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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Archive for November, 2010

David Archuleta Takes on the Press

Posted by Abrra on Sunday, November 28, 2010

Photo credit Naree

All the kind words and love coming David’s way during his trip to Asia reminds me that he has an enormous presence, an aura of kindness that broadcasts and reflects back to him that what he is doing with his gift is being received and understood.  Those in the press who  spent time interviewing him and had an image of what they thought he was about, soon discovered that he is so much more than they may ever comprehend.

“We were surprised at just how gentle and humble this kid is! We all know the David Archuleta image we see on TV, right?  We see him as shy, easily embarrassed, even awkward sometimes, but when you meet him in person, you realize just how genuine this guy is.” ~~ ChicoGarcia

David displays maturity beyond that of his youthful fellow artists.  We have witnessed his gentle demeanor in so many situations that would very likely stress out most mere mortals.  Like jet lag, the uncomfortable heat from foot lights he endures onstage in overcrowded venues and sleeping in strange places on any given night. Yet he relishes the opportunity to perform under any condition, never knowing what part of this world he will travel to for the next event.  I was struck by David’s display of  humility which proved  “off the charts” when he tweeted about the unexpected (his term) warm welcome at the airports in Singapore and Manila.  It matters not where David goes; we as fans will be there for him to show our unfailing support.

Unfazed, he smiles as hoards of screaming fans reach out to take a memory away by touching his shirt or getting the famous one arm hug that is David’s signature of affection.  There are  so many who reach out to him for a piece of his time and attention.  His generosity to charities is evident in the way he makes sure he gives each one what they ask for, be it a helicopter ride, a mini concert or a hospital visit to brighten the day of patients.  Seriously, David?  How can you emit so much love for your fellow man and not expect it to come back to you ten fold?

David Archuleta is an artist who, at such a young age, is as focused as a laser beam.  Interviewers soon realize that he is no pushover by the forthright way he deflects the probing personal questions he does not choose to answer.

“What do you mean you’ve never had a girlfriend?”

“Why is it that you have not kissed a girl yet?”

As if these are questions that MUST be answered!

In a round table interview recently in Manila, David told the reporters all they need to know about him.  When asked what song he was most proud of from the new CD,  he said the first and last tracks and that “The Other Side of Down” is the right balance of lyrics and has a feel good vibe.  The last track, “My Kind of Perfect,” he described as his kind of love song, wondering who that person will be when love comes along.  He has a brilliant mind. David understands that there is a time and place for what his Maker has in store for him.  This is his chance right now, to strive to be the best artist he can be.  His youth is not being wasted.  Finding the perfect balance between career and personal relationships might be a tall order right now.  Serving two masters usually results in both masters getting less than the desired effect.

“I feel its kinda been a blessing at the same time because it helps me keep a little focused with all this happening…..I feel it would have been an unhealthy balance of working and focusing on the girl, and not giving proper attention to either.”~~David Archuleta, XINMSN  Singapore video interview.

If we really listen to the lyrics of songs from “The Other Side of Down“, we will hear clues about what David’s relationship is with life.  He accentuates the positive in his songs.  David  is not afraid to write uplifting lyrics that other artists or label executives may see as cheesy.  He stood his ground to make this album what he wanted it to be. There is nothing fake or disingenuous in the ten songs co-written by David.

David never betrays who he is.  No matter the cost, he will live life on his own terms.

I respect that and love him for having such a strong character.  For those who do not understand fully what we fans know, time will remedy that problem.  David’s gift will one day be understood by more and more people as he tours this big blue marble called Earth.

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Colombia Discovers David Archuleta ~ Andrea V.R.

Posted by djafan on Friday, November 26, 2010

Image of David and Colombian Flag by Andrea

My name is Andrea V. R. from Colombia.

I entered into the world of Archiefans from the moment I saw and heard David Archuleta singing in the Spanish version of “We Are the World.”  I saw the video because a cousin suggested I watch it, not to see David, but to observe those participating for they are the most influential artists in Latin America and other continents.

Video MGR by r2rod2

Let’s on to the main topic: As I was listening and watching the performance I saw a face so beautiful and so many other attractive characteristic of this guy, who I still knew nothing, even I thought he was Colombian or Mexican.  I never guessed that he was also American.  My investigation on his life began by asking those who saw the video his name, while not getting prompt responses from them.  I scrutinized the web with keywords related to “Somos El Mundo,” which included searches conducted with the following keywords: Artistas que hicieron o participaron en Somos El Mundo.”  I found one list of  twenty-five names that were even in alphabetical order, within which appeared “David Archuleta.”  But I was not 100% sure if this was his respective identity, since this was not the only one that I did not know, so my search did not end there.  I kept looking until I find a result, the night of April 6th of this year after repeated and consecutive times of trying and failing up to exhaustion.  I finally decided to go randomly by entering “David Archuleta” in the image filter and I realized luck was on my side when I confirmed my search for him.

