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“Everything you do, matters.”

Posted by paulafod on Thursday, September 30, 2010

Credit PaulaFOD

Article by PaulaFOD

I have a hometown connection to Andy Andrews, the author of the quote, “Everything you do matters.”  His grandmother was in charge of the cafeteria at my high school, and I went to school with his younger sister.  I’ve met Andy, and I love his books, full of motivation and encouragement.  I knew about Andy before I heard about a young man named David Archuleta.  As I have learned more about David and his fans, I know more than ever that what we do, each of us, really does matter.

I have a story, a true story, about a young man and the people who are his fans.  I would love to start at the beginning, but I cannot.  Everyone that plays a part in this story has a tale of their own and how they came to be part of this adventure.  I cannot explain it.  I believe that the Lord orchestrated this little story….this Journey.  I don’t believe that any of it was coincidence.  I do know that a young man named David, small in stature, but big in heart and voice, decided to take his gift of music and share it in a way that could benefit other people.  He set off a ripple effect in a big ocean. That ripple effect touched other people, and they, in turn, set off a ripple of their own.  We are all Davids in our own right.  We all feel small.  We all have a voice.  We all matter.

My part in this particular story, a journey to India, began at my home in Alabama, in my upstairs room, with a piece of paper and a pencil.  Although I have been involved in some form of painting or crafting for most of my life, drawing in pencil, specifically portraits, is new to me.  Drawing has taught me to really look at someone’s face, for the light and shadow, for the shapes and tones that come together to form the likeness of a person.  After finishing several portraits that were commissioned, I had time to choose someone at random… anyone…. to draw.  I chose David.  A fellow Archie, @jenleighbarry, had shared her pictures of David’s concert in Rexburg with fans, and I had set aside one of those pictures for a potential drawing.  It is important to have a clear reference photo for a drawing, and @jenleighbarry’s willingness to share her photos provided the first step.

As I was working on the drawing, I saw @StephaineBALTO’s name mentioned during a conversation on twitter.  I recognized the name, knowing that she and her daughter, @danielle_BALTO, had done so much to support Rising Star Outreach and David, and I decided to follow her.  She sent a message to ask me about purchasing a David bumper sticker to benefit RSO.  As it turns out, I had already purchased a bumper sticker.  Also, as it turns out, I had just been introduced to the person who would have the knowledge and the willingness that would soon send my drawing farther than my home in Alabama.

After speaking with Steph, an idea occurred to me….maybe the drawing could be used as an auction item for Rising Star Outreach.  I contacted Steph and she agreed to approach Wendy and Cheryl at Angels for a Cause and Amelia at RSO for their opinions.  Angels for a Cause works diligently to support David’s charity work and RSO works in the trenches to see that funds raised meet the needs of the leprosy colony in India.  What all of these ladies do is amazing.  We agreed that the idea to auction the drawing had potential, but we also agreed that it needed David’s signature.   We emailed each other, getting everyone’s approval and the formalities settled: AFAC and RSO gave their blessing.  Everything was settled within a few days time.  It was now Sept. 1.

I had tickets to the taping of the “Orla’s Celtic Christmas” in Nashville on Sept. 2, tickets that were ordered weeks before I’d even started the drawing.  This was my opportunity to have David sign it for the auction.  However, there was no M&G planned for the taping.  Could I somehow get David’s attention, or at least rally support to increase my chances?  I stated my mission on twitter:

Click here

and beginning the night of Sept. 1st, tweeted pictures of the drawing with friends around town who graciously agreed to participate in my “mission”.  Pictures like: this and this and this.

I received a few confused looks when asking people to pose with “David”,  but everyone was willing to laugh at themselves (and me) to help with a good cause.  Friendship is such a precious thing!  I tried my best to get David’s attention with the pictures…unsuccessfully…but fans jumped in and offered their support!  There were tweets and retweets and good wishes and fun.  What a joy to see Archies support RSO!  The support from Archies encouraged me.  Maybe, just maybe, somehow, the drawing could get that special signature it needed.

Joining me and my husband at Tennessee Performing Arts Center for the taping was my daughter, son-in-law, his parents, and three new friends that I met through twitter.  (Thank you @VickyNashville for feeding us before the taping; we were sooo hungry!) I was so excited to be there, but there was no indication that there would be any chance to get David’s signature.  The taping would actually consist of two complete run-throughs of the show, with a quick intermission between the two tapings.  Intermission was the time for those who could not stay for the second taping to make their exit and the time for those who wanted to stay for the second taping to step outside and stretch.  I knew the chances were small that David would come into the theater, but I walked toward the stage and watched, hoping he would make an appearance to greet those of us waiting.  He did!  He walked out, smiling, and I am quite sure that everyone heard me gasp.  I held up the drawing, it caught his attention, and he stepped toward me.  What I thought was a “mission impossible” turned out to be possible after all.  I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time!  I was joyous and grateful, and humbled to be part of this experience.  I tweeted from the theater:  “And sometimes miracles happen…he signed it!”  and my twitterworld rejoiced with me.  If you’ve ever received encouragement from friends and people you’ve never even met, then you know how I felt.  It was a blessing to me.

David signs my drawing

Before mailing the drawing to Angels for a Cause for the auction, I made a small scrapbook about the journey “From Alabama to India, the Story of a Piece of Paper, a Pencil, and a Sharpie”, and included it for the auction.  I scanned in a rough copy, as a keepsake.  And, I printed out a copy to take to Memphis. For our anniversary, my husband and I decided to go to Memphis as an anniversary trip, the same weekend as David’s performance at the Delta State Fair.  I had no way of knowing if I could give him a copy of the scrapbook, but I took one just in case.  An hour away from Memphis, while my husband was driving, I checked twitter.  A friend in Honduras retweeted a radio station tweet to come by a certain location for a chance to meet David Archuleta.  Seriously?  The contents of the car went flying, seatbelts were thrown off, scurrying to get to our laptop and Google the location.  We may even have driven a little faster than we should have.  But, we made it to the location in time to enter the drawing…time to spare…and time to meet more David fans that were so wonderful!  Then came time for the drawing.  I won. Really?  Yep, I won, which meant that I could give David his copy of the scrapbook.

Showing David the scrapbook

In Memphis, I met Angelica, which is how this article came to find its way to The Voice website.

The auction will end October 6th, and on that date, the person who purchases the drawing will allow the drawing to complete it’s journey from Alabama to India.  The generosity of that person will make it’s way to the other side of the world.  And the story continues, though we may never know the next chapter. 

I am not a famous artist; my work will never raise huge amounts of money for worthy causes.  I am just me, @PaulaFOD, and I’ve met some amazing people.  I’ve watched as we’ve stood up to cancer, supported Make-a-Wish and Children’s Miracle Network, and fought MS.  We’ve rippled the waters a bit.

We may feel small, but we have a voice, and everything we do, matters.

Admin note:  Click on scrapbook above to go to auction which ends Oct. 6th.

231 Responses to ““Everything you do, matters.””

  1. nanaweize said

    Paula…This is a great story…brought tears to my eyes. I agree that…”Everything you do does matter”!

    Thanks for sharing this incredible story!


  2. Jane said

    What a wonderful story…It too brought tears to my eyes….Love your story and a big Thanks for sharing it with us…


  3. betsy said

    Paula, wow. I love this story. So generous, so creative, so caring. Thanks for using your talent and voice. ♥


  4. Abrra said


    First , welcome to The Voice!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Everyone along the way played a part to get your picture into David’s hands, including the radio station folks who created the contest. Little do they realize how ninja we fans can be when it comes to locating all things David 🙂

    Your story chronicles an amazing chain of love that began the day we all met David on Idol. His spirit shone though that electronic box each week. We fans have been the lucky ones to have received the David signal of love and charity. We can all do something good in this world no matter how small, to benefit others. the last line in Chords of Strength confirms this:
    ” And remember,even when you can’t sing,you can always plant a tree…”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  5. betsy said

    Listening to David on k92 right now


  6. betsy said


  7. Abrra said

    David’s speaking voice on the radio just now = Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  8. emmegirl said

    Paula, an incredible journey with an amazing conclusion, thank you for sharing. You are an extremely talented artist, so glad that you chose David.
    Love the quote.

    7/what a great visual.


  9. djafan said

    Paula, great story! I was one of many following the events unfold on twitter regarding your journey. The happiness was felt everywhere when it all came together. I love the picture of you showing David the scrapbook, he shows so much appreciation.

    You say it was no coincidence,

    I believe that the Lord orchestrated this little story….this Journey. I don’t believe that any of it was coincidence. I do know that a young man named David, small in stature, but big in heart and voice, decided to take his gift of music and share it in a way that could benefit other people. He set off a ripple effect in a big ocean. That ripple effect touched other people, and they, in turn, set off a ripple of their own. We are all Davids in our own right. We all feel small. We all have a voice. We all matter.”

    I also believe this and the fact that you got to meet Angelica is also not a coincidence. Now here you are sharing this beautiful story doing exactly what David speaks about.


  10. SweetOnDA said

    Paula, I saw all tweets you were sending with the pictures of the drawing of David and thought what a dedicated fan. I’m so glad to hear that everything worked out for you. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    You mentioned Andy Andrews and I had the priviledge to hear him speak last year. He is so full of energy and charm. I purchased his book, The Traveler’s Gift, and as I was reading it so many things kept reminding me of David. Maybe it had something to do with the main character being named David, lol. There are seven principles brought out in the book:

    1. The buck stops here. I am responsible for my past and my future.
    2. I will seek wisdom. I will be a servant to others.
    3. I am a person of action. I seize this moment. I choose now.
    4. I have a decided heart. My destiny is assured.
    5. Today I will choose to be happy. I am the possessor of a grateful spirit.
    6. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit. I will forgive myself.
    7. I will persist without exception. I am a person of great faith.

    I gave David a signed copy of the book at his Christmas concert in Anaheim. I don’t know if he’s read it, or if he’ll ever read it, and I’m sure he wouldn’t see the similarities because he’s just so darn humble, but I felt compelled to give it to him anyway.

    What I’m finding through this experience with my ODD is that there are so many wonderful people out there who can change lives if we just “Look Around” and open our hearts to the many possibilities just waiting to be discovered. For me David was a treasured find. He’s helped me open up to charity work and helping others and it has brought me much joy.

