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Being There

Posted by djafan on Thursday, October 21, 2010

photo credit FG and google maps

It seemed a day much like any other day.  I spent that routine Monday morning performing my job in as proficient and professional a manner as befits the adult I profess to be.  It was almost noon before I got a chance to check my email.  That’s when the logical, responsible adult left the building and the reckless, impulsive teenager scrambled into her place.  How else do I explain the giddy, heart-pounding devil-may-care-cause-I-sure-don’t feeling that came over me when I saw the offer of a VIP to see David?  What matter that the event was in Ohio and I live in Mississippi?  That I would need to take the following Monday off knowing full well that was nigh on impossible?  That I would have to once again inform my husband that I would be flying all the way to Cleveland to see David, as I did last winter for the CFTH concert?   Mere trifles.  No, the only thing that troubled my pubescent mind at the time was:  what flights are available and how cheap?

Such is the life of a victim of ODD.  You can’t explain it or fight it.  You just have to go with it whithersoever it takes you, and mine was taking me back to Cleveland.  Back to Yjfanofdavid, Tofan, Refnaf, and to a first time meeting with the Funny Girl and Marciami, my wonderful benefactress who was kind enough to give me the VIP.

I got the green light from hubby and boss, booked my flight, obtained a ticket for Skate for the Heart from someone who was selling them at a discount online and packed my bags.   The weekend zoomed toward me in a frenzy of fanticipation and suddenly I was fastening my seatbelt and thinking ‘bout parachutes and aaiiirplanes while my plane headed for the other side of down.

Arriving on time at the Cleveland airport, I called the hotel desk clerk, Courtney, (I was on a first name basis with her before I left Mississippi) to request a shuttle to pick me up.  The driver’s name was Tony who informed me he could take me anywhere within a 10 mile radius of the hotel during my stay.  He talked of restaurants in the area and mentioned a very good 4 star Thai restaurant.  Thai?  My ears perked up at this.  After settling into my room and making sure I had good internet connection I called down to the front desk for Tony.  In a few minutes Courtney calls me back to say Tony was ready to take me wherever I want to go.  So first I want to go to WalMart to pick up some Diet Dr. Peppers.  Also, there is a heated pool and spa at the hotel and I forgot my swimsuit.  At the WalMart, I boldly ask a clerk where the swimsuits are.  It is October and I am in Cleveland.  To my surprise she points me to a sparse rack of rejected remnants, mostly huge or teeny and all hideously ugly.  By some lucky twist of fate or some twisted luck of fate I find a 2 piece brown and purple mismatched horror that fits for 2 dollars.  As soon as I pay, I notice Tony in the hotel van drive up and off we go to the “The Wild Mango.”  He tells me to call when I get done and he will take me back to the hotel.

I have had Thai food before years ago and enjoyed it.  But this..I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.  It was like listening to David’s voice with my taste buds.  It was that good.

I know you want me to get on to the part about David and all that but not yet.  Back at the hotel, I obtain a skimpy pool towel from the aforementioned Courtney, don the ghastly 2 dollar 2 piece, and wrap what amounts to a dish rag about my waist.  A pair of short boots completes my ensemble and in this manner I make my way through the lobby and at last to the pool.  The pool is like ice so I join a lovely older couple in the hot tub who are on their way somewhere for something or other I don’t recall and we have a nice long conversation about it.

In my room again I dine on Diet Dr. Pepper and chocolate and go online.  I plan on staying up late surfing the net because YJ is not picking me up until 1pm.  I set my clock for 7:30am anyway so as not to be late.  Alas, after the long day, the flight, the rich food and the hot tub, I pass out from exhaustion at 10:30 and wake up only when housekeeping knocks on my door.  What time is it, I ask?  10:30!!  I have been sleeping for 12 hours!  I rush down to breakfast with bed head in my pajamas and socks…are you seeing a pattern here?  Luckily I do not have Silverfox’s magnetic attraction to hotels David is staying in.  Bwahahahaa!!!  Whatever.  Back to the room to shower and dress.  YJ sends me a text that she is TOO EXCITED!!! to wait and is leaving in 10 minutes to come for me!  We greet each other hurriedly with a hug and much laughter and make a mad dash for the car, climb in, and buckle up.  OMGOSH, we are so ready to go!   We can hardly believe we’re actually on our way to see Daaavviiiid!!!  “Wait.” she says, “This is not my car.”  We open the doors and fall out laughing.

After locating the correct car thereby narrowly averting a charge of Grand Theft Auto, we arrive at the venue so early we have our choice of parking spots.  We manage this even while getting lost numerous times for once again, I am paired with another directionally impaired person.  I am no help as the concept of where is totally meaningless to me.  I am always here.  So anyway, we walk a couple of blocks to a restaurant where YJ has made reservations for a late lunch and Tofan and Refnaf soon arrive.  Cue hugs and laughter again.  So great to see them!  We order and I have my traditional pre-David Hail Caesar salad.

