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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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Part Two ~ Skate for the Heart

Posted by djafan on Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sometimes, if you open yourself up to it, life becomes as magical as a fairy tale.  When he took to the stage of Skate for the Heart, David looked every inch the picture of Prince Charming.  He smiled and waved graciously as the crowd screamed and applauded.  Earlier at the restaurant with YJ, Tofan and Refnaf, we had discussed what he would probably sing and I guessed MKOP.  So when he opened his mouth and formed in smooth, rich tones the words, “I was thinking about cha, I drew a little picture, but some things you can’t put on paapuh,“ I turned to Muldur and drawled, “I SAID he would sing that.”  She shushed me because she was recording and assured me she would edit that out but I can still hear myself.  I sound like a munchkin from southern Oz on helium.

He, on the other hand, sounded incredible.  His velvety voice filled the whole arena from the ceiling above to the ice below, gliding up to meet Joannie, pretty as a princess in pink, as she made her entrance on, “When I turn a corner, see my future in a beautiful faaaace..”  The voice carried her over the ice, lifting and gently guiding her through a flawless performance.  When it was over she climbed on stage and gave David a big hug.   Sheer sweetness and light and “Pure Imagination.”

We’ll begin
With a spin
Traveling in a world of my creation…

Willie Wonka

Sigh….where was I?  Oh yeah.  At intermission I get a text from YJ to look to my left.  She is standing almost on floor level waving at me in a section right next to the stage!  What the heck is she doing over there?  She texts me again to come join her, there are seats.  What??!!  I race over and then run back to tell Muldur and the others.  I can’t get her attention so I ask the camera man if I can come in where he is and he says sure.  The show hasn’t started yet.  I stand on the floor next to the ice rink waving frantically with every eye in the stands watching me but her.  Finally I get her attention.  I make hand signals like an umpire calling a play.  Both hands raised high, then to the right.  Time out, game relocated, down-field.  She gets the message.  Touchdown!  We score!!  The program resumed and the second half was even better.  David is once again announced and whoa! He is so close now!  He sang “Something ‘Bout Love” to paired figure skaters.  I heard lots of oohs and ahs and much applause from the crowd during their performance.  I suppose they were simply wonderful.  I wouldn’t know.  I did see them at the end as they skated up to David to bow in unison.

Before the show started, the announcer explained that this was being recorded for TV and at the end of the evening some of the skaters may redo some jumps if they fail to make them.  Only one guy missed one jump and he nailed it easily on the retake.  OK, done.  As usual it was all over way too soon.  Then, my heart almost attacked me when it was announced overhead that David Archuleta, would be returning to the stage to sing both his songs again!!  Songs btw, he did perfectly the first time.  I hear the announcer describe him to all as, “the ultimate perfectionist,” see him striding back onto the stage, feel YJ grab my arms in a vice-like grip and I think I grabbed hers too.  Funny thing was that once he began, I realized he had been a little nervous the first time around.  I’m sure it was only noticeable by a viewing of back to back performances, and then only, to a diehard fan.  And of course, to David himself, who will not give less than his personal best.  This time he was so much more confident and impassioned.  He was in total control.  Without the distraction of the skaters, all eyes were on him and I’m sure many felt the full impact of his singing for the first time that night.  As he was leaving the stage he claimed command of it by thanking everyone for coming out.  As I said, total command and control.

Check him out here in his encore performance of Something ‘Bout Love by 8throwcenter/Muldur.

After the show we all decided to meet up at a hotel where a lot of the others were staying and then go somewhere to eat.  YJ and I got specific directions and even followed Tofan and Refnaf but soon became hopelessly lost and ended up following the wrong car around for a while.  We finally made it to the right place and didn’t hold anyone up as they had been up in Pastel’s room while she uploaded her videos.  We all walked over to an Outback next to the hotel.  I wasn’t hungry so I just ordered the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under, 1220 calories and 80 grams of fat.  l don’t like to eat very much when it gets late.

On the ride home YJ and I talked and then as she said in her recap, we listened to Falling Stars in silence, holding on to the wonder we had just experienced.

I am awakened abruptly from my dream-like state by a phone call from Marciami telling me that she and Funny Girl have arrived at my hotel and for some reason they won’t let them in my room.  I get them in by telling them that Courtney put a note in the computer saying they would be coming and they get a key.  Good ole Courtney.  As I lean back in my seat I am smiling at the thought of meeting Marciami and thanking her for the VIP and also wondering what the heck it will be like to finally meet Funny Girl for the very first time.

To be continued….

116 Responses to “Part Two ~ Skate for the Heart”

  1. bluebird19 (Pattie) said

    Okay, I truly know we kindred spirits. I sooooo would have ordered that Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (listen to “A Land Down Under” by Men at Work — will bring back memories of that delicious looking dessert — unless of course you got sick off of 1220 calories in part 3 of this write-up).

    I’m enjoying your recap so much. Part 2 put another smile on my face! Looking forward to part 3. 🙂



  2. debra said

    I don’t post often as my writing skills leave much to be desired. But had to bust out laughing at the bathing suit and boots crossing the hotel lobby. I got such a mental picture I could not stop chuckling during the rest of the reading. Awesome post. Am envious of the close up views of David. He is so transcendently beautiful up close he takes your breath away and will render you speechless and unable to move. Good job on the post. Can’t wait for the third installment.


