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Archive for October, 2010

The Cleveland Conclusion

Posted by djafan on Friday, October 29, 2010

photo credit FG

Like I said, I ended up sporting a wristband with the number 15 on it, which is equivalent to my age in ODD years, I think.  So when the doors to Pete’s Grill were finally opened, I was (O. M. G. like I am srly spazzing, this made my LIFE!!!!!) among the first to enter.  We were led straight to the rear of the restaurant and to a door which opened onto an enclosed courtyard but for now, was locked.  We tried it.  Just being that close to that door though had definite advantages, as the upper part of the door was glass.  To put it bluntly, we could press our noses against it and see into the enclosed courtyard.  We had a good view of the stage and just in front of it were assembled several rows of vacant chairs.  Not enough to accommodate everyone who had a VIP so there would be a lot of standing room only after these were filled.  From our vantage point, we saw Mike and David come out *squeee!* and do a quick sound check and leave.  Not long after, the door was opened and we filed into the second row and sat down directly in front of his keyboard.  I say we, meaning Tofan and Refnaf, who sat to my left, and Marciami and Funny Girl who sat to my right.  There was a place set up in the courtyard to order food and drinks before the performance started.  I couldn’t even think about eating, my mouth was so dry from excitement I could barely swallow.  Funny Girl went to get some food and I asked her to get me a Diet Dr. Pepper and if they don’t have that, get me a Diet Coke.  Of course, she returns with Coke since, for reasons known only to those whose sole purpose for being is to squander their existence on a never-ending quest to ruin my life, Diet Dr. Pepper is not found in most restaurants in this country.  ahem.  I adjust my wristband marked with the number 15, sip my Diet Coke and enjoy the pause that refreshes.  It was a beautiful day, not too hot or cold and the sky above was as blue as the bluest sky that ever was.  The courtyard filled up fast with every age and demographic represented.  The usual suspects were in attendance, women of all ages and teens, but quite a few guys too.  There was music playing from speakers but I didn’t really hear it except as background noise.  Just one song following another and all following a predictable formula.  Radio muzak.

Mike comes out with his guitar and sits on a stool.  We all know what’s coming next and I look to my left and here he comes!  He bounds onto the stage smiling radiantly.  He is a spectrum of light as real as a sunbeam.  He starts talking and it turns into a ramble of epic proportions even for David.  His joy is palpable.  We listen to him talk about begging for extra credit, his lack of drawing skills, his voice changing, a woman in a window on the second floor is engaged in conversation, who is the youngest? “well thanks for coming out” he tells an 18 month old baby. The oldest? (I guess that’s too rude, he says, lol), on and on.  I realize my face is hurting from smiling and laughing so hard.  If only he tried to be cool like most every other entertainer, if he tried to impress me, I could resist, but there is no resisting such unaffected, guileless charm.

You have all seen the YouTube videos of his performance that day.  It was so fun to be there when he involved the whole audience in Elevator, including the guys and the camera man.  His vocals were perfection and more.  That more is the difference between art and imitation.  He connects so tightly and so genuinely and he makes it look so easy.

After the concert was over we lined up by number for the meet and greet and group picture, eight in each pic.  I was in the second group and when it was my turn to go up to him, I wasn’t prepared.  It was too soon begun and done.  I wasn’t ready to walk up and see him look up at me and smile with recognition in his iridescent eyes, and say, “Hey, how’re YOU doing?”  I suddenly became all business-like and extended my hand for him to shake saying, “I’m good, and you?” Then I shoved my liner notes in front of him as if I was getting him to sign a contract.  Why?  I don’t know.  Because he’s David Archuleta and because he looked at me, ma.  He scrawled a huge autograph and I took it from him and started to walk away without another word.   Then I remembered his gift that I had taken from the breakfast buffet that morning.  I reached into my purse and placed 2 boxes of Honey Nut Cherrios in front of him.  He looked a little confused and I said, “That’s so you don’t have to pay eight dollars.”   We laughed.  😆

photo credit FG


The end.

