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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Never Over You

Posted by thefunnygirl on Thursday, October 7, 2010


photo credit ThoseDangCats


“I’ll never get over you, never over you cause you are so beautiful yeah…”

You’ve all seen the videos and read Betsy’s awesome recap and know how our rock star brought it and then some.  Sadly, she couldn’t make it through to the front with us.  ThoseDangCats & I decided to leave early for GR, as we had every intention of being in the front row.  We arrived about 9:30 am at Rosa Parks Circle for a 7 pm concert LOL!  There were two girls already there that had come from the other side of Chicago like about 8-9 hours!  Their mom was sleeping at the hotel.  They were so sweet.  We staked our claim and started trying to save spots for people we knew were coming.

We were in the front row.  Is this real?  Are we going to be told to move for a VIP section?  We watched the crew set everything up.  What a process that was!  We started chatting with the radio guy and the crew guy and they were like “you guys know the concert is tonight right?”  Yes we assured them that we knew.  They were probably thinking we were crazy.  They were probably right.  They told us that soundcheck would be after 4pm and then the reality started to sink in about just how close we were.  As you can see from the pics, we were REALLY close.  Sound check was short but amazing.  That voice!!
Some rude people came and were plotting to move up and were pushing a bit and we told them to cut it out and then one of them said, “You are a bunch of old women, you don’t even belong here!” OH NO SHE DIDN’T! OH YES SHE DID!  I replied by saying “ORLY???  so you run to google to check the age of an artist before you decide if you like the song??”  to which she said, “No.”  to which I replied, “then maybe you should be quiet and mind your own business.”  Which she did.  Score one for the old lady.  I wasn’t done so I said, “You’re not here for David are you?”  to which she said “no” to which I replied, “yeah I figured cuz David fans don’t act that way.”  Score two for the old lady.  Later on, after her band was on, the stage guy hands me their setlist, which I don’t want, so I tap the girl on the shoulder and say, “hey, do you want this?”  *quiet stares*  “well do you?”  to which she says “yes” then I say “then take it!” so she snatches it from me.  Her friend says to her “Oh she’s so nice!”  Then I say “thanks, that’s how David fans act.”  Score three for the old lady!
Drama over – David is next!  The whole idea of being in the front row was surreal.  So close, such a light, so amazing.
The security guard had seen him on Idol, but never in person.   He’s not a pop music fan. We told him he was goona love David.  We couldn’t wait to talk to him after.  He asked us if we’d like him if he wasn’t cute – ummmmm yeah!!!!  He comes out and within about 1 minute the guy says, “Oh he’s hot!” LOL then after the set he tells us “wow he can really sing, what a great voice!!!  but what impressed me the most was his stage presence, his ability to work the crowd, and his connection to the audience!”  Now there’s a compliment for our quiet shy kid from Idol huh?
The crowd LOVED him.  I was so proud of him!  I’ll never forget seeing him that close up.  He is so beautiful.
Who is the crazy person screaming “wooooo!” at :22 sec and then again at 1:05, 1:07, 1:20, 1:27, 2:03, 2:05, 2:21, 2:42, 2:50, 2:53, and 2:56?
I’ll give you one guess.

159 Responses to “Never Over You”

  1. annmargaret said

    Funny Girl hi! When you wrote your post about watching David on AI & how your feelings evolved as the weeks went by, I was convinced we were twins separated at birth. I used to read it about once a week. Now I don’t know where to find it. I’m so happy you were able to see the beautifulness that is David up close. I really like the way you straightened that little twit out behind you. 3 for all us old ladies!
    I think it would be so much fun if all of David’s “mature girls” could have a big gathering. Funny Girl, keep writing. You’re so good at it!


  2. VLM said

    Hats off to you FG for the entertaining recap – and Annmargaret, can I be the triplet?
    I fell in love with David back in Season 7- went through a lot of heartache before I heard him sing Imagine – after that, the horizon was full of rainbows and fluffy clouds. I stay up late reading…reading…since I live so far away, I hope David will come to our shores one day – and this old lady can rest!
    Hi there Angelica!


  3. Jen A said

    FG GREAT post! I am so impressed you were able to fire off those perfect zingers under pressure. I would have had brain freeze. Very exciting that you were sooo close to him! Did you have to STAND UP the WHOLE DAY to save those spots? There isn’t enough Advil in the world to manage that kind of pain. You are a great example and role model for our 40+ crowd, yes you are!!!


  4. awestruck said

    funny girl – those pictures are out of this world wonderful. “Now there’s a compliment for our quiet shy kid from Idol huh?” I’d have to agree with that for sure!

    Say, did those rude girls have an opinion of David after he sang?


  5. SandyBeaches said

    FG…It is unfortunate to have to do battle in the name of David, but it does happen. Maybe if more and more young ones spend time with David they will learn life skills that they never would have learnt any other way. Many parents don’t have much time these days going the “Parachutes & Airplanes” route spending time really noticing and enjoying all that is near to them at the moment. The days of the total working family have left some children unsettled and unknowing.

    David has come along to us at a time that is rude and uncaring and he is such a wonderful influence on all of us. We are on a green trip to save the planet from self destruction and David is right there perhaps unknowingly doing the same thing with people.

    I love the pictures…



  6. FG said

    In this ZG video here:

    I forgot to tell you that the person he said “sorry?” to was ThoseDangCats! She was the one who suggested Zero Gravity! He looked right at her! THUD!!!


  7. FG said

    PAGING Betsy – is your phone ok? Please check your email!


  8. nanaweize said

    FG…you go girl. So proud of you for being able to put those young ones in there place and yet know that Davids fans are “nice”!

    I am so glad you were up close and personal. There is nothing like looking right into Davids eyes and having him look back at you! I can still feel the feeling. It was only for a few seconds when he signed my Christmas CD but his look and kindness will stay with me forever!


  9. emmegirl said

    No time to comment but just had to quickly say LOVE that top pic!


  10. Angelica said


    Love this recap and I was going, “Yes!” everytime you scored. 😆 Did she not even say thank you for the setlist?


    “David has come along to us at a time that is rude and uncaring and he is such a wonderful influence on all of us. We are on a green trip to save the planet from self destruction and David is right there perhaps unknowingly doing the same thing with people.”

    So true. He straightened me out. haha. Seriously though, you are spot on.

    Great reaction from the security guard..”wow he can really sing, what a great voice!!! but what impressed me the most was his stage presence, his ability to work the crowd, and his connection to the audience!”

    He has come so far since AI. It’s amazing. Even he is amazed judging from the recent interviews. His ability to perform, connect, do interviews seems to be increasing weekly.

    Hey VLM! Morning all! Exciting weekend coming up! Can we stand more? yes, we can. 😉


  11. skydancer1x said

    FG, I am so glad you didn’t let that rude comment/behavior, go unchallenged.Good for you!

    ” Her friend says to her “Oh she’s so nice!” Then I say “thanks, that’s how David fans act.”
    Great response FG.

    Loved the security guard story too! Tickled me”oh he’s so hot!” Yes indeedy!!!haha too funny.

    “The crowd LOVED him. I was so proud of him! I’ll never forget seeing him that close up. He is so beautiful.”

    ahhh, that he is FG,that he is.(these are great pics) So happy for you, being so close and ‘standing your ground ‘!


  12. Angelica said

    Who was at the chat last night? Wasn’t he all kinds of awesome? Here is the link without all that annoying chatter rolling by.