  3. River said

    Yum! and I don’t mean the dessert. keep goin.


  4. Abrra said

    Such a tease! I must admit, I am way JELLUS of you for being with some of my favorite humans on the planet. Anyone who hesitates to make it to a David event within driving distance needs therapy! GO! Its such a warm fuzzy feeling to be around fellow fans. 😉

    On another note, David was up early for breakfast at the EKS Challenge today.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit EKSChallenge



  5. Abrra said


    The Most Awesome David Archuleta Goodie Ever!

    US labels like Jive don’t typically include lyrics booklets in CDs anymore. Keeping costs down, I think. Lyric sites are many on the net, but nothing beats having the lyrics in a nice little book. Before showing the 3 complete download options (yes, I’m crazy) I want to thank Larissa for scrutinizing the lyrics that I obtained off the web. As a result, these lyrics are the closest to correct they can be from listening to the CD!

    Your choices will be described and compared below. In order of complexity of making them, they are:

    1. Classic lyrics booklet

    2. Photo album booklet

    3. Mini-posters

    I hope one of these forms will work for you!

    Here is a sample mini-poster:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thank you Miss Bianca!



  6. betsy said

    “His voice carried her over the ice.”

    Pure poetry, Angelica.
    And what amazing friends you were with. The best. 🙂


  7. betsy said

    One of the best videos made. Get the Kleenex out first.


  8. betsy said

    David soundchecked Falling Stars, TOSOD, STR, according to @claudc2010


  9. djafan said

    angelica…would have loved to have seen the hug at the end. I love reading the pictures you paint with your words though I feel like I’m watching my spanish novela…have to wait for the next episode.

    There is something so special in the picture of skater and singer.

    Hope we get some video of today. Thank you Betsy for the updates, I’m at the soccer field on my cell phone…can’t stay away…lol


  10. bebereader said

    Just wanted to step in to say that David made AOL’s Welcome Screen today with the headline: “He’s Not Leaving The Spotlight Anytime Soon” with a link to the Day In The Life article from Popeater. What a thrill to come online today and see David’s picture on AOL looking back at me.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Be back soon with my real comment.
    For realz.


  11. Angelica said

    Thanks Patti, Debra, River, Abrra, Djafan, and Betsy. Awesome video Betsy, thanks. I left a comment on YT.

    Over at Snarky’s, I’m reading about 5 o’clock shadow, blue shirt over gray tee and that he did str, falling stars, elevator, tosod, angels, and crush. Someone said they took video. *yes, please*

    Hola to all! I had a late night getting up that 2nd recap and had to take a cat nap.

    Hope everyone’s Saturday is going well with time spent with family and friends. Hubby is grilling steak and jalapenos now. This morning he did the shopping. I always say, train a husband up in the way he should go and he will not depart from it. 😉

    Is everybody ready for Saturday Night Chat at the Voice Unplugged? Maybe we will have the videos from today there if Abrra can get them in time. Starts at 9pm est and ends whenever. Click on David pic on the right sidebar under chat info. Hope to see a lot of you there tonight! Ciao for now!


  12. Abrra said

    David Archuleta: Singing & Smiling at EKS Challenge

    David Archuleta is all smiles at the 1st Annual Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge on Saturday (October 23) in Washington, D.C.

    The 19-year-old performed at the event, which featured more than 700 participants who walked, ran, and biked to help raise money for the Special Olympics and Best Buddies International.

    David flew into the nation’s capital on Thursday night and has been touring the town.

    “At the National Geographic headquarters. It’s amazing! All the research that goes into the stories they do,” he tweeted.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  13. Abrra said

    Melissa met David today!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit xmelissamendez on twitter

    Taking time for fans!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit EKS Challenge

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Credit @TommyMcFLY



  14. bebereader said


    I see that Lucy & Ethel were at it again! Each excerpt of your recap is such sweet torture!

    Anyone else join me in wanting to hear Angelica’s ‘munchkin voice’ to the words “I SAID he would sing that.” in Muldur’s MKOP video?

    “Chocolate Thunder From Down Under”? Hmmm. And these famous last words: “l don’t like to eat very much when it gets late.” bahahahahahahahaha

    Bring on Part 3!

    Betsy#7 Sad video but very well made! Thanks. The message it sends needs to get out there.

    Abrra: Thanks the pics! Every last one of them!


  15. bebereader said

    We will have video!

