    Thank you in advance for the TOSOD MGR.
    Here’s my wishing list:

    3:05 The hand gesture and the bow

    Eeeeek! How to let David know he did great for this TOSOD performance?! Tweet?


  116. Jen A said

    That TOSOD performance made me a little giddy and light headed. I think I need a cold compress for my forehead…


  117. vlm said

    One cannot speak (or write) when the heart is full –

    Been watching the videos, pictures, reading tweets, reading all the glowing comments about David! Thank you everyone for making me deliriously happy (this is possible!) – I am starting to have neck cramps (been sitting here for the last 4 hours!)
    I really envy you guys -but I am content with what you have all shared with me and the rest who haven’t seen David.
    Does anyone have a picture of the band?
    Have a great weekend everyone!


  118. emmegirl said

    I love that intro! Powerful, strong, exciting…and all the screaming!

    …that TOSOD, I am having difficulties typing, shaking, that was everything and more.

    The attitude, charisma, talent, charm, you guys have said it all. The stage presence, the ownership…the walk!

    Music Man.

    Jen A, might need to upgrade to an ice pack.

    Wowarchie, 3:05 pure perfection.

    VLM 🙂 Happy is good!


  119. bluesky said

    Emmegirl 120,

    Music Man. Down to his little twinkle toes. His light-saber-shooting finger tips. His clarion vocal chords. And his “love-of-life” rhythm beating heart.

    River City will never be the same. *smile*


  120. betsy said

    I just now saw TOSOD from last night.
    Mick Jagger has got nothing on David. That rock star strutting is killing me.
    He is a star. The voice and presence. Looks to me like he’s having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. 🙂


  121. Suzy-Q said

    David’s jacket is the new fashion of the military look. Just in case you wanted to know. haha


  122. archangel48 said

    David has most definitively given IT a new and glorious meaning! Smelling-salts? Anyone? 😆


  123. emmegirl said

    Am so excited today can hardly stand it! Praying for more videos, sounds like it was tough.

    bluesky, what I wouldn’t give to have your flair with word.

    Betsy, are you still vertical?

    SuzyQ, love his knew snazzy look!

    Archangel48, as in the “IT” on his first album cover.


  124. djafan said

    MOC from parade!

    credit AFDFanScene


  125. bebereader said

    Good Morning! 😀

    That TOSOD was something else!

    JenA: How’s your head?

    VLM: Haven’t seen a pic of the band turn up yet. I’m sure it’s coming.

    Suzy-Q I’ve heard comparisons to MJ’s St. Pepper jacket. Do you agree?

    Emmegirl: ITA about the screaming! Bring it on!

    WowArchie: Tweeting David would probably be the quickest way to communicate.

    ArchAngel48: Pass those smelling salts!

    Bluesky: Beautifully said, as always.

    Betsy: “That rock star strutting is killing me.” Hold on tight! 😀

    There’s more videos to come but everyone’s at the parade!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit MelindaWEG


  126. bebereader said

    Apparently David sang HYAMLC at the parade!

    Edit: He sang MOC, not HYAMLC.

    Arch_AngelLove tweets from the parade! (I love her tweets!)

    I just knew it! And I think it was hyamlc 7 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Lol so at the beginning I thought I heard David sing but my sister said “no it’s just the soundtrack it hasn’t even begun.” IT WAS HIM lol 8 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    And these people in front of me said “is that really him??” “Yeah!” “Well then I really need to take a picture!” Lol 14 minutes ago via txt

    Until we finally caught up to him on the curve and my sister took a pic and I waved again 😀 and screamed his name. 16 minutes ago via txt

    Not right behind lol on the sidewalk. But it was going fast! So I got really tired. 17 minutes ago via txt

    The sun was bright on our faces so we weren’t sure if we got a good pic so we just started running right after it. 17 minutes ago via txt

    We were following the car! Lol 20 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    WE WAVED AND HE WAVED BACK!! 29 minutes ago via txt

    I SAW DAVID!!!


  127. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Amanda 0009


  128. ray said

    Hmmmmm,lets see, nopyprotech,s,no laser lights,no half naked girls &boys danceing, very little promo, sold out venue 10 songs 1700 people screming for more who is this,OOOOOOoooi know DJA!!!!!!THE VOICE


  129. djafan said

    Ray, You speaking the facts!

    David tour is going to blow us away…can’t wait.