    Thanks again Paula for sharing your wonderful story with us.

    Sorry this is so long.


  11. Abrra said

    Gladys alert!

    David tweeted this:
    @WordsUnspoken22 Thank you! I’d love to go to Argentina I have friends who are there right now.

    There is hope my dear friend!



  12. djafan said

    Go see Idolator sets up meeting with video!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  13. bebereader said

    Paula: Your story was touching on so many levels. David’s fans are exceptional people who are always willing to give charity on his behalf. Your steadfast ability to make this happen is very admirable and proves how creative one can be if given an incentive. I never met you, Paula, but you are a huge inspiration for me and the entire fanbase.


  14. MandaGrace said

    What a beautiful story! I agree, I know the Lord set up all those little things to make this possible. Nothing is coincidence. He is so good!
    P.S. David looks so sweet in the pictures.. He always does, but especially so here 🙂


  15. PaulaFOD said


    Sooo glad to hear you gave David a copy of “The Traveler’s Gift”. Have you read “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews? Both books are wonderful, and yes, they remind me of David in many, many ways. I would love for the two of them to meet. I sent a message to Andy once recommending David’s CFTH album and he responded, saying his wife is a big fan of David!


  16. PaulaFOD said

    Thank you, Archies, for all you do. You have been a blessing in my life.


  17. Tawna21 said

    Paula, your story is so touching and sooo inspirational. I, too, believe that the Lord allowed the circumstances to be there for all of this to happen the way your good heart desired it to. Thank you for sharing this. Your drawing is beautiful.



  18. SweetOnDA said

    Paula, I have all his books and have enjoyed everyone of them. I agree it would be great if they could meet.

    djafan, Thanks for the link. That was fun to watch and is it my imagination or did David seen star struck. I’m not familiar with A Fine Frenzy but will have to listen to some of their music. She’s a cute girl and seemed very nice.


  19. bebereader said

    K92’s interview with David in 3 parts:

    credit archiedorable


  20. Pam Osborn said

    A beautiful story by a beautiful lady. I know this for a fact–she is my sister. I love you! And yes she is very talented.


  21. Angelica said


    I’m so glad I met you in Memphis! You were so nervous about meeting David and this time, you hoped, being able to compose yourself enough to tell him what he has done for you. I watched you and the other VIP winners being led away for the meet with him and saw you wiping away tears and told Biz to say a prayer now and I said one too for you. Then I asked her, did you do it? and she said yes she had. haha. Glad it worked out and I know the Lord’s hand is all over this journey and was with you every step of the way. Much of what happened and how it all worked out were not coincidences. Things happen for a reason but you were the impetus that set that power in motion. What you did and all the trouble you took to do it is wonderful. Thank you for delivering Biz’s card to David and for the numerous times you told me, after I got my hug, that you were happy for me. Most of all thank you for being pro-active and doing something with your love for David that honors him and that he most appreciates from his fans.

    I will confess something here. I am not a crier. I don’t cry when I hear David sing, though I think I am as deeply moved as the next person. In fact, the last time I cried was 2 1/2 years ago after meeting David for the first time. And that was after fighting for 3 days to hold it back. lol Anyway, last night after I finished getting your article ready, I pushed Publish, and suddenly my heart was so full I burst into tears and had a long cry. Just like that time 2+ years ago, I just felt overwhelmed with gratitude for this blessing in my life, for David, for his influence, and for his wonderful sweet fans. This whole experience has enriched my life immensely.

    That video of David and the lead singer of A Fine Frenzy is so precious! I’m glad he got to meet her. I have one of her cds. She is awesome!


  22. Abrra said

    Pam Osborn
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    So nice to see a new face. I bet you have a few creative talents as well!



  23. djafan said



  24. ram said

    #23 Yay! “The sophomore album is the true test and Archuleta’s latest shows he’s up to the test.” -Billboard


  25. ram said

    #24 Sorry, “up to the TASK.” Kinda got excited.


  26. djafan said

    Ram, test/task… excited for

    Muldur is there! Her view!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit muldur


  27. djafan said

    tweets, read from bottom up,

    K92BobPatrick: On the roof of the Art Museum w/ @DavidArchie.

    kimak: Ahh guys.. a great mix of folks here tonight!! DJ playing now and a lot of peeps!!

    Shelley: @Shontelle_Layne should be on at 7:45

    Shelley: This show is pretty dang upclose and personal that’s for sure!!!! Eeeeeek

    Scott: Could we be any closer?

    muldur: Soundcheck. Elevator.


    Gabby: ooooh. my. gosh. we’re the first people here. no joke. they’re just starting to put up all this stuff.

    credit snarkyarchies


  28. Angelica said

    Muldur has an excellent view. I have a good feeling about this. 😀

    Snarky’s says they tweeted Melinda and she said David will be on The Today Show on Oct. 7th!


  29. djafan said

    David on the roof of art building!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  30. SandyBeaches said

    This is a real story book article and I enjoyed reading it so much. I love stories! Thank you Paula.

    David is a fine personality match with Alison Sudol. I can easily see why he admires her so much! Wow, they both have wonderful smiles and sparkling eyes and dream magical dreams…It wouldn’t surprise me at all if David takes up writing stories following his concerts, when all of his senses are on overdrive.



  31. YJfandavid said

    Paula, Thank you for sharing a wonderful story!!

    I got my CD and just watched the behind-the-scene-videos and photo gallery. To quote our ever-articulate friend Tofan over at Snowangels:




  32. djafan said


    I can’t wait!!!!!


  33. Heidijoy said

    YJfandavid- Me too! ditto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. bebereader said

    Is there any way to prepare for this? 😉


  35. skydancer1x said

    Paula, enjoyed your story tremendously. I too, was following tweets at FOD the night you got David to sign the picture(which by the way, was beautiful!) You are very talented.I can barely draw a stick figure.

    31.YJ…. My CD arrived too!!just a couple of hours ago!!!I have been watching the behind the scenes video and photo gallery….. over and over. I won’t say anything to spoil it for anyone, but
    OMG. about says it all.

    I have to go now, the paramedics have arrived.————————–


  36. Abrra said

    I made some screen caps of David’s reactions to A Fine Frenzy’s singing.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    It was so great to see him become a puddle of goo over her singing!



  37. River said

    Abrra I keep watching this wonderful interaction w/ Alison Sudol and the warmth between them is palpable. He was DYING while she was singing. You can see him mouthing words when he just couldn’t contain himself. She is adorable. He looks like a kid on Xmas morning and I’m so happy that he gets to have these incredible moments in his musical life. Just dear.


  38. YJfandavid said

    Bebe: “Is there any way to prepare for this?” Good thinking! Me, Heidi,Skydancer, and many other unsuspecting poor souls just opened the package, saw the extra DVD, and haphazardly stuck the DVD into the computer drive, completely unaware of hence totally unprepared for what we were about to see in our computer screen. All I can say is,

    Jive is showing off … DAVID is showing off … GOD IS SHOWING OFF

    *inserts speechless smiley*


  39. bebereader said

    Skydancer: It appears that %^$#^*@($SS%^)#)#$*$@*^&%$!!!!!!!!!!! is a language we all understand. LOL

    David sang ALTNOY and MY HANDS tonight, so far.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit kimak


  40. River said

    OK so my stuff hasn’t arrived yet and I’m leaving town for the weekend. this is killing me. seriously.


  41. bebereader said

    YJ I hear you and I’m very afraid. My package is due to arrive tomorrow.

    Elevator (two girls on the stage with David)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit kimak


  42. Abrra said

    You can phone YJ and have her describe what she sees. Provided she can speak.



  43. bebereader said

    David also sang “Something ‘Bout Love”, “Somebody Out There” and “Crush” tonight.

    From kimak on Twitter:

    Guys David was outstanding…. videos I hope!!? VIP now 100 peeps with 600 tickets GA. Dj said was all they could sell safely! Was great!


  44. Abrra said

    Twitvid from Muldur/nancy from tonight’s My Hands performance



  45. stenocruiser said

    Alison seems like a very sweet and talented girl — kind of perfect — too bad she’s not six years younger.
    Kind of an interesting coincidence in similarity of pose, huh?


  46. Angelica said


    “Bebe: ‘Is there any way to prepare for this?’ Good thinking! Me, Heidi,Skydancer, and many other unsuspecting poor souls just opened the package, saw the extra DVD, and haphazardly stuck the DVD into the computer drive, completely unaware of hence totally unprepared for what we were about to see in our computer screen. All I can say is,

    Jive is showing off … DAVID is showing off … GOD IS SHOWING OFF”

    That’s no preparation!! How are we supposed to handle that? My package is due to arrive “on time” tomorrow. It’s now just up the road an hour from me. And I’m off tomorrow. *shudders*

    River bummer!!!


  47. djafan said

    If mine doesn’t get here tomorrow I will be stalking the local UPS on Saturday until I get it into my hands!

    God is showing off???!!!!

    I’ve always heard he has a sense of humor, and hearing that does not help my state of mind!


  48. Abrra said

    Who wants to come by and watch the TOSOD promo videos ? Or I am glad to take requests.

    I’ll be there for a bit. Join me?

    djafan has hung new TOSOD wallpaper!



  49. skydancer1x said

    ABRRA! Thanks for those giant screencaps! Can you say SMILEY DIMPLEFEST? How cute was that meeting!

    “It was so great to see him become a puddle of goo over her singing!”love that
    He absolutely did.

    Great interaction between them.Did you notice when she was talking?… she talks with her hands just like David. Loved that he got to meet her. They formed a nice bond quickly. Guitar player? what guitar player? oh yeah.haha.

    OK, need more videos from tonite’s events! I am wide awake and my ODD is raging!


  50. jackryan4DA said

    How are we all doing? Too much, too soon, LOL!

    Ok, this is not a surprise – YT version of PART 5 TOSOD PREVIEW on Good Place & Complain

    REMINDER: Have the paddles on stand by!


  51. bebereader said

    My Hands

    credit Shelley FOD


  52. Angelica said

    Thanks Bebe!! It must have just been uploaded. You been camped out at YT? We waited for you in unplugged but now we are not there anymore.