    Read 327_Dauta WashDC’s twitter page:

    # On the train back home! i m so excited 2 share videos! cant wait 4 u 2 c them. real close up! less than a minute ago via txt

    Had amazing lunch with jenny. on the way home. will upload videos soon! im 45 min away from home 9 minutes ago via txt

    Crowd loved david. he said crowd is amazin. he was sweating. it was hot in dc today.i touched his hand 3 times! i am still shaking about 2 hours ago via txt

    Falling stars was incredible. i think i floated when he did angels. couple next to me hugged. huge guy next to me tried 2 touch david’s hand about 2 hours ago via txt

    I am still in shock! hands shaking! dang it. i wish i has cd to sign!feel stupid! i cant believe i just witnessed the great david archuleta! about 2 hours ago via txt

    Going to get some food with jenny and will get videos when i get videos when i get home. about 2 hours ago via txt

    Mike said there no tour planned. just couple of shows. got pic with the band. about 3 hours ago via txt

    I see mike! about 3 hours ago via txt

    He has 5 o’clock shadow! lol. he was asking if we had anything! i was so not ready! about 3 hours ago via txt

    He came to say hi! got video! told him i love good place. he said aww thanks! about 3 hours ago via txt

    Waiting outside. hope david will say hi. am shaking! that was amazin! about 3 hours ago via txt

    I was 2 feet away from david. about 3 hours ago via txt

    Got videos tosod partial,fs, angels, crush. he started earlier.did elevator. got partial audio about 3 hours ago via txt

    Waiting for jenny. about 4 hours ago via txt

    On the train going to dc. should be there at 12:30. wheee! about 5 hours ago via txt

    # EKSChallenge

    @DavidArchie we hear your band warming up for a heck of a performance! about 8 hours ago via Echofon Retweeted by 327dauta_WashDC and 17 others

    @janey79 lol. they just retweeted you.:) about 7 hours ago via web

    # janey79

    @EKSChallenge, i spy @DavidArchie :)) about 7 hours ago via web in reply to EKSChallenge Retweeted by 327dauta_WashDC and 4 others

    # EKSChallenge

    Buddies ready to hit the course! Go Buddy Singles! #EKS about 7 hours ago via Echofon Retweeted by 327dauta_WashDC and 2 others

    good morning! getting ready to go to DC…i have no idea what to expect.. lol.


  16. emmegirl said

    Angelica, the saga continues. Great read…

    “I wasn’t hungry so I just ordered the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under”

    ..looking forward to pt 3!

    bebe, 5 o’clock shadow..seriously?


  17. emmegirl said

    David and Melissa look adorable together.

    #12, love his smiles. He is getting a kick out of something or someone.


  18. Abrra said


    “Mike said there no tour planned. just couple of shows. got pic with the band. about 3 hours ago via txt”



  19. bebereader said

    Abrra#18 I saw that. I won’t take it literally until it comes from the horse’s mouth. I think Mike means, temporarily anyway.


  20. Abrra said

    Another reason Mike needs to keep his trap shut 🙂



  21. bebereader said





  22. Abrra said

    Crush EKS Challenge in Washington DC

    credit daai08



  23. SweetOnDA said

    Angelica, Bwahahahahah, not to hungry? LOL I so would have loved to see the smile on his face when she came out and looked at him. My heart melts just thinking about it.

    You’re a great story teller, waiting for Part 3.

    Bebe, thanks and yes I’m feeling better already. No headaches make a big difference.

    (((hugs)))) to you, djafan, Abrra, Angelica, oh heck, to all of The Voice participants 🙂

    Abrra, BTW, downloaded the tube catcher and I’m loving it. Thanks for the tip!


  24. Angelica said


    I’ve noticed David always lights up and smiles big whenever he is around children.

    Speaking of which, I made these screencaps of David and baby awhile ago and never posted them.




  25. bluebar said

    Coming out of lurkdom (lured by Angelica’s chocolate confection!) to tell everyone at “The Voice” how much I really and truly appreciate the time and effort and pure love put into this site to write the beautiful articles… and to those who regularly comment, you bring joy and laughter… with your spontaneity, light-heartedness and kinds ways. We say it’s because of David? Yes, and I say it’s also because there are a whole lot of wonderful, loving people in this world who were meant to make a difference in the lives of others. And, many of you are right here! So thank you one and all.

    Djafan – #9 “There is something so special in the picture of skater and singer.”
    I think so too… and I know it was a one-of-a-kind moment… as I was there also!

    Here is my view from the other side of the arena!
    I hadn’t made plans to go to “Skate for the Heart”… so at 11am that Sunday morning, I was still at home, many the miles away. Just for fun, I checked Ticketmaster. Found out seats in the front row were still available! Well, that was almost too good to be true… I purchased one for will-call, tossed a bag together in case I needed to stay over and was on the road within the hour.

    For me, Covelli Centre was one of the easier places to get to once in Youngstown – only three right turns off the expressway, and I was there!! The parking lot attendant directed me to the box office, and I had my ticket in hand and in time! The last show where I had seen David in person, was the Cleveland “Christmas from the Heart” tour way back in December, so by now I felt very giddy and excited, and just knew I chose the right thing to do! But shame on me for waiting till the last minute and without making prior plans… as it would have been especially nice to see the “Snowangelz” again!

    I also love professional ice skating, so this was a double-edged treat… to know David was near and to see the Olympians up close… and up close to them I certainly was! I was sitting right in the front at mid-arena, two seats away from the camera man who was positioned at center ice. This was the main TV camera where the skaters stopped in front of and smiled at…and performed to. I thought the stage area was lovely… lighted in sparkly whites resembling stars, rays of reds, pinks, blues, lavenders and purple… and I too, watched the skaters until David came on; then I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

    Of course I had to watch the videos the next day, too, to see Joannie’s performance. David’s “My Kind of Perfect” was perfection, personified. At the end, when she skated to the stage and stepped up to hug David, my heart just burst with pride for the sincerity in that tender moment, and for how thankful we are to have David’s voice touch our lives.