    David and all girls, again. They can’t help themsleves.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  130. bebereader said

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    David at Dallas Christmas Parade 2010

    credit HushCatsTX

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit tiffwalters


  131. bebereader said

    Just 2-1/2 short years ago, in Dallas…

    credit Susanna0825


  132. Suzy-Q said

    Babereader, The new fashion this winter is the military look so that’s why I figured it would more of that. But because of the color it could be a band leaders jacket. I would like to think that David is up on fashion with a little help from his friends. Loved the fashion jacket in the parade. So cool!!


  133. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  134. pocoelsy said

    Hello everyone,

    After reading VLM’s heartbreaking and touching post , comments, looking at pictures and videos.

    I’m convinced that when GOD decided to create David, HE spent extra time and effort, made sure to add extra and more “ingredients” of all things good to get the result as in “DAVID ARCHULETA” we all come to love, respect and admire, such an extraordinary young man. The whole world should know and embrace him like we all do, what a “good place” it’ll be…..


  135. bebereader said

    Pocoelsy: What you said makes a lot of sense to me! Beautifully said, too! Thank you!

    Here’s “My Kind of Perfect” from Dallas

    credit mandy101888


  136. bebereader said


    credit AmandaClaire09


  137. bebereader said

    Videos are trickling in…

    Here’s Pat-A-Pan from last night (audio only)

    credit horsegerbil


  138. bebereader said

    More parade footage!

    credit horsegerbil


  139. MT said

    Thanks for all the updates. 🙂 So much to enjoy! I’m really loving David’s performances from last night.

    Have you all seen the MOC video by sonya9123? It’s shaky, there are others, better ones, out there but you need to watch the end, starting at 4:20. You can see they are giving the Standing O and David accepts it graciously, going from one end of the stage to the other giving bows, and also acknowledges the band. For some reason, this made my heart swell.<3 I've always felt that David cut his exits too short. I'm glad he stayed out there and accepted his due for an amazing performance. (But, maybe I'm just weird. LOL IDK)


  140. bebereader said

    MT Thank you for the tip! Looking for sonya’s MOC right now.

    Edit: Here’s sonya9123’s MOC, thanks to MT. 🙂


  141. emmegirl said

    MT, thanks so much for sharing about the MOC video. I had noticed in the other videos after the songs he seemed to take a moment longer and allow the applause, I know that is difficult for him, but so happy to see him doing that. He deserves the accolades and the audience loves being able to show their appreciation.


  142. djafan said

    MT, Need to check that one out. So glad we have ninja fans that bring David to us that can’t make it to some performances.

    Bebe, thanks I hope the trickling continues!


  143. MT said

    emmegirl, I noticed that he did that as well. I totally agree with all that you said.

    I think the audience needs his acknowledgement of their love and support just like he needs applause. From watching these last videos, I’m thinking that maybe he has finally figured that out. (Or someone told him. lol) That final moment is like a little mutual love fest that should be savored for a few moments.


  144. MT said

    Bebereader, that’s the one. I just love those last few seconds. I just love David, period. lol

    Djafan, you are so right. We are a very fortunate bunch to have such wonderful fans sharing their videos, pics, stories,etc.

    All we need now are the recaps!! I’ve seen a few tidbits, but I’m hoping for a full blown, bit by bit, recap.


  145. djafan said

    Emmegirl, MT, just watched loved loved that finish, it makes my heart swell with pride.

    The video from horsegerbil…her videos are love for David.


  146. gladys said


  147. bebereader said


    I was busy tonight and didn’t get the chance to get back to you about the ending of MOC. This is just what I’ve been waiting for…for David to accept our praise, our love, our accolades! Tears of joy when I saw the connection…the moment of acceptance, when he acknowledged the audience. And you’re right…the audience needs it, too! Oh, to have seen that in person!


    Thank you for the video!


  148. ascphil said


    I am so deeply affected by the series of emails of VLM to you. Being her fellow Filipino, my heart goes out to her that she has to be in Cebu, islands away from Manila. David has many fans all over our country. The admin of Archuleta Philippines operates from the southernmost island, in Davao, and also didn’t make it to the mini-concert because it happened on a a schoolday, Wednesday. I am glad that JR was able to help VLM out with her gifts to David, along with those of the other Archies who couldn’t make it. It is the internet which has brought us all together, made us feel like one big close family with David at the center, despite the distances between us.


    I was so touched by your story that I had to come out of lurkdom. Please know that even if I have not experienced the pain of your kind of loss, I absolutely can relate to you in caring for David as much as you do. We all do, and I am one of the many mom-fans like you who feel like he is a son, a member of our family because we’ve made him a part of our everyday lives. He has brought me much joy and continues to do so just by being himself. He is the son every mother wants to have.

