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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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In His Dreams

Posted by SandyBeaches on Thursday, November 11, 2010

In his dreams he looks beyond the limits of today
To the possibilities of tomorrow
To see what can be
Instead of settling for what is
In his dreams he imagines
The most profound of ideas
Then finds a way through song
To make them all happen

Just as I was about to close my computer the other evening, I came across this statement by Emmegirl, “I think you all saw a glimpse into his future that night.”  I am certain that my eyes widened because she wrote in so few words what I could not find even in my own fleeting thoughts.  The night she is referring to, took place in September in Nashville.  On this exciting occasion David was appearing with Orla Fallon recording her Christmas special and David was her guest.  Several of us from David’s fan sites were there late into the evening, sitting together for the second taping.  But of course we all would have stayed until the sun rose on David if need be.  Nothing can compare to how robust the audience became when David stepped out on to the stage or when he so professionally bowed to the audience.  He took us into a dream that night, one that was so profound that we became enraptured, but in silence.  To me, the words written by Emmegirl were the most prophetic words written about David.  They awoke me; they stirred me to thinking all about where his path is taking him.  The wondrous part is that I love beyond all reason where he is headed.  You know that it is good path that David is traveling on when a theatre full of seasoned concert goers rise to their feet at the closing of a song, while he is gives his smiles and acknowledgments to the audience. We sat on the right side of the hall and I always turn and look around at concerts to see how the audience is responding to him. Each time he ended a song, their faces were lit from his onstage, magical presence.  I will say though, that the lady who sat to my right, as if on cue, rose to her feet just moments ahead of everyone else.  The entire audience only needed that gentle suggestion to rise to their feet in unison.

Orla and David singing Silent Night

Many of you know that I had my own dream last February, the one that I said I only dared to dream.  The most important part of my dream was to have David honored by performing with the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  The choir has been in my memory as being a part of every Christmas in our home since I was a child.  My father played their Christmas album daily as the sounds of the choir became the everlasting sounds of Christmas.  I sang in several choirs throughout the years, as I was striving to find a choir that in any way resembled the Tabernacle Choir, realizing my dream one day.  Perhaps our own dreams are captured in his passionate words, “You find it, you hold it, you feel its grace.”

Looking at the video clip from Natalie Cole’s guest performance last year, we can visualize David featured on the cover of the 2010 Christmas concert CD.  When you watch the video and envision David in her place, it shows us just how amazing it will be for him both now and in his future in so many ways.  This performance is like crossing a bridge for David and perhaps for us.

For many of the finest musicians, famous songs have been written following or during dreams in the night.  Recently, David’s song ‘Elevator’ came to him in a dream following a restless night of sleep.  Is it possible that in his dreams, he has found the place for humanity where hearts, minds and souls are healed by caring and compassion?  Perhaps in his dreams there is the love that he has been given and the most wonderful places to be in to sing about it.


All of us who gather here
Have been granted the grace
To be etched forever in his dreams.

259 Responses to “In His Dreams”

  1. awestruck said

    Wow SB, just WOW


  2. Jane said

    Beautiful article…I was privilege to see this last and that’s what I thought…Won’t it be something to see David sing with the Choir, WOW!!! It gives you a feeling that you will never forget….This year, mine and David’s dream came true…He is the youngest guest they have had….He will do us proud and OMG, what a voice he has … I get to see him on Sunday and two of my very best friends are flying in from Mass. and NY for this event…we are going to meet up with another David fan in SLC who won the tickets and was soooo kind to share the tickets with us….It is an event we all will never forget….


  3. archiesfan4life said

    SB – this is so beautiful – just beautiful!


  4. MunkFOD said

    SandyBeaches, I just love your words….your heart spills out over them and shares what we all feel. Can’t say enough of how wonderful this article is. Many people worry about polls and sales numbers, but David has a destiny that is not in our hands. He goes about quietly fulfilling it and touching peoples lives. ….not only through his music but by raking leaves and giving calls of thanks to friends… He is a blessing. I love “Is it possible in his dreams, he has found the place for humanity where hearts, minds and souls are healed by caring and compassion?” Think he brought that with him when he was born. We are all drawn to him cuz we want to feel that too. David’s music and life motivate me to be a better person and to try to touch peoples lives too. There will be many who will be touched for the first time when he sings with the MoTab. So grateful to be a part this whole ride! It is just plain awesome! Thanks again SB!


  5. Julee said

    Before Idol was even over, my family and I took a fan friend who was in town for David’s ‘Homecoming’ around Temple Square. We had an incredible experience. As we were walking around taking pictures, I said, “I don’t care if David wins or loses (referring to Idol), I just can’t wait for the day when he sings with the Tabernacle Choir.” For some reason I just had a feeling that he would. I never in a million years thought it would happen this soon, however. The fact that it has, reinforces my belief that the pop stuff is insignificant in the scheme of things. When MunkFOD says that ‘his destiny is not in our hands’ I have to agree 100%. And it’s not in the hands of what a radio station PD plays or doesn’t play either.

    I am as awestruck as I have ever been about what will happen on those 4 days in December at the Conference center in Salt Lake City. SB talks about the standing ovations he receives. There will be nothing to compare with 21,000 musically serious people rising to their feet on those nights to honor him and the Choir. I cannot wait. Thanks for the article SB!


  6. skydancer1x said

    SB… “In his dreams he looks beyond the limits of today to the possibilities of tomorrow. To see what can be, instead of settling for what is. In his dreams he imagines the most profound of ideas, then finds a way through song, to make them all happen”

    You are an amazing writer SB.What a beautiful article!BUT… what you wrote below Davids picture… well, you just blew me away, and I have read and reread it over and over already!
    If your words had stopped right there…well,to steal a quote in a movie…”you had me Hello!”


  7. Heidijoy said

    Thank You for such a beautiful article. I LOVE that we can celebrate David with such honor and
    respect. It’s so nice that we get recaps of these performances and hear about how well David is received. It warms my heart for those that were there and especially for David who deserves those Standing Ovations!!!


  8. betsy said

    This is so beautiful, SB. So glad that you were there at his Nashville Christmas taping.

    “I love beyond all reason where he is heading.”
    And I love beyond all reason that sentence. ::
    It’s an endless ride.


  9. betsy said


  10. JH said

    SB, your lovely article has pulled this lurker out of silence! I visit The Voice often and enjoy reading the well-written articles and comments but this is my first time to post. I’ve sat here for 30 minutes, thinking what I might add to the thoughts already expressed and have come up with nothing except “ditto” – how eloquent is that?! David’s upcoming Christmas performance with the MoTab is a dream come true for him AND us. Five weeks from today I will be savoring every second of the event – what a magnificent blessing that will be! I have no other words… thank you, SB.

    “David has a destiny that is not in our hands” – so very true, MunkFOD!


  11. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you so much to everyone who has commented on the article. Sometimes when you write, everything comes together as you would hope, I credit that to David somehow! His magical powers, haha.

    “…the lady who sat to my right, as if on cue, rose to her feet just moments ahead of everyone else. The entire audience only needed that gentle suggestion to rise to their feet in unison.” Well, you may not have guessed but the lady to my right was our good friend ‘Silverfox’, who time after time made me almost embarrassed that I did not rise to my feet soon enough!

    Today is the day of fond remembrance of our war heroes from both Canada and the United States. The eleventh hour of the eleventh day has passed here marked by the playing of the lone trumpet and bagpipes.



  12. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you JH, it is nice to hear from you. Somehow, we must all get together in SLC. Even if there is a snowstorm, we will be there…



  13. Nan said

    What a lovely and touching article. Made me all tingly and teary just thinking about the upcoming MoTab event. I can hardly grasp the significance of it all. I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with family and friends from around the world. LOVE!!!


  14. SandyBeaches said

    By Julee…”I never in a million years thought it would happen this soon, however. The fact that it has, reinforces my belief that the pop stuff is insignificant in the scheme of things. When MunkFOD says that ‘his destiny is not in our hands’ I have to agree 100%. And it’s not in the hands of what a radio station PD plays or doesn’t play either.”

    I must reply because I have felt strongly in the same way for some time. All of everything else is a stepping stone and a pleasant one along the way.



  15. River said

    The chills went racing up my spine watching natalie and realizing it would be David at the center of this incredible spectacle. It will be perfect, for him and for us. Thanks SB. Now I’m really ready for thanksgiving and Christmas.


  16. Archugeezer said

    A couple of days ago I was laughing at FG’s unabashed declaration of “loving that boy,” and now this thoughtful article has me going another direction altogether. How blessed are we as David Archuleta fans? What an incredible and entertaining journey. I enjoy all the articles and comments at The Voice.

    Today—thank you for your beautiful, timely words, SB.

    “Is it possible in his dreams, he has found the place for humanity where hearts, minds and souls are healed by caring and compassion?” Yes! Besides David’s incredible talent, this explains why so many of us are drawn to him. David brings a spiritual dignity to everything he does; and his example inspires and motivates others, including me.

    The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and David Archuleta are that proverbial “match made in heaven.” Our hearts are soaring with anticipation for this event.


  17. djafan said


    “In his dreams he looks beyond the limits of today
    To the possibilities of tomorrow
    To see what can be
    Instead of settling for what is
    In his dreams he imagines
    The most profound of ideas
    Then finds a way through song
    To make them all happen”

    I’ve read and re-read your beautiful words, you have written a gem here for all of us to feel, because that’s what they’ve done for me, a good feeling for what’s in store for us, David’s fans, and what is in store for David, that it may always bring him comfort and joy.

    Thank you.


  18. bebereader said


    When I heard that David would be performing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, you immediately came to mind, because I remembered your article and your dream! I’m both thrilled and filled with pride that he was asked to be a part of this prestigious program. Imagining David in Natalie Cole’s place on that stage in the video was so empowering; I can almost see it!

    We lament over radio promo and record sales but isn’t it interesting that when it comes to serious performances, it is David Archuleta who is called upon…to sing the National Anthem before the White House on the Fourth of July, to perform at the US Open and the Eunice Shriver event, The Tejano Awards, a Celtic Christmas special for TV and various sporting and charity events? How do you compare phenomenal talent like David’s with what is out there on radio today? You don’t because there is no comparison.

    I’m you, SB, when you said:

    …”All of everything else is a stepping stone and a pleasant one along the way.

    and Munk:

    “David has a destiny that is not in our hands.”

    and Julee:

    “I have to agree 100%. And it’s not in the hands of what a radio station PD plays or doesn’t play either.

    SB, Thank you for an inspiring article! Bravo!


  19. bebereader said

    Two years ago today:

    credit PopStar Magazine

    Comment by Blisskasden from one year ago:

    “I was there. When David came down that escalator, it was if the Beatles had shown up. I knew on that day that David would become the megastar he is today. It was great meeting him. He talks to you like you are his best friend from his hometown. He’s a very special person, and he is adored by his fans for more than just his fantastic talent.”

    Betsy#9 Really neat video of David at the radio station in The Phillipines! Makes me want to find more of them.


  20. bebereader said

    Use this link to stream “Falling Stars”.
    Streaming it shows radio that fans are interested.


  21. Abrra said

    So happy for you and all the fans who will experience this event. I hope they have seat belts so you don’t float up out of your chair 😉



  22. Abrra said

    Oh my! I come home and find new pictures to post. They look like some from his book cover photo shoot. Here you go!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    From this site:



  23. Angelica said


    What a beautful, timely reminder of what lies before us in the years (and weeks) to come. As Thanksgiving approaches, we have the Orla Fallon Christmas Special and then the week before Christmas, David will be the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s guest of honor for their Christmas Concerts.
    “Perhaps our own dreams are captured in his passionate words, “You find it, you hold it, you feel its grace.”

    I feel it every single day. I am sure I will feel it even more as the years go by.

    As MunkFOD said, “He is a blessing.”


  24. Abrra said

    Cellcast For David Archuleta’s Showcase in Singapore

    David Beyond Borders is bringing you a cellcast of David Archuleta’s showcase in Singapore on Sunday November 14, hosted by our lovely webmistress Bianca.

    Cellcast site:

    Time: Nov 14, 5.30pm local Singapore time (Nov 14, 4.30am EST / 1.30am PST)

    The showcase is at Zouk, an indoor clubbing venue, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that there is good cellphone reception in the building.

    Set your alarm 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I think this is a first? Have we ever had a cellcast from the other side of the earth?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Our regular Saturday night chat will still take place. EXCITED!!!



  25. bebereader said

    Abrra#22: THUD!

    ahem…back to business…

    Vote for “Falling Stars” on Sirius:

    Fill in the blank at the bottom of the page with:

    David Archuleta – “Falling Stars”


  26. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thank you for coming out from lurking. Please post more 🙂



  27. JH said

    Thanks for the lovely welcome!


  28. bebereader said

    David tweeted!!!