    Incidentally, a couple seats over on the other side of the camera platform and in the front row… David’s Dad sat. During the intermission I walked out to the concession area, and Jeff was there off to the side speaking with some people. I walked near and heard him say how pleased he was to hear David’s songs paired with this occasion… in a “more different than the usual kind of setting.” It was wonderful. Not sure who was beaming more.. me or him or all the other fans of David… and the new fans David surely made.

    Most of the audience was there for the skaters, many with “Johnny Weir” signs, and in support of the Heart Association. The group “Straight No Chaser” was pleasant, and I enjoyed seeing Ruben Studdard… but, when David performs, something literally happens to the air… arenas and our lives are filled with another side of love!!!
    More proof just today…. from Bebereader #15.


  26. Abrra said


    Its a great tool. One stop converting.

    Thank you for bringing us your impromptu recap. I find it fascinating when I read stories from people who attended the same show but always bring new dimension to the setting. Love how you described the colors on the stage.
    Your kind words about The Voice are most appreciated. I like to think it’s a good place to visit and comment on whatever you wish to discuss. Delurk more, ok? 🙂



  27. bebereader said

    This just in from Melinda WEG’s twitter page:

    Looks like California and Asia is the next stop for @davidarchie fans….stay tuned for updates!! 12 minutes ago via Twitter for iPad Love that Crush!

    SweetonDA: Hugs right back at ya!

    Love that Crush!

    Angelica: He sure does light up when babies are around!


  28. bebereader said

    Abrra: More about the tour:

    Here’s a little twitter convo with MelindaWEG and a fan:

    kaycey@MelindaWEG spare meeee. IS there a tour next year or not? mike said no…. about 3 hours ago via txt

    MelindaWEG@kaceyy_3 mike doesn’t know ….haha 3 minutes ago via Twitter for iPad in reply to kaceyy_3


  29. Abrra said


    I had seen a Jive tweet last week about the Asian tour being worked on, so I figured Mike was mistaken. Thanks for the update from MelindaWEG.

    I am so happy for David and the Asian fans!! Its a love affair that is so great to see. We have quite a few posters from that area. I hope they will keep us updated. California? djafan will need smelling salts!

    Angels from EKS Challenge


    David Archuleta is saying hi to fans in Washington DC at EKS challenge
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit @327dauta_WashDC ( she is the person who took the videos as well)


  30. Shawna said

    Angelica, I think you are enjoying this way too much…to be continued!!! But I amm loving your experience all the same. You are a gem!!!

    Hope to make it to chat tonight. I looooooooove chat nights so much.


  31. emmegirl said

    Thanks Angelica! Seeing him with children warms you right down to your toes.

    bebe, thanks for the tweet from Melinda. Asia deserves to get the first tour, he has tremendous support from there. I want to see him mobbed with love.

    That Crush is love.


  32. bebereader said

    Bluebird #25 Great to see you again and out of lurkdom! Sometimes the stars are aligned perfectly as they were for you that day, enabling you to attend “Skate For The Heart”.

    “At the end, when she skated to the stage and stepped up to hug David, my heart just burst with pride for the sincerity in that tender moment, and for how thankful we are to have David’s voice touch our lives.”

    I would love to have seen that moment! Still holding out for it on video!


  33. Angelica said


    Dang! Did I miss you in Cleveland at Skate for the Heart and Christmas from the Heart too? Thanks for delurking and for your words of appreciation for The Voice. I enjoyed so much reading your recap too. Wish we could have met up!

    Love, love, love that he is going to Asia. It will be epic and he will gain so much confidence from all the love and be that much more practiced in his performance of these songs by the time he tours here. Oh dear. We ARE in trouble, aren’t we. 😛

    Djafan! You are getting your wish! He is coming to Cali AND leaving the country! Woot!


    Thank you, yes. I am enjoying these installments way too much. haha. Stay tuned. 8)


  34. bebereader said

    Feeling the love for all the Asian fans and for all you west coast fans. You deserve this slice of heaven! You have waited long enough!

    Taking a break here to take care of a few things.
    See you in chat, if not sooner!


  35. djafan said


    Did Melinda say California????????????

    Be still my heart!!!!!!!!

    And Asia toooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    Makes me so dang happy!!!!!!

    So Mike doesn’t know everything,,,he might get his hand slapped…tsk tsk…had many fans up in arms. Bebe, the horses mouth is always the best bet and right now Melinda’s mouth is closest…lol

    Bluebar, loved your recap too! Glad you were able to witness the magic. Please don’t go back to lurkdom! Same goes for Debra and Bluebird!

    Sweetonda, we better be prepared to make plans!!!!!!


  36. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Story here:



  37. Abrra said

    David Archuleta sings The Other Side of Down and Falling Stars at EKS Challenge in Washington DC (stay with it, daai08 was just arriving it looks like)

    David Archuleta sings Elevator (partial audio, no video) at EKS Challenge in Washington DC

    credit daai08



  38. Angelica said

    Love that little jig in TOSOD and just plain love Falling Stars. They are my two favorite songs on the album.