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Part 3 ~ Getting Closer

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, October 26, 2010

After YJfanofdavid dropped me off at my hotel, I made my way to my room without the slightest apprehension except for my sanity.  At this moment waiting for me in my room were two people I had never met except online, and one of them had once made a comment about eating someone’s belt “with fava beans and a lovely sweet tea.”  I knocked and the door was thrown open to reveal two dark-haired, smiling women, one short and one tall, both with out-stretched arms to welcome me with a big hug.  Funny Girl was the taller of the two and the petite lady was Marciami, who had gifted me the VIP.  We laughed and talked for a good while and I’m sure disturbed the neighbors with our high-pitched shrieks and squeeing.  Strange how when it comes to David’s fans, I’ve never met a stranger.  So before turning in we have to plan our strategy for tomorrow.  What time should we get up?  We don’t need to be at the VIP until 11:00, I said.  We could get up at 7 or 8 or 9 or 10, I said.  I’m easy, I said.   And why oh why do I even bother saying this when I know the answer is a foregone conclusion?  We set our clocks and I call down for a wake-up call of 7am.  They then wanted to discuss what to wear to breakfast and I told them what NOT to wear.  Bwahhahahah!!!  They ROTFL!  So about 12:30am we called it a night.  There were two queen beds in the room, and Marciami and Funny Girl bedded down in one and I took the other.  As I turned out the lights they looked so sweet and cherubic in their jammies with the covers pulled up to their chins.  That vision evaporated soon after I crawled into the remaining bed and my ears were assaulted by the sound of what could only be described as one Ursus Americanus, or American black bear, known to be prevalent in that region of the country.  I was not worried, as the species is for the most part vegetarian and is generally not a threat to humans.  Not one to be easily alarmed, I ignored it and went on with my slumber.  Why, just the night before I had been abruptly awakened by the sound of gunfire only to find in the morning that one of my Diet Dr. Peppers had exploded in the freezer.  It was a gruesome sight and I don’t envy the maid who discovered its remains on my departure.

The day dawns or the dawn breaks and flings us from our warm beds and down to enjoy the complimentary breakfast dressed in appropriate attire.   That done, we start for the car and I suddenly realize I have no gift for him.  I always bring him some little happy, even when I have no VIP or chance to give it, so I grab a couple of items from the buffet and stuff them in my purse and away we go!  Funny Girl drove and Marciami rode shotgun and served as navigator while I took the back seat.

I must tell you that aside from being in real life a perfectly lovely person in all respects, Funny Girl is a bit intensely wound.  There were times in the hotel and even while driving, when she would do this thing that was something between a normal shudder and that thing dogs do when they first step out of the bath.  As far as I could tell, these spasms only ever occurred when she was viewing a picture of David or listening to his voice.  We were of course, playing TOSOD in the car the whole way and there were times when I thought she was going to shudder right into the next lane.  I had my window up and was glad of it, for more than once the image of her hanging her head out and spraying me with drool came to mind.  “Stomping the Roses,” which she insisted on replaying between every other song was the most dangerous cut, but any one of them had the capacity to induce euphoria and vibrations.  She even wore a gray and black blouse with roses on the front that she told me was her “Stomping the Roses” shirt.  At last, dry and intact, we arrive safely at Pete’s Grill, where the concert and VIP are to take place.  We are among only a handful of people there yet.  We feel unfashionably early.  The sight of a mom with tweens is welcome and we let them in line ahead of us.  Very soon the sidewalk fills up and a lot of familiar faces arrive, including YJfanofdavid and the Canadian SnowAngelz, Tofan and Refnaf.  The line quickly grows to extend down a city block.  The radio peeps come around to put arm bracelets on us according to where we are in the line.  The lower the number, the closer your seat will be for the concert and the closer to the front of the line for the VIP.  In all 280 people will show up that day to see David.  My number is –

To be continued….

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Part Two ~ Skate for the Heart

Posted by djafan on Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sometimes, if you open yourself up to it, life becomes as magical as a fairy tale.  When he took to the stage of Skate for the Heart, David looked every inch the picture of Prince Charming.  He smiled and waved graciously as the crowd screamed and applauded.  Earlier at the restaurant with YJ, Tofan and Refnaf, we had discussed what he would probably sing and I guessed MKOP.  So when he opened his mouth and formed in smooth, rich tones the words, “I was thinking about cha, I drew a little picture, but some things you can’t put on paapuh,“ I turned to Muldur and drawled, “I SAID he would sing that.”  She shushed me because she was recording and assured me she would edit that out but I can still hear myself.  I sound like a munchkin from southern Oz on helium.

He, on the other hand, sounded incredible.  His velvety voice filled the whole arena from the ceiling above to the ice below, gliding up to meet Joannie, pretty as a princess in pink, as she made her entrance on, “When I turn a corner, see my future in a beautiful faaaace..”  The voice carried her over the ice, lifting and gently guiding her through a flawless performance.  When it was over she climbed on stage and gave David a big hug.   Sheer sweetness and light and “Pure Imagination.”

