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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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The Cleveland Conclusion

Posted by djafan on Friday, October 29, 2010

photo credit FG

Like I said, I ended up sporting a wristband with the number 15 on it, which is equivalent to my age in ODD years, I think.  So when the doors to Pete’s Grill were finally opened, I was (O. M. G. like I am srly spazzing, this made my LIFE!!!!!) among the first to enter.  We were led straight to the rear of the restaurant and to a door which opened onto an enclosed courtyard but for now, was locked.  We tried it.  Just being that close to that door though had definite advantages, as the upper part of the door was glass.  To put it bluntly, we could press our noses against it and see into the enclosed courtyard.  We had a good view of the stage and just in front of it were assembled several rows of vacant chairs.  Not enough to accommodate everyone who had a VIP so there would be a lot of standing room only after these were filled.  From our vantage point, we saw Mike and David come out *squeee!* and do a quick sound check and leave.  Not long after, the door was opened and we filed into the second row and sat down directly in front of his keyboard.  I say we, meaning Tofan and Refnaf, who sat to my left, and Marciami and Funny Girl who sat to my right.  There was a place set up in the courtyard to order food and drinks before the performance started.  I couldn’t even think about eating, my mouth was so dry from excitement I could barely swallow.  Funny Girl went to get some food and I asked her to get me a Diet Dr. Pepper and if they don’t have that, get me a Diet Coke.  Of course, she returns with Coke since, for reasons known only to those whose sole purpose for being is to squander their existence on a never-ending quest to ruin my life, Diet Dr. Pepper is not found in most restaurants in this country.  ahem.  I adjust my wristband marked with the number 15, sip my Diet Coke and enjoy the pause that refreshes.  It was a beautiful day, not too hot or cold and the sky above was as blue as the bluest sky that ever was.  The courtyard filled up fast with every age and demographic represented.  The usual suspects were in attendance, women of all ages and teens, but quite a few guys too.  There was music playing from speakers but I didn’t really hear it except as background noise.  Just one song following another and all following a predictable formula.  Radio muzak.

Mike comes out with his guitar and sits on a stool.  We all know what’s coming next and I look to my left and here he comes!  He bounds onto the stage smiling radiantly.  He is a spectrum of light as real as a sunbeam.  He starts talking and it turns into a ramble of epic proportions even for David.  His joy is palpable.  We listen to him talk about begging for extra credit, his lack of drawing skills, his voice changing, a woman in a window on the second floor is engaged in conversation, who is the youngest? “well thanks for coming out” he tells an 18 month old baby. The oldest? (I guess that’s too rude, he says, lol), on and on.  I realize my face is hurting from smiling and laughing so hard.  If only he tried to be cool like most every other entertainer, if he tried to impress me, I could resist, but there is no resisting such unaffected, guileless charm.

You have all seen the YouTube videos of his performance that day.  It was so fun to be there when he involved the whole audience in Elevator, including the guys and the camera man.  His vocals were perfection and more.  That more is the difference between art and imitation.  He connects so tightly and so genuinely and he makes it look so easy.

After the concert was over we lined up by number for the meet and greet and group picture, eight in each pic.  I was in the second group and when it was my turn to go up to him, I wasn’t prepared.  It was too soon begun and done.  I wasn’t ready to walk up and see him look up at me and smile with recognition in his iridescent eyes, and say, “Hey, how’re YOU doing?”  I suddenly became all business-like and extended my hand for him to shake saying, “I’m good, and you?” Then I shoved my liner notes in front of him as if I was getting him to sign a contract.  Why?  I don’t know.  Because he’s David Archuleta and because he looked at me, ma.  He scrawled a huge autograph and I took it from him and started to walk away without another word.   Then I remembered his gift that I had taken from the breakfast buffet that morning.  I reached into my purse and placed 2 boxes of Honey Nut Cherrios in front of him.  He looked a little confused and I said, “That’s so you don’t have to pay eight dollars.”   We laughed.  😆

photo credit FG


The end.

244 Responses to “The Cleveland Conclusion”

  1. Jane said

    What a cute ending….I have read all your write ups and I really enjoyed this…Cute ending….


  2. FG said

    Was THIS the way you wanted to respond to him?


    OMG look at that FACE.


  3. emmegirl said

    Why on earth does this make my eyes misty? I am silly.

    But being a small part of DA’s world and this place is a good place.


  4. djafan said

    Oh Angelica…that’s all I can say right now.

    emmegirl…not silly, not silly at all.


  5. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you Angelica for your series of stories. We need stories especially to hold us over while enduring the wait for tour news.

    I just finished a story of my own to the local radio station not only requesting “Falling Stars” but I gave a written introduction to David and his upcoming events (and past) also reminding them of “Christmas From the Heart” so perhaps they will include songs from that CD in their programming for December.

    Wow, it was hard not to go on and on about him but I didn’t want them to think that I am CRA-Zeeh!

    Let’s see what happens to my first attempt at radio promotion as they have my email address and they will respond.

    My time here with David is limited so I hope this makes a difference in this part of the world.



  6. archangel48 said

    I’m not sure if my misty eyes are from the ending of Angelica’s terrific read, or I am just a big sap full of angst and apprehension for what may be in Archu-land. I DO know that I’ll be a votin’, requesting, supportin’ gal for as long as he needs me! 😉


  7. Marylee said

    “Because he’s David Archuleta and because he looked at me, ma” (I can identify believe me). I share your love of Diet Dr Pepper, Angelica as well as your love & appreciation of a beautiful young man by the name of David Archuleta!


  8. Marylee said

    …oops! Duplicate post..first one didn’t go through..or at least I thought it didn’t! Feel free to remove, Angelica & thanks again for your humorous & touching recap! 🙂


  9. skydancer1x said

    TGIF,and Angelica thank you for not holding us in suspense over the weekend!haha Your final exchange with David was a perfect ending to your wonderful recap. You are so funny. and I loved THIS>

    “Because he’s David Archuleta and because he looked at me, ma.” bwahhha!

    “He bounds onto the stage smiling radiantly. He is a spectrum of light as real as a sunbeam.”

    Ahh,so beautifully said, Angelica. I clearly remember the overwhelming feelings I had, the first time I saw David take to a stage,in person.I remember literally gasping, at the total beauty and energy of the figure that had just bounded onto that stage, flashing the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.
    He totally disarms you.Then, he sings.then you are toast.


  10. YJfanofdavid said

    Angelica, Love every word, except for these two: “The End”. Are you sure? 🙂

    “His vocals were perfection and more. That more is the difference between art and imitation.”


  11. cb said

    Nooooo, I don’t want it to end.
    I loved and looked forward to every installment.
    Angelica, you made him LAUGH. That is my David dream.
    That picture!!!! Was he looking at you???? Just guhhhh.


  12. Tawna21 said

    Dang it! Angelica–the end is a happily, forever after, raspberry-lemonade cupcake kind of final chapter. You made my heart swoosh with ‘He bounds onto the stage smiling radiantly. He is a spectrum of light as real as a sunbeam.’ It really does catch you unprepared, even tho’ you’ve been waiting, and expecting, for hours. You just have it all figured out how it’s gonna be when he steps/bounds onto the stage, and then it’s all gone in a flash when he actually comes out.

    Thanks for taking us there with you.:)



  13. Abrra said

    New Vblog from today!



  14. Suzy-Q said

    Love, love, love your recap, Angelica. There is a lot that David’s fans have in common and I think the type of humor is one of them. We all can appreciate your perspective of your David time. I hope that you can have even more encounters to write about in the future.


  15. bebereader said


    **Gasp** Can finally catch my breath! Every word of each part of your recap has been both a tease and a joy to read!

    I saw those videos the same night and thought of you in the audience, experiencing the magic, hoping you’d survive! On camera it was mesmerizing to see how

    “He connects so tightly and so genuinely and he makes it look so easy.”

    I am in love with that “Elevator” and how the audience is so ready to satisfy him by singing along to his commands.

    Pure love.


  16. betsy said

    Thank you for the hilarious, yet moving recaps. Also, thanks for saving him $8 bucks a pop for the cereal. 🙂


  17. bluebird19 (Pattie) said


    I hate for this recap to end because it’s been so much fun to read. You’ll just have to go to a lot more shows so you can write for us! I haven’t seen David in a full concert yet, but I’m sure going the next time he tours. Well maybe not Asia, but closer — though I have suggested we charter a plane to Asia & have 3 going in on it so far. You’re welcome to come as our roving reporter. We’ll be sleeping in the plane at night. If you could arrange to pick up a few hundred boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios from hotels for us, it would be appreciated as it will cut breakfast costs.

    I saw David at Zoo-A-Palooza and had VIP but didn’t shake his hand or even introduce myself. I mumbled something about having a good time singing and that was it. Then I went to the Orla Fallon Christmas taping. When you watch, if you see someone with an incredibly huge, stupid looking grin who is clapping maniacally as if her life depended on it, it was me (or any number of other women in the audience) because they made us smile and clap for an hour before the show began so they could take crowd pics. We did it all over again for real with standing ovations when David came out. I totally know that “unpreparedness” to come face-to-face with David, but I still don’t understand why exactly. At least you shook his hand. I’ve yet to do that.

    “His joy is palpable.” “…there is no resisting such unaffected, guileless charm.” Those statements are so TRUE. Thanks again for your stellar recaps. Keep more coming! Pattie


  18. bebereader said

    Brought Gayle’s comments over from last night:

    Gayle122890 said
    Friday, October 29, 2010 at 1:02 AM e

    Is the People’s Choice runner-up poll closed? It doesn’t seem to be working.

    Dumb question: When I go on Allaccess to stream Falling Stars, I turn on the repeat button on the Media Player. Am I supposed to do something different? Just want to make sure it counts.

    Gayle122890 said
    Friday, October 29, 2010 at 1:37 AM e

    One more thing: How often can you vote at the People’s Choice poll? I just tried it again and it let me vote 🙂

    Gayle, The People’s Choice Polls are still up and running with two days left to vote. I’ve been voting about once an hour but some people are clearing their cache and cookies, enabling them to vote more often. I tried that but it didn’t seem to work for me.

    You can use these links:

    To nominate David for Best Male Artist, please type in his name in the space provided in the lower left. Be sure to check the box first.

    For Falling Stars, I’m inclined to believe, unless someone tells me differently that if you click “Play Again” each time, it picks up the count rather than leaving it on “Repeat”.

    Links to request Falling Stars

    (Since the song is brand new, it’s probably not yet on their list. Go to the bottom right and write in “Falling Stars” and the other info including your zip code, email etc.)

    (Falling Stars would be going to AC/HAC not to the CHR(top 40) stations.)

    Link to stream Falling Stars


  19. Suzy-Q said

    After watching David’s latest Vblog we now know exactly how David’s family keeps him grounded. What a hoot his sisters are.


  20. Gayle122890 said

    Angelica, “We laughed :)” A perfect ending.

    Bebe, thanks for the tips! And for bringing me comments over here.

    Aw, I love vblogs from home. He’s more relaxed and himself. He said “Fresno-fun stuff!” (spazz). A cold or allergies coming on? Take care, David.


  21. djafan said


    “Is it real or just another crush” I know sometimes the lyrics say “really just” but I actually say “real or just.” but anyway lol


  22. River said

    Every time I watch the “extra Credit” ramble or the “seriously guys?” or the baby thing from this day I find this loopy grin on my face. He is joy from every angle. Today’s vlog was for me, more about watching his eyes than listening to his words. He’s so bemused by all that’s going on around him and while he’s sort of the cool older brother, his sisters take no notice. It’s all just so regular and so rare for a celeb. He wouldn’t have it any other way.


  23. bebereader said

    Don’t mind me…I’m busy requesting….