    Those words at the end of the vid before Angels…he is an ambassador of hope sent straight from God.


  39. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  40. skydancer1x said

    Abrra, tell you what, I am in hog heaven right now looking at all of these beautiful pictures
    of David you have posted here. Came home from work with a terrible migraine but had to come take a quick look, and read (Angelica).David is pure love in these pics.Hope to catch chat next week!Screen is too bright now for my eyes… must be


  41. bebereader said

    Link to The Voice Unplugged:


  42. bebereader said

    Skydancer#40 Hope you feel better! Catch you next week!


  43. SweetOnDA said

    Djafan, I’m there with you if dates work out. Finally he’s coming our way, WOOHOO!!!

    *waiting patiently to see what this visit has to offer*

    I’m thrilled for the Asian fans, couldn’t be happier for them. Just think of all the video’s we’ll have to watch. I’m squeeeing already 🙂

    I’m on pins and needles waiting to see if I got MoTab tickets or not. Is it Nov. 1st yet? *crossing fingers”


  44. betsy said

    Angelica #38 Yes, he is.
    Those words of kindness he speaks are pure David.

    and this:
    “By the way, when I was having dinner at the Vice President’s house, I met this heckuva talented guy named Rex.”

    Never change David.


  45. River said

    Have I missed it or did anyone talk about the “scruff” look yesterday. that’s new. whew.


  46. Abrra said

    How sweet is this?

    MR. AND MRS. JOHN DeFOREST JR. nee Wendi Anne Johnson
    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Wendi Anne Johnson, 34, became the bride of John Charles DeForest, Jr., 32, in an Oct. 24, 2009, ceremony at the Meetinghouse at Storrowton Village, West Springfield. A reception followed at the Carriage House at Storrowton Village.

    The bride is the daughter of Linda and Edward Maxwell, of South Hadley. The bridegroom is the son of Deborah and John DeForest Sr., of Pittsfield.

    Suzanne Chagnon attended her sister, and Jason Mendonca served the groom.

    The bride graduated from Elon University, Elon, N.C., and is an instructional leadership specialist with the City of Springfield School Department.

    The bridegroom graduated from St. Joseph’s Central High School, Pittsfield, and is a fire dispatcher with the City of Springfield Fire Department.

    The couple chose “You Can” by David Archuleta as their wedding song.

    They reside in Springfield.

    They are off to a great start in life and they are fans of David!



  47. Abrra said

    Last night’s chat was a blast! Many new faces and some familiar ones too. David is always the center of attention. That’s how we like it. 😉 Thanks to all who came, see you next week!

    This little dance was a favorite of everyone!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Crayontree741 for the gif, of Elena’s original video.

    And some pictures from yesterday’s EKS Challenge. David performing on stage and afterward with his adoring fans.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit @JennyG_PA



  48. Pattirae said

    Does anyone here even know how much I love and adore David Archuleta?


  49. Abrra said

    Get in line woman!! 🙂



  50. djafan said

    lol Pattirae!

    Chat was super fun last night thanks to all who made it and all new participants!

    MOTAB ticket news!!!

    @annyo84 Anyway *breath in breath out* they said they recieved ONE MILLION AND A HALF tickets request for the Xmas concert!!!!!!

    @annyo84 And they have only 80000 tickets available! Good luck to all of us. LOL

    So excited for so much interest, now if one quarter of these people but TOSOD! Hope they have David’s merchandise available at this event and all others!!!


  51. djafan said

    David is in Utah!!!

    tweets by annyo84 today!!!

    Leaving to go to SLC! Going to perform with the MOTAB today! If you are in Utah you should come watch “Music and the Spoken Words” 🙂

    David saw our performance!!!!! He was there at the Music and the Spoken Words and stayed for our perfomance!!!

    They made him come to the stage and applaud to us! Ok…I need to stop freaking out!!!

    Anyway *breath in breath out* they said they recieved ONE MILLION AND A HALF tickets request for the Xmas concert!!!!!!

    And they have only 80000 tickets available! Good luck to all of us. LOL

    Now excuse me while I go hide…I can’t believe David saw me singing and I was kinda upfront too.*hides*

    Since people are asking I’m going to explain.David didn’t show himself,until they called him on stage.It was so funny,nobody knew it was

    there,not even the Tabernacle choir.They said,we have a friend from New York that came to saw us today…and than David comes on stage!

    You had to see the Tabernacle Choir.At that point they were sitting down while we were standing near them.When they saw him there was a

    collective OOOOOHHHH and stood up so fast it was funny ahah We than all started to applaud to him and he applauded to us.It was great!

    He was very humble,as always.He didn’t say anything,he just applauded and waved at us and than left the stage.

    ahah i’m just thinking on how all my girls classmates where like “I can’t believe David Archueleta is here!!”

    I didn’t know there were so many fans of David among my schoolmates…i just pretended i never met him LOL


  52. bebereader said

    It felt like old times last night in chat with Abrra indulging us by playing favorites to our hearts’ content. Makes no difference if you want to chat or just sit back and watch; having a full house of 22 was a good feeling. We’ll be doing this Saturday night chat on a regular basis. If you have any suggestions or would like to request a particular set to be played, such as “Solo Tour”, “Christmas Tour”, “American Idol”, or “Summer Tour” etc. please let us know before Saturday so we can set it up.