  13. djafan said

    FG, Great recap! I think I’ve seen you in some videos up front, you had an amazing view. And thanks for setting those young ones straight! Those pictures and video capture David so goooood. I could almost hear him singing in the pictures.

    David keeps outdoing himself, how does he do that? Yesterday’s Regis and Kelly, last nights chat (thanks for the link Angelica) and todays Wendy Williams!


  14. SandyBeaches said

    Just a little jump to UStream…

    From David,”I’m not yelling, I am just stating a fact” and he was as David does not yell, he gets excited, (God bless him that he is that way), Oh oh Melinda…



  15. Angelica said


    I loved that retort to Melinda. He’ll staighten her out too. 😉
    Found your lovely pic on FOD. Hope you don’t mind if I bring it over here.



  16. SandyBeaches said

    ‘Elevator ” on Wendy williams was fabulous!!!! Camera guy did an awesome job!!

    He left the mic. in the stand, see the difference as he is freed up to perform full out nearly!!!!!!!?

    Wendy herself was rather shocked (check out the look on her face as she turned around to look) at the audience standing and cheering.

    WAY TO GO FANS! David performs and you show everyone just what it all means!



  17. annmargaret said

    Hi again! Just had to comment on David’s performance of Elevator at the Z100 radio station. It’s my favorite so far. His voice is like a scratchy velvet ribbon of sound. So so good!!
    I also think we should each send an email to Regis & Kelly requesting that David be a guest host when Regis is out. I think David would be great. like David Cook said, he does have dry wit. He’s also easy on the eyes. The show would have an audience they’ve never seen the likes of.


  18. djafan said


    I caught that. Yes, God Bless him. I’ve read and heard at VIP’s from way back from people that know him and have spent time with him that he by no means is a pushover, he is the “boss”. 🙂

    The other thing that made my heart all jumpy from last night’s chat is that David is already writing, hear that?, writing spanish songs! He said Jive is excited about a spanish album, I’m telling you it can’t happen soon enough, the fanbase will explode.

    The other thing I’m loving is that Melinda is tweeting of the events, inviting fans to come and giving out the address when needed. It creates buzz and his picture is popping up all over the net with fans surrounding him, a good thing.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  19. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan #13…That video gave me chills (rare for me) and I could hardly type straight at all after I watched it.(#16). I love to see people shocked over David’s performances.

    Angelica…I took the picture in front of a plasma tv (which may help the iphone) and it has such a slow shutter spead that you just keep snapping the pictures and see what you get. I was surprised with the superimposed one and I find them fascinating. I can hardly believe that it looks that good enlarged from an iphone pic. Great to see that you brought it over.



  20. bebereader said

    FG I admire your resolve, to stick it out from 9:30 am! From the pictures alone, your incredible view must have been a dream come true. Thanks for sharing that dream with us!

    The Wendy Show is on at 5PM here, in NYC. Odd that it’s aired so late, since it’s taped in NYC. Dja thanks for the video. Gosh, he is so adorable! And what an amazing reception the fans gave him! David is thrilled to see his fans turn up at each show. At any appearance, whether it’s one of his own shows, a book signing, as an opener for someone else or a TV appearance, he blows everyone away. SB, I caught the look on Wendy’s face, as she saw the audience reaction. Wendy: “(re: Simon) “Only time will tell. Let’s talk about YOU now!” A little smitten, ya think? 😉


  21. SandyBeaches said

    Before I go the lines that still have me laughing out loud!!!

    ” Who, who is that other girl?
    Was there another girl? Are there four judges?
    No sorry, no sorry,
    I didn’t know that Jennifer Lopez has blonde hair now.
    I promise that I wasn’t looking at Steven Tyler!!!”

    These words will be around for a very long time, maybe there will even be
    a cartoon or two to depict them.

    Oh so not exact, but I have the drift!



  22. djafan said

    Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  23. Angelica said

    WOW 😯 That is some great news, dj!! I wish I lived in Utah. From the Deseret News:

    Choir President Mac Christensen said the annual Christmas concert is unparalleled in Utah, hosting an audience of more than 21,000 each night in the Conference Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “I just wish everyone could be there,” he said during Thursday’s announcement. “People are now coming from all over the world. We’ll have over a million requests (for tickets).

    Archuleta, 19, is by far the youngest star to headline the Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert.


  24. djafan said


    I’m thinking of putting my name in for tickets and figure out the logistics later.

    What an honor.

    This from the Deseret News.

    David Archuleta the guest star at Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert
    Published: Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010 12:04 p.m. MDT

    Utah pop star David Archuleta will be the guest star at the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert this year.

    The choir made the announcement Thursday morning on KSL-Newsradio’s Doug Wright show. The concert series begins with a preview Dec. 16, followed by evening concerts Dec. 17 and 18 and a Sunday-morning “mini-concert” Dec. 19.

    Archuleta’s music career has run at full speed since his runner-up “American Idol” finish in 2008. He also recently released a book, “Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance.”

    Archuleta currently lives in Los Angeles but was born in Miami and spent most of his childhood in Utah. He says his singing career was inspired by a videotaped performance of “Les Miserables,” and he began singing at age 6.

    Archuleta joined the radio show by phone, saying he has been to the choir’s Christmas concerts before and felt lucky to be invited and be able to make the concert work with his recording schedule.

    Choir President Mac Christensen said the annual Christmas concert is unparalelled in Utah, hosting an audience of more than 21,000 each night in the Conference Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “I just wish everyeone could be there,” he said during Thursday’s announcement. “People are now coming from all over the world. We’ll have over a million requests (for tickets).

    Archuleta, 19, is by far the youngest star to headline the Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert. The choir has had invited guests at Christmas concerts since 2000. Previous guest arttists are:

    2009: Jazz singer Natalie Cole and author and historian David McCullough

    2008: Broadway singer Brian Stokes Mitchell

    2007: London-based King’s Singers

    2006: Norwegian vocalist Sissel

    2005: Soprano Renee Fleming and actress Claire Bloom

    2004: Actress and singer Audra McDonald and actor Peter Graves

    2003: Mezzo-soprano Frederica von Stade and Welsh baritone Bryn Terfel

    2002: Former CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite

    2001: Actress Angela Lansbury

    2000: Singer Gladys Knight and actress Roma Downey


  25. River said

    Is anyone else getting a “forbidden” message when trying to enter the fansofdavid website. It’s not the lst time but I’m puzzled.
    Still chuckling over the Idols picture reaction today on WW show. Oh my heck, even he realized instantly how hilarious that was. He was his usual amazing performing self. whew.


  26. bebereader said

    Waxed Jeans?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “David Archuleta was greeting some of his fans in New York after making an appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly. He was wearing the trend of the moment, a pair of waxed jeans. He opted for a pair in a brown color. I actually kind of like these, but the color palette of his outfit kind of makes me think of Halloween. I think he should have stuck to probably a white tee.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    From DenimBlog


  27. GG_doorsfan said

    NEWS: @davidarchie will be performing at @EKSChallenge on 10/23. There’s still time to register at http://www.ekschalleng​


  28. Angelica said

    River, yes I just got that same message when trying to go on FOD.

    I like the waxed jeans but I have to agree with the writer. A white T would have looked so good!