At Skate for the Heart we spread out to find our seats and I discover I am sitting between Muldur, Donna and Jules.  Small David world!  There are lots of skate fans but a good amount of David fans as well.  The show begins and it is so good!  I guess I was thinking it would be kind of Disney but it was so not.  These were Olympic bronze and silver medalist and champions showing off their skills and personality in some very creative choreography.  I was enjoying it all immensely until they announce David and then everything else fades away and all that remains is a light at the edge of the rink in which a lone figure stands.

photo credit niceprtty

To be continued….

114 Responses to “Being There”

  1. MandaGrace said

    This is hilarious!! Oh the things we go through for him, quite cheerfully I might add!
    Thanks for posting this!

    Ahh, I cannot wait for the day of my first David concert! To see him in person… What a day it will be!!


  2. silverfox said

    Ahhhh! Now THIS is what I’ve been waiting for!

    No disrespect to anyone else who has written recaps here for any David encounter, they are all great…BUT angelica’s recaps? Well, there’s almost no is there??

    Unfortunately I must get ready for work & read through it very quickly, but I will read it more slowly & savor every word (kinda like I do when I hear David talk & sing). 😀

    Thanks, Angelica!

    Have a great day everyone!


  3. Abrra said


    I REALLY needed this today! Seriously!

    “don the ghastly 2 dollar 2 piece, and wrap what amounts to a dish rag about my waist. A pair of short boots completes my ensemble and in this manner I make my way through the lobby ”

    What I wouldn’t pay to see the faces as you walked by. BWWWWAAAAHH!!! I wanted to put a picture here to illustrate how you MAY have looked. Nothing online was “David friendly” in the 2 piece swimsuit , wearing boots search. I won’t go there.

    Does my heart good to know I am not the only one who looses their senses before the concert. Loved the wrong car story!



  4. Jen A said

    Grand Theft Auto, Diet Dr. Pepper and mismatched clearance bathing suits…

    Angelica, we’ll be on the edge of our seats for more! Bless you for sharing as it is a wonderful start to our day!!!


  5. bluebird19 (Pattie) said

    Angelica: Okay I laughed so hard I have tears in my eyes!

    Like Abrra, I’d pay money to see you walk across the hotel lobby in your “designer” swimsuit.

    And “narrowly averting a charge of Grand Theft Auto” <— I mean, really, who hasn't done that??

    But, my favorite (other than the swimsuit) is "I am paired with another directionally impaired person. I am no help as the concept of where is totally meaningless to me. I am always here." <—"I am always here" HAHAHAHA

    Thanks for starting my day off with a huge laugh!

    Great writing! 🙂 Pattie


  6. MunkFOD said

    Angelica! This is awesome! Can’t wait for the rest of the story! I really needed this today!


  7. SandyBeaches said

    I believe that we always need a good lighthearted but wonderful story.

    SF, you and Angelica have similar writing techniques. If we had back to back writings from both of you then we would have something very special.

    I truly enjoy David’s “Good Place” and thanks to Pabuckie for making a vedy fine video to complement it. The pictures are phenominal and he has changesd in so many ways.



  8. archiesfan4life said

    Angelica – what a great recap!!! I am anxiously awaiting the continuation.

    MandaGrace – I am praying your day to see David will come soon – and yes, it will be a day you will never forget!


  9. SandyBeaches said

    …very, very, very…fine video, I always have to have one mistake.



  10. SandyBeaches said

    at least…some days we just shouldn’t write..



  11. bluesky said

    Dear SB,

    I thought it was just your gentle way of telling us you had a cold.



  12. betsy said

    Dear Angelica,
    Thanks for this. It put a real smile on my face. 🙂 Did you know you could do that?
    And the boots-brown/purple bathing suit. Really, you are cool. Sounds like a Britney getup. 🙂


  13. gladys said

    angelica, you left me hungry, I settled into my desk with a cup of coffee, a cake, my fingers are ready to continue using the google translator y. ….. to be continued.
    Goshhhhh cools me coffee, but the portion of cake was gone.


  14. refnaf said

    Gah…. I am so blessed to have the best writers around (Angelica, YJF, and TOfan) as fan friends/fellow concert goers!!! Being there> a joy to experience and treasure, but something I have mental blocks about writing about. There is a real fear for me to put what I experience on paper, perhaps because of how unreal it seems, and unexplainable. ((((huge hugs to all the writers out there)))
    YOU, Angelica, say it with humour and grace! Sitting beside you at the Q92 goes in my memory “box”, can not wait to read the rest.

    Voice peeps, when you get a chance you must check out TOfan’s “fan fic”. Hilariosly perfect!


  15. Pattirae said


    You have certainly done it again. I am laughing so hard right now and am instantly put in a good mood and agree with Abbra when she said, “I REALLY needed this today.” Oh, to be Courtney and watch you walk through that lobby!! Priceless!! Anxiously awaiting “the rest of the story….”


  16. skydancer1x said

    Angelica….you are such a hoot! I have been sitting here LMAO! Now I have to go to work??
    and how am I to explain the outbursts of laughter I know I will have during the day, as I picture in my head your walk across the lobby of the hotel in your divine swimsuit ensemble?
    I will be waiting with baited Thai breath for more!!