    Betsy#44 “By the way, when I was having dinner at the Vice President’s house, I met this heckuva talented guy named Rex.” <<< David's words last night before playing "Angels"….

    When I heard David talk about Rex in the video last night, I got curious and looked him up. Not positive that it's the same Rex but my instincts tell me that it is. Rex is a musical savant and I found his story fascinating as I'm sure David did, enough to mention him to the audience last night.

    “Lesley Stahl catches up with Rex Lewis-Clack, a musical savant born blind and mentally impaired who, at 13 years old now, is making remarkable strides despite doctors’ predictions.”


  53. bebereader said

    Abbra#46: Very sweet! I’m sure djbell would love to hear that “You Can” was used as a wedding song since it’s her favorite!

    Love this:

    credit poptellsme


  54. gladys said

    you girls when I’m with you I have so much fun, I have a tendency to make jokes about David on his jeans, his laugh, dance. This reminds me that when you show some video that I think mmmmm, not as it were, hot, my jokes come naturally. I hope not to offend anyone, but as I said many times David has changed my life and way of seeing.
    If a new person enters your life, and there is no change, not the fault of that person, but your fault.
    You have to understand that God gives us people for some reason, our job is to find those reasons.
    Until then, at some point, some of you will be looking at some concert david, remember that I am at your side, always.


  55. betsy said

    I was sad to miss chat last night. I came in after work, but it was very late and my computer chose to freeze after approx 20 seconds in.

    Pattirae #48.

    Yes. We know. 🙂


  56. Abrra said

    I think God sent us, YOU! I will have to remember to save you a seat ( in spirit) next to me at the next David concert. When you come to chat with us, you make us realize so much. You work 2x as hard to understand a foreign language, yet you are the funniest person in the room. I love your humor! David is not the only one with dry wit.

    Good find! It has to be that Rex. I can only imagine how touched David was to meet Rex. I bet he got a big Rex hug, too.
    The video made my eyes leak. 😉



  57. betsy said

    Bebe thanks for the Rex video! What an amazing kid. And what an amazing mother he has.

    How I love that David gave a shoutout to this musical savant. Instead of talking about all of the important political figures he met, it was all about Rex.
    Way to go, David. ♥


  58. River said

    chat was soo fun last nite. please give me a heads up when there’s a possibility of another get to gether.Surely there will be more David appearances, promos, interviews etc. before the MOTAB concert. Bring it on.


  59. Abrra said

    River is this the scruff?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Credit Christine



  60. bebereader said

    Abrra#59 OMGosh!!!


  61. emmegirl said

    all that… framed with scruff.



  62. bebereader said

    Found this on Snarkies! It’s a pic of Rex taken at VP Biden’s house. I think it’s the same Rex as in the video I posted.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    caption: Here’s a pic of Rex at VP Biden’s house.

    credit jrtopper


  63. Angelica said


    What a beautiful soul is revealed in these eyes.


  64. betsy said

    Abs #59.
    Thank you.
    That is all,
    Love, betsy


  65. betsy said

    For once, I can’t choose a favorite picture. Those are real smiles there, guys. He was so genuinely happy. Yep. He’s doing what he was born to do.
    And singing is just a part of it. He is showing people their worth. 🙂


  66. dakgal said

    Angelica #63—-strange you picked those eyes to feature in that picture– they about took my breath away– what scruff- it’s all in the eyes and the face and the hair and the—well I could go on and on. Besides he’s earned every single whisker on his face for putting up with so much crap about his age.


  67. betsy said

    I’ve been curious about something for days. The interview with Jim Cantiello by Josh Skinner. Jim says “He connects to songs and music so emotionally, it kinda like “Next Level” stuff.
    What do you think he meant by “Next Level?”
    I haven’t seen anyone talk about it, so I thought I would.
    Another world?
    Am I out of the loop and it is a common phrase?


  68. Abrra said

    From the Urban Dictionary

    Next Level

    Something or someone on a level above all the rest of the world. The person on the ‘NEXT LEVEL’ usually thinks differently from everyone, hence why he is known as NEXT LEVEL. A thing can also be called NEXT LEVEL. Anything above average basically.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “above all the rest” Yep, that’s David.



  69. bebereader said

    We have more video from yesterday!
    Audio only, actually but sounds great!

    “Stomping The Roses”


    credit somethingooey


  70. bebereader said

    “Other Side of Down”

    “Falling Stars”

    credit Somethingooey


  71. betsy said

    Since it’s been almost exactly a year, I had to watch David bring all the Mtv people out of their offices to hear him sing OHN again. Any excuse will do though. 🙂


  72. betsy said

    Abrra – Thank you! I had even googled it, but didn’t think to check the urban dictionary.
    It makes perfect sense.


  73. dakgal said

    Thank You Betsy #71 –Most enjoyable to see again–what a sweetheart! Both you and David.


  74. djafan said

    Angelica, those eyes, they say so much.

    Abrra, how can he look older from one event to the next?

    He’s beaming!!!!


  75. Abrra said


    It’s simple. His razor blade got dull. 😉



  76. bluesky said

    Oh you guys.