  24. djafan said

    Angelica, My eyes are dry now 🙂

    “Then I remembered his gift that I had taken from the breakfast buffet that morning. I reached into my purse and placed 2 boxes of Honey Nut Cherrios in front of him. He looked a little confused and I said, “That’s so you don’t have to pay eight dollars.” We laughed. 😆 ”

    This killed me, you are smart to have thought of that as a gift and I for some reason know that meant the world to him. We hang on to his every word and with your gift it let him know we are paying attention. Gosh I love him.

    Was looking at David’s vlog, so timely, loved his tone with his sister on the pumpkin abuse, so big brotherish and then I noticed his tags on his vlog. Is for real. They tell a story on there own.

    * David
    * Archuleta
    * Disneyland
    * Pumpkin
    * carving
    * sisters
    * corn
    * maze
    * Halloween
    * Eunice
    * Kennedy
    * Shriver
    * Challenge
    * DC
    * Fresno
    * Indone

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit djafan

    It’s up on the radio stations website!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  25. emmegirl said

    Love the vlog, (dja, I always watch for his tags too)- do not watch it without sound as I did at work today. You focus waaaay too much on that face…the angles and dimples and…(that is one fascinating face.)


  26. djafan said

    emmegirl, I know, watched with no sound and screencapped away. That face!


  27. ilovedavid said

    That video… just made my stress go away 😀 Loved his reaction to the comment about the maze & his eyes… 🙂


  28. Gayle122890 said

    Y101 has had Elevator on the playlist for a while, and now they put Crush back on it too! 🙂 I’ve been requesting them and Falling Stars.


  29. wowArchie said

    Hi my friends, I read local newspaper this morning :David will perform in Singapore on 14 Nov!!! It is called ” David Archuleta Showcase”.


  30. gladys said

    My God, I just read it and think it’s the million dollar question.
    According to reports, the cd of david has had low sales.
    “David thought his cd I do not like???. I will find a way to tell David that his cd is amazing, every song, every word, every feeling.
    We can begin to say, twitter, (in my case):
    !! hi, from Argentina, iam Gladys, I want to tell you that your cd is amazing .!!!!
    If each of us wrote this sentence (each follower puts his city) on Twitter, it would be fantastic. The 500,000 fans, too.
    We can do it.


  31. bebereader said

    WowArchie#29 Welcome to The Voice! I just saw the news! Waiting for official notification on David’s site. If it’s true, so happy for you! Thank you for letting us know.
    I just found this:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    “Babyfaced crooner David Archuleta will return to Singapore’s sunny shores in November! The 19-year-old singer was previously here in 2009 for a short promotional tour in support of his debut album.

    This time round, the American Idol 2008 runner up will perform in an exclusive showcase on November 14 (Sunday). Fans would have to purchase the new Nokia N8 from SingTel to gain access to this exclusive event for now.”

    Gayle#29 Good work! I’m still requesting too!


  32. bebereader said

    Gladys#30 That is a wonderful idea! I see some fans on Twitter are doing it already!


  33. nanaweize said

    Angelica…you made me smile! I needed that!


  34. Archugeezer said

    “Because he’s David Archuleta and because he looked at me…” That statement could well become the universal explanation/excuse for most of what happens when fans have a chance to be with David.

    I really enjoyed your “adventure in a four part series.” You certainly took us along, and I was with you every step of the way. Well, maybe not in those boots, lol.

    Thanks for the fun!


  35. betsy said

    Dja, you have mad screencapping skills. Thanks 🙂


  36. betsy said

    Melinda has been doing some late night tweeting:

    When asked what part of Asia he will be going to

    jakarta, KL, singapore as of today but it is still being worked on.


  37. Wow, that ending will be a memory to last a lifetime Angelica.

    Bebereader#31 – that picture (love that pensive look) and “Baby faced crooner” description don’t quite match for me.

    Betsey#94 from previous thread & Djafan – guess we were the lucky ones as he did perform MDYK at the VIP in Baltimore CFTH concert. As PattiNC described, it was truly amazing. Wished there was a recording of it but being a VIP, it didn’t happen. I’m sure everyone there was like myself – moved and dazed at the time.


  38. lct said

    How about getting the word out to TWEET David about how much we love his ablum around 3 PM EST Saturday Oct. 30?


  39. Bluesky said

    Angelica —

    You are a troubadour: both a poet and a story teller! Thanks for your stories and fun.

    (Hum. Troubadour, Angel, harp…. yeah, it is beginning to make sense!)

    “Baby faced” ha!! (You succeeded, DA. They are blind to your inner James Dean. Just sayin’)

    Fandaforeveri48: “moved and dazed” That is what comes of several minutes exposure the alternate universe that is DA.


  40. FG said

    “Like I said, I ended up sporting a wristband with the number 15 on it, which is equivalent to my age in ODD years, I think.” LOL!! 🙂


  41. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thank you for the info on David’s concert. We were not sure of a date until now.



  42. Abrra said

    The series here has been quite enjoyable.Road tripping is the new fun thing for ladies of a certain age!
    “I reached into my purse and placed 2 boxes of Honey Nut Cherrios in front of him. He looked a little confused and I said, “That’s so you don’t have to pay eight dollars.”

    So the saga ends on a laugh. So David.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit FG



  43. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Giant poster of David Archuleta in Philippines in SM City Bakoor found at

    They REALLY know how to promote David!



  44. Abrra said

    Pumpkin violence! I had to make it.



  45. wowArchie said

    Dear Abrra , thank you so much for that beautiful welcome sign. I always dream about getting one cause I come to “The Voice” everyday, read all the articles/comments, watch every single David YouTube and download all your MGRs to my Itouch!! Due to my poor English, I am like a shy kid in the corner quietly watching you all having fun with David but have never felt left out. This site is a very important part of my Singapore life. Thanks again and wish you have a great weekend.


  46. emmegirl said

    Abrra, I love your gifts.

    (skipping off to request)


  47. skydancer1x said

    AAAAAAHH!!! So funny Abrra!(you scared me,haha)
    So glad David has siblings. hahahahaahaha!!


  48. Abrra said

    wowArchie #45
    I hope you get the chance to see David soon!

    It makes us happy when we see posts like this one. Please know that this is a place where we encourage you to say whats on your mind. I have a special spot in my heart for the international fans. You folks love David with a passion that is palpable. Please keep commenting!

    emmegirl and skydancer

    Hope you didn’t spill your morning coffee 😉



  49. emmegirl said

    WowArchie, so nice to see you. Your English is great and hope to see you again.

    ~The eyes over the mic~


  50. djafan said

    Gladys! it’s official, I think you got the ball rolling on this one! Please everyone be there and show your love!

    A group of fans have expressed an interest in showing love to David at the same time through twitter today at 3 pm EDT. If you don’t have twitter sign up for it it’s very easy! Love this idea!

    Group Hug at 3 pm EDT TODAY!

    Please everyone be there and show your love!

    wowarchie, hello! Hope you get to see him and your english is just fine. There are many of us who english is not our first language, we still have a voice and welcome all to share it here!

    This poll really needs our attention!!!! David has fallen behind Clay! There is one day left. I say we put in our radio requests then vote on this poll, clear your cookies, refresh, vote again and again!

    I’ve added another radio station finder on the left side bar.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit djafan


  51. skydancer1x said

    Emmigirl #49 the eyes over the mic…um, I tried, I really did.


  52. SandyBeaches said

    I love to see David in poster form so thanks Abs…

    There is the twitter (tweeting) party this afternoon, great idea to tell him how much his new CD is loved.

    Then there is his new vlog, his trip to Cali, but wait he must soon be going to talk about his trip to Singapore after Cali.

    But besides Halloween, some of us are getting prepared for the big MoTabs draw several hours away. Hold on tight, it will be a ride and a fast one for a few days…

    So you may have seen this already, but it is so worth repeating in the midst of all that is happening this weekend.

    Take it away David, it is going to be wonderful!



  53. djafan said

    sb he sure is excited about the motab invite. Lets see how the ticket distribution pans out. May we be some of the lucky onre,



  54. wowArchie said

    Bebereade, Emmegirl and Djafan,

    Thanks for your warm and friendly words. I keep scrolling up and down the monitor non-stop to read your responds and to see “my” green butterfly welcome sign! What a day for me. It must be because David coming to Singapore news made me too excited! 1:52am here, I’d better sleep so that later I can wake up to join the twitter group hug with all the sweet fans for David. Good night for me and good day for you.


  55. bebereader said

    Taking a little break from requesting to take care of a little business here:

    Regarding requesting, each radio station’s website looks different. Sometimes there’s a big prompt to click on that says “Request a Song”. That’s easy.

    But other times, you have to really look for it. Have patience. If you don’t find it, there’s usually a “Contact Us” where you can write in the name of the song, David’s name and other info they require.

    Links to request Falling Stars, Elevator and Something ‘Bout Love:

    (If you don’t see the songs listed, go to the bottom right and fill in the name of the song and the other info including your zip code, email etc.)

    Link to stream Falling Stars

    Please note: The nominations are over for the People Choice Awards but the voting is still open for these polls:


  56. djafan said

    Thank you for the info bebe!

    That dang poll, I vote and vote and it’s going in the opposite direction, maybe not enough voters for David now. 😦

    David on Korean TV, the media loves David in Asia.


  57. bebereader said

    Abrracadabra#43 I want one of those posters above my…sofa. Can you work your magic? 😉

    WowArchie#45/54 English Spinglish! We all speak one language here and we understand each other regardless of our background. If you’re a fan of David’s, that’s all that is required. Please join us here often and partake in all the festivities!

    Emmegirl#49 That video is almost obscene! LOL Thanks!

    SandyBeaches#52 Love that MoTab video! Soon, soon! Good luck to all on getting tickets!

    lct Thanks for the tip:

    3 PM EST
    Tweet David about how much we love TOSOD

    That’s easy!

    See everyone at Twitter in half an hour!


  58. gladys said

    wowwwwwwww worked an idea that came from so far away. I am in the clouds, just a day that david told me – hi, gladys.
    For someone like me who works hard to communicate in English, now I feel I really am part of the community of david.
    I thank this to THE VOICE and all the blogs who received and accepted my idea, thank you very much


  59. djafan said

    Great idea Gladys, starts about in 20 minutes!!!


  60. bebereader said

    {{{{{Gladys}}}}} You were always part of the community!!!


  61. silverfox said

    OMG!! I just got home & so glad I saw the GREAT IDEA by Gladys to show David some Twitter Love!

    Gladys, you are an awesome lady! Thank you for the idea.

    Going to Twitter now!


  62. djafan said

    Yay, SF let’s get going!!!!


  63. Angelica said

    Hey all,

    Thanks for everyone’s responses to my novella of a recap. I had almost as fun writing about it as I did going! It kept the memory of it front and center in my mind for a long time and that was nice.

    I’d like to add my warm welcome to wowarchie45. Exciting news about him coming your way. Hope you get to see David soon and can tell us all about it!


    “Fans would have to purchase the new Nokia N8 from SingTel to gain access to this exclusive event for now.”

    Wow, I hope they don’t start doing that here. I can see a lot of merchandise being purchased that we don’t really need. Enough to fill a garage or attic! haha.

    Thanks for that wonderful mgr Abrra. My favorite part is when he asks Jazzy, “Why don’t you show them your pumpkin?” and then he waits for her to bring it. He looks over at her and looks back at us as if to say…sisters…and wipes his head with his hand on each side. I’ve seen him do that before. I love her little laugh and ramble and her wee little hands taking the pumpkin back from him. I have to replay that over and over. I also love how his home so often has balloons and ribbons and crepe paper hanging from the ceiling. They seem to always be finding a reason to celebrate.

    I’m voting and requesting and streaming Falling Stars. Be sure to tweet at 3pm est today about the album!