No day when I don’t think of him, I wish he were in my country so I can go to at least one of his concerts and I can express to him my admiration and loving for him as a songwriter and humble person.  I like his shyness, his smile is beautiful and recognizable such as others have previously said it.

I request the Colombian flag attached appears on publishing.

Thank you so much.

Andrea V.R.

David says hello to Colombia

Andrea’s makes a tribute video to David

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Something ‘Bout Love

Posted by paulafod on Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In the human body, we consider love a matter of the heart. But in truth, love doesn’t exist in a heartbeat.  I really can’t explain love, or hold it in my hand.  I can’t package it, or donate it to someone in need. I can’t prove that it exists, but I know that it does.  I’ve never had to explain to anyone that love is a real emotion, because everyone I know has experienced it. I’ve never had anyone question me as to why I love my husband or my daughter or my friends.  I’ve never had anyone ask me why I love my favorite football team or why I love chocolate.  My deep fondness or affection for people and things is understood….except for this one thing….

I love David Archuleta.  I really do.  I love him as a brother, as a fellow human being.  I love his talent, his spirit, his heart for other people.  I love his smile.  He’s a great guy.  So why do I get these looks of complete and utter confusion when I mention my love for David and his music?  I love my friends, they love me, I love David…..shouldn’t they love him, too?  I’ve thought about this a lot.  If I said “I love French fries.”, people would accept that I enjoy eating starch that’s been submerged in oil.  If someone says, “I love diamonds.”, people understand, even though I see them as rocks that cost a lot of money.  If people understand why I love a baby’s laugh or a beautiful fall day, why can’t they understand why I love David Archuleta?

I guess that people can understand chocolate and French fries because they’ve tasted them.  I suppose that people can relate to diamonds and babies because they’ve held them.  I love David because I’ve come to know him, not personally, but through his fans, his music, his book, his blogs, his tweets.  I’ve seen him show kindness to people who were rude to him.  I’ve seen him refuse to speak negatively about another person.  I’ve watched him love other people and expect nothing in return.  I’ve seen his kindness, I’ve witnessed his charity.  From the moment I saw a young man sing to three judges on a television show, I’ve watched, I’ve learned, I’ve prayed, and I’ve been encouraged.  I’ve met him in person.  I’ve sung with him as I drove my car.  I’ve come to know people that refer to themselves as Archies, and I’ve loved them all.  I love David because I’ve heard his voice, I’ve seen his joy, I’ve related to his insecurities, I’ve watched him give himself to the people around him.  My friends haven’t seen these things or known him in this way.

If they had, they would love him too.

Love is kind….and confusing.  It comes in many forms and facets.

My love of people will always be more important than my love of chocolate….and much better for my waistline!  My friends will love me even if they don’t understand everything about me…and I will love them even if they don’t understand my Archu-admiration.  Love is patient, and I’m waiting for everyone to see the David that I see.

There’s something ’bout love that’s worth the wait.

Mickey, David and me

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Looking Back at David

Posted by gladys1961 on Thursday, November 18, 2010

My view of  David has been changing over the past three years, from awe to admiration to the respect I have for him today.  That personality, so childlike in that little body, yet with a voice so powerful and enveloping.  To also witness all his professional and personal growth right before our eyes, was a journey I did not expect at this point in my life.

I have compared David many times to a gem, as Paula described him in Hollywood week auditions, “You are a gem for all the world to see.”  He is not a finished diamond ready to sell, David is so young, he has so much time to polish and shine.  Although we have already seen his light, I know there is still so much more within David.  His moment will come as he matures and I hope to be there.

I can see David’s career in stages.  With each CD I see a change, I see more strength and more decision.  I see that David is now the boss of his life, personally and professionally.  Maybe with his first CD there was only time to say, “I do what I must and not what I want” but still his light emerged in all its brilliance or nearly all, to what we see today.  We cannot deny his professionalism; it is present in his work.  At that time, sales and promotion accompanied him, he did his job and we did ours and most importantly, Jive did theirs.

With his second CD, Christmas From the Heart, David did exactly what he needed to do.  I realized his vocal range far exceeded my expectations and his confidence on stage, his eloquence and his runs revealed how much he had grown.