    So much DA love and camaraderie. Thank you for making me smile.
    Thanks, DA for inspiring such people to get together. All so I can
    enjoy some of the fun as well. You just do good by being who you

    (I so feel like a group hug. *((((admins, peeps, writers))))* )

    Can’t see one, but I can feel it.



  77. djafan said


    bebe, good audio for mp3’s. Just loving TOSOD live.


    Hope you’re feeling well, staples in all.((((hugs))))


  78. bebereader said

    The tribute videos are trickling in. This one uses “Who I Am” with great footage! What can I say? I’m a sucker for these kind of videos.

    credit MaryLoveArchie


  79. skydancer1x said

    Hi you guys! thank you for all the wonderful eye candy! I have been hanging out reading all the comments, watching the vids and loving all the beautiful pictures of David.(Somehow, I managed consume an entire large bag of potato chips while I have been sitting here, without taking a drink of water.) drink now.
    David is just beaming in these photos.
    I often wonder, does management handle these appearances by request? Or does David have to speak with the label/and/or Melinda pursue what he wishes to be a part of? I don’t know how all that works. I mean, like the 4th of July event in Washington,His appearances at the Open,the Richard Branson thing…etc.etc.Anyone know how it works?


  80. bluesky said

    Djafan —

    Thanks. The docs are happy. That is the important thing!

    I don’t have time right now (these days) to even listen to all the vids.
    But am doing what my Dad always said: resting furiously.

    After all, I have to be in shape by Dec. in case I did not win MoTab tickets.
    Often one can stand in line to get the seats not taken by 15-20 minutes before the show.
    I plan to be in good “stand-in-line” shape if that is the only way I can get in.

    Coat, gloves, scarf, kids and all. (since my ‘kids are over 20′ they are saying they
    will “camp-out” to help me get a seat. They are all kinds of perfect. ….. just sayin’)

    In years past, peeps have gotten in this way. It has just been a while since I have
    tried it. Actually, you can’t really “camp-out” but they have had lines where you
    can wait to get in for seats that are not claimed. I am hoping they will do the same
    this year. Even if I don’t get in, it will be wonderful to be with my kids. Like I say:
    they are all kinds of perfect. If I start talking about them, I would have to make
    their own website. DA is plenty for this one. He just glows and grows and goes on
    giving us woahs. (yes, bluesky tired is nothing to take lightly. *_*)

    I am putting myself to bed. (PS Staples are OUT!!! yeah!)


  81. MandaGrace said

    Just because….



  82. emmegirl said

    Betsy, loved the mention of him in that Josh Skinner/Jim Cantiello interview. It was obvious they were both fans. There were some telling comments from Jim showing how talented he thinks David really is. The “next level” and “idiot savant” comments are something you don’t just say about anyone. He has been really good to David and has openly and subtlety promoted him whenever he can.

    Love too how he talked about David maturing by decades when he sang and how fascinating it is.

    Thanks Angelica for #63.


  83. bebereader said

    Skydancer I can’t answer your question but I can tell you that I have gone the potato chip route, while looking at a bunch of pics of David, w/o a sip of water. I don’t recommend it! LOL

    Bluesky Good luck on the MoTab tickets! I hope you win tickets and can forego waiting on those long lines.

    MandaGrace!! Feliz Navidad, close up! Haven’t seen that one in a long while and boy, was it ever a treat! Thank you!

    Emmegirl That interview was very telling! It’s very obvious that Jim Cantiello is in awe of David’s talent and likes him, too!


  84. betsy said

    I’m in for the group hug.
    Thanks Dak. 🙂
    I’m kind of in love with the world right now.
    Thank you David.


  85. betsy said

    Bebe – I love tribute videos
    That’s a good one.
    I like the backwards stuff.
    The singer is pret-ty dang good, too. 🙂


  86. skydancer1x said’s Angelica’s fault. I grabbed the chip bag after looking at her scrumptious brownie,dessert picture.I want that now.


  87. jackryan4DA said

    Hi guys! I dunno if these have been posted BUT– WARNING! HUUUUGGGEEE pix of David from EKS. Do not click if you are of a faint heart, ok?


  88. jackryan4DA said

    BTW, those pix are from Sandrita of Peru. Paddles anyone?


  89. jackryan4DA said

    Is it just me… but I found myself catching my breath when I saw pix #7…

    God help us when he reaches 25yo…


  90. skydancer1x said

    89.Jackryan…appreciate the warning…..didn’t help———————-.


  91. betsy said

    Angels – EKS challenge
    So beautiful. He’s feeling it here.

    credit to daai08


  92. bebereader said

    Betsy#91 Thanks for the angels! It is beyond reason that a sound like that can come out of a human being.

    Skydancer#86 Cholesterol alert: While reading a recap of a David event, one can polish off a whole plate of brownies or an entire bag of chips with absolutely no recall. LOL

    JR#89 By #8 I was speechless and breathless. Not a good combination. LOL


  93. betsy said

    Bebe – I agree. And this is in a tent with no acoustics to speak of. It just doesn’t matter. When you got it, you got it. 🙂


  94. betsy said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    From The Mormon Tabernacle Choir: “Thanks, @DavidArchie, for visiting us yesterday. We’re excited for the Christmas concert this year.”

    credit Mo TabChoir


  95. bebereader said

    Betsy: Thanks for the pic from David’s visit yesterday with the MoTab. Shades of last year’s Christmas Tour and then some!!!