We’ll begin
With a spin
Traveling in a world of my creation…

Willie Wonka

Sigh….where was I?  Oh yeah.  At intermission I get a text from YJ to look to my left.  She is standing almost on floor level waving at me in a section right next to the stage!  What the heck is she doing over there?  She texts me again to come join her, there are seats.  What??!!  I race over and then run back to tell Muldur and the others.  I can’t get her attention so I ask the camera man if I can come in where he is and he says sure.  The show hasn’t started yet.  I stand on the floor next to the ice rink waving frantically with every eye in the stands watching me but her.  Finally I get her attention.  I make hand signals like an umpire calling a play.  Both hands raised high, then to the right.  Time out, game relocated, down-field.  She gets the message.  Touchdown!  We score!!  The program resumed and the second half was even better.  David is once again announced and whoa! He is so close now!  He sang “Something ‘Bout Love” to paired figure skaters.  I heard lots of oohs and ahs and much applause from the crowd during their performance.  I suppose they were simply wonderful.  I wouldn’t know.  I did see them at the end as they skated up to David to bow in unison.

Before the show started, the announcer explained that this was being recorded for TV and at the end of the evening some of the skaters may redo some jumps if they fail to make them.  Only one guy missed one jump and he nailed it easily on the retake.  OK, done.  As usual it was all over way too soon.  Then, my heart almost attacked me when it was announced overhead that David Archuleta, would be returning to the stage to sing both his songs again!!  Songs btw, he did perfectly the first time.  I hear the announcer describe him to all as, “the ultimate perfectionist,” see him striding back onto the stage, feel YJ grab my arms in a vice-like grip and I think I grabbed hers too.  Funny thing was that once he began, I realized he had been a little nervous the first time around.  I’m sure it was only noticeable by a viewing of back to back performances, and then only, to a diehard fan.  And of course, to David himself, who will not give less than his personal best.  This time he was so much more confident and impassioned.  He was in total control.  Without the distraction of the skaters, all eyes were on him and I’m sure many felt the full impact of his singing for the first time that night.  As he was leaving the stage he claimed command of it by thanking everyone for coming out.  As I said, total command and control.

Check him out here in his encore performance of Something ‘Bout Love by 8throwcenter/Muldur.

After the show we all decided to meet up at a hotel where a lot of the others were staying and then go somewhere to eat.  YJ and I got specific directions and even followed Tofan and Refnaf but soon became hopelessly lost and ended up following the wrong car around for a while.  We finally made it to the right place and didn’t hold anyone up as they had been up in Pastel’s room while she uploaded her videos.  We all walked over to an Outback next to the hotel.  I wasn’t hungry so I just ordered the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under, 1220 calories and 80 grams of fat.  l don’t like to eat very much when it gets late.

On the ride home YJ and I talked and then as she said in her recap, we listened to Falling Stars in silence, holding on to the wonder we had just experienced.

I am awakened abruptly from my dream-like state by a phone call from Marciami telling me that she and Funny Girl have arrived at my hotel and for some reason they won’t let them in my room.  I get them in by telling them that Courtney put a note in the computer saying they would be coming and they get a key.  Good ole Courtney.  As I lean back in my seat I am smiling at the thought of meeting Marciami and thanking her for the VIP and also wondering what the heck it will be like to finally meet Funny Girl for the very first time.

To be continued….

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Being There

Posted by djafan on Thursday, October 21, 2010

photo credit FG and google maps

It seemed a day much like any other day.  I spent that routine Monday morning performing my job in as proficient and professional a manner as befits the adult I profess to be.  It was almost noon before I got a chance to check my email.  That’s when the logical, responsible adult left the building and the reckless, impulsive teenager scrambled into her place.  How else do I explain the giddy, heart-pounding devil-may-care-cause-I-sure-don’t feeling that came over me when I saw the offer of a VIP to see David?  What matter that the event was in Ohio and I live in Mississippi?  That I would need to take the following Monday off knowing full well that was nigh on impossible?  That I would have to once again inform my husband that I would be flying all the way to Cleveland to see David, as I did last winter for the CFTH concert?   Mere trifles.  No, the only thing that troubled my pubescent mind at the time was:  what flights are available and how cheap?

Such is the life of a victim of ODD.  You can’t explain it or fight it.  You just have to go with it whithersoever it takes you, and mine was taking me back to Cleveland.  Back to Yjfanofdavid, Tofan, Refnaf, and to a first time meeting with the Funny Girl and Marciami, my wonderful benefactress who was kind enough to give me the VIP.

I got the green light from hubby and boss, booked my flight, obtained a ticket for Skate for the Heart from someone who was selling them at a discount online and packed my bags.   The weekend zoomed toward me in a frenzy of fanticipation and suddenly I was fastening my seatbelt and thinking ‘bout parachutes and aaiiirplanes while my plane headed for the other side of down.