    Tonight is Saturday night chat at the voice unplugged! Drop by if you get the chance and let’s talk! And watch vids of course. 8)


  64. Angelica said

    oh dear, off to twitter nooowwww!!!


  65. Abrra said

    When you tweet say your city and use the hash tag #TOSOD for trending.




  66. djafan said

    #tosod is trending in the US!! keep it up!!!!


  67. djafan said

    Gladyssssssssssssssss, trabajo! it worked!


  68. djafan said

    He saw, he saw, this makes me day!!!!!


    Hahaha just saw that #tosod is trending! Thanks you guys!! Hope you are enjoying the new album The Other Side of Down!

    2 minutes ago via web


  69. bebereader said

    Gladys: Look what you did for David! He felt our love. He knows. Thank you, Gladys.


  70. Gayle122890 said



  71. silverfox said

    That was sooo much FUN!

    Yes, Gracias to Gladys for knowing just what to do to show David how much he is loved and how much we enjoy TOSOD, especially when he may have needed assurance at this time.

    David has the best fans!


  72. djafan said

    Yes SF, we need to thank Gladys for thinking of this. It made me so happy to see David tweet.

    I have a special request SF, David will be performing and traveling by plane in the coming weeks, we would sure appreciate your prayer. It unifies us in prayer and that is a very powerful thing.



  73. SandyBeaches said

    Oh Gladys, what a wonderful idea! I am so happy that everyone had the chance to tell him how much we love his new album and how much everyone cares. We are kind of slow on getting our thoughts out to him so once again “Thank you Gladys”!! Just call on us again Gladys and we will be there…



  74. silverfox said

    Djafan, Mi amiga, {{{hugs}}} Are you going to Clovis to see David? 😀

    And thank you for the request. 😉


  75. Abrra said

    Great job everyone on tweeting a trend for David! Look how happy he is??

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit Zully



  76. emmegirl said

    Great idea {{{Gladys}}}! And thanks to all the
    tweeter-ers, want him to feel that love and the love for his album! He worked his tushy off on it and should know how much we love it.

    bebe 57,skydance1x 51 🙂

    And bebe, can’t thank you enough for the requesting info and links.

    Angelica, love that part of the vlog too. The look on his face when he is waiting for her, and the cheesy little grin he gives her when he says he missed his sisters’ birthdays. How can one person calmly sitting talking about pumpkins and costumes and mazes be so captivating, and enough so that you watch it over and over… aye yie yie.

    (and I never told you how much I loved your reference to your “ODD years.” Priceless!)


  77. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  78. Abrra said

    #63 Angelica
    In 5 min I threw this together for ya 😉 I love the “heavy sigh” after he finishes talking at :06.



  79. angelofdja said

    This poll ends in one day. The Claymates are a dilligent bunch! 😀 Let’s put our power, ninja voting to work and fix this:


  80. gladys said

    it is true that David was our twitters ?????????????, ahhhhhhhhhhh.
    That news made me very happy. I can say hi david, from Argentina, iam gladys. David, every day, you sing better.
    This is what we say to Carlos Gardel, the best singer of tango in Argentina. He died long ago but every time I hear his tangos, say, Carlos, sings better every day.
    David, cada cantas mejor!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  81. Angelica said

    Thanks Abrra! You good to me.

    And thank you Gladys for a great idea that made him feel our love.



  82. wowArchie said

    Great! Turn a thought into an action and make David feel our love and support. Solid !
    On Nov 4th when David’s cd was out the first day here, my husband rushed down to the cd shop to get one for me. He saw secondery school in uniforms singing something bout love , jumping up and down and hugging each other right outside the shop. The casher shaked her head and said they were so crazy. But as you can see , young girls couldn’t afford to buy new phones (plus sign up a 2 yr contract with phone company)to see David, those who buys the phones don’t really cherish the free passes to see David ! It looks so unfair to me . Ah! Whose idea is that ?! It Really can’t compare to Glady’s!
    In the morning my 6 yr old son and I were so happy to know that we finally can meet our favorite person on earth in person but after reading the fine prints from the phone deal, my son crawled under the bed and claimed if they don’t give him the tickets he’s going to stay there forever!!! Sigh…..we are two flatten balloons now


  83. Abrra said

    Bebe asked me to make a certain video MGR longer. And I made it slower too!



  84. jackryan4DA said

    SOS – This is a long shot but I am desperate for help…

    Is there any archie here residing in San Diego, CA?


  85. MT said

    abrra … you do good work. 🙂


  86. Abrra said

    @GoDavidArchieGo On the Japanese #TOSOD import it has an extra track called “Nothing Else Better To Do” it’s out Nov. 16 .. I’ll be watching it on UTUBE(:


    Thanks! David makes it so easy.



  87. wowArchie said

    Oops! Wrong month. The cd was out on OCT 4 th. Not November.
    Streaming FS now


  88. Angelica said

    Aw WowArchie. That really does suck about having to buy an expensive phone to get access to David. I would have a hard time explaining why I was buying a new phone when I already have a perfectly good one. Most folks do.

    It says “for now.” So maybe it will change and become a regular ticket sales thing when they meet their quota. Never heard of that kind of gimmick. Keep the faith. I believe it will come to pass for you and your son to see him.

    JR, I don’t know of anyone from San Diego just off the top of my head. Be sure and tweet your question too if you haven’t already. I’ll repeat it here for you.

    Is there any David fan residing in San Diego? Please post here or contact The Voice at the link on the top of page. Click Contact Us. Or find us on twitter @TheVoiceDA.


  89. Angelica said

    New guitarist? Oh my. Photobucket



  90. bebereader said

    Great chat tonight, thanks to Abrra and everyone who attended!
    David sure warmed up the place; it was 44 degrees in NY when I arrived in chat and now…well…oh sure Abrra, blame me for #83 LOL

    WowArchie#82 Is your son out from under the bed? Hoping for those tickets for you!!!

    David’s tweet:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  91. Angelica said

    Still up (night owl) and shamelessly spamming when I should be working. Check out this wallpaper by Juan M from the portraitmagazine contest.


    Some other nice entries too.


  92. lct said

    Good morning Voice! Occassionally I lurk at latina for news on Davd and he’s there now so please, please leave a comment on 10 favorite reality tv stars!
    Let’s overload them with tons of comments! Thank you!


  93. bebereader said

    I just realized that it was one year ago, on November 1, 2009 that I saw David in Atlantic City! Here are a few videos from the soundcheck! Silverfox and Marlie were there with me! We had a blast!

    David talking to fans! Loved this!

    TMH Soundcheck

    ALTNOY Soundcheck (love the banter in all the videos)

    credit MsLemonade08

    youtube comment “Gosh even in soundcheck his voice is amazing!”

    Ahhh The memories!

    G’nite! 😀


  94. SandyBeaches said

    Good Sunday morning and it is Hallowe’en, OK not my favorite holiday so to speak. 🙂 but I loved it as a child and when my kids were growing up, so it is fun really!

    So thanks for leaving me hanging Angelica, what is the news on a guitar player for David?

    Our dogs woke me up way too early and if I told you they were fooling me and only wanted a place on the bed that would be absolutely correct.

    Here is my cat contribution for Hallowe’en for all those who love cats…take it away tigers!

    Any news on a band for David or perhaps a guitar player?

    A little snow and a little rain on all of those fallen leaves!



  95. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    From Alfredo’s MySpace:

    Guitarist Alfredo Herz

    Born in the city of Orizaba and raised in Cordoba both in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, Alfredo began playing guitar at the age of 15.

    Influenced by players such as Greg Howe, Jimi Hendrix and Slash amongst others, Alfredo would spend time playing with his friends without taking music seriously, until he decided to move to the U.S.

    Alfredo spent a few years playing on the road with all kinds of bands that ranged in numerous styles. In 1998, Alfredo was reviewed in the guitar nine records website as one the “undiscovered artists” for the month of September. Afterwards he took a trip to Easton, PA to study with his favorite guitar player: Greg Howe. Ever since, Alfredo has participated in, and won guitar competitions held in the Twin cities area by Guitar center and Mars music, and received positive feedback by internationally recognized guitar players and artists.

    Not only as a guitar player alone but also as a band member he has won competitions and achieved honors that range from winning 1st place in his home state of Veracruz, Mexico at the “Yamaha-Coca cola music quest ’94”, winning numerous “battles of the bands”, live radio performances, and some of his bands have shared the stage with national acts such as: Cake, Helmet and Sixpence none the richer among others.

    Alfredo is not only known for his technical skills playing the guitar, but also his versatility and high energy stage performance, which can range from playing in the back of the stage as a supporting musician to doing cart-wheels on stage, running and jumping around, playing with the tongue, with the guitar behind his head, with his fret board hand upside down and interacting with the crowd and band mates. He is also know for being able to sing lead and background vocals in English and Spanish, his work ethic, his respectful manners toward other band mates, his drive and his positive attitude. His understanding of music gives him the ability to be a music director, if need be. All the drums in his CD were programmed and edited by him (approximately 100,000 hits total), he played all instruments, produced, mixed and mastered it.

    Alfredo has performed live in national television and has also been invited to give seminars at McNally/Smith college of music, and to write articles as a guest columnist for guitar magazines online such as:,, cutaway guitar magazine from Spain (, and guitarz-for-ever ( He has been partially involved in the editing for Greg Howe’s instructional video seminars (

    Currently Alfredo is endorsed by VHT amplification (, Inferno guitars (, Do Denim clothing (, the guitar wheel ( and xotic effects (

    Right now Alfredo can be seen playing around Hollywood and doing sessions. His first instrumental CD “RAW” is now available on Itunes. Some of his tracks can already be heard in the shows “Guitar Radio” on KRVM 91.9 FM, Eugene/Springfield Oregon, “Let There Be Rock” Boschtion (Netherlands) Cable FM 87.5/Radio FM 95.2, “Shames World” Kirchdorf and Oberösterreichand (Austria) 90.4 FM, and Global Radio Network.

    Profile Created & Designed By:
    Rik Barba



  96. betsy said

    Sounds like a talented guy. Thanks for the info, Abrra.


  97. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra…I like your sweeping witch 😉 I thought that is was sweepimg my English grammar mistakes…keep her around!!

    Wow, Alfredo sounds wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing him with David. Will he be in Cali. by chance?? The stage will become even more alive. That was good news to start off the day but we will always miss Mike.

    Chat was a fun party, so refreshing somehow to watch the old vids.!



  98. pattiNC said

    Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that Amazon is giving away a $3 credit for MP3 downloads. Just head to the redemption page ( and use this code “STUDENT3″ for the free credit. I just downloaded CFTH for $2.00…spread the word 🙂


  99. pattiNC said

    ^^ It’s only good thru tomorrow! so hurry 🙂


  100. emmegirl said

    Alfredo, talented and interesting. Envy those going to the California concert! Videos 🙂

    Thanks to Mike. I think he was exactly what David needed for his early tours. They have made some great music together.

    PattiNC, thanks for the amazon link, headed over there..ring up another sale for DA.

    Abrra, you devil you.


  101. emmegirl said

    bebe, thanks for the Atlantic City soundcheck vids. Those are some of my most favorites! 🙂 Love the banter too, the clothes, the hair…don’t know if it was the lighting or what but he was glowing that day.


  102. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra#86 “….Japanese #TOSOD import it has an extra track called “Nothing Else Better To Do” it’s out Nov. 16 .. I’ll be watching it on UTUBE(:”

    Spazz!! Another track to look forward too!

    By the way, who loves “The Day After Tomorrow” as much as I do?

    lct#93 Thanks for the tip! Going there now to leave a comment for “10 Favorite Latina Reality Stars”.