    “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” 😀


  96. djafan said

    Mandagrace…thank you for that Feliz Navidad, brings back so many warm and fuzzy memories.

    Oh Angels, it’s like a could see them surrounding him.

    Betsy! What a great picture, you see the respect from all those around him.

    JR, wowowow huge those pics, David sure is one stunningly handsome young man and looking very mature may say.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  97. djafan said

    This very nice from People’s Choice Buzz Blog

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  98. bluesky said

    There is a beautiful “falling stars” tribute on FOD. The poster says it brought tears to her eyes.
    Mine, too.



  99. djafan said

    David tweets! Must be in Utah, because here in So Cali it’s just wet.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  100. bluesky said


  101. bluesky said

    credit to “purple paddle”

    (must mean heart paddles!)


  102. bebereader said


    Saw that video last night on youtube. So glad you posted it! Besides being breathtakingly handsome, he has such an interesting face you never know what he’s going to do next. He goes from serious to happy to silly to solemn to playful and it goes on and on… One just can’t stop looking!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  103. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    VOTE HERE!!!!


  104. bebereader said

    Love this line:

    “….there is no denying the young pop star’s seductive vocal skills and all-around appeal that oozes from the speakers.”

    from this review:


  105. betsy said

    “I walked right into it.”
    “He’s kind of astonishing.”

    Listen on, People’s Choice Buzz Blog Person. He’s snared another one. 🙂


  106. bebereader said

    From J-14 Magazine:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  107. MandaGrace said

    You know… I sure wouldn’t mind if his razor blade went dull more often! How can he be so handsome? And it just keeps getting better!


  108. YJfanofdavid said

    Bluesky, Video #100 brought tears to my eyes too. Since when does watching someone talk and just being himself become such an emotional experience?

    Angelica, Love Chapter Two! I remember I chuckled when the waitress put that humongous Chocolate Thunder From Down Under in front of you, and, the next time I glanced over the Thunder from Down Under was all gone!

    This past weekend I was visiting my daughter who is a freshman at Boston University. She had gone to a few concerts with me, liked David’s voice, but would never admit to be a David Archuleta fan, because he is “not cool” among her age group. At the Q92 M&G I asked David to write her name on the CD he was autographing for me. I sent her the CD but never heard from her. Well, when I saw her this weekend, guess what Miss Cool has as the wallpaper on her cell phone? TOSOD album cover!!! She is so busted. 🙂


  109. Angelica said

    LOL! YJ, looks like your daughter is not the only one who is busted. I did inhale that humongous sundae didn’t I? I seem to recall a certain someone beside me giving a coconut dessert what for too, hmmmm? That was fun, wasn’t it? David and decadent desserts. Life just doesn’t get much better than that.

    Congrats on making the bust on Miss Cool. I’m sure the autographed CD synched the deal!

    Nice pics, nice vids, nice reviews, nice scruff, nice eyes, and he’s ahead in that people poll. Niiiccceee.


  110. emmegirl said

    106 bebe, what a great pic! Jeans, boots, sweater, smile, hair, love the pose..yeah love it all! and a big DAVID behind him.

    (In his live chat he talked about wishing we could have seen more of the photoshoot pics, hope more of them pop up somewhere)


  111. djafan said

    Make sure to write in David Archuleta in music areas!!!!!


  112. jackryan4DA said

    AllAccess is streaming FALLING STARS — do I smell a new single?

    Just scroll down a bit. By its tag, it is classified as Adult Contemporary Pop Rock. Hmmmmmm…


  113. jackryan4DA said


    “My grandmother has dementia. She only speaks Spanish & has forgotten who certain people are. She really only focuses on me, my mom, my grandpa, my great-uncle (her brother), a few others, & for some reason, David Archuleta. She thinks he is my brother, & consequently, her grandson. When she starts to scream & freak out over small things like she sometimes does, we play David songs for her to calm down. One day, when she got to meet David at a VIP event for the first time, he recognized my mom & I first & said, “Hey, how’ve you guys been?” My grandma told him in Spanish, “Oh, it’s so good to see you, grandson!” & I just looked at David & apologized. He smiled & said, “Oh no, that’s okay!” Then he looked at my grandma & told her, “You look pretty today!” My grandmother smiled & got tears in her eyes, & so did I.

    People ask me why I love David? That’s why.”

    from Cristina’s Tumblr


  114. betsy said

    #114 Jr
    I just read this and am adding it to one of my favorite stories about David.
    Just love him.


  115. raelovingangels said

    Dear friends:
    Gladys from Argentia at Soul David had a great idea to send David some love and support by tweeting him where they are from and they love The Other Side of Down. HG took the idea and we have decided to do this at 3:00PM EST today October 30.

    I know what amazing supporters everyone here is. Let’s send some positive vibes to David. Thank you for your help getting out the word on Twitter and the other fan sites.

    Have a wonderful day!


  116. How to Barbeque…

    […]Part Two ~ Skate for the Heart « The Voice[…]…


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