    David Archuleta DavidArchie

    Happy Veteran’s Day! Thanks to all those who have served our country. 4 minutes ago via web

    I hope he’s in Singapore, safe and sound!


  29. djafan said

    Hi Annie,

    Yes, perfume time on the 29th!!!!

    JH, hello there and welcome to The Voice. Will be in SLC on the 18the and definitely in Anaheim. Hope to see you!

    He’s in Hong Kong by the looks of these tweets! Fans are at the airport waiting for him!!!


    HE’S IN HONGKONG 3 minutes ago via web

    Hong Kong is a three hour flight from Singapore. We’re going for breakfast now. I turned off my phone to save for twitpics later 😉
    6 minutes ago via web

    Book signing????

    less than a minute ago via web


  30. betsy said

    How like David that when he stops somewhere on the other side of the globe, the first tweet is not about himself, but honoring our veterans.
    Another reason to love him. Like we needed another one. 🙂


  31. SandyBeaches said

    Ah, please don’t tell me he is young and has lots of endurance after I say, “A book signing on concert day?” Just please make it early but not too early and give him time to rest. Oh not a time to be exhausted that is for certain….Well, I just may have to drop down and see him for a moment. Surely he will be on voice rest, he just needs to smile anyway. 😉



  32. silverfox said


    A beautiful article about a beautiful & talented artist by a beautiful & talented lady. I know what it means to you to have one of your most cherished dreams for David come true. Who would have thought when you wrote the article months ago about your dream that it would come to fruition not even a year later! Even David, who hoped one day to perform with the MOTAB Choir, thought perhaps if he ever were to get an invitation to perform, it would be years down the road. I believe David is the youngest performer to be invited and to have the honor of being part of their biggest & most prestigious extravaganza!

    Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that we would be in the audience for this once in a lifetime experience? I sure didn’t! It will be an out of this world experience. I’m breathless just thinking about it!

    It may be true that this pop stuff is insignificant in the scheme of things, but isn’t it amazing that David at 19, can do it all? That’s why he is The Voice. 😀

    BTW..I don’t recall this at all…

    “the lady who sat to my right, as if on cue, rose to her feet just moments ahead of everyone else. The entire audience only needed that gentle suggestion to rise to their feet in unison.” Well, you may not have guessed but the lady to my right was our good friend ‘Silverfox’, who time after time made me almost embarrassed that I did not rise to my feet soon enough!”

    I thought I was following YOUR LEAD!! 😉

    Anyway, I love, love, love your article, Mrs. Worry-Wart!


  33. SandyBeaches said

    SF, what me worry?? I will admit, I did not learn the art of worrying completely from you!

    Thank you for your kind comments and yes it is amazing that he can sing it all and so beautifully!

    Are you ready to buy another book? It would be a good Christmas present for someone.



  34. silverfox said

    So David is doing a bookstore appearance on 12/17??? Makes no sense at all to me! If there is a time when David should be behind closed doors, it is THAT weekend, IMO. That is until he appears on stage! If I were his manager, it would be imperative that NO FANS get near him or even get a glimpse of David until he steps on the stage with the Choir. Not only to assure he stays healthy, but to build the suspense which will be unbarable, but so worth it when we first lay eyes on him in all his glory!

    Why in the world would WEG have David at a bookstore on the day of one of the most important and largest audience concerts of his career? It just makes no sense…

    Unless, they are taking advantage of the fact that there will be thousands of fans in SLC from all over who do not have COS or TOSOD yet? Oh, OK. I get it now, even if I don’t agree with it.


  35. SandyBeaches said

    Perhaps there will be more information in regards to the book signing soon, that will make better sense.

    Who is worrying now? HaHa…



  36. bebereader said

    Haha You gals crack me up! 😀
    I thought it was kinda weird when I heard of the signing on the day of the show. But what do I know? We’ll just have to see as it gets closer.

    Meanwhile: Which of these stars on the cover would most make you buy an issue of J-14? Hey, we’re not 14; even though David makes us feel young. But promotion is promotion and if I can help in any way, I’m going to vote:

    Vote for David here:


  37. djafan said

    Oh you two worry warts…lol

    But SF I think you maybe on to something, thousands of people translates to CD and books sales. Maybe he’ll be on voice rest and if not you can tell him to please don’t speak 🙂


    Layover in Hong Kong right now. Next stop Singapore. about 2 hours ago via web Retweeted by you and 100+ others

    Singapore is waiting, the excitement!!!

    Hey @DavidArchie you have fans waiting for you at Singapore Changi Airport already. See you soon! about 1 hour ago via web

    @JeffIrfan @Salamahafifi Lets hope we’ll get a grp pic with him 😀 Btw what terminal eh? waaaah so many ppl coming..and we got the tshirt already….

    HAHA waiting and waiting…we’ll wait for the prince.. 5 minutes ago via web

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  38. Abrra said

    Having spent time with both SB and Silverfox, I could hear their “bookstore” conversation in my head as I read. And I can picture the angst.
    I got one thing to say,
    “Careful your face doesn’t freeze like that.” Both of ya take a chill pill ok? Hahaha Love ya both to pieces 😉



  39. silverfox said

    Yeah, well…so I also worry about things I have no control over…don’t ask me why.

    I guess if he MUST do the bookstore thing, we will have to be there to support him, since we will be in SLC with “Nothing Better To Do”. Ahem…

    The David Entourage should be on the last leg to Singapore. In case you all are wondering, it is
    Friday, November 12, 2010, time 10:15 AM and currently 81 °F & Partly sunny & Warm.

    I know I always like to keep track of the time & temperature where David happens to be. Don’t ask me why…

    Good night!


  40. emmegirl said

    SB, your article and sentiments are absolutely beautiful. Past, present and future, he has and will continue to hold us captive with his talents and grace. How amazingly fortunate are we to be a part of it all!

    Thank you for your mention of my comment, but chances are I was probably just repeating something another more eloquent poster had said!

    bebe, thanks for doing all our leg work and providing the links!

    Books, CD’s and Dec 29th (do they go on sale on Sat?) California concert tickets…lot of Christmas gifting ideas!!


  41. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you SF for the updates on time & weather in Singapore, I was wondering what time of day it is.

    Abs…I was waiting for you to notice the worriers!! Some things just don’t change.



  42. refnaf said

    ((((SB)))) This is an awesome article….. and I am so anticipating the MoTab event… speechless and grateful that I get to be there **sigh**
    Love your words 🙂


  43. emmegirl said

    SF, I can’t help but think that the depth of your caring really does reach him, there is no way it can’t.


  44. refnaf said

    LOL, you guys are a riot…. in a good way of course!


  45. nanaweize said

    SB…thanks for your words and I can’t wait for the wonderful Christmas concert ahead of us in Dec. I hope to meet many of you!

    Just thinking…We are blessed!


  46. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you refnaf for your kind comments. We will see you in SLC.

    After the Christmas concerts there last year, you were the first one to say that you would definately be there next time as I used my imagination planning on us going there for certain.

    Emmegirl…there you go again with your sayings! Yes, her caring does reach him as you said. You know that when you see his wave and smile for her as he is singing.



  47. Marciami said

    Couldn’t wait to share. I just called the Deseret Book Store in downtown SLC which is literally across the street from the concert hall. This information was checked so it is accurate. David will be at the book store after the concert on 12/17, which is Friday, for a CD signing!!!!
    More details in a couple of weeks. Too much, too much, too much to believe. So happy for those who will get to see him.
    Marcia in Michigan


  48. Suzy-Q said

    One of my dreams is coming true, also. I am attending the Saturday performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Sunday morning one. I have several albums that have been produced over the year but have never had the chance to watch them perform live. Of course David is the icing on top. I hope to bump into some fans from the “Voice”. Our tickets put us in sections rther than assigned seats. If you see an old red headed lady, it might be me, so wave and I’ll wave back.


  49. SandyBeaches said

    Marciami…That is better news! It should be a fun time to spend with people, after the concert.



  50. djafan said

    David has landed!!!!!!!!!!


  51. emmegirl said

    Thanks dja! We will all sleep a little better now.

    Just got an email from a local radio station.

    I have been regularly requesting Falling Stars and the program director replied and said they will start playing it soon. He also said it has not yet been announced but that David will be doing a private show for them in December and that he will email the details later. 🙂 Keep requesting guys!


  52. djafan said

    On twitter following David’s arrival!!!


  53. Abrra said

    David arrives in SIngapore and guess what?
    You all remember this fan with ninja skillz who got a picture with David?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  54. bebereader said

    Look at :23


  55. Tawna21 said

    SB–words of beauty! Thank you for letting us feel your feelings thru your words. You have put into sentences what our hearts have inside. I so hope to meet you in SLC! Trying to comprehend what this concert will be just puts my brain into a swaggle, but it makes my heart burst with the knowledge of the love and the spirit that will be there on those nights. The most beautiful things in this universe happen in that Conference Center, and this star will shine very brightly!!



  56. Tawna21 said

    bebe–what am I missing at :23?


  57. bebereader said

    Tawna: Sorry it’s more like :24 or :25. Actually David is first seen at :18. I think my eyes were bugging out because I didn’t see that the first time.


  58. Abrra said

    I took a few screen caps from the video in #54

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    All the hands reaching for him. Feel the love David?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    I think he knows he is loved.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    He is well protected as you can see. Tight security.

    Credit Salamahafifi



  59. Tawna21 said

    I think he has kind of a desperate look going on there with all the pushing and pulling–bodyguards in full force!!


  60. SandyBeaches said

    You have to be the most devoted fans in David’s world to be up this late. I do ‘t know what that would make me, perhaps the most crazy.

    One question, were there lots of fans there to meet him? I am on my iPhone.



  61. SandyBeaches said

    Thanks for the answer through pics. Abrra…



  62. Tawna21 said

    SB–if it’s 11:20 here in Utah and I’m still up, that means about 2:20 in NS doesn’t it? cuh-ray-zee!!



  63. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    “David talking to me “See you at the Showcase”… He said… Oh OK… Faint!”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    @DavidArchie – You even smile when you are so tired. Love you much :o)


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “Me Walking with David… I wish the camera is clearer. Hmmm… Forgot to use my N8 phone. Aiyohhh….”



  64. Tawna21 said

    this is not making my headache any better–must head to bed—maybe dream good dreams


    one last thought–it’s amazing to me how David slips in and out of airports here in the US on a regular basis and we never know about it, but head out of the country and the fans are all over him like bees on a honey pot! Good night 😉


  65. Tawna21 said

    hmm–Melinda and her very big, white watch..we will always know it’s her because of that watch.

    Dang, I’m outta here!



  66. Maggie said

    So much excitement!–so happy for David and all his fans in Asia!

    Sandy Beaches–What a wonderful article from a wonderful fan and a wonderful person. You truly made Christmas special for my daughter last year in SLC–she will always remember that experience and your great kindness towards her. Ironically we were just looking at the pictures we took that night! It is particularly poignant for me at this time as she is quite ill. I played TAGGB for her last night hoping to raise her spirits, and just as I had hoped, that soothing uplifting voice brought her some much needed peace.

    Loved your words: “Is it possible that in his dreams, he has found the place for humanity where hearts, minds and souls are healed by caring and compassion?”


  67. SandyBeaches said

    That’s correct Tawna…I am on vacation though, everyone is away and I will sleep in…Thank you for your kind comments in regards to the article.

    Good night!



  68. bebereader said

    Tawna: Hope you’re feeling better today. Here’s another twitvid for you and all you late nighters:

    credit: Syafiqah Fieka
    “David Archuleta’s arrival in Singapore 😉 This is for all u Archies 😀 This was like.. 1+ hour ago :)”


    Emmegirl#51 Thanks for sharing the info from the radio station. Maybe our requests aren’t falling on deaf ears. The stations are listening; some of them, anyway. I found a local station in New York that has been playing “Something ‘Bout Love” and I requested “Falling Stars” yesterday. Waiting to hear it soon.

    Maggie#66: So glad to hear that David’s music raised your daughter’s spirits and gave her some peace.


  69. SandyBeaches said

    Good morning to everyone,

    It was a short night’s sleep!

    Maggie, please tell your daughter that she is in our thoughts and prayers. We had a wonderful time last year in SLC and I appreciated her company so much. Keep in touch!



  70. Abrra said

    Good morning! I was hoping that the twitvids would be on youtube so I could post them here to view. Oh well, I did did find this from Melinda his manager:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Melinda Bell: “View from our hotel in Singapore”



  71. Abrra said

    For all the So California fans 🙂

    David Archuleta
    Wednesday, December 29, 2010
    8:30 PM
    Price: $42.50 / $32.50

    On-Sale: Sat, Nov 13 at 12:00 PM

    American pop singer-songwriter, David Archuleta, will be returning to the Grove of Anaheim on Wednesday, December 29.