Arriving on time at the Cleveland airport, I called the hotel desk clerk, Courtney, (I was on a first name basis with her before I left Mississippi) to request a shuttle to pick me up.  The driver’s name was Tony who informed me he could take me anywhere within a 10 mile radius of the hotel during my stay.  He talked of restaurants in the area and mentioned a very good 4 star Thai restaurant.  Thai?  My ears perked up at this.  After settling into my room and making sure I had good internet connection I called down to the front desk for Tony.  In a few minutes Courtney calls me back to say Tony was ready to take me wherever I want to go.  So first I want to go to WalMart to pick up some Diet Dr. Peppers.  Also, there is a heated pool and spa at the hotel and I forgot my swimsuit.  At the WalMart, I boldly ask a clerk where the swimsuits are.  It is October and I am in Cleveland.  To my surprise she points me to a sparse rack of rejected remnants, mostly huge or teeny and all hideously ugly.  By some lucky twist of fate or some twisted luck of fate I find a 2 piece brown and purple mismatched horror that fits for 2 dollars.  As soon as I pay, I notice Tony in the hotel van drive up and off we go to the “The Wild Mango.”  He tells me to call when I get done and he will take me back to the hotel.

I have had Thai food before years ago and enjoyed it.  But this..I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.  It was like listening to David’s voice with my taste buds.  It was that good.

I know you want me to get on to the part about David and all that but not yet.  Back at the hotel, I obtain a skimpy pool towel from the aforementioned Courtney, don the ghastly 2 dollar 2 piece, and wrap what amounts to a dish rag about my waist.  A pair of short boots completes my ensemble and in this manner I make my way through the lobby and at last to the pool.  The pool is like ice so I join a lovely older couple in the hot tub who are on their way somewhere for something or other I don’t recall and we have a nice long conversation about it.

In my room again I dine on Diet Dr. Pepper and chocolate and go online.  I plan on staying up late surfing the net because YJ is not picking me up until 1pm.  I set my clock for 7:30am anyway so as not to be late.  Alas, after the long day, the flight, the rich food and the hot tub, I pass out from exhaustion at 10:30 and wake up only when housekeeping knocks on my door.  What time is it, I ask?  10:30!!  I have been sleeping for 12 hours!  I rush down to breakfast with bed head in my pajamas and socks…are you seeing a pattern here?  Luckily I do not have Silverfox’s magnetic attraction to hotels David is staying in.  Bwahahahaa!!!  Whatever.  Back to the room to shower and dress.  YJ sends me a text that she is TOO EXCITED!!! to wait and is leaving in 10 minutes to come for me!  We greet each other hurriedly with a hug and much laughter and make a mad dash for the car, climb in, and buckle up.  OMGOSH, we are so ready to go!   We can hardly believe we’re actually on our way to see Daaavviiiid!!!  “Wait.” she says, “This is not my car.”  We open the doors and fall out laughing.

After locating the correct car thereby narrowly averting a charge of Grand Theft Auto, we arrive at the venue so early we have our choice of parking spots.  We manage this even while getting lost numerous times for once again, I am paired with another directionally impaired person.  I am no help as the concept of where is totally meaningless to me.  I am always here.  So anyway, we walk a couple of blocks to a restaurant where YJ has made reservations for a late lunch and Tofan and Refnaf soon arrive.  Cue hugs and laughter again.  So great to see them!  We order and I have my traditional pre-David Hail Caesar salad.

At Skate for the Heart we spread out to find our seats and I discover I am sitting between Muldur, Donna and Jules.  Small David world!  There are lots of skate fans but a good amount of David fans as well.  The show begins and it is so good!  I guess I was thinking it would be kind of Disney but it was so not.  These were Olympic bronze and silver medalist and champions showing off their skills and personality in some very creative choreography.  I was enjoying it all immensely until they announce David and then everything else fades away and all that remains is a light at the edge of the rink in which a lone figure stands.

photo credit niceprtty

To be continued….

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My Kind of Perfect

Posted by yjfanofdavid on Monday, October 18, 2010

How do I begin to describe watching David brighten the blighted northeast Ohio for two short Autumn days?


photo credit niceprtty

Do I begin with the surreality of picking up Angelica near a mall where I shop?  Or our giddy anticipation of being about to experience Archuleta back to back? Or sitting with her and the Snowangels in a restaurant in downtown Youngstown speculating which song he will perform while Joannie Rochette glides through the ice?