    “I was enjoying it all immensely until they announce David and then everything else fades away and all that remains is a light at the edge of the rink in which a lone figure stands.”
    Goosebumps now… ahhhh I love that picture of David………love.
    thank you Angelica


  17. Shawna said

    What a hoot to read this today! So fun and hilariously funny:))))) Great start to the day to be able to laugh at your antics, Angelica!! Now off to work I go, but in a very, very good mood! Love it here at “The Voice”! Will be checking in all day to read the comments and will anxiously wait for the “to be continued” …….


  18. Tawna21 said

    OMHeck Angelica!! I would give anything to see your swim attire as you strolled thru the hotel lobby…then the wrong car scene (been there, done that)…and getting lost finding the venue (been there, done that in my own state). This had me absolutely rofl!!:) I can’t wait for part two!

    It’s always interesting to end up sitting by other David fans ‘by accident’.



  19. Tawna21 said

    Shawna, somehow our posts seem to end up next to each other quite often!


  20. djafan said


    You my friend are incredible all in the name of David. You had me laughing so hard trying to envision all the happenings and then you stopped me cold,

    “I was enjoying it all immensely until they announce David and then everything else fades away and all that remains is a light at the edge of the rink in which a lone figure stands.”

    This make my heart race, chills me, warms me, fills my eyes with tears, all these overwhelming emotions knowing what I’m going to hear next but feeling like it’s the first time. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit djafan


  21. Abrra said

    This just in!!!!!

    Courtney emailed me this morning! She sent along this (ninja that she is )picture she managed to snap of Angelica in the snack bar of the hotel. Now we can see ” the outfit’

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic




  22. bebereader said

    Angelica: I can’t decide if your recap reads like a good movie script with a cliff hanger ending or an epic episode of “I Love Lucy”! Either way, it gets five stars!

    Why did the Thai food taste so much better than the first time you had it? Huh? LOL

    “I have had Thai food before years ago and enjoyed it. But this..I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. It was like listening to David’s voice with my taste buds. It was that good.”

    You are such a tease, Angelica!! You always leave us wanting for more!

    “I know you want me to get on to the part about David and all that but not yet.”

    Baaaad girl!!! *wink*

    Can you tell we’re all salivating for Part 2?
    Get to work, young lady! haha


  23. bebereader said

    And Abrra#21, you’re just as bad, if not worse. hahaha


  24. djafan said

    I was thinking about the Thai food, “It was like listening to David’s voice with my taste buds.”

    How David affects our relationship with food is quite strange. I’ve had my second wheatgrass shot in the name of David, it tastes like grass but I savor every bit of it…lol

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra is worse…hahaha

    Sharon and Bebe I left a comment for you two on the previous thread!


  25. dakgal said

    Angelica-Angelica–you little fashion trend setter. Bet there are at least 50 women strutting around that hotel lobby and milling about the pool right now, trying to duplicate your stunning outfit–complete with short boots ( probably rhinestone studded by now!)

    I really wish you had run into David, after all he has already seen Lady GaGa!! And the breakfast with bed head and pajamas and socks! Bahahahahaha. Actually have to leave the computer and have a nice walk around the house laughing after reading about the wrong car. And isn’t here, where we always are? I always thought so–I get lost in motels!

    Can’t wait for chapter two and three and four–come on -you got it in ya.


  26. dakgal said

    PS That lovely two-piece suit probably sells for $1000.00 by now. Hang on to it!!!


  27. cb said

    I was reading this article with someone in the room with me. I was chuckling and then laughing right out loud when certain images (you know the ones, LOLOL) were brought to life in my mind. I didn’t even care about those sideways glances I was getting.
    Then . . .TO BE CONTINUED???? WHAAAA????? NOOOOO! I NEED the rest of this immediately!
    Ok, I’ll settle down. After all, learning patience builds character right?
    Angelica, could you could maybe just write a book cause I don’t want this to end.


  28. Gayle122890 said

    While we “patiently” wait for Angelica’s next installment of her recap, how about an mp3 of the piano cover of “Falling Stars” from the previous thread? Please…? I’m sorry. I’m such a taker. Can’t help it when it comes to David.


  29. cb said

    DAK, Ohhh, how I would have loved if she had run into David. Bwahahaha. And BeBe, the I love Lucy, sitcom concept is perfect. Oh my goodness, if all of the funny things that we have done to go to see David, and that happened while we were on those journeys, were written down, it would be pretty hilarious. Hmmm, maybe we should share some of those stories?


  30. djafan said

    Go vote for David here…PLEASE! This is billboard!!!!!


  31. Abrra said

    Here you go:

    David Archuleta Falling Stars (Piano Cover).mp3



  32. Shawna said

    Loving all these comments to this wonderful article.

    Tawna, we do, don’t we. Kind of like we are on the same wavelength or something.

    Cb, when r we getting together? SOON, I hope!!