    David Archuleta won the hearts of America after his second place finish on the seventh season of American Idol. As one of the youngest contestants to appear on the show, he enjoyed instant fame and success. In August of 2008, David Archuleta released his first single “Crush”. His self-titled debut album reached number two on the Billboard 200 chart. His recently released second album, The Other Side of Down, features hits such as, “Elevator” and “Falling Stars.”

    His angelic voice and inspiring song lyrics make David Archuleta one of the most popular pop singers of his time. Along with being a profound role model in today’s society, he also released “Christmas from the Heart” which debuted at number two on the seasonal chart behind Bob Dylan.

    With inspiration from his Latin-influenced childhood along with his appreciation for gospel, pop, rock and soul, David Archuleta is a dynamic artist who appeals to a wide variety of audiences.

    While we wait for more Singapore videos, here is an interview video from Girl Up. David appears ( so handsome with his elf king hair) at 1:20 mark.



  72. Abrra said

    David Archuleta Contemplates Christmas Cheer, Turning 20 and Looking for Love

    By Ashley Iasimone

    David Archuleta tells PopEater that he’s “never been in a relationship,” but don’t mistake that for immaturity. For a 19-year-old, he sure has a good head on his shoulders, as evidenced by his willingness to take risks and his compassion for others. The former ‘American Idol’ runner-up just released his latest album, ‘The Other Side of Down,’ his first musical project on which he has almost full co-writing credits. At this time of the year, the singer’s 2009 holiday record ‘Christmas From the Heart’ also remains on our radar.

    When Christmas is brought into the conversation, Archuleta’s already chipper demeanor seems to brighten, and a bit of youthful excitement takes hold. “I love Christmas music,” Archuleta gushes, bringing some holiday happiness to the morning by singing the classic lyric “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” The spirit of the season in mind, Archuleta has a candid — and fun — chat with PopEater about the meaning of Christmas, growing up as a ‘Glee’-like music geek and how a personal ‘The Other Side of Down’ track has him wondering about the unpredictability of falling in love.

    What do want most for Christmas this year?

    [Sings] All I want for Christmas is you … [laughs]. I don’t really ask for gifts. The last couple of years, I told my parents, “Don’t worry about getting me anything.” Usually, I just like to be with the family. I would like to visit places where people may not be able to have that Christmas tree with their family with all those presents there, to be able to give that to them. There are a lot of people who don’t get that chance, a lot of kids who have to spend months and months in the hospital or assisted living places where people forget about them. To be able to give back to them, that’s where the most, the greatest, the best feelings are, even if it’s just a visit to show you care about people. That’s what the Christmas spirit is about — caring about other people.

    What is Christmas like for you and your family?

    It’s pretty typical. We actually go Christmas caroling quite a bit. That was one of my favorite things to do. People’s eyes just light up, to have someone come and visit them and sing those special songs. It was always fun getting to do that with my brothers and sisters. Then, you know, just opening the Christmas presents on Christmas morning around the tree. Also, sometimes, my mom’s side of the family, they’d party until midnight on Christmas Eve. And then at midnight, everyone gives each other hugs and stuff. It’s a fun celebration. There’s dancing and stuff.

    What is the best gift that you’ve ever received for Christmas?

    Being with my family is a huge blessing. I love just being with them and hanging out with them. It’s the memories that really last. But one of my most memorable gifts, for some reason, was this motorcycle computer game that I got. I don’t know why it was so memorable, but I really liked it [laughs]. I think I was in second or third grade. Now it’s lost. It’s long gone.

    Have you ever kissed anyone underneath the mistletoe?

    No [laughs]. No

    With songwriting, you really have to open up and maybe be more vulnerable than you’d normally be. Is that something that is sometimes difficult for you?

    Yeah, it is. You don’t know what people are going to think of it. It’s like, you really have to open yourself with some of these ideas and you don’t know how people are going to interpret it, if they’re even going to get it. Sometimes, maybe I don’t want them to fully get it — and usually they don’t, because they don’t know completely what’s going on in your mind. But sometimes, it’s nice for them to understand what kind of emotion you’re trying to bring out in the song and what kind of message you’re trying to get across. You just don’t know if they’re going to be like, “Oh,” or if they’re going to really enjoy and connect to it. It’s part of taking that risk. What if people don’t like it, or they don’t understand or really feel the song? It’s just about going through and saying, “Hey, this really means a lot to me, this is important for me to say and I need to share it with other people.” It pays off.

    Is there a song on ‘The Other Side of Down’ that especially stems from something personal?

    All the songs are personal, not in serious ways, but they’re all very personal because that’s what I tried to get in the album – just my ideas and my thoughts and putting them into these songs. The last song on the album is called ‘My Kind of Perfect,’ and that’s pretty personal.

    I’ve never been in a relationship. People ask me all the time: “What is the perfect girl? What do you look for?” They’ll say, “Do you prefer blond or brunette? Do you like brown eyes or blue?” It’s like, what does that matter, really? They can wear contacts. What if people’s eyes change colors? Then that wouldn’t matter. People can dye their hair. What about the things that last longer than that? You can change your hair color a million times, but there’s something that lasts longer in a relationship, that can last a lifetime. Those are the things I wonder about. What is going to make me want to spend the rest of my life with someone? If they’re a brunette, it’s not going to matter — it’s eventually going to turn grey or white [laughs]. It’s not going to matter anymore. So what is going to matter?

    Someone who cares about other people, who has good values and has respect for themselves [is what matters]. It’s so important for girls to respect themselves and not put themselves down and say, “Oh, my life is horrible,” and “I’m not pretty enough.” How do you know? There’s this energy people give off that people can be drawn to. I can tell you now, it’s not your eye color that’s giving off that energy that people can be drawn to. It’s more of the light in your eyes that you carry with you, the excitement for life that you have to try new things and be adventurous, and someone who wants to make a difference while they’re here. It’s those kinds of things [that matter]. [It’s] someone who will help you become motivated. Relationships are about helping motivate each other to be all that you can be.

    I don’t think people ever really know what they’re “looking for.” Love is something that just surprises people. It catches you off guard. It’s never really what you’re expecting. It’s not like, “I want her to be named Samantha, and she’s going to be 5’3″ and she’s going to have blond hair that’s 3 feet long.” It doesn’t happen that way! It’s feelings. It’s totally unpredictable. It always just kind of hits you on the side of the head.

    You recently got to meet a musical idol of yours, A Fine Frenzy’s Alison Sudol. You seemed super inspired and smitten by her. Has any of her creative advice sparked new writing from you since then?

    Man, that conversation … I’m really grateful to Alison and very appreciative that she was willing to take that time out to do that interview because she shared a lot of really cool things. It was just neat. It was crazy that it was the first time meeting her because it felt like a conversation I would have with my friends who I’ve known for a while, just that she was willing to be that open and that teaching. It was so cool.

    It wasn’t just musically that she made an impact on me. She probably has an influence on the things I’ve been trying to write about. You don’t have to be this crazy, mindless psycho genius to make good music. You can be very grounded. You can understand where you’re going and what kind of direction you hope to go and what you want to do with your music, what kind of message you hope to leave with people. That really made an impression on me.

    This year, your 20th birthday is actually coming right after Christmas. How does it feel to know you’re leaving your teens behind?

    I’m excited because now you feel like you hold new responsibilities. You’re a step away from being a kid and being viewed as a kid. Usually, people have certain perceptions of teenagers. [When you’re] a teenager, you grow a lot and you experience a lot. Now, leaving that phase and focusing on being an adult is exciting. I mean, 20 is not 21 yet, so I still feel like I’m kind of a kid, but I look forward to maturing and the new experiences that await next year.

    When you were younger, how did you picture your 20-year-old self?

    Going to college. I always wondered if I’d get to do music and stuff, but I didn’t know how realistic that was, so I tried to be logical and realistic. But what is kind of cool is that what I thought wasn’t logical and realistic is logical and realistic now. It’s cool to think, “Wow. It is realistic, and it’s actually happening right now.”

    But I wanted to be a biologist. I wanted to do something with the world and animals and science and nature and things like that. I just loved to be a part of that and learn about it, just all the things that you can learn about what life gives you and what the earth gives you. There’s so much out there and there are new things being discovered every day that we don’t even know about. It’s such a big world.

    On your Christmas album, you have a duet with Charice, who recently was a guest on ‘Glee.’ How would you feel if ‘Glee’ approached you?

    It would be cool to make an appearance on it because it’s a fun show. It gets all these geeks who love music. I think that’s great. That’s the category I was in. I wasn’t the most athletic person. I didn’t really fit in anywhere. Even the people who were in music, they were very good [and] technically musical, so I didn’t feel like I’d fit in with them. I just loved music and how it made me feel. Even with musicals, the theater people, I didn’t really fit in with them. I mean, I got along with a lot of different groups, but there wasn’t a place where it was, “Yes! That’s where I fit in.” I was just a geek who loved music. That’s what I was.

    Being a music geek, what’s one classic album from your collection that you’d suggest as a Christmas gift idea to another music lover?

    I like Michael Jackson. I love all his hits, so ‘Ones’ by Michael Jackson is a very good one to get.

    Do you have a favorite Christmas song that you wish you could have included on your own holiday album, or is your favorite already on there?

    I love ‘O Holy Night’ and ‘Silent Night.’ Those are both on there. I like a lot of Christmas songs, that’s the thing. I love ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.’

    What is your favorite holiday movie?

    I liked all those ‘Frosty the Snowman’ and ‘Jack Frost’ movies, the claymation ones. I’ve always liked watching those ones when I was little.

    When we talked to you when you were 17, you said, “When you’re 17, it’s not like, ‘This is what my life is.’ You’re still trying to figure it out as a person.” Do you feel the same now?

    [Laughs] Yeah. There are just so many surprises in life that you’re very grateful for. The more things start happening and the more you start taking risks and see what those results are, you understand that there are more possibilities of things happening in the future. But you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Sometimes you’re wondering, “Have I done all I could?” But that’s never the case. As long as you’re here, there’s always more that you can do.

    I was talking to someone who is older, in their 50s, and I was wondering: “After doing something that you feel very accomplished about, it’s like, well what do I do now? What do I do next after that?” I don’t know how I can continue living up to this great moment that I just had. I don’t know what more I can do with myself. And they were saying, “You know, David, I still feel like that all the time. It never goes away. You’re always trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing next, even when you get older. It’s not something that just happens when you’re a teenager. It’s happening all the time.” That’s true. You don’t know what life’s going to throw at you … Who knows? The wildest things and craziest things could happen.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  73. emmegirl said

    That is one of his best interviews EVER and I love that interviewer! Think I’ll pop over to PopEater and leave a comment.

    screencap, thanks abrra.


  74. skydancer1x said

    Abrra, that was a great read this morning, thank you for posting~
    How wonderful is he?? ahhhh, I wouldn’t trade this wonderful ride we are on with this marvelous human being, for anything.


  75. MunkFOD said

    Abbra, Thanks for posting that awesome article! I think it is the best interview yet! and David is wise beyond his years! He is just plain awesome….

    OK….so I’m spazzing big time over all the Asian videos of David’s arrival! How fun is that! We need to have a big David party with the Asian fans! They are awesome! Love those guys!

    Have a happy day everyone!


  76. Abrra said

    When I read it the Pop Eater article, I realized that they actually treated him with respect and let him talk. A+ for PopEater

    You know I must put a picture, always!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  77. YJfanofdavid said

    Charming recap of his arrival. So much love. Gahh.

    10.00am: I’m stressing out because I get smses about David’s arrival and I cab down from dover after training all the way to freaking Changi Airport. Even though I changed I’m still gross and sweaty but Whatever.

    Waited at T3 for like two hours till 12.30. David doesn’t arrive. Many false alarms caused by yours truly. Then Sal tells us he’s at T1.

    We dont know what to believe at first. She reasoned that there’s no Sony people at T3 and she called Sony and they said T1. What time was the plane landing? 12.48pm. We have 10 minutes to run to the gate. All of us sprint to the skytrain and stampede T1. We squeeze to the front and wait. breathless.

    1.00pm: he’s still not out. We don’t know what that boy’s doing. Then he tweets and we freak out. A woman who’s with him messages that he’s in the toilet. FIXING HIS HAIR. THAT LOSER IS SO VAIN ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    A burst of high-pitched screams break out. It sets all of us into a screaming, jumping frenzy. We realise…false alarm. Rawrrr…

    We start singing Stomping the Roses, Elevator really loudly hoping he’d hear us. It was freaking awesome. Then we start chanting “David”.

    Suddenly, we spot him walking and everyone starts screaming and jumping and waving. “SHUT UP SHUT UP START SINGING” someone screams. We start with Stomping the Roses. We sang so loud for 15 minutes straight with Stomping the Roses, Elevator, Touch my hands, a thousand miles, crush, a little too not over you over and over.