How will I forget  —

sending furious texts to Angelica in the darkness after the show started, to tell her I found closer seats;

glimpsing the elderly lady next to me who came to watch the Olympic skaters but could not take her eyes off David during the entire time Joannie skated to his rendition of My Kind of Perfect;

watching Joannie climbing up from the ice to give him a big hug after her performance; the pair skaters skating to him to bow their head after THEIR performance; and Straight No Chasers walking over to shake his hands in the group finale;

grabbing Angelica’s arms when we caught sight of David emerging at the side of stage to re-perform his two songs;

witnessing the skate show turning into a de facto mini-concert, David giving his all to perfect his performances, and the skating fans watching in awe of the young man they don’t know much about;

and finally,
listening to Falling Stars with Angelica, in silence, as we drove home from the show in the dark night, barely recovering from the magic we just experienced …


photo credit YJfanofdavid

What touched me the most?

Is it the generosity of a perfect stranger who shared her hard-won concert tickets with me?

Or the straight-A student who skipped school to come to see David, giving up her perfect attendance record?  The genuine concerns David expressed because so many teenagers skipped school to see him?  The urgency with which he showed them how to go for extra credit to make up for missed school?

Or is it the camera dude who sang along loudly to Elevator when David commanded the GUYS in the audience to SING? The female DJ who gradually turned to mush as she videotaped one performance after another? The Cook fan who came to the concert and lingered till the last moment, and later wrote her own recap?

Or is it the gentleness and kindness with which David treated every fawning woman, every giddy teenage girl, every bashful teen boy, every oblivious toddler, and the occasional self-conscious guys? Or the enthusiasm he greets us with as if each one of us were his ONLY fan? The hundreds of fan-given bracelets and charms tied to his backpack he carried with him everywhere?  His twitter compliments to the venue’s chef for the chicken chowder he ate from a Styrofoam cup in the car on the way to his next engagement?

How I wish a camera captured the beautiful Autumn sun that was reflected in his porcelain face;  the glistening jewel-colors I saw in his eyes as he looked up at me after signing the autograph; the tenderness with which he touched a little girl’s hair after having greeted 200 fans.

Ah.  My kind of concert.  My kind of hero.  My kind of Ohio.

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Love and Blood ~ CB’s Night at the Mentors

Posted by accord15 on Friday, October 15, 2010

I was lucky enough to get to go to the Mentors charity event the other night.  It was wonderful of course!  It was semi formal so we all dressed up and that made it kind of exciting too.  When we arrived I learned that some of the fans had gotten there early and had been allowed into David’s sound check!!!  (Note to self, show up early.  LOL)  They saw him dancing but weren’t sure if he would actually dance for the program.  (I was thinking, “Kill me now, I could have seen David actually Latin dancing!”)  Also he was asking his mom and fans about which songs he should sing.  Should he sing “Things Are Gonna Get Better?”  They (Jonerz) told him yes, to sing it.  (Duhh David, and thank you, Joni, and whoever else said to sing it!)  TAGGB is a PERFECT charity event song.  The dancing information certainly heightened the anticipation!  Would David dance with his mom or not????

We all had name tags and assigned tables, and soon the doors opened, and we were allowed in.  Our table was far to the right, but on either side of the center of the stage were large screens, so we knew we would be able to see David.  At each place setting was a card with a story of one of the people Mentors had helped to start a business and a carved gourd ornament on a string (which will be on my Christmas tree from now on) produced by a small enterprise fostered by Mentors International in Chile.  This was the largest order they had ever received.  We were served a gourmet dinner starting with salad, then steak wrapped in a crust, kind of like mini beef wellington, and a delicious pumpkin cheesecake with raspberry sauce for dessert.  I was sitting with some very lovely fans of David and the excitement you could feel during dinner, waiting for David, was palpable.  Oh what fun this David experience always is!

Dinner finally ended and we were ready for David!  But no, there were talks and awards to be given.  Surprisingly, despite the anticipation for David to come out, I really enjoyed the presentation.  We were told about Mentors International and shown pictures of the people that are being helped.  The goal is to help them help themselves.  Mentors helps the people start and run small banks, which give the people small loans to help them get started, and teaches them skills they need.  There is an amazing 96% payback rate on these loans!  When David came out he had them put up slides of people he knew from his trip.  He loved these people and called them by name as he talked about how little these people had compared to what we are used to, yet how kind, loving, hardworking, and optimistic they are, and  how willing they were to share what little they had.  He talked about a smiling lady in one picture that sewed purses to support her family.  He had his mother hold up the purse she had given Lupe, and told how long it took this lady to make each purse, and that she just wanted to give it to his mom.  You could tell David was deeply affected and moved by this trip and these people. David spoke well and eloquently before his songs.  He was truly inspirational.