    Abrra, love the pic!! :)))

    Just plain love being here.


  33. River said

    Just can’t wait for the continuation. The visuals reach every one of my senses, especially humor. You go girl.




  35. silverfox said


    First, let me say how much I love the photos you chose for part 1 of your recap. Love how you super-imposed the map & David’s very beautiful head. Your creativity is up there along with your creative use of the words you use to describe your experience. What a great story so far….you & YJ…shades of Lucy & Ethel…Wrong CAR?????? Hahahahahahaha!!!

    One thing though…I keep thinking & giggling at the thought of you walking through the lobby of the hotel in your “expensive” two piece bathing suit and running into David! That would have been EPIC! 😆

    But you also have a cruel streak! Cutting us off at the GOOD PART! That’s just cruel!

    Looking forward to Part 2…Hope we don’t have to wait too long!


  36. YJfanofdavid said

    Angelica, You wrote an entire post of recap and David had yet to make his appearance? Only you.

    Directionally challenged? Grand Auto Theft? I am guilty as charged. But remind me to never ride with you again, because you are completely useless when it comes to trying to get from HERE to SOMEWHERE.

    And you forgot to mention the hilarity of two seemingly intelligent women completely bewildered by your newly downloaded David Archuleta app. Do you have to be 13 to figure out that stuff?

    Oh, and when I texted you that I was TOO EXCITED to wait much longer and I was coming right over to pick you up, I was NOT talking about seeing David! I was talking about seeing YOU!

    Abrra said friendship happens when we get together to see David. This is one October weekend I will hold in my heart forever.


  37. Angelica said

    Thanks everyone for the comments on my recap. I’m glad it gave some of you a laugh and lightened your day a little.

    Bebe and cb,

    Funny you should reference Lucy and Ethel. Before I left town and while YJ and I were planning strategy we were signing our emails, Lucy and Ethel. LOL!

    Sorry to leave you hanging but I am working on the sequel now so just hang on.


    Thanks for posting that video by PAbuckie. Nicely done.


  38. vee and lurking now in Sydney said

    Love the recap as always.

    I am commenting again. It is nice to come to a website that is full of love . Sometimes we have negativity but most of the time, love and positivity just like the what TOSOD wants to convey.

    I had my first day without David. No internet, just music from my computer.Too much negativity..DOOM and GLOOM even before the release of TOSOD. I know the sales of his album are a joke. But I just want to enjoy his music. I am not smoker but my craving my DAVID fix.

    I have commented in the latest article in SOULDAVID by hellogorgeous. I mentioned about Petition Signing to be sent to JIVE/SONY/WEG about our David, and suggestions on how we as fans can help if they JIVE/SONY/WEG would do their part.

    While having my shower and preparing my two boys to school( it is just 9:24 am here in Sydney), something click on me. I was down and now I am up again. Ready to fight, to show to the world that David and his fans are here to stay.

    I keep wanting to start a website for David , but I can’t write like you guys. I like to surf, I like to collect, I like to collate things so I thought probably a warehouse site for all the blogs/websites that love David. I think there was one before after Nothing david and before David Chronicles.

    I would turn 50 in December so one of my wishes is to do one big thing for David as my thank you to all the things he has done for me. He has done so many for me and right now my life is going smoothly. His career at the moment is described as DOA (Dead on Arrival) by some haters ( I hate them). I don’t want that. I discovered David in March 2008, same time my husband confessed about his wrongdoings. His voice helped me and my boys through trials and hardships and we are now on the mend. He is part of my “family”, my eldest son, my third son, my internet son.

    So if I want to start a website…Blog rolls on anything David Archuleta.. and my first article would be a PETITION SIGNING. Need signatories and then we sent it to JIVE/SONY/WEG. So please help me Ms Abrra, Ms Bebe, Ms Djafan and MS Angelica. I don’t know were to start so need ” WEBSITE CREATION FOR THE DUMMIES”. Crash course. I could probably collect five signatories but I think that would be a start. But i have to start somewhere and I THINK THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO DO IT…
    I am pump up….

    Nothing fancy. We need this ASAP….to resuscitate David. the website to start with, just a few pictures, the petition signing and the list of David’s fan sites and blogs.

    My proposed site would just be a link to all the other sites. the site would be repository of all David’s fan sites and activities we have to do for David.


    Sorry for all my rambling but I am serious this time…

    Ms Veth

    love you all!!!!!


  39. Angelica said


    Starting a website is a lot of work and requires a great deal of commitment.

    That said, I have to also say I am not interested in the idea of petitioning jive or WEG or managing David from the sidelines. David is a big boy now and will have to learn how to manage his own life and career. You can’t know what works until you learn what doesn’t. No one who has ever achieved lasting success did so without overcoming numerous setbacks and obstacles along the way. We can’t take that from him, but we can continue to do what we do best, love and support him wherever the road takes him, even if it takes him through some thorny places. This is his journey and I know that God is traveling the path with him and can see so much farther ahead than we can. He will take him where he needs to be.