    He’s still at the belts and we dont know what he’s doing. People keep walking out from the gates laughing and smiling at us. It’s awesome. Then Sal tells us he’s taking photos. Weiyan and I turn and start jumping and waving.


    Then he starts walking and we all scream. he doesn’t come out from the gate we’re positioned right in front of. He walks to the side gate. I scream “GO GO GO!” and we leave our bags in the middle of the airport floor and sprint to the side gate, literally shoving people out of our way. Someone steps on my slipper and I lose it. So I’m running with only one slipper on.

    I keep tapping him and kept saying “David”! The security guards were mad buff but cool. Everyone crowded and ran alongside tapping and talking (ok kinda shouting) at him. but he never stopped smiling. He was so gorgeous and nice. I tapped his waist because the guards were blocking his back.

    then I run in front of him and say:


    he stares at me for a while and with his uncapped sharpie he says “yeah!” and sticks out his hand. I can’t remember what his hand feels like because I was staring at his eyes and I’m not even kidding. They are green with golden sparkles. I feel like I’m going to die.

    He leaves the airport and we run after him screaming “THANK YOU FOR COMING DAVID WE LOVE YOU!”

    I run on his right and shout “SEE YOU ON SUNDAY AT ZOUK!” he looks at me, smiles and says “OH REALLY? THANKS!” and I tell him I begged for tickets.

    He gets in his van, we run to the side and we hit the window and start waving. He laughs. Weiyan puts her palm on the window and shouts HIGH FIVE and self fives herself to show him what she wants him to do. He understands, moves towards the window, kneels on the seat and places his palm against the glass window where weiyan’s palm is. We start putting our palms on the window too and we freak out. Linying forms a heart shape with her hands and he mouths thank you.

    The van drives of and I dash to the road. When it turns the corner, I’m the only one running after him and I wave and smile. I know he was looking right at me when he smiled and waved.

    My feet hurt so bad after that. my calves too.

    Oh my gosh today was an amazing day.

    I like the sony people and the US people following him. They’re cool this year (:

    I love you David forever and always.


  78. Abrra said

    That was a great recap! Haha

    Reading that made those crazy airport videos have a bit of clarity.



  79. djafan said

    Abrra, Nice pictures!

    That AOL interview is full of win, please leave comment.

    YJ, I’m loving Singapore fans!!!

    David at airport from yyacobsg!


  80. SandyBeaches said

    My oh my, that interview was enough to be an article all of its’ own Abrra!

    So many different energies with the fans of David. No more knee surgeries please anyone.

    He is an all around kind of guy and that shows it by the fan reactions at the airport. With those big security guards, they still crowded him and touched him as we saw. Fans have crowded stars like Robert Pattinson in the same way and they did it enpough to him that he was bumped by a passing car. How does it work, are the fans stronger than the guards? Does David say, “Sure let them have their hands on me”?

    I will commend the guards at Six Flags this summer for a perfect job of controlling the fans.



  81. djafan said

    Another great recap…sigh

    Friday, November 12, 2010, 7:49 AM
    do you hear me?

    Today, was IMPOSSIBLE.

    We’re all straining our necks, balancing on the bar and gluing ourselves to the glass doors of Terminal 3, anticipating and babbling about what songs we want to sing when he comes out and how painful our feet are and how we all need the toilet. I swear my intestines die when the flight lands and we see all these smart looking men walk out. None of them glow. Clara’s screaming out false alarms every five seconds and Weiyan’s just dying and Amelia’s frozen and I just kill myself.

    THEN we find out from Sal who calls Sony – that he’d be at Terminal 1! And arriving in 10 minutes. We flip. It’s a stampede, I swear, with everyone stomping (the roses) across the airport floor, shouldering everyone without apologising (doubt David would approve but…) and hopping into the skytrain, scrambling down the escalator and flailing our arms around like we’re crazy.

    The rest at the link!


  82. Julee said

    Just backtracking a bit to say that guest artists with the choir who have CDs typically do a signing after their Tab Choir appearance, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary and I think that David will be just fine!! He’s a pro.


  83. MT said

    Thanks to everyone for putting in all the videos and write-ups from the fans in Singapore. I was worried after seeing the first video last night that the fans wouldn’t be able to get close to David. Some of them were there for soooo long, I’m glad he was able to interact with them, even AFTER he was in the van. The crowd was large enough to show him that he is loved in Asia without being dangerously large.

    SB I, too, wonder sometimes what David tells security before he heads out into a crowd. He really didn’t seem to mind them touching him (from what I see in the videos.) He is all smiles and doing all he can for the fans in the short span of time he had. He really cares that they went through so much to welcome him. Just LOVE that about him.

    And, thanks to all the Singapore fans for their outpouring of love upon his arrival!


  84. Marciami said

    I give so little,
    and I receive so much.
    I am much more than grateful,
    to all here who love David as I do,
    and to be alive at this time in his life.
    What a beautiful gift to me.
    I don’t know how to understand this,
    or make sense of what I am feeling and doing,
    or explain it to others,
    so it is much better for me,
    if I let it be and live in the moment.
    I wish I could see what David sees with his eyes,
    and feel what he feels in his heart,
    and touch what is in his soul,
    but I can see and feel and hear what is in his Voice.
    David, you bring me a newfound sense of
    joy and peace and faith and hope for myself.

    I could Thank You forever David, and it wouldn’t be enough.


  85. djafan said

    Thanks Momjulee!

    MT, I agree, he didn’t seem to mind everyone reaching out to touch him.

    I have my tickets for December 29th!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get them here,

    Sign up to register for an “All Access” pass. They will e-mail you a link to confirm your registration.

    The sale goes until 10pm PST. The link to purchase tix is here. Use the password “ARCHIE”.


  86. TOfan said

    Beautiful post, SB, loved every word! I remember you mentioning your “dream” about David performing with the MoTab Choir, wow, just wow!

    And a big Happy Anniversary to The Voice!!!! big {{{hugs}}} to all!!!!



  87. Abrra said

    Thanks TOfan!

    {{{hugs}}} back at ya!



  88. bebereader said

    The Popeater interview – BEST INTERVIEW E-VER! So many good lines to dissect but for now I want to focus on The Singapore Fans! They are kind, loving people and it’s plain to see that they feel the same about David as we do. David has the same effect on people everywhere he goes, even on the other side of the world. They just want to touch him to convince themselves that he’s real. And he doesn’t seem to mind.

    All day I’m thinking, what time is it in Singapore….it’s almost 5 AM there now. Hope David and company had a good rest from that long flight.

    Marcia#84 Your writing is just beautiful!

    “David, you bring me a newfound sense of
    joy and peace and faith and hope for myself.

    I could Thank You forever David, and it wouldn’t be enough.”

    Ain’t that the charuth!

    djafan: Congrats on those tickets!
    West Coast fans: You’ve waited long enough!


  89. betsy said

    Silent Night sung by @DavidArchie and Orla Fallon is available for download on amazon on Tuesday, 11/16


  90. bebereader said

    Are you streaming “Falling Stars” today?

    I’ll make it easy for you.
    Here’s the link:

    Betsy: That’s great news! Thanks!


  91. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy, that is wonderful news, thank you. I look forward to downloading their beautiful song.



  92. bebereader said

    1)Sirius Top 20 Link:

    Request Falling Stars – David Archuleta

    2)J-14 Magazine Cover

    Vote for David now:


  93. bebereader said

    Vote for the best album of 2010 at

    TOSOD is not listed. Write it and David’s name in the space marked “Other”.


  94. Shawna said

    SB, this article is so truly amazing. You did awesome with it. I actually could have been the first to comment on it, cause I saw it as soon as it was posted, but have been a bit busy entertaining a 20 month old for the last few days. Lovin it though. I would have commented right then, but I was on my iphone and writing more than a few words on that is too challenging for me. Would never have gone to bed doing it, that is how long it would have taken.
    I so hope I get to meet you when you come to SLC in December. I want to meet everyone who comes in December actually. I can hardly wait and so hope it happens that I will. It would be so nice to put a face to all the wonderful people who are here at “The Voice”!

    DJA, I so want to go to the Anaheim concert at “The Grove” but can’t get a hold of Claudia and Patti to see if they want to go on a road trip with me. Patti is in Mexico, and Claudia is in New York and I am here, and they haven’t gotten back to me about if they want to go or not. I can’t drive all that way by myself, and I don’t want to waste my David funds on a flight to get there. Hopefully if they decide they can go there will still be tickets left. Fingers crossedXXX!!!

    Just gotta say, I love it here at “The Voice”! :)))))


  95. bebereader said in Philadelphia:

    We get to have ANOTHER one of our favs at #JingleBall! But we don’t know who! Help! @davidarchie or @thecodysimpson?

    Vote for David here:


  96. Kipper said

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to say I posted notice of 4 MOTAB concert tickets that I have available for Thursday, December 16, if anyone interested (posted on the MOTAB page, but just not sure if I should post here too).



  97. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    That is such a nice thing for you to offer.

    Kipper says,”I do have 4 tickets available to the Thursday, December 16, MOTAB concert, if anyone is interested. I will not be able to attend.ipper says, ”

    Run to the top of the page and click the link to get Kipper’s contact email address.



  98. Kipper said

    Wow! That was fast! All 4 of my tickets are now taken! Can’t believe the list of requests! Hope you ALL who are able to attend have a WONDERFUL time! Wish I were going with you!


  99. silverfox said

    It is currently 7 AM, Saturday, Nov 12. Temperature: 79 °F Comfort Level: 82 °F. High temp will be 89, partly sunny & warm, in Singapore…in case anyone is wondering. 🙂

    Also, I changed my mind about thinking David having a CD signing at a the bookstore was not a very good idea. Since he will do the signing AFTER the Friday MOTAB concert..well that changes things entirely. I would love to be able to say a few words to him if I can. And that is a big “IF”. 😀

    I’ve been listening to this all day…It’s one of my favorites by David and I will never understand why it did not make his first album. I’m just so glad it was included as a bonus track…


  100. Shawna said

    Just asked my husband if he ever checked his actual mail at work to see if he won tickets, and he said “NO” ! Does he not know there are several fans here who still don’t have tickets and would love to know if u have extras! Duh, where is his brain I wonder sometimes! This is important!!! Very important!!


  101. SandyBeaches said

    Shawna…It will be good if everyone can get together. Thank you for your comments in regards to the article. It is such a pleasure to wrtie about David and his music.

    Check the ticket page!! 😉



  102. djafan said

    He awakens!


    Good morning! Just had a great breakfast to start off the day. 4 minutes ago via web Retweeted by you and 71 others


  103. emmegirl said

    Name the artists… 19 or whatever age, who can pull this off.

    (Yep, I already have my wine and settling in on youtube for the evening. Sure hope my hubby isn’t hungry)


  104. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    to The Voice!

    SF: That SOT/SLC was something else! The entire concert is one of my favorites to watch on youtube. Thanks for the reminder. 😀

    Emmegirl: I can only name one and he’s right there! 😉

    Use this link to request David’s songs at Ryan Seacrest’s Top 40.


  105. Kipper said

    Bebe ~ thank you so much for the WELCOME! I just couldn’t let those MOTAB tickets go to waste so had to speak up. Back to lurkdom I go!


  106. betsy said

    Loving the SOT and Elevator videos posted.
    Except that I then went to youtube and it’s like the Twilight Zone there. You know what I mean. 🙂 Can’t hardly get out.

    Here is a memory I found from last month. After reading the recent interview where he talks about how personal this song is, I had to listen again.


  107. emmegirl said

    Betsy,the David youtube quagmire…it takes a lot of fortitude to find your way out! And thanks for that beautiful MKOP.

    One of the mediabase request forms for a semi-local station has Crush, Elevator and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, yea, but the station reception isn’t good for me so I don’t listen to it, boo hoo. But I am going to start requesting HYAMLC on some of the other request forms too.


  108. betsy said

    They just played Have yourself a merry little christmas here, on our local station out of Detroit! 🙂 100.3 WNIC


  109. bebereader said


    We love the mix of voices here. Please don’t stay away for too long! 😀

    Betsy!!! So good to hear!

    Here’s a list of Top 40 and Hot AC (Adult Contemporary) stations in the U.S.

    To request David’s songs online:

    Click the link, then your state.
    Find the mediabase link.
    Go down to the bottom of the page and write in all 3 songs (Something ‘Bout Love, Elevator and Falling Stars) HYAMLC, too. Then type in the confirmation code.
    Last, click ‘submit’.

    I’m beginning to read on Twitter that stations are spinning the songs! It’s slow but it’s getting there!