When they were showing a slide show with David, one of the mentor people talked about David, and said David brought hope, and light, and joy, to these people. I liked how they used the word “light” since David seems to just exude light.  We, his fans, all know he “glows.”  I was impressed with this organization that David supports, and I will continue to support it in any small way I can.  None of the money you donate goes to administrative costs.  It goes to the people.  One point a speaker made is, that instead of giving money you don’t have, just give up something each day that you do have.  Give up buying a coke a day and that dollar can support a family for a day.  I can do that.  🙂

Time for David!  “Angels!”  You all know what David sang by now.  He was incredible and I think that he put a little extra into his songs because this charity is so very real to him.  He did this performance for free.  He feels such a connection to these people.  As he says, it is his blood.

David sang, Lupe sang, then an epic duet, “A Puro Doror” with David doing incredible runs, howls, hunkerdowns, AND LATIN DANCING!!!!  David has some moves!  It is in your blood David, and won’t be denied.  Ha! (Thank you Lupe!)  Oh yeah, the camera man was driving me NUTS!  He would show just Lupe while David was dancing or David from the just waist up!  What was he thinking???  Come on cameraman!  Full length shots of this epic moment PLEASE!!!  We just need to watch every second of David dancing.  LOL

Another moment I loved was when David introduced a very special person in his life, his mother Lupe Archuleta and the look of love he had on his face. David truly loves his mom.

I hope you all hear “Contigo En La Distancia” live someday.  It is just heartbreakingly beautiful.  I thought life couldn’t get much better at that point.

I heard some comments about how sparkly David’s eyes are!  I think it was because of the emotion he felt so strongly on this evening.  Before the last song in particular, I could see his eyes well up with tears as he spoke one last time, of his feelings for these people and this cause.  He is such a loving, tenderhearted person.  I have to say, I could see a few teary eyes at my table too.  For his final number he sang “Dream Sky High.”  We have all heard a young David sing this song, but a now more mature David took it to a whole new level!  It was one of those performances where he just laid his heart and soul right out there for you.  I got chills, had tears in my eyes, and my heart was filled.  His ability to communicate the feelings he feels is like nothing I have ever experienced.  There is simply no one like him.  This David Archuleta guy is one incredible human being!!!

A funny thing happened the next day when I was telling my husband about the evening.  I had told him I was going to a charity event that David was singing at on the 8th.  I started telling him about Mentors International and their purpose and what a great charity it is.  “Mentors?” he says.  He grabs his computer and looks up his email and proceeds to read me an email from his law firm.  They represent Mentors and had bought a table up front and had offered him tickets, but he turned them down because he knew I was busy at a “David Archuleta thing” that night.  I could have been right upfront???  LOLOL!  We need a little better communication skills at our house apparently.  Oh well, it was so great to enjoy it with friends who love David too.  What an amazing, memorable night!

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Pattirae’s Recap From Mentor’s Gala

Posted by pattirae4dja on Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Patti and her husband, Delos, with Lupe and David.

Back in mid-summer, when I saw a post on a fansite of a charitable concert and dinner for Mentor’s International my heart started pounding and I began to cry because I felt so blessed.  Please allow me share my story with you.  I live near Ogden Utah, just north of Salt Lake City.  Several weeks ago, my husband’s brother and his wife came to visit us from Arizona.  That Sunday they wanted to go to SLC to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing in their weekly broadcast, “The Spoken Word” at the conference center.  My husband has a cousin, Ron, who not only sings in the Choir but is the Choir’s Special Projects PR person.  Ron knew we were coming that morning and when he came into the audience to visit with us before the performance, he mentioned that he had just arrived home from India.  When we asked why he had been to India he said that he was involved with a charity called Rising Star Outreach.  When I could start breathing once again, and felt like I could utter an intelligent sentence, I calmly asked, “Isn’t that the charity that David Archuleta is involved with?”  He smiled warmly and said “Yes, in fact, David and I will be going to India sometime together early next year.”  He could “read” my interest and began talking with me about David.  Among other things, he mentioned that he had been to Honduras with David—to which I rudely broke in and said, “Last January, with his mom, right?”  Again with a smile, he said yes.  Then he mentioned that David was going to be performing in SLC on October 8th, and would we like tickets?  Gasp! Faint! Stutter! Oh, for sure, I said.  Well, I didn’t hear from him after that and didn’t know whether to call him or not.  It was July, after all, and I felt like I had some time.  But I did feel a little in limbo just hoping he would call and let me know about tickets and when they would be going on sale.