  29. ray said

    peeps he,s dressed for the season, holloween.october,fall


  30. bebereader said

    First, the news about David singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for Christmas and now, his participation at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge Event in DC!
    Filled with pride? You bet!!!

    Thanks GGdoorsfan and djafan, for the great news! 😀


  31. djafan said

    People, “They said what?” Daytimes TV’s funniest moments!,,20431598,00.html


  32. betsy said

    Fg – so glad you finally wrote about Saturday! Great job. And tell you know who, great pictures. 🙂


  33. betsy said

    And secondly, I just finished watching the whole chat from last night and am still smiling. 🙂
    Just love him.


  34. SweetOnDA said

    djafan, I’m definitely putting in for tickets to the Christmas concert. I’ve called all my family and asked them to register. I will be so bummed if I can’t get to see this. My sis who lives in Sandy, Utah said it will be hard to get chosen out of so many people requesting tickets. They went to one a couple years ago and said it is so worth trying, especially since David is headlining this one. Looks like I’ll be taking a road trip to SLC if I can get tickets. I’m so excited for him and for us 🙂

    Who’s going to register from here. Let’s have a party in Utah come December!


  35. bebereader said

    David Archuleta is coming home for Christmas
    by Sean P. Means

    The former “American Idol” also-ran from Murray, Utah — whose new album, “The Other Side of Down,” hit stores this week — will be the headliner for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s popular Christmas concerts, Dec. 16-19.

    Choir president Mac Christensen and musical director Mack Wilberg announced the choice of Archuleta this morning in KSL’s “The Doug Wright Show.”

    “He has so much natural ability, and he’s just come into his own,” Christensen said.

    Negotiations with Archuleta’s management have been ongoing for six months. “It was a true miracle,” Christensen said.

    “This is such a thrill for me — it’s awesome,” Archuleta told Wright over the phone. “It’s actually been a dream of mine. I’ve grown up listening to the choir all my life.”

    Archuleta said once attended the Christmas concert in 2006, when the Norwegian singer Sissel performed with the choir. At the time, he thought, “I wonder what it would be like to get to be there.”

    Performances are Dec. 17 and 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the LDS Conference Center. There also will be an open dress rehearsal Dec. 16 at 8 p.m. and a special broadcast of “Music and the Spoken Word” Dec. 19 at 9:30 a.m., with mini-concert to follow.

    Admission to all events is free, but tickets are required. To enter the random selection process, register online at between 12:01 a.m. this Saturday (Oct. 9) and 11:59 p.m. Oct. 18. (Those without Internet access may call 801-570-0080 or 1-866-LDS-TIKS between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays during the registration window.) There is a limit of four tickets per household.


  36. SandyBeaches said

    I just stopped by…

    What am I reading Bebe??

    His dream, my dream for him, his dream for me haha…

    I can’t believe this, I must keep reading…



  37. SandyBeaches said

    Over 1 million requests for tickets from all over the world..

    So my chances are?? The place only holds 21,000!!

    SweetonDA I will be there if there is the slightest chance…



  38. Angelica said


    Yes a dream come true! That’s 21,000 per night for 3 nights so that comes to a 63,000 chances…in a million. I plan to register and if I don’t go, someone else who is a David fan can. 😉

    But man, holding those tickets in my hand would be a real temptation. 8)


  39. djafan said

    I need to recruit register’ers!


  40. emmegirl said

    bebe, it seems he could schedule gigs every day if he wanted to.


  41. SandyBeaches said

    The registration starts tomorrow night at midnight if I have it correct so it will be interesting to see what that entails. If you receive 4 per household then perhaps that increases our chances here on The Voice. I think that it would be a bigger problem in Utah because there everyone might want to go.

    Do you remember my article on ‘The Power of Passion and A Prayer’? Part of my dream was to see David perform with the Tabernackle Choir and that was within a year that I wrote it thinking that it would take perhaps a few more years before it could be realized.

    If I did receive the four tickets then I would have ‘two’ of them for friends so that is how it could work amongst ourselves. If we all do that then we have a bit better chance…



  42. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan, in the days ahead we should see here who really wants to go, how many tickets they would use themselves, to see how many are left that could cover us…something like that. I might get to finally see you at a concert.

    I am supposed to start perparing for our Thanksgiving Day dinner on Sunday tomorrow (trying out new receipes) etc. but I will be doing good just to put one foot in front of the other!



  43. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica it is 4 per household so you possibly could have two extra!!!?? I will!!



  44. poof said

    Oh my! I read the news about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and I instantly burst into tears. Growing up,every Sunday morning WAS listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on the radio. I had no idea who they were or where they were, I just knew it was beautiful and my father loved singing along. I have always hoped David would get the chance to perform with them.
    I live a few states away (yes, a few)from Utah, but there is no way in the world I could pass up the opportunity to hear David singing with them. I haven’t heard David live, don’t you think this would be a good “first”? Wish me luck!!! I am excited!!!


  45. SandyBeaches said

    Before I stop talking amongst myself I must correct the word ‘Tabernacle’…It is just not right to spell it incorrectly.



  46. silverfox said

    Ahhhhhh…so nice to come home to all these great happenings & seeing David so happy. He was great on the Wendy show. I guess I should confess…I had never heard of Wendy Williams before David was scheduled to guest on her show. She’s HUGE! Not just next to David, but next to ANYONE! 😆

    Another great day for David! He must be exhausted but at the same time feeling a euphoric high for all the positive feedback he’s getting about TOSOD, his TV promo performances, & radio interviews. And the chat last night…what can I say except it was one of the HIGHLIGHTS of these last few years. What a great concept if he’s thinking of having more chats in the future. He could start it off with a vlog then have a chat with questions about whatever the subject of his vlog is. Once a month or so would be fantastic since he’s so open & willing to share a part of his life with his fans anyway. Really! He was so “just David”, no airs, no pretense. Just his awesomeage self! Just an idea I hope he considers. 😉

    David went home this afternoon & I hope he had a chance to “rest” on the flight home to Utah to do some more “humanitarian” work. Then he’s back to Ohio on Sunday. It’s a very good thing that he enjoys flying cause it seems like he spends half of his life off the ground, in airplanes. 😀

    I WANT TICKETS TO “The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert”!!!!!!! But I won’t be holding my breath. I have a better chance of winning the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes or the Powerball lottery! 😦

    Good night & sweet dreams to The Voice family.

    Dear David, Buenas Noches! Sleep well with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! God Bless & keep you in his care.


  47. Tawna21 said

    FG—-SCORE!! your “conversation” reminded me of the “conversation” that I had at David’s ’09 Tour in SLC with a young’un. She got my point and moved away. Us old ladies have to stand up for what is right! Right?! I loved your recap! Thanks so much! I love your writings, so don’t ever stop.



  48. SweetOnDA said

    SB. We should all try and get tickets and then we could share the extras with others who didn’t get any and want to go. I’ll let you know if I get any extras.

    But, I’m with SF too, I’m not going to hold my breath. I’ve never won anything in my life, but I’m going to keep the faith that it will happen this time.

    I’m just so thrilled for him 🙂


  49. Mandi said

    FG: Thanks for this great recap of your experience. I am so glad you took a stand. Being an adult fan of David’s is nothing to be ashamed of. So proud of you.

    I am almost dead just listening to David’s songs. I can’t away from them. They have been on repeat at work, at home, and everywhere. That’s crazy, isn’t it? Nobody I know does this. I think I’m crazy.