  110. emmegirl said

    Betsy, WOOOOHOOOO 🙂


  111. Lynnella said

    SB – I loved your article. It has helped me understand why I feel the way I do about David. I’m an older fan, and thought I probably had seen all of the really good singers of my day(50’s/60’s). But, since I’m still here, I’d like to think my day hasn’t totally past. I know we still have a few with us, but a lot of the really good singers have gone on before us. The current group of younger singers didn’t inspire me much, and I had all but given up on hearing that one special talent to give me hope that the next generation of folks would ever have a really great singer. Then that magical night, watching American Idol, a beautiful young man sang Waiting on the World to Change. In a way, that song was prophetic. The world was waiting for him to come along and make it change. Sometimes a special moment comes along, and you just know that you are witnessing something so profound, that it was destined to be. That’s the way it was that night. I know in my heart that David is destined for greater things than I can imagine. Things that I hope I live long enough to get to see. I had a great Aunt who lived to be 109. I always said I didn’t want to live that long, but maybe now I’m changing my mind. Like the song says, I don’t want to miss a thing.


  112. djafan said

    Oh my another David appearance in LA!!!!


    NOV 21-Tree Lighting at The Grove CHARICE, David Archuleta, Jesse McCartney. Mario Lopez hosting #switch2glide

    Join us for our annual Christmas Tree Lighting Sunday, November 21st at 7:30pm.


    Musical Performances
    Towering 100 ft. Tree
    15,000 Lights
    Santa Claus & Fireworks
    Magical Snowfall


  113. Marciami said

    **********HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE VOICE**********

    Thank you Angelica, Djafan, Bebereader, and Abrra for creating a warm, accepting, and loving place – a “good place” it is to visit and talk David.
    I found The Voice through FG after you had started and it is a daily stop, well many daily stops, for me. Thank you FG for bringing me here:))))
    I love how you said that you look forward to “many more years together” – that makes me very happy. I’ll be here too. Thanks so much to all of you, and others,for all of your hard work. You make so many people laugh and cry with joy, and brighten their days with David love. BRAVO


  114. bebereader said


    I never made the correlation between David auditioning to “Waiting On The World To Change” and

    “The world was waiting for him to come along and make it change. Sometimes a special moment comes along, and you just know that you are witnessing something so profound, that it was destined to be. That’s the way it was that night.”

    I really think you’re on to something there!
    Thank you for your comment.

    Marciami Thanks! 😀

    Tweet from MelindaWEG:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “Doing Press Phoners today”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “TV interviews now with @DavidArchie “


  115. bebereader said

    Per his tweets, @BoyThunder913 will be doing a live interview with David outside his hotel suite on Monday 10 am, Singapore time. That would make it 9PM EST Sunday night.

    Just to clarify, i will be doing a live outdoor broadcast from his hotel suite. Maddy is in the station receiving our voices. Live from 10am about 1 hour ago via Twitterrific

    @DavidArchie hey will be meeting you monday morning for a live radio interview 🙂 seeya then! How ya finding singapore? about 1 hour ago via Twitterrific in reply to DavidArchie

    You can listen live at this link:


  116. bebereader said

    Crystal clear video of David arriving at Changi Airport

    credit fSteven


  117. Abrra said

    Thanks for posting. fSteven knows how its done. Stay back, stay calm, get the footage.

    #111 Lynella

    I can’t express how insightful your post was for me. It says so much.

    “Sometimes a special moment comes along, and you just know that you are witnessing something so profound, that it was destined to be. ”

    That may be the one thing that draws us to his voice and him as a person. That we can share in his destiny, live in his time line. We are blessed.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  118. Abrra said

    Mash Up of David Archuleta arriving at Changi Airport Video by sdlighter I added a song to it.

    This video screamed out for some music to spice it up 😉



  119. Abrra said

    From Twitter it looks like David visited a DJ to and signed some CD’s.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Akizz Tafarie

    Edit Abrra flipped the image so David is left handed again 😉

    David’s stage. Looks like they will do autographs right there.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit ValerieGDA on twitter



  120. SandyBeaches said

    Lynella…It is so nice to hear from you and I am pleased that you enjoyed the article. Come back again! Everyone has a different flair in their writing and yours is most pleasant.

    The picture of David #114, tweeted from MelindaWEG could be made into a painting or simply framed as is. It is peaceful, quiet and relaxed (feet crossed, David’s symbolic water bottle) but something important is going on and that is the phone call. I will leave it at that, I won’t go on!

    Happy Saturday!



  121. Tawna21 said

    Abrra #119–isn’t David using his right hand? I’ve tried all different angles–even stood on my head, and I still his right hand.



  122. Abrra said

    Lol It sure looks like it. I had to flip that picture to get it upright. That is how it came out. I will see if I can rotate it some more to get the correct view. I out on my dog walk but will try to fix it when I get home.



  123. MunkFOD said

    HI! just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the great pictures, videos, comments and articles! I come here every day and love it! So hope everyone has a great day today and thanks again!


  124. MT said

    That photo in 119 is a like a negative, look at the photo on the CD cover, it’s backwards, and the title is a mirror immage as well. I do believe David is using his left hand, but in the mirror image it appears to be his right.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. lol 🙂


  125. JEB said

    Good morning! De-lurking to ask if some of you good people on this site could contact Fly 92.3 FM Albany, NY to request that David be invited to perform at their Jingle Jam concert which is being held Dec 6th at the Times Union Center (same place as the Idol tour). They have said that they are still adding acts and I’d love for David to be invited. If he gets enough of these shows maybe he can bring a full band…there is rumor that he also may be chosen for Philly’s jingle jam for Dec 8th (see poll on FOD site). The most pro-David DJ at Fly 92.3 is Marissa and she can be contacted at twitter (MarissaOnFly) or e-mail Even if you are out of the area you could say you’d travel to the concert if he’s invited or on twitter they may not be able to tell your location. Thanks for any help!! I love this site but usually only lurk!!! Have a great weekend!!!


  126. Abrra said


    Post more! Once you delurk, you can never go back! Thanks for the info.

    Tawna and MT

    I went back and flipped the images right to left that I got from the DJ’s twitter page, so they should be correct now in #119.



  127. Kipper said

    Abrra, what just happened!

    What was that beautiful David song (Day After Tomorrow?) that you posted above in #118? Where did it come from and when did he sing it? How did i miss that one ~ WOW!

    Thanks for the fun video ~ I can surely see why he LOVES his Asian fans ~ so cute how they RUN after David at the end!


  128. Abrra said

    Its the bonus track when you buy the Cd from iTunes.



  129. Marylee said

    “All of us who gather here
    Have been granted the grace
    To be etched forever in his dreams”

    Lovely/heartfelt article, SandyBeaches – seeing the image of David leaving his heart on the stage Finale night reminded me of of a feeling that came over me at that moment. I knew then & there, no matter what the outcome, David would live his dream & to witness it is a blessing.


  130. Kipper said

    Abrra, thanks for letting me know about the bonus track! I’d forgotten all about that one, since Itunes is somehow “stuck” on my computer, so I wasn’t able to get that one. It’s gorgeous! I’ll save it to my desk top now! Thanks so much ~ you must have put it on that video just for me! lol!


  131. Lynnella said

    Thanks for the kind words. I am so thankful for this website. It’s a safe place to express my feelings for David, without being judged and comdemned, like I am by some of my friends and family. I have been a fan of other singers over the years, but never have I felt such a strong connection to anyone’s voice. He has such a sweet, gentle and kind spirit, and it just comes through in every song and interview. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this very special young man. He deserves all the good things coming his way.


  132. MunkFOD said

    Lynnella, My thoughts exactly! ditto! 😀 I’m hooked for good!


  133. Lynnella said

    #114 I know we’ve been talking about David’s destiny, but could it be that we have a destiny to be David’s fans and supporters. None of us can fully explain the way we feel, nor can we change the way we feel. That old expression about a leopard not being able to change his spots, took on new meaning when I found out that a leopard, under his fur, also has spotted skin. Somewhere in our being there is a spot that was predestined for us to unconditionally love David Archuleta. I’m not sure where it is, but I’m pretty sure it’s near the heart.


  134. Abrra said

    Go to your control panel and Uninstall iTunes. Then go get it again and reinstall.

    It will be all fixed. Everything you had will be right there again. I have had the same problem in the past. You do not lose anything, as all your music and stuff is on the iTunes server. You access it with their software.



  135. ray said

    #133 lynnella i have been thinking that same thing,because in my 77 years i have never been a fan of anybody and have met manny celbs,in my time. but david can,t explain it


  136. Tawna21 said

    Abrra #126–thanks–he looks much more comfortable!!lol



  137. djafan said


    Welcome delurkers!!! Love reading what you have to say.

    Lynnella and Ray,

    I’d never been a fan of anyone but this connection is so strong and unexplainable that I also feel that this is also some sort of predestined thing we’re supposed to be doing, feeling, it just feels right.

    The Other Side of Down on sale. Screaming Christmas presents!

    I looooooooooove the description.

    David Archuleta Composer, David Archuleta Vocals (Background), David Archuleta Clapping, David Archuleta Inspiration, David Archuleta Snaps, David Archuleta Main Performer

    Audio Compact Disc

    Usually Ships Within 48 Hours.

    List Price: $12.98

    $6.99 You Save: $5.99


  138. Heidijoy said

    Thanks DJfan, I ordered three CD’s from gohastings. That’s well worth spreading the word. Don’t know who will get them yet but couldn’t pass up a bargain!!! ..and of course want to help my favorite artist.

    Nice to see all the new faces and thanks Abrra for the pictures etc.


  139. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And don’t forget the cellcast EARLY Sunday Nov 14, 4.30am EST / 1.30am PST

    David Beyond Borders is bringing you a cellcast of David Archuleta’s showcase in Singapore on Sunday November 14, hosted by our lovely webmistress Bianca.

    Cellcast site:

    Time: Nov 14, 5.30pm local Singapore time (Nov 14, 4.30am EST / 1.30am PST)

    The showcase is at Zouk, an indoor clubbing venue, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that there is good cellphone reception in the building.



  140. Abrra said

    More Interviews today for David!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    “When he talk his eyes sparkling.”~kaWanku magazine

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    “Afternoon chat with @DavidArchie. Soooo happy. Thx a lot Archie.” ~kaWanku magazine

    They treat him like the STAR that he IS!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  141. Suzy-Q said

    Lynnella, I feel the same way as you. I feel like I have known David all of my life. He just fits so well into my heart. It’s like your own children. Like they have always been a part of you. Now, I can’t imagine life without them or him. I am an older fan, and I also admit that I didn’t care if I lived a long long life. Now, like you, I don’t want to miss out. The best is yet to be.


  142. David is on front page of AOL – run & go check it out! “David Archuleta is looking for love.” It is the PopEater article.


  143. oops! Page 2 of 9.


  144. Abrra said


    I posted the popEater article in # 77 above this morning.



  145. Kipper said

    Abrra, thanks for trying to help ~ I am so computer-challenged!
    I wish it were as easy as you said ~ I did try that a while back, it didn’t work, so I had a friend come over who usually knows what she’s doing, but she got it even more stuck! 😦
    So now I’m back where I started again, dangit!

    I did try your instructions before I left this afternoon, for about 30 mins. to no avail. But that’s ok. I’m waiting until I have some “MAJOR” problems before calling my computer techie guy ~ and then I’ll ask him about my Itunes problem too.

    Still, I’m soooo glad I finally got to hear that song! I just had another birthday, so I considered that one of my most-valued birthday presents. Thanks again!


  146. Abrra said

    When all else fails, call a 15 yr old to help. Seriously. Basically the problem is that your iTunes is most likely out of date and needs the newest version ver 10. It will not launch when you click it (?) because the .exe file is out of sync. Once you get the old version uninstalled off your system, and download the newest version , it should work. Beyond that, if it does not work, then you may have something else going on with your system.

    The first step is to get the latest version and go from there.



  147. Tawna21 said

    from out of nowhere–I have a dream–to hear David sing “Little Drummer Boy”–I will have died and gone to heaven if he ever sings this song. With his spirit and hand movements it will never be the same–it brings tears to my eyes to imagine it.

    back to house cleaning.



  148. River said

    Well folks, been awol a bit because my expected grandbabyboy decided he didn’t want to miss Thanksgiving and arrived 6 weeks early. I was there when he was born and I still can’t believe he’s here. He has some catching up to do but he’s doing fine, as is his mom. I am so very grateful I just don’t know where to begin. Another miracle in my already full life. I just wish my late husband had been here to welcome him.


  149. MT said

    148 River …
    Must have been scary. I’m so glad to hear they are both doing well. Enjoy the little one!!


  150. silverfox said

    River! Congratulations! Is this your first grandchild? Glad to hear all is fine with mom & baby AND of course with the obviously overjoyed Grandma! 😀


  151. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    From all of us at The Voice



  152. silverfox said

    In Singapore, it is 9:30 AM, Sunday morning Nov 14th. Current temp 81 with a high of 89 & chance of thunderstorms today…In case you are wondering. 🙂

    GOOD MORNING, David! Thinking of you constantly & hoping your stay in Singapore is all you hoped it would be & more! Have fun today & please take care! Keep with you our love & prayers. Contigo Siempre!