    Here’s what they had to say about David:

    “We fell in love with AI contestant David Archuleta the moment the part-Honduran started singing John Mayer’s Waiting on the World to Change during his very first audition. And clearly we weren’t the only ones! His flawless renditions of Robbie Williams’ “Angels,” John Lennon’s “Imagine,” and The Miracles dance tune “Shop Around,” led Archie all the way to the AI finals where he came in second. David’s incredible voice and infectious smile had us at hello.”

    Here’s the link again:

    SandyBeaches#95 That was ‘cat’ video! I don’t think my cats would know what to do with a pumpkin! LOL

    PattiNC#99 Thanks for the Amazon link!

    Emmegirl#100 You’re absolutely right. Crank up another sale for David! Those Soundcheck are my favorites, too. I still can’t believe I was there in the audience!


  103. bebereader said

    For your convenience:

    Peoples’s Choice Link:

    Clay has the lead but let’s not stop voting! Today is the last day.

    Links to request David’s songs:

    Link to stream Falling Stars


  104. djafan said

    Hello all!

    Great videos from front row from York Penn.

    credit ktiitk

    Quite impressive creds for the new guitarist. I feel for David’s band members but David is a solo artist and musicians will come and go, I’m fan of only David.

    Nice review.

    CD Review: David Archuleta – The Other Side Of Down
    Written by Dan Savoie on Sunday, 31 October 2010 01:04

    American Idol alumni David Archuleta returns with his second studio outing of new material, The Other Side Of Down, which contains a solid collection of original songs. Unlike his first album, Archuleta had a hand in writing every song on the album, which is not only a pleasant surprise, but provides a much need personal approach to the music.

    The fairly upbeat album is a solid collection of pop songs and showcases why the young singer was so popular on the American talent show. His voice is beyond his years and gives the lyrics more maturity than they were probably written to have. He shines a bit more on his ballads like Falling Stars, Things Are Gonna Get Better and My Kind Of Perfect.

    If the album suffers from anything, it’s the similarity of the beats in the first half of the album, which hits on a good pop beat and continues until nearly half way through when it’s finally broken up by Falling Stars. From that point on the album takes a few more creative and much needed twists and turns to round out a more fulfilling release.

    There are quite a few tracks that will be radio singles from this release, but my favourite is Parachutes And Airplanes, an exciting song with a nice chorus and great beat. It has enough depth that it could have be sung by Michael Bolton.

    David Archuleta has shown an incredible growth with this album. Maybe it’s because of his greater input or maybe it’s because it’s his third release (including 2009’s Christmas From The Heart). Whatever the case may be, it’s nice to see Archuleta as a singer and as a songwriter.


  105. djafan said

    Falling Stars review by Music Remedy

    David Archuleta drops another crazy single entitled “Falling Stars”. Pop artist David Archuleta released their “Falling Stars” song in Oct, 2010. We just love the song “Falling Stars” (a Thumbs Up)! OMG, this song is fresh out of the oven! This single has just been released and is going to hit the charts. Push the ‘play’-button and enjoy!
    Rate: 4 of 5 stars
    Length: Full
    Released: 10/2010
    Added on: 10/26/2010
    Reviewer: Jermy
    Flag: report reason
    Buy: Amazon, iTunes


  106. bebereader said

    I learned a long time ago, when I was a fan of other solo artists, not to get attached to their band members.

    The nature of the business is such that musicians have to support themselves in between albums, when the artist is not touring. As a result, they move on as other opportunities arise.

    More to the point and with due respect to David’s band members, past and present, David is a young evolving artist. His band will most likely continue to change the more he changes.


  107. silverfox said

    OK, I’m gonna be contrary today since I’m a “witch” today (some would say I’m a witch most days anyway)…so here goes..

    I think Falling Stars is beautiful, mainly because David’s vocals makes it so. But it is NOT HIM. I personally think David recorded the song for TOSOD because Eman wrote his monster hit “Crush”. But FS is not indicative of what David wanted his album to reflect. Even so, David is not crazy & probably knew FS would be a heavy favorite by his fans. I don’t think however, he thought FS would overtake HIS own compositions which he worked so hard on & is so proud of, songs like Elevator. And what about the others? Why was FS so heavily favored among David’s fans? I’m really curious. Lovely as it is, it’s a “downer” song with sad lyrics. David used his genius to create great songs using his quirky way with words & melodies that stick with us. With me anyway. After one listen to the song TOSOD, the melody & lyrics were in my head, same with STR, and Look Around which has some of the best lyrics I have ever heard, and Who I Am is like being in that cab with David, just a great play with lyrics & melody. Then there’s Good Place and TAGGB, can’t say enough about those except David gave us his all with those gems. David gave us a look at what he says is his dorkyness with P&A and a peek into his dreams with Elevator. And then there’s the most poignant song straight from David’s heart, MKOP which pierces my heart every time I hear it. So with all these songs, what is it about FS that has everyone spazzing? It has to be David’s vocals. I doubt any other singer could have done justice to it. Eman is very smart. He is a brilliant songwriter and could have collaborated with David to compose a song more in keeping with who David is and what he wanted for his album, but instead Eman had FS and had only one singer in mind to sing it. Very smart indeed.

    So IMO as lovely as FS is, and along with Complain, the other song which I also think is very good mainly because of David’s vocals were put in the album because of loyalty or whatever. IMO. 🙂

    In all honesty, I was kinda shocked SBL was chosen to be the first single AFTER I heard all the other gems in the album co-written by David. And disappointed. Jive did not keep David’s best interest’s in mind with that decision, IMO.

    My opinions which are many, notwithstanding, Falling Stars seems to be THE HIT song from David’s album, GO Falling Stars! Go David! Next year when David sings HIS songs HIS way, live on tour for us (recalling DLG), he’ll “show” us what he had in mind when he wrote them. IMO. 😉 😀

    Happy Halloween everyone!


  108. SandyBeaches said

    Maybe Alfredo will play guitar with David in the future, hey that’s a really good thing as we might see David on stage with a guitar before too long. Alfredo singing in English and Spanish is a wonderful bonus…

    Ah the winds of change, we have been feeling them lately.

    Just something from Willie.

    “The winds of change are always blowing
    And every time I try to stay
    The winds of change continue blowing
    And they just carry me away.” ~ Willie Nelson.



  109. skydancer1x said

    hello people!
    Djafan, thanks for the video from York! just beautiful. Way to go David,Mr.Thudmeister…gah!

    I have only seen David live twice, but I have to say, I never really paid attention to the band either time. My focus was only on David, and the VOICE. Everything else sort of faded away for me, and he was all I really saw on the stage.
    If he is going to have musicians with him, I wish for them to be only the best, and to respect the artist, and the person that David is.
    To be honest, there have been a couple of times, when David would be talking a little and the band would just start playing and cut him right off, mid sentence. Not the case anymore, but you know what I mean? That always ticked me off a bit, (no matter what the reason people came up with for it,I didn’t like it)

    (This new guitarist certainly has quite a resume.)


  110. bebereader said


    I’m one of those fans who is spazzing like crazy for “Falling Stars”. I cannot get enough of hearing David sing it, whether on the cd, on youtubes or anything I can get my hands on.

    Why, you ask? Why, “Falling Stars”?

    There are a few reasons:

    1) I’m a sucker for romantic love songs.

    2) I love it’s moving lyrics, about a painful breakup, plus it’s seductive melody. I’m in love with the way the song starts out slowly and builds to a tremendous crescendo at the end and then lets you down gently.

    3) When you add the magnificent voice of David Archuleta to a song with these attributes, it takes it to another level. David’s voice knocks that song right out of this stratosphere! David tells the painful story and, without fail, makes me well up with emotion every time.

    I love all the songs on TOSOD. Besides FS, my favorites are TOSOD, MKOP and STR but “Falling Stars” does it for me like no other. It has NOTHING to do with who wrote the song. It has EVERYTHING to do with David’s delivery as it has always been, starting from the very first time I heard his voice on “American Idol”.

    SF, Tomorrow marks one year that we met at the Taj Mahal in Altantic City! Can you believe one whole year has gone by? Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the time we spent together having brunch, waiting around for the VIP, the VIP and the soundcheck. 😀


  111. bebereader said

    PS Silverfox, Yes, Eman knew exactly what he was doing when he saved FS for David. Aside from being a brilliant songwriter, he’s also a businessman and is interested in the almighty buck. I hope both David and Eman make oodles on FS.


  112. silverfox said

    So now there’s a new drama…just what David doesn’t need right now…

    David has had what…about five guitarists accompanying him at any given time if you count the base players, and so what? Does it really matter who’s in the band? Mike was nice, he got along well with some of the fans. He was nice to me & my sister. And he liked the attention he got as David’s guitar & collaborator.

    But he was an employee and when there’s Management changes, employees come & go. That’s just the way it is in business and “David Archuleta” is a business.

    As for the new guitarist, has there been an official announcement of him becoming David’s guitarist from WEG? Is it really that important that there even will be an official announcement? Or will he just “be there” when David performs again?

    I don’t care one way or another. All I care about is that David is happy with the choice. I care that the band members like & respect David as the boss and as the great vocalist he is. I care that they realize David has high personal & professional standards for himself. He does not impose his personal standards but expects the highest professional standards from those who work for & with him. I care that they have studied David and realize David is a genius who changes-up songs at the drop of a hat so they have to be ready and able to keep up. I care that they are as excited to be working for David as his fans are excited to see David perform live. I care that the band KNOWS who the STAR IS, even if the STAR is humble, completely free of ego & so thankful to be on that stage like he doesn’t deserve it or something. I care that the band knows all this when they are hired and that they are in complete awe when they witness how David holds his audiences in rapturous, mesmerizing, hypnotizing, heartrending, and loving captivity when he’s on & even off stage. I care that they KNOW who David Archuleta is and how fortunate they are to be in his band even if it may only be temporary.

    That’s what I care about. Not that anyone cares what I care about. I just thought I’d put it out there. So whoever the new guitarist happens to be, if it this Alfredo who is a brilliant guitarist, congratulations! And to Mike, maybe we’ll see you again with David. Stranger things have happened. 😉

    Another thing I care about is whether my request out of the 1.5 million requests for tickets to the MoTab Christmas Concert, will be selected. Not good odds but you never know? 😀


  113. skydancer1x said

    112 Bebereader,wouldn’t that be something. Didn’t E-Man also write Crush? or was it Hodges? (or both of them? I’ve forgotten) E-Man did say he couldn’t picture anyone else but David singing Falling Stars.Got to admit, the guy is a brilliant songwriter.David loves those guys.


  114. Pattirae said

    Bebe, have to agree with you about Falling Stars. It is the first song, after hearing all the songs at first, that I started repeating over and over again. I have my other favorites on the album as well, but FS is wayyy up there. Many songs on David’s first album didn’t exactly “fit” him but I loved them all anyway. He sings each song as if they do fit and that is what makes him such a great artist. I absolutely love the variety of “thoughts” on this album. But I am most anxious, as I know everyone here is, to see him in concert singing the ones that mean the most to him where he can pour his heart out. Just the thought of it makes me weak.


  115. Pattirae said

    Silverfox #113, I have to say that your thoughts about David and his band are so eloquent, brilliant, and right on that I had to leave a comment stating so. I loved when you said, “I care that the band KNOWS who the STAR is, even if the STAR is humble, completely free of ego and so thankful to be on that stage like he doesn’t deserve it or something.” Oh man, that is exactly how I feel but wouldn’t have been able to express it that beautifully. I just wanted you to know how much I loved all of these thoughts about David and his band and their “hopefully” honored respect for him.


  116. Abrra said

    It’s a great experience living with a 12 yr old who loves this holiday.He stayed home this year and gave out candy. He can’t have candy due to having braces, so he wanted to play host. Here is a picture of who greeted our visitors tonight.