  53. skydancer1x said

    Jackryan,REMINDER: Have the paddles on stand by! haha!

    there should be a warning on this cd. and dvd
    have paddles standby ready,and small paper sack in hand when your cd arrives….open immediately HOWEVER
    TURN IT OVER S-l-o-w-l-y.look,
    then, mumble something unintelligible,
    @$$^%^&^(*((**^%%$, or squeeeeee!
    breathe deeply into paper sack.Look to watch dvd…photoshoot pics! apply paddles.
    Good Luck!


  54. Angelica said

    Pics!! I found them on Snarkys. Credit to Shelly!





  55. bebereader said

    Angelica#52/#54: Thanks for waiting for me! It’s rare that I miss a chat night but it couldn’t be helped. 🙂 By the way, who is that creature in #54? He’s ferociously handsome! 😉

    I was rummaging around Twitter tonight and found that two songs from The Other Side of Down, “Fallen Stars” and “Elevator” are on the “Hit Predictor” jukebox! Here’s the link to register. Be patient as you rate and wade through the songs; Elevator and Fallen Stars will eventually come up.

    Choose “Mainstream Top 40” as your favorite type of music. You also have to give the name of your favorite radio station.


  56. jackryan4DA said

    This is a YT version of the uber sweetness meet-up of David & Alison brought to us by Idolator parts 1 & 2


  57. jackryan4DA said

    OK, this is my simple question to David:


    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy—————————————-flatline after looking at the picspam from vids


  58. FG said

    Paula! What an amazing story. Thank you so much! I think you might be one of those go-getter fans that David talks about!


  59. Abrra said

    #56 JR
    Bless you for this! I can’t get over how David is just bursting with admiration for Alison. His smile is like I have never seen before. It looks like the smile we get before we begin to “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE” at David. 😉 He actually struggles to keep his composure,but fails! See my post # 36 for evidence.

    Thank you again for your techie skillz of converting the special videos to YouTube so that we can download them.



  60. djafan said



    Maybe he really isn’t nice? lol

    K92’s Up Close & Personal


  61. djafan said

    Live stream of the concert at KZL 107.5! Watch the Q&A here 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  62. djafan said

    Oh David!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  63. Abrra said

    Here is a whole page of images from last night’s K92 performance.

    Click on one to make it bigger.



  64. Angelica said

    Sitting here waiting for the UPS man to make my day. I think this thread needs more pics. Thanks Abrra for the link to K92radio!




  65. Abrra said

    Is that a shaving nick on his upper lip in the first pic # 64? Careful David of that flawless skin!

    Abrra 🙂


  66. bebereader said

    I received my fan package today!
    I slapped that baby into my stereo as fast as I could!
    It sounds fantabulous, much better than it sounds on AOL!

    I’m singing the songs at the top of my lungs…(neighbors beware) haha

    “…falling stars over your head, we were bound to burn out baby…”

    My husband is home today and is listening with me. He said the cd is phenomenal! He’s blown away how David can sing so many different genres, rock, pop, country, gospel! OMH My husband is spazzing!!!Each time another song comes on, he says it’s his favorite, until the next one comes on. He loves the orchestration and the upbeat, full sound of this cd and said the only comparison between TOSOD and David’s first cd is David’s amazing voice!

    He rates “Good Place” at his favorite, said it should be on radio, but said it’s extremely hard to pick a favorite because they are all excellent.

    I know I sound OTT but that’s how this CD makes me feel…so alive, so alive!


  67. bebereader said

    That’s weird.
    My husband just said “I think I have ODD.”
    And then he said “Just kidding”.
    What a jokester.



  68. djafan said

    hahahaha bebe. Uh oh!

    Pictures from last night are beautiful.

    David is Portraits Most Beautiful person!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    #1 David Archuleta
    The best thing you can do to set yourself apart is just be yourself.

    Spend a few minutes with a David Archuleta fan, more commonly known as “Archies”, and you’ll know why they find him attractive. While his youthful looks and charming smile help, David’s kind and gentle demeanor are what really put on at the top of this list. David also has a great fashion sense. He knows how to dress for an occasion, whether that’s jeans or a sharp tux. If that’s not enough to capture your heart, just take a look into those deep brown eyes. As Archie fans know, David’s eyes will make you melt.

    David’s true beauty though lies in his heart. It’s easy to see why David Archuleta ended up both the most nominated and highest vote earner in our poll. When it comes to beauty on the inside, David’s beats the rest. He always takes time for his fans, spending hours at meet & greets just to make sure they know how special they are. That’s impressive in these days of egotistical celebrities.

    David doesn’t stop there. He’s trying to make the world a better place as well. David was one of the first celebrities to volunteer after Haiti’s earthquake and he’s continued to lend both a financial and physical hand. At home, David has more causes he’s not only proud to support but proud to work with as well. He’s an active supporter of the cause, “Do Something” an organization that encourages teenagers to make a change in the world by themselves.

    Why You Chose Him
    Nikki: David is only nineteen years old, but has already achieved so much in his life. He has used his fame and success to inspire others. He is involved with many philanthropic activities, such as the Do Something organization and “Somos el Mundo” (the Spanish version of “We are the World”), a charity benefit event. David has shown himself to be a truly humble and giving person, who appreciates everything that everyone has to offer and truly appreciates his fans and supporters. He has also written a memoir recently, through which his beautiful soul was able to shine through, and he was able to inspire so many people with his story. His humble, down to earth, and caring attitude is extremely difficult to find nowadays, making him a perfect role model for all people, both young and “not-so-young”.


  69. djafan said

    From this morning!!!!!!!!!


  70. djafan said

    David will be on the Wendy Williams show on October 7th!

    Plus, “Idol’s” David Archuleta performs his new song, “Elevator” off his new album, “The Other Side of Down.”

    Check here for times in your neck of the woods.


  71. djafan said

    Check out the entries so far in the Karaoke contest on David’s Myspace.

    See if you can find TOfan! Love her!


  72. Abrra said

    I just downloaded the FREE iPhone app for David’s iTunes songs. It is simply amazing!


    David Archuleta’s Official iPhone Application featuring news, music, videos & more! Also watch out for exclusive contests and messages from David. Be sure to download the app to get updates from David Archuleta on your phone like never before! It’s available in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, & Spanish.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Get it here:

    Haha One thing I had a prob with was not knowing how to shut the music off. It played the next snippet. Finally, I just switched to my phone’s ipod and started that, then shut that off. I am not always such the tech genius 🙂 Anyway it looks like a nice way to stay updated on news and tweets while on the run.

    And this sweetness overload collage was made by HanneDenmark
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  73. Angelica said

    Waited all day for my fan pack that was scheduled to arrive today. My husband just came home and said, “I have a present for you.” It was TOSOD but just the cd I bought for an international fan. No fan pack. Which I couldn’t open and listen to of course. waaaaaah! 😥

    So naturally, I logged onto UPS and it said my fan pack had been delivered and *handed to a lady* Not this lady. I flew out the door, mumbling something unintelligible to my husband and drove to the office at the gate of our community. IT WAS THERE!!!!! 😯

    I have discretely retired to my room and am about to open it now. Report to follow (God willing). In the event of my untimely demise, in lieu of flowers, please send donations in David’s name to Rising Star Outreach. 😛


  74. djafan said


    hahahahaha, I’m so idk what!!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  75. gladys said




  76. djafan said

    YAY Gladys!!!!!!!


  77. betsy said

    Angelica, where are you?!


  78. SandyBeaches said

    Gladys…It is very exciting to hear David on the radio where each of us lives! I am happy for you! You are Argentina’s best David Archuleta fan! IMO…

    Oh, and Angelica may be gone for days… i.e. SF…lost in her fabulous music by David…I checked on her though and she is doing famously well! You see how we have to look out for each other?

    The collage picture is in reverse this time…David is playing the part of us! He is adoring her presence and I believe that she is returning the gesture. They are two beautiful people.



  79. silverfox said

    SandyBeaches emailed me, concerned about my state of mind & wanting to make sure I had not lost my mind over TOSOD! I think I have! 😉

    My reply to SB was:

    “I am really loving this album! I ripped it to the media player on my computer, then downloaded it to my iPOD and have been listening to it almost constantly at work, in the car on the way to & from work, then again at home. I am just now starting to have some favorites..Look Around (his lower register gives me goosebumps), Good Place (so poignant), My Kind Of Perfect (makes me want to cry). I really love all the songs, but these are so special!”

    Looks like MKOP is an overwhelming favorite by the majority of listeners. Falling Stars is another big favorite. I remember how we were completely crazed & mesmerized by that last “yeah” when Eman teased us with a bubble-tweet of it months ago! That one glorious sounding note just made us more anxious than ever for the album and it was so worth the wait! 😀

    David has just arrived in Grand Rapids safe and happy & apparently very hungry! I want to say good night now by posting the prayer.

    Dear Lord,

    Please take care of David. Watch over him, protect & keep him safe from harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path.
    Give David the courage to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with people who will love and support David unconditionally as his Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he’s weary and stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt and give him joy when he feels sad.
    Keep him always in your protective arms during this time on his journey.
    And please Lord, give us and his new management the wisdom to do right by David always.
    Help us and his new management in the way we support David so that it’s in his best interests.
    May he continue to encounter goodwill and happiness wherever his journey takes him.
    Most of all, keep David and and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny.
    Though we may be unworthy, we humbly pray.

    David, Buenas Noches! Sleep well with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! Please TAKE CARE.

    Good night to all who are here tonight..


  80. silverfox said

    Angelica, I can relate completely your need to open the treasure from David in private. For some reason, it’s almost a sacred undertaking for some of us which is also kinda crazy. I know that. But it is what it is & I have no explanation. 😉

    Keeping you in my thoughts, knowing what you are experiencing & hoping you are OK. 🙂


  81. SandyBeaches said

    Awww…We found SF safe and sound! Good night SF, sleep well! Don’t you just love your ipod/iphone right about now? 😉 It is true, there has been overwhelming affection for MKOP…

    Abrra, I have tried downloading the App. but stupidly enough I am asking, where do I find it now that I have purchased it? I went into Aps on my iphone and it comes up but it just tells me to download it and I have. This is far from my forte! Just a little power point might help me find the mistake…ty.



  82. Abrra said

    Is the box checked next to the app in your itunes? If so then sync. It should load it.
    Anytime you download an app it will be in the apps section ( phone has to be plugged in to your PC). Always you must put a check in the box to let it know you want that app to load up to your phone when you sync. Then sync.