    Anyway, there goes our David–promoting other artists album in his latest tweets. I am so proud of him that he really cares about others. Whenever his celebrity friends have something big coming up in their careers, he is always promoting them. However, except Cook, I haven’t seen any tweets from those peeps to return the favor. But who cares. David will always be number 1 in my book. He is one of a kind, isn’t he?


  50. Mandi said

    I mean, I can’t *stay* away from them.


  51. emmegirl said

    Mandi, you’re not crazy, I been repeating too!

    I thought that was great too of Cook and his brother to show support and tweet about David’s album. Yeah, I love how supportive David always is of his friends and peers.

    Wonder what he will sing for Skate For The Heart. Hope we have some videographers going.


  52. skydancer1x said

    He sounded and looked so good on Wendy’s show.Loved her reaction to his performance of Elevator.

    I must admit I had the same reaction, at first… to the judges picture (I didn’t recognize J LO right away, and thought, who is that blonde girl?)haha

    His reaction though, was priceless! Just hilarious, and loved him laughing at himself after realizing his mistake.Good stuff HA! Too cute!

    #25…River, I have had that problem several times through the week trying to get to FOD, don’t know what’s wrong there.

    time to go to bed, with Elevator still in my head.
    ..say goodnite David


  53. kaycee said

    Such exciting news about David performing with the Tabernacle Choir! Those Christmas shows are just incredible every year. I’m almost certain that they offer DVD’s of the progam…so those that are unable to attend will be able to experience it as well.

    Sandy Beaches…hopefully we’ll see you again here in Utah this Holiday Season!


  54. kaycee said

    Just found this on The Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s official website:

    “Every year the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square host a spectacular Christmas program with a world-class guest artist and then release the recording so that the music can be played again and again at home. Last year’s program was seen by more than 85,000 in concert performances and will be broadcast to millions more this December, 2010, as a national PBS special to viewers across the country. The recently released CD and DVD–both called The Most Wonderful Time of the Year—are a “must-have” for every library.”


  55. Jen A said

    ((Poof))) Do you mind a hug from a stranger who was touched by your post #44?
    What a fine first DA experience THAT would be for you, oh yes!!
    My family’s tradition when I was growing up was to play the MTC Christmas music/Handel’s Messiah on Christmas Day. I am quite sure my parents had to replace record albums ground down to the nub over the years.
    Just know you were not the only one bursting into tears upon reading the news. Have a good Friday and good luck ALL with that ticket lottery!


  56. SandyBeaches said

    Hi Kaycee, it would be wonderful! Let’s keep in touch.



  57. djafan said

    Two videos here, David belongs in front of the camera.

    Channel One News: Behind the Scenes: David Archuleta

    David Archuleta stops by to talk with Justin.


  58. PaulaFOD said

    I was checking Orla Fallon’s website today, looking for news of when the Christmas special taped on Sept 2 might would air. Orla posted a blog yesterday and talks briefly about our David.

    I also loved working with the two guys David Archuleta and Mark Wills. Mark was just hilarious and such good fun. He had us in stitches during rehearsals and David was so cute. I just wanted to hug him all the time! The girls in the audience were certainly thrilled to see him. I couldn’t get over his great voice and stage presence!

    Her blog can be found here:

    Yes, us “girls” were glad to see him!!! At least she’s not calling us old ladies! Tee hee!


  59. skydancer1x said

    Thanks Djafan! that was fun to watch! Wouldn’t it be amazing to see David on the big screen one day? That would kill us off for sure. The camera loves David.


  60. Angelica said


    Thanks for that info! I will definitely be buying the CD/DVD and wearing it out next year. It’ll be interesting to watch the PBS Special of last year’s performance this December and IMAGINE what it will be like with David as the guest performer instead. BTW, saw your comment on MJ’s Blog. You rock!

    Djafan, Great videos, yes he was born to be in front of the camera for sure. Loved those. Dang it, I got the pop quiz wrong though. I picked Strawberry Fields Forever. 🙄


  61. djafan said

    Poof! I hope and pray this becomes a reality for you!!!!

    Kaycee, if I don’t get tickets a DVD would be a God send!

    Paula, so happy you made that event, and yes us girls love him!

    Skydancer, I had read that there’s a rumor about David and Twilight, probably nothing, but wow that would be awesome!

    SB, and anyone else registering for tickets, I won’t be holding my breath but I’ll be praying in the prose position…lol

    Annette, you are silly.

    This from momjulee…This is huge, just a matter of time before the rest of the media catches up with the news.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  62. Angelica said


    Silly? SILLY? Archu calling me silly?

    I weel keel you in your sleep.



  63. djafan said



  64. SandyBeaches said

    This is where David will be singing and the people he will be singing with. Just place David in Andrea Bocelli’s place…

    Another performance to imagine David being part of…



  65. SandyBeaches said

    This video is on the ‘lighter side’ and tells us about some of the people who David will be working with…

    I know that it is serious music but it is going to happen very soon and we will see David in a similar setting…



  66. djafan said


    I can close my eyes and the vision of David and his voice comes through loud and clear.

    Thank you for the videos.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  67. xaris said

    Lord have mercy, Angelica. That is the ugliest little cat I have ever seen. Thanks for a good laugh though.

    So today I had a woman helping me with the dreaded pre-holiday fall cleaning, and I put on TOSOD. I swear, David made it to the second verse of TOSOD and she asks who is singing. Some folks bite the dust right out of the gate, don’t they? I gave her my David sales spiel and a copy of the CD. She probably thinks I am crazy, but “I don’t care…noooo, noooo.”



  68. ray said

    listening to david sing xmass songs live heaven


  69. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan…the third video is most interesting because what is said about music and how it touches your soul is what we so often say and feel about David’s music.



  70. bebereader said

    We’re all filled with pride of the news of David, chosen to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but I can only imagine how SandyBeaches must feel, since this was a dream of her’s. I’m calling attention to a quote from an article she wrote for The Voice on 2/25/10, entitled “The Power of Passion and a Prayer”…

    “I have two dreams I dare to dream and one is that David will sing “The Lord’s Prayer” with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the other is that someday he will sing it with Andrea.”

    For more of Staff Writer, SandyBeaches’ brilliant article, use this link:

    Xaris#67 Loved your story! I plan to buy a bunch of copies of TOSOD to have on hand for times like that. Normally I put music on for background while I work. Seems to help the day go by and work gets done faster. At this point it doesn’t work that way with TOSOD. The newness of the music breaks my concentration and begs me to stop and listen.

    To all those going to tonight’s event, the Mentors International Gala in Salt Lake City, have wonderful time. Any details you can share will be most appreciated! Thank you in advance!


  71. bebereader said video announcing David’s involvement in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert:

    You can hear David on the phone at 1:10, after he heard the announcement. 😀


  72. djafan said

    SB, I listened, what an incredible honor for David.

    Cheers Xaris!!!!

    Bebe, Thanks for the link, chill inducing,SB please more dreams and can I put in dream requests?

    Can’t wait to start hearing news about tonight.

    @davidarchie tweets!

    Internet is down all day, but at least it’s one less distraction to focus on other things. about 1 hour ago via txt

    David in the Hot Zone Fox News.


  73. bebereader said

    Yowsa! I loooooved that little interview with David by Fox News in comment#72. His answers were so fluent and smart and right on the money!