    The fella on the top left is a Cyclops. I am supposed to tell you that. 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  117. silverfox said

    Bebe {{hugs}} Atlantic city was unforgettable!

    Agree with your hope that David makes oodles of money from FS, cause his vocals is what makes FS what it is. Don’t misunderstand me. FS is great but if sung by another artist, I don’t think it would be as good. I just happen to think some of the other songs are just as good. But then, I’m not an expert. I’m just happy there is finally a song from the album which seems to have Jives blessing. Hope so anyway. 😀

    I love romantic love songs too, and David can sing anything including the beautiful songs about experiences he says he has not yet had. That he can sing those type songs about love found, lost & found again, with all the angst & heartbroken feelings he puts forth in his vocals and performances shows his brilliance & genius as a performer, so much so that we forget he really has never had those experiences and we are amazed. Also his ability to make us BELIEVE him when he sings about experiences he’s never had, is a sign that David has what it takes to be a great actor if he chooses to go that route someday, when he loses more of his inhibitions and owns his beauty & sensuality. IMO, of course.

    Good night bebe, & anyone else still here tonight. 🙂


  118. silverfox said


    Thank you! & good night. 😀


  119. skydancer1x said

    goodnight everyone.
    Enjoyed catching up on all the news and comments tonite.
    Love the Cyclops Abrra, (please pass my comment on to the artist!)Cool!


  120. djafan said

    Hi all,

    SF, You pose some interesting questions and observations, love when you do this.

    For me although I love FS, well actually I love all of them. They take turns getting under my skin, right now it’s Good Place, followed by TOSOD and Look Around. A few days ago it was The Day After Tomorrow and Who I Am. Really difficult, suffice to say I don’t skip a single song, I do hit shuffle so I don’t know what song is coming up next on my ipod.

    I’ve tried to understand the why of FS, from my survey with my family members, I got these answers, it’s emo, it has a rockish vibe, his voice, it’s makes you cry, he sings it real good. These answers from non ODD’ers ages 13 to 33.

    For me I’ve decided that the song at this point is irrelevant, as long is it gets the promo and attention it deserves. I think this will bring attention to the entire album, because in all reality it is a work of art…imho.


  121. djafan said

    SF, this is so good!

    “I care that the band KNOWS who the STAR is, even if the STAR is humble, completely free of ego and so thankful to be on that stage like he doesn’t deserve it or something.”

    I’ve never understood the attachment to the band members, for me I see them there, and I want them to be good musicians, and respectful to David, but that’s it. I want David to make the decisions that are in his best interest. I can speculate all I want but we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and don’t really care too.

    I’m optimistic that TOSOD is going to gain attention slowly but surely.


  122. emmegirl said

    SF, loved your #113 post too. Your totally transparent, pure and heartfelt love for him does my soul good.

    I really just love the whole album, SBL, P&A my personal least favorites. After that, depending on the day, any one of them can be my favorite. Lyrically and musically it is fresh and fun but inspires me to find some joy in each day, keep going, give thanks… and he does it without being preachy or dismissive of the tough times we can go through…and all in that VOICE! That addictive voice. Really like Day After Tomorrow, want to see that one live!!

    Love earbuds, allow you to really hear his backup vocals, which I love as much as the primary.

    Abs,”cyclops” lol! No candy for an 11 yr old, bummer.


  123. emmegirl said

    dja, I agree. I think it will gain momentum and get where it deserves to be. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, it just needs to get out there so it can be heard and appreciated. That’s where we come in with our requesting support.


  124. MT said

    I know some of you have requested tickets for MOTAB. Just wanted to let you know that someoneon FOD posted a link and says you can use it to check the status of your requests for tickets. Their comment was posted about 9:25 tonight.



  125. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    After Nov 1, you can enter your registration code ( you did print it out? )to find out if you won tickets to The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Show here:

    Good luck to everyone!



  126. Abrra said

    From xtrablonde’s y frog page. She is Mike K’s wife.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Looks like David and ‘lil K had a fun visit at Mike’s home awhile back.



  127. Tawna21 said

    SF #113 Thank you…I so completely agree with your comment here and on Twitter.:)



  128. djafan said

    LCT, Thank you for the link, left them a comment in spanish and english 🙂


    Aww I hadn’t watched those videos in a while.

    Emmegirl, the background vocals are so captivating. I confess that I don’t tune them in immediately. I listen quite a few times absorbing David singing and then they start making there move into my brain. Love what he does with them. Listen to The Day After Tomorrow, beautiful David background vocals.

    awww abrra! Love seeing David with the little ones.


  129. bebereader said

    Skydancer#112 “…Didn’t E-Man also write Crush? or was it Hodges? (or both of them? I’ve forgotten.

    “Crush” and “Falling Stars” have the same three writers: Emanuel Kiriakou, Jess Cates and Dave Hodges.

    Correction: “Falling Stars has 2/3 of the same writers as “Crush”.
    The writers for “Falling Stars” are Eman, Jess Cates and Claude Kelly.

    Pattirae#115 “But I am most anxious, as I know everyone here is, to see him in concert singing the ones that mean the most to him where he can pour his heart out. Just the thought of it makes me weak.”

    David takes all of his songs to new dimensions when he sings them LIVE! MKOP is so heartfelt LIVE, TOSOD and STR are so much fun, LIVE! We’ve only seen a few so far and by the time the TOSOD comes along he will have perfected all of them. *faints*

    Silverfox#118 “Agree with your hope that David makes oodles of money from FS, cause his vocals is what makes FS what it is. Don’t misunderstand me. FS is great but if sung by another artist, I don’t think it would be as good.”

    We’re on the same ticket, SF. I totally agree with you.

    Abrra#127 There’s something about seeing pics of David and babies that makes us all giddy!


  130. bebereader said

    Another glowing review of TOSOD
    from “Mommy’s Minute Blogspot”

    The Other Side of Down is the latest release from American Idol runner-up, David Archuleta. This latest release has an overwhelmingly positive message. I love that it’s family-friendly with content that’s safe for ears of all ages.

    While it’s nothing shockingly new or innovative, it has a great overall sound, catchy lyrics, and a varied set of songs. Archuleta showcases his vocal talent that fans of American Idol season eight grew to expect and anticipate. I definitely appreciated the wide range of songs. There is a good mix of upbeat pop songs and slower ballads.

    My favorite has to be “Falling Stars,” a soulful song of love lost. The song showcases Archuleta’s vocal range. I also enjoyed the message of the song “Complain.”

    Cause I don’t always get everything I wanted
    Doesn’t turn out just the way I thought it all should be
    Baby, I can’t complain
    No more wasting my time looking in the mirror
    Wishing my life was a little bit clearer
    No way – Baby, I can’t complain

    If you’re looking for something edgy, look elsewhere. It’s not cutting edge, it’s not Lady Gaga (thank goodness), but it is a highly enjoyable, optimistic offering from the teenage sensation.


  131. Angelica said

    Love all the good reviews the album is getting. I have to disagree that Falling Stars needed David’s vocals to be a hit. I think several other male singers could have done well with it. That is one reason it’s one of my favorites on the album…because it’s a really beautiful song in its own right. I have the mp3 of a piano cover with no vocals at all someone did of it and tweeted the link to Eman. I love the mature sound and just like Bebe said, “I’m in love with the way the song starts out slowly and builds to a tremendous crescendo at the end and then lets you down gently.”

    When he moves into “You tell me it’s not possible,no way that we could break” the pain in those simple piano keys that accompany his voice is almost too beautiful to bear for me. He also moves on stage in a more mature way when he performs this song, ala “The Mr. Confidence” videos made by Abrra. Watch him work the stage. He takes what could be a cheesy song, if sung in his usual style, into a pop/rock anthem of heartache. He steps out of his comfort zone and it is thrilling to me to see and hear. Here is David talking about, Falling Stars. Quote, “I felt like it was OK to have one song that was just a genuinely, truly, amazing song. I think that song is one of them.”


  132. bebereader said

    Angelica, my mutual nightowl,

    Thanks for bringing that video here, of David discussing “Falling Stars”. I’d been meaning to take a look at it again because I don’t think we’d heard the full song when released that particular clip. Because of my personal feelings for the song, I was curious to hear anything David had to say about it. After watching the video I see that he, too, sees the same magic we see.

    Perhaps as you say, several other singers could do well with the song but I’m thrilled for us that Eman saved it for David.

    I hope “Falling Stars” gets out there and does well. I hope any and all of the singles from TOSOD is successful. You can’t predict these things; it’s all a guessing game. Sometimes the song that is least likely, becomes a hit!


  133. bebereader said

    credit Clear Channel Wichita


  134. silverfox said

    Good morning all, and good luck to everyone who requested tickets for the MoTab Concert. Funny how I never would have known about this yearly event if not for David…again! He has opened my small lttle world to a host of good things, one of which is this…

    Being able to speak my mind & opinions, have an open dialog & discussion with others who may or may not agree with me, but in the end it’s all about our mutual love & admiration for David Archuleta The Voice.

    THIS is what I love about this & some other sites. Some days I have something to contribute & other days I can’t find words…for instance, the large photo of the bieber. 😦

    Have a great day everyone. Love you all!


  135. Angelica said

    The Beiber is gone SF. It was just a Halloween joke. I didn’t mean to offend. He had Abrra’s spam wand ready to do battle with her if she got after me for my spamming.

    Good Morning, happy Monday and happy November to all! Good luck on getting MTC tickets to everyone who requested. I didn’t print out my number so I can’t check the site. 😦


  136. SandyBeaches said

    I just checked my number for the MoTabs Christmas concert and they said to check in after November 1st so that may be all for today…

    I have to give the Bieber credit where credit is due and I have not fairly done that yet. His management has done a great job for him and we see the results quite clearly. The timing has been right in the industry for Justin for all that he has to give. I believe that I have been a bit envious in the fact that it has worked out for him with his management at the same time watching David with his but the days and weeks ahead are looking to be fantastic.

    Back to the tickets! I will beg and borrow but promise I will not steal to capture a ticket that has been declared the most difficult ticket to possess in the world. Why am I not totally discouraged?



  137. skydancer1x said

    Happy November 1st.!
    Only 2 more days until we get to watch new video from Sierra Vista mall!!Yippee!!! So we will get to see the new guitarist at that time?
    Just wanted to say Good Luck to everyone, on the MOTAB tickets!
    Have a good day everyone!


  138. SandyBeaches said

    Just have to mention the December issue of “Candy Mag” with the words ‘the media darling’ written across his picture, I will only say WOW, I love it.

    Then David’s picture is placed dang well in the middle of a page of pics. with the usual others around him. So yes, this is a nice issue!!



  139. betsy said

    I have a fun story. I was at work yesterday, working mostly in the Halloween aisle. We have a hidden cd player, (hidden behind the Russell Stover, lol) playing this awful Halloween music. I decided that I couldn’t take it another minute. I ran out to my car and brought back my #TOSOD. Stuck it in the player and played it until we closed. Every time I walked by it, I turned it up louder, Idk why.
    Within an hour or two, my front cashier had a couple favorites and was bopping around to Elevator. And she couldn’t stop singing Look Around. She had never heard any of these songs before.
    She said she was going to buy it tonight. Said she saw the cd at Costco and now was going back to get it. 🙂
    My photo tech on duty, (21 yr old guy) asked me if I brought in a mixed tape. Said it sounded good. I told him no, it was brand new music. 🙂 And left it at that. Sometimes I feel it’s better to let people find things rather than hit them over the head with them. (I saw him checking out the case later, haha)
    We are setting up our full Christmas aisle this week. Guess which cd will be playing for the next 7 weeks? ♥


  140. SandyBeaches said

    Oh Betsy, you are so bad!!

    Now that is a great promotion led by one of the best go-getter David fans! Your name goes just after Glady’s name!