  83. SandyBeaches said

    Abs..So in itunes, I click on Aps and the cover pic. of David comes up. Still looking for the place to check, must be in the wrong place. I will keep looking…



  84. SandyBeaches said

    Found it and the box is checked…



  85. SandyBeaches said

    I have it all, thank you!!



  86. vee still luring from Sydney said
    david talking about the memory box that is included in the fan pack of TOSOD

    Enjoy. David is like my two boysm love Pokemon. I better show this to emilio, my addicted Pokemon master 8 year boy

    love you guys



  87. bebereader said

    Vee – Great to see you! Thanks for the video link!

    Gladys – I’m smiling one of those big smiles 😀 for you now!!

    SF – Thanks for the prayer! I’ve been listening to TOSOD all day, too. David really outdid himself on this album. How often do you love every single song on an album? I’m so stuck on the way he sings “The Other Side of Down”….so many lyrics and that one line “I might get tossed around but I’m always bouncing back…” wow!!! The melody is so catchy and I can visualize David doing a little dance thing across the stage to the chorus at his shows. We are in for Trouble! haha

    It’s a tie for MKOP and FS as my favorites, but TOSOD is creeping in to break that tie.


  88. vee still luring from Sydney said

    Sorry forgot to say Belated Happy birthday Ms Angelica !!!!

    Did you have a birthday cake like this

    or this

    I hope all your wishes will come true.

    and before I go back to lurking,hello Ms Abrra, Ms Djafan, Ms Bebe and Ms SF. and all the archies.

    Love all the articles and comments.

    🙂 🙂 heart shape



  89. bebereader said

    The mystery is solved! David wasn’t munching on Central Park’s famous honey roasted peanuts in that video as I had suspected. He was eating trail mix that he shared with the squirrel. 🙂


  90. djafan said

    I didn’t get my package 😦

    SF, Glad to hear you’re fine. I will take your advice and follow Angelica’s example, must be alone to open treasure.

    Angelica, hope to hear from you soon and Bebe, haven’t heard a thing from her in hours. Bebe, you ok???

    Betsy and FG, are you two ready for your trip? Mike tweeted that the band will be there, so excited for you two!

    Article and review.

    Lifestyle. Salt Lake Tribune


  91. djafan said

    Yahoo News, another article!

    Archuleta expresses his inner dork on “Other Side”


  92. Abrra said

    I found this post on Soul David by Desertrat who has her ear to the ground on many things David. I thought it was worth bringing over.
    Informative article re. David:

    Since the above is the condensed version, the rest is posted below:


    “The shift from run-of-the-mill balladry that first solidified Archuleta’s post-”Idol” fan base to a more current pop sound puts him in line with peers like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus who currently saturate the teen and tween market.

    In fact, past appearances on shows including “iCarly” and “Hannah Montana” in 2009 notably broadened Archuleta’s reach to teens and tweens. “So many kids now recognize me from that,” he says.

    The “Other Side of Down” campaign is heavily targeting that age group with a back-to-school campaign at 750 junior high and high schools across the nation. Jive Label Group director of marketing Nicole Bilzerian says the campaign, which kicked off Sept. 27, is servicing schools with promotional items like bookmarks and locker posters, as well as the “Something ‘Bout Love” single and video for school radio and TV station consideration. Individual school newspapers will also feature single and album reviews in the coming weeks.

    “Given David’s core demographic of tween and teen girls and the timing of this album, this is a way to target David’s fans directly and super-serve them with promotional goods,” Bilzerian says.

    She adds that the label is also focusing on Archuleta’s website and his mobile fan club, which has more than 40,000 subscribers and is among Sony’s biggest. “We’ve had a lot of success because he’s so active,” Bilzerian says. “He’s calling in and leaving messages for fans directly.”

    Bilzerian notes that Archuleta’s family-friendly image lends itself easily to brand tie-ins with the likes of Justice, a lifestyle brand for teen and tween girls with nearly 900 U.S. stores.”

    Thanks Desertrat!



  93. bebereader said

    “Elevator” in Roanoke, VA

    David added a sing-along to “Elevator” and does an excellent job of leading the audience…”If you’re a parent, I want you guys to all sing this part, ok? So all the parents sing that? OK?” And then he asked for all the guys to sing…His confidence level has gone sky high on these new song! Go, David!!



  94. djafan said

    Another Elevator from Roanoke

    credit tongueband


  95. djafan said

    David Archuleta Talks About Memories on youtube!


  96. bebereader said

    “Somebody Out There” from Roanoke, VA

    “Something ‘Bout Love” – catch that last note!!

    Shelley FOD


  97. Angelica said

    DJ and Bebe,

    Do you have any idea how glad I am to see you two still awake at this ungodly hour? I don’t feel so crazy. hahaahaa! Yeah, I’m still alive since the fanpack but I’ve lost certain bodily functions like the ability to sleep. 🙂


  98. Angelica said



  99. jackryan4DA said


    SBL, Elevator & Crush



  100. Suzy-Q said

    I watched David’s memory video last night. What a hoot! I went to bed laughing until I fell asleep. This is the funniest video that I have seen David do. Maybe now, he should write a children’s book called, “David and Almond”. In the video David also admits that he had difficulties in school and how he was so easily distracted. Who else would let that be known? Especially in such detail. That young man absolutely has no ego. How can the person on the video be the same person performing on stage? He has got to be two people. He either has a split personality or he has a twin. It just amazes me.


  101. skydancer1x said

    (this is about 20 seconds)


  102. ray said

    suzy-q, i will go for the split personality thought that sence saw him audiston waiting on the world to change,just amazeing he his


  103. poof said

    The Talking about Memories video #95 ,,,, just oh my gosh! What an awesome (adorably wonderful) look into David’s incredible mind. This person has NO ego. His level of self awareness, yet self acceptance! If I have learned nothing from David in the last two and half years (not true), this video would change that. LOVE IT! LOVE HIM.


  104. Jen A said

    #95 I agree with you, Poof, that he has a high level of self awareness. By merely dropping the word ADD he made himself instantaneously identifiable to many. Trouble focusing in school yet having an intense ability to hyper focus on his music would be good indicators although of course we don’t know (or really care, honestly) if he’d ever had an official diagnosis. I know I’d read early on after Idol someone’s comment that he had difficulty understanding irony and sarcasm in conversation. My eight year old boy also has difficulty with those things and has an Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis. Perhaps people with ADD have similar issues with semantics. Well, I am not trying to make any waves or insinuations and it doesn’t really matter as we all love DA just the way he is, unconditionally.


  105. skydancer1x said

    Suzy-q….(sorry, 11 seconds, and I got distracted.haha. lets see….oh yeah… the memory video just makes David more endearing than ever.

    “That young man absolutely has no ego. How can the person on the video be the same person performing on stage? He has got to be two people. He either has a split personality or he has a twin. It just amazes me.”

    this is what I feel.Off stage-David, to me is the “mild-mannered reporter”,Clark Kent……….
    (dibs on Lois Lane)


  106. Nicola said

    This is a GREAT story. I’ve been trying to put “the David effect” into words for a long time, and that Roethke quote puts it perfectly. It’s always amazing to me what a diverse group (in terms of location, profession, age, and more) David has brought together, not to mention the astounding amount of money that has been raised for charities in his name.


  107. bebereader said

    Angelica#98 “Doooown, doooown Dooooo-whoa-a-a- awn (yehey, yehey, ye-eah.)”

    Snooping around on youtube and other fansites that is pretty much the reaction everywhere!

    JR#99 Cool videos! Thanks!

    Suzy-Q#100 “How can the person on the video be the same person performing on stage? He has got to be two people. He either has a split personality or he has a twin. It just amazes me.”

    Ray#102 “suzy-q, i will go for the split personality thought that sence saw him audiston waiting on the world to change, just amazeing he is”

    Skydancer#105 “Off stage-David, to me is the “mild-mannered reporter”,Clark Kent……….on-stage-David….SUPERMAN!
    (dibs on Lois Lane)”

    Jokingly, I mentioned to djafan that David must have a twin because his onstage and offstage personas are strikingly different. I’ve always thought that as he got older, the two personas would slowly blend into one. But after seeing the video included in the fanpack I am now totally confused again. LOL

    Nicola#106 Welcome to The Voice!


  108. ray said

    jen-a #104 you should read david ,s journal e book for your answer to that,it came out on or around 6/16 2008 it was writting by his voice teacher


  109. Angelica said

    Hey there. I’m good, how are all of you? I tell you what folks, the fanpack is fantastic! The behind the scenes photo shoot is worth the price alone. 8) Just went for a ride and blasted the cd on my car stereo and it was a sweet ride! NOW, my favorites are TOSOD, Look Around, and drum roll….Who I Am. 😆 Though I still love Love LOVE LOVE all the rest! ❤

    Yes, he has to be two people cause that much awesomeness wouldn't fit into one. That last video in central park with the not focusing in class but wanting afterward to have a PERFECT understand of the assignment was…and then the squirrel he has to give a genderless name to and comes up with Almond because he loves almonds and it's a squirrel and they love nuts and on and on he goes till you just want to squish him, squeeze him! I wrote on his Official Site, "omgosh, you are so strange and wonderful. lol." And he really is. I think I've overdosed on ODD since yesterday but I'm adapting to the higher dosage. This tolerance will come in handy in the weeks ahead and especially for this next tour. Word. 😉


    Photobucket to The Voice! Do you like Roethke? He is my favorite poet evveeerrrr. I have used a quote from his poem, “The Far Field” another time too, on the article, “Taking Him Seriously,” here.

    I will post the whole poem because it’s amazing and I’m feeling so amazed by everything David is and has accomplished so that kinda ties in, huh?

    The Far Field ~ Theodore Roethke


    I dream of journeys repeatedly:
    Of flying like a bat deep into a narrowing tunnel
    Of driving alone, without luggage, out a long peninsula,
    The road lined with snow-laden second growth,
    A fine dry snow ticking the windshield,
    Alternate snow and sleet, no on-coming traffic,
    And no lights behind, in the blurred side-mirror,
    The road changing from glazed tarface to a rubble of stone,
    Ending at last in a hopeless sand-rut,
    Where the car stalls,
    Churning in a snowdrift
    Until the headlights darken.