  40. SandyBeaches said

    Vee, your heart is in the right place and you have wonderful enthusiasm. Hold on tight with the rest of us and everything will be OK.

    We have been here or there, but you know what I mean, since day one, all of us.

    I will tell the story again, the night that he sang ‘Imagine’ I said (probably out loud) that I must learn his last name quickly because I will need to know it for now and for a very long time. I knew when I heard him that I would be here somehow these few years later.

    Time and time again David gives us surprises and he always reminds us that the road to great success is not easy. We know that there is a future for him but our frustrations lie in the fact that we can not see that future and we naturally worry about him.

    It was good to hear from you from down under…



  41. Abrra said

    I do not recall if this was posted, but close up David is always a winner!
    Crush QBall Pittsburg

    credit quadlgirl



  42. xaris said

    I’m dying here, Angelica. I’m not sure if you two are Lucy and Ethel or Thelma and Louise–grand theft auto? BWAAAHHHHH! The boots with the swimsuit are fine. You remember the rules? No white shoes between Memorial and Labor Day, no patent leather in fall or winter….not a word from my mother about boots with two piece, mismatched, brown and purple swimsuits.

    Thank you for brightening my day!

    Good evening to all!


  43. Sharon said

    Good Evening Everyone!!! All of you are just hilarious!!! I was sent here by a friend who also lurks here. She emailed me and told me to “run” to read the current blog by Angelica!!! The chemistry that all of you have between you is just so heartwarming!!! You have brightened my spirits…your positivity is just what the entire fanbase needs!!! David is no way DOA and the person who expressed that obviously needs a transfusion!! He is putting one foot in front of the other… The numbers are meaningless when you have a masterpiece like David’s!

    Djafan…Thank you for your nice words of welcome. I found your message on the other thread, and really appreciate it! I have some very interesting information about illegal downloading on the college campuses as well, but don’t want to “rain” on this parade you are all having, and I am enjoying. I will save it for another day. That problem needs some major fixing!!! I want this giddy feeling that I have from “eavesdropping” on you all to be the last great emotion of my day!!! I cannot wait for the next installment. “Get crackin…Angelica”! lol


  44. MT said

    Angelica, you made my night! What a great recap! I’d quote, but would have to quote it all. I’ll just say, Swim Suit, PJs, Wrong car, lmbo

    And then BAM, it just stopped. First thought: NOOOOOOO … how can you just leave us hanging??? haha Cant wait for part II.


  45. SweetOnDA said

    I haven’t visited The Voice in 5 days because of continuous migraines, only to find out today that I have a bad sinus infection that I didn’t even know I had.

    It was so good to come here and find Angelica’s recap. I needed a laugh and the, “This isn’t my car” is the one that gave it to me, although I was smiling through the rest. What a way with words you have Angelica.

    I have more catching up to do hopefully tomorrow. I just love this place.

    Thank you for making me feel better. Now off to bed with my meds and looking forward to Part 2 🙂


  46. emmegirl said

    Oh Angelica, that “to be continued” was kinda like the electricity going out in the middle of your favorite movie, all of a sudden it’s “what the…. waaaaaah!”

    Cannot wait for Part 2 because this read like an I Love Lucy episode, just wish we had the highlights on film!

    Abrra, #41, thanks.

    Angelica, #31
    (I tried the little hearts, hope they work)


  47. kaycee said

    Oh Angelica, how can you be so amusing one minute,and then so full of calming words of wisdom the next(#39)!

    “This is his journey and I know that God is traveling the path with him and can see so much farther ahead than we can. He will take him where he needs to be.”

    Once again, your words are so perfect for all the angst going on in the fan sites right now. I know I can always come here to the Voice and be uplifted. Thanks all!


  48. emmegirl said

    In those Pittsburgh videos his face looks so much older, very mature and so remarkably handsome…is it because I haven’t seen his face for 7 looong days.


  49. Marciami said

    Dear Angelica – I’m so bummed that I missed the photo ops of your 2 piecer bathing suit with short boots, and your bed head, pj’s, and socks!! You just needed a David tour shirt for your cover up/robe. So glad you flew the skies and traveled the map for David – “Airplane rides are great because they give yourself time to think. No phones to distract you.” Your yummy Thai food experience was worthy of a David food tweet. Too coincidental to be called “The Wild Mango” – mango + Thai = David. Your recap is such pure fun to read and full of lovely ODDism’s. Caesar salad will now have a forever connection to David (why I can remember David trivia is a wonder to me). food, food, food
    Yes, getting in the wrong car and other ridiculousness is what David does to our brains – there could be a song there, or a moral of the story.
    Sometimes David World feels small and hope that works for us. Forgot to say that I always thought you were a professional writer with a great sense of humor, but I guess that is reserved for David and us – the lucky ones. Can’t wait to see what you say for day 2 – great material!!
    (And he looks so beautiful and tall, and somewhere wonderful in his bowed head in that picture beside the ice)


  50. Marciami said

    Emmegirl – ohhhhhhh, my heart feels your pain and how can it be so true. I don’t know how these things happen.