    I also went through a trying period in my career almost three years ago which made me more cynical of people, of the world. David helped me discover once more the joy in living that I had lost during that dark time in my life. And I owe a lot to the kindred hearts who share their love for David by devoting their time, talent and energy in maintaining the fan sites which we run to everyday for the latest on anything David. I have gone the rounds of the various sites, and I share your love especially for the wonderful people in this site. They deserve their own fans. As Randy Jackson would say, “I’m a fan!I’m a fan!” I love it here, too. 🙂

    I just wrote Angelica after seeing the Dallas vids that David keeps surprising us every time he goes back to touring with a new album. I can’t wait for the rest of the Dallas vids to come out. He was fabulous in MKOP and MOC, and absolutely fantastic in that TOSOD performance! That’s a new, more confident and outgoing David we are witnessing. There is still a little restraint there, but who knows what he has up his sleeve when the full tour picks up momentum?


  149. emifriend said

    It’s 4 30 am and I am drawn to this site and find all of this and between the words and the tears all I can think to say is LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Such an outpouring here… Thanks Everybody


  150. vlm said

    Lani #15, sorry,this is long overdue. I thank you for your heart warming message. I was simply overwhelmed with the kindness from all of you here that I didn’t even single you out, my very own ‘kababayan.’
    Ascphil, I am familiar with your name – but I was just intimidated to contact you. Thank you for your heartfelt comments. I truly appreciate what both of you said. I hope to connect with both of you. Maybe you can send your contact numbers through Angelica? I would really LIKE to hear from you both.
    Angelica, please, another favor? Thank you!
    The love and support for David is so intense here, I can almost feel/touch it. This fan-site is the best!


  151. betsy said

    Awwww Emifriend – ♥ I feel you.


  152. betsy said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit kariontour from McCallen Texas


  153. djafan said


    “That’s a new, more confident and outgoing David we are witnessing. There is still a little restraint there, but who knows what he has up his sleeve when the full tour picks up momentum?”

    Sure is, just the thought of it is exciting.

    Emifriend, (((hugs)))

    Here is a clear interview from Texas, credit JR


  154. djafan said

    Great video of SBL credit ArchuletaTributes

    Hazeleyed put TOSOD on youtube! I love this to pieces!


  155. djafan said

    Elevator from hazeleyed!


  156. djafan said

    The first I find of Falling Stars from hazeleyed!


  157. djafan said

    Awww the beginning David talking MKOP from hazeleyed!


  158. djafan said

    Introducing the band!!!!


  159. emmegirl said

    Can’t take it. The “ha” is just the appetizer.
    The dance moves are silent killers. A steady diet of this will quite possibly do me in.

    Dancey strut :58 served up with hop at the end, leg kicks, cat-quick-head/shoulder-very-cool move (restraint, using the word cool in lieu of other possible choices) at 1:49, toe/hip combo swivel 1:54 followed by 4-simple-but-amazing steps, arm whips 2:25, all sprinkled with mini-hops and peppered with beat-keeping legs (ok, what would you call it) capped with a mini-bow and slo-mo-arm-thingy for a chaser. Why am I still hungry?

    More vids! Heading off for another course!


  160. djafan said

    Screaming here!!!!!! I want to win!!!!!!!!


    There will be a meet and greet in Anaheim. Details will be coming soon on how you can win. @DavidArchie, the Grove Dec 29th .


  161. bebereader said


    Thank you for the videos! Only a true fan knows what a gift this is, to come online and be treated to a bunch of new concert videos! Bravo to whoever made the decision to have the band in the back wall of the stage. When the singer is the main attraction, he should be out front and center with no distractions! I like the sound of the band and look forward to hearing more from them. I noticed that Alfredo was enjoying himself! 😀

    So much to say about this show but Emmegirl said it so well in comment #160!

    A few more things to add; maybe you noticed too….

    1) The large size of the stage made it conducive to David strutting across it in many of the songs…

    2) The way David cut off the band in Elevator in a very take-charge style was a thrill as was the way he has complete control of the full house, prompting them to sing “Hiiiiighh”…

    3) Loved his explanation of why he didn’t include more love songs on TOSOD. He made perfect sense…

    4) His vocals are always beautiful but he has now mastered the keyboard in MKOP!

    5) Glad he sang “Falling Stars” front and center (rather than at a keyboard) since this song requires body language David is so good at delivering. Fabulous performance, by the way; reminded me of Wichita.