    At the field’s end, in the corner missed by the mower,
    Where the turf drops off into a grass-hidden culvert,
    Haunt of the cat-bird, nesting-place of the field-mouse,
    Not too far away from the ever-changing flower-dump,
    Among the tin cans, tires, rusted pipes, broken machinery, —
    One learned of the eternal;
    And in the shrunken face of a dead rat, eaten by rain and ground-beetles
    (I found in lying among the rubble of an old coal bin)
    And the tom-cat, caught near the pheasant-run,
    Its entrails strewn over the half-grown flowers,
    Blasted to death by the night watchman.

    I suffered for young birds, for young rabbits caught in the mower,
    My grief was not excessive.
    For to come upon warblers in early May
    Was to forget time and death:
    How they filled the oriole’s elm, a twittering restless cloud, all one morning,
    And I watched and watched till my eyes blurred from the bird shapes, —
    Cape May, Blackburnian, Cerulean, —
    Moving, elusive as fish, fearless,
    Hanging, bunched like young fruit, bending the end branches,
    Still for a moment,
    Then pitching away in half-flight,
    Lighter than finches,
    While the wrens bickered and sang in the half-green hedgerows,
    And the flicker drummed from his dead tree in the chicken-yard.

    — Or to lie naked in sand,
    In the silted shallows of a slow river,
    Fingering a shell,
    Once I was something like this, mindless,
    Or perhaps with another mind, less peculiar;
    Or to sink down to the hips in a mossy quagmire;
    Or, with skinny knees, to sit astride a wet log,
    I’ll return again,
    As a snake or a raucous bird,
    Or, with luck, as a lion.

    I learned not to fear infinity,
    The far field, the windy cliffs of forever,
    The dying of time in the white light of tomorrow,
    The wheel turning away from itself,
    The sprawl of the wave,
    The on-coming water.


    The river turns on itself,
    The tree retreats into its own shadow.
    I feel a weightless change, a moving forward
    As of water quickening before a narrowing channel
    When banks converge, and the wide river whitens;
    Or when two rivers combine, the blue glacial torrent
    And the yellowish-green from the mountainy upland, —
    At first a swift rippling between rocks,
    Then a long running over flat stones
    Before descending to the alluvial plane,
    To the clay banks, and the wild grapes hanging from the elmtrees.
    The slightly trembling water
    Dropping a fine yellow silt where the sun stays;
    And the crabs bask near the edge,
    The weedy edge, alive with small snakes and bloodsuckers, —
    I have come to a still, but not a deep center,
    A point outside the glittering current;
    My eyes stare at the bottom of a river,
    At the irregular stones, iridescent sandgrains,
    My mind moves in more than one place,
    In a country half-land, half-water.

    I am renewed by death, thought of my death,
    The dry scent of a dying garden in September,
    The wind fanning the ash of a low fire.
    What I love is near at hand,
    Always, in earth and air.


    The lost self changes,
    Turning toward the sea,
    A sea-shape turning around, —
    An old man with his feet before the fire,
    In robes of green, in garments of adieu.
    A man faced with his own immensity
    Wakes all the waves, all their loose wandering fire.
    The murmur of the absolute, the why
    Of being born falls on his naked ears.
    His spirit moves like monumental wind
    That gentles on a sunny blue plateau.
    He is the end of things, the final man.

    All finite things reveal infinitude:
    The mountain with its singular bright shade
    Like the blue shine on freshly frozen snow,
    The after-light upon ice-burdened pines;
    Odor of basswood on a mountain-slope,
    A scent beloved of bees;
    Silence of water above a sunken tree :
    The pure serene of memory in one man, —
    A ripple widening from a single stone
    Winding around the waters of the world.


  110. bebereader said

    Reminder: David is performing with his band tonight at the ArtPrize Concert Series in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Natasha Bedingfield, Hot Chelle Rae and Ryan Starr are also on the ticket. The show starts at 7 PM EST.


  111. Abrra said

    ArtPrize soundcheck
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Looks like a chilly fall evening in Grand Rapids, MI. I spoke to Betsy while she drove up after working today, she is very excited to see David for the 2nd time in 2 weeks!



  112. djafan said

    Home from a soccer filled day!

    The crowd!!!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  113. djafan said


    I see a little blue sky peeking thru:)


    huge crowd! And we cannot move.


    Crazzzy! So many people! About to head over to the meet and greet tent!


  114. djafan said

    ArchieRX cellcast!!!

    I’ll start the broadcast around 7:30 or 8pm, so come by & chat with me while we wait!


  115. djafan said

    @betsyjane25: There must be 80 million people here slight exaggeration:) but it’s insanely crowded
    less than 5 seconds ago via TweetDeck


  116. bebereader said

    I’m a little late getting home to post these texts from Betsy, our on-site reporter:

    “He soundchecked. Stomping and Falling Stars. Amazing!”

    “Grey parka”

    “David’s name got more applause than Natasha.”


  117. bebereader said

    Jillorose, guest writer for Grand Rapids Press just interviewed David. Read her tweets in reverse.

    David archuleta = best interviewee. EVER. 2 minutes ago via txt

    went into david’s trailer, interviewed him and is now watching the concert. no big deal. DIKFIOR87GURIK73 5 minutes ago via txt

    Waiting for that interview.. saw david! 21 minutes ago via txt

    Meeting up with J Gonzalez for the interview! about 2 hours ago via txt

    almost time. soundchecking stomping roses. about 2 hours ago via txt

    @jessicaemilyxo I’m a guest writer for the Grand Rapid Press so I have some connections. 😉 about 2 hours ago via web in reply to jessicaemilyxo 55 minutes. about 3 hours ago via web

    David Archuleta interview. Soon. I’m kinda dying a little bit. about 3 hours ago via web


  118. bebereader said


    RT @sangeyvang: The radio dj’s asked who’s here for who. And of course the loudest for @davidarchie! 🙂 less than 20 seconds ago via TweetDeck


    Chantin “daviid” 7 minutes ago via txt

    He’s on!!!


  119. Suzy-Q said

    #101 Skydancer. I loved the little video from “UP”. Thanks for posting it! You’re so nice!

    Maybe instead of saying that David is “spacy”, let’s say that his mind wonders because there is just too much out there for him to obsorb and he wants to know all of it. He fills his mind with so many things that his mind gets overloaded and then shuts down into a peaceful state. Just a thought. Don’t take it seriously.


  120. Suzy-Q said

    I meant “spacey” I think. Not sure how to spell it. Where’s Spell Check?


  121. Angelica said

    He’s on NOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! Grab your snorkels and c’mon!!!


  122. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  123. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Zammie

    He just finished singing “SBL” and is now singing “STR”!


  124. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Kristin


  125. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Kristin


  126. bebereader said

    “Elevator”….”My Kind of Perfect”….

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Kristin


  127. bebereader said


    MKOP. 20,000 people moved to tears in Grand Rapids. less than 10 seconds ago via TweetDeck

    betsy Hes making the girls cry next to me 6 minutes ago via txt

    betsy Crush omg the screams

    “Fallen Stars”


    They wouldn’t let him go! After calling him back…”Da-vid, Da-vid, Da-vid!…he came back for “Zero Gravity”!!


  128. Angelica said

    omgosh that was epic. The screams! Oh the humanity! They wouldn’t stop till he came back! 🙂


  129. bebereader said

    David w/Ryan Star and Hot Chelle Rae

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Ryan Star

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  130. emmegirl said

    omg, you tend to other world for a few days and return to bedlam! Photoshoots of an athletic D doing things, and frenzied vids of David fanboying that will never escape my consciousness, performance pics and vids of him looking all grown and stuff in a red shirt, take-no-prisoner performances, feeding of woodland animals, and epicness in front of 20,000 screaming fans.

    I love my alternative world.


  131. SandyBeaches said

    Emmegirl..I just arrived here a few minutes ago and working as fast as I can to catch up with all the happenings. It is indeed a wonderful alternative world. Something that flashed by in my mind is a picture of David standing on an edge trying out his new, beautiful wings before he takes off, because he seems to be doing that just about now…Am I allowed to be a little crazy?



  132. bebereader said

    Hey Emmegirl! Welcome back to bedlam! 😉 Tonight was epic! Can’t wait for the recaps to come trickling in.

    Here’s Pamela Pike’s glowing review of TOSOD. Pamela Pike, from Associated Content.

    “David Archuleta – the Other Side of Down
    By Pamela Pike

    “The Other Side of Down” is a very personal journey through David’s life that instantly connects with listeners because every song relates to a place in life we have all been! Each song resonates with the listener who is easily able to identify with each experience translated by the song, yet this album cannot be classified by one specific genre, it is rather an infectious hybrid of musical genre’s that is as varied as the wealth of experiences one garners throughout their journey in life – human struggle, love, courage, heartache, strength and lessons learned.

    You’ll feel the raw emotion delivered in every line and share in the triumphs and struggles of David – a young man who came out of his shell and is experiencing life in ways he never dreamed possible and is eager to share with others the freedom that comes from being yourself – the person God created you to be or all that God created you to be!

    This album is likely to be a pleasant discovery for many new fans that haven’t heard David’s talent. It is intelligent, well crafted and infectious. Michael Orland (Musical director/pianist) for American Idol’s Season 7 commented that David Archuleta came to AI as a genius and he left as one. This sophomore album proves he was right.

    It’s not often an album comes along that gives you that toe-tapping feel good sound. It’s difficult to pick a favorite when you love them all. But on a personal level “The Other Side of Down” and “Good Place” are two very special favorites and I have fallen in love with “My Kind of Perfect.” I sort of feel like “Sophie’s Choice” – how can you choose one over the other.

    This is an easy album to enjoy and the element of freedom in this album is David’s ability to stand up and be himself. In his interview with AI Now, David said, “Just be who you are, that is what I wanted to show with my music. It’s about looking at things from a different perspective.”

    David has grown in maturity with his new album and he has become my kind of perfect artist!”


  133. bebereader said

    *waves to SB*

    SB#131 “Something that flashed by in my mind is a picture of David standing on an edge trying out his new, beautiful wings before he takes off, because he seems to be doing that just about now…Am I allowed to be a little crazy?”