    How important was American Idol for your career?

    “It’s changed my life and a lot of other people’s lives. It opened so many doors. It was such a platform for so many opportunities…”

    You have such a big voice for such a soft-spoken man. How do you manage to just stay away from all the drama of the business and really stay focused on your music?

    “Just take time for yourself and allow yourself to think about what it is you’re trying to do, what kind of person you are, what matters to you.”


  74. djafan said

    Nice one!

    New York Post

    Last Updated: 12:05 PM, October 5, 2010

    Posted: 10:58 PM, October 4, 2010

    Dan Aquilante, CD REVIEWS


    “The Other Side of Down”


    HAVING been totally prepared to hate David Archuleta’s sophomore album, “The Other Side of Down,” as being more mush from the wimp, the disc is shockingly good, displaying huge musical evolution beyond the “American Idol”-style schlock ‘n’ roll.

    While Archuleta’s voice is still bright and youthful, the sugar is gone. You hear that in mature lyrics that have emotional depth in songs such as “Falling Stars,” “My Kind of Perfect” and “Stomping the Roses.” After his stint on “American Idol” and his debut record, it seemed as if this kid were pure plastic. This record’s pulse says otherwise.

    Read more:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  75. silverfox said

    Happy Birthday John Lennon! Thank you for writing one of the most beautiful songs ever. I know you were smiling when you heard David sing it. No other singer but David can do justice to “Imagine” and here’s proof…

    And still more proof two years later…


  76. Abrra said

    A little set list info about tonight’s Gala Dinner in Utah from twitter:

    RT @_slowdownsugar:Lupe will be opening the Gala w/ a song.D’s set: TAGGB,”Angels,””Dream Sky High” “Contigo,” Spanish song,duet w/ Lupe.



  77. djafan said

    SF, thank you for the links and for reminding us of a life cut way to short.

    And David tweets in Lennon’s memory

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  78. djafan said


    Let me get this straight, Contigo and duet with Lupe two songs?


  79. djafan said

    Did you say David is going to be singing this????!!!!

    Video please!!!! Do you know if people are taking video??

    Only recorded version is this from 2003!


  80. djafan said

    John Lennon’s “Imagine” — Which Pop Star Covered It Best?

    Vote! Poll on Idolator!


  81. Abrra said

    I don’t know anything for sure. I saw that on twitter so I posted it.



  82. Abrra said

    From Twitter
    David is sitting in front of the stage a light blue or purple shirt and tie:) he looks so cute. 43 minutes ago via txt



  83. djafan said

    No pictures or video:(((((

    Shelley’s tweets…

    Davids next! There talking about his trip to honduroud 9 minutes ago via txt Retweeted by you and 4 others

    Angela 6 minutes ago via txt (meant Angels)

    Amazing 2 minutes ago via txt

    Things are gonna get betterp less than a minute ago via txt


  84. djafan said

    More shelley tweets

    Lupe sings beautiful

    She’s got awesome dance moves

    David again

    Omg dead!!!

    karin zerogravity1

    Just sang the most beautiful Contigoooooooooooo!!! Voice is much deeper!!!

    Duet!!! With Lupe
    He said he’ll try to dance (WHAT?????????????? AND NO VIDEO!!!)


  85. emmegirl said

    dja, this is torture enough, and then we find out no videos! A better Contigo, how is that possible?!

    Dancing, DANCING! Didn’t he say he was learning the bachata?

    Dying here.


  86. djafan said

    I’m dying here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shelley He’s got some moves!!

    thebeebee omgomgomgomg

    Shell_eeeyyy Omg he’s dancing a little ———-> OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thebeebee i am on the phone =:O

    Shell_eeeyyy: omg he’s dancini g


    thebeebee BACHATA

    thebeebee i got a call… a special phone call… UNBELIEVABLE… cool salsa-ey song… LONG SONG… and he did the bachata for a little bit! =:O


  87. djafan said


    I can not even describe how David was dancing with Lupe tonight.Holy wow the guy can MOVE


    No words for what we just witnessed


    David sang “Sky High” during sound ck and it blew the flippin’ doors OFF!!! Then he says “I dunno.. should I sing that one?” Haha DUH!


    David and Lupe sang A Puro Dolor, a song by Son By Four!!! You can’t help but dance to this song. 😉



  88. dakgal said

    FG-Been kinda fuming about those sassy young girls all day but you handled the situation with utmost dignity.— Does this mean that they don’t belong at concert– if the performer is over forty?

    Guess what bothers me is the lack of respect some ( not all) teenagers have. OK off the soap box! Thanks for the fun re-cap, we are all living off every bodies up close and personal reports these days.And every single little detail counts. I am simply in awe of David, he has got to be the most versatile singer in the world and does it all beautifully. From new pop album to tonites( Mentors?) show –to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    and everything in between- absolutely mind boggling. Sigh


  89. djafan said

    AndreaFOD: Sure hope Mentors post these vids. U will not believe how that boy can dance Latino dances

    I’m praying for a miracle!!!!!!!!!!


  90. djafan said

    AndreaFOD: Hes now gonna sing dream sky high !!!!!!!


  91. emmegirl said

    I can’t take this.


  92. stenocruiser said

    I can’t either !


  93. Angelica said

    Bachataaaaaaa?????!!!! Ohnononononononooooo!!!!! Why???? Photobucket

    I want to LIVE!!!!!!

    But there is no video so I am safe. hahaha. dundundundun….

    Why do I not feel safe? I don’t trust him. Photobucket

    I have news but it can wait till tomorrow. OK, no it can’t.

    I’m going to Ohio tomorrow and will be attending the Skate for the Heart event Sunday and a very sweet, lovely lady gifted me a ticket for the VIP meet&greet, lunch and concert in Canton on Monday with DAAAVIIID!!


    I feel better now. I will keep you informed and file my report when I get home. Gotta run, so much to doooo! Photobucket


  94. jackryan4DA said

    Am dyyyyyyyyyyyyyying from thrill and pride for him! Fer sure you know all about this already but, am still posting it!

    Have you reserved by now? Guys you’ve got to go. If am there, I will find a way to see it. Please goooooooooooooooooooo

    ps: excuse my exuberance. It has been a deeply difficult week for me and news like this is like manna for people like me who could use some good stories to smile about 🙂

    I have 3 more new vids about TOSOD promo but this is THE most impt and most spectacular


  95. djafan said


    Got to talk to David and tell him how special it was to be here for Dream Sky High


    We heard @DavidArchie sing dream sky high!!! Oh my gosh that has been a dream if mine!! I still have goosebumps!!


    Got a few pics of him. He was being chased by so many people, trying to eat his desert


    Dream Sky High with archugrowls!


    David really danced tonight


  96. Heidijoy said

    What a night!!! Have a great time Angelica!! So much excitement and singing with the MTC etc etc.


  97. djafan said

    I am in complete spazzz mode!!!!

    Looking for twitter of Mentors…need video, they have no idea how much money they can raise!


  98. emmegirl said

    Oh Angelica, you have been doing something right to be so richly rewarded! I have been wondering about the Skate For The Heart and what he was going to sing. The M&G and concert too… “my oh my!”

    I love your little gleeful guy, lol!

    JR, so sorry about your week. Somehow he always gives us a pick-me-up without even trying. Such exciting news.