    Once again you are so bad and I love it!! I hope that there were lots of shoppers and yes most of the other music you have to listen to made you do it I know.



  141. Sharon said

    Hi Everyone…Happy Monday! Just wanted to let you all know there is another Twitter Trending idea getting started to spread LOOOOOOOVE!

    Its all about David and Love….Lets Spread His Love !

    Check it out at Archuletfanscene for all the details!
    I have to run but wanted to pass this on to all of you great fans! 🙂


  142. betsy said

    In preparation for my onslaught on the retail buying public, have a song. 🙂
    p.s. I will never get over this. Don’t want to.


  143. betsy said

    Sb, you sweetheart. ♥ I wish the store had been busier. It was sloooow. But it felt just right, somehow.


  144. djafan said

    Good Morning!!!

    Betsy, that’s great! Have to learn “Don’t hit them over the head” part…lol

    MOTAB telling to wait until after Nov. 1st. SB were in the same boat so far.

    Angelica, thank you for removing Beiber…hahaha.

    SF, I enjoy good dialogue even if some don’t agree. It’s very interesting that we, David fans come from such an array of places and backgrounds and we can disagree on many things, but we always agree on David, the magic that he creates with his music is undeniable. And that’s a good thing.

    Angelica, I’ve discussed this with bebe time and time again, I think David has ruined me, while I’ll agree that another singer may do FS justice, for me it won’t create the magic. My ears hear beautiful singing and wonderful songs when David is not involved, but there is no magic. David ruined my hearing.


  145. Angelica said

    Betsy, you are the woman! I love you and this is priceless..

    “My photo tech on duty, (21 yr old guy) asked me if I brought in a mixed tape.”

    A mixed tape. He thought the songs all sounded different, not all the same like so many albums out there. That is a great compliment. Wow. David wanted to have a good mix of styles and he definitely achieved his goal.

    Sharon, thanks for the twitter trending alert. What is that square? It says to copy and paste which is the only way I could get those squares.

    “ℒℴѵℯ” is always trending on Twitter
    Let’s get those Twitter gremlins and start tweeting:

    I ℒℴѵℯ @DavidArchie
    I ℒℴѵℯ David Archuleta’s Music
    I ℒℴѵℯ ”The Other Side of Down”
    I ℒℴѵℯ David Archuleta’s “Falling Stars”
    Just copy and paste a line into your twitter box


  146. gladys said

    It’s crazy what they’ll tell you: here in my country, there is a radio disney, every so often they propose a singer for the weekly ranking. And this week was David, but could not enter the ranking with Something bout love.
    I thought something crazy. When radio disney open the ranking I propose for David, at that time will I need your help. I have to get the link for voting and the exact day, when I have these two pieces of information, notice to all blogs. Because if I can vote in their radios, you can vote on the radio in my country, right.
    If we could organize the twitter, so little time, this also can.
    I’ll take care of all the blogs I know and my friend will be notified Julet Latino sites.
    What do you think?


  147. bebereader said

    Betsy, what a brilliant idea you had! Pick some random people, play the cd and see what happens! The catchy tunes together with David’s vocals (yes, djafan he ruined us!) put you in a good mood. But you might have to start selling TOSOD in your store! LOL

    Which reminds me of last year.
    Gosh, have we really been at this long enough that we can say ‘years’? Last year at about this time, I bought extra copies of CFTH and distributed them to local stores in my neighborhood, UPS, the manicure shop and a few restaurants. I’d like to do this again, this time with TOSOD, to get David’s voice out there.

    Betsy, That Cleveland Ave Maria! Oh my! Makes me realize how priceless the videos from last year’s Christmas tour are! And how precious The Voice Unplugged is, too!

    Gladys, Sounds good! Please let us know more details as they happen. Thanks!

    I know I saved that email from MoTab, with my registration number….I know it’s here somewhere….


  148. bebereader said

    Please don’t stop requesting!
    “The third one’s a charm.” 😉

    For the last few days I’ve been requesting online.
    Today I’m going to start calling the radio stationd to request!
    Wish me luck!

    Links to request David’s songs:

    1) Found a new one:



    Link to stream Falling Stars


  149. bebereader said

    Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
    I wasn’t able go anyway but planned on gifting my tickets. 😦

    Dear Patron of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir,

    Thank you for your interest in attending the 2010 Christmas concerts of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square on December 16-19, 2010. We received requests for over 1.5 million tickets and we are sorry to inform you that your registration for the Christmas concerts was not selected to receive tickets.

    As a sincere thank you for your understanding, the Choir and Orchestra have arranged a special 20% discount for you on CDs, a DVD and a book from the Choir. Click here for details.

    We know that the concerts are hugely popular with audiences and we wish that everyone could be given an opportunity to see this wonderful event in person. However, we would like to offer some alternative suggestions for you:

    ?Come Standby. If you will be in the downtown Salt Lake City area, a standby line will form at the North Gate of Temple Square on each night of the concerts (December 16-18) and on the morning of the Music and the Spoken Work broadcast and the following mini-concert (Sunday, December 19). Persons in this line will be allowed to fill empty seats in the Conference Center shortly before the concerts begin.
    ?View the Concert in the Tabernacle. The concerts may also be viewed from the Salt Lake Tabernacle by video relay. Seating is on a first come basis.
    ?Watch Last Year?s Concert on PBS or on DVD: The 2009 concert featuring Natalie Cole and David McCullough will be seen on nationwide PBS Television on Wednesday, December 15 and again on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Check local listings for times in your area. Or, get last year?s full concert on DVD. Click here. []
    ? Attend Other Temple Square Concerts. Temple Square offers a wide variety of free concerts, events, and displays during the Christmas season. Event times and ticket information can be found at You may standby for seating for the Bells on Temple Square concert on Friday, November 19. Come enjoy the lights and the Christmas Spirit on Temple Square every evening from November 25th through December 31st.

    Wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas Season!

    Your Friends at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square


  150. Angelica said

    Yay! I DID save the email with my confirmation number from the MTC! I even put it in a separate folder and forgot I had done it. Got the same message to check back after the 1st.


    David walked all the way to Vietnam in your slow motion mgr. 😛


  151. djafan said

    sadness….I received the same Dear John letter 😦


  152. Heidijoy said

    Didn’t receive a letter but when I plugged in my confirmation numbers, got a Dear John message-Not selected. Sad too!!!They say try again but it wouldn’t be the same without David.


  153. Angelica said

    I have been trying to go back to check my status for an hour but not getting in. Finally got a page saying the site is temporarily down. We crashed the Motab site. Photobucket


  154. archangel48 said

    I’m shaking like a leaf!#$%^&*@ Congratulations! You were selected to receive tickets for this event:.

    Number of Tickets: 2
    Event: 2010 Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square
    Performance: Sun, Dec 19 at 09:30AM
    Your tickets will be mailed to the address you provided.



  155. djafan said

    Congratulations Archangel48!!!!!!

    Angelica, keep checking!

    How exciting for those that get tickets!

    Praying for all of you!!!!


  156. Angelica said

    I won!!!! 4 tickets for Saturday night!!! My first choice!!


  157. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  158. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  159. SandyBeaches said

    I am truly grateful that I have won three tickets for Friday night…my good friend in California has won three for Thursday and I may be going with her…

    I have just emailed Dee and her sister Theresa!!

    Yes, I feel very blessed today…



  160. Angelica said

    Congratulations SB!! I know this means the world to you!


  161. archangel48 said

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Angelica!!!!!!!! I could only wish for one other thing after winning tickets (BAH! 😳 how absolutely greedy that sounds!) Anyways, I would wish that I could get to meet you. Alas we are on different times! It sure is exciting! No-one is home right now for me to scream and jump up-and-down with! Although I did all of those and more just fine by myself!!! 😀
    Conrats to all who have been blessed with tickets!


  162. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  163. SandyBeaches said

    Hey Archangel48, you can always stand in line for Saturday night!!

    My excitement is a little quiet because some did not receive a ticket but there may be some available after the dust settles and a few extras become known!

    Thank you Angelica, it does mean so much to me…



  164. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you Bebe!! Gotta love those balloons!!! 🙂


  165. archangel48 said

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Angelica! Sandybeaches! Congrats to you both! 😀


  166. archangel48 said

    Thanks so much bebe! 😀
    SB, Excuse me. Yes. I have to curb the enthusiasm. My hubby has told me that numerous times in the 30+ years he’s known me! LOL 😳


  167. Heidijoy said

    Congrats to all who won!!!


  168. SandyBeaches said

    No no don’t curb your enthusiasm Archangel48 evert!!! This is your time to enjoy…

    This is exciting and once in awhile it happens so do a shout out!!

    I am so excited and just wondering how for the first time ever my number/name has been drawn for something quite wonderful…I should just stoop wondering for now!!

    My husband even came home from work after I called him knowing my excitement…



  169. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you so much Heidijoy!!



  170. MunkFOD said

    Sandy Beaches! You get to go too! That is so great! Looking for a great recap story! Remember everything!


  171. MunkFOD said

    And Angelica and Arhcangel48? That is awesome! congrats to everyone!


  172. SandyBeaches said

    MunkFOD…Silverfox is going with me!! Thanks for the congrats!



  173. SandyBeaches said

    There will be many recaps by looking at the people who are going!!



  174. xaris said

    YAY!! Congratulations to everyone receiving tickets to MOTAB! What a spectacular concert to have the opportunity to attend.



  175. archangel48 said

    SB, I’m with you on the first time winning something! WOOT!
    Gosh, I just wish my hubby would hurry home so I can tell him the good news! Now to figure out if I’m flying or he’s driving for a little vacation week thingee. Michigan is a nice cruise from Utah! Snow could deter the driving idea.


  176. djafan said

    I am so dang happy for all of you!!!!!!!

    The stories we will get to enjoy after that magical weekend.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  177. bebereader said

    Vote for Falling Stars on Sirius Satellite Radio Top 20

    It’s not listed so you’ll have to go to the bottom of the list, to the box marked “Other” and fill in “David Archuleta – Falling Stars”


  178. stenocruiser said

    How very wonderful for all of you ticket winners! Congratulations! We can look forward to what will certainly be fabulous reports.

    Hope the music departments of the SLC stores will be stocking up on David’s CD’s — the MOTAB attendees will surely be looking for his music after hearing that glorious voice.


  179. Angelica said


    Aw, thanks. I hope we can meet somehow. Maybeee… Checking flights now. What am I doing? How can this be happening again? I was telling Bebe, the last thing I won was a $25.00 bingo pot, thirty years ago and I had to split it with someone. 😆


  180. River said

    I had put in for Thursday but no luck. I am delighted for everyone who will be fortunate enough to see this spectacle. I will be hanging on every report. We have a new grandbabyboy due that week so who knows if I could have gone but I would have been doing everything possible to make it. It will be magnificent beyond words.


  181. prd9601 said

    No MoTab tickets for me. Boo Hoo! LOL But I am very happy for all of those who have been able to get tickets! I know you guys will have a blast!!


  182. Marciami said

    archangel 48 – I am Marcia from Michigan. Congrats to you on a day we will all remember – November 1, 2010. Please email me Where do you live?


  183. SweetOnDA said

    No MoTab tickets for me 😦

    But, I’m so happy for those that got them. CONGRATULATIONS!

    For the rest of us, just think of what we have to look forward to next year when we can buy the DVD 🙂


  184. archangel48 said

    WOW! I still feel like I’ve been in some other land of reality for the last few hours! Phew!
    Angelica, I’m also checking on motels for Saturday night. Friday we will still be traveling going as far as my Hubby can handle driving, then staying wherever we end up that night.
    Sandybeaches, I’m so happy Silverfox is going with you! 😀
    I was quite happy to meet the infamous Silverfox in Ann Arbor last year. It would warm my heart to meet all you lovely ladies!
    Marciami, you have mail!