  51. vee and lurking now in Sydney said

    Thanks Angelica

    I think you are right on that matter about the petition. Now I have a different plan, being an epidemiologist, I now plan to do a survey to find out the demographics of David’s fans. I sm going to do a short questionnaire, 10-15 questions and I would collate the results and then send it to JIVE/WEG.

    As for the website, I know it would take a lot of time and dedication but I am up to the challenge. I have been wanting to have a website but doesn’t know what to do . Now I am clear about it.
    It would be not be as good as THE voice, it would be minimal and would act as a ONE STOP SHOP for all David’s fan sites. I would just provide the links of the different fan sites.
    It won’t be a duplication but more of a support.

    Hi SB, I know we are still here after so many years and I think we would grow old with David. And I am enjoying it as much as before except for the GLOOM AND DOOM thingy. It just take awake the beauty of listening to that wonderful voice , with positive vibes.

    Anyway, I have lots of catching up to do. I have to do a crash course on website development. Just for the love of David. before searching youtube, then downloading youtubes, making MP3, MP4 , then uploading it to mediafire, and now making a simple website… LOve you MR David James Archuleta

    see you guys. Now it is my time to sleep, 10 pm here . waiting for my big boy to come from a school dance.

    Lots of love from Ms veth
    🙂 🙂 ❤


  52. vee and lurking now in Sydney said

    David Archuleta, Imagine, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 10-11-10.wmv

    thanks to fanofarchie

    Good night everyone


  53. Fg said

    Angelica I heart u! Can’t wait for more! I’m leaving for a long weekend with the family ! Have fun without me!


  54. Abrra said

    David Archuleta is all smiles as he arrives in Washington D.C., on Thursday night (October 21).

    The 19-year-old “The Other Side of Down” singer will be performing at the Inaugural Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge on Saturday. The event starts at 7:30AM.

    Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge is a run, walk and cycling benefit event hosted by Best Buddies International and Special Olympics and since 2007, Audi has supported a number of Best Buddies initiatives and helped to raise nearly US $ 38 million in total donations to-date for the charity.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Credit Just Jared Jr



  55. Abrra said

    I have been busy playing with Movie Maker.
    Here are some backstage antics from SU2C. I added a slow motion MGR on the end. Wait for it!



  56. Abrra said

    One more spammy post. This one is big!

    At our reg weekly meeting we decided to bring back a regular chat night. Mark your calendar, bring your favorite snack and beverage! Isn’t watching David videos and talking to friends better than TV? You bet it is!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  57. skydancer1x said

    Abrra! who was that kissing our David!!??haha that was cute…. pulls back like wait,oh!what are you going to do to me?oh… hi!

    I love his answer about backup-singers.
    (David…you don’t need no stinkin’ backup singers or dancers!)

    I am looking forward to coming to chat for the first time Abrra, on Saturday.( ok ,so I am a chat novice)Time for me to put one foot in front of the other, and join in on the fun!!

    That video/audio of Imagine made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up.GAH!That song will always take my breath away when David sings it. He’s just..”Cupid”, and when the song begins, well, he’s taken aim,and he fires that little love arrow straight into the center of your heart,and he never ever misses.Bullseye!


  58. cb said

    WTHeck? It looked like a Real Housewife of DC kissed our David. Hands off lady!


  59. dakgal said

    Abs –you find the best things– at least he wasn’t in total shock–surprised yes –but very cordial to her–I think he got a kick out of it–ala Natasha.


  60. betsy said

    From this morning 🙂


  61. betsy said

    credit goes to yanweiz for the above video.


  62. betsy said

    Just saw David on MSNBC!
    p.s.s This wasn’t local, it was worldwide.
    When they were talking to him, this was the title on the screen “David Archuleta, Good Buddies Ambassador”


  63. betsy said

    “You probably don’t have a lot of time to lend your name or volunteer for these things”


  64. bebereader said

    Abrra#54 and those pics you posted of David arriving at the airport in DC. The look on David’s face as he’s being photographed is quite a contrast to the frenzy of his worried fans right now. We’re all worried about record sales while David is repeatedly asked to perform at prestigious events including tomorrow’s, “The Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge” in Washington, DC!

    Chat night is back by popular demand! Looking forward to seeing our regulars, you know who you are! 😉 and some new faces on Saturday night!

    SweetonDA#45 Hope today finds you feeling better! 😀

    Emmegirl#48 “In those Pittsburgh videos his face looks so much older, very mature and so remarkably handsome…is it because I haven’t seen his face for 7 looong days?”

    Or perhaps a growth spurt? I see it too and I’ve been here for those 7 days.

    Vee#51 Good luck with the website! Your heart is always in the right place! Thank you for posting that video of “Imagine” from the private performance! David’s speech about helping others brought me to tears. WTG on that standing ovation!

    Betsy#60-62 Thanks for the video. Can his fans be more proud?!!
    Looking forward to the MSNBC video!