    I see the same vision, SB. Maybe we’re both crazy? haha
    Actually, I think that vision of David is slowly becoming a reality. 🙂


  134. SandyBeaches said

    Ohhh, I like that…”my kind of perfect artist”…ditto for me on that one!

    Hi Bebez! Wow, another wonderful night in the life of David. I am going to have to get more sleep and better management skills to be able to keep up with all that he is doing in the days ahead…



  135. bebereader said

    SB: Sleep? What’s that? lol

    Look at this video from Roanoke! ! Cuteness overload!

    credit 8throwcenter

    Here’s her description under the video: “David sings a little of Shontelle’s Impossible, he sings the word Soooo! as he gets ready to introduce the next song, and when he is trying to coax one of the winners of the chance to sit on stage with him, he says come on over, then sings it and does a little finger-snapping thing. It’s just David having such a good time. Fun stuff.”


  136. bebereader said

    While we’re waiting for tonight’s videos, here’s “Crush” from Roanoke by 8throwcenter. Love the banter at the beginning.

    “…in which David thanks all his new friends at K92, each one by name, flashes a truly amazing smile at his onstage guests, and gets a little help from his guests on an amazing version of Crush. Mike Krompass plays guitar. Really great finish to the show and event.”


  137. emmegirl said

    Hi bebe, SB – crazy?… been thinking the same thing about him, just wasn’t secure enough to say it.

    He is getting a great amount of respect this time around from the print media to the radio peeps.. seems people have finally got the memo.. he is going to be a lasting artist, one that will go the distance.

    Thought his comments about the next album, total control, producing, etc were very interesting. I can’t imagine him mentioning something like that unless he has some true knowledge or belief that
    that is a real possibility…intriguing, to say the least.

    Can’t wait either for more word from tonight. Love it when he can really feel and see our love!

    Having trouble posting tonight, a few computers issues for some reason. I panic when I think I may not have access to me netherworld.


  138. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe…David is so at home on the stage and he is such a wonderful entertainer when both singing and speaking! I am going to get some elusive sleep but I look forward to the videos tomorrow!

    Good night!



  139. SandyBeaches said

    Emmegirl #137…Before I go..

    Normally, I would not have been secure enough myself to say what I did in #131, because I could be all wrong, but if David can sing ‘Parachutes & Airplanes’ among others then I guess that I can. 🙂



  140. bebereader said

    Forgot to mention to watch for the POWER NOTE in “Crush” at 3:15 in comment #136. I wasn’t prepared for it and I was like huh? What just happened?!

    Emmegirl#135 Yes yes and yes to all you said. To quote myself in my “Snippets” article: “David is standing on the threshold of something magical.”

    SB: Sweet dreams! muahhh!


  141. djafan said

    I’m finally home!

    Sounds like the concert tonight was epic!!!!

    Is it normal for the non headlining act to come out and do an encore?

    SB/Bebe/Emmegirl, I feel it, the about to take flight and enter a new phase of his artistry. Pretty exciting times.

    Going to try and stay up for a bit for vids!


  142. emmegirl said

    That video in 135, goodnight, he just oozes charm! and the shoulder thing at 30 sec when he starts singing..

    Hey dja – good question… we do know nothing is normal when it pertains to him.


  143. Angelica said


    “Am I allowed to be a little crazy?” Oh but yeeesss. Embrace your inner craziness! Bless your soul. You really think you’re in control?


    You have missed much. He has been sweet torture these past couple of days. That vid with Alison of Fine Frenzy was precious! and then he meets a squirrel and names him while telling us all about what a space cadet he was in school. I am so tightly wrapped around his little finger now I can hardly move. He is more fun than should be legal. I like your term, other-world.

    And now, while waiting for vids from tonight, I am going to try to make a mgr of that little shoulder move when he sings, “Come on over” in the above vid from Roanoke. He can’t get away with that. oh no no no no no.


  144. Mandi said

    Help! I’m stuck. I can’t stop listening to Falling Stars. Been listening to it over and over and over and over… I’m so tired. I’m like a zombie right now. I am so addicted to the new album I can’t stop listening to it. This dude, David Archuleta, is killing me… literally.


  145. Mandi said

    Is there a support group for people like me?


  146. archangel48 said

    I went to GR tonight with my daughter and her friend and I must talk about our ride home first. Courtney(daughters friend) does not “follow” David near as much as I do and she says “I think David was sent from God, like an angel. When he came out on stage, the hair kinda stood up at the back of my neck and I got chills. Not from the cold coz’ by then we were quite warm being surrounded by bodies so close to the stage, but because his strength in self is so evident. He glowed”.
    I couldn’t stop the tears from falling while she said what I have known for so long now. I LOVED her telling me this and it made this “David thing” all the more acceptable to me. (Not that I really needed any acceptance. I OWN my ODD, and carry it proudly!)There is just some that look at me “that way” when a 50 year old talks about a 19 year old as if he was her son or something! LOL
    ALL the performers tonight were on their game. Although David is and always will be my favorite. I found I like Ryan Starr, and HotChelleRae rocked. I’ve always like Natasha, but I must say the VOICE was somethin’ else! I never can explain how listening to him makes me feel like a youngin’ again. I so enjoy seeing him have such a great time on stage and to have the crowd show their appreciation by the screams and encores! Yup, I am one who LOVES the screams! It just swells my heart with pride to hear the crowd,(ALL ages, gals and guys) yell for David as if he was one of the “Beatles” or Elvis! LOL (Jeesh, he’s WAY better than those guys, eh?)
    Great time, great art, sore ankles, crampy legs, and prolly won’t be able talk tomorrow. WHO CARES? I am one happy camper!
    Pictures and hopefully video once I charge the camera and pray all worked, coz’ I think my daughter was quite the videographer/photographer tonight. I was much too busy paying attention to someone… 😀


  147. Angelica said

    Mandi, we are here for you.

    Archangel, love that recap. What a great experience and to hear someone “get him” for the first time! Can’t wait for the videos when you have them done!

    Now back to my laBORatory. heh.


  148. emmegirl said

    Mandi, hang in there, we know where you’re coming from; just remember, you are not alone.

    When I’m in that place I try and take his advice.. get on my treadmill and work up a good sweat, drain myself, all while listening to him on my ipod of course. I think it’s helped, sometimes.

    Angelica, “He can’t get away with that. oh no no no no no” … good for you! Someone needs to hold him accountable!


  149. djafan said

    Mandi…you’re in the right place, I’ve been getting support from David fans for over two years now. You are not crazy, you are not crazy, David is real, David is real… 🙂

    Archangel48, omg you were there!!! What amazing thing to hear validation to what we know, like you said, not that we need it but to hear someone else get it gives me the chills. Will be waiting for anything you have!

    Thank you for sharing tonight!!!!


  150. bebereader said

    Another one from Roanoke from 8throwcenter. Gahhh…idk anymore. Something’s changed. Oh, and he’s singing ALTNOY, too!

    “David’s entrance and A Little Too Not Over You, acoustic with Mike Krompass on guitar. What a nice venue and a good cause. A lot of money was raised for the Susan G. Komen Foundation that day. Shontelle also performed and really impresses me too.”


  151. bebereader said

    First video of the night!

    “Something ‘Bout Love”

    credit MALTMusic


  152. bebereader said

    From Zammie on Twitter:

    Guys… I will NEVER forget tonight. Being front row in front of THOUSANDS of people all screaming DAVID DAVID DAVID… It was AMAZING!!!!! 30 minutes ago via web

    @AnnieDAFG IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING!! Hearing THOUSANDS of people screaming for him! When he came out.. he mouthed.. WOW. 9 minutes ago via web in reply to AnnieDAFG


  153. bebereader said

    Re: The screams in the video in #151….talk about a fine frenzy!!!


  154. emmegirl said

    bebe, thanks for that Crush, it is absolutely beautiful and wonderful in so many ways. Been watching it and the little fun snippet vid over and over. Oh boy…

    on to ALTNOY and tonights vids.


  155. Mandi said

    Aww. Thanks you guys. I do feel at home here.


  156. bebereader said

    Emmegirl We may have to wait until tomorrow to see the videos. #131 was the only one up, so far. I hope I eat my words. haha

    Here’s an article about tonight’s show from a local Grand Rapids TV station…

    American Idol runner up performs in Grand Rapids
    by Christa Graban

    “GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)- ArtPrize wasn’t the only attraction drawing hundreds of people to downtown Grand Rapids Saturday.

    “It’s good to come back, but it’s a little chilly though,” said singer David Archuleta.

    The American Idol runner up took the stage Saturday as part of the ArtPrize concert series. Singer Natasha Bedingfield headlined the free event, which also included a performance by indie rock band, “Surfer Blood.”

    “Music is a part of art, it’s one form of art. So it’s really cool to get to participate and become a part of ArtPrize through music,” said Archuleta.

    The 19-year-old singer’s new album comes out Tuesday. It’s his third record.

    When asked if working in the music business gets old at all, Archuleta said this: “It gets awkward. I mean, you never get comfortable with it. With the people, with the girls, I don’t know,” he said, ending with a wave and laugh to screaming fans.

    Saturday’s concert was sponsored by Citadel Broadcasting along with the Carol and David Van Andel Foundation.

    ArtPrize runs through October 10.


  157. Mandi said

    Oh my goodness! The screams!!! More vids please….


  158. betsy said

    “Music is a form of art too, ya know?” David said so sincerely.
    The way he said that killed me dead.

    Is this how an adult acts?
    Recap to follow, maybe tomorrow. 🙂


  159. archangel48 said

    Not sure why that article calls HotChelleRae, SurferBlood. They should have their facts straight before posting an article. And really? Shouldn’t they have said how terrific he was? Or how the crowd brought him back on stage by chanting and chanting David! David! David! (me being one of them. LOL!)


  160. bebereader said

    Betsy! You survived!! You can act any way you want. Waiting for any details from tonight’s epic performance.

    Mandi#144 I know how you’re feeling. I’m also caught in the “Falling Stars” vortex. I love all the songs but FS keeps crying out to me. It’s David’s delivery that is doing it. Eman was so right when he said that David is the only one who could sing that song the way it was intended.

    Archangel48#146 Great recap! Would love to see your videos and pics!