  153. River said

    Thank you all, especially my pal Abrra.. how dear. Our new boy’s name is Graeme and he’s my 3rd grandchild. How can this be when I think I’m 30. LOL.


  154. Abrra said


    For some reason I am thinking he did sing that on the Orla Fallon Christmas show. SB or SF ? Did he?



  155. bebereader said

    Been offline most of the day!

    Congratulations, River, on your new grandbaby!
    May he bring you lots and lots of happiness! 😀


  156. bebereader said

    More good news today from Betsy on Twitter from her job:

    Hey everybody! There is a new xmas cd out and we have it- and 16 minutes ago via txt

    It’s called “melodies of christmas, men of christmas” yep, d is on it. 11 minutes ago via txt

    In other words, there’s a new Christmas CD on the market called “Melodies of Christmas, Men of Christmas” and David’s song “Melodies of Christmas is the second track! It’s from Sony Music.


    1 This Christmas Brown
    2 Melodies Of Christmas Archuleta
    3 Pretty Paper Chesney
    4 Must Be Santa Dylan
    5 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Taylor
    6 My Favorite Things Bennett
    7 Silver Bells Presley
    8 I’ll Be Home For Christmas Paisley
    9 O Holy Night N Sync
    10 Every Year, Every Christmas Vandross
    11 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Lonely Boys 12 (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) Aiken
    13 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Botti
    14 Panis Angelicus Divo

    Pictures sent by Betsy via text from her job!
    Thanks, Betsy!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  157. bebereader said

    Join us for Saturday Night chat in The Voice Unplugged!


  158. SandyBeaches said

    David did do “Melodies of Christmas” but it does not appear to have made the cuts for Orla’s CD or DVD. Bebe, that CD sounds quite funny with its song list. I guess it is for real? Quite a mix of men!



  159. Heidijoy said

    congrats River!Best wishes to all.

    Bebe, I’ll have to check out that Melodies of Christmas,Men of Christmas. So Happy that David has his very own song on there. Hope hope hope they start advertising this and his other stuff.
    Don’t mean to preach to the Choir.


  160. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe…I need an ‘Unplugged’ time for this evening because I am still in a meeting and then at a press conference folowed by a late dinner downtown, and well I just need to know! ;0 😉 🙂



  161. SandyBeaches said

    The smilie didn’t make the cut!!


  162. bebereader said

    SB It’s for real! Pictures above!


  163. SandyBeaches said

    #139 Abrra…Could you please make the first picture of David just a little bit bigger please? I am trying to count the sparkles of gold in his eyes. Oh just kidding, I am having the urge to spam after all it is “Saturday NIGHT!!” Now I will settle, promise Bebe…

    Seriously…Congratulations River you have been blessed with another grandchild!


  164. archiesfan4life said

    It has been so hard to wait to share this with all of you, but I wanted to be absolutely sure it was going to work out before I posted, but this morning my friend mamasaun and I made my reservations for Utah!!!

    I won tickets for Saturday night’s concert, but had planned on giving them to my fellow ODDer (mamasaun) when she told me her husband offered me sky miles to come to Utah – I couldn’t believe it!

    She and I met on ND two years ago and have become such good friends and we always talked about getting to meet face to face. What could be better than finally getting to meet her AND see David AND the MOTAB together!!!!

    I still can’t believe this is happening!


  165. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe..Only two out of three made the cut! The Unplugged time please! Seriously, my schedule is tight enough that I need to know! I can’t be serious anymore…I was doing Christmas shopping today and that may be it, I have lost my shopping attention span.



  166. SandyBeaches said

    Archiesfan4life!! We love you sharing the exciting news and it is exciting to hear when more fans have been able to plan to be there! Congratulations! I think that David will be happy to know that some fans were able to get tickets!!



  167. Lynnella said

    SuzyQ, #141
    When I was 60, I once told someone I would like to say I was middle aged, but I don’t think I’ll live to be 120. Now I may give it a shot. Since I have a grandson David’s age, and 4 others younger, I have a lot of incentive to live as long as possible to see what wonderful people they all turn out to be. I hope you know, I’m including David with my grandchildren (haha). He doesn’t know he’s got an extra grandmother, but some day I hope to tell him, if I ever make it to a concert. Give’s me something to look forward to.


  168. Abrra said

    Get real, woman! I put them at 600×800 and wordpress either gives me big or not . Its weird.



  169. SandyBeaches said

    Than you Bebe…I see it now, my pc had not downloaded all of the pictures. That is great using David’s song title name for the CD cover! Sorry I was rushing my reading, I haven’t settled from the Saturday shopping!



  170. SandyBeaches said

    I am real Abrra!!

    Lynnella…David has many grandmothers and hopefully you can never have too many!



  171. SandyBeaches said

    You know, it is not anything that has made me feel any more excited at the moment than knowing that David is in a good place right now. I love the reception that he receives when he travels there and the energy given by the fans is wonderful for any star.



  172. Heidijoy said

    Have to agree SandyBeaches! Also ordered a couple of those Melodies of Christmas/Men of Christmas. Thanks Betsy,Bebe for the heads up.


  173. Tawna21 said

    Betsy–where can this cd be picked up/ordered?



  174. Abrra said

    Betsy is at work, so I will help ya. She works at Walgreen Drugstore. They have it for sale. Maybe you can check locally? Or search it on Google. I tried to post a link but its too long and cuts off.



  175. Suzy-Q said

    #167 Lynnella, Yeah, several of us have adopted David into our families. I have a grandson his age too. In fact he is very musically talented. He plays guitar and he plays the drums in a band. He’s not a great singer though.
    Congratulations to River! It’s great being a grandmother!!


  176. bebereader said

    AF4L#164 So happy for you!! I can only imagine how you feel, going to UT, finally meeting a good friend you made online and seeing David at the MoTab! Jumping for joy for you, my Bookends friend!!! 😀 😀 😀

    SB Glad to see you in chat now! haha I’m talking to you in both places at the same time. Double the fun, SB! 😀

    Tawna: Betsy is so excited, you should have heard her on the phone!

    Thanks Abs, for giving Tawna the info on purchasing “Melodies of Christmas”. The CD is selling for $6.99 in Walgreen’s, $9.47 at online.


  177. SandyBeaches said

    Some of us are over on ‘The Voice Unplugged’ and enjoying every minute listening to David sing songs from his tour last Christmas. We were listening to David sing “The Prayer of The Children”. This beautiful song is perhaps in one of David’s lifelong dreams…



  178. jackryan4DA said

    1st of – Happy anniversary TheVOICE! It’s been a year, who knew!

    2nd – SB thanks for a truly lovely article. I too, when I was still in my lonesome here in Manila – not knowing that there were tons of cra-zeh archies around the world inflicted with the not yet diagnosed ODD – dreamt of MOTAB for David (the other one is a recording/performance @ The Abbey Road Studio). So I literally jumped for joy when I heard of the invite for him from MOTAB, even before he hit 20! For artists like David, and for souls like him, there will always be a bright, meaningful and substantive future 🙂

    3rd, a little update from this side of the world for DALIM 2.0 – that’s David Archuleta Live in Manila

    Here’s the sked

    16Nov(Tues)- DA arrives MNL; Pinoy Archies will welcome him
    – DA to hotel where another group of Pinoy Archies will also welcome him

    From thereon, he will stay in the hotel to conduct the media rounds – radio/TV/1-on-1 interviews, special features, presscon, phoners, etc… till the afternoon of the 17th (Wed) for the Mall Show / M&G.

    Just like in SG where he conducted 20 interviews in a day, his sked is a bit punishing here. I dunno how they can fit all the interviews scheduled for him and still have great voice for

    17Nov (Wed) – Mall Show/M&G at 5pm. Lots of promo for this event. The whole ShoeMart Mall has tons of huge, gorgeous & strategically located posters/standees 🙂

    Regular Standees (big ones are 4x)

    Regular Posters


    Edit: See comment #180 for the rest of JR’s comment.


  179. Tawna21 said

    #174–thanks Abrra–there’s a Walgreen’s right next to where I work–it looks like kind of a fun one to have for variety.



  180. bebereader said

    JR#178 Thank you for the info!!!

    I broke your comment into two parts and wordpress is fine with it now.

    Here’s the rest of JR’s post #178

    Pix of a an ordinary stage set-up at SkyDome

    Pinoy Archies will have t-shirts


    And of course banners to greet, him! Goodness, I hope he sings CRAZY…

    There are 2 types of passes available to watch David

    1. Buy TOSOD CD (Php435/$10++) at the SkyDome Gate. 1st 400 will get their CDs signed and seat at the floor seated section.

    2. Buy 3 SM Eco bags (Php160/$3.75++). This is perfect for those who do not want to buy another CD but want to watch the show. However, no CD signing & they occupy the bleachers. We asked the booth ladies yesterday and they said ticket sales is brisk!

    18Nov (Wed) – DA leaves for the US

    Of course we are all stoked, spazzing & giddy w/ excitement.

    JR here, sleepless in Manila


  181. Abrra said

    Just a quick update. I was at the cellcast. David came on about 5:30am est . The sound was just great ( better cell phones ) over Skype. Larissa called from Singapore to Bianca in Washington state. We had a little over 200 fans in the room for the show. He sang Elevator,TOSOD,MKOP,Crush and SBL.
    Here are a few of the pictures that cam across twitter during the cellcast.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit MelindaBell

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    “Mr @DavidArchie on the piano for “My Kind of Perfect”. Amazing vocals! My friend became an Archie convert. Lol! ”
    credit theandrenaline

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    “David Archuleta on piano My Kind of Perfect”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    “David Archuleta singing his last song. Something About Love”
    credit gamerz

    The crowd tried their hardest to bring him back for an encore. 😦 Didn’t happen.

    Back to bed for me. See you all later today.



  182. SandyBeaches said

    Good Sunday morning.

    David & Charice will be together at a Christmas gathering in Cali. very soon. I am guessing that they just might sing their Christmas duet. I am looking forward to the possibility.



  183. Kizzi said

    Good Morning to everyone at The Voice. A belated Happy Anniversary wish to you. Hugs!!


  184. Abrra said

    Thanks Kizzi! Loved your article on AFS
    David Archuleta: Where the Heart Is ( readers need to scroll down)



  185. skydancer1x said

    Good Morning everyone.
    Abrra, thank you for the update and pics, and hope you are logging some good zzzzzzzzzzz’s right now.
    (I set my alarm for 3:15 central to be sure to wake up for the cellcast, but woke up to whaat?the hey?? sunshine?! Dang it!NOOOOOOO!however, my alarm should go off…at 3:15…………PM!)Do I feel stuck on stupid? uh-huh.

    Hi SB, Kizzi, have a good Sunday! Hope some vids come in today! Looks like David had a great night!


  186. Abrra said

    I didn’t sleep much. I had wild dreams.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    I was a contestant on the Dr. Phil Game Show. 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    There will be more updates in a bit. Djafan and Bebe are compiling various media and info.

    Hang on 🙂



  187. bebereader said

    Great job, Abs!
    I couldn’t make it to the cellcast.
    Had to wake up early for a family gathering.


    credit booradleigh

    *waves to Kizzi and SB and Skydancer*


  188. bebereader said


    credit booradleigh


  189. bebereader said


    credit booradleigh


  190. bebereader said

    Random singing….*THUD*

    credit pinkamech


  191. bebereader said

    Fans singing part of SBL!

    credit HeavenlyGolden


  192. bebereader said

    Something ‘Bout Love

    (Warning: Wail at beginning. I warned you! LOL)

    credit Hayusah08


  193. bebereader said


    credit pinkamech


  194. silverfox said

    Good morning everyone!

    David was superb as usual earlier “today”. Since it is almost midnight in Singapore and David is asleep or trying to come down from the natural high he gets after a performance, so he CAN get to sleep, to David…

    David, Buenas Noches! Sleep well with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! Take care.

    On another note..I just want to bring this up here & I hope jackryan4DA doesn’t mind. I just think everyone should know what an incredible woman she is. Not to mention one of the most devoted and inspiring fans of David. She does so much for us. She has incredible technical skills which she uses to bring us information we otherwise may not get as quickly as we do, or at all, because of her generosity in sharing. And that is my point in this…she SHARES. She doesn’t have to. JR is an Admin for another fan site, ND. Yet she realizes, correctly IMO, that it’s ALL ABOUT DAVID, so she shares the information she tirelessly gathers with other fan sites. I just find that to be so incredibly generous from an incredibly loving & generous spirit. No other Admin with her expertise does this and I just wanted to thank her here.