Now for the fun part!!!  My husband is a dentist, and Ron’s wife brought one of their daughters up to see him for a checkup.  My “angel” husband (also a David fan) brought up the subject of David to her because of our conversation with her husband Ron a few weeks earlier.  My husband proceeded to tell her all about my love and admiration for David, about all the concerts, the VIP’s, the fan parties, the hours spent on fan sites, how I still listen to his Christmas album, the numerous book signings, watching his videos, over and over, etc.   He told me that she just kept smiling and saying “really!!!” every time he would mention something else. Then, the most beautiful words ever spoken, spilled from her lips, “I think that Ron and I should make sure that you and Patti sit at our table with David and his mother when he performs at a special dinner and concert here in Salt Lake on Oct. 8th. In fact, I am going to call Ron right now.”  When she mentioned to Ron what her call was about, he said to her, “that’s funny, I am with David’s mother right now!”  So, you can imagine my tears when I saw the post for the first time about the Mentors International event and realized that not only will I be there, but I will be sitting at or near the table with precious, adorable, humble, loving, talented, special human being, David Archuleta.

I awoke the morning of October 8th with “butterflies” in my tummy, and “stars” in my eyes.  My special day with David was finally here.  The day seemed to drag at first and then all of a sudden it was time for my husband and me to head for Salt Lake City.  On the way, hubby was describing every golf shot he had made that day and I was sooo pretending to listen to him.  My stomach was in such a state, and my mind was racing with so many thoughts—how many songs, what songs, how close to the stage?  How close to David will I sit?  How many David friends will I get to see and hug?  Will Ron introduce us to David?  And will I get some pictures with him?

Delos, Lupe, Me, Ron and David

Arriving at the Marriott we immediately ran into so many excited David fans.  I couldn’t possibly name them all but we took pictures and everyone looked beautiful and happy.  Being with so many of the friends that I’ve met because of David was a major highlight of the evening for me.  Janey from Snarky’s told us that she had been in the ballroom for sound check earlier and asked if we wanted to know which songs he would be singing.  I was dying and said yes, of course.  She listed them off for me and I about fainted when she said “Dream Sky High.”  We then picked up our seat assignment for table #20.  Since they told us that David would be sitting at table#19, we guessed correctly that Ron (also a board member of Mentor’s) had reserved two tables and we would be sitting at the table next to David.  The seat that David chose at his table was directly across from me, so I basically stared at him the whole evening (I was pretty stealth though and don’t think he noticed.)   Shortly after David and Lupe sat down, Ron signaled for us to come meet David.  I took David’s hand to shake it (not realizing until after our entire conversation that I was still holding his hand—but he was still holding on to mine too!!) haha.  Among other things, I mentioned to David that I had been to the CD release party in Murray and thanked him for calling in to say hello to everyone.  He smiled his wonderful smile and seemed really happy about it.  I also told him that several fans knew I would be sitting close to him and gave me letters and gifts to give to him.  After my conversation with him, I turned to talk with Lupe (she is breathtakingly beautiful in person) and mentioned to her how special David is to so many people.  My husband talked with David and told him how much he admires him, his talent, his ideals and example.  We both then talked to David and Lupe and told them how thrilled we were that he would be performing with the Choir.  I told him that last year while watching Natalie Cole performing with the Choir, I said to myself that I can’t wait until David is up here someday singing with them.  (I didn’t dream it would be the very next year.)  David and Lupe both seemed thrilled that he had been invited to sing with the Choir, Lupe even looked a little teary-eyed.  I then realized that this was my chance to get pictures.  My husband and I were able to have one taken with David and Lupe, and then Ron and his wife joined in for another one.

The concert began with “Angels” on the keyboard, followed by “Things Are Gonna Get Better.”  His mother then came on the stage and performed two Spanish songs.  The first one was very tender, about family, and when she stepped off the platform and came to our table and reached for her father who was sitting close to me, she started to cry.  They stood together with their arms around each other for several minutes before she stepped back up and finished the song.  Her next song, “Mi Tierra,” was so much fun when she went out into the audience and pulled several people up on stage to dance with her during the song.  David then returned to the stage to sing “Contigo En La Distancia” to which I burst into tears, just couldn’t help myself.  His mother returned to sing a duet with him “A Puro Dolor” with the two of them dancing—you heard me, dancing!  He then brought the house down with his closing remarks and song “Dream Sky High.”

When the concert was over, a huge crowd instantly surrounded David.  Ron was trying to get him out fast, so I quickly gave Ron a bag with all the gifts and letters in it (I had given him notice beforehand) to which he assured me that he personally would give them to David.  Lupe turned around and gave me a hug.  It felt like a warm gratitude hug.  I will never forget how I felt at that moment.  Wow, it was over.  They were quickly gone and the crowd dissipated.  I had waited for this evening since July 25th and it was more glorious than I could have ever imagined.