  185. bluesky said

    Congratulations to all who got tickets!! That is really wonderful, especially for out-of-towners! And for all you who did not? Well, you and I are in the same bucket. But guys it is a bucket of love and if you want to come and stand in line with me… I am a very good stand-in-liner.

    We would have fun. Much love to you all.


  186. pattiNC said

    No tickets for me 😦 but I’m so happy for those that got them..enjoy it for all of us! 🙂


  187. Marciami said

    I did not get your email so would you try to send it again please. I live in Ann Arbor, was of course at CFTH here last year, met Silverfox after the concert at the restaurant and sat across from her, beside muldur and beside David from Texas who sat beside Donna. Were you there!!! Did I meet you?? I see you live in Michigan also, and this is quite the coincidence!! I’ll be looking for your email.


  188. silverfox said

    Angelica, Archangel48, SB, Congratulations to you for being some of the lucky selectees for the MOTAB Christmas Concerts with David!!

    I was not among the lucky ones, at least not directly. But my sister & I will be joining SB in SLC for a weekend we will never forget due to the generosity of a beautiful friend. We are truly blessed and I’m humbled at such generosity. You know who you are & I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!


    Now to correct a misunderstood comment made by me at 134 about the photo of Bieber posted here. Angelica thought I was offended by it but I was not offended at all! I knew it was posted as a joke. My point was that Bieber is all over the place, has mountains of publicity, good, bad & ridiculous, so I was dismayed, not offended, to see his photo here. I guess I get a little upset & maybe envious when I see him getting all the kudos David should be getting. Not to mention he will be appearing here in our brand new 27000 seat arena in a couple of weeks which I will never understand. Of course, I do realize David will have a long lasting career, or for as long as he wants it, and poor Bieber…well, I guess we’ll have to wait & see. (The photo of David under Bieber’s though, was to die for!). 😀

    That’s all.


  189. kaycee said

    No tickets for me too, but Bluesky, I may just see you in line! My daughter gets off her mission about two weeks before the concert and she’s determined to be there, so we’ll probably be going stand by! A big hearty congrats to all the lucky ones! And SB, couldn’t be happier!…we may see you this Christmas after all!


  190. silverfox said

    I have a question?

    Am I really known as the “infamous” Silverfox? 😆

    I have been called many things, and “infamous” is just one way I’ve been described by a few.
    “Infamous” which means…Notorious, having a bad reputation, shocking, wicked.

    Am I really those things? Gosh. 😦

    All I did was diss the Bieber…

    Nitey-nite everyone!


  191. poof said

    Congrats to all of you going to the concert. I also got a Dear John not a DEAR DAVID! My sweet daughter said, Don’t be sad mom, we can try it again next year 🙂 Maybe it should be made an annual event!


  192. Angelica said


    Glad you weren’t offended by my posting the Beiber pic for Halloween. I thought maybe you were thinking I had gone over to the other side of magnificent! 😆


  193. FG said

    a huge CONGRATS to those that got MoTab tix! OHMYHECK!!!! SO happppy for you!

    Abrra, your new MGR is…nevermind.

    Your discussion about Falling Stars is quite intriguing. I LOVE it but I’m trying to think about WHY. I’ll get back to you.


  194. emmegirl said

    Betsy, brilliant! Love it! Anxious to hear feedback on CFTH. A fav breakfast diner my sister and I frequent plays holiday music. Last year I would sit there thinking how he could sing circles around most of the singers I was hearing. It has finally occurred to me to gift them CFTH, so I should soon be hearing that sweet melodic voice as I enjoy my omelet and tea with my sis. It doesn’t get any better than that!

    dja, I hear you, he has ruined me too. I really have a hard time listening to most everyone anymore save a couple of exceptions.

    bebe, do you mind posting the sirius20 link daily so we (I) don’t forget, if that is okay with everyone.

    archangel48, (and everyone who won tickets), no worries…CELEBRATE! Nothing but joy and happiness for those who have been blessed with tickets! Can’t wait to hear about all the amazing experiences. Congratulations to all!! 🙂

    River, congrats on your expected grandson!


  195. archangel48 said

    Marciami, I was at the restaurant before the epic Ann Arbor concert when I met Silverfox, Funnygirl, Betsy, Stenocruiser, David From Texas(gratiously handing-out Christmas cards to all of us fans) and I am sure more that I can’t remember their names right now! Nervous as I was, everything you hear about David’s fans is true as I sat at the table downstairs in awe of all the friendly, beautiful people there to support and listen to the VOICE!

    BTW, I am from Battle Creek. Home of Tony-the-Tiger! 😀


  196. emmegirl said

    Reminiscing, watching Xfactor AI vids…Shop Around, When You Believe, Smoky Mtn Memories, We Can Work It Out, Long And Winding Road, And So It Goes…somebody stop me! Almighty, that boy is brilliant! To think he was just 17 yrs old, it really is amazing.

    Randy’s quote after Shop Around,

    “You know, look man, I’m a big fan, I thought that was really brilliant and you know what I love dude, you were just born with this gift because what I’m saying you sang that song so mature for somebody 17 I’m like, this kid is ready to goooo, so dude, I loved it, I loved it.”

    Finale hair (hadn’t seen it in awhile)….


  197. wowArchie said

    Hey Silverfox,

    Do not doubt your image in the Archie world. I am a new comer here, but based on what I’ve known from internet, you are one very sweet lady who loves David quite a lot. If I don’t remember wrongly you are the one who has great taste on choosing T-shirts for David. He wore those shirts in many occassions, right?
    My thoughts and reactions toward J B are exactly the same like yours!! Even in Asia with language barrier he is everywhere. I dont hate him, but I don’t allow my teenage daughter spend $ on his cd. I wish David can get that kind of luck so he doesn’t have to work so hard.

    Congrats to all who won the tickets!!!!!


  198. poof said

    Want to say how much I agree with what you said about FS #110. I just love it. To me he just nails the emotion in this beautiful song. Using his amazing voice in some new ways, it is “painfully but simply” sung. David takes songs like this to another plane for me, I’m feeling what he is feeling, and life isn’t always Up.

    I don’t understand the argument that this song “isn’t David” so it is not as good. That is goofy thinking. David shouldn’t have to believe or experience everything he sings about. Have to remember, that would mean no “Contigo”. Even the thought of THAT makes me gasp!! I hope Falling Stars is a huge hit. It sure is with me.


  199. Djafan – “I think David has ruined me, while I’ll agree that another singer may do FS justice, for me it won’t create the magic. My ears hear beautiful singing and wonderful songs when David is not involved, but there is no magic. David ruined my hearing.”

    Perfectly expressed. He has affected my hearing so much that I can only hear his voice in a song – especially those he’s covered. Every time a song by the original artist is playing (ie – One) and someone with me comments that it’s a favorite of theirs – all I hear is David’s voice. Very strange…..

    Oh Betsy, thank you for bringing Ave Maria here. It’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas!


  200. betsy said

    So happy for everyone going to Motabs! There will be stories for a year. Or ten. 🙂

    There was never a chance for me to go and I am fine with that. I was lucky enough to see David at two Christmas concerts last year. (Ok, and twice last month, lol) (I’ve been told not to bother asking for any time off until January)

    I am so very happy for you all. 🙂 🙂
    I can’t wait for the stories of friends meeting for the first time. That’s really one of my favorite things.


  201. bluesky said

    Congrats to all who have tickets for the MoTab!!! That is SO cool! Especially for you who plan on traveling into the state.

    And for you who do not? Well, I don’t think I will be getting any either! So if any of you want to wait in line with me… I am a very good “wait-in-liner”. Good times are us.

    It is fun to think of DA in the East of East again. Have a great time, DA!! And come back with laughter, health and energy for the Christmas concert. Be safe!!



  202. wowArchie said

    Ha ha Emmegirl,

    are you reviewing David’s AI7 performances? I like “Shop Around” too, especially the part when David turned his neck like a Diva and Said “Gotta find the one that’s ganna give true love man(?)”.
    The first time i saw David and fell in love with him was when Ryan Seacrest said: you can vote for him, yet you can’t adopt him. The moment David poked Ryan with his elbow and replied “I AM SEVENTEEN!!”. So adorable!!!


  203. nanaweize said

    Boy those “Golden Tickets” were hard to come by and I say congrats to those of you who got them. I along with 2 of my daughters did not get tickets…I still have another daughter that thinks her husband deleted the e-mail with her confirmation number in it. So we wait to see! I do have a friend that has offered me a couple of tickets if my daughter gets that dreaded e-mail. I am a lucky girl to have friends like I do. Friends I have never met yet they are willing to share.
    David has brought together some mighty nice folks if you ask me! Hope to meet some of you wonderful friends come December.


  204. djafan said

    Been out and it’s so nice to log on to a wonderful conversation.

    SF, infamous, wasn’t aware of the negative definition of the word. I know for a fact when it is used to describe you it’s the complete opposite. The David fan world knows you for your close encounters, wardrobe selections, and genuine care for David, and can’t forget the prayer.

    emmegirl and fanda, believe me of tried to give others a chance, but gets me nowhere…lol

    Shop Around, I remember being so freaked out by that unexpected performance, David has a gift and is a gift for us all.

    DavidArchie tweets!

    Just had some cashew raspberry ice cream made of cashew cream. Really good!

    less than a minute ago via txt


  205. WowArchie said

    David in Singapore :
    Date: 14 Nov Sunday
    Time: 6 pm
    Place: Zouk (the most hip/popular club in



  206. MunkFOD said

    So excited for everyone that get to go to the MOTAB concert! I am so looking forward to some great stories about what you felt, heard, saw and freaked out about! And all of the great news about David’s visit to Asia! This is going to be great! (and is always is, isn’t it?!)


  207. archangel48 said

    Oh my dear Silverfox, I should look the meaning of a word up before trying to use one to describe the famous you!:oops: Just like Djafan has said, I wasn’t aware of the negative aspect of the word!
    I’ll never forget seeing the video of you cruisin’ through the parking lot blastin’ Crush for anyone and everyone to hear! That and your obvious devotion to the super-talented, super special, one-and-only David James Archuleta is a ongoing relationship that I very much enjoy listening to and reading about. You, like David should stay just like you are. Unconditional love. You show it in all you say. David is blessed to have such a loyal fan.
    I’m very excited for you to be attending another of David’s epic events. I hope to say hello to you once again and hopefully many more times as we continue on this Archu-journey of musical joy! 😀


  208. Abrra said

    WOW! I am shocked at this from Boston PBS. They emailed me today.

    “Thank you for your interest in WGBH. We always appreciate hearing from our viewers, listeners, and Web site visitors.

    The program you cited, Orla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas show, is not currently scheduled to air on any of WGBH’s channels. However, we will relay your request for WGBH to air this program to our broadcast manager. As to whether the program will be picked up for air in the future, contact us again anytime by phone or email, or visit us at From our home page, select “Television” from the gold menu banner, then “All Shows A-Z”. If your program is scheduled within two weeks it will be indicated with schedule information.”

    Boston is heavily Irish background. Very strange they are passing on this. Hoping the station manager takes a second look .

    Grats to all those who won tickets and to those who will be going!



  209. Abrra said

    Live chat with David this Friday Nov. 5th 7 pm EST

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Link here:

    Be there or be square 😉



  210. Angelica said


    I just emailed my public station requesting info after reading your post. I’ll let ya know what they tell me.


  211. Marciami said

    Archangel48 I must have met you at Panera’s since I helped arrange it and sat with FG and tried to say hi to all who came. I just don’t know your name! I wanted to email about Sunday and maybe we could have lunch after! Just a thought-I’m not ready to post much about it since I am freaking about it all. “you can call me Tina” from FOD” got a ticket for Sunday. I met her in Louisville.