    Angelica: How’s that MGR coming along? Is it ‘cooking’ yet? 😉


  161. emmegirl said

    Archangel48, Little jealous here, the screams, how exciting it must have been to have been there!

    betsy, not sure how one sleeps after that.
    (I was up until 2:30 last night. Told myself I was going to bed early tonight…whatever.)

    For me, that ALTNOY and Crush are 2 of the most beautiful vidoes ever taken of him. That shirt and that lighting, gah! And yes, the power note in Crush and his smile right after and that ALTNOY, faster, love it, the growl at 3:03, the changes, the ending…I can go on…on.


  162. betsy said

    Archangel48 – So glad you went! Wasn’t it insane?! And lovely?


  163. Angelica said

    Bebe, yes, it’s in the oven now. Ready in a mo.


  164. Angelica said

    Hola Betsy! Better get some rest or just don’t open that dang store tomorrow. MGR fresh from the YT oven. Night and sweet dreams to all.


  165. bebereader said

    No new videos yet but some new pics! 😀

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Pics from Grand Rapids Press (article to follow)


  166. bebereader said

    Review, photos: Natasha Bedingfield, David Archuleta pack powerful punch at free ArtPrize concert

    Lori Niedenfuer Cool | The Grand Rapids Press

    David Archuleta

    Archie was in the house; that much was obvious by the pandemonium brought on by the appearance of the 19-year-old “American Idol” alumni. The crowd went berserk for Archuleta, screaming and carrying on throughout his half-hour set.

    “People always ask me what I’m looking for in the girl,” he divulged as a prelude to the appealing song “My Kind of Perfect.” This statement ignited massive shrieking, as if the crowd thought he was looking for the lady with the loudest scream. “I’ve never been in a relationship before.”

    His greatest hit so far, “Crush,” was greeted with thunderous applause, and “Zero Gravity” had fans jumping up and down like pogo sticks. Sincere and loveable, Archuleta obviously gives 100 percent, and his gorgeous voice was a treat to listen to. As his maniac fans already know, the dude can sing like crazy.


  167. bebereader said

    Angelica#164 Piping hot from the oven, your MGR is fantabulous!

    Niters all!


  168. jackryan4DA said

    Someone very special sent me THE fanpack and it is on its way to me – weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Now where can I get some paddles…


  169. jackryan4DA said

    And did I mention that the CD will be available tomorrow here in Manila, that goes w/ the 2011 archie calendars?

    SonyBMGPhils ordered only 150 calendars – wth?


  170. embe said

    Hey all of you that ordered the fanpack. Is the behind the scenes footage from the photoshoot also on the dvd that comes with the deluxe edition? I’ll be crushed if it isn’t 😦


  171. betsy said

    Off to work, but had to check to see if videos are up. I have a feeling there will be a ton later. Maybe people are still trying to find their way out of GR. 🙂


  172. betsy said

    Just found this


  173. betsy said

    This was soundcheck, by the way.


  174. YJfanofdavid said

    Embe, The behind the scene stuff and other goodies ARE in the Deluxe edition DVD. Looking forward to read your “review” of it.:)

    Betsy, What a grand night in Grand Rapids!!


  175. Abrra said

    Good morning!


    Lorilee Craker | The Grand Rapids Press

    David Archuleta
    Archie was in the house; that much was obvious by the pandemonium brought on by the appearance of the 19-year-old “American Idol” alumni. The crowd went berserk for Archuleta, screaming and carrying on throughout his half-hour set.

    “People always ask me what I’m looking for in the girl,” he divulged as a prelude to the appealing song “My Kind of Perfect.” This statement ignited massive shrieking, as if the crowd thought he was looking for the lady with the loudest scream. “I’ve never been in a relationship before.”

    His greatest hit so far, “Crush,” was greeted with thunderous applause, and “Zero Gravity” had fans jumping up and down like pogo sticks. Sincere and loveable, Archuleta obviously gives 100 percent, and his gorgeous voice was a treat to listen to. As his maniac fans already know, the dude can sing like crazy.



  176. VJ said

    Hello! In honor of David’s amazing new album, we are having a Twitter Trending Party, and all Archies are invited! As you know, David has worked very hard on this album, so we would like to help TOSOD become a trending topic!

    DATE: Tuesday, October 5th

    TIME: 3 pm Eastern Standard Time, U.S.

    TWEET: Please use the words “David Archuleta” in your tweet

    HASHTAG: #othersideofdown

    THE PLAN: We still start tweeting at 3 pm. As more people arrive home from school or work later in the day, they will join in until we get TOSOD to trend. David has an online chat at 4 pm with New York radio station Z100, and a live chat at 6 pm with Billboard. If you are listening to these chats, feel free to mention them in your tweets!

    Thanks to everyone for their support! Hope you can come! It’ll be fun.


  177. I said

    haha Betsy, love


  178. FG said

    OHMYHECKFIRE people serioussslllllyy! I am EXHAUSTED from GR and I gotta go to work but WOWWWWW it was soooo amazing. More details to come! gahhhh


  179. emmegirl said

    FG, can’t wait. We are a detail-oriented group.

    bebe, hadn’t had a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your story about Mr Bebe on his first listen of TOSOD. Fanboying excites me…the physicality isn’t so much a part of it, more about the the music and talent, love it!

    The vids so far from last night, WOW! He gave them a show, and appears they like what they saw, and heard!
    Hope it translates to getting the album legally. Just have a feeling the more this album sells, the more his management and Jive will invest in getting him to the next level – over seas tours, Spanish album etc. Bottom line, you can’t promote as aggressively as you would like if you don’t have the cash.


  180. emmegirl said

    soundcheck. amazing. captivating…him singing anything live anytime.


  181. emmegirl said

    The soundcheck weakens ya, then the performance goes straight for the jugular.


  182. Abrra said

    Thanks for the videos! Betsy had posted the sound check in #172. If you refresh the page before you add one, that would help 🙂 I saw your 1st video so I put SBL one in with it 🙂

    Falling Stars Sound check



  183. emmegirl said

    thanks Abrra,

    to quote the best live performer on the planet, “I was having such a good time guess I got a little carried away.” lol.


  184. djafan said

    My Kind Of Perfect!!!


  185. djafan said

    Falling Stars!!!


  186. bebereader said

    Sneaking in here for a second (got lots to do today…laundry is decaying etc. You get the picture lol) to bring you this video.

    David, singing a bit of Natasha’s song:

    “David was playing before Natasha Beddingfield tonight, and was talking about her between songs. He started singing one of her songs acapella, and I turned my camera on as quickly as I could. Only got a few seconds, but it was good!”

    credit reoracer


  187. djafan said

    Encore chant!!!

    Zero Gravity!!!

    credit GeminiJJ22


  188. embe said

    YJfanOfDavid, thank you for that info ❤ And you bet your butt I'm gonna review it in very specific detail 😉


  189. djafan said

    Make sure to watch video at the link!

    American Idol runner up performs in Grand Rapids

    Christa Graban

    GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)- ArtPrize wasn’t the only attraction drawing hundreds of people to downtown Grand Rapids Saturday.

    “It’s good to come back, but it’s a little chilly though,” said singer David Archuleta.

    The American Idol runner up took the stage Saturday as part of the ArtPrize concert series. Singer Natasha Bedingfield headlined the free event, which also included a performance by indie rock band, “Surfer Blood.”

    “Music is a part of art, it’s one form of art. So it’s really cool to get to participate and become a part of ArtPrize through music,” said Archuleta.

    The 19-year-old singer’s new album comes out Tuesday. It’s his third record.

    When asked if working in the music business gets old at all, Archuleta said this: “It gets awkward. I mean, you never get comfortable with it. With the people with the girls, I don’t know,” he said, ending with a wave and laugh to screaming fans.

    Saturday’s concert was sponsored by Citadel Broadcasting along with the Carol and David Van Andel Foundation.

    ArtPrize runs through October 10.


  190. VJ said

    Are you guys all OK with those dates, etc. for the Twitter Trending Party? This is what the majority of people from IDF and Archierx came up with after a week of discussion. I told them that I’d go with “majority rules” and contact the other sites today, which I’ve done. But a few sites don’t want to post it unless they know everyone is on board.


  191. Abrra said


    Speaking for myself, it’s fine. People usually follow along once they see a trend party, regardless of the date. It will be great!



  192. VJ said

    OK, thanks, Abrra. You made a good point about following along. I don’t have twitter myself, so I’ll just be an observer. Hope it works!


  193. djafan said

    VJ, TT party sounds good to me.

    Spoiler alert! clips from behind the scenes.


  194. Abrra said


    We are all in big trouble. I suspect Miss Angelica has seen something in that video to use to torture us !

    Abrra /le sigh x 100000000000000


  195. emmegirl said

    Leg lift at 3:42 of StR vid.. a patented rocker move.


  196. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Kristen8108 on twitter

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit xzsarah


  197. betsy said

    Emmegirl, you have a good eye. I am still trying to find another move I saw that knocked me over. I don’t remember which song it was, but he was walking forward near the keyboard.
    Argghh why can’t I remember the song?!


  198. bebereader said

    David Archuleta talks about his new album ‘The Other Side of Down’ and the ‘Steam Pig’ at ArtPrize 2010

    High school intern, Jillian Langford’s recap:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    In my lifetime I’ve had only two mere encounters with a tour bus. My first encounter happened as a celebrity waved at me through a window last fall. My second encounter happened Saturday night. Both encounters involved David Archuleta, and one included a trip to his private quarters inside the tour bus trailer.

    I arrived at Rosa Parks Circle last night only to discover the usually sparsely crowded plaza now was densely packed with people, most of them teenage girls and their mothers who had been there since the early morning. As I pushed through the crowded mob, I made my way to the side of the stage where I was greeted by John Gonzalez who escorted me backstage with him.

    Backstage was filled with many unfamiliar faces, but a few recognizable ones. Once John had simply stepped into the “backstage” area, he was already introducing me to several DJs from 105.3 Hot FM, a couple of crew members for the show and was pointing out the security guards he knew. As soon as the introductions were over, John wasted no time setting up his computer, loading up Ustream and starting a live video stream for viewers of the eventful bustle of backstage. John pulled a number of the Hot FM DJs and had them talk into the camera while Ryan Star, the first performer, did his sound check.