I know what I’m writing here is not news, but remember David on his first tour in the city of Virginia Beach, his first concert standing at the microphone and look at him now, walking and running and oh yes, he also sings.

And finally we get to his latest CD, The Other Side of Down.  I wonder how he persuaded Jive to record 10 of the 12 songs he had co-written.  This was the time for David to say, “I do what I want.”  I imagine David at a long table during negotiations (I watch many movies) with all those men in suits sitting there, waiting to be convinced by a guy dressed in jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, and a very, very bright smile.  I think this last was the clincher, his smile.

Due to recent events, I am a little worried.  I’m told David’s smile could cause an ecological disaster.  When David greeted me from a chat, I was left speechless for a while, I cannot imagine what could happen if he smiled at me.  I would like David to visit my country, Argentina, and while here the custom is take the distinguished visitors to admire our natural wonders.  We have one called “Perito Moreno Glacier” which is an architectural marvel of large ice formations.  I firmly believe that if David smiles in front of the glacier, I would have to say “goodbye glacier.”  (If I have to be honest, to see David smile live would be worthwhile and I would not miss at all that blessed glacier!!!!  Gosh, see what he makes me do!!!).

Someone told me here on The Voice that David is entitled to take 19 years and they are right.  I apologize because sometimes I can be very critical and not realize that David is giving us a gift; I have no right to demand, but to wait and be very, very patient.  David ceased long ago to be the winner of Star Search, David will also cease to be the American Idol runner-up, and just be DAVID ARCHULETA.

I am aware that AI found a pearl in the sea, the culture, placed inside an oyster and exposed.  David long ago got out of the oyster.  It takes a long time, but he has emerged and so far nobody has been able to give a fair price, not even Jive.

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Thrilla in Manila

Posted by djafan on Monday, November 15, 2010


David will be arriving in Manila on November 16th.  We know through twitter that Filipino fans are planning a warm welcome not only at the airport but also at the hotel.  Sounds like we’re in for some excitement from Manila.



Distance from Singapore to Manila 1,481 miles – Travel time 3 hours


JR has so kindly put up a schedule of events in Manila

Manila schedule

1. 16Nov(Tues)- DA arrives MNL; Pinoy Archies will welcome him.
– DA to hotel where a group of Pinoy Archies will also welcome him

2. From thereon, he will stay in the hotel to conduct the media rounds – radio/TV/1-on-1interviews, special features, presscon, phoners, etc…

3. till the 17th (Wed) for the M&G.

4. 17Nov (Wed) – Mall Show/M&G at 5pm. Lots of promo for this event. The whole ShoeMart Mall has tons of huge, gorgeous & strategically located posters.

There are 2 types of passes available to watch David

1. Buy TOSOD CD (Php435/$10++) at the SkyDome Gate. 1st 400 will get their CDs signed and seat at the floor seated section.

2. Buy 3 SM Eco bags (Php160/$3.75++). This is perfect for those who do not want to buy another CD but want to watch the show. However, no CD signing & they occupy the bleachers. We asked the booth ladies yesterday and they said ticket sales is brisk!

18Nov (Wed) – DA leaves for the US…


Manila is 16 hours ahead of Los Angeles
That means when it is 1:00 am (midnight) in Los Angeles, it is 5:00 pm in Manila (same calendar day)

You can calculate your time here


What is the weather in the Phillipines?


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In His Dreams

Posted by SandyBeaches on Thursday, November 11, 2010

In his dreams he looks beyond the limits of today
To the possibilities of tomorrow
To see what can be
Instead of settling for what is
In his dreams he imagines
The most profound of ideas
Then finds a way through song
To make them all happen

Just as I was about to close my computer the other evening, I came across this statement by Emmegirl, “I think you all saw a glimpse into his future that night.”  I am certain that my eyes widened because she wrote in so few words what I could not find even in my own fleeting thoughts.  The night she is referring to, took place in September in Nashville.  On this exciting occasion David was appearing with Orla Fallon recording her Christmas special and David was her guest.  Several of us from David’s fan sites were there late into the evening, sitting together for the second taping.  But of course we all would have stayed until the sun rose on David if need be.  Nothing can compare to how robust the audience became when David stepped out on to the stage or when he so professionally bowed to the audience.  He took us into a dream that night, one that was so profound that we became enraptured, but in silence.  To me, the words written by Emmegirl were the most prophetic words written about David.  They awoke me; they stirred me to thinking all about where his path is taking him.  The wondrous part is that I love beyond all reason where he is headed.  You know that it is good path that David is traveling on when a theatre full of seasoned concert goers rise to their feet at the closing of a song, while he is gives his smiles and acknowledgments to the audience. We sat on the right side of the hall and I always turn and look around at concerts to see how the audience is responding to him. Each time he ended a song, their faces were lit from his onstage, magical presence.  I will say though, that the lady who sat to my right, as if on cue, rose to her feet just moments ahead of everyone else.  The entire audience only needed that gentle suggestion to rise to their feet in unison.