  99. emmegirl said

    Yes dja, do they even realize!! Videos of D dancing translates to mega cash…and I just listened to the youtube of A Puro Dolor (it translates to Purest Of Pain), goodness is all I can say.


  100. ram said

    Only ONE WORD!!!!! B* A* C* H* A* T* A and . . .

    A Puro Dolor by Son by Four. That was one of my wishes. Wow, who knew there could be a heaven on earth!

    I am overwhelmed. Somebody please, have pity, (I don’t like to beg, but I will in English and Spanish, if you like) audio and video, please.


  101. djafan said

    Angelica, have fun and keep us posted if possible.

    Well I tweeted Mentors…lol


  102. emmiegirl said

    Knew we could count on you dja!


  103. ram said

    Angelica- So excited for you. You are so lucky!!

    Dja- Two of my wishes coming true in one night. Should have known since it was an *international occasion*! Can you believe it my dream for BACHATA and A Puro Dolor. I am sitting down cuz my legs are shaking. I will cry if I see this, I know I will. It is the music moving through his whole body and Lupe, well we all know she is one awesome singer and dancer. I am so happy.


  104. ram said

    Just wanted to make one more comment because I just got a visual of David someday doing Bachata and singing in those white pants! Es super cool!! 8)


  105. emmegirl said

    testing, grimlins.


  106. djafan said


    I’m going to tweet and retweet that!

    JR, thanks for the video and so glad that you have David to lift your and our spirits.

    Ram, He did it!!! I’m hoping we get to see!!!


  107. skydancer1x said

    Just read all the posts! My hands are just shaking.Oh how I would love to see David dancing!!!
    Just when you think you may have survived all that has happened this past couple of weeks, he starts dancing!!?? There is only so much a person can take David!

    Angelica, have fun! fun! fun! So glad you are going to get to see David and I am also completely, and seriously jealous!!haha!
    I am starting to be afraid to come here.
    One thing is certain, David has emerged from his songwriting hiatus, with a fire in his belly !!
    How on earth are we going to survive tour?


  108. bebereader said

    I went out tonight and missed all the excitement!
    David danced? OMGosh!!!
    Praying for videos right along with you.
    Here’s a glimmer of hope from gemzone on Twitter:


    Some lady on the table behind me took video tonight of David dancing. Don’t know if she will post it though. He can really move. 3 minutes ago via Twitter for Android

    Angelica: Have fun and safe travels! We’ll be here, waiting for any news!


  109. djafan said

    I hope gemzone at least suggested it to her.


  110. emmegirl said

    Killing time waiting on any word from the event tonight… watching the chat again. It is not possible to not just loooove him to pieces….

    “Good luck on your chemistry test Monica, and I would strongly encourage you to study after this chat”

    “I think I might be a hoarder”

    Yes David, please release that song you wrote with Daniel Bedingfield, and any others that you feel compelled to.

    I hope he can do this often… he was tired and a little loopy and adorable and he seemed to have a good time too!


  111. emmegirl said

    “Fav MJ song, been listening alot lately to The Way You Make Me Feel.”

    And love that he actually talked about not liking people taking his picture while he was sleeping on planes.

    Alright, enough.


  112. bebereader said

    Emmegirl It’s never enough. Don’t stop. Please.


  113. jackryan4DA said

    I hope that what in the ArchuWorld, “suggested” means persuaded w/ conviction?


  114. bebereader said

    Pics from tonight!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  115. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  116. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    All photos credit Deseret News


  117. bebereader said

    Article from Deseret News

    David Archuleta shares stage with his mother for Mentors’ Annual Gala fundraiser By R. Scott Lloyd

    SALT LAKE CITY — Last January, “American Idol” superstar David Archuleta and his mother, Lupe, went to her native Honduras and to Guatemala, hosted by Utah-based Mentors International. There, they say firsthand how the organization helps provide loans and training to help families in home-based businesses work their way out of poverty.

    On Friday night, mother and son gave to the effort themselves by providing a free performance at Mentors’ Annual Gala fundraiser at the Salt Lake Marriott, before a crowd of several hundred donors and potential donors.

    It was the organization’s 20th anniversary, and the two Archuletas were up for the occasion in a performance that featured fast-paced Latin music and heartfelt ballads evoking the optimism that drives Mentors.

    “We were really thankful to be able to go and see the work that’s being done for the people down there, and families prosper and come from low places and reach their goals and see their dreams come true,” David said.

    Accompanying himself on electronic keyboard, the 19-year-old singer opened the performance with “Angels,” a song from the 2007 season of American Idol. To recorded accompaniment, he followed with “Things Are Going to Get Better,” which he debuted last month on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day MDA telethon.

    Then, it was time for his mom to take the stage, exhibiting substantial talent of her own with two Spanish-language selections, one sung in moving tribute to her father, who was in the audience. The other was the up-tempo “Mi Tierra” (my land) which she sang in honor of her homeland, Honduras.

    “I don’t know how to thank Mentors for this trip,” the tearful mother said. “I’m never going to forget it, because this is my people, and I love my people. For this reason, we are here to share our love.”

    David also sang a Spanish number, “Contigo En La Distancia” (you in the distance), and mother and son closed the set with a duet on “A Puro Dolor” (“the purest of pain”).

    Receiving Mentors’ International Humanitarian Award was microfinance pioneer Joe Hatch, the founder of Foundation for International Community Assistance, one of the worlds’ leading microcredit institutions. He is co-founder and executive committee member of the Microcredit Summit global campaign.

    Hatch spoke of his dream that world poverty be eradicated by 2025 through such initiatives as village banks, his brainchild.

    Originally called Enterprise Mentors International, the organization was formed in 1990. Menlo Smith, an LDS mission president from St. Louis, Mo., serving in the Philippines, had observed widespread poverty in that nation among families trying to operate businesses at the mercy of loan sharks.

    Upon returning home, Smith and other Mormon businessmen, with encouragement from the church and technical expertise from Brigham Young University business professor Warner P. Woodworth, developed a self-help program with a partner organization in the Philippines offering micro-enterprise training, mentoring and micro-credit.

    Two decades later, the organization, which has since moved its headquarters from St. Louis to Draper, Utah, works with partner foundations in the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Peru. Through Mentors’ influence, some 2 million people have been lifted from poverty.

    One of the Mentors clients visited last January by David and Lupe Archuleta was Imelda Sanum Zil in the area of Patzicia, Guateamala. Mentors president Mark L. Petersen said she and her husband Odgas had been struggling to survive. In 2005, the began a business making wooden crates for the shipping of produce.

    But working with one power saw and small shipments of scrap lumber, they could make just 25 boxes per day, which did not bring enough profit to raise them from poverty

    In August 2007, she learned of the services provided by Mentors Guatemala. She secured a loan for $150, purchased two additional table saws and hired seven employees. The business eventually grew to a production of more than 350 boxes a day, bringing boosting the family income from $125 to $1,250 a month.

    Speaking of the January visit, Petersen said, “She had been quick to implement our suggestions and had opened an additional operation a few miles down the road. Five more full-time employees were hired, and Imelda has increased her net income again, now to $1,800 per month.”

    The family’s standard of living is now far above the national poverty line, and the business has improved the living standard for 12 other families, Petersen said. “She is a prime example of how micro-credit can create a more formal economy in a developing country.”

    He noted that Mentors sees a 96 percent repayment rate of the loans extended to the working poor in the countries served.