When we returned home and my husband was downloading the pictures we’d taken, he called me into the room and proceeded to show me the videos he had taken.  WHAT!!!!  I didn’t know he had even taken them!  I didn’t even dream!!!  He said he perched our small camera on a glass and let it roll.  So the angle is not the best…and some are just snippets, but best of all is the full recording of “Dream Sky High.”  I still have to pinch myself that all of this really happened.  But you can well “imagine” I will never forget it.

Videos hubby took.  😉  Enjoy!

Two more snippets



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Please Welcome Our New Staff Writers!!

Posted by bebereader on Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A big smile to welcome our two new Staff Writers, Betsy and Paula!  We look forward to more of their unique talents on The Voice.  Let’s give them both a


This site is dedicated to David Archuleta, who we lovingly refer to as THE VOICE, and to his fans, who also have a voice.  Do not worry about being eloquent.  Everyone has something of value to say.  If you speak with sincerity and passion, you speak with the tongue of angels.


If you would like to submit an article to be published on The Voice, please send it to the attention of Angelica at

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Skate For the Heart & Stripped Down Concert Series in Ohio

Posted by djafan on Sunday, October 10, 2010

collage by djafan

David will be performing today at the Covelli Centre

Skate for the Heart

Live Show

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Covelli Centre

Youngstown, Ohio

NBC Airdate

Sunday, January 16, 2011
4:00 – 6:00 PM EST
Check your local listings!


David will be having a special VIP on Monday

Stripped Down Concert Series hosted by Q92

We are very lucky to have many attending both of these events.

Stay tuned for updates and recaps!

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Never Over You

Posted by thefunnygirl on Thursday, October 7, 2010


photo credit ThoseDangCats


“I’ll never get over you, never over you cause you are so beautiful yeah…”

You’ve all seen the videos and read Betsy’s awesome recap and know how our rock star brought it and then some.  Sadly, she couldn’t make it through to the front with us.  ThoseDangCats & I decided to leave early for GR, as we had every intention of being in the front row.  We arrived about 9:30 am at Rosa Parks Circle for a 7 pm concert LOL!  There were two girls already there that had come from the other side of Chicago like about 8-9 hours!  Their mom was sleeping at the hotel.  They were so sweet.  We staked our claim and started trying to save spots for people we knew were coming.

We were in the front row.  Is this real?  Are we going to be told to move for a VIP section?  We watched the crew set everything up.  What a process that was!  We started chatting with the radio guy and the crew guy and they were like “you guys know the concert is tonight right?”  Yes we assured them that we knew.  They were probably thinking we were crazy.  They were probably right.  They told us that soundcheck would be after 4pm and then the reality started to sink in about just how close we were.  As you can see from the pics, we were REALLY close.  Sound check was short but amazing.  That voice!!
Some rude people came and were plotting to move up and were pushing a bit and we told them to cut it out and then one of them said, “You are a bunch of old women, you don’t even belong here!” OH NO SHE DIDN’T! OH YES SHE DID!  I replied by saying “ORLY???  so you run to google to check the age of an artist before you decide if you like the song??”  to which she said, “No.”  to which I replied, “then maybe you should be quiet and mind your own business.”  Which she did.  Score one for the old lady.  I wasn’t done so I said, “You’re not here for David are you?”  to which she said “no” to which I replied, “yeah I figured cuz David fans don’t act that way.”  Score two for the old lady.  Later on, after her band was on, the stage guy hands me their setlist, which I don’t want, so I tap the girl on the shoulder and say, “hey, do you want this?”  *quiet stares*  “well do you?”  to which she says “yes” then I say “then take it!” so she snatches it from me.  Her friend says to her “Oh she’s so nice!”  Then I say “thanks, that’s how David fans act.”  Score three for the old lady!
Drama over – David is next!  The whole idea of being in the front row was surreal.  So close, such a light, so amazing.
The security guard had seen him on Idol, but never in person.   He’s not a pop music fan. We told him he was goona love David.  We couldn’t wait to talk to him after.  He asked us if we’d like him if he wasn’t cute – ummmmm yeah!!!!  He comes out and within about 1 minute the guy says, “Oh he’s hot!” LOL then after the set he tells us “wow he can really sing, what a great voice!!!  but what impressed me the most was his stage presence, his ability to work the crowd, and his connection to the audience!”  Now there’s a compliment for our quiet shy kid from Idol huh?
The crowd LOVED him.  I was so proud of him!  I’ll never forget seeing him that close up.  He is so beautiful.
Who is the crazy person screaming “wooooo!” at :22 sec and then again at 1:05, 1:07, 1:20, 1:27, 2:03, 2:05, 2:21, 2:42, 2:50, 2:53, and 2:56?
I’ll give you one guess.

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