Orla and David singing Silent Night

Many of you know that I had my own dream last February, the one that I said I only dared to dream.  The most important part of my dream was to have David honored by performing with the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  The choir has been in my memory as being a part of every Christmas in our home since I was a child.  My father played their Christmas album daily as the sounds of the choir became the everlasting sounds of Christmas.  I sang in several choirs throughout the years, as I was striving to find a choir that in any way resembled the Tabernacle Choir, realizing my dream one day.  Perhaps our own dreams are captured in his passionate words, “You find it, you hold it, you feel its grace.”

Looking at the video clip from Natalie Cole’s guest performance last year, we can visualize David featured on the cover of the 2010 Christmas concert CD.  When you watch the video and envision David in her place, it shows us just how amazing it will be for him both now and in his future in so many ways.  This performance is like crossing a bridge for David and perhaps for us.

For many of the finest musicians, famous songs have been written following or during dreams in the night.  Recently, David’s song ‘Elevator’ came to him in a dream following a restless night of sleep.  Is it possible that in his dreams, he has found the place for humanity where hearts, minds and souls are healed by caring and compassion?  Perhaps in his dreams there is the love that he has been given and the most wonderful places to be in to sing about it.


All of us who gather here
Have been granted the grace
To be etched forever in his dreams.

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Happy Anniversary to The Voice!

Posted by bebereader on Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One exciting, fun-fulled year has passed since this site was started, with love and respect for David Archuleta.

With pride, we revisit the words of Angelica, written one year ago:

“There is David the artist.  The Voice.  That terrible, wonderful,  glorious, soul embracing, knee buckling, sigh inducing, tear producing Voice.  Then there is David the song writer, who we are just getting to know and anticipate the fruits of his labors there.  *insert squee*  There is David the dancer/performer, also a work in progress, and the work is going very well, I might add.

But over and above all this, the crown jewel, the cherry on top of all that delightful, delectable,  deliciousness is the man himself.  The David we have come to know off stage.  A man of  quiet strength, compassion, courage, humility and character.  A man after our own hearts, when all we meant to do was love his art.

So we are here to celebrate his art, which is awesome, and his humanity, which is awesomer.    We are here to celebrate the totality of his awesomeage.  And that, though linguistically incorrect, is the charuth.”

Thank you to all the writers, contributors, commentors and lurkers
who have helped make this place home.

“It’s a good place.”

We look forward to many more years together!



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Loving That Boy

Posted by thefunnygirl on Monday, November 8, 2010

I wrote this letter to David right after Season 7 and I collected letters from other fans to be put into a notebook which I gave to David’s dad at Ford Day.


Dear David,

Your voice jumped out of my television and into my heart  as I tuned into another season of American Idol. I have watched the show every season, and was ready for another entertaining one this year. I had no idea that I was about to be overcome with a rush of emotions, and plunge head-first into a joy I hadn’t experienced before.

From the first moment I heard you sing, I knew that you were something special. It seemed as though you weren’t singing, or performing, but acting as a channel though which the music came.  Your voice touched a place in me that I didn’t even know existed, a place where flying feels possible, and love and beauty abounds.  I have never been so moved by someone’s voice before, and I don’t believe that I will be again. I didn’t know I needed to feel that place, but you came and showed it to me. I didn’t know that my heart could soar so high and that I could be so uplifted by a voice, but you sang and the path became illuminated, and I’ve been in flight ever since.

Getting to know you during the season just endeared you to me all the more. Your sweet spirit and humility, your joy and strength of character are an inspiration and a blessing.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us. It means more to me than you will ever know.

I wish you much success, love, happiness, healthy children, and a life filled with music. May your soul soar as high as you have helped mine to do, and may God bless you always.

Here I am, two full years later, dressing up at work as a David Archuleta fan for Halloween, and nearly winning the contest! I love to promote David whenever I can, and getting paid to wear my ILAA I Heart DA shirt is like some sort of sick recompense for all my pain and archusuffering. I work at a busy mall, and see a lot of people. I talk a lot, and as most of you know, shyness is not one of my finer qualities. Over the past two years, whenever I wear the shirt, I see people’s wheels turning. Sometimes the gears are grinding so hard that smokes come out, and other times I get an eye roll, a knowing smile or a blank stare. The best part is when I walk down to the food court and a whole bunch of people see me. I guess I am a rebel with a cause.