    Petersen said the annual gala is “to give as many individuals as possible the opportunity to assist us in teaching, mentoring and providing financial services as we lift the poor from poverty with a hand up, not a hand out” and to raise awareness in the United States of effective and responsible ways to solve world poverty.

    Speaking to the audience, Petersen said, “You can feed a child here or feed a child there, but when you teach parents how to provide for their families, it solves every other problem.”


  118. betsy said

    Nice pictures. 🙂


  119. betsy said

    And article. 🙂


  120. Tawna21 said

    I just registered for the Christmas concert with the MoTab Choir–here is the link for those interested. The site must be buzzing, because it took a few minutes for it to connect.,8197,726-1-767,00.html

    After seeing the above pics, emailing the Mentors about producing a vid of tonight, and registering for the Christmas concert, I can now go to bed.



  121. Tawna21 said

    oh yeah, to register, click on the ‘register for tickets’ icon in the upper right-hand corner.


  122. jackryan4DA said

    Have fuuuuuuun Angelica! I look forward to another magnificent write up from you 🙂

    Also, pls say congrats to David from all of us for TOSOD, for MTC, for R&K, for the Idol Mix-up at Wendy’s, etc..

    Actually, for simply being him. TC


  123. vee from Sydney said

    hello everyone

    thanks to our ninja archie, ziffle77
    The mentor gala

    david thanking everyone and then the first song, angels


  124. vee from Sydney, still awake said

    thanks to our ninja archie, ziffle77



  125. vee from Sydney, still awake said

    thanks to our ninja archie, ziffle77

    Things are gonna get better


  126. vee from Sydney, still awake said

    thanks to our ninja archie, ziffle77

    Dreams sky high….archugrowls

    enjoy everyone.

    Now it is my turn to sleep
    It is now 11:13pm here in Sydney, Saturday

    Not feeling well, but the Voice can make me feel better.

    P.S. JR, hope you are feeling better too.


  127. stenocruiser said

    Vee, sleep well, feel better. Thank you so much for posting the youtube links. How amazing is David? So inspirational and passionate when he speaks of helping others — and then, singing so beautifully. Well done, David!


  128. skydancer1x said

    I knew coming here this morning would kill me
    the videos, the pictures
    Ziffle77… rock!! THANK YOU!
    Vee from Sydney…thank you! hope you are feeling better. the Voice is very healing.
    I am going to be late for work…
    worth it.


  129. Abrra said

    Good Morning!

    I have been a busy bee.
    Here is a link to download Dream Sky High from last night.

    If anyone wants the other songs from Ziffle77 ‘s video, just ask.



  130. dakgal said

    Oh, what a beautiful morning. Been here soaking all the songs, , pictures, tweets and comments up. Thanks Ziffle 77–Vee– and Abs. Hope some brave soul got some dancing, if they get thrown in to the pokey, I’ll personally bail them out!
    I hope some re-caps turn up to! Can’t help but think of poor David back on an airplane– we are all excited and I’ll bet his behind is dragging. Don’t want him sick ( worry wort).


  131. archiesfan4life said

    I am not sure how much more I can take!!!!!! David, you are killing us – what a way to go!

    I just registered for the Christmas concert in SLC –

    Cost of Tickets: Sheer Luck
    Cost airline tickets: Whatever
    Getting to finally meet my dear online friend of these past 2 years AND see David and the MTC with her: TRULY PRICELESS!!!!!


  132. jackryan4DA said

    mp3s of Ziffle77 ‘s vide

    Except for CELD, the rest of the songs have 2 versions – one w/ intro, one w/o


  133. bebereader said

    Is it still morning?
    Was up late last night scouring the net for videos.
    Lots of gifts this morning!
    Tawna, Vee, Abrra, thanks to all!
    I think need a nap. LOL

    PS JR Just saw your comment. Thank you, too!


  134. jackryan4DA said

    Truly – balm to restless souls & unsettled minds/hearts


  135. Suzy-Q said

    Hearing David sing “Dream Sky High” as an older person made one of my wishes come true. I love love love that song. To me, it’s the most beautiful song that he sings. It makes me get teary eyed. Thanks everyone for posting those audios fron last night. You made me day very special.
    Djafan, Thank you so much for posting “A Puro Dolon”. Another beautiful Latino song. Again, it’s one of those songs that you don’t have to know the language in order to capture the passion.

    Angelica, you so deserve those tickets to the concert in Canton. Thank you, whoever you are for giving them to Angelica. She does so much for David and his fans. Love her, love you!


  136. jackryan4DA said

    DAGKAL – Jwipe wrote a recap posted @ FOD

    ARCHIESFAN4LIFE – it has been my dream for David to perform w/ MTC for that Christmas Show. So am ecstatic that it is happening sooner than expected. Unfortunately, my wish to see it in person will be just that — wishful thinking.

    And although NOTHING beats seeing TheArchuletor live, thank goodness for PBS who will cover the event and will have DVDs for sale.


  137. archiesfan4life said

    JR – winning tickets for this concert definitely requires a LOT of wishful thinking:).

    Yes, thankfully we will have PBS to look forward to and the DVD – can you imagine how that will sell!!!!

    Now let the waiting begin:).


  138. emmegirl said

    Vee, thanks so much for bringing us the vids from last night. They are absolutely beautiful. You just kinda run out of words for him.

    Abrra, and JR, thanks so much for the mp3’s.

    Dream Sky High,”an original” he’s been singing since he was 12…beautiful.

    And what a perfect time for these beautiful songs sung by David to be here for those who are in that special place of need right now.


  139. SueH said

    Happy Saturday Everyone! Hey…I am asking for my fellow Archies’ help 🙂 I entered the DA karaoke contest…even though I was kinda scared to do the video part. But would you guys mind just looking at my video so I can even qualify to enter the contest?

    I found out I need 100 plays just to be eligible. I’m not the best singer, but I sure had fun doing it! There are a lot of really great singers entering. I’ve never done a karaoke video like this before, but thought I’d give it a shot for “the moms” in this fanbase. Just click the link below and it should take you there…no comments needed…just plays. Thanks soooo much for your help! Have a great weekend!

    P.S. I come to this site every day…just love the articles and comments…you guys are awesome…so much talent here!


  140. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Please post more? We value what you can contribute!

    Great video. The girl has GAME!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  141. emmegirl said

    Great job Sue. Love your spunk, representing the Moms!
    Good Luck!


  142. lct said

    Hi Voice! David is losing this poll – can you go over and put in votes? David really deserves this honor! thanks!


  143. Nina said

    Hi all!

    I have never posted anything here, but I have been with you since the beginning. All the way since fanblast, notingDavid, thedavindchronocles and now here and fod. I am from Finland (so that’s why my english is so poor)and have been living in India, China and now in Portugal during this wonderful time with David.

    I just wanted to tell you that when you vote on idolator poll, press your enter key down before pressing vote and you can get in more votes!

    You are a wonderful group of people and i hope some day I will meet some of you in David’s concert. To meet David one day is something I am still dreaming on!

    Love you all!


  144. Abrra said

    SO glad you posted here!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  145. Tawna21 said

    hmm, I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t vote on the Idolator poll for Imagine. It won’t process my vote, and I notice in the comments that tons of others are having the same issues when they vote for David. Is it really a ‘real’ poll? idk.