    Once the Ryan Star concert got rolling, so did all the backstage events. Before I knew it, David Archuleta was out of his trailer having a meet and greet with a few very lucky fans. I stood with John and the Grand Rapids Press photographer for a while, none of us really knowing what to do. We didn’t want to cut into David’s time with his fans but at the same time I was dying to have an interview with him. As soon as the meet and greets were over, David quickly headed back into trailer to get ready for his concert. My heart sank a little bit — we missed our chance at talking to him! But as always, Gonzo came to the rescue! He caught up with a lady who worked for David’s production label and before John could even explain to me what was going on, I was being lead into David Archuleta’s personal trailer to interview him.

    Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge David Archuleta fan, so I think it’s safe to say that entering his trailer blew my mind a little bit. The trailer was pretty cozy with all the people that were in it. The door to the trailer opened to a small kitchen which held about four members of David’s band. We took a direct left and all three of us, me, John and Tom (our photographer), walked down a very narrow hall to another small room that held a double bed and a tiny closet. In this room was David Archuleta standing next to the bed. David warmly greeted us and the interview began.

    I opened by asking him if he had been out to see any of ArtPrize. David flashed me his famous boyish smile and informed me that he unfortunately hadn’t been out to see any of the wonderful festival. Although he hasn’t been out to look around the festival, he did share that he saw the massive “Steam Pig.” After that question, it was time to get down to business. I asked him about his new album titled “The Other Side of Down” that is coming on Oct. 5. He informed me that he was involved with writing 10 of the 12 songs and he also shared that his new album showed off this “dorkiness” and also that the creation of this album was more of a “hands-on” experience for him compared to his last album. Besides talk about the new album, David also shared that he will be going on tour but the dates and locations are still being decided. Sorry Archie fans, no information yet!

    After this short but extremely exciting interview concluded, I shook David’s hand goodbye and left the small, cozy trailer behind. I made my way from the bustling backstage and headed into the mob of people waiting for the concert to start.

    The concert was nothing less than exceptional. It featured five of his new songs such as the upbeat “Elevator” and “Something ‘Bout Love” and when he sang his self-composed song, “My Kind of Perfect.” I think everyone in the audience had a new favorite love song. Besides the new songs, David also belted out a few of his original singles such as “A Little Too Not Over You” and “Crush”. The concert was filled with many highs and afterward my ears were still ringing with the beautiful voice of 19-year-old David Archuleta.

    Overall, my backstage experience was easily my highlight of the year. I will admit, much of the time backstage my mind was filled with questions such as “Where should I be?” or “Wait, what am I supposed to be doing?” Although I had those questions, I learned very quickly that to be a good reporter, you just have to go with flow and wait to see what happens. David was a great interviewee, making sure to thoroughly answer all questions and even add a little bit of wit into his answers.

    The backstage of a concert is never what you expect it to be: it’s not party. It’s not a bunch of celebrities talking to fans or just hanging out. It’s a well-oiled machine with everyone in its place and everyone doing their job.

    Here is the video:



  199. bebereader said

    ALTNOY (Grand Rapids)

    credit reoracer


  200. archangel48 said

    Gosh, so many really nice videos from last night that my daughters little first time ever effort seems a little dim….But, I am proud and wanted to share anyway 😉 The video is shaky, I’m sure that is understood. I felt the audio was the best reason to post it! What an EPIC night!


  201. Abrra said


    Beautifully done! You were so fortunate to be at such a great show. Nice that they had screens so the folks not too close to the front still had a good view.



  202. bebereader said

    Archangel48#200 Best audio I’ve heard so far from all the videos from last night. Give your daughter a big thank you from us! 😀 And thank you for sharing here.

    Emmegirl#179 You’re welcome! 😀


  203. djafan said

    Dang it!!!

    Abrra, hadn’t thought of that. Can’t wait to get my package scheduled delivery, tomorrow!

    Those clips of David are killer!

    Gahhhh, those pictures, those eyes!

    Archangel48, Thank you!

    Now to watch videos!


  204. SandyBeaches said

    Well, the scarf is officially back & I love that cosy look, besides it keeps him warm!!

    Oh right and along with the scarf is the “plaid shirt” (I was actually starting to miss it) and it was very handsome David! Now we know that a tour is not very far away… 😉



  205. archangel48 said

    Oh yay! Thanks everyone. I just called her. She’s at a karaoke contest her boyfriend has entered. $250 pay-off. I hope he wins! LOL!
    She was happy you guys liked it! 🙂 It was my first time uploading at youtube. Really I don’t know why I get so intimidated by stuff like that. It was easy. Except I don’t know how to get the video into a David Archuleta category at youtube? Do they do that, or did I have to “tag” it or something? (Abrra? Help?) Yeah, I’m still green on much to do about the computer. Though, I will keep getting better, have to. David is involved and I must keep-up! 😉


  206. djafan said

    My package is in California!!!

    VERNON, CA, US 10/03/2010 3:15 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN


  207. djafan said

    Pat Marino is playing TOSOD CD here!


  208. MT said

    Hi everyone. I usually don’t post, just lurk *shamefaced* but had to respond to Betsy’s post.

    #197 Betsy: I sooo know which one your mean. (At least I think I do. haha) It’s that “walk of confidence” from the SBL video at the Pink Ribbon Concert and he’s wearing that gorgeous outfit, the blue shirt with the belt. It’s the SBL by clearchannelwichita. Someone would really make my day with a MGR of THAT walk. 🙂

    And since I rarely post (mostly cuz I just don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said) I just want to thank all of you for this great place to enjoy David, where the ODD I have feels normal. 😉


  209. MT said

    ^^ Betsy, that was supposed to say “the one YOU mean”, not your mean,


  210. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Love that you came out of lurking for us! Let me see if I can make that MGR.



  211. Abrra said

    Here you go

    SBL The walk!



  212. Suzy-Q said

    I just watched the videos from Grand Rapids. Boy, that was exciting!!!! I don’t think that I have ever seen David have quite that much fun on stage. He was really feeling it from the audience and he gave back ten fold. David showed how much he loves the new songs. He was literally on FIRE!!!! David was singing every song like he was going to combust any minute. His vocals were unbelievable. He even sang ALTNOY with all the high notes of the original. My heart was pounding with every note. So, who was that guy in Central park feeding the squirrel? OK, now I am convinced. David has a twin.


  213. silverfox said

    David went home to Utah but will be flying to NY tomorrow for what will be another milestone in his career. I imagine David is a little nervous but on the other hand, he knows & has faith that whatever happens with TOSOD, he is satisfied & proud of his accomplishment. And what an accomplishment it is! I’ve had many dreams of David, too many to even count in the last two years & more than one of those dreams involved David winning Grammys. Listening to TOSOD, those dreams are not so far-fetched & may not be so far in the future. Mark my words!

    Good night!

    Dear Lord,

    Please take care of David. Watch over him, protect & keep him safe from harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path.
    Give David the courage to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with people who will love and support David unconditionally as his Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he’s weary and stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt and give him joy when he feels sad.
    Keep him always in your protective arms during this time on his journey.
    Give us and his new management the wisdom to do right by David always.
    Show us and his new management how to best support David so it’s in his best interests.
    May he continue to encounter goodwill and happiness wherever his journey takes him.
    Most of all, keep David and and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny.
    Though we may be unworthy, we humbly pray.

    David, Buenas Noches! Sleep well with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! Please TAKE CARE & HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT.

    ps..Sure would love a blog or Vlog soon, but I know he’s been so busy. 😉


  214. Angelica said

    SF, Amen. I have no doubt your dream of Grammys will come true. 😉

    Abrra! Thanks for the strut! Oh my heck. His onstage confidence is growing already and tour hasn’t even begun. 😯


  215. Abrra said

    Elevator ~ Grand Rapids

    credit reoracer



  216. bebereader said

    “Something ‘Bout Love”

    Some of the video is sideways but it didn’t take away from the fire!

    credit JAproductions


  217. bebereader said

    Silverfox, Angelica…
    I agree with you.
    He’s unstoppable.
    Grammys are in his future.

    Here’s another “My Kind of Perfect” from last night.
    I just can’t get enough of these videos!

    credit reoracer


  218. Tawna21 said

    abrra #211—umm yeah! goodnight girlfriend, I felt like I just got smacked with a piece of lumber when I viewed that MGR!! That “walk” is…..THUD! ❤

    btw–Mike has a pretty nice little shoulder roll going there too! 🙂



  219. djafan said

    SF, Grammy’s sound about right to me!!!

    Thank you for your prayer, he has a full week coming up!

    More videos are trickling in!


  220. bebereader said

    “Zero Gravity”

    Note the headwhip at 00:55, the smile right after, the closeups and the twirl at 3:00!

    credit JAproductions


  221. emmegirl said

    Thanks for all the glorious videos… cursing Abrra for “The Walk” though.


  222. Abrra said

    #221 Emmegirl

    Careful now!!! HAhaha!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  223. bebereader said

    “Falling Stars” (my personal favorite)

    credit reoracer


  224. MT said

    21 Abbra: Thanks for the welcome,and for the MGR! You are awesome girl! You’ve made my night, for sure. 🙂

    While you were busy making that LOVELY MGR, I was looking back at David’s first performances of ZG. Wow, it’s amazing how far David has come. That walk is very telling. For someone who I believe was terrified of “performing” (not of singing) in the beginning, he feels soooo at home performing on that stage. It’s really wonderful to see.

    David’s magic has only just begun.


  225. bebereader said


    credit OmbresSoleil


  226. dakgal said

    I have either been absent or absent minded , but I’m glad to see you got your package abrra. I shall return in full force soon. Be afraid. Miss you all like crazy!


  227. bebereader said

    Found this on Snarkies!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  228. skydancer1x said

    My sleep hours are all messed up! Took 2 long naps to catch up on some sleep today ….DAVID, it’s all your fault! Why do you have to be so dang wonderful and adorable and fun, and sweet and spontaneous and quirky and funny,and unique and then take to the stage and kill us with your one of a kind smile smile,flawless skin,smokin’passionate vocals and smooth moves, and strutting across the stage like that with your peeking belt So just stop it some more, don’t do it again, and knock it off never ever!!Got it Mister??


  229. Jenny said

    Great article, Mom. Jeremy and I are glad that we got to experience that with you. Love you!


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