  65. betsy said


    Adorable 🙂


  66. Abrra said

    #57 Skydancer ( and anyone who has not come to Unplugged)

    Here are a few tips if you experience issues.

    The Unplugged experience will go much smother if you have the following on your computer:

    Firefox latest version:3.6.11
    You will be asked to shut down Firefox before you do the install

    Adobe Flash Player version 10.1 If you can see youtube’s ok, then you have this already. No need to get it again.
    NOTE: UNCHECK the box for installing MacAfee . Look to the right side(its BAD mojo to have this)

    Always use Firefox after that when you come to Unplugged. Livestream server we use works best with Firefox. Those who use Internet Explorer have issues with video.

    Once you are in the chat room if the video is stopped, look to the left corner of the video for a play(>)icon. Push that a few times and the video will restart. Or refresh the browser page. if you still have issues.

    I want to encourage everyone to stop in and watch even if you are not comfortable chatting just yet. You do not need to log in to watch. If you want to chat,type in the chat line at the bottom of the chat panel& then hit enter on your keyboard.NO password is needed even though there is a space for it.

    Type the name you want to use,then click” login” again.Type your comment, hit & enter, You are chatting!



  67. bebereader said

    The Buzz that David’s in town:

    “We bumped into American Idol finalist David Archuleta at Zatinya last night — and we’re totally crushing on him.

    We’d tell you where he’s staying, but then we’d have to tape your mouth shut ’til he leaves.

    So we won’t.

    What we can tell you is that he is in town for the “Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge,” which is an event benefiting Special Olympics and Best Buddies International. David will perform at the event.”


    “Making the most of his time in our nation’s capitol, David Archuleta was spotted out and about in Washington DC last night (October 21).

    The “American Idol” alum is in town ahead of his performance at the Inaugural Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge scheduled for 7:30am on Saturday (October 23).

    David was more than happy to pose for a few paparazzi pics, looking cute and casual in a grey hoodie, green v-neck, and vintage wash jeans.

    The Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge is a benefit hosted by Best Buddies International and Special Olympics.”


  68. bebereader said


    Yesterday we put up a link to vote for David and SBL on a BILLBOARD site but have since found out that it was a fake billboard site. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.


  69. Abrra said

    David stopped by Georgetown Cupcake in DC

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Georgetown Cupcake



  70. Abrra said

    I changed the video in #55. Deleted it and made a better one with music for the MGR. Thanks to thebeebee on twitter for the music idea!



  71. ray said

    video at #55 man you have to love him LOL


  72. cb said

    Abbra, Love the Jaws addition. LOLOL
    Dak After scientifically reviewing the tape a couple of times, (true number of viewings too embarrassing) I think maybe David recognized her?? At first he was leaning away and then you see him change and lean back in and pat her arm and say “Oh hi!”


  73. Abrra said

    Friday excitement: @DavidArchie stopped by Nat Geo for the nickel tour and to hang out with our Geckos

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Credit NatGeoScoop



  74. Abrra said

    Thanks! I enjoy making stuff like that. Capturing the sweet moments and then having a good time with it.



  75. djafan said

    Hi all, busy work day today 😦


  76. MT said

    CB I agree. I have also analyzed it, haha and she walks away like pfffttt, it’s nothing. Probably a really good family friend or a relative. And, it looked like he was looking at her before she walked into the picture.

    Abrra … love, love, love the music you added to the MGR. hahaha literally lol


  77. betsy said

    Don’t think this has been posted.

    David Archuleta will be performing @ the annual Delta Miracle Awards in (Disneyworld) Orlando on Nov 13


  78. Angelica said


    Thanks! I added that to his schedule on the sidebar.

    I find it wonderful the way he takes advantage of opportunities to learn whenever he visits DC. Love that boy.

    Good evening y’all! Working on part 2 of my recap so I better get back at it if I want to make it to chat tomorrow night. 😛


  79. djafan said


    Great time w/ American Idol’s David Archuleta during his visit to @unfoundation today#fb

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  80. betsy said

    I just love David in Washington.


  81. bebereader said

    David met Bill Nye, “The Science Guy”!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “I just met Bill Nye the Science Guy!”


  82. emmegirl said

    Vee, thanks for the Imagine. That ending, how he does it I not know! I would love for him to write a song along these lines for himself (maybe after his India trip.) He was meant to sing this type of song.

    It’s tough to out-and-out say he does it better than Lennon, but man oh man, in my book, he is at the very least equal to JL when it comes to singing this song. And anyone on this planet who questions his artistry and musicality, just listen to each performance of Imagine – they are all different, and all brilliant.

    Love the pics. Just another day in the life of DJA, bringing joy and love into people’s lives.

    Been road tripping w/friends. No David music for a week (thought it might appear rude to have my earbuds in the entire trip, (no will power) so had to leave them behind). What a joy to listen to the album on the way home from work today. I appreciate it and how it makes me feel more every time I hear it. He really gave us such a gift.