    Thank you to all of you who have posted the music from last night. It kind of made up for not being there. I’m kicking myself down the street for not being there last night. It would have be a ‘Good Place’ to be, but ‘you gotta move on, yeah you gotta move on’.



  146. bebereader said

    SueH#139 Welcome to The Voice! I loved your Elevator! Gave it a few hits. 😉 Good luck with the contest and please come back to comment.

    Nina#143 Welcome to The Voice! Been voting on Idolator all nite. Thanks for the tip. Before going out for a few hours tonight, David and Avril were very close. When I came back, they were miles apart.

    Tawna#145 I’m not so sure the idolator poll is legit. Why would so many people be having problems voting?

    “It would have be a ‘Good Place’ to be, but ‘you gotta move on, yeah you gotta move on’.”

    haha David’s song lyrics sure come in handy!


  147. betsy said
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  148. emmegirl said

    Does that young woman have any idea who’s behind her.


  149. SueH said

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome…and looking at my karaoke video. I really appreciate your help and support! I now have over 100 plays on it…so at least I’ll qualify…ha! Contest ends on Tuesday Oct. 12.

    In response to something my husband said in the car tonight…I found myself singing “yeah, you gotta move on…you gotta move on” …he just laughed.

    Bebereader #146 – I have a feeling this will not be the last time I sing my response…I agree, David’s lyrics do come in handy 😉


  150. emmegirl said

    He came out on fire and proceeded to kill it all night.



  151. Angelica said

    Hey guys! Just want to let you all know I made it to Cleveland and see from the above photo and his tweets someone else did too!

    I just got the chance to listen to “Dream Sky High” from last night. I had heard this recording from a much younger David but this song last night was unbelievable. I’m serious when I declare it to be the most beautiful song I have ever heard from him. It was soulful, divine, breath-taking, and not even of this world. My grandmother used to always say to me whenever I got discouraged, “Just do your best. Even the angels in heaven can do no more than that.” So the lyrics are special to me and hit me hard but what really affected me is that VOICE. Just mature, intelligent, pure, creative, vocal brilliance!

    Gonna turn in now after I give it one more listen and have sweet sky high dreams. (((hug and goodnight all)))


  152. betsy said

    David has another Top Tweet:

    At dinner there was a homecoming group & a girl turned & said “You look exactly like David Archuleta! You must get that a lot huh” about 2 hours ago via txt

    his second part to that tweet was this:

    She later turned again & said “you’re cool too though, you don’t have to be David Archuleta to be cool.” Lol well thanks. about 2 hours ago via txt


  153. MT said

    Ahhh … it’s a slow news day so I’ve been lost in videos. I re-watched the billboard chat. He was so wonderfully well spoken, and his answers were really insightful and interesting. And “Z100 Elevator,” what more needs to be said about that. lol

    I also re-watched the fan chat. That is the one that steals my heart. He is so willing to share bits of himself with us. I really believe he loves his fans in a personal way that other artists do not. He is so free in sharing pieces of himself with us. There were so many moments … just a few here.

    1. The whole 1st minute, trying to get the chat working … Hi David. Hi David? lol sooo cute 🙂
    2. Goat cheese pizza, loved his laugh in sharing that one
    3. As he’s talking about running, he starts to say he likes to run in the halls, then lowers his voice and leans into the camera as if “sharing a secret” with us and says he likes running in the halls of the hotel. It’s like he didn’t want anyone else to hear, just the 2000 people watching the chat. LOL
    4. Last, but certainly not least, the bracelets he carries on his backpack. I think that, in the back of his mind, he still thinks there is a small possibility that someday he may disappear (just like the lyric he wrote) and doesn’t want to lose those little bits of love from his fans. He’s had some since the AI tour, and they are getting worn and falling off. I think they serve as constant reminders how much we love him. I love that he seems truly upset about losing them.

    Just love that guy!

    PS Sorry for the long, rambling post, just felt a need to share those thoughts.


  154. bebereader said

    Betsy#147 That picture in the airport! Thanks! 😀

    SueH#149 Good luck on the contest! Let us know what happens! I think you have a chance!

    Emmegirl#150 WFY/Westbury is my very favorite video! Thanks for that little slice of heaven!

    Angelica#150 Been wondering how you’re doing! Have fun tomorrow and thanks for the update!

    MT#153 Love the long detailed comment, no problema. That Ustream chat is full of all sorts of win! I’d love one every week. Who am I kidding…I’d love one every day. To add to the things you cited, how about the songs he belted out including “You’re The Inspiration” (an old Chicago song). Any word seemed to trigger a song! Loved the interaction with Melinda on the sidelines…I could go on and and on…LOL


  155. MT said

    bebereader #154 Thanks. And I know what you mean. I’ve reached a point where I enjoy listening to (and watching) him speak just about as much as listening to him sing. I’ll take either one, any day.

    He’s improving at both speaking and singing and at remarkable pace. I don’t see this ODD letting up any time soon. haha


  156. emmegirl said

    MT, watched the fan chat several times too… he is so warm and open and joyful and completely enjoying the time with his fans. I always knew he had a good sense of humor but you could really see it here.

    bebe, the singing snippets were worth it alone let alone everything else!

    Angelica, love the DSH, goes right to the core. The lyrics are so inspiring, but pack such an emotional punch coupled with the incomparable tone, passion and his “mature, intelligent, pure, creative, vocal brilliance!”

    dream it sky hiiiigh
    yeaaah yeaaaah ooohh oh
    yeaaaah hey ey ey oooh oo oh no

    keep the faith, yeah yeah
    don’t you hide
    don’t you run, noooo oh
    every day’s a celebration
    don’t you know who you can be, yeah
    soar your i-maa-giii-naaa-tion
    dream sky high
    ride the chances flying byeieie
    dream sky high
    even angels dream sky high

    Brillance indeed.


  157. djafan said

    Hello all,

    What a day, 5 soccer games!

    I’m blown away by the audio, I have Dream Sky High from 2003 on my ipod and now I have the now voice on my ipod. Still hoping for the A Puro Dolor audio and praying for dancing video.

    Welcome to the new poster’s, please come back often.

    Angelica, have a great well deserved David time!

    The ustream livechat is a gift to us, there are so many tidbits, thank you MT for pointing out some doozies.

    Sueh, good job!!!

    Emmegirl, Waiting For Yesterday, one of his best performances of one of my favorites, thank you for taking me down memory lane.

    Vee, JR and Ram, and anyone else going through stuff, hope all is well and glad David brings you comfort.

    SF, missing your prayer! So I hope you don’t mind me posting 🙂

    Dear Lord,

    Please take care of David. Watch over him, protect & keep him safe from harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path.
    Give David the courage to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with people who will love and support David unconditionally as his Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he’s weary and stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt and give him joy when he feels sad.
    Keep him always in your protective arms during this time on his journey.
    Give us and his new management the wisdom to do right by David always.
    Show us and his new management how to best support David so it’s in his best interests.
    May he continue to encounter goodwill and happiness wherever his journey takes him.
    Most of all, keep David and and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny.
    Though we may be unworthy, we humbly pray.


  158. bebereader said

    Never too late for these…Here are some videos of David exiting the Z100 Building and signing autographs…

    Emmegirl, you’re right. David loves spending time with his fans.

    credit davidachie334


  159. embe said

    Nina! A fellow Finnish Archie! Terve vaan, hienoa nähdä toinenkin suomalainen täällä 🙂


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