    Let me explain. A few weeks ago, JR & her children were involved in a traumatic experience which many of us would have become unglued and perhaps taken a long leave from this crazy fan world we are involved in. But instead, she kept on. She “put one foot in front of the other” and continued to give & share with us, while still making sure her children kept faith that there’s more good in humans than not. She is young enough to be my daughter but she is an inspiration to me. I may never meet her in person as she lives on the other side of the world, but if I could have one wish come true, it would NOT be for ME to meet her, but it would be for her to meet and spend even a few precious moments with another kind, gentle, generous & loving spirit, David Archuleta.

    Forgive me JR, if I’ve overstepped, but I just had to do this. {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}


  195. wowArchie said

    My very first David concert today was perfect!

    Everything was so beautiful! Even David’s skin!! Always read about you guys’ experiences, always wonder how it feels like in person. Today, ha ha ha, I got it all!

    The Archu-growls in TOSOD, the lip-licking in MKOP, the interactions and singing along in SBL & Elevator, the sparkling eyes, that famous pretty smile……! woo hoot…. I heard them! I saw them!!!

    The best part was that I had the chance to tell Mr. Alfredo that we enjoyed the show very much
    before he got on the bus. And, my lucky son got to shake hands with Alfredo and HAD A Hi-five WITH DAVID before he left the club ZOUK.



  196. Heidijoy said

    Thank you all for all you do to keep us informed…and Silverfox I say Amen re: JR is one of the most dedicated fans and I appreciate all that she does. Lord, Help her meet David in the Phillipines.


  197. bebereader said


    Very well said. We appreciate all that JR so selflessly sends our way, and now moreso, in light of what you shared with us.


    You are an inspiration to all of us. Somehow, saying “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough right now but please know that we, at The Voice, are grateful for all that bring our way. {{{Hugs}}}


  198. bebereader said

    Here’s another one. I love the banter with the audience.

    credit starafar


  199. bebereader said


    Thanks for your recap!!

    I always love reading about a fan’s first concert experience, seeing David live!

    Your son must have been overjoyed to high-five with David and shake hands with Alfredo!!!

    Were you able to meet David, too?


  200. WowArchie said

    Hi Bebereader,
    My 6-yr-old son is very tiny, I had to carry him up to David’s height so that would be easier for him to get the precious hi 5. Therefore, I sacrificed and let my son have it. In fact, you can imagine How much I wanted to touch his man-hand!!
    2:36am in Singapore now, just can’t fall asleep, that skin, gosh, that skin on David’s face is so smooth! Like Japanese type of pudding, like milkJello. Ok, I hope I could give it a bite in my dream tonight. Off to sleep..


  201. Abrra said


    You witnessed the Archuglow. It can render you speechless. Nice that you gave your son the opportunity he will remember for a lifetime.



  202. WowArchie said

    Yes Abrra,
    We hugged and kisses each other during David’s performance at least a thousand times— too excited! And my son shouted “David I love you!!” many times. Too bad it’s too far from the stage . David couldn’t hear. But it’s ok. We really had a wonderful time there.


  203. silverfox said

    WowArchie, I can feel the love & excitement you felt being in David’s presence. It’s a feeling like no other! But hope you are sleeping now. 😆

    Regarding my “Thanks to JR above..I must make a correction. JR is an Admin of TDC, not ND. I have no excuse for that slip other than it happens when you are older than dirt. 😉 😆


  204. bebereader said


    You gave me chills because you’re half way around the world and are experiencing exactly the same feelings everyone else with ODD has, no matter where they live, upon meeting David for the first time.

    The love for David from the fans in Singapore is so apparent when watching these vidoes. And David notices it too. Thank you and the Singapore fans for being so generous with your feelings for David.

    “2:36am in Singapore now, just can’t fall asleep, that skin, gosh, that skin on David’s face is so smooth! Like Japanese type of pudding, like milkJello. Ok, I hope I could give it a bite in my dream tonight. Off to sleep..”

    He’s so beauiful, inside and out.
    A sight to behold!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  205. Marciami said

    Abrra – did you win the game?? Hope your dream didn’t stop before the game was over – hate it stopping in the middle of something – so unresolved!

    Thanks for all your hard work, as well as all the others, for getting all these wonders up for us.


  206. Abrra said


    I don’t know if I won. There was a foot race and some other woman was giving me the elbow as we ran side by side.

    Then I woke up. 😉



  207. bebereader said

    Best set of videos so far!
    credit: starafar

    Part 1 Intro

    Part 2 Elevator

    Part 3 TOSOD Intro


  208. bebereader said

    Part 4 TOSOD

    Part 5 Shirts

    Part 6 MKOP


  209. bebereader said

    Part 7 Crush

    Part 8 Thank Yous and SBL Intro

    Part 9 SBL


  210. SandyBeaches said

    This has been something to smile about. 😉 He is mastering the art of stage presentation beautifully and is so looking “20”. It appears to be a great visit for David and Alfredo.

    Around 2:55 of MKOP #189 I saw a sweetheart of an expression that I have not seen before so we will add that to his long list of “cool expressions by David”.

    Thank you JR, I am so pleased that Silverfox properly acknowledged you (and that is from all of us), just how much we appreciate you keeping us up to date with all things David. You are a big part of the workings of the sites. Thank you for your comment, I am pleased that you enjoyed the above article!



  211. archangel48 said

    Silverfox, you are very kind to share your appreciation for JR4da in such a humble way. I have “known” you both since the onset of some sites that are long gone. It always touches me to know the depth of both of your dedication to sharing your feelings and expertise in what you do regarding “our David”. LOL! Thank-you doesn’t sound like enough, but that is all in how it’s being sent. I ♥ all of you lovely ladies and gents on ALL the fansites that spread the love. The VOICE is just the site I enjoy daily for there is a “feeling” here like no other. I have a hard time expressing, so I hope I made sense. 😀


  212. djafan said

    Hello everyone!!!!

    Been away, sometimes real life comes a knocking but I feel so blessed to be able to have this place and all things David to lift you up.

    Wowarchie, so happy for you and thank you for sharing your experience.

    SB, I feel your excitement, I and a slew of family will be at The Grove for the tree lighting. I have a feeling that the duet just might happen.

    Ditto to all the appreciation for JR, she is a tireless supporter of David.

    I’m loving all the videos and pictures and the Singapore’s for getting David.

    @DavidArchie tweets!

    It’s 5:30 AM on a monday here actually. But I’m going back to bed for a little anyway haha. RT amandapaiiigex3 :O ITS SUNDAY.
    16 minutes ago via web .

    My sleeping schedule is a little thrown off with the time difference here. I’ve been going to bed and getting up earlier though. It’s nice
    17 minutes ago via web .

    @joywilliams Happy Birthday Joy! Hope your day is most excellent!
    20 minutes ago via web in reply to joywilliams


  213. djafan said

    Archangel48, You made sense to 🙂

    Neon Reviews: David Archuleta – The Other Side Of Down

    The sophomore album. It’s a peculiar thing. Sometimes it forces an artist to become so desperate for relevancy that they practically turn into someone they’re not. For a more self-assured artist like singer/songwriter and former American Idol contestant David Archuleta, it sees him only mildly tweaking the sound that’s gained him a solid and loyal following.

    On his sophomore disc, The Other Side Of Down, David does a good job at evolving from his self-titled debut album just enough to pick up new fans without alienating his core fanbase.

    He plays around with a more contemporary sound on songs like the set’s lead single Something ‘Bout Love and the bouncy album cut Look Around with its infectious and fun “oh, oh, oh” hook.

    The singer does a little experimenting with his vocal delivery as well. In the metaphor-laden Elevator, Archie sings in a much higher voice on the chorus than fans are used to. This could prove disastrous for a lesser singer but for someone as vocally gifted as Archuleta, it works.

    Ballads continue to be a draw for the young singer. “When you forget me/When you don’t remember my name/Not even a memory/Somewhere in the back of your brain,” David sings in a tender voice on the opening of Falling Stars, a heartbreaking tune about the end of a relationship. “I won’t be offended/‘Cause I always knew that the day would come when I’m not enough to make you stay/You tell me it’s not possible, no way that we could break/But nothing is illogical, believe me,” he continues before launching into the chorus. Another stand out, the lusciously sweet album closer My Kind Of Perfect, finds David searching for his perfect match assisted by a twinkling piano.

    He’s a little older and a little more willing to play with sounds and vocal arrangements but he knows who he is. David Archuleta has seemingly found his kind of perfect in this tough industry and it’s reflected in this stellar second project.


  214. SandyBeaches said

    Ah reviews, do they know much about David or his music or are they just learning? When they say, “he does a good job”, well it is there that they lose me as a reader and I continue to lose faith in most journalists. Do they say anything that we have not heard 100 times before or anything that anyone wants to hear? “The singer does a little experimenting with his vocal delivery as well”, ah yes, a little experimenting. Also,”In the metaphor-laden Elevator, Archie sings in a much higher voice on the chorus than fans are used to”…Oh my, they are so outdated for lack of anything more descriptive. David’s fans are miles ahead of any review because his fans are there every minute. Well not everyone every minute but always someone there for most minutes.

    Anyway, journalists are not on my Christmas card list, well maybe a few are! 😉



  215. SandyBeaches said

    Janey from Snarkies, passed this along to me in conversation, something that she had written in a review about “The Sierra Mall Madness”…

    “If I could only describe how David reacted when I told him “the fans” were going to MoTab, seriously, he practically JUMPED OUT OF HIS SKIN. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so excited.”

    You just have to love that…



  216. bebereader said

    Are you:

    1) Streaming “Falling Stars”?

    2) Voting for “Falling Stars” on Sirius?

    3) Voting for the best album of 2010 at

    TOSOD is not listed. Write it and David’s name in the space marked “Other”.

    4) Requesting David’s songs at Ryan Seacrest’s Top 40?



  217. pocoelsy said

    Hello everyone,

    SB your post is so beautiful…every word..

    love all the vids from Singapore, I heard there’re a lot of Archies from Malaysia go to this showcase too, David sure has dedicated fans. As for me I cannot go 😦 cause my daughter is having a very important exam comming up next week. Hope he’ll come back and do a full concert in the near future soon.

    I came across a rather nice TOSOD review from Galaxie Magazine Malaysia, November issue don’t know if you guy read it already or not but here we go….

    David Archuleta, The Other Side of Down (19/Jive) ****(yeah he got 4 stars out of 5 not bad at all) Hey, Archie’s acting his age! On TOSOD, David Archuleta sounds like a 19-year-old, concerned about finding himself, struggling and , occasionally, having a good time. The playful bits are the BEST — especially the dance-leaning single Somthing ‘Bout Love, co-written with the great S*A*M and Sluggo, and the boucy Elevator and Parachutes And Airplanes. He gets bogged down in too much midtempo earnestness at the end, especially the wide-eyed Complain and Things Are Gonna Get Better. But David, who co-wrote 10 of the 12 songs, at least sound like himself now. By GLENN GAMBOA

    Man! sorry this is long, am going back to lurk mode.. Thanks.


  218. SandyBeaches said

    Janey from Snarkies asked me to post this information in regards to: MoTab Simulcast Tix

    SPECIAL SIMULCAST in the Salt Lake Tabernacle (3800), Joseph Smith Memorial Building Legacy Theater (500), North Visitors’ Center Theaters (not much).
    Thursday, Friday, Saturday. A limited number of complimentary tickets will be available to watch live video of the concert in these locations (limit four tickets per order). Tickets available ONLY at beginning Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 10:00am. Request can be made only through the Internet. No phone option available.

    NOTE: Tickets are for the SIMULCAST only.Patrons with these tickets will not be considerd as standbys for seating in the Conference Center. Tickets will be mailed to those receiving them.

    There will still be standby line.

    This year for the first time, tickets will be needed for the simulcast that occurs in venues surrounding The Conference Center. Tickets will be available for 3 of the performances only, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Registration starts this Tuesday morning. You can request up to 4 tickets per one household address, much like the initial registration. I don’t have a link at the moment but hopefully we will have one sometime tomorrow. Registration starts at 10am MST. I do not know if it’s random selection or first come, first served.



  219. bebereader said

    Pocoelsy: Loved the review! Thanks for posting! And please come out of lurk mode more often! 😀

    It’s 11:09 AM in Singapore and David’s already doing radio interviews!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    caption: “Melinda’s pic with a better lighting but not such a good quality…….but at least u can see David”

    credit Zully_FOD


  220. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful comments in regards to the article published above. It is always a great pleasure to be able to write about David and join in with everyone as the news of David’s travels trickles in.

    He will be home soon!



  221. bebereader said


    I gave your brilliant article a re-read and want to say that your passionate insight with respect to David Archuleta, the artist is inspirational to the fanbase.

    In addition, thank you for posting the info in #218. Everyone with tickets for MoTab and those without tickets but who live in the area will find it important.


  222. Abrra said

    Someday I am going to nail that lurkdom door shut when they come out to visit us 😉 I love when lurkers post.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  223. MT said

    SB I’ve been so caught up in the Singapore visit that I completely forgot to tell you how wonderful your article was. So very insightful.