    ~Boy does he look good in that green button down shirt~


  83. betsy said
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit jessicaemilyxo
    Left up on a computer at Sears. 🙂
    I love this fanbase.


  84. emmegirl said

    Betsy, ditto 🙂


  85. simswag said

    testing avatar


  86. betsy said

    Ok, that’s better. I haven’t changed my avi in a long time and apparently was using a different email address.
    Comment #85 was me. 🙂


  87. Angelica said


    Avatar test A OK.

    Prepare to engage in comments.


  88. Angelica said

    Hahahaha!!! Hi Betsy! Welcome to The Voice!


  89. betsy said

    Thanks for the warm welcome. 🙂

    And, uh, is that our VP that David is rubbing elbows with this evening? Mr Biden, is that you?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  90. betsy said

    Bizarro double avis!
    This is what happens when you mess around with several email addresses and 2 user accounts.
    Idek anymore.
    David in Washington has melted my brain.


  91. emmegirl said

    Betsy, thanks for the twitpic. Wow, I hope we get some more pics or vids on these Washington events. He is such a true ambassador for goodwill and humanity.


  92. djafan said

    Betsy, slimswag??? lol

    What a day for David! The buzz is great! I haven’t been able to find the msnbc interview.

    PandA in Korea!


  93. emmegirl said

    Cool find dja! He needs an Asian tour! But first, we need tour info for here!


  94. djafan said

    @joshskinner tweeting with David fans. Love therealnewangel reply.

    Thanks for ALL the mail from the @DavidArchie & @AdamLambert fans! You’re awesome! Yes, the race is on…which one will we interview first?! 42 minutes ago via Echofon

    Brilliant! Lol RT @therealnewangel: @joshskinner Depends… Do you want to be blinded by the light or blinded by the glitter? 17 minutes ago via Echofon

    @janey79 no heads up! It played out as seen. Hope the link is working now! 16 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to janey79

    @AnnieDAFG Skinner. Josh Skinner. Thanks! Shaken not stirred. 15 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to AnnieDAFG

    @jenleighbarry can it be? I’ll run fast. 13 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to jenleighbarry

    @pastelpastel hahahahha! The Archies are beyond awesome. I think I’m in love with all of you 3 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to pastelpastel

    @mhel4dja purchased @DavidArchie ‘s new album right now.

    Thanks 2 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to mhel4dja


  95. emmegirl said

    dja, thanks for the tweets! He is right about the Archies. David’s spirit is reflected in his fans.


  96. djafan said

    Emmegirl, you’re right. At this point I’d like him to do a world tour and leave the US for last.

    Don’t know if this interview was put up yet. Hard to keep up with all buzz right now, David and Melinda were on TMZ. I’m sure they weren’t nice, but I guess he’s created so much buzz they couldn’t ignore him…lol

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit djafan


  97. emmegirl said

    dja screencapper extraordinaire!


  98. djafan said

    And now Elevator on Korean TV! 1:00-1:20


  99. djafan said

    What’s with his eyes??

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  100. emmegirl said

    uuuuhhh me don’t know.


  101. Tawna21 said

    what do you mean dja? *looking but not seeing*


  102. emmegirl said

    thought-Dream Sky High would be a great song for him to perform tomorrow.


  103. Angelica said

    I see nothing wrong with his eyes.


  104. emmegirl said

    tawna21, thinking dja has been rendered useless by those luminous pools.

    Nite all.


  105. emmegirl said

    103, the master of the understatement.


  106. djafan said

    lol…emmegirl you might be on to something…it’s like they’re staring at you and when you move they follow…I better get to bed…goodnight all!!!


  107. bebereader said

    Thanks to JR we have the full interview!


  108. MandaGrace said

    @djafan #98 No Way!! This is a dream come true! I’m somewhat obsessed with Korean Dramas, lol. AND Kim Hyun Joon is my favorite actor. Crazy!


  109. betsy said

    Wow. He really was at the Vice-President’s house tonight.


  110. betsy said

    Oh David.
    “I just came out with another pop album, so that’s fun”


  111. betsy said

    Thank you bebe for posting that interview and thank you JR for your video wizardry. 🙂
    Love him.


  112. betsy said

    “They have a real light to them”

    He’s is killing me with his goodness.


  113. bebereader said

    Emmegirl #82 Been missing your comments! Welcome Back!
    “He really gave us such a gift.” Yes he did!

    Betsy#89 Is David in that pic?

    djafan#96 Awesome collage!

    Loved the interview in #107! The humility David has for special needs children is so touching. Could we love him any more than we already do? (And yes, David. We don’t know you personally but we truly love you!) Listening to him speak about why he is involved in this cause shows that he really has his priorities in order. It’s NEVER about him and his singing. It’s ALWAYS about how he can help other people with his music.

    “Sing Along With David” are the words on the screen during part of this interview. Would love to see videos of any part of the festivities. Fingers crossed.

    See you in chat tomorrow night.



  114. betsy said

    No, he’s not in that pic. But melinda tweeted that picture thanking David for allowing her to be there in that amazing house. (or words to that effect)


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