  212. djafan said

    I had emailed my local PBS station also and was told that the shows hadn’t been selected yet to contact them back in a week. This is the week.

    Top 12 in no particular order, poste November 2, 2010

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  213. Marciami said

    Dear Everyone here who loves David,
    I don’t know how it happened but I was struck by a thunderbolt of love and generosity and blessings galore and don’t even have words, except I am freaked out. I won tickets to see David and he will be in Utah with the MoTC! How can this be. I understand that Utah really exists!
    I don’t want to seem greedy but I have an extra ticket for Thursday and wonder if anyone would like to trade for one for Friday or Saturday. I am going alone and a Long way so I would love to be able to see another performance. Hoping someone would like to enjoy this amazing chance.
    I will let Abrra know since she has my email address. Please feel free to email me if you have a ticket to trade or know someone who does.
    I have been scrubbing the carpet and vacuuming and pulling weeds and have had chocolate today. I wish we could all go. I never dreamed.
    Thank you all and thank you David,
    Marcia in Michigan


  214. Marciami said

    OK – Abrra said I didn’t make any sense! I have 1 extra Thursday night ticket that I would like to trade for 1 Friday night ticket. Please contact (at the top of the front page). Thank you all. No more chocolate for me haha.


  215. Abrra said


    LOL Remind me to hide the chocolate from you!



  216. bebereader said

    Be back in a moment after this:

    Please request, stream and vote!!!

    Links to request David’s songs:




    Link to stream Falling Stars

    Vote for Falling Stars on Sirius Satellite Radio Top 20

    It’s not listed so you’ll have to go to the bottom of the list, to the box marked “Other” and fill in “David Archuleta – Falling Stars”


  217. gladys said

    I would like to say !!!!!!!!!!!! I want the ticket !!!!!!!!!!!
    But there will be some people in the United States will be very very happy.
    I love this place.


  218. bebereader said

    “….’Cause you are so beautiful…you are so beau-ti-ful. Yeah.”

    FG#193 “Your discussion about Falling Stars is quite intriguing. I LOVE it but I’m trying to think about WHY. I’ll get back to you.”

    *waits* LOL Would love to hear you take!

    Poof#198 “…I don’t understand the argument that this song “isn’t David” so it is not as good. That is goofy thinking. David shouldn’t have to believe or experience everything he sings about. Have to remember, that would mean no “Contigo”. Even the thought of THAT makes me gasp!! I hope Falling Stars is a huge hit. It sure is with me.”

    David makes magic from any song he sings. Case in point: “Happy Birthday”. And I’m not even kidding! LOL I have high hopes for FS and am trying my best to promote it by requesting, streaming and voting.

    Nanaweize#203 “……I still have another daughter that thinks her husband deleted the e-mail with her confirmation number in it.” <<<< Idk why but this made me laugh!

    Is anyone going to tomorrow's event at the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis, CA for David's Unplugged set?

    I have a (non-David) friend I met online a few years ago who lives five minutes from the mall. (She voted for Cook. tsk tsk) I emailed her and casually mentioned that David will be at her mall in Fresno, five minutes from her house.

    She just replied: "I'll probably go. I love his music and that's my favorite radio station." 😀 😀 😀


  219. stenocruiser said

    Abrra — these airdates are listed for your neck of the woods:

    Boston MA WGBH 12/9 at 7:30pm
    Springfield MA WGBY 12/2 at 10pm


  220. stenocruiser said

    oops — your State is spelled incorrectly on the website !


  221. Abrra said

    My station says no. Orla says yes. I will have to wait and see.

    Thx Steno.



  222. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    From Orla Fallon’s web site:

    Órla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas, taped at the beautiful James K. Polk Theater in Nashville, TN, features holiday classics including “Joy To The World,” “I Saw Three Ships,” “Do You Hear What I Hear,” “The First Noel,” “Silent Night,” “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” and many more.

    The companion CD and DVD will be released on November 16 nationwide by The Elevation Group. The CD includes duets with Méav and David Archuleta as well as a special version of “Little Drummer Boy,” featuring a duet with 20-time Grammy Award-winner Vince Gill, and the beautifully arranged “Away In A Manger” with Anúna.

    “I’m so excited about this TV special,” said Órla Fallon. “I had such a wonderful time recording it. The audience was fabulous, the guests were fabulous…The choir, the band, the orchestra…It was a dream come true.”

    “This was my first TV Christmas special,” stated David Archuleta. “Hearing these songs that you grew up listening to, love and hold close to you…with Órla’s voice on them, the way she sings them, it felt very sincere.”
    To continue her long-standing support of public television, Órla is making tickets to her 2011 concert tour available to public television viewers first in more than 100 markets. Viewers who make a donation to their local public television station during broadcasts of Órla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas can receive these tickets, the companion DVD and a public TV version of the CD, featuring six exclusive bonus songs including a special version of “Silent Night” featuring Grammy Award nominee Jim Brickman, as “thank you” gifts. Órla’s corresponding 50-city tour will run in 2011 from late March through early May and again from late September through mid-November.

    more here:

    There is a preorder for the DVD here:

    Órla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas DVD (Live From Nashville)
    *The DVD IS NOT autographed.*

    DVD Segments:
    1. Joy To The World
    2. I Saw Three Ships
    3. Do You Hear What I Hear? (w/ Méav)
    4. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear / The First Noel
    5. Little Drummer Boy (w/ Mark Wills)
    6. Silent Night (w/ David Archuleta)
    7. Patapan (featuring David Archuleta)
    8. O Holy Night (featuring Méav)
    9. A’ Soalin (Soul Cake)
    10. Here We Come A-Wassailing
    11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

    Plus Additional Songs
    1. Carol Of The Bells / Ding Dong Merrily On High
    2. Away In A Manger (w/ Anúna)
    3. Bells Of Christmas

    I pre-ordered the DVD!


  223. djafan said

    So David finds this interesting.


    So some kid who apparently likes my sister gave her a cutting board as a gift. He made it in woodshop. How interesting… haha.

    about 1 hour ago via txt Retweeted by you and 100+ others


  224. bebereader said

    30 Seconds of Heaven!

    At Orla’s site there are audio clips of her new “Celtic Christmas” CD. I suggest you play #6 “Silent Night”! 😉
    (Thanks for the link, Abs#222)

    Steno#210 Thank you for the official link to find out when “Celtic Christmas” will be on our local PBS Stations.

    For my area (New York City and Long Island) it will be on: 11/27 at 8pm on PBS Station WLIW. That’s 3 weeks and 4 days away!


  225. emmegirl said

    bebe, thanks for the links!

    Abrra, thanks for the Orla link, just ordered my DVD,
    Christmas present to myself. 🙂


  226. SandyBeaches said

    Ordered, I felt the urgency to as well!!! Yes Emmegirl a great Christmas present to yourself. The clip just gives you a whisper of what you will see and hear and love!!



  227. refnaf said

    Hey!!! Angelica I enjoyed your recap sooo much. You know how to tell a story!!!!
    “If only he tried to be cool like most every other entertainer, if he tried to impress me, I could resist, but there is no resisting such unaffected, guileless charm.” Ain’t that the truth!!!!!

    ((((hugs)))) to all!


  228. silverfox said

    Orla’s Celtic Christmas was another memorable event I was so fortunate to share with SB.

    I’ll never forget it. It was Orla’s “Special” but once David come on, the tone of the show changed. Most of the audience were there for Orla, but David is the one who got the standing ovations, not just from his fans, but the whole audience which was mostly adults, very few teens stood up in thunderous applause after each of his performances! To say the performers on stage & backstage were surprised would be putting it mildly. They were stunned!

    Since this was Orla’s Special, I would be surprised if the Standing-o’s will be in the final recorded version. I think they will use the pre-recorded audience applause they had us do over & over prior to the start of the actual program. I mean, think how it would look they showed David getting the reception fit for a “Star” instead of the actual Star? It just would not do. Of course, Orla was very good & is a beautiful lady who sings like an angel, but David..he sang only three songs, (Melodies of Christmas is not on the DVD apparently), but there was something very special about him that night, almost more so than any other time I have ever seen him. He was shining! He aura was almost blinding. He was a bright shining Star that night, & he was so happy to be there. And so were we. 🙂

    Good night!


  229. FG said

    Angelica – you have e-mail!


  230. Heidijoy said

    Ordered the Ora Fallon DVD too! checked PBS in the Iowa PBS for my area and advised to check bac in a couple of weeks. Not listed yet but will check back with them and post it. Exciting that we can get DVD so soon and hope it airs here too. Heard CFTH is $5.00 so probably will order a few of those too. Gifted a few of Other Side of Down and have some excited nieces. Let’s hope sales will improve for David.(((hugs)))) as Refnaf says.


  231. Gayle122890 said

    #218: Bebe, my daughters and I will be at the event tomorrow!

    We were at the polling place when my older daughter tweeted to David and he responded to her!!! She’s @trishaluvsu. She almost yelled at the polling place. We both got so exited people probably thought we were too happy to vote! I was so happy for her (and a little envious). She got teary-eyed. Aww.


  232. emmegirl said

    SF, thank you for that beautiful story. I think you all saw a glimpse into his future that night.

    The show is being aired on our Rocky Mountain PBS, can’t wait for it and my DVD!


  233. Tawna21 said

    OK!! so this has absolutely nothing to do with David, but I just saw this quote on my Facebook, and I am lovin’ it–quote of the day! ahem…..

    ‘Women are angels and when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly…on a broomstick. We are flexible like that.’


    *back to balancing the checkbook*


  234. FG said

    I’m in chat if anyone wants to join me! 🙂


  235. Angelica said

    OMGOSH. FunnyGirl is in chat. 8) This I gotta see. >>> 😯


  236. SandyBeaches said

    Emmegirl #232, your sentence “I think you all saw a glimpse into his future that night”, is the most prophetic statement about David that I have ever heard and truly believe in.



  237. bebereader said

    Gayle: “#218: Bebe, my daughters and I will be at the event tomorrow!

    We were at the polling place when my older daughter tweeted to David and he responded to her!!! She’s @trishaluvsu. She almost yelled at the polling place. We both got so exited people probably thought we were too happy to vote! I was so happy for her (and a little envious). She got teary-eyed. Aww.”

    You’re going tomorrow! Have a blast! Please let us know how it all went!

    How exciting that your daughter received a reply tweet from The Man himself! I’m belatedly squeeing with you from the other side of the country! 😀

    Tawna: Loved that quote!! Thank you!


  238. Angelica said


    How sweet! He called your daughter possum.

    I wouldn’t mind if he called me a ferret or a weasel or even a…a mole. Or a toad. idk


  239. djafan said


    I know I have to remember this was Orla’s special, but why did they leave out MOC????

    SF, You, SB, and emi were so lucky to have witnessed David being his magnificent self.

    Emmegirl, I’m with SB, prophetic indeed! Cheers to David’s future!

    “I think you all saw a glimpse into his future that night”

    Heidijoy, just ordered mine, even though it’s missing MOC, I hope it has the jig he danced at the end.

    Tawna, what a gem of a phrase.

    Gayle, so glad you and your daughters are going to see David, loved his tweet asking if anyone is going, hoping for a full house! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    David tweet pic’d Jazzy and the cutting board…cute!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  240. bebereader said

    David gets around!


    Having a good time at the @LadyAntebellum concert with my sisters. They’re sounding great!

    3 minutes ago via txt


  241. emmegirl said

    Gayle, have a great time at the concert. You know we will all be waiting for the deets! So happy for your daughter, loved the tweet! Wonder if that came from being around his sisters for a week, lol!

    238 Angelica, rofl!

    Tawna, loved the quote too! Hey, we are nothing if we are not flexible, haha.


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