    5) We saw a much more grownup David at this show. As MT pointed out, it was great to see David’s longer bow at the end of MOC. Even his “Thank You” at the end of each song was different and a bit more satisfying.

    To all of us who are infected with ODD, how blessed we are!

    Edit: Let me rephrase that. We are not infected with ODD; we are BLESSED with it! 😀


  162. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    #162 Bebe
    2) The way David cut off the band in Elevator in a very take-charge style was a thrill as was the way he has complete control of the full house, prompting them to sing “Hiiiiighh”…

    This move will be repeated on tour, you know it! It needs a name! Anyone want to suggest one?



  163. River said

    I’m so glad to see the comments about David’s acknowledgement of the audience’s love in Dallas. I love it when he takes bows and it’s about time he just accepts all the love and respect his listeners want to give to him. I got sort of choked up over the obvious maturation that keeps showing up as he grows as a performer. How I wish I’d been in Dallas! He was cookin’


  164. MT said

    djafan, thanks for getting those videos. I just love when he performs Falling Stars, expecially when he rushes to the front of the stage for emphasis. It makes the girls in the front start screaming. I think he loves it. lol

    emmegirl, haha You know I had to look up each of those marks to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Yup, some great new moves. Love that little strutt/hop thing he’s got going on there!! 😀

    bebereader, “To all of us who are infected with ODD” <– LOL, hope they never find a cure.


  165. emmegirl said

    In charge, confident, comfortable…goodness David.
    (and how on earth does he make even that little turn around to cut off the band look amazing)


  166. skydancer1x said

    He brought it..full force to Dallas


  167. bebereader said

    River, You got choked up too? I always think it’s just me.
    MT, I totally agree…never find a cure for our ODD!

    First video of McAllen, TX

    A sideways “Heaven”, a capella

    credit nydiareyes


  168. skydancer1x said

    OMG tears.I am not strong enough.Heaven is right. That was so beautiful.


  169. Abrra said

    Heaven McAllen TX.mp3 I made from video in #168



  170. Abrra said

    Very nicely done fan video using z100 Elevator as the song.

    credit jhann062392



  171. djafan said

    David arriving in McAllen

    Something Bout Love


    credit nydiareyes


  172. djafan said

    Meet & Greet with David

    credit nydiareyes


  173. djafan said

    Diana waited an hour and a half for David in the back of where event took place and was able to take picture and have her stuff autographed.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit itstannia


  174. gladys said

    Now I’m sure the words I said on Saturday night, when talking to the girls in this house.
    This concert, in particular, was a starting point for David.
    I watch different things at David, I saw more free in every song and I think he has taken the lead on stage.
    The center stage, has an owner. The commanding voice is the voice of david.
    I remember before when finished or started a song, he looked back looking for some kind of approval, but now is different.
    When looking back, is to seek and observe.
    And I think at the end of the show, everyone who attended realized it.
    The standing ovation was for a espctacular concert, but also, all present were applauding the new david.
    His band in the back of the stage, as it should be, and David, as the only star.
    David dancing, david running, David showed in all its glory.
    (The only thing that affected me was to see alfredo playing guitar, when David presented it to the public.)
    I think Jive realized that when a woman next to david, everything continues on course.
    Kendra at the time helped a lot to david (these are words of apology, I have been very hard on her and does not deserve it) and now Melinda, she did what the previous manager could not:
    1) David left his bubble of comfort.
    2) The decisions and changes that we see or hear, I think they have a single owner.
    In February 2008, when I saw David for the first time, was a beginning for me, but now I see a start for David.


  175. emmegirl said

    Abs, your all over it. Thanks for the Heaven.

    skydancer1x, right there with ya girl.

    I think that t might fit in the “edgy” category.


  176. emmegirl said

    “The decisions and changes that we see or hear, I think they have a single owner.”

    Gladys, I love your writing.


  177. djafan said


    “The standing ovation was for a espctacular concert, but also, all present were applauding the new david.
    His band in the back of the stage, as it should be, and David, as the only star.
    David dancing, david running, David showed in all its glory.”

    Your words ring loud, beautifully said.


  178. bebereader said


    It’s exciting to witness David evolve as an artist and to watch the changes that go along with it. Since it is early in his career there are bound to be more changes in store for him. We are so privileged to be his fans at this stage in his development! Thank you for your insightful comment.

    Here’s MKOP

    credit taniiaponce


  179. betsy said

    I don’t even know what to say anymore. Just heard that Heaven.
    I bet his voice is still lingering in the air around that place. It was too big to just go away.


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