I like to take stats during these events. I’d say that most times about 50% of people know who David is and like him but don’t follow him. The other 50% have clearly been living under a rock. This time was different. And I don’t know why, what with no radio play but this Halloween, we had a costume contest at work, and I dressed up as a David Archuleta fan and people were VERY into it, squealing, laughing, and OMGing. This time, about 80-90% knew who he was. I saw the votes after they were posted at work and WOW the comments were awesome:

Awesome David fan – he rocks!
Crazy David Lady – LOL!
David A all the way
OMG so much fun we love David!
david fan you go girl!

One lady asked me if I was dressed as a Cougar! To which I replied, “Whatever would give you that impression?” to which she laughed. (Takes one to know one lady!)

One dad shopping with his kids, when told about the ballot box, said this to me:  “I don’t know what’s scarier, Halloween or a grown woman loving that boy!” OUCH!  I replied, “Well sir, I had no idea that talent had age restrictions.” and he walked away.  Yeah well I chewed on that for a while. Tasted like blubber, mixed with yuk.

CLEARLY this guy made some quick assumptions: David is young and therefore not to be taken seriously and I am old so why would I listen to a young singer? HMMMM has anyone ever heard of Stevie Wonder or Elvis, or countless other young gifted vocalists? WAIT! Why I am getting upset? Why must people be so ageist? This guy hasn’t read my letter and must have a closed heart. Was I going to let this ruin all the fun I was having? NO way!

I have to say it is hard being an older fan. The younger fans are creeped out. Our families and friends don’t understand. The general public assumes we are cougars. But do you see how happy I am in these pictures? Do I look conflicted or upset? I never once thought about his age the whole time on Idol. I never cared until others told me I should. But I don’t. That may be insensitive but I really don’t care.

Not caring is VERY freeing. It makes grown women dress up and show off all their loving of that boy. Loving that boy has been one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I won’t let anyone devalue that. Loving that boy has shown me that there are sweet, wonderful people in this world. Loving that boy has shown me that age is irrelevant because he is wiser, kinder, and more full of grace than 10 full-grown men ever thought they could be. Loving that boy is so beyond anything that anyone who doesn’t love that boy could even begin to comprehend.



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Hold on Tight

Posted by bebereader on Wednesday, November 3, 2010

David sends inspiring messages of hope in his lyrics in the songs on “The Other Side Of Down.”  He sings of moving forward, not giving up, of silver linings, bouncing back and of holding on.  Because he’s exceptionally talented, we, his fans, would like for him to attain stardom now.  Or yesterday.  But perhaps this is unrealistic and we sometimes confuse our desires for David with his own expectations for himself.

I met David for the second time at a book signing last June in New Jersey.  As he signed my books, I told him that I helped run a fansite called The Voice.

He seemed like he didn’t get it or something so I told him that he is The Voice and that, “A voice like your’s comes along once in a lifetime.”  I also told him that we love him with a passion.  I had to.  Not only because it’s the cha-ruth, but because I promised several fans, unable to get to a book signing or VIP, that I would deliver that message.  He looked down as he diligently autographed the books and then looked up at me, a little embarrassed.  Maybe because I referred to him as “The Voice”?  I don‘t know, but luckily the store manager broke the ice…“They certainly do love you!  Just look at that line!” pointing to the huge line of fans still waiting their turn.

I should have said more to David that day but there was no time.  And now, with the release of “The Other Side Of Down”, there’s even more to say.

At his young age, David has taught me about life, about hope, about having a charitable heart and how good it feels to help someone in need.  About sticking it out, picking yourself up and trying again.  About recognizing that there is opportunity in everything and about looking at the bright side.  And most of all, that the struggle is worth the outcome.

Dear David,

I’m one of a base of many fans who will wait as long as it takes for you to make your way and find your place in an industry that is, at best, not an easy one to be a part of.  It is a thrill to watch as your talent unfolds.  We respect so much the way you deeply respect and cherish your gift.

With “The Other Side of Down”, you share your zest for life in an uplifting collection of songs straight from your heart.  Each cut is a unique gem in a beautiful setting of meaningful lyrics, catchy hooks and upbeat melodies, resulting in hours of singing, jamming, reflecting, and just pure glistening, listening pleasure.

Thank you for a jewel of an album.

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