    I cant help but think of this quote you cited by Emmegirl, “I think you all saw a glimpse into his future that night.”

    I read something David said (can’t remember where) about outstanding/defining moments in ones career. He’s wondering “how do you top that?”

    It must be very confusing sometimes. He has to deal with his album sales not being great. At the same time, he’s invited to sing with the Choir, and he must certainly be asking himself, how do you top that? Where do I go from there?

    Elevator is right, talk about ups and downs. It’s a wonder he is able to stay sane. How do you keep building those bridges higher than the last when the last is so high? His accomplishments are coming so quickly, and at such an early age.

    But, I believe David will do it, again and again. There is something about David, something that can’t be explained. It just is. I come here each day to see new stones being placed in the next bridge. He continues to amaze me.

    222 Abrra Love the door. 🙂


  224. emmegirl said

    Thanks for the Singapore vids, the fans were so appreciative and supportive and you could tell he was having a great time.

    Just want to also thank JR for everything that she does, her hard work and dedication, and warm thoughts to her and her family.

    WowArchie, thanks for your great story. Lol, a mother’s sacrifice! Your son sounds adorable!

    SB, “and is so looking 20” …do you think it’s the shirt?


  225. bluesky said

    Re: JR, Siverfox and All:

    I am one of those who feel richly blessed by the willing and selfless contributions made by so many of you. I cannot imagine the hours of work, the dedication and the thoughtfulness that, all combined, creates so much of a “home” to come home to. And in so many places.

    I thank you with all my heart.

    (now.. just a word about the interior decorating in this ol’ house: Superb.)


  226. emmegirl said

    Just have to add, Nothing Else Better To Do.. have it on peat and repeat… nothing else better to do-o-ooo. 🙂

    MT, nice thoughts.


  227. SandyBeaches said

    MT, I am pleased that you enjoyed reading the article. David has many outstanding/defining moments and we are always there watching.

    Emmegirl…HaHa, no, not the shirt but maybe the face!!

    The admins. here do spend many hours gathering news and vids. and they don’t even get overtime pay!



  228. poof said

    There needs to be a plan, so Nothing Else Better To Do will make it onto ITunes. Bebe? Angelica? Gladys???? anyone? It needs to happen, right? So what is the plan???? PLEASE!


  229. MandaGrace said

    I just came across these videos on youtube. The piano music is so magical, yet somehow David still outshines it. 🙂
    I hope you enjoy these! My favorite is MKOP 🙂

    My Kind of Perfect

    Something ’bout Love

    Falling Stars


  230. VLM said

    Hello there JR,
    I emailed you – hoping you would be kind enough to give my gift to David.
    I don’t think you ever opened your mailbox (I know you are one busy lady)- I think it is late now to send it via LBC. I will just wait till he tours next year – Angelica so nicely offered to bring it (Thank you again Angelica).
    He will be here on the 16th – so near, yet so far – I live in Cebu, an island south of Manila – circumstances make it impossible for me to see him…:(
    Thank you everyone for always making my day bright with your articles and comments –
    Much appreciated.


  231. bebereader said

    Some days in ArchuletaLand are overwhelming that comments seem to slip by. When this happens, we apologize. We really try to get to all of them.

    SB#215: This one:

    ““If I could only describe how David reacted when I told him “the fans” were going to MoTab, seriously, he practically JUMPED OUT OF HIS SKIN. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so excited.” You just have to love that…”

    Will he ever realize that we follow him everywhere? He’s so humble. You’re right SB, ‘you just have to love that…’

    MT#223 Your comment is all sorts of win! 🙂

    Bluesky#225 Right back at ya! 😉

    Poof#228 “There needs to be a plan, so Nothing Else Better To Do will make it onto ITunes. Bebe? Angelica? Gladys???? anyone? It needs to happen, right? So what is the plan???? PLEASE!”

    I doubt we’ll see NEBTD on ITunes USA. It’s only being sold as a bonus track on the Japanese version of TOSOD, which fans have to purchase just to get that one track, legally, as was the case with “Save The Day”, the bonus track on David’s first cd. But “never say never” is my motto.

    Manda Grace#229 Aww I just loved those. But I’m a sucker for piano music, anyway. Wish David could see those videos.


  232. jackryan4DA said

    Hi everyone!

    DA Interview Pre-Showcase during Nokia N8 Launch


  233. jackryan4DA said


    Sorry that I didn’t get to see your mail – and yes you are right I haven’t checked my mails. Darn. I should have checked here earlier. I planned but work got in the way.

    Do you know anyone from the domestic airport? Because if you do, you could send through that person and I could pick it up when he/she arrives. Or if you can ask LBC or JRS if it can reach my office on Wednesday, I can do something.

    David leaves on the 18th. I can make arrangements for it to be brought to his room before he leaves.

    Text me 0918-8569867


  234. Abrra said



    “Doesn’t he have the hands of a 25 yr old? ”

    Busted! That DJ must read The Voice 😉



  235. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra, I was just watching the video at #232 and of course it brought a smile to my face on this very cold Monday morning! His hands, yes there is always talk about his handsome hands that are so full of musical expressions of their own.

    I was thinking that these fine men were in for a great set of songs. Let’s not miss the phone talk…he has a great phone now, better to communicate to his fans with perhaps?



  236. gladys said

    *228 * Poof

    In my humble opinion, I believe the most direct plan is to attack the root problem.
    Previously, we could tell david twitter through your cd is a gem. Clear your mind of worries about our taste for his music and I think we did.
    Now, the problem is different, the sales and promotional strategies, I believe, that correspond to Melinda.
    My proposal is to organize a party twitter, but this time directed to Melinda and tell him our concerns, fears and also our proposals.
    I think it would have to be global.
    We can do it?


  237. gladys said

    sorry, i mean “tell her “


  238. skydancer1x said

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I am SO HAPPY ya’ll!!! David is coming to my neck of the woods on Dec. 3rd!!! heck, my neck? He will be in my back yard!!My hands are shaking right now. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. I am just so happy I can’t even talk!!@!#$%^*&(*(_)(_*&%#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  239. Angelica said

    Hi. I’m a lurker here but I’ve been enjoying all the comments and just had to tell you that.

    Actually, I’ve been a bit under the weather AND without computer over the weekend till my DSL is upgraded at home. Might have internet there today or tomorrow, hopefully. I’m at work now. Can not get YouTube here so have still seen none of the vids posted!!!! Lot’s to look forward to though, no?

    Skydancer! Congratulations on David hanging out in your backyard for a jam session on 12/3! 😉

    I want to add my gratitude to JR for her selfless dedication to David and his fans, without any expectation of thanks. So I thank you, JR, for years of work on everyone’s behalf in the fandom. Hope you get to meet him this time! You deserve it more than anyone I can name.

    #213 I am so proud and thrilled for him getting such a good review from neonlimelight!!! no less, I could bust a gut!! He practically quotes all of Falling Stars, gives no song a bad comment and starts and ends thus:

    “The sophomore album. It’s a peculiar thing. Sometimes it forces an artist to become so desperate for relevancy that they practically turn into someone they’re not.”

    “He’s a little older and a little more willing to play with sounds and vocal arrangements but he knows who he is. David Archuleta has seemingly found his kind of perfect in this tough industry and it’s reflected in this stellar second project .”



  240. wowArchie said

    Somebody ! Please give me a slap !! Wake me up! I really need to cook meals for my family! My kids are hungry….

    After seeing David’s live show for the very first time, somehow something triggered a chemistry reaction in my brain!! I feel like a dancer wrapped in rainbow, tip-toeing and turning in circles non-stop in the forest for the past 25 hours(got nothing else better to do). Flowers blossom, butterflies dance, wood creatures sing and Snow White smiles next to me.

    Is this the so called legendary meet & greet effect in ArchuletaLand???


  241. Tawna21 said

    With the rest of you, I thank JR for her never ending work that benefits the rest of us. ❤ I always watch for her to clean up and organize the vids that come thru. Thank you!



  242. Tawna21 said

    wowarchie–you’ve been tagged!!


  243. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica…You caught me off guard with the ” Hi, I’m a lurker here…” Your good sense of humor is intact so you must be feeling better! 🙂

    In my lifetime I may never appreciate most reviews and their sources, except for those by the ‘Master Class Lady’ and there are not enough like her. I imagine journalists that I would appreciate are about as rare as David is!



  244. Suzy-Q said

    For those who are attending the MTC performances, let’s all wear our blue bands that we got from the CD gift pack on our right wrists. Maybe that will help us spot the fans who visit the different fan web sites. I’ll be looking for them!


  245. SweetonDA said

    I would like to give my thanks to JR also for all her selfless work on behalf of all of us. I still go back and visit the tour pages that she has put together at TDC. They are a treasure trove of love.

    Thanks to an amazing fan, I will be able to attend the Thursday MoTab concert along with my sister and her husband. David’s fans are so giving. I’m so excited that I can hardly stand it.

    Djafan, since I will be going to Utah, I will not be able to attend the concert in Anaheim. I will be looking forward to the videos and recaps though. Have a wonderful time at the tree lighting too.

    I’ve been enjoying all the love that the Sinapore Archies have been giving David. He is so deserving of every ounce of it.

    Wowarchie, your happiness in meeting David is showing. :0 Congratulations!

    SB, you have written a beautiful article. I have copied so many articles from THE VOICE to my David file, it’s growing like a weed 😉 This performance with the MoTab choir was also a dream of mine. I have no doubt it will be one for the record books.


  246. bebereader said

    David’s Asia trip is turning into a whirlwind experience, even for his fans back home. Twitter is aflutter with comments from fans who met him a few hours ago at an Autograph Signing:

    @DLuvKpop: I met David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) in person!! I’m so happy. Still can’t believe this myself! Haha XD

    @hongstar01: Preparing dried mangoes for @DavidArchie 😀

    Videos are being retweeted from yesterday’s Showcase, and new Jingle Ball dates are cropping up; one in Dallas and another in San Diego!

    Welcome back Angelica. Hope your internet gets fixed soon. There’s much to see and hear…here.


    You’re experiencing the afterglow of being thrown into a tizzy after meeting David for the first time. He may not be aware of this but after meeting him, he takes up all the space in our heads and leaves room for nothing else. (Case in point: My decaying laundry. *ahem*) It’s manifested differently in each of us, but there’s no denying it’s effects and leaves you helpless, with a euphoric feeling that keeps feeding your ODD. Yes, a delicious vicious cycle!


  247. bebereader said

    I’m sure this will be on youtube soon but who can wait?

    David Archuleta interview with Boy Thunder on Radio 913
    Here’s the audio:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:


  248. wowArchie said


    true!true! I agree with you.

    Normally I am not a greedy person. Since I got to go to the Showcase @ Zouk in Singapore last night, I thought I would be happy and satisfied without attending the autograph session on Monday.

    But now,

    I declare “Monday Blue” is officially kicked out of my life forever!! Why? cause I joined the long Q for CD signing and finally
    saw David’s beautiful face up close in person(em, 5 sec?)!! not on you tube!!!

    Please allow me to scream again…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEk


  249. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    More of where this came from here:

    WowArchie: Scream all you want! You’ve come to the right place!:D


  250. djafan said


    I’m loving your excitement and yes the David spell has been cast over you!

    SB, I just want to congratulate you on your magnificent article, it has received so many wonderful comments and many delurkers!

    Abrra, I like the door…lol

    Autograph signing!

    credit atiqahjkjk

    credit yyacobsg

    credit booradleigh


  251. bebereader said

    Remix of SBL!

    credit junverrrr


  252. djafan said

    Leaving Singapore!


    Last few hours in Singapore 😦 . Thanks Singaporeans for making it a great time here! And to the awesome Sony record label folks from here!
    6 minutes ago via web


  253. silverfox said

    I guess everyone knows about David appearing in a Jingle Ball in San Diego on 12/13, but in case you all don’ about it here:


  254. silverfox said


    I was watching the videos of David doing the signing thingy and I had to LOL when Melinda hands him a towel. I guess he was “sweating”, but David was having none of that. He Took the towel & just set it back down. He really has a stubborn streak & I love it!


  255. djafan said


    Thanks, I’ve added it to the left sidebar along with all of David’s other appearances, so glad I’m having trouble keeping For links of the locations use the drop down up top of his schedule.


  256. djafan said


    He sure does doesn’t he. 🙂


  257. vlm said

    Finally got to talk to JR. She really is one nice, sweet lady – and yes, she sounds (?) just the way she writes – happy, excited, full of life –
    Thanks again Jr for all the work that you do. Now I have to rush to send that gift –
    Hi to all you wonderful people here – hello there Angelica (will still send that something through you if that is still okay).
    David will be here in my country today. Why Oh why do I have to live so far away>>>>:(


  258. Abrra said

    NEW ARTICLE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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    cosigner